November 8, 2009

Who’s in control?

Cuckold Place Update

I’m just wondering who is in control in your situation. You? Your wife? Her lover?

Many things are changing in the dynamic of our relationship and I’m wondering how other people do things. If you could, please give me some insight about some or all of these questions-

1. How do you feel about your wife being in love with another man?

2. How would you feel if - your wife wanted to stop having sex with you? Her lover wanted her to stop having sex with you?

3. How would you feel if - your wife wanted alone time with her lover? Her lover wanted alone time with your wife

You can read some more responses on this topic here

Submitted by: Johnnyangplay


November 6, 2009

Jinxypie Interviewed

As promised last month I have the interview you’ve all been waiting for. Even since I can across this beauty from North Carolina I’ve been dying to find out more about her. Every time I see a picture or video of the amazing Jinxypie, my mind becomes a horny mess. She is a very sexy girl and she has such a sweet and innocent look about her you would never believe what a sexual creature she really is.

For the last year and a half Jinxypie has been embarking on a sexual mission of discovery and cuckolding her husband and treating him to a steady stream of her tales of new lovers and variety of cock. She meets guys on the Internet and films them for her website often with the camera in the corner of the room. It’s raw, it’s real and it’s very very horny.

I think that’s what really does it as far as her appeal goes, it’s the normality of it all, this could be a girl that lives down your street. I love the way she posts normal, everyday pictures on her site such as a simple day in the park, dressed like a normal girl would and not provocatively for the sake of it.

Thanks for the interview Jinxypie. We love you, you’re a true star and I know you going to be a very popular girl on these pages from this day on.


hotwifeblog: Hey Jinxypie, So great to be able to interview you for Hotwifeblog. I’m very excited. Let’s start on your home town.. North Carolina? Correct?
Jinxypie: Yes, North Carolina, United States.

hotwifeblog: And how old are you Jinxy?
Jinxypie: 30

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Jinxypie: 5ft 3inches

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?
Jinxypie: Blue

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Jinxypie: Brown

hotwifeblog: Any piercings or tattoos?
Jinxypie: Only my ears are pierced

hotwifeblog: Describe your personality?
Jinxypie: Friendly, caring, flirty, witty, confident.

hotwifeblog: What’s your occupation?
Jinxypie: Webmistress - I develop and maintain websites.

hotwifeblog: How did you meet your husband?
Jinxypie: At a previous place of employment 

hotwifeblog: How long have you been married?
Jinxypie: 2 years

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’ve always had natural hotwife tendencies, the need to be with more than one man?
Jinxypie: I do, but I had suppressed them for many years.

hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle?
Jinxypie: My husband actually brought this up. He has been a cuckold his entire adult life, so after we were married he and I started having the discussions, wanting to figure out if this is a step we wanted to take. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to satisfy me the way I need, so naturally he wanted me to take on other lovers.

hotwifeblog: What was your first hotwife experience like?
Jinxypie: A little “out of character” for me at the time, I guess. I used to be the type of person that needed to feel really comfortable with someone before meeting them. One random Sunday morning I was chatting with a guy that lived close by, and he invited me over. “Now or never” I thought, so I told him I would be there soon. I talked to my cuck about what I was going to do, where I was going, etc, and he helped me get ready to go. During the drive there I was really nervous, but once I got there and said “hello” it didn’t take long for us to have our hands all over each other. After we finished, I went home and told my cuck everything that happened. Seeing his excitement over what had just happened and feeling the rush of emotions along with him was like magic, I really wanted to experience this again and again…

hotwifeblog: What do you like most about being a hotwife?
Jinxypie: The freedom to do what I want at the moment I want to. The power I feel when the animalistic urge for sex comes over me and I have to find a big cock for my pussy, knowing my husband just won’t do. The attention it seems to draw from men and even some women, curious to have a relationship like this of their own. But most of all I love the look on my husband’s face when he is watching me get pounded by some guy that wants my pussy as bad as I want him to fuck me with his dick. The look of love and satisfaction, he’s done his job as a cuckold husband, making sure his wife is getting the pleasure she deserves.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been an active hotwife?
Jinxypie: About a year and a half, and I have no plans of stopping!

hotwifeblog: Why do you think some men get so excited about seeing their wife or girlfriend with another guy?
Jinxypie: One reason I think men get so excited seeing their woman with another man is, when they themselves are the one doing the fucking, they can’t fully focus on every movement and facial expression made by their woman. If you’re on the sidelines watching, you can drink it all in – every touch between the two, every smile, every happy sigh and every pleasure filled moan. You will see the satisfaction.

hotwifeblog: Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?
Jinxypie: I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m an exhibitionist, although sometimes I do have exhibitionist tendencies. I’m a little freaked out by public nudity, but do like to draw attention – usually not by being loud or obnoxious.

hotwifeblog: What type of men do you go for?
Jinxypie: Interesting question. If you’re talking about the qualities a man needs in order for me to be attracted to him, then he needs to be able to carry on a conversation that isn’t about sex. I like intelligent men, but if they flaunt it then I’m totally turned off and have even gone so far to tell some men to cool it. But, if you’re asking about men that I have sex with, I prefer confident men (but not cocky), men that don’t have to “feel a connection” to know two people can have hot sex and be OK with it, men that keep themselves in decent shape and are attractive. I’m just saying they don’t all have to be scholars. Even dumb guys can fuck, right? ;)

