October 5, 2014

Favorite memory

One story I’ve been meaning to tell happened four or five years ago during the summer.

For just about all of the guys we’ve met, we’ve found online and I’ve done all of the looking. Typically if someone writes us, I’ll read it, see if I think Lori would be interested, and then show Lori. If Lori’s interested, we’ll set up a meeting, but usually only after I’ve emailed and gotten a good sense of what the person was looking for and if he seemed like a nice guy. On a couple of occasions there was none of that planning, both times on a business trip, and both times she had been by herself at a hotel and met the guys at the bar. That’s pretty typical I guess, business trips seem to be the place to meet and play without ones spouse knowing.

This time however was definitely different. We had been at a local bar overlooking “the river” and enjoying the sun and outdoor deck. There was a band playing that was great and we wound up staying for a number of hours during the day. Somewhere during the day, we had struck up a conversation with the table next to us and wound up joining the group at the table. There were a couple girls and a couple guys, the girls however weren’t girlfriends of the guys just a couple friends. After a few drinks the girls had to leave and it was the two guys, me, Lori and a female friend of ours, Ingrid who was also a fellow player. Lori and Ingrid were definitely flirting, - the guys were in their 30’s, very good looking, a bit on the “business casual/preppy” side - but fun and outgoing.

After another hour or so, the band had quit playing and the sun was starting to go down. We were figuring we would just call it a night, however a friend of ours (Dan - who was one of Lori’s first) text me and said he had just picked up his new boat, - a 40 foot cabin cruiser. We decided to go and convinced the guys to come along with us. Lori, Ingrid and I drove in my car, and Jens and his friend followed us. It took about 20 minutes to get there with a stop at a liquor store on the way. On the ride, the girls kept talking about how cute they were.

When we arrived, we couldn’t believe it - the boat was beautiful. It had a big area with leather seating that wrapped around the back of the boat and a fairly good size table in the middle. From there you could go up a level to the area where you would drive the boat, or you could go down a level to a kitchen, a small area to sit in, a tiny bathroom and a bedroom at the back. It wasn’t the queen Mary, but it was quite the boat.

Dan and his girlfriend were already pretty drunk, and another couple from the boat next to us were hanging out with Dan as well. The five of us broke out our drinks and we all started drinking more. The night carried on with more drinking, laughing, getting crazy and just having a blast.

I’m not sure how it happened or got started, but Ingrid and one of the guys wound up kissing, and Dan was definitely instigating as much craziness as he could. Dan was kissing and playing with his girlfriend and trying to get whomever to get crazy as well. Dan’s girlfriend however had had enough of the craziness and enough drinking and made her way back to the bedroom.

Somewhere along the way, Ingrid and Jens friend took off for a walk, leaving me, Dan, Lori, Jens and the couple from the boat next to us. The couple from the boat next to us said they were going to leave, Dan grabbed the guys wife and kissed her. She was a little wild and kissed Dan back. Her husband just laughed and headed back to their boat. The next thing I knew, Jens and Lori were kissing. I had no idea how that happened, I guess I wasn’t watching who started it and I never asked.

Now I felt a little left out and jumped off the boat and took a walk up the dock to see if I could see Ingrid and the guy she was with. Well, at the end of the dock his truck was parked and I could see the two of them making out, so I turned around and walked slowly back to Dan’s boat. When I got there Dan and the girl were just talking and laughing. I immediately noticed Lori and Jens were missing and I figured they were down in the kitchen area. I hung with Dan and the girl for a bit and finally said I was going down to the kitchen to grab a beer. I expected to see Lori and Jens making out down there, but when I got down there, there was nobody there. I knew they weren’t in the bedroom, Dan’s girlfriend was crashed in there. I was a little confused and figured they maybe went for a walk. I looked around and one last thought crossed my mind. I walked over to the bathroom and pushed on the door. It was one of those doors that folds in the middle like and old phone booth. The door moved about five inches before it hit something, but it opened enough where I could see Lori propped up on the edge of the sink, - her pants off and her legs spread with Jens fucking her furiously. She looked at me and mouthed “get out of here”. I quickly closed the door and just stood there for a few, listening to her moaning … I went back to the kitchen grabbed a beer and hung on the steps that lead up to the middle deck.

About ten minutes later the bathroom door opened and Jens and Lori walked out, she had a big smile on her face and Jens looked a bit dazed and confused. Jens was not a player, just a guy we met at the bar. He was definitely happy though. They both hung in the kitchen area, touching and kissing some and I walked back down and talked with them for a while. A few minutes later, Dan came down as well. The four of us talked and Dan somehow got them to go into the little sitting area and start playing again. I’m not really sure how he did it - it’s tough to remember, but this time Lori motioned for me to come back with them. Within a few minutes they were fucking again, right in front of me and Dan. Jens told Lori she should be making me happy as well, so she unzipped my pants and sucked on my cock for a while. It was great, but Jens and Lori were both a little spent and we all had to drive home.

After a few more minutes of Lori sucking on my cock and Jens fucking her, we decided to call it a night. We all walked back to our cars (except Dan) and said good night. We found Ingrid who was now just talking to Jens friend. After some good night kisses, Jens and his friend said good night and Lori, Ingrid and I drove off, waving bye again to the guys.

It turns out that Ingrid and the other guy dated for a while, but Lori never saw or talked to Jens again.

Although it was just a one time thing, it was definitely a wild experience. The surprise of opening the bathroom door seeing Lori with her legs spread getting fucked and loving it, and giving me that look was priceless.

Since then we’ve sort of planned out all of the meetings with guys we’ve had since then. At times we talk about Lori and one of her friends going out and partying in the city, getting a room and seeing if they could meet someone, but that hasn’t happened. Not a problem, right now we’re enjoying the beginning of what seems like it will be a hot passionate affair. But that night on the boat will always be one of my favorite memories.

Lori waiting for her date and her creampie after

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October 3, 2014

Rachel member meet

Filthy creampie dogging slut hotwife Rachel Reveals entertains another member of her website.


Met with a new cash join member this week called “lovestocum” and he sure lived up to his username – he had previously sent me a pic of his hard cock so I knew exactly what was coming and I couldn’t wait to get my clothes off and legs open ready to be pleasured by him.

Pulling out his hard huge cock, I sucked on his shaft giving him the best blowjob of his life, he wanted to shoot his first heavy load over my magnificent tits, so as my wet warm talented mouth brought his pending erupting closer and closer to the end of his dick, he pulled out of my mouth and hand pumped his meat as it spewed a huge and heavy thick wad of lush man goo all over my tits.

Quick clean up and I was then on my back, legs spread wide open as I enjoyed this guy eating out my wet dripping snatch, he rolled his tongue over my clit, thrust his tongue into my dripping hole bringing me closer and closer to an eruption of my own!

The whole time he was licking me, he was wanking his fat cock priming up ready to stuff inside me and as his tornado tongue flicked on my swollen clit and I was starting to spasm into orgasm, my womb walls throbbing and squeezing, he took his hard fat cock, plunged it deep inside me and fucked the arse off me delivering another hot sticky load deep inside me.

What a horny lush fuck!!, more of that please – I love meeting new members and old members of course – come join me in fucktober for some filthy fun!

Rach xxx







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October 1, 2014

My wife is a slut

It had been six months since my wife and I separated and she was having the time of her life with her single girlfriends. We were having a separated hotwife relationship, meaning we were living our own lives but we were still fucking each other. I had my way of getting her tell me about her fucking adventures developed a fetish for fucking her after she fucked other people.

I remember one particular day we had finished fucking and we had been talking really dirty and she made a confession to me that blew my mind.

I was basically encouraging her to be a slut and fuck as many guys as possible because it turned us both on when she would come and see me the next day, armed with a new story each time. So when she told me that her girlfriends were all getting excited because there was a visiting Navy Ship coming to town for a week, I became very interested indeed.

She told me how her girlfriends all go crazy when the sailors were in town because there was thousands of them to choose from, they were cashed up and looking to party. She said they all wanted to have sex with black muscley dudes with big dicks who fucked long and hard.

My cock was getting hard again, as I asked her if she was going to fuck any black dudes. She said yes and then the surprise admission that she had fucked two black guys and a hispanic guy when there was a ship visiting two weeks ago. I didn’t even know a ship was in town.

Two days later, we were both at our daughters daycare for a presentation and I was checking her out, thinking she looked so sexy. Her eyes and lips were a little puffy and I noticed she had traces of glitter on her face neck and chest. She was wearing a low cut halter neck top. Her hair was out, her body glowed as I studied her exposed arms, neck, cleavage, mid-riff and hips. Her skirt was flowing loosely showing the shape of her lovely ass and long tanned legs. The whole time I sat there looking at her with a bulge in my pants fantasing about her and how many black guys she had fucked.

As soon as the presentation was over and we were leaving, I told her to meet me at my place. As soon as she stepped inside my door I grabbed her crotch with one hand and clasped the back of her neck with the other pulling her into me as I pashed her mouth aggressively. My hands working all over her body as I drove my lips into all parts of her body. I had her naked in no time, standing in the middle of my lounge room, I stepped back to admire her sex appeal.

I was so fucking horny and asked her, “So have you fucked any blacks guys?” Yes she had fucked four guys already, two on the first night and two last night. She said they were all black muscular with big dicks. The first three guys were quick fucks and then she went back to the club afterwards, but last guy she was with in a hotel room from midnight to 7:00am getting fucked the whole time.

She made me so fucking horning. I fucked her three or four times in the next hour each time cumming all over her as she told me the black guys had all came on her ass, pussy, stomach, tits and face, so I wanted to do the same. All my filthy mind could think about was that the ship was in town for seven days so there was five days to go and she had already fucked four different guys in the first two days.

That weekend on Saturday morning, I did one of the horniest things I can remember. I had a young girl in my bed, she was only 18 and was a nymphomaniac. She fucked like a firecracker with all the bells and whistles, she had the faces, the moans, the yelling, the screaming, she was begging me to punish her tight little pussy for four hours till 7:00am and then she fell asleep.

My mind switch straight to my wife’s pussy getting pounded by black cock so I started calling her. I was in luck, her and her girlfriend were just dropping two guys back at the ship. I was hard instantly, nearly coming in my pants trying to get details out of her over the phone but she kept telling to wait till she dropped her friend home.

She arrived at my doorstep at 8:30 and I had already wanked off and blew my load twice since I first spoke to her that morning. She walked in and we started to do the usual groping and feeling and then she noticed a handbag on the dining room table.

“Why have you asked me over here if you already have another woman here?” she asked. I told my wife that I was so horny for her pussy and because the other girl was fast asleep I couldn’t resist having her. That morning my wife’s story was her best so far, telling me she had the best fuck of her entire life last night.

She fucked three different sailors that night. Her first guy for the night was quickie back at a hotel room before she went back to meet the girls at the club. When she got back her and her girlfriend hooked up with two guys who had a 2:00am curfew so they offered to drive them back to the wharf. My wife fucked the second guy in the back seat of her car and then he fucked her again leaning against the boot of her car in full view of everyone on the boat.

Her and her girlfriend went back to the club and she met the third guy, who she described as the best looking black guy she has had. He told her he had an 8:00am curfew and really would love to fuck before he was due back. My wife and her girlfriend took him and his friend back her friends apartment where they got straight into it.

Apparently this guy had the second largest cock she had ever seen and he was a machine fucking her harder than she had ever been fucked before, blowing his load five times and getting hard again straight away. He was fucking her in every room, the kitchen dining, laundry, stairwell, bathroom, spare room, lounge and on every piece of furniture the washing machine, dining table, kitchen bench, lounge. She said he was fucking her so hard that they even broke the timber bed frame in the spare room. Her friend told her that she had never heard heard scream and moan so loud before.

So here I was in my lounge room with my slut wife completely naked lying on her stomach across a bean bag while I am shoving four fingers into her cunt looking at her ass thinking what a used up sluts hole. I started shoving my fist in her while she sucked my cock. I was more interested in shoving my hands in her because I knew her hole had been so stretched, I would barely touch the sides with my penis. My wife was getting nervous with me fisting her while the girl was asleep in my bed and she wanted me to fuck her with my cock.

