August 4, 2014

Six Years In

UK Slut Dogging Wife Rachel Reveals is celebrating 6 years on the net. I’d love to know an approximate number of cocks she’s had in that time. And she’s been Dogging near me in that time. Devils Dyke in Brighton!


Looking back over the last six years at my dogging photo shoots I have had such fantastic times dogging all over the UK in some of the best known places like, Birdlip, Blidworth, Wanford, Devils Dyke and Cannock…. And that’s to name just a few.

Dogging is such a huge buzz, nothing at all beats pulling into a dark car park laden with horny guys with spunk filled cocks that need draining, pulling down my knickers, bending over and offering myself freely for the taking for anyone who wishes to stick their cock in me. I have the best and 100% genuine dogging content on the internet and im always being imitated and having my photos stolen and put on other imitation dogging websites but there is ONLY ONE dogging Rachel and I shall continue to travel the UK meeting my members and dogging all over the country

I have another massive dogging tour planned for early September. Really hope to meet as many of my members as possible and enjoy their member!

I strive to meet as many members as I possibly can as well as non-members when I’m feeling extra naughty and horny! I get a ton of emails everyday which I reply to personally. I LOVE hearing from guys telling me how they want to feel my wet sex wrapped around their shafts.

Sign up right now and view my dogging location diary for September and come along and fuck me…

Rach xx







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August 2, 2014

Lisa’s Slut Days

Lisa’s Slut Days

For the life of me I cannot explain the thrill and the excitement I feel when I’m being treated like a real slut. Maybe it’s a humiliation thing but when I’m exposing myself, being called a slut or whore, having guys take turns fucking me and even having them cum all over me I get so excited I cum. There are some days that these desires are super strong and I just need some relief. I call these my nasty slut days. Thankfully I have a husband that understands but more importantly he gets off on seeing me this way.

Nasty slut days usually mean we take a trip to the adult theater. My attire varies but my goal is to look as slutty as possible. I always wear heels but the rest changes every time. I think the most daring outfit was my heels and a black sheer baby doll top. My tits were clearly visible and my hairy pussy and ass were totally uncovered. We browsed the video/dvd section for a while and I made sure all the guys got a real good show. Having been there several times before I saw familiar faces and said hi to each of them. By the time we made our way to the theater area my pussy juice was running down my leg.

The theater is always very dark when you first enter so we always stand in the back letting our eyes adjust. Being a familiar face the guys are not bashful and soon there are several guys standing around me with their cocks out. As soon as I touch the first cock I have many hands feeling me. This is when I take off whatever I’m wearing and encourage them to play. Over time my confidence has grown and I get quite verbal. I’ll let them know how good their actions make me feel and compliment the assortment of cocks in front of me. Then I usually ask for a couch cushion and as kneel down I’ll ask if anyone wants to let me suck their cock. Almost immediately I have a cock in my mouth and I begin sucking it. I like to look up at the guys I’m sucking and see how much they are enjoying it. To be a tease and to build their excitement level I’ll usually ask them if they want to cum in my mouth or I’ll plead with them to cum in my mouth. Both of these word real good and shortly thereafter I get a nice load of cum in my mouth. In true slut fashion I show off before swallowing and thank the guy for his deposit. Then it’s on to the next. Depending on my mood and the time it takes the guys to get off I usually do 5 to 8 guys this way.

After getting up finding a couch is always fun. Bill and I walk down the aisle, me naked except for heels and maybe stockings taking our time before choosing the seat we want. I always like a couch toward the middle. That way I have to slide in front of the guys occupying the couch’s before the one we chose. Once seated guys are reaching over from behind and playing with my tits. I quickly start playing with the guy seated next to me, couch’s seat 3, so Bill is on the other side. Another thrill is when I spread my legs wide and ask if anyone wants to eat me. I’ve always had takers and while they eat me I let everyone know how good it feels. I also encourage the guys hanging over the couch to cum on me. Some guys in front step up and cum on my tits and the guys from behind get my mouth and face. Being a cum slut I try and get as much as I can in my mouth but having my face decorated is a badge of honor to me. I’ll use my finger to divert some of it to my mouth but the rest is there to show what a slut I am. Being seen like this thrills me. Before I’m ready to fuck I usually have about 5 different guys eat me. It’s exciting to say next and have a new face between my legs. It’s also a powerful feeling knowing they want you.

