August 27, 2012

Welcome to the club

Yet more wives step over to the dark side…

My wife actually did it. She had sex with another man two weeks ago. She was out with her friends three weeks ago and came home late (3am) with her girlfriends. My buddies and I were playing poker while they went out. When everyone had left she slurred to me, “I feel so bad.” I asked “Why”, she said “Because, I was allowing a guy to hit on me” I asked “What did you do?” She said “Just talk to this guy and when the bar closed the girls and I went outside to wait on our taxi and while we waited he was tickling my hair and talking really close to me.” I said “That’s nothing… Did he kiss you?” she said “No… but I feel bad because the other girls were looking at me with him like I was so bad.” I asked her how she felt towards him and she said he was unique and she found him interesting. She said he had fairly dark skin and that she got his number. This was interesting because she’s only been with white guys, but one of her best friends only dates black guys and she’s been hanging out with her quite a bit lately (not that weekend though)

So the next weekend we went downtown. Later that night after drinking we wound up at the bar where she met him the previous week. As soon as we walked in, she started acting like a teenage school girl. She said, “There he is, don’t look”. I told her “Go talk to him, I’ll go to the restroom.” I went to the restroom, came out and she was talking to me, I went over to them cautiously and she noticed me coming and immediately introduced me as her husband.

When the bar closed we all went outside. I told her if she wanted to bring him home, that I was ok with it. She asked me “Are you sure?” I nodded, she said “You promise you won’t be mad?” I said “No”. We approached him and two of his buddies and she asked him if he’d like to come home and have a few drinks. It was a bit weird because I was standing right there. They all looked at me. I swallowed my pride and said, “I’d rather her have a good time at home than to cheat on me behind my back”. His buddies, asked him what he wanted to do? He said he’d go, they asked him was he sure. He said “Yea I’m good”.

We went back to our apartment and I said I’d get us a drink. Before I even got into the kitchen, they were making out like 16 year olds. (she’s 27) I didn’t even get the drinks made when they went into the spare bedroom and closed the door, like I wasn’t even there. I listened intently to them through the bathroom door that connected to the spare bedroom. I was so shocked and turned on by the fact my wife was in the spare bedroom with another man and I’m standing on the other side of the door letting this happen. I heard them kissing and clothes being dropped on the floor, I then heard them move on the bed and my wife gave a little yelp. I’ve never heard her yelp like that (actually surprised me). After a few minutes of this I hear my wife say “OMG, this is huge!” Now I’m really turned on. I hear slurping noises like never before and thought she must be sucking on his dick. I couldn’t believe it, this was really happening. Anyway, I was creaming in my pants now and dying to go in and watch but couldn’t bring myself to open the door because I didn’t want to interrupt them.

I put my ear to the door and listened to everything. I heard her asking if he’s got a condom and he said “Yes… never leave home without them. I heard them adjust and the guy said “Put these under you.” Pillows I presumed. Then more rustling, my anticipation building I heard her take a few deep breaths and said “OMG!” He asked her “Are you ok?” She said “Yes, just go slow”

After about a min, I began to hear the bed creaking, he was obviously pounding her so hard I thought my bed was going to break or he was killing her because she was moaning so loudly. She was talking like I’ve never heard before saying “Fuck me baby, I can feel it in my stomach!” She came so hard. I could hear her grunting like she was going over the edge of a 1000 foot roller coaster! He fucked her for a good 20-25 minutes before I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I slowly walked into the room and saw my wife on top of him riding his massive dick (at least 10” and fat). She looked at me and said, “Oh, hey babe, come on in”. So I sat in a chair and watched her ride him until she couldn’t and then he fucked her doggy style and came. He went to the restroom, got dressed, we shook hands and I told him to take care.

Once he left, we went to our bedroom and had sex. I didn’t last long but to be hones I’m sure she didn’t feel much after the pounding she just took. We slept good and I think she may like the hotwife lifestyle in the near future. I know I do!


