July 20, 2012

Think wife cheated

Cuckold Place Update

Think wife cheated last night

Last night I had to work late into the night as we had a special event open for the public with music and food. My wife had her mother watch the kids and decided to come over with some friends. She stopped by and to my surprise she was not only with another couple we socialize with from time to time but was accompanied by another man named “Scott.” I immediately got a funny feeling but was so overwhelmed with work that I could not talk. She didn’t stay long they all had a couple drinks and took off to go elsewhere. I did not hear from my wife the rest of the night.

I didn’t get finished and get home until 2am. I was hoping my wife would be home already as I was super horny and wanted sex. But she hadn’t come home. Last I looked at the clock it was 3am. I started dozing off and at that time I heard her stumble in and straight to bed. Usually whenever she does go out she’ll wake me up in several of her ways. Either by blowing me, sitting on my face, or her getting off with her favorite toy. I was half awake but didn’t have the energy to wake up and do anything.

This morning I woke up and when I kissed her goodbye she asked that I stay home with her. I began kissing her neck and she started moaning sexy sounds. I started to kiss down her back and down to her ass and she began moaning. I dug my fingers into her slick pussy. She really started enjoying that so I turned her over, pulled her panties to the side and began eating her out until she came. I was so horny at this point that I just had to fuck her. So I pulled her to the edge of our bed and began drilling my lovely wife. When I looked down I noticed my cock was covered in a white slimy substance that strongly resembled semen. Immediately in my mind I suspected I was getting sloppy seconds and got real hard. Within moments I had cum and had to get redressed and head back to work.

I’m very curious as to if that white substance was just normal female discharge. Or was it from her orgasm from me giving her oral, or was I fuckin her used pussy.

Submitted by: Ronald Curry

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July 16, 2012

Wife seduced young guy

Cuck couple Rick and the gorgeous Naya have been in touch once more. You can also chat to them and check out their Hotwife Hub profile here. Thanks for the update guys.


This is our second submission to this site and in my view our hotwifing experiences are getting better and better. Typically we meet her studs and bulls on the internet and if she likes what she sees (face, body and cock) she arranges to meet them at a local bar or coffee shop. If she clicks with the person, she will bring the guy home and the will proceed to play alone while I listen to the moans and groans from the adjacent room. When the inhibitions are gone, I will typically enter the room and watch the guy fuck my hotwife, sometimes taking photos or vids and other times lending my cock to the fray.

This approach works for us. However recently I was blown away by how emboldened my sexy wife has become. We were at a social function at a private club. We arrived early at the function and were introduced to a younger guy and his father who were also guests at the function. We enjoyed some wine and conversation together and my wife flirted harmlessly with the young guy. We stayed later than we typically do at these type of things as my wife was clearly enjoying herself and there was some great energy going on between her and the young guy.

In bed that night she asked me how I would feel about seducing “Steve” and having her way with him. I was instantly aroused by the idea but inquired as to why she thought he would be game. She related that some of their flirtation had been a bit racy and that he had slipped her his business card and said that he hoped to “further their conversation”. I agreed that she should meet Steve for a follow-up conversation.

She arranged to meet him at a local wine bar and got dressed in a sexy short skirt with a very revealing top for her “date”. I on the other hand headed to my favourite pub. She related that when he walked in he complemented her on the way she was dressed and they made some chit chat. My wife cut to the chase and said “I think we both are here for the same reason but I want you to know that I do not cheat on my husband”. She went on to tell him that we were into the hotwifing lifestyle and what that entailed. Although he had never done anything like it he admitted that he was very intrigued and more importantly desperately wanted to fuck her.

They departed the wine bar together and made the 5 minute drive to our house. She sent me a message that they were en route to the house. I waited 45 minutes and then walked the 10 minutes to our house anticipating what I was going to hear and see. When I arrived at the house I inserted the key into the lock and opened the door quietly. I entered the house and stood there listening. I heard the loud moans of my wife coming from our bedroom upstairs. I took off my shoes and walked lightly up the stairs to find this tall 29 year old stud fucking my wife. She was sitting on top of his cock and they were kissing. She paused, looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back and said “You guys certainly did not waste any time, Steve how do you like her tight pussy?”. Naya smiled devilishly and said “I don’t know about him but I am loving his huge cock”. With not much effort Steve repositioned Naya so that I could see what she was talking about. His cock was a good 10-11 inches and was as wide as my wrist.