The first guy I let fuck me is usually one of the guys that has eaten me. I will pull him up toward me and ask him to fuck me. By this time I’m very horny and the thrill of being fucked with so many watching drives me crazy. It doesn’t take long before I have a very good cum. During this time I’m verbal telling the guys how good they feel, that I want their cum, and even pleading for them to cum in me. I’m not a prejudice person but being brought up in a mostly white neighborhood I was taught that whites and blacks should not be intimate with each other. I think that is total rubbish but those old teachings heighten my experiences with black guys because I feel like a naughty girl. I have never met a black guy that didn’t buy into this in one way or another. Most like to ask if I like their black cocks, others like to call me a black cock slut. Those and other verbal exchanges always thrill me and make me cum so much harder. Many times as I suck them I play the game with them and tell them how much I like their big black cocks and that I’m a black cock slut that wants them to cum in my mouth. This always excites them and I get some very impressive loads.

Most nights after fucking several guys I guide one of them to fuck me in the ass. I love to get ass fucked and have some very intense anal orgasms. I only ask that the first guy go slow and open me up so it feels good. On some nights after a couple of guys have fucked my ass I’ll choose a nice big cock and get his permission to mount him and let another guy fuck my ass for a great DP. I do get verbal while they are doing me and I love to see all the guys watching me. Between their cocks and the audience I always have some incredible cums.

When I’ve had enough and it’s time to leave I use a moist wash cloth I always bring and wipe up the excess cum from my pussy and ass. The cum that landed on my face and tits is usually dry buy this time and I like to leave it that way. I like to have the guys that see me in the light see all the dried cum on me. Every once in awhile I’ll bring a dress I can slip into, very short, and Bill and I will stop at a Denny’s or Waffle House for breakfast. The dress and 5″ heels always catch guys attention when we walk in. Once seated we’ll order and I love seeing the looks on the waitresses face when she notices my face and the part of my chest exposed by the plunging neck line of my dress. It never fails that when they go to turn in our order they whisper to other waitresses telling them what they have seen. They all find some excuse to come by our both to check it out. I may be strange but I love the looks I get and I imagine what they must think of me. It excites me. To have even more fun I’ll make a comment to Bill about how many guys there were tonight when the waitress brings our food. I’ve gotten quite a few smiles and several dirty looks. I enjoy both because I know that both mean they know what a slut I am.

After eating Bill and I go home, I clean up real good, and he and I make love before going to sleep. The next morning over coffee we talk about what happened the night before and more times than not we end up in bed having some very good sex.

by Lisa34d


July 31, 2014

Mandy meets Ron Jeremy

It’s been a fair while since we’ve had an update from ultra-hot latina Hotwife Mandy Tyler
but she is back with some pictures of a hotwife encounter with a guy some of you may recognise. Porn legend Ron Jeremy! Mandy met Ron in Las Vegas and arranged a little get together in his hotel room while her Husband caught all the action.







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July 29, 2014

My Bitch

Cuckold Place Update

My Bitch, Ownership of someone else’s wife

Met this married woman a few years back, she wasn’t at all interested in anything other than being out with me. Slowly as I learned more about her I’ve found out a lot about her sexuality, and have been steadily dominating her more, and more. Three years on she is a very obedient girl. Blonde, big tits and is being display trained, outdoors and in. Take a look at pics and let me know what you think.

She is also disciplined when required. She is made to wear a collar and lead as often as possible.

I think women respond differently to types of men, I’ve just been upfront and honest about what I like. Seems to work. Toes, and sandals should have taken some in shoe shop yesterday! Didn’t cross my mind, she tried on lots of heels, and sandals. I Don’t allow flats of any kind, as I prefer her in heels, looks far better on a woman.

Had a lovely day out shopping and cinema, and when dropping her off I unzipped my dick, grabbed her by the hair, and pushed her head all the way down my dick. Shes a good girl, and knows what’s required. I told her that shes been good today, and had her gagging on my hard dick. Since I usually get a good hold of her long hair I can easily direct what I want her to do. At the moment I’m enjoying her technique of going deep and sucking on the way up, then licking the head before heading back to the base. If I’m standing she can deep throat and lick my balls too, very nice. But last night I rubbed my dick all over her face, whilst telling her what a good little cocksucker she is becoming. I also took the time to compliment her on her presentation, as she did look very good in her short dress and heels, before making her swallow a huge load of cum. I made a mess of her make up, but she accepts that with good sub grace. I’m pleased with her training, shes learning well..

My bitch

By: karty1

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July 27, 2014

Lindy cinema gangbang

You gotta love the German gangbang wives like Lindy. They truly love to go to extremes in their quest for slutdom.

Here Hotwife Lindy goes to an Adult Cinema, within no time at all she has about a dozen guys surrounding her all wanting to feed her their cocks and to empty their balls inside her.







