July 22, 2011

Reading Wifes Email

Cuckold Place Update

Reading Wife’s Email

I have been enjoying the forum immensely and thought I would share my experience. I have a Japanese wife. Like many Asian women, she looks much younger than her age. She still turns heads. She is pretty and it doesn’t hurt that she has relatively large breasts for her petite frame.

Unlike some of the other posts here where the woman publicly plays and shows off, I enjoy discreetly observing. This past summer my wife accidentally left her email open. I think she had clicked a “remain signed-on until logged off” button without realizing it. In any case, I could not help but see that her email contained a large number of emails to some guy that I do not know. Subject lines included words like “how about lunch?”, “Thursday 1pm”, etc. Clearly emails setting up meetings. I opened a few and it became clear that she is seeing someone. Turns out this was an old boy friend from college. They reminisced about the old days at first but then things got warmer as time went along.

Rather than being upset, I was strangely excited to see my wife in a new light. In those emails, she was a college girl again. She became…well, hot. I always knew other men covet her but seeing those emails took things to the next level. I am thoroughly enjoying being a “voyeur”.

I do know how and where they meet. I travel extensively for work. Not unusual for me to be gone for 1-2 weeks at a time. I have been away for as long as 2 months at a time. The guy she is seeing lives in another state but flies into town for business every so often. As far as I can tell, so far they only met 3 times. All 3 times was when I was out of town and he happened to be in town on business. They would meet at his hotel. I am hoping that one of these days they would get bolder and meet even if I happen to be in town, maybe during day time while I am at work or even better is if she give me one of those “girl’s night out” excuses and actually sees him at night. I would love to discreetly observe them having dinner or flirting in public. Wouldn’t it be great to be a fly on the wall in the hotel room itself!

Our sex life actually improved because of this. She is starting to dress more sexy. Maybe she feels a bit guilty about seeing him because she is extra attentive to me now, especially in bed? Or maybe her horniness level just got a huge boost with the extra work out

For me, knowing that she opened her legs for another man and imagining what he does to her is a huge turn on that carries over to our own love making. Some of her email exchanges hint at what they did so I always look forward to peeking into her email whenever I can.

Submitted by: YouHerUs

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July 16, 2011

Cutie Jinxypie

A love a girl in Jean shorts and a gorgeous hotwife in them, even better so lets marvel at the wonderful Jinxypie who looks extra cute in hers and her pigtails.








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July 14, 2011

How We Started

Cuckold Place Update

Here is how we started

This happened about 30 years ago. I was 20 and my girlfriend Pam was 18, we had been together for 18 months and were getting married in 6 months time, she was working at a warehouse and I was just finishing my apprenticeship. A little description of Pam, 5’7”, slim. Dark haired, naturally curly. Just a small note here she was also a virgin when we met.

We had just moved into our new place and things were great until one day Pam came home from work very upset, so being the caring guy I was I asked what was wrong, at first she didn’t want to tell me it took about an hour of gentle coaxing for her to finally say that a guy at her work had been touching her up.

At this point the emotion I had was extreme anger and just wanted to know who it was as I was going to rip his fxxxxxg head off. I was also angry with her and stormed off to cool down, the next emotion was one I didn’t expect to be feeling, the more I kept thinking about this guy and her I found I was getting more and more turned on to the point I had butterflies in my stomach.

I went back to find Pam sobbing in the bedroom, I just had to know what had been going on I was shaking with emotion and a huge hard on which I tried to keep hidden from her. Pam was very reluctant to tell me anything in fact we had to play a game of show and tell, I would touch her and she would nod her head if he had touched her there. But first I wanted to know whom it was. It turned out to be her supervisor Tom (Tom was 50ish, grey haired, overweight and no looker). Tom and Pam used to work in a secure lockup within the warehouse just the 2 of them and this was where it was going on.

Getting back to me finding out what was going on I first touched her on the ass and she nodded yes so I put my hand on her breasts over her t-shirt and she nodded yes again (my cock was throbbing and ready to explode I needed to know more) so I put my hand up under her shirt and over the top of her bra and she again nodded yes all the time she kept sobbing and saying sorry. With my hand on her bra I slipped my hand inside her bra on her bare breast with her hard nipple in my palm she nodded again yes, next I lifted her top and put my lips over her nipple and gentle bit her she nodded yes, whilst sucking her nipple I put my other hand under her skirt and on the outside of her knickers which were damp and she again nodded yes.

I removed my hand and grabbed her hand and put it on the outside of my very hard cock and again the answer was the same I returned my hand to her knickers gently slipping my fingers inside and feeling her very wet pussy. I slipped 2 fingers in her and she nodded yes again, at this point she had stopped sobbing and was very turned on, she unzipped me and got my cock out and I asked her if she had done that too and she actually replied yes. She then dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock. So this guy was doing just about all he wanted with my girlfriend she told me he had licked her pussy until she had cum on several occasions and likewise he had cum in her mouth and she had swallowed it (something she didn’t do with me she always spits it out with me).