I took her from behind doggy style and I could hardly feel anything except for her warmth. She told me to keep going while she rocked back against me while saying knew I loved her being a black cock slut. She kept talking dirty telling me how much black cock she had that week and how sore and loose her pussy was. I wanted to know if that dude blew in her and when she said yes, I flipped her over onto her back and leaned her to the side entering her pussy while leaning down and sucking her tits. I was stroking my cock in and out of her pussy slowly, looking down at her abdomen asking her to show me how big his cock was and tell me how far up her she could feel his cum shooting when he exploded in her.

Eventually she got me all worked up and I started to pump her really hard, surprisingly it felt like her pussy was tightening and my cock was bulging and I could feel my cock massaging her walls again. When I exploded inside her I put everything I had into it pushing as deep as I could so I too could reach her cervix.

She was amazed how good I felt, she told me even though black guys had big dicks and fucked hard, nothing turned her on more than fucking me and she knew that I would always make her cum and finish her off. Fuck she turned me on. That was one of the best times we ever had on so many levels.

I want my wife to be a dirty bitch and fuck other men.

by: Hubbywantshotwife


September 29, 2014

Another face fucking

Hotwife superstar Jackie gives us the low down on her Bull’s favorite activity. Face Fucking!

Another Face Fucking

When did cocksucking evolve to face fucking? I love my hubby and I don’t mind being whored out to please him but lately it seems like every guy whos’s cock I suck starts thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth as hard as he can as though my mouth is a pussy he can just ram. My hubby says I have to “go with the flow” so I have gotten used to it and expect it now, and have gotten pretty good at accommodating even huge cocks down my throat. I still don’t appreciate a huge load of jism being shot directly down my throat with no warning since it makes me gag. I guess I’m old fashioned and like a guy to shout “I’m coming baby!” so I can prepare to get a mouthful of cum and show my appreciation by swallowing it all down for him.

In this case he was a good boy and didn’t cum in my mouth till after he had fucked my pussy and my ass. He did one of my favorite things, he jacked himself off as he sat on my face while I sucked his black balls finally filling my mouth with a nice sweet load which I ate for him. Hubby approved!


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September 27, 2014


So I had a great birthday.. Wild, rock and roll style. I met up with legend Evil Angel star Mike Angelo and his fuck buddy pornstar, Valerie Fox. I found out later in the evening my girfriend sneaked off to fuck Mike in the bathroom. So hot. Here’s a pic from the wild night of the girls getting it on.



September 25, 2014

We Miss Cayla

We miss you Cayla - from 2011


My wife Cayla (and she’s sitting right next to me) had our first swinging experience about 10 years ago. Innocent fun at the time, no different than a lot of party couples, people in their 20’s and 30’s, still learning the ropes on all levels.

We won’t rehash the whole “how” we got here – but here we are, and here’s what I am and here’s what she is:

I’m her master and she’s my wife-for-black cock. We do not have a “cuckold” relationship, mind you; that is, we participate and involve each other, there is no femdom thing going on. In fact, we tried it once, but found it not for us. We discovered it’s best when I tell her “Cayla, get dressed to fuck, I need stretched pussy tonight.”

This is Cayla, here’s my input:

Love fucking for my master. Freedom’s great, but giving it away is even better. Love the bbc, love pussy too. Love sharing. Love cum swapping. If you know hot pussy who want to share let me know. And LOVE telling Master I want to go out and fuck. Hope to have fun with you soon. Muah.

And here is her Master again, chiming in: I don’t make it up, it’s all true. Let us know if anyone out there interested in what we’re doing here. We do NOT have a website to sell, we just find it sexy sharing our kinky kink with like-minded people. We are always looking for couples with bi-wives and black cock for our girls to share. Leave a note, we’re at party4cayla at gmail dot com !

Cayla ends: And to make things clear to anyone reading: other than other bi-girls and wives and other than my husband’s cock and loving (and maybe one of his friends now and then), my cunt is ready is for a good fat bbc cum dump! Write us if you want to party (if you’re a party couple or a black man that loves white girls that beg).



Hello everyone, thanks for the comments about our last post, “Meet Cayla”.

First thing is, a pic so you know it’s me typing.

My cunt is in training to always be ready when my Master wants to see me fuck black cock. Who am I to disobey?

Tonight I am being forced to watch interracial gangbang movies, to watch how my little white pussy will be treated with big black cock.

p.s. no website to sell you… I fuck for fun.


