November 20, 2014

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

This is a true story which took place in 1982. The names and the places have been disguised.

It was a Friday and we were sitting in the family room watching television. Our children were spending the night with friends and we were left to our own devices. Shari began with a question, as neither of us were paying very close attention to the TV. You have been overseas many times. She said. Did you fuck any foreign women while you were over there? I looked at her and saw that she was strangely serious. I decided to answer her as truthfully as she had asked the question. This new found truthfulness in our relationship was refreshing. I didn’t feel as though I needed to lie to her or attempt to deceive her in anyway. You know the only one that I was with was Loraine and she was in England. Shari said, Are you telling me the truth? In reply I simply nodded my head and said, I have no reason to lie to you now. Do I? She thought about it for awhile and she sat there in silence for about a half an hour. Then she said, I would like to fuck a foreigner. I don’t have any idea who that might be, but I would like to find out how they fuck.

I decided that sitting in front of the TV for the evening was not the thing for us to do. So we went up to our room and began getting dressed to go out. Shari put on a white filmy blouse, of course she was not wearing a bra. And she slithered her hips into a tight pair of black pants. Of course there was no room under them for panties. So she was totally natural underneath with her partially shaved pussy. When she shaved, she liked leaving the hair on her pubic mound. The pants accented her figure nicely. Her legs were one of her best assets along with an angelic looking face, topped with auburn hair. For foot wear, she put on a pair of three inch spike black sandal type shoes. Her blouse, being somewhat see through and low cut as well, drew a mans attention directly to her chest. In the darker light you could make out the areolas around her nipples and you could see that her nipples were making tents on each side of her chest. I dressed casually in slacks and a shirt with loafer type shoes and we were off.

When we arrived at the club, she placed her ID in her hip pocket as she was always being asked to prove her age. She was 35 years old and still getting carded. I was jealous. She told me to go play some pool and hunt for a lady or two to dance with and she was going to see if there were any foreigners in the club that evening. Off we went in different directions to see what we could find to occupy our attention. I found a friend of mine playing pool in the restaurant area and I placed two quarters on the table to challenge. When it was my turn, I won the first game that I played with my friend and he had to go at the end of the game so I took on all comers. I had played about ten games when I realized that I had not seen my wife in quite some time.

At the end of the game I forfeited and went to look for her. It took me some time to find her. Finally I saw her sitting in a corner booth and sipping a drink while talking with a dark skinned man. I could see that his left hand was not on the table and as I looked closer in the dim light I could see that he was rubbing her pussy through the zipper of her pants. He had his hand inside the zipper and I could only assume that his finger or fingers were inside her vagina. As I approached the table, she looked up and saw me coming toward her and said, Ah Paul, I would like for you to meet my husband. With that he pulled his hand out of her pants quickly and placed it on the table. Too late. I could see the juices on his first and middle finger. He stood. I said, What was the name again? He replied, Mohamed. Shari looked at him curiously and said, You told me your name was Paul. He reassured her that he had said Mohamed. Shari wasn’t thinking about a name, she was wanting to get inside his trousers.

He was a foreigner, accent and all. I sat down and we had drinks and talked for a while. I found out that Mohamed (Paul) was in the Saudi Navy and he was there attending school with many of his fellow countrymen. Shari was sitting next to him and she would reach beneath the table and I could see her arm moving, but I couldn’t see what she was doing. I could but fantasize what she might be up to. It wasn’t long before she suggested that we leave the club for a bit more comfortable surroundings. Mohamed excused himself to go to the men’s room. When he had left the table, I asked Shari, Where do you want to go with him? You know that it is not a good idea to take him to our house. She simply smiled at me. We could go to Gerry’s apartment. She whispered. And we can take him there as Gerry wont be needing it again for another couple of months. I had not been prepared for her to make a connection quite this quickly. I had not obtained any condoms or anything to drink. I also had not made any contingency plans regarding what would or should be done in the event that she did score. I was thinking like a man and not a woman. Many times subsequent to this night I made the same error.

The car that we had taken to the club that evening was a two seated convertible. It was also an evening that it was about to rain at any moment, therefore the top was up. Mohamed either didn’t have a car or had obtained a ride to the club with some of his mates and he had to be chauffeured by me. Shari put Mohamed in the passenger seat and then she sat on his lap facing me. There we were, all crammed into a sardine can. Away we went for our adventure. I had insisted on condoms as my wife was on the pill but I didn’t want any foreign bodies to invade her pussy. I had explained it to her that she was in fact on the pill, but the pill was not 100% sure. Where adding the condom was adding a little insurance. She seemed to accept this idea but she did not like the use of the things, because as she put it. I like to feel a mans hot cum spreading around on my insides. I thought of driving to the pharmacy and buying a box of condoms, but she was afraid that we might be recognized by someone. I then ask her about the grocery. She said that the same thing might happen there as well. It was then that I realized that she was trying to get me to let her do it bare back. I remembered a bar that I had frequented on occasion, and the condom machine in the men’s room.

I drove rapidly to the Green Lantern Tavern. When we arrived, I left the two of them to get better acquainted in the car. I knew that there would be no hanky panky in that car as it was a 1980 TR-7. Upon entering the bar I remembered that there was a rule about the restrooms. Only customers could use them. I bought a beer and sat for a few minutes sipping on the beer. I then left my cigarettes and lighter next to my beer and headed for the men’s room. When I got inside, I locked the door and reached into my pocket for change. Imagine my surprise to learn that they cost $0.75 a piece. I could only afford to buy three of the things. I thought to myself, No man could go more than that in a few hours. Well I was wrong again. I returned to the car and found them much the way I had left them with the exception that his hands were not only inside her shirt, but inside her pants as well. She had her pants undone and he could reach her pussy and finger it. She was moaning and I could see that the crotch of her pants were soaked with her cum. I started the car and headed for Gerry’s apartment. We arrived and another surprise awaited me. She didn’t have the key as she had not carried her purse that evening. The key was at our house. I knew that I didn’t want him to know where our house was so I said that I would run and get the key. We only lived a few blocks from the apartment.

I left the two of them seated on the steps to the apartment and rushed home to get the key. I grabbed the key and headed back. When I arrived back at the apartment. I found that they had moved up the stairs to a darkened area near the top of the stairs near the door and had continued with their foreplay, obviously as her clothes were almost off of her. They stood to the side while I opened the door and turned on some lights. Shari scooped up her clothes and they came inside. Shari said that she needed to go to the bathroom, and headed that way, leaving Mohamed and I standing in the hall.