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife?
Jinxypie: 32

hotwifeblog: Have you ever tried a gangbang?
Jinxypie: Well, there was a plan for it, but it fell through. I have had 2 threesomes though.

hotwifeblog: Does size matter to you?
Jinxypie: Size, well, since I cuckold my husband, size obviously does matter a bit. I’m not a “size queen” though, I won’t ONLY fuck men of a certain length/girth, but the men I see should be bigger than my cuck husband and should be able to use their penis properly!

hotwifeblog: Do you have a preference of black or white lovers?
Jinxypie: I do not have a preference. I have been satisfied by both black and white lovers.

hotwifeblog: Do you wear an ankle bracelet?
Jinxypie: I do, but I want a new one. I’ve been trying to find a jeweler to make a custom cuckolding charm for me, but no luck so far. Maybe I’ll get into jewelry making and just do it myself, haha

hotwifeblog: Any fetishes you are into?
Jinxypie: Well, cuckolding is an obvious one. I also have a bit of a foot fetish, as well as one for socks/stockings. There has also been a little bit of experimentation with insertion.

hotwifeblog: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Jinxypie: Gotta be the insertion stuff… putting things where they don’t belong!

hotwifeblog: Do you find most of your lovers and sexual partners through the Internet, clubs or through friends?
Jinxypie: Internet, through various forums and message boards or directly through my website. Believe it or not, every time I’ve went to a club/bar I’ve struck out! 

hotwifeblog: When you have a ‘date’ with a lover does your husband like to stay at home and let you be alone with the guy, watch you, or participate sexually? or a mix of them all?
Jinxypie: Most of the time he’s watching the kids, so he’s at home. On rare occasions that my lover and I want my cuck in the room, he’s there taking pictures and video, and listening to me tell him how much better the other man is than him. He doesn’t ever get to participate sexually when I’m with a lover.

hotwifeblog: Does your husband swing as well or remain faithful to you?
Jinxypie: He is faithful to me, he is not interested in swinging. To be quite honest, I’m sure I would be extremely jealous if he wanted to have sex with another woman.

hotwifeblog: How often are you sexually active with your husband?
Jinxypie: Most of the time, sex for us isn’t “normal” sex, we lie in bed and talk while he jerks off. I talk about sexual encounters I have had, men I’ve been with, what I would like to happen in the future, amongst other things. I do occasionally let him have sex with me, but that’s more for his benefit, or for me to tease him while he’s inside of me.

hotwifeblog: So you compare your husband’s performance to any of the other men you’ve slept with?
Jinxypie: All the time! He’s a cuckold.

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’d ever be able to go back to a monogamous relationship if your husband ever suggested it?
Jinxypie: Yes, because my relationship with him is more important than anything… but I would fondly remember and talk about ‘the good old days’.

hotwifeblog: Are you dominant or submissive at all?
Jinxypie: I’ve been told I’m a little submissive, but I personally like having some control in every encounter. I hate knowing I have no control in the matter.

hotwifeblog: Do you swallow?
Jinxypie: Nope, not something I’m in to yet.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a creampie from a lover?
Jinxypie: Absolutely

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received multiple creampie from different guys?
Jinxypie: Yes

hotwifeblog: Have you ever had anyone clean you up orally after receiving a creampie?
Jinxypie: I have, my cuck husband

hotwifeblog: Does your husband like to have sex with you just after you’ve been with someone else?
Jinxypie: He does, it’s one of the best times to talk to him about how pathetic his tiny penis is and how it can’t satisfy me like I need.

hotwifeblog: Does your husband like to eat creampie?
Jinxypie: Yes, most cucks do.

hotwifeblog: Since having your website, have you ever been recognised by anyone who knew you were a hotwife?
Jinxypie: Haha, only by someone in the grocery store that is a member of my website. He sent me an email after the fact though, he didn’t approach me in person.

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Jinxypie: I do like dancing and photography and music, and I have a large family that needs my attention. I also have a freelance web and graphics design business with my husband that takes up a lot of time.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle?
Jinxypie: If you’re a man that would enjoy seeing your wife take on other lovers or if you’re a wife interested in becoming a hotwife, I want to stress that communication is KEY in these types of relationships. When you block off communication or hide your feelings from one another, you’re really setting yourself up for failure. The more honest and open you are with your significant other, the easier it will be to talk about hotwifing or swinging (or cuckolding), and the more you’ll feel good about doing it. Sure, everyone screws up once in a while, and nobody gets it perfect the first time, but if you never talk about it, then you’ll never be OK with it actually happening.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about the treats we can find by joining your website?
Jinxypie: Well, I update pictures and videos about 3 times a week, so there’s always something to look at. I do website chats twice a week and a video stream usually once a week so people can watch what I’m doing as I chat with them. If you’re a cuckold and want me to do a video specifically for you, there’s a place to submit your pictures and info for that. You can also make suggestions for a specific idea (certain outfit or place to take pictures, specific scene you’d like to see in a video) and I try to make it happen. I’m all about trying to please the “fans”!

hotwifeblog: What plans do you have for your website for the future?
Jinxypie: I’m going on the road! The first of my trips is in Greensboro, NC, and I will be taking on a cuck or two from the town. I’m choosing a bunch of guys to have sex with in front of the cuck while he takes pictures and video, which will be uploaded within 4 hours of the session. I’m really excited about this trip, because if it’s successful it will open the door for trips around the US, and around the world!

