October 16, 2012

Barbi’s Member Fuck

Some pictures today from mega stunning hotwife Barbi Sinclair having a session with one of her website members. He does a great job of fucking the hot blonde in front of her Husband who was behind the camera. the stud finished off by cumming inside her and she then took the used condom and poured it’s contents down her sexy body.








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October 14, 2012

Calling all Master Bulls

A letter written in from wife Taylor from Australia


Hi there, I love this site, it’s given me and my husband so many ideas. He loves me fucking strange cock and now we want to go a step further. I’m looking to be owned by a Master and I will be willing to obey from the right person to teach me. My pussy. is ready to be taught to receive every pleasure. My husband agrees to me being totally owned so if you could tame my pussy come and try. Post in the comments below and let me know guys what you could do to me or for me. I am eagerly awaiting your responses.


Submitted by: Taylor - Australia


October 12, 2012

Dee Siren gangbang

Hot hot hot photo set from the yummy Dee Siren today. Dee invites a load of guys over to her house to use her any which way in her Garage. She makes sure she gets every cock inside her and then gets them to cover her with their hot sperm. Great pics Dee.

If you haven’t seen Dee Siren before do a little search for her on here. Dee is an insatiable wife that has the urge to fuck other men all the time. Luckily for her, she has a husband that enjoys watching her be a naughty slut. Gang bangs, bukkakes, sex in public places, and sex with strangers is something she does on a weekly basis. We love her!

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

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October 10, 2012

Cuckold lifestyle psychology

I recently came across the fascinating article and insight into the Hotwife lifestyle on Fetlife. It would be great to get some thoughts and opinions on it.


I have been doing a lot of research and wanted to share this with you all…

Introduction to Cuckolding
If you’re reading this for the first time and your husband/wife has just recently began sharing this idea with you, or perhaps it’s a long-lived fantasy only now receiving renewed attention, please continue reading.

Cuckolding takes what is perceived as the largest threat to a marriage and turns it into something that binds a couple closer together.

First, please understand and appreciate that for one spouse to bring this idea up to the other is an expression of love and trust. As skeptical as you might naturally be, I will take it as a positive sign that you are here to learn more.

I share this information from a man who has been directly involved in this lifestyle as a Dom for over a decade now he says, that done correctly, this lifestyle will bring a couple even closer emotionally than ever before – even for couples who already have a good relationship. Yes, it may sound strange at first that inviting another man into your marriage, and dare I say, inside the wife, will bring you closer, it’s true.

Why / How Cuckolding Isn’t Cheating
In short: Cheating is a violation of trust; cuckolding is an expansion and exploration of trust.

Cheating is so destructive because of the secrecy. Without being involved and aware of what’s going on, the husband is left feeling nothing but fear and potential loss. This is not the case with cuckolding. Husband and wife should share everything regarding this experience. When this is done within a loving, trusting marriage, the husband can focus on the erotic elements of such an adventure with his wife instead of being overwhelmed with anger, fear and doubt.

Wives have a hard time with the idea of sharing so much about their experiences with someone else. Their instinct is to protect their husband from such details, but for several reasons, these detailed exchanges are the key to happy and successful cuckolding.

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem
In our society, religion has imposed behavior upon us which restricts intimacy to married couples. I reject this, obviously, but not necessarily out of disregard for religion but moreso out of respect for our biology which was formed long before religion decided our lives for us.

As a species, we were wired very differently than we are expected to behave in contemporary society. This is one reason why this lifestyle can appeal to so many. At an instinctive level, polyamory is actually more natural than what we practice today. The odds are actually pretty high that one of you neighbors has or is interested in one or more aspects of cuckolding.

Humans being the complex animals we are, there are also other factors at play. Most of these are mental and emotional components that relate to our basic biology, but are also related to social norms, taboos and expressions of dominance and submission (which are a natural part of the fabric of human existence).

It’s a Win-Win situation.
Most of the couples he was involved with or coached loved each other and were very happy in their relationship, but were missing something. In most cases that was simple sexual fulfillment. It could be the husband has a small penis, lacks stamina or is simply not the assertive personality their wife fantasizes about giving herself to. Cuckolding allows this couple to experience greater sexual satisfaction while still enjoying the other aspects of their relationship. If you think about it, it’s much easier to find someone sexually compatible than someone compatible to share your life with, making this dynamic a natural fit for many couples who want their love and their sex to be fulfilling.

