January 21, 2008

Hot Wife Galleries

Some galleries for today. I’ve got wife Jazz from Slut Wife Training first with a movie gallery to go with it. Then we’ve got Melanie, a Colombian slut wife who’s husband loves to watch being serviced by as many guys as possible. Check out the lovely creampie she gets. She’s a big fan of multiple loads. This gallery from Hotwives and Girlfriends also has a bonus movie gallery. Last up for today is horny wife Syren from Seattle. The guys from West Coast Gangbangs took a trip up there to see her and make sure she was fully satisfied with their Bull service.

Jazz in hot wife training - Bonus Movie Gallery Here

Melanie gets 2 strangers cocks to play with - Bonus Movie Gallery Here

Syren has fun with a couple of guys


January 17, 2008

Wives Gone Black

The search for more hotwife titles goes on. Sensational Video release a lot of amateur and hotwife titles. They use many girls on the hotwife video circuit and here’s a preview movie gallery of one their scenes from Wives Gone Black 4. Enjoy.

Wives Gone Black
Wives Gone Black

It’s 11 p.m. Do you know where your wife is? Getting pounded by a big black cock in this video that’s where.


January 15, 2008

My Slutwife Carole

My husband wrote this account of my first time doing other men.

My Slutwife Carole

Some years ago when we were stationed in California my wife and I decided to make a weekend trip to Las Vegas to just relax, take in a show, and spend some time in a motel swimming pool. My wife, Carole, was about 32 at the time, long blonde hair, good looks, and a body that is fine with a set of near 38s. As they say, she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. We still make love in the normal way but most of the time she gives me a blow job. About five years after we were married she started sucking my dick more and getting fucked less, this was her choice, but was OK with me. Besides sucking dick Carole loves to show off her huge tits, but being married and having kids you have to be a little careful. Still, she manages one way or another to show them off whenever she thinks she can get away with it.

We tried to make our trip in the off season or at least the less busy time. We got a motel out of the way a few miles from Vegas. We hit the swimming pool shortly after getting there. It was already dark and in a short time the 2 or 3 people that were there left. We just relaxed and enjoyed the pool as it was really quiet. After a while it was obvious that there wasn’t going to be much activity out at the pool. I sort of maneuvered Carole over to the side of the pool with her back against the side and the water at about the height of her tits. I kissed her and started taking off her top, I figured she would balk at that but as I said she likes showing those big boobs off. Well, I got an erection and starting getting horny. I managed to get her bottom off as well and threw her whole suit up on the deck of the pool. She knew what I wanted, she didn’t resist but helped me get my hard dick out of my trunks. I slid my dick in her wet pussy and slowly started to fuck her. Her feet where off the bottom and she stretched out her arms on the top of pool to steady herself. Her tits bobbed up and down in and out of the water as I pumped her.

I tried not to hurry as I wanted to enjoy this outdoor love making. After some time I was getting close, I could tell that Carole also was getting there too and would be cumming in a manner of minutes. By now she had her arms wrapped around me and pumping as well, Just then 4 or 5 guys came out to the pool and jumped in hardly noticing us at all. Neither one of us wanted to break this off, I put my lips next to her ear and whispered, as I was really hot now and wanted to fuck her good, I whispered, “Carