September 24, 2012

Cuckolded on Wedding day

Cuckold Place Update

Cuckolded future Hubby 1 hour before the wedding

Hi, I cuckolded my now Hubby 1 hour before our wedding with his best man and walked down the aisle with the best mans cum soaking into my panties and running on to my stocking tops.

This is 100% GENIUNE.

Does this make me a slut or a hot wife?

Comments and cum painted pics welcome.

Submitted by: hornylynne

Wedding wife

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September 22, 2012

Go Leslie Croft

I love this wife. So sexy, so real, sexy and raw. She lives the hotwife lifestyle to the max. And here is delicious Leslie Croft getting her mouth around some more strangers cock for us to enjoy. Leslie is very active on Hotwife Hub so make sure you log in and chat to her on there and praise this wonderful wife for all the goodness she brings us!







Hotwife Blog Profile - Leslie Croft - 2010

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September 20, 2012

Submissive Twist

Just received this wonderful email from lifestyle couple Naya and Rick. Was a really great read and was great to hear from them again. I hope we hear some updates from them soon.

This couple are part of all the fun at Hotwife Hub. Their profile is headtotoe if you want to contact them on there

Good morning Trash - Greetings from Canada. We had a really hot hotwife experience this week and I thought I would publish it on hotwifeblog.com so that your readers could enjoy the experience and potentially incorporate it into their own play.

The stories photos and materials we see on your site continue to excite us and encourage us to be adventurous in our own hotwife play. Thank you.

Naya & Rick

Hotwife Naya Plays with a Submissive Twist

Our experience begins with us searching for a single guy for on-going, kinky fun on Craigslist. If the guys are willing to send a couple of face pics it usually indicates that the person is serious and motivated to meet. Naya uses it as a selection criteria to meeting, if she is not attracted to the guy’s “look” she will not meet.

Having found an ad we liked we struck up a conversation with “Alan”. After a couple of back and forth emails and an exchange of face photos Naya decided to meet Alan at a local bar in our neighbourhood while I was attending a work function. I am always turned on by the prospect of Naya going on a date as she gets dressed in something that is hot and always makes herself look really good as she is trying to turn her prospective suitor on. I get updates on how things are going by text and usually if she is out for more than an hour it means that things are progressing well and that she will likely want to fuck the guy she has met.

She met Alan at 6:30pm on Wednesday night and indicated that things were going very well in that they were mutually attracted to one another and that there seemed to be good sexual energy between them. She told me that she had just removed her G-string and given it to Alan. I asked her to prove this and Alan sent me a picture of her G-string, which he did [the picture is included with this submission]. I asked her how wet her pussy was and whether she had let him sample it. She related that she had put her finger in her pussy at the table and then reached across the table to let him smell her fresh juices and lick them off of her finger. I developed a raging hard-on in my business suit and had to sit at the work function I was attending. I decided to leave my function and took a taxi home. On the way there Naya asked me to join her as Alan wanted to meet me in person to build some rapport.

I showed up at the bar and we had a really good conversation about our respective experiences and shared some funny stories about the lifestyle. We agreed that the three of us would play at some point but not tonight. We left the bar and Alan and Naya hugged and kissed, pushing their bodies against one another. Naya and I jumped into a taxi and headed for our house. When we arrived home we ripped each others clothes off and had a hot fuck session. It is during our sex as I teased my long shaft in and out of her moist, tight pussy that I hatched a new caper for us to play out. To make a long story short we spoke about her enjoying two lovers on the same day, one new [Alan] and the other a young guy, Bill, that we had played with several times. I set very firm rules for the encounters both of which would commence without my involvement in any way and would happen in our marital home. On Thursday night I noted that she had extended sexting sessions with both guys on her smart phone and knew that the anticipation for executing this exciting caper must be reaching a tipping point. We ended up having sex again on Thursday night and I laid out the rules for her as my hard cock slid in and out of her moist little cunt.

