May 19, 2012

Retail Therapy

Hotwife Blog’s most popular Hotwife Jackie has been in touch again with yet more slutty behaviour.


A Day In The Life Of A Horny HotWife

One of my favorite past times is shopping. Big shock, I’m sure! What woman doesn’t love to drop a few bucks at the mall now and then? Sometimes it’s a shoe-shopping trip, because again, what woman has enough shoes in her closet? Certainly not me, though I must confess to storing a few dozen in my garage. Sometimes it’s a new little summer dress or a tight pair of naughty jeans that I’m in the market for. Kind of depends on whether or not I have an upcoming hot date!

Well, the other day I was wandering around the mall, sipping a raspberry latte, when I happened across Frederick’s of Hollywood. I hadn’t been inside one of those stores in years, having become more of a Victoria’s Secret shopper. I had to go in and see if the old lingerie shop was still up to snuff. After sorting through a rainbow coalition of merry widows and nighties, I stumbled upon a lovely black lacy number I just had to have. Luckily it fit perfectly. I matched up a pair of black thigh-high stockings and had the well endowed store girl ring it all up for me.

Upon arriving home, it seemed the house was empty. When I’d left hubby had been watching a Yankee game, the Bombers were losing badly so I decided to head out for some shopping therapy. Now he didn’t appear to be home. I slipped inside with my goodies and headed to the bedroom. I don’t know about other slutty women, but when I bring home new slut-wear I have to slip into it immediately to be sure I’m satisfied with my purchase. It has to make me feel sexy, desirable, and quite honestly, fuck-able. I slipped out of my red dress and into the lacy little getup, then carefully slid the silky stockings up my legs. Wearing the new frock did make me want to fuck, but alas, I was alone. Well, a slut is never alone if she has a good reliable toy. So i retrieved one of my favorites from the nightstand and began to get down to business when I heard someone walking down the hall towards my bedroom.

I assumed of course that it was my husband, and what better timing? I would gladly trade my gel cock for the real thing. But then I heard a strange voice say, “Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt. Looking for the head.”

I turned to see a very handsome middle aged man I’d never met before, and that’s when I remembered that my husband had invited a business acquaintance over for a beer to discuss some strategy or another, which turned into them watching that afternoon’s Yankee game. I hadn’t met this man before, but now I did recall hubby saying that a new guy had just come aboard and he wanted to get to know him better. Well, he was certainly getting to know me better instantaneously. I was so shocked by his sudden appearance that I momentarily forgot I had my legs spread and pleasuring myself to boot.

At first I was slightly embarrassed, I mean, talk about caught in the act! But after a minute I realized he hadn’t walked away yet. He was still standing in the bedroom door, watching my with my blue dildo, sliding it inside my wet pussy. Suddenly the room was starting to get hot! It was the ultimate exhibitionism, a strange man walking in on me masturbating, wearing extremely hot lingerie. A total stranger no less! And he was clearly enjoying himself.

I said, “You walked right by the bathroom. I’m Jackie, by the way. You must be the new guy.”
He said, “I’m so sorry, I can’t stop watching you… I just can’t make myself turn around.”
So i said, “I’m right in the middle of this and I have to finish!”
He looked a bit shocked as I continued to plunge the dildo in and out of my pussy and soon the bulge in his khakis was huge and tempting.
I said, “Look, Jason is a very understanding and generous guy. He would find it very hot if you helped me out.”
He said, “Are you kidding me?”
I said, “No, not at all. I’d love to be playing with a real cock and my hubby really would not mind”

Apparently he was beginning to take me seriously, because his clothes disappeared in seconds and his thick hard cock was standing at attention in front of my face. His cock was so inviting I took it into my hands and drew it to my hot hungry mouth. Considering we’d never met, his cock and my mouth were instant BFFs. After a few minutes of sucking his cock to full hardness, he told me to lay on the bed, tits up, my head dangling off the end, then began ramming that thick hard nine inches into my mouth while he pinched my nipples, then he held my head still while he pushed his entire cock deep into my mouth and down my throat. This guy was good, he made me feel like a whore and he used me like one, but the most beautiful whore in the world all at the same time. I hoped that he and hubby would become friends, and that he would be “helping me out some more”.