Black owned cunt in training, Cayla




September 23, 2014

Happy Cuckold


I married Rebecca when I was 25 and she was 23 years old. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 122 lbs. She has black hair. Large tits; narrow waste, and big arse. 38-25-38. She is always complaining that her breasts and bottom are too big. She is probably right if you are a woman who does not like men drooling over you, but to a man they are perfect. She has a rounded womanly stomach and a luxuriant bush, which she only trims on our summer holidays. She has dancer’s legs. Indeed she is quite muscular because she works out regularly. She has a strong personality and does a high profile job. She is blunt and to the point. She dresses prettily rather than sexily.

Rebecca has a very strong sex drive and as I was to find out needs “a good seeing to” frequently. Although she had boyfriends before we met she was not particularly experienced and in many ways remarkably naïve about sex. In bed we were neither adventurous nor unadventurous I knew from the beginning that I did not sexually satisfy her. About six months after the marriage things came to a head. She had been tetchy for some time. But one afternoon I returned home to an ultimatum. She was sitting on the settee. Her short black skirt had ridden up giving a good view of her strong thighs.

She patted the seat beside her and told me to sit down. She went straight to the point telling me that “I did not do it for her in bed” I foolishly asked her what she meant which brought an exasperated sigh, but she bluntly told me. I didn’t fuck her anywhere near enough. When I did my dick was too small and I ejaculated prematurely leaving her “high and dry” as she put it. Before I could draw breath she added that her vibrator and fingers could only keep her sane for so long and what she needed was a real man between her legs. I knew I had been neglecting her. I told her I would try harder, but she said she did not think I was up to it and besides ‘trying’ wouldn’t make my prick any bigger. She went on and told me there were two choices: Either she took a boyfriend and we stayed together or she took a boyfriend and we separated. I was angry and spluttered some nonsense as she got up to go to the kitchen to prepare the supper. She told be to think about it. But before leaving said, smiling mischievously for the first time, that she had been told (she didn’t say by who, but I assumed she meant her girlfriends) that some husbands liked their wives going with other men. With that she went to the kitchen.

For the rest of the evening I sulked and would not speak to Rebecca. When it was time to go to bed I made a big point of going to the spare bedroom. I though that would teach her a lesson, but she just left me there. I woke in the middle of the night. I had been dreaming. It was a wet dream. I still had a rock hard cock. I was horrified that my excitement was because I had been dreaming of watching my wife getting fucked by another man. For the next hour my mind was in a whirl, but I could not get the images out of my mind. In the end I gave up and wanked over the fantasy. I came with a shuddering and noisy climax. Afterwards I was embarrassed and disgusted. I hoped Rebecca had not heard. When I awoke in the morning my dick was again hard and the images were there again. It was Saturday so I stayed in bed late and argued with myself, but I knew what I wanted.

I got up and went downstairs. Rebecca was already dressed. I remember they were normal clothes, but everything about her seemed sexually exciting. I sheepishly told her I was sorry that I did not satisfy her and that I wanted us to stay together and for her to take a boyfriend who would make her a real woman. She laughed lightly and said she was pleased. She smiled mischievously again and said that if the noise I had made playing with myself in the night was anything to go by I was going to enjoy it almost as much as her. I went red, which caused her to laugh even more. She added “he told me you would”.

I did not really take in what she had said before she shocked me by saying that she had a date that night. I was angry again demanding to know whether she had already been unfaithful. She told me that she hadn’t even held his hand, but they had had coffee together at work and that he had been trying to get her to go out with him for some time. I calmed down. The rest of the day was a blur. She was due to meet him at 7.00 pm at his home, which was only 5 minutes away. She spent most of the afternoon getting ready. What she had said was true I was looking forward to it almost as much as her and I spent the whole day with an erection. When she was in the bath I poked my head round the door and suggested she might like to completely shave her fanny as many men liked their women fully shaved like porn stars. She again shocked me my saying “No, he has told me he prefers his woman with a full bush”. But although shocked that they had discussed such intimate details the thought thrilled me even more.

