May 18, 2015

Sex shop cheating

This story is based off of my ex-wife and how she cheated on a previous husband. Some was dramatized. She was a true slut, though, and I have many hot stories of her slutting around.


While my husband works I usually spend my time on my back, with my legs pinned behind my head and a 19 year old boy bucking his slim hips, fucking me as hard as he can, for as long as he can. It’s usually not very hard and certainly not too long. But he tries and I can cum hard enough when I rub my clit. He’s certainly not the best I ever had, but Sean is a beautiful young man and he really likes fore play.

This weekday, though, I’m not planning on seeing Sean. This weekday I decided to fuck a stranger, something I haven’t done since I was 19. That was twelve years ago. My best friend Steffy and I were on our own in the big city. We’d spent the last of our money and split a cup of coffee at a diner when we were approached by a bearded man of forty or so. He made small talk and asked if we needed some money. We told him we did and he offered to give us some if we danced for him and some friends. We talked it over and left with him. To make a long story short, we fucked four greasy truckers and Steffy ended up pregnant by one of them, but that is another story.

I was a slut as a teenager, a whore as a young woman and I was about to become a cheating wife. I had been good for the last three years since I met and married my husband. Before him I was bouncing from boyfriend to boyfriend, cheating on each one. If I like a boy, I fuck him. If I need to get something, I fuck someone to get it. If I need money, I whore myself. I love sex and that will never change.

I planned to go to the adult bookstore on the other side of town. My husband told me once it had a glory hole. The idea turned me on when he told me what it was, but I never said anything to him about it. As far as he knows, I’m nearly a virgin. I told him I had only been with four men before I met him. In truth I had been with four men the week before I had met him.

I dressed casually, it was hot and sunny out, so I wore a belly shirt and tight boy shorts with no underwear. My 32D breasts were aching to bust out of the tight shirt, my nipples were clearly visible, getting hard as they rubbed against the fabric of the shirt. I grabbed my backpack purse and left the house.

After an uneventful drive I arrived at the bookstore. It coming close to lunch time and I guessed it would be busy with horny men on their breaks. I didn’t know just what I expected to happen. I was winging it and very nervous.

I walked in to the store and three heads turned to look at me. There was a thirty something man, skinny with bushy sideburns behind the counter, a tall man wearing a suit was in the porn section, a short old man was near the entrance of the video booths.

I bought tokens for the video booths at the counter and entered the dark hallway. There was another man in there, he had his back to me and his ear against the door of another booth. I walked by him and he turned to look at me. He was in his fifties, average height with a beer gut. He was wearing jeans and a red polo shirt. I turned and looked at him as I walked past him. He stared at my ass. “You want some of this?” I asked him. He didn’t answer, just stared. “Come with me.” I offered him to enter a booth with me. He followed. I had him sit down and put some tokens in and started a video. Two guys were getting a blowjob from a young asian girl. I left it there.

I turned and looked at the ugly old man I had selected. His ugliness attracted me somehow. I said nothing, just slipped to my knees and reached under his gut to unbuckle his pants. He pushed them down and I tugged at his briefs until his little cock popped out. It was small and stiff. About four inches. He was very hairy and had large round balls. It was nasty and turning me on. I gobbled his little hard prick into my mouth and sucked it hard. He moaned and I licked it from base to tip, spitting long curly hairs out of my mouth. It wasn’t long before I began to taste his pre-cum. I stood and slowly removed my shirt in front of him. I dropped my shorts and showed him my bald wet pussy. I stepped over him and positioned my pussy over his cock. Blinded by passion I wanted his cum inside me. I could not explain it then nor now. I was hot for this old ugly little cock. He slid into my well used pussy hole easily, I bounced on his little prick as he slobbered on my tits. I could hear him grunting and breathing harder. Then I could feel the amazing sensation of his warm cum splashing inside of my pussy. For a man so old he had a lot of cum. I felt wave after wave fill me up and sending me into a screaming orgasm. I slumped off of him and slid my head into his lap, licking at his cock. Cleaning it and his balls.

He started to talk but I stopped him. I told him not to say anything. I finished cleaning his cock and asked him to leave. He dressed and left. I pulled my shorts up and put my shirt back on opened the booth door. There were three men there, the old man from the front of the store and the tall man with the suit from the porn section, the store clerk was there as well. “You looked like you want some more cock.” The clerk said. “One at a time, boys.” I said as I grabbed the clerk by the shirt and pulled him into the booth with me.

Once the door shut he was right at me, kissing me hard and feeling my ass. He pushed my onto the bench and told me to get naked. I did as he said and got hotter and wetter. He pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants. His cock stood out, about seven inches long and thick. He walked up to me and put it in front of my face. I knew what to do. I grabbed his cock by the base and licked the tip gently, swirling my tongue around the rim and sucking the head into my mouth, taking it into my mouth and slowly sliding it out. I spit on it and rubbed it with both hands. “You like getting your cock sucked?” I asked him. “Yea, baby, suck my balls, too.” I lifted his cock up and sucked first his left and then his right ball into my mouth. He moaned and wiggled a little. I licked up the base of his cock to the tip again and slid it back into my mouth.