Why do some husbands become so excited by the reality of another man having equal or greater sexual privileges with his wife? It all comes down to our biology.

It’s In The Genes
Humans were never designed/intended to be monogamous beings. Marriage is an institution thrust upon us by religion to help create order and law in a time when we sorely needed it as a species. The development of genetics as a tool of research has also shown that most if not all of the species of mammals who were thought to pair (and by assumption) mate for life, in fact only pair for life. Our social structure was originally based on small groups or communities where social ranking was established through ritual, combat and instinctive traits.

Much like the social organization of wolves, our ancestors had a rigid behavioral system tied to the individual’s social rank and the perceived social rank of those within their immediate group. The male who becomes recognized by his group as their leader, becomes the alpha male and in these social organizations, it is then his role to protect the ‘family’ and have first right or even singular right of procreation with the females.

The remaining males instinctively support that right. The other males, the betas, have to compete with him for opportunities to have one of the females or try to catch a female when the alpha isn’t around to interfere.

Wives, when first approached about the idea of being enjoyed by someone else, often first assume that the husband has lost interest in her for this to interest him. This is quite untrue and quite opposite of the truth. In fact, it is the wife’s appeal to him and others that fuels the erotic appeal of sharing her.

Often starting with encouragement to dress sexier, the cuckold-to-be isn’t just wanting to enjoy her sexier look for himself, but instead, expressing his desire to experience the beta role by encouraging his wife to choose an alpha male for herself…and for their marriage.

Alpha, Beta and the Gammas Who Love Them
Males, be they human or otherwise, aren’t born as ‘alphas’. An alpha becomes such by being recognized as such by his social group. When a wife chooses another male for his sexual prowess or assertive attitude, he is ‘promoted’ to being an alpha male within that social group (marriage). On an instinctive level, the husband accepts his role supporting the coupling of his wife and her alpha male. That’s not to say there isn’t still jealousy and conflict over the situation, but all the cuckolds I’ve known have felt this arrangement felt ‘strangely natural’ once they became comfortable that the marriage is solid and rather than being replaced, he is simply part of an expanding ‘family’.

Marriages experiencing this shift in roles and the ability to express themselves sexually in a more natural manner find much more to share in and intimacy will actually increase between cuckold and wife even as intimacy increases between the wife and her lover.

Partner Options Bring Role Options
Many of the qualities that make an alpha male appealing to women also make them less suitable as a marital partner, which leads back to why young women tend to date males doomed to disappoint them from a relationship standpoint – their role isn’t one of having a relationship – it’s a mating one.

In time, most women will mature and beging to appreciate the men who are still attractive to them, but perhaps not as attractive as the males they dated when younger. These males are those who have a higher chance of being a good partner and father to potential children. Women accept the compromise of a good husband and less than ideal lover because it’s what we are told to accept in terms of a wife/husband marriage.

In a cuckold marriage, the need for compromise doesn’t exist. A wife can enjoy the benefits, intimacy and support of a loving, supportive husband while inviting a lover into the marriage who matches her sexual needs much better. In this way, the couple becomes complete by more matching the biology that still runs our bodies despite what we’re taught to accept as our reality.

Look forward to thoughts about this..


October 8, 2012

Cock hungry Karen

Black Bachelor Diary Update

Karen From Iowa Is An Amazing Married Black Cock Slut

My name is Karen, I’m from a small town outside of Iowa. I have been marred to my husband for about 9 years and we have a great son together. We live a pretty normal midwestern lifestyle with the one exception. I love to fuck! Ans he doesn’t. He has expressed to me in the past that he gets turned on by me cheating. So that’s what I do. I give him little clues on my extra marital affairs but never the full story. I love keeping him guessing. If I’m not fucking one of my lovers, I’m thinking about being fucked. I am posting this here in the hope that he or one of his friends or co-workers happen to find this online. His jaw would drop at the extremes I’ve gone to. I do love him, and that will never change. I just love fucking other men.

Especially black men.

Until next time.
Cum happy Karen.








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October 6, 2012

Should I confront wife?