After her sucking my cock we had the best nights sex ever. I wanted to know every detail, how long it had been going on, how big he was and why she didn’t stop him, the last question was probable her naivety and him being her boss she said she just couldn’t stop him and he had a huge cock (her words it made her jaw ache when she was sucking him and it was long, about 10), but I guess as most women have no idea of size it was probable nowhere near that, but he was big as some months later I was taking a piss and he stood next to me in the next urinal and I knew I had to look he was bigger and fatter than my cock when mine was hard.

The next morning we talked and she thought I was a pervert getting so turned on by what he had been doing to her. I told her that she was just as turned on as me and why was she so upset when she got in as it had been going on for about 6 months She was a bit reluctant to say but eventually she said that he had tried to fuck her at work but because of him being so big it took a long time before he got it all in her and after about half a dozen thrusts they were disturbed so they had to stop. He wanted her to go to his house the next night (tonight) to continue what they had started.

Wow I was really turned on now and wanted more details of what it felt like with a big cock in her. She said it was amazing and she almost came with just a few thrusts (something I never ever managed to do even after 12 years of marriage). But I got cold feet and said that I didn’t want her to go (my biggest regret) so she didn’t go and also that was his last day as her boss as he had got a promotion and was moved to a new department.

A few things I had missed over the last six months was she used to always wear jeans to work but on his request she started to wear long skirts (for easy access I guess) and she was more horny than before but I thought it was cos we had moved in together. I also learned that another guy who used to give her a lift home was also getting extras and he also managed to get his cock in her but after a few thrusts she got cold feet and stopped him (I think she thought that she wasn’t cheating if he didn’t fuck her). Plus we used to always go out on Friday nights separately, her with her girlfriends and me with my mates. It transpires that they all used to get a lift home off a guy they new and Pam was always the last to be dropped off and yes you guessed he was getting rewards for being a taxi mainly blowjobs no fucking and no attempt to fuck her so she said.

So this was my introduction to this lifestyle and back then I had no idea what it was we were doing (no internet then). I would say things continued as normal and we got married she stopped all her fooling around but we talked and relived what experiences she had with Tom and the others.

We got married and were a very normal couple, going out together with our friends, mainly other couples especially Vic and Kate which becomes more important later. Soon our first child arrived and soon after she was pregnant with our second child. She was very very horny when pregnant with the second child I had trouble keeping up with her and we still used her past exploits as sex talk in the bedroom and also introducing new people who she might fancy and our friend Vic used to crop up in the talks and she would always cum quickly when I fingered her or used my tongue and talked about him but that was all for now. But things change when Vic and Kate split up, this was while Pam was pregnant with our second child and we ended up seeing more of Vic and our sex talk became more and more about Vic.

So Vic spent a lot of time at our place and this is where it started again. I came home from work and Vic was they already waiting for me as we were going out for a drink that night, Pam was not working and was home (nothing strange as he was spending a lot of time at our place) so I was getting ready and Pam came into the bedroom and said that all our sex talk about Vic might be true, I was stunned “What do you mean” I said, she said that Vic wanted to feel the baby kick and Pam said “No problem.” He put his hand on her belly and sure enough the baby wasn’t playing so he kept moving his hand all over her belly getting closer to her knickers, then he just put his hand inside her knickers (Pam was so horny from him touching her belly when he got his hand inside her knickers she was transfixed) and he continued to move further down till he was finger fucking her with three fingers up her and she cum all over his hand and that was just a few mins before I got home, I just put my hand inside her knickers and she was soaking wet. I then dropped to my knees and pulled her knickers off and licked her wet pussy until it was clean.

Nothing much happened until about six months after the birth of our second child and it was Vic’s Birthday. We all went out for drinks and then headed back to our house. My mum had been babysitting, so we continued to carry on drinking and Pam gets very horny when drunk. I went to make some drinks and when I got back in the front room Pam was kissing Vic, ‘a birthday kiss’ she said. This gave me an idea, maybe something might happen, so I made out I was feeling unwell and took myself to bed telling Vic to finish his drink and I will see him tomorrow.

I got into bed with butterflies in my stomach and all kinds of images in my head of what might be going on, I had only been there for about 15 mins when I heard Pam come into the bedroom to check on me and see if I was asleep, so I faked it (Pam knew that if I was asleep then you could march a brass band though the bedroom and I wouldn’t wake). Pam then went to the bathroom then back down stairs. I gave them ten mins then got out of bed and tried not to make any noise and get to the top of the stairs which gave me a perfect view of the living room and the sofa that Pam and Vic were on. The sight of them both locked in a passionate kiss gave me instant hard on as I watched his hand moved onto her tits and very quickly inside her top and then pulled out her right breast and just as quick his mouth was on her hard nipple and I heard her sigh. This went on for a few minutes until his other hand moved up her short skirt and my first shock of the evening was she wasn’t wearing any knickers (she must have taken them off when she went to the bathroom after checking on me).

