March 6, 2011

Jinxypie Models For Us

Some exciting pictures to show you today of one of my fave Hotwives. The gorgeous Jinxypie has been modeling some of our Hotwife Blog gear and I must say how damn fine she looks in it too. Especially those Hot Pants, I think they were made for her delicious ass.

Thanks for taking the time to shoot the pictures Jinxy. We hope to hear of another of your adventures on here real soon.








Hotwife Blog Profile - Jinxypie - 2009

Read Jinxypie’s Exclusive Interview with hotwifeblog.com here

Check out the incredible Cuckoldress Jinxypie here


March 4, 2011

My Dream

A submission today from an aspiring cuckold dreaming of the day his wife does play.


First a little about my wife and me, we have been married over 5 years and dated two years prior. She is late ‘30s and I am just past 40, we have a small child. Both of us are full time professionals and work hard to balance the demands of work and life. Neither of us are Barbie and Ken. She is very beautiful white, fair skinned, blonde, blue eyes with a nice bust. She will complain about the baby weight she has, but I think she is a goddess. Myself I am showing middle age, balding, and overweight.

Given that we have a small child and the demands of work we have a pretty good sex life together and enjoy being able to have some time to enjoy ourselves. My only wish would be more frequency, but I am grateful for what we have. I have always felt that for me to enjoy sex my wife must enjoy herself as well and I enjoy being oral with her very much and seeing her climax. She in turn is very passionate in the bedroom and when she gets going can be quite intense.

The thought of her enjoying herself with another man (and he enjoying himself with her) arouses me a great deal. It has since even before we were married. For myself I will certainly notice women I feel attracted to, but I have no interest in having sex with anyone, but my wife. I have been doing a lot of reading online and offline about the hot wife/cuckold phenomena to help me understand this. I also have read Sperm Wars by Robin Baker, which I must recommend to anyone with an interest in this topic. I find that evolutionary biology to be a plausible explanation for this as well as female vs. male physiology. Women are built for sex with multiple males at a time or in short sequence. This is harder for us men who need time to “reload”. This makes it easier for a woman to have multiple males.

In many ways, this is an extension of me wanting to give her pleasure and fulfillment. I imagine my wife enjoying variety and the freedom to sample it. I enjoy the thought of her enjoying seeing a man she finds attractive naked, seeing how the sight of her arouses him. I enjoy the thought of her touching and exploring another man, perhaps someone who is fit and trim. I enjoy the idea of her getting pleasure from kissing and feeling his touch. Her seeing how he responds to her and her to him. I enjoy the thought of her feeling her body against his. Her feeling him push into her, the different feeling his penis has in her. The new and different positions she gets to discover and enjoy. I enjoy the thought of her climaxing from him and then enjoying being in his arms afterward.

When I see my wife naked, I imagine other men enjoying her beauty. When I touch her and she touches me I imagine she and another man enjoying that. During sex I imagine her enjoying another man, enjoying pushing his bare penis into her and her enjoying feeling him. I imagine him enjoying the view of her breasts moving with each thrust. He feels her great body against him, feeling himself going in deeper as she pushes her hands against the head of the bed. As I cum inside her, I imagine another man enjoying the sensation as he cums inside her. I enjoy the thought of another man helping her climax and he enjoying the sight, sound and feeling as she does.

I imagine a variety of scenarios where this might happen. Perhaps on a girls night out she meets someone, leaves with him at the end of the evening, enjoys some hot sex with him and comes home for hot sex with me and tells me all about her evening and her new “friend”. Perhaps a professional associate who flirts with her and she reciprocates and takes him as a lover. She does travel to another city a few hours away from us for business on a regular basis. I imagine her meeting a local guy there and inviting him to spend the night with her in her hotel room. I imagine her having a “boyfriend” who she dates and then comes home to enjoy being with me. Having a guy she is interested in over to our home for dinner, seeing her all made up and in a sexy dress. The three of us enjoying wine, food and good conversation all the while they are eying one another. Afterwards I can see the either the two of them going into our bedroom alone, him leaving later thanking me for a wonderful evening telling me how lucky I am. I imagine a number of scenarios where she is enjoying the pleasure of another man while I get sloppy seconds and taking pleasure in knowing she is enjoying herself.

She is well aware of my desire for her to enjoy other men. I have brought it up during sex and after, as well as outside of the bedroom. I feel secure in her love for me and our relationship and am not jealous of her flirting with other men, which she appreciates very much. When she goes out for girls nights she likes having other men chat her up, flirt and buy her drinks. I have enjoyed her flirting with other men when out with her, seeing her enjoy the attention of other men. While she comes home and tells me all about it, her friends whose husbands/boyfriends don’t trust them and/or get jealous envy her being able to share this with me. Before the baby, she would often go out in nice tight fitting and low cut tops, full make up, jeans and boots. Often if I was working late or out with my friends, she would go out with her friends for dinner and drinks. I really liked seeing her before and after and the idea of another man approaching her, flirting and perhaps enjoying her charm. I liked the idea of her enjoying a nice time with her friends, free drinks from guys, flirting and perhaps more. I also really enjoyed the sex after these evenings out and aforementioned imaginings of her enjoying another man.

When I bring up the topic, she laughs, thinks I am crazy/silly, and says it will not happen. I do notice her checking out other men. The men she dated before me are quite diverse (I am white) including Latin, East Indian, African American and Middle Eastern men. When she goes out, I tell her to stay out a late, if she wants, have fun and enjoy the free drinks. I talk about her enjoying taking a lover and she says who would go for me and laughs it off. She feels that infidelity is very wrong and is dead set against it but at the same time talks about friends of hers who were not meant for monogamy. When we saw Brokeback Mountain, the disturbing part for her was the marital infidelity, not the gay men being lovers as much. She says she would never be with another man. I am slowly introducing the concept of sexual freedom for her while being married to me doesn’t have to hurt what we have. Like others, here in on this blog I see it as an opportunity to enhance what we have. However, I am not going to push or force anything. I will continue to enjoy what we have while letting her know she can enjoy herself if she so chooses. I am going to make sure she understands I am ok with her getting to enjoy the best of being in a loving and secure marriage while embracing nature.

She has also responded during sex in a couple ways. Once on a vacation to a resort she headed up to our room alone while I stayed with our child down at the pool so she could take a nap. We came up an hour or so later to find her in bed naked and asleep. After putting the baby down for a nap I joined her in bed and she woke up, we started making out. I was telling her how beautiful she is and how sexy it was to find her in bed naked. She said something to the effect that perhaps another guy already beat me to the punch. That really charged things up. I told her I hoped that was the case that she enjoyed herself. I imagine us being at the beach or pool, she meets a guy she finds attractive and then seeing her take him up to our room alone. I go up a while later to not only find her sleeping naked in our bed, but an odor of sex and stained sheets along with it.

Recently during sex I told her how the idea of her taking a lover and enjoying herself made me hot. She then went on to say, oh you mean my “Portuguese Lover” and we both went on from there a bit about him. She was laughing while saying this thinking I was silly.

So she has started to play along somewhat and seems to like pushing my buttons.

I will continue to let her know the door is open. Any suggestions?

Submitted by: Candaules - WA State


March 2, 2011

Rachel Saris Interviewed

Since I posted her original profile we have had a lot of emails asking for more on wondrous UK hotwife Rachel who calls herself a hot, horny, sassy blonde, creampie addicted, sexaholic dogging nympho cum slut.

So I’m very, very pleased to have this exclusive interview of this very active and horny hotwife. Her incredible, insatiable lifestyle is laid bare below but what also struck me is her close bond she has with her Husband. It shows with the right partnership the extremes you can go to in this lifestyle. Long may it continue for your Rachel, thanks for your frank and honest answers and make sure you keep in touch, telling us your stories and let me know if you ever make it to Brighton ;)

Rachel Reveals

hotwifeblog: Hey there, welcome to the infamous HotwifeBlog Interview. It’s Rachel isn’t it?
Rachel: My real name is Rachel Saris, which sounds foreign but its not! lol

hotwifeblog: Where are you from?
Rachel: I’m from Gloucestershire in the South West of England

hotwifeblog: What is your age (approximate is fine)?
Rachel: I’m currently 33 years of age and getting more gorgeous as the years go by. Growing older disgracefully!

hotwifeblog: What are your measurements?
Rachel: 36D - 34 – 36 Lush curvy hour glass figure.

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Rachel: I’m 5ft 6in

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?
Rachel: Dark brown

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Rachel: Blonde.

hotwifeblog: Any piercings or tattoos?
Rachel: I have my ears pierced, I have 1 tattoo on my left thigh of 3 dolphins and I have a celtic symbol tattoo in the small of my back at the bottom of my spine which was designed by myself.

hotwifeblog: Describe your personality?
Rachel: Gorgeous infectious bubbly blonde, easy going, spontaneous, outrageous, intelligent, sexy and darn right sassy.

hotwifeblog: What’s your occupation?
Rachel: I’m a graphic web designer – so yes I designed all my own websites as well as other girls sites. So any ladies out there looking for their own site give me a shout.

hotwifeblog: How did you meet your husband?
Rachel: I met my gorgeous husband through work, during a meeting.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been married?
Rachel: We have been married for 5 fabulous fun filled years.