I decided to do a little exploring. She soon returned to the living room. I could see her pussy hair glistening with the cum that she had already emitted from her body with her pants on. Her feet were also bare and her blouse was unbuttoned, but she was wearing it. She took the condoms that I held out to her and the beer that I offered her from Gerry’s refrigerator. She then placed the condoms and the beer in her left hand and reached out to Paul and said, Would you like to come with me to the bedroom? He took her hand and they strolled off down the hall toward the bedroom. She closed the door partially so that I could hear but not see as Mohamed was very specific about that. I was not to see him naked and she wanted to fuck him so very, very much, that I allowed her to bend the rules a little. I sat on the couch in the living room and I had a straight shot view down the hall to the bedroom door. I suddenly heard her say No! No! I started down the hall. She heard me coming and she yelled out to me that it was all right in the code that only she and I knew. I retreated back to the couch. Unable to see a lot and very little to hear, I had almost fallen asleep on the couch when suddenly the door opened and she came out. She still wore her blouse and it was unbuttoned as before. As she approached into the light, I could see liquid looking very much like cum that was dripping from her pussy and running down both legs to her knees. Her hair was mussed and her pussy hair was matted. I waited for her to speak. Do you have anymore condoms? She asked. I looked at my watch and realized that it had only been about an hour and a half since she went into the bedroom. I said, You couldn’t have possibly used all three of those condoms. She said, Yes we have and we want to do it again. Do you have anymore? I shook my head no. She went back into the bedroom and came out with a used condom. It looked like it would fit a Donkeys cock it was so stretched. She took it into the bathroom and washed it out and then placed it over the neck of her beer bottle and re-rolled it. Her smile was telling enough that she felt like she had done well. Back to the bedroom she went.

It wasn’t long before I could hear the tell tale sounds of a male and a female cumming, almost in unison. I am almost positive that if Gerry’s downstairs neighbors were home that night, they got a real thrill of a sound and bounce show from their ceiling. I could have probably heard them better from the apartment below. It took them only about fifteen minutes from the last of the moaning and groaning to appear in the door of the bedroom fully dressed. She had the look of a woman who had been used and well fucked.

They came out into the living room and we sat and had some more beer together. I asked, Did you find a comb in Gerry’s bathroom? She looked at me questioningly until she glanced in the mirror that was hanging above the dining table. She smiled sheepishly and got up slowly and headed for the bathroom. In the meantime, Mohamed was doing his best to convince her to come to his place and meet his friends. We are going to have to give Paul a ride to his place. Shari said. She smiled at him as though there was yet an untold story. I noticed right away that his statements of invitation were not including me. I also was aware that if she were to get in a group of these men, she was going to get more than she had bargained for and of that I was almost sure.

We all loaded into the Triumph and headed toward the beach. Mohamed was telling me where to go while playing with my lovely wife as she sat on his lap. I could see that his member was once again straining to get loose from its captivity. From the apartment, it was but a short drive of about twenty minutes to where Mohamed said that he lived. When we got there, I parked some distance away at his insistence. He said, I must go and let my brothers know that you are here and that I have invited you into our home. Shari stood outside the car leaning on the door. She watched Mohamed ascend the hill toward the apartment complex. I stepped out of the car, leaned on the top and said, Are you wanting to go up there with him and his friends? She just smiled at me and said, Yes. We can go up and have drinks with them. Drinks are not what Paul has in mind, I can assure you. You get up there in amongst his so called brothers and you will have your pussy fucked until you wont be able to move. At this point in her adventures, she wasn’t prepared for that scenario. I said, We can just get in the car and drive away. I took enough turns and back tracks to come here that he couldn’t find his way back. And besides, all he could find if he tried would be the apartment. There are no leads to us from there. She quickly got in and closed the door. Lets go. She said. I got in, started the car and drove away leaving her Arab lover in the lurch.

As I drove home, to show her appreciation for the evenings fun, she laid across the console and unzipped my pants. She put her hand inside and worked my now swelling cock out into the nights lights. As it appeared and was growing rapidly, she placed it between her lips and began sucking. She sucked my cock all of the way home. I hung on to my cum until I pulled into the garage. She then sucked it in a way that only she knew how to and I gave it up in seconds. I asked, Why did you do that now? Why not sooner? She smiled as she swallowed all my cum and then said. Because my Darling, I didn’t want you to kill us when you cum started to spurt. Suppose we were on the toll way? She smiled and licked her lips.

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November 18, 2014

German Gangbang Party

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November 16, 2014

Night at the Adult Theatre

Our night at the Adult Theater

My wife Ellen and I took our friend Bob with us to the local adult cinema the other night. To say we had a good time would be an understatement. Bob, Ellen and I have been having three ways now for about two years and we decided we needed to spice things up a little more. We have done about everything sexual that two men and a women can do in the privacy of our homes and at the local nude beach. So we agreed to go to the local adult theater where just about anything sexual is allowed.

Bob and I entered the theater with Ellen between us and her holding on to each of us. Ellen was wearing a loose fitting dress that buttoned up the front, which she had left unbuttoned enough to show some of her ample 36D cleavage. The manager a huge muscular man, looked at us and after paying the admission fee, gave us a big smile and said for us to enjoy the movie. Before entering the theater Ellen said she had to use the bathroom and she went upstairs where they were located.

When Ellen came downstairs from the bathroom she had a big smile on her face and we entered the theater with her. We stood at the back of the theater for a few minutes while our eyes adjusted to the darkness. While waiting for our eyes to adjust we leaned against the back wall with Ellen standing between Bob and me. Ellen didn’t waste any time and started rubbing Bobs and my crotch with the back of her hands. This got an immediate response from me and Bob too as he had already had his hand on her left breast and was rubbing it.

Not to be left out I also started rubbing her right breast and found that she had removed her bra while she was in the bathroom and If I know Ellen she probably also removed her panties too. I also unbuttoned and few more buttons on her dress to just below her breasts so that they were still coved, but slightly exposed if she moved just right.

Our eyes by now had become adjusted to the darkness and I could see that there were about 30 or more men to the theater. The theater is fairly large so there were many empty seats available. I motioned to Bob and Ellen to go to the right side of the theater where the management had removed some of he single seating and replaced them with couches and loveseats. We found an empty couch and sat down with Ellen between us. There were only a few men in or around our couch, but as soon as we sat down and were comfortable about 10 to 15 men came and sat near or around us.

On the screen was a bi movie playing with two guys and a hot young redhead. The redhead was being fucked by one of the guys missionary style and the other guy was kneeling at her head jacking off and the guy fucking her would occasionally suck on the other guys dick while he masturbated. We watched the flick for a few minutes and got more comfortable with Ellen between us and with our hands on her breasts and her hands on our crotches. I also noticed that several of the men sitting near us had their cocks out and were masturbating. Ellen also noticed this and she sighed and licked her lips.

After a few more minutes of watching the movie I noticed that Bob had unbuttoned Ellen’s dress down to her waist and had pulled out her left breast and was sucking on it. I continued to rub her right breast through the material of her dress and unzipped my pants and had her pull my hard cock out and start jacking me off. This additional activity brought some of our neighbors closer to us so they could get a better view of our goings-on.

Bob by now had unbuttoned Ellen’s dress completely and had exposed her hot 36-28-38 body for all to see. Bob also had his hand on Ellen’s red furry muff and was fingering her while sucking on her right breast. Ellen had also unzipped Bobs pants and had fished out his 8 inch uncut cock and was slowly jacking him off. I continued to play with Ellen’s now exposed right breast and looked around our location as to what the other patrons were doing.

There were four men sitting directly in front of us on two separate loveseats and all four were watching us, not the movie and from their movement it appears that they were masturbating. There were also three men behind us on another couch and all three had their cocks out and were masturbating. One was a black man and he had to have had at least 9 inches or better and it was as thick as a soda can.

