September 8, 2013


Stunningly seductive Hotwife Leslie Grey has sent us a hot update getting to grips with a new black stud.


When I think back to my earliest experiences with swinging and how utterly terrified I was to actually indulge what I KNEW I wanted to experience, I can’t help but laugh at how prone I was to manufacture the critical judgments of nameless, faceless “others” and sometimes allow those imaginings to create hesitation or second thoughts in me. Boy, am I glad all of that stuff has passed!

Now, it’s such an entirely free and refreshing feeling to identify, pursue and enjoy all of my sexual interests, desires and curiosities. I love this life and my Husband for loving me enjoying every minute of it.







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September 6, 2013

Hurting Hubbys Feelings

Black Bachelor Diary Update

Hurting Hubbies Feelings When I’m With My New Lovers by Amanda

My new lover I are major art lovers. We could spend hours upon hours at an art gallery, it gives me just as much satisfaction as a big hard cock in hot pussy! Grin. This gives me a much different change of pace of fulfillment than my husband Jason whom does not share the love for art. Which is not a bad thing, its just not his cup of tea. I really didn’t think much about it until this past weekend, when my black lover Steven and his friend Eddie took me to the new art opening at the art institute and Hubby decided to join. It felt awkward. Jason didn’t say much of anything the entire afternoon, while Steven dropped many hints that he would love to fuck me with his friend.

To be honest, I was thinking the same thing once we entered the art gallery and created quite a few stares from white couples watching me be shown around by two educated attractive black men. And my husband. He was not impressed and it showed on his face and in his body language. So the moment of truth arrived, Steven asked me if I wanted to come back to his place to hang out on the patio while they put some steaks on the grill and have drinks. I couldn’t say YES fast enough, Jason didn’t want to be a party buster, so he shook his head and said, “Why not, it’s a long holiday weekend, why not have some fun.” He didn’t sound excited about this encounter, which is unlike him because he is a very dedicated cuckold husband, but whatever we just rolled with the program.

Once we got to Stevens place (I have been fucked there at least 5 times), Steven asked me to help him put some turkey burgers on the grill. Eddie and Jason hung out in the kitchen talking and having a few drinks. The vibe got really mellow and easy going quickly. That put me at ease, because I really wanted Jason to get along with my new lover and his friend. I’m a drama free type of gal. And it was the last weekend of summer, so why not have some good fun and nasty sex! Steven handed me a lite beer and before I could turn around I see his friend Eddie walk towards me with a smile on his face.

I ask him “What’s up” and he says, “What’s the biggest dick you have ever fucked?” My husband is standing in the door way. I’m somewhat surprised and nearly spill my beer on my blouse as its leaving my mouth. And before I could answer, Steven says, “Eddie show her the business!” So Eddie pulls out his cock it has to be at least 13 inches, it looks like a fucking dark, python. Then he put it in my hand and tells me to hold it, as I stand on the patio with a beer in one hand, a long snake dick in another. I’m so wet, and turned on I really don’t know what to say or do. Then I feel Steven come from behind and start kissing my neck. Damn, I’m in heaven.

Eddie tells my husband Jason, “Hey man, watch the grill for a second, I don’t want the food to burn!” You can be the grill guy now. Then they both sat me down on the chair on the patio and shoved their dicks in my mouth. Correction. Eddie shoved his monster dick in my mouth while I jerked off Steven. I could barely breathe. I had spit running all over my blouse, my eyes were watering and I gagged so much. I was thinking, holy fuck this cock is not going anywhere near my ass. Fuck that shit! Steven then grabs my hand helps me up and tells me to come into the house, so we can “Tax that ass like the government!”

I rushed to my feet and let them lead the way into the bedroom, in which I noticed Eddie closed the door. It felt strange but I didn’t say anything, which I later realized was wrong and sent the wrong message to my husband. Steven laid me on the bed, opened my legs and started to eat my pussy like it was his last meal. Eddie rammed his mighty python dick in my mouth and continued to choke the shit out of me. I was so turned on, trying my best not to throw up on Steven’s bed sheets, then I felt his big black dick enter my pussy. It was hard and throbbing. Steven fucked me fast and hard. He started slamming my lips with his big balls as he went deep inside of me. It was warm in the bedroom and I started to sweat around my face and lower back. My mouth and pussy were getting pounded by two black men were are on a mission to make me their full time black cock slut. And I was all in.

Eddie says “Homie let me feel that pussy, her mouth has my dick ready”. I looked up and his dick looked even bigger. While my spit was dripping off it, Steven pulled out and walked over and put his dick in my hand and said “I want you to squeeze the shit out of my dick and jerk me off while my homie brings you all the way to the dark side, baby” Eddie didn’t waste anytime, he put both of my legs around his big shoulders and eased his horse cock inside of me. I prepared for the change of cock size. It felt like I was about to have a 3rd child!

He filled my pussy up in seconds. I could feel nothing but big meat inside of me, this is what every white girl dreams about when she thinks of being with a black man! It was burning, but not in a bad way. I started screaming as he began to gain rhythm while he fucked me. Steven rubbed my tits as I jerked him off, it was hot in the room and I didn’t care at this point if the sheets were fucked up. Steven then rammed his dick in my mouth and fucked my face, I couldn’t thank Steven enough for inviting me over for this amazing fucking is what I was thinking as they both went to work on my wet holes. Steven pulled out and then suddenly started squeezing white, hot sperm all over my face. I could hear the cum shoot from his cock as he yelled and jerked off all over me. Eddie was so big I couldn’t feel anything at this point, my pussy was wet, messy and enjoying the ride.