His fingers moved quickly into her wet pussy and I could hear the squelching of her pussy juices and the next shock was just how fast his hand and fingers moved in her pussy it was a blur and she cum almost instantly. I was so excited I thought I was going to explode, then he removed his fingers all wet and she licked them clean. Pam was wasting no time she had his cock in a flash and his cock was longer than mine by maybe 2” (I’m 6” on a good day) fatter and with a big curve upwards to which Pams mouth quickly devoured and she sucked it like it was the last cock in the world. This went on for what seem like ages, then she just got up and bent over the sofa lifting her skirt. He positioned himself behind her and I got the best sight ever and the most erotic vision I have ever seen of his cock entering my wife’s pussy. She was moaning as he fucked her with the same rigor as he did with his fingers and I heard her cum for the second time which coincided with me exploding and I hadn’t even touched my cock.

At this point I took myself back to bed thinking it wouldn’t be long before they would be finished and I didn’t want to get caught spying on them, I must have fallen asleep as I woke about an hour later when I heard the front door shut and Pam coming up the stairs. I jumped out of bed meeting her on the top of the stairs, she looked very drunk, she tried to go to the bathroom but I just pulled her into the bedroom and pushed her onto the bed. All the time she was protesting she needed to wash before bed as I pushed her onto the bed her skirt fell back revealing her naked pussy which was red and swollen and very wet I quickly dived between her legs she tried to stop me but I was on a mission and tasted my first creampie as it is known now. Pam soon stopped protesting and quickly started to cum herself and she was saying “You know what I’ve been doing don’t you?” I replied “Yes, and I watched you”. She came at that point and I quickly got on top and fucked her as hard as I could (I think I was trying to compete with Vic but with smaller equipment) but it was only about 30 seconds before I came for the second time that night.

We lay in bed and she told me everything else that I missed when I went to bed. He made her cum 3 times with his cock before she got on top and rode him till he exploded in her, this was my one and only time I ever saw her get fucked by another guy and one which lives with me even now some 30 years on.

Just a footnote to this - about 5 years ago I bumped into Vic. I hadn’t seen him for about 15 years and I felt my cock start to grow as we chatted and as soon as I could I had to wank myself silly remembering.

Hope you enjoy this, as it is all true.

Submitted by: mace43uk

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June 24, 2011

My Story of Struggle

Cuckold Place Update

My Story of Struggle

I’d like to say first that I’ve enjoyed this site for some time now. Alot of what is posted on here is not my thing but I’m a firm believer of “to each his own”. I’m drawn to the hotwife/light cuckold thing (based on how I interpret the terms on this site). I finally decided to post my story… partly to get it all out and partly to hopefully repay someone who has posted a story that I’ve enjoyed.

I met my ex-wife when I was 19 and she 18. She was an absolute knock-out, amazing face, curvy, but not big and the most amazing ass I’ve seen to this day. We dated for years and led a normal sex life. I’m an ass man and would literally be hypnotized by her ass. Eventually we got engaged. Our sex life continued to be great. Then one night we discovered something new. We were having dinner one night when we both noticed a waitress dressed in very tight clothes and we both commented on how hot she looked. After a few drinks, she admitted to me that while in her senior year of high school she had experimented with a girl. I immediately got hard and we headed home. Once home we began fooling around and I had her tell me the details of her encounter. We fucked like crazy and I was so turned on. I had never thought about being aroused by the thought of her with someone else but suddenly I found myself replacing the girl she was with in my head with another guy. In the midst of passion I told her what I was thinking and to my amazement she was really turned on by it. It was the best sex of our lives up to that point. It became apparent rather quickly that she had fantasized about this herself as she immediately had a name to insert into the fantasy… a friend from high school who she had teased but never been with.