After gagging me with his fat cock for what seemed like and hour, he pulled his dick out of my mouth and let me up for air. He told me to kneel on the floor and suck his cock, while he layer back on the bed. I did as he told me and began to suck his cock again but he quickly grabbed my head and began pushing my mouth down hard over his engorged cock. He was amazing, comfortable being the boss and giving orders. Hid cock was pushed deep down to the depths of my throat, and I was nearly choking, then he pulled my head back slowly so I could get some air, then pushed it back down forcing his cock back deep into my throat. I could tell that he was barely holding on to his load, so I said, “do you wanna cum all over my face? I’d love that.”
He said, “I wanna shoot my load into your pretty hot mouth. You ready, my lovely slut? I shoot a big load!”
I said, “Yes! I want it, give it to me now!” And he did, a huge gooey hot load that filled my mouth so full I couldn’t contain it, cum dripping all over my mouth and chin.

We both sat there enjoying the surprise of this hot and nasty unexpected pleasure. After I’d swallowed his entire load, he extended a warm hand and said, “By the way, I’m Chet. It’s REALLY nice to meet you Jackie.”

I couldn’t help myself, I had to laugh. This had been the most elaborate ice-breaking method I’d ever used when meeting one of Jason’s work acquaintances. It had been such a turn-on, I wasn’t really sure what to say next. Then the hostess in me kicked back into gear and the obvious thing popped into my head. “”Nice to meet you Chet. Can I get you a cold beverage?”








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May 17, 2012

Introducing Kharrha Dawn

For some of you Hotwife Hub users you may have noticed a very hot brunette who’s been very active on the site recently. I have a feeling Kharrha Dawn is going to be very popular on these pages. Here’s her first post to Hotwife Blog.

Brianna Ray

I’d like to start off by saying that I never thought this lifestyle could ever come true or be possible, HELL, I didn’t even know it existed! I was always with men who were too controlling, had a low self esteem, and had the lack of trust (and small cocks lol!)

Then one day everything changed.

A magnificent man took notice of me. We had known one another for years, but I never could have imagined that he would have chosen me. He was in a failing marriage, and I had just came out of a really bad relationship. Then one day he reached out to me in friendship. He could see my pain as much as I could see his. And soon after we became best friends who fell in love.

Through time, we brought happiness, trust, honesty, lust, true love, and everything he and I needed to be completely happy. Lets just say, he saved me, we saved each other.

After a few months together he introduced me to D/S (dominance and submission) I was soo intrigued, but also, a little nervous. As time went on, we gained so much trust and love for each other that he offered me his collar. With pride and confidence I accepted it.

My Master continued to expose me to all different variations of human sexuality. Such as hotwifing, slutwifing, cuckolding, swinging, bisexuality, exhibitionism and every conceivable type of kink or lifestyle that could be found in text or on the internet.

Through my training, I became 100% confident in myself. He showed me that I needed to be proud of whatever and whomever I was. And the only way to have this freedom, was to be 100% honest with myself. I am proud to be what I am, and I am slut.

My Master would always video tape me being a slut. We would watch the videos when we got home afterwards, and the sex we had then, was purely indescribable. To this date, the best sex I’ve ever had, was when my Master took me after the experiences.

I remember my first experience with another man. I was nervous and excited, but I also felt completely safe. My Master took me to a sex club.

The first time that he took me there, it was for exploration, observation and a guided tour. I felt comfortable because he made me feel safe. Men asked, but were denied by him.

The second time however, was different. Much different.

My Master and I walked in the doors, he paid for a deluxe room, and the gentleman handed us our towels, condoms and key. It was gloomy, but sexy inside. Music filled the halls, couples and singles were everywhere, and porn was playing on every T.V. We went to the 3rd floor to the deluxe room that my Master chose (It had a large cage in it with a cushion top, a large sectional couch and armchair). We talked for a bit then we removed all our clothing. I was a little scared, but the rush of being there, and being encouraged to be there, was thrilling.

My Master made me feel at ease. We put our towels around our bodies, walked out our room, and from that moment I knew that this was going to be a night that I would never forget.

Seeing and meeting other couples, I then realized that it felt right, and that it was an important part of our identities: soon to become a large part of our lifestyle.
Everyone was so very friendly.

Holding my Master’s hand, as he led me down the stairs to the shower room, we removed our towels and showered and washed each other.
(We did have some onlookers. We dried each other off, placed the towels around our bodies and then Master took my hand and off we went on the tour.