We went at it for another 30 minutes, when I realized my husband Jason has not been up to see us. He is usually in the room while I’m getting fucked, Steven left the room to clean up and and I noticed my husband along the hallway sitting in the kitchen watching tv, like a lonely school boy. Eddie then turned me over on my side and started fucking me deep and slow. It felt fucking amazing and I yelled out, “Honey are you alright”? He didn’t reply. So I thought ok, now this is awkward, because Steven’s friend Eddie was fucking the living hell out of me and my husband is upset.

I couldn’t move from this amazing cock though and 20 more minutes went by and Eddie now had me on top of him riding that monster, at this time my pussy had somewhat adjusted to the size. I squirted, came three different times and I just couldn’t say no to this guy. I then heard my husband in the doorway, “I see somebody is having a good time. Good for you” Then he walked back to the patio, I looked at Eddie, and Eddie looked at me, and said “I hope I didn’t cause any problem.” I tell him, “No, lets take a break so I make sure he is ok”.

I threw on my blouse which was covered in spit and couldn’t find my panties so I headed off without them into the kitchen and asked Jason to come inside so we can talk. I put my hand around his arm and ask, “Are you ok? I’m sorry I just got caught up in the moment. It just happened!”. He replied, “Good for you, I didn’t know I was going to be designated grill man, I could have went home and watched a ball game if I wanted to be by myself!” He was right, but I could feel that the entire day was not his scene and he really didn’t have much in common with these guys.

We hung out for another hour and then packed up and headed home. I knew Jason would not be into me hooking up with my new lover nor his friend anytime soon. I know that conversation would be coming in the next few days. I guess this makes me a bitch, because on one hand I had the best fucking Saturday of my life. On the other hand, my husband has nothing in common with my lover, which means they would never be caught hanging out. I don’t want to loose a good friend, because he is from a different walk of life than my husband, nor do I want to pick another man over my husband. My husband did later admit he enjoyed listening and watching me getting fucked, it just felt like he was married to a “single girl”. He also admitted taking a couple of cheeky pictures on his phone. We didn’t even notice.

Hello fall, summer sure ended with a bang.







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September 4, 2013

Men are strange

Interesting submission here today about how other guys react when they know about your situation, lifestyle stance and kinks. I posted a similar article here

Jewel and I have been in the hotwife lifestyle for over 10 years. We use the term hotwife rather than cuckold because we have an equal relationship. Neither of us is dominant. We both enjoy her fucking other men - I am free to pursue other women but usually prefer the thrill of her encounters. While we have tried most variations of hotwifing, what we enjoy the most is her dating and me waiting. So to be clear on that - she has sex with others, then comes home to me & we have sex. There are never threesomes or any kind of sexual contact between her lovers and me. If they are OK with meeting me socially I’m cool with that - if not… I’m also cool with it.

The Situation
She is about to explore a new relationship - she may have a date as early as Sunday and I am struggling yet again with the question of what she should tell the bull. (btw I hate that term - we use boyfriend or just friend) She has been honest with past encounters and many times guys who were good prospects backed off and ran away as soon as she told them I was or would be aware of the relationship. These are the same guys hitting on her knowing she is married and presumably would fuck her silly in a cheating situation.

The Question
Anybody want to tackle the psychology of the above situation? Why are men willing to cheat but not take what a hotwife is offering? Any suggestions as to what to tell this new guy? I’m leaning towards the “My husband pays no attention to me and I’m lonely” story. Jewel is fundamentally honest and probably wouldn’t like doing that, but she is really interested in this guy so she might fib a little. As I said above, I don’t get involved with her relationships at all so he would never know.



September 2, 2013

Late night member visit

More filthy slutty behaviour from UK Slut Wife Rachel Reveals. I’d like to know how many of her website members she has actually fucked.


Got a late night call last night from a horny member asking if I could go and lower my hot wet pussy over his rock solid cock and drain he balls of spunk! Errrmmmm – let me think about that for a sec. – YES!

Jumping in the car, I drove to Yate in Bristol – walked in through the front door at the given address to find the guy sat on the sofa, watching porn on TV (one of my movies) with the biggest hardest cock ever.

Standing in front of him, lifting my skirt and slowly removing my panties I moved towards his cock, bent down and kissed his pre cum dripping bellend and then sat straight down on his dick balls deep. All without saying a single word.

Oh man, his cock was so thick at the base that went I went full down balls deep on his shaft I really yelped out in pure pleasure, he stretched my wet tight cunt hole and it felt amazing.

Flipping me over onto my back, he spread my legs and thrust his girth into me, slamming his meat up my throbbing love tunnel and really fucked me like a dirty little fuck slut.

With one gigantic thrust and a very loud moan from me, he released his hot sticky load deep inside me, and boy was it a heavy load – keeping his cock buried inside my pussy until it was fully spent and every drop of lush cum.

Then the dirty fucker pulled his still hard cock out of my spunked up pussy and thrust it into my mouth for a clean off – Mmmmmm tasking his spunk mixed with my love juices on his sticky salty shaft was absolutely lush.

Kisses, Rach







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August 30, 2013

Inject it back in

Here’s another fantastic photo set from creampie loving UK Hotwife Carly G. Forever coming up with new ideas of how to get creamy loads deep within her pussy. After seducing this latest cock and getting him to fill her up with his cum, he starts to drip hot seed, she comes up with a unique idea to save every drop. Carly catches it on a plate and then gets the guy to drain the plate using a syringe. The syringe is then used to pump all that spilt cum back inside her hungry pussy. What a greedy girl! Carly certainly adores her creampies.