We continued discussing the fantasy of her and the friend when fucking for a few weeks and it got us more and more excited. We talked about it really happening but in the end we both chickened out. She did however open up sexually as a result, letting me take pics and videos of her. Things changed one night while we out at a bar with some friends. I noticed she had disappeared for a bit and when I asked her she said it was too smokey and she needed some fresh air. Later that night while having some drinks at home she told me she had kissed one of our friends and it made her very hot. I was surprised but immediately turned on. We talked about it as usual during sex and I didn’t think much more of it. The next day we all went out for brunch and while he was away from the table she shocked the hell out of me. She asked if it would be o.k. for her to go out with our friend, just the two of them, that night. I was so taken back yet aroused I just said “yeah, I guess so”. I wasn’t at all sure what she had in mind but based on previous talks figured she would just have fun and maybe make out a bit. The two planned to meet in a town nearby where they wouldn’t be recognized that night. We went home, spent the day doing the usual, then she got ready to leave. What a bizarre mix of emotion… watching her get ready and knowing what she may end up doing.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with that first night of waiting. What a strange trip! She got home pretty early, about 10. She sat down on the sofa with a huge smile on her face. “Well? What happened?” I asked. She met him at a restaurant in the nearby town to have dinner. They were already good friends so there was no awkwardness. After eating they drove to a local park. She said it was fairly dimly lit and no one was around. I was so nervous while she described all this. Nervous, but hard as hell. They began making out on one of the park benches. She said his hands started wandering and she didn’t even think about stopping it. He slipped her shorts and panties off and got on his knees. She said he dove into her pussy with his tongue like it was his last meal! In my head, I’m thinking… Wait! When did we agree to this?!, but my cock was telling a different story. He ate her until she came in his mouth, then led him back to the car. She told him it was his turn now and pulled his dick out. She loved to give head and was very talented at it. She started sucking his cock in the front seat. She said as he was about to come he reached for something to cum in but she wouldn’t let him. She kept sucking hard until he filled her mouth. She said he tasted great and came like he had a huge build up waiting to be released. At this point of the story she was jerking me off and smiling like she had won the lottery. I decided to push aside any weird feelings I was having for the night and enjoy the situation. We fucked like we never had and I had her go over all the details again. What a night!

That was the beginning of a new part of our lives… unbeknownst to me! I had no idea what was to come…

Things went back to normal for a few days as we enjoyed talking about her new activities while in bed. The next weekend we all went out as usual to a local bar. The difference between her and the friend was obvious to me but I don’t think anyone else noticed. We were all pretty buzzed and were a tight group. They were exchanging glances all night and he was checking out her ass and legs constantly (she had a short tight denim skirt on). We ended back up at our place as was the norm. People began to clear out as the night went on and eventually just the three of us were left. I could tell from the look on her face what she wanted me to do so I excused myself claiming too much to drink and went to the bedroom. About 20 minutes later she came in and told me not to come back out of the bedroom. Turned out he was too nervous to fuck her in the house but he did get some time to play with her ass and then she got on her knees and pulled his cock out. She said he was so hard he looked like he was going to explode so she started sucking furiously, again exploding in her mouth. She absolutely loved sucking dick and eating cum!

This scenario happened a couple of times and then he met someone and began a relationship. We all liked his new girlfriend and my ex and I had no interest in messing things up for anyone so we moved on. Things were quiet for a few months but we relived those nights very often and it always provided our best sex. It’s funny how something so taboo in our society gives so many normal, good people pleasure while strengthening their relationships. Anyways, as luck would have it she started a new job as a bartender at a popular local bar. She had gotten a bit of cold feet about the whole thing really happening (at this point she hadn’t actually fucked) during the lull in activity but was reinvigorated by being around so many new guys at work. It didn’t take long for her to get close to one guy in particular… we’ll call him Todd. She began going to parties at his house with coworkers after closing, often getting too drunk to come home. I was still having alot of mixed feeling about it all really happening, esp. with a stranger (at least to me), but the turn on was so strong that I began encouraging her to take the plunge. I figured once he fucked her and had a taste it would be on for real! The first few nights the flirtation would turn to sneaking kisses in the kitchen with no one looking (all her coworkers knew she was married), back massages ending in caressing her ass, etc. Finally one night she came home around 3:30 in the morning and woke me up. I had been trying to wait for her but had finally passed out. She was naked and smiling. She leaned in and kissed me and whispered “I just finished fucking”!

She had gone to a party that night with coworkers at Todd’s as usual. Their flirting had become more noticeable apparently and they had a hard time keeping their hands off each other. They took every chance they had to sneak away and make out. Eventually, as always, people cleared out and she stuck around. She followed him into his bedroom and shut the door behind them (with his roommates watching, knowing she was married). As soon as they were alone he began to undress her. She said she faced the bed, leaning forward, while he pulled her panties down and began fingering her from behind and spanking her ass. She was already wet enough from the anticipation of another cock inside her that he was able to slide his cock in her almost immediately and start fucking her. Hearing for the first time that another cock was in her while I was waiting at home was surreal. In short, I highly recommend at least trying it… it’s unlike anything else. He fucked her from behind for a few minutes and then threw her on the bed. She turned around and took his cock in her mouth while he stood next to the bed. She later told me she was in love with the taste of his cock and she couldn’t stop thinking about it. He seemed to make it clear that she was there for his pleasure from what she said. He knew that she was married and could tell what a slut she was. She said she was dripping the whole time. He pulled out of her mouth and got on top of her, sliding his cock in her pussy. This next part made me so hot!… She said she was yelling so loudly she could hear his roommates laughing in the next room. After fucking like that for awhile, he told her to get on all fours and stick her ass in the air. Every guy loved her shape and she was known around work for her amazing ass. She said this was her favorite position. He grabbed her ass and began pounding away. She started screaming louder, pushing back on his cock. I was losing it hearing all this. It was so sexy how she just looked me in the eye the whole time she described this, sort of whispering while stroking my cock. She said next she got on top and started riding him. She said this is when she lost it and began screaming, wanting everyone to hear how much she liked his cock. She then came… hard. She was smiling so wide when she told me that part. She said she came all over his cock and was lost in pleasure. Being a good slut she jumped off his cock and began sucking with everything she had until he exploded in her mouth. She was so pleased with herself and so happy while telling me all this. I ate her pussy for what seemed like hours, reeling in the details of her night. I tried to fuck her but couldn’t contain myself. Before falling asleep I asked her if it was something I should expect happening again. She immediately proclaimed “Yes!!” with a huge smile…

