August 2, 2014

Lisa’s Slut Days

Lisa’s Slut Days

For the life of me I cannot explain the thrill and the excitement I feel when I’m being treated like a real slut. Maybe it’s a humiliation thing but when I’m exposing myself, being called a slut or whore, having guys take turns fucking me and even having them cum all over me I get so excited I cum. There are some days that these desires are super strong and I just need some relief. I call these my nasty slut days. Thankfully I have a husband that understands but more importantly he gets off on seeing me this way.

Nasty slut days usually mean we take a trip to the adult theater. My attire varies but my goal is to look as slutty as possible. I always wear heels but the rest changes every time. I think the most daring outfit was my heels and a black sheer baby doll top. My tits were clearly visible and my hairy pussy and ass were totally uncovered. We browsed the video/dvd section for a while and I made sure all the guys got a real good show. Having been there several times before I saw familiar faces and said hi to each of them. By the time we made our way to the theater area my pussy juice was running down my leg.

The theater is always very dark when you first enter so we always stand in the back letting our eyes adjust. Being a familiar face the guys are not bashful and soon there are several guys standing around me with their cocks out. As soon as I touch the first cock I have many hands feeling me. This is when I take off whatever I’m wearing and encourage them to play. Over time my confidence has grown and I get quite verbal. I’ll let them know how good their actions make me feel and compliment the assortment of cocks in front of me. Then I usually ask for a couch cushion and as kneel down I’ll ask if anyone wants to let me suck their cock. Almost immediately I have a cock in my mouth and I begin sucking it. I like to look up at the guys I’m sucking and see how much they are enjoying it. To be a tease and to build their excitement level I’ll usually ask them if they want to cum in my mouth or I’ll plead with them to cum in my mouth. Both of these word real good and shortly thereafter I get a nice load of cum in my mouth. In true slut fashion I show off before swallowing and thank the guy for his deposit. Then it’s on to the next. Depending on my mood and the time it takes the guys to get off I usually do 5 to 8 guys this way.

After getting up finding a couch is always fun. Bill and I walk down the aisle, me naked except for heels and maybe stockings taking our time before choosing the seat we want. I always like a couch toward the middle. That way I have to slide in front of the guys occupying the couch’s before the one we chose. Once seated guys are reaching over from behind and playing with my tits. I quickly start playing with the guy seated next to me, couch’s seat 3, so Bill is on the other side. Another thrill is when I spread my legs wide and ask if anyone wants to eat me. I’ve always had takers and while they eat me I let everyone know how good it feels. I also encourage the guys hanging over the couch to cum on me. Some guys in front step up and cum on my tits and the guys from behind get my mouth and face. Being a cum slut I try and get as much as I can in my mouth but having my face decorated is a badge of honor to me. I’ll use my finger to divert some of it to my mouth but the rest is there to show what a slut I am. Being seen like this thrills me. Before I’m ready to fuck I usually have about 5 different guys eat me. It’s exciting to say next and have a new face between my legs. It’s also a powerful feeling knowing they want you.

The first guy I let fuck me is usually one of the guys that has eaten me. I will pull him up toward me and ask him to fuck me. By this time I’m very horny and the thrill of being fucked with so many watching drives me crazy. It doesn’t take long before I have a very good cum. During this time I’m verbal telling the guys how good they feel, that I want their cum, and even pleading for them to cum in me. I’m not a prejudice person but being brought up in a mostly white neighborhood I was taught that whites and blacks should not be intimate with each other. I think that is total rubbish but those old teachings heighten my experiences with black guys because I feel like a naughty girl. I have never met a black guy that didn’t buy into this in one way or another. Most like to ask if I like their black cocks, others like to call me a black cock slut. Those and other verbal exchanges always thrill me and make me cum so much harder. Many times as I suck them I play the game with them and tell them how much I like their big black cocks and that I’m a black cock slut that wants them to cum in my mouth. This always excites them and I get some very impressive loads.

Most nights after fucking several guys I guide one of them to fuck me in the ass. I love to get ass fucked and have some very intense anal orgasms. I only ask that the first guy go slow and open me up so it feels good. On some nights after a couple of guys have fucked my ass I’ll choose a nice big cock and get his permission to mount him and let another guy fuck my ass for a great DP. I do get verbal while they are doing me and I love to see all the guys watching me. Between their cocks and the audience I always have some incredible cums.

When I’ve had enough and it’s time to leave I use a moist wash cloth I always bring and wipe up the excess cum from my pussy and ass. The cum that landed on my face and tits is usually dry buy this time and I like to leave it that way. I like to have the guys that see me in the light see all the dried cum on me. Every once in awhile I’ll bring a dress I can slip into, very short, and Bill and I will stop at a Denny’s or Waffle House for breakfast. The dress and 5″ heels always catch guys attention when we walk in. Once seated we’ll order and I love seeing the looks on the waitresses face when she notices my face and the part of my chest exposed by the plunging neck line of my dress. It never fails that when they go to turn in our order they whisper to other waitresses telling them what they have seen. They all find some excuse to come by our both to check it out. I may be strange but I love the looks I get and I imagine what they must think of me. It excites me. To have even more fun I’ll make a comment to Bill about how many guys there were tonight when the waitress brings our food. I’ve gotten quite a few smiles and several dirty looks. I enjoy both because I know that both mean they know what a slut I am.

After eating Bill and I go home, I clean up real good, and he and I make love before going to sleep. The next morning over coffee we talk about what happened the night before and more times than not we end up in bed having some very good sex.

by Lisa34d


May 18, 2014

Debrah Anal Creampie

Very slutty Hotwife Debrah Ann has sent us another movie. One of her Husbands friends comes over to give her as very messy anal creampie.


After a stressful day at work, my hubby invited a friend over for a few beers which ended in him filming his friend giving my ass a really great workout (and I always love a good anal pounding), ending in a delicious anal creampie.


Debrah Ann

Hotwife Blog Profile - DebraAnn - 2013

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April 24, 2014

DebrahAnn anal creampie

Slutty Hotwife Debrah Ann submits another hot movie. This one features one of her Bulls, having fun with him after a gym session.


In this video my workout buddy Michael and I return home from the gym. He starts to fondle me then eats my pussy. We begin to fuck and he whispers in my ear that he wants to fuck my ass. I let him have my ass and he finishes by pumping a load of cum in my tight sphincter.


Debrah Ann

Hotwife Blog Profile - DebraAnn - 2013

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April 14, 2014

Her lover and others

Cuckold Place Update

A weekend with her lover and others

Have not written here for a while but thought that I would just give you an update. For those who have not read my previous posts, My wife has been cucking me for the last couple of years and has been with her present lover for almost a year now and we are both very comfortable with him and the situation. For my part he is a very nice guy and we get on very well. As for my wife he is a very good lover to her and gives more satisfaction sexually than I could ever give her. So much so that we agreed that I should no longer have sex with her as she deserved more than I could give her and as a cuck I was more than happy for this to happen.

My wife has always wanted to be used properly by a group of guys over and over. Well her lover has made this come true for her and it happened last weekend.