I reiterated the “rules” in an email that I have replicated immediately below and sent this to her on Friday morning before I departed for work.

Naya - First of all this comes from a position of trust. As you know trust is first earned but is something that requires ongoing diligence to ensure that it is maintained. Your development as a hotwife and a good little submissive slut is progressing well, here are the ground rules for today:


- Kissing is permitted
- Touching through clothes is permitted
- No penetration with any body parts except the agreed upon blowjob

Your task is to have him take 4 pictures as follows (and these should not IDENTIFY you):

- A picture of his cock in your mouth
- Your freshly shaved pussy
- An object of your choosing inside your wet pussy
- His ejaculate in the crotch of your panties


- Anything goes that you are comfortable with.
- I will be home between 5:45 to 6 p.m. and he is not allowed to cum before I come home.

You are a fantastic hotwife, have fun!


Having sent her the rules I headed to work for the day and spent a long day at the office, thinking about what my hotwife would be doing alone firstly with Alan and then with Bill. It was very important to me that Naya obey the rules that I had established for her play with Alan as this was purely about control and discipline and was intended as foreplay for her encounter with Bill and ultimately me. I texted with Naya throughout the morning and I also texted with Alan to ensure that he was going to adhere to the rules. Alan has a shaving fetish and I agreed that if he and Naya adhered to the rules that I would let him shave her pussy and asshole after letting her hair grow there a little bit.

I do not know how the encounter unfolded with Alan. Naya told me that all rules were adhered to and that it was an incredible turn on for her and although she really wanted to fuck him badly, she did not. She tempted him with the fragrance of her sweet moist pussy, squatting over his face with her pussy lips just centimetres from his nose and tongue. When he was good and excited she took his cock in her mouth and he came after an extended blowjob and shot his load of hot cum into the crotch of her moist panties. She also came from the beads that they chose as the object to put in her pussy after some extended masturbation with said beads.

They sent me the enclosed pictures as I had instructed at 2:30 p.m. after having been together for almost 90 minutes. Alan left at 3 p.m. likely having had an extended kiss with Naya who moments before had been sucking his hard cock. All of the pictures that were taken, per my instructions have been enclosed with this post.

I arrived home at 5:45pm and entered the house quietly. I could hear music in my bedroom and heard the moans of Naya as she was being pleasured by Bill. I slowly walked up the stairs and activated the video camera on my Playbook to capture what I saw as I entered the room, Naya sliding up and down on Bill’s hard cock. Naya quipped that I was just in time as Bill needed to cum having maintained an erection for 45 minutes. Bill put Naya on her hands and knees and positioned himself behind her. He entered her with long strokes and pulled his cock out, removed the condom and ejaculated on her back with about 6 streams of cum. I immediately put my cock into her pussy and continued to fuck her. I pulled my cock out and also came on her back with 3-4 streams of cum. Naya was a hot, sticky little hotwife who had enjoyed 3 different cocks in one afternoon.

We are having our neighbours and two other couples over for dinner next Friday and will have Alan join us playing the role of a high school friend of Naya’s who is in town for the weekend. Naya and Alan will flirt and tease each other throughout the evening and when everybody has gone home, Alan will finally have a chance to taste Naya’s delicious pussy and feel how tight it is on his cock when he penetrates her. We are going to have a threesome with her and ensure that our neighbours hear the sounds of her moaning through our shared wall. Stay tuned for an account of that kinky evening and happy hotwifing.






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September 18, 2012

Jackie Pounded by Black

Was just browsing the net, looking for filth (purely research of course) and came across this great clip from our darling Hotwife Jackie from way back in 2004. I wonder how many cocks Jackie has had in her time as a Hotwife? hmmmmm

Anyway.. she really does take this pounding from the BBC so well, loving every inch of the huge shaft and then finishes off by drinking the full load of cum he pours into her open mouth. No wonder she’s been your favorite Hotwife 3 years in a row. Nobody does it better! Bravo Jackie

Click here to watch the movie

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September 16, 2012

Discussion Groups

I have now added discussion groups on Hotwife Hub. Members can create a group on anything that is Hotwife and Cuckold related and join in the discussions on existing groups, creating topics and posting comments.