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’ve always had natural hotwife tendencies, the need to be with more than one man or have you adapted your thinking of a relationship from a traditional monogamous one?
Rachel: I’ve always had the desire to be centre of attention between multiple men, as a youngster I was always 2 or 3 timing boyfriends – once guy simply wasn’t enough to feed my desires.

hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle?
Rachel: I guess I’ve always been a hotwife, and the lifestyle has adapted to me without me even thinking about it.

hotwifeblog: Was this lifestyle choice first suggested by your husband? and how did it make you feel? the thought of embarking of a life having sex with men outside of your relationship?
Rachel: It was a joint thing really – it all started in the early stages of our relationship while drinking one night and talking about our past and past encounters. I told him how I loved multiple men and how naughty I used to be. He confessed to me that the thought of me fucking so many different guys was a huge turn on for him. We had some seriously amazing sex that night I can tell you lol

hotwifeblog: Why do you think some men get so excited about seeing their wife or girlfriend with another guy?
Rachel: Most men are visual and love to watch porn, a guy watching his wife with another guy right in front of him is like a live porno and even better when it’s the woman they love getting so much pleasure. My husband adores it! Plus he get clean up duties afterwards which is his fav.

hotwifeblog: What do you like most about being a hotwife?
Rachel: Being able to fuck who I want, when I want and as often as I want. What woman wouldn’t love a lifestyle like this.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been an active hotwife?
Rachel: For about 10 years now.

hotwifeblog: Have you had any previous relationships that allowed you the sexual freedom you have now or were they all monogamous?
Rachel: The relationship I was in previous to meeting my husband was a sexual based relationship – we were on various swinging websites and we always had guys coming round for 3sums and gangbangs and again he adored watching me with multiple men – he used to like joining in with fun also.

hotwifeblog: Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?
Rachel: Not as such, but I’m sure my husband would disagree. I do love male attention, and I do get a huge buzz out of walking down the street of doing the weekly shopping while wearing a mini skirt, stocking and stilettos. I love being a horny little cock tease and making guys around me look and drool.

hotwifeblog: What type of men do you go for? are attracted to?
Rachel: Well, I don’t think I’m like most women. Most women tend to favour the guy with a big 6 pack, bulging muscles and a flat wash board stomach. I personally find that a huge turn off. I love more of a thick set guy, maybe a bit of a tummy and a lush pert round bum. I also love broad shoulders and a hairy chest.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about your first hotwife experience?
Rachel: Met a guy in the pub and then took him home and fucked him on the sofa as my Hubby made us both a cuppa and we made Hubby watch the guy spunk up me.

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife?
Rachel: I have lost count. over a hundred!

hotwifeblog: Do you prefer to see a guy once for sex or have someone regular to build a sexual relationship with?
Rachel: I very rarely meet the same guy more than twice. For me the thrill of being a hotwife and fucking different guys is for that first time encounter buzz – what does he look like, how does his kiss, how big is his cock – and can he screw the arse off me?

hotwifeblog: Have you ever tried a gangbang?
Rachel: Oh YES! Have had a fair few gangbangs during my hotwife life.

hotwifeblog: How many men have you had sex with at one time?
Rachel: The most guys I’ve fucked in one go is 23! And I was STILL horny once they had all left.

hotwifeblog: Does size matter to you?
Rachel: No not really, I’ve had a guy with a 13inch cock and it was the crappish shag of my life. The best size which pleasures me the most is around 6 to 7inches with a decent girth on it, something that can stretch me nicely as it slides in and gives me some lush pussy friction as it reaming me out.

hotwifeblog: There is a huge interracial fetish within this lifestyle, do you prefer to date black guys or have no preference on who you play with?
Rachel: I don’t really have a preference, it’s a myth that all black guys are well hung, and believe me I know. Some white guys are far bigger than black guys.

hotwifeblog: Do you like to flirt with men you come across during your everyday life, catch their eye in the street, chat up the guy in the supermarket etc?
Rachel: Oh god yes all the time. The most recent one was at ny local Kwik Fit Garage after having a blow out on the motorway. No only did I flirt with and tease the RAC man, I also flirted and teased the 4 young lads who were in the shop fixing my car.

hotwifeblog: What clothes do you generally like to wear when you’re on the pull for guys?
Rachel: Most definitely stockings, 8 strap suspender belt, black mini skirt and 4 inch stilettos.

hotwifeblog: Do you wear an ankle bracelet?
Rachel: No I don’t

hotwifeblog: What is your favourite sexual act?
Rachel: Giving head. I adore sucking on a limp dick, feeling it grow in my mouth until it’s rock hard and then feeling it erupt and pump my mouth full of lovely hot warm satly spunk.

hotwifeblog: Any fetishes you are into?
Rachel: I do have one fetish, and I cant believe I’m going to admit to this! I love sniffing womens dirty knickers. Especially knickers of my lovers girlfriends or wives.

hotwifeblog: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Rachel: Walked into a gents toilets and knelt on all fours in the cubicle and just waited for any guys to come in and fuck me.

hotwifeblog: Do you find most of your lovers and sexual partners through the Internet, being out on the pull or through friends?
Rachel: Mostly via the internet, most are members of my website – and I do meet random strangers while out dogging and using gloryholes in public gents toilets

hotwifeblog: How do you find other females treat you when they know about your lifestyle? Is there any envy, jealousy, wishing they could have your lifestyle? any negative feelings towards you?
Rachel: That’s a bit of a mixture really, some find me a sexual threat, some are jealous of my sexual confidence and others admire me for my life style wishing that they could be more like me.

hotwifeblog: When you have a date, does your husband participate sexually with you, watch you play or leave you alone with your lover?
Rachel: A bit of all 3. When were in the cuckold mode he is made to watch or made to sit in another room and listen. Other times he is in the room present with me and joins in – my all time fav is a spitroast and he knows how much I love that and is always happy to give me what I love.

hotwifeblog: Which of the above do you prefer when you’re with your lover, your husband participating? have him watch you? or be alone with your date for some privacy?
Rachel: I love all 3 at different times depending on our moods at the time. Although I do love it when he joins in.

hotwifeblog: How often are you sexually active with your husband?
Rachel: Every single day at least twice a day, sometimes more.

hotwifeblog: Do you ever compare your husband’s performance to any of the other men you’ve slept with?
Rachel: Absolutely never – no one comes close to my husband and never will, we’re 2 peas in a pod and love one another perfectly.

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’d ever be able to go back to a normal monogamous relationship if your husband ever suggested it?
Rachel: Absolutely yes – should the time come that enough is enough then I could stop quite happily (I think! Lol)

hotwifeblog: Are you dominant or submissive at all?
Rachel: I can be both when required. I love being dominated and used like a dirty little slut during role play session just as much as I love dominating guys and making them pleasure me when I want it and the way I like it.

hotwifeblog: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
Rachel: Definitely giving.

hotwifeblog: Do you spit or swallow?
Rachel: I do both, depends on my mood at the time – but I seem to swallow more than I spit.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a creampie from a lover?
Rachel: Oh most definitely YES.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received multiple creampies from different guys?
Rachel: YES!!! :D I’ve taken 17 loads up spunk up my pussy one after another during a horny filthy gangbang session.

hotwifeblog: Wow! Does your husband like to have sex with you just after you’ve been with someone else?
Rachel: Oh yes, that is his most favourite thing to do – loves sloppy seconds and the feeling of sliding into hot freshly shot spunk.

hotwifeblog: And as you mentioned before he likes to go down on you after someone has cum inside you?
Rachel: Indeed he does, that’s his 2nd favourite thing to do – loves cleaning me up after I’ve been spunked up ready for his turn.

hotwifeblog: What’s your biggest fantasy?
Rachel: My biggest fantasy which is the only fantasy of mine that I am yet to live out is a rape scenario. Probably a bit extreme for some, but I would love to be abducted and raped by 6 guys, obviously with my husband present and a safe word in place which if said would stop everything there and then without any questions asked. The whole thought of being taken forcefully by 6 guys one after another while having my clothes and panties ripped off and being held down turns me right on.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about one of your recent hotwife experiences?
Rachel: Had two black studs come round my house and both fuck me and spunk up me, then I sat straight on hubby’s face.

hotwifeblog: Since having your website, have you ever been recognized by anyone who knew you were a hotwife?
Rachel: Yes, I’ve been stopped in my local supermarket, have been approached in a pub a few times when out on a night out with girlfriends as well as being recognized in a petrol station. I’m always getting emails saying “Hi Rach seen you in such and such the other day, looking hot!” Always makes me smile.

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Rachel: I’m really into playing golf! Also love painting but sadly don’t find much spare time for that.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle?
Rachel: Just bite the bullet and go for it. it is so fucking horny.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about the treats we can find by joining your website?
Rachel: Well, firstly all my members are able to come and fuck me. I have over 6 thousand hardcore dogging, gloryhole, bukakke, gangbang and creampie pictures as well as 56 really horny videos and more being added every week.

hotwifeblog: What plans do you have for your website for the future?
Rachel: More fun, fucking and filth!! Meeting more and more members and simply sharing the amount of fun I’m having with everyone!

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle?
Rachel: Exactly the same as what I’m doing now – long may it continue!

Rachel Reveals

Rachel Reveals

Check out the incredible Rachel Reveals here


February 16, 2011

Bringing home a lover

We first heard from Ayjay a year ago. An experience recounted that stood out for me in terms of the risky situation and the Husband’s ability to relay that in writing feeling we all know so well when your wife’s extra-marital adventures start to evolve. Thanks for getting in touch again Ayjay. Maybe you could send us a pic or two soon. Angel sounds like an incredible hotwife. You should come down and see me for drinks in Brighton sometime soon. Would love to hear more of your stories.


Bringing home a lover for Angel

Call us what you like… Wife Watchers, Cuckolds, Wife Worshipers, whatever… we all love and enjoy pretty much the same thing… encouraging our lovely sexy wives to get fucked to orgasm after noisy orgasm by other guys as we either watch, listen, or hear the deliciously lurid details later from their recently unfaithful mouths!

I have been enjoying other readers recollections of their lovely hotwives adventures for a couple of years now and submitted my own recollection on Hotwifeblog last year (January 17th 2010) describing Angel’s first time with another guy when I heard my lovely (and until then completely faithful) wife being fucked to several orgasms as I listened, just inches away.

This time I’d like to share the details of the first time I took a young stud home for my wife to enjoy, (and for me to actually watch her enjoying him!) There are not many things that I have a good memory for, but I do have an excellent memory when it comes Angel’s extra-marital adventures.

It was a few months after her first experience and we hadn’t done anything productive towards my goal of finding her a younger guy that she could regularly fuck. Angel didn’t like the idea of advertising, or answering adverts, so this left us with thinking of possible ways of her meeting a guy socially, (and safely), and we hadn’t agreed upon the best way of going about this yet. The solution came quite unexpectedly when I started a temporary job, plumbing for a local firm.

On my first day (which was a Friday oddly enough) I was paired off with a young guy (Mark), and we were given a quota of jobs to do that day. At first glance I thought he was surly and moody looking and that it wasn’t going to be a barrel of laughs working alongside him. How wrong I was. By the end of the day it was obvious that we had a very similar sense of humour and we laughed and messed about like we’d known each other for ages. I couldn’t help noticing how women reacted around him. The work entailed working in six or seven different houses in the same street every day, and it soon became obvious to me, just on that first day, from the housewives reactions, that he was a very good looking guy. One young woman even crossed the street to come on to him as we were walking from house to house, and when I asked him after, if he knew her, he said he had never seen her before.