It was arranged that I would help get her ready on the Friday afternoon and then take her over to her lover’s house, introduce her to the guys that would be waiting to use her and then I would come away leaving her there. She had refrained from all sexual pleasure all week so by the Friday she was as she put it gagging for it. I helped get her ready and I shaved her pussy so that she was fully smooth and I also lubricated her anus. While I was doing this she told me how much she was looking forward to this and that she had agreed that she would do what every they wanted to do to her and use her in any way they wished. She also told me that for the last couple of weeks before she had refrained from sex for the week she had only been having anal sex so that she would be used to having her arse used like it was her pussy. She said that she hoped most of the guys would be able to use her bareback as this would make her feel even more dirty. I told her that I to was looking forward to it as I so like the thought of other guys using her and of course her being with her lover.

I then helped her dress in hold up stockings and a wraparound dress nothing else. We then drove to her lovers place at the agreed time. I helped her out the car and we walked to the door holding hands. Before we knocked we had a long kiss and cuddle and she told me she loved me and thanked me for letting her be a slut. We the knocked on the door and her lover answered. We then walked into the lounge and there were six guys waiting. I then had the humiliation of introducing my wife to them, telling them that she was a slut and I was her cuckold husband and that I no longer had sex with her but had asked her lover to take over my duties as he was so much better than I and as a slut she was to be used as such. With that she stepped in front of me and I undid her dress and took it from her so that she was stood naked except for her stockings and shoes. I then looked over to her lover and said my wife is now your slut. I then left the room and walked down the hall hanging her dress up on the coat hooks by the door and left the house and drove home.

It had been agreed that she would be spending the whole weekend at her lovers house. I also knew that the guys who I had introduce her to would not be the only guys using her. For her lover had told me that he had invited more people to use her over the course of the weekend. I had to work so had no contact with her at all. This is not unusual as I like to give them their own space.

It was not until the Sunday that her lover brought her back. She was very tired and sore but told me it had been a wonderful experience. She then turned to her lover and thanked him for everything that he had done and how much she had enjoyed being a play thing. They then kissed deeply in front of me and cuddled before he left. She then told me that she just now wanted to go upstairs to have a long bath to help sooth her aching body. I took her up a glass of wine and as she soaked in the bath she told me how she had been used and abused by what seemed countless guys and two women. Most of these guys she had slept with before and the two women were partners of two of the guys. She told me that she had submitted in every conceivable position and taken more spunk than she could ever have imagined taking. She told me her jaw ached from sucking her tongue from licking and as for her pussy and anus they really had taken a battering she said laughing. She told me that over the next few weeks she would tell me all about her weekend. That way I would be able to take it all in and enjoy it more. Rather that tell me every thing in one go. We carried on the some small talk for a while as she soaked. Then when she decided to get out I helped her up and I then saw the full extent of her body. She had a number of bite marks or love bites on breasts. Her pussy lips also looked quite sore and her pussy was very open. I told her that she looked very sexy and that being able to see these marks made by others using her was a turn on. She smiled and said she was glad that I got turned on by knowing what she had been up to.

Later on Sunday evening when we were in bed together and snuggled up she said to me as a thank you to me for letting her experience her weekend she and her lover were going to let me experience something very special and interment. They were going to allow me to watch them make love. This I can tell you made my cock very hard and made me lost for words. I have only ever heard them make love. Yes I have seen them having sex but this is different. As their relationship has developed they have feelings now and they do make love as well as just having sex. I took her in my arms and told her how much that would mean to me. But only do it if she was sure. Yes I am sure she told me After all you have kindly given up your rights to my body so that I can enjoy a much better sexual life than you could ever have given me and this way I am giving you something back to you to show you just how much I love you But your have to give me a few days so that I am not quite so sore.

By: skyliner

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February 1, 2014

Rebecca Dream Interview

Here’s a classic interview from one of our favorite wives. Rebecca Dream interviewed way back in 2007.


I’m always getting requests to interview new wives that haven’t been featured here before, and I do my best to bring these women to hotwife blog, it’s not always easy to tie down an interview, but today I’m really excited to bring you an intimate and exclusive interview with a gorgeous brunette hotwife that’s been showing us her adventures with other men on the Internet quietly since 2003.

Rebecca from Rebecca’s Office admits she runs her website party because her husband has a fantasy of sharing her with other men and also she has an exhibitionistic streak in me where she loves to show us what she does. Rebecca says it’s taken her husband a long time to draw her hotwife tendencies out of her, they have been married for 10 years. But now there’s no stopping her.

Thanks for your time with the interview Rebecca, it’s great to get such honest and frank answers too, you’re one sexy lady and your husband is a very lucky man. I hope you carry on enjoying your lifestyle to the full.

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

hotwifeblog: Welcome Rebecca to hotwife blog. Where about’s are you from?
Rebecca: I’m just a country girl from suburban Ohio that loves the big city.

hotwifeblog: What is your age?
Rebecca: I’m going to be eternally 39. Is that okay? Seems like what everyone does in the lifestyle.

hotwifeblog: What are your measurements?
Rebecca: 32DD-24-35. Yes, I have a petite shape with large natural breasts.

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Rebecca: 5′4″. I’ll let you translate that to meters.

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?
Rebecca: Hazel

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Rebecca: I don’t color my hair! Ha. Well it is chestnut brown, but sometimes I highlight it with a little bronze. I used to wear it jet black in my mod days. What can I say, I was a Robert Plant fan.

hotwifeblog: Any piercings or tattoos?
Rebecca: Just my ears. Diamond studs anyone?

hotwifeblog: Describe your personality?
Rebecca: Usually that is for someone else to describe. I guess I have two. 1st there is my real life working personality. I have to be tough, decisive, quick, and always on my toes. It is tough to let my hair down and enjoy everything, but if you stop, the world might pass you by.

Then there is my online personality where I “try” to let it all hang out and relax. I’m still learning. I let go of the controls a bit and let others make decisions and listen more to what others have to say. I guess you might say this is my submissive side.

hotwifeblog: What’s your occupation?
Rebecca: I’m a Portfolio Manager

hotwifeblog: How did you meet your husband?
Rebecca: We were set up on a blind date in college and hated each other.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been married?
Rebecca: 10 years this summer

hotwifeblog: How would you describe your marriage and lifestyle?
Rebecca: My marriage is just getting better every day. My lifestyle makes my marriage better every day.

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’ve always had natural hotwife tendencies, the need to be with more than one man?
Rebecca: I think it is in every woman. I had it but never knew it. My husband saw it in me and it took him almost 10 years to draw it out of me.

hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle?
Rebecca: First I started my website just posing for photos after having my 3rd child. My husband wanted to prove to me that guys thought I was hot. Well the emails started flooding in and I loved the comments. I couldn’t get enough. It is really flattering to hear all the wonderful things after a long day at work.

hotwifeblog: What do you like most about being a hotwife?
Rebecca: I like meeting new people.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been an active hotwife?
Rebecca: 4 years

hotwifeblog: So you’re a self-confessed exhibitionist?
Rebecca: Oh for sure. I can’t get enough. I love being watched and hearing what people have to say about what they see. While in college and graduate school I danced for a couple of professional sports franchises and was a Hooters girl for a summer. I loved all the eyes and wandering hands.

hotwifeblog: What type of men do you go for?
Rebecca: Clean, well mannered, well spoken and well behaved men who are experienced lovers. Of course I like it if they can get a little nasty and know how to bring out the best in me. Those are hard traits to see in a man when you first meet him, so you learn by trial and error.

hotwifeblog: What was your first hotwife experience like?
Rebecca: After corresponding for two years with a guy referred to me by Jackie of myhotwife.com I finally met the most amazing guy. Strong, gorgeous, smart, ex-professional athlete. He was what every girl dreams about for her first time. I was shaking and my stomach was in knots, but when the door to my room opened we kissed and within 5 minutes I was on my knees with his huge cock in my mouth. After 30 minutes I told my
husband I was okay and that he could go home and I’d see him in the morning.

