June 13, 2013

Sandra goes slut

My name is Sandra and I’m 45 years old. My two sons have grown up and left home, and I seem to be enjoying a new phase of life with very few family or financial responsibilities. This in turn may be why I’ve felt my sex drive increase over the last year or so, as I have more time and energy for ‘me’. I’ve gone from being very self-conscious and barely tolerating sex with my husband Mike to now taking the initiative whenever I can. I love to dress in sexy underwear for him, or wear short skirts and tight little tops that would be more appropriate for a woman less than half my age, and I love to see the very visible effect this has on him!

One night I was teasing him in a very short pleated miniskirt and tight little crop top. I had nothing on under my skirt, except for a pair of very sheer nude tights that clearly showed off my hairy pussy. I said he could look but not touch, and went about some housework ensuring that he got lots of glimpses up my skirt and down my top. Eventually he grabbed me on the sofa and made me straddle him while he lifted up my top and played with my breasts. ‘I wish another man could see this’ he said out of the blue. ‘What if I was doing this with another man, and not with you?’ I found myself saying. By way of a reply he tore off my tights, got out his stiff cock and fucked me deep and hard, pushing my knees up and back to give himself a good view of my thighs and pussy. This is his favourite position, but this particular night there was something else firing him up - his cock was especially hard, and he came very quickly, all the time calling me his beautiful slut wife!

Discussing it later, Mike said he’d always had a fantasy about me having sex with another man, even to the point of preferring the fantasy to actually having sex with me himself. I felt a little put out by this, but also more than a little thrilled. Of late, I’d begun to regret being so ‘prim and proper’ when I was younger, and wished I’d played around a bit more before marriage. ‘Why don’t we make your fantasy a reality’ I said. By way of an answer, Mike was all over me again in an instant, fingering my wet fanny to another orgasm, while I wanked his still hard cock and insisted he call me his ’slut wife’ again!

A couple of weeks after this new development in our love life, I took a weekend pamper break at a country club in the Lake District with Pam, an old girlfriend - where, by prior agreement (and after several energetic fucks!) Mike and I had agreed that should any ‘opportunity’ arise, I had his full and enthusiastic permission to ‘go for it’.

Friday evening in the Lakes passed by uneventfully, and we spent the following day being massaged and exfoliated and generally pampered to within an inch of our lives. We then dined (healthily!) in the evening and enjoyed more than a few glasses of wine. About 10pm, Pam said she was going to have an early night as she felt so deeply relaxed. I on the other hand was feeling very energetic, and decided to stay for another drink. The public bar was getting quite noisy, so I went through to the resident’s bar, which was pretty much empty. The barman introduced himself as George and I bought us both a drink. We got chatting and I had a few more drinks and found myself warming to George. He was in his late-50s, immaculately dressed, tall and well-built, and quite the charmer. He suddenly announced that he had to close the bar, but asked me if I’d like to stay for a nightcap once he’d locked up. I don’t think I was imagining the suggestive look in his eye, and I found myself readily accepting his offer.

He fixed us both a drink and sat down next to me on the tall bar stools. I was wearing a little black wraparound dress cinched round the waist with a belt, sheer black tights and black ballet pumps. The only dignified way I could sit on the stool was to cross one leg over the other, but this caused my dress to fall open below the waist, revealing my thighs almost up to my knickers. George enjoyed a discrete eyeful while we chatted. I felt myself warming to an ‘opportunity’ and began shifting my legs, crossing and uncrossing them, not caring about how much of my thighs were on display. George said calmly ‘you have fantastic legs’. I felt a surge of sexual excitement and let my dress fall apart all the way to the waist, clearly showing him the tiny pink knickers I was wearing under my tights. George got down from his stool, stood between my open thighs and put his arms around me. We kissed passionately, our tongues meeting. ‘Take off my dress’ I said. George undid my belt and eased my dress down off my shoulders. I put my hand to the front of his trousers and felt his hard cock. I slipped off my stool, shrugged off my dress and knelt down in front of him, unzipping his fly and letting his cock spring free. It looked much fatter than my husband’s, and when I put my hand round it to wank him, my fingers and thumb wouldn’t meet! This was the only other cock I’d touched in 25 years, and I eagerly took him into my mouth whilst slowly wanking his fat shaft.

George stood me up and took me over to a nearby sofa. We kissed again and while I wanked him he started fingering me through my tights and knickers. It felt so horny, and reminded me of making out with boys when I was a teenager. I felt a strong orgasm building and opened my thighs as wide as I could. As I came I cried out ‘finger my wet fanny’ and I pushed my mound back against his hand and played with my own breasts and nipples.

George then undressed himself, and I admired his big build and his equally big cock and ball sack. His cock was standing upright, the foreskin pulled back to reveal his dark red cock head, glistening with pre-cum and my saliva. He told me to stand then took off my tights and wet knickers, whilst I unfastened my bra. I thought I would be self-conscious with another man - after two kids and 45 years my thighs, hips and bum are quite ‘generous’ to say the least! - but I felt sexually on fire and George was clearly enjoying my body. I sat back on the sofa naked with my knees up and open, displaying my hairy pussy which was now soaking wet and gaping wide open. I have very prominent labia and I began teasing them with my fingers and playing with my clitty. George’s fingers joined mine, and he began pulling and stretching my pussy lips whilst we french kissed deeply.

‘I need your big cock inside me’ I said.

George pulled my ass to the edge of the sofa and put the head of his cock between my pussy lips. I reached down and massaged his balls, pushing his cock deep inside me. I immediately began to orgasm again as George lifted my legs up and back, assuming my husband’s favourite position and looking down at my thighs and stretched open pussy. ‘Do you like what you see, fucking another man’s slut wife?’ I said, my voice breathy with lust.

George began fucking me vigorously, grunting with each thrust, his balls slapping against my bum cheeks. I told him ’spunk inside me’, but he said he wasn’t ready to finish yet. Instead, he withdrew his cock and made me kneel on the sofa with my arms over the back and my bum sticking out towards him. I felt tremendously exposed and naked, knowing that he could see my swollen pussy and now my little puckered anus too.

‘I loved your big sexy arse the moment I saw it tonight’ he said.

