February 20, 2009

My Wife is a Prostitute

Cuckold Place Update

My wife and I are both in our 50’s and we have been fortunate to be together most of our adult lives. We are attractive and successful. On our second date she told me that she had done many guys, many black guys while in college and waited to see my reaction. I said “That’s ok with me, in fact it’s a turn on. I just would like to hear all about it!” A lifetime of cuckoldry began. Back in the 70’s no one knew the term “cuckold” but we got into the swing scene and had alot of fun. We saw couples and singles.

She expressed a desire for black men almost from the beginning and she has had hundreds. I have kept a sexual journal for years and some day I hope to find the time to type it up and put it on the web, but it will be a massive job.

She later became a stripper and was very successful at that also. The guys loved her and when we moved to another state, they actually threw big parties for her at some of the places where she danced. I later found out that in addition to dancing, she would “walk the bar” and let the guys feel her for tips. Much later I found out that she took “special” guys into the men’s rooms and did them right there.

We will skip way ahead now, to the present day. She is now a well known mature escort. I will not post photos of her, so don’t ask. However I can report that in the past 8 months she has done almost 400 guys. Those are just the clients! She also now has a boyfriend and also a possible dom male in one of the cities she visits.

I have never seen any of the guys, and I get precious few details, though she does inform me of every day’s count, which is how I know. However the fact that she now has a boyfriend and that they don’t fuck anymore, they make love, as she says turns me on even more.

Many years ago we stopped swinging so much and it became more of a cuckold relationship. However I do have a few females I do see and She does not object, though She must meet them and approve of them.

Our social life together is mostly concerned with having her meet guys or seeing the guys she already knows. I act as her secretary and confidant.

My wife is on” tour” right now and I am at home for a few weeks. We talk every day and she keeps me up with her “daily score”. Her average is about 3 or 4 guys a day. Yesterday and today were exceptional. She very dominantly told me yesterday that she had 3 guys and they all in their 20’s and very well hung. In fact we talked only about 10 minutes after she was with the last guy. He was the biggest of them all and she was still sore as we spoke.

Today was a record breaker - 7 guys. I want to emphasize that she always requires rubbers, so I don’t want someone telling us that we should be aware of safety issues. We are quite aware and she is a very intelligent woman. She is a very intelligent woman who needs and gets cock - lots of cock, much it very young cock and much of it very big cock.

Where does this leave me? I am home handling her affairs and taking care of our home. I have a lady or two I see as well for soft domination. However whenever I get hard, I always think of my wife and her clients and lovers.

She also is hoping to see her lover soon. They both travel, so it isn’t that easy. She shares her deepest secrets with me about their relationship. She says that most of the time they are together, they are naked and in bed. She is a woman who loves to have her beautiful pussy eaten. However when I asked her how good he is at eating her, she paused, smiled and said “You know, I don’t think he ever has”. I said “You mean to say that you have been with him about 5 times (each visit lasting an entire evening) and he hasn’t eaten you. Do you mean he was actually in your pussy most of the time”? She said “I hadn’t realized it. But yes, and he is the best lover I have ever had”. This from a woman who has had sex with thousands of men and women. And who also has been married to me for over 20 years.

Every time I think my humiliation can not go any deeper, she finds a way to take me to a new depth. We were in bed when she told me, and my cock got hard right away. She looked down and giggled and said “Well what’s happening to your little pee-pee?”

She went to describe to me almost his entire body in great detail. I should mention that I am 5 and 1/2 inches but fairly thick. My balls however are large. She mentioned that her lover’s cock was big. I asked her how big, show me with your fingers. She took my hard cock and used her thumb and index fingers to show me about another 4 inches in length and then circled her fingers and placed them around my cock to show me how much thicker he is.

The interesting thing is that I don’t know which turns me on more, her being an escort and seeing so many guys, or the intimacy she shares with her lover. They are both sources of extreme humiliation and I love it.

I will write from time to time and I would like to hear from others in long term cuckold relationships and those whose wife is prostitute.

Submitted by: Herpleezer

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February 18, 2009

Cuckold Cream

Here’s some fantasy cuckold play from Cuckold Cream

My girl came home and said she had another man with her. She wanted a bigger cock and someone to make her scream. It was one of her co-workers and they were going to show me how to fuck properly. She sucked his cock like I’ve never seen before. He fucked her while I sat and watched in humiliation and after he filled her pussy with cum, she rubbed my face in it, literally.