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife?
Rebecca: About 35. Please don’t make me count. I’ll feel like a slut.

hotwifeblog: But that’s a good thing, we never use the term slut in a derogatory way, on hotwife blog a ’slut’ is to be worshipped, the more guys you have the more we idolise you… So do you have any bisexual tendencies?
Rebecca: More than I thought. I’m comfortable with it, but I love cock. What can I say!

hotwifeblog: Have you ever tried a gangbang?
Rebecca: Tried?! Yes I have! What many of you don’t know is that the hardest part about a gang bang is arranging one. Remember that all these guys just don’t want to be hanging around naked in a room with a bunch of other guys they don’t know.

hotwifeblog: How many men have you had sex with at one time?
Rebecca: Seven. Yes, just call me Snow White.

hotwifeblog: HAHA… Does size matter to you?
Rebecca: Not really unless you are tiny. Once you have enough, it’s a matter of what you do with it. As for those that are large, well they can do whatever they want. At that point it isn’t size that differentiates, but the shape. Some shapes make me squirt more.

hotwifeblog: Do you have a preference of black or white lovers?
Rebecca: I have a white lover at home. The lifestyle is about getting what I don’t have. Black lovers just takes me out of reality and into a whole new universe that I can play in.

hotwifeblog: What clothes do you like to wear in general and in the bedroom?
Rebecca: I prefer to wear what I normally wear to work. Nicole Miller, Isaac Mizrahi, Mark Jacobs, Jones of NY are what I wear at work. To go out on the town I wear Bebe. Underneath I wear anything from Victoria’s Secret to Frederick’s to Hustler. If it turns the guy on, then I’m good. Basically, like my men, I want contrast in my clothes. Once you peel the layers off of me, you see what a hotwife I am.

hotwifeblog: Do you wear an ankle bracelet?
Rebecca: I do have one given to me by one of my first fans. I wear it occasionally. Should I wear it more?

hotwifeblog: Well I find it sexy personally and it’s fun getting those stares from guys ‘in the know’ when your out and about… We’d love to see a pic of you in yours… So what is your favorite sexual act?
Rebecca: Submitting to the desires of a new lover. I guess I like riding reverse cowgirl anal on a guy while sucking on another and having a third run their hands all over my body.

hotwifeblog: Any fetishes you are into?
Rebecca: I’m still learning. Is fucking black cock a fetish?

hotwifeblog: It is our fetish here LOL… What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Rebecca: I let 4 guys into my house for aweekend while my family was away and let them fuck me all weekend. By the pool, on my husband’s pool table, in our bed, on our back lawn.

hotwifeblog: Do you find most of your lovers and sexual partners through the Internet, clubs or through friends?
Rebecca: Through friends in the lifestyle. References are great!

hotwifeblog: What role does your husband play in your lifestyle?
Rebecca: He’s a voyeur and while he’ll play sometimes, he loves to capture video or photos. He’s great at setting me up and screening men before I meet them. He’s my anchor. he drives me home after a long night of fucking, gets us water and clean towels, refreshes our drinks. He is such a great supporter of my desires. If I didn’t have him, I’d be lost. He likes hearing about my encounters. Sometimes I bring a video camera along and set it on a table and let it run and then just leave it on the table for him to watch when he comes home.

hotwifeblog: Do you enjoy him watching you?
Rebecca: Actually no. I think I tend to relax more when he’s not around. I’m not sure why.

hotwifeblog: How often are you sexually active with your husband?
Rebecca: A couple times a month. We both have crazy work and travel schedules so that is why the lifestyle works. When he is not available, perhaps one of my lovers might be around.

hotwifeblog: Do you ever compare your husband’s performance to any of the other men you’ve slept with?
Rebecca: No. They are completely different kinds of encounters.

hotwifeblog: Do you have a hotwife/cuckold relationship with your husband?
Rebecca: No. I hate the term.

hotwifeblog: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
Rebecca: I like getting both at the same time.

hotwifeblog: Do you swallow?
Rebecca: Yes.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a creampie from a lover?
Rebecca: Many times

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received multiple creampie from different guys?
Rebecca: I think so. I’m not focused on that when I’m getting fucked.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever had anyone clean you up orally after receiving a creampie?
Rebecca: I’m sure but I don’t remember.

hotwifeblog: Does your husband like to have sex with you just after you’ve been with someone else?
Rebecca: Sometimes after a long night of fucking I’ll just hop on top of him like icing on a cake. He likes seeing that I just can’t get enough cock.

hotwifeblog: Does your husband like to eat creampie?
Rebecca: No.

hotwifeblog: What’s your biggest fantasy?
Rebecca: Starring in a gang bang S&M video with Mr. Marcus, Sean Michaels and Lexington Steele.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about one of your recent hotwife experiences?
Rebecca: One of my lovers and I went out to the opera and a romantic dinner. During the performance, he stuck his finger under my dress and up my ass and pussy. I was so worried that some of the other patrons might notice, especially when I went in and pulled my soiled underwear off at intermission. I then soaked my seat during the second act. We couldn’t get enough. Being naughty in such a formal environment was so hot and dangerous. Afterwards he took me to a strip club and had me stand on a stage and dance for him and a few other guys he knew. When we got back to his place, they cuffed my arms to the bed and put a leg spreader between my legs and fucked my pussy, ass and mouth for 5 hours straight, making me beg for it all night long. I have never been in such pure ecstasy. They seemed to really enjoy it too which is a plus for me.

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Rebecca: Golf, Cooking and my Spinning classes

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle?
Rebecca: Do it at your own pace. Never take one for the team. Be yourself.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about the treats we can find by joining your website?
Rebecca: My site is about half the price of most websites. It is not a professional site but rather an amateur hobby site as I have a real life and job. I never miss an update as I update once a week. My site has been up for 4 years and I still enjoy it. There are lots of great beautiful women out there but I like to think my site has personality. I try to answer every email personally with true customer service. I have tons of home video. I take lots of sexy glamour photos as well as lots of interracial. I’m dabbling more into long interracial videos which seem to be what everyone enjoys. Besides my normal website, I currently have 5 online DVDs and two VERY long video clips available. My normal website membership has over 60 shorter video clips.

I want to give you the true hotwife experience on my site. Or some guys prefer to call me the hot boss. I really am the middle class neighbor next door or a co-worker in the next office. All of us women really are naughty when we get home. We just never let you see it in public. This is your chance to see what we are really like.

hotwifeblog: What plans do you have for your website for the future?
Rebecca: It is hard to think ahead, but I might go more towards video only some day.

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle?
Rebecca: This is something I don’t plan. It just happens. That is what I love about it. It is the part of my life that has no boundaries.

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

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Interview by Trash


November 1, 2013

Debrah Ann anal creampie

Here’s amazing Hotwife DebrahAnns getting down and dirty with a Bull. I love the filthy look of her face as she takes his huge cock in her ass. This Bull really goes to work on this slutty wife before releasing his load deep into her ass. As she gets up the creamy load spills out and runs down her pussy and legs. Great shots!