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July 25, 2014

Sharing is Caring

Here’s another post from the Hubbys of Hotwives group on the Hotwife Hub discussion group. There’s loads of chat, stories and comments on the hotwife lifestyle. Members can create a group on anything that is Hotwife and Cuckold related and join in the discussions on existing groups, creating topics and posting comments. If you’re not a member then get yourself on there now and join the fun.

This post is from user GreatJohn73

Sharing is Caring

It takes a high degree of trust for a man to consider sharing his wife. I am of the opinion that the scenario becomes even hotter when its the husband who suggests the wife explore her hotwife side. Their really are no rules every couple should discuss how they want to approach the hotwife lifestyle come up with a game plan and execute items. Sure for a cuck things are different as opposed to a hubby who isn’t into the humiliation thing but desires to see his wife with another man. The possibilities are endless. You can propose a threesome style encounter or simply sit back watch and enjoy the show. Maybe work video camera or take pics so you and wifey can watch later together. It may sound crazy but their is something highly erotic about watching your wife spread her legs for another man for the very first time.

For the husband its not just the watching part that can be fun but the buildup to the encounter itself. GET INVOLVED! Dress your hot wife up in a way that turns you on. Tell her the things you like to see her do to another man. During the encounter let her know what she is doing is turning you on by saying words of encouragement or even better by simply pulling out your cock and stroking it to the hotwife adventure that’s unfolding before your eyes. Dont be afraid to let her know what you want to see. Honestly the more into it you are the more into your wife will become.

If I see responses or comments to this discussion group I will post some of me and my wifeys adventures. I speak from experience when I say watching my wife with another man is a million times hotter then any porno I ever watched and I bet if you allow your wife the same opportunity you will feel the same way I do.

Posted by - GreatJohn73

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July 23, 2014

New Black Lover

Black Bachelor Diary Update - Nancy’s Story

My New Black Lover

My name is Nancy and I have never considered myself to be beautiful, pretty, cute or even adorable. I am white and have been blessed with brains but I think I lack something in the looks department. I mean I have a nice body but I have a giant issue about my face. I don’t have or have ever had a skin issue, but I just find myself to be unattractive.

I have been married to my Husband George for 10 years who is an accountant. Our sex life recently has become nonexistent and I’ve become very frustrated. I make excellent money, have stocks, bonds, savings, checking accounts, and a IRA. I have offered to work extra hours so I don’t have to stay home some nights which make my bosses happy but makes me sad some nights and depressed.

My bosses paid my way to take a course for work and it kept me away for 2 weeks. I actually let my hair down a few nights and went out on the town to do some clubbing and some dancing. One night I was out and met this very sexy black guy and we hit it off really well. His name is Dwayne and he was breath taking-handsome and sexy. He seemed to be so into me and I couldn’t get enough of him. We danced, we drank and we eventually left and went back to my hotel and had some really steamy sex - oral and vaginal. We fell asleep in each others arms and lucky for me I didn’t have a class until the next evening.

I treated him to breakfast and we talked and he asked if he could see me again and I said yes. We exchanged numbers and after my class was over that night I called him and we talked. I had another week to go and he was thrilled and asked to see me 2 additional nights and I was happy to do so. We danced and ate and drank and always ended up in my hotel room for sex and I’m not complaining as it is the best sex ever and I could feel myself starting to fall deeper for him and it appeared he was feeling something for me too.

I am not going to give up my new boyfriend, I love the sexual satisfaction I’m getting and if my Husband finds out then so be it.

Ginger Hotwife

Ginger Hotwife

Ginger Hotwife

Ginger Hotwife

Ginger Hotwife

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July 21, 2014

Wife Creampied

Creampie Wife

Tonight is June 11 and our 9 year anniversary. Your parents have taken the kids for the afternoon so that we can have a great evening together. It is a hot day today so tonight I dressed you in a nice white spaghetti strap top that is maybe slightly sheer in the right lighting. You wear no bra and your nipples press up against the fabric perfectly. I put you in that hot jean skirt that I love for you to wear, and absolutely no panties underneath. This skirt fits you perfect and raises just enough when you bend over that you can almost get a peak of your perfect pussy lips. You look absolutely amazing.

There are a couple of clubs in town so you and I go out for a bit. First we go for a nice dinner. Then we go to a club. We have a couple of drinks and you and I dance a bit. We enjoy ourselves and have some fun. You are even able to flirt a little bit. A few guys come up to you and flirt and talk to you for a bit and try to get you to dance. You even get a few stares when you drop some money and bend over to pick it up. I’m almost certain by the wolf drooling looks on some of the guys faces that they got a quick glance of something special.

