January 24, 2014

On call Girl

Hot hot hot hotwife Jackie diary update.

On-Call Girl

Part of the excitement of hotwife-ing is not knowing when the next opportunity to slut it up is going to arrive. I could be out grocery shopping when a lover texts me that he’s flying in to my town for an unexpected layover, or I could be sitting in my hairdresser’s chair waiting to be styled, or out for a run, sweat dripping off my brow. But when the call comes, I drop everything. Why, you might wonder? Because being an on-call slut to the men who love to fuck me is what I live for.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. But think about it. Isn’t the best sex always that unexpected sex that comes out of left field? Of course planned or unplanned, sex is always worth the effort, but surprise sex has got its own distinct allure.

So the other day when the “hi-roller” called to say he was in town and wanted to fuck me, I dropped everything, put on a tight little frock. Hubby shaved my pussy and he got a little worked up knowing knowing he would soon be dropping his wife off at “hi rollers’ hotel, and that “hi roller” would soon be pounding his hard cock into that smooth pussy. I put on my face and hubby drove me to meet my date.

I do love the way “hi roller” always brings a great bottle of vino to put me in the mood (don’t tell him I’d be in the mood regardless!). No all of my “dates” are that thoughtful, but some make up for it in other ways. That’s the life of a girl on call.

I think a lot of women fantasize about being a call girl. It’s just a great fantasy, like Catherine Deneuve in Belle Du Jour, a housewife with a taste for something a little wild now and then. Well, when my lovers call and request me on short notice I feel just like a call girl too. I drop everything else, re-arrange my schedule, dress pretty and head to the hotel so they can fuck me. I guess I am a girl on call! Ain’t life grand?

Here are a few pictures from my latest “service call”








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January 22, 2014

Did you ever wonder

Did you ever wonder?

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to come home some night and find your wife gone? You check around the house hoping to find a note telling you where she went, instead you find a phone number left by the phone. You wonder whose number it is because you surely don’t remember ever seeing it, you rush back to your computer and go to switchboard.com. You are surprised to find the name of a man, one she has never mentioned, and his address is only blocks away.

You happen to notice that the closet door is open in your room, as you go over to close it, you notice that dark blue dress she only wears on special occasions is not there. You think about the last time she wore it, how damn hot she was, and you know it was there that morning when you got dressed. You look around the room seeing if any thing else is out of place, you look at the shoe rack. Those black pump heels she wears with the dress is gone, you notice the dresser drawer is open a bit, you find yourself pulling the drawer open.

That pair of thin white see through panties, the one’s you always try to get her to wear in public is gone. You think about how many times you have talked her into wearing them with a short skirt and flashing them when you have gone to the mall or out to eat. The matching bra is not to be found either, and that new pair of panty hose is gone, because there is the empty package. It is not like her to go out dressed up and not call you, or at least leave a note. Your mind begins to work; she has been acting a little funny lately. Sometimes happy and sometimes like something is really on her mind and she wants to tell you.

You think about the last time you had sex, it wasn’t really making love, you were tired, she was tired and truth is all you really ever do any more is fuck and go to sleep. You remember the last time you got her to dress sexy and how you mentioned wouldn’t it be cool if some guy hit on you and you fucked him. How her face got a little red and she said she was married for life and not interested; besides one fuck is pretty much like the next. When you said but wouldn’t it be a little hot, she told you to drop it.

You sit down and wonder what you’re going to do for supper, but then you find your not hungry anyway. What if she ran off with some guy, what if she left you? You run back to the closet and check, no, thank god the entire suit cases are there and only that one outfit is gone. You look in the jewelry chest, the stuff is all there, but then your eyes get wide. Her wedding ring is laying right there on top, what could it mean, has she left you? You pick up the phone number, now a little jealous, a little mad, and a whole lot worried.

You call the phone rings and rings and you are about to give up when a male voice answers, you ask to speak to her. You hear a muffled noise and his voice comes back, no one here by that name you have the wrong number and phone drops off line. You call back, this time it rings and rings but no one answers. You know she must be there, because you know, in your mind you’re sure, damn sure, he asked her if she wanted to talk to you. You rush back to the internet, pull up that address again, get dressed almost run to the car. You start driving that way, watching ever car you meet praying you will see her car and her smiling face coming home with fried chicken for supper.

You pull up on his street you spot her car parked half a block away from his house. You now feel hurt, betrayed, cheated on, lied too. Your anger is picking up, yes you wanted her to fuck some guy or at least you think you did, but not this way. You wanted to pick him out, a guy not all that cute, a guy that might not have to good a build, you wanted to watch and keep control.