We made our way downstairs, where there was black lighting and also areas lit with a very sexy dim red hue. I heard moaning and groaning of people having sex. When my eyes finally adjusted, I witnessed a gentleman fucking a woman on a swing, while other men waited eagerly for their turn. They were stroking themselves.

Through our walk, I noticed 5 or 6 men following my Master and I. All ages and sizes. I felt that they wanted me, to touch me, to get their hard cocks deep inside me. I felt so fucking hot, and wet. But they also respected us.

This one gentleman about 30ish stood out. My Master asked him if he liked what he saw. He smiled and said “yes”. My Master then asked him if he would like to touch my ass. He replied and said “yes please” very politely and enthusiastically. My Master told me to lift my towel so the gentleman could touch my ass. I obeyed. I removed my towel, showed the man my ass, then he placed his hands on me. The other men were in awe. They never asked to touch me, and were not offered the opportunity either. They envied the man touching me, and I could feel it.

My Master then asked me if I would like to offer the gentleman to accompany us to our room. I remember saying “Yes Master, thank you!”Then asking the gentleman if he would like for us to get to know one another a little better… to come and visit us in our room. The answer was a definite “YES” and “thank you very much”

He was polite and clearly delighted with the unfolding situation.

My Master let me lead the way up the stairs with my towel off so that I could strut my sexy ass and show off my tiny body. I felt the looks and stares at me all the way up to the room.

When we entered our room, Master took his seat, I immediately knelt at his feet. The gentleman sat himself on the sofa. Master and the man started small talk as a knelt quietly. I then was told to make each of them a drink, then I returned again to kneel before my Master.

I was then instructed by Master to strip myself naked and to entice him with a complete view of my body. I was a little bit nervous but when he got a good look at me, I saw the look of hunger in his eyes. I knew he wanted to fuck me, and my feelings of nervousness were almost instantly overpowered by my feelings of lust. I was completely turned on and needing to fuck. I also looked at Master holding the video camera, smiling deviously, and I then knew he wanted this just as much as I did. The anticipation of what was to come, was intoxicating for both me and Master. We were feeding off of one another’s desire and lust. And I can’t remember ever feeling more aroused than I did at that moment, through him.

First, my Master made it clear that I was not to be humiliated, slapped, have my hair pulled, or spit on. The man agreed with polite enthusiasm that was reassuring of his respect for us. This made me feel completely safe and totally at ease.

I was then instructed by my Master to sit beside the man, take his cock in my hand, and introduce myself to him this way. Master then instructed me to suck his cock, and I did! I slipped my mouth over his cock and licked and sucked till he was hard, all the while keeping a steady pace, stroking with my hand. My Master asked me “you like other men’s cocks, Slut?” ” Yes Master” I replied as I took his cock from my mouth to properly address him.
“Are you a slut, wanting this man to fuck you, pound you, until he gets off? ”
“Yes Master” again I replied.
This gentleman was asked which position he would prefer and he said “on all fours please”.
Master said ” You heard the man. Now be a good Slut and present yourself to him as he wishes”.
I then placed my body on on fours on the couch. I raised my ass in the air, ready and wet for the man to use me like the slut that I was. He was rock hard, and just a little smaller in size than I was used too.
He immediately put the condom on, he then placed his fingers in my cunt. He placed his cock head at my opening and slipped his cock inside me. He pushed slowly, evenly and continuously inside me until I felt his balls press to my clit.
Master suggested that I tell the man how I wanted to be fucked.
I demanded he fuck me hard, fuck me like a slut, and not to be shy. To pound me!

This was the way that I had pictured it would be. He grabbed my waist firmly, slamming himself inside me. I pushed back like a cat in heat, arching my spine to allow him to fuck me deeply.
I told him that when he was ready to cum, that I wanted him to tell me. I wanted to feel him cum inside me, when he did. He Fucked me for only about 5 minutes, but I didn’t care. I remember feeling his grip on my waist firm and his cock grow very rigid. He was fucking in and out of me with full heaving strokes, gaining depth and pressure. Then I heard him become somewhat vocal, in an increasing deep throated manly sound from his core. Then I felt him spasm and spurt, grunting with pleasure. I pushed my ass back into his body as hard as I could and said “fill me!”
He stayed mounting me, pressing himself deeply into me until his orgasm finished. I will never forget the feeling of his grip on my waist as he finished inside of me.