On one side of the club they have black lights lighting up the place and the light makes your shirt PoP with glow. Except for the perfect dark circles of your areolas peaking through your shirt. One lucky guy is flirting with you and has bought you a drink and is bold enough to even run a finger in a circle around your nipple as he talks to you. You don’t swat him away and seem to even enjoy the attention. I could just imagine how wet your pussy is at this point.

Finally feeling the drink a little the guy convinces you to go out and dance with him during one song. It is a fast paced grinding song. He grabs you close and all you have to do is move with him and the beat. You are doing great. In the dark light I am even able to watch as his hands probe your body, running along your back and your ass as he pulls you closer. At one point his hand slides down your ass and slowly to the front of your thigh. Then as you sway in time with him, his hand slides up the inside of your thigh and I imagine that his fingers slide smoothly up along your pussy lips and then into you as you gyrate. It is fast but your head leans back and he brings his hand up and licks his fingers. Mmmmmm I can only imagine. Once you’re done you come back to me and finish your drink. Then we decide to go. On the ride home I slide my own fingers between your legs and I was indeed correct in thinking that your pussy was sopping wet.

Once we get back home I undress you almost as the door is closed. I lay you down on the floor and go to town on your pussy with my tongue and mouth. As I do that I rub your nipples and make you even hornier. Then I take a blind fold and put it over your eyes. I take a spreader bar and fasten it between your legs, thus keeping your legs spread apart. I then tie your hands to the spreader bar at your knees. Now you are on your knees and you are bent over on the ground. Your ass is up in the air with your pussy protruding out the back. It is swollen with blood and engorged. Your pussy is leaking juices. I get between your legs and continue my ravishing your pussy from behind. You are going crazy with pleasure and lust. I open your pussy with my fingers and push them deep into you.

You are now begging to be fucked, to have a cock deep inside you. so unknown by you, a friend comes out of the back room. He is already naked and his cock is rock hard from watching me pleasure you. as I move he gets between your legs and positions his cock on your pussy lips. He teases you with his cock, rubbing it up and down between your lips. He plays just the tip with you, sliding the head of his cock into your pussy and then pulling it out. He is making you go crazy. You are now pleading and begging for him to put his cock all the way in. He obliges you and slides his cock all the way into you and it goes so deep. You moan how good it feels. As you are moaning in the pleasure of his cock going in and out of your pussy, you realize that it is not me but at this point you really don’t care. It feels way too good.

He fucks you nice and deep for a few minutes while I play with your nipples. I even run my hand underneath you and rub your clit as his cock slides in and out of your pussy. Your pussy feels soo good to him that he can’t last but a few minutes. He buries his cock deep inside your pussy and you moan out loud as you feel his cock twitch and shoot cum all over the inside of your pussy. He fills your pussy with hot, sweet, sticky cum.

While you are in ecstasy from getting your pussy filled with cum two more guys walk in. One of them goes right to work on rubbing your clit. Smoothing all the cum oozing out of your pussy around. Then he squares up and stuffs your pussy full of his cock. While he is fucking you I take the spreader bar off of you so that you can enjoy the fucking more. I leave the blind fold on to heighten your senses. The guys then pick you up and begin to fuck you at the same time. Your pussy is so wet and slippery with cum that they are both able to slide their cocks into you. At first they take turns alternating one slips inside you and then out and the other goes in and then out, like a double pump. Then they force both cocks into your pussy. Fully stretching your pussy to its max, making you orgasm right then.

While the two cocks fuck your pussy the first one was slurps into your mouth, you feel the cock swirl around in your mouth and taste the sweet cum on it. You suck it nice and long until it is again and ready for round two with your pussy. The four of us take turns fucking your pussy hard and slow, deep and long. We take you in every position possible and imaginable. Giving you more orgasms than you have ever had in one sex session. One of my favorite things to watch is you turned around backwards sitting on top of the guys cock. You taking control and sliding up and down on his cock, moaning as you made him go deeper inside you. Bouncing up and down over and over on his hard cock.

We fuck you until all of us are drained of every ounce of cum and it is now all deep inside your pussy or running out of it. You came over and over as we fucked you, until you were exhausted. When the last guy had finished pumping your pussy full of his cum we backed away from you and left you where you lay. You are stretched out in the center of the living room on the coffee table. Your pussy is stretched and hanging wide open. Your lips are plastered with cum and it runs from your pussy and pools on the table.

You are so exhausted that you pass out right there. The guys and I grab a couple of beers and chat and take some great pics of you spread and dripping. After about 20 mins or so when one of the guys gets up to grab another beer he bends down and inserts his cock back into your pussy for a few pumps. Your body is too irresistible and this goes on for the better part of an hour with you still completely passed out. A couple of the guys even come inside you again. You are so beautiful laying there full of cum. The guys and I even talk about calling over a few more friends to fuck but in the end we decide to let you rest. The Guys go home.

