August 19, 2007

Mother and Wife of 6

Black Bachelor Diary Update:

I just had to let everyone know that the Jane Goldberg Black Cock Documentary was voted the hottest download within our nasty black cock community. If you have not seen Jane’s only hardcore movies, you are missing out on a great Interracial classic. Mr’s Janeberg is a happily married mother of 6 kids. Her husband works double shifts to support the family. Jane works as a computer technician. Her boss is an arrogant black man with a hard cock for making white wives betray there husbands by taking hot black sperm in their pussies!

This slut wife movie is fucking crazy! Check the pictures and linking information to refresh your memory.

Black Bachelor

Jane Goldberg

Jane Goldberg

Jane Goldberg

Jane Goldberg

Jane Goldberg

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August 15, 2007

Party Girl Kelly

Here’s a quick snap of me and Daisy meeting the lovely Kelly and her top husband Shawn in Miami last weekend. Although exhausted from a non-stop business and partying we still found the energy to lead them astray for a little fun up in their room. I’ll post some more pics on the fun soon. Kelly is just great, really down-to-earth and easy to chat to, and definitely my type of party girl. Here’s some more pics and details of one of Kelly’s recent escapades. Enjoy.

Kelly Anderson


Shawn and I attended a swinger’s party at a hotel not far from our house. When we first got there, I really wasn’t feeling it. I was kind of tired and I had a slight headache. Shawn wanted to stay so I decided to try and stick it out for him. After a few drinks, I was feeling much better and I ended up on the dance floor with this really cute guy named Mark. He was about 25 years old with a really nice body. We were dancing real close and he was grinding his cock into me. I saw Shawn watching us from the bar. He likes watching me seduce men on the dance floor. I ended up dancing with this guy all night. We were making out over and over again. He even went up my dress and fingered my pussy and sucked my nipples. All this was happening right there on the dance floor. Shawn watched the whole thing.

While me and Mark were making out I slid my hand down his pants and grabbed his hard cock. It was so big. He whispered to me that he wanted to take me to his room and fuck me. I have never been so hot! Hearing him say that got me so wet. I grabbed his hand and pulled him over to Shawn and introduced him like this, “Shawn, this is Mark. Do you mind if I run up to his room with him for a few minutes because I really want him to fuck me”. Shawn could see that I wanted to go without him. He pulled me to the side and asked if I would at least take some pictures for him and I agreed.

When Mark and me got into the elevator, he got down on his knees and ate my pussy until we got to his floor. We were all over each other all the way to his room. When we got to his room, there were a few people there. There was a couple and another single guy. We grabbed a beer and Mark asked them if we could have some privacy for awhile. While they were getting ready to leave us, me and Mark were all over each other on the bed. They weren’t even gone yet and I was already sucking Mark’s huge cock. Mark snapped a picture of me with my camera and then I heard his friend say, ”Do you want me to snap a few”. Mark gave him the camera and he started taking pictures of me with Marks big cock in my mouth.

Then I felt a hand rubbing my leg and all around my ass. It felt really good to be touched because I was already so hot. Mark asked me if I wanted his friend to join in or if that would make me uncomfortable. I didn’t even answer him. I just slid off the bed got down on my knees. They knew just what I wanted. They both took their pants off and stood in front of me. The other couple was sitting on the bed watching as I sucked both of their hard cocks. Mark asked them to grab the camera and snap some pics. I’m glad he did because that was the last thing on my mind. I was to busy sucking these two nice big cocks. I was just taking turns sucking each one. While I sucked one cock I was stroking the other. I even let them both put their cocks in my mouth at the same time. I loved giving them head, but I was also really hot and I needed to be fucked. I looked up at them and asked, “Who wants to fuck me first”. Mark immediately stood me up and bent me over the bed. I moaned so loud when he shoved his bare cock right into my pussy. He didn’t even take my dress off, he just lifted it up and started banging me. I was so wet that he had no problem fitting his big cock in me. He fucked me really hard. He kept asking me if this is what I wanted and calling me a slut and a whore. No one has ever talked to me like that before. I loved it. I wanted to be his slut. While he pounded me, I kept saying, “Yes, I’m your slut, fuck me! fuck me!” I told the other guy to shove his cock in my mouth while Mark fucked me. They continued to fuck my pussy and my mouth while I screamed in ecstasy. I had an amazing orgasm all over Marks cock. Then, I turned over so his friend could fuck me. I spread my legs open for him and told him that I wanted him. He began fucking me har, just like Mark did. He threw my legs over his shoulders and pounded my pussy until I came for him too. Mark knew when I was cumming because He felt my mouth tighten up on his cock. Plus, my legs were shaking and I was clinching the mattress. After my second orgasm, I knew Mark was about to cum and I was right because just then, he pulled his big dick out of my mouth and came all over my tits. At the very same time, his friend pulled his cock out of me and also started cumming all over me. I just laid there and enjoyed having these two studs jerking their cocks off all over me. I was rubbing their cum right into my tits. It was so hot.