He began kissing and slapping my cheeks and pulling my pussy lips again, and then I felt his breath intimately on my other little place. ‘I love your gorgeous arse’ he panted, and began licking and kissing my anus. Then I felt his tongue probing me deeply there and it felt exquisite. I moaned and pushed myself back into him, and I could feel his whole face pressing into the cleft of my bum.

‘How slutty are you?’ George asked, pulling away from me. ‘Try me’ was all I said, knowing full well what was now about to happen.

He stood up, and then I felt his cock-head against my wet tongued anus. I’m no stranger to anal sex, and knew that the ‘only way in’ was for me to relax - but George’s cock was substantially bigger than my husband’s. He pressed his cock into me gently but firmly, but I just couldn’t take his girth. He knelt again and tongued my anus once more, really deeply, and I could hear him working his saliva into me. Resting my head on the back of the sofa I reached back with both hands and parted my bum cheeks for him to signal my readiness. Once again I felt his fat cock head probing my little hole and this time I relaxed completely and sat back on him. The head entered me and then I felt his thick shaft filling my behind. He kept withdrawing completely, then entering me deeply again. I felt dizzy with excitement and urged him to ‘fuck my slut arse’. But again he said he wasn’t finished yet!

He withdrew, turned me around, and once again lay me back on the sofa in the position so familiar to my husband. He raised my legs up so that my knees were either side of my breasts, then slid his cock down my bum cleft again, this time entering my behind effortlessly. He penetrated me deeply and began at last to come. ‘Spunk in my slut wife arse’ I urged him, and I could feel his cock pulsating, stretching my bum open even further. Finally spent, he withdrew noisily from me, and rested between my splayed legs. I wanked his still erect cock and massaged its wetness into my belly and thighs while we french kissed and tried to get our breath back.

Some time later I returned weak-kneed to my room wearing just my dress and pumps, furtively clutching my bra, wet knickers and tights in case I encountered anyone on the way. I got into bed unshowered, revelling in the gloriously sexy feeling that enveloped my whole body.

The last thing I did before going to sleep was to call my husband and leave him a very provocative voicemail message from his very satisfied slut wife…

By: SirChameleon


June 5, 2013

Wife taken by 3

I am still deeply affected by something that happened when I was younger. My wife and I were at a party, circulating and meeting people separately and slowly getting drunk. At one moment I saw my wife through a doorway on a sofa with two predatory males who were slowly manipulating her towards something beyond her normal limits. I was at once shocked and at the same time fascinated as I watched these guys begin to french kiss and run their hands up inside her blouse. I could not believe the ease with which they were able to persuade her into allowing their advances. And she may have been a bit drunk but I couldn’t believe that she was allowing this to happen when she knew I was in the same building.

I was totally upset and yet found myself mesmerized as I watched them lead her into an upstairs room at the far end of the hallway as I slowly and secretly followed at a safe distance. We had been married for just two years and were so blindly in love that there seemed to be no issues of trust. But I was suddenly in a situation of hiding and watching whilst my wife was being anally fingered whilst taking another mans penis in her mouth.

It got worse. Another man entered the room, saw what was happening and took down his pants in order to be sucked. I felt hurt and yet excited as I hid and watched them penetrate her, sometimes individually and sometimes two at a time. I cold not understand what she was thinking. Was she concerned about us… Did she care?

Later I met her alone and we went home. I said nothing and nor did she. She never ever mentioned it. I wondered in the years we spent together if she had subsequent similar stories but I never asked. Eventually we separated and the lasting impression I have is of this one evening. There’s something indelible about a momentary sight of your partner opening her pussy for one man whilst sucking another as a third guy is working his fingers into her ass. It really hurts and still the memory of that night is turn on like no other.

Submitted by: Ollo - USA


May 18, 2013

Corporate Whore

Another steamy diary update from amazing hotwife Jackie


Ever wonder how some companies seem to get all the really talented help? You might think it’s the pay scale, but the secret is in the perks. And I happen to be one of the best perks. How did I become a corporate whore, you might ask? Here’s how it happened:

My old boss set up “dates” for me with important clients of our firm, and on occasion had me “date” guys that he wanted to recruit. You could say I was the company’s secret recruiting/deal closing weapon. My boss would book a four star hotel for me, I’d dress up in hot slutty lingerie, greet my date with a chilled martini and proceed to rock their world. I “worked” late so often I had to confess to my husband what my assignments were really about. At first he was a little upset but soon found great excitement knowing his wife was getting banged night after night by strange men. Especially when I would come home to him tired and used and let him have sloppy seconds and then I’d watch him jack off as I told him how I was fucked by other men.

Chuck was one of those guys that my boss wanted desperately to have on our team, and once I met Chuck, well let’s just say it was a dream assignment! Chuck is a super hot buff black guy with a huge fat dick who really knows how to use it. I told Chuck that if he took the job with our company I would be one of the perks of the job, his on-call personal whore. After the first night of fucking me, Chuck took the job and is considered a very valued employee to this day. And now when Chuck calls I always say “where and what time!” Nothing more productive than a happy employee!

Chuck confessed to me that he might want to share me with some of his BBC brothas. He asked how I felt about that. He wants to have small parties at his place for a few of his bro’s once a month or so. He really wants to show me off to them and if I don’t mind, he wants me to suck their cocks as he watches and wants his best friends to fuck me too. I told him I’d have to ask my hubby if it’s okay (I’m sure he’ll give me the green light.

I’d be honored to be Chuck’s party hostess! I would do anything to keep Chuck happy with me even if it means letting his friends fuck me too.

Chuck asked if he could take some pics of me himself, naughty pin-up shots mostly. I told him I would get my cuck hubby to shoot video and pics of him fucking me to better show his friends what they would be getting. As Chuck shot the first few pin-up pics of me in my lingerie his dick was getting bigger and harder. Soon he had to hand the camera off to my hubby then quickly pushed my head down to his fat cock telling me to suck it and worship his huge black dick. After a few minutes of fucking my face he pushed me back on the bed and shoved his giant black cock inside my tight white pussy, soon slamming his cock hard into my cunt before moving on to my asshole (he really loves anal!). As he pounded his black cock in and out of my asshole he kept telling me what a whore and a slut I was and how he would whore me out to all his friends and kept asking me how I would like that. I tried to answer him but all I could manage was affirmative grunts.