He then pulled out and got off the couch. He removed his condom placing it in the garbage and then thanked my Master for the privilege and pleasure of enjoying me. I then thanked the man and my Master for making my first experience be amazing.

My Master was videotaping my first ever encounter, being a slut with another man and I could not wait to get home to view it with him!

At that moment I felt that this lifestyle was meant for us both. I was a true slutwife with so many more sexual adventures ahead and plenty of videos to make for my Master and I.

My Master exchanged numbers with the man, they shook hands, then my Master said “You were very polite and fucked my slutwife to both her and my satisfaction. We will be calling you for another adventure, if that would suit you?”. This man agreed, then smiled at me and walked out the door closing it behind him.

This was my first slutwife adventure :D

Kharrha Dawn

Brianna Ray

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May 15, 2012

Brianna pulls a bartender

After her initial introduction to Hotwife Blog, I am very pleased to have heard back from horny blonde Brianna Ray with some mega hot pictures of her sex session with a Bartender. Very hot pics Brianna.


After my last booty call with my hottie bartender friend I had to give him another call. This time time we had some very hot 1 on 1 fun. I invited him in and we went straight to business. I ripped his pants off so I could remind him how good I could suck a cock. He returned the favor (very well) and then told me to jump on and ride him. After taking me every way he could I jumped back on his nice hard cock and he came DEEP inside me!! It just felt too good to have him pull out!! Yummy!!

Brianna Ray

Brianna Ray

Brianna Ray

Brianna Ray

Brianna Ray

Brianna Ray

Brianna Ray

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May 13, 2012

My wife with strangers

Wow what an ass Naya, looks so perfect with a cock inside you.. your Husband is one lucky guy!… And yes here’s another couple to introduce you to today enjoying the lifestyle to the max.

They of course are also joining in the fun on Hotwife Hub so you can also chat to them and check out their profile here. Hope to hear from you soon guys!


My wife Naya and I got into the swinging lifestyle, mostly to satiate her bi-sexuality as we would hook up with other couples and the two females would fool around and then we would satisfy our respective wife / partner with our cock.

After seeing this site and several others regarding hotwifing / cuckolds we decided to experiment. The scenario is always very similar. She arranges through the internet (AFF, CL etc) to meet a guy locally at a bar or restaurant. She gets completely dolled up and goes out to meet them. If she is attracted to the guy, she invites him back to our house or a hotel room. I get off hearing her come into the house with a complete stranger. They generally speak for a few minutes on the main floor, grab a glass of wine and then she leads them to the bedroom. I am in the room right next to our bedroom listening intently to the two of them kissing, getting undressed. I will often wait 10 or 15 minutes before entering the room and depending on the guy will find him eating her, her sucking him or him penetrating her tight pussy (she has never had kids). I will watch as this complete stranger fucks my wife and finally when I cannot take it any more or I am asked by my lovely wife I will join the fray and double-team my wife with this complete stranger.

I have attached a picture here of her with a guys that we have done this scenario with. We are in the process of trying to make this happen with two friends (buddies) and hopefully I will have some pics to post from that successful encounter.


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May 11, 2012

Kerry’s Confession

My name is Kerry and this is my Interracial Confession:

The man I have been in love with for over 3 years now has recently separated from his wife. Before anyone assumes why, we did not have years of sex which would let me know right away he does not care about having affairs with any women who smiles at him. Never the less his wife found out that he has feelings for me. I still blame myself though because when they were together, I did sent him a few sex stories. I do know the difference between sex and love, but the problem was that I did not know how to express my feelings.

I myself are in a different situation. I am cheating with this married man but with my Husband’s permission. He knows of my affair and actively encourages me to be with this guy. But this is a different situation from most men I have been with during my marriage.

My feelings were overwhelming me so much that I felt like I need to get them out so I could try to move on. People think that I was chasing after him which I understand since what I did sent the completely wrong message. I was not after him though. I would never do something as horrible as try to split up a family. I told myself we would only have sex one more time and then cool off until he sorts out his marriage situation. I will admit while he was together with his wife, I woke up every day wishing he was there by my side instead. I feel so wrong. I sometimes wish that I never met him. Then I would not be depressed like I am and he would not have lost everything.