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Check out the filthy Carly Cumshot here


August 28, 2013

How we entered Cuckoldry

Here’s a interesting story of how this UK couple from Manchester got into the lifestyle. Make sure you say hi to them on their Hotwife Hub profile here.

How me and my wife got into Cuckolding

Things had been strained between my wife Clare and I lately and she wasn’t into having sex, at one point my mind drifted to thinking maybe she was having an affair. I could only think the best thing to do was to be party to this if I wanted to keep my wife. I suggested we look into swinging and wife swapping but she refused. Anyway time went on and then one night we met this guy and there was obviously sexual chemistry between the two of them and though my heart was sinking I did pull my wife to one side and say if there is a chance just take it. He became a good friend and one night when I was out they shared a moment but she wasn’t feeling well. They shared the bed but nothing happened. I brought up swinging again and this time she agreed to join a site. We waited for couples to get in touch but we had also agreed single guys and females could message. I was hoping to find some randy wife that loved cock and cum that I could fuck. How naive I was then now that I look back. My wife was married when I met her so she wasn’t averse to cheating but she’d been adamant that she was going to be faithful to me but our new friend had seriously eroded that earlier determination.

Every night once the kids had gone to bed I would check the site, tell her about any interest which from couples was none. Guys were inundating us with messages even though we didn’t have much of a profile pic up as she wanted to keep it all discreet. I told her about the guys and when we were making love hinting at how she could be feeling another mans cock right now. She always would cum when I whispered these things in her ear. Finally one night I asked her about her fantasies and she told me she’d never had a mmf. I’d almost had a couple in the past too so said “Well why don’t we try it?” The next night we both sat at the computer reading the messages until she picked out one and said “I’d have him”. We replied back attaching a photo and got talking, he said he was free now if we wanted him to come over. A mad hour started with my wife going to get ready for his arrival. I brought our blue satin covered duvet downstairs and draped it over the sofa and moved the coffee table. I also got the camera and placed it to hand as I had convinced her that we needed more pics if we were going to get anywhere on the site.

She comes downstairs and I could tell she was nervous while we waited for the door. The door bell rang and I let in this attractive looking guy into my house. I showed him the front room and he sat on the sofa, my wife was sitting on the arm of the chair and we start chatting. At first small talk and then we start talking about jobs and he claimed he worked in the porn industry. He asked us if this was our first time and he told us to relax. His hand settled on my wifes thigh. So I said “Hun why don’t you sit next to him he’s not here for small talk.” So she did and his hand was now moving up her leg. She placed a hand on his leg and they both are worked their way up towards each others sex. He then kissed her and fondled her boobs through her top. I suggested she removed it and I helped her out of it and took off her bra. While we were doing that he removed his boots and pulled down his jeans and boxers. Her rubbing of his groin had got his cock hard and was shocked at the mistake I’d made. His cock was bigger and thicker then mine. I’m no way small but his was scary. He sat back down and her fingers slipped around his shaft. I urged her to taste his cock and he did. I started to take pictures of his cock being consumed as she sucked away. He was thoroughly enjoying it and for all her earlier nerves so was Clare and he didn’t even stop me as I removed her leggings and panties leaving her naked with this guy Danny who we only met 15 minutes ago. His fingers searched and probed her eager and inviting hole and she sat back and enjoyed the attention.

Danny took his top off and laid down on the sofa and got my wife to sit on his face and they did 69. I was left as an observer taking photos while my wife enjoyed herself with this guys tongue before she could wait no longer. She got up and he sat back on the sofa. She straddled him as he guided his big fat cock into her. She lowered herself down slowly so I could watch her take every bit of his nine inch cock. They hadn’t bothered to put a condom on and I was a little shocked but also aroused too. She’s not on any kind of birth control and his bare cock was thrusting deep into my wife. I look round the front and could see he was now balls deep into my wife and she was gasping with appreciation. I watched as his hands grabbed her butt and spread her cheeks so I could get a better look at his tool penetrating my wife (see picture below). He then picked her up and put her on the floor. He took her legs and spread them wide. His erect member just glided into her cunt like knife through butter and he fucked her hard until she was moaning with pleasure.

They took a quick break and then she sucked on his cock with her ass in the air ready for more. Danny motioned for me to join in so I quickly stripped and pushed my cock into her wet and stretched pussy. I was so turned on by how much of a slut my wife was being that it didn’t take long before I could feel myself wanting to cum. Not wanting to potentially ruin the night I pulled out. I sat on the sofa and she popped my cock into her mouth. He moved behind her, grabbed her hips and pushed himself back into my wife. Her head bobbed on my cock in rhythm with his thrusts and my cock muffled her moans and shrieks as again he masterfully made her climax. She took some air and then with us both stood over her she proceeded to suck both our cocks and cup our balls in her hand. I took a great photo from above her with her looking up at us with my cock in her mouth and her hand wrapped around his cock stroking it. Danny then sat down on the floor and yet again Clare clambered above his stiff member and speared her pussy with it. Whilst she rode his cock I was busy once again with the camera. She played up for the camera making an innocent face while she was riding his dick. His hands groped her breasts and she lifted her head up as she was hit by waves of serotin or whatever chemical it is that gets released when you climax.

He rolled her over on to her back once again and slammed into her pussy. She turned to me and gave me the horniest look ever. She’s wasn’t my wife Clare now she was a pure slut and loving it. He was bare in her pussy and the look she was giving me is one that says “I told you I didn’t want to stray but you pushed me and now I hope you’re enjoying the show because I am.” I pushed my cock into her mouth and face fucked her as he pounded her into the floor. I as the first to shoot my load into her mouth and she swallowed the load before he tensed up and came in her pussy.

