March 5, 2013

A cheerleading Halloween

A smoking hot story submission today from Hotwife Katy’s Husband. Katy is pure Hotwife bliss, she knows what she wants and she usually gets it. I’m hoping to interview this amazing woman soon, in the meantime enjoy their experience from last years Halloween Party.

Katy and her husband are on Hotwife Hub, you can contact them by joining the site here.

A Hot Wife Halloween

My Hotwife Katy and I have been married for 20 years and I can honestly say we have always had a great sex life. We met when we were both in college and I guess I must not exactly have been the jealous type because we had our first MFM threesome about a year after we met with a college buddy of mine. Katy was “Hot” long before we knew what the term “Hotwife” even meant. I guess you could say we made a good couple. And I can honestly say that from that first night I met Katy, there has never been another woman for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at beautiful women just as much as the next guy, and I had my share of one night stands before I met Katy, but as far as ever wanting to be with anyone else, I’m just not interested. Katy is my Queen which is perfect for her because unlike me, Katy most definitely IS the jealous type even though she was (and still is) a huge big flirt and cock tease.

In high school Katy was that proverbial hot blond cheerleader that was just a little stuck up but in an extremely sexy way. She was that girl who’s ass you always turned around to stare at as she passed you in the hallway, that one girl that you and all your loser friends totally lusted after but knew you never had a chance with. That was my Katy. So a few months back I was going through some boxes and I came across Katy’s old high school yearbook. As I flipped through the pages I came to the Cheerleaders Section. I couldn’t help noticing just how hot Katy looked with her pom poms and short little skirt. There was one picture in particular where Katy was standing on the shoulders of a very big, black male cheerleader and I though about just how hard it must have been for that guy to have Katy literally standing on top of him and not to take a quick peek straight up at that tight young ass of hers. But as hot as Katy was back in high school cheerleading days, she’s even hotter now that she’s all grown up.

Katy is in her early 40’s, 5″9,150 pounds with green eyes, beautiful blond hair, a pretty face, perfect hand sized titties and a truly amazing ass. We’ve never had any kids so Katy’s pussy is as tight as a snare drum. So when we got invited to a Halloween costume party at Ted’s house this past October I suggested to Katy that she dust off her pom poms and go to the Halloween party dressed as a sexy but slightly slutty Cheerleader and I would go dressed as a Referee. In addition to being a flirt and a big time cock tease, Katy’s always had a weak spot for the athletic “jock” types. Even though I’ve been never a jock, I’m in pretty good shape for a 42 year old guy. I’m 5″11, 210 pounds, with above average good looks. I’m not really one of those traditional submissive type cuckolds with a small penis who likes to wear girls underwear. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not me. I prefer seeing girls panties on, well, girls (actually I prefer no panties whatsoever on girls but that goes without saying).

I’m blessed to have the two things almost all men want and would give almost anything to have. I have a full head of thick, Italian, black hair and I have an 8 inch cock with a 6 inch girth. That said, like all men married to a Hotwife though, I love buying my wife pretty clothes, taking her out, showing her off, and watching her flirt, cock tease, and occasionally fuck other men. Katy prefers younger married men, usually guys in their early thirties who are clean cut, very good looking, in shape, and yes, size definitely matters to my Hotwife. In fact Katy has a saying; “If you’re not packing seven to nine, don’t waste my time.” Hey, the woman knows what she wants! That’s part of what makes her so damn hot! She’s confident, sexy, and somehow she always seems to know who’s got the biggest cock in the room. Besides, any woman who says cock size doesn’t matter is nothing but a liar trying to make some small dicked guy she’s with feel better. Katy always gets what Katy wants and that’s just the we both like it. Like I said, we make a good couple.