He lifted me up to face him and spun me around. He pushed me over so that my hands were bracing against the wall and my ass was sticking out towards him. I heard him spit and looked back to see him rubbing it on the head of his cock. He rubbed my soaking wet pussy with his other hand then pressed his sock head onto my slit and into my pussy, I shudder with a quick orgasm. He began to push in and out, fucking me steadily. He began to push harder and harder, I gripped my pussy around his cock and tried to milk it. He hunched over my back and bit at my shoulder, I moaned… “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my pussy.” I said. His pace quickened and suddenly he stopped and I could feel another warm load of cum shooting into my pussy, I came again, harder than before.

He slowly pulled his throbbing cock out of me. I could feel his cum run out of me and down my legs. I was sweating and out of breath. He pulled his pants on, picked up his shirt, said thanks and left. The tall man came in next. I dutifully went to my knees when he entered and unleashed and sucked his cock. It was similar to the clerks cock, but this one was uncircumcised. “You want to fuck my pussy?” I asked him in between licks. “No. I want to cum on your tits.” He replied. I went back to sucking and slowly stroking his cock. After two minutes he took it away from me and began to furiously jack it, I lifted my big tits and gave him a target he couldn’t miss. His cum sprayed out and onto my tits and in between my cleavage. He stared at it as I rubbed his cum all over my breasts. He pulled his pants on and reached into his wallet and gave me $50. Before I could protest he was out the door.

I looked for the old man, but he was gone. I dressed and left the booth. The clerk was completing a purchase with a new customer. I quickly left before he saw me. I got in my car and drove home.

When my husband come home that evening he was horny. He ate my pussy like he never has before, making me cum many times. The asshole told me I tasted better than normal. One day I will tell him why.

by Patrick B


July 9, 2014

My Wife’s first BBC

I was dating a girl I met in college at the end of my senior year, and I went on to marry her 2 years later. I graduated late at 24, and she was just 18. A gorgeous natural redhead, her father paid for her to get a nice set of fake breasts to accentuate her fit body. We talked about sex and fantasies, and she admitted her desire to fuck a well endowed black guy in high school. It just never happened, as her best friend ended up fucking the guy.

I asked her if she still wanted to go through with her fantasy if I helped her make it a reality, and she said she definitely would consider it. This was 1985, so it was before we had the internet to help us find people into the lifestyle. I went to an adult bookstore, and found a local swingers magazine with personal ads. I sent out a couple letters in the mail, along with a pic or two of my beautiful girlfriend, and within a week, was getting replies.

One guy in particular was about 30, very dark, and from the Bahamas. He boasted an 8″+ cock that was equally dark, and very thick. I showed my girlfriend his pic, and she said she would like to meet him. She called his cell phone number, and they arranged to meet at a local restaurant like a Chili’s.

That night, she showered and dressed in something cute and sexy, but did not intend on fucking him. Maybe a little kissing in the car to break the ice. She drove off in her BMW 3-series to meet her first ever black bull, and my nerves were driving me crazy. I decided to drive over in my car to stake out the parking lot, more because I was turned on than because I was worried about her.

Within a couple hours, they exited the restaurant, and I watched them drive over into a big public park right down the street. I parked about 200 feet away, and couldn’t see anything. I eventually bored of my predicament, so I drove back to my apartment. My girlfriend came home about 45 minutes later, and sat down on the couch. I asked her, “Well, did anything happen?” She said that they went to the park for some privacy, and started making out in the car, her first taste of a black man’s tongue in her mouth.

I asked if anything else happened, and she told me he unbuttoned her blouse, and undid her lacy bra, freeing her D-cup breasts, and sucked on her light pink nipples while caressing her thighs. She then admitted that she planned right there and then to suck his big dick, getting a taste of her first piece of black cock. She put her hand on his stiff shaft, rubbing it through his jeans, feeling how huge it was. She started undoing his belt, so he helped her by slipping his jeans down to his ankles. His big, uncut cock was at full mast in his white underwear, and she said she was literally drenched thinking about how wicked she was being at just 18 years old.

She couldn’t take it anymore, and had him pull down his undies so she could get a better look at his BBC. She said she was trembling with excitement as she jacked him off as they kissed passionately for a few minutes. Not able to control herself any longer, she bent down and kissed the tip of her first uncut cock. My girlfriend was really good as sucking dick, and also had masterful hands. She said she sucked and stroked that majestic python for a several minutes, making him groan with pleasure. Every minute or so, she would rise up off his cock to kiss his full lips, allowing him to taste her teenage lips and tongue with his cock on her breath.

I asked “K” if he came in her mouth, and she said, “No.” I literally couldn’t believe it. I knew how good she was with her oral skills, and she has never had a problem with allowing a guy to cum in her pretty mouth. I asked her why she pulled off when he came, and she said, “That’s not what happened.” I was now thoroughly confused. “He didn’t cum??” I asked in disbelief. “Well, yes he did, but I hope you won’t be mad at me.” “Why would I be mad?” I asked my future wife. She paused for a few seconds, and then blurted out, “He fucked me, babe. He fucked me right there in the car!” “What?” I asked. “There is no room in that car to have sex!” “K” then shyly told me that she was the horniest she’d ever been since starting to have sex at the young age of 14. “He had been playing with my pussy as I sucked him off, going under my jeans skirt, and pushing my dripping wet panties aside. I wanted him, sweetie. Are you mad?” My nerves were on end, but I excitedly got out a “No, baby! Please tell me!”