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May 9, 2012

Our Life

Very excited to introduce this couple to you, say hi to Sara and Jason. They live a true cuckold life. They have also recently signed up to the Hub if you want to chat or connect with them. Their profile is here


We started out the way most couples do, met at work (he was my boss), started sleeping together, decided we were interested in each other outside of the bedroom, became an excusive couple. I remember him asking me very early in our relationship if I had ever dominated a man, or if I would like to dominate a man. I remember it because it seemed so out of place for him to ask of me, because at that time we were very much into a strong male dominant/little girl submissive kind of sexual relationship. I said I had done a few kinky things in the past, and left it at that. Months of hot sex, just the two of us, go by. Then one night we bring home a hippie type from Berkeley. There is a very small amount of bi action with the men. Mostly, this guy fucked me as my boyfriend watched. Then he left.

That was the first.

Several followed, all with varying degrees of kink, mutual satisfaction, bi-action, etc. Suffice to say that he eased me into it. After a while, it didn’t seem so strange to have a man come over to fuck me while my boyfriend watched from the couch, or hidden behind a curtain.

Then we found Scott. He was my first true bull, and I had feelings for him outside of the sex. This took a while, of course, and I denied the feelings, even to myself, until nearly the end.
Scott was the first to take control as a bull. He had me meet him outside of our home. Had me leave my loving boyfriend at home as I went out to get fucked. Had me fuck his friend just because he knew he could ask that of me and I would say yes. He was the first to treat my boyfriend like a cuck. He had a big dick and made me cum so well, so often, that words cannot express what he did to me. It was a two hour, soak the bed event off and on for two years.

Somewhere in those two years I learned to call my boyfriend by his true name. Cuck. That’s what he had been for a long time, but I was just getting ready to admit it. Cuck. That is his true nature.

We had other men during those two years, lots of other men. They all came and fucked me, then went home and told him about it via email and photos. He loved it and grew more and more into his role as a cuck with each man. We moved an hour away eventually, and Scott came to visit a few times, but then faded away. We found other bulls. Some ok, some good, one with potential to be very right….but always the relationship centered back onto us, and our dynamic as a cuck/slut relationship. We were at our best the night before a date, when the anticipation, hesitation, and jealousy combined to make our touch electric.

We had incredible sex and build up in the days before a date, when he would edge me as we talked about what might happen. He would fuck me just a little, enough to keep me wanting more, enough to keep him on edge. And then I would have my bull while my cuck watched, hidden from view, excited, jealous, and horny, watching me get off with a stranger on our bed…..

This Bull fucked Sara often, usually while Jason was at work.

The Bull that made this mess was in town for work and fucked Sara in his hotel room

In the car, Sara’s pussy with another mans cum in her

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May 7, 2012

Meet Kirie

I am a big fan of gangbang Queens, especially the messy, no-holds-barred cum drenched affairs. I have been aware of lucious Kirie Cantaloupes for sometime. I’ve heard of her amazing gangbang parties and her love of cum. I’ve seen her perform for one of my favourite porn companies, John Thompson’s GGG and get covered in sperm by countless guys. There was also one of her parties I heard about where she invited guys to bring along stored up frozen cum to empty in her available holes. What a party that must have been. And now I’ve found her website too. Going to join right now and spend the evening marveling at her cum filled splendour.


Visit the extreme Creampie Kirie here


May 5, 2012

I am Weird?

Cuckold Place Update

Why Are We The Weird Ones?

Here’s some interesting points of view on how people outside the lifestyle view us. I’ve always found it difficult and awkward when people know about my kinks. It’s like they think you’re strange and weird for wanting your wife/girlfriend to have fun.

I find I get 2 extremes of reactions from women when I tell them what I like. Either they are disgusted and like to tell me how they could never do something like that if they were in a loving relationship or it’s the other extreme, some girls look surprised but with the comment “oh wow I’d love a boyfriend that would be cool like that and let me have fun!”

The guys I find pretend they are cool with you as their motive is to fuck your girl, you can just tell some of them are freaked out at the situation.

That’s why I prefer it mostly when my girl plays alone and tells the guys either she’s single or in an open relationship. I cringe and am embarrassed when I hear the words “My boyfriend likes it when I fuck other guys” for no other reason than I hate to think other people think I’m weird. Sometimes I am confident with it and don’t care but I wish I could be like that more often…

So many people in mainstream relationships cheat on their partners and have no respect for their relationship and you think why are you doing that. Why not be with someone where it is allowed, accepted and enjoyed?