Our friend Ted who was hosting the Halloween party is a very wealthy guy. His house is located in a very exclusive neighborhood in the hills just above San Francisco and his house can’t be seen from the main road. It’s a very wooded area so I parked our car around back about 20 yards behind the rest of the other cars so we wouldn’t get boxed in. Katy looked hot in her Cheerleader uniform especially her short little skirt but unlike in high school, she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath this uniform. In fact, Katy “forgets” to wear her panties quite a bit, especially when we’re out in public. She loves to bend over at just the right time in the supermarket or the drugstore and flash that sexy, naked ass and pussy of hers to me or some other lucky guy who just happens to be walking by, usually with his wife, but I digress. Katy’s top hugged her two perfect titties and even though she had a sports bra on, you could still make out the outline of each one of her pretty pink nipples. We got to Ted’s house kind of early, around 8:00pm, so there weren’t a lot of people there yet. Ted answered the door dressed as the Big Bad Wolf. After he gave gave Katy the once, or should I say twice over, he invited us in. Ted asked me if I would make a quick run to the local liquor store with him before the rest of the guests arrived, I said sure. I told Katy to mingle and that Ted and I would be back shortly. Well the liquor store was jammed so we didn’t get back to the party until just after 9:00pm. By then, Ted’s house was packed with people all in their Halloween costumes.

Ted’s house is huge so in order to locate Katy, I had to stand on a small landing on the staircase, above the crowd, where I had a better view. Right away I spotted her. I could see that she had no less than three different men all competing for her attention. Just as I spotted Katy my cell phone rang and it was a text from her that read “Hey hubby, so many choices, so little time lol. Guess which one I like the best?” That wasn’t too hard to figure out, it was the guy standing on her right side. He was exactly Katy’s type. Early thirties, clean cut, good body, and to top it off, he was dressed as a professional baseball player no less! The thing was, he was very obviously married and his wife (who was dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood) was literally clinging to him as if he might suddenly blow away if a strong gust of air came by. Nevertheless, I knew this guy was all Katy’s. Like I said, Katy always gets what Katy wants. It looked like an interesting situation so I texted my wife back saying “You little jock slut! I’m shocked! lol. I can see Slugger there likes you too but what about that wife of his? She looks like she’s afraid Ted the Big Bad Wolf is about to come along and carry her away. So what’s the plan for wifey?” Katy replied “Who? You mean Little Red Riding Hood? Please! Don’t worry about her. Here’s what I want you to do. In exactly ten minutes I want you to go outside to the car. Sit down in the drivers seat and leave the doors unlocked. I’m feeling extra naughty tonight and I want to give you a private show. I know how much you like to watch you dirty old man lol. Trick or Treat! See you soon! Katy.”

Needless to say my cock became hard as a rock as I read my wife’s instructions. I couldn’t wait to get to the car and see just what kind of show my wife had in store for me. I finished my drink and began to make my way through through the now very crowded party to the back door of Ted’s house. I made it to the back door and then out into the very dark woods that surrounded Ted’s house. I couldn’t see a thing and had to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. Luckily, the moon wasn’t quite full, but it was still a very bright moon in the sky and as my eyes adjusted to the moonlight, I eagerly made my way to our car which as I mentioned was parked about twenty yards behind all the other cars. I opened the drivers side door and got in. I unlocked all the doors and sat there in the darkness waiting anxiously. Just then my cell phone rang again with another text message from Katy except this one had a picture attached to it. The picture was obviously taken by Katy and it showed a man’s hand planted firmly on Katy’s left breast with Katy’s hand placed firmly on his very big hard-on. The text read “Hey Hubby. Hope you like the pic. As you can see ‘Mr. October’ (that’s what I’ve been calling him and he seems to like it) has already made it to 2nd Base lol Seems his wife (aka Little Red Riding Hood) must have run in to Ted the Big Bad Wolf after all because Gary (that’s his real name..or is it Larry? lol) here hasn’t mentioned her once! And as you can see his baseball bat is nice and big just the way I like them and he told me he’s ready to hit a Home Run! Oh my! Well, batter up! lol. Katy.