You walk up the stairs and stand at the front door, you raise your hand to knock but here sounds inside, the kind of sounds you have not heard from your wife in so many years you can’t remember when it even was, maybe your wedding night. You put your hand down and sneak to the side of the house, you stand on your tippy toes and look in the window, damn the curtains are hiding much of the view, but yes there she is, it must be her with her bare feet in the air on some guy’s shoulders. You see his bare ass pumping in and out, you want to see more, your cock is hard, your anger is rising, and who is this fucking my wife. You think, that fucking little whore, then he pulls off her and she rises to get on all fours on his couch, you see his rock hard cock, not a damn bit bigger then your own, you see her wet pussy, hell you can almost smell it, maybe you do damn it.

He gets behind her, you see him bend forward, you know he his grabbing her swinging tits, damn him who in the hell does he think he is. You want to run in, bust the door down, and beat the hell out of both of them. Instead you find your hand down your pants, your fingers lock around your hard cock. You are yanking on the cock in time to each time you see him push in, you can see his balls slapping her wet cunt. He dumps his load, you know he does because he jerks back, he pulls his wet cock out and you see the thick cum dripping off the end of his cock and out of her cunt.

That fucking whore cunt, that cheating wife cunt, you feel your own cum shooting out thick on your hand, filling your under pants. You pull your hand away, you see her stand up, those naked tits, nipples hard, the cum dripping out on the floor. She kisses him and starts getting dressed; you see her pull on the see through panties.

You decide you will confront her later; he is a big guy and might beat the shit out of you. You run to your car, feeling your wet spot on your pants. You beat her home, she comes in all happy, you ask where in the hell have you been, your forget about the sticky mess in your pants, she says out with a friend. She asks if you want her to fix supper, you say no I want to fuck you.

You think she might say no, but instead she smiles and pulls off her dress. You see her nipples are still hard, you can almost see the finger prints from her lover squeezing on them. She goes in the bed room expecting the normal, you poke it in a few times shoot your load and its over. She drops her dress on the floor, kicks off her shoes, you reach up and help pull off the panties as she lays back on the bed. It has been months since you really licked her clit or sucked her juice, but you put the panties up to your noise, you smell his cream.

You feel the stickiness of it stick to your nose, you lay down and began to lick the clit, the labia lips, you put your tongue in side her the taste of his cum and her juice, you want more of it. You become like a hungry dog, licking, sucking, licking more, you find yourself pulling her cunt open you see the whiteness of his cream inside her you stick your fingers in, you rub it all around in side her, you pull your finger out and suck the juice off, you stick your fingers in again, her hole is stretched you find you can put four fingers in her, you feel her cervix you feel his sticky cream you rub it all over the cervix.

Damn she is moaning, she has not moaned for you in years, your on top of her rubbing your cock in the mixture of juices, you drive it in. You fuck her like the cheating bitch she is. In your mind you calling her a fucking cheating whore, you never realize that the words slip out, she is bucking so hard under you, her head rolled back you suck those damn nipples.

You know another man just sucked them, you think in your mind, dirty whore, you bite down a little too hard, she yells, you shoot more cum then you thought you had. She is scratching your back calling you a fucking bastard. Then you both collapse, in a few minutes your seeing him fucking her, in your mind you see his hard wet cock, you smell him on your lips, your cock is hard, your on top of her fucking her hard before she had time to say no.

As you take a shower, you think, what the hell maybe I won’t say anything. The next few days you rush home hoping to find her not there. A week goes by, your sex is good, in fact its now more like love making. You mention fucking a different guy again, she tells you to shut the fuck up, she doesn’t want to fuck any one but you.

The next day you come home, she is gone, not a note. You run to closest, the dark blue skirt and white blouse is gone. The black knit panties, gone, all her bras are there, you pull the number out of your billfold, you think about calling, decide not to, drive over the car is there.

You sneak to the window no one is site, you go to the back door it is unlocked, you creep in. Thank god you hear her noises, you sneak to the hall see the bed room door open there she is on top head hung back, her tits pointing straight out, you see her raise up, her ass so beautiful with his cock up in her cunt, she slams down, she is begging him to cum. You see him reach up and pull on her nipples she bends down he sucks them, you see his cock sliding in and out. Your hand has your cock out and your jacking off, you feel yourself cumming and catch it in your other hand. You wipe it on your pants and sneak out.

God you can’t wait for her to get home.

by: Luvpsy


January 20, 2014

Mandy Filled Up

Here’s a movie update from beautiful blonde Hot wife Mandy Monroe taknig yet another amazing creampie from a black bull.