Over the weekend I decided that Mark would be ideal for Angel and told her about him, without mentioning that I was hoping they would get together, just to see if she would say anything about meeting him. I told her he was tall, Italian looking, with tanned skin, dark hair and dark eyes and that women seemed to find him very attractive. She didn’t rise to the bait but played it cool, so on the Monday after I had picked Mark up for work I phoned her to say we were popping in on the way to work for a cup of coffee. (I know from experience that women are not amused if they are not forewarned of visitors so that they have a few minutes to tidy up, check their hair, etc).

We arrived, I introduced Mark and we had the cup of coffee, a good chat and quite a few laughs. Mark was very easy to get on with and always had a wealth of funny stories about the things that had happened to him I watched Angel’s reaction to Mark and could tell from her body language and sparkling eyes that she liked him… brilliant.

Mark and I went off to do the day’s toil and after a couple of hours, as we were working, I asked him (in a roundabout way) what he thought of Angel. From his answers it was obvious that he thought she was very desirable and that I was a lucky man. So, when I was alone in the bathroom a while later (doing the plumbing) I phoned Angel and informed her that I was bringing Mark home for a threesome that afternoon. She laughed and protested (not very convincingly), and was still laughing when I said ‘See you about 1.00 pm’ and hung up.

I returned to Mark and told him we were going back to my place at lunchtime to have some sexy fun with Angel and he also laughed and said ‘You’re joking mate’. After I had eventually convinced him that I was telling the truth, he grinned from ear to ear and said ‘Wow, we’d better get this work done quick then!’ I returned to the bathroom and after finding that I couldn’t concentrate on my work for thinking of what I had arranged I had to lock the door and get rid of my throbbing erection with some hand relief. At lunch time we quickly packed up our tools and I bought a bottle of wine on the way home to ease any possible nerves.

Angel greeted us at the door and I noticed she was still dressed casually, as before, in tee shirt and jeans. I guessed that she wasn’t sure if I was serious or was just winding her up and didn’t want to look stupid by dressing up if I was just joking. She smiled at Mark and he grinned back saying ‘Nice to see you again so soon’ and she replied with ‘Yes, it is a nice surprise’, smiled at me, and beckoned us into the kitchen. I poured a glass of wine each and we all took a few large gulps before I said ‘Well, let’s go upstairs then!’ Angel laughed, a little,nervously, now that I had said out loud what everybody was thinking about and replied ‘You don’t waste time do you’. To which I laughed and said, No, life’s too short’ and led the way up to our bedroom.

Once we were in the bedroom and there was no doubt why we were there Angel turned to Mark and gave him a passionate kiss to break the ice. Then we both undressed her, and Mark kissed Angel again and explored her lovely firm breasts, flat stomach and very shapely, derriere with his hands. I noticed that she had been very busy after receiving my phone call, as her legs and pussy were ultra smooth from being waxed, I didn’t comment on this out loud but was very pleased and extra turned on by the fact that she had made her lovely cunt even more sexy and accessible. My lovely naked wife then lay on the bed and Mark and myself hurriedly undressed while she hungrily watched Mark. As I had guessed, he had an athletic build, flat stomach and his cock (which was about the same length as mine at seven inches) was very hard and straight. I could see Angel was admiring his body and this made my own cock even harder than it was (if that was possible).

Mark and I climbed on the bed either side of Angel and both began sucking her lovely erect nipples and stroking her stomach and thighs, while she slid her hands up and down our hard cocks. I let Mark have the pleasure of stroking her swollen clitoris and siding his finger into her wet and willing cunt, (mainly because I wanted to watch and listen to her moans of pleasure) After about 10 minutes of this intense pampering Angel panted ‘When is one of you going to stop teasing me and put a hard cock inside me?’ My heart was hammering when I replied ‘I think our guest should be first’ I wasn’t being unselfish, quite the opposite, I knew she wanted him and I very much wanted to see her being fucked!

Before Mark could react, Angel went down on his cock, closed her lips around the top and deep throated down the shaft a few times before straddling him on her knees so that she was facing him. I got off the bed to give them more room (and to get a better view) and watched mesmerized as she placed the tip of his hard cock against her wet vaginal lips and slowly impaled herself on it all the way down until her lovely firm derriere was resting gently on his balls (which I noticed now, rather enviously, were larger than mine.) She then started raising and lowering herself slowly so that she slid up and down his hard cock, coating it in her love juice and moaning loudly as her pleasure mounted. At first, Mark was just laying back and admiring Angel’s gorgeous firm breasts, as she moved up and down, but she must have noticed his focus because she lifted his hands and placed them on her chest. He smiled and began stroking, rubbing and gently pinching her hard, erect nipples, noting from her reactions as to which she was enjoying the most, and giving her what she wanted. It was fantastic viewing when, after about ten to fifteen minutes of slowly riding his cock, she gripped his hands and held them tightly against her breasts, arched her lovely back and climaxed very loudly This was the first time that I had actually seen her having an orgasm with another man’s cock buried deep inside her and I particularly enjoyed seeing the look of pure pleasure on her face as she came.

As soon as she had recovered, Mark gently pushed her off, guided her onto all fours, knelt between her legs and smoothly slid his juice coated cock into her from behind. She started moaning in pleasure again and Mark gripped her waist and soon built up a steady rhythm, vigorously servicing my deliciously slutty wife. To my surprise and delight Angel started to talk dirty to Mark, telling him how good his cock felt inside her, how much she loved him fucking her, and also telling him to fuck her even harder. The wet sounds of sex were fantastic as Mark’s hard cock fucked her extremely aroused and lubricated cunt and his big alpha male balls slapped against her smooth newly waxed skin. I watched and listened enthralled, hardly daring to touch my own cock in case I came. As requested, Mark fucked Angel harder and harder, pulling her back on to his hard cock as he thrust into her, giving her the sort of hard pounding she had obviously been missing. When she climaxed a second time, Angel literally screamed the house down with her cries of pleasure, as Mark skillfully used his cock to prolong her orgasm for far longer than I ever have. (I did wonder this time what the neighbours would think of the noise but came to the decision that I didn’t really care). I almost came myself, even without touching my own rock hard cock, just seeing her getting so much pleasure from another man’s cock.

My very randy hot wife then collapsed onto the bed, turned over, raised her knees and parted her legs wide so that her lovely swollen cunt was an open invitation for Mark to enter from the front. Again I watched, fascinated, as Mark placed his hard cock between her wet pussy lips and gently buried it deep inside her. This time it was different though, because instead of fucking her hard, he kept his cock deep inside and just gyrated his hips and only seemed to push in and out an inch or two as he kissed, nibbled and gently bit her ears and neck. Angel obviously loved this change of pace and more intimate fuck and her third orgasm soon followed! Mark was now the complete master of my lovely wife’s naked body as he kept her orgasm going from peak to peak by just slowly gyrating his cock deep inside. Eventually it was just so intense that she had to beg him to stop. He just laughed and ignored her at first but then relented and withdrew his cock to let her come down to earth.

I was envious, jealous and incredibly turned on all at the same time as it was clear that Mark was a very skilled lover and could probably last for hours without coming, if he so wished. When we were first married I could make love to Angel for a long time and give her several orgasms. As time passed though, and the more I loved her and gradually became in awe of her sexuality, the shorter the time I lasted. Now I rarely gave her more than two orgasms (and the first one would be oral or manual) before her cries of pleasure would send me over the edge to climax.

Back to my recollection… After recovering from her third incredible orgasm, Angel wrapped her arms around Mark’s neck and began kissing him passionately as he slid his cock back into her swollen, well fucked vagina and resumed his slow deep probing. At the same time she lifted her feet off of the bed and began digging her heels into his muscular buttocks to get as much of his cock inside her as she could. I should have been very jealous at this intense intimacy but it was having quite the opposite effect on me, and my cock was oozing pre-cum by now, even though I had not touched it for some time, and I was having to think of other mundane things to stop me from emptying my aching balls.

They kissed passionately and made love, completely oblivious of me, while I sat down on a chair and watched, amazed at how erotic it was. After about twenty or thirty minutes, (who can track time during sex) Angel reached around and gently fondled his enviably large balls, whispering something in his ear. Whatever she said to him must have been good as his thrusts became longer and more forceful until he started to moan and ram his cock as far as possible inside her. When he groaned with pleasure and climaxed, it triggered another orgasm in Angel and she loudly came for the fourth time, digging her heels in even harder and keeping them dug in so that he couldn’t pull out even if he had wanted to. Watching Mark empty his big alpha male balls deep inside my lovely wife’s cunt and hearing her cries of orgasm again as she came for the fourth time was the last straw for my twitching cock. By now it was so sensitive, and looked so big, thick and purple, you would have thought there was a tourniquet tied tightly around the base, and just closing my hand around it had me filling my other hand with cum.

As I cleaned up, Angel just looked over and said ‘Oh, I was looking forward to that’ and then grinned like the cat who had got all the cream, (which she just had, but none of it mine, unfortunately). Mark looked up, looking like he had just been snapped out of a trance, also grinned and said ‘Sorry mate, I’ve been having all the fun, do you want to take over? With that he withdrew from Angel (much to her dismay) and stood by the bed with a cock that was still rock hard and shiny with her love juice. I could see by the way Angel was smiling and looking at his cock that she was impressed that he still had a full erection even after orgasm, (whereas mine was already slowly heading south), so I made my excuses by saying ‘No, it’s alright Mark, I’m not as young as you, and I’ll take a short while to recover, so I’ll go and fetch some drinks!’