You sleep for about 2 or 3 hours. Finally you wake up and feel a bit refreshed. I take you into the bathroom and run a nice bath for you. I let you soak a bit and bring you a glass of wine. After you’re done I dry you off and we go off to bed. As I lay there kissing you roll me over on top of you and you grab my cock and slide it into your well used pussy. You still have a lot of cum up inside you and my cock slides right in. We make love for about an hour before I am able to cum again. It is the perfect ending to a perfect anniversary. I LOVE YOU SWEET CHEEKS. More than you will ever know.

Creampie My Wife

Submitted by: Matthew, Virginia Beach -

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July 19, 2014

DebrahAnn loaned out

Dirty slut Hotwife Debrah Ann has submitted another hot movie for us to enjoy. She loves her BBC in all of her holes.

Loaned Out To BBC

So my Hubby decides to “loan” me out for a day to his old friend D Wise while he is at work all day! D Wise loves to use his BBC to satisfy hungry white girl pussy and ass, and let me tell you he didn’t disappoint! He pounds my pussy and ass till he explodes all over my satisfied pussy and I gather up all his delicious cum up and swallow it down!


Debrah Ann

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July 17, 2014

A Cuckolds Delight

My Story, A Cuckold’s Delight

I suppose I would be termed a “Cuckold”, but unlike most guys, who submit these stories, I don’t have a small cock (18 cm) but the thought of my wife being fucked by another guy, with a bigger cock than mine and teasing me about it afterwards, turns me on a lot. We have been married for 20 years and it all started for me around 12 years ago. I was looking at a men’s magazine, when I came across a story about a guy whose wife had been fucked by another guy and the husband loved it. I was surprised to find that the more I read, the harder my cock got. From that day on, I set about finding magazines with those kinds of stories in them. Anything from the wife having a secret affair, to the wife being fucked by 5 guys in succession, followed by the husband licking her pussy clean afterward. I found that I was getting into it more and more. My cock never failed to get rock hard, each time I read one.

We had always had a very good sex life and although I looked at other women, I had always been completely faithful to my wife and knew I always would be. But the thought of her being fucked by a good looking, well hung guy and teasing me about it, was just to erotic to resist and I decided to tell her how I felt. I started to read the stories to her in bed and we always had really hot sex, when I did. I tried to get my wife to let me find a lover for her, but she always said no. I kept trying until eventually my persistence paid off and she let me place an ad in an adult contact magazine. We got a few replies that weren’t worth answering, and then we got one from a guy who was good looking and sounded great. We decided to meet him and I rang, to invite him over the following weekend. I helped my wife dress for the evening in very sexy black lingerie, with a sexy leather mini skirt and a black see through blouse.

He arrived around 9.00 PM with a bottle of wine, which we all drank, along with one that we had. After the drinks and getting to know each other, I decided it was time to leave them alone, to get “better acquainted”. I stepped outside and had a joint; I came back in about 40 minutes later. The site that greeted me was incredible. Here was my lovely wife, dressed only in her black basque and stockings, lying back on the couch, with him naked and eating her delicious bald pussy. All I could say was “wow” and I sat in the chair to watch. After he ate her pussy for a while, they exchanged places. I watched and played with my rock hard cock, while she sucked and played with his.

I took all my clothes off and suggested we would be more comfortable in the bedroom. He and I took turns eating her pussy and she sucked both our cocks. There is nothing like the feeling of watching your wife suck another guy’s cock and to see him eat and play with her pussy. My fantasy was coming true, but one thing was spoiling it for me, he was so damn hairy! I know I shouldn’t have been so fussy, but it was really putting me off, so much so that I couldn’t stay hard. I tried to make excuses, like maybe I didn’t want him to fuck her, after all. There was nothing I wanted more, at that moment, but he was like an ape and no matter how hot the thought of him fucking her was, I just couldn’t stay hard. I apologized and he dressed and went home. After he had gone, I explained to my wife how I really felt and we had the most amazing sex.

We received a few more replies, but none were worth meeting. I was beginning to think my fantasy wasn’t going to happen, when my wife suggested we should try meeting a couple. Although this wasn’t the way I wanted things to happen, I went along with it, as my wife said she felt more comfortable with the idea. We replied to a couple advertising for a couple, in the contact magazine, who sounded ok. The first time we met them, I explained all about my fantasy and what I really wanted. They were ok with it and we decided to see how things went. I didn’t find his wife attractive and I was more turned on by watching the way he kissed my wife goodbye, when they left. We got together with them five times and he fucked my wife each time. It was amazing for me to watch my wife suck his cock and to see him eating my wife’s pussy and fuck her, although he used a condom and didn’t cum inside her.

