February 10, 2011

Meet Kate

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February 8, 2011

How I Strayed

My lover connected me to the stories on this site, and after reading several I decided that we might have interesting enough tales to post with others.

I’m 38 years old and have been with my husband for 17 years total. I had a lot of sex before marriage, and wasn’t sure how well I would do in the one man forever concept, but I made it 10 years in to our marriage (almost to the day I think) before I strayed to another man. My lover is also married and we are quietly but actively engaged in finding and fulfilling each other’s pleasures and sexual desires.

Our first intimate encounter happened almost a year ago now. We met at work and started learning more about each other via texting, which of course led to sexting and some very compelling thoughts of being together and seeing how sexually compatible we were. While my husband was out of town on a business trip and the kids were off to sleep I invited J over for some late night attention. I don’t remember what work excuse he provided his wife, but his car flew here. I had prepped him that on this first encounter he shouldn’t expect to get past “second base”. I set the living room up with lit candles everywhere for mood lighting and some Natalie Merchant playing in the background. My stomach jumped with anticipation, nerves and excitement. I think I was wet before he even made it to my house. We didn’t need a lot of small talk upon his arrival, but quickly began to kiss. It was thrilling to have another man touch me. To learn how his tongue would circle my lips and probe in to my mouth in a slow and inviting manner. It didn’t take long before my top was off and he was inching his face down to coax my erect nipples from under the lace edge to my bra. That came off too and he used his hands and mouth to cover my boobs with his scent. The slight scrape of the stubble on his chin after a long day sent chills down my spine as he moved further and further down my body. I started undressing him as well and pulled his dick from his boxers. He was erect and long and firm in my hand. I was glad that he was larger than what I’d spent the last 10 years with and I knew that I wanted to feel him inside me.

He pulled down my panties and let out a pleasing sound as he tasted around my lips. So much for second base-there was no slowing down now. J dipped his head between my legs and I was so wet I was even amazed. The thrill of him touching me all over, and the newness to this tryst was unbearable. I’m surprised I didn’t come within the first few seconds. He licked my pussy so completely, focusing in on my exposed clit and how large and firm it was getting from all of the attention from his tongue. His fingers dipped inside me and as I moaned he hummed a “mmmm…you like that” and he kept on.

I pulled him up so that I could touch his dick. The head had swollen and I knew that he needed to pop. He slid inside my soaking wet pussy right there on my couch and fucked me so well, alternating between slow long strokes and fast pumping until he came. This was the first man to come inside me besides my husband and such a long time-I loved the feel of his cum deep inside me and secretly knowing that my husband would never appreciate that his wife had just been taken on their couch by her new found Latin Lover. After he dressed and left, I returned the house to normal and went off to bed. I replayed the scene in my head while I touched my still swollen and wet pussy and had an orgasm thinking about this first encounter and how complete it felt to be fucked by another man. The thought of my cum mixing with his cum inside me sent my body in to a second wave of orgasm. I hadn’t felt this complete in a long time, and I couldn’t wait to do it again…

Submitted by: Celia - USA


February 6, 2011

Corrupting the teen

Here are some hot shots from a little trip to Vegas where myself and Daisy met up with hotwife Sara Jay and cutie teen babe Jayla Star. Both Daisy and Sara had their wicked way with Jayla before heading out for the night in Vegas to hunt for some cock.

It was really horny to see two Hotwife Milfs taking control over ‘innocent’ Jayla. I had a great afternoon watching the three of them together and all three were kind enough to model some shirts for me before the day was done. Thanks girls.






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February 4, 2011

My first black man

Cuckold Place Update

My wife fucked a black man last night

My wife and I read many of the stories and comments in this forum, and we decided that we should write her experience during these last days: Without further ado, in her own words below:

My husband and I have fantasized about cuckolding for quite a while and finally a year ago we decided to give it a try. I joined an adult website to meet people and within 24 hours I got so many hits on my profile that I had to remove my picture from the profile. For those that are curious I am 45 year Latina with curves and average body. After reading some of the messages I decided to communicate with this guy that appealed to me because it he looked nothing like my husband this guy had that bad boy look. We e-mailed and text message for a few months unfortunately our schedules were conflicting at the time.