Here’s an example post from the Hotwife Confessions Group from user Spicyasianhottie

I am coming up on my one year anniversary of getting back with my ex, at least on a fucking bases. Last year around this time after not even seeing his cock in over 12 years, my Hubby begged me to fuck my ex. The day I went to fuck him, my Hubby asked that I make him use a condom and that I take pics and text them to him. Well I’m confessing that after tasting his smooth cock in my mouth I couldn’t see not having him fuck me bareback, especially since he never used condoms when we were dating. So I fucked him with no condoms but as you can see from my photos on my profile, that I made him put a condom on and take photos to send to my hubby so he wouldn’t know. It’s almost a year of me and my ex still fucking bareback and what hubby doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

If you haven’t got a profile on Hotwife Hub head over there now and create one. We also have the option to upgrade to a VIP account where you can chat live via IM to other members as well as view tons of real movie clips of Hotwives and Cuckolds in action.

VIP account details here

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September 14, 2012

Ready for the weekend

Wishing you all a very happy and horny weekend. It all starts here with the delectable Kelly Anderson getting it like a good Hotwife and her face covered in cum from some random cock.

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Hotwife Blog Profile - Kelly Anderson - 2007

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September 12, 2012

Wifes Confession

After years of fantasizing and sharing my desires with my wife, she finally fucked another man and is on her way to steadily having sex with him. I was away on a business trip, and when I arrived home she confessed that while I was away she had an affair with a married man. They used to work together, and she described how they had been engaged in conversation throughout the night. She didn’t go into detail on why she had booked a room in the hotel they were at, but regardless she told me how they ended up in her room, and how he lustfully tore at her clothes, undressed her, and ravaged her. She told me he ate her pussy before she took his cock into her mouth. She said he loved the way she sucked cock, and before long he slid his unprotected cock into her cunt and began fucking her. She didn’t say how long the fuck session lasted, but she did say she ended up riding his cock until he came deep in her.

My cock was extremely hard as she described her tryst, and when she finished her confession I reassured her that this was what I wanted, what we had talked about, I was not mad, and that I was in fact extrmely horny from her revelation. Although she was apprehensive after telling me what she’d done, for the next week I assured her even more by giving her my cock and telling her how hot it was that she fucked another man. Even more so that she took his bare cock and made him cum in her.

Since that day they have been texting and I have told her it was ok by me if she wanted to fuck him again. She also confessed that she had fucked another man last year, and that he has contacted her recently and she is interested in fucking him again. To my surprise, her latest lover has told her he’d love to have a threesome with us, so hopefully we can get something set up in the near future. Last Friday they were set to meet but plans fell through, and yesterday they made plans to meet sometime today. My hope is that when I get home after work and reach into her panties that I’ll find her cunt used and full of cum so that I can slide my dick in her and feed her more cock while she tells me how she made him shoot his load into her hole. My wife is finally letting herself be the slut I’ve always hoped she would be. If she continues spreading her legs for new cock, hopefully she’ll become more adventurous and begin looking for some BBC as well.

Submitted by: Jack - New Mexico


September 10, 2012

Rebecca’s Rampant Bull

It’s about time we had some more from luscious Rebecca Dream from Rebeeca’s Office. Here’s she invites a rampant black Bull over to her house where he makes his mark on the horny housewife, fucking her in every position possible and finally cumming in her, filling up the condom until it is almost overflowing with cum!

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Check out Rebecca’s interview on Hotwife Blog here

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September 8, 2012

Miss B writes to Hubby

The very beautiful Miss B has got in touch again. Seems her transition into the role of Cuckoldress is going great!


Hey guys. It is Miss B. I know it has been a while since I submitted anything. But here you go!