Debrah Ann

Debrah Ann

Debrah Ann

Debrah Ann

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October 6, 2013

Possibly the beginning

Cuckold Place Update

Possibly the beginning

Been lurking the site for many years curious about cuckoldry in fantasy but never thought I would consider it in reality.

By day I’m the one who runs the show and takes care of business and can be very alpha but I have always felt submissive and the giving type towards women in bed. I have covered these feelings up as I felt it showed weakness and unattractiveness/undesirability. Recently I’ve started taking steps I guess to condition the situation and set myself up for the lifestyle as I cannot shake the idea out my head and feel compelled to try it out as it seems fitting.

I’ve been with my spouse for almost a decade and as any long term relationship seems to have it, sex has dwindled from 3 times a day in any hole to once a month if I’m lucky, and she has stopped doing anything interesting(oral specifically unless I’m giving). So being bored and not being able to get the cuckold fantasy out of my head, I started to open up to her about my submissive feelings. She loves to tease and has actually been having fun watching me squirm and beg to finish. She knows I like my own cum and recently cleaning up my mess has been becoming a regular part of our late nights together. I have put the idea into her head that I know she doesn’t swallowing and I want to do it for her to please her(which is true). It surprisingly has actually made her quite wet and amused. I’ve also started doing 69 with her where she only gets pleasured and I’m lucky if I get a handjob out of the deal, usually have to finish myself. The last time we did this I almost passed out because she was so excited she was smothering me.

She is naturally shy/quiet, conservative and never talks about sex or anything dirty. I’ve never caught her looking at another man or have ever suspected her of flirting. Since I’ve started to show her these submissive feelings and sissy-like acts(cleaning up, even had her use a prostate massager on me for the first time as well) I think in bed she is amused but definitely is lacking that alpha male satisfaction which is where I think the cuckold/bull idea will fit.

During daily routines like trips to the grocery store I’ve caught guys looking at her and mentioned to her quietly that it was happening. She suffers from lack of self-esteem due to recent weight gain due to stress so she feels very self-conscious. She typically shrugs my comments off and says things like “oh he’s gross, eww.” but I can tell she’s flattered someone is looking by her body language.

So anyway the biggest breakthrough today was during lunch, enough that I decided to post the beginning of my possible journal.

A very good looking young server which a french accent served us. I could tell she was looking at him. His service actually sucked but when it came time to tip she convinced me to tip him very generously, more than we usually would even with great service at a dinner. I jokingly said it’s because of his sexy accent isn’t it? To my surprise she said “actually I really have a thing for Irish and English accents. One time I had a customer at work with an Irish accent and I was so fluttery and red around him I sent him out the door with half the order.” She was blushing telling me this. I took it very well and added positive reinforcement to her comment and she was receptive. As mentioned previously, she has never ever spoken this way about men EVER. This event actually happened a few years back!

I’m going to approach her with the fantasy soon. I overanalyze everything but she already knows I’m different from the norm so why not throw it out there?? Wish me luck….

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By: nawct


August 24, 2013

My Whore Wife

I sat next to him in the bar knowing exactly who he was. His name was George. He was not a good looking guy, large nose, rough complexion, stocky build but clearly quite rich. And, it was also clear that he had been around. This international business scene put a mark on some men. He was worldly, cynical and a bit worn down.

I struck up a conversation with him discussing why he was here at a bar in Ukraine. As expected, he spoke perfect English. He told me he did business here from time to time. He was a consultant who helped new companies start up and make connections to the west.

He asked what I was doing here. I didn’t lie. I told him that I was passing through, having a few business meetings and then onto Moscow. I asked if he had ever been to Moscow. And he replied that he had often. “Women are great there,” I said forcing the conversation in a direction I wanted it to go. “Gorgeous.” I knew this. You see, I met my new wife Aliona there a few years ago. She is a beautiful brunette with a long thin back, nice legs and the world’s best ass. She is loyal, loving and genuinely wonderful. When we met she was in her mid-thirties and had been single all her life.

The only thing was that she loved sex. She is fantastic in bed. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, but after dating for while, I started to think about how she got that good. She told me that she had about 20 partners over 20 years. By American rules, that meant much more, maybe double. I wondered if it was the same with Russian women. So I began to ask her about her past.

She had no problem telling me everything. In fact, she seemed quite proud of her history of sex. She counted her lovers like beads on a rosary. I became obsessed with her ex-lovers. This one name George, who she called her Dutch man, intrigued me.

She always said he was a good guy but a bit dirty. He had been her lover for 5 years but she had others during that time as well. But what got me was that he was willing to finance her life, pay her bills and buy her clothes, etc. I always wondered what he got in return. To an American ear, this sounded like prostitution. But Russia was different. Men covered bills for their girlfriends all the time. But he was not Russian. He was Dutch. Did he see it the Russian way? Or, was my wife a really whore to him?

He was based in Kiev now, So when I had a chance to come to Ukraine on business, I hatched the idea that I would hear this story from his own mouth. I tracked him down and followed him to the bar. “Yeah, and horny, but expensive. I like them better here, just as gorgeous and fewer expectations.” “You ever date any girls in Moscow.” “Sure, lots. One for quite a while.” That was it. I knew he was talking about her. My dear, Aliona.

“What happened?” “I don’t know. It was never serious. I liked her at first, she is beautiful like a classic movie star, very stylish, smart and what an ass. But in the end, we knew it was not forever and it became a very simple relationship. I just came into town and fucked her about once a month. I had an apartment there, well she did, but I paid for it. I paid her bills and bought a few gifts when I came to town.” “That sounds expensive.” “Not really when you add it up. I was in town 3-4 days at a time, that’s $1000 bucks in hotels rooms. Add $400 a night for whores and that’s $2600 bucks, so I saved a $1000 a month really. I had a nice clean apartment and gorgeous piece of tail waiting for me there.” “So you thought of her as your whore?” “For the last few years, yeah. I mean basically, I fucked her and she took money. What you do you call it?”

I just nodded. It was amazing to me that he was talking about my wife. I could barely imagine it, but it was true. Now the key question. “Was the sex good?” He laughed out loud. “I never fucked better. She was the horniest bitch, I have ever met. The nastier it got, the more she liked it.” “What do you mean nasty?” “Let me tell you. I would fly into SVO and send her a text that I was in town and be there in an hour. She would text back telling me what she was going to me… suck my cock, lick my balls, and let me face fuck her. She loves that.”

I almost fell out of my chair. “You’re kidding. Did she do it all?” “And, more. That was the tip of the iceberg, my friend. I would walk in the apartment and she would greet me with a cigar and scotch wearing lingerie, you know those little baby doll outfits with tiny panties, and wearing high heels… $400 high heels.” “Wow, I can never imagine.” “Russian women like being sexy unlike fucking American girls. They all want to be men. Russian women are women. They dress sexy, do their makeup and want to please their men. Anyway, before I even got in the door, she dropped to her knees, pulled out my cock and started sucking and licking. She loved giving head. It actually made her wet. After a bit, we go into the bedroom and I’d sit on the bed. She’d get down and start sucking my balls telling me how much she missed me and appreciated all I did for her. But we both knew the score. I paid, she sucked and fucked. It’s fair. I didn’t ask about her life, she didn’t ask about mine.”