I just found out that my wife has been cuckolding me for the last year. I kind of suspected that this was going on since she was coming home later and later in the evening. I then accidentally read her Iphone text messages when her phone was left beside me and the screen hadn’t switched off. I only read a few but they were pretty graphic with photos and all. My heart sank and I felt very desperate, but at the same time very aroused and excited. I’ve had fantasies before of being cuckolded but I never would have thought that it would happen to me. I don’t know what to do but to jerk off. I’m too much of a sissy to leave her and I don’t know what’s going to happen yet. I’m trying to ignore it and act as if nothing has happened but my heart is racing with fear, arousal and heartbreak.

I guess I’ve been acting like a cuckold by cleaning the house, washing dishes, laundry etc and she hasn’t let me fuck her in a long time. I felt like a cuckold before I found out about her and I’ve fantasized about her getting fucked by other men but only as a fantasy. Now it has really happened and I don’t know how she will react when she finds out that I know. I am frightened she might leave me. I would love her to bring someone home and fuck in front of me but don’t have the courage to ask her. I guess maybe I’m the true meaning of a cuckold.

I’ve always wondered what I would do if this really happened to me, now I know. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Submitted by: Philip


October 4, 2012

Ronja Fox USA party

Some exciting news for all you US Bulls. Our favorite Queen of Creampie Hotwife Ronja Fox
is heading Stateside to the swinging capital of the world, Florida. And she plans to have a massive gangbang in Tampa next Saturday the 13th October. All of you are invited.
So guys if you want to empty your balls inside the Queen of filth check out the details below. I hope I get a full report Ronja.

Hi Guys! Well now this is the time for me to visit the USA!

I am here for a language study and I wanna use this opportunity to have a great time with the guys from the USA.

Who wants to meet me and WHO wants to give me a lot of CUM in my hot german PUSSY?

Can’t wait to meet you
Ronja Fox


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October 2, 2012

Wife taken by two

A horny tale today from a Cuck from Finland. Its great to hear Hotwife stories from around the globe. Keep them coming!


As me and my wife, both now in our mid-30’s, have fantasised about 3-some, 4-some, cuckold and stuff like that for years, something very exciting happened just a while ago - that I want to share.

My wife had a girl’s night out with friends, and I stayed home with our kids. She came home somewhere between one and two am, and I was still awake for spending the night playing Wii.

My wife, drunk and horny, went straight to upstairs and told me to come to bed with her and fuck her. Hard.

When drunk and horny, she’s usually wet and doesn’t want any foreplay, just a good pounding, and this time was no different, so I thrusted my dick into her - and felt like being electrified for how wet she was. There was no way she was just wet, it had to be someone elses sperm inside her - and I was rock hard for thinking it.

She was watching me with her “half lit” eyes when I asked her how come she’s so wet. She blushed and moaned, as she was turned on even more for getting caught, and told me with a shivering voice she had been fucked just before she came home.

I wanted to know what had happened, so my wife grabbed my head, kissed me and whispered my ear what she did that night.

After a couple of hours of drinking and dancing, the girls had split up, and my wife with one of her friends decided to have an afterparty at her friend’s place. There were also two guys who wanted to share a taxi with the girls, as one of the two lives nearby to my wife’s friend’s place.

In the taxi, my wife asked if the guys would join the afterparty, but her friend didn’t want them at her home. The girls argued over it, and eventually my wife left with the guys and her friend went home alone.

So my wife ended up at the guys place, she drank a little more and the guys started hitting on her. She told me she was unwilling at first, but after one of the guys joked they would need to take her by force, she was kind of turned on, and had told the guys she would be helpless against two strong men if they were going to do it.

One of the guys grabbed her while the other undressed her. She told me she wasn’t exactly playing hard to get anymore. When undressed, one guy held my wife on her back on a bed, while the other spread her legs and fucked her. While being held in place, she sucked and licked the other guy’s dick. After the guy between her legs was done wh her, the two switched places.

After getting fucked by both of the guys, she dressed up and took a taxi back home.

I ejaculated a third load in the same night into her, while I asked for some more details and was getting hard ready to go again.

Submitted by: Anon - Southern Finland


September 30, 2012

Truck stop Rachel

Hot UK Slut Rachel Reveals has another diary update for us.


Continuing with my absolute love for filthy horny truckers, I popped out and met with this horny trucker stopped over for the night on the outskirts of Gloucester.