This is an email written by me to My husband, whom I have cheated on and plan to turn into My cuckold. He recently found some emails that rocked his world and revealed his status as lowly cuckold who’s pathetic dicklet gets all dribbly from thoughts of his wife being a cock craving whore… This is fun!

Silly cuckie. It all came to happen through emails from the secret account I created just for him behind your back. I think specifically the cock-sucking cheat occurred due to pure lust and frustration. Pure lust for his delicious, fat cock and pure frustration because it wasn’t pumping my fuckholes once a week.

Remember the email you found after the fact? You saw the message from him explaining how he just had to have my juicy cunt again, but there was never a time we could meet up to fuck! I had to tell him I could meet to satisfy him when you were at work! These are also the hours he works so my need for his thrusting, hard dick and his desire for my tight, wet fuckhole just increased that much more.

Finally after having to wait too long, it’s like I woke up on a mission one morning. Maybe I received something really hot from him in my secret email account. Maybe he had written about how he wants to get his dick wet in my warm mouth again and how much he wanted me to gag on his cum. I don’t exactly remember what instilled it in me, but I knew I had to have his dick in my mouth that afternoon.

I emailed Brian as soon as you left for work. I told him I had to see him. I told him it wouldn’t take long and, could I come by later on that day? He replied and said he was busy until three but I could stop by any time after. Fuck. I had my personal trainer at three. I didn’t care. This was my opportunity to be in the same room as that glorious cock that fucked me so well all those months ago. I have been craving it for so long and I wasn’t going to pass it up today for anything. I emailed Brian telling him I’d be by around four. I would pull up around back and he was to leave the garage door to his store open, that’s how I would know he was available. I had a cam session early that afternoon and made myself up extra slutty knowing I was going to see him later. It’s all I could think of, his cock and what I was going to do with it. Oh, I’m such a slut for him; the memory of it is sending pulses through my clit as I’m writing this.

Two o’clock came and I couldn’t take it. I was literally pacing with excitement and anticipation. Never did I consider what I was doing was wrong. Never did I think to myself, what am I doing? I love my husband. No. All I thought of was Brian’s divine dick. To my training session, I wore a cute, little tank top, those pink, velour pants that make my ass look incredible and no underwear. As soon as I left the house, my excitement started building. I told my trainer I had to leave early. I made up some excuse and told her I could only do a forty five minute session that day. The sooner I could get out of there, the sooner I could have Brian’s cock in my mouth! I had been thinking about it all day, what I was going to say to him, what I was going to do for him. At three forty five, I sped off, for the first time having doubts….. Oh, not about you, stupid cuck. But I started thinking, what if he’s busy? What if his garage door is closed? How disappointed would I be if I didn’t get to see my lover again and pleasure his glorious cock?

The garage door was closed. I parked my car, sitting there, trying to decide what to do. It was nearly four o’clock; what if you got home early and I wasn’t there? Should I take the time to email Brian from my phone or just go back home? I grab my phone. Just then the garage door opens. My stomach leaps into my chest and my clit begins to tingle. (As if going behind your back and plotting to suck Brian off while you’re at work isn’t enough to tell you how much I need his fucking, the clit tingle is undisputed evidence. He owns my cunt. I know it, my cunt knows it and now you know it.)

It’s pouring rain and just traveling from my car to his garage makes me soaked. Full make-up from the earlier cam session, but slightly smudged making me look sultry-sexy-slutty, my body is still warm and pink from exercise and I’m dripping wet. I look hot. He closes the garage door. “Hey, what’s up?” he tries to make small talk. I just lower my eyes, look at him with pure lust from under my eyelashes and flash the, I-want-to-swallow-your-cock look while I wait for the garage door to fully close. I strip off my wet tank top and bra, wiggle out of my sweatpants. I don’t even give him a minute to admire me, wet and naked except for my Nikes, before I pounce. I jump onto him with feverish lust. I thrust my tongue down his throat as I’m clinging to his body with my hips like a rabid monkey. My legs are spread open and I grind up and down, slowly but firmly on his crotch. I think I pulled away just long enough to smile and look him in the eye while I felt his cock grow hard underneath my aching, writhing cunt. With another long, passionate kiss, I dismount and sink to my knees. I look right into his face and make sure he can see the longing lust in my eyes as I unbuckle and remove his belt. “Oh God, yes. Put it in your mouth.”