Submitted by: keltonpm

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June 14, 2011

Happy Cuckoldress

Ah, how I love these pics. look how happy and naughty the delectable Jinxypie is looking in them, having some fun with one of her Bulls. Fucked and covered in cum, she is a one content cuckoldress. Jinxy, we love you!







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May 26, 2011

Watching another man

Cuckold Place Update

Watching another man fuck my wife

This is a true, if somewhat difficult story. It happened in early October and I’m afraid I didn’t take photos so here are some photos of my wife’s pussy (with my spunk) and stretched, just to give you an idea. Plus a photo of SOMEONE ELSE taken from elsewhere on this site – but perfect of the view that I had (I’m not stealing or pretending something that’s not - just illustrating).

Afterwards I felt really like shit but we’ve talked and got through it fine, and now I’m fortunately left with all the horny thoughts. Reading people’s experiences on here has really helped – from some like Jeanne and girlfriend Jess who are well adapted to the lifestyle to some who have wanted and wanted and then disappeared from here ‘cos they obviously found it all too hard! Anyways – the Story of how I watched my wife get fucked by another man

My wife is fabulously sexy, has the most amazing pussy and a really dirty mind! We’ve been exploring our sexual fantasies and this has led us to her tasting her first pussy (very horny) and me sucking my first cock. In fact that is where this story starts…

We’d booked a cottage at a seaside town and contacted a few guys through Gumtree for us to fulfil our fantasy of my wife watching me suck another man’s cock. On the Friday we’d met a guy and taken him back to the cottage. My wife pulled down his trousers and stroked his cock just to get us started and I knelt between his legs sucking his cock till he came in my mouth and I swallowed his cum down. My wife was soooo excited, loved seeing me suck cock… This time, he didn’t touch her at all. I’d been locked in my CB3000 and hadn’t come in a few days so was very very horny!

On Saturday we met our second man, who we knew we were going to play with a bit more. When we met him for a drink we got on really well, went back to the cottage before going out on the town, I sucked his cock and already was tipsy enough to ask if he wanted to feel her pussy – which was dripping wet!

Out around town we were terribly behaved, I was fingering her in full view in a couple of pubs and when we went lap-dancing, during the actual dance, the 2 dancers we had were feeling my CB3000, I pulled up her skirt so show off her wet pussy and one of them inspected her piercings before kissing her. One of the dancers asked later who she was with and she said both of us (I know that turned her on lots) and I think the dancer was quite jealous. In the end we got thrown out of there because I continued openly fingering her.

So we ended up back at the cottage again. We were all fairly drunk and very soon, the idea that I was just going to give him a blow job went out of the window as I asked her to mount him as he led on the floor of the living room. I slipped my cock in, alongside his so for the first time in her life she had 2 dicks inside her – both in her pussy.

Being drunk and extremely horny I came too much too quickly and for a while lost my sense of humour – shortly later we all went to sleep.

In the morning I felt bad so suggested we invite him into our bed once more. Keeping the story short, we went at it well. At one point I was sucking his cock and I asked her to lick and tongue his arse, she said later she heard him moaning loudly at that point. At another point, I was sucking his cock while he laid with her, the two of them kissing (which is the thing I struggled with most of all afterwards). But most horny for us now, was when they were in missionary, her arms around him, her legs spread and I was watching him plough his cock into her pussy. The submissive sight of her legs spread open for another man was intoxicating and still is. Now we keep talking about it and she’s been hotter and hornier over this fantasy than over almost any other.

Just one detail people might find horny too – halfway through we thought to check whether he was safe as I’ve already had a vasectomy. He wasn’t safe, after which he used a condom but when we were fucking before sleeping, he was bareback.

She’s really cautious about STDs and about cum and also about me going off on one again as I did directly after this time… the first time.