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle?
Jinxypie: Just keep steady in my mission to “educate” those that are unfamiliar with cuckolding. Many see it as a fetish where the woman/cuckoldress is mean to her cuck and that’s not always the case. Also men and women send me questions on how to get their significant other into this type of lifestyle. I answer those questions and post on my blog… there’s a lot of advice there. I’m going to continue to cuckold my husband by seeing as many men that I can fit into my schedule, and I plan to attend some swinger events in the near future!

hotwifeblog: Thank you Jinxypie, I wish you all the best to the both of you for the future :)


Check out the amazingly hot Cuckoldress Jinxypie here

Interview by: Trash


November 4, 2009

Wife’s Business Trip

After 22 years of marriage we have both evolved to a point where the norm would no longer do for us. My wife is an extremely gorgeous blonde with a great body, face, ass, all of it. Like many husbands the idea of imagining her enjoying herself sexually on her own totally turns me on. We’ve both had affairs over the years but the strength of the marriage kept it together. My attitude is life’s too short to deny one the opportunity to indulge and feed a sexuality that needs to be fed.

Recently, my wife went out west to a business function, she was gone for six days. It’s a male dominated business she’s in so I knew she’d draw lots of attention with the way she dresses etc. When she travels she’s not one to pick someone up in a bar. Usually if she’s met someone through business and they are attracted to each other she will indulge herself. Upon returning she told me what went down at this business trip.

She only goes with other married men. She gets off on giving them something to look at and enjoy she knows they are starved of. It didn’t take her long to find the perfect guy she was looking for on this trip. She told me that over six days she and him must have fucked and sucked him a dozen times. At night they’d leave the hotel bar and head upstairs, she told me he would remove her skin tight low rise jeans and halter top revealing her matching bra and thong. Once undressed she would lie down and spread her legs and hold his head in place and grind her bald tight hole (she shaved for him) all over his face and mouth and he would devour it. She told me later, after he made her cum she had him lick it all clean. I asked her if he was hung, she said about eight inches (I’m seven). She said his balls were full and hung down and she would feel them slap into her all the time they fucked. She then described their fucking in detail. She would lay back and would then reach forward and grab her ankles and spread her legs all the way open. He slid a pillow under her ass and he entered her fully. He then proceeded to pound her mercilessly. Since he was married she wanted him to fill her with cum. “What did you say to him to get him to cum?” I asked, she’d tell him…”Fill my cunt… Fill it… Don’t stop… Use my hole!” He would explode in her and she told me she’d feel his cum inside her rest of the night.

Other times during the day they’d sneak to a room and she would drop to her knees and blow him. Other times she’d climb on top of him and reach under and milk his balls while they fucked. One night a neighbor called the room to tell them to quiet down.

She told me all this the other night while she and I were ourselves fucking. I had her blow me the way she blew him and hold her legs open wide the same way..

Her pussy is still bald and she has some bruising from their fucking too. None of this bothers me. I too have had my own encounters. I get it but I thought I’d share my own hot wife story for you all.

Hot and Horny Wife

Submitted by: nyrker47 - NY - USA


November 2, 2009

Cassandra’s Confession

My name is Cassandra and this is my Interracial Confession:

It was about 2 years into my marriage when my eyes started to wander to other men. My husband had started having trouble keeping it up and had expressed an interest in me taking a lover. Little did I know the extent of the extra-marital depths I would find myself in. I slept with my first black man a couple of months after this turning point in my marriage and I was hooked.

We started to date quite a bit and our relationship grew. Like me he is very sexual and slowly he introduced me to the world of black cock worship or at least what he liked of it. He was very dominant and started having me doing other black men. Usually one’s he’d pick out when we were out for the night in bars, hotel lounges and clubs or sometimes it would be an acquaintance of his. I liked him watching and watching him doing other women too.

The relationship has now grown into where I am today, I complete slut for black cock and with my Master we are a total sexual duo. I am mostly submissive to him, at least sexually, and enjoy it a lot. He isn’t controlling and has never gotten angry with me. My husband is kept informed of all of my sexual partners whenever I am allowed to go home to report to him.

I do what ever he wants because I want to and do who he wants me to. I’m not a size queen but less than seven inches is annoying. I prefer dominant black men and no cucks or sissy boys. I prefer Black, Indian, Hispanic, Pacific Islander men, only! Sorry no white cocks allowed!. My black lover makes me swallows his load and wear small droplets on my face when I go out in public. I laugh to myself when people come up to me and say “excuse me, did you know you have something on your face?” Little do they know its black sperm and I’m obeying my lover’s orders. Life is so much better on the darkside.

My name is Cassandra and this is my interracial confession.







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October 31, 2009

Mrs Kelly Update

Here’s a new email and pic from Emma’s loyal cuckold and husband Scott. Thanks for keeping us updated Scott.


Hi Trash,

Just wanted to let you know that our blog was recently blocked by Blogger so we decided to start our own site to avoid interruptions and censorship in the future.We would really appreciate if you could alert your readers to our new site at www.mrsemmakelly.com

Em has been very well serviced by her new lover, Darius, as can be seen in the picture we’ve provided. She is very happy to have a guy who is available and who lives close by. She’s also been fantasizing about a finding a man with whom she can form a more emotional bond. She thinks it’s time to cuck me on a deeper level.


Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse

Emma Kelly

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October 29, 2009

5000 of you

Woop!! We now have over 5000 registered profiles on our FREE Hot Wife Dating site. Thanks to all those that joined. We’re got loads planned for the site and are working on loads of improvements over the next months to make the site experience even better.

Unlike a lot of swinging sites and communities hotwifedating.com is set up just for Hotwives to find Bulls and for potential hotwives looking for a cuckold man to support them in their new life. If you haven’t registered yet, pop on over and register your details and see if there’s some potential hotwife community in your town.

We are VERY short of hotwife wannabes. Girls if you’re single and you’d like a faithful man to support you in this lifestyle, get on over to hotwifedating and register a profile. There are 100’s of cuckold wannabes in there at the moment.

Remember to make your profile as interesting as possible and upload a photo of some kind too, this will increase your exposure to potential partners a hell of a lot.

If anyone has a story to tell of meeting someone through the site, let me know. Would love to publish it on the blog.

Thanks and enjoy,


Visit and create a free profile on Hotwife Dating here


October 27, 2009

Married Creampie Pussy

Here’s an update from Bull and hotwife playa Rico Shades. Been a long time since we saw beautiful hotwife India Summer on these pages. Well here’s some pics for those who have missed her. Her interview is below too..


India Summer is a hotwife supreme. She’s such a sexy fucking bitch and she loves to share her married cunt. India was a nice Midwestern girl, who in fact used to be a grade school teacher. The problem is though, teachers don’t make shit and she had an itch under her skirt to fuck rather than teach little brats Algebra formulas. Thank goodness for that decision. Society, and stray guys cocks are better for it. This was my first rendezvous with her. I met her Hubby at a party and he told me what a slutwife he had. I didn’t believe him, but he actually told me to show up at a hotel ready to fuck. I did as instructed and sure enough she greeted me at the door with a smile and no panties. I asked her where her hubby was and she said, “Away, right where he needs to be”. Some serious fucking ensued that culminated in me leaving a major load in her fucking married cunt. I’ll have to put Ms. India in the regular rotation from now on. Oh yeah.


Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

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October 25, 2009

I am Cucked

Cuckold Place Update

I have just been cuckolded

My wife and I have been together for seven years. Both had been with other people before getting married. I am 31 and she is 33, we have two children together and have a good personal relationship. I have just been cuckolded in the last year, I am looking to tell this to someone because I feel like I can’t tell it to anyone. I figured the internet would be the best place to get this out and not have it come back to me.

Our sex life had always been pretty good, as in we did it quite a bit. Even after the children. In fact she was very horny while she was pregnant. Recently (in the last year) I had been having lots of stress at work and working longer hours. As a result I was having difficulty performing in bed. Meaning it was hard to get it up when I had the energy for it. We tried different things but for some reason it was hard to get both of us in the mood after a few months.

Eventually my wife told me that she wanted to be honest, since we always had been. She said she was sexually very frustrated and wanted to come up with a solution. She said that she was still in love, and did not want to break up the family. But at the same time she wanted to have exciting sex. She suggested that she take a lover whom she would have no emotional attachment to. At this point I was feeling like I was not up to the challenge but after a while I consented.

She never told me exactly when it started but I could tell by her mood that it had. Our relationship surprisingly was not strained and we actually got along better. One day I confronted her and asked her about her lover. She told me that she was seeing (having sex with) a guy she met online. I became curious and asked her about it. She did not get into too many details, but said she was enjoying it and that she wanted to continue for a while.

Soon enough she would ask me to pick up condoms when I went to the store, which I did. And she was going through them rather quickly. I started to want to watch her get changed before her “dates”. When I saw her putting on sexy underwear and the like I got very turned on. I would find myself left with some of the biggest hardons of my life. I certainly had no trouble getting hard anymore. My wife and I did start having sex again too, but she still did not give up her other guy.

Her behavior was really turning me on in a big way, and sex became very verbal and enjoyable. I would start asking her stuff as she was either cumming or I was pounding her as hard as I could. Things like, “Do you like it when he fucks you?”, “Does he have a big cock?” and she would always answer yes. But she was also getting excited while saying this stuff and we were doing it more often again. We even did it after she got back from her “date”. It would turn me on so much to see her panties in the top of her purse.

Recently she has told me some details after a bit (a lot of asking). She told me about her first encounter she had with a guy who is not the same one she is getting it from now. It was pretty basic. She took an afternoon off work to meet him at his house. They talked for a bit but not much. She said she sucked him for a really long time then he sat down in a chair and faced a mirror and fucked her so that she could see herself getting it. So she was on top facing away from him. Then he said that he wanted to finish her in the bedroom. She said that he then carried her to the bed and laid her down and fucked her for another 20 minutes or so and then she came and he came and that was that. She said that she did not stay for very long after they did it. Just enough to catch her breath and have some coffee.

I asked her stuff about his size and if she liked it. She said that he was a bit longer and thicker than me and that she really liked getting it from him. Said that he made her cum through intercourse and she liked that. Also that he was able to bang her really hard without cumming himself. She said that she was really nervous to see him but that it went away as soon as the sexual contact started.

