December 12, 2011

My Filipina Wife

Cuckold Place Update

My Filipina Wife

We had been married 6 years when she had her first lover. I was hoping it would be sooner, but now I am glad we waited.

Trust and emotional security is so important before taking the step. She is naturally shy and timid like Filipinas often are and it has taken time for her to feel empowered and liberated, but now she really likes that feeling and I can see how good it does her.

She set up a profile with pics on a couple of dating sites and soon men from our local area began flirting with her online. After much doubt, longing and hesitation she made a date. A man she had known for months invited her to visit him. The fellow picked her up at our house. She ran to his truck and jumped in as I was hiding behind the curtains peeking my heart racing and my nerves a jangle.

Was going out of my mind for those 4 hours she was gone, imagining this, fearing that, the whole emotional roller coaster ride. Peeking out the window every five minutes, well you know how it is.

When she returned and opened our door I saw the new glow about her and again I felt the mixed turmoil of emotion racing through me.

She described everything as it had happened, how they were chatting on his sofa about mundane things sipping coffee. There followed one of those uncomfortable silences but it was soon broken when the fellow let out a guttural battle cry and jumped her where she sat almost bowling her over. She was more excited than startled, for she wanted this. His hands were all over her, his mouth breathing lustily into her ear. He lifted her 45 kg frame easily into his arms and carried her into his bedroom.

He had her stripped in record time and kicking his pants off knelt down to have a taste of her now very wet pussy. As he got on top of my sweet darling she guided his long shaft into her. In the passion of the moment they both quickly had an orgasm, but after a little breather he was on her again and she was begging him to use her some more, kissing and licking his neck in gratitude and squeezing his firm buns in her hands with every forceful long thrust. They both came harder this time and now took a half hour breather before he declaring to a cheerful reception that there would be one more for the road.

I was watching with binoculars as they were chatting in his car when he returned to drop her off. (I know how pathetic that sounds) Entering our home, she took me by the hand to the leather couch and instructed me to lick her clean after her lover, while she talked describing her feelings and what a passionate lover the guy was. His cum had foamed inside her from all the fucking and soon I had a dull numbness feeling on my tongue as I performed my first cuckold duty.

Originally I had doubts that I would be able to do that, but on the day it was a happy chore, the taste of another man intermixed with her love juices exciting me no end.

Like I said at the start, a couple of months later they did it again. It is so ingrained in her that sex equals love that she had doubts whether it would be a good idea to do it again, for she feared that she would fall in love with him. After we discussed that issue and I assured her that it was OK with me if she had crushes on guys as long as I owned the rights to her heart, she did it again and enjoyed it even more than the first time, but still feeling unsure of trusting herself, she cut off contact from him.

Since then over a year has passed and our bond is stronger than ever. She needs to do this at her own speed, she will pick the guy and she will choose the time and opportunity. The other day she was giving her slave a helping hand, gave me a mischievous grin and said: “What am I going to do with this little thing? It cannot satisfy me, I need a bigger cock to satisfy me, in fact I am aching for it” My load shot halfway to the ceiling.

It´s going to happen soon again, I can feel it in my cucky bones.

Submitted by: Proteinn1

My Filipina Wife

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December 8, 2011

Loving Hotwife Hub

Loving Hotwife Hub

We now have over 2000 of you that have joined the fun and games at our new free Facebook style community Hotwife Hub

There’s been loads of activity on there lately and I’d love to hear about any of you that have hooked up using the site.

We have a new ‘MOVIES’ section and have made it very simple for you to upload and share your hotwife and cuckold movies on the blog. sign in and check the movies section and use the online form to upload your movie.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend.

Best regards,
Your Webmaster

Hot Wife Hub

Check out HotWife Hub here


December 7, 2011

She’s out tonight

I am a cuckold, happily. My wife Tracey just left about 30 minutes ago to go to His house two and a half hours away.