At about 6.30 pm I went into our bedroom. My chin almost hit the floor. Rebecca was fully dressed, if that is a correct term for it. She had on black patent shoes with four inch stiletto heels. She wore sheer black stockings, with a gold bracelet above the right ankle. Her skirt was black and so tight that you could clearly see the straps from her suspender belt. It made her arse look like you could balance a dinner plate on it. It was so short that if she sat down you could see her milky white thighs above the stocking tops. Above she wore a red chiffon blouse, which was partially see-through. I was almost relieved that you could see that she was wearing a matching red bra through it, although the bra was such that it did not cover much of her tits,. The blouse was open at the top so that her cleavage was on full view. Her make up was unusually heavy, and she was wearing bright scarlet lipstick. She was looking in the mirror. She looked at me with sparkling eyes and said the clothes made her look like a “thingy”. I instinctively said “whore”. She pouted and said “no silly, a slut” and then added perhaps a whore as well. I told her she could not go out looking like that. I didn’t mean it. She looked gorgeous and thrilling. She laughed and said that Bob wanted her to dress like that and didn’t I think that men would find her attractive. I told her if she went into a restaurant like that most of the men would be spending the evening playing with themselves under the table. She seemed to like that.

What I could not understand was where and when she got the clothes. She had never worn anything like that before for me, not even in the bedroom. She said that Bob had taken her shopping on Friday afternoon and had chosen the clothes for her to wear. She noticed my hard cock and said I see you approve and asked whether I was going to be playing with myself when she was out. I went red and did not answer, although I knew that I would be spending most of the evening wanking and thinking about Bob fucking her. She said she better call a taxi, but I said I would drive her to his house and would come and collect when she was ready. So we set off. As I envisaged when she got in the car her skirt rode up so I could see her thighs. It was so short anyone facing her would be able to see her panties, assuming she was wearing any.

When we arrived at his house she got out and tottered to the door on her high heels. She rang the doorbell and soon the door opened. Bob was standing there. He was big and powerfully built. He looked a real stud. Without hesitation they kissed on the doorstep. It was a long passionate kiss with her arm around his neck. Although I could not see I guessed he had his tongue halfway down her throat and vice versa. He certainly had his hand on her arse. After the kiss he looked across at me and smirked. The bastard, he knew he was going to fuck my wife and was enjoying letting me know it. Rebecca turned to me and waved. She also smirked or was it a smile. Whatever, she certainly looked like she knew that she was going to get what she wanted: a big cock up her. She stepped over the threshold and the door closed behind them. I stayed for a couple of minutes imaging what they were now doing. Was he again kissing her? Did he have his hand on her bottom? Perhaps he had his hand up her skirt fingering pussy. Perhaps he could not wait and was already abandoning the restaurant and taking her upstairs to fuck her? I couldn’t work out whether I wanted him to fuck her immediately or for them to go to the restaurant and for the sexual tension to mount before they went back to his house for her to sample his dick.

I went home. For the rest of the evening I jerked myself off, always stopping just before I came. I kept imaging them together. I imaged them in the restaurant with other men ogling her. I imagined her leaning across the table so he could look down her top at her tits. I imagined him dropping his napkin and bending down so he could look up her skirt. Was she wearing panties? I didn’t know. Would she know what he was doing and would she part her legs slightly so he could see knickers or her knickerless fanny. I was in ecstasy imaging them in bed with him between her thighs or with her on top and his dick stuck up her slit. A slit that I hoped was being stretched by a massive cock.

At 1.30 am the telephone rang and I answered it. It was Rebecca. She asked me to pick her up in half an hour. I then heard a man’s voice in the background. After a few seconds Rebecca came back on the ‘phone and said “Bob says to tell you that he will send me back to you with a nice fresh cream pie, whatever that is”. I heard Bob laugh in the background. Rebecca was irritated and demanding to know from either me or Bob what a cream pie was. I told you she was naïve. That led to more talking between them which I could not hear. Eventually, she came back on the line giggling almost uncontrollably, but managed to say “he’s explained it and what you will want to do with it. It’s disgusting. You won’t really want to do that, will you?” But her giggling suggested that she would very much like me to do it. Before I could answer she said Oh God it’s like a tree trunk. I will have to go. He’s ready to do it again”. I then heard Bob shout “tell him properly” and after more giggling she said “Bob says he’s ready to fuck your wife again“ and with that the line went dead.