I smile and eagerly oblige. I tongue the tip of his magnificent cock only once before I swallow it all the way into the back of my throat, the way I know he likes it. Because of his height, I’m having some trouble deep-throating his cock from this position and just know I can swallow more. I get up and try to pull him over to an adjoining office where I see there are a desk and a computer chair. “Wait. Wait. Wait.” He’s looking at the video monitors of the front of the store. Wait?! What? Dear Lord, I want him to blow his load in my mouth so bad; I want him to fuck my face like it’s his own personal fuckhole so much that I can already feel my inner thighs getting wet and slippery from my needy juices. And he’s hitching up his pants and going through to the front of the store..! Wtf?! Then I see him on the monitor; he looks through the front windows and then locks the door. As soon as he’s back and within arm’s length, I tear his pants and boxers off again and sit him in the office chair. I assume my position: naked except for my Nikes, cunt leaking so much it’s borderline embarrassing and kneeling in front of Brian’s cock.. one of my most favorite places in all the world to be.

From this position, I can thoroughly deep throat his cock. I hear him moan and with satisfaction notice him arching his hips towards my obliging mouth. “Gag. Gasp. Gargle. Oh Brian, your cock tastes so fucking good.” He can’t contain himself. In between low-murmured, vowel-elongated swear words (“fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckk”) he is grunting and breathing hard in time to his hips which are now fucking my face hard. Without regard for me or our surroundings, he grabs your wife’s hair and pulls my mouth toward him each time he thrusts his big, long dick into my throat. I’m gagging; my chin and face are plastered in spit and precum, my eyes are red and tears are streaming down my face from gagging on his delicious cock. I love every minute of it.

I gag and gargle his name every time he thrusts into me. I know he loves this, hearing me try to coo his name when my mouth is full of his cock. He grips my head tighter and his hips are literally convulsing. I am looking up at him this entire time and when we make eye contact and he sees in my face, that pleading need that says, “Please Brian; please make me your cum whore.” It only makes him pump harder. Maybe he really does understand my needs better than I think because when I try to catch my breath and suck slower he says, “Open your mouth and suck my fucking cock.” (Maybe I gave him a surprised look at this. Not disturbed! Not disappointed! More like, holy fuck; did you really just say that? You just got eighty times hotter.) “What? That’s what you want to hear; isn’t it? Suck it.” At this, I melt. Oh God, yes! I am his cum slut. I am his whore. I want nothing more than his superior cock using me in whatever way he wants. This verbiage of his makes me whimper, look up at him with an even greater need, groan and moan while I rub my thighs together. I can’t help but shove my hands in between my legs just to ease the pulsating of my swollen clit.

I suck. I open my throat for him. I gag for him. I do my best saying his name in between and during thrusts of his dick in my mouth, but it’s so big and swollen, all that comes out are gargled gags. He loves it and is once again grabbing my hair, bucking his hips and fucking my face. He grunts and groans and every time he looks down into his lap and sees that needy slut look in my eyes and watches my mouth expertly taking the full length of his cock, he utters another elongated swear word. He throws his head back and with complete disregard for everything else, shouts out, “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!” and explodes his hot load into my eager mouth. I do nonchalantly spit it in the trashcan and rinse out my mouth in the bedroom. I don’t actually swallow because, oddly enough, I’m reminded of how you told me not to ever do that with someone else’s sperm.. diseases and what not. Funny how during my act of infidelity, I take your advice on STDs.