I could not believe he was talking about my beautiful wife in such a way. It was strange. In a way, it turned me on. “She had a rule; no blow job was a blow job until I came.” That was true. She is still the same. One of the things I love best about her. “So I would always stand up at the end, her face right there between my balls and asshole. She would put her tongue deep in my ass and jack me off. When I came, I would tell her it was time, and she would take it all over her beautiful face. I never saw anyone who loved cum on her face like Aliona.”

When he said her name, it bowled me over. The reality was setting in. My wife had been his whore. “It was a great way to come into town. We would eat, watch a movie or something. Rarely talked. She liked all these boring Russian movies. I would usually fall asleep. She would wake me up by grabbing my dick again and stroking it. “I would get hard and she would turn around, thrust that gorgeous ass out at me and wiggle around. She loved it from behind.” With me it was always missionary, looking into each other’s eyes, loving and sweet. She insisted on it. This was something different. “I get up over her and start fucking her from behind. She squealed with pleasure. I would ask her if how she wanted it, ‘fuck me hard. I am a slut. Your slut.’ “So I would. I was in pretty good shape then and would thrust it hard in her and very fast. She would reach behind her and pull her ass cheeks open so I could see her asshole. I could feel the heat of it against my belly. “I loved the noises she would make. Like a little dog barking. Eventually, I started calling her my doggy. My slut doggy. It sounds better in Russian. She loved it. I told her to bark louder, and I would buy her some shoes. Russian girls are nuts about shoes. She barked like a dog for me. Can you imagine?”

I could and it made me crazy. I was getting hard listening to the way this man disgraced Aliona. “The trick was to make sure she had at least 2 glasses of wine. Get her a bit drunk, and she would do almost anything. She told me she got fucked in the ass during a cocktail party at a business conference once after 3 glasses of Malbec. She did not even know the guy. She met him on the way to the bathroom. He just bent her over, pulled down her panties and fucked her right in the hallway of the conference center. Of course, she was wearing a $2000 dollar dress I bought her at the time,” he laughed. “I love that story. Dirty girl.

“Anyway, I eventually would have to get into that ass. She had bigger orgasms from anal and anticipating it made her even dirtier. I would slide in that warm ass. It would open right up and take me in. She would tell me to treat her like a whore. That was easy… that was what she was. I would grab her hair hard. Pull it back and put my fingers in her mouth. Then I would shove her face into the bed and push as hard as I could. She would start crying. At first I freaked out about this, but after a few times, I realized she cried when she came because it was so intense. Aliona was fucked up in many ways.”

Hmmm, I thought. I never remember her crying. Does that mean she doesn’t orgasm with me? She always says I am her good guy. Maybe I am too good. “She liked it when I would cum on her asshole, then stick my dick in again and fuck her more so she could hear it all wet. Boy she was fantastic. I miss her. I do” “What happened? Why don’t you see her anymore? You don’t go to Moscow?” “No, I go from time to time. My last time, she told me she had been dating a guy for a month and thought he was the marrying kind. She had found a sucker to take her on for life. Anyway, I didn’t want to be in the middle of that, so we fucked one more time, best ever if you ask me, and I left. We text dirty messages from time to time. She still sends me naked pictures, but I have a new girl here and Aliona’s ass was getting fat anyway.”

I realized now, that she had cheated on me with him. Well once wasn’t too bad. It was at the beginning I guess, a goodbye romp. Was that so bad? “I feel sorry for the poor fucker that married her though.” That raised my attention. “Why’s that?” “Well this girl is not the faithful kind. She fucks around all the time. She writes me and tells me about it because she knows it gets me off. She even blows her boss at least once a week and sleeps with married guys at lunch. She says she like the married guys now because they can keep a secret. They give her gifts and she fucks them.”

I was devastated. My wife was still out there having sex with other men. He took a last drink and slammed his glass down. “Well, good talking to you. I have to head out. Good luck with everything.” He offered his hand. I shook it and he walked out. I had gotten what I wanted. I met George and he was all that I expected. I went to my hotel and was awake all night thinking about this man taking my beautiful girl the way he described. I came three times by my own hand before I fell asleep.

Just as I drifted off I thought, I have to meet the guy from the conference. I wonder what his name is.

By: dunross


August 16, 2013

Wife fucks while I’m at work

Amy fucks while I’m at work

As some of you may be aware, my sexy wife Amy and I share an open marriage. We are both free to have sex with anyone, anywhere and at anytime. We have had plenty of threesomes and swaps but neither of us has had sex with anyone without our spouse knowing in advance and participating in some form. This all changed when Amy decided to fuck a long time friend of hers while I was at work.

It was a cold Saturday night and I was sitting at home alone while my wife went out with an ex-co-worker of hers. She and Tyler had only worked together for about 6 months but had become good friends during this time. On numerous occasions the two of them had gone out for drinks or met at our place to catch up. Each time they got together I encouraged my wife to fuck her younger friend but she always insisted that it would never happen. On this fateful night Tyler was picking Amy up at our place and they were going to a local club for some drinks. I was unable to join them because I had to work early in the morning and needed to get some sleep.

Amy was in our bedroom getting ready when Tyler called to say that he was almost here. My beautiful wife exited the bedroom and came to say goodbye. She looked amazing as always, wearing snug black dress pants with a low cut shirt that showed off her ample cleavage. I gave her a kiss before telling her to have fun and to be naughty. She shook her head at me, implying that the two wouldn’t do anything together. Amy left and I finished watching the game and crawled into bed, attempting to get a good night’s sleep. While I was laying in bed the thought of my wife fucking Tyler ran rampant in my mind. I eventually fell asleep alone in our bed.

At nearly 4:00a.m. I was awakened by loud voices coming from the living room. I assumed that Amy and Tyler had come back to our place for a nightcap and the alcohol at the club was causing them to talk loudly. From my location in the bedroom I could make out parts of what they were talking about but sometimes their voices were muffled. They innocently discussed music, TV shows and events that took place at the club that evening. I took Amy’s word that nothing sexual would happen and tried to fall back asleep as I had to leave for work in just over an hour.

As I lay silently in bed an absence of voices aroused my curiosity. I again attempted to hear what was going on but could not. I figured they were just watching TV until I thought I heard the unmistakable sound of a kiss. I wanted desperately to make my way to the living room to see what was happening but decided to stay where I was and let them continue with what they were doing. My head was filled with the vision of my sexy wife making out with another man. There was no way I was going back to sleep now. Voices from the other room became evident again and I got up to get ready for work.

I quietly opened the bedroom door and stepped into the hallway, hoping they would not hear me before I could see what they were up to. I looked down the hall to see Amy and Tyler seated closely on the couch chatting away. I entered the washroom and got ready for work. When I was dressed and ready I made my way into the living room to grab my coat and things before leaving. I said hello to my wife and her friend and inquired about their night. They told me that they had had a good time and wanted one more drink before calling it a night.

Just before I was about to walk out the door Amy asked me if it was okay if she invited some more guys over for an orgy. I knew she wasn’t serious about this but I thought I knew what she was getting at. Amy wanted Tyler to know that I didn’t have a problem with her having sex without me around. I told her to do whatever she wanted and left for work.

Soon after I left Tyler found a photo album that was laying around and decided to take a peek. Much to his surprise this album was filled with erotic pictures of my sexy wife. He admired Amy’s first couple of photos in which she was posed in various lingerie. When Amy noticed what he was looking at she blushed and warned him that the pictures got increasingly dirty. Hearing this, Tyler began to flip quickly through the somewhat tame photos until he found the really hot ones. These pictures were of my wife and two of her favourite toys, a powerful vibrator and a long beaded anal toy. She had taken pictures as she inserted each bead into her asshole as she played with her visibly moist pussy. Seeing that Tyler was clearly enjoying the photo album, Amy asked him if he would like to see more.