Submitted by: Will - Dallas, USA


August 25, 2012

Pimped by my Boss

Here’s another diary update from our fave gorgeous Hotwife Jackie.


Pimped By My Boss

Most people complain about their jobs. They feel under-appreciated, under-paid and under-accomplished in jobs that don’t fully challenge all their skills and talents. They don’t get the chance to show their boss what they can really do. I feel for my friends that dread going to work at mindless jobs.

On the other hand, I love my job, but I can’t exactly tell all my friends why I love my job so much…but I can tell you. You see, my boss Milt makes full use of my talents and abilities every day and in return I make sure that he receives my gratitude. He pays me in bonuses and I show my appreciation in blow jobs and other miscellaneous sexual favors. How’s that for a quid pro quo? It’s in the grand tradition of women sucking cock to move up the ladder. Sure, some women complain about having to suck dick to get ahead and society shakes it’s head at those women who “sleep” their way to the top, but many women who are sexually liberated love it. It’s a win win! Count me in that last bunch!

For me, the whole thing started not long after Milt hired me to be his personal assistant. After a hard days work it just seemed like the natural thing to keep my boss happy by blowing him at his desk. He is a great guy and treats me with respect and It gave him a terrific sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. Next thing I knew we included nooners in our fun, and boy was it ever fun. He would take me to a motel near our office and fuck me silly and we would return full of renewed energy. Our productivity increased by leaps and bounds every time I coaxed a big hot load out of his ten inch cock. And I must say, it also gave me a great sense of accomplishment, doing my boss and watching my bonus checks increase exponentially.

Well, not long ago I was on my knees giving Milt his afternoon blow job, when he had to take a client call. I guess he got so excited as I deep throated his cock, that he couldn’t help but brag to his client on the phone, that his assistant was a great cocksucker and she was polishing his knob as they spoke. In the heat of the moment, as men will do when they feel the need to show off to the other guys, Milt held the phone down next to my mouth so his client could hear me slurping on his rod. Next thing I hear is my boss saying “How would you like some of that?” I assumed my boss was just strutting his stuff, show boating if you will. “Boys, will be boys” I thought and kept sucking. But after unloading a generous shot of cum into my mouth my boss asked if I would mind if he offered my services to this particular client next time he was in town, which happened to be that very night. I replied by saying “I’ll have to call my husband to tell him I’m going to be late tonight!” Our newest video is all about my evening entertaining the boss and his biggest account.

As I said, most people just don’t get enough satisfaction out of their jobs, but as you will see, I suck every bit of satisfaction out of mine!!! And can’t wait to get back to the office tomorrow.

If you want to see the entire 40 minute video of my boss and his client fucking me, and ALL the videos of me “entertaining other men,” my proud hubby has posted them all for you to see.

Hotwife Blog Profile - Jackie - 2005

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August 23, 2012

Meet Hannah

An introduction and a plea from Hotwife Hannah from Oregon


I am a very hot wife with a very hot pussy, but it’s a shallow one that needs to be MUCH deeper, that only the gorgeous sceptor of a younger mans black cock, who has an even greater desire to fuck me can fill. I danced for many years, still have a very nice body, but with a truly genuine sensuality and sexuality then honestly most girls I see. It just oozes out of me, way too many hormones, BUT not near enough sexual attention, and I need my husband to know that though I am his life partner, I can’t be HIS lover, because I am in so much sexual deprivation pain, that I almost cannot take it anymore. So let me know more of what you need from me. I guarantee I will make a black man’s want as big as my need. I will give you blow jobs whenever you need, massage ( I am a nationally certified massage therapist). My Husband is just not up to the job, he is a good hearted soul, yet can’t seem to see I am burning for black cock 24/7, and that is no joke. More to “cum”.


Submitted by: Hannah - Oregon, USA


August 21, 2012

Rico gets 2 blondes

Check out lucky stud Bull Rico Shades getting his hands on two of the Hottest blonde wives on the net.

Barbi Sinclair and Tabitha take turns fucking and sucking him in a marathon daytime fuck session. Great pics Rico, thanks for sending.

