November 28, 2009

Camp site fuck

A few years ago, my wife and I had had a few sexual experiences outside of our marriage, and they were all fun. I always encouraged her to flirt with other men, hoping one day she would have sex with one.

One weekend we went camping, and after we got set up and were sitting outside our motorhome by the campfire, we noticed a Camper of a friend of ours was parked a little way away. Eventually he saw us and he came over and joined us by the campfire. We had had a few beers and spent a pleasant evening with him. I got tired fairly early that night and decided to hed for bed, but told my wife and my friend to stay and have fun. I was very excited about the possibility of something happening between them both. I looked out the window after I had been in bed for about an hour, and saw that they were not by the fire. I was so tired from the days travelling I eventually fell asleep.

About three hours later, I heard my wife coming into our camper, and I woke up. I asked her if she had had fun, and all she said was “Feel my pussy!” It was wet and dripping with cum. She then laid on her back and told me to lick it out, and I did, licking her to orgasm. I then climbed up over her and slid my cock into the wettest, warmest, most incredible feeling pussy I had ever experienced. I came almost immediately, and so did she. We carried on fucking like we have never fucked before and I came about nine times in the next couple of hours. I had never come so many times in such a short time, and I have never experienced anything like that since.

My wife kept on seeing him for a few more years, but then he started getting possessive and wanted more, so my wife broke it off. It was sill, one of the hottest experiences of our married life.

Submitted by: John - Minnesota


November 26, 2009

My perfect cuckold

Here’s some great pics and a story that have been sent in from one of the wives featured on a great new site - Black Cock Heaven - check it out.

Jayden writes…
“Nobody thought we would make it past 6 months, but it has been a long three years and I really didn’t think my husband would be able to take a step in the cuckold direction! I mean we have played around with other couples before, but nothing even close to this! A Black and a Latin guy fucking me while he watches? One cock in my ass the other in my pussy. He has taken to it all so naturally, I love him for it. I will never forget this anniversary for the rest of my life. My mother told me when I was a young girl, that older men are the key to happiness and she was right. People may question our love for one another because of the age difference and what we do but the reality is, I love my husband, he lets me be a woman and he is the perfect cuckold for me”!









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November 24, 2009

My incredible slut wife

Cuckold Place Update

This is my beautiful sexy hot slut wife Jane

We’ve been married for a little over a year but I have been overseas for almost of it.

We really enjoy this lifestyle and she plays while I’m gone by posting videos, pics, and audio of her fun. She needs cock and pussy 24/7. I cannot keep up with her at all. She loves to spread those legs and loves riding BBC and young ripped studs!

She is currently also overseas for the last week and for the next two weeks and during that time she has been fucking her co-workers leaving me nasty emails! Mmmm, can’t wait to see the pics when she’s back! We enjoy the comments so keep posting please!

Here is the email I received today from my wife…

I went to the spa today….. I took off my clothes and was completely naked on the massage table. My masseuse is a 28 year old hard body. As he was massaging my back and legs he kept rubbing lightly on my pussy. I didn’t think it was on purpose so I tried to just sleep. He asked me to turn over. I did and he slid me to the end of the table and put my leg on his shoulder and was massaging it. He slid his hand along my leg then pressed his palm onto my pussy and rubbed it in a circular motion. I moaned. He smiled and said I have the most beautiful body he has ever witnessed. He rubbed my body with oils sugar and creams for an hour then put me into a shower. I showered as he watched.

He took my hand when I stepped out and got on his knees in front of me with a towel to dry me off, as he did this he began to lick and kiss my pussy. I grabbed his head and pushed it into me. He laid me onto the massage table and ate my pussy then he fingered my ass! He took off his clothes and shoved his cock in my mouth while he ate my pussy. Then he deeply kissed me…..he called me ma ‘dam over and over as he fucked my pussy…… then he pulled out and jerked off on my belly. It was so fucking hot! Omg! I am going back tomorrow!
I love you !

Check out some pics of Jane getting fucked here

Submitted by: mn_cuck_dustin


November 22, 2009

Cuckold Rick Interviewed

Over the next week or so we have a couple of posts that look into the male mind with regards to their side of a cukold relationship. I always find it fascinating how different we all are with our niche tastes within this lifestyle - the key core being the same, loving the fact our wives and girlfriends are getting fucked by other men.

So the first of those posts is today. Rick is a cuckold, he is also husband of the delectable Katie Kox. I have had the pleasure of meeting up with Rick a few times both in the UK, in LA and in Vegas where he lives with his wife. The thing I love about Vegas is the underbelly of sleaze that seems to shine through those bright City lights, also it seems to be a place where deviants gather to go, have fun and sin. So there’s no coincidence Rick has ended up living there, he is living the dream cuckold lifestyle, with a beautiful wife.

Thanks for the interview Rick and answering so frankly and honestly about your private life. It really is great to have your perspective on this crazy lifestyle we love so much.