A few days later my hubby sent Chuck the pics and video and sure enough Chuck showed the pics to some of his buds and I began getting calls for blind dates with BBC hunks. Yeah, my life is really tough, LOL.

Chuck really gets off on the idea of whoring me out to his friends, and I gotta say I have all the fun! Corporate whore, company slut, housewife whore, call me what your will. Just call me!







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March 13, 2013

Meet Sangred

Another scrumptious Hotwife to introduce you to today. This sex kitten is also a member of Hotwife Hub. Check out her profile here


Hello Everyone.

I’m a horny, nasty, kinky hotwife. You’d never know it by looking at me. I’m appear pretty innocent. I’m sweet and I have a good heart. I just don’t follow the rules society sets regarding my sexuality. It’s taken a while to fully embrace this lifestyle. I have a wide range of interests. I have always been a perverted little sadomasochist. I was lucky to find my husband, who opened up further avenues of sexual kinkiness. I’m very into anal, cock worship, rough sex, and a bit of hairpulling, ass slapping, hard nipple sucking and throat fucking, too. You can call me whore, slut, bitch… I own it.

I’m always interested in meeting kinky people to discuss like interests. If we connect and decide to play, let’s blog about it so everyone can live vicariously through our sluttiness!


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January 21, 2013

Mandys Fresh Creampie

Here’s an update from stunning blonde Hot wife Mandy Monroe getting another fresh cream pie filling from some more random black cock.


This was such a horny encounter. In this video Duncan Underwood comes over to stretch my tight pussy out. After some foreplay and hard fucking, Duncan runs his big black cock up my ass… You can hear me squealing as he’s “owning” my ass. After some intense anal sex, he’s back in my pussy where he finishes off inside me. There’s a nice closeup of his seed spilling from my worn pussy.


Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

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December 26, 2012

Future Wife Fantasy

Here’s an interesting submission. So many of us fantasize about what it must be like to have a Hotwife as a partner. As you’ll read in the following text, for some it remains a highly erotic desire that is very specific to the kind of cuck we are. I would be interested to receive more fantasies such as this.


Not really a submissive male, but always wanted to get this out.. this seems like a good place.

For going on ten years now, the only sexual fantasy that would get me off for sure has been the hotwife fantasy. I don’t want to be a cuck. I want to be the dominant one. I want her to be submissive to my every desire, and enjoy every minute of it. What is it about sharing one’s wife that is erotic and promises an erection every time in a willing husband?

Unfortunately, I do not live near any women who would be willing to discover this lifestyle. Trust me, I know, I have been looking for a while. I’m only 30, so the chance may still come. I wanted to share my fantasy, I want to share my theoretical wife. At least for now, until I find a worthy woman to take up the mantle.

My Hotwife fantasy always starts of the same. A loving girlfriend, who becomes a sexually charged fiance, and then marriage based on complete honesty and open conversation. No subject should be off limits. She, my wife, of course knows of my proclivities before we get married, and even though she doesn’t let it on, I can tell she is excited by the prospect of what we might get up to.

It starts in Mardi Gras. Cliche perhaps, but a great starting point for indulging my, or should I say, our fantasy without diving into the deep end right away. Mardi Gras, is Mardi Gras, and you can imagine what may happen. In my head, the first day is always fun and exciting, being the first time, despite being fairly vanilla and mundane. She does the typical Mardi Gras thing on the first day. Flashing for beads, both her breasts and her neatly trimmed pussy. Occasionally letting the odd man cop a feel. It’s not too much effort for her to flash men all day since I had dressed her that morning in a short, loose skirt and no panties with a low cut, bra-less sheer white top. That night, we fuck like rabbits.

The second day, she gets even bolder. She wears her bikini top and an even shorter, looser skirt. A skirt that barely makes it past the curves her buttocks so that when she reaches, for anything, anyone standing behind her gets a full show. I also encourage her to get more brazen on the second day and let as many men as she likes fondle any part of her they want. Which of course, she does, knowing I’m only a couple of steps away and would step in if things get out of hand. That night we fuck like rabbits yet again, and afterwards she tells me about the several men who were bold enough to finger fuck her in public, one at the bar while waiting for her drinks, and one by the event stages where I leave her for a bit while getting us some lunch. She never got any of their names.

On the third day, she participates in a wet t-shirt contest, edged on by one of the organizers. They have to give her a shirt to wear since all she has on is the bikini top. She amazingly removes the bikini in the middle of the crowd before putting on her t-shirt. I couldn’t help but notice that the t-shirt is the thinnest piece of cloth I have ever seen. She doesn’t win, stiff competition, but immediately after the contest she hops off the stage, t-shirt barely there when wet, and runs up to me and whispers in my ear that the organizer has been trying to lead her to a back room all night. I simply smile at her and tell her to go for it, and I will be waiting for her by the bar. She comes back not 30 minutes later, and without saying a word, takes my hand and guides it to below her skirt and let’s me feel the sticky wetness of her mound. I should add, that she no longer has her t-shirt on at this point.

Back in the hotel, I don’t let her shower despite the fact that she wants to and we fuck like rabbits yet again.

Back home and things quiet down a bit. We go back to our normal routine, but I tell her if she gets the urge, she should indulge. I only ask to be told about it. She seems uncomfortable with this, and prefers I am there with her and begs me to take her on another vacation. I tell her she will have to earn it.

To earn it, she has to entertain my buddies and I during a weekly poker game. She is dressed in her skimpiest lingerie and is told to ensure that everyone’s glass and snack bowl is always filled and to remain by the table, available for anyone’s wandering hands.

By the end of the night, there are only two guys left, so I bring out special poker chips that I had made; to my wife’s complete surprise. The chips are worth either a hand-job, a blowjob, or a fuck. I make sure to lose the last few hands. The guys though, are shy, and don’t want to be watched. So instead she takes each one, one by one, to the guest bedroom and let them fuck her. They each go back twice.

She has earned her vacation so off we go to the beach. As she is bathing topless on the beach, three young, college aged men stop by our umbrella and start chatting me and my wife; I’m pretty sure the entire time they were thinking about what they might be able to get away with. They don’t have a chance though because my wife invites them all back to our chalet for some drinks and a little strip poker. I have never seen three boys faces light up so quick.