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Read The Rico Shades Interview Here

Make sure you visit Ricardo Shades at My Deep Dark Secret


August 19, 2012

Creampie eating first

Another couple have written in to tell us all about their first experience. And what an amazing interracial hotwife experience it was for James and his wife.


The first guy we met I found on the Internet. We met him in a local pub. David was a black guy in his early 30s. We had a few drinks and Marlene was really nervous, I could tell by the way she was guzzling her drinks. David started moving closer to Marlene and she giggled a little bit but she did not push him away. They began flirting and soon, much to my surprise they was kissing and touching each other. David looked at me directly and said, “Do you want me to fuck your wife tonight James, I think she does?” After three years of fantasizing about cuckolding it was becoming a reality right in front of my eyes.

I guess I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. I looked at Marlene anxiously to see what she wanted to do. Marlene kind of laughed and said sure. He returned to kissing my lovely wife of 10 years and I was completely dumbfounded, she was going to do it. Marlene looked disheveled at me and began giggling. The alcohol had gotten to her. David got up and Marlene slid out behind him with her short skirt rising up. I could see that her panties were slid to one side. David must have been fingering her while I was gone. My balls began to churn as Marlene bent over and kissed me. She whispered in my ear, you should have felt what I felt in his pants and she wickedly smiled at me as David took her by the hand and I followed them like a scolded puppy dog out of the pub and drove them home.

In our bedroom they stood next to the bed, and I took a seat in the chair so I could watch. They wasted no time and began undressing; he pulled off her blouse and skirt to reveal her panties. I could see the crotch of her panties were soaking wet, she was really excited. I began to feel at ease as she looked at me and smiled. Marlene stripped David down to his underwear, and I could see that his cock was already up and ready for the job. Marlene got down on her knees and slipped the waistband of his underwear over the head of his dick. She again looked at me and then took a few tentative licks. She lowered his underwear to his ankles, and he stepped free of them. She then gently rubbed the head of his member over her lips, just giving it little licks and kisses, and his pre-cum started to flow. She looked up from her knees and began talking baby girl talk to him, “Mmmm, you taste so good David, and your cock is nice and hot. Its making my pussy so hot, did you see how wet my panties are?”

“They looked really wet, let’s see you without them.” he replied. I could not believe my conservative little wife of 10 years was being such a slut for this man. We had fantasized about this for 3 years and over time she got smuttier in the fantasies but never like this.

David reached down and felt her wetness, and then told her to lie down on the bed and spread her legs. Marlene obeyed; David climbed between them and began eating her out. I watched fascinated, as this was one of my favourite things to do. Marlene gasped as his tongue slid up and down her labia, and then slid in and out of her pussy. This went on for some time, he would suck and lick her clit, and then tongue fucks her. My cock was now aching, and the confinement in my pants wasn’t helping any. I’m so hot, please give it to me now David, Marlene moaned “Fuck my hot pussy, make me cum”. I just shook my head as I watched thinking who was this woman? I had never seen her in such a passionate state. My wife was becoming a porn star right in front of my eyes.

David needed no extra urging as he mounted her as I watched. Marlene had her legs spread wide, and David opened his so that I could clearly see as he guided the tip of his cock to Marlene’s waiting slit. He poked the tip in, and Marlene moaned loudly. He slid into her wetness easily as I watched his entire cock disappear into her eager pussy lips and then slowly slide his thick prick out again causing her to go into a frenzy trying to fuck him back. He continued, sometimes increasing pace to a hard and fast fuck, and then backing off to a slow gentle pace.

Marlene was pinching and pulling her nipples, moaning with ecstasy. My cock had soaked through my underwear and there was a visible wet spot growing on my pants. As I viewed the spectacle Marlene suddenly shouted “Oh God, Oh Fuck I’m going to cum! Yes David, Yes give it to me hard I’m Cumming on your big cock!” I knew at the moment things would never be the same in our lives.