Katie Kox

hotwifeblog: Hey Rick, Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed on hotwifeblog.com, it’s always very interesting to get the male perspective on living the hotwife and cuckold lifestyle.
Rick: Thanks for having me :)

hotwifeblog: So you now live in Vegas with hotwife Katie Kox but you’re actually a fellow British chap like myself (guess we’re a nation of perverts lol). How are you finding life over in the States?
Rick: I love it here. I moved to America 10 years ago and have never looked back. I especially love living in Las Vegas, it’s a trip for sure.

hotwifeblog: Do you miss anything about British culture?
Rick: Not really… Marmite maybe LOL. I do think that more women in the UK wear stockings for everyday wear than in America and being huge fan of stockings I guess I miss that. Like when you’re on a train and there’s a women sitting there with hot legs and you’re trying to catch a glimpse to see if she’s wearing stockings or not… Like you said ‘A Nation Of Perverts”

hotwifeblog: Yep had that on Friday on a train on the way to London.. and she was :) … How old are you Rick?
Rick: 37

hotwifeblog: Describe your personality?
Rick: I’m obsessive compulsive, geeky, sexually cuckold, and a bit of a space cadet. I can get my head around technology with ease but have a hard time finding my way home.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been married to Katie?
Rick: Just over a year :)

hotwifeblog: How would you describe your marriage and lifestyle?
Rick: Our marriage is tight. We are best friends, business partners and still can’t keep our hands off of each other. Our life style is a little crazy. Katie is a full blown Hotwife with the sexual freedom to fuck whomever she wants whenever she wants, regardless off how I feel. I on the other hand am completely cuckold. I remain 100% faithful to her and am totally turned on by her being a slut.

We started our site as a hobby to document our crazy sex life and now one year later we have quit our day jobs and are both full time pornographers. I am now a porn director for KatieKox.com and our new site DirtyHardDrive.com and while Katie obviously stars in those sites she is also signed to LA Direct and performs for companies like Brazzers, Porn Pros, Evil Angel and Hustler. So basically our lifestyle revolves around her fucking a lot.

hotwifeblog: When Katie has a date do you like to stay at home and think about it, watch her, or do you like to participate? or a mix of them all?
Rick: I like a little bit of everything. Sometimes I participate, sometimes I just watch and sometimes I just wait at home. It’s all hot. Her getting turned on is what turns me on. These days I seem to get off the most when Katie goes off on a date on her own and I wait at home for her to return after a night of adultery. My mind goes crazy thinking about what she’s up to. As soon as she walks through the door we fuck like crazy.

hotwifeblog: How did you become a cuckold and develop feelings for this kink?
Rick: I’ve always believed that there are certain ‘triggers’ early on in your life that develop your sexual tastes. Mine kinda got hard wired early on by a bunch of things but I think the final nail in the coffin of my development happened when I was about 16. My girlfriend at the time went on vacation to Greece with some friends and I missed her like crazy. When she returned she broke up with me and I was pretty devastated. I later found out from her friend who went to Greece with her that she fucked two brothers at the same time while she was out there. It totally tripped me out and I was so hurt by it. I found myself thinking about it more and more. More and more and more and more. Until the point where I was thinking about it while I was masturbating. I knew at that point that I could only ever be with a slut.

hotwifeblog: Have you had any previous relationships that were cuckold based?
Rick: All of my relationships since my teens have been cuckold based. I knew nothing else would ever satisfy me and always gravitated to slutty women, strippers, hookers etc..

hotwifeblog: So you think your exposure to the lifestyle at an early age has made this certain kink stronger in your mind than if you found it say 10 years later?
Rick: For sure. I came to understand the following through therapy: If you have a fantasy that you think about every time you ejaculate when masturbating you become really good at connecting that mental picture with the physical act. You essentially hardwire your kink. So as time goes on it becomes who you are as opposed to something you just think about.

hotwifeblog: In what way would you say you’re able to control the jealousy emotion in your mind that so many men would never be able to do?
Rick: Jealousy is what turns me on. Its a basic human emotion that most people just don’t understand. When primal beings are confronted with something they don’t understand they often lash out with anger. It’s caveman 101.

I’ve heard this explanation for a emotional response of a cuckold… The natural law of survival provides us with jealousy. This means that if another man fucks your girl you will get jealous. This natural response is reminding you how bad you want your girl so that you fuck her and insure your sperm is dominant and not another mans.

I don’t think I explained that very well but you get the idea… Basically instead of letting my jealousy twist me up I embrace it and it heightens my desire for my girl to a fever pitch.

hotwifeblog: What do like most about your lifestyle?
Rick: My wife being a black cock whore.

hotwifeblog: What do you find most sexy about your wife?
Rick: Wow… the list goes on and on, her eyes, her legs, her tits, her lips, her pussy. But I have to admit her craving BBC drives me insane with lust.

hotwifeblog: Does Katie ever compare your performance to any of the other men she ’s slept with?
Rick: She tells me that I am an amazing fuck and that she loves sex with me. I know it’s different when you love someone but I can’t help but feel that when she is with one of her favorite studs the sex is mind blowing for her. A part of that may be the fact that she knows how much she is turning me on watching which in turn turns her on.

hotwifeblog: What’s it like to see Katie with another man?
Rick: Depends on the man. If it’s with a guy that is giving her great sex then it is mind blowing. If its with a guy who just isn’t doing it for her then it’s kind of weird and a little icky.

hotwifeblog: What’s the most exciting thing your wife has done sexually?
Rick: Wow that’s tough.. have you seen her site? lol

hotwifeblog: What type of women are you attracted to?
Rick: Sluts, BBC whores, prostitutes, confident women, women who ooze feminine sexuality and chicks with big tits. Am I shallow? lol

hotwifeblog: lol… What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Rick: lol… um… I’ll throw a couple out there and you can decide.. I had sex with my ex on a rotating bed on stage in front of about 400 people in Rotterdam. I was once chained to the bed and gagged with a cell phone next to me while an ex got ready for her date, went on it, had the phone on the whole time then came home to me and told me every last detail before untying me and I was once arrested wearing a CB3000
- that sucked.

hotwifeblog: omg I can imagine lol… Any fetishes you’re into?
Rick: I love being made jealous, I love women in stockings and I love love love white women with black men. To me it just seems right.

hotwifeblog: Are you dominant or submissive at all?
Rick: Submissive to white sluts and their black masters.

hotwifeblog: Does Katie take a Femdom role over you at all?
Rick: Yes. She lets me know my place when she’s with a guy she likes.

hotwifeblog: What clothes do you like to see Katie wear when she goes out to pull?
Rick: STOCKINGS!! There’s something so feminine about them. No knickers, low cut tops, high heels, anything slutty that says fuck me :)

hotwifeblog: Do you help find Katie’s sexual partners?
Rick: For sure. I feel like its part of my duty as a loving cuckold husband.

hotwifeblog: There’s a lot of interest in creampies in the hotwife lifestyle. Do they turn you on?
Rick: Yes. it’s weird but I could never lick a white mans cum out of my wife’s pussy, only black mens. There’s something so dominant about black men that turns me and Katie on so much that I completely buckle and become 100% submissive to Katie and her guys.

hotwifeblog: So you have ‘cleaned up’ Katie after she’s had someone cum inside her?
Rick: Yes sir.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever fucked Katie after she’s had someone cum inside her?
Rick: Many times.. it’s one of our favorite things. It makes me cum so hard and she loves the feeling of having two loads in her :)

hotwifeblog: Tell us about a recent experience of Katie’s you particularly enjoyed?
Rick: We were recently at a gig at a strip club in Vegas. Katie got paid to hang out, meet fans and sign autographs. A couple of times she was asked by the organizers to go back into the really quiet VIP area for some pics. Things got crazier and crazier back there every time she went. I went back to investigate and found Katie on all fours blowing this black guy she had just met while a photographer was snapping away. I sat down in the corner and watched for about half an hour while my wife drained his balls. She then came over and gave me a big kiss and then went back to the front of the club where she sat for the rest of the gig next to the guy she just blew with his arm around her like she was his girlfriend while I just sat on the couch a couple of spots down from them. It turned me on so fucking much, I loved it. The next day the organizers of the event blew up our phone demanding we don’t use the pics or the club will be closed down. We haven’t used them….. yet.

hotwifeblog: What input do you have on Katie’s website?
Rick: I designed the layout, do all the directing, all the graphics, all the pics and handle all the tech aspects of it. So basically everything behind the camera. As for the scenarios, Katie and I usually come up with those based on our fantasies together.

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future regarding the website?
Rick: Well since starting it just over a year ago as a hobby we have quit our day jobs and become full time on it. The website is constantly growing based on fan feedback. We recently added a forum and we are going to start doing live cam shows pretty soon for our members. But I guess the big news is that we are about to launch a whole new website called DirtyHardDrive.com that will be a little less niche and allow us to go into all of our hardcore fantasies. Dirty Hard Drive will also be an all access pass network that once you join you will get access to all Katies site too, all of Dirty Hard Drive and some other sites coming soon. We are really excited about our network and cant wait to see where the next year takes us.

hotwifeblog: And lastly Rick, so many male readers here would love to be in your place. What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out this lifestyle?
Rick: Honesty is key. Not only with each other but with yourself too. HONESTY AND COMMUNICATION.

hotwifeblog: Thank you Rick, give our love to the gorgeous Katie and make sure she keeps posting here!

Katie Kox

Read Rick’s Wife’s Katie’s Interview with hotwifeblog here

Visit the one and only Katie Kox right here

Interview by: Trash


November 20, 2009

Why are we attracted to..

Why are we attracted to slutwives (hotwives).

My wife is a sexy 44 year old, 36c-28-36ish figure, 5ft6 tall and has shapely legs, real MILF material. We have been together for around 16 years, and she has been fucking other men since we first met. We don’t know how many exactly but well over 300 guys since we got together. Guys at clubs, parties, holidays, while working away, you name it, she’s done it. I knew she was a slut when we met but had no idea she would continue in the way she has.

At first, I kind of just put up with it as something I had to live with if I wanted her, and to be fair, for the first 3 years or so, it wasn’t too apparent to me as she was doing it mostly behind my back. I knew she was flirting a lot but didn’t realise just how many of these guys she flirted with ended up between her legs.

Clubs and parties were her thing then, we sometimes would go together but sometimes she would go with friends or on her own. I noticed how sexy she would dress, especially when she went out on her own, short skirts and dresses, nylons, heels and often no panties, she said they ruined the line of her tight dresses. I started to help her choose the outfits to go out in, and found myself choosing more and more revealing outfits for her.

One night I remember, her dress was so short that when ever she sat down, there was no way you could avoid seeing her slit. I saw her get into the cab, so did the cab driver, as she opened her legs to get in, I am sure that he never watched where he was going when he was driving. I sat at home wondering how many guys got to see my wife’s freshly shaven pussy that night, not to mention the guys that got to feel her up.

I began to enjoy the fact my wife was a slut more and more, knowing what she was doing, with or without me present. Sometimes she would stay out at parties all night, sometimes come in around 5am drunk and used, she would flop on the bed half passed out, I would see that her pussy was swollen and creamy, obvious that she had been fucked at least once. I would get on top of her and slide in her, the feeling of her vagina was so different after she had been with someone.

I would like to know if anyone else is in this situation, and why you think we love such sluts that we married, in my case I knew she was before we married, I am sure that in some cases, some guys find out well into their relationships. I look forward to your comments.

Submitted by: Jim - UK


November 18, 2009

Motel fuck for Ruthie

Email sent in from Hotwife slut Ruthie.

Hey Trash.. It’s me Ruthie again. I just wanted to give you an update on my life and how much fun Hubby and I have been having over here in Iowa. Of course you know that I like to meet strangers… well, my favorite is Black Cock! I was hungry for some black cock, and one of my website members contacted me. He was a black guy that was shipping out for the military, so I had to be a slut and get me some black cock! I met him at the Hampton INN and he fucked me really good. Matter of fact we did it a few times in the motel room, and he had plenty of hot cum to fill my pussy and in my mouth.

I’m attaching photos for you to put on your blog. Until next time…

Love ya,

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Read Ruthie’s Interview with Hotwife Blog Here

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November 16, 2009

Hotwifing in mainstream

Ok, this question has been about before concerning mainstream movies with a hotwife theme. I have collected or at least extensivly reviewed the list that everyone must have seen by now on every HW related site (below) and many more.

I have been trying to find if any of them present a hotwife lifestyle were the husband/boyfriend gets off on her HW activity and they enjoy it as a couple. The greatest example of what I mean is of course Animal Instincts. It has everthing. The HW lifestyle and the loving fun marraige in a very mainstream movie. After this the soft porn, all the ladies do it, is very good but still is not quite what can be termed a mainstram movie. Mainstream movies make it easier to bring up the topic without arrousing suspicion and letting the idea take root in her mind, when she can work out what she thinks of the idea over time. It is a non pushy way of getting things started.

The Cuckold is a great movie but it is too focused on race dynamics and overall more cuckold orientated than HW. The only other good example I can find is from Sideways, it is not the main point of the movie, but hwing appears in a positive setting after a husband finds his wife in bed with another man and later we hear them fucking together and both of them getting off on what has just happened. I quess there is no other mainstream movie out there like Animal Instincts, however does anyone know of any other parts of movies when it features or is at least alluded to? and can you give a little detail in the comments below?. There are perhaps many more movies that feature swinging or cuckold activity where the wife loses the love for her husband but that is not what i am looking for. So please positive or at least funny examples. Please include mainstream TV also.

Here is the old list.

and one here

Come on guys, there must be something more out there. ?

Submitted bt: Jon - Ireland


November 14, 2009

Cheating girlfriend

Here’s another update and some images from myself and Sensi from The Undercover Lover.

Check out this cheating girlfriend. This girl is really stuck on Sensi, at least twice a week when her boyfriend leaves for work she calls Sensi up to come round and “see to her” as she puts it. She is completely addicted to his BBC and although she’s a small girl in every department by the end of the day she’s taking all 12 inches of that huge tool inside her.

She’s really into a bit of fantasy role play and each time he goes over he’s got to play a certain fantasy character for her. Well this week she wanted him to be the man from the Milk Tray advert haha.. But Sensi teased her for a bit and only agreed when she agreed I can could over with the camera too.. So we both went over to her place, Sensi dressed up all smart and was the perfect gentleman.. for the first five minutes…

Then he fucked her hard and good and left her with a big sticky mess in her pussy for her boyfriend to wonder later on why he’s suddenly making her so wet and creamy haha. He made sure he left his card on her chocolates too and said the line “And all because the Lady loves dark chocolate!!” ;)

Sensi and Cyprus

Sensi and Cyprus

Sensi and Cyprus

Sensi and Cyprus

Sensi and Cyprus

Sensi and Cyprus

And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here or contact Sensi direct on Hotwife Dating Here

Visit Sensi’s Site The Undercover Lover Here


November 13, 2009

Daisy at Erotica

Just a quick note today to let all you UK hotwife fans that my very own hotwife Daisy and your very own webmaster Trash (me) will be at this years Erotica show at Olympia in London on Friday 20th November from 5pm-10pm at the Strictly Broadband stand E3.

If you’re gonna be there come and say hi.

Erotica 09


Visit Daisy’s Website Here


November 12, 2009

My Wife, His Gift

Hotwifeblog reader Carter from Seattle, WA has written in with this story of his wife’s first time with another man.


This is the fist time I’ve written a story and I hope it’s legible and that you enjoy it.