My wife led Tyler to our computer where she stored the remainder of her pictures. She sat Tyler down in the chair and opened the file that contained her photos. Amy decided to start the show with some of her more dirty shots. She opened pictures of herself with various dildos and vibrators inserted into her holes. As she stood closely behind Tyler she noticed that his breathing had quickened and he was constantly moving around in his seat. Amy looked down at Tyler’s lap and saw that a huge bulge had formed. My wife made up her mind that she wanted to see what he was hiding in his pants and feel it inside her. She shut down the computer and asked Tyler to make her another drink while she went to the washroom.

When Tyler went into the kitchen, Amy snuck into the bedroom and quickly changed out of her bar clothes and into something more comfortable. When she rejoined Tyler on the couch she was now wearing a tight pair of booty shorts and a matching tank top. Amy knew that this outfit was enough to turn any guy on as it showed off her tight round ass and her nipples were clearly visible through the flimsy material. My naughty wife sat down next to Tyler and asked him if he had enjoyed seeing her sexy pictures. He admitted that they were excellent and wished that he could see more as he looked her up and down.

Amy noticed Tyler ogling her body and suggested that he get a better look. Before he had a chance to respond, Amy hopped up and straddled his lap. She leaned down and gave him a gentle kiss. She watched his reaction and tried to gauge whether she should continue or not. Their eyes locked and Amy could see the lust in his eyes. She made up her mind to go for it and leaned down again for a much more sensual kiss. Amy snaked her tongue out and gently licked Tyler’s lips before pushing her tongue into his waiting mouth. They passionately made out for a few minutes and explored each others’ bodies with their hands. Tyler’s strong hands had found my wife’s breasts and he was aggressively massaging them through her shirt. She was now grinding her crotch in his lap, enjoying the feel of his large member rubbing against her covered pussy.

Suddenly, Amy stood up and ordered her friend to do the same. When Tyler rose from his seat Amy dropped to her knees in front of him. She proceeded to seductively undo his pants and slip them down around his ankles. My wife peered at the outline of Tyler’s huge cock through his briefs. Boosting his ego, she commented on his size and this caused his cock to visibly twitch in its encasement. Amy reached out and firmly took hold of his monster dick. She stroked his cock and looked up at Tyler. His eyes were closed and his jaw hung open as my wife was clearly arousing her friend.

Amy released her grip on his cock and hooked her fingers into the sides of his undies. She slowly tugged at them until they were bunched around his ankles with his pants. His 9 inch cock sprung free, almost smacking my wife in the face. Amy again wrapped her fist around his cock and tilted it toward her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and lightly trailed it across the underside of his dick. When she reached the head, his cock jumped and landed back on her tongue. She greedily licked the precum that had leaked from his cock before stuffing his shaft into her mouth. The intense pleasure caused by Amy’s wonderful oral skills caused Tyler’s knees to tremble and he collapsed back onto the couch. When he fell back Amy followed him, never releasing his shaft from her mouth.

My wife continued to lick and suck Tyler’s dick, attempting to take his entire length in her mouth. She has no problem swallowing my 7 inches but she found it impossible to get his whole rod into her throat. Just as Amy got his cock in as far as it would go he erupted without warning, sending stream after stream of warm cum into her mouth. My wife swallowed what she could and the remainder leaked out and dripped down her chin. She released his cock and licked her lips, enjoying the taste of her new lover’s cum.

Having momentarily satisfied Tyler, Amy now wanted some attention. She tore off her clothes and jumped up on the couch. She stood naked in front of Tyler with her already wet pussy just inches from his face. Not able to wait any longer, she thrust her hips forward, smothering him with her mound. Tyler let his tongue hang from his mouth as my horny wife fucked his face. The feel of her friends’ mouth on her pussy and the thrill of having sex with another man without me had my wife on the brink of a massive orgasm. In no time at all she was screaming out the arrival of her climax and coating Tyler’s face with her juices. He lapped at her convulsing pussy as her first orgasm of the night subsided.

Once Amy had regained her composure, she dropped her ass into Tyler’s lap and began grinding her soaked snatch against his still hard cock. She used her own cum to lube up his shaft in preparation for the penetration to come. When she felt that his cock was sufficiently slick, Amy reached for his rod and stroked him slowly with her tiny hand. As she jerked his cock, she rubbed his large head along her pussy lips and against her protruding clit. My slut wife then placed the tip of his dick at her opening and started to gradually sink a couple of inches in. Having never had sex with such a large cock, Amy took her time, allowing her pussy to get accustomed to it’s girth. She sank inch by inch until Tyler’s member was completely embedded between her overstretched lips.

Now that she had succeeded in taking his entire cock in her pussy, Amy sat motionless, enjoying the new sensation. She tilted her head toward Tyler’s and hungrily kissed her new fuck friend. He passionately returned her kiss as his hands reached around her and firmly took hold of her tight ass. He lifted her up slightly, causing his cock to slide slightly within her box. They simultaneously moaned into each other’s mouth as he lowered her back down onto his cock. Tyler lifted her again, this time further and quicker, and dropped her onto his massive rod. Amy broke off their kiss and threw her head back in ecstasy. She began to rotate her hips, feeling his cock touch the depths of her pussy. Amy was soon riding his cock like a woman possessed, bouncing in his lap violently.

Having her friends tool pounding at her pussy sent Amy into a near constant state of orgasm. She screamed out Tyler’s name as her pussy became flooded with her cum. She repeatedly slammed her pussy down on his hard cock as climax after climax ripped through her body. Her juices leaked out around Tyler’s shaft and coated his balls with her wetness. Amy eventually slowed her movements, rising until only the very tip of his head was inside her and then sinking at a deliberate pace, feeling each of his 9 slick inches re-enter her tingling pussy. Sensing that Tyler was on the verge of exploding in her pussy, Amy stood, causing his cock to slip from her body and land on his stomach with an audible smack.

Wanting more of his big dick, Amy suggested they move into the bedroom where they would have more room. She reached for his glistening rod and led him down the hall to our bedroom. Once inside, she pushed Tyler onto the bed and asked if he was ready for more. A silly question considering he had yet to cum. My wife hopped onto the bed and roughly wrapped her fist around his cock. She slid her small hand up his shaft, forcing a small drop of pre-cum to escape from the tip. She lowered her head toward his member and flicked her tongue across the head of his dick, tasting his leakage and her own cum from his cock. She licked her lips in delight before positioning herself above his cock again.

With her pussy being so wet from her previous orgasms, she no longer needed to take her time. Amy impaled herself on his cock in one swift motion. She felt his cock twitch inside her as she sat upright on top of her friend. My wife started to rock her hips ever so slightly while clenching her pussy muscles, barely allowing his cock to move within her. Tyler reached for Amy’s breasts and playfully tweaked her erect nipples as he enjoyed her tight pussy. Growing more bold, Tyler asked Amy how she was liking being fucked while her husband was at work. My wife responded by increasing her pace and moaning loudly. He asked her if I liked fucking her after another man had filled her pussy. Again she moaned and was now fucking her new sex friend hard and fast. Amy began to feel the familiar sensation of a wonderful orgasm building within. Tyler kept up his chatter until my wife erupted once again around his thick cock. As she came, Amy yelled out her new lover’s name, bringing an ear to ear grin to Tyler’s face.