He saw my recent blogs regarding truckers and decided he wanted a piece of the action so joined my site and then mailed me for a meet.

I couldn’t wait to get there, inside the cab of a truck is quite cramped for fucking so this time we decided to go alfresco and he bent me over the side of his truck, grabbed hold of my ample big round ass and stuck it to me real good.

He pounded me doggy real hard and I’m sure my screams of pleasure could of been heard from a fair distance in the cool evening air.

He sent me on my way with a freshly fucked tingling pussy and a right huge wad of man milk trickling out into my dogging slut panties.

I do absolutely LOVE truckers!, so come on all your horny truckers – come get some!!!, mind you – its not just truckers I love, any dick will do!

Rach xx




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September 28, 2012

Whored myself for the job

Hi my name is Jessica, I am a 32 year old redhead, size 16 and 34EE tits with ass and legs to match. I recently went for a job interview to be deputy manager of a store on my local high street. There was 4 of us going for the job and I was the only female. During the interview I started to flirt with the manager if the shop, he started to flirt back. In my head I was thinking about cheating.

Later that night I was watching tv with my husband when the manager text me and asked if I could ring him and arrange another “Interview” at his house. I knew exactly what was going to happen. So I told my husband that I was going round to my mates for a few hours. I got dressed and went round for this interview. When I go there we both had a drink and s chat. I then asked him if there was a anything I could do to swing the job my way. I sat and waited for a few seconds while he thought of an answer. Thankfully we both had the same idea. We finished off our drinks and then starred to feel each other up on his sofa. It wasn’t long before I was sucking his 8inch thick cock. I had never sucked one this big and had to show him how dedicated I was so I forced myself to deep throat his cock. Mind you him pushing down on my head didn’t help me much. I stated to gag and shoved my hand down my knickers and played with my clit. After he had me gagging and almost passing out from lack of air he let go of my head and then pulled my knickers down.

He then started to eat my pussy. I sat there on the sofa his head between my legs and my legs on his shoulders. He took his time eating me. I bit my bottom lip as I came. I looked down and could see him wanking. I was just about to ask for him to fuck my pussy when he stood up and passed me a condom. I told him I didn’t mind I he used one or not. He threw the condom aside and lifted my legs back up.

I waited in anticipation. Telling him I will do anything he wanted if it would get me the job. I really needed this job. I told him how badly we needed the money and I think that just got him more turned on. I screamed as I felt his cock slide between my pussy lips. He then grabbed my wrists and pinned them down at my side. He then began to slowly and deeply fuck me. He didn’t seem to care that I never had a cock that big in me. He could see the discomfort on my face, I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him in. I asked if this was good enough for him. He replied with “You’re not experienced enough for the job, but the fact you willingly came here and are whoring yourself out for the job and are cheating on your husband says a lot about you.” and he carried on to pump me. He took his time just to see my face with each thrust into me. He then said if he was going to give me the job this would have to be an regular thing.

Just as I agreed he came in me. His massive balls unloaded their contents right in my pussy. I moaned like the whore I was. My back arched and he filled me up. I looked at him and said thank you. He then stood on the sofa and made me suck his cock clean. I had one hand on my pussy and another on his cock. He still had a little cum coming out as I sucked him. I greedily swallowed it. He told me he had to think about it and sent me back to hubby full of cum.

I started to panic when I got home, what if Hubby wanted to have sex? Here I am with strangers cum in me. I felt my knickers and they where damp with his cum slowly seeping out of my pussy. I didn’t want my hubby to find out what I had done, so I told him I was tired and we went to bed. I was awake long after Hubby fell asleep. I lay in bed and playing with my pussy thinking all about what had happened that night.

The next day he rang me up to say that I had the job. He picked me up a few days later and drove me to work. When we got there he got his cock out, without saying anything to me I dropped to my knees and sucked him. He came in my mouth. My eyes lit up as I felt his cock and balls twitch and empty into my mouth. I knelt there swallowing as much as I could. He asked how it tasted and I said wonderful. This put a smile on his face. I feel extremely horrible and dirty that I am cheating on husband for the sake of a job, but I am on good money and having some great sex. And it’s great to have a place like this to confess my naughty deed.

Submitted by: Jessica - Newcastle, UK

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