She said she pulled her panties off, and climbed on top of him, making love to this black stud from the Bahamas right there in her little BMW. “K” said she rode his enormous and rock hard uncut cock for about 15-20 minutes, sometimes slowly as their lips and tongues intertwined, and sometimes hard and rough as he shoved up into her tight pussy. I asked the obvious question, “Did he actually have a condom with him to wear so he could fuck you?” “No, sweetheart. Well, I don’t really know if he did or not. I didn’t give him a chance to pull one out at that point. I was sucking the biggest dick I’ve ever been with in my 4 years of sex, the first black man. I’ve been somewhat of a little spoiled rich girl all my life, and this was the most exciting thing I’d ever done. I simply lowered myself over his enormous dick, and fucked him until he shot what felt like a quart of cum inside my pussy.”

My mixed emotions were raging, but the simple fact was, I was extremely turned on by how wicked and naughty my beautiful little girlfriend had been. This private schooled, silver spoon raised Catholic girl had just fucked a complete stranger in her car. A black stranger with at least 8 inches of raging meat. I pushed her down on my couch, pulled up her jeans skirt to reveal no panties, and dove down to lick every last drop of their combined juices out of her. I then mounted my teenage girlfriend, feeling how silken the inside of a pussy feels after being fucked by a much larger penis for the first time in my life. I came quickly, surely not pleasing her with my 5″ dick, and told her I loved her.

Epilogue: “K” went back to his apartment in Miami a couple weeks later, and fucked him for several hours as our video camera recorded the action from a tripod by his bed. I got to watch her swallow his huge cock, and then mount him, and finally watch him bang her from behind like a crazed animal. I can only imagine it must have been a huge turn-on for him too, fucking such a naturally beautiful little redheaded white girl, with her muscular dancer’s legs from years of ballet. I watched that video a hundred times, stroking my own small dick as I watched the future mother of my child going wild in an interracial encounter when she was just 18.

“K” never did go back and fuck him again, but we did have another little adventure with a black, ex-college football player with the best body I’d ever seen. She would always flirt with him when we were at the gym, so I told her she should go by herself one day while I was at work. He refused her advances, surprisingly, but a couple nights later at the gym, I quietly told him he was more than welcome to play with my now-wife.

The next day he came over to our Boca Raton townhouse, they had a couple margaritas, and she proceeded to let him fuck her silly. All in all, I let her have several “boyfriends” during the 7 years we were together, but she only fucked 2 black guys. No gang bangs, although we definitely talked about it. She did go spend a couple days fucking a guy who was still up at college, only to return to our big house around 10 at night.

One of my best friends was staying in our guest bedroom, a tall, muscular guy with a good size dick I had played sports with. I had secretly put a baby monitor under his bed, and after encouraging her to go downstairs to slip into bed with him, I got to listen to her fuck his brains out, and then return to our bed where she sucked, jacked and fucked me until I came deep inside her. She was proud of the fact that she had fucked 3 different guys in the same day, not even at the same time.

We did eventually have a few threesomes, and even gave her a DP experience she enjoyed. We divorced when she was just 24-1/2, and I don’t know if she ever was as wild as she was when we were together.

T Wife

Submitted by: T, Florida


June 19, 2010

Gloryhole Adventure

A submission from Husband Mr C from Berkeley, CA


This is the true story of the first time my wife had sex in front of me with a stranger.

First, a little background: my wife is fairly short (4′11″), maybe 5 lbs overweight, has a beautiful face, and smallish tits (at least at the time this happened) with large conical nipples. Cheryl was very conservative and shy about sex and while she enjoyed it, didn’t feel comfortable talking about it.

The first time we met, we were in our late teens and dating other people. She was with my best friend Mike, and I was with my girlfriend in my car out in the remote Kansas countryside one night. We were all drinking cheap wine and making out. At one point Cheryl starting moaning in the back seat, accompanied by the wet, squishy sounds of some sort of penetration. I managed to surreptitiously adjust my rear view mirror with one free hand while kissing my girl, and what I saw almost made me pop: Mike was twisted in the rear seat with his back to me, making out with Cheryl. His pants were around his knees and Cheryl’s right hand was slowing pumping his rigid uncircumcised cock - I remember in the light it looked purple.

Cheryl’s skirt was pulled up and her panties, if she had been wearing any, were nowhere to be seen. Her legs were splayed wide with her left foot resting partly out the window, and her right leg propped over Mike’s left. I will never forget the sight of my friend’s two or three fingers slowly plunging in and out of her fuzzy vagina, her swollen lips glistening with moisture, and the sucking sound produced every time Mike’s fingers pulled out, then the squishing sound when he plunged them deeply back into her. The night concluded with me fingering my date to an orgasm but (unfortunately) not getting off myself, and Cheryl sucking Mike off after reaching a thrashing climax thanks to his magic fingers.