The situation works for us, not sure if it would work for everyone. My wife has a very high sex drive and getting some outside of the home keeps her satisfied and happy. We do love each other and I want to make sure she has everything she wants. I do not want her to get pregnant and she says she always uses condoms so it is just clean (dirty) fun as far as I am concerned.

Things have been going like this for the past three months or so. We have a lot more in our relationship than sex. We have the kids and we still are best friends. She is open about her encounters and I have never asked her to stop. She still has a great body that I think should be enjoyed. I never thought this type of thing would turn me on, but it does and I do not think I would want it to change.

Well that is my story, the first time I have put this in writing.

You can read more updates about this story here

Submitted by: recent_cuck - UK


October 23, 2009

Nichole Wet Interviewed

Recently one of our good readers Ken asked me if I’d be interested in him interviewing a woman on my behalf. He recently come across the delightful Nichole. Although now divorced Nichole currently describes herself as a “polyamorous female in a hedonistic lifestyle”. She, very much like Jan B, encourages different men to come and play the role of her Cuckold and serve her and the men she fucks. Knowing Ken’s mind and seeing his comments over the years I knew he’s be able to throw a different angle on his approach with the questions. Thanks for this interview and your work Ken, Nichole is a great find. Keep up the great work on looking out for new and interesting women that we need on this blog.


Ken for hotwifeblog: You didn’t start out into black men. When did you have inkling that you might be a slut for BBC?
Nichole: You are right, I didn’t start out dating BBC. I went out with my first black man about 2 1/2 years ago.

Ken for hotwifeblog: After your divorce?
Nichole: Yes

Ken for hotwifeblog: So, had the curiosity been brewing for awhile?
Nichole: You have to understand that I grew up in an area where there were no black people. I had a hard time understanding why that was so as I was growing up. When I went into the Air Force, I starting recognizing black men, but didn’t date any. Not sure why. I remember always noticing them. And if I were at a club and dancing, they were the guys to dance with! I was engaged or married most of time from high school. All to Caucasians. I didn’t fool around, and was very loyal. So, until my divorce, I really didn’t explore. I didn’t think about it until I was asked out and even at that point I didn’t necessarily ’see’ any skin difference. I just looked at the person… handsome? polite? educated? well spoken? etc… It wasn’t until I had been to several swinger parties, etc. that I started noticing a difference. It’s hard to explain. It’s not just cock size. Although there are benefits of that! ;-)

Ken for hotwifeblog: What else do you think it might be?
Nichole: Well, at least for me, black men had this sense of calm (or chill). So now when I’m in a room of black and white men, the differences between them is noticeable. (laughs) Now, I’m more black man “aware”, how they behave toward me, each other, and especially how they are built.

Ken for hotwifeblog: What’s different about their behavior?
Nichole: I’ve noticed black men have this bond with each other when they socialize. They are more open and friendly; more self-assured and direct. There’s this closeness they have, like a family, even though they might not know each other. Maybe it’s a kind of fraternity; I didn’t expect that and its nice to see. At parties, when people are mingling and checking each other out, there always some awkwardness and hesitation at first. But black men don’t seem to fear rejection, they don’t push up on you as much and if you signal you’re not interested, they don’t lose their cool or make you feel they’re offended when you say “No, Thanks”.

The white guys don’t socialize like that; even if they know some of the other men at the party. They keep to themselves more. They need a lot more reassurance and can come off too ‘cocky’ I know I’m generalizing and my expereince is limited to just the white and black men I’ve met, but I’d have to say honestly that’s how it seems to me.

Ken for hotwifeblog: Anything else?
Nichole: (laughs) Wow I could go on for hours about black men. Another thing, at least for me, most of black guys in the lifestyle I’ve met have great bods. Lots of six pack abs, strong shoulders, forearms, and legs. Maybe its because I work out and stay in shape, but by comparison with white guys the same age, height, weight, etc. black men have pretty good bodies. And they tend to be younger; white guys in the life style are older and many don’t seem to stay in shape. If you do come across a white guy with a really hot body, typically they have an ego to match. Much like really hot women; the ones men howl about and drool over. Also, black men know how to talk to women. They come on differently, life style men are really direct and suggestive toward women, but it’s not vulgar or crude. Sure at times, there’s a bit too much profanity and swearing which can be a big turn off if it’s not done at the right time. But honestly, black men can say things with their eyes, hands, lips, and tounge that that make me wet. Granted, most of it’s just flirting and talk, but it still sounds good. :-)

Ken for hotwifeblog: Can you give me an example?
Nichole: Sure. When you meet and they don’t know your name they always call you ‘baby’, ’sweetie’, or ‘honey’. They tell you how hot or beautiful they think you are. They definetly want a woman who has some ‘bounce’ to her, whether it’s in her hips, backsides (azz) or chest: they don’t want a Twiggy model.

Ken for hotwifeblog: What about cuckoldry?
Nichole: To me cuckoldry can be one of the purest forms of love between a husband and wife. The husband is giving his wife something that she should have, but society doesn’t typically allow. The stud is just a tool. The real relationship is with the husband and wife. Any BBC will work. But there needs to be surrender of the man to his wife’s needs. It’s about letting the BBC be in control, because he should be. The idea of a black stud saying to me, “face down, ass up” in my marital bedroom right in front of the man I love puts a huge smile on my face. Cuckoldry is about the husband giving his wife her freedom to be submissive to the man she wants to submit to.