My wife and I have been married for three years. She is 30 and I 28. My marriage is awesome! We have a closeness and connectedness that makes life amazing. Anyways, my wife’s ex-boyfriend Joe. Shes been seeing Him for about a year now. In our relationship, we have accepted that I do not fulfill the role of a man. Instead we have agreed that I am instead her Bitch. I prefer it this way. She has made it well known to me many times before that her ex-boyfriend Joe, is her “Man”. She just left with Him for the weekend. She told me she would call me tonight when they would be having sex. She told me I have to listen to her have sex with Him. Not that I dont get off on it, but thats kinda how my life goes now.

She has read some of the stories on this site and asked that I begin including our own stories. She even told me to include this picture. It was taken today right after she had shaved.

Hope she gets the chance to call. ;)


Submitted by: Frank, Eastern Connecticutt, USA


December 3, 2011


Here’s a long awaited update from cuckold Scott, husband of wife Emma. Great to hear from you guys!


Hi Trash,

You know from our blog, Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse, that Em and I have been a serious Femdom/Cuckolding couple for years. But what you might not have noticed is that in more recent times we started writing out our fantasies as erotic novels. I hate the term “erotic novels.” I think of them as down-to- earth dirty books designed to get the mind and body hot for action. They remind me of the nasty things Em and I say to each other when I’m down on my knees soothing her pussy with my tongue after she’s been with another man.

We’ve decided to start publishing them on our own rather than through our previous publisher. Most publishers aren’t going after readers who are particularly interested in the cuckolding and hotwife market and that’s what we tend to focus on. Our first independently published title is “Headhunter.”

Our goal with Headhunter was for every chapter to deliver hot sex. We want everyone to read it with one hand. We’ve let a few friends read it and both men and women find it a scorching hot page turner. Here’s the cover copy to give everyone an idea of what to expect:

Becky Allworth and her husband of ten years have fallen on hard times. But things change suddenly when she is approached by an arrogant, attractive corporate recruiter who offers her a bold solution to her problems and propels her out of the life she has been leading with her meek but petulant husband and back into the sordid, highly erotic lifestyle she left behind upon marrying him.

After an intense indoctrination, Becky finds her life more and more co-opted. Her transformation from an upper middle class suburban wife into a sleazy tramp is both exhilarating and degrading. But through all the torment and humiliation, Becky also discovers undeniable truths and forbidden pleasures. She becomes her primitive self.

Headhunter is a vivid, blazing hot tale of sexual reawakening, disturbing and not for the feint of heart.

Headhunter is available as both a paperback and in Kindle format at Amazon.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE BOOK FROM AMAZON or just search for Scott and Emma Kelly under the book category.
The paperback is also available directly at CreateSpace.

I’m attaching a picture of Em and her current lover, Darius, for your Hotwife Blog fans. She’s always been the inspiration for my literary endeavors.


Scott Kelly

Emma Kelly

Read Emma’s Interview with Hotwife Blog Here

Visit Emma’s blog Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse


November 11, 2011

My wifes new lover

Cuckold Place Update

New IR cuchold must tell

Guys and Gals, I have to tell someone my story or I will go crazy. I have an amazing Italian-Brazilian GF, supermodel. She is 41yrs old, 5ft 7in, 115 lbs. Very high class, well educated masters degree, and from a very good and close family. We have been together for 3 years. She is a innocent type, and is more into connection and love and romance, but does have a secret sexy and naughty side. I am 46 now, Irish-Italian, only 5ft 8in and only have a 6in cock.

Well, more and more, the last few years, I have been wanting my GF (Elly) to be with other men, and I have been wanting to become a cuckhold. Not knowing anything or why or how though. But it was burning in me more and more. Elly did not understand me and was trying to understand, it was not in her nature though.

The last year, we found a white man, Jack, and she went out with him and then on the 2nd date, met him at a hotel alone and fucked him. She really enjoyed Jack, but battled with her emotions, mostly because she did not get a deep enough emotional connection. Elly did meet Jack, for me, a couple more times alone and fucked him, but something was missing so she stopped. She said, that she would not sleep with another man unless I was with her.