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February 16, 2009

Lisa and her boyfriend

Message submitted by Drew, husband of Hotwife Lisa………

Hi Trash, well here is a couple of pics I took last week when my wife Lisa’s guy on the side visited. I’ve also attach ted a pic of Lisa so you can see just how hot she looks. I hope your blog readers like them.

After a long hectic work week, Lisa likes to get her freak on to unwind. So she invites her current young guy on the side over to our place. This last visit, she snuggled on the sofa a bit with him, and in no time had his pants down. She had him in the middle of the living room floor sucking his cock right in front of me. I decided to sit back and just watch the porn on the tv that was playing, and of course the two of them. It didn’t take long before she pulled him down on top of her and he proceeded to fuck her very thoroughly. At the end of this fuck session he blew his semen all over her titties and neck. It was very sexy, and I loved seeing her pleased by her hot young boyfriend. The next time she has him over to rail her i will again try to capture the moment again and share more pics. Lisa is a very sexy lady, and a very cool wife. Until next time….. keep the love. Drew

Submitted by: Drew


February 14, 2009

Kelly Models For Us

Happy Valentines everyone. How many of you wives are spending your special night with another man? Please write and tell me.

Well I had the perfect Valentines surprise in my inbox this morning. A gorgeous wife in one of my t-shirts. I love these new hotwife blog tshirts I’ve had done, I’m getting some top hotwives into them. My good friend Kelly Anderson kindly took some pics at her home modelling the essential kit for this summer.

Thanks Kelly, looking stunning as usual. Lots of love to you.

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

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February 12, 2009

Unfaithful Wife

First, a description of my wife. She is the all-American wife and mother. Raised from a good family, sorority sister in college, was a young professional before deciding to become a stay at home mother of two. President of the PTA and sports mom, very attractive. She is 42 and has been compared physically to Carol Alt and Barbie Benton. Last summer she got a boob job and they look fantastic.

I am the only man she has ever had sex with…. Well I think… Here’s the story…

About 12 years ago, we hit a rough patch in our marriage and briefly split up. When we got back together, she had developed an independent streak (which was good). We got back together right before Halloween. That Halloween she decided to go out to a local bar district with some of her friends, without me. She dressed up as Carmen Miranda, very hot outfit with a skin tight skirt split all the way up to her waist, and basically just a red push-up bra and high heels. She looked smoking hot when she left the house and got into the car her friend’s boyfriend was driving. I didn’t hear from her until the next day. She came home late that night and went straight to bed.

The next afternoon she was speaking with one of her friends on the phone and started to get really upset. She got off the phone and seemed embarrassed and upset. It took me about an hour to pry it out of her, but she said her friend told her some upsetting news. Apparently this friend couldn’t find my wife at one of the bars they’d gone to, but that there was a lot of noise coming from the bathroom. She went back there and my wife was in one of the stalls with a strange guy, giving him a blow job and a crowd was gathered around cheering them on. She went and got her boyfriend and the boyfriend “saved” her and the boyfriend said that when he got back there, the guy was just starting to stick his dick in my wife, the friend’s boyfriend got there just as the strange guy was about to fuck my wife. He managed to pull her away and get her out of there.

Now, my wife said she doesn’t believe this happened, that this “Friend” is the type to make stuff up and exaggerate. She says she was talking with a guy and that they might have gone to the bathroom but that she is not the type to go blowing and fucking random guys and that it was really upsetting that she’d say this. Well, this all blew over and she fell out of touch with this friend of hers.

Then, this past weekend, I ran in to the (now former) boyfriend of the friend. We started talking and he asked if I was still married to my wife. I said yes, we had kids, etc. He said wow, that’s surprising, after that time in that bar I thought you’d have split up. I said “yeah, she doesn’t think it really happened the way that you all described it.” And then this guy says…”Yeah? well, I have pictures that can prove it”

So we go to his apartment and he pulls out two pictures that he’d taken that night before he stopped the bar fucking and guess what? Picture number one shows my wife bent over holding on to the stall wall with some guy behind her with his pants down, and picture number two shows him clearly inside my wife, gripping her hips with his hands, with another random guy reaching out and pulling her bra down, squeezing her tit.

I haven’t told my wife that I saw him, he wouldn’t give me the pics, don’t know what to do…

Submitted by: Kevin - Tampa


February 10, 2009

Claudia Finally Goes Black

Black Bachelor Diary Update:
Submissive Asian 49 Yr Old Wife Finally Fucks Blacks!