Ken for hotwifeblog: So, the husband’s role is what exactly?
Nichole Wet: It’s like this. BBC fucks. BBC cums ropey streams of jism into you and it’s like they’re filling you with life. Husbands love and surrender. They help you spread your legs. They accept their role. And in accepting that role, they are sharing what women have always had to go through! It’s nice that she has an opportunity to transfer roles.

Ken for hotwifeblog: So, is it about humiliation?
Nichole: It depends, for some men it’s all about humilation. Others it’s more about voyeurism. Many cucks want to be humiliated. But cuckoldry can also be about two people sharing a process of submission to BBC together.

hotwifeblog: Which is it for you?
Nichole: Being a true romantic, the later option (not the humiliation) is best. Cuckoldry works best when it’s part of a romantic relationship which includes the typical things… flowers, candlelit dinners, walks while holding hands, trust, affection, sharing hopes and dreams, good and bad times. The poem ‘The Invitation’ is a perfect example of a deep relationship. “It doesn’t interest me who you know or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back.” It’s just that I need a man who understands what BBC is for and why he needs to submit to it along with me.

Ken for hotwifeblog: Thank you for your time, Nichole. This has been very illuminating. And best of luck with your site.


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Interview by: Ken - Hotwifeblog Reader


October 21, 2009

Science of Cukoldry

The Science of Cuckoldry

By sex therapist & relationships counselor Susan Gower

After studying human sexuality for many years it has become inarguable to me that a cuckold relationship (in which the wife engages in sexual activity with a variety of men while her husband remains faithful) is most compatible with basic human evolutionary make up. It is straying from this evolutionarily grounded human bonding relationship that has produced such misunderstandings and conflict between the sexes.

At the very base of this principle is the understanding of a woman’s psychological need for a variety of sex partner’s. Psychologically, women are hardwired differently than men. A woman has a dual sex drive. The first is centered on finding a mate for life to help support her and her offspring. This is why (and when) love is such an important part of a women’s sexual desire. The second is a desire to obtain a variety of the best genetic material to produce the best children. This second desire begins to grow once a woman has found her life mate and grows stronger as time with him progresses. Eventually, this later and more powerful drive overpowers her sexual desire for her life mate. This is why a woman’s sexual desire for her husband diminishes over time. At the same time her sexual desire for other men is increasing. Often this desire for other men becomes so strong she cannot deny it. This does not make her immoral or mean that she no longer loves her husband. It is simply part of her genetic code.

Physiological sexual differences between men and women also support the cuckold relationship as the ideal for marriage. It is well known that women don’t reach her sexual peak until they are in their thirties, while men peak by the time they are twenty. In a typical marriage, a wife is generally younger than her husband or the same age. As a result, a woman’s increasing sexual appetite, do to her biologically age based sex drive, gives her greater sexual needs than her husband. She needs more sexual encounters, longer sexual encounters and more orgasms than her spouse. Her older or same age husband, on the other hand, wants sex far less than his wife, oftentimes lasts only a few minutes before he reaches orgasm and then, no longer interested in sex, leaves his wife unsatisfied and frustrated. As a marriage continues this discrepancy in sexual needs increases dramatically, usually to the breaking point of a wife secretly finding a lover or lovers outside the marriage.

Compounding this is that nature has not only given women a two prong and exponentially stronger sex drive than men, it has also given women the ability to experience a far greater quantity, intensity, and variety of sexual pleasure and orgasm than men. This is nature’s way of motivating a woman to seek out sexual activity considering the risk she bears in doing so. (Even though today’s contraceptives greatly reduce these risks, they do nothing to diminish the internal triggers that drive a woman’s need for a variety of sex and sex partners. If anything, this reduction of risk intensifies her drive to seek pleasure.)

As a result, women can experience a wide range and intensity of sexual pleasure and diversity of orgasm. Besides the pleasure and orgasms derived from manual, oral and coital stimulation of a woman’s clitoris, all three of which feel distinctly different, a woman can reach a completely different sensation of pleasure and a completely different orgasm from the stimulation of her g-spot by a well endowed man. A woman can even reach orgasm by proper stimulation of her nipples if she has been brought to a state of intense clitoral arousal. Stimulation of her nipples and clitoris at the same time will give her a yet another unique intense orgasm. Her ultimate height of pleasure is found in oral or manual titillation of her clitoris while simultaneously having her g-spot stimulated. It is interesting that this is best accomplished by the use of multiple sexual partners, suggesting nature’s preference for male, female, male couplings. Finally, the crowning pinnacle of a woman’s sexual superiority is her ability to have a multiple orgasm and full body orgasmic experiences.

Men, on the other hand, are far simpler sexually. Stimulate their glans (the little patch of skin at the front of the penis just below it’s head) and they ejaculate. Furthermore, men can get nearly the same level of satisfaction from masturbating as the do completing a sex act with a woman. For women, masturbation will give them only temporary relief. Women need to have sex with a partner to be fully satisfied, especially psychologically.