My new bad boy black cock… Yum! Wild thing fucked me good! We had so much fun. I have to work to get that much cock in me but when I do, I cum very hard. After a good hard fucking, he unloads DEEP in my pussy… I don’t mind keeping that black cock sperm in just a bit longer.


Mandy Monroe

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January 18, 2014

Hotel encounter

A post here from a Uk couple who I’ve chatted to from time to time. They seem great and have submitted a very horny encounter of an experience over the New Year. Their Hotwife Hub profile is here. So hot guys, hope to hear from you soon x


Recently my wife has taken a shine to well hung black guys. We’re members of swinger’s site and she actively searches for guys but normally they email us. Amanda is a beautiful petite blonde with huge enhanced 34E boobs and receives lots of attention and admiration from guys and couples alike. She loves to dress to please and has an array of sexy outfits. I love watching her with well endowed men and enjoy licking her freshly fucked stretched pussy after they leave. We’ve played with couples in the past but its single straight guys with huge cocks she is mostly interested in.

We had arranged to meet a black guy in London between Xmas and New Year and had booked into an expensive 5 star hotel. Even though Amanda had chatted to him several times leading up to the meet and she was confident he would show up and play, he ended up letting us down. So there we were at 11pm on a Saturday night when Amanda tells me to log onto the site and see who is online. We find John (not his real name) online who had emailed us before and Amanda tells me to ask if he is available and to send her number. Within 10mins John rings and she basically asks if he is willing to visit our hotel to fuck her that night. I was somewhat taken aback by her frankness but also extremely horny at how forward she was. We’d looked at John’s profile several times and he is a muscular black guy with a big thick cock. John tells her he’ll have to get a taxi but should be at our hotel within the hour.

Amanda tells me to choose her outfit and she dresses in black lace top stockings and suspenders, killer high heels and a black mesh mini dress. My cock is throbbing and I can see her hard nipples poking out between the mesh. I slip my hand onto her bald pussy inserting a couple of fingers to find she is dripping wet. We chat and joke and I tease her about being fucked by his big black cock and she tells me she can’t wait to feel him inside her. As she is touching up her makeup the phone rings again and its John saying he is about 10 minutes away. She arranges to meet him in the lobby and then asks me how she looks. My cock is rock hard and I reach for her pussy again but she pushes me away saying John’s cock will be the next to touch her. She pulls on her long coat and tells me to wait in the room and heads out to meet him.

About 15 minutes later the door opens and in walks Amanda who introduces me to John. I shake hands with him and offer a beer only to see Amanda remove her coat and stand in the middle of the room looking absolutely stunning. Her nipples are hard and you can see her pussy through the mesh dress. Amanda sits on the bed and John takes the seat opposite as I retrieve a couple of beers and top up my wife’s wine glass. Amanda tells him about the guy who let us down and thanks him for showing up at short notice. John tells her he can’t believe the guy let us down especially when she looks that hot. We chat about our previous experiences but he hardly has time to finish his beer before Amanda is rubbing the bulge in his trousers.

John stands up and Amanda opens his trousers to reveal his large black cock. She starts stroking it and then looking directly at me says it’s much bigger than mine. John removes the rest of his clothes and is still standing in front of my wife when she lowers her head and takes the tip into her mouth. Her hands start working his shaft and stroking his balls as she continues to suck his swelling cock. I grab the camcorder and watch as it hardens to almost 9” and very thick. John takes control and pushes her onto the bed bringing his cock back to her mouth. She places her slut red lips around his cock and sucks it deep, all the time playing with his balls. I hand John the camcorder and get down licking her pussy. She is soaking wet and three fingers slip easily into her. I glance up to see my wife sucking and licking his big shinny shaft all the while looking directly into his eyes. I reach up and pull the mesh dress down revealing her huge tits and pull on her hard nipples. I can hear her moaning as John slowly thrusts his cock into her willing mouth.

I take the camcorder back as Amanda starts wanking, sucking, licking and kissing its entire length. They change positions with John leaning against the headboard and he tells her to suck his cock again. I could tell Amanda is really enjoying being dominated as she too starts talking and telling him how big his cock is. She places her hands on his thighs and attempts to deep throat his huge member. She can’t take his full length and gags slightly as he gentle starts fucking her mouth. She starts jerking him hard into her open mouth spitting on his cock for some extra lubrication. She then asks John to fuck her with his huge black cock.

Amanda rolls onto her back as John pulls on a condom. She opens her legs wide and spreads her pussy lips giving her clit a rub as he gets into position. John gently eases his cock into her gapping pussy and I’m there with the camera zoomed in on the action. It only takes a couple of thrusts before my wife has his entire length inside her. As John starts fucking her I can hear how wet she is each time he pushes that 9” of black meat into her. Amanda starts talking dirty telling him how good it feels and how big he is. John is in full swing and fucks her really hard driving deep into my wife’s soaking pussy. She cums a couple of times urging him to fuck her harder. I love it when my wife talks dirty and I felt that pang of good jealously watching her cum on a complete stranger who has a much bigger dick than me.