Eventually our schedules were open and I asked my husband and he said “go for it and have fun” I told him that I was only going to meet up with him and that I was not going to do anything that night. You have to understand that this was a first for me and I can be a little shy when I first meet someone. I have never had casual sex before and it takes me time to feel comfortable with someone. I met Julio at a bar for drinks and instantly we got along and we flirted and kissed. It was very exciting for me, but because we were in a public place we was not very forward and I told him that I was ready to go to a more private place. I surprised myself at how excited I was and was ready to go all the way. We went to his apartment and became lovers. The sex was good but not that much different from having sex with my husband. However, it did help my husband and I have great sex as I recanted my sexual experiences with Julio, but my husband never saw us together because Julio was not comfortable with the idea.

After a few months of this, the excitement was gone for me at which time I decided to stop seeing Julio. In the meantime, I noticed how some of my coworkers were flirting with me at work including John. John is African-American and 12 years younger than me, it all started very innocently… just talking, but slowly the conversations started to get more personal; my husband knew about my conversations with him and was very excited because he wants to see me with a black guy. Then he started texting me and last Friday we met in the evening at the office and after a while of talking and flirting we kissed passionately. We spent the weekend texting and by Monday the flirting continued.

Today after several days of heavy sexting on the phone I was ready for another round of making out. After everybody left work I asked him to go to my office and I locked the door. I was just looking for a little of teasing and making out, but things changed very fast. You see, John is a dominant guy and he took charge of the situation and that turned me on. After a few minutes of passionate kisses he wanted me to drop my pants because he wanted to rub his dick against my pussy. In the past few days his texts have been about all the things he wants to do to me, but he wants to take his time to make sure that I am ready for him. I was so horny that I opened his pants and took his long thick black dick and I rubbed it against my wet pussy while he whispered in my ear how much he wanted me.

I came all over his dick and then he told me to suck his dick and he came in my mouth. He was very excited that I swallow. It was amazing and I like how he took control of the situation and dominated me. We departed but talked on the phone all the way home and right now as I am writing this we’ve been texting already planning our next adventure. I think that this is going to be the real cuckolding experience for my husband and me.

Submitted by: milysub

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February 2, 2011

Brenda James Cuckolding

Some pictues today from Cuckold fantasy site Cuckold Extreme featuring gorgeous Hotwife Brenda James

Brenda James

Brenda James

Brenda James

Brenda James

Brenda James

Brenda James

Brenda James

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January 31, 2011

How I convinced my wife

A post today from husband Gabriel from Puerto Rico


How I convinced my wife to turn into a hotwife

We are a couple that lives in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Many people in the United States and Europe think that Latin-American women are hot but loyal, which may be true. My wife is a beautiful Puerto Rican woman in her mid 30s. We’ve been married 10 years and she was a bomb in bed since the beginning. However, it was not easy to convince her to have sex with other men and become a hotwife. Her catholic background seemed to interfere with that even though she did not go to church anymore. She loved fucking every day and having multiple orgasms but the idea of doing it with someone else while being in a relationship with a man she loved was outside the box.

So I decided to go through the open relationship stage and since Latin women are usually programmed to accept a married man who fucks other women and not vice versa I had to show her the way to openness with an example instead of a speech. I told her I wanted to fuck a friend and I did in our bed when she was working. She accepted it normally. After that I started to chat with single men looking for couples in the internet and left the messenger connected in our computer when I knew she was going to use it. Finally there was this young guy who was very smart and began to have very interesting conversations with her through messenger and she started to discover that in fact other people believed in this lifestyle. He told her why he thought it was a better lifestyle and she finally realized it could be possible. One night she got so hot that she called him and had phone sex with him. She had such a tremendous orgasm that at the end her ass and the sofa were wet through.

So we finally coordinated an encounter. We booked a night at a hotel near Condado Beach in San Juan. We spent the day at the water and the bikinis, the sun tan lotions, the breeze prepared the ambience. The guy showed up at the beach and after a while I left them so they could have a conversation and cut the ice. I left for the hotel room and after a while they followed. We had a little chat the three of us in bed. Then I decided to turn up the heat and while caressing her I told him this was the woman I loved. My wife and I started to kiss and he started to caress her. I sucked her nipples a little. There was sand all over her body and she asked me to get out of the room for a few minutes. She wanted to take a shower with him. When I returned she was already sucking his cock. She left herself be carried away and had four wonderful orgasms. After that we had dinner in a small Italian restaurant near the hotel and walked to Ventana al Mar, which is a romantic little park with a walk in front of the sea. I felt a bond was created between us. I felt we were really connected.

It happened 8 years ago. Now she has been with 7 guys more and despite the years and all the ups and downs involved in any long-term relationship we still love each other and the communication and the spark grow more intense with every year.