Ellen was breathing very hard and it appears that Bobs fingering of her cunt was getting her off. She stopped jacking me and turned towards Bob and kissed him hard and humped against his hand which had 3 fingers buried in her now on fire cunt. After Ellen climaxed she lay back in her seat and slowly went back to jacking me and Bob very slowly. She whispered in my ear that that climax was a good starter, but she was going to need some cock and lots of it before she would be truly satisfied tonight.

After jacking us for a few minutes and long enough to catch her breath she let go of my cock and turned towards Bob and buried her face in his crotch and started sucking his 8 inch uncut monster. She had her knees on the seat and her ass turned towards me with her face in Bobs lap, so I pulled up her now opened dress above her butt exposing it for all to see. I then buried my face in her ass cheeks and started rimming her tight little rosebud. After working on her ass for a few minutes I tongued my way down to her now dripping red haired cunt.

Besides the men in the couch behind us and the ones on the loveseats in front of us we now had about half a dozen men standing around us watching our action. Every one of the men had their hard cocks out and they were playing with themselves. Most had average size or smaller cocks and a couple of them were really hung. I continued to eat Ellen’s ass and pussy while she gave Bob a blowjob. One of the men in front of us reached over the seat and started fondling Ellen’s right breast. He looked at me and I nodded my approval and then he stood up so his crotch was now visible and he was jacking a nice sized cock while fondling her breast.

The black guy sitting behind us had now stood up and reached into our couch and was now playing with Ellen’s left breast while he jacked off. His cock was a monster and I knew Ellen would love having that thing buried in her hot snatch. I stood up and motioned for the black guy to take my place behind Ellen who was still kneeling over Bob giving him a blowjob. I black guy got on the couch and buried his face in Ellen’s ass cheeks. He stayed that way for a few minutes and then got on his knees and proceeded to bury his 9 inch monster into her now very wet snatch. I could hear Ellen let out a moan even with Bobs cock in her mouth as he slid his black snake into her.

The black guy buried his cock in to the hilt and then just stayed there for a few seconds while Ellen’s cunt adjusted to his thickness and length. Next the black guy started to move his cock in and out of Ellen very slowly and then picking up the pace and ramming it into her very forcefully. About this time the guy in front of us playing with her right tit came and when he did he shot cum all over Ellen’s dress that was pulled up over her back. This must have set Bob off too, because he started bucking and I could hear Ellen gagging and slurping up his hot cum and moaning like never before.

I decided that Ellen’s dress was in the way and that it didn’t need any more cum on it so I had her remove it completely after she pulled her mouth off of Bobs cock. The black guy continued to pound away at her pussy never missing a beat while she disrobed.

Buy now the other men standing or sitting around us had all stood up and formed a circle around us. Bob was relaxing on the couch and was working on another hardon and I stood back and watched as several of the men standing around us now started playing with Ellen’s tits. One of the men with an average size dick stuck it in front of Ellen’s face and she proceeded to start sucking on it. This guy only lasted for about a minute and he pulled out and started shooting cum all over Ellen’s face. Ellen took her hand and wiped most off her face and licked it up and then pulled the guy towards her and cleaned off his cock.

The black guy after seeing the guy cum in Ellen’s face started moaning and pounding her faster and faster until he started shooting his load into her. This also started Ellen’s climax and she started moaning and screaming so load I thought she was dying. The black guy laid across her back after cumming and left his cock in her until she finished cumming too. He then pulled his cock out with a pop and a large plop of cum came running down her thighs.

This sight just about made me start to cum too, but after the black guy stood up and backed away I got down on my knees behind Ellen and spread her ass cheeks open. Her pussy was all swollen and gapping wide open and I could see a lot of what the black guy had left in her cunt was still there. I then buried my face in her snatch and licked and swallowed the mess the black guy had left there. This action started another climax for Ellen who had also started sucking off another man who had been standing around us.

After Ellen came again she finished sucking off the other man and he blew a big load in her mouth which she greedily swallowed. Ellen said she needed a rest before anymore action and needed to pee too. She told the other men standing around that there would be more action after she returned from the bathroom. She gave me a big kiss which I could still taste the cum of the previous man she gave a blowjob too and pulled her dress back on but only buttoned one button in the middle to keep it from flopping around and headed to the bathroom. You could see her tits swinging out of the dress as she walked and her red haired pussy too as her legs parted the dress when she walked.

While she was gone Bob and I rested and talked. He had worked up another hardon just thinking about what was yet to happen and I still had not cum yet, but was still hard as nails and almost to the point of blueballs for not cumming yet. Several of the men around us were also waiting to see what was next in store for there enjoyment. One of the men asked if that was my wife and I told him yes and that Bob was a good friend who we have been swinging with for a couple of years.

Ellen was gone for quite sometime and I began to worry, so Bob and I pulled up our pants and I went to see where she was. I went upstairs to the bathrooms and knocked on the women’s bathroom door with no response so I opened the door looked in and Ellen wasn’t there. I became concerned and then proceeded back down the hall and while passing the men’s room I saw several men hanging around the vestibule. I asked one of them if they had seen a women come by and he told me no, but there was a women in the men’s room giving head to everyone. I thanked him and told him that the woman was probably my wife.

I entered the men’s room and there sitting on toilet was Ellen sucking on some mans cock. I also noticed that her face, neck, belly and tits were covered with cum and even some was in her hair. She was a mess, but a hell of a sexy mess.
She looked up and me standing there and I could see a grin on her cock filled face. The guy she was blowing started to pump faster in and out of her mouth and just before he blew his nut he pulled out and shot cum all over her face and chest. Ellen then reached forward and cleaned off his cock with her mouth before he pulled up his pants and left.

The other men in line (about 5) started to get angry because I had cut them off, but I explained to them that she was my wife and that they could all have a shot at her if she wanted them to. This put them at ease and I asked them to just give me a minute with her before she took care of them. I asked her if she was ok and having a good time, she indicated that she was fine and wanted some more if it was ok with Bob and me. I said fine and I told her great, but I wanted to stay and watch. I then gave her a big kiss on her nasty cum covered mouth and she swapped some cum into my mouth that had been lingering in the back of her throat.

Ellen broke our kiss and told the waiting men she was ready for the next man standing in line. I watched as she gave five other men blowjobs and two of them even pissed on her breasts after they came. She even drank the last few quirts of piss from one of the guys as he finished peeing. Needless to say she a mess and I cleaned her up a bit and we walked her back down to the theater and returned to the couch we had been sitting with Bob.

Upon our return Bob and I pulled our pants back down and our cocks back out and Ellen started jacking us right away. She then let go of Bob and turned towards me and started sucking my cock. While she was doing this several of the men sitting near us got up and came close us watch. One of the men behind me was Asian and had a beautiful seven inch uncut cock that wasn’t very thick, but had a very nice shape. He was jacking off and his cock head was probably only about six inches from my face. I motioned for him to come closer and took the head into my mouth and started sucking him. He moaned very loudly and before long I had all seven inches down my throat. He only lasted for about two or three minutes before he blasted my throat with a large tasty load of hot Asian semen. This is all it took for me to start my own cum and I blasted a huge load in Ellen’s mouth. I savored the hot Asian cock in my mouth until it went soft and then let it slip out without swallowing its tasty offering.