With that I walked to the door and put on the bathrobe that was hung behind it. I had one last look at Angel before I left the room and saw that she was propped up on one elbow leaning towards Mark and although he was facing her with his back was to me it was obvious from her arm movements that she was slowly working her hand up and down his hard shaft. I heard her say to him ‘It would be a shame to waste that lovely big erection, what shall we do next? and he laughed and replied ‘I’m sure you can think of something’. As I had already stated that I was going downstairs, I dragged myself away, as Mark was climbing back onto the bed, and I walked downstairs on shaky legs

I poured a glass of wine for myself, and sat on the settee marveling at all that had just happened. When Angel and myself had discussed her having lovers I let her know that I would really like her to be totally uninhibited with them and, if I was present, to do whatever she would do if I wasn’t there. She either remembered that conversation or (and I think this is more the truth) didn’t need any encouragement because, apart from glancing over occasionally to see how thick and turned on my cock was looking, she was behaving exactly like I was just another guy in the room and she was a newly divorced, sexually deprived woman, making up for lost time which I suppose in a way she was. At that moment I didn’t know what she was up to but I desperately wanted to find out!

Despite my keen curiosity, I thought that I would try and give them a bit of time alone while I recovered my libido. This didn’t happen though because almost straight away, I could hear Angel’s laughter, squeals and cries of pleasure start up again. I think, for me. That was the fastest recovery I had ever made because within about a minute of hearing Angel, obviously enjoying Mark’s cock again, mine was standing to attention and demanding to go back upstairs to see what was happening. I grabbed the bottle and two more glasses and hurried back upstairs so that I wouldn’t miss any of the live sex show starring my lovely cock loving wife. As I entered the bedroom I noticed that they had moved over from the very large wet patch on the bed and Mark was slowly fucking a happy Angel from behind as she lay flat on her front, sighing and moaning with pleasure.

I find it strange how I don’t really notice the smell of spunk when I’m present at Angel’s lover’s climaxes, but when I’ve left the room for even a short while, or if I’m not present and walk into a room that she has just been fucked in, I’m surprised at how much this strong male smell pleases me. I know that sounds weird but it’s because it is confirmation that my deliciously slutty wife has just opened her lovely legs for another man and allowed him to fill her with his hot fertile sperm and that’s a huge turn-on for me. I had noticed the strong scent of Mark’s spunk when I walked back in to the bedroom and was pre-occupied by it momentarily, so it was only when I got closer that I noticed Mark was actually deep inside her lovely tight ass. She told me later that when I left the room she had invited Mark and his still very hard cock to fuck her again (which I had seen) and he had, of course, lost no time in complying with her wish. She also told me that after a few minutes she had asked him if he would fuck her ass. Angel said his face lit up and he grinned from ear to ear, withdrew, gently flipped her over and eagerly but gently eased his cum coated cock inside her tight ass. I wasn’t surprised that it was on Angel’s suggestion, because I know she loves anal sex but usually finds it a bit uncomfortable with my thicker cock. She still wants it enough to ask for it occasionally though, and it’s usually me who’s reluctant to give it to her. Mark’s slightly slimmer cock however, was obviously just the right size for her, judging by her moans and sighs of enjoyment.

This time I was determined to have a share of my lovely slutty wife so I squeezed in between the headboard and Angel’s face and gave her my own eager, very hard again, cock to suck. That was probably the best oral sex I’ve ever had. If any husband reading this hasn’t had his cock sucked by his hot wife while she’s being fucked by another guy I can personally recommend it. Once you’ve shared your wife in a ’spit roast’, with you at the head, ordinary blow jobs, although very, very nice, will pale in comparison. Every time Mark slid his cock deep inside her lovely tight bum, the vibrations from Angel’s moans of pleasure traveled down my cock, through my prostate and into my balls, sheer heaven!

We enjoyed this combination for quite a while before I emptied what was left in my balls into Angel’s lovely mouth. After I came, Mark either decided to let his control go, or he wasn’t used to anal sex because as I was laying back, feeling great and very relaxed after my orgasm, and enjoying listening to Angel’s moans of pleasure, he groaned and made her squeal with delight as his cock jerked and shot hot spunk deep inside her lovely ass.

When I climbed off the bed to clean myself up a bit I glanced at the alarm clock and was surprised to see that it was past three o’clock. I told Mark we’d have to go right away as the kids would soon be back from school, so we got dressed hurriedly, as Angel dashed off to the bathroom for a shower. We peeped in to the bathroom quickly before leaving, as Angel was showering. She gave us both a quick kiss (she’d already gargled away the taste of my cum) before thanking us for a lovely afternoon and shooing her husband and her new lover back off to work again.

On the way back to work we both laughed and joked about what a great afternoon we’d had and Mark mentioned that Angel had looked so good in the shower (all shiny and soaped up), that he had wanted to get in with her, I said perhaps he could try that tomorrow and he beamed with delight at the prospect of seeing her again. As it was we went back to my house the next afternoon (Tuesday) and Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday she was still sore from Tuesdays hard fucking (mostly from Mark, but I tried my best to contribute to her pleasure), so we made up for lost time with the work. After that crazy first week Mark and myself were paired off with different workmates but he would still pop around some evenings and we had some great memorable times.

At work, or if we were out together, we were good friends and equal, but inside the bedroom (or lounge, bathroom, kitchen, etc) he was, understandably, Angel’s alpha male. Sometimes we’d have a threesome, but mostly I preferred to wait until later for my sex, and enjoyed watching in awe and envy as Mark gave Angel the long (and often hard) fucks she had been missing for some time. At other times though they would share a very slow, intense and sensual lovemaking, their attention so deeply focused on each other that I didn’t exist to them, but I didn’t mind as it was incredibly erotic to watch.

All good things come to an end, as they say, and Mark moved away (to find work) back up north where he was born.. He visited a couple of times and stayed over, but then he married and made the mistake of telling his new wife of all the experiences he used to have with us and so we never saw him again. I wasn’t long after Mark had moved away however, before I started a new permanent job with a small construction firm and introduced Angel to another good looking young stud to give her the nice long multi-orgasmic sex sessions she had become used to. This next young stud had a longer, quite curved, G-spot hitting cock .and an obsession with porn, especially anal.
But he’s another, quite different chapter, in Angel’s extra-marital affairs!

There’s no going back once your formerly faithful wife has tasted the forbidden fruit of extra-marital sex with younger, more virile guys, so going forwards is the only way to go!

p.s. I’d love to share experiences with either husbands of hot wives…or hotwives themselves, If you’re interested, message me on my hotwifeblog profile.

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Submitted by: Ayjay - U.K.


February 4, 2011

My first black man

Cuckold Place Update

My wife fucked a black man last night

My wife and I read many of the stories and comments in this forum, and we decided that we should write her experience during these last days: Without further ado, in her own words below:

My husband and I have fantasized about cuckolding for quite a while and finally a year ago we decided to give it a try. I joined an adult website to meet people and within 24 hours I got so many hits on my profile that I had to remove my picture from the profile. For those that are curious I am 45 year Latina with curves and average body. After reading some of the messages I decided to communicate with this guy that appealed to me because it he looked nothing like my husband this guy had that bad boy look. We e-mailed and text message for a few months unfortunately our schedules were conflicting at the time.

Eventually our schedules were open and I asked my husband and he said “go for it and have fun” I told him that I was only going to meet up with him and that I was not going to do anything that night. You have to understand that this was a first for me and I can be a little shy when I first meet someone. I have never had casual sex before and it takes me time to feel comfortable with someone. I met Julio at a bar for drinks and instantly we got along and we flirted and kissed. It was very exciting for me, but because we were in a public place we was not very forward and I told him that I was ready to go to a more private place. I surprised myself at how excited I was and was ready to go all the way. We went to his apartment and became lovers. The sex was good but not that much different from having sex with my husband. However, it did help my husband and I have great sex as I recanted my sexual experiences with Julio, but my husband never saw us together because Julio was not comfortable with the idea.

After a few months of this, the excitement was gone for me at which time I decided to stop seeing Julio. In the meantime, I noticed how some of my coworkers were flirting with me at work including John. John is African-American and 12 years younger than me, it all started very innocently… just talking, but slowly the conversations started to get more personal; my husband knew about my conversations with him and was very excited because he wants to see me with a black guy. Then he started texting me and last Friday we met in the evening at the office and after a while of talking and flirting we kissed passionately. We spent the weekend texting and by Monday the flirting continued.

Today after several days of heavy sexting on the phone I was ready for another round of making out. After everybody left work I asked him to go to my office and I locked the door. I was just looking for a little of teasing and making out, but things changed very fast. You see, John is a dominant guy and he took charge of the situation and that turned me on. After a few minutes of passionate kisses he wanted me to drop my pants because he wanted to rub his dick against my pussy. In the past few days his texts have been about all the things he wants to do to me, but he wants to take his time to make sure that I am ready for him. I was so horny that I opened his pants and took his long thick black dick and I rubbed it against my wet pussy while he whispered in my ear how much he wanted me.

I came all over his dick and then he told me to suck his dick and he came in my mouth. He was very excited that I swallow. It was amazing and I like how he took control of the situation and dominated me. We departed but talked on the phone all the way home and right now as I am writing this we’ve been texting already planning our next adventure. I think that this is going to be the real cuckolding experience for my husband and me.

Submitted by: milysub

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February 2, 2011

Brenda James Cuckolding

Some pictues today from Cuckold fantasy site Cuckold Extreme featuring gorgeous Hotwife Brenda James

Brenda James

Brenda James

Brenda James

Brenda James

Brenda James

Brenda James

Brenda James

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January 19, 2011

Cherida’s voyeur games

UK Cuckoldress Cherida writes into us again. It’s great to hear from you again Cherida.


I submitted a story to you last year having found your site and at that time being new to the whole scene the cuckolding thing was then all very experimental. Since then I have experienced a couple of very erotic encounters.

My first article described that while I am away on business I stay in touch with home (husband) through skype and vice versa when my husband is away. The first article was me describing just what my husband got to watch while he was away and I was still at home, but not alone..

Well now the cuckolding thing has taken a few steps on from there. I have had my husband find and organise a rendezvous with a stranger with a view to him fucking me. This happened towards the end of last summer and was all very exciting and worked out far beyond my expectations.

More recently out of the blue came a blast from my past. Up until Christmas we were enjoying erotic rendezvous via skype with my husband watching my exploits plus 2 more encounters with the stranger. Of the blast from the past, he is an ex who I had a very passionate affair with about 10/12 years ago. Now I haven’t seen him for about 10 years but we picked up from where we left off enjoying a few chats on the phone and online, during these chats we gradually eased the conversation towards some of our past exploits. I could sense he was testing the water to see what my reaction was going to be, naturally I was encouraging.
David the ex boyfriend doesn’t know my, now husband. So 3 weeks ago during a telephone chat, having still not met again. We agreed to meet up, David was very enthusiastic and wanted to do it sooner rather than later. However I was going to be away for a couple of days and then our diaries got frustratingly complicated.