I had to go through the motions each time we got together of fucking his wife, which was very distracting, so I still didn’t get my fantasy, the way I wanted. Each time we got together, we got to know them more and we realized how much of a chauvinistic bastard he was, by the way he treated his wife. They would even have some terrible arguments with us there, so we decided it would be better not to see them any more. With these experiences not going well and the kids growing up, my wife told me that she didn’t want to try again, so it looked like my fantasy was never going to happen.

My desire for it to happen the way I wanted only got stronger and I kept thinking of different ways for it to be better for both of us, but my wife would not be convinced. Almost every time we had sex, we would lie in bed and I would tell her all the different ways I wanted another guy to make love to her. This went on for years and although my wife loved the fantasies, she would always tell me that fantasy was one thing, but reality was different. Around six years ago we got the internet and this only fuelled my imagination, even more. I started surfing the net and finding hotwife sites. I was amazed how many there were and how many guys felt the same way I did. I would download my favorite stories then print them and read them to my wife, in bed. No matter how the stories went, my favorite ones always ended the same way. The lover always had a bigger cock than the husband and the husband would lick his wife’s pussy clean, after her lover had filled her with his cum.

I started reading the hotwife forums and learned all about anklets and what they meant to some people. I bought some for my wife, telling her their meaning and she wore them for me. I began to think there was still a chance after all. I found a few adult contact sites on the net and convinced my wife to let me try advertising on some of them. I advertised on two of them, with a very hot photo of my wife and what I wanted. I was very specific and I started getting a lot of replies. A few sounded ok, but when I got the guy’s pic, I knew they weren’t her type. Some of them looked good, but there were other problems, like their wife not knowing what they were doing. I didn’t want to have the problems of a jealous wife to deal with. As each week passed, my enthusiasm became less and less.

Being self employed and working from home, I manage to have a lot of free time on my hands. This is very handy as my wife doesn’t drive and I quite often drop her off at the local shopping centre to do the weekly grocery shopping.

When I pick her up, I will often tease her by asking if any sexy guys pinched her bum today. Her usual reply is “humph” and “yeah, sure”. A few weeks back, I dropped her off to do the shopping. It was a lovely warm spring day and she was wearing a very nice dress, which showed off the new anklet, I’d bought for her recently. She is an attractive 40-year-old with a slim figure and still turns guy’s heads. As usual, she rang to be picked up, when she was finished. Her voice sounded different on the phone and I wondered what was going on. We were loading the groceries into the car and I asked her about any sexy guys pinching her bum. I expected the usual response but I was speechless when she said “No, but I gave one my phone number”. I didn’t believe her and it was my turn to say “yeah, sure.” She told me it was true and I asked her to tell me what happened.

She said to wait until we’d finished loading the groceries and we were in the car. She told me that when she was shopping and going through one of the aisles, she noticed a good-looking guy around 30. As she got closer to him, he asked if she would help him with some advice. She said ok and he told her was making Chinese stir-fry, for the first time and asked what sauces he should use in it. She asked him what kind of meat he was using and then told him which sauces and spices would be best and how much to use, of each one. While they were talking, she noticed how often he looked down at her anklet and that he looked like he really wanted to ask her something else. He thanked her for her help and she went back to her shopping, thinking nothing more of it. Around 10 minutes later, as she came to the end of one of the aisles, he came around the corner, not looking where he was going and his shopping trolley banged into hers. He was embarrassed and kept apologizing. He asked if he could make it up to her by buying her a cup of coffee, especially after she had been so helpful with her cooking advice.

She was going to say no, but then she heard my voice saying “go for it”. She said that would be nice and they arranged to meet for a cappuccino, just near the supermarket, when they were finished their shopping. After going through the register, she found him and he paid for two cappuccinos. They sat at a table and after some small talk about the shopping centre and the prices of things, he told her that he couldn’t help noticing her lovely anklet and he asked her if it meant what he hoped it meant. My wife loves to tease and she asked him what he hoped it meant. He said that to some people, it meant that the husband liked the wife to “play around” with other guys. Although a little embarrassed, she was really enjoying herself and asked what he meant by “playing around”. He said that the wife would have sex with other guys, with the husband’s permission and enjoyment; making her a “hotwife” He asked my wife if that was what it meant to her. She told him that was what it meant to me, but up until now, she hadn’t done anything about it.