Several years later Cheryl and I got together, lived together for a period, then got married. After drinking, smoking, and watching porn at another couple’s house one Friday night we were driving home. One of scenes in the porn tape featured a woman getting fucked in the back seat by her boss while her boyfriend was forced to drive. The scene brought back horny memories of watching the woman who ended up being my wife being pleasured. As we had sex that night, I told her how exciting it was watching her have sex with Mike years ago, and I could tell it turned her on. At one point as we were fucking I asked my wife what it felt like to fuck Mike’s big dick, and as she haltingly described the sensations, she started fucking me so hard the bed was banging against the wall. She actually screamed, then tightened into spasms of orgasm that went on forever.

From that night on, when we were having sex I’d often tell her to imagine that I was Mike (or another man) because it not only turned her on incredibly, but for some weird reason it turned me on, too. I started increasingly fantasizing about her fucking another man, but as much as I was desiring for it to happen, when she wasn’t having sex, Cheryl was too shy to actually ever do it.

Fast forward about 12 years: One night at her employer’s company pool party and after a couple drinks, my wife’s coworker and good friend talked her into taking an ‘ecstasy’ pill, and gave me one also. The friend said it was harmless stuff, and would just make us feel “really good.”

To make a long story short, approximately one hour and two margaritas later, Cheryl pulled me aside and informed me we were leaving - right now. As I started driving, she suddenly blurted out that she had never felt so horny in her life, and to accentuate the point, she pulled my hand under her skirt and against her hot, sopping wet panties.

I realized the pill (and Cheryl’s overt sexuality) was having the same effect on me, and I pulled over in the first parking lot I came to, which happened to be next to a small adult bookstore. As I fingered my wife and she stroked my cock through my shorts, I suggested we do something we as a couple had never done in our lives - go into the adult bookstore, maybe pickup some sex toys and a porn tape, so we could go home and have the time of our lives. To my dismay, she was so horny she actually agreed.

We were surprised to see some other couples among the men in the store, which put Cheryl at least somewhat at ease. After looking at some toys, we ducked into one of the video booths at the back. The whole thing seemed so nasty, and after paying for the video, we started making out like over-sexed teenagers. Just as I was sliding my hand up her thigh, she jumped back and pointed to the dark wall beside us. I thought for a second the erect cock bobbing through a hole in the wall was a sex toy, but it was soon apparent it was not. Cheryl looked at me and mouthed “oh my God!…” and we both just sat there, not knowing quite what to think. Suddenly I was struck by the realization that my horny wife was inches from some stranger’s penis, and I wanted nothing more than to see her touch it.

I slipped my fingers past the elastic of her panties and into what felt like hot pudding. She pulled my fingers out, stood up, and pulled off her skirt, than panties. I motioned to the guy’s cock, and she mouthed “no.” I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me, and buried my face into her steaming crotch. I noticed with disappointment that the penis disappeared. In no time Cheryl was moaning and her legs were quivering. I became aware of noise on the other side of the wall and suddenly another penis slid through, this one black and fat. I made my move. I reached up and pulled my wife’s face to mine and shared her juices in a sloppy kiss while inching her backwards toward the bobbing cock. She leaned and whispered into my ear, “Are you sure?” My response was to deeply kiss her as I leaned forward, pushing her against the strange cock. She gasped as it slid between her thighs, poking through like a black cucumber. I whispered in her ear “go ahead,” and she quietly reached back and guided the cock into her.

My conservative, shy, quiet wife grunted and ground her hips as she slowly worked every inch of the black stranger’s horse cock into her. Her legs were shaking as she leaned forward, then slowly pushed her ass back against the wall. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, looking through my wife’s quivering thighs and seeing some other guy’s gooey, glistening, fat penis sliding in and out of her steaming snatch.

The sex act itself lasted maybe all of two minutes. Just as I was trying to place my cock in her mouth, Cheryl started slamming her ass against the wall, moaning “fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me.” She proceeded to convulse and moan for what seemed like minutes as her new boyfriend filled her with wave after wave of seed that dripped from her in big globs when he pulled out, and left a gooey memento of the evening on her leather seat during the quiet ride home.

While Cheryl has since fucked other friends and strangers, nothing ever quite matched the intensity of that evening. She refers to it simply as “the big bang.”

Submitted by: Mr. C - Berkeley, CA


June 20, 2008

Backseat of the Car

I am a newbie to the Hot wife scene. My Husband is a cuckold and arranged a date for me through a social networking site. For the first date I made him sit in the Mall in the bookstore while I went for coffee to meet the guy that he arranged for me to date.

This guy was tall and hot and definitely wanted me;, and I was a little nervous with this being my first time Hot wife experience. We walked around the mall for a while, then I decided to go out to his car with him to see his lovely car. Then, we got in the back seat, and I proceeded to take his bulging cock out of his pants and give him a blow job. His cock was much bigger than hubbies. I cold feel it pulsating and throbbing in my mouth. Then, he ripped off my panties and fucked me in the back seat, grabbing my tits and pounding my ass numb. Then, I could feel him unload inside me… so hot…

After I was finished, I walked back into the mall to the bookstore and told my Husband all about it. He was very excited and we are both looking forward to my next Hot wife experience.


Submitted by: Connie - Massachusetts


December 1, 2007

Glory Hole Slut Wife

An update today from Bull Dirty D, who takes his slut wives along to adult bookstores and gets them to suck off strangers in the glory hole booths.