I watched Steve put Naya in several different positions and tease her with his enormous cock; all the while Naya moaned with intense pleasure. I took some photos as souvenirs and then stripped naked and joined them for some mfm fun.

The idea of Naya flirting with Steve to the extent that he knew that she would fuck him, their date and coming home to find them fucking madly was a really, really intense experience.


First Post - My Wife With Strangers

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July 14, 2012

Rebecca’s hot date

Here’s another update from the amazing Rebecca Dream. Rebecca takes it to emotional extremes with her encounters with her Bulls. Here she shares an intimate moment with this guy, giving him a sensual massage and then taking a bath together. It’s great to see this side of a hotwife. It’s not always about the sex, it’s so horny to see your loved one get close on this sort of level.

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

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July 12, 2012

Brush with the law

You may recall an introduction of a new hotwife by reader John a few weeks ago. Well the Wife in question has been in touch with her first post. It’s a hot fantasy her and her Husband have talked about and fantasized about. This is just the tip of the ice burg as far as the dirty mind of this woman goes. I can’t wait for further updates.


My wife and I live in the mountains far from town so when we get together with friends we meet at their houses in town. We played poker with some friends of ours one night after work and didn’t leave until about 10:00 at night. It’s about an hour drive home and my wife was feeling a little horny. So one could imagine why I was in a bit of a hurry to get home.

My wife is 5′7″ and about 140 pounds. She truly exudes sexiness and eroticism with her body and movements. Dressed in five inch heels, her luscious long legs are defined and athletic with a beautiful tan. She lays out nude three or four times a week and doesn’t have a tan mark anywhere on her body. Her pussy is shaved daily which leaves a smooth and prominent mons. Beyond this awe inspiring pussy lies broad hips tapering to a small, narrow waist and tight, flat abs. Her ass, with the right amount of muscle, has a perfect round shape which you can tell could take a good pounding. I just love to fuck her from behind and see her soft long wavy blonde hair cascading down her tight torso to her waist. From this position I reach around to grab her firm 34B tits which fit her frame wonderfully. We are an open couple and guys have said in the past that she looks like she was built for fucking.

After exiting the freeway we have about two miles of dirt road and this night I was going fast enough to slide in the corners. My wife had unbuttoned her thin, gauzy, white shirt and removed her lacy bra. She had her right foot with her high heel shoe up on the dash. Her short denim skirt was pulled up exposing her bald pussy as she rubbed her clit lightly. I was looking at her pussy and then suddenly I looked up and saw a sheriff truck behind me with red and blue lights on. I pulled to the side into a big dirt area off the narrow road. My wife got her skirt pulled down and put the shirt together although was not able to button it up. When the deputy walked up to my window he asked for my license, registration and proof of insurance. I handed him the things he asked for and then he asked me if I knew why he had pulled me over. I told him that I might have been going a little fast on the dirt road. Then he informed me that the speed limit is 35 and I was clocked at 55. In addition to speeding, sliding in the corners is reckless driving. The deputy was 6′1″ and about 250 pounds. His shoulders were wide and he was likely in his late forties. He had a full head of dark straight hair with a little gray mixed in. What first caught my attention was the size of his forearms, although he was a little overweight, you could tell he was hard as steel and probably strong as an ox.

He looked over at my wife and asked if she was okay and why her bra was on the floor with her shirt undone. She said, while blushing, that she was horny and it was why my husband was speeding. I asked if there was any way for him to let us go and he just stared at me for what seemed like a whole minute with an intimidating look on his face. Finally he said to me that if my horny little wife would get out of the car, and we did as we were told, that he would forget the whole thing. I looked over at my wife and she shrugged her shoulders. I asked her if she understood what was going to happen in a very whispered and slurred voice so the deputy would hopefully not hear me. She said she was okay with it if I was.