She started to writhe beneath him, as he rammed his cock deeply into her. Harder and harder he pounded her wet pussy as Marlene cried out with another orgasm. I saw his ass clench and his balls draw up right in front of my eye. I could see him grinding into her deeply and she was pushing back just as hard. Oh my God I thought to myself this man is pumping his cum deep into my wife’s pussy. In all the excitement I had never even thought about a condom. Obviously Marlene didn’t either. David collapsed on top of her spent from the force of his ejaculation. I could see the cum on the base of his shaft buried deep inside my wife. He laid there for about a minute and they kissed romantically, then David pulled out of her. His cock was wet with their juices, and as he pulled away a string of cum hung from his dick to her pussy. Marlene laughed and said God were wet, just wipe that off on my pussy please. David smiled and rubbed his cock up and down her cunt, leaving the drippings spread all over her pussy lips, and then rolled off of her and lay next to her.

Marlene rose up on her elbows and viewed the sticky wet mess of her crotch. She smiled and looked at me. “Do you like what you see babe?” She asked. I looked at Marlene and said jokingly, as I stared at her pussy and I definitely liked what I saw, I was really turned on and I had a thought in the back of my mind that I might like to eat her out. I couldn’t believe I wanted that, but I hadn’t cum and right there in front of me was my wife’s beautiful cunt all filled up with cum, my fantasy come true. It wasn’t my cum, but God I was hot at that point.

“I think you do like what you see” she giggled. “Anything you want to do now?” “What do you mean?” I gulped. I didn’t want her saying anything in front of David. “Come on, tell me what you want to do and I’ll let you do it babe. Are you having some nasty thoughts? You can tell us, David won’t tell anyone. Just tell me what you want.” It felt like my cock grew even longer. She was going to make me say it in front of David. I swallowed hard, I really wanted it. “I’d like to taste your pussy” I blurted. “What!? You want to taste my pussy? You can do that anytime lover, I don’t think that’s what you want to do now. Out with it what do you really want to do?” I wish I had never started this fantasy. I used to cum inside Marlene and she would pretend it was another mans cum and I would lick it out of her. I wanted to do it but not in front of David. I wish she would have waited until he left, but she was in control now.

I almost came in my pants; she was going to make this really nasty for me. I took a deep breath and said “I really want to lick the cum out of your cunt, I want to clean up that mess for you.” “Oh, you nasty boy! You want to lick up my pussy after it’s been well fucked? It’s really a wet hot mess honey, isn’t it? It’s even messy outside because David wiped his dripping cock all over it. Well, I guess it does need to be cleaned up, why you don’t take off your clothes first.”

I stood up and quickly stripped, my cock felt a surge of relief as I freed it from its confines. Marlene looked me up and down and smiled, then leaned over and kissed David. She looked back at me and said “Well, what are you waiting for? Climb onto the bed between my legs.”

I did as instructed, and Marlene said Take a close look, can you smell how well it’s been fucked? I got in close to her pussy and took a deep breath. It smelled like heaven. She had cum very hard and her juices were mixed with David’s, and the sweat of their fucking created an intoxicating aroma. “Yes, you smell delicious” I said. “Then you can start cleaning me since you like how I smell. I want you to lick all around the outside first, get that nice and clean, and then you can start sucking David’s cum out of me.” She turned back to David and began kissing him again.

I tentatively started to lap up the cum, my cock was dripping onto the bed. I got the first taste and it was smooth and salty. Her cunt was coated, and I had to lick hard to get the sticky mess off, but I worked hard and succeeded. I glanced up to see her French kissing David, and without stopping she took the back of my head and pushed my face back down into her hole. I fervently began sucking, and she suddenly started to buck against my ministrations. She cried out “Shit, I’m Cumming again already! Oh God, suck my cunt baby, it feels so good!” I had never made her cum so hard in our whole marriage. I became like a man possessed. I wanted to devour her pussy. I knew deep down that I never pleased her sexually and now I had found a way. I looked up at her and she never looked so beautiful to me. I sucked harder as she came, her cunt muscles began pumping their cum out into my mouth. Spasm after spasm roared through her body, and she grabbed my head with both hands and roughly held my face against her pussy as she rubbed it up and down. David had grabbed hold of her nipples and was tweaking them, adding to her storming orgasm. As the waves of pleasure faded, she released me and lay back. God that was great, but I think there’s more in me.