I (Carter) have an incredibly sexy and intelligent wife. She (Catalina) is a 5’4”; 36C+ x 24 x 37 naturally bronzed Latin goddess. I feel so lucky that this amazingly beautiful woman agreed to most of my advances and finally my proposal to marry her. She knew from the beginning of our relationship about my fantasies of seeing her with another man, however, she made it very clear that she had no interest in heading down that road We had never done any swinging or any thing like that but we still considered ourselves to be a relatively open minded couple. We both enjoy the clothes she chooses to wear; she never uses panties and loves to dress to show off her incredible body when ever the cold Seattle weather permits. We also enjoy most of the looks and comments she receives from others on how hot and gorgeous she is. Some of my favorite outfits are the ones that barely contain her tits; sometimes when Catalina bends over, or makes a sudden movement, her tits practically jump right out of her top. A couple of my best friends have even had the chance to take pictures of her at barbeques and parties where half of one of her tits is exposed and she stands there posing as if nothing were wrong or as if she enjoyed showing her tits to them (which I’m sure she does!). I’ve even had the chance to take her tits out and kiss and suck them while in the back seat of a taxi late at night.

About three months ago while my wife was on Skype talking with her mother in Colombia and chatting on Messenger with friends and family down in South America. I asked her who she was chatting with and she told me it was one of her friends Sandra and to Carlos, her uncle’s brother in law. When she was done I asked here how Sandra and Carlos were doing and she said that Sandra was telling her all about her latest adventures and that Carlos and his fiancé were preparing for their wedding and a honey moon to Santa Marta, Colombia. I then made a joke saying that it was too bad that we couldn’t make it down there until after the wedding because she’d make a great dancer at his bachelor’s party. She then surprised the hell out of me when she came back saying that she could always be his wedding gift after the wedding! “Oh yeah! And I’m sure he’d love for me to wrap you up as his belated wedding gift!” I fired back.

The next evening after work she was online again chatting with Sandra and Carlos. This became a normal afternoon event for her over the next month. Most of the time I was busy with work so I didn’t pay much attention to her chatting and was always happy that she could stay in touch so easily with friends and family so far away.

One day I heard her laughing quite a bit in a tone that I know, for her, is very erotic or sexual. Later that night while we were in bed I asked her about her chatting and why she was giggling so much. She then went on to tell me that Carlos would love to unwrap his wedding present, even if it did mean having to wait a couple of weeks after the wedding. We always sleep in the nude and as she told me this I had spooned up against her ass as I normally do and reached around to cup both of her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples softly. She then ground up against my crotch and said, “mmm, I can tell that someone likes the idea of unwrapping wedding presents.” I then rolled her over onto her back, stuck my face down between her legs and told her, “yeah, but I’m gonna eat some of the wedding present before he does.” And immediately ground my face into her already very wet pussy and ate her out to two consecutive orgasms before I planted my harden cock into her dripping pussy.

Later as we were laying together recuperating I asked her if he really said that and if so, why did she tell him about my joke. She answered me saying, “Yes, he did say that he was looking forward to un-wrapping the gift that you’ll be taking down there next month for him.” “You told him about my joke?” I asked. “Well, yeah, but it was because he asked me what I was going to give him for his wedding and besides, I know you’re just dying to let Carlos have a piece of this pie to eat.” She said to me as she rubbed her dripping pussy against my thigh. I then asked her if she liked him and she went on to tell me that she first met Carlos when she was 10 years old at her uncle and aunt’s house and found him to be very attractive. However, what would a 28 year old man want with a little girl? Then when she was 22 years old and he was 40 they ran into each other once again at a party were she flirted and danced with her aunt’s brother several times. As they danced she said that she could feel his hardon rub against her belly as he whispered in her ear about how he would love to find the opportunity for them to be alone together. That was four years ago, nothing has happened between them and they had only seen each other for brief moments since then because of distances but have remained in touch through the Internet. After telling me this I threw of the bedding that covered her and rammed my face back into her cum filled pussy and brought her to another orgasm as I licked and sucked it clean.

Almost all day the following day all I could think about was Catalina and Carlos. I was at work in my home office when Catalina got home from her office and immediately went to her PC to get online. I heard her typing away with that occasional sexy giggle of hers so I went into the den where she sat at her PC and peaked over her shoulders. She hid nothing and said nothing as I saw that she was chatting with Carlos. I asked her if he knew I was there and she said yes because her web cam was on. I then leaned over her to type and send my regards to him and asked him if he was looking forward to his wedding gift. And before he could reply I removed both of Catalina’s breasts from her top and squeezed them together giving him an excellent preview of the coming gifts. I then said good bye to Carlos and left my bare breasted wife to continue chatting with him. About a half an hour later she came to my office and asked me why I exposed her that way. I then replied, “Why didn’t you cover yourself when I left? You liked it didn’t you? You enjoyed showing off you tits for Carlos didn’t you?” She then bowed her head as if to show she was embarrassed and in a slight and quite response said, “Yes.” “And I imagine that Carlos also really got off on seeing your tits, didn’t he?” I added. “mmmmm, yes, quite a bit,” she responded still staring at the floor. “So much so” she added, “that he said he had to show me how hard I made him.” So I had to ask her, “Yeah? And did he show you? Did you like that? Is he big? Tell me all about it Babe.” She then went on to say that it was beautiful and appeared to be really big, larger then mine, but really could not be sure by just seeing it on cam. She continued on how much he said he wanted to be able to unwrap, see, touch and taste his wedding gift as he stroked himself. “So, did he cum on cam for you?” I asked. “No,” she replayed, “he said that his fiancé just pulled in so he had to log off.”