I looked back at the deputy and asked him what it was that he wanted us to do. He told my wife to get out of the car and walk to the front and for me to stay in the car and not to open my door no matter what. He was talking in a very forceful way at this point and as my wife got to the front of the car he told her to take off the shirt that was already open. She did as she was told and from the night air, and the excitement, her dark brown nipples were wrinkled up and hard as marbles. Then he told her to lean forward on the hood and put her hands behind her back. He put his handcuffs on her and told us both that it was for his own protection. Just seeing her with no shirt or bra on and laying face down on the warm hood with her hands cuffed behind her was making my cock start to throb. He grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her straight up to a standing position then leaned forward to whisper something in her ear.

After he got done telling her something she looked straight at me through the windshield and said, “I’m going to get on my knees and suck his cock.” I thought at the time that it would be over quick because she is very good with her mouth. The deputy pulled his gun out and laid it on the hood in front of me, but thankfully pointing away, and then took out his nightstick and laid it down next to the gun. He undid his belt and opened his zipper and pulled her by the hair down to her knees. He forcefully shoved his cock in her mouth and started sliding it in and out while holding on to her hair. It was an amazing thing to see my own wife on her knees with a deputy’s cock in her mouth in front of my car while watching through the windshield from the driver’s seat.

By this time my cock was as hard as a rock and I slowly started to undo the zipper on my shorts to let it out because the pressure was pretty intense. It startled me when all of a sudden the deputy pulled her up by her hair and laid her on the hood with her face sideways down on the metal and then he grabbed the cuffs and lifted her arms up about a foot. I could see her “B” size tits squishing out a little on both sides and with his other hand he pulled her skirt up to her waist and kicked her legs apart.

I got so excited watching her with her ass in the air, legs spread, hair splayed down her back and this huge man in uniform holding this sexy naked woman face down on the hood. I was thinking to myself how fucking hot it looked when I heard him saying to me, “tell me your wife is a slut and needs a good spanking.” I said it as he told me and could feel my voice quivering as I spoke. He had a hold of her hands via the handcuffs with his right hand and came down with a hard smack on her left ass check with his left hand. He told me, “I’m going to spank this sluts ass until it’s red.”

As he was spanking her ass I got a good look at his cock which was standing out straight from his zipper. Now my cock is 8 inches and a normal size around but I could easily tell that his was longer and thicker. The head of his cock was the biggest I have ever seen. I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when he pushed it in. He stopped spanking and started to feel her pussy between her wide open legs then he let go of her hands and held on to the back of her neck pushing her flat on the hood. He grabbed hold of his cock and shoved it into her pussy. Her eyes went wide as she let out a scream. I saw her eyes roll back and she started yelling loudly, “Awww fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” He looked right at me though the windshield and said, “your slut wife is so wet.” Then he pulled her up again by the hair and again whispered something in her ear. She looked up at me and said, “his cock feels so good and is so big that it feels like he has his nightstick in me.”

He kept her head up by her hair and I couldn’t take my eyes off her firm tits sticking straight out and the hardened little nipples. The handcuffs holding her arms behind her made her tits stand out so pointy and firm. I could also see down her flat belly to the top of her pussy where his enormous cock was sliding in and out and his balls were slapping against her clit. I could also hear his thighs slapping loud against her ass and he seemed to be pulling harder on her hair as he fucked her with more force. Although I couldn’t hear her I could see her mouthing the words, “fuck me, fuck me.” He then leaned forward and said more to her that I couldn’t hear. She looked at me again and began saying “I’m a slut and I need this officers big cock in me”.