I saw that David’s cock was at rock hard again, and Marlene noticed also. She got on all fours and presented herself to him. David took the hint and positioned himself behind her, and promptly buried his cock inside her. Marlene started to rock back and forth, impaling herself deeply with each stroke. Her eyes were fluttering; she had become possessed just as I was and I wanted her to be. David was a stud that I never was. I could never give her cock like he was and for some reason I was very ok. Maybe the lie was dead; I didn’t have to pretend anymore. I was a cuckold. I really didn’t know who this slut was on all fours but I knew she was mine and loved her even more and wanted to get to know her.

Marlene looked up at me and said “Babe, climb under me and lick me while I’m getting fucked, please, Don’t think about it, just do it, I want you to do it so fucking bad, please lick my cunt now!” I wanted to please her so I got underneath her and she and David spread their legs a little more to allow me easy access. From that angle I had a great view of his thick cock going in and out her wet lips, and Marlene’s pussy was actually working up into lather. I reached out with my tongue and started to lick her clit gently.

“Oh fuck yeah!” She shouted. “Lick me hard cuckyboy you nasty slut! Lick my clit, oh yeah David fuck me deep!” I started to lick at the hole as she ordered me, sliding my tongue over the clit and around the hole just as she was getting pumped by David’s manhood. My dick was spewing all over my stomach. Marlene began to spasm wildly, and David grabbed her hips to keep his cock deep in her. She cried out that she was Cumming again, and her body began to quiver as she rode out her third orgasm. I was watching David’s balls and I saw them tighten up as he dumped his second load into Marlene, and she sobbed with pleasure feeling her pussy fill up again with another man’s cum.

David pulled out, and Marlene dropped herself straight down onto my face, cum leaking freely from her gaping hole. I lapped it up as she grinded down onto me. I sucked hard as she leaned forward and took my dick into her mouth. I lasted about 10 seconds, and then a violent orgasm shook my whole body as I let loose what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth. She continued to suck and I continued to lick until my cock began to deflate. Finally, she rolled off and turned over to face me. I had cum on my lips and face, and she had a big smile on hers. David was watching as she grabbed me and kissed me hard. I opened my mouth to accept her tongue, and was surprised when she returned my whole load of cum to me!

“Now swallow that one too” she said with a grin. I smiled and let it slide down my throat, and she let out a laugh. “There, now you finally got to taste your own cum lover, maybe next time you will actually be able to eat it from my pussy! If not, we can always invite David back for more practice.”

After David left we made love like we have never made love before. Marlene has had so many men since then, but that night was the best.

My wife

Submitted by: James - UK


August 17, 2012

Jinxypie Bridal fantasy

Who would be your ultimate fantasy Hotwife Bride? I think it’s hard to think of anyone above the delicious cutie pie Jinxypie. And what a hot wedding outfit it is. Just imagine her tying the knot with you wearing this sexy number and then preparing to meet her lover in the bridal suite to consummate the Marriage for you. HOT!







Hotwife Blog Profile - Jinxypie - 2009

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August 15, 2012

Wife Into A Hotwife

Thanks to all the new members who have signed up for a VIP membership at Hotwife Hub. Loving chatting to some of you on there on IM as well as all the very sexy hotwives.

Have had to go away this weekend folks so am unable to get you the latest post I had planned but I have some very hot stories and pictures coming next week though.

I thought this was worthy of a ‘Best Of’ repost - How to turn your wife into a Hotwife. Don’t give up guys, the lifestyle is waiting for you with open arms!