My wife is a terrible poker player and is quickly naked. We all feel bad for her though, so we stop the game and get naked as well. So there we are, my wife laying on the bed, I am laying next to her, one of the boys is sitting on the edge of the bed, one at the foot, and the other is still at the table. All enjoying the buzz of the drinks and the atmosphere. As things quiet down, I start kissing and fondling my wife. My fingers play with her nipples and work their way down to her pussy, spreading her legs for better access. All three boys are watching, unable to avert their eyes, when I beckon the closest one to feel free. He wastes no time and is on top of my wife before I manage to get my hand out of the way. We each take turns on my wife. Sometimes one at a time, with the others watching, sometimes two at a time. When everyone has came twice, and my wife a few times, they say thanks and take their leave. My wife and I fall asleep, leaving everything in the room, including the cum stained cover as it is.

The next day, we run into the boy from the previous night at the crappy continental breakfast room and they invite me and my wife down for a day at the local amusement park. We eagerly accept the invitation and all ride in the same car together. My wife sitting in the back in between two of the boys.

At the amusement park we learn that the boys have invited a couple of their friends along as well. One who happens to have a large van out in the parking lot. So for the rest of the morning and afternoon my wife is going back and forth between the amusement park and the van, taking one or two of the boys with her each time. She tells me later that a security guard catches her and one of the boys fucking in the van, but instead of reporting her, the boy my wife was with offers my wife up to the security guard. My wife was happy to oblige. We fuck like rabbits that night.

Back home, we decide we need to have a set of rules & regulations for her behavior and limits. A document that we both sign which clearly lays out what she can and can not do and so the following was born:

The Husband, me, has the final word in all endeavors and can stop everything on a whim if he so chooses. The wife must not remain out of reach, unless otherwise agreed upon, and will return home immediately if the Husband demands.

Men who are allowed to fuck my wife fall into the following classifications:

Strangers: Prior permission must be obtained in order to fuck a stranger. If no permission can be obtained, or if the Husband says so, the Wife has the option to charge the stranger for the privilege. $50 for a blow job and $100 for a fuck. No anal. Husband keeps all the proceeds.

Lover: A lover does not have to obtain prior permission and can fuck my Wife anytime he pleases as long as he does not interrupt the Husbands wishes or plans.

Boyfriend: A boyfriend can fuck my Wife anytime he so chooses without prior permission. The Wife also has the option of staying for up to 2 nights in a row with the boyfriend before she must return to the Husband.

Fiance: The fiance can fuck my Wife anytime he so chooses without prior permission and can keep the wife in his possession for up 2 weeks before she must return to the Husband. The Fiance also has the option of ‘loaning’ out the wife to whomever he likes, but is then made responsible for her safety if he chooses to do so.

Pimp: The pimp has all the benefits of the Fiance but is also allowed to ‘pimp’ my Wife out for financial gain. The Husband keeps 40% of all proceeds, while the Pimp keeps the rest. The wife must submit to theme nights, including but not limited to Poker Parties, Sports Events, BBQ, etc. She must wear what is designated and must follow all directions given to her by a guest.

The Wife must submit to 2 weeks every 4 months to be spent in a brothel; preferably legal. Husband keeps all proceeds.

The Wife must submit to 12 nights a year (can be spread out as desired) where she will be on the street, hooking for money. Husband keeps all the proceeds.

Every graduation season, the wife must offer herself to a local fraternity to be their stress relief for an entire weekend. She will not be allowed to leave the premises of the fraternity until the weekend is over.

The Wife must submit to a gang-bang party at least 3 times a year.

The Wife must submit to the fuckbooth* for 12 hours once a month.*The fuckbooth is a small two-roomed booth, whereby the wife lays on her stomach in the middle, with a curtain wall coming down splitting her body in half. One room for pussy, and one room for blowjobs. When in the fuckbooth, she must wear a blindfold and a butt-plug.

More rules & regulations as I think of them!

Here’s hoping that one day, one beautiful day, I meet a woman willing to take on this hotwife role. Here’s hoping.

Submitted by: Obmon, UK


November 18, 2012

Diary of a slut wife

Black Bachelor Diary Update

Diary Of A Slut Wife

I love sex and have it as often as I can, but it’s sometimes only once or twice a week with my Husband so I often go out looking for cock. I’m white/ 5′4”, 138lbs, 36C, long, dark-brown hair, and brown eyes. Below are some pictures from a recent encounter with a black guy I met in a hotel which went on the Black Bachelor website. I loved the feeling of his massive cock and him emptying his balls inside me. But what I wanted to tell you was one of my most slutty yet, I didn’t get any pictures of it but I thought it still had to be told.

It was a beautiful Friday evening when I got home from work. I was horny, as usual. I went to my bedroom and took off all my clothes. I opened my nightstand drawer and pulled out my favorite vibrator. I was able to bring myself to an orgasm in about five minutes.

It feels great, but I still always love a good stiff one in me. I showered and prepared to go out for the night to get in some fun. I decided to head to an adult video store for my first time. I was anxious to see what these “Video Stores” were all about though, so I dressed in some sexy clothes and headed out for the night.

Wearing a halter top, and a miniskirt, with no bra or underwear, I entered the store. There must have been 7-10 guys browsing through the magazine racks. All of the magazines had “graphic” types of pictures on them, such as women with “big tits”, some with “milking breasts”, others being fucked in the ass, some being gang-banged, and lesbian. I browsed through a few, and then decided that I should go in the back to see some “movies”. As I walked up to the counter to get some quarters for the machines, I couldn’t help notice all of the toys (dildos, creams, games, inflatable dolls) that were in the glass counter. After getting 5 dollars worth of quarters, I stepped into the back.

Walking down a narrow aisle about 10 feet long, I came upon 3 bulletin boards that listed the movies along with some pictures and the number of the booth that they were being shown in. Walking down the 3-4 aisles, I finally came to one of the booths that had a movie that I had chosen to watch. I entered the dark booth and somehow found the slot to put the quarters in. This movie showed a girl with two guys, she was on her knees sucking one guy’s dick while the other was fucking her from behind. After a couple minutes of fucking and sucking them, they climbed up on to the couch.