She said that over and over and in the meantime he would reach around and alternate grabbing her tit and spanking her ass with his free hand. Every time he would smack her ass she would let out a moan. When he grabbed her tit he would slam that huge rod in her like a piston which would make her scream, “yeeeeesss.” He put her face back down on the hood and was really fucking her vigorously while holding on to her hips. The car was rocking like a boat in the ocean because my wife was pinned to the front and he was fucking her so hard. I could have watched that all night long because he was fucking her so strong and fast that her ass had a rhythmic ripple going every time he was slamming balls deep on the down stroke. I saw her start to shudder and I knew she was cumming as her pussy was squeezing his cock like a vise. She was thrusting back at him and started screaming, “fuck my slut pussy with that big, beautiful cock.” She put her chin up on the hood and looked at me with tears in her eyes and biting her bottom lip. Just as she finished cumming she said, while still looking at me, “his cock feels so good in my pussy and I never want him to stop fucking me”. As she said this to me it must have been too much for him because he let out a loud moan and started cumming in her.

He pulled her up by her hair again and stuck his thumb in her ass as he came. While he was cumming and now fucking her ass with his thumb, my wife started to cum again. She had her head pulled up so high by her hair that she was looking up at the sky and I could tell if he let go she would fall to the hood. Her whole body was shaking and with her hands behind her there was no way her back could have the strength to hold her up. I couldn’t even touch my cock at this point because I would have cum all over myself. I just sat there with my eyes as big as quarters and my cock standing straight up, stiffer than I think it has ever been.

The deputy pulled out of her pussy and told her to bend over and suck his cock clean. She slid right off the hood and from her knees started licking and sucking on his cock with such enthusiasm that she looked like a high dollar whore. It looked to me like she was worshipping his cock and sucking her cum and his jizz off his cock like it was the only thing she has had to eat in days. I think the slut in her wanted more of that big hunk of meat in her one more time. He grabbed her by the hair again and lifted her to her feet then back face down on the hood while he put his cock away. After he got his belt on, the gun and nightstick away, he took off the cuffs but told her to put her arms up as high as she could reach on the hood and to not move until he left. As he walked by my window he told me not to get out of the car until he was gone and that my wife was the hottest little slut he has ever fucked. He step closer to the window and said, “By the looks of your cock you like to see your slut get fucked.” Then said that the next time he sees us going a little too fast down the dirt road he was going to fuck her in her pussy with the nightstick and in the ass with his cock.

After he left I got out of the car and my wife was still spread out on the hood. I stood there for a minute and told her how sexy she looked with her legs spread and cum leaking out of her pussy. All she said to me was “come fuck me.” I walked right up behind her and slid my cock easily in her stretched out, sloppy wet pussy. As I started pounding that pussy I grabbed a hold of her hips and could feel the cum from the deputy running down my cock and to my balls. She left her arms stretched out on the hood and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I added to the deputy’s cum. I told her what the deputy had said about the next time and that it was so fucking hot to see her get fucked like that and we both started to cum at the same time like never before.

She got in the car and left her skirt up and her shirt off for the rest of the ride home. I looked over to see her playing with the cum that was leaking out of her pussy and watched her stroke her clit to another orgasm before we got home.

The scene was still so vivid in my mind that I fucked her two more times that night before we went to sleep.


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July 10, 2012

Hospitality Suite Whore

Here’s another diary post from love of our lives Hotwife Jackie. She’s loving her interracial affairs at the moment. Bravo Jackie


Hospitality Suite Whore

It was Saturday afternoon and I was still recovering from the pounding I took from Milt’s huge cock at his hotel room the night before. Milt is my ex-boss, and I remain his slut-slave whenever he calls. I am just so addicted to his huge dick and the way he uses it on me. So much so that I do him the occasional favor, that is, if he has a colleague that needs servicing I’m Milt’s Girl Friday.

After taking it royally from Milt I was still aching for more cock. It’s funny how that works, but it seems the more meat I get, the more meat I want. So when Milt called me recently and asked if I would help him out for the weekend and serve as hostess at his 4-star Hospitality Suite I jumped at the chance. Milt knows how much I love a good hotel fuck-fest. This weekend my job was to entertain the guys he was trying to woo away from competing firms and come to work for him. Besides offering drinks and snacks I was to offer myself to them, suck their cocks and let them fuck me with a hint that if they came to work for Milt, fucking me might be a regular perk for them. I would be Milt’s corporate whore this weekend and I loved the opportunity.