Anyway check the views below on the subject.


StubbyHubby Writes:
I was driving to work this morning and found myself asking myself this question. Why are we the weird ones or oddball ones? Think about this…

A guy spends his entire teen years and much of his 20’s (if he doesn’t marry) looking for an easy piece of ass. Sluts and whores are fine and in most cases preferred since they don’t get all emotional. If she has been with 15 or 20 or 40 guys before him, it is fine. Then when he decides to settle down and get married he wants the exact opposite. He wants a good girl. A virgin if possible. If his “wife” to be has been fucked by 30 or 40 guys then she isn’t marriage material. He wants a little innocent princess.

Then there is us. We also wanted to fuck the sluts and whores. But when we decided to settle down we were OK if she had been fucked. We were OK if she had a reputation. In some cases we even sought out the freaky girls, the sluts and/or the ones who had a reputation. We married the type of girl that we sought when we were younger.

Now that we are married to a slut and we are OK with it and even like it, we are the oddballs. How ignorant is that?!! We knew what we wanted from day 1 and we got it and we are happy. The other idiots who wanted a slut but married an angel are unhappy and getting divorced and we are the weird ones. I think society has this one all twisted up.

swhwwfubbbd writes
Totally agree stub, another thing that got pointed out to me by a very friendly self confessed ’slut’ called Gabby that I had a voice conversation with the other day was the hypocrisy of the norms looking down their noses at those who play away from their hubs in a open and honest way is that the ‘norms’ go sneeking around doing these things in the quiet in their marriages and relationships, fucking around like crazy under the radar which although not condoned by society at large certainly isn’t considered with the same distaste at peoples open and honest sexual choices where their not hurting others partners who may or may not remain blind to sneeking around with deviant activity!

I had to agree of course it is absurd and seemingly harmful the way the ‘norms’ carry on and when you consider divorce in the west is running at 50% it’s about time the ‘norms’ ‘fessed up!

Turning society on its head it’s the ‘norms’ that are the real deviants and we are wanting to do what just should come naturally!

jewelssubhub writes
I agree as well. In fact when I got divorced I decided I wanted to marry a slutty woman. My first wife was the innocent type and ended up leaving me for another man because of my lack of dick size (I am 4.5 inches) So I started dating and met a girl online. We agreed to meet for drinks. The very first night at the bar she was rubbing my dick through my pants and sucked my cock in the parking lot. That very next night I fucked her… well she fucked me lol. I knew if she fucked me that easy she has fucked many that easy. About a year into dating she started cucking me, slowly at first then more and more until she was dating black guys, even fucked a guy she met at our wedding. One day she counted and had well over 80 guys fuck her that she recalled. And about 10 after we married. Being a cuck is just my sexual nature and is how I am wired. So it is only natural that a cuck and slut work perfect together. He gets what he wants, licking used pussy YUMMMM, and she gets to spread her legs for all the cocks she wants.

You can read some more responses to this post here


May 3, 2012

Daisy Tshirt game

So looks like a little game is going ahead tonight, Daisy has just grabbed one of the Hotwife Hub tshirts and she’s going out in it. The plan seems to be that’s she heading to a few of the Cities bars to see whether herself or the Hub tshirt gets recognised by anyone. If you’re out in Brighton tonight and you see her be sure to say hi.

I’m thinking it’s going to be a late night. I’ll keep you informed.



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May 1, 2012

Sent wife to male strip club

Humble beginnings for this couple, a husband sends his wife out to a male strip show.


This is the first time I have written an article of cuckold life after five years being married (my second wife). We are both 53. I have known her since high school. I have told her my fantasy about watching her get banged and giving blow jobs. Finally, last night she went to a male strip club or revue. Most of the fun was sitting home alone waiting for her, the feeling you have in the pit of your stomach.. I loved it.

When she arrived home she told me all of what happened. Getting dick slapped in the face by five guys, having her hand in the g-strings of the guys all the way down to playing with their balls. She wore a tiny white dress and all the guys lifted her skirt and signed her ass. They also played with her tits, and she loved every minute of it.

Afterward I made love to my little slut, sucked her toes like she was a Queen, and listened to her stories of cock everywhere. Wow, gotta do this more often.. its a rush.

Lets face it, bad girls are the best girls.


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