Turning a Wife Into A Hotwife

Part VIII - “Conclusion - And Finally…”

It needs to be noted that there is a niche, renegade definition of hotwife used on some x-rated sites that puts her under the control of a husband whose goal is to turn her into a whore-wife. He might have her dress in revealing clothes and have her go to a party, or to the houses or apartments of men he knows, with the understanding that she is to make herself available for sex. No money is involved, and the only motivation seems to be that she demonstrates that she is willing to provide these men with sex. Some wives in this case may be acting out a prostitute fantasy with the husband as pimp. Plus, some women want to experience sex with different men without the complications of setting things in motion themselves. And, finally, then some of these women may be acting out a psychological need to experience submission. In most cases, however, these husbands simply want to demonstrate some sort of ultimate control over their wives by getting them to a point of readily agreeing to sex with men they choose. In some cases the situation is reversed with the cuckold husband getting off on his wife humiliating him by flaunting her numerous affairs in front of him, and even going so far as to force him to watch one of more men have sex with her while she berates her husband’s sexual abilities.

Although such “needs” are hard to understand, they exist and need to be recognized as part of the full scope of human needs and behaviors. Even though some husbands and wives might accept these renegade definitions, the majority of people who move in the hotwife direction feel that these views are associated with unhealthy dominant-submissive relationships that will probably at some point self-destruct. In contrast to the above, the definitions used for the terms in this article can be found here.

This article is in response to letters we’ve received about hotwives and swinging. The bugaboo in outside sexual relationships is emotional involvement. When this enters the picture with anyone but your committed partner, major problems develop. A new person can represent an exciting change over an existing relationship, but what is often not realized is that the excitement of this new relationship almost always fades.
It has been shown that when a person marries the “other person,” that marriage generally fails.

Next week we’ll start to publish “Becoming A Hotwife” - it documents some of the personal problems (and successes) experienced by one couple, and adds important things that need to be considered.

By: Dr. Cherry Lee

Read Part I - How can I turn my wife into a hotwife?

Read Part II - Getting Things Started

Read Part III - Other Approaches

Read Part IV - First Time With Another Man

Read Part V - Navigating Some Dangerous Waters

Read Part VI - Emotional Involvement

Read Part VII - How A Husband Copes

A Hotwife Was Here
Husband’s Dream


August 13, 2012

The cubicle next to me

Cuckold Place Update

My girlfriend fucked her lover at the swimmingpool

Yesterday we went for a swim, the three of us.

They kissed all the time and even fucked a bit in the actual swimmingpool right next to me.

At the end, she was with me in my dressingroom, and she told me she was going to fuck her lover! He was in the dressingroom next to ours.

It was only 30 secs later before she threw her bikini in total over to my dressingroom.. So I knew she was naked.

Then they fucked, and I heard the moans, and felt the motions through the wall.

I have secretly taken some pics! Tell me what you think of it?

Submitted by: dfs334

My wife at the swimming baths

You can read some responses to this post here


August 11, 2012

Faiths interracial 3way

Lovely wife Faith has sent in some pics of her very naughty weekend. Inviting 2 black bulls over for a game of Pool. Apparently they stayed all day for a non-stop fucking and sucking session. Great pics Faith, thanks for sendind and keep up all the horny hotwife fun.







Faith - Hotwife Blog Profile 2012

Click here to see how Naughty Faith is


August 9, 2012

Black Owned

A post today from Master Shango. Had a look through his blog and it’s got some very interesting reading. Thanks for sending in your thoughts.


A few months back I posted a poll at my blog. A lot of you must have stopped by to check it out. It asked a question: “Do You Desire to be ‘Black-Owned’”?

The poll ended a month ago, and in total I received 211 votes. It broke down like this:

Yes, very much 159 (75%)

No, don’t want it 10 (4%)

Still considering 33 (15%)

Want to know more… 28 (13%)

Votes so far: 211

I can understand the percentage of couples, single women or hubbies who’ve got no desire wanting any of this for themselves. I even applaud them for making the decision. For the ones who’re still considering, and the others wanting to know more, I guess some measure of explanation is required.