We all gathered our breaths and he left shortly after. She was knackered and wanted to go to bed so we did and over the next few days all I could think about is her fucking him. I masturbated over the pictures I took several times during the course of the next week until she agreed to meet another guy again.

I later found out that this was our initiation into cuckoldry but it was still tame. Nothing more then threesome between a man, his wife and a guest however looking back I saw the big mistake I’d forced her to do something she had originally not wanted to do and she was going to make me pay for that mistake. Now I’m in a situation where my wife has become an adulteress and a cuckoldress and I’ll never her get her back to being my prim, faithful wife. She views it as I gave away her pussy so I deserve to suffer while she gives it to any man that can promise a good fucking and likes to fill up hotwives with their seed.

Hotwife Clare

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By: hotwifecuckyboi


August 26, 2013

Dirty party girl

This is a video some guy at a party sent Hot Girfriend Daisy on Monday morning after her wild antics at the Saturday night party. She says she can’t remember much about it at all as she was quite drunk, but she does remember taking a few guys off to a bedroom for some fun. At least two of the guys fucked her and this one guy with a huge cock fed his cock into her mouth and proceeded to fill her open mouth with gallons of cum which she swallowed down greedily. An incredibly horny movie of what a real Hotwife gets up to when she goes out. Enjoy.

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August 24, 2013

My Whore Wife

I sat next to him in the bar knowing exactly who he was. His name was George. He was not a good looking guy, large nose, rough complexion, stocky build but clearly quite rich. And, it was also clear that he had been around. This international business scene put a mark on some men. He was worldly, cynical and a bit worn down.

I struck up a conversation with him discussing why he was here at a bar in Ukraine. As expected, he spoke perfect English. He told me he did business here from time to time. He was a consultant who helped new companies start up and make connections to the west.

He asked what I was doing here. I didn’t lie. I told him that I was passing through, having a few business meetings and then onto Moscow. I asked if he had ever been to Moscow. And he replied that he had often. “Women are great there,” I said forcing the conversation in a direction I wanted it to go. “Gorgeous.” I knew this. You see, I met my new wife Aliona there a few years ago. She is a beautiful brunette with a long thin back, nice legs and the world’s best ass. She is loyal, loving and genuinely wonderful. When we met she was in her mid-thirties and had been single all her life.

The only thing was that she loved sex. She is fantastic in bed. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, but after dating for while, I started to think about how she got that good. She told me that she had about 20 partners over 20 years. By American rules, that meant much more, maybe double. I wondered if it was the same with Russian women. So I began to ask her about her past.

She had no problem telling me everything. In fact, she seemed quite proud of her history of sex. She counted her lovers like beads on a rosary. I became obsessed with her ex-lovers. This one name George, who she called her Dutch man, intrigued me.

She always said he was a good guy but a bit dirty. He had been her lover for 5 years but she had others during that time as well. But what got me was that he was willing to finance her life, pay her bills and buy her clothes, etc. I always wondered what he got in return. To an American ear, this sounded like prostitution. But Russia was different. Men covered bills for their girlfriends all the time. But he was not Russian. He was Dutch. Did he see it the Russian way? Or, was my wife a really whore to him?

He was based in Kiev now, So when I had a chance to come to Ukraine on business, I hatched the idea that I would hear this story from his own mouth. I tracked him down and followed him to the bar. “Yeah, and horny, but expensive. I like them better here, just as gorgeous and fewer expectations.” “You ever date any girls in Moscow.” “Sure, lots. One for quite a while.” That was it. I knew he was talking about her. My dear, Aliona.

“What happened?” “I don’t know. It was never serious. I liked her at first, she is beautiful like a classic movie star, very stylish, smart and what an ass. But in the end, we knew it was not forever and it became a very simple relationship. I just came into town and fucked her about once a month. I had an apartment there, well she did, but I paid for it. I paid her bills and bought a few gifts when I came to town.” “That sounds expensive.” “Not really when you add it up. I was in town 3-4 days at a time, that’s $1000 bucks in hotels rooms. Add $400 a night for whores and that’s $2600 bucks, so I saved a $1000 a month really. I had a nice clean apartment and gorgeous piece of tail waiting for me there.” “So you thought of her as your whore?” “For the last few years, yeah. I mean basically, I fucked her and she took money. What you do you call it?”

I just nodded. It was amazing to me that he was talking about my wife. I could barely imagine it, but it was true. Now the key question. “Was the sex good?” He laughed out loud. “I never fucked better. She was the horniest bitch, I have ever met. The nastier it got, the more she liked it.” “What do you mean nasty?” “Let me tell you. I would fly into SVO and send her a text that I was in town and be there in an hour. She would text back telling me what she was going to me… suck my cock, lick my balls, and let me face fuck her. She loves that.”

I almost fell out of my chair. “You’re kidding. Did she do it all?” “And, more. That was the tip of the iceberg, my friend. I would walk in the apartment and she would greet me with a cigar and scotch wearing lingerie, you know those little baby doll outfits with tiny panties, and wearing high heels… $400 high heels.” “Wow, I can never imagine.” “Russian women like being sexy unlike fucking American girls. They all want to be men. Russian women are women. They dress sexy, do their makeup and want to please their men. Anyway, before I even got in the door, she dropped to her knees, pulled out my cock and started sucking and licking. She loved giving head. It actually made her wet. After a bit, we go into the bedroom and I’d sit on the bed. She’d get down and start sucking my balls telling me how much she missed me and appreciated all I did for her. But we both knew the score. I paid, she sucked and fucked. It’s fair. I didn’t ask about her life, she didn’t ask about mine.”