You can read some of Gabriel’s older posts here:

Spiritual Advance

Modern Man

Submitted by: Gabriel - Puerto Rico


January 29, 2011

Meet Rachel

Yet another sizzling hotwife to say hello to today. This is Rachel from my side of the pond in the UK.

I don’t think I’ve come across such a wild bareback hotwife since the I originally found the one and only Jenny Seemore back in 2005. Rachel goes to public toilets, gloryholes and dogging sites to find as much strange cock and cum as she can. And if you check her website you’ll soon realise that shockingly not one bit is fake. Genuine members feedback and forum posts accompany her movies and pictures. Everything on there Rachel did for real. Here’s some words from the extreme slut wife.

“Hi I’m Rachel from the UK, a 29 year old hot, Horny, Sassy Blonde, Creampie addicted Sexaholic Dogging Nympho Cum slut, I am a sex addict and i cant get enough cock!

Lots of guys mail me, thinking that i am not genuine or real, but i am. I really love to meet random strangers for no strings sex, swift fast and furious fucking. I have a love of spunk and just adore being pumped full of fresh hot filthy spunk.

I AM real, I DO meet members and I WILL fuck you. It doesn’t matter what you look like, how old you are or how big your cock is, I just want sex. I really am the ultimate Blonde Cum Slut Whore you dream about meeting, I will do anything your imagination can think of sexually and milk your balls dry!”

Wow I think we’re going to be featuring a lot more of Rachel over this coming year. Let’s see if we can get an interview.

Rachel Reveals

Rachel Reveals

Check out the incredible Rachel Reveals here


January 27, 2011

Meet Evonna

A submission from a new hotwife who’s got in contact with us today.


I used to be a prude. but finally one night while making love I told my Hubby about some of my fantasies about being with other men. He has worked lovingly for years to help me become more of the woman I am and actively encouraged my fantasies to come out. Now, I always sleep naked as my picture shows and it’s taken some time but now, basically, I have become a slave to sex and the excitement of new encounters.

Last weekend my Husband took me out to a nice restaurant and had a man come sit at the table with us. Much to my surprise after a few minutes the man was feeling me up under the table. Then next came a kiss, from both of them. Let it be said the rest of the evening got even better. By the time it was all over I can say that I loved the feeling of creampies oozing out of all of me. The taste of my cream dessert was pretty good too.


Submitted by: Evonna - KC, USA


January 25, 2011

Katie Kox Gangbang

Some brand new images today from the massive Interracial mega site Black on Blondes.

This was Hotwife Katie Kox’s biggest black gangbang to date and she relished in the role. Here’s the (fantasy) story…


We’ve started off 2011 with a bang … a gangbang, that is! Katie Kox is married to a white guy whose small cock is made up with a huge bank account. The husband is out of town on business and left his bra-busting little woman in charge of 5 blue collar thugs. Katie walks in as the hired hands are shooting the breeze and she throws a shit fit once they threaten to walk out on the job. Katie turns lemons into lemonade by fucking this gang of black bulls so that the money keeps rolling in. Like a pack of wild dogs they rip Katie’s clothing off her milky, white frame and take turns ravaging her mouth with their big black cocks. Katie’s mouth slides down each black shaft while not worrying that their hours will be going into overtime. The union of black laborers take turns slamming her from behind while her hands and mouth leave no black cock unattended. The self-lubrication oozing from her neglected white slit soon gets 2 black cocks jammed inside. Katie’s airbags swing in every possible direction while her creamy, white pussy gets a double assault from black cock. The interracial porn on her husband’s business laptop doesn’t compare to the pure hell Katie’s body is going through and all for the love of her limp husband. The time to punch out arrives when all 5 black meat slingers shoot their grits on her face, in her snatch, on those mountains of tits and any other dry spot on her body.

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

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January 23, 2011

Naughty Hot Wife

A true story submission today from a woman who names herself ‘Naughty Hot Wife’. Let’s see if we agree. I am already sold by that smokin body and luscious long dark hair. Yummy. More please soon!


Every since I was in my teens I have always had this fantasy about having a black lover. Even then, I watched porn of huge black guys fucking white girls and was so aroused and fascinated by these interracial couplings, the contrast between the shiny black body of the stud and the milky white body of the girl coupling with pure lust. I know in real life it’s not always like that, but it still fascinates me and gets me very wet and horny.

The opportunity to turn this fantasy into reality came about 3 years ago, Rob and I went to the Caribbean, to a small exclusive island where there is just one hotel, we had a beach bungalow just meters from the clear waters of the bay.