A lot might consider the term ‘Black-Owned’ as something akin to slavery. That’s far from the truth. It is and at the same time it isn’t. Slavery means involving/punishing someone under your dominating power regardless of cause humanitarian reason. In other words, slavery rules out the right of
choice. Being ‘Black-Owned’ involves choice: the slut woman/white boi/white couple choose to want themselves become totally immense in submission to
their Black bull. The Black bull thus assumes the role of being a Black Master over them.

It’s a choice that starts out with a form of desire: when the slut wife realizes what she’s been missing all the time she’s been stuck with her hubby, when her hubby too realizes what the wife has been wanting all this time and knows without a doubt that he’s not the one to provide it for her. Yeah, he could take care of the mortgage, feed and clothe her, buy her new pair of shoes every now and then, and do whatever he’s meant to do to make her happy and smiling, but when it comes to being the man in the bedroom, he’s at a low scoring point on that. Such is where the black bull comes in.
The bull and the slut wife own the bedroom, while hubby gets his white boi self relegated to the couch in the living room or in some occasions, the basement. Some wives like it being that way, don’t blame me.

But I will stress again, this isn’t something that’s enforced upon the couple, and I don’t want any of you readers out there taking this the wrong way. In the Cuckold lifestyle, I stressed in several articles of mine published in my blog about the requirement that a couple wanting to be involved in this should start first by letting the wife become used to having one lover. This is essential because a lot of times starting with more than one could lead to a varying excitement, the sort that sooner or later the wife won’t be able to control her need for black cock. Of course that’s not to say there’s much guarantees when she’s stuck with a single lover, but I much prefer that because then it’ll be easy for either of them to draw the line, to make a declaration as to the boundaries neither is meant to cross over, and with the hubby there to further act as witness to the endeavor.

Not all white married women are at first comfortable with when it comes to being with a black man, or of letting themselves to be seduced by a man who’s not their husband. It’s not as easy as most women would make it out to be. There’s a lot of psychological infighting that’s bound to be at work when such happens, which is why a lot of hubbies are generally walking a tight-rope venture when it comes to suggesting such to their wives to try out. Even another reason why such might seem near insurmountable is because a lot of white women (whether here in the U.S., Canada, or even in Europe), have spent large periods of their comfy lives residing in places where there’s few black men around, thus she hasn’t yet gotten that much exposed to the sight, presence and conversation of black men to know what they’re like. Much of what she’s gotten would be from countless movies she’s seen, or the stereotyped imagery of how harmful and aggressive black men are sometimes portrayed as on TV. It’s easy for white men to know such isn’t true, because statistically, men spend a large amount of time surfing the net and visiting all kinds of adult sites than do women. Hell, I do too, so I’m not exempting myself from it.

To get a wife involved in this, a husband needs to give the wife that measure of comfort and warming reassurance that what she’s doing is the right thing for both himself and her and that no matter what his confidence in whatever is going to happen is seldom going to waiver. In other words, he needs to find a man suitable enough so he could transfer a large measure of comfort over to him when it comes to being with the wife, thus the wife won’t feel like she’s stepping into unknown territory when actually that’s what she’ll be doing. In such situations the best means to handle this is for the hubby providing the wife with a black man whom he can have a large dosage of trust with to further open the wife’s mind towards discovering her sexual self.

Such is the reason a Black Master must exist, and such is the main aim a Black Master is meant to assume.

A lot of wives out there want to get naughty. They’ve been keeping stuff all boiled up inside their chest for long, what with society always telling them what to do, and how to live. Society can be a bitch sometimes, and most times it comes with the sweet-sounding name as ‘Pop Culture’. Pop Culture wants to tell you the hottest stuff you can do to make yourself feel young and vibrant and chic in today’s modern society. A lot of it is a major attack on the plight of women, but few get to notice this. You open up a magazine, and you’ve got adverts telling women to look young - get yourself some breasts implants; look fit - enlist in some fitness program where young muscled fellows go; need a new lover - sign up in some online dating site that’s got tons of guys to hook you up with. A large number of this, you get
to realize later, is generally aimed at the younger women. Who’s ever talking about older, mature women?