Back in August on Elly’s Bday, we went to Las Vegas. And Elly was in a very hungry and wild mood from the start. We were there for 4 days. On the 2nd night, we were out so late at clubs dancing, and I drank a lot. Elly does not drink really. It was 4 am, we went back to our hotel (the Aria, very nice). I wanted to have a night cap drink so we went to a bar. As I was talking to some people at the bar. Elly met eyes with a good looking, elegant, very tall, very fit Black Man. He was with 2 friends, and he ( Ben ), kept giving Elly looks and I had no idea of it as I was being Irish and talking and laughing with new friends.

I did not realize, but Elly had stepped away from me and began to chat and talk to Ben. She is NOT the type to approach a man. And she had never talked to a black man ever. But something changed in her. Next thing I know, she walked back to me and said lets go, and took me on a walk with Ben… to his room. I was very drunk, and on the walk to his room, Elly walked with him and I followed behind them in a way.

In the room, right away, she and Ben got naked and she 100% gave herself to Ben. 100% and they connected very deep. With eyes and body. And I laid next to them, on the lower part of the bed, half aware and half dreaming. Elly has a very very tight pussy (to put it blunt). No kids, never married and had only dated white men. Ben, has a huge cock. Huge. Elly’s hand could not even wrap around it was so thick, and it must be 10 to 12 inches long. She sucked his cock for a long time, and he came in her mouth and she swallowed almost all of his cum, she said it was the best tasting cum she ever had and better than mine. I kind of blacked out but they cuddled some, and then showered together, then made out in the bathroom and Ben licked her pussy while he sat her on the counter. Elly said she wanted him inside of her. She told me something inside of her wanted him deep, it was some connection they were sharing and that passion made her want to give herself to Ben.

Ben carried Elly to the (huge california king bed). They totally ignored me. This huge black man, like 6ft 5in man, got on top of Elly and made love to her and fucked her. It took Ben a long time to get inside of Elly because she was too tight, so he had to go super super slow. As they worked to get him inside of her, they kissed deeply and met eyes and whispered to each other. (I was basically asleep out of it).

Elly said, it was like being a virgin and having sex for the very first time as he opened her up more than she could ever imagine. She said he took her breath away more than any man ever has. Ben got very deep in Elly and she said the way they connected, she fell in love with him, as he moved and made love to her and then fucked her for 3 hrs, till about 8am the next morning.

Ben and Elly woke me up, got me dressed, and Elly got me back to my room and I cuddled with Elly and slept for 6 hrs. Later that day, she told me the story. I told her, that was truly a gift for me and I was so happy. Elly and Ben had secretly exchanged phone numbers.

Since August I truly became a cuckold man. Elly was not sure what to think, and really wanted to resist it any further. But I had to honestly tell her it truly made me happy.

Submitted by: v8cobra99

My Wife Elly

My Wife Elly

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November 5, 2011

My Russian Wife

A husband writes into us about his life with his Russian hotwife. She sounds and looks amazing. I can’t wait to hear some more of their stories, thanks for getting in touch.


First post of many to follow from a true slutwife from Arizona. Feel free to contact us if you are a well endowed stud and want to fuck my wife.

My wife has been a slut since the age of 16 when she had a 7 man train run on her. That was in her home country of Ukraine, in the former Soviet Union. I met her in my mid 30’s after she had moved to the States through a mutual friend who happens to be a BBC whom I had met through a 3-some with my ex wife. And yes it is true, Russian wives are supper slutty.

When he finally introduced me to Alana it only took a few minutes until her mouth was on my cock. Next thing I know me and my BBC friend were double teaming her. What I didn’t know was that after that meeting we would only 1 year later get married and begin our mutually slutting adventure together.

It was nothing new to us (swinging that is), as we both had ex spouses and boyfriends & girlfriends that we had done this with. However with Alana it was just so much more than I could have ever imagined. Finally, a true slut like myself. This woman craves cock (and pussy at times) like no other. And when I found out what a size queen she was and how she loved BBC (and BWC - that’s Big White Cock) it was game on.