I could not believe he was talking about my beautiful wife in such a way. It was strange. In a way, it turned me on. “She had a rule; no blow job was a blow job until I came.” That was true. She is still the same. One of the things I love best about her. “So I would always stand up at the end, her face right there between my balls and asshole. She would put her tongue deep in my ass and jack me off. When I came, I would tell her it was time, and she would take it all over her beautiful face. I never saw anyone who loved cum on her face like Aliona.”

When he said her name, it bowled me over. The reality was setting in. My wife had been his whore. “It was a great way to come into town. We would eat, watch a movie or something. Rarely talked. She liked all these boring Russian movies. I would usually fall asleep. She would wake me up by grabbing my dick again and stroking it. “I would get hard and she would turn around, thrust that gorgeous ass out at me and wiggle around. She loved it from behind.” With me it was always missionary, looking into each other’s eyes, loving and sweet. She insisted on it. This was something different. “I get up over her and start fucking her from behind. She squealed with pleasure. I would ask her if how she wanted it, ‘fuck me hard. I am a slut. Your slut.’ “So I would. I was in pretty good shape then and would thrust it hard in her and very fast. She would reach behind her and pull her ass cheeks open so I could see her asshole. I could feel the heat of it against my belly. “I loved the noises she would make. Like a little dog barking. Eventually, I started calling her my doggy. My slut doggy. It sounds better in Russian. She loved it. I told her to bark louder, and I would buy her some shoes. Russian girls are nuts about shoes. She barked like a dog for me. Can you imagine?”

I could and it made me crazy. I was getting hard listening to the way this man disgraced Aliona. “The trick was to make sure she had at least 2 glasses of wine. Get her a bit drunk, and she would do almost anything. She told me she got fucked in the ass during a cocktail party at a business conference once after 3 glasses of Malbec. She did not even know the guy. She met him on the way to the bathroom. He just bent her over, pulled down her panties and fucked her right in the hallway of the conference center. Of course, she was wearing a $2000 dollar dress I bought her at the time,” he laughed. “I love that story. Dirty girl.

“Anyway, I eventually would have to get into that ass. She had bigger orgasms from anal and anticipating it made her even dirtier. I would slide in that warm ass. It would open right up and take me in. She would tell me to treat her like a whore. That was easy… that was what she was. I would grab her hair hard. Pull it back and put my fingers in her mouth. Then I would shove her face into the bed and push as hard as I could. She would start crying. At first I freaked out about this, but after a few times, I realized she cried when she came because it was so intense. Aliona was fucked up in many ways.”

Hmmm, I thought. I never remember her crying. Does that mean she doesn’t orgasm with me? She always says I am her good guy. Maybe I am too good. “She liked it when I would cum on her asshole, then stick my dick in again and fuck her more so she could hear it all wet. Boy she was fantastic. I miss her. I do” “What happened? Why don’t you see her anymore? You don’t go to Moscow?” “No, I go from time to time. My last time, she told me she had been dating a guy for a month and thought he was the marrying kind. She had found a sucker to take her on for life. Anyway, I didn’t want to be in the middle of that, so we fucked one more time, best ever if you ask me, and I left. We text dirty messages from time to time. She still sends me naked pictures, but I have a new girl here and Aliona’s ass was getting fat anyway.”

I realized now, that she had cheated on me with him. Well once wasn’t too bad. It was at the beginning I guess, a goodbye romp. Was that so bad? “I feel sorry for the poor fucker that married her though.” That raised my attention. “Why’s that?” “Well this girl is not the faithful kind. She fucks around all the time. She writes me and tells me about it because she knows it gets me off. She even blows her boss at least once a week and sleeps with married guys at lunch. She says she like the married guys now because they can keep a secret. They give her gifts and she fucks them.”

I was devastated. My wife was still out there having sex with other men. He took a last drink and slammed his glass down. “Well, good talking to you. I have to head out. Good luck with everything.” He offered his hand. I shook it and he walked out. I had gotten what I wanted. I met George and he was all that I expected. I went to my hotel and was awake all night thinking about this man taking my beautiful girl the way he described. I came three times by my own hand before I fell asleep.

Just as I drifted off I thought, I have to meet the guy from the conference. I wonder what his name is.

By: dunross


August 22, 2013

Company Hooker

Stunning Hotwife Jackie is back with another story of a horny encounter with more random cock.


I’d been running from meeting to meeting all week long, driving from one end of L.A. to the other and everywhere in between. This is what’s known as “crunch time” in my business and as my boss says, “If your hormones are out of whack take a prozac.” Myself, I prefer a more natural form of feel-good drug. It’s warm, wet and creamy, and if you know me, you know that I can’t get enough.

This particular afternoon I had worked through lunch to help hammer out a deal with a firm in Century City. Their guy was in from New York. He was easy on the eyes to say the least. I’d talked to him on the phone a few times before but I’d never had the pleasure of meeting him in person. As we sat across the conference room table from each other I couldn’t help but wonder what he looked like without that uptight starched shirt and tie. I could tell he had muscular arms and I really wanted to reach out and squeeze them, but I held myself back while we negotiated back and forth. But I guess he must’ve caught me staring a couple of times because after he signed on the bottom line he said, “Jackie, I’ve really enjoyed working with you. Feel like celebrating?” Indeed I did. “Let’s do lunch,” he said.