Hearing all of this from my wife, the woman that always said she wasn’t interested in these types of games and had always thought that I was crazy for wanting to see her with another man, had me hard as a rock. We then went into the kitchen to start something light to eat. As she was cutting up some veggies I stared over her shoulders at the breasts that Carlos had just gotten a hard-on from, and watched them jiggle around in her very low cut top. I walked up behind her, put my face to her neck to kiss her as my hands automatically reached around her to cup and hold those firm and beautiful breasts. I bent my knees to lower myself and rubbed my still very hard cock between the cheeks of her ass. To which she emitted a low moan and reached behind her to rub me through my straining jeans. “mmm,” she moaned, “just as hard as Carlos.” “No,” I moaned into her neck, “harder ‘cause I already got the gift in my hands and he’s only been able to see them on a webcam.”

We moved into the living room and forgot all about the veggies. I threw her onto the couch and as she fell back onto the couch her tits fell out of her blouse. I immediately dropped my pants and stepped out of them. I pulled off her jeans exposing her already wet shaved pussy, spread her legs and held them open as rammed my harden cock into her sopping wet pussy. I was surprised at how easily I penetrated her normally very tight pussy. At first I fucked her at a somewhat slow, smooth and steady rhythm and just as I started to speed up the pace I whispered into her ear, “I bet Carlos would do just about anything to be where I am at this moment.” And she let out a long and deep moan. I then started slamming my cock into her sopping cunt and said, “You’d like that would’t you?” she gasped and only another moan came from her. “Well wouldn’t you?” I raised my voice. “aaaaaah!” was her reply. “Well then if you’d like that say so!” I growled as I slammed into her again and again. “Oooooh, Yes! Yes! Do it! I want it! I want to! Uhhh, Aaaaaaaaah!!” she screamed as she came all over my cock. We were both so fired up from her cyber session with Carlos that we both came so quickly.

During the next couple of weeks Catalina and Carlos exchanged many erotic conversations and pictures; Catalina even sent Carlos an awesome video I made of her dancing the Champeta, a contemporary Colombian dance, in the nude.

One evening while I was still at work I logged on to find Catalina and Carlos also logged on. I sent them both a message and Catalina responded with Skype and an invitation to her webcam and then Carlos, in Messenger, sent me a greeting. When Catalina’s finally appeared my jaw just about dropped to the floor and my cock sprang to attention. There she was, sitting on our bed without a stitch of clothing, her long brown hair cascading over her shoulders onto those magnificent breasts; sitting with her legs crossed barely covering her pussy. I immediately asked my wife if Carlos could see her also. “Of course,” she wrote back.
I then wrote to Carlos: “Like what you see?”
Carlos: “what man wouldn’t enjoy the marvelous view I see on my screen?”
Me: “Just think, you’ll soon be holding her, free to consume and enjoy all she wants to offer you.”
Carlos: “I can’t believe it, I would love the chance to take advantage of the opportunity.”
Me: “and I’d love the opportunity to share her with you.”
I then wrote to Catalina: “More, show him more.”
Catalina: “More?”
Me: Yes. More.
Catalina responded: “Everything?”

Catalina then uncrossed her legs and raised her knees, spreading and completely showing her glistening totally shaved pussy to Carlos. As I enjoyed the show she put on for us I could hear her key board clicking away, her sexy giggle and then a low moan come through my speakers as I watched her spread her pussy lips and rub her clit for us on cam. By now I had no choice but to remove my throbbing cock from my pants to stroke myself. This continued on for about five minutes with Carlos and I exchanging comments on how hot and sexy she was until she finally stopped playing with herself and started typing again. I heard a few more giggles and then she blew a kiss and shut down her webcam. Carlos then sent me a message thanking me for providing him with the best show he’d ever seen and said good bye.

I then sent Catalina a message: “Did you enjoy yourself?”
Catalina: “yes, almost as much as you and Carlos.”
Me: “why did you end the show so soon?”
Catalina: “because he came already, so quickly, not like you, he came so fast!”
Me: “I’m not surprised, this was the first time and I imagine he was so hot watching you.”
Me: “You were great! So Hot! So Beautiful! I love you Babe!!!!”
Catalina: “I love you too, when will you be home?”

From that day it would be another two weeks before we went on vacation to Colombia and to visit with Catalina’s family. It was also just a week before Carlos’ wedding and honeymoon, so we did not have much of a chance to communicate with him again. We would be arriving in Colombia about a week after Carlos returned from his honeymoon. Catalina and I were so excited, soon we would be on our way to Colombia; her to see her family and me to deliver a wedding gift.