John must have read our profile where its states Amanda likes being dominated and he certainly lived up to the bill. John fucked her for almost an hour moving and instructing her into different positions. When he was taking her from behind, I stuck my cock in her mouth and she just rocked back and forward, his cock in her pussy and mine in her mouth. John told her to get on top and he fucked her reverse cowboy making her cum again. She mounted him again and I was there with the camera as my wife guided him inside her. I could hear her whispering to him and she later told me she was saying how good he felt and to make her cum again.

After another few orgasms John flipped her into the doggie position and rammed back inside her. He was close to coming and my wife said she wanted him to come in her mouth and over her tits. John duly obliged pulling off the condom and stood over my wife wanking his massive cock. Amanda started fingering her swollen wet pussy and squeezing her tits encouraging him to cum. John said he was about to cum and my wife took his cock into her mouth for the first couple of spurts before he pulled out splashing the rest over her face and tits. Amanda grabbed his cock and sucked it deep wanking the last drops into her mouth before swallowing the lot.

John stayed for another 30 minutes before leaving for home. All in all, from the first email to meeting, fucking and leaving, it was a total of about 3 hours. Amanda and I played and fucked reliving the experience for another hour. I could feel how stretched she was from John’s cock when I was inside her. She told me how big he was and how different I felt and that set me off pumping my load into her swollen and stretched pussy.

The below picture is John first entering my wife not 90 minutes from first contacting him. I’m a very lucky guy to have a Hotwife who really enjoys fucking other men!

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My wife

By: Classycpl, UK


January 16, 2014

Cheap motel sex

Gorgeous hot-bodied hotwife Serena Biscotti is back with another diary update:

Messy Interracial In A Cheap Motel

So what’s better then hot interracial sex in a cheap motel room with an sexy black stud? Your husband not knowing about it? lol! Well maybe. Your husband knowing about it and you doing it anyway? HeeHee.

Well of course. But in this particular instance, what made it better was the fact that it was intense, hot, messy, sticky interracial sex. The kind of sex that two people who want each other so bad they can taste it. The kind of intense, passionate, high heels tossed across the room, heat of the moment sex that two people have in private when they are swept with sexual desire. The kind of sex un-planned, let it happen sex that you don’t often see on film. With passionate blowjobs and kitty licking, 69ing, hard slamming penetration with my finger nails clawing at his back and my white nylon covered legs wrapped around him pulling him deeper inside of me and me left laying on a hotel bed a very happy girl with a very messy, dripping pussy full of cum. That’s what made this interracial sex so fucking good.







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January 14, 2014

19 year old slut

Cuckold Place Update

19 Y/O Slut aka me

Okay so I am going to post some pics of me obviously lol but I did crop out my face for somewhat obvious reasons I guess haha. A little about me I am 19 years old, obviously a little on the thick side haha and I just started fucking other guys that aren’t my bf. My BF and I have been together since we were literally 13 years old lol so yeah it is a very serious relationship.

About a year and a half ago he started hinting that he wanted me to be a slut and fuck other guys but I didn’t really take him seriously until recently. About 5 Months ago I had my first experience and it was awesome. Since then I have fucked 2 other guys and am currently looking for more and to find a perfect “Bull” which is proving hard cuz I am really picky ahha. I live in AZ so if you are a bull or know of one please send him my way! I prefer white guys K that might have been TMI Idk haha

I am NOT “fake” I AM the person from the pictures. If you are a potential Bull and you are hot enough that I wanna fuck you I will prove this to you on Skype or any vid chat but I do not vid chat with everyone who asks sorry.

My wife

By: chubbysugarbaby

See some more pics and info on this hotgirlfriend


January 12, 2014

BBC for DebrahAnn

It’s good to be back! Had an amazing Holiday, tons of relaxation and naughtiness too.

Hope you all had a great New Year and some time for some fun.

Here’s kicking off another year with some hot pictures featuring the very sexy DebrahAnn This Hotwife lays her legs open for a delivery of some BBC. Some great tattoos Debrah too. Bet her Husband was seeing stars later that night hehe

Debrah Ann

Debrah Ann

Debrah Ann

Debrah Ann

Debrah Ann

Debrah Ann

Debrah Ann

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January 10, 2014

Reunion with No 6

Another hot diary update from lovely UK hotwife Modesty Ablaze. You can check her out and say hi on Hotwife Hub too - Profile Here


Re-Union with No 6

“Hi, how are you?”