“I want to change out of this suit first if you don’t mind. I’m staying at the Wilshire Plaza. I’ts a small boutique hotel just a few blocks away. You are welcome to wait there. They have a great patio bar. Or if you like you can go up to my room and hang out there. I’ll call them and have them give you a key.” If I could read the signs he was inviting me for more than a glass of bubbly. “That sounds wonderful” I said. “I can go and freshen up in your room and by then you should be finished here.” I knew the whole thing was a set up and another girl might’ve been somewhat miffed, but I’m not another girl.

I knew exactly where the Wilshire Plaza was. I’d been fucked there a few times already but I pretended to be naive. I knew he’d like that act. He’d like to think he was taking advantage of a sweet married businesswoman. “Where exactly is that hotel?” I asked innocently. “Just two blocks west on Wilshire. You can’t miss it,” he directed.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long. I’m getting hungry already,” I said as I walked out of the office. I walked to the hotel and went straight to the desk. “So good to have you back Senora,” the desk man said. Just my luck he remembered me. “Mr. Allen called and instructed me to give you the key to his room.”
Now I was beginning to feel a little like one of Heidi Fleiss’s two-grand-a-day call girls who catered to the rich and powerful in Hollywood. The thought “Why am I doing this for free?” actually ran through my mind.

The desk man handed me the key and I went up. I immediately made myself at home on the bed and waited for my sexy executive to come and have his way with me. Sure enough he showed up 10 minutes later. Some conference call. All bullshit of course. Just a ploy to get this married woman alone in his room. “Good news Jackie. The conference call was cancelled at the last minute,” he announced as he came though the door looking horny, to say the least. “Oh what a shame.” I said, playing along.

“Well I’ll just get changed. I’m not shy but if you are uncomfortable I will go in the bathroom,” he said. “Not at all. I like to watch!” I told him. He peeled off his shirt. He was wearing a very sexy black wife-beater underneath that starched shirt. I could feel my pussy grow wet and slick. I stood up and did what I’d been dying to do all afternoon, I squeezed his arms and they were good, reeeeeally good. He took hold of my shoulders and kissed me. I reached down and felt what I knew was an amazing hard-on in his pants. I unzipped them and knelt down to get a good close look. God he smelled incredible, and his cock was simply perfection. We’d been inside the room all of about 36 seconds when my mouth consumed his cock. One taste and I knew, this would be the best lunch break I’d had in weeks!

It’s an amazing thing, actually, when you start out meeting someone under professional circumstances, speaking politely to one another, and next thing you know you’re in a hotel room sucking their dick and licking their balls and they’re breathing heavy and saying “Suck my cock you fucking slut. Take a big mouthful you horny bitch!” “I gotta remember to thank Stewart back in New York for recommending I negotiate this deal with you,” he said proudly as he shoved my head down further on his fat cock. I hoped he wasn’t expecting an answer. I had his entire dick buried in my throat. But I did manage a “Hmmmmmmm.” as he fucked my face. I think back on all the times I sat in boring business meetings back in my twenties when I was first starting to climb the corporate ladder.

I was kind of shy about expressing myself back then. Didn’t want to do anything that might seem unprofessional or cast me in a bad light, especially with the men that I worked with. I just didn’t think they’d take me seriously if they saw me just as a piece of meat with a tight little pink pussy. I guess you could say I was a tight ass, one of those chicks you might know from the office that seem stand-offish and cold, and the guys probably joke about her when they’re out for a beer together after work, how she probably just needs to get laid in a big way. You know the type. All business.

I look back on those days and I realize how many opportunities I missed to suck all that corporate cock. Whoever said that you mustn’t mix business with pleasure just never had the chance to stick his fingers up his colleague’s wet pussy and hear her purrr like the minx that she really is. And you know what I’ve learned? Opening your legs to your co-worker really promotes harmony in the work-place. Yoga on your lunch break? Never touch the stuff myself, and since I started doing “favors” for my clients my boss seems happier with my work. I now get promotions and raises on a regular basis. He says I have “the right attitude.”

My boss tells the execs who blow into town that I’m their go-to-gal. In other words, the girl to see about getting their dick sucked. Well, that’s okay with me. As long as they’re hot and have an awesome package. Cause if there’s one thing I love, it’s good dick. And this guy had it, mmmmm, he was delicious.
I could’ve sucked him off for hours, but he wanted to get some of his own. He laid me out on the bed and his long fingers explored my cunt, tickling my G-spot and getting me even hotter than I already was as he finger fucked me. Then he’d squeeze my nipples and shove his cock back inside my hot mouth, forcing it further and further down my throat holding it there then pulling out so I could breath, then shoving it back in. This guy really loved having his dick sucked! If he had his way my mouth would be permanently attached to his cock. He was driving me totally crazy, and all I knew was I had to get his hard cock in my cunt. We were not going to leave that room until he fucked me, and that was that! “You know,” I said, briefly removing his dick from my mouth, “if I keep sucking your cock like this I may be in line for a big bonus.” “Is that right? Well just what do you think you’re worth?”

“Well, let’s just take stock of what you’re getting today. To start with, I was easy on you this morning while we were working out those figures.” “Secondly,” I continued, fondling his balls, “I cancelled an important lunch with a VIP client to have ‘lunch’ with you.” “I see what you’re getting at. You really went the distance for me today, didn’t you? And don’t think it’s gone unnoticed,” he said, moaning each time I went down further on his big dick. “Thirdly, I haven’t even eaten a thing yet today…except, of course, this big hunk of meat you keep forcing down my throat, mmmm, talk about your grade A prime beef!” “So you’re saying I owe you a meal.” I lay back on the bed and spread myself wide open and watched him salivate over my wet cunt. “Baby, I’m saying you owe me one hell of a fuck!” My pussy was so hot it felt like it was going to spontaneously combust any moment. The thought actually went through my mind, Oh God, don’t let my pubic hair explode into flames like Michael Jackson’s hair! I needed relief and I needed it now. The truth is, he’d had me hot since I first laid eyes on him several hours earlier. So you can imagine how uncomfortable it was to walk around with a “hard-on” for about six hours!