I then pulled Ellen’s head to my face and gave her an open mouthed kiss and swapped the Asians cum into her mouth and mixed it with my cum that she had yet to swallow. We kissed like that for a few minutes until she finally swallowed both loads of cum. She then looked over at Bob who was playing with his hard eight inch monster and crawled over onto his lap and planted her hot cunt on his eight inch cock. She started riding Bob like a woman possessed, moaning and making noises like I had never heard her make before.

While she was riding Bob two men who were standing behind Bob jacking off inched their way up to Ellen’s face. She grabbed one mans cock and started sucking it and started jacking the other mans cock. It didn’t take long before the man she was sucking came in her mouth and try as she may to keep it all in her mouth a small trickle of cum ran out the corners of her mouth and leaked onto Bobs head. She swallowed what she could and the mans cock slipped out and hit Bob on the top of the head leaving a trail of cum across his partly bald head.

Ellen bent down and licked the cum off of Bobs head and then started sucking the other man she had been jacking off. About the time she started sucking the other man Bob started to cum and she started to climax too. Bob started bucking and shaking and dumped a load in Ellen’s already fucked and slimy pussy while she was screaming so loud I thought we would get kicked out of the theater. Ellen also while cumming had let the mans cock she was sucking slid out of her mouth and he busted a nut about that time all over her tits and stomach which some of ran down on Bobs head and face when she collapsed on him.

Ellen laid sated on top of Bob with his cock still in her for few minutes while catching her breath and then turned towards me and gave me a big kiss. I asked her if she had had enough for one night. She looked around and saw several men still standing around us with their cocks out masturbating. She said it would be a shame to let all that cum go to waste and said she thought she could handle a few more blowjobs and maybe a quick fuck if she found an extraordinary cock before we left. I said it was up to her, but if she needed some help giving the blowjobs I would be happy to help her out. She smiled and said she would let me know and as Bob usually can cum three or four times a night, maybe I could take care of him for now. I looked at Bob who had already recovered from his fucking of Ellen. Bob had a nice erection going again and I told her fine with me as I have given Bob head several times during the past couple of years we have been swinging with him.

Ellen told the guys who were still lingering around to line up behind the couch and she would take them on two at a time. She would suck one while jacking another one and when the one came in her mouth she would switch to the one she was jacking and then have another come forward and start jacking him and so on. While she was doing that I sat next to Bob and we started jacking each other while watching Ellen. After about four men had cum in Ellen’s mouth and some on her tits Bob started to stiffen up, so I planted my mouth over his eight inch uncut monster of a cock and he blew a hot load of cum down my throat. I kept his cock in my mouth until he softened and then sat up while he finished jacking me off into his hand.

By this time Ellen had just about ran out of cocks to suck when the theater manager came walking down the isle towards us. He stopped at her and watched as she finished sucking off the last guy in line. He pulled out a whopper of a cock from his pants that was probably seven or eight inches soft and was growing considerably. He jacked on his cock a few times and it was I would say at least ten to ten and a half inches long and very thick before he stopped jacking on it.
Ellen looked at him and when she saw his monster her eyes lit up like Christmas lights. The manager grabbed her by the waist and turned her around and bent her over one of the sofa arms. He took his hand and wiped some of the dick snot off of her face and rubbed it all over his cock. He then leaned forward and spit in to her ass crack and sweet little rosebud.

The manager then proceeded to inch his huge cock towards Ellen’s hot little asshole and pressed the head of his cock into her anal opening. Ellen has had anal sex before, but never with a cock of this size. The manager slowly inched his cock into her anal canal so that the head was now in, but not quite past her sphincter. She was moaning and I could see she was struggling to fight off the pain, but the manager continued his assault. The manager finally got past her sphincter and had now slipped about six inches into her rectum. The manager stopped and rested while her ass became adjusted to the massive cock. Then without any warning the manager drove his entire cock to the hilt into Ellen’s hot little ass. She let out a scream which then turned to a soft moan when the manger started slowly pumping in and out of her.

After a few minutes of slow ass fucking the manager picked up the pace and really started pumping her ass. This brought Ellen her first climax and her yelling profanities and begging for the manager to do it harder and faster. The manager complied and really started ramming her ass with all his might and after about two minutes of this pounding he let go with a holler and buried his cock one last time to his balls in her ass. He must have cum for about thirty seconds before finally collapsing on her back. They stayed mated like that for about two or three minutes before he finally pulled his still hard cock out of her ass with a big plop. The manager looked over at me and Bob and told us that one of us had better get over there and clean her ass up before she makes a mess on his floor.

I looked at Bob and he told me she’s your wife, you do it. So I went over to Ellen and looked at her just fucked asshole. It was still dilated about the size of a silver dollar and even in the darkness I could see the managers cum pooled up inside her. I got on my knees and buried my face in her ass cheeks and started sucking on her ravaged asshole. The mixture of ass juices and cum had a heady aroma that wasn’t too bad and the cum sort of neutralized the fecal matter. I sucked out what I could and started to spit it out, but the manager told me I had better not or he would make me lick it off the floor. So I gulped it down and then went back to licking and slurping up what was left in her ass.

The manager then pulled Ellen to her feet and turned her around and pushed her down on her knees in front of his still hard cock. His cock was till leaking cum and had ass slime (a mixture of shit and cum) all over it. He grabbed Ellen by the hair and told her to suck his cock clean. Ellen leaned forward took the disgusting managers tool into her mouth and started sucking it and licking it clean. The manager stayed hard while she was doing this and then started pushing his cock in and out of her mouth while holding her head. After about five minutes the manager grunted and then dumped a huge load of cum into her mouth. Ellen coughed and gagged and some of the managers cum run out the sides of her mouth. The manager pulled his cock out and slapped Ellen across the face with it several times and told her again lick his cock clean.

Ellen cleaned up the managers cock as best she could and then he let go of her hair and had her stand up. He thanked her and told her that anytime she wanted to come back to the theater she would not have to pay. He even said that Bob and I could come for free too, as long as we were with her. Bob and I took Ellen up to the mens room and tried to clean her up as much as possible. Ellen’s hair was matted with sperm, her tits had bite marks, her ass was still leaking ass slime from the manager, her pussy was red and puffy, her face had dried cum from her hairline to her chin and there were several cum stains on her dress even though she had it off most of the night. She did manage pull her panties and bra out of her purse and put them on before buttoning up her dress and leaving though. As we walked out of the foyer the manager winked at us and told us to come back real soon. As we drove home after dropping Bob off at his house Ellen and I talked about what we had done and agreed that we would go back again to the theater, real soon.

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November 14, 2014

Meet Elisa

It’s been a while since I’ve found a new hotwife on the scene. Elisa is a fine example to bring to these pages.

Hot blonde and addicted to black cock. Here’s some info on this gorgeous girl.


I am a Brazilian-French girl born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. I guess you could say I’ve always been a little bit of a exhibitionist. I enjoy flashing guys knowing I’ll turn them on.