When Amy finally came down from her most recent climax she collapsed on top of his chest and attempted to catch her breath. Once she had recovered, my wife whispered in Tyler’s ear that she wanted him to fuck her from behind. She jumped off his cock and bent over with her ass waving in the air. Tyler eagerly moved behind her and fed his rod into her wide open snatch. He thrust his cock rapidly into her wet pussy and massaged the globes of her ass. Using her ass for leverage, he pounded away at her little pussy, driving as deep as he could with each stroke.

Suddenly he stopped his movement, not wanting to cum yet. He rested for a moment before resuming his long, deep strokes. Aware that he couldn’t hold off much longer, he asked Amy where she wanted him to cum. Being the loving wife that she is, Amy told him to fill her pussy so that I could fuck her cum drenched box when I arrived home. Hearing this forced Tyler past the point of no return. His cock erupted into my wife, sending jet after jet of hot cum into her already wet pussy. He continued to fuck Amy until he emptied his entire load into her. When he eventually withdrew his member from her, his cum began to flow from her well fucked pussy and dripping onto the sheets below.

Completely exhausted, Amy and Tyler collapsed beside each other on our bed. My wife looked at the clock and realized that I would be home from work in just a few hours. She rolled over to face Tyler and suggested that he should leave shortly before I got home. They chatted about their tryst for a few minutes as Tyler began to locate his clothes. Once he was fully dressed he sat on the bed next to my wife and thanked her for a wonderful time. Amy told him that they should get together again soon and pulled his head down for one last kiss. Tyler made a comment about hoping that I enjoyed my “present” before leaving the room and closing the door behind him. Amy was fast asleep before she could hear him exit the front door.

I arrived home from work early and entered our apartment hoping to find my wife, Amy, waiting for me. When I had left for work she and her friend Tyler were drinking and flirting after a night out on the town. I had spent all day at work fantasizing that my wife was at home fucking her friend. As I walked through the living room I saw that the clothes Amy was wearing when I left earlier were on the floor in front of the couch. The thoughts of my wife naked in the presence of another man caused my dick to stir in my pants. I made my way to our bedroom, stopping near the front door to see if Tyler’s shoes were still here. I didn’t see them anywhere and proceeded to our room.

I quietly opened the door to the bedroom, not wanting to startle Amy. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. When Amy failed to move I figured she was sleeping and took in the scene before me. My wife was laying on her back with the covers pulled up to her chin and the hint of a smile on her face. The rest of the sheets on the bed were a wrinkled mess. It was at this time that I noticed the scent of sex in the air. My cock grew to full mast as I realized the look on Amy’s face was that of a woman who had just been fucked.

I stripped off my clothes and crawled into bed next to my naughty wife. I was consumed with lust as I snuggled next to her warm body. I cautiously peeled the sheets from her sexy frame, exposing her fantastic tits. I found that her nipples were hard as diamonds as I rolled them between my fingers. I removed my hand when I felt Amy stir slightly. Looking up at her face I saw that her smile had grown wider. I figured she was dreaming that it was Tyler who was touching her. I slid the covers further down her sexy body until her bald pussy came into view.

I stared at her crotch in disbelief. Her lips were red and swollen and there were traces of dried cum on her mound. There was also a visible dark spot on the sheets between her legs where I guessed the juice from her orgasm had pooled. I reached for her pussy and lightly traced my fingers along her slit finding that she was still quite damp. I easily inserted two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit with my thumb. I looked up at her face to see if her beautiful green eyes were open. Amy was looking directly at me with a suspicious smirk on her face. When I asked why she was smiling she said that I would find out soon enough.

My wife then grabbed my wrist and removed my fingers from her snatch. She brought them up to her mouth and put on quite a show as she licked them clean. Amy grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down until our lips met. I could taste her pussy on her tongue as we kissed deeply. As we made out I slithered on top of her and slid my rock hard shaft along the lips of her pussy. My cock was soon slick with the fluid from her already used pussy. Knowing just how to get my motor running, Amy asked me if I would like sloppy seconds. I replied by slamming my dick into her opening as hard as I could. Amy screamed out in surprise as she was penetrated by her second cock of the day.

I pounded her pussy with long hard strokes and soon she was crying out in pleasure as another orgasm hit. My wife was begging me not to stop when a second orgasm ravaged her body. Her whole body shook uncontrollably as her pussy released its cum around my cock. She was wetter than I had ever felt before and I told her so. My slut wife’s response stunned me, causing me to stop moving altogether. She informed me that the majority of wetness I could feel around my cock was deposited by Tyler. It was a colossal turn on to know that I was fucking my wife while she still had another man’s cum deep in her pussy. Looking down I could see that my cock was coated in a mixture of their cum. I resumed pumping into her messy cunt, loving that my wife had fulfilled yet another one of my fantasies.

I had to slow my thrusts in order to enjoy Amy’s cum filled pussy for as long as I could. Each time I pushed my cock deep inside her, I would pause for a second to revel in her wetness. Seeing how aroused I was that she fucked her friend and allowed him to cum inside her, my wife started telling me how good his big cock felt and what a great sensation it was to feel him explode inside her pussy. Again she was pushing all the right buttons. I became aware that I was very close to cumming as my cock twitched in her pussy. I sped up my thrusts and was soon filling her pussy with a second load of cum. While I was cumming, Amy continued to tell me how fantastic it felt to get fucked while I was at work. She told me how turned on she was by her husband’s cock stirring another man’s cum in her pussy. Her constant chatter urged every drop of cum I had out of my throbbing cock. When I finally finished erupting, I pulled out of her sopping pussy and watched as cum poured from her slit. It was the sexiest sight I have ever witnessed.

Amy and I lay next to each other and tried to catch our breath. We briefly discussed her fling with Tyler and I suggested that she fuck him anytime she felt the urge. I also proposed that she fuck him while I watched and perhaps even videotaped their session. My wife didn’t give me a definite answer but she did say she would think about it. My mind was already made up though, I was going to invite Tyler over next weekend and surprise Amy.

Exhausted from her back to back fuckings, Amy said goodnight and rolled over with her back to me. I cuddled behind her, slipping my still hard cock between her thighs. As I drifted off to sleep I could feel cum escaping from her pussy and dripping onto my shaft. During my nap I dreamed of what would occur next weekend when I invite Tyler over to fuck my wife in front of me!

By real_life_swingers78


June 13, 2013

Sandra goes slut

My name is Sandra and I’m 45 years old. My two sons have grown up and left home, and I seem to be enjoying a new phase of life with very few family or financial responsibilities. This in turn may be why I’ve felt my sex drive increase over the last year or so, as I have more time and energy for ‘me’. I’ve gone from being very self-conscious and barely tolerating sex with my husband Mike to now taking the initiative whenever I can. I love to dress in sexy underwear for him, or wear short skirts and tight little tops that would be more appropriate for a woman less than half my age, and I love to see the very visible effect this has on him!