Jackie is a wild three hole slut with an insatiable appetite for cock. I take her to the gloryhole to for a cock suck off. Once in the booth Jackie quickly strips naked, drops to her knees and goes right to sucking dick. After sucking two cocks Jackie is wet and ready to fuck. She backs her pussy up to the hole and lets a stranger pound it. He shoots his hot load in and all over her pussy. Jackie lets the next guy tag her pussy and ass. That lucky pervert shoots a large load in her ass that drips out.

Dirty D





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February 24, 2007

First Other Man

As a somewhat regular visitor to hotwifeblog.com, I thought I would take a few minutes and tell you about some of the escapades that the wifey and I have had over the last few years…

First off…we are a fairly ‘normal’ couple. we are both in our 30’s and it seems that we spend most of our time working. Any ‘hotwife’ or ’swinger’ type activities have only been engaged in when the opportunity presented itself…we don’t go looking for ‘notches in the bedpost’, to put it plainly. The stories that follow took place over several years…and when opportunity did (does) arise for some naughty fun - it makes it a little more erotic (since it is not something that we do all that often.

Anyway… Our activities started-out as I’m sure many other’s have - with talk of bringing someone else in to the bedroom for some naughty fun…Wifey and I would talk about things in the bedroom, and she would always seem to enjoy herself more when our ‘pillow talk’ would involve talk of other men doing something to her whileI watched, or her enjoying the attention of multiple men and/or women. We would also go to some local adult bookstores or strip clubs, and after a few visits wifey got a bit more relaxed…

Her level of comfort led her to doing some things that were more and more erotic. She would drop her shirt and show off her chest while dancing… she would ‘dance’ with other females in the club and before too long she was kissing & rubbing on other women, and letting men feel on her tits as she danced. The highlights of the club & theater experiences were pretty cool…. On one visit, we were dancing (at a Strip Club on ‘couples nite’), and she dropped to her knees and started blowing me in front of a bunch of onlookers… It was pretty intense to see her down there (with her tits hanging out) and see others around us doing similar things - or simply watching us go at it. At one point - I sat her back in a booth, and ‘returned the favor’ - I pulled her skirt up, and did all I could to make her cum by licking her pussy in front of the crowd… That made for an interesting ride home… She was half naked when we walked out of the club, and by time we got to the car she was all the way undressed… she played with her pussy almost the entire ride home and came at least three times. Then I got to finish-up my business when we got home (and she walked into the house naked).

Another interesting time was when we visited an adult bookstore…The bookstore had what they referred to as a theater in the basement. Their definition of a theater and mine are a bit different - as their version includes coffee table some chairs and a big screen TV… We thought we would check it out anyway - and were surprised to find a few other couples were in the room watching an adult movie. We paid attention to the action on the screen for a few minutes, and then noticed that some of the other couples were in various stages of undress - or were involved in their own naughty fun… This got the wifey all sorts of turned on… and she pulled her tits out of her shirt and told me to rub her pussy. She came louder than she had in quite a while - as I played with her clit and she watched another woman getting fucked from behind on the table. She returned the favor by dropping to her knees and saying (loud enough for the rest of the room to hear) that she wanted me to cum in her mouth.

Up to that point our activities would most likely have been considered exhibitionism, rather than ’swinging’ or ‘hotwifing’… That all changed when I told her that I was bringing a friend over after work - and that she was going to get to have two guys at once…At the time, she was was almost challenging me to do it… as she didn’t really think that I would follow-thru. When I called her and told her that we would be there in about 15 minutes - she said “Good, I am horny anyway”, and laughed. I knew that she couldn’t tell weather I was bluffing or not…and that made the whole thing a little more fun.

When I got to the house, I found her in the master bathroom getting make-up on smiling at me… When I told her that ‘Tom’ was out in the bedroom waiting she just smiled and said “yeah, whatever”… I told that I wasn’t kidding, and that she should finish getting ready and come see. A few minutes later when she finally came-out, she was visibly surprised to see that I had not been bluffing and ‘Tom’ was standing in our bedroom - she kinda hurried to the bed and covered herself with a pillow -since he was only wearing a T-shirt. “Tom’ was kinda smiling - we had kinda talked about this already, but I think that he had also been somewhat sceptical that anything would actually happen. I asked him “since you came all this way, would you like to see some boobies”? He said something like “sure, I am always up for seeing boobs” and when we both looked at the wifey - she slowly pulled her T-shirt off to show off her tits…but left the pillow covering her lap.

I slid onto the bed next to her and put one of her (unusually hard) nipples into my mouth… I then quietly asked if she wanted the other to get some attention too. When she nodded yes - I told ‘Tom’ to come and suck on the other nipple. As he came over, I slid the pillow off of her lap - and exposed her shaved pussy… He made a comment about how smooth it looked, and I told him to feel it as we both worked on her chest. By the time I got a few fingers down to her pussy she was already sopping wet… I rubbed her clit as ‘Tom’ fingered her pussy and we both sucked on her hard nipples. She began moaning, and positioned herself so she could rub his cock and pulled me up so that I could put my dick in her mouth. As this was going on ‘Tom’ asked wifey if she would let him lick her pussy, and after she replied with a “yes” - he went to work licking her while she continued to suck on my dick