My pulse raced immediately I saw the text appear on my phone. It had been several months since I’d last heard from No.6, my special favourite amongst all my lovers.

“The power of positive thought!” I texted straight back. “I was just thinking about you. Kids are away tomorrow night! Fancy cumming over for some fun?”

“Love to” was his reply.

I excitedly rushed downstairs to show Hubby my text, embracing him with kisses and giggling “Look, look” as I thrust my phone in front of him. We’d only discovered at dinner the previous night that both kids would be having nights away visiting friends at the end of the week. I’d wanted to ask No.6 straight away but Hubby reminded me that he’d declined on the last few occasions we’d asked, and that it had always been us making the first contact instead of him texting me as he often had after our first “meetings” almost two years earlier.

“Perhaps he’s lost interest. We should ask one of your other lovers, it’s not as though we haven’t got lots of choices” he joked. He was right of course, the past year had been our busiest, and most fun ever for meeting new lovers, both single and couples, at clubs and from our on-line swingers-profile. But Hubby also knew I had a “soft-spot for his hard-spot” as he often joked whenever we talked about No.6 (which was quite often and usually led to passionate and exciting cuddling sessions). So to have him texting me was just wonderful. The next two days just couldn’t go by fast enough.

Hubby picked me up from the station and we raced home to prepare. Hubby showered first whilst I poured the wine (LOL!), and laid out the dining table with snacks and dips. Then it was my turn to shower. Hubby sat on the edge of the bath and we chatted about the last occasion we’d hosted No. 6, which got me even more excited. I sent him downstairs to sort out some mood-music and light some candles while I sat down at my dressing table to re-apply make-up and then choose my outfit. I decided on my loose leopard-print silk blouse. Normally I’d wear it with a skirt, but it was long enough to cover my hips and I didn’t feel I needed anything else.

“Wow, I love that neckline” Hubby said when I walked into the front room. I could feel my nipples sliding across the silk and knew they would be standing out against the fabric, without having to look down. “And no knickers either” Hubby exclaimed as he ran his hands down over my bottom as we embraced.

“God, I’m horny” I told him as I returned his kisses. He laughed and replied “Well hopefully you won’t have too long to have your horniess satisfied”. It was two glasses of wine later though before the doorbell finally rang!

I welcomed him in the hallway with an engulfing embrace and he immediately found my bare bum cheeks as he ran the palms of his hands down my back. “Your hands are cold!” I giggled as I pulled away from his tonguing kisses. “Come on, let’s warm up with some wine and snacks” I said as I led him into the living room. We actually spent the next hour chatting and catching-up on each others news, snacking and finishing off the first bottle of wine! “Open another bottle darling, and bring it up to our room” I instructed Hubby, as I took No.6 by the hand and led him off up the stairs.

I led my favourite young lover into the bedroom and stood by the bed, moaning instantly as we embraced again and I felt his hands cupping my breasts through the silk as we kissed.

“I’ve missed you” I managed to gasp as I felt him tweak my nipples. I hugged him into me as I felt his tongue swirling inside my mouth and I ran my fingers up through the back of his hair. We fell backwards onto the bed and rolled over onto our sides. I began unbuttoning his shirt as he caressed my bum cheeks and then lifted my blouse up and over my head.

He stood to cast his shirt off and step out of his trousers and then knelt back onto the bed to lean down and start sucking at my nipples and caressing his hands down over my tummy. I closed my eyes and heard myself moaning as his tongue and lips sucked over me. I slid both hands down his back and under the waistband of his boxers, cupping his bum and pulling him tighter onto me. I could feel him hard against me through the fabric of his boxer shorts.

I hadn’t heard Hubby coming into the room, but the sudden flash of his camera made me realise he was standing by the foot of the bed and already excited enough to be filming our passionate embracing. I pulled No.6’s boxers completely down over his bum and gasped loudly as I felt his hardness rubbing against my tummy as he knelt forward shuffling his knees and legs forward to let me extricate him from his underpants. I lifted my mouth up to meet his and taste that lovely tongue again as we rolled together further into the middle of the bed. “Oh that’s lovely” I groaned as he ran his fingers down over my pussy lips. I twisted further back and opened my legs wider to give his hand more freedom, all the while kissing and sucking on his wondrous hot and wet tongue and kisses.