Chuck was the first of two dates that Milt had set up with me. He arrived at my suite punctually and I offered him a martini while making small talk about business, but quite honestly I had other things on my mind. The second I laid eyes on Chuck I wanted to feel his big strong black hands all over my body, I wanted him to pull my dress down and fondle my breasts, I wanted him to pull my dress up and use his huge fingers to rub my clit and push deep into my wet pussy, I wanted it all and I wanted it now.

I didn’t have to wait long. I don’t know what Milt had told Chuck about me, but my date made it very clear what he wanted. I sat next to Chuck on the couch and put my hand on his leg and began to rub. I saw Chuck’s cock get hard in his pants and moved my hands quickly to fondle his meat. Chuck read the signs fast and made his move! It was like he’d read my playbook. He pulled my dress down, exposing my breasts and went right to work, sucking my nipples. His other hand pulled my dress up and caressed my clit through my tiny panties. I lay back and spread my legs so this large black man could have full access to any part of me that he and his big fat black cock wanted!

He waved his hard thick 9 inches right in front of my face. I could feel my pussy greasing up. Chuck grabbed me and started kissing me, pressing his incredible hard cock against me while he fondled my ass. He was a great kisser and I just melted into his big strong arms. He knew I wanted him immediately, but he made me wait while he slipped off my dress. He laid me out on that big bed, spread my legs out wide and went down on my pussy, eating me out like I hadn’t been eaten in a long time.

Now it was my turn to return the favor. I took the upper hand for the first time that evening. I had to have that giant black dick in my mouth. Chuck was huge and extremely hard. I knew one thing for sure. If I was going to close the deal for Milt, it would start with a great blow job. That’s one thing that men do not forget and can’t seem to get enough of. I thought that if I could show Chuck how good I was at sucking his cock, he might want to put me on retainer to be his personal cock-sucking whore, and in order for him to do that he’d have to come to work for Milt. See how my devious horny mind works???

By the way Chuck was moaning I knew I was a straight up success. I was getting hotter and wetter as he pushed his huge black dick deep down my throat. Chuck began to fuck my face, and oh my god, it had just been way too long since I’d had black cock in my mouth. Like a great bottle of champagne or walking naked along a gorgeous sandy beach when no one else is around, blowing a huge black cock is one of life’s best pleasures, and I was getting off myself every time Chuck slid his monster in and out of my mouth.

I could’ve sucked him off all night long, but Chuck had other ideas. He was eager to sink his hard black meat inside my married white cunt, and he was more than ready. He flipped me over on my back and shoved his cock into my sopping wet pussy, quick and effortlessly. It took my breath away for a moment, I had to remember to breath. I still had the taste of his pre-cum in my mouth as he began to fuck me slow and hard.

Job or no job I began wondering how I could get this guy to fuck me on a regular basis. He seemed to read my mind again, because he whispered in my ear, “Jackie, I could fuck you every day if you’d let me.” I said, “You might have to clear that with my husband, but he loves to share me with black men so I think he’d be on board. Then he said, “If I go to work for Milt you gonna be my regular white slut?” By then he was fucking me so good I could barely get the word “yes” out of my mouth.

Chuck seemed to go into overdrive mode, he flipped me over like a doll and began fucking me doggy style with me on my knees. I do love a man who goes for what he wants! Now he was fucking me even deeper than he had before and I was nearly going crazy. I was coming again as his dick teased my g-spot, and as he pounded into me I grinded right back into him. Talk about yin and yang!

Fucking doggie-style was so intense that I could feel Chuck was getting ready to cum, but I really wanted to see him jack off on me. I wanted to watch him work that cum right out of his big black cock with those huge strong fingers, coaxing it out and all over me. I asked him to cum for me and he was more than ready to do it

Watching Chuck stroke himself made me nuts, made me want him all over again. I felt his hot jizz shoot all over my stomach. I wanted to take a bath in his cum, I wanted to slather it all over my body! I wanted more, I knew I’d have to have more!! Chuck squeezed the last of his cum out of his cock and onto me. He was breathing heavy when he said “Jackie, if I come to work for Milt I want you to be my personal whore or the deal’s off. I will make it worth your while!” I couldn’t contain my big just-fucked grin.