Leaving the house, I will usually be wearing a very short skirt always without panties. Besides, I never wear any panties underneath. I like to tease men and wear tight fitting outfits without panties. I love everything about sex and especially anal sex.

I start to get wet just thinking about how many guys will catch a glimpse of my bare bottom. I like flashing on the highway, in the street, on the road, shopping centers, cinema, bars and night clubs.

It is through my man I discovered the pleasure of showing myself in public and having sex with another person. That’s the best thing about my husband, he is so secure with our relationship that he just lets me do whatever I want with whoever I want. He even at times encourages me to act out my fantasies. What more could a wife want? My husband loves watching me be naughty, and he absolutely loves his wife to be a slut. It was him that first encouraged me to act out my fantasy of being with two men at once.

I was a little nervous of setting the threesome up so he set it up for me. I was taken to the hotel room to meet the guy my husband had chosen for me. I loved the attention I received from both lovers and my husband loved watching me be fucked by another man, and preferably black men. And now I love black men too.

That was the start of my adventures. Since then I have been in many threesomes. It has been more than 4 years and a half I came up with the idea of having a website and show off to the whole word my slutty adventures. So I suggested to my husband who was a little nervous because of our family situation, but of course he agreed with me after I managed to convince him. So here I am!

Initially, we started very quietly, and with time we have become more liberal, and above all, more horny. I love showing my body and knowing that you love what I do gives me more motivation.

I love seeing a man masturbating to me. It makes me very horny. For my part, I have no sexual taboos. If I get along with my lover and there is a good feeling then I can be very warm-hearted and offer every part of my body Gradually, we will post photos and videos of our hot meetings so come back here often.

Also I want to emphasize that we really are amateur and some of our photos and videos are made spontaneously without any planning during hot nights, in the outdoors, in the cinema, on the street, where ever, whenever.

Big hugs and we hope you like my website.


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November 12, 2014

Just a Fantasy

We had just finished a great meal at a steak house in Atlantic City along with a bottle of good wine. My wife looked great, like always. She was wearing the short red skirt that I loved because it showed off her great legs, along with a low-cut print blouse that allowed a good view of her 36D’s and slender hips. She was not a big drinker, but tonight she held her own with me. She was a little tipsy as we left the restaurant and headed onto the casino floor. We did not have a good night gambling so we decided to hang out for a while at the bar located in the center of the casino. She had another glass or two of wine and I commented on how great she looked. “Please,” she said, “I’m over 48. I never look great anymore.” Of course I disagreed and a friendly argument ensued with kidding back and forth. “You can have any man in here if you wanted to,” I said. Finally, I offered her a wager. “I’ll leave you at the bar for 15 minutes, and I bet someone will try to pick you up.” Perhaps it was the wine, or maybe she was just hot from the conversation, but she agreed. “What do I win if no one does?” she asked. “Whatever you want,” I replied. “What about you? What do you win?” “Whatever I want,” I answered. She laughed and said, “This could get interesting.” I left her at the bar and positioned myself outside where I could still see her, but she could not see me. I waited.

It didn’t take long. Within 5 minutes a tall gentleman dressed in jeans came and sat next to her. He appeared about 10 years younger than her and in good shape. After a minute or two he struck up a conversation. I could not hear what they were talking about, but there was quite a few smiles and laughter between them. He then whispered something in her ear and while leaning over put his hand on her leg just above the knee. To my amazement, she did not remove it and they continued talking. After a minute or so longer she excused herself and got up to leave. As she did so, he also rose and again whispered something in her ear and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. She left the bar area and headed onto the casino floor. I met up with her pretending to be walking back to the bar. “How did it go?” Her reply was short, “You win.” “Tell me about it,” I asked. She gave me a brief description of events, leaving out the kiss, and said, “I can’t believe he tried to pick me up. He has to be 10 years younger than me and could have had one of the younger girls there if he wanted.” “I guess you looked better,” was the only reply I had. “Or hornier,” she answered with a chuckle. “Where you tempted?” I asked jokingly. “Not with you coming back in a few minutes,” she laughed. I told her, “I could have waited a while longer if you wanted me to.” She laughed again and asked, “Well, you won the bet. What do you want?” My answer was quick. “I want you to go back to the bar and flirt with him again,” I replied. “You can’t be serious!” “Of course I’m serious. You lost the bet and that is what I want. I want you to sit with him again and I’ll sit on the opposite side of the bar and watch.” It seemed to finally dawn on her that all the fantasies I’ve told her about while making love were not just fantasies. I truly wanted them to happen. She looked shocked and a little scared but I thought this great an opportunity might never present itself again. Finally she told me, “I’ll sit with him and flirt for a while, but that’s it! Then you can take me up to our room and fuck me because by then I’ll need it.”

She reentered the bar first and I followed far enough behind her so that he would not know we were together. He was still sitting in the same chair and she sat down next to him. I heard him say as I walked by them towards the other side of the bar, “So did you reconsider?” She laughed. I sat down where I would have a good view of them but unfortunately I could not hear the conversation with all the noise and music in the background. They made small talk for a while and then he again kissed her on the cheek. She looked directly at me and smiled, and she returned the kiss, this time on the lips. I couldn’t believe it. My always faithful wife was kissing another man right in front of me. I always wondered what would happen if my fantasy came true. Would I feel jealousy and anger, or would I be aroused? I now knew my answer. I had to reposition myself on the chair to hide my erection. They continued talking. His hands were below the bar so I could not see them, but I could tell he was rubbing her leg or thigh. She leaned in and kissed him harder and longer and her hand disappeared below the bar. I was sure she was returning the rubbing. After each kiss she would stare directly at me for a moment, perhaps daring me to stop her. But I didn’t. I was enjoying the show too much. Following the longest kiss yet she got up from the bar and headed outside. I followed her disappointed that she was done but also incredibly turned on. She walked toward the bathroom and out of view of the bar. When I caught up to her she said, “Well, do you want your fantasy? He invited me back to his room. I told him I would think about it but I had to use the restroom first. It’s up to you. I can just disappear with you up to our room, or I can go back to the bar and then his room. What will it be?” My emotions were torn. I had always wanted this but when confronted with the reality I hesitated. I asked her, “What do you want to do?” But she would not allow me to put the decision back on her. “It’s up do you,” she said. “But make up your mind fast because I need someone to fuck me soon.” I felt confused, guilty and ashamed, but I could not pass up this opportunity. “Go for it,” I replied. “Okay. I’ll see you back in our room later,” she said as she headed for the bar.