But now, our fantasy while fucking is this – she locks me in a cage, we take another man and I get them both ready, sucking him and wetting her (as if she’d need it!). I roll a condom onto his cock, hold her legs open for him and guide in his cock with my hand as she whispers how she wants his cock. As I lie beside her she kisses me and holds my caged cock telling me how much she’s enjoying his cock inside of her. Ideally he would come inside her and I clean her but given her fertility and fear of STD, the fantasy is she takes off the condom and empties it into my mouth…. The hornier version is she taunts me for weeks before, taking the pill and telling me every day it’s so another man can fill her cunt for me to clean….

p.s. thanks for the inspiration Hosemaven55 – see pic below and his thread on the chastity thread

Submitted by: twohorny, UK

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May 22, 2011

Loving the Lifestyle

My husband and I have been married for 20 years. He has an average size cock in length, but it is kinda thick. We got into the alternative lifestyle about 15 years ago when we watched our 1st amateur porno called “Fuck my wife”. Ever since, my husband has been infatuated with the idea of me being fucked by other men. We often talked about the cuckold lifestyle and all the kinks involved in it. After about the 4th time of me being fucked by another man, he told me to let one of my partners cum inside of me, he wanted to see my pussy dripping with another mans cum. So, with his request, I fucked his best friend that he set me up with. I had fucked him several times before with my husband there joining in or watching, but this time, I fucked him all alone, I told him to cum inside of my pussy because my husband wanted to see it, his buddy agreed and fucked me several times, filling my pussy every time.

When I got home, I went into the bedroom and called my hubby in, I told him to lie on his back, I had a surprise for him, when he laid down, I stood over him and lowered my pussy towards his face and he cleaned my pussy out of his buddy’s hot cum. We both loved the idea of what had just happened, I asked him if this is something he wanted to keep doing, and he said hell yeah. To this day, I have fucked about 11 different men, some several times. The one I am fucking now is very hot and sexy, and he fucks me long, hard and fast giving me several orgasms everytime we hook-up. My husband had gotten his number from my cell and texted him and told him he wants him to be my lover/boyfriend and he has agreed. The boyfriend has gone a step further now by telling my husband he is not allowed to fuck my pussy then, that he is the only one allowed to fuck it, and all I can do is clean it up afterwards. My husband has agreed to it.

Now I fuck my boyfriend once a week, sometimes twice, and I love it. I have to say, that I am very much in love with my husband, but I love my boyfriend too. I will never leave my husband, why would I leave something like this, he allows me to fuck whenever I want, whoever I want, as much as I want, and he cleans the cum out of my dripping snatch.

My boyfriend wants to bring a few of his buddies over one night to gangbang me for the 1st time, fill me up with all of their hot love juice then send me home to my husband, I am game for it, but nervous do to the number of friends he wants to involve, 8 of his friends plus him makes 9 cocks, all taking turns fucking me, DPing me, with another cock in my mouth, 2 cocks in my pussy at the same time etc. I can’t wait. I’ll keep you informed of developments.

Submitted by: Amy - Minnesota, USA


May 10, 2011

Meet Cayla

My wife Cayla (and she’s sitting right next to me) had our first swinging experience about 10 years ago. Innocent fun at the time, no different than a lot of party couples, people in their 20’s and 30’s, still learning the ropes on all levels.

We won’t rehash the whole “how” we got here – but here we are, and here’s what I am and here’s what she is:

I’m her master and she’s my wife-for-black cock. We do not have a “cuckold” relationship, mind you; that is, we participate and involve each other, there is no femdom thing going on. In fact, we tried it once, but found it not for us. We discovered it’s best when I tell her “Cayla, get dressed to fuck, I need stretched pussy tonight.”

This is Cayla, here’s my input:

Love fucking for my master. Freedom’s great, but giving it away is even better. Love the bbc, love pussy too. Love sharing. Love cum swapping. If you know hot pussy who want to share let me know. And LOVE telling Master I want to go out and fuck. Hope to have fun with you soon. Muah.

And here is her Master again, chiming in: I don’t make it up, it’s all true. Let us know if anyone out there interested in what we’re doing here. We do NOT have a website to sell, we just find it sexy sharing our kinky kink with like-minded people. We are always looking for couples with bi-wives and black cock for our girls to share. Leave a note, we’re at party4cayla at gmail dot com !

Cayla ends: And to make things clear to anyone reading: other than other bi-girls and wives and other than my husband’s cock and loving (and maybe one of his friends now and then), my cunt is ready is for a good fat bbc cum dump! Write us if you want to party (if you’re a party couple or a black man that loves white girls that beg).



May 6, 2011

Our Story

Cuckold Place Update

This is not a rapidly changing, every weekend thing, so I won’t be constantly updating this thread or anything. I just want to post where my fiance and I have been and where we are now in terms of our sex life with others.