It was about 15 seconds later that I heard the sound of footsteps approaching the car. Suddenly the passenger’s side back door flew open and in jumped my wife followed by Mr. October who upon seeing me sitting quietly in the driver’s seat said “Who the hell is that!?” Katy calmed him down saying “Him? He’s just my husband. Don’t worry though, he’s been expecting us.” Mr. October still a little confused said “I thought you told me your husband was at another Halloween party and that….” “Shhh….” Katy interrupted. “He’s just going to watch. Now slide over here closer to me and forget about him.” With that it seemed like Mr. October finally got the picture and stopped asking her anymore stupid questions. He followed Katy’s instructions and slid closer to her and began to rub his hands along the inside of my wife’s creamy white thighs. They kissed briefly before Mr. October pulled Katy’s cheerleader uniform off of her shoulders, revealing her two perfect titties. He quickly took one of my wife’s breasts in his mouth sucking on her hard nipple, while gently fondling her other breast with his hand, rubbing her nipple between his fingers. I adjusted the rear view mirror making sure I had a perfect view. As her tits were being sucked on my wife and I locked eyes in the mirror and she mouthed the words “I love you.” I loved her too and I also loved watching her get molested in the back seat of our car like a horny high school slut. Katy managed to free Mr. October’s cock and it was even bigger than it looked in the text photo. He looked to be right around 8 inches and thick too. I told you she could tell.

My wife took his hard cock in her hand and squeezed, a small trickle of clear pre-cum was visible at the tip. She leaned her back against the door spreading her legs wide open for him. My wife’s pussy was soaking wet and Mr. October just sat there stared at it for a few seconds. “Do you want him to lick my married pussy honey?” Katy asked me. “Yeah baby, you know I do.” I replied. “OK, if you insist” she said smiling a devilish little grin at me. “You heard the man, get down here and lick my wet pussy you horny jock stud.” I loved it when my wife talked dirty. Mr. October didn’t need to be told twice lowering his face between Katy’s legs. He began kissing and licking the inside of her thighs. She let out a very soft moan as Mr. October gently ran his tongue through the soft thin layer of Katy’s neatly trimmed pubic hair until he reached the soft, pink folds of her pussy lips. He used his tongue to spread her lips apart and began licking eagerly at her. Then he started a pattern that began by running his tongue from her asshole up to her opening where he paused briefly shoving his tongue as deep inside her as he possibly could, lapping up every drop of her wetness before moving up to her clit where he licked it in a figure eight pattern. He repeated this pattern several more times savoring my wife’s intoxicating sex more with each trip from her ass to her clit.

It was all I could do not to reach down and stroke my rock hard cock as I watched this stranger devouring my wife’s body. “That’s it, lick my clit just like that” Katy said quietly. It wasn’t very long before my wife’s legs began to visibly tremble and I knew that meant she was right on the verge of an incredible orgasm. “Make my wife cum in your mouth” I heard myself say, a bit surprised that I’d become the one who now talking dirty. “You wish your wife had a pussy as sweet as Katy’s don’t you?” I continued. “Uhh hum” Mr. October replied, his voice muffled by a mouthful of my wife’s sopping wet cunt. I noticed that the more I talked dirty the more excited Katy became so I kept it up. “She’s just about to cum Slugger, now tell Katy how much sweeter her Hotwife pussy is than your wife’s. Tell her!” I demanded. “Oh my god Katy” Mr. October said, “Your pussy is so much sweeter than my wife’s, I wish I had a Hotwife like you, I want you to cum right in my mouth!” Hearing that Katy grabbed two fistfuls of Mr. October’s hair and shoved his face hard against her clit. “Oh my god honey” she said looking right at me, “He’s going to make cum, he’s going to make your slutty little cheerleader Hotwife cum!” Katy lifted her ass up off the seat and bucked her hips wildly as the first wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her. Mr. October hung on tight though, never taking his mouth off of my wife’s clit even as she writhed up and down with each successive orgasm that flooded her entire body. Katy has always be multi-orgasmic and tonight was no exception. “That’s it baby,” I told her “Cum all over his face like a good little Hotwife. Push your clit in his mouth. You know I love watching you cum like this, you are such a hot, horny little bitch aren’t you?” As the last of her three orgasms peaked she said “Oh god yes honey, I’m your horny little slut wife, you know I am.” “Now get on your hands an knees and let him fuck you from behind” I told my wife. Katy re-positioned herself so that she was on all fours, her ass in air.