I get dressed as he’s unlocking the front door again. When he returns, I say, “So, I’ll see you around.” I give him my mischievous, slut smile and slip out under the garage door even before it’s half-way open. I got just what I came for and just what I wanted. I even made it home before you, so I still had time to brush my teeth and sop up the lake in between my thighs. You had no clue!

Miss B

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Submitted by: Miss B - Clip Store - Blog


September 6, 2012

Ronja Fox Interviewed

Well here’s a post to get your blood pumping. Been trying to tie this Hotwife down for months to do the Hotwife Blog interview and finally we have it.

My favorite German creampie gangbang Queen of filth Ronja Fox reveals all to us. Wow what a lifestyle she leads. You’ll find it hard to find another Hotwife who goes to such extremes in her quest towards slutdom. We salute you Ronja.

Ronja Fox

Ronja Fox

hotwifeblog: Welcome Ronja, so excited to have you here for an interview. Where are you from?
Ronja: I come from South Germany from a City called Stuttgart

hotwifeblog: What is your age?
Ronja: I was born on 06th Dec 1984

hotwifeblog: What are your measurements?
Ronja: 100 – 80 – 100, I like my body! And I am proud not to be a thin thing. Everyone wants to be thin, but I want to be fit and shaped.

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Ronja: 174 cm

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?
Ronja: My eyes are brown and green

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Ronja: Red and blond

hotwifeblog: Any piercings or tattoos?
Ronja: Yes, I have piercings on my pussy, I have four of them. Maybe I will get more.

hotwifeblog: Describe your personality?
Ronja: I think I am a strong kind of girl. I am loud and I say what I want and what I have to say. I’m not one of those quiet, does what they are told kind of girls. I am interested in many things about the world. I don´t believe in God as a person, but I believe in a good power around us. The God power from within us. You can change the bad things into good things if you want. It is easy to believe in bad parts – it is not that easy to believe in the good parts of people. I am a very good friend and very loyal to my people. I want to respect the people and I wish they respect me, too.

hotwifeblog: What’s your occupation?
Ronja: I am an assistant in a office for telecommunication

hotwifeblog: How did you meet your boyfriend?
Ronja: I met my boyfriend through a mutual friend of ours. Her name is Christel. She is a black woman and very sweet.. She told me about Alex and we ended up having a horny threesome.

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’ve always had natural hotwife tendencies, the need to be with more than one man or have you adapted your thinking of a relationship from a traditional monogamous one?
Ronja: Yes, I’ve always had an alternative attitude to sex and relationships. When I was a teenager I kept thinking about sex all the time. Already at that time I disliked condoms.

hotwifeblog: Was this lifestyle choice first suggested by your boyfriend? and how did it make you feel? the thought of embarking of a life having sex with men outside of your marriage?
Ronja: I think this lifestyle is within our nature. The nature of all the people in the world. My boyfriend is extreme too. But I cannot imagine to just have sex with only one man, with my boyfriend.. I want to be free.. I want to be free in my mind and in what I do. We are all free , but not everyone can deal with that. It is not easy to be cool in your life. You have to think about yourself everyday..

hotwifeblog: Why do you think some men get so excited about seeing their wife or girlfriend with another guy?
Ronja: I think it is a primary instinct in all of us. We are only animals of the world with feelings, instinct, intelligence and the ability to communicate and the ability to have sex.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been an active hotwife?
Ronja: For five years

hotwifeblog: Have you had any previous relationships that allowed you the sexual freedom you have now or were they all monogamous?
Ronja: I have always been doing what I want.

hotwifeblog: Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?
Ronja: Yes, you bet!

hotwifeblog: What type of men do you go for? are attracted to?
Ronja: Self-confident, humorous and natural guys, who don´t take themselves too seriously

hotwifeblog: Tell us about your first hotwife experience?
Ronja: I had a foursome with my friend and our boyfriends. This was seven years ago. It was our wish and we did it.. but after this my boyfriend at the time was angry with me so I guess that wasn’t meant to be.