2 days ago we finally met up. We both remembered a very nice intimate pub by the river Thames here in London. Now David didn’t know anything about my husband and certainly not that my husband knew all about him contacting me and now meeting me, This was 2 sides of the cuckold scene that I love to play with. I think most men would freak out if they knew there was full disclosure, they prefer to fuck a mans wife behind his back. Anyway we wont digress in to the fragility of the average male mind.

I arranged the time to be after work but before the evening rush at the pub, so it should have been fairly quiet. I went there the evening before with my husband to set up the lye of the land and a suitable place for my husband to sit where he could watch us. The evening came and the table I had selected was free, being in an alcove with a big vertical beam creating a rather private corner. Some 20 feet away was a similar place but with stools and not low comfortable seating. David arrived and came straight over, big hugs and kisses like long lost strangers do, including a subtle squeeze of my bum but was wonderfully in full view of husband. We then sat and chatted catching up on news of each others goings on. David was also married with 2 boys and a wife who was even less interested in sex than when I knew him. All the while we were chatting my husband was watching on while pretending to be reading the paper.

Slowly but surely our conversation got more and more personal, we teased and got each other aroused. I began to stroke the inside of David’s leg, making sure my husband had a good view. The pub was now busier which made our subtle caressing easier and less likely to be seen as we were out of everyone’s general eye line. Gradually I moved higher until I could feel the stiffness of his cock through his trousers. ‘I hope your planning to do something with this I asked him?’ ‘Oh yes’ came the reply. I smiled taking his hand and guiding it under my skirt so he could feel just how much I wanted him to be fucking me. Unbeknown to me at this stage, and later enlightened by my husband there was another guy sitting in the pub on his own who also spotted what was going on and clearly got aroused by it. Having pushed our touching to our comfort level limit and having established that we were both gagging for it, I suggested that as my husband was away that he should take me home. So we got up to leave, in the previous nights planning I had organised my husband to be prepared and move quickly when this looked like happening. It was my husbands duty to rush back to ours and hide himself in our wardrobe which had already been made ready for him to spend a good couple of hours while he watched David through a small gap in the doors fucking and using me.

When David and I arrived at our place there was no sign of my husband, ‘good boy I thought’.. David couldn’t wait and was at me as soon as we got through the door. By the time we got to the bedroom my skirt and jacket were already off revealing my lovely underwear which he really enjoyed and stoked coaxing me on even more. I was wonderfully aware whilst falling back onto the bed that my husband was only feet away watching every movement as I was probed and explored by my ex lover unable to move or make a sound. I knew David would enjoy the underwear and he proceeded to kiss and lick me all over it taking the odd moment out to catch his breath while clearly getting more and more aroused and starting to talk very dirty to me as I remember him doing that before as he got nearer and nearer to cumming. After our years of not seeing each other he didn’t seem any the less able of showing his appreciation.

Ever the cautious David he paused a moment to slip on a condom before sliding his now very throbbing cock deep inside me. Oh did he feel good, that slightly different feeling with every man especially David with his curved cock. The sliding accelerated into banging with lots of very dirty talk. All the filthy fantasies and feelings he can never say to his wife, then banging gave way to a heavier more urgent pounding calling me every whore like name under the sun. I managed to slow him to prolong the ecstasy of the moment, I too had learnt a thing or two since we had last had sex, I am enjoying my sex much more now than ever I did. I got him to go down on me again and lick me lots, while it was my turn to talk filthy to him. WOW, what a reaction that had! What a turn on as he rose from licking me like a man possessed and more rampant than ever. My dirty talking to him had really touched a nerve, more than I had ever hoped for or imagined. He loved me asking him to ‘fuck my cunt’ , ‘use me’ , ‘fuck me like the whore that I am’ and much more.

While he was coming back up to me I had my hand between my legs flicking my clit and waiting for his cock to slid around there. As he did I started to talk about wanting his spunk on me and in me. Sticking my tongue in his ear while I talked seemed to flip him over the edge as I could feel him urgently pulling the condom off. Now I had him, raw skin on skin riding me, both of us now soaked with hot sweat. He pushed into me with what seemed all the force he could muster, it was hard and getting faster and faster. I remembered he was a good fuck and this was really confirming it. I could feel myself rising to the occasion to getting to the very edge of cumming, just as he exploded squirting his lovely load into me and moments later sliding out of me and still cumming sprayed my pussy with lots of cum.

David rolled onto his back beside me panting and gasping saying that it was the best fuck he could remember in ages. I laid there with legs wide apart allowing my husband a full view of my very wet and full cunt. David, ever keen and ever the gentleman revived enough to go again and even made me cum and filling me for a second time. My husband stayed in that cupboard with a hard on for over two and half hours. Lol. Then he got his just deserts, I then enjoyed it all over again as I held his head between my legs and came as he licked me before I let him up to fuck me as well. A wonderful reunion that I think will happen again, and again.


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Business Trip Games

Submitted by: Cherida - UK


January 17, 2011

Jinxypie’s DP Fun

An exciting post today. Exclusive for Hotwife Blog, one of my favourite hotwives, the gorgeous Jinxypie recounts a recent erotic experience involving some sexual experimentation with a Bull.


There’s a guy that I see pretty regularly, one of my favorite bulls. This guy and I really have a fun time when we’re together. After seeing each other for over a year and a half, I guess you could say we’ve really learned what the other likes! We talk a lot about trying new things, too. This guy has so much on his ‘To-Do’ list it isn’t funny! I would like to say I have knocked a few things off that list though.

One day we were chatting and he brings up the idea of using one of my toys for some DP action. Not being into anal, I shot that idea down, but not totally. I’m not an idiot, I know that a person’s preferences change over time, and who knows? It may not be too long before I love DP situations! Getting back on track though, I liked the idea of having my bull and a toy at the same time. I suggested I bring a couple toys when we met again, but that I can have both in my pussy. He seemed amused at the thought, his next words were something like “I’ve been inside there. No way it can stretch that far.” To which I smugly said “Then let’s try it out. I know my body, I know what I can do… now I want to show you!”

Fast forward a couple days, and it’s time to get busy. I arrive and set up my cameras, lay out the lube and my toys, then get dressed. He arrives not too long after that, and we chit-chat for a bit. I show him the two toys I chose, a small glass dildo and my purple dildo. The glass dildo was just too small, I told him it’s mostly for show since I love the way a glass dildo looks. The purple one, however, was more pleasing - not to mention bigger than the glass one. He knew it was the one I wanted, I didn’t want to let go of it.

He starts to rub my ass and my pussy as I was standing, and he could feel I was already wet. I crawled on top of him in a 69 position, so I could get right to pleasing his cock. He had some fun fingering and licking my pussy in the mean time, then decided just to hold my hair back and let me work some magic. Before too long, he reached over to grab my purple cock-shaped friend and I lay down on my back, spreading my legs real wide so he could test my toy out in my pussy. I nearly came when he put his tongue on my clit while fucking my pussy with the dildo. He raised to his knees and I sat up to pull his dick into my mouth again. I love the feeling of one in my mouth, one in my pussy. It should happen more often ;) He then had me clean my juices off the dildo. How hot is that? I went back to focusing on the blowjob… worshipping his cock like it was my new-found religion.

He flipped me onto my back and decided my pussy needed to feel his big hard dick. Who am I to complain?! I threw my legs into the air and took his big cock as deep and as hard as he could thrust. After enjoying the warmth of my slippery pussy for a few minutes, he reaches over for my purple dildo, and gives me a sly grin. While his cock is sliding in and out of my very wet cunt, he starts working the other cock in. I’m moaning so loudly! It feels SO GOOD to have two cocks in my pussy! That’s a feeling I could really get used to! After double-fucking me for a while, I beg him for a dick to suck on. Toy comes out for a while, and I get to enjoy my bull’s cock. I open my mouth and enjoy the taste of my cum all over his shaft, licking and teasing the head of his cock. He can tell that I’m extremely horny, so ready for more fucking. I climb on top of his dick, bouncing up and down, cumming harder and harder each time. He again flips me to my back and shoves the dildo in my hot wet pussy, causing my body to shudder with yet another orgasm. He enjoyed using the purple cock to control me, causing me to beg for more. I wanted to feel full again, I wanted both cocks inside of me. He gladly gave me just what I wanted… and I continued to soak both of those dicks with my orgasms.

By the end of the night, we were both completely drained. Very satisfied, but exhausted. I gave him a sly grin, and said ‘Told ya I could take it!’ We both laughed, knowing next time we’d try something more kinky.





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January 11, 2011

Last Nights Pillow Talk

Cuckold Place Update

My wife fucked a black man last night

So for some time, a mutual black friend of ours has been very interested in fucking my wife. Things in our relationship have somewhat rocky at times, and at some point I had suggested we try an open relationship. She told me she wants to work on “us” before we start introducing others into the equation.

Last night she went to a club with some friends, and our friend Q was there. At 2am, my wife called me and asked

Her: “Is it okay if I go back to Q’s house?”
I couldn’t believe she was asking me

me: “Sure hon, how are you going to get back tonight, or tomorrow?” (She had ridden with a friend up there)
her: “I’m not really sure.”
me: “Well, I mean I dunno…”

At this point I heard giggling and her exclaim “Ahhh that’s cold!”
her: “okay I gotta go” (click)

I had been talking with her about fucking a black guy for a while, but I figured it probably wouldn’t ever happen

I sent her a txt : “Can you at least let me listen. It would be really hot to hear you fucking him”

her: “Ill try”

After masturbating 3 times wondering where she was, and when she was coming home, she finally arrived around 4am. Her hair was a mess, her cheeks were rosy and glowing. She had a huge grin on her face, and giggled like a school girl with a big black secret when I saw her. I kissed her, and I could taste musk of cock, heavy on her breath. I said “You taste like cock” and she smiled and said “Who me? no..”

We smoked a cigarette, and I asked her how the night went, tactfully avoiding talking about Q at first. I asked her about the show, and how her other friends were. She’s lost a bit of weight and looks really sexy as she has huge milky tits because she’s breastfeeding.