But I must admit right here and now, the wait was entirely worth it!! The second that he sunk his meat inside my hot little wet box I let loose with an immediate orgasm. Ahhhhh! I spell relief F-U-C-K-I-N-G, and this guy knew how to work his wand in a big and wonderful way. I just couldn’t get him deep enough inside me. As he thrust into me, I thrust right back, working him deeper and deeper inside, tickling my G-spot, making me cum again and again. I held on to his ass and pulled him right back to me each time he began to pull away. “You like this baby? Is this what you wanted? He really had to ask? “I sure do like it, and it’s exactly what I wanted. How did you know?” “I know a few things,” he said, and I thought he was really being humble. I mean, this guy knew more than a few things. And I was prepared to spend the rest of the afternoon allowing him to impart his vast knowledge on to my body.”

He turned me over and set a pillow beneath my stomach to raise my ass up further to his cock for even deeper penetration. It was a very nice little trick. “How’s that?” he asked, but I had a hard time responding. To be honest, I had a hard time even catching a breath. That’s when you know you’re really being fucked well, when you almost forget to breath. “Uh-huh,” I managed to utter somehow. And then, as he pounded my pussy with his hard meat, my comments became much more gutteral and much less comprehensible, but somehow I think he got the idea. “Put your legs together, baby.” “Really?” “Trust me. You’ll like it.” Like any good slut, I did as he requested and put my knees together like a good girl. It must have worked to make my pussy tighter for him because he really started ramming his cock deep as he could into my wet hole. I could tell he was having a great time when he got on his knees and grabbed my ass cheeks. He loved watching his hard dick as he shoved it in and out of my cunt. He slapped my ass a few times for good measure and even called me his “Little whore!” Oh yeah, he would remember this “little whore” for a long time when he got back to big Apple. I can only imagine what he would tell his buddies back at the office.

I didn’t have to wait long, he was getting to the home stretch. He pulled me up on my knees and grabbed my shoulders. He pulled me back hard at the same time he drove forward and slammed his cock as hard as he could into my pussy like he was trying to teach me a lesson…and he was. But he wasn’t done yet. One last hard thrust and then he pulled his dick out of me. “On your back baby!” he growled, I rolled over and spread my legs wide expecting he would want to fuck me face to face when he shot his load. Instead he just wanted to fuck my face one more time. He pushed his dick in my mouth and shoved it down until he had the entire thing buried deep in my throat. He held it there for a few seconds and kept mumbling “Oh baby!” then popped it out of my mouth as quick as he had shoved it in. “Okay baby, off the bed and back down on your knees!” He jumped off the bed and stood at attention with his cock straight out in front of him. I crawled off the bed and onto the floor. I got on my knees like he told me to and took his cock back into my mouth. I began to move my head back and forth over his dick and I sucked thinking he wanted to finish by fucking my face and just wanted a better angle at my mouth. But he surprised me again! “No!” he growled softly as he pulled his dick out of my mouth.”Take my cock in your hand and jack me off!” he ordered. I did as he said but kept trying to get the head of his dick in my mouth as I stroked his cock thinking that’s what he would like. Again, he said “No, get your mouth off my cock! I want you to jack me off until I cum and I want you to spray my load all over your face when I do!” Okay I had my orders and it was my job to follow them. I began to stroke his cock faster and faster. “Open your mouth, open your mouth!” he began to shout. Too Late! by that time his hot cum was all over my face and hair. But there was a lot more where that came from. As I continued to jerk his hard dick I opened my mouth and another big load shot onto my tongue. I kept jerking and he kept shooting cum all in my wide open mouth. “Oh baby…you’re my cum slut. You little married cock whore! You’re my cum slut aren’t you?” I couldn’t answer with a mouthful of cum. “Suck it baby, suck it!” he pleaded. I took a big gulp and swallowed his load down then took his cock back into my mouth. It was amazing, I continued to suck more cum out of his dick.

“Mmmmmmmm baby” I managed to say as I cleaned his cock. “Your my cum slut. Look at your beautiful face covered in my cum. I want to make you my cum slut every time I’m back in town on business. Until I see you again all I’m gonna think about is how I’m gonna shove my cock deep down your throat again until your eyes water and paint your gorgeous face with my hot jizz. I’ll email you right before I make my next trip out west, and when I walk into this office again, I want to see your hot little ass there waiting for me. I want to see that pretty face smiling at me just like it is now just waiting to take another big load of my cum all over it.







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August 20, 2013

Hotwife Confessions

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Every Independence Day, my husband and I host a party which includes fireworks, a cookout, and, of course, substantial drinking. This year was to be no different. Invited were an assortment of co-workers, friends, and relatives. Entire families attend but generally as the day progresses, those with small children leave so that by a couple of hours after sunset, the party has turned into an adults only affair.