It took Claudia 49 Years and two marriages to finally fuck some big black dicks for the first time! This past weekend was so special to my homies and I because this Asian slut wife put her big ass juicy lips to work! Oh did I mention she had 38FF monster fun bags too! Enjoy this hot wife, because we did!! Glad all that surgery Hubby has brought has finally been put to good use.

Black Bachelor








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February 8, 2009

The Hubby

Here’s a post from a hotwife who’s recently been in touch called Becca, just found her great little blog. Thanks for posting Becca and keep in touch.


The Hubby

He is the man I love the most in all the world, but sometimes I wonder what is going through his head. What is he thinking and feeling, what devilish desires are moving him at the moment.

I think that I usually take for granted his role in our lifestyle. I don’t think about what exactly is happening in his mind. I always am appreciative that he is such a caring and understanding person amidst all this extra marital sex, and he encourages every opportunity to further my sexual nature, but I don’t always consider his exact thoughts while everything is taking place. Sure he is pleased at what I do, I know it brings him joy to see and hear about some of the escapades I’m involved in, but I was recently curiously aroused at to what was going on in that head of his.

He never really chooses to be involved in the action when I’m engaged with another man, he just seems to enjoy watching mostly. During the times I have a gentleman over to our house he always enjoys observing the details of our intercourse. When I go out on a date however, he doesn’t always choose to come along, he seems excited as always when I bestow the specifics of my evenings on him later though. So I get inquisitive as to what he most likes to see during all this.

This first came up just a few weeks ago as I was lying on our sofa at home. At the moment I had a very delicious black man giving it to me in only the nasty way a BBC could. My head was turned for a moment and I was looking at my husband who was watching the obscene sex while sitting on the living room stairs. He had a look of satisfaction on him as always in these situations, but as i made eye contact with him his smile grew ten times over. It was at that moment for just a second I tried to imagine what it might be like to be him, watching and surveying this display of lustful intimacy.

Though I enjoyed the work over my pussy was receiving at the moment, I was overly curious as to what was on his mind. I had to speak to him at that instant. “Do you like what your seeing?”

His reply was instant, “Yes, very much so honey.”

I wanted more detail though, I knew I’d have to coax him with a little enticing and persuading to get some specifics. “You like watching this black cock fuck your wife don’t you baby?”

I’m used to talking to my lovers in that nasty porn star tone, but not my husband always as I’m being fucked. That did it though, I let loose the sordid details of his fantasy for sure.

“Yes honey, its pretty fucking hot watching you right now, but…..” he stood up and walked closer toward us on the sofa. “I’d love to see you maybe talking a little sluttier to him.”

I obliged by giving him a steady flow of vulgar dialog filled with four letter words.

“You should play with your nipples for him too.”

Again, I took his direction and pulled my nipples in various directions and stretched them far out away from my tits to put on quite a show for both men. I even pawed at my own boobies and lifted my nipples up to my lovers mouth , offering myself to him even further.

My husband was turning into quite the adult film director on the spot, hey I DID ask what was on his mind, and I got to hear all of it. Including, “Why don’t you moan a little louder to let him know you love it” and “Give it to him back, buck those hips back at him.”

I’d never seen him get so into it, and I loved seeing him interact with me in my sexual play.

Later when we were alone again I divulged on him my interest as to more specifics on his thoughts. I told him how much he means to me and I like to make sure he is enjoying himself in all this too. He of course re-assured me that he enjoyed every moment of our lives amid these torrid sexual escapades, and gave me a few points on his thoughts on the matter to clear up all that was on his mind.

First that this was his fantasy first. He couldn’t be happier that his deepest fantasy had also become that of his wife’s and that we were both living it out and making it a reality.

Second, He informed me that really all he thought about while he watched me was how could it be a little dirtier or a bit nastier. Apparently he just wants to see me be as crude as possible and things done to me as vulgar as can be. I thinks his exact words during the conversation were: “The sluttier you get the more turned on I am, I just think about how cool it is to see you enjoy yourself and act like a whore for another man.”

So that’s it, I should have known a mans mind wasn’t much more complicated than that. It did get me thinking about how to turn him on more though. Hmmmmm


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February 6, 2009

Savannah Dominates

Slut Savannah Diary Update: (time for a cold shower lol)

Hi Trash, I know its been awhile sorry! I have been hoping to hook up with you I so want the Trash in my cunt filling me with your seed but until then I have been a very busy girl.

In the past few years since I have dedicated myself to being a hot wife I have fucked over 213 guys and the number is going up this weekend to 220 if I am lucky and everyone shows up.