When we arrived in Cartagena, Colombia, Catalina’s cell phone rang immediately and by the way she was giggling as she spoke I instantly knew who she was talking to. We spent the next four days visiting friends and relatives. My wife was almost always on her cell phone talking and giggling with Carlos; even in the presence of her family, carefully choosing the correct words to use so as not to draw attention. Every time she spoke with him I would eavesdrop on their conversations. Then on the fourth day of our visit I heard her say, “O.K, lets go, this afternoon, just call, me too, see ya’.” We looked at each other and I raised an eye brow in a questioning manner. She nodded her head then stood up and said, “I need to take a shower, I’m so hot today,” as she headed for the bathroom. After her shower we left the house telling her family that we were going to take a walk to the plaza. As we soon as we left the house her phone rang, she answered, “yes, almost, just a couple of blocks,” and then she hung up and looked at me and said, “Carlos is around the corner. We’ll go with him to a bar where you can get to know him better.” I was just about to say something, but she read my mind and said, “No, just to talk; that’s all.”

The three of us spent most of the afternoon together talking and having a great time. I had the opportunity to get to know the man that I was sure would be fucking my wife very soon and Carlos and my wife had the chance to catch up on lot things while they flirted. While we sat there speaking the sexual energy between Carlos and Catalina was so evident. Everything they spoke about and every word they used insinuated sex. Even though we were in a public place and no physical sex had taken place yet, with the low cut blouse Catalina was wearing and the way she spoke and moved while talking to Carlos gave me huge boner and had me on the verge of cumming.

After awhile I excused myself to go the bathroom, not so much that I had to use the bathroom but because I needed and excuse to at least stroke myself a couple of times. When I returned to the table Carlos said that he had to get back to his office to finish some work and I could tell by the look on my wife’s face that she was dying to get laid. We left the bar and Carlos gave us a ride back to house. We climbed into Carlos’ double cab truck, me in the back seat and Catalina up front with Carlos. As Carlos started to find his way out of the underground parking lot he spoke about how great it was to meet me and to see Catalina again after such a long time. “Yeah?” I said, “but you still haven’t seen everything yet.” As I reached forward and lifted my wife’s tits out of her blouse exposing them to Carlos. Catalina gasped. “Oh my god, those are beautiful.” Said Carlos as his eyes drank in the beauty beside him. “Go ahead”, I said as I cupped them and held them out to him, “kiss them, I know you want to. Go on, have a taste of your wedding present.” Carlos unfastened his seat belt, leaned over and took Catalina’s left breast into his mouth as his left hand reached over and squeezed and caressed her right breast. “aaaaaaaaaa, mi amor”, was all that Catalina could say as she took Carlos’ head in her hands and closed her eyes. “mmmm. No, not here, we can’t, tomorrow”, she moaned, “tomorrow.” Carlos pulled himself away and Catalina rearranged her blouse as we drove out of the parking lot and back to the house.

When we got back to the house I was so hot, so horny, just dying to fuck, but because of the presence of my wife’s parents and family there was nothing we could do but try to act normal. All I could think about was what I just saw; Carlos, another man, touching, kissing and sucking on my wife’s tits.

When Catalina and I finally got to bed late that night, after all the uncles, aunts, cousins and friends left, we talked about Carlos and what I thought about him. At 46 years of age he was in excellent shape and condition, about 6’0” tall and 175 lbs. He had light brown hair, was well tanned and had the most incredible piercing light blue eyes I had ever seen. He was a total gentleman and the owner of a large construction company that was obviously doing very well. She also reminded me that we had to be very careful when around the family since I still had not been “officially” introduced to him; I had to act as though I had no idea who he was. As we lay there talking I held her tightly in my arms with my still hard cock nestled between the cheeks of her ass. As I slowly tried to maneuver it into her pussy she stopped me and said, “tomorrow, just wait, tomorrow,” and then rolled over and drifted off to sleep. Frustrated, I stayed up for hours, thinking about “tomorrow” and stroking myself before I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning anxious and excited about the coming day. We spent the majority of the morning just sitting around and waiting. We tried to act as if we were busy or doing something interesting, but really, we were just waiting; just waiting for Carlos to call to tell us when he would be available, available to fuck my wife. Then at about 2:00 PM my wife’s cell phone rang. When she answered her phone all she said was, “Hi, o.k, o.k., we’ll be right there.” She then turned to me and said, “It’s Carlos, lets go,” and then headed for the door. We walked about three blocks when I saw Carlos parked on the side of the street. Catalina immediately climbed into the front seat and I got into the back seat. As I sat down and closed the door I saw my wife lean over and give Carlos a huge kiss. He then leaned back with a big smile, looked over his shoulder at me and said, “you o.k.?” “Excellent.” I responded. “Great. Lets go.” He replied back to me.

As Carlos drove he and my wife made small talk as if everything were normal. We started driving towards the outskirts of town when I noticed we were on the road along side the highway, were a few days ago I had noticed several motels. During my many travels in South America I had come to realize that motels there in South America are quite different from the motels in the U.S. Here in the States they are used mostly by travelers for overnight stays. In South America motels rooms are rented by the hour; made for private adventures, secret liaisons and extramarital affairs. Motels down there are made for sex. As you pull into one of those motels the fist thing you normally see is a phone and a “menu” of the different rooms they have available. As you sit in your vehicle you pick up the phone, tell them what room you want and then drive around to the back where you will find a row of parking garage doors with one of them opened for you to pull in and park. You never see anyone and no one ever sees you. Once inside you’ll find a dumbwaiter where drinks or other accoutrements are brought to you and where you pay for the room.