I did not leave the casino floor, but I also did not follow her back to the bar. I felt too ashamed. A few minutes later I saw them leave the bar arm in arm and head for the elevators. I watched in confusion as the elevator doors opened and they stepped inside. They were kissing as the doors closed. I headed for our room upstairs and began the wait. I kept questioning myself. Did I do the right thing? How will I feel when it is over? Will she be angry? There was nothing I could do but wait. After two hours or so I heard the door to the room open. I was lying in bed still awake, naked and hard. She turned on the lights and I looked at her. Her hair was a mess and I could tell she had not bothered to put her bra back on. “How was it,” I asked. “Nice,” was her one word answer. “Tell me about it.” She leaned over the bed and kissed me deep and long. I could taste him in my mouth. “Can you taste him?” she asked. “I know you like it when I kiss you after sucking you off so I thought you would like it now. He was very good. He took his time and was very gentle. He was also very big, if you know what I mean. I wasn’t sure it would fit!” She laughed and continued. “First we kissed and caressed each other. I could feel his cock through his pants. He felt huge! Then he slowly worked his way down my neck to my breasts. I was so excited I practically ripped my blouse and bra off to let him suck my nipples with his tongue and mouth. The skirt came next. Then we walked over to the bed and he laid me down. He still had his clothes on. His lips went from my breasts, to my stomach and then to my cunt. He was incredible. His tongue was like his cock, extremely long, and he really reached up into me. He even tongue-fucked my asshole while finger-fucking my cunt. I came in just a few minutes. I don’t know if I have ever cum that hard! I told him it was time to return the favor. I removed his shirt and he kicked his pants off. I got my first look at his cock. I followed what he had done, starting at his neck and working my way down. When I finally got to his cock I tried to swallow as much as I could, but didn’t have too much luck. So I started sucking the head while working my hands along the length. I could feel him start to swell so I cupped and squeezed his balls. He came a ton. I couldn’t swallow all of it, but I tried! We lay together for a while and kissed and cuddled and suddenly I could feel it poking me again. I was shocked how quickly he recovered.”

By now I was stroking myself listening to her story. She looked down and said “You really get off by hearing how I had sex with another man.? Who could have imagined.” “Did you fuck him,” I asked. “Of course,” she replied. “We did it everyway imaginable. He lasted for what seemed forever. First we did it with me on my back. Then we did it doggie style. Finally I rode him till he came. I must have cum five times by then. Afterwards we exchanged numbers and I came back to our room.” I pulled her down to the bed. I had to fuck her, but she stopped me. “I’m too sore now. Why don’t you just eat me and then I’ll return the favor.” I started to go down on her, but suddenly it hit me. Was she full of his cum? I was not sure I was ready for that. “Did he use a condom?” I asked. “Yes, I was afraid to let him cum in me. Sorry.” Now I dove down and began to lick, maybe a little disappointed. She was still incredibly wet and sticky, and her cunt looked stretched and swollen. After a few minutes she told me, “I don’t think I can cum again. Maybe I’m just too tired.” My ego was deflated but I needed to cum too badly to care. I moved up to the top of the bed near her head and began to fuck her mouth. She let me it, but didn’t really do much to help, just an occasional tongue. Finally I began to moan and she knew I was about to come. She shifted positions and finished me with her hand. I came all over her breasts. “What happened?” I asked. “You let him cum in your mouth but make me pull out?” “I swallowed enough cum for tonight,” she laughed. Then she suddenly changed demeanor and purred in my ear, “Can you do me a small favor? Can you suck on my tits while I masturbate? I think I’m ready to cum again.” I went to wipe my cum off her breasts with the sheet, but she stopped me. “I want you to clean me with your tongue. It’s sexier.” I was disgusted, but I had no choice. She rubbed her clit while I sucked and cleaned her breasts. When she was finally done she got out of bed to clean up. Chuckling she said, “I could get used to this!”

Just a fantasy, but we are going to Atlantic City next month…

By: njmwm


November 10, 2014

Lucie’s gangbang fantasy

Here’s another update from the Czech Gangbang crew. Making a gangbang fantasy a reality for women.

Hot girlfriend Lucie went along to the gangbang with her much older boyfriend. He has always wanted to see her do a gangbang and she was very keen to try it out.

It was a fresh new experience for her, and although she was a little scared at first, she handled the whole situation really well. Lucie had dozens of guys to service and one by one they fucked her and gave her their cum. In her face, mouth and pussy and all over her body. She was covered by the end of the night. They even took turns fucking her when she went to the toilet. After she was dripping from her pussy her boyfriend came into the toilet and started to feast on her messy pussy. It was a fantasy come true in every way.

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November 8, 2014

Sloppy Slurpy Seconds

Sloppy Slurpy Seconds

I have been a browsing member on this website for a few years and am now paying the price for it. I am probably unique among the guys here in that I have a fairly big dick - I’m white and packing 8 inches. My dick has always been a plus for my wife. I have always enjoyed seeing the pleasure it gives her, and she has always enjoyed the psychological stimulation of getting piped by a big cock.

I don’t know why, but I’ve still always fantasized about her getting reamed by a much bigger, black dong. This first took the form of a few vague innuendos during sex. She would get mildly aroused at the talk, and I would try not to act as a aroused as I really was. Then I talked her into adding a thick, 12 inch black dildo to her modest toy collection. She wasn’t particularly reticent about using it, but she didn’t go absolutely wild on it at first. As a few months went on, we incorporated it into out sex more and more, to the point where she had great orgasms on it and sex would often consist of me simply jerking off while she (pleasantly) destroyed her pussy with that thing. What I only retrospectively understand to be a major step took place when she once came on the huge black dildo before I had caught a nut, and she said that I could finish getting off in her. I still remember noticing for the first time how it sounded and what it looked like when she pulled that massive dildo out of her snatch - how it left a wet, pinkish-purple vacuum (sucking noise upon removal, and all). When I got up between her legs and put my dick in her, I almost gasped in ecstasy and came instantly at the sensation of hardly being able to feel my wife’s pussy because it was so stretched out. I quickly started to pound away, easily bottoming out balls deep, barely bumping the sidewalls on the way in and out. My wife, not really thinking of the implications of such a statement (still reeling from an orgasm), sort of sighed and said that she couldn’t even feel my cock. This sent me immediately over the edge. Let me tell you, it is a strange feeling, especially having always ploughed pussies with a pretty big dick, to be hammering away with your nut-busting thrusts and not be hitting anything. You cum, but you feel as though it is still somehow futile, and that feeling makes you want to thrust and cum even more, which continues to be futile, and so the snowball effect goes.