It was quite a sight - I was up on my knees, so I got a great view of her rubbing her tits - while a guy that she had met only a few times before was licking her wet pussy. After she got to enjoy that for a few more minutes - I asked if she wanted to let ‘Tom’ see how good her mouth felt and she quickly turned and I got to watch her suck another mans dick for the first time. She sucked him until he was about to cum - and then he shot his load all over her tits…We sat there for a few more minutes - and when she went off to the bathroom - ‘Tom’ got dressed and thanked me for the ‘good time’. When wifey came back to the bed we had some of the best sex ever while talking (from experience) about how it felt for her to have the attention of two guys at once…

Well… this took a bit longer than I expected - and I have not even really broke the surface… Let me know if You would like to hear more…

Missouri Wife

Submitted by: Anon - Missouri


September 29, 2005

Hotwife Adventure

My wife and I have a really good sex life, especially when compared to my first two wives (a whole other story there!). We’re John and Jocelyn. I’m a 44 year old male, and she’s a 33 year old female.

When I first met Jocelyn (through match.com), we dated without having sex for a while, but she was very direct and to the point - either this was going to be a fully committed relationship, or it wasn’t. I was ready to commit, so we progressed on, and the first time we made love, she was too shy to take off her panties when she got undressed and got in bed with me.

At the time, I was 41 and she was 30. She was very hot looking, and had great legs and a very supple back, largely due to the fact that she had been an athlete when in high school (gymnastics and softball).

It took 30 minutes to get her out of those panties.

It didn’t take long to discover, to my surprise as well as hers, that she was multi-orgasmic - she can cum quite easily with me, and they vary in intensity as well as rapidity. Occasionally, we now get what we call, “rolling thunder” - where she is going from one hard orgasm to another with little or no delay between each one.

She also found it quite erotic for me to talk to her while we made love. Not outright “dirty” talk, but indirectly suggestive comments - including my appraisal of how close she was to the next orgasm.

And later, we progressed to watching porn together. She likes the films where women are actually having orgasms, and where men are cumming directly in the women. While we watch, we play with each other, and I talk to her.

An hour of this, and we progress to more realistic things.

It was after watching one film this summer, and after a few hours of incredible sex, that we discussed the idea that we could make such an event really happen. After all, we shared the same fantasy of multiple men (including me) on one woman, and the fantasy of a cum-filled woman.

So we got a membership on Adult Friend Finder, and started looking for men….

Yes, we got our start on Adult Friend Finder (actually, SwapFinder, but it’s the same company and database of people).

When we first conceived of the idea of having men fuck my wife, we had no idea that the community of swingers was so large. At first, we thought that we might try to find a swinger’s club, but my wife found that too intimidating. We even thought we might go to the local Border’s bookstore and try to approach a suitable man - but we thought that people might think we were weird. So we were about to give up on the idea, when I did some google searches.

We ended up putting an ad up on AFF, and within a few hours(!!!) we had MANY men sending us email. We hadn’t even gone to a chat room, or set up the IMC chat that comes with your AFF membership. Many were rude, and many seemed to have the idea that women exist just to be fucked, and that they should think of the men as God’s gift to sex.

So we stopped for just a minute, and gathering our responses, went through and came up with the Rules - a list of non-negotiable responses from my wife and I. These answer the most common questions a man may have, and they also explicitly delineate our expectations.

Then we started using the Rules as a filter. It worked like a charm, and one day after posting our initial ad, we hooked up with a young man in Springfield, Virginia who had moved to the area but didn’t have many female opportunities. We went to his apartment, and he was polite, clean, and he had what my wife wanted - a cock ready to burst.

Yes, it was a nervous “first time” for us, and we knew in advance that he had little experience - that’s not what my wife is looking for. Her goal is for the man to have fun without having to worry about holding back, delaying his cum, or trying to prove something by performing. She just wants him to cum in her.

He ended up filling her pussy with a lot of cum - and although he tried to get it up again, he was just too nervous - it’s not an everyday event for most men to get their cock sucked by a woman while her husband is there. At that point, rather than join in, I decided that perhaps we should give him a little breathing room - after all, he might want to do this again.

So we drove home - flushed with excitement. We discussed the events of the night, and when we got home, I couldn’t wait to fuck her cum-filled pussy. When we got home, I slid right into her, and I was surprised about how hot she was inside - the cum seemed to be ragingly hot.

This experience prompted more changes to the Rules and the Process - most noticeably, it prompted a change to look for slightly older men with a bit more experience. She wanted them to last a bit longer than a minute - unless, as we discussed, there were far more men.

After the first time my wife was fucked by another man while I also participated, we made a few changes. First, we went for men who were slightly older. There were two reasons for this: one, the cock in question might last a bit longer, and two, the number of men who wanted to negotiate the Rules decreased with age. We also decided to do this at home - in our bed when possible.

So we began a series of 11 MFM sessions in three weeks. Very tiring, I can assure you! But also very hot, and at the same time, very friendly. We met a few very nice guys (Paul, I’m sure you know who you are!). During the breaks in sex, and in the immediate aftermath of everyone getting off, we talked about the usual suburban things - and my wife and I learned that people who are “in the lifestyle” appear to be everyday, ordinary people. Computer programmers. Wine distributors. Department managers at Target. Government bureaucrats (no one high level yet…).