With the first guy lying down, she slowly sat on him, guiding his dick into her pussy. Once again they started fucking. The other guy walked up and started to rub Vaseline all over his dick and started to play with her ass. About that time the movie stopped, I had to put in more quarters. As the movie resumed, the camera zoomed in to a close-up shot of the first guy’s dick sliding in and out of the lady’s pussy. After a couple more minutes the second guy decided to mount the girl. Continuing the close up shot, the 2nd guy slipped his dick into her ass. Even though it was thoroughly lubricated, it took some time before he finally had it stuffed all the way up her ass. I love anal sex, so this was turning me on. After a couple minutes, the movie ended and instead of putting in more quarters, I left the booth to find another one.

I quickly found another booth and inserted a couple quarters, this second movie showed a guy fucking a woman in the ass, nothing special until he pulled out, I couldn’t believe the size of his dick. It must have been 13 inches long (found out later that he was John Holmes) after a few minutes the girl started to suck his dick. Of course because of his size she couldn’t take all of him, but she was trying. Watching her trying to deep throat this “horse” made me all excited. I lifted my skirt and started to play with myself. I leaned back against the wall. I had my other hand behind me to keep my balance and started to get lower to the floor. Suddenly, I couldn’t believe it, I felt something hard and warm, through the darkness. I looked back and down, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A hole had been cut out of the wall, and sticking through it was a man’s dick. This dick was about standing at attention, 7″ long and very thick.

After some hesitation, I started to play with his dick, running my fingers up and down the length. I turned around and slowly started to lick and fondle the shaft, feeling the veins and licking his hairy balls. To my surprise I started to get excited and slowly started to suck his dick. At first, I could hardly swallow him. The head was almost as large as my fist, and eventually could only take about 3 inches of him. But then I had a better idea, getting up, I pressed my ass against the wall, feeling the dick slide between my legs. Letting the head brush up against my pussy but, not letting it enter me. I reached behind me and slowly guided this “strange dick” towards the slit of my pussy. Although my pussy was wet and slippery, at first I could take only a couple inches. As I slowly started to thrust back and forth though, he gradually filled me completely. He soon started to pump me fast and furious. Fortunately, I can’t get pregnant, since I soon felt this “strange dick” pump his cum into my pussy. After a couple of minutes he slowly slipped out of my pussy and I quickly cleaned up.

As I left the booth, I noticed that there were several men hanging in the aisle. Walking past the booth where the strange dick had been, I noticed that the door was open and apparently the guy had left. As I came to the end of the fourth aisle, there were some stairs leading downstairs. Climbing down the stairs, once again I came upon some more movie “booths” along with the bulletin boards, describing the type of movies, etc. Pausing for a moment to choose a couple movies, I walked down a couple aisles to look for them. Near the end of one of the aisles, I entered a booth. This booth was much larger than the first two and in fact had a chair in it that I could sit in.

As I inserted quarters into the movie, I quickly glanced at the walls and noticed that this one also had holes cut into the sides of the booth. After a couple of minutes I took the initiative and approached the wall, and peering through the hole I could see that someone was looking at me. Feeling excitement, I moved my top and pressed my nipple into the opening and quickly felt a tongue licking and sucking my tit. Pulling gently he managed to squeeze a little of my breast through the hole and continued to suck on it. Feeling my legs starting to get tired I stood up and sat in the chair. The guy in the next booth whispered through the hole that he wanted to join me. I whispered back that it would be O.K. I opened my door and my heart started to beat madly, but I anxiously waited.

When this guy entered the room, he did not say a word but quickly knelt before me and slowly lifted my skirt and started to suck on my pussy. Feeling the pleasure of the tongue on my clit felt so good to me. Suddenly he stood and opened the door, fearing that he was leaving, I started to get up when I realized that he was letting in another person. He assured me that everything was o.k. and that I could quit whenever I wanted to. I sat down in the chair. Once again the first guy started to suck my pussy, moving his tongue inside my pussy. I lifted my legs on top of his shoulders and leaned back to enjoy. At that moment the 2nd guy brought his dick towards my lips and I started to suck him.

After a couple minutes I switched positions and got on my knees in the chair. The first guy started to fuck me, slowly at first and than faster. He soon came and the 2nd guy switched positions and soon started to eat my pussy, inserting his fingers into my moist, cum-filled pussy, he then started to rub his fingers into the wet cum-filled area around my ass hole. After a few minutes he then started to play with my ass and inserted his fingers into my ass. My new lover then stood up and slowly started to fuck my pussy. Pulling out he brought the head of his dick towards my ass and feeling me push backwards toward him, he started to insert his dick into my ass. Being slippery, he entered my ass easily. As he started to squeeze my ass cheeks, he started to fuck my ass. The first guy, wanting more, stepped in front of me with his dick in my face, and I soon brought him back to life. I could taste his cum and my pussy juices on his dick. With one dick up my ass and another in my mouth, I was feeling ecstasy. After the guy fucking me in my ass came, the one that I was sucking came around behind me. He too, started to fuck me in my now lubricated ass.

He started fucking me fast and furious from the start and after 4-5 minutes, came once again. The strangers dressed and left the booth. After getting dressed, I soon left the booth. As I left the booth and started to leave the store I couldn’t help but notice all of the men watching me, or I should say my ass, and wanting their own chance to share my body. It felt great feeling the sperm running out of my ass and pussy.

I walked to the connecting door to the building next door which housed the main adult movie theater. There was a small crowd inside. I figured more show up for the later shows. I saw a man in the back row on the far end sitting by alone. When I looked closer, I saw he had his dick out and was stroking it while watching the movie. I walked down the aisle and sat next to him. He looked at me in shock with wide eyes. I just smiled at him and took his dick in my hand. When he made no move to stop me, I just lowered my head. I was on the next to the last seat leaning over this man’s lap, head bobbing up and down. He has his left hand on top of my head and his right hand cupping my tit. The guy had pulled my top down to expose my breasts to whoever wanted to look, and there was about 10 men watching, with probably 20 others farther down that had no idea what was going on yet.

After another minute or two of my great sucking, this guy takes hold of my head with both hands, fucks his dick into my mouth, throat fucking my face for about 30 seconds, and shoots his load into my mouth. After he finishes cumming, I rose up off his spent dick and with cum dripping from my mouth. While pulling my top up, not even enough to cover my nipples (that were good and hard by this time), I get up and moved down about 4 rows where I sat beside this 20ish year old college student. We sit there a couple of minutes watching the movie and I notice all the guys sitting around, watching me.