This is just one true story of many to follow. It happened during the first few months of dating (after the 3-some with my BBC friend). I told her that I had dabbled in cuckolding before and that I wanted her to go on a fuck date with a stranger and to make me wait at a nearby bar while she was getting “used”.

So, after a few emails to a guy who posted on Craig list for a hotwife, she was dropping me off at an Applebee’s across the street from where her new stranger awaited her. I was SO hard the whole time at Applebee’s, wondering if she was sucking him, fucking him, going bareback, wondering where he would cum, how she would feel and taste after getting used, etc. It was pure torture but also felt so incredibly exhilarating.

20 minutes after dropping me off she called and said she just left his house and was coming to pick me up. She said she had a “present” for me. This really had me wondering…what was it? Well, when she arrived and I got in the car she presented me with a warm condom full of cum. She then proceeded to tell me how huge his cock was and then showed me a picture he took of her sucking his thick shaft with her cell phone.

What happened next? Yep, you guessed it. She then made me suck all of his cum out of the condom. The whole time telling me that this was just the beginning of her cuckolding adventures for us!


Submitted by: Alana’s Husband - Phoenix


October 24, 2011

Some advice wanted

A lot of men who have fantasies about being cuckolded find themselves stopping short when it comes to reality of their partner actually going through with it. They would rather keep the fantasy in their head as they know that they are too conventionally hard-wired to conventional monogamy to ever venture there in reality. Here’s an interesting question posted on Cuckold Place and a great reply which sums up what a lot of men who read the blog here will feel.


Some advice wanted, please help

Hi, I’m a lurker on here, meaning the site gets me off and I love the idea but don’t think I could really go through with it. Just after a bit of peace of mind from the experts that can truly see the full story from all sides of cheating.

I was with a girl for 4 years, pretty much ruined my life for her and after those 4 years she cheated on me and dumped me. During the arguments and talks for the few weeks after if I asked her why she did it her response was “I don’t know?”. It was a while back but the fact she doesn’t even seem to have a reason for hurting me so much still gets to me. I tried to cut her out my life but occasionally still see her out and the feelings of anger are unbelievable.

I was just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and how they dealt with it? Or maybe if a woman reads this she can give me her view as to why she maybe did it the way she did?

Like I said I do want serious advice but undoubtedly will get the few comments, “your dick was probably too small”, or, “should have got her to cuck you”. Understandably it’s a fetish site it’s going to happen and to be fair sometimes these comments make me laugh when I’m reading other posts. So if anyone can spare some time to take the piss and/or offer me some help would be much appreciated.

And to keep in touch with the websites roots. I have a new girlfriend now, she’s hotter than the ex in context (and no I won’t be putting pictures up) and I do occasionally have fantasies about my ex cuckolding me even though at the time, although I used to look at this site I never wanted it with her. And don’t want it with my current gf either.

Wow sorry for the massive speech

Thanks for your time.

Beatoffboy x

Response from MrsBlackBlowupDoll

One of the principle ways fetishes develop (and pretty much the only way for Fetish Cuckolding) is through the eroticization of fear. People use the process to cope with things so emotionally traumatic and frightening that they have trouble dealing with it rationally. It is a natural, human, deep-wired response.

It is therefore not surprising that, under the circumstances, you occasionally have cuckolding fantasies about your vicious, betraying ex. Indeed, they seem likely to increase somewhat because of your current relationship. You are carrying around this scarring pain from your marriage and are deeply afraid that the new girlfriend will turn out to be as phony and mercenary as your ex-wife. You deal with that fear by eroticizing it.

But here is the thing, beatoffboy: It doesn’t sound to me like you are truly a cuckold fetishist in that you don’t want to be and it doesn’t make you happy. As you have stated, the problem is that you are still healing from the experience with the ex. Under the circumstances, I don’t think you should do anything too bold or risky in terms of cuckolding. In fact, you might be healthier just pulling back from using it in your fantasy life altogether.