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife?
Ronja: I don´t know. My boyfriend says it must be roundabout 1000, but we never really counted. It´s just a calculation.

hotwifeblog: Do you prefer to see a guy once for sex or have someone regular to build a sexual relationship with?
Ronja: Basically I could imagine having a regular guy to fuck me outside of my relationship with my boyfriend and in addition to all the other guys, but he would have to stick to our rules and to meet our standards. These are e.g.: handsome face, well-shaped body, nice, hard big cock that gets good hard and which stands instantly without having me working on him too long. He must be reliable so he will appear at our dates, be discreet. He must not put up his own rules or demands, but stick to our rules. And he should be a nice and eloquent company so we could spend more time with him outside the bareback sex.

hotwifeblog: So you love your gangbangs then?
Ronja: Man, think about that question! You are talking to creampie-ronja. I believe to be – I am! - one of the hottest bareback-sluts around the world! I have been doing gangbangs without condoms about twice a month for more than 5 years now!

hotwifeblog: How many men have you had sex with at one time?
Ronja: It depends on whether Bukkake counts. If yes, it was around 150, If only fucking with cumshot inside my pussy counts there were 49 guys at a time, including my boyfriend. That happened in a porn theater we frequently use for our “activities”. Very often there are more than 30 men dumping their cum inside me, and always my boyfriend takes pictures or movies for our website.

hotwifeblog: Does size matter to you?
Ronja: Yes. But the shape is also very important. Especially at my gangbangs, which we sometimes do very spontaneously, e.g. in a porn theater or on a lake shore, I need some nice cocks to make me hot, fill me first, before all of the other guys can fuck me. But first of all the cocks must be hard, I don’t want to take care of limp dicks. And those who have a really huge big cock should also wait until the first few fuckers have jizzed my pussy enough with their cum so she is nicely lubricated, because I do not want to get ripped up.

hotwifeblog: There is a huge interracial fetish within this lifestyle, do you prefer to date black guys or have no preference on who you play with?
Ronja: I don’t discriminate at all, cock is cock. I fuck every nation or race, as long as the guy is cultivated.

hotwifeblog: Do you like to flirt with men you come across during your everyday life, catch their eye in the street, chat up the guy in the supermarket etc?
Ronja: Sometimes. For me it is important that I am taken for serious in my everyday life by men. I am a slut with brains.

hotwifeblog: What clothes do you generally like to wear when you’re on the pull for guys?
Ronja: Nothing. Ha just kidding! I always wear sexy outfits which show off my body shape.

hotwifeblog: Do you wear an ankle bracelet?
Ronja: No. What is it for? Is it a fetish?
hotwifeblog: Women who are in the lifestyle sometimes wear a chain around their ankle to show other men that they are an available woman.

hotwifeblog: What is your favorite sexual act?
Ronja: Mostly I like lying on my back, taking my knees up, so the guys can penetrate deeply and I can see their faces. But doggy style is also fine, especially if the faces are not so nice to look at haha.

hotwifeblog: Any fetishes you are into?
Ronja: When my butt, back and legs are massaged nicely, I can get very horny. I like handsome men and I like to be an exhibitionist. I like people watching me and having sex in public.

hotwifeblog: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Ronja: Sometimes, at the end of a gangbang, I stick a hose into my ass with a funnel on the far side, where all those guys are invited to squirt their load into, who do not dare to fuck me. So all the cum comes running down into my ass.

hotwifeblog: Do you find most of your lovers and sexual partners through the Internet, being out on the pull or through friends?
Ronja: Through the internet.

hotwifeblog: How do you find other females treat you when they know about your lifestyle? Is there any envy, jealousy, wishing they could have your lifestyle? any negative feelings towards you?
Ronja: I receive a variety of reactions. Most admire my way of life and tell me they would love to do it like me, really! I rarely get direct negative reactions. Those who are jealous do not really admit that. You can tell it by their subtle negative and jealous behavior and, of course, by others telling me about it.