I got dressed in a daze and set off to Bob’s house. When I arrived I rang the doorbell and went back to the car to wait. About 10 minutes later Rebecca appeared. Bob kissed her on the cheek, rather than the mouth which surprised me, and slapped on the arse to send her on her way. When she had left me earlier that evening she had looked the sexiest little slut that I had ever seen. Now she looked even sexier and certainly sluttier. She simply looked like a well fucked whore. After she got into the car her skirt again rode up, but unlike on the journey there made no attempt to pull it down. I asked her whether she had enjoyed herself and said “oh fuck yes”. She looked so hot. She was leaning back against the door so her knees were pointed in my direction. I could see up her skirt and she helped by opening her legs slightly. I was almost disappointed when I saw she was wearing knickers. But I became very excited when I noticed the crotch was wet and stained. It was obvious that she was enjoying me looking at her. I was emboldened and asked her how many times Bob had fucked her. She said he had cum five times and had fucked her on all those occasions, but that he only came in her cunt three times and in her mouth twice. That is why he would not kiss her on the lips afterwards. Apparently, studs don’t like the taste of spunk, she said. She laughed and said Bob says he leaves the taste of spunk to cuckold husbands. She asked me whether I had enjoyed myself when she was with him. I said that I had. She said that Bob had said that I would spend the evening wanking over her being fucked by him. She looked at me intently when she said that and when I said that I had wanked continually at the thought of them her eyes shone with excitement. When I said that I had not cum she seemed even more pleased, but laughed and added that she was too sore to have my cock in her, even if it was a puny little one compared with Bob’s. With that she couldn’t help herself and went on to say it was massive and must have been at least twice as long and twice as thick as mine. She said she had been in a state of almost continual orgasm when he was fucking her.

We arrived back home. Before we got out of the car Rebecca turned to me, serious for moment. She said “It’s not true what Bob said about cream pies and wimp husbands, is it? You don’t really want to do such a disgusting thing, do you? It’s so disgusting I don’t think I could let you”. She went on and on repeating every few seconds how disgusting it all was and how she had not had any knickers with her so that Bob had made her put on a pair of one his other girlfriends to “keep the pie fresh and in place” as Bob had apparently said. As she wriggled in her seat and went on it was obvious that she didn’t find the idea disgusting at all. Eventually, I managed to get a word in and told her truthfully that I was now a cuckold and it was my duty to clean her up. She shivered, but her eyes flashed and she repeated to herself “How awful. How disgusting”, but she was out of the car in an instant calling for me to hurry up. She grabbed me by the hand and almost dragged me to the house and upstairs to our bedroom. All the time she was asking me whether I really wanted to do it. She shuddered again when she told me that Bob had “cum gallons” and how messy her fanny was.

As her excitement grew so did mine and as we reached the bedroom I almost shouted how desperate I was to lick out her sloppy cunt. With that she flopped on the bed, pulled her skirt up (no time to take it off) and pulled her panties down whilst I ripped my own clothes off. What a sight. Her hairy bush was matted with dried and drying semen. Her pussy was just a red open gash and was oozing fresh spunk. I dived between willing thighs and licked and probed her hole as I masturbated. She came instantly and massively with her juices mixing with those of Bob. I didn’t last long and came with the best orgasm I had ever had. I continued to do my duty and lick and clean her as she went from multiple orgasms to multiple orgasms. I kept it up for most of the night.

She now fucks other men regularly and always brings home sloppy seconds. On occasions I have been allowed to watch so that the cream pies could not be fresher. I am a happy cuckold with a very happy wife.

by: Blue10 - UK


September 21, 2014

Black Fuck Toy

UK horny MILF Hotwife Carly G gets used as a fuck toy by this black stud. Tied to a chair, he gets to use her any way he wants. He takes full advantage feeding her his cock, fucking her and then filling and covering her slutty pussy with tons of cum.