I picked up a guy 2 weeks ago, he wanted to fuck me. Me being a slut I said “ok” I wanted him to have his deepest fantasy realized. He wanted to be tied up and fucked by a women - well, that’s my favorite! I love it when a guy is helpless and I can use his cock for my pleasure. My domineering side really came out. He wanted in my pussy but I wanted something different.

Once I tied him I sat on his face so he had no choice but to eat me while I used my vibrator to get off. I hoped he liked the view but I really didn’t care. I came and squirted as I sat hard on his open mouth, he had no choice and drank every drop. I still wanted more so I rode his cock to several more orgasms.

I might be a dominant hot wife but I am not without compassion, I untied him and he fucked me hard with all of his now unleashed energy. He came in my mouth and as a good slut I drank every drop.

Until next time







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February 4, 2009

Wife Plays While I’m Away

Ok once again I am proud to report my girlfriend has been a very naughty girl. I posted back in Dec (Making of a cuckold) and now once again I have an adventure to post.

My girl and I had been talking about adventures we could possibly carry out, her cucking me. I will tell all of you she gets an A+ for effort. With busy schedules and with all of life daily battles it can be hard to have a wild adventure.

I had planned to go out of state for a week and had given my little slut the green light to be a naughty girl while I was gone. The first night while out of town she texts me telling me how she been busy this day texting with a couple of guys and said she was naughty. Instantly my cock throbs and she tells me how she could possibly get fucked by not one but two guys soon. Well needless to say my mind was focused on that all week long.

Towards the last day of me being out of town I get several texts from my slut who forwarded her conversation she had with a guy friend of hers. There conversation was about how he wanted to fuck her and how he wanted her hot pussy. Well one thing led to another and the plan was set. Her big cock buddy would come over in the early morning hours and fuck her really good.

Well talking to my slut and hearing how she was going to be fucking her big cock buddy in our bed while I was gone was so overwhelming. I had to jerk my cock and was throbbing like a beast. See my slut and I played a game, the game was she would try and do everything she could to make me jerk off, my goal was not too and hold out until I returned back home.

Little did I know that she was going to go all out full throttle. She was telling me how she would be preparing herself for him slicking her hot pussy and I was going over the edge quick. I could not take it no more I had to cum and I stroked hard to her words of desire. I jerked hard and cum all over the place. She laughed and said that now I had to be punished since I was not to jerk off anymore, it would be left up to my slut and now I was going to have to wait when I got home before I could make love to her. It was determined that I would have to wait a couple of days before I would be allowed to be with her. We said our goodbyes and hung the phone up knowing that the next time she and I talked she would have been fucked by her buddy.

It was a long night and wondering when or how things would happen between the two of them. At 4.32am I get a text that reads; “OK baby the only thing ur naughty girl has left to do is to get fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time. Left you a present on your side of the bed :-) ” so I texted her asking if she fucked him good? she replied; “At least 4 different positions plus 69… does that qualify for fucking him good?”

So then I called her and we talked on the phone, she told me how he called and came over. She would not tell me the rest, said I had to wait until I returned home. I was dying, never been so turned on. So the deal was since I could not fuck her when I got home for cheating by jerking off that she would tell me about her morning fuck and show me. She would allow me to stick my cock in her but could not leave it in her, just long enough to show me how she fucked him in all the positions.

I could not get home fast enough, that night in our bedroom she showed me and narrated how it all went down. Showed me how they kissed and how she sucked his large cock, then how she fucked him. Their fuck part lasted for 1 hour. He pounded her good and as he got ready to cum he pulled out and pulled his condom off and cummed all over her belly. She laid on my side of the bed and rubbed her tummy on the sheets smearing his cum on my side of the sheets. Oh almost forgot how she showed off her hickies on her tits that he left.

Let me tell you I was throbbing and wanted her pussy so bad, but being the cuck I am and being punished for jerking I was not allowed to cum.

I love being a cuckold and I think my girlfriend is doing an awesome job turning me into one.

The picture below is what I found when I got home and turned the bed down. It was the used condom and package that my girlfriend left on my side of the bed. She is hot, awesome and the best slut ever.

Used Condom Evidence

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Submitted by: JW - Texas


February 2, 2009

Janet Love

Time for some Janet love. Just before Christmas I’d been chatting to Janet Mason and her husband Steve about doing a new interview for hotwifeblog.com - There have been some big changes in their lives including a relocation to LA.

Really looking forward to hearing all your news Janet. In the meantime here’s a couple of classic pics of Janet doing what she does best…

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

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