Mr.October’s cock was at full attention as he slowly lifted up her Cheerleader’s skirt revealing Katy’s naked ass and pussy and once again I could see him just stop for a few seconds and just stare at what was in front of him. My Hotwife on her hands and knees, her ass in the air just waiting for him to plunge his hard on into her tight cunt. It was a sight I don’t think he’ll forget, not in this lifetime anyway. Mr. October grabbed onto Katy’s hips and slowly began to push the head of his cock past her pussy lips and into her warm, wet cunt. He pushed a few more inches into her and feeling just how thick he was my wife let out a very soft moan. “You like that big thick cock don’t you?” I said to her. “Yes” she replied “I love big thick cocks.” I could see Katy shove her ass back into him taking the full length of Mr. October’s 8 inch dick deep inside her. They got into a rhythm and I could see his balls slapping against my wife’s pussy. “Slap her ass!” I yelled. “Spank my Hotwife’s tight ass!” Mr. October did what he was told and smacked Katy’s ass cheek with a hard “SWAK!” He slapped her ass again on the other side, this time hard enough to leave a rosy pink impression of his hand. “That’s it, fuck her harder now” I said. “Fuck my Hotwife’s tight pussy.” Mr. October picked up the pace and really started to give Katy a good pounding. Her beautiful titties swayed back and forth and I could see the force ripple through her hips with his every thrust into her.

Our eyes locked again in the rear view mirror and I could see she was enjoying herself, both getting fucked and having me there watching and talking dirty to her. “You want him to cum right inside your pussy don’t you?” I asked her. “Oh god yes! I want him to cum inside my pussy” she said. “Tell me!” I said louder. “Tell me how much you like getting fucked in the backseat of our car while I watch you!” I said never taking my eyes off of hers. “I love when you watch me get fucked in the backseat like a slutty little cheerleader!” Katy said loudly. That was all she wrote for Mr. October. All the dirty talk must have overloaded his circuits because he began saying “Oh my god, oh my god, I gonna cum!” and with one final thrust he did exactly that. He held on tight to Katy’s hips and his eyes glazed over as he emptied his balls deep inside my Hotwife’s pussy. Watching Katy get fucked like this, dressed as a cheerleader, on her hands and knees, her ass in the air, in the backseat of our car was about as hot as anything we’ve ever done together.

Unfortunately for Mr.Oct, I mean Gary, didn’t get to savor the moment for very long because as soon as he finished we all heard a woman’s voice outside the car in the dark. She was yelling “Garrrry! Gary where are you? Garrry!” It didn’t take Gary more than about three seconds to realize that the woman outside in the dark calling his name was Little Red Riding Hood herself! She’d somehow managed to escape from Ted the Big Bad Wolf after all and now she was looking for her All Star Pitcher husband Gary. I never saw a person get dressed as fast as Gary did that night in the back seat of our car. It literally took him twelve seconds tops! He managed an awkward “Uh, thanks, I guess. I, um, my wife is, I gotta go! I had a great time! Bye!” as he stumbled out the back door and into the pitch black. Katy and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. “Thanks for the memories Gary!” Katy said as she climbed into the passengers seat. “Wanna go home and play some extra innings?” I asked her. “Sure. Your bat feels awfully hard. How about you pitch and I’ll catch?” she said. “Sounds good to me” I replied and started up the engine. I’m sure exactly how many “extra innings” Katy and I played the rest of that night but that’s another story. It truly was a Hotwife Halloween. I can’t wait ’till next year.

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Submitted by cahotwifeandhubby


March 3, 2013

Intimate girlfriend

I wanted to share some very intimate photos I took recently of Daisy. I’m very pleased with how my photography is coming along for starters, but most importantly here I wanted to capture some intimate moments of Daisy with one of her boyfriends. I love the romanticism of these shots, a couple enjoying the togetherness of their bodies. What a wonderful sight it is. Sometimes these intimate pictures are so much more horny than the actual hardcore sexual shots. They show passion, lust and the promise of what is to come. Imagine your wife wrapped around this man and how hot it would make you feel.





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March 1, 2013

Meet Skye

I’m very excited to introduce you to this brand new Hotwife today. Skye aka The Secret Slut sounds fantastic and promises to send in some of her naughty adventures and pictures very soon. I can’t wait Skye. You are smokin’ hot!