The male also has a much simpler sex drive than a woman. He simply wants to mate with any female he finds desirable. The longer he is denied sex, the stronger his desire grows and the criterion by which he finds a woman desirable lowers. Since it is the woman who decides if he will be allowed to have sex with her or not, his desire for her sexually is also linked to the desire for her approval. As he becomes more interested in her the desire to please her as a way to get sex can become overwhelming for him. That is why you will often see men acting foolishly in front of females they desire, even though they have no chance to have sex with them. That is also why, once married, a man will begin to take his wife for granted; now that he has easy availability of sex from her, she becomes less desirable to him.

One might think that this is a good argument for having an open marriage in which both a wife and her husband find sexual partners outside their marriage. Interviews with couples in open marriages have shown that these marriages almost always lead to a competition between the two spouses regarding who is having more sex with more partners. A wife will always win this competition because it is much easier for a woman to find sexual partners than it is for a man. The competition, however, can become nasty, ugly and often cruel. A wife will sometimes be drawn into the competition so deeply she will have sex with far more men than she wishes too, and her husband will have growing feelings of inadequacy, as he cannot keep up with his wife. This kind of competition almost always destroys a marriage.

Furthermore, the idea of open marriage assumes the erroneous notion that men need a variety of sex partners. While all evidence indicates that a married woman both physiologically and psychologically does need a variety of sexual partners, a married man does not. The genetic code that drives a man is the thrill of pursuit, not the need for variety. Husbands in clinical studies who’s desire for their wives have waned and who’s interest have turned to other women have been completely turned around when their wives begin using arousal and denial techniques on them. These techniques instill uncertainty in the husband as to whether he will be allowed to complete a sex act with her or not. Time after time, in study after study, these husband’s desires have been focused back to their wives exclusively, losing all interest in other women. The wives in these studies were even able to vary their husband’s level of interest through increasing or decreasing their application of arousal and denial techniques. It was further found that when these same wives reverted back to traditional sexual practices with their husbands, their husbands began to loose interest again and began to again look at other women as possible sex partners.

Interestingly, it was during the sexually repressive Victorian Era that an unusual mix of cuckoldry and the sexual arousal and denial of males was employed. It was believed at that time that many ills were caused by excessive male ejaculations. They believed that loss of sperm contributed to a whole host of maladies, from asthma to mental illness. As a result, chastity devices were often prescribed for men. This practice was so prevalent that over two hundred patents for male chastity devices were applied for during this era.

Conversely, at this same time, it was believed that women suffered hysteria from lack of sexual release. Orgasmic therapy was prescribed for the treatment and prevention of female hysteria. Women would visit their doctor, or the doctor would come to a woman’s home to manually, or in secret, by more intimate means, deliver her orgasms. Most often it was married women who requested this therapy, often as much as three times a week. Some doctor’s journals noted that the demand became so great that they had to delegate these visits to their interns.

A structured practice of female sexual satisfaction and male denial grew quickly. Women had a lot of leisure time and spread the word of the benefits of orgasmic therapy and spousal chastity through the popular women’s societies prevalent at the time. Since men could not be trusted to have self-discipline, their wives were usually given the keys to their chastity devices. A kind of secret society developed in which these wives called themselves Key Holders. Key holding wives would deny their husbands sex while they enjoyed the services of their physicians and their physician’s interns or secretly engaged in sex with other men. Within these women’s clubs women introduced other wives who were unsatisfied with their husbands, to recommend chastity for their husbands and treatment for hysteria for themselves. Doctor’s finding a man’s wife desirable would also prescribe the same in order to gain access to her.

Some woman’s journals discovered from this time period tell of their exploits with doctors, interns and other available men. The jest of the mailman and milkman delivering more than mail and milk are very well rooted in fact. It is interesting that a whole society developed around wives having sex with other men while denying their husbands who had to remain faithful to them. It is not uncommon to find entries in a wife’s journal such as “I had a wondrous day today. After a most satisfying visit, for both myself and Doctor Elbridge’s young intern, I spent a delightfully entertaining evening raising my poor husband’s lustiness near to its pinnacle during this time that he must abstain from loosing semen. His antics were most amusing and raised my own lust. As always, he proved his devotion to me by pleasuring me in a most deliciously French way.( Mine will be the most scrumptiously naughty story of any lady tomorrow at tea)

Another journal tells how excited one wife was that she had her husband doing housework, an unheard of practice at a time when male and female roles were so rigid, illustrating again how arousal and denial of sex can totally alter a man’s behavior. Other journal entries tell of the rise in attention from their husbands and the thrill of sneaking around behind their husband’s back and having sex while their husband was “locked in his cage.”

While diagnosing the damage done to women by denying them the fulfillment of their sexual needs may have been falsely labeled hysteria, the doctors of Victorian times were startlingly near the mark. Victorian doctors had insightfully identified the need women had for sex with a variety of men.

Unsurprisingly, since human societal structures were originally matriarchal, societies that still live today in ways closer to our original female and male roles do not suffer from the damages of psychological and physiological stress. These more basic societies, far from the modern world, are nearly always matriarchal. It is the women in these societies who control property, family affairs and sexual activity. These women will usually have multiple husbands and lovers. One or two of these men provide them with food, shelter and security, while the others provide them with sex. Male, female, male couplings are not only accepted, but quite normal. In some societies, certain “stud” males will exclusively service a wife, in others, wives will share, exchange and even trade stud males. Men in these societies are happy in their subordinate roles to women. While there are some incidents of jealousy, there is no violence, crime, or sexual perversion. Men are focused on pleasing their wives instead of impressing other women in the group or competing with other men, except in the area of being good sex providers. Wives will keep this competition light and fun and ongoing. Men focused on this kind of competition do not compete with each other in other ways either, leading to much stronger male/male friendships and cooperation.