Finally she said: “a lot of guys hit on me tonight”
me: “that’s because you look so sexy hon”
her: “I need to take a shower, I am so exhausted. Incidentally, Q sweats a lot”
me: “…ok?”
her: “I fucked him for an hour and a half”

My cock got hard at this point

me: “Lets go upstairs”

We went to our room, and I took off my clothes
me: “I thought you would call me”
her: “I was kind of caught up in the moment”
me: “can I eat your pussy?”
her: “sure, but its probably going to taste like condom”

I tore off her pants, and said “so what happened?” as I dove my face into her pussy. She was still wet, and I could taste the latex on her clit and her hot lovebox. It made me flush with desire.

her: “We got to his house, and basically tore our clothes off right away.”
me: “how did you like his cock? was it big? was he bigger than me?”

I’m about 7 inches, so it’s not like I’m hurting in the cock department.

her: “He was about a half inch longer, and about as thick. I was hoping it would be thicker. We started 69ing.” She shoved my face into her pussy and said “You need to give him some pussy eating tips though.”
me: “Did you like sucking his black cock? Did you do a good job?”
her: “mmm yea it was tasty. I know how to suck a cock baby. He really liked the way I did that. You trained me to suck cock well babe. He commented saying how well you’ve trained me to suck cock. You just wanna fuck me don’t you?”

I was so horny. I grabbed a condom and started putting it on while I continued to lick her pussy

her: “He really liked slapping me in the face with his dick”
me: “did you like that?”
her: “It turned me on so much to have his big black cock slapping my face while I sucked it”

At this point I put my cock into her. I could tell my cock wasn’t the first inside her tonight. I started rocking in and out of her wet pussy.

me: “so then what happened?”
her: “I climbed on top of his big cock. He’s a bit more built than you, so I didn’t need to put a pillow under his ass like with you. Huhn, I think I should try fucking him standing up since he’s so tall”

She’s already planning on the next time she will fuck him.

me: “Yea?”
her: “Yea, mmm, I started riding his cock, just riding him and riding him. I did that a lot.”
me: “How many times did you cum?”
her: “I have no idea, so many times. Every time I was on top I came a couple times, and we did fuck for like an hour and a half. Can we stop?”

I pulled out of her

her: “I’m just really tired”

Too tired to fuck me, she’d gotten it good.

me: “Did you just want to jerk me off?”
her: “is that ok?”
me: “Yea sure”

She laid down next to me and kept spilling her dirty secrets while I stroked my hard cock my head and emotions in an erotic frenzy.

her: “I did that thing you told me to do where I rotated my hips and grinded his cock when I was riding him. He really liked that a lot. My pussy was so wet”
me: “(barely able to talk) uh… uhuhn”
her: “I squirted him with milk from my tits when I was cumming. He said I’ve never had that happen before. He played with my big tits and squeezed them and sucked on them while we fucked.”
me: “…mmm…”
her: “When he got on top he would tell me to say fuck me harder, over and over. His cock thrusted into me while I moaned “fuck me harder”, and he would pick up the pace with his cock and really fuck my little pussy”
me: “Mmmph, yea. Did you like fucking his big black dick?”
her: “Yes, it was really fucking good. He definitely knows how to fuck, it was so hot”
me: “Yea? You want to fuck his big black cock again?”

She almost looked at me as if I had asked if the sky was blue

her: “Oh yes, absolutely”

This was so incredibly hot for me. Here was my wife, the woman I love, not only telling me how much she enjoyed cheating on me with a black man, but that she was going to do it again! Plus she was too tired to even fuck me now, and I wasn’t even mad, I was sitting there jerking my little cock just listening to her sexy tale of debauchery.

her: “When he came at the end in my pussy, I came with him”

At this point I stopped and looked at her
me: “Will you… tell me what you liked about him better? Like in a degrading way?”
her: “Uhm, well, but that’s mean”
me: “But it would really turn me on”
her: “Well… okay.” She got a little grin on her face
her: “I really loved his broad shoulders, they were so big and built…”

Q used to be a football player in high school, and is over 6 feet tall.
She paused.

me: “Great, so now tell me what you don’t like about me in comparison”

She hesitated and said “I really loved his dark broad shoulders, not like your scrawny little whiteboy body”

My cock was rock hard now, this is what I had wanted her to say, and She kept going.
“I loved riding his thick black cock, not like your little dick”
“I loved that his cock stayed rock hard the whole time, it never got even a little soft like you sometimes do”
“I liked that he could take his big black hands and wrap them around my huge tits. He could get them entirely into his hands, and he would hold onto them with his big hands and squeeze them while he fucked me. Your little hands can’t even grab them all”

It’s true, her hands are actually even a little bigger than mine.

“I like how he could fuck me really hard and not cum like you”

I came all over my hands. I can’t wait until she fucks him again.

Submitted by: MrCurious

You can see a pic and read some more on this story here


January 7, 2011

My Orders

Get your reading glasses on, this is a bit of an epic but well worth the read. Mike has been instructed to by his wife to post this account of one of his first cuckolding experiences. I hope it’s the first of many stories Mike is ‘made’ to share with us.


Hello, my name is Mike. A while back my wife posted a “true-confession” story on here. You can read that here.

I must admit that it was quite eye-opening for me, as in this post, she actually confessed to doing some things behind my back with one of her former Lovers. Yes, we are into what many are now calling the “Cuckold” lifestyle…

At the time we didn’t know, (or, more aptly put I guess, based on her “true-confession”, I didn’t know…), that’s what we were doing. I say I didn’t know because I thought we had some ground rules that we had mutually agreed upon.. But apparently we were not in entire agreement. I cannot say her true confession surprises me, as there have been lots of indicators in the years that we have been together and “playing” that things might be different than I thought. And I am embarrassed (though forced – by her ) to admit, that I find even her betrayal of me, and the lies or the things done behind my back, to be incredibly hot! Such is the lot of a truly submissive cuckold I guess…

Anyway, we have been together and playing for awhile. And we have had many adventures, some one-night-stands, and some very special friends that stayed around a bit longer. And the driving force, or so I had always thought, before I read her confession, was my submissive ‘slave’ type fantasies. Which is why I am writing right now. You see, once again we are ‘playing; and my lovely wife is my Mistress. And she, believing turnabout is fair play, has ordered me to share a story with you all, just as she has.

However she gave me a couple caveats.

1) I cannot lie or embellish
2) I must use my real name (In her story she used my real name and that of Her Lover’s Rick – though not Hers… It’s good to be in charge I suppose)
3) I must admit to whatever feeling I had during the story I relate, whether embarrassing, humiliating or not (Actually I am guessing she means especially if they are embarrassing/humiliating..)

Thank God she did not dictate what story I have to relate to you.

I am sure that after reading her true confession, some of you may want to hear more about Rick. For me, I would rather not have to go into it. Suffice it to say that though we have ‘played’ with many people through the years, and though my wife has had many “Lovers”… None were quite like Rick, I’m sorry – Master Rick – as I am forced to refer to Him. You see, He is definitely something “special”. And to be quite honest, for reasons which should be apparent from Her story and many others, He really does intimidate the hell out of me. I never worried too much about all the other Men as far as a threat to me, but Master Rick is definitely different. In many ways. Just the fact the my wife/Mistress misled me about one of the events that transpired between the two of them should show you… (And that is just the one she “confessed to”.. I am certain there are many more involving Him)

Anyway, there are several stories surrounding Master Rick, ones where even I was allowed to participate to one degree or another. However, as I said, I am sure there are many parts of these that I’m not aware of, as my Wife’s confession bears out, and She has told me many times that I ought not to talk about things I know so little about (such as sex…) And Besides, they involved some very humiliating, degrading and painful acts I indulged in as well as things I was forced to watch/witness that were very humiliating to me and that I would rather not have to confess to ,myself… So, since I was not ordered to do so, I will not. Instead, I will share a story that happened some 10 years ago with a different sort of man, but one She enjoyed many times none-the-less. I had related part of this in written form for Her, and only Her, after it first happened – which explains the narrative form.. But now, thanks to her “insistence” I must share it with you all. I hope you like it and it is not too long. It is a true account of what happened and only Her name has been changed to protect Her “innocence”.

New Lover Dana

Ring…. Ring…

She picked up the phone – the voice at the other end was deep and seductive. “Hi Lover..”, she said, her voice unable to hide the obvious excitement she felt. “I’ve missed you too! more than you can imagine.” A slight pause, then, “That would be great! See you then.” With that, the tall statuesque blonde hung up the phone, an expectant gleam in her eyes. Then those beautiful hazel/green eyes turned their attention toward me. My heart sped up. “That was my Lover” , she said pointedly. He’s on his way over… You don’t have to leave.., but you do have to make yourself less.. ‘obtrusive’…” Knowing better than to utter a single word of objection, I rose on shaky legs and retreated to the shadowy sanctuary of the hallway as my girlfriend/Mistress prepared for Her special ‘visitor’.

I should explain here that my girlfriend, Lynn, and I have a unique relationship… We are deeply in love and enjoy each other’s company a great deal. But every now and then we slip into a Mistress/slave relationship. And play out our sexual fantasies. During our most recent excursion into the realm of fantasy, Lynn decided to add a relatively new twist… A bit of humiliation… In the form of Another Man.

One night, when we were ‘playing’, after she had done her hair and made her self up to look thoroughly hot and wicked, dressed in , short cutoff jeans, heels and a very flimsy top – all of which I thought she was doing for me.. – she threw me for a loop. She commanded that we go up to the local bar.. But not together. She saw the look of surprise and apprehension in my eyes and smiled a most wicked smile. Then she grabbed my chin and looked down into my eyes, (She is 6 feet tall and about an inch taller than me, in heels she had several inches on me) With her face just inches from mine, her eyes mocking me, she looked deep into my eyes, arched her eyebrows and said in a very matter of fact tone, “I need a new lover.”

She saw my eyes widen as I swallowed hard in disbelief. Her head nodded just the tiniest bit, as if to answer my unspoken question. Knowing the effect she was having on me, she smiled smugly holding my stare, letting the moment sink in. Then, her eyes took on a slightly harder glint as she continued, her eyes boring into mine, “You see baby, I need a ‘Real Man’.“ My heart skipped a beat before she went on, her eyes piercing like daggers now, a slightly harder and accusatory edge to her voice as she went in for the ‘kill’, “One who can last a long time.” Then with a mocking smile, “Well… At least one who can last for more than thirty seconds!” she added with no small amount of disdain in her voice and on her face.