I have been in an open relationship before my current fiance. That relationship lasted for years like that with my ex fucking over 70 guys in the time we were together. The relationship ended because we just grew apart, not really from the open fucking, so I still have a positive outlook on open relationships.

When I met Casey, my fiance, she was in a relationship with another guy she’d been with for a year and a half. She was almost 10 years younger than me, blonde hair, big brown eyes, thin, toned body, and a respectable B cup that has come to drive me wild. Even though we hit it off, she just wouldn’t end things with him. We started fucking regularly with her going back to his place to stay every night. She didn’t fuck him that often, (maybe 5 times total in the 3 months this went on) but when she did she told me about it. She fucked me once telling me that I was going to be mad because she had already been fucked once that day by him, and I told her I thought it was hot (though I don’t think this really registered with her.

She moved to the beach for the summer away from him and we got closer and started dating exclusively when she got back. She told me she wasn’t talking to Ty (her ex) anymore and I went about being happy and in love. A month into this in september, she found me outside one of my classes (we’re both at university) that had let out at noon looking like she’d just run a marathon and then tried her hand at wrestling. She told me she’d just been at Ty’s talking to him and she just ended up fucking him, but she felt terrible and had to tell me.

I grabbed her hand and told her to follow me. I led her to my car. Drove her to my house. Then I told her to strip and tell me every detail while I was the second guy to fuck her pussy today. This bewildered her. She said she’s never had anyone she cheated on want to fuck her, not to mention not be absolutely furious.

I told her I was mad at the fact that she did something she wasn’t supposed to do, and with a guy she wasn’t even supposed to be talking to no less. However, I told her how much I loved sloppy seconds and how I thought slutty girls were amazing just like that first time she’d unwittingly given me her used pussy before.

I got her to tell me the details as I ate her newly fucked cunt and then slid my dick in and out of what felt like a well fucked pussy, and she told me they fucked for 20 minutes or so and he fucked the shit out of her because “he wanted it really bad.” He had some move she loved where he would bounce her off the mattress onto his dick impaling her cunt on him powerfully every time she came back up, and he fucked her hard that way. I asked her why she didn’t stop him, and she told me after she realized what she was doing just a few strokes in she felt bad eventually telling asking him if he wanted to cum (her way of saying she’s done.) But I knew that 20 minutes of fucking is a lot of pounding between a few strokes in and “hey you wanna cum?” She finally admitted that he was really fucking her well, and she figured the damage was already done, might as well enjoy it. To this I came on her where he had.

After the blunt force of all this blew over, I told her that if she wanted to fuck Ty, to go ahead, but that I always had to know about it, and she had to come home right after and fuck me. So after really only a moderate amount of convincing, she would hang out with him, and he would invariably end up fucking her before she ran home to me begging to get fucked more.

The best of these sessions happened as she sent me a text saying she was about to get fucked, followed by a text 30 minutes later saying that she’d fucked him, and they were about to fuck again. When she got home, she told me how he’d come once on her back, then again on her stomach (they didn’t use condoms.) Each of these times I could barely control myself, and each of them left me with his pubes in my mouth after going down on her.

The problem with Ty was, I hated the guy, he was a real tool, and since I stole her from him, he didn’t care for me too much either. So, this situation ended around november.

Now Casey has had a guy friend she’s been into or would fuck if she was single that she told me about, and I told her to go for it. Again, after a little coercion, she went to his apartment and fucked him on the table on his balcony before moving inside to the bed only to be interrupted by his roommate. The guy, Terrel, was tall, on the tennis team, and black, also her first uncut guy (which she doesn’t really prefer.)

When she got home, she was moaning non-stop while I fucked her about how she didn’t want him to stop fucking her. She chanted it over and over again almost as if I weren’t even there. Then she looks me right in the eye and says “you want me to fuck him again? You want him to fuck me with that big black cock?” To which I promptly blew my load.

She later told me he was just a little longer than me but not nearly as thick. They fucked 4 more times, some good some bad before she gave up on him. While they were fucking though, she always came back to me screaming in bed about having a black cock slut to fuck. I loved it, but sine she was never really into the guy, it all seamed kind of false. She stopped fucking him sometime in January.

We got into some heavy workloads with school and work, and after hooking up with a couple off Adult Friend Finder that turned out to be a huge bust, Casey got kind of turned off to the whole deal. However, we have some friends, Ben and Julia, who are another hot couple around our age that we hang out with regularly, always playfully ending in nudity but never sexual really until we started telling them about our exploits.

After hearing about what we’d been up to, Julia started on about how she would love to fuck Casey, and we could all play around but no guy action (we already knew she had done some group stuff in the past.) So a few nights ended up with all of us naked and fucking around, but even this died down after Casey got tired of these sessions boiling down mostly to just me and Julia doing everything but fucking.