An example of how relaxed we are with MFM was last night, when we had one of our regulars over. He was a bit harried and anxious from his workday, and we all immediately stripped and jumped into bed - but he needed some way to unwind before he could really fuck. My wife said, “I’m sure you’ll relax as soon as you get off once.” She then proceeded to give him an incredible blowjob, licking and sucking his cock and balls. Now, she’s tried to get him to cum by blowjob before, but he had unfulfilling experiences with blowjobs before, so he never let her finish before. This time, he couldn’t control himself, and in a few minutes, he was erupting into her mouth. She swallowed everything, and then spent a few minutes teasing his now sensitive cock, and licking him clean.

He told us as he rested that he had never experienced a cum like that - his head was spinning and he said that it was far beyond what he had imagined he could experience from a blowjob.

She was right. After about 15 minutes, he was ready again. And this time, he and I took turns fucking her to many hard orgasms.

Afterwards, we returned to our “normal” lives. And I know that he’ll be asking for the occasional blowjob now that he enjoys them.

Submitted by: John and Jocelyn

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June 14, 2005

M.O. Mary Interviewed

Today is a historic day. I can finally say the blog is complete. If I were to never write another page I’d still be happy with where I’ve got to and the wives I have covered. For today I have the honor of bringing you my interview with the true innovator of the cuckold lifestyle and original Queen of the Glory Hole.

I first came across Multi-Orgasmic Mary and her antics about 6 years ago. I’d never seen or heard anything like it, it was a complete turn-on for me and ever since I first laid my eyes on this beautiful married woman I have been hooked on hotwifery.

Along with Jenny Seemore and Sara Swirls I have to say Multi-Orgasmic Mary is up there with the best in terms of pure hotwife extremity and I love her for it.

Thanks Mary, it’s such a privilege to have you part of my pages. Stay in touch!!!


hotwifeblog: Hi Mary, where are you from?
Mary: Born and raised in NYC, moved to Orlando, then Portland.

hotwifeblog: What is your age?
Mary: Well,,,I used to like the term “30ish” for quite awhile, but I guess we’ll just have to say I don’t look my age,,,until I do.

hotwifeblog: What are your measurements?
Mary: 36 B/C (it varies) 27-37

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Mary: 5′ 3″

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?
Mary: Hazel

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Mary: Brown, but I have been blonde, red, and even black haired in the past

hotwifeblog: How did you meet your husband?
Mary: Our families knew each other in NY, I saw his name in the phonebook in Orlando and called on him.

hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle?
Mary: I cheated on him on New Years Eve, 14 weeks before we got married. He said if that’s the way I wanted it,,,and took me to an adult bookstore and introduced me to the “Glory Holes”, then adult theatre sex, then we started bringing home the guys from the theatre, and also the ones I’d flash in the local park.

hotwifeblog: What do you like most about being a hotwife?
Mary: God,,,are you kidding? Everything,,,I get to have my cake and eat it too,,,come to think of it, I get to have some of a lot of peoples cake, LOL

hotwifeblog: How long have you been an active hotwife?
Mary: A tad over 20 years

hotwifeblog: Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?
Mary: Not in the strictest sense, I like to be in situations where somebody COULD be watching me, but I don’t really want to know for sure.

hotwifeblog: What type of men do you go for?
Mary: Clean, sense of humor, easy going, not pushy, very open minded,,,and, oh yeah,,,clean!!!

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife?
Mary: We figured this out back around `97,,,at that time we “guesstimated” 800 sucked or fucked, figuring on me going to the bookstores every 2 months for 7 to 10 days in a row (had to get it out of my system) and sucking on average 10 per trip, and adding the 150 that up to that time I knew I had fucked.

hotwifeblog: How many men have you had sex with at one time?
Mary: In motels? 4 including hub. In the adult theatre? 11 to 15, it’s hard to be sure, some came back for seconds.

hotwifeblog: Does size matter to you?
Mary: You bet your sweet foreskin it does,,,actually it does to everybody, just not in the way you mean. For me, if it comes to playing with a cock, then the bigger the better,,,but if you’re talking sex, I like a nicely proportioned 7 to 9 inches (I can fuck em all day and still be able to walk normal, those bigguns make me feel like a cowgirl who’s been in the saddle all day).

hotwifeblog: Do you have a preference of black or white lovers?
Mary: Not counting my hub (and an occasional “Glory Hole” fuck) I fucked my last white guy in `91,,,so basically I guess I only go black these days. I’d like to take a minute to explain that a little (I get so much shit from white guys over this). Every man that’s ever been cheated on has the same questions, what did he do, was he bigger, did he kiss you, did you kiss him, did he cum in you,,,,why him? All these questions are what have changed it from a cheating wife and a cuckold,,,to the “Cuckold Lifestyle”. A lifestyle where the husband’s get to “SEE” the answers to those questions. Some like to be humiliated, some like to be degraded, others just like to see their wives have a good time. In my case I enjoy my husband seeing me with men that he can’t compete with,,,under any circumstances. My hub is white, with a skinny circumcised 6 incher,,,so I gravitate towards black, hung, & uncut. He can’t grow larger, can’t get back his foreskin, can’t change color,,,and can’t even reach places of his own pussy that tons of other men have enjoyed. I don’t have to call him names to hurt him so good,,,I just show him. Plus,,,lets face it, sure there are big dicks in every race, but percentage wise, your odds are better going black.