“Chuck,” I said, “welcome to the firm.” He laughed and winked at me. Would he accept Milt’s offer? Or would he need a little more convincing? I was hoping for the latter. Just meant I’d have to work a little bit harder next time!









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July 8, 2012

He fucked her ass

Here’s another little post from a hot Latina blonde who is a member of Hotwife Hub Check out their profile here. This wife is great, she has one hell of an ass too. Her Husband has been in touch again and wanted to send in a picture of a recent horny interracial hotwife encounter.

“We met this young hung bbc on craiglists last week and arranged with him to come to our apartment. He fucked her very hard with his 9 inch cock and ended the night in my wife’s ass. I loved it, that was completely unexpected.”

Also if you missed it earlier this year here is their very horny story about their adventure dogging on the beach in the Caribbean.
Dogging at the Beach

PR Hotwife

PR Hotwife

PR Hotwife

PR Hotwife

PR Hotwife

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July 6, 2012

Italian hotwife interracial

Black Bachelor Diary Update

Italian Slut Wife Antonia 6 hr Cum Filled Date

I just fucked the best piece of married pussy to date. My new married pet slut Antonia just moved to America from Northern Italy and I’m the happiest motherfucker on the planet. First of all Antonia and their husband have some weird open relationship that made no sense to me when she tried to explain it. To be quite honest I really didn’t give a flying fuck because once we met over coffee (I had green tea), my dick was rock fucking hard just listening to her accent. Never the less we go back to my spot after hanging out at our meet and greet, (I knew she wanted to get her ass fucked) I could see it in her eyes. LOL. Her body was flawless by the way, it must be the food and veggies they eat in her village, I honestly give her 6 months of American dining before her ass starts to hang a little bit. Anyway, lets get to the fucking highlights: We go back to my place, chill on the Patio, it is about 105 degrees outside, my dick is rock hard and Antonia goes into the bathroom, comes out and starts rubbing the middle of my back.

I’m not into back rubs at all, but my dick was loving it. We start kissing, I stick my hand down her panties and damn it was like somebody left the water faucet running! Her pussy was hot and throbbing. I pull out and rub her pussy juice all over her face. She licks it and starts kissing me harder, damn, she was on some throw me down and take me shit! I like that. At this point she left me No choice but to slam my dick inside her pussy while she was against the wall and start fucking her fine married ass. I’m power fucking her and she is screaming loud as hell, my ear drum is ringing, so I bring her over to the couch and pull her panties, bra off (she refused to take off her high heels), they were nice, black and shining it must be a Euro slut thing. Whatever.

I eat her pussy for a good 30 minutes and Antonia starts squirting all over my tongue, no warning, just hot juices. I get up and slam my dick deep inside her tight pussy and she grabs my back and starts squeezing her nails in my back like a virgin. It was hot and heavy but damn, I thought I was back in high school fucking a freshman cheerleader and shit. The pussy was sweet and tight, I felt me hitting bottom a few times deep in her wet hole. My couch is fucked up now from her pussy cumming and squirting all over the place. We took a small break several times but ended up fucking for the entire afternoon (4-5 hrs) actually. Italian women are very passionate we kissed while fucking the entire time, ending with me dropping a huge load in her pussy and a 2nd load in her mouth. I was her first real American adventure is what she called it afterwards.

We are scheduled to hook up in a few weeks after she’s been on her new job for some time, “I don’t want to take days off right away, you will get me in alot of trouble” is what she says, but the next time we hook up it should be alot better and nastier.








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July 4, 2012

An incredible turnaround

Another couple’s account of how they entered the lifestyle


Hi, I have been reading your blog for a very long time, maybe since the first post! My wife and I have had a few experience with 3 sums and Hotwife/cuckold experiences. It all started 15 years ago when she cheated on me while being out with some girl friends of hers, she had few drinks and one thing led to another and she ended fucking some guy at a party. I was working late that night and she was mad that I had not joined her. The next day she broke down and told me what happened. To my surprise instead of being upset by it I found myself being turned on, and just told her to not worry about it, sex is sex, love is different.