As the next few months went on, my wife got to realizing how much giving me sloppy seconds turned me on. She was good-natured about it, treating it (as far as she let on to me) as an amusing little curiosity that might as well be indulged for the sake of pleasure. She only used the black dildo with me involved, and I got to know that hollowed out, ruined feeling very well. I got to know it so well that when I began to fuck my wife once right after she had come home for the day after a Saturday out ’shopping’, and felt that familiar and inexplicably erotic feeling of a pussy that has been pummeled by a thick, foot-long black cock, I didn’t think twice at first. But when I looked at my wife’s face and saw a wry smile curling up at the corner of her mouth, I realized that I was not looking at the face of a woman who had just finished an orgasm that I witnessed and was allowing me to have my little jollies; she had gotten the same servicing at some point earlier that day, but not in our room, with me present, from the slab of rubber that we bought from a seedy adult bookshop. This realization made me startle noticeably and break my rhythm. My wife was obviously waiting for this moment, because as soon as she felt my pangs of awareness, she opened her eyes, broke into a full, knowing smirk, grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper into her with one hand, and grabbed the back of my head with the other hand to pull me in for a deep tongue kiss. I was so out of sorts that I didn’t feel on the spur of the moment like I had any right to resist, so I submissively went along with her direction. This went on for probably 30 seconds, long enough for her to undoubtedly feel a strong measure of my angst, and she then released me from her kiss so that she could move her mouth up to my ear and whisper, “You like that feeling more than you’ve been admitting to me.” As I started to stammer a response, she interrupted me by whispering, “I’ve pored over the websites you’ve been frequenting, and I know that you want me to actually fuck a black man. You’re just afraid to admit it to me. But don’t worry - you don’t need to. You’ve just experienced the fulfillment of your fantasy.” With that she pulled me by the ass into her again, and panted into my ear, “Now fuck this used pussy! Push that black man’s cum deeper - pound it into my cervix.” I gasped in anxiety and titillation, complying with her command. “That’s right,” she said, “I had that horse-hung, corn-rowed boy blow his load all up in me!” I was dumbfounded, but continued pounding away at her cunt feverishly. “Ohhhh,” she moaned, “I can’t even feel your dick after being stretched this afternoon. Just stir up the semen in there - you’re feeling that more than you’re feeling the walls of my pussy.” I couldn’t hold off much longer - the horror mixing with extreme arousal was all that kept me from cumming up to that point - so I glided in and out approaching another futile series of cum-thrusts. But as I came just to the threshold, my wife slammed both of her hands onto my hips and pushed my dick out of her pussy and me down face level with her belly button. “You’re not cumming in my pussy,” she said. “You’re going to clean the black cum out of my pussy.” With that, she pushed my head down and buried my face in her smelly twat. I no longer fought the feeling. I plunged my tongue straight and deep into her hole, moaning in ecstasy and dry-humping the bed sheet. I smelled unfamiliar sweat in her tuft of pubic hair, and I immediately encountered globs of ejaculate with my tongue. “Lap them out,” she said. “Lap it all out and don’t dare spit it out.” I did as I was told, and busted my nut all over the bed sheet as I filled my mouth with black semen from my wife’s vagina. She calmly raised me up so that I was sitting on my knees, got herself up and crawled down in front of me on her hands and knees till she reached my pile of semen on the bedsheet, then sucked it all up into her mouth. She then sat up on her knees, right in front of me, within arm’s reach, showed me that knowing smirk for the second time, and leaned forward to engage me in an open-mouth kiss. I complied, and we stirred the two loads back and forth. After about ten seconds of intermixing, she thrust her tongue toward my throat, forcing me to start swallowing load. As soon as I began to swallow, she also began to swallow, and after just a few seconds, we had consumed the mass of cum. I opened my eyes, which I had kept closed during the snowballing, to see her again smiling at me. She said, “There’s a lot more where that came from, and you’re going to witness the whole process next time.”

by: bobbyluger


November 6, 2014

Rachel Dogging in Wales

UK creampie dogging slut wife Rachel Reveals goes dogging again in Wales, UK.


Off dogging in Wales, found a cracking new dogging location to try out and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest! Car park was pitch black, with approx 7 cars which contained 5 sole guys and 2 lots of couples. Most were quite shy once the camera was out but I sure loved putting on a show for them watching.

The brave horny guy who decided to come play sure was a horny fucker with a big hard cock. I dropped to my knees and sucked deep and slow on his throbbing shaft feeling it grow harder and harder as I flicked and swirled my tongue all around his engorged bellend.

As always my hot tight sticky love hole was juicing up with excitement and was gagging to get his hot rod plunged balls deep inside me. Dropping my jeans and pulling down my panties, this hard horny stranger bent me over the wing of my car, introduced his meat to my pussy lips and slowly slid his full length balls deep into my dripping sex.

Holding on to my ample ass he screwed me nice and slow with long full deep pleasure strokes, bringing his bellend right out and going in balls deep with every lush pleasure stroke.

As his impending orgasm built in his balls, his movement quickened until he was rutting his fuck tool deep hard and quick until he couldn’t hold his muck any longer and let his love juice pump deep inside me – I could feel his shaft twitching and flexing with each ream of cream he shot inside of me.

This new fabulous dogging location is most definitely worth a look!

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November 4, 2014

Cindi’s wild night out

Cindi’s first wild night out

The following occurred on Saturday April 16th 2011. It is true and it was hot. I am a 40 year old male who is married to a 34 year old woman named Cindi. She is 57 139 pounds, and blond with blue eyes. She wears her hair shoulder length. We have two young children and just dont find the time to go out anymore. So this particular Saturday, we were able to drop off the kids at my mother in laws and go out. When my wife was getting ready to go, I walked in the bedroom and she had put on a blue jeans skirt, a white sweater blouse with no bra and black boots. She then said that she had a surprise for me and bent over while pulling up her skirt. She was wearing no panties and instead had on an all in one garment that was stockings with a garter belt attached. I pleaded with her to fuck me right then and there, but she said not now! We went to dinner at a nice suburban restaurant and my wife drank most of a bottle of Pinot Gris. When we left the restaurant, she was already buzzing and wanted to stay out later. We drove down the boulevard until we decided to go to this strip club that we had been to before. She likes to go there when shes drunk. Its not too bad a place actually, its clean and theyre friendly there. I thought this could get hot, my wife has no panties on and were going to a titty bar. It was however unlikely anyone would see anything as her skirt was down past her knees.

So when we got there we went to a table back away from the stage. While we walked back there, I could feel all the mens eyes on her. We ordered a drink and watched the show. They have 1 dollar vodka cranberry drinks there, and my wife took advantage of that. She was on her second drink before I had half my beer consumed. As she got drunker, she got more interested in the dancers. She started to go up to the stage to tip them and be closer to them. They strippers really took an interest in my wifes attention. They seemed to pay her more attention than other patrons. They would lean in real close to her and dangle their tits in her face. My wife was loving it! I might add that the other men in the club seemed to like watching the dancers being flirty with my wife. She would occasionally come back to sit at my table, but as she drank that became less frequent an occurrence. There were times, I thought that she must be so drunk, she forgets Im here too.

Anyway, the fun really started when my wife went up to watch a stripper named Siren do her thing. Shes a tall very thin brunette with an amazing body. My wife has liked watching her before. The strippers would dance two songs at a time and were usually nude by the middle of the second song. On the second song, my wife tucked the dollar bill in her blouse seemingly to dare her to come get it. The surprise was how she got it. Rather than put her head down her blouse, she lifted her blouse retrieving the dollar and kissing both of her tits. All of the mens eyes around the stage were glued on the two of them. Siren then pulled back and recovered her so that she could show some love to the other tippers.

After her second dance she departed the stage and another brunette got up to dance. This one was more medium build with nice breasts. They were probably a full C cup bra. She also took particular interest in my wife. She was dangling her tits in her face and just being very friendly. The men loved seeing this, especially the older gentleman sitting next to her. He was grey, a little heavyset and probably in his sixties. He had spoken with my wife at times, leaning in closer to make himself heard over the music. After her two dances were over, I could just make out the dancer asking my wife if she could give her a private dance for free. She said she really wanted to dance for her. My wife was rather drunk at this point and was very agreeable. The two of them ventured back to the VIP area.