When they were finished with me, Mark got a towel and cleaned me up. I thanked them and told them that I had to get back to my husband. I don’t think they minded because they were finished with me anyway! The pictures that were taken are great but not as great as it was to be fucked by Mark and his friend. Shawn looks at them all the time. He loves when I tell him all about my experience that night. I hope you liked it too.

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

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August 13, 2007

Spiritual Advance

I believe the hotwife-cuckold lifestyle could be more than a handbook or a way for selling sex toys. I think it is a great opportunity to complete spiritual advance through love and pleasure.

For the woman it is finally a way to achieve sexual empowerment which is related to access to power. It is something necessary for our society since men have oppressed women sexually and politically. For the man it is an opportunity to achieve humbleness and a spiritual progress; letting go of what we love the most and have been taught to keep as a possession. It is an opportunity to let fear behind. It is a mayor spiritual progress. We have been educated to be lenient with the promiscuity of men but a woman who expresses and takes action to fulfill her desire of more than one man was a slut to be executed. The woman, even in Christianity, has been seen as a possession, just like a real estate property or as a horse.

When a couple decides to embark in the journey of swinging they will face their own fears and insecurities. But I think it could be easier for the woman to accept that the person she loves could have sex with somebody else since it has been something very common in many marriages of our ancestors, considering man’s promiscuity. On the contrary, the man who acknowledges his wife’s freedom to have intercourse with whoever she wants, experiments a major turn in history. Furthermore, the fact that many men embrace this desire is a remarkable social episode. As example of this, it is great to have a space for expression of such ideas like hotwifeblog.com

It is hard to say but to see the person you love as a free human being and not as a possession you get for your own pleasure, benefit and convenience is something we are not trained to be. To let freedom, friendship and true and unconditional love be only things that stand between man and woman is quiet a struggle. Once you let fear and selfishness behind both of you will fill this space in your soul with friendship, confidence, security and true love, which bind you together with a stronger and more advanced relationship. A little bit of pain and pleasure could be the stones which this path is made of but enlightenment is at the end of it.

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Submitted by: Gabriel - Puerto Rico


August 11, 2007

Barbi’s Baseball Team

OK back from Miami and back in blogging business.

Here’s a horny update from lucious hotwife Barbi

This woman is just superb, a common fantasy of hotwives and their husbands is the wife doing the baseball team, trust Barbin to go all the way. Love it… So here’s the pics of Barbi doing the baseball team… Keep them cumming Barbi.






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August 7, 2007

Miami Hangover

It’s been a crazy week of sun, sea and sex at the Internext convention in Miami, me and Daisy are now exhausted and relaxing from the madness in South Beach for a few days after a week of pure debauchery.

I’ll post some pics soon but as far as highlights go - finally meeting the lovely Anna Miller (my first hotwifeblog interviewee), a 2nd place win for Daisy at the wet tshirt contest for face-fucking a audience member and getting very down and dirty with Alexis Capri (yum), and last but opposite of least having a horny sexual encounter with the amazing Kelly Anderson. Wow, what a girl…. I’m still hard…


July 31, 2007

Off To Miami

It’s that time of year again, (my god it’s flown) and we’re off to the Miami Internext Expo. One of the main reasons for going apart from hotwifeblog is to launch my hotwife dating site. I really can’t wait to get that going and start matchmaking wives and bulls and well as wannabe cuckolds and hotwives looking to get into the lifestyle.