Me and my boyfriend hadn’t been together very long, only a couple of weeks, when he expressed to me he would like to see me getting pleasured by another man or men, even women !

Well, as you can expect, from a “normal monogamous” girl up until now, I just couldn’t get my head around the fact he would actually get off thinking of me being naughty with another man. Crazy, I thought.

It wasn’t just that though, it was the fact that my boyfriend didn’t even have to be in the same room, building, town or country for that matter.

Initially, I laughed it off, but secretly, scenarios kept popping into my head of how it could be done.

At work, I noticed myself drifting off deep in fantasies of other men having their wicked way with me, totally unaware that my boyfriend knew, loved it, and might even be hiding somewhere close to watch and listen.

Suddenly, it was all I could think about, and it was really turning me on. I had the distinct feeling my boyfriend didn’t think I had the courage to go through with any of this, especially since we hadn’t even discussed it further since he brought it up the previous week….

Skye Fox


February 27, 2013

Office play

The very lovely Rebecca Dream from Rebeeca’s Office gets naughty at her office when she gets very friendly with a co-worker. The thought of your wife playing away at work is a big theme and fantasy amongst male readers here, what a dream of a wife Rebecca is.

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

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February 25, 2013

Wife loves getting filled

Cuckold Place Update

Wife Getting Used To Being A Slut

I’ve had a cuck fantasy for some years. I raised this with my wife about a year ago. Long story but after some indecision, she agreed to have a play with someone back in October. It was a great experience for both of us and we always had a great relationship and it even brought us closer. Since then things have escalated as she has realised her getting slutty excites me and her with no issues. She has had about 20 “dates” with 6 different guys, three if which are fast becoming regulars. Last Friday she had one of them fuck in our bed mid morning whilst I was at work. He filled her pussy. After he left she checked her phone and another of the guys had messaged her about meeting up. He came and fucked her at lunch time the same day. I got home and she still had her cum soaked panties on. Today we are heading to a park where one her regulars will meet us and fuck her. I’m hoping a stranger sees her playing and joins in. When I’m on my pc I’ll upload done pics and videos I have taken.

I usually lick her clean. There is nothing hotter then coming home and having her spread her legs and show me her used pussy. I have a good look at her swollen lips and smell her before I plant my tongue on her pussy and lick her clean. One guy is 9 inches and the other 8-9 inches and love filling her deep. She has a new guy coming to our house Tuesday night so there will be more pics taken then as well.

Bunny Games

You can see some more pics of this couple here

By: Bunnygames1


February 23, 2013

Bring on the Bulls

Hotwife Jackie had a great idea for a weekend of illicit extra-marital sex, not to arrange an individual date but just to book into a plush hotel in LA and see what action came her way.


I have had some super hot hook-ups since I began my foray into the hot wife lifestyle, at bars, restaurants, malls, even parking garages. But my favorite way to hook up is at a plush hotel. Maybe I’m a little spoiled, but 1200 thread count sheets soft as butter, great bottles of wine delivered to your room, big beds to bounce around on and a fabulous showers afterwards, not to mention amazing pool and spa facilities. Add a hot date or two and that’s what this hot wife calls the high life! Sound like fun? Oh yeah, baby, that’s how I roll!

So, without having an actual date ahead of time I booked a flight to LA where the majority of my lovers reside. A little ballsy you might say? How hard do you think it is for a horny married girl to find a hot guy who wants to get laid in a plush hotel with no notice?

Actually, I was almost disappointed! The first several calls I made didn’t pan out. My first possibility already had a date that evening, and the second had moved out of state. I left messages for a couple others (just hearing their voices on voicemail got my pussy wet!). Almost deflated but still hopeful, I dialled up a super hot BBC I’d known from several years earlier. A college guy I had tutored in math and physics, and the art of fucking a horny wife! I was so pleasantly surprised to find that the number was still good and he was “good to go.” I couldn’t wait to see my college boy again!

And, with any luck maybe one of those messages I left to other guys would pan out too, and then, oh my! A double header? Dare I dream?