The kid sitting next to me is staring at my tits and face, which still have cum on them. I am one hell of a nasty show-off when I get going, and tonight I was the Energizer Bunny. I reach over, and put my hand on his leg as I whisper into the kid’s ear. My skirt is so short that when I sit down, if you’re in front of me, you can see my shaved pussy, which I begin to rub as I began to take the kid’s dick out of his pants and start to jack on it for him. His dick is about 8″ and hard as a rock, I bend over and take his dick into my mouth and instantly began to deep-throat him, which is more than the kid can handle. By the third thrust into my throat, he is blowing his load into my mouth with such force that I gag and choke around his dick, cum is falling out my mouth as I try to get his dick out of my throat before I drown on his cum, but he’s holding my head down so that I will have to take his whole load in my mouth. It’s so nasty knowing other men are watching as each wad this kid shoots, is filling my mouth. It’s something that I do when I deep-throat and breathe through my nose. I sometimes do that instead of swallowing it. I hold it in my mouth to look nasty, before I swallow it.

I rose up when he has finished cumming, wipe my hand (which is covered in cum), all over my leg, and without pulling up my tube top, get up and say that I see someone that needs my help. I then go down the aisle to the front row, where this man in his 40’s is sitting with his dick out watching the movie, not knowing about the show that had been going on a few rows behind him. I just walk down the isle, tube-top down, cum dripping off my tits, chin, and nose. I walk right up in front of this man, and kneel down on the floor in front of him and take his dick into my mouth, and start blowing more than his mind. While I’m sucking this man, a guy that had been watching me suck off the college kid, walks down the isle, kneels behind me, and raises my skirt and proceeds to stick his dick into my dripping pussy, doggy-style, and pumps me until he and the old man both shoot me a load, the old man shooting on my face and the other guy shooting on my ass and pussy. After they finish, I get up, and dripping new loads, walk up the isle, as a guy sitting on the isle seat, two rows in front of me, just kind of wiggles his dick at me, which I just happen to notice. I bend over, still standing in the isle and take his dick in my mouth, going for my ninth load for the night as he starts spurting in my mouth. All of a sudden I stood up and open my mouth, showing everyone my mouth full of cum, and as I spit it onto my tits.

I say loudly, “Anyone else that wants to cum had better get over here!” As I lay down in the isle, I tell everybody to jack off on my tits. Damn, it was kinky watching 10 guys standing around me, jerking off and shooting cum on my face and tits! After they had finished, one man stuck his throbbing dick in my cum-covered mouth, and looking at my beautiful, cum covered face and tits, as he shot a load of cum into my mouth. After I got up, he helps me pull my tube top over my dripping breasts and I walked out of the theater without wiping any of the 20 loads of cum off of me. You can imagine the looks I got from a couple of the guys in the lobby as I walked out.











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November 16, 2012

Our Story

Here’s the first part of a submission from Husband Greg.


It seems the only way to do this story justice is to put it down in episodes. My wife and I have been married for 30 years. Although things are somewhat tame these days, I long for what I call the good ole days, and maybe this story is my attempt to live vicariously through a really hot history.

I am one of those guys who adores, perhaps even worships the work God did when he created woman. He made them look good, taste good, smell good and feel good; what’s not to worship. When I look at the creation that is woman, all I can think is, I’m not worthy, except maybe as a devoted servant, taking direction and doing everything I can to please my love.

To any guy who might read this history and feel a twitch in their crotch, all I can say is, explore the possibilities regarding pleasuring your woman. It’s not a coincidence that they were created with the capacity for multiple lovers.

my wife Emma and I were in our early 20s when we started dating. She was the sister of my roommate. She was cute and had a fantastic ass. She was dating other guys and I was dating other girls, but I developed a huge crush on her and found myself fantasizing about shoving my tongue into her beautiful ass.

Eventually we went out and I fell in love with her. In no time we were an item. I was between girlfriends, but had to win her away from two guys who were pursuing her. About two months into the relationship she was over one night and we were drinking beers. A few beers into the evening she suggested we go to my room to talk. She sounded uncharacteristically serious.

She was wearing a very short skirt that night, the first time I had seen her in a dress. How sexy. Once in my room she sat on the bed and I sat on a chair next to the bed. She said she needed to tell me some things.

She knew by then that I loved going down on her, and I had taken some chances regarding revealing my perverted tendencies, even though I was often afraid of scaring or turning her off. I loved to leave her panties on, pulling them to the side when I licked or fucked her. She asked why and I told her that I loved the satiny feel and loved her scent on the panties even more. Since that didn’t seem to bother her, on another occasion I told her it was even more stimulating when I could smell traces of her pee on her panties, which happened once when she had a bad cough and a small accident.

I assured her it was okay, and that her pee smelled sweet and sexy. She said, “I’m glad you like it.” I told her that she probably changed her panties more often than she needed to, and she smiled. I wanted to tell her that I fantasized about having her give me a golden shower, but that was too bold, and too soon I thought. After that it seemed her panties were pissy smelling more often, much to my delight. I was truly in love and lust with this woman, and couldn’t help but notice how much she enjoyed sex. I really appreciated the way she milked every drop when giving me head and swallowed as if she loved it. Was it an act? Was she just trying to please me? I didn’t know.

When she asked me to sit and talk I was afraid she was breaking up with me. I have a wildly talented tongue, and loved to bring her off with it, but have a smaller than average dick and did not make her cum when I fucked her. I was afraid this had become an issue.