I tried to turn my face away in embarrassment and shame, but she gripped my chin harder and forced my gaze into hers. Raising her brows in feigned disbelief, she looked into my eyes and asked, “No? Have I got it wrong? Little man?” Looking into her eyes, I trembled and took a deep breath before replying. “No…” “No Mistress!” I corrected myself hastily as I saw her eyes flash at my failing to address her properly.

Much as I hated to admit it, lately, and I don’t know why, I had fallen victim to a bit of a problem with ‘premature ejaculation’. Truth be told, I had never really been the sort of man who could hold out for very long, ever. But with Lynn, I had always been even a bit shorter on the trigger, and for the last couple of years, (actually ever since we really started playing the Mistress/slave game with some ‘conviction’), I am ashamed, (but forced, quite literally actually, but more on that later), to admit that I had indeed been able to ‘hold out’ for only a very short amount of time. (though in fairness to me, I think it was more than thirty seconds.. And, in further fairness to me, Lynn is extremely hot!)

Anyway, it shamed me to have to admit this in all candor. Lynn knew this and played this to the hilt, seeming to revel in my humiliation. She let go of my face with a triumphant smile and taunted, “Mmmhmmm, Exactly!” as I looked down in shame. “So you see, baby..? You have no one to blame for this but yourself now, do you?” “No Mistress”, I mumbled, still looking down at the ground. “Good!” he said brightly, “Just so long as we are clear on that. Now, let’s go!” Still a bit unbelieving at this turn of events I grabbed my car keys and followed her out the door.

Now, we had occasionally played this type of game before. Where she would tell me that she really needed to get fucked by a Real Man and we would then go to a bar and would have a few drinks, play a few games of pool, all while she told me how hot she thought this guy or that guy was and what she would like to have him do to her. And that would be pretty much it. We would then go home and she would tell me all about what she would have done with one of the guys in the bar had she brought him home, and what I would be force to witness. But tonight everything seemed just a bit different. For starters, once we pulled into the parking lot of the bar, she did not get out of the car to go in with me. Instead, she pulled down the mirror on the visor and started adjusting her hair and makeup as she told me to go in first so I could get a good seat and “watch”. I looked at her hesitantly, uncertain, and she turned to me and said, rather impatiently, “Well.. Go on!” I obediently exited the car and left her checking herself in the mirror as walked into the bar.

Feeling very nervous, as we had never played quite like this before, I sat at the end of the bar, where I had a view of the entire place (a good seat, as she had said), ordered a beer and waited.

Fifteen minutes later I saw her saunter in. She looked stunning, as always, and I noticed that I was not the only man in the bar who appreciated her entrance. She walked right by me without so much as a glance, went up to the bar and ordered a beer. I saw several of the guys checking out her very lovely ass as she leaned against the counter waiting for her drink. Once she had her drink, she wandered over to the jukebox to play some songs. Again, as she stood at the jukebox, I noticed quite a few men admiring her charms before she went and found a booth near the pool tables

For the next couple hours, with little choice in the matter, I was forced to watch my stunning girlfriend playing the “singles” game. I sat there and watched as countless men bought her drinks , made “small talk” and tried to pick up on her. It was tormenting! Seeing her looking so hot and not being able to go over and talk with her, much less get my hands on her, and instead watching her talk with all these other guys. She would talk to them for a few short minutes and laugh or giggle at something they said, and they might motion as if asking to sit there with her or for her to play pool with them, but she would always say something and they would nod and move on. As I said, Lynn is very stunning and though there were several guys hitting on her throughout the night, none were really “her type”. So, as the evening wore on I began to relax a little and feel more at ease as I began to realize that this was pretty much like the other times. It became obvious that there was nothing more than a little harmless flirting going on and that this night was likely to end up like the rest, with Lynn and I going home together and her dominating me as she teased me about all the men she could have had.

But then, in walked Dana. And he was her “type”. Blonde, good looking, athletic with a hard muscular body and cocky as well. I had noticed him, only because she had. I saw her gaze go to the door when he walked in and turned to see what she was looking at. I saw him and felt only the slightest trepidation. Then I looked back at her and she looked back at me and smiled broadly. I felt just a bit more uneasy. It didn’t take him long at all to get a drink, size up the bar and apparently realize she was the best game going. He walked over to the table she was sitting at and struck up a conversation with her. Judging by her reactions to him, and the length of time he spent talking with her, he was blowing the competition away. She kept laughing at nearly everything he said, and kept taking quick glimpses over toward me as she would take a sip of her drink, presumably to see if I was watching. This was very different from her interactions with the other men thus far that evening, and she needn’t bothered looking. I was riveted.

Then he apparently asked her to play a game of pool with him and she agreed. He racked the balls and sat down beside her in the booth and that was when really I started to worry. And for the first time that evening it hit me that “something” might actually happen. I sat there for the next hour or so and watched them as they played. Every time she would bend over to take a shot, I noticed him blatantly checking out her ass which looked sensational in her tight, short cut-offs. I watched with growing trepidation, (and mounting butterflies in my stomach), as their flirting became more overt. They progressed from laughing and kidding touching each other on the arm or knee when a joke was told or they laughed at something said. All the time they kept sitting closer and closer to each other, leaning more toward each other as they talked, Lynn acting extremely coquettish the whole while.

Then, I could scarcely believe my eyes as he leaned over and kissed her. Tentatively at first, but when she returned his kiss, (much to my surprise!), their lips met much more passionately. My head was swimming and my stomach was doing flip-flops as I just sat there watching them kiss, more and more intensely for what seemed to last forever. (Even if I had not known her, much less been in a relationship with her, I think I would have been uncomfortable/embarrassed with the way they were kissing there in public)

At long last, after their lips reluctantly separated, Lynn looked over at me, one eyebrow arched and a very smug smile on her face. It was obvious she was checking to make sure that I had seen. Checking that I had seen what had just transpired and that I could see that she seemed very intent on going through with her ‘plan’. Oh.. I had seen. My stomach was gone and my mind was spinning.

I watched for an entire hour longer, most of the time in stunned disbelief as my girlfriend flirted with and did other things with this stranger there in the bar. Lots of other things. At one point it struck me that she was using all of the very same ‘charms’ she had used to pick up on me when we first met under similar circumstances four years ago. The same demure smile, the same adoring eyes, the same coy act, the same smoldering look of lust in her eyes that promised hours of wild abandonment and passion to (apparently) whomever they were directed at. I must admit that it was very strange to see her act the way she had acted with me the night we met, with someone else. (And here I thought I had really won her over)

Their kissing and touching became bolder and bolder as the minutes passed. They actually became a bit of a spectacle, but I didn’t really notice too much as I was so busy staring at them and their intimate ‘sharing’ myself. In fact, it became obvious that I was staring too much. It did not take him long to notice that she kept occasionally glancing over at me and that I was taking more than a passing interest in their kissing and groping between shots at the pool table. So I wasn’t really too surprised when, after one of their many long kisses, he looked over at me and then turned back to her and spoke at length. I was worried that the jig was up and wasn’t really sure what would happen.

After they had spoken for a few minutes, with her and him both looking over at me occasionally, I was very surprised to see Lynn get up and walk over toward me. But she surprised me by not walking straight up to me. Instead, she walked up next to me to the bar under the pretense of ordering a drink for him. (She did not drink Scotch, which is what she ordered). As the bar tender went to get the drink, without turning toward me she leaned only slightly toward me, still looking straight ahead and in a quiet, but taunting, tone asked me if I had been watching. I assured her I had. She still did not look at me but smiled in a very satisfied manner. Still without looking at me she quietly and coyly asked if I had seen them kissing. Again, my heart skipped a beat and I answered her meekly, “Yes”. Her smile became very smug and then she went on, almost conspiratorially, as if talking to a girlfriend. She told me how hot he thought she was. My stomach was doing flip-flops as I to tried to process this. But she didn’t give me any time. She continued on, still not looking at me. She told me that he had asked about me. (I could feel my face burning red with shame and embarrassment) I saw her look sideways at me as she paused for effect and made me wait to wonder what she had said. The smile on her face and her slight derisive laugh let me know that she had gotten the desired reaction out of me. “Don’t worry”, she said to me in a ridiculing manner, looking straight ahead again. “I’m not sure how ‘open-minded’ he is, so your dirty little secret is safe.. So far..” She smiled again as I let out an audible sigh. ”I told him you were my roommate”, she went on, the delight obvious in her voice at her downplaying my significance to her new friend. Strangely I felt a little betrayed. She seemed to notice and smiled. “Man” I thought, “she is really good at this game” but before I could continue following this line of thought she continued. Still looking straight ahead and not at me. “So. He asked me if you were just hanging around to make sure I was ok.. And I told him, ‘Yes’ I explained to him that you are very ‘protective’ of me..” she explained, rolling her eyes as she said ‘protective’. I hung my head in embarrassment at the irony.

Then her smug smile returned as she delivered the next bit of news, still looking straight ahead. “He told me to tell you to go ahead and leave. Then he will ‘take care’ of me..”, the she spared me the slightest glimpse and smiled wickedly as she said, “And I am sure he can too!” Before I could even process that, she then turned to face me full on. She looked at me, a malicious look on here face and said in a quite but very commanding tone, “So leave, bitch! Now!” I was so taken aback by this sudden change in demeanor and her words that, at first, I didn’t know what to do. But as I sat there, stunned, she fixed me with an even harsher, more commanding, mistress-like glare and repeated her command, this time with more menace in her voice, and louder. “I said, Leave bitch! Go home! I’ll call you later!” I had not expected this!. I was stunned and shocked and I am not sure I could have found the strength to react had it not been for the fact that, right as my girlfriend had ordered me home, in not so polite terms, the bar tender had returned with her drink and had heard every word. She set the drink down on the bar which is what got my attention. I looked up to see her just staring at me, her mouth open too. I was so embarrassed that I got up without even finishing my drink and left without looking back. I can only imagine what the bar tender thought about me and my girlfriend’s new ‘friend’ for that matter if he were watching. Though I was starting to get an idea what my girlfriend actually thought….