After that nothing much happened, till one weekend my friend was staying over and we had a few drinks, being late we all went to bed. I wasn’t really tired and started having sex with my wife, and then I asked her if she wanted my friend to join in. She looked at me as if I were crazy, at first she said no, but I kept telling her how big is dick was as I had seen it in the locker room when we had played sport. She finally gave in, pushed me off her and got up out of bed totally naked, and went to the living room where our friend was sleeping, it didn’t take long for him to wake, and my wife sat beside him and asked him if he would like to have sex. He smiled and started caressing her leg, sat up and said “Yes.” That was our first encounter in the lifestyle, at first she wasn’t sure what to do, they came up to the bedroom and I kinda stayed on the edge of the bed and let them get acquainted to each other, and watched them fondle each other, play with each other, start kissing and then he started fingering her wet tight pussy. I’m only about 6 inch and average girth, so basically your average dick size, he was about 9 inch and almost as big as a beer can. My wife being so horny now just pulled him up to her and started kissing while wrapping her legs around his waist. I watched as he pushed his massive cock in her tight bared wet pussy, I could see her toes curl, and the expression on her face, as she felt him for the first penetrate her. She stopped breathing and stopped kissing and felt him push deeper and deeper into her until he was all the way inside her. She then looked at me and told me “I love you” and started kissing him again, as she slowly got used to his cock.

Her breathing was getting faster, she started pushing back against him as he pushed inside her, the rhythm between them quickened, and she had her first orgasm actually fucking, something I had never been able to do, after her first orgasm she became more vocal, moaning loudly, and telling him to fuck her more, faster, harder, she was in pure ecstasy. I moved to kiss her and she met my lips with heavy breathing and panting, and then started rubbing my cock. She grabbed my head and whispered in my ear “Thank you for letting me fuck him”, her words really turned me on, and I watched as the two of them kept fucking. He lasted for about 45 minutes before cumming, and when he told her he was cumming she seemed to pull him into her deeper, at the time we had no kids and I was kinda worried about that as I was thinking that he filled her pussy with his seed as she looked at me in ecstasy.

Once he was done filling her up with his cum which seemed to last for ever, spasm after spasm, like a full minute, I could already see his cum oozing out of her and then when he pulled out it seemed like a Dam had been release and a flow of white creamy cum came flowing out of her pussy, flowing down over her ass and onto the bed sheets. She looked at me and my hard on and told me she wanted more, and told me to fuck her while our friend was recovering. He got out of bed and went to the kitchen to get some refreshments, while he was gone I started fucking my wife. She laid there as I fucked her madly, feeling how loose he had made her, and how warm and wet her pussy was. I came inside her also after about 10 minutes of fucking her. She laid there, eyes closed and panting. With her legs spread open and pussy still oozing cum, I asked if she wanted something to drink, and she asked me to get her some orange juice from the fridge. Our friend had been watching us fuck in the mean time, he smiled at me while I walked past him, and I told him that she seemed done, I asked him if wanted anything but he said he was fine.

I went to the kitchen started pouring some orange juice and had a drink myself, when I started hearing noises coming from the bedroom, we had a small place at the time, one bedroom apartment, so the kitchen wasn’t far away, I got my wife her glass of orange juice and headed back to the bedroom, as I walked in my wife was looking at me in the doorway, she was on all fours on the bed with our friend fucking her doggy style, she smiled at me, and then told him, “Fuck my pussy hard, stretch me out with your cock”, I had never heard her that way, she was like a new person, a nympho, wanting more and more, she kept telling me how good his dick felt how full she felt.

She told me to come towards the bed and started sucking my cock, she took it all the way and asked our friend to come around and started to suck his dick, trying to get more in her mouth she then looked at both cocks and said that his dick really was enormous compared to mine. He went back behind her and started pounding her pussy, she screamed and moaned on my cock. We must have lasted for about 10-15 minutes this time when he unloaded his second load into her pussy, and I came in her mouth just thinking of him filling her pussy with his hot cum.