(No, I am not attacking the rest of you, my fellow fetishists. I’m talking about this one person at this one point of his life based on the limited information he has shared.)

My advice to you (as someone who has been in a similar situation and burnt one of the first great relationships of his life down over it) is:

1. See a qualified therapist. Not about your sexual fantasies, but about the hurt and anger you still feel about your ex-wife. It will be easier and quicker to work through this with help. Since you still see the ex at the edges of your life and circle (it isn’t like she’s the other side of the world now) it is even more important that you don’t let it fester. Also, you owe it to the girlfriend to become the healthy reasonable partner she deserves.

2. Be honest and open with the girlfriend. You don’t need to burden her with all you baggage, but part of intimate relationships is being open and honest about you vulnerabilities. If she doesn’t already know the tale of your marriage, you should share it with her. If nothing else, you will likely finally get an ally - someone who sees that you were victimized and resents your ex on your behalf and thinks badly of her because of it. It sounds to me like the lack of that kind of righteous empathy from your (alleged) friends has been a stumbling block to the healing process for you. Your new love can help, but only if she knows the score. Also, sharing this with her, trusting her with this vulnerability, while hard, will have a lot of healing power for you too. Especially when (as is 95%+ likely) she reacts by closing ranks with you in sympathy and support rather than as you irrationally fear.

3. If both your girlfriend and a therapist prove helpful, you might get to the point where you and your girlfriend can use your cuckold fantasies in the bedroom occasionally. You would be taking what was a real, raw, wild, hurtful thing and taming it into a controlled, predictable, playtime game. This could be VERY healthy. But, you need to make sure that you are ready for it first. That you won’t freak. That the psychological terror and emotional pain will be in small and controllable enough does. So that means: (A) therapy first, (B) make sure that you and the girlfriend are very solid, that she totally understands and gets it, and that she has had enough time to digest the story of your trauma and the way this heals.

Sorry for being so long winded. But frankly, your problem seems to me only very tangentally related to Fetish Cuckolding, so your posting to this board suggested you needed some real guidance. Please take it all in the good faith it is offered.

Best of luck to you.

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October 10, 2011

Teasing Katie Kox

Vegas Hotwife Katie Kox loves to tease her Cuckold Hubby Rick. Here’s a couple of pictures he snapped when he caught her drawing away on a note pad. She wanted to illustrate to him the real difference she felt from one of her encounters with a hung Bull the night before.

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Hotwife Profile - Katie Kox - 2008

Read the exclusive Katie Kox Interview here

Here’s an interview with Katie’s Husband Rick

Visit Katie Kox right here


October 6, 2011

Jinxypie’s Member fuck

Jinxypie is back on the blog! She has been a busy girl recently and is in the process of launching her new look website. It is rammed full of goodies featuring our fave cuckoldress. If you haven’t checked out her site and her superb informative vblogs on cuckolding you need to take a look now. As well as letting us know about the new site launch she wanted to tell us about a recent experience with one of her members. As a member you can arrange to meet Jinxy and help her cuckold her Husband. Check out the Meet Me section of her site. Thanks for the update Jinxy, we love you!


Talk about a good first impression! This sexy bull came down to see me on a hot August night. He knew just what he wanted, and wasted no time. After some kissing and lots of rubbing, I found out just how big the hard cock was he had waiting for me. I wanted to feel his big dick in my mouth, and he felt the need to face-fuck me while fingering my pussy. Oh boy did that feel good!


I couldn’t believe how hard this massive cock was! Boy, did I want it in me deep and fast. He set the pace, though, as a lot of bulls do. He was in control of this Cuckoldress, and I wanted to be a good slut for him. Getting nearly naked was a high priority, I wanted him to have access to every inch of my body. This was just as much for his pleasure as it was mine! Sucking on his cock while he rubs my pussy some more, I started moaning and using my fingers to rub and show him how much I wanted this.