I’d been wet sitting with Hubby on our living room sofa waiting for No.6 to arrive, now I was absolutely sopping, so much so that I could actually hear the sounds of his fingers as he was thrusting them in and out of me. “Oh, god” I was gasping out, over and over. He suddenly stopped though and turned himself around to kneel close to my shoulders and lean down to kiss and then run his tongue down over my tummy, before deliciously licking at me as he slid his fingers into me again. I could feel his cock slapping against my shoulder as he moved. I opened my eyes and reached over to grasp it’s thickness in my hand and guide his head into my mouth. We twisted ourselves into a more comfortable position, my own moans muffled now by having my mouth full of his lovely thick cock but I could clearly hear that sound that Hubby’s video camera makes when it is zooming in. I opened my eyes for a moment to seem the camera just inches from my face, and felt a sudden tingle of extra excitement surging through me knowing that Hubby was so close, and so obviously enjoying sharing my excitement.

No.6 was obviously enjoying things as well as he sat up and lifted me by my shoulders over and down between his legs. Suddenly I found myself on my stomach deep-throating that glorious hot cock as he sat back telling me to “Suck it. It’s fantastic when you are sucking it like that”.

I continued sucking up and down, pausing to lift away momentarily just to flick my tongue around the head of his cock, before plunging my mouth down engulfing him completely, almost gagging as I felt it ramming against the back of my throat . . . and loving hearing his groans of pleasure.

“We need to stop for a moment” he said, lifting my head away. I knelt up to embrace him and started groaning myself as his hands scraped across my nipples and then squeezed at my boobs as I wrapped my arms around him. He gently pushed me back down on the bed and reached over for a condom, rolling it on and then kneeling in between my open legs. I spread them wider and moaned as I felt him rubbing the head of his sheathed cock around and around in circular motions over my clit. My moaning became a loud groan as he pushed forward, I arched my back and wrapped my legs around his slowly thrusting bottom.

The next few minutes were a blur of wanton fucking, slowly at first as his lips lifted and stroked in that wonderful, rhythmic pumping. And then as his speed, and his thrusting increased, I responded by trying to push back at him, groaning ever louder and reaching up to grasp my own ankles, locking my legs around him and gasping out “oh, fucking hell, fuck me, fuck me”.

I knew I was close, feeling that glorious cock thrusting in and out of me, and I called out “oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m coming”. As I let go of my ankles and felt myself falling, releasing and relaxing every tissue into wave after wave of my orgasm, I heard him crying out and suddenly increasing his pumping again. His gasping grunts felt lovely and warm against my ear as he came in my arms, squeezing me as I squeezed back at him, pulling our bodies together and then feeling his weight as he slumped down completely on top of me.
We lay motionless together in that wonderful embrace of savouring our bodies, relaxing and unwinding and cuddling together, before he rolled us over onto our sides. I felt the weight of the bed moving again as Hubby knelt down next to me and leant forward to kiss me.

“That was fantastic” he said. “It was worth the wait wasn’t it!”.

“I hope we’re not finished yet!!!” I giggled my reply. “Just resting for a few minutes!”.

But that’s for next time. Part Two . . . The Rest of the Night and the Morning After.

Modesty Ablaze

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January 8, 2014

Petras Creampie Orgy

Oh for a girlfriend like Petra…

Another hot girlfriend who decides to live out her fantasy of having a creampie gangbang. I’m loving the movies on Czech Gangbang. So real, so raw and no cleanup after each creampie. Every girl takes dozens of hot loads inside her pussy. The couple get the ultimate Hotwife fantasy come true. Here’s some pictures of gorgeous, blonde cutie Petra who after a chat with the gorgeous host confessing her and her boyfriends fantasies then takes on a massive 25 guys who all have one goal, to empty themselves inside her.

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Czech Gangbang

Check out the amazing Czech Gangbang here


January 6, 2014

Jenny Seemore Interviewed

Repost from May 2005, wow how time flies……..

It’s official, I now have a favorite hotwife. That incredible woman is Jenny Seemore. I recently had the privilege of interviewing this fantastic example of a hotwife. If there was ever an Olympic gold medal awarded for hotwife extremity then Jenny is a clear winner. Every fantasy I have of what a hotwife should be Jenny makes the grade in every area. Her husband Walt must be the luckiest hubby in the land. A massive thanks Jen for your answers. I hope to hear more of your activities on these pages soon.

hotwifeblog: Welcome Jenny. Where about’s are you from?
Jenny: Florida, South of Tampa

hotwifeblog:What is your age?
Jenny: 38

hotwifeblog: What are your measurements?
Jenny: 36-32-33 (when I am not pregnant)

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Jenny: 5′3″

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?
Jenny: brown

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Jenny: blonde

hotwifeblog: How did you meet your husband?
Jenny: It was at a party

hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle?
Jenny: I do attract men, when I walk into a bar I have immediately a bunch of guys hovering all over me. My first marriage didn’t go so well because of this. My first husband was incredibly jealous and we were constantly arguing about my (miss-) behavior. When I met Walt he told me that he actually likes women who screw around. That was the perfect match for me and ever since we got married I do what I do best: I fuck as many men as possible.