We all collapsed on the bed, she rolled towards me kissed me and told me that she was glad I had talked her into it and she’d had a lot of fun. We fell asleep for a while. I woke up to my wife moving beside me. He was fucking her from behind while spooning her in bed, she grabbed my hand when she saw I was awake, and told me he had been slowly fucking her for almost an hour before I woke up but she couldn’t stay quiet anymore. He must have fucked her at least 4 to 5 more times that night. The next day she was exhausted and slept in till noon. We had breakfast and my friend had to leave, she walked him out, and when she got back in the apartment, she told me he was fingering her by his car. She thanked me for a great night.

The next day something incredible happened. When I got home from work my wife was already in bed, this was unusual. I figured she was still tired from our late night. I went to our bedroom, she was laying on the bed naked sleeping so I figured I would wake her by going down on her and licking her pussy. As I started licking her pussy I noticed she was very wet already. She rolled around and saw me and said “You barely missed Tim, he just left before you got home.” I ask her what she meant, and she said since Tim had flexible schedules he decided to stop by, and we just got done fucking. I was amazed, turned on and new that life would never be the same again.

Submitted by: Vince - California, USA

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July 2, 2012

M6 Motorway Gangbang

Here’s UK Hotwife Rachel Reveals with a diary update


Have had a fabulous time on tour this week despite the weather, the high light of my tour has to be the superb 6 man gangbang in a wooded area in Cullumpton just off the M5 at junction 28.

I met with 6 horny little fuckers who couldn’t wait to get their hands all over me and thrust their rock hard dicks deep into my wet cock loving pussy.

One of them had an old quilt in the back of his van, which he laid down on the floor and all 6 proceeded to bang the arse off me until they all shot their jizz anywhere they desired.

My pussy was well and truly licked, fucked and throbbing with pure pleasure after these dirty bastards had had their wicked way with me.

I do simply love a good old filthy gangbang, I’m on my way back up the M5 now – call the member phone if you fancy a quick fuck anywhere along my route.

Rach xx







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June 30, 2012

She stayed out all night

Cuckold Place Update

Might be our first time tonight

Update 01 - Early evening: My wife is on a date with a friend of ours who she has been trying to fuck for quite awhile. They have been flirting a lot over the past 3 months (mostly text messages) and I’m not sure he knows that I know. She just picked him up from his job where he works as a waiter. She sat at the bar and got hit on by professional basketball players (she said they were like monsters… too big for her). She just sent me a text saying they were headed to a party soon. I hope they fuck before the party AND after! I had asked her to take a picture of what she was wearing before she left, but she said she was in a hurry. It was a tight purple corset with a short black skirt with black thigh high stockings and heels. I wish I could have seen her before she left, but I was still working.

Update 02 - early hours of next morning: She stayed overnight with him and I just heard from her. She’s on her way home soon. I hope she tells me all the details and then lets me fuck her. I’ve been hard all night.

Update 03 - later that day: I have the final update. She came home wearing one of his shirts and no panties. I asked her where her underwear was, and she said “still somewhere in his bedroom. I’ll have to go get them later.” She told me they were at the party last night and that she got drunk, so he had to drive her car. When they got in the car he asked, “Where are we going?” and she replied, “You’re driving. I guess we’re going wherever you take me.” He drove back to his place where she went straight to his bed and laid down. She said they talked for quite awhile just entwined and touching. Eventually she asked him to take off her corset. He did so, and began playing with her tits and kissing her then going down on her. She pulled his cock out and climbed on top of him. She put his cock inside her and rode him for awhile, then they switched to her on her back and him on top. She said he got pretty rough and fucked her pretty hard in this position; so much that she was a little sore. Eventually he came (in the condom), and they both fell asleep, being a bit drunk.

She and I fucked while she told me the details and I came deep inside of her (without a condom). I’m so turned on, even now! She and I have been swinging, and we’ve been in two different threesomes with other men, but this is the first time she’s done it alone. Very hot!

Submitted by: bedlamboy

My wife out tonight

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