As usual I brought my cuck hubby along on my date so he could watch his naughty whore wife sucking a truly big cock and getting her pussy stretched and pounded in real time in the same room. He gets to stroke his dick with one hand and shoot some video with the other. That way I get to share the love with you! A hotwife, a cuck hubby and a BBC, I just love these little romantic getaways!

Hope you enjoy these shots from my little indie film (triple XXX, but of course).







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February 21, 2013

Wife pulls student

My wife still looks HOT in her mid-40s and she knows it. I don’t mind the looks she attracts. Makes me hard. Quietly, I think most men fantasize about their wife having sex with another guy. I remember when we were dating and we bumped into a guy she had fucked before meeting me. He was much taller than I am. For years I thought she was into tall guys. Nope. He was just some idiot she banged while drunk.

She’s a pretty powerful woman now. A lawyer in a firm filled with sharks of all kinds. That gets me hard, too. I had introduced the idea of having a couples massage. I gave her the choice of having a woman or a man. She wasn’t having a woman. She definitely wanted a guy and she didn’t want to have a massage. That was the opening.

She had told me about visiting a local university where she gave a talk on a topic. She told me about one ‘young, handsome’ law student who showed her a lot of attention. I remember her telling me about this young guy a few times. I had actually thought she was bringing him up during unusual times. I told her she should figure out a way to have him seduce her, then she gets a ‘free pass’.

Shit she works fast! It only took her until the next week to have him naked and fucking her madly. He’s actually a cool guy. This still is from a video camera I gave him for his second time fucking of my wife.

Jacks Wife

Submitted by: jack8jill - Anaheim


February 17, 2013

Wife taking to it all

Here’s a second submission from a cuck from Finland. If you’d like to read the first installment you can check it out here.


So the story continues…

After my wife was fucked by two men after a girls night out, of which I wrote a few months ago, she seemed to be a little bothered about the whole thing - naturally, there were some things I too had go through in my mind, as having a fantasy and making one happen are two different worlds - but having her convinced it was ok on my side, and she could do it again sometime if she wanted to, or better yet, have me to take part as well, she settled and told me she’d think of something.

We love bondage play, but due to our kids being at an age they can wake up anytime at night and come sleeping between the two of us, we tend to make one night trips to a hotel, everytime we get a chance to, just for the bondage. Between Christmas and a New Year, we made one trip. For the first couple of hours we just relaxed and enjoyed the peace and quiet, ate and had a few drinks at the hotel bar.

We got back to our room and while we undressed, she told me she wanted to be in charge, so I let her tie me on the bed. I laid on my back, with my hands and legs tied on the bed, with my wife touching me all over my body. She put a blindfold on my eyes and asked me to imagine if there was another man fucking her, without me being able to participate or jerk off, while forced to watch. She asked me would I eat her pussy while she’d blow the other guy, if I’d get to join.

I hardly had answered when she already was sitting on my face pressing my head tightly between her legs. I did my best and had her really warmed up. She climbed off my face, grabbed my hard dick and started rubbing it against her clit. She teased me by talking about if another man would fuck her, took me halfway inside and told me to imagine how wet she would feel if there was another guys cum inside her. Would I like it. Would I like it if another man fucks my wife. She laid on top of me, kissed my lips and whispered it my ear. She told me to say it out loud if I wanted someone else to fuck her. So I did.

My wife moved on top of me next to the bed I was in, and told me I should be careful what I wish for, as it might happen, and I heard a sound coming from a belt when you unbuckle it. Startled, I tried to pull myself off the restraints, only to hear my wife telling me I wasn’t going anywhere. Next I heard her describe how she was being touched, and where, and how good it felt, eventually her ending up sitting on my belly, with the guy fingering her until she came. She kneeled the floor to give the guy a blowjob, before leaning her upper body on top of the bed and I. As the guy started fucking her, I felt her breasts and hard nipples rubbing against my skin in the rhythm of the thrusts.