hotwifeblog: What do you like most about being a hotwife?
Jenny: I think I am a nymphomaniac by nature. When I don’t get fucked I get grouchy and develop headaches. For me the hot wife life style is absolutely perfect I can fuck and suck as many guys as I want to and my husband loves it. I am damn lucky, I guess.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been an active hotwife?
Jenny: I always was, I didn’t always admit to it, though. After all we ware brought up to be “good girls” and it takes an awful lot of time to throw all those inhibitions overboard. As I said, I’ve always been hot. In high school I was known as the school slut. I started fucking when I was 13 and was probably the easiest lay in town back then.

hotwifeblog: Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?
Jenny: I am definitely an exhibitionist. That’s why I love flying over to Europe. Most countries over there don’t have indecent exposure laws, a fact that I love to exploit to the max. I have done it all, Sex in public, blow jobs in public restrooms and under the table of a restaurant, topless on Main Street, sex in an elevator etc. You name it, I have done it, and, in most cases I got photos to prove it. It makes me incredibly horny to get photographed when I do nasty things.

hotwifeblog: What type of men do you go for?
Jenny: When it comes to men I am pretty easy. I barely meet a man that I don’t like. That’s why some people make fun of me and say I spread my legs for anyone. Well, I do like men who can perform, though. The only thing I absolutely don’t like with men is when they are braggers. For me it’s the personality that counts, not the bank account. I’ve done it all. I’ve met extremely rich people who were absolutely cool. I like that. If a guy starts bragging about his expensive car and stuff I get bored to death. That’s a total turn off.

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife?
Jenny: Between 2800 and 3000.

hotwifeblog: How many men have you had sex with at one time?
Jenny: I count each guy only once.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever tried a gangbang?
Jenny: Gang Bangs are my life, I had more gang bangs than most other women had hot meals. 2-3 guys are normal for me, I do that at least once a week. My biggest bang was in a club in Germany. A girlfriend and I had around 64 guys, I got fucked 34 times and swallowed cum until they dropped.

hotwifeblog: Does size matter to you?
Jenny: Sometimes it does, but I am not a size queen. I know that sounds weird. I had incredible fucks with small dick guys, on the other hand, I had shitty fucks with 13″ dicks. Sometimes I just crave a big one, most of the time average will do.

hotwifeblog: Do you have a preference of black or white lovers?
Jenny: No. As long as it is male and has a dick I probably will like it. I get asked often why I don’t turn into an all black slut? The answer is easy. I need it every day. Where I live there aren’t that many blacks. I can’t afford to go all black, I’d lose 65% of all my dicks. I can’t survive on black dicks only.

hotwifeblog: What clothes do you like to wear?
Jenny: I live in Florida, so most of the time weather is not an issue. I have all kind of clothes from dirt cheap Wal Mart stuff to custom made leather. My husband says no matter what I wear, I always look like a whore. My all time favored outfit is a skirt or long tube top made of stretch fabric or spandex. I am wearing these like dresses, no panties & bra, of course. If they have the right size they cover my boobs and come down right over my but. I am fully dressed but can change to “butt naked” within 1 second by pulling my boobs out and rolling it up. Perfect for flashing in cafes or for quickies in the restroom! I get lots of attention wearing this. Such an outfit looks sexy on a teenage girl, but imagine my 36 DDDDs in there, it’s a real chin dropper. A pair of sandals with not too high high heels are a perfect match for walking in public. Shoes are important, I have at least 60 pairs plus a shitload of boots and hooker shoes. In colder climates I tend to dress more decent. I once wore nothing but a fur coat and a pair of pumps on the streets of Berlin. I also have a custom made black cat suit with zippers in the crotch and over my tits. This has proven useful when I go to adult theaters. I normally wear combat boots with this. It matches the shady, gloomy atmosphere of big cities like NYC or Berlin in winter.

hotwifeblog: What is your favorite sexual act?
Jenny: Don’t laugh, its plain old missionary style fucking. If it is a line up fuck with me laying spread eagle and 10 guys lining up in front of me, waiting for their turn, I am in heaven.

hotwifeblog: Any fetishes you and your husband are into?
Jenny: We both love it when he gets to fuck me after another man has left a load in my cunt or my ass. But we have basically tried everything.

hotwifeblog: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Jenny: I have done it all, If I don’t do it it is not worth doing. Cum Play, Fucking Strangers, Big Dildos, Pissing, Assfucking, Gang Bang, Interracial, Flashing, Cuck Play, Breeding, just to name a few things. the kinkiest thing is probably too kinky to tell in public.