So we did nothing for months, and then I had to go away for the summer on an internship, and I told her that she could fuck whoever she wanted while I was gone. She was far too busy to go out at all, so she said she didn’t want to for the first 2 months. Then one night she called me and said she met a guy she really liked, Daniel.

She obviously liked he guy so much I actually started to worry, and since I was hundreds of miles away I couldn’t do anything about it. After seeing each other a few times and either doing some heavy petting or him not getting it up to fuck her, she had built up enough sexual tension to fuck him anywhere and any way he wanted.

She finally called me one night around midnight and said she had just come from fucking him and it was the best sex she’d ever had in her life. He’d made her come twice with his hand, and once with just his dick (a feat I’d only managed 3 times in the year and a half we’d been fucking.) They had gotten really fucked up, and fucked like mad for only about fifteen minutes, and she said it was the kind of amazing fuck that made her want to fuck every minute of every day like she did when she was with this long-dicked guy in highschool. She told me he was longer then I was hard when he was soft and he knew how to use it.

The guy fucked her in every position possible and while they used condoms, he broke about 90 percent of them. The next 3 weeks before I came back from my internship were hell. I wanted to be back to ensure I was still in a relationship as well as enjoy what was going on. They fucked like rabbits in those 3 weeks.

When I returned she assured me I never had anything to worry about, but since Daniel would be graduating in December, she would be fucking him until he left. The first and only real time she cuckolded me, telling me that now that she’d found another guy she actually loves fucking, she shouldn’t have to stop.

After this she turned into a party monster, going to the bar, getting fucked up and coming home around 3 or 5 in the morning fully fucked at least once a week. I didn’t really love not being in control of the situation, and when she called me one night saying he’d cum in her, I kind of changed my mind about the situation. Before that however I dumped 2 loads in her hot soaked pussy so that she had to go dump cum out of her cunt before she could feel the sex again.

He had fucked her every way possible for nearly 3 hours as she went there close to midnight for “just a second” and didn’t come home until 3:30.
I think I may have just felt too threatened for a bit by a guy who could fuck her like that, and I told her we should just be exclusive, which she agreed with valuing our relationship before anything else. But I’ve regretted the fact that I cost her nearly 2 months of great sex.

Since we’ve agreed that if she wants to fuck a guy, she should pursue him, and she fucked one of our friends last night while I was in the house. He wasn’t the longest lasting guy, and she says that she shouldn’t do it anymore adding “I’m such a horndog.” What I love about her is that she says this now, but next time a guy comes around she wants to fuck, she will.

Submitted by: Eagle One

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April 8, 2011

Distant from Hubby

Cuckold Place Update

So we’ve been doing the cuckold thing for about three years now - mostly hubby’s idea at first - and I guess I’m struggling with something that maybe some of you can comment on.

I’m noticing that over time, I get more and more physically distant from hubby, like my body just isn’t capable of responding to him any more. My heart belongs to him as much as always, but the thought of any sort of sexual contact - geez, even the thought of him seeing me naked - is seeming really weird and nearly impossible to me these days.

Of course, I don’t have these issues with my bf…with him, I get within twenty feet and the arousal lights up. When I’m not with him, I fantasize about him touching me and making love to me, but I haven’t had these kinds of thoughts about hubby in a very long time now. It’s like my body is pre-programmed to be exclusive to my bf somehow.

Believe it or not, I was never the cheating type - never even crossed my mind to want someone else, it was mainly my hubby that brought these thoughts into our relationship, and it took him nearly a year of pleading until I got comfortable with the topic. I guess I’m sort of conservative and old fashioned in my thinking, so it’s been rough for me to really get my head around the whole cuckolding thing.

Still, I try to just go with the flow since it seems to work for all of us, but part of it is that it’s natural for me to be faithful to the guy I’m having sex with, and that’s not hubby at this stage. At the same time, putting hubby in a role more like my brother than my hubby also seems a bit wrong to me, even though I know it’s what he probably wants.

The whole thing just feels awfully complicated to me right now, and I don’t see it getting easier any time soon. The pregnancy thing and it’s probably a common fantasy for a lot of guys in here, but from my perspective as a woman nearing 30, there’s also a very pragmatic side to it regarding whether I want kids, and if so, who would be the father and how would we raise them.

I talked to hubby about it, but I’m not sure he understands how deep this reflex goes. As a result, I walk around feeling sort of guilty and evil - like maybe I’m this terrible person just taking advantage of hubby or something. Hubby seems okay with it - we talk about my outings with my bf and I know he gets aroused by it - but he doesn’t pressure me for sex and seems kind of turned on by the cuckold eunuch lifestyle he’s arranged for himself. Still, it really has me worried - has anyone else experienced this, and what’s the solution?

Submitted by: ValGal

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