As the tempo was increasing, her hands were wandering around my body, she put her arm behind my neck, pulling my head closer to hers, as her lips were seaching mine. Her grip tightened as she moaned her orgasm right in front of my face, followed by a few grunts behind her, and a couple of powerful strokes before it stopped. My wife laid herself on top of me to catch breath. I heard someone walking away through the door. She took me inside her dripping-wet pussy as she started riding me. After I came, she wrapped he arms around me, had a tight grip and told me we’d continue to have sex after she’s had a little rest here.

Submitted by: Anon - Southern Finland


February 15, 2013

Rachel takes more loads

Another hot update from Dogging Queen Hotwife Rachel Reveals in her quest to take as much strange cum up her pussy as she can find.


Just got home from my first dogging session of the new year and it was absolutely brillaint.

Headed up to Birdlip, wrangled up a load of doggers and headed to a quiet dogging location with a mass convoy of cars in tow, also meeting up with member of my sites, members from dogging afterdark AND Xhamster on route.

Stepping out my car dressed to fuck in my trade mark 8 strap suspender belt, lace top stockings and silky sexy panties I was eager to get my hot tight dogging love hole stuffed full of hard cock.

I took on every dick on offer, gobling on cock as I was getting fucked hard from behind, getting spit roasted over the boots and bonnet of cars until my fuck hole was well and truly used and spunked up!

This is going to be yet another amazing dogging fuck filled year and im going back out dogging tomorrow night. – Yep you’ve guessed it I just LOVE to fuck!

Check my site for details or where I’m gonna be tomorrow night and come stick your load in me.








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February 13, 2013

Breaking new ground

Cuckold Place Update

Breaking new ground RIGHT NOW!!! She has left for a date with our regular

They are meeting for drinks and some small talk then heading to the hotel nearby I set up for them. She was nervous all day about this but said she could handle it and was pretty excited about it when she left. I helped her get ready, shaved her up real nice and smooth as a touch up to her recent waxing, kept her pumped up all day telling her how sexy she looked, how excited I was for her. She teased me a bit before leaving telling me she’d be back hopefully with a big surprise for me as she squeezed my cock at the door before turing and walking to the car to drive off. She then went to the hotel to check in and sent me a pic of herself laying on the bed telling me she was going to be having some real fun in a few hours right here! I told her to have fun and make sure to cum, she said hearing that from me made her nearly cum right then, she said she was nervous but soaking wet! This is going to be a great night, I can just feel it, we both are so into this. I can’t believe how easy this is starting to get for her and I encourage, praise and tell her how much I love her every chance I get which just keeps her going. I just text her a few minutes ago and told her how sexy she looked walking out the car, how incredibly sexy she is, how much I’m in love with her and how awesome I think she is doing this for us! Of course, she’s pretty lucky too, fixing to get fucked hard and long by a younger stud and then getting to come home to me and tell me all about it while I lick her to several big O’s before taking my spot and reclaiming her pussy! I sure do love this!

(later that night)

Good news bad news, good news is it happened, bad news is she didn’t take or have any pics. We both liked this and plan to do it again, soon, like it may happen again this coming Saturday. I liked the waiting, the anticipation, wondering what was going on, what they were doing to each other. Upon saying all this, I like being there watching better now that we’ve experienced both but this was good enough for both of us that it will be happening as part of our regular play. She was so hot when she returned home and walked into the bedroom to find me walking up to her naked with a solid rock hard cock. She just smiled, grabbed my cock and started stroking it as I didn’t say a word and just planted a big passionate kiss on her. After a quick moment of kissing, we eased back to the bed, she told me she had something for me, in a flash she stripped naked, pulled off her panties, showed me the wet spot (which wasn’t as much as what I was expecting/hoping for) climbed up in bed, crawled up over my face, looked down at me and said “Here it is, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it for you.” I looked up at her pussy before licking it, it was swollen and more red than usual, it had been fucked good, although it wasn’t sloppy wet but I could tell by her smell he had cum inside her. Before I could kiss her pussy, she reached down and slid two fingers inside herself as far as she could, move them around a bit, then placed them on my lips to lick clean and then rammed them in my mouth, moaned a bit then eased her pussy down on my mouth. I lapped and licked and began to recognize that great taste of a fresh fucked pussy, the kind of taste where the cock in there before didn’t pull out and cum somewhere else but unloaded deep inside her. As I lay there licking her pussy, her moving forward up my face so I was licking and sucking all around her opening and not up on her clit, smelling the pungent smell of pussy juice, sweat and semen, hearing her ask me if I liked what she brought home to me with her wanting me to tell her how much I liked it, her telling me how he came inside my pussy twice, once with him on top and the second time slamming her doggie style while he was grabbing her hips and pulling her back onto his cock forcefully. Hearing her tell me how good it felt and that she came 3 times, twice while he ate her pussy and the third time while he was fucking her doggie style and telling her how great her pussy felt and that he was going to cum inside her. I was wondering in a way to myself why I liked this so much and crave it and want more of it and have become addicted to it. I can’t for the life of me figure it out, me, a manly man, very masculine, a super high off the charts sex drive since I was a teenager, a man who has always loved women, pussy and fucking. Before I was married I had girls that would come to me, my apartment, I had several that begged me to fuck them, good looking girls, they always wanted more. I had two absolutely stunning black girls, two of the most magnificent bodies I have ever seen, that would stop by regularly for me to service, they all said they loved my cock.