I went straight home and sat at the house, waiting. Just as my girlfriend, no Mistress, had ordered. My heart was pounding and my mind was racing, my whole body literally shaking as I relived everything I had seen and heard thus far this evening. The laughing, the talking, the touching, the kissing. Then the scene at the bar. The bar tender, hearing telling me to go home and calling me a bitch. This would have been embarrassing enough had this been any old bar, but this was one that my girlfriend and I frequented. Enough so that I was certain the bar tender recognized us as a couple who had been in there together before. And for her to hear Lynn say these words to me What am I thinking? I suddenly realized, even worse, if her, and the waitresses there recognized us as regulars, and they saw Lynn chatting up, feeling up and kissing this other Man. Oh GOD! What they must think..

Fortunately, I didn’t have to think about this for too long, for as the minutes went on and on, I found myself much more concerned about what was going on with Lynn and her new friend (Dana as I later found out) in the bar there. I mean if she was touching and rubbing and kissing him with me right there, what must she be doing with him now that she was alone? I was going crazy trying to imagine what was going one and by the time the phone rang 40 minutes later, I was a wreck. “Hello” I answered tentatively.. “Hello, bitch..” came the cool reply. Before I could say a word my Mistress went on in a low sultry voice. “He wants to fuck me so bad. “, she cooed. “He really, really wants me!” “I know..” I said meekly. Surprising myself with my sudden acceptance of the inevitability of it all. I could hear the smile in her voice at my easy surrender as she continued. “He wants me to go home with him.. “ Immediately scared, (and I am embarrassed to admit I don’t know if it was more for her safety or by what might go on between the two of them back at his place, or what I might miss), I was going to protest. But before I could utter a word she continued. “But, I’m trying to talk him into coming home with me.. So you can see what I look like when a ‘Real Man’ puts it to me” I almost swooned, I swear. Suddenly I didn’t know which was worse; them going back to his place where I couldn’t see what was going on, or her bringing him home where I had to see what was going on. Before I could decide, my Mistress cut the whole thing short by saying, “So.. either way, I’ll call you later.” And without waiting for a reply from me she hung up

The rest of the evening progressed like this. I was left to wonder which Fate was worse, and let my imagination run wild at what they might be doing in the bar and what people might be thinking about it. Every now and then she would phone me just to let me know that he still really, really wanted her and how very much she wanted him and that they had still not agreed where they would be going after they left the bar. She would always hang up before I could utter a word of protest, inquiry or otherwise.

Finally as the hour got very late and I became more and more apprehensive, I could stand it no longer. I got into our car and headed up to the bar to see what was going on. Once there I got out and looked through the front entrance of the bar as inconspicuously as I could. They were still sitting at ‘their’ booth, talking intimately, hand roaming all over each other and kissing. By now it was very late and Lynn and I both had to work the next morning so I got the brilliant idea to go to the payphone across the lot and call the bar and ask to speak with her so that I could remind her of the time. (I didn’t even stop to think of the awkwardness of this given the bar tenders overhearing of our earlier one-sided ‘conversation’.) Thankfully, just as I was dialing, I saw that Lynn and Dana came out of the bar, arm in arm. Not wanting to be noticed by my ‘Mistress’ nor her ‘friend’ I hurriedly walked to the car with my head down. As I started the car I couldn’t help but notice them walk over to his car and see him open the passenger door for her and then get in himself. Realizing they were leaving now too, I hurried to get home and ‘hide’ myself as I had no idea what to expect.

As soon as I got home I went to the backyard to hide and stay out of the way, and waited. And waited.. And waited.. And waited… Five minutes turned into 10 minutes which turned into 15 minutes.. As time passed, I realized that my Mistress had not told me whether they were going back to his place or ours. I had assumed with it being so late that he was just driving her home. But now, as it passed fifteen minutes, I was really getting worried that they had gone to his place. But then after 20 minutes, just as I was about to go into the house, a car turned onto our street and came to a stop at the end of the cul-de-sac in front of our driveway, and sat there with the engine running. I had no idea where these two had been, but I did know that it took less than two minutes to get from the bar to our house. What the hell had they been doing for the last 20 minutes? I was sure I might know. But before I could dwell on that for too long my attention was drawn back to the car in front of our driveway.

Since the car was still running, I figured that Lynn realized how late it was and was ready to call it an evening. I watched from the fence in our back yard in anticipation as I made out what must have been her form leaning over to kiss him goodnight. My heart skipped a beat as I realized she was kissing some, before tonight, stranger, goodnight. As if she had been on a date. Then, I noticed, the kiss was going on for a long time. A very long time! After a few minutes, I snuck into the driveway to get a better look at exactly what was going on. Hiding behind the car I had an excellent view into his car sitting there in the street. This turned out to be a mixed blessing. No sooner had I gotten into position, than I saw Lynn, lean her seat back and watched, stunned, as her new friend (Dana), trailed kisses down her neck. Then my heart nearly stopped again as I watched him raise her top, exposing her breasts. Then I could scarcely breathe as he took her nipples into his mouth, first one, then the other. While he was busy enjoying sucking on her breasts, she turned her head right toward me, and smiled. Wickedly. (I have no idea how she knew I was there, I thought I was well-hidden) I pulled back behind the car a little bit, but not so much I could not still see what was going on.

It wasn’t long at all before his head disappeared down further, below the level of the window in the car door. Lynn’s hands went down there too and I saw her lean her head back and moan. It didn’t take a lot of imagination to know that this man was sampling my girlfriend’s sweet treasure. I was beside myself. Unable to believe this was really happening. Then after a few minutes and more moans from my girlfriend, that I could hear all the way over where I was, I saw Dana’s head come up for air. Lynn immediately drew his head, and lips, to hers and they kissed and hugged passionately! (His chest crushing her bare breasts as their tongues obviously explored each other’s mouths). Then, (and I swear my heart must surely and truly have stopped here), I watched in total disbelief as my girlfriend’s head disappeared down into his lap! His arm and hand came down on what must have been her head and I watched as his arm rose and fell over and over.

Pretty soon I could breathe again as she came up for air and they locked in a passionate, probing kiss yet again. Shaking and trembling, I watched in complete silence and stunned disbelief as they alternated like this, kissing, hugging, groping, sucking, moaning, for a full half hour, right there in the street!! Where any of our neighbors could have seen (And apparently at least one did! But that is another story)

Finally, after what seemed for ever, Lynn gave Dana one last, very long, very passionate, very hot, goodnight kiss. Then she exited the car and ran into the house. I watched him adjust his himself and fly and drive away, then ran into the house to join her. Lynn, my girlfriend, my Mistress.

When I got in the house she was very flush with excitement. She asked me if I had ‘enjoyed the show’ because she sure had. Then she grabbed me and told me to kiss her. As soon as I started to kiss her, she opened her mouth wide, coaxing my tongue in. We kissed a long while, my tongue fully exploring her mouth. When we broke our kiss, she looked at me evilly and asked me, “So, can you taste his cock?” I looked at her incredulous but she went right on, smugly stating, “Well you should because it was just in there” I could hardly breathe. She just looked me in the eyes, taunting me, mocking me and said, “Come on bitch… Kiss the mouth that sucked his cock!” , and then planted her mouth on mine again, forcing her tongue into my mouth. Then she broke the kiss and said that it was late and we needed to get to bed. I followed her to bed in a daze.

We both undressed, I couldn’t help but notice red marks all over her where he had ‘man-handled’ her. I though we were going to go to sleep but Lynn was still in full ‘Mistress’ mode and she ordered me to lick her and suck her everywhere he had. As I did as she commanded, she recounted all that I had seen transpire in the car in front of our house, (Though it just now occurs to me she has never told me what happened in the bar after I left, nor what happened in the 20 minutes after I saw them get in the car before they showed up at the house). Still, I did not even consider this at the time as my head was still reeling from all that I had seen and her replay of what I had seen and her telling me how much she loved it, The feel of his mouth on her tits, on her pussy. The feel of his rock hard body crushed against hers. The feel of his ‘hard as steel’ cock, (Her words), in her mouth. And through it all I could see the red marks from his rough touch; smell his strong aftershave on all of her most intimate parts, She talked, I licked, and I have to admit, it turned me on tremendously.

Then, she told me, in no uncertain terms, that she had a new Lover right as she came while I licked her sweet, dripping pussy that smelled of another man’s cologne. I wanted to fuck her now in the worst way. (No pun intended) But she wouldn’t let me. Instead she ordered me to keep licking her to one more orgasm, (Most unusual for her), as she told me that I better get used to it That this was ALL I was going to get now because she was ‘saving herself’ for her Lover” I am ashamed to say that I came at that, while licking her. Much to her amusement when she found out later, and which was endless fodder for her on later dates.

Saving herself.. For Her Lover..

Which brings me to tonight. Shortly after the phone call, there was a knock on the door. I watched from the shadows as she let him in and threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply and in great earnest. They kissed for a looong time. I watched as she trailed her kisses down his suddenly exposed muscular, hard chest. She ended up on her knees. I watched intently as she eagerly opened his fly, took out his impressive, and already hard (as steel) cock and lovingly put it in her mouth. Incredibly, his cock seemed to grow even larger and harder, (I have no idea how.. maybe it was my imagination, maybe it was her incredibly talented mouth)

After a short while, I watched as he lifted her up and slowly undressed her, as if he owned her body. Once she was undressed, breathless with anticipation in her nakedness before him and his forward gaze, I watched as he showered kisses all over her body. I watched her tremble, shudder and coo at his touch. Then I watched still more as he gently lowered her to the floor, right there in the entryway of our house, and took her. As I watched him fuck her so masterfully, watched her rise up to meet him, moaning and trembling at his ‘touch’, it dawned on me. This was not the frenzied sex of a ‘one-night-stand’! No, they were making love, sweet, hot, passionate love.

I watched, and I watched, and it was very obvious that Lynn, my girlfriend, my Mistress, was totally lost in Him… As if, for her anyway, I weren’t even there. I watched as he made her come, over, and over, and over and I realized, then and there, as this Man made her come, again and again and again, as he lasted far beyond my capabilities, or even my wildest dreams… I realized that she did, indeed, have a new ‘Lover’.

Submitted by: Mike - SoCal, USA

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