An unlikely place further confirmation of the appropriateness of cuckolding in human bonding relationships was discovered in the findings of primate studies. In one study, researchers found two anatomical influencers of fidelity in primates. One was the physical size difference between the sexes. The other was the male’s ratio of penis size to body mass.

It was found that in those species of primates where the female was considerably larger than the male, the female would have many sexual partners and bond with none. As female/male size became closer, the female would bond with one male. This male would remain faithful to her, but she would continue to have sex with non-bonded males. It was found that this was not reversed until the male became extremely larger than the female.

The second influencer the researchers discovered was the ratio of penis size to body mass. In species where the difference in physical size between the sexes was slight, (as it is in humans) the penis to body size ratio increased female dominated sexual behavior. The smaller the penis to body size, the more bonded males were restricted to activity with only their mate while females would engage in sexual activity with a variety of non-bonded males. Within these groups, females would generally bond with males with smaller penises and engage in sexual activity with better-endowed, non-bonded males. The most common activity between females and their mates was grooming and eating, with the far greater amount of sexual activity occurring between mated females and males other than their mates. Neither mated nor non-mated females would engage in sexual activity with bonded males who were not their own mates. The most frequent sexual activity of bonded males was masturbation.

This study particularly intrigued me because it’s findings correlated so closely with my own experiences. I have assisted many couples in beginning and maintaining cuckold relationships. Among my patients, husbands with smaller penises were not only more agreeable to being cuckolded, but would even sometimes suggest it. These very enlightened, lesser-endowed, husbands were keenly aware of their inability to satisfy their wives sexually. By accepting their wives engaging in sex with other men they were relieved of the pressure to perform.

It makes sense that this behavior would be present in humans since humans are primates whose difference in size between the sexes is slight and men’s penises are very small when compared to their body mass. Also interesting is that women, like other primate females, will rarely engage in sex with married men. A husband’s wedding band makes for a fairly efficient chastity device.. A wife’s wedding band, however, does little and sometimes even encourages pursuit by men. This further illustrates that the innate human proclivity for cuckold relationships goes genetically even deeper.

Our modern morals and the female/male roles imposed on us by society are not only aberrant behavior given our genetic make up, but psychologically unhealthy and morally unethical. It is unfair that a woman is forced to repress the powerful sex drives that are so genetically imbedded in her psyche. Most married woman simply can’t do it. It is uncountable today how many wives are having sex with other men behind their husband’s back because our society cannot accept a woman’s natural needs.

At what point did we move from a matriarchal to a patriarchal society that perverted our male and female sexual roles? We have so inverted out ideas of human sexuality that we have come to believe that women have a lower sex drive than men when the reverse is true. We think that men should be free to have sex unbridled, when it is women who should be freed and men bridled. We have created a society in which women struggle with guilt and frustration over their natural sexual needs while men are obsessed with perverted sexual deviations from far too great an access to far to great a variety of sexual stimuli and freedom.

Just as our modern lives preventing us from responding to our need to express our flight or fight response leads to stress, and our turning from whole foods to processed foods give us all sorts of physical ailments, our denial of our natural sexual programming leads to untold emotional and behavioral problems. It would startle the average person to learn how many divorces are caused by the inequity of a woman’s unfulfilled sexual needs. In an effort to protect the man from humiliation it is rarely mentioned in polite society that the reason for a couple’s divorce was because the wife was finding sexual satisfaction outside their marriage. If we could be open and honest about a women’s needs, and that it is not the fault of their husbands that they need to fulfill those needs outside their marriages, then maybe we could begin to embrace cuckoldry as a healthy societal norm and save far more marriages..

I have saved many marriages in my practice by gently introducing the idea and practice of cuckoldry to struggling couples. I have seen in my own female patients that once they start to engage in sex outside their marriage with the acceptance of their husbands and the security that their husbands will remain faithful, they become more centered, calm and confident. Similarly, once their husbands get past their jealous feelings and fear of inadequacy they become calmer and more mature, no longer engaging in childish behavior like nights out with the boys or an obsession with sports. They even loose their interest in pornography as their wives recounting of their extramarital exploits, or their participation in those exploits, becomes much more titillating to them than the artificial titillation of pornography.

When my female clients add the uncertainty principle of arousal and denial to their cuckold marriage a woman can bring her husband back to the days when they were first dating. Husbands become more focused on their wives and no longer suffer the frustrating feelings caused by a desire for unattainable women

Cuckold marriages can evolve into a great variety of preferences. In my own practice I have seen cuckold marriages that range from those in which cuckolding wives enjoy subjecting their husband’s to humiliation and punishment, to those in which wives will have sex with other men in front of her husband as a form of entertaining them, to just about everything in between. Most couples in my practice, however, have very loving marriages with playful arousal and denial that seem conventional in every way except that the wife dates while her husband remains faithfully hers.

It is regretful that the cuckold relationships of Victorian times could not have evolved into an open way of life accepted by modern society. It is my hope that one day it will.

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