hotwifeblog: When you have a date, does your boyfriend participate sexually with you, watch you play or leave you alone with your lover?
Ronja: As I am not interested in dating men without my boyfriend he is always present, sometimes passive, mostly active. When 20 or more guys fuck me, he first films the intercourse and in the end he loves to fuck my pussy where all the strangers had their blast before.

hotwifeblog: Which of the above do you prefer when you’re with your lover, your boyfriend participating? have him watch you? or be alone with your date for some privacy?
Ronja: Have my boyfriend participating. But sometimes I like when he has to watch me getting filled by a large number of males, before it is his turn.

hotwifeblog: How often are you sexually active with your boyfriend?
Ronja: It depends on our personal and job situation.

hotwifeblog: Do you ever compare your boyfriend’s performance to any of the other men you’ve slept with?
Ronja:The opposite. I compare the others with my boyfriend’s “performance”.

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’d ever be able to go back to a normal monogamous relationship if your boyfriend ever suggested it?

hotwifeblog: Are you dominant or submissive at all?
Ronja: Mostly dominant, sometimes submissive.

hotwifeblog: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
Ronja:I prefer sucking strange cocks while my boyfriend is eating me out.

hotwifeblog: Do you spit or swallow?
Ronja: I swallow. But sometimes, just to see the dimension of the mess, I let it run down on my tits, or collect it in a bowl so the guys can empty it into my cunt or ass later…

hotwifeblog: So your boyfriend really likes to have sex with you just after you’ve been with someone else?
Ronja: Yes, always!

hotwifeblog: Does your boyfriend like to go down on you after someone has cum inside you?
Ronja: Yes, but he discovered this obsession not long ago. Last year he lay underneath me while I was sucking his cock. A bunch of Turkish guys fucked me and filled my pussy. Suddenly a huge creampie came out of my pussy and as he could not escape and he was sucking my clit at that time, all ran down his throat. Later he told me it was not this bad, and ever since then he likes to do so at least once a week.

hotwifeblog: What’s your biggest fantasy?
Ronja: I don’t keep fantasies, I live them!

hotwifeblog: Tell us about one of your recent hotwife experiences?
Ronja: We were on a fetish event: Torture Ship. A ship on Lake Constance which bears lots of people in fetish outfits. The whole night long I got fucked by completely unknown men in the dark room without condoms. In the beginning my boyfriend was “busy” with two 21-year-old girls, of which he fucked one on the floor, while one man after another came inside me. Later he came over and lay underneath to get the creampie. I can’t wait until next year’s torture ship!

hotwifeblog: Since having your website, have you ever been recognized by anyone who knew you were a hotwife?
Ronja: That happens all the time!

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Ronja: Fitness and yachting with my boyfriend.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle?
Ronja: Just do it! You can only win! Listen to your feelings! And talk about everything with each other, no secrets!

hotwifeblog: Tell us about the treats we can find by joining your website?
Ronja: The members can download tons of galleries with pics and videos of our past gangbangs and meetings, outdoor stuff, in a theater, at a gangbang party and nice solo sets and outfits, me with other girls, doing twenty or more, or sometimes only one guy, and, of course, creampie, creampie, creampie…

All my members can also write me personal messages.

And in addition my members can meet me free at the monthly members’ event in Germany and guess what we do then.

I write all texts on my own and my boyfriend usually translates them into english.

For a donation you can get my worn panties with dried creampie from the last gangbang.

And for non-members, my spassfucktor.com site offers a download coin-shop for videos without a membership.

hotwifeblog: What plans do you have for your website for the future?
Ronja: I want to add a live-cam and I want to expand my activities to the US and UK.

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle?
Ronja: Shape my body, get more physical flexibility, improve my English, so I am even more attractive for as many men as possible. I want to come to the States and UK more often to get all the fresh English speaking cocks ;-)

Ronja Fox

Ronja Fox

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