hotwifeblog: Do you have any bisexual tendencies?
Jenny: I have very few girlfriends. One of them is Natascha. She is a real beauty but also a totally different type than I am. She likes the same things, though. I enjoy doing things together with her and some other girls, but in general I like men better.

hotwifeblog: How do you find your lovers and partners?
Jenny: I have a web page (www.comedepot.com). The main purpose of the page is to find new sex partners. In this respect it is the best thing I ever did. My page furnishes me with a never ending supply of men.

hotwifeblog: What role does your husband play in your lifestyle?
Jenny: He is the steady part in our relationship. “The man makes the woman” he says, and I think he is right. It is very important for a slut to have a certain amount of safety and stability in her life. We mostly do gang bangs but go to swingers parties on certain occasions. He barely participates actively in the lifestyle. For every 500 men I get he probably gets one strange pussy, that’s the ratio. He takes pictures of me in action and joins in occasionally when he sees that the other guy is not doing such a great job satisfying me.

hotwifeblog: Do you have a hotwife/cuckold relationship with your husband?
Jenny: We don’t have a classical cuck/hot wife relationship but we do cuck role play.

hotwifeblog: Are you dominant or submissive at all?
Jenny: See, I don’t divide the world in doms and subs. Sometimes I love being in charge and do dominant things like treating sissy men, having my cum filled pussy eaten or do face sitting. On the other hand I also love being taken by men or groups of males like the slut I am.

hotwifeblog: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
Jenny: Giving! No doubt about that.

hotwifeblog: Do you like to swallow?
Jenny: Hey, hey, hey! I always swallow, I am a lady of honor.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a creampie from a lover?
Jenny: Most of the time I get creampied when I have sex with other men, since I don’t like rubbers. I am a true cum slut and love cum everywhere.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever had anyone clean you up orally after receiving a creampie?
Jenny: As I said, I do make hubby clean me once in a while, especially after big bangs when my snatch is really filled with cum. There are also lots of guys out there who chase me to get an invitation to one of my bangs because they want to clean my holes after.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a multiple creampie from different guys?
Jenny: As I said above, I do enjoy getting fucked bareback by groups of males, having multiple sloppy penetrations and then getting my filthy holes licked clean.

hotwifeblog: Does your husband like to eat creampie?
Jenny: No, but I make him do it occasionally. I have done many things for him so I expect something in return. My husband loves sharing me with other men but he is not a cuck in the classical sense. Sometimes I do enjoy things like cream pie eating and face sitting, so I have to put a little bit of pressure behind it, to make him do these things. I love coming home from a girl’s night out, with my pussy loaded with strange cum and then squat over my hubby’s face to release a huge wad of sperm in his mouth. It makes me feel even more slutty and nasty.

hotwifeblog: What’s your biggest fantasy?
Jenny: I want a 40″ Motor Home RV and travel the USA. I want to do at least one gang bang in each state. I have been planning this for a long time but it hasn’t transpired yet. Both, hubby and I were willing to take a year off from work to make it come true. We found out that it still would be very expensive, calculating the cost for the RV, gas, hotel rooms etc. so we haven’t done it yet. Since I don’t want to charge the guys for a bang we were thinking about finding a sponsor. We’ll see.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about one of your recent hotwife experiences?
Jenny: Well, my most impressive experience in the past couple of months was that I ended up knocked up again, after so many guys were shooting freely in my unprotected pussy. And,…don’t ask me who the daddy is.

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Jenny: Gardening, designing and sewing clothes and riding our motor bike.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife lifestyle?
Jenny: My husband has written a booklet about the practical aspects of this, it’s published on my page. He is the expert. I personally think you have to life your life not in the past and not in the future, but NOW. As long as your activities do not hurt other people, do it, no matter what it is. If you are thinking about getting into the hot wife life style, just do it! Do it now, not tomorrow or in 10 years.

hotwifeblog: What plans do you have for your website for the future?
Jenny: My page is an amateur page with genuine real life content only. The page is a bit arkward as far as design goes, but I am reluctant to get one of these perfectly designed flash animated pages. I think it might kill the charm my page has. Apart from that it is the content that counts. The next thing I am going to do is creating an online store for my movies, people keep hounding me for movies.

hotwifeblog: What are you and your husband’s plans for the future regarding your hotwifing?
Jenny: I am pregnant right now, and hornier than ever. This means 5 more months filled with preggo sex.

Thanks Jenny, time for me to take a cold shower I think ;)

Jenny Seemore

Visit Jenny’s incredible site comedepot.com here

Interviewed by Trash

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