hotwifeblog: What clothes do you like to wear?
Mary: I stopped wearing panties 20 years ago (I don’t even own any, except for a few fancy ones for taking pictures), so to me it doesn’t matter, I always feel sexy, cause I have nothing on underneath and can flash someone anytime I’m in the mood. But my hub usually buys all my outfits I wear in my videos, he bought a bunch in a local adult store.

hotwifeblog: What is your favorite sexual act?
Mary: Aw geeze,,,that’s like taking me to a bakery and asking me what looks good,,,all of it!

hotwifeblog: Any fetishes you and your husband are into?
Mary: If you don’t count my lifestyle as a fetish,,,then I guess, NO! Not into any S&M, or B&D, food, oil, mud,,,orgasms,,,that’s what I’m really into,,,giving and getting.

hotwifeblog: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Mary: Phew,,,sucking and fucking strangers in parks and theatres, taking on multiple black men in motels, video taping all my escapades and showing them to world,,,stop me when I get to the kinky parts, LOL.

hotwifeblog: Do you have any bisexual tendencies?
Mary: I’ve eaten my share of pussy,,,and liked it, but I don’t get to do it too often,,,I’m too greedy with the cum, so women usually don’t go well with me and a room full of men. even if I get 5 loads and someone else gets 1,,,that’s 1 I could’ve had.

hotwifeblog: How do you find your lovers and partners?
Mary: These days, strictly on the net, hub helps too.

hotwifeblog: What role does your husband play in your lifestyle?
Mary: Facilitator,,,he makes all the arrangements, does all the taping and editing, preps my lovers for me (fluffer), and cleans up my lovers creampies.

hotwifeblog: Do you have a hotwife/cuckold relationship with your husband?
Mary: Certainly,,,the last strange woman he had was 15 years ago, the last strange man I had was 3 days ago.

hotwifeblog: Are you dominant or submissive at all?
Mary: Submissive in the sense that I want to please, and will try my hardest to achieve that,,,but I won’t do “ANYTHING” I’m told.

hotwifeblog: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
Mary: Receiving? But not every man can do it right, so I guess I prefer giving,,,cause I CAN do it right.

hotwifeblog: Do you like to swallow?
Mary: I live for it,,,unfortunately in my videos I don’t get to, cause everybody wants to see the cum.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a creampie from a lover?
Mary: I insist on it,,,you haven’t taken my husband’s pussy unless you’ve cum in it,,,if you pull out, don’t expect another invite in the mail.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever had anyone clean you up orally after receiving a creampie?
Mary: My hub,,,it’s mandatory and can be seen in most of my videos, especially the latter ones.

hotwifeblog: Does your husband like to eat creampie?
Mary: At first, not so much, cause he was eating a freshly fucked pussy, but once I started making him eat it while the cum was still flowing out of it, then he adjusted. Now he dives for it.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a multiple creampie from different guys?
Mary: Plenty of times, in volume #5 I took 6, plus my hubs.

hotwifeblog: What’s your biggest fantasy?
Mary: Sorry,,,I have none, I’ve been living them all of these years,,,I just want more of the same. I guess I’m lucky in that respect, I’ve managed to live them out.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about one of your recent hotwife experiences?
Mary: Oh,,,there’s so many, but the more unique ones stand out, I was sucking dick at a Glory Hole, after I got the guy off, I kissed my hub (unbenounced to him, still holding the load in my mouth), instead of slipping him the tongue, I dumped the load in his mouth,,,much to his surprise. Can you say “Sno-Ball”? In volume #16, while my hub was prepping my lover, he did too good a job and my lover shot his load, but hub got it all. This Thursday (6-10-05) was the first time I did a video (volume #19) where hub serviced 2 of my lovers.

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Mary: We’re video nuts, we have all the premium channels, 23 VCR’s, over 1,600 movies. I love boxing and Nascar,,,and anything Sci-Fi or Martial Arts. Old cars, collecting miniatures, and “Smiley Faces”.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife lifestyle?
Mary: Use it or lose it,,,you only go `round once, and when your time here is done, and they ask you if you had a good time, if you can say yes, then your life has been a success,,,cause that’s all you get.

hotwifeblog: What plans do you have for your movies for the future?
Mary: More, more, more,,,I’ve been thinking about “Drive By BJ’s”,,,back in `99 there were about 150 Glory Hole pix in the newsgroups,,,and 2 grainy videos,,,I figured I could do much better than that, so I did. Sold some videos, then all of a sudden I started seeing others, Carol Cox (I was on her site) made one, Raven (she sold my videos for awhile) made one, then came several other girls (some of them local, we we’re competing for cock in the same stores), and finally Ron Jeremy made one. People may re-write history, people may even have websites that are considered almost mainstream by Howard Stern,,,but I know,,,I was there,,,I’m the original Queen of the Glory Hole.

hotwifeblog: What are you and your husband’s plans for the future regarding your hotwifing?
Mary: I have a big following in the UK, but they can’t use NTSC, they operate on PAL,,,so DVD’s are in the future, just have to get the right machines, ones that’ll play everywhere, any help with info (names, model numbers, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again Mary. You truly are amazing.


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