I’ve got a universal mind-set, ladies and gents. I believe EVERY WOMAN (regardless of where in the world you’re at, what color of skin you are, your ethnicity, age, religious background or societal class ought to be having and enjoying the best sex as possible. If you aren’t, then I feel bad for you. Its not enough that you’re married or stuck in a marital life where things are just the way they are and the last time you and hubby made any life-altering change was back when Reagan was in office. Sex is something that ought not be denied to any woman, and it’s a crime for a woman to allow herself absorb such denial.

The role of a Black Master is to emphasis this mantra into the white wife’s head. Let her come to realize that regardless she’s gotten a little heavy what with having had kids and being married/divorced, or that she isn’t that young enough to win top prize at the beauty pageant anymore, she still has that fire in her that says she’s got beauty and a desire in her to want the best type of sex any man can give her and her hubby has to recognize that need in her too. He’s either to assist her get her groove back on, or take a backseat and watch. And with some white bois, I know they’d love nothing better than to watch.

Back to the subject of being ‘Black-Owned’:

This can occur in any number of ways: the couple might get in touch with a black bull whose being consistent in the wife’s life and desire that she wants him closer, or to herself, or that she wants him to further make as much sexual use of her and deem herself as his ’sex slave’. And if the hubby too wants to get involved in the action, so much the better. To make it more real, the couple/wife could draw up a ‘Black-Owned’ contract with the Bull/Master, putting in words all what she wants in this new relationship and that her hubby would comply with. Of course the new relationship now depends on the wife and the Master making out as they want; hubby has no
further say in this except assist with them enhancing the wife’s sexual experience/desire. If the hubby is involved, then he too as well gets to rip some benefits from the relationship first hand, such as becoming submissive before the wife and her lover cleaning up the wife’s pussy after the Bull/Master has done cumming inside her, cleaning up the lover’s cock, should he demand him to and providing homely service to them getting as much fun from each other.

The wife will at this time begin to show more sexual aggression when in bed with her lover. No longer will she make out like she formerly used to when making love with her husband. Her husband is not required to have her for sex anymore - that role now belongs to the Black Master and is his sole right to have the wife as much or whenever and wherever he wants to. The wife’s outlook makes drastic changes: her freedom will evidently come to the surface. Even when in public, her friends will undoubtedly comment on how young and vibrant she’s looking. Her style of dressing too will change: gone will be the ‘full-ass’ type of panties she once used to wear. From then on, she’ll either choose to go without any or wear thong panties. Anything with easy access to get to that hungry pussy of hers. She and hubby must accord the Master with as much respect as possible. If the wife wishes her hubby to assume a sissy-type of role, then such will be adhered to.

A lot of this can be made up as things go along with the three of them - not everything is etched in stone. This will only work depending on how well in agreement they are with things working out for them. Should the couple desire to go further distance with their Master, its up to them to bring it to his notice. Likewise if he has something, he would too. If the couple decide to want to provide financial aid or whatever form of assistance to the Master’s wish-list, they should do that as well stipulate it in the contractual agreement, should they decide to have one. It basically comes down to how familiar they are with their Master and that they respect him
and desire what he’s bringing into their relationship.Dont get me wrong, this all might seem to be about sex, but this involves stuff that goes beyond sex. It’s all Love and of heights to be climbed further than Love. If you, the wife, aren’t in love with yourself or with your life at present, then I doubt such can work for you. Even if your love is a morsel, it’s something. Hubbies too must have that same love for their wives to want to have her indulge in such. In the end, its all Love and more of what it carries. The sex is the tool through which physical passion is displayed. Affection the catalyst.

Though being ‘Black-Owned’ is most given to couples, a lot of single white men desire this too, I won’t rule that out. Single women too as well. Although I’m more of a ladies/couple’s man, I can understand the desire of white bois out there wanting to be of servitutude to Black Masters. It follows the same principle: find a black bull whom you’re comfortable and familiar with and get it to happen.

Submitted by: Master Shango

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