There’s going to be a host of Internet Hotwives in Miami including the lovely Kelly Anderson, Anna Miller, Naughty Allie and Julie, Brooke Anderson and many more.

Many of them already have been in touch trying to lead Daisy astray when we get there. With the schedule of parties planned, I’ll certainly have some stories to tell on my return.

I’ll try and update the blog as often as possible whilst I’m away, I hope you all have a good couple of weeks.


Miami 2006 - Daisy with Naughty Allie and Naughty Julie


July 29, 2007

ETO Awards Fun

Last weekend me and my ever so slutty girlfriend Daisy attended the ETO Adult Awards on Saturday night with fantastic British production studio Doll Theatre and the gorgeous Karlie Simon. It’s always a fun evening when the porn industry get together.

One lucky guy was fortunate enough to get a great blowjob from Daisy which she informed me about with a naughty grin, wiping her face when she got back to our table from the toliets :)

Daisy and Karlie


July 27, 2007

Dangerous Waters

Turning a Wife Into A Hotwife

Part V - “Navigating Some Dangerous Waters”

Clearly, these represent dangerous waters, and the wife in particular will have to be extremely careful how she handles things. She should be motivated to protect her sexual freedom by at no time letting another relationship take precedence over things in her marriage. Although she may enjoy sex with other men, this should in no way diminish her love for her husband.

In granting her sexual freedom, the husband is giving her a gift which is based on trust. Her sexual experiences should supplement the marriage, never supplant it. She needs to always ask permission from her husband before setting up sexual meetings with men, making sure he is okay with it. The husband will probably not want her to go to bed with specific men. Ideally, she should make him feel that he is always in control of things. If a husband feels that his wife and a partner are “going off on their own” (literally or figuratively) major problems will result.

When she goes out with a man for sex, he should insist on knowing who she’s with and where they are at all times. She should call him on her cell phone about any any change of plans. Rather than keep the nature of the meetings secret and spawn suspicions, she needs to be willing to openly discuss her sexual liaisons with her husband. She should understand that one of the motivations of some cuckold husbands have in granting their wives sexual freedom is in vicariously experiencing some of the excitement that she and her sexual partners experience with each other. Turning to our third example, we know of a case where a husband arranged with some men for his wife to go with them on an out of town convention. He knew that after hours they would probably go to popular night spots that included drinks and dancing. Before she left, he mentioned that one of the men would probably want to spend the night with her, and maybe she should see what it would be like. After a lot of close dancing with one of the men (mixed with alcohol), he invited her to his room for the night and she accepted. And, finally, there is the case of one husband who enlisted the help of a “stud date” to meet and seduce his wife at a party he was especially invited to. After he was successful and she met him several times for sex, the man then introduced her to another desirable man, made sure they hit it off, and then bowed out of the picture; the idea being that once she has sexual experience with two or more good lovers outside of marriage, her resistance to further liaisons would be greatly diminished.

By: Dr. Cherry Lee

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Next Week: Confronting the Issue of Emotional Involvement

A Hotwife Was Here
Hey that’s My Bedroom!!!


July 25, 2007

Natalie Loves Us

Attending the ETO Adult Awards in Birmigham last week I was very pleased and surprised to see the lovely British hotwife cumslut Natalie at one of the tables, after a good chat with her and her husband, later that night during one of her gangbang sessions Natalie was kind enough to pose for some of the most extreme fansign pics I’ve ever had done. Creampie fansign… What a treat… Thanks Natalie.




Adult Excitement Natalie’s Gangbang and dogging site

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July 23, 2007

Modern Relationship

I cuck my hubby and have for nearly 5 years. I enjoy the freedom to date black men and have sexual experiences with them without the fear and guilt of cheating on him. He readily accepts this and enjoys watching and cleaning us both up afterward.

Angie with her lover

Submitted by: Angie, Washington DC

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