The VIP area is nothing more than a separate area of the club with five foot walls surrounding it and leather couches all along the inside. I truly think my wife was completely wasted, because she didnt say a word to me, she just got up and went back there. Being drunk, I think she forgot about me. When they went back there, they went in and disappeared below the wall. I got up and walked over there to the side where they would be and peered over the wall. I am 62 so it was not difficult to see below. The bouncer came over immediately and asked what I was looking at. I explained it was my wife getting a dance and he understood and moved away.

When I looked down, I saw my wife laying back on a leather couch, with the stripper hovering over her very close. Upon further examination, they were making out, and I mean sucking face passionately. My wifes hands were squeezing her tits and I thought to myself, holy shit this is hot! Five feet to the right of my wife was another older gentleman, probably in his late 50s getting a lap dance also. He appeared to be wearing a wedding band, but was here alone. He would occasionally look over at my wife and seemed to find that as interesting as the woman dancing for him. The private dances lasted two songs at this club and I think he was on his last song while my wife was on her first. After a few minutes of sucking face and massaging each others tits, the stripper kneeled in front of my wife and guided her skirt up a bit.

My wife was drunk as hell and I am not sure if she knew she was doing that or not. The stripper let out a soft squeal, and called Cindi a dirty girl when she discovered she had no panties on. She then moved back up over her and off to her side making out with my wife again, but now her hand disappeared up her skirt. Being up and behind, I couldnt see up her skirt, but I am sure she was fingering my wife, due to the way I could see her breathing change. This lasted through the rest of the first song. When it was over the stripper for the guy left and he started to get up too, then leaned over and asked if he could watch them. I didnt quite hear their response, but I think he liked it and sat down on the couch to the immediate right of my wife. Before he did, he caught a glimpse of me watching and looked at me questionably for approval, I nodded that it was okay with me. At the time, there was nobody else back there and my wife had no idea I was watching all of this as I was behind and above her behind the five foot wall. She was also so drunk, I doubt she even remembered I was there.

As the second song begins the stripper is to my wifes left making out with her and with her hand up her skirt that is pulled halfway up her thigh, while the older guy was sitting to her right, very close almost leaning into her. As my wife made out with the stripper, she was gyrating her hips slowly enjoying the hand of the stripper. The guy sitting to her right reached over and placed his hand on her stocking mid thigh. Feeling that, my wife pulled away from the kiss to see who that was and looked at him again. She smiled, leaned over and kissed him. My heart was racing because I was conflicted. I wanted to put a stop to this while at the same time, I was hard and wanted to see what she would do. She then kissed the stripper again and then back to the guy. She was in heaven. She then reached over and gently rubbed his groin which was bulging. He then moved his hand to her skirt and pulled upwards slightly. She helped him by lifting her butt a little bit while still kissing the dancer. He pulled up her skirt enough so that even I could see her pussy exposed now. His hand moved down and now both of them were rubbing her pussy. This was unbelievable to me seeing this. The dancer and the guy knew I was watching this and were giving me a great show. This guy was old enough to be her father and his finger was in her pussy.

My wife still squeezing his bulge, prompted him to, with his free hand, to undo the button and zipper on his pants and pull out his dick, which was stiff. My wife grabbed it and squeezed it, then slowly stroked it. The second song was coming to an end, but I dont think they much cared. When the third song began, the music was girls, girls, girls by Motley Crue and my wife was now kissing the dancer while still stroking his dick. While my wifes head was turned he looked up and back at me again with a look like is this okay? I gestured it was nodding and he then got up somewhat and kneeled in front of my wife. He pulled her forward by the hips so that her hips were over the edge of the couch and while she was still kissing the dancer he pulled his bulging cock up and placed it at the entry way to her pussy. He then slowly guided it in and began to fuck my wife. Her legs were out to his sides and he was holding her by the hips. My wife, mother of two and devoted spouse was now getting fucked in a strip club by a guy old enough to be her father. Holy Shit that was hot.

While he fucked her, she would occasionally look at him and then kiss the dancer again. About halfway through the song, she said she had to go get ready for her next stage performance and make some money. She said, Ill leave you two alone and gave me a wink as she left. He then took her legs and put them up near her head and stood up so that he could fuck her plunging down deep into her pussy. As he fucked her, he now kissed her and would occasionally look up at me. Alcohol had turned my wife into a fuckslut. She was moaning and then told him to fuck her brains out. I nearly came in my pants. She was reaching out and grabbing his buttocks to pull his dick deeper inside her. Just then he arched his back and was cumming into her. (she had a tubal ligation, so I am not worried about pregnancy). He would thrust deep to shoot his load into her and then stopped altogether. They started to put themselves together and I went back to my table. She exited the VIP area and looked a little disheveled. She went right to the bathroom, no doubt to wipe up all the cum. When she came out, I met her at the restroom door and said hello. I said, that must have been some dance, you were back there for three songs. She said yes it was and that she really liked her dance with the stripper, but was tired now and wanted to go home. We did and when we got home, she passed out on the bed. I was sure to fuck her too, while she was out cold and shot my load up in her.

The next morning, she seemed to not remember the night before. I wasnt sure is she did or not, but she then asked me if we had fucked. I said yes. She said her pussy was all gooey and hairs were stuck together. What a night!

by: hullabalooiseeyou


November 2, 2014

Swinger to Hooker

Cuckold Place Update

Housewife to Swinger to Hooker

My wife has been playing the prostitute for nearly 30 years off and on and it’s been really exciting for me. Every time she backs off and says she’ll give it a rest I talk her into doing it again. She doesn’t walk the streets, but we put ads in porn magazines or papers asking for “generous men”. or she’s recommended by word of mouth.

It all started from swinging, then she thought she’d like to see what she could get if she sold her services. She was still working, so she did it just on weekends. We went to bars to see if she could pick up guys, but we were inexperienced and she got fucked but didn’t make any money. Then one night coming home from one of our aborted pickups we were passing a truck on the freeway and I had her pull up her skirt, pull off her panties, while I switched on the interior light and honked the horn.

We got off at the next off ramp near home and the truck followed us and when we parked in a shopping mall he pulled up beside us. He didn’t have $100, which was what we asked, and at first she wouldn’t do it for the $40 he offered, but gave in, it was better than nothing. she climbed up into the cab and the driver let me watch, at first while he fondled her tits and cunt, then when they climbed up into the bed in back and fucked. It was dark back there except when cars when by and their lights shone in, and I could see her legs sticking up - she had on black stockings and a garter belt - and I could see his fat white ass moving up and down between her white thighs.

She almost forgot the $40 when he finished. I fucked her on the back seat of the car after I’d licked her sloppy cunt. In her haste to fuck she’d forgotten to make him wear a condom, and his cum was leaking out of her.

This was just a start, and we had many happy times, although most of the time guys used a condom. But after a while with regulars it was bareback, which was great for me. I’d get down there and lick it, smelling of cum, her cunt juice, sweat, his cologne. Yummy.

I have some great stories to tell, including the 10 days she worked in a brothel in Nevada. Let me know if you want to hear more.

My Wife

By: Gandrol

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