By this time, I was worn out. Most of the party took place outside, with traffic usually only coming inside to use the bathrooms. Mark was outside mixing it up, getting very drunk. I could see him outside, staggering around, from group to group. Always trying to be the good host, I was inside cleaning up in the kitchen. I turned, as the door slammed, to see Reggie walk inside. A dark black man who worked with Mark, he was always acted politely and was quick to smile. Although I didn’t know him well, I had seen him off and on during company functions. He paused to talk, commenting on how well the party was going. I knew his wife, Sharon, about as well as I knew him, so I asked where she was tonight. Reggie said that she was out of town, visiting her sister. She doesn’t really like parties anyhow, he said, she feels that people start doing foolish things after all that drink. I commented that although sometimes true, I hadn’t seen anything like that tonight. “Just you wait, though,” he said, “It’s bound to happen.”

“Do you really think it’s such a bad thing to happen?” I replied. “Depends on what it is, I guess.” At that, he asked where the bathroom was, to which I pointed in the direction. To be honest, as he moved by, he seemed to be very close and kind of squeezed by me, briefly touching my hips as he passed. Although seemingly innocent, it surprised me and caused me to watch as he walked toward the bathroom and away from me. I couldn’t help but notice his well fitting jeans hugging his rear and his obvious muscle tone beneath his loose shirt. Call it crazy, but suddenly I walked to our bedroom check on something, what I don’t know!

The walk to the bedroom passed in front of the bathroom into which Reggie was just entering. He glanced back as he entered, catching my eye, which I quickly turned away. As I fluffed the pillows and did what else, I could hear him urinating. Suddenly, I thought, what am I doing? I headed back to the kitchen, intent upon finishing my chores, however, I hadn’t taken three steps from the bedroom, when in the corner of my eye, I saw that the bathroom door was cracked open. I paused to focus through that gap and I couldn’t believe what I saw! A big black hand was shaking and even bigger black cock, seemingly shaking out the last drop of urine. I say seemingly because I wasn’t born yesterday. I could see that Reggie was putting on a show. He was semi-hard and was less shaking it than stroking it!

I should have run, but I was fascinated his size. My pussy became wet instantly, probably wetter than its’ ever been! I was so shaken by powerful sexual feelings, feelings I hadn’t felt in a long time. Caught up, I moved closer to that wonderfully large, dark black meat. This was so dangerous, the party was going strong outside, fireworks still lighting up the sky. Fortunately, most of the bathroom traffic was filling the garage bathroom. I didn’t even look up at Reggie’s face, I was just transfixed by his dick, which by now was rigid and had a slight upward curve. He cracked the door further open and stepped back, his way of inviting me inside. Part of me screamed, “Walk away!” but my other side was much more powerful and I stepped through the doorway. Slipping to my side, he closed and locked the door behind me.

Grinning, he led me to the toilet, which he had placed the lid down. Beckoning me to sit, he let his pants and underwear drop to his ankles. I just couldn’t take my eyes off his member, which remained firm and horizontal, and black as night. I stared at the large mushroom head and saw the glistening on the tip. His cock must have been a good eight inches long and was thick. I knew what he wanted , I wanted it too, as much, if not more than he did! Wanting to savor this, I reached up and slid my hands slowly up his powerful thighs. I felt him in this way, up and down, feeling his tight muscles. Reaching up to his tight ass, I squeezed his cheeks as I leaned forward for the main course.

Reggie quickly reached down and undid my blouse, at the same time, unceremoniously pulling my breasts out from my bra. He gave them a few rough pulls and kneaded them before suddenly letting go and moving his hands to the top of my head. Now we were both ready! Eagerly, I leaned forward again, this time dodging under his dick to engulf his heavy, swinging balls. I began to suckle them, licking and sucking noisily. After a few minutes, I pulled back, noting the glistening of my saliva on his scrotum. I moved my red lips to the underside of his throbbing hard on. Pursing them, I slid up and down, along the underside of his dick, frequently pausing to run my tongue out and slide it up and down, as well.

Reggie, excited, began to slowly hump, which I took for a cue to get on the end of it. I briefly stopped to open my shorts and panties. I began to masturbate with my right hand as my left massaged his balls. Keeping my lips pursed, I pressed them at the end of his ebony rod, licking his large mushroom head.

I had controlled every aspect up to this point, but suddenly Reggie had had enough. He grasped my head in both hands and pushed his mushroom head between my lips, humping in short strokes. He spread his legs a little to provide my hand with better access to his balls and began humping with deeper strokes. It was then that I reached orgasm. I shuddered as I was racked with sheer pleasure! I moved both hands up to his ass, coaxing him to fuck my mouth. His wet balls began to slap my chin as his tempo increased. This was a turn on and it wasn’t long before my hand made its’ way yet again to clit.

By now his strokes were getting deeper and faster. I struggled not to gag, mostly successful but a couple of times I had to stop for a second. I reached my second orgasm at the same time he reached his first! Intense pleasure ran through my body as I felt his first spurt shoot into my mouth. It was a big one, and my first reaction was to quickly swallow it. Another, equally large shot followed it, which I also promptly swallowed. Three and four were much less and by that fourth and last one, his pumping stopped. I continued to slowly lick, however, enjoying the moment.

Both of us spent, Reggie backed away, his now sensitive dick popping from my mouth. Embarrassed and nervous, with my passion sated, I gave him a weak smile. He quickly pulled on this underwear and pants while I stuffed my tits back in my bra and fastened my blouse. Feeling a sense of urgency, that I had been away much too long to avoid suspicion, I stepped out of the bathroom and strode to the kitchen as though nothing had happened. Trying to gather my thoughts, I picked up where I left off. Moments later, after a strategic pause, Reggie walked up and past. Before he left the room, I said, “Reggie?”

“Yeah baby?”

“Please keep this a secret.” I implored. He smiled and as he stepped out he said, “It’s just between me and you, baby.”.

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