We passed several motels before arriving at “El Escape” (later I was told it was the finest in the city), Carlos selected a room and pulled into a private parking garage. We got out of the truck and headed inside. At first Carlos went directly to the room’s mini-bar and pulled out a wine cooler and a couple of beers. Catalina accepted the wine cooler from him and sat on the bed where she laid back and stared up at mirrors on the ceiling. She and Carlos started making small talk again about the heat outside and the coolness of the room. I could sense they were a bit hesitant so I walked up the bed, leaned over and started to kiss the back of my wife’s neck and caress her shoulders. I then moved my hands down and started to rub and touch her hips and waist as I then laid down behind her. My lips worked their way to the back of her ears and my hands moved up to her breasts. I then felt the mattress sink from the weight of another person. I moved my head back and looked over her shoulders and saw Carlos lying down on the other side of her as I began to kiss and lick her neck. Carlos then moved closer, took her face in his hands and began to kiss her. It was so erotic to watch another man kissing my wife and to see her kiss him back and work her tongue into his mouth. Now that they had both laid down and started to make out I slowly moved away and got off of the bed.

I made my way to the other side of the room. At first I just stood there and stared as Carlos had now moved over my wife as they began to aggressively kiss and touch each other. Carlos then untied my wife’s top and pulled it off of her and began to squeeze one tit and kiss and suck on the other. I watched as my wife ran her hands through the hair of another man as she moaned and kissed him. Suddenly the two of them rolled over and Catalina stood up and slid out of her shorts. With Carlos reclining on the edge of the bed he kicked off his shoes as my wife bent over, giving me an excellent view from behind of her asshole and pussy, and unbuttoned and removed his shirt. She then stood him up and kneeled at his feet were she unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his feet. Doing this she let out a gasp as the cock she’d only seen on cam sprang out in front of her. She took hold of his hardness her fingers unable to wrap around what appear to be more then 8 inches and just stared at it. She then looked my way as if asking my permission; all I did was to nod and blow her a kiss. She then began to rub it around her face, pausing to kiss and lick it from its base to its head. She then pushed Carlos back onto the bed and stood over him as if admiring his manhood standing straight up and moving to the beat of his heart. She bent at her waist, grabbed his cock and proceeded to swallow as much as she could. She released it and took a breath before commencing to bob her head up and down as she almost completely swallowed him on every down stroke.

From where I sat on the floor I had a beautiful view of her bent over, her legs slightly spread, her wonderfully shaved pussy, and of her beautiful smooth ass with her boobs bouncing as she moved her head up and down his now wet and shining rock hard cock. I sat there and began to stroke the hardest hardon I ever have as I listen to Carlos moan and tell my wife how hot she was and how great of cock sucker she was.

After a few minuets of worshiping his cock she climbed onto the bed and straddled him. She aligned his cock to her cunt and placed it between its lips. She looked back at me over her shoulders and rolled her eyes back as she sank down; totally impaling herself on his cock in one smooth motion. It was such an erotic sight to see his huge cock sliding into my wife’s cunt. I was glued there watching and on the verge of cumming. They stayed that way for a moment kissing and moaning as my wife became accustomed to another mans huge cock. Next she began to move in a circular motion, slowly grinding her pussy mound against him moaning how great it felt. At that very moment my wife slowly lifted her pussy up his cock; I could see it glimmering with her juices and again slowly lowered herself back down to be fully impale once again. She next leaned forward supporting herself with both arms on either side of Carlos’ shoulders and began to ride and pump herself up and down his solid cock. She once looked back at me, her boobs swinging in rhythm to her fucking Carlos’ massive cock, blew me kiss, and then moaning about how she wanted more and started to grind and pound herself on Carlos’ cock even harder. My wife suddenly raised her head, gasped out loudly and began to shake and scream as she came all over Carlos’ stiff cock. She then collapsed on Carlos’ chest. As I sat there, afraid to even touch my own prick I could see his cock fully imbedded in my wife’s cunt. They were whispering in each others ears, I could not hear them but I was so lost in what I just witnessed I probably wouldn’t have understood them even if I could hear them. All of sudden I heard my wife say, “mmmmm, please.”

Carlos, responded by rolling over, never allowing his penetration to slip out, and started pounding into her in the missionary position. My wife started moaning again and pleading for more and not to stop. Then in an almost acrobatic move Carlos rolled on to his back, putting my wife on top of him, and spun her around so that she was looking away from him and directly at me. She then once again started to ride his cock up and down harder and harder until all of a sudden Carlos reached in front of her and started to rub her clit and like a bomb she went off. Screaming like a bitch in heat and falling back onto Carlos’ chest. This was just too much for him and he couldn’t hold out any longer; he too let out a deep moan as I watched his cock pumping his semen into my wife. They laid there for a moment before my wife rolled off of him, leaning forward, resting on her elbows and with her ass stuck up in the air, she gave him a kiss; and gave me a view of her stretched and open cunt brimming with Carlos’s cum.

“Wow!” she said as his semen started to run out of her cunt and down her leg, “what are you doing tomorrow?” and started to giggle the way I love to hear her giggle.

This was just the first time that Carlos and I enjoyed his wedding present, but there was more to partake, and partake in more we did.

Submitted by: Carter - Seattle, WA

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