The first night we went to the restaurant we were greeted by this gorgeous black guy who introduced himself as James, he showed us to a table and proceeded to tell us all about the menu, I must admit I could not take my eyes off him, he was about 6ft-2, broad shouldered, lovely soft dark brown eyes that sparkled in the lamplight, a beautiful smile which showed off his white teeth and a deep rich velvety voice that made me melt, he took our order for drinks and left us with the menu.

I looked at the menu but could not concentrate, my heart was thumping like crazy, I knew I was hot and flustered Rob had noticed this change in me as well. I told him that I was attracted to James and that perhaps it was time for me to try and make my fantasy into reality about having a black lover, to my great relief he agreed but on one condition, he got to watch!

After dinner we invited him back to our bungalow for drinks. My heart was pounding, here I was trying to seduce this beautiful black guy and it was going to be in front of my husband. The more I looked at him the more I wanted him, my stomach was churning and I could tell I was getting a little wet. After a little while I excused myself and went into the dressing room, I took off my evening dress and my panties and stood and looked at myself in the mirror, it’s now or never I thought. I quietly went into the living area, put a slow seductive cd on and held my hand out to him. He looked quickly at Rob who smiled and nodded.

He slid his arms around my waist, I could smell the sea on him as we slowly moved together. I felt the heat of his body close to mine, putting my head on his massive chest and pressed myself closer to him, he responded by pulling me into him more. His hands eventually slowly sliding down onto my bottom, cupping my twin mounds with ease. I started to feel his manhood get hard and press into me, my hips slowly grinded into him, letting him know I wanted more. “Hey babe you are a hot lady, are you trying to seduce me? I looked him in the eyes and just said “Yes, and it’s one ‘hot wife’!”

His hands started to slide all over my body, caressing me, his lips came down to me and we kissed, our tongues feverously exploring each other, I slid one hand in-between us and felt the outline of his cock, it was so hard and seemed to get bigger as I rubbed it. My hands went to his T shirt and pushed it up exposing his chest, he quickly pulled it over his head, I then undid his shorts letting them drop to the floor, and he stepped out of them and kicked them away. Only then did I look down at his cock, I gasped.

I slowly slid to my knees in front of him, mesmerised by his massive cock which was so hard and erect just inches from my face, it must have been 9-10 inches long and massively thick, the huge flanged head bulging, hard veins ran around it like twisted vines around a tree trunk. I whispered in his ear, “I want you inside me now.” With that he guided his long hard cock to the entrance to my open pussy and slipped the head inside, my god even that stretched me! He then gradually lowered me onto him. I looked over to Rob who was sitting on the bed watching, his long hard cock in both hands stroking himself again, I can’t imagine what it must have been like for him, watching his darling wife being fucked by this huge black Adonis and her enjoying every second. James’ cock was now about halfway in, I could see that from the mirror, he then lowered me some more and I screamed. I then told him to go all the way, he let me sink down until he was all inside me. I felt as though I was impaled!

He then did something incredible, he started lifting me up and down on his rigid cock just with his arms, my hips started to undulate in time with his rhythm. We got faster and faster, shocks of feeling were coursing through my body, the whole centre of my universe was my pussy and the massive cock inside it. I threw my head back, my breasts thrusting out to him in pure lust, even if I had thought about stopping it would have been impossible now. I was far beyond that option, I wanted his hot seed inside me, I wanted to feel it spurting from the massive head and filling me!

I lost count of how many times I orgasmed but I know it was a lot, I became aware of James as his thrusts became faster and faster, my hips undulating in time with him, my tits gyrating as I bounced up and down. He then started to roar like a lion, his massive cock twitching as he started to spurt his hot cum inside me.

We then laid in bed for a couple of minutes, James’ cock still inside me. I love the feeling of a cock softening inside of me. James finally pulled out and I walked him to the patio door thanking him for helping me fulfill my fantasy.

I glanced over at Rob, it was an awesome sight seeing his magnificent specimen of manhood ready to go. I straddled him and slowly worked the head of his cock into my pussy, then I slid down all the way down. I had never been so hot like this before. I finally had all of his cock inside me, each time I slammed myself down on him, it felt so good. That’s when I went into multiple orgasms, it was the best. Rob lasted about 5 minutes more before the first thick strings of his cum spurted from the massive cock, hitting me in the deep inside. He still spurted more and more. I felt something like electricity coursing through my body as I orgasmed, oh my god it was so intense, and still he spurted. I could feel the cum slowly running down my inner thighs. The feeling of being completely filled up was amazing and I knew I was officially a naughty hot wife.

Naughty Hot Wife

Submitted by: Naughty Hot Wife - Texas, USA

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