She sat on the bed and her skirt hiked up giving me a good shot of her panties. It occurred to me that she knew exactly how excited the view made me. What she said next gave me the impression she was beginning to understand how kinky I am.
“I’m sorry but I didn’t do my laundry and didn’t have any clean panties to put on.”
“I obviously like that,” I said.
“Yeah, I know but we did fuck last night, so they’re pretty dirty, and probably stained.”
“I will probably like that even more,” I said.
“You’re such a perv,” she said, “but look, I need to tell you some things before you hear them from someone else.”
I was pretty sure I knew what she was going to say. “I love you,” I said. It was the first time I had said it to her. “Your brother said you were a huge slut in high school. I didn’t know what to think about that, but I told him that was high school, we were all sluts then.” I really hated the double standard thing. But the more I thought about it, the more the idea of having a girlfriend who had been a slut turned me on.
She came over to me and kissed me hard. She said, “I love you too, I’ll be right back.”
She left the room and came back in a couple minutes. She sat back on the bed and asked if I really liked the smell of her pissy panties. I said yes and she said, “good, cause you’re out of toilet paper.” More manipulation? Was she in fact testing to see just how kinky I was, knowing that if the answer was very kinky it might put her in a controlling position. It has been my experience that really kinky women were a rare breed. I Would look back later and wonder if her every move was grooming me for a submissive roll. Was she basically catering to my fantasies to control me.

She leaned back on the bed, resting on her elbows. She pulled her legs up, raising her knees and giving me a lovely view of her pantied pussy, all the while maintaining eye contact, and watching my reaction to the view. I was mesmerized. I could see the stains from the previous evening’s fucking and the wet spot from her recent piss. She always wore white panties, so the stains really showed. I was rock hard. “Come here and smell my panties,” she said. “If they’re too dirty I’ll take them off.”

I now believe she knew exactly what she was doing that night. She was reeling me in, for one thing, but also analyzing the degree to which she might take control of the sexual side of our relationship, something she eventually did, with very calculated and graduated moves. She suspected I was a slut lover, and I think wanted to begin exploring the extent of that. I think she suspected from the start that her past was a turn on for me. I didn’t ask questions about her past for fear that she might think I had issues with her sexual adventures, and I didn’t. I wanted to hear about her exploits, but my desire was purely voyeuristic.

I couldn’t scoot quickly enough to the bedside. I was on my knees and pushing my nose against her panties, in fact right on the wet spot. I inhaled deeply, feeling a rush of endorphins as I did. I was getting high on the smell of her. She probably noticed my eyes rolling around in their sockets. I kept taking more deep breaths through my nose without commenting, as if I couldn’t decide if her panties were too dirty.

I pulled her panties aside and shoved my tongue in her pussy. At this point, if there was anything disappointing about her, it was that she wasn’t as wet as some of the women I had been with, but she made up for it with her love of sex and apparent compatible level of kinkiness. Her pussy tasted wonderful.

I moved from her pussy to her clit and worked my magic. She came a few times, another wonderful thing about her, then pushed my head away and asked me if I could please lick her ass hole. She was clearly taking chances too. I replied, “Please don’t ever say that again. You shouldn’t be asking, I should be begging. Babe, may I please put my tongue in your beautiful ass.”

You will probably hear the word “compatibility” more than once in this story. Fantasies that I hadn’t even considered at that point would prove to be in sinc with her desires. It would become more evident as time went on, and I realize now that we were both playing it a little safe in the beginning, not wanting to scare the other off but testing the water all the same.

“I need you to put it in as deep as you can and lick real good,” she said. What a dream come true, I thought. I had always wanted to lick a beautiful girl’s ass, especially one as shapely as hers, but this was my first opportunity, and she had actually asked for it. I loved it the way I had always thought I would. After three or four months in the relationship I felt like I had found my soul mate. We got our own place and moved in together.

Submitted by: Greg - Northern California, USA


November 12, 2012

My wife’s lover Darius

A long awaited update from Cuckold Husband Scott. Great to hear from you guys.


Sometimes all the predispositions, potentialities, and forces align to create unforgettable perfect storms of eroticism. Our dreams and fantasies are realized.

When Em and I used to go out for a night on the town in Tokyo, we noticed a ratio of about 1:10 in terms of having a really memorable experience. It’s been the same with cuckolding. So many times, Em would come home from a first meeting with a guy at a coffee shop or bar exasperated with the search for the elusive lover that we dreamed of. Maybe our standards were too high. Maybe the whole quest was an exercise in futility.

It took a while for us to see clearly the advantages her relationship with Darius provides. It seemed to be at a lower key than we both had expected. But over time, we’ve come to appreciate him and to accept him on his own terms. Not every time with him reaches ecstatic levels of depravity but he offers her a consistent high return on her sexual investment. When the the forces align and that perfect storm engulfs us, we are overwhelmed with giddy pleasure.

They were so happy, so fulfilled, that night. They’re still high from it… and so am I. For days, after he took her ass, she would smile and tell me how much fun she had, how being his anal slut was no problem at all, how she looked forward to being with him again.

That night after he left, no post-coital oral service, no canings. Em was fully satiated. The humiliation they heaped on me was more than I could have hoped for.

We retreated to a neighborhood lounge for drinks and to reconnect. We held hands and talked about our life and how much fun being naughty together is. No kisses for me, either, as the thought of where my lips and tongue had been that night were still too fresh in her mind. She laughed when she said it and I must have blushed with shame.

Emma Kelly

Emma Kelly

Emma Kelly

Emma Kelly

Emma Kelly

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Submitted by: Cuck Hubby Scott


June 26, 2012

A truly humiliating letter

For those who like cuckoldry on a more humiliating level it doesn’t get any better than this update from UK cuck Hornwearer.

A truly humiliating letter

Some of you may have read my blogs (below) over the past couple of years concerning my cheating wife and the exquisite torments through which she puts me by means of her infidelities, the denial to me of her sexual favours and the cruelty of her candour regarding my inadequacies. Indeed, I know that my previous submissions attracted a broad cross-section of readers, given the variety of the comments posted by way of reply - some sympathetic, some downright shocked. Anyway, for those of you still interested, I guess it must be time for an update. In fact it was something that happened just the other day which prompted me to think I should share this with the cuckold community.

The long-running and intensely hot affair my wife had been having with her boss has come to an end. There’s no complex reason for it. It’s not as though he wasn’t happy with her fucking other guys if she wanted to. On the contrary, he encouraged it. (Although she has always claimed that it was he who forbade her to have sex with me. She does like being told what to do by some men.) It seems she just wanted to call it a day. I know I may have voiced some anxiety in previous blogs as to how far things would go with that relationship, but I knew deep down that she would want to end it eventually. She just has to move on to something new. (I really am the only constant in her life, however demeaningly she may treat me. Maybe that will reassure those of you who were so kind as to fear for my long-term happiness.) Apparently their parting was all very amicable - and included, I gather, an extremely vigorous ‘farewell fuck’..