One night I was teasing him in a very short pleated miniskirt and tight little crop top. I had nothing on under my skirt, except for a pair of very sheer nude tights that clearly showed off my hairy pussy. I said he could look but not touch, and went about some housework ensuring that he got lots of glimpses up my skirt and down my top. Eventually he grabbed me on the sofa and made me straddle him while he lifted up my top and played with my breasts. ‘I wish another man could see this’ he said out of the blue. ‘What if I was doing this with another man, and not with you?’ I found myself saying. By way of a reply he tore off my tights, got out his stiff cock and fucked me deep and hard, pushing my knees up and back to give himself a good view of my thighs and pussy. This is his favourite position, but this particular night there was something else firing him up - his cock was especially hard, and he came very quickly, all the time calling me his beautiful slut wife!

Discussing it later, Mike said he’d always had a fantasy about me having sex with another man, even to the point of preferring the fantasy to actually having sex with me himself. I felt a little put out by this, but also more than a little thrilled. Of late, I’d begun to regret being so ‘prim and proper’ when I was younger, and wished I’d played around a bit more before marriage. ‘Why don’t we make your fantasy a reality’ I said. By way of an answer, Mike was all over me again in an instant, fingering my wet fanny to another orgasm, while I wanked his still hard cock and insisted he call me his ’slut wife’ again!

A couple of weeks after this new development in our love life, I took a weekend pamper break at a country club in the Lake District with Pam, an old girlfriend - where, by prior agreement (and after several energetic fucks!) Mike and I had agreed that should any ‘opportunity’ arise, I had his full and enthusiastic permission to ‘go for it’.

Friday evening in the Lakes passed by uneventfully, and we spent the following day being massaged and exfoliated and generally pampered to within an inch of our lives. We then dined (healthily!) in the evening and enjoyed more than a few glasses of wine. About 10pm, Pam said she was going to have an early night as she felt so deeply relaxed. I on the other hand was feeling very energetic, and decided to stay for another drink. The public bar was getting quite noisy, so I went through to the resident’s bar, which was pretty much empty. The barman introduced himself as George and I bought us both a drink. We got chatting and I had a few more drinks and found myself warming to George. He was in his late-50s, immaculately dressed, tall and well-built, and quite the charmer. He suddenly announced that he had to close the bar, but asked me if I’d like to stay for a nightcap once he’d locked up. I don’t think I was imagining the suggestive look in his eye, and I found myself readily accepting his offer.

He fixed us both a drink and sat down next to me on the tall bar stools. I was wearing a little black wraparound dress cinched round the waist with a belt, sheer black tights and black ballet pumps. The only dignified way I could sit on the stool was to cross one leg over the other, but this caused my dress to fall open below the waist, revealing my thighs almost up to my knickers. George enjoyed a discrete eyeful while we chatted. I felt myself warming to an ‘opportunity’ and began shifting my legs, crossing and uncrossing them, not caring about how much of my thighs were on display. George said calmly ‘you have fantastic legs’. I felt a surge of sexual excitement and let my dress fall apart all the way to the waist, clearly showing him the tiny pink knickers I was wearing under my tights. George got down from his stool, stood between my open thighs and put his arms around me. We kissed passionately, our tongues meeting. ‘Take off my dress’ I said. George undid my belt and eased my dress down off my shoulders. I put my hand to the front of his trousers and felt his hard cock. I slipped off my stool, shrugged off my dress and knelt down in front of him, unzipping his fly and letting his cock spring free. It looked much fatter than my husband’s, and when I put my hand round it to wank him, my fingers and thumb wouldn’t meet! This was the only other cock I’d touched in 25 years, and I eagerly took him into my mouth whilst slowly wanking his fat shaft.

George stood me up and took me over to a nearby sofa. We kissed again and while I wanked him he started fingering me through my tights and knickers. It felt so horny, and reminded me of making out with boys when I was a teenager. I felt a strong orgasm building and opened my thighs as wide as I could. As I came I cried out ‘finger my wet fanny’ and I pushed my mound back against his hand and played with my own breasts and nipples.

George then undressed himself, and I admired his big build and his equally big cock and ball sack. His cock was standing upright, the foreskin pulled back to reveal his dark red cock head, glistening with pre-cum and my saliva. He told me to stand then took off my tights and wet knickers, whilst I unfastened my bra. I thought I would be self-conscious with another man - after two kids and 45 years my thighs, hips and bum are quite ‘generous’ to say the least! - but I felt sexually on fire and George was clearly enjoying my body. I sat back on the sofa naked with my knees up and open, displaying my hairy pussy which was now soaking wet and gaping wide open. I have very prominent labia and I began teasing them with my fingers and playing with my clitty. George’s fingers joined mine, and he began pulling and stretching my pussy lips whilst we french kissed deeply.

‘I need your big cock inside me’ I said.

George pulled my ass to the edge of the sofa and put the head of his cock between my pussy lips. I reached down and massaged his balls, pushing his cock deep inside me. I immediately began to orgasm again as George lifted my legs up and back, assuming my husband’s favourite position and looking down at my thighs and stretched open pussy. ‘Do you like what you see, fucking another man’s slut wife?’ I said, my voice breathy with lust.

George began fucking me vigorously, grunting with each thrust, his balls slapping against my bum cheeks. I told him ’spunk inside me’, but he said he wasn’t ready to finish yet. Instead, he withdrew his cock and made me kneel on the sofa with my arms over the back and my bum sticking out towards him. I felt tremendously exposed and naked, knowing that he could see my swollen pussy and now my little puckered anus too.

‘I loved your big sexy arse the moment I saw it tonight’ he said.

He began kissing and slapping my cheeks and pulling my pussy lips again, and then I felt his breath intimately on my other little place. ‘I love your gorgeous arse’ he panted, and began licking and kissing my anus. Then I felt his tongue probing me deeply there and it felt exquisite. I moaned and pushed myself back into him, and I could feel his whole face pressing into the cleft of my bum.

‘How slutty are you?’ George asked, pulling away from me. ‘Try me’ was all I said, knowing full well what was now about to happen.

He stood up, and then I felt his cock-head against my wet tongued anus. I’m no stranger to anal sex, and knew that the ‘only way in’ was for me to relax - but George’s cock was substantially bigger than my husband’s. He pressed his cock into me gently but firmly, but I just couldn’t take his girth. He knelt again and tongued my anus once more, really deeply, and I could hear him working his saliva into me. Resting my head on the back of the sofa I reached back with both hands and parted my bum cheeks for him to signal my readiness. Once again I felt his fat cock head probing my little hole and this time I relaxed completely and sat back on him. The head entered me and then I felt his thick shaft filling my behind. He kept withdrawing completely, then entering me deeply again. I felt dizzy with excitement and urged him to ‘fuck my slut arse’. But again he said he wasn’t finished yet!

He withdrew, turned me around, and once again lay me back on the sofa in the position so familiar to my husband. He raised my legs up so that my knees were either side of my breasts, then slid his cock down my bum cleft again, this time entering my behind effortlessly. He penetrated me deeply and began at last to come. ‘Spunk in my slut wife arse’ I urged him, and I could feel his cock pulsating, stretching my bum open even further. Finally spent, he withdrew noisily from me, and rested between my splayed legs. I wanked his still erect cock and massaged its wetness into my belly and thighs while we french kissed and tried to get our breath back.

Some time later I returned weak-kneed to my room wearing just my dress and pumps, furtively clutching my bra, wet knickers and tights in case I encountered anyone on the way. I got into bed unshowered, revelling in the gloriously sexy feeling that enveloped my whole body.

The last thing I did before going to sleep was to call my husband and leave him a very provocative voicemail message from his very satisfied slut wife…

By: SirChameleon

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