I was blessed and didn’t know it and it’s been confirmed in my mind with watching my wife recently, with a larger than normal cock, for sure in girth, immediately noticeably different in the four mfm with the wife I’ve been involved in. This really turns me on and get’s me off, the woman I love more than life itself, lowering her pussy down to my face for me to lick and knowing someone else has just enjoyed it, played with it, fingered it, ate the hell out of it, grabbed her ankles and pushed them behind her head and buried their cock inside her, kissed her, sucked on her tits, laid down on top of her and felt how soft, smooth and warm her body feels while pounding away on her. Knowing how good her pussy felt to them and how good it must of felt when they tried to hold back as long as they could and just couldn’t stand it any longer and unloaded in her pussy as they tried to push their cock in as deep as possible for that first couple of spurts before taking a few slow strokes, finishing up cumming inside her, then kissing her as they slowly pulled their cock out of her. I can’t help it, I truly fully understand how people do get addicted to drugs now, the high they feel, the want, need, craving there body continually gives them to want more and more. I have that with this.

Anyway, sorry about that, back to our fucking session. I ate her pussy clean, rolled her over and got on top, threw her legs up on my shoulders and buried my cock in her pussy. I bent down to kiss her and she grabbed my face, kissed me, then licked my mouth and chin clean of her pussy juice and his cum mixture and kissed me again. She told me more about what happened, how they took each others clothes off, how she sucked his cock, how he ate her pussy several times, how they laid and recovered and talked in between sessions, how she was laying there beside him with her head on his chest massaging his balls, tickling the insides of his thighs with her nails, licking and sucking on his nipple to get him hard for the second time. How when he started to get hard, how she jacked him off to a good hard on (guys/gals-she gives the absolute best ever handjob-heavenly). Then for round two, how she went down and sucked it and put a big bead of spit on the head and smeared it around before crawling up and impaling herself on it, how he rolled her over and fucked her doggie style before telling him to fuck her like I do, which is pinning her down, straddling her ass and trying to fuck her so hard it’s like your trying to push her thru the mattress onto the floor below. She loves that and that’s how she had him cum in her the second time. I fucked her, ate her pussy again. I came a shit load, I had been so worked up all evening it was super sloppy, but I cleaned it up real nice for her and fucked her again.

I was extremely tired after that as it was late and I had fucked her fairly long and hard twice, but she somehow convinced me to eat her pussy one last time before turning out the light and going to sleep. When the alarm went off in the morning, I woke up to her crawling on me and planting her pussy on my face and I ate her to an orgasm before she crawled down and fucked me really good, she then laid on her back with her pussy right on the edge of the bed, held her lips open and asked me to kiss it for her before she had to get up and get ready. I kissed her pussy for a good 5 minutes, she came twice, the second time really hard, I thought she was going to pass out, she got up, kissed me, told me she really, really liked this. We both got ready for work and did it twice again last night. She text me today several times making sure I was ok then after I told her yes, of course and how hooked on this I was, asked if she could set up another date this Saturday night.

You can read more about this couples adventures here

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