Anyway, she hasn’t wasted too much time in procuring the ongoing service that she appears to need so badly. (Just recently she even condescended to fuck me for once, no doubt out of desperation; but she climbed off in the middle of the proceedings, saying that I was too hopeless and that the whole business was just frustrating her; at which she turned over and spent half the night squirming about in bed and rubbing her labia together.) Here’s what happened the other day: I received the following letter, sent to me at my business address.

“Hello Mate,

You don’t know me, but I’ve just had your wife. That was how she suggested I opened this letter. Though I would prefer ‘I’ve just had your fucking wife’. Because fucking is what we did, and what a fuck she is! A hot horny dirty fuck-slut. So good in fact that I AM going to have her again, with or without your knowledge.

We met on Saturday afternoon (16th June). She walked into the hotel bar where I was waiting for her - a prearranged liaison behind your back. I knew as soon as I saw her that I was going to fuck her. And there was no doubt, as she eyed me up and down, smiling approvingly, that she was going to let me.

How does it feel? Knowing that your wife met me at a bar and within moments of our meeting we both knew she was going to take my cock. I could tell by the appreciative glances and stares which kept coming my way that she liked what she saw and really fancied the arse off me. You could have walked in at that moment, or been sat in our company, and she would have simply told you to ‘fuck off’.

We quickly finished our pre-fuck drinks and I took her hand - your wife’s hand - and led her to my room. It was only on arrival there that I discovered the slut wasn’t wearing any knickers. Talk about ready for action! And what a compliment for me - she was already soaking wet!!

I wasted no time in pushing her back on the bed and raising her dress. She was so eager she was tugging it up as fast as she could for me. Then I put my head between her stocking-clad thighs and licked at that dripping cunt. Fucking hell, she was SO wet! I slipped one, then two, then three fingers inside her whilst I licked her clitty. Then the dirty bitch started face-fucking me. Actually ramming her twat into my face and egging me on. Talk about a whore! She wasn’t going to miss out on the mouth action though. She’s told me she was an expert cock-sucker, that she gets lots of practice - just not with yours though! She was true to her word as well. Ten out of ten in the cock-sucking department, bud. I actually had to slow her down and stop her before she made me spunk. One horny memory I have of that part of the action is the moment when our eyes met and we held each other’s gaze while my cock was buried deep in her throat. Awesomely sexual! Got me off to watch her wanking my cock into her mouth with her left hand too - seeing that wedding ring sliding up and down my shaft, covered in spit. Dirty bitch!

Then I watched her take her dress off for me. Fuck, she looked classy in her black basque. I like that - her looking so sexy and so classy for me and yet behaving like a complete slut.

Then we fucked, bud. Oh, she was good. Took my cock in so easily and fucked and bucked back at me like a streetwise whore. God, she wanted fucking hard - so I did! :-) Hammered her cunt long and hard. She was fucking loving it, getting a good seeing-to from a guy she’d met literally only fifteen minutes before. Adulterous bitch!

I told you wife to turn over then and get on her knees. Fucked her doggy-style then, bud. Really deep and really fucking hard. It got me off listening to her moaning, especially when I grabbed her hair and tugged her back towards me. She fucking adored it.

Then my favourite part of the fuckfest. I spat down on the top of your wife’s arse-cheeks, watched my spit slide lazily down between her exquisite buttocks, over her arsehole and onto my cock, which was buried deep in her cunt. You know what I did next, don’t you? Oh, yeah. I took my stiff cock out of her well-fucked cunt, nudged it against the opening of her arse, and pushed. And the dirty fucking bitch pushed back to meet my pressure. I just love that moment when the head of your cock kind of overcomes the arse’s natural resistance and sort of ‘pops’ into the arsehole. Which it did. God, that felt fucking great. Your wife wasn’t sure she’d be up for anal sex on account of the fact that my cock is pierced. But once the head was in, the horny bitch just eased back onto it and took the full length of my shaft deeply into her arse. Let me tell you how good it felt, shafting the full length of my cock in and out of your wife’s gorgeous arse - awesome! Just feeling my balls slapping hard against her wet cunt was enough to make me want to come. And she took it well. Oh god, how she fucking took it. I’m going to fuck it again too. That’s a promise!

When I knew I was close to coming I made her lie on her back, her head propped up on the pillows, and I straddled her face. She took my balls in her mouth and sucked on them greedily as I wanked my cock off, inches above her face. When I was about to come, which the dirty cow was urging me to do, I pointed my cock directly at her face and exploded - and I mean really exploded - all over her face. I loved it and she fucking loved it too. I think it gave her a real kick, knowing that I’d produced that amount of spunk because of her. Oh, and just so you’re aware, I made sure to smear some of my cum over her lips. We made a little bargain over that - she promised that she’d kiss you on the lips as soon as she saw you. Nice touch I thought. Your wife looked like a real cum-slut on that bed - cunt and arse well-fucked, and her face (and even her hair) splattered with spunk. It was funny watching her trying to get drying globules of cum out of her hair.

I am going to fuck your wife again. She lovingly told me that she wants more of my pierced cock. Such a bad, bad wife! And such an awesomely dirty one too.

Oh, by the way. I enclose the ‘Hotel Comments’ slip which I forgot to hand in at the desk when I checked out. Would you drop it in for me, cuckold! Your loving wife provided the stamp for this letter! True!!”

The enclosed ‘comments’ slip - under the heading ‘How was your stay?’ - reads as follows: “How was my stay? - Fucking awesome! However, one small pointer. Please could you ensure that the headboard is more securely fixed against the wall. I gave this gorgeous posh bitch a real good seeing-to yesterday afternoon and the headboard kept banging against the wall. I’m sure the people in the next room heard its constant hammering above her filthy language and moaning.”

Dubious turn of phrase, this guy has. Rather a robust style. (Doesn’t surprise me. My wife has long had the urge to have herself ‘a bit of rough’ from time to time.) All the same, it has to be the most thrilling letter I’ve ever received through the mail. And how’s this for a coincidence? While I’ve been writing this blog and transcribing this extraordinary letter, I’ve received an email from my wife. It seems the bastard took photographs. Pic below.

Submitted by: Hornwearer - Hertfordshire, UK

My wife

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