She also told him that she was very worried about the risk of AIDS and STD. He started to tell her the reason he was teaching himself to cook was that after 8 years of marriage, his wife had left him for another guy and he was recently divorced. He told her that he was sick of take away food and decided he was going to do something about it. He also told her that since he got married, he hadn’t had sex with anyone else and that he didn’t use drugs, so he was completely safe. After talking for a while about how long I had been wanting this to happen and how she felt about it, he asked her if she would be interested in meeting with him.

She said that she would be interested, but would have to talk it over with me. They swapped phone numbers and that was when she had rung me, to be picked up. It was like a dream come true, I couldn’t believe my luck but I still wasn’t sure if my wife was just teasing me, until she showed me the piece of paper, with his hand writing and phone number on it. We arrived home and took the groceries into the kitchen. I asked how she felt and if she was going to ring him. She asked me if I really wanted this and how I felt. I told her that I was very jealous, but incredibly turned on, which was obvious, by the way my cock was trying to burst out of my pants. She said she thought it would never really happen and it would always be a fantasy, but she had to admit that the thought of the reality was really turning her on.

She asked me if it was ok to ring him and I told her yes, I wanted her to. We had a cup of coffee and then she rang him. Although I could only hear one side of the conversation, I got most of what was going on and she filled me in on the rest, afterwards. She told him that if this was going to happen, they would have to take things slowly. She told him how much she loved to be massaged and how much she loved me eating her pussy. He told her that was fine with him and he loved eating pussy. The conversation got around to the subject of cock size and he told her that he was around 8.5” - 9”. I couldn’t believe how well this was coming together, after so many years of trying. They talked for a while, with her telling him all the things she liked and he told her all the things he liked to do.

They arranged to meet the next day around 10:00 am, for coffee at the shopping centre again. If things went well, he would take her back to his place for drinks and to see what happened. He asked her why I didn’t want to be there to watch, or join in. She told him I didn’t want to be there the first time it happened, to make sure I couldn’t stop it and so that she could relax more. When she got off the phone, I desperately wanted to take her panties off and eat her pussy. She told me no because she wanted to be nice and fresh for her lover tomorrow and the only way I was going see her pussy, was when I shaved her completely bald for him, later on. That night I did as I was told by getting the warm water, soap and razor, then shaving her gorgeous pussy, completely bald.

It was the ultimate tease, knowing what he was going to be doing to her and not being able to do anything about it and I loved it. After I was finished, we discussed what she was going to wear; knowing it was going to be a very warm day. She decided on a very sexy little pair of pink see through panties, her little black dress, no bra and of course, her anklet. There was no way I could sleep and I had to pull my cock, until I came. The next morning, after getting the kids off to school, my wife had a shower and dressed in what she said she was going to wear. I watched her dressing, with my cock rock hard again and I almost came in my pants when she sprayed some of my favourite perfume around her pussy and breasts. She asked me how I was feeling and if I still wanted this to happen.

I told her the jealousy was getting stronger every minute, but that was only turning me on, even more. I said that a big part of me was saying no and not to let it happen, but I knew if I stopped it, I’d regret it forever, because the chance would probably never come along again. I asked her how she was feeling and she said that she was very nervous, but very turned on by what was going to happen. She told me that she would only go ahead with it, if it was completely ok with me and if it wasn’t, to let her know. Even if it meant ringing her on her mobile phone, after I had dropped her off. I told her everything was ok, but she had to remember every detail of what happened so she could tell me all about it.

The time came to take her so we got in the car and started driving. The shopping centre is only a 10-minute drive from where we live, so there wasn’t much time for talking. She told me if I was a good boy, I would get to meet her “boyfriend” when he drove her home. I said as long as he doesn’t stay long, because I was going rip her panties off and eat her pussy, as soon as he was gone. We both laughed and then arrived at the shopping centre. She turned to kiss me, I kissed and held her then told how much I loved her, and she said the same thing. She got out of the car and I drove home.

When I get there, I started thinking a lot about what we were doing and I almost rang her mobile phone, but I decided not to. I tried to do some work but I just couldn’t concentrate. I just sat and thought about what was happening and what they were doing. It got to 11:30 am and I knew there was a good chance that my wife had gone back to his place and that he was fucking her, because I hadn’t had a phone call to tell me anything different. I was feeling incredibly jealous, but I couldn’t help playing with my cock, for some relief. Around 1:00 pm I was starting to wonder what time she was coming home and weather I should ring her, when I heard a car pull up in the driveway. I looked out of the window and saw him for the first time, as they sat in the car talking.