All that rubbing must have done the trick! Finally he couldn’t take it any longer and he rammed that long, thick cock in my very wet pussy as fast and as hard as he could. He kept throwing my legs in many different positions, and I was still in a submissive mode, letting him run the show. I absolutely love it when a guy just puts me where he wants me, and either instructs me or does whatever it is that he sees fit. After all, I am here for his pleasure too!


This cock is amazing! It stays hard, doesn’t disappoint me. My bull wanted to see me to taste my pussy juices all over his hard dick. Incredible taste! I love the way he grabs me by the back of my head and slams my mouth down on top of him. Just sucking on a man’s cock is enough to get my pussy dripping wet.


I had to have him inside of me again. I got on top, this time he grabbed on to me and pounded my pussy really hard. I just love being his little fuck-toy! When he was nearly ready to explode, I got flat on my back, and sucked his cock a little more. His warm sticky cum didn’t take long to coat my face and chest. Having his cum on my tits was quite erotic!


I certainly can’t wait for him to come back again and to have his way with me some more. It was so much fun, being his submissive slut. Any of you other bulls think you have what it takes to please me?

Hotwife Blog Profile - Jinxypie - 2009

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September 30, 2011

Mai gets pumped

Hi guys, it’s been a long time since I’ve written in about my sexy Vietnamese slutwife but I just had to share this story. First a little background. Mai has been my wife for almost 15 years but we only really got into the cuckolding/slutwife lifestyle about 5 years ago. We had been swinging for a couple of years and then Mai’s true slutty nature just had to come out. While she has had several lovers, she has one regular bull (Mark) who fucks her almost everyday. He works about 10 minutes from us and usually drops by on his lunch hour to give her a good fucking leaving me a tasty creampie.

Now to her latest slutty adventure… Mark had been out of town (family vacation - he’s married) and Mai being the slut she is just needed some cock. It’s been rather hot where we live recently so she decided to go out wearing nothing but terry cloth shorts, no panties and a tank top (Mai is a 36d). The shorts were really tight and showed alot of camel toe.

She was at the gas station near our house filling up her car when a guy in a truck pulled up to the next pump. She said she started getting wet as soon as she saw him and it only got worse as he got out. She has a real thing for bald, rugged guys and this guys was exactly her type, 6′2″, bald and in his early 30’s. Being the true slut she is her first thought was how to get his attention. So she popped the hood of her car and started looking at her engine. She saw him looking over so she said “Excuse me but could you please help me check my oil?”. She said he came over and showed her where the dipstick was. After he pulled it out she looked at him and said “So you just stick it in that little hole?”. His answer was a kind of funny “Yes I’d love to show you how to stick it in that little hole.” That was all my slutty little wife(Mai’s only 105lbs) needed to know, she had him hooked. She told him if he followed her home he could stick it in her hole as many times as he wanted. He told her to lead the way.

Mai said when they got to the house and up to our bedroom she gasped when he dropped his shorts. His cock was over 9.5″ long and thicker than her wrist. He pushed her to her knees and started fucking her mouth. Then they moved to the bed and he ripped her clothes off. Mai told me that as soon as the head of his cock touched her pussy she was so wet he just started pounding into her with his full length. They fucked all afternoon and he shot 3 big loads of cum into her pussy. She said she lost count of how many times he made her cum.

That evening as soon as I came home from work she took me upstairs and showed me the big wet spot in the middle of our bed. Then she laid on her back, spread her legs and told me it was dinner time. I could smell his cum still in her as I started licking her pussy. After she had her first orgasm she made me lie on my back and she sat on my face. As I continued to eat her out his cum ran out of her into my hungry mouth. I did such a good job cleaning her up that she allowed me to fuck her. It felt so good as I slid into her wet sloppy pussy. After I finished fucking her she told me his name was Shaun and that since he lived close by she would be fucking him again soon. And as soon as Mark (her regular bull) came home she wanted to do a threesome with both of them. I’m hoping that she sets up our cam and makes a video so I can watch later. I really must say “I love being a cuck and love my slutwife Mai”.


Submitted by: Brian, VA

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