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

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Carly Cumshot

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September 19, 2014

Completely Unaware

Completely Unaware

This is a short account of my early married life. Part of it is true, but some of it is just my vivid imagination. I will mention when my fantasy comes in to play. Hope you enjoy

Aren’t you going to make me feel good? These are the words my ex-wife (Sam) spoke almost every night when I returned home from work. The words really meant “please eat my pussy & make me cum”. I had no problem with this as I would rather eat a pussy than fuck it (maybe that’s why she is an EX-wife). She was always extremely wet, but stupid me I just thought “I” had her so turned on. Hey I was young & in lust. I thought she felt the same way about me. It never entered my mind that she would cheat on me. We eventually divorced as she did not seem to be content with one man.

After our divorce I found out just how deep her cheating on me went. One day me after our divorce we were together reliving the good old days (if you get my drift)when she suddenly told me of all her exploits. She said when she first started fucking around she would not let me eat her pussy, and discover that she had a pussy full of somebody else’s cum. One night she says I was very insistent abut it eating her out, so she finally spread her legs & I dove in. I remember her pussy juices had a different flavor & texture to it, but I paid this no or little attention.

As time went on I guess me sucking her pussy clean was easier for her as she didn’t have to take a douche & seeing as how I was “Completely Unaware” of the fact that she had been with another man & was full of his cum.

Needless to say after she told me I had been eating her lover’s leftovers for all these years I was totally pissed off. I guess I was so pissed off, because I didn’t suspect a thing. She had made humiliated & made a fool out of me & there was nothing I could do to reverse what she had done.

She told me of several of her lovers & I confronted one of them about it. As luck would have it one of the guys she had been fucking was one of my “best friends”. As it turns out him “Bill” & two of her other lovers saw the ex & I out taking a walk, and they stopped & gave us a ride. One of the guys she told me about was one of my best friends. When I confronted him he told me that him, my wife & several of her other lovers would often be get together and laugh at me for being such a fool & eating their cum from her pussy without ever suspecting something was going on.

She gave me my first (what is now known as) imported creampie or any other kind of creampie. When I look back on it now I REALLY liked the taste of the cream she had been bringing me. This disturbed me greatly as only queers (this was before gay) liked to eat cum & I was NOT gay, or at least I don’t think I was.

It just dawned on while relating this story, that I AM a cuckold & I am proud of it. Thank you “Sam”.

Now I can only wish my current wife would cuckold me & bring me an imported creampie as I have discovered that I love the taste of my own cum. She said there is no way she would be with another man.

Even though I have no GOOD feelings for my ex-wife most of my fantasies revolve around her, as I feel she is the one girl that would be open to this. Maybe. NOW FOR MY FANTASIES

My ex is now married to one of her lovers “Bill”. I just wonder how he could fall for her as he knows of her checkered past. However he has now become part of my fantasies.

I imagine that the three of us are together & I am sucking her pussy while he is fucking her pussy. I can’t help but lick his shaft “accidentally” once in a while. When he is ready to cum “Sam” tells him to pull his dick out of her pussy and stick it in my mouth. All of a sudden without anymore warning my mouth begins to fill with his nice warm cum. She then “forces” me to swallow all of his cum. Being with her & her “forcing” me to suck dick & eat cum is the only way I can rationalize doing what I truly want.

I even fantasize about two of her other lovers “Brad” & “Steve”. It starts with the five of us all together. The three guys fuck her, then I am called to perform clean-up duties on her used & swollen pussy. She is so full of cum when I get to her pussy, that it is beginning to leak out already. “Sam” then tells me that since I have eaten so many loads of their cum from her pussy, that I should suck all three of their cocks & drink all of their cum.

Another fantasy I have about her is her getting all the men (or boys) she has been with (20-25) by her count. Them forming a circle with me & “Sam” in the center. Each guy would then fuck her, then I would “have” to clean her pussy & their dicks with my mouth & tongue.

Well these are some of my fantasies as well as my true story, but don’t be surprised if I add more of my fantasy’s.

I fantasize about her & her lovers so much that I would suck any of their dicks or eat her used pussy in a heartbeat. Then of course I would drink all the cum they can give me & this is not a fantasy.

I love being a cuckold.

by: wnnabe1


September 17, 2014

Dee Siren Gangbang

Another day, another private gangbang for horny hotwife Dee Siren. Dee loves to take on as many guys as possible in all her holes and get showered in their cum. A truly amazing hotwife!

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

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