It looked as though they were deciding if he should come in or not. They decided against it and I watched as he kissed her very deeply and she came inside. I met her at the door and kissed her and held her. After reading so many stories that other husbands have written about the “freshly fucked” look on their wife’s faces, after being with their lover, I know it is definitely true. The look on my wife’s face was amazing; she looked so incredibly satisfied. I asked how it was and she told me it was everything I ever said it would be, and more. She told me he was an incredible lover and I was right, bigger is definitely better. I couldn’t wait any longer and took her into the bedroom. She lay back on the bed and I took off her panties. I looked at her swollen, well-fucked pussy and his cum still leaking from her. She told to come and lick his cum from her pussy, while she told me what they had done. It was more of command, than a request and I loved it. I didn’t have to be told twice and I started to eat her pussy, like there was no tomorrow. I have never done anything so erotic before. The taste was so different to anything I’d tried.

I’d eaten my cum from my wife’s pussy before, but it was nothing like this. As I ate his cum from her, she told me that it really turned her on by telling me to lick her pussy clean, after another guy had fucked her and she started to tell me what had happened. When I had dropped her off, he had met her just inside the door, he told her how lovely she looked and they sat down for coffee. After talking for a while and finishing their coffee, he asked her if she still wanted to go back to his place. She said although she was very nervous, she was looking forward to it and they made their way to his car. She said she was surprised that he held her hand while they walked through the shopping centre and she wondered if anyone she knew would see them.

He didn’t live far from the shopping centre and when they got there, he asked her if she would like a glass of wine and she said yes. He gave her the wine and sat down next to her. They finished the wine and he kissed her, very deeply, his tongue starting to play with hers. His hand was beginning to wander up her legs and he kept kissing her. He asked her if she would like another glass of wine and she said yes. She told me they drank their second glass and as my wife drinks very little, she was beginning to relax and respond to him, very strongly. He asked if she would be more comfortable in the bedroom and he took her hand as he led her in there. He kissed her again as he reached down and started to lift her dress over her head.

After taking her dress off, he started to kiss his way down her body and nibble her nipples and breasts. He laid her back on the bed and started to take off her panties. He looked at her bald pussy and told her how yummy she looked. She told him that I had shaved her, for him. He said that turned him on even more and the thought of me being turned by what they were doing was amazing. He told her to lie on her stomach and he started to massage her neck, shoulders and back. She said he worked his way down her body very slowly, massaging while licking and nibbling his way down to her feet. He massaged her feet and licked and sucked her toes. He told her to turn over and started to tongue kiss her again. He licked and nibbled his way down her body until he got to her pussy and just kept eating her pussy, telling her how delicious she tasted.

After eating her for a long time, he lay beside her to get his breath. She told me she reached over to play with his cock and told him she had never played with one so big and it felt wonderful. He asked her if she would like to see if it felt wonderful in other ways. She said yes and he laid over her and started to slide his cock into her pussy. She said she gasped at the size difference, when he got it all the way in and he started to fuck her. He started slowly but once she got accustomed to the size, he got faster and harder. She told me she came very quickly because it felt so wonderful and he just kept making love to her, without slowing down. She came at least four times in the next ten minutes and then he said he was going to cum. She said she felt his cock get even harder and bigger, as he pumped lots of his cum into her pussy, making her cum again.

She told me they laid back resting and she told him his cock was definitely wonderful. He asked if she would to try again, after they had gotten their breath back. She told him she didn’t think she could recover so quickly because it was something she’d never experienced before and she had to be going home soon. She told him that I was waiting at home to lick her pussy clean. He told her that really turned him on and he would really like to watch me eat his cum from her pussy. She said he asked her if he could see her again soon and they arranged for him to come to our place for a threesome, next week. By this time I had licked her clean and I started to lay over her, to slide my cock into her gorgeous pussy. She stopped me straight away and said that I wasn’t allowed to fuck her and that she had been completely satisfied by his cock.

She told me I had done what a good husband should do by licking his cum from her pussy and I’d better get use to it, because that was what I would be doing from now on. She also told me that his bigger cock definitely felt better than mine and said that his cock felt so good, she wanted it to be ongoing and as long as he was her lover, she wouldn’t need my cock, weather I liked it or not. I was shocked by what my wife was saying and also very jealous, but at the same time I was so turned on that I started to cum, without even touching my cock. I knew now that I was definitely a true cuckold and I told her that it was ok with me.

I have no regrets about what we have done and if two people love each other so much, like we do, I can’t see anything wrong with them enjoying their sexual freedom. It was like a dream come true to finally have my wife find the right guy for her “boyfriend” and although I am incredibly jealous, I only love her even more, for doing it for me. I can’t wait for our first threesome next week and I will gladly watch while he fucks my wife then eat his cum from her pussy, while he watches me do it.

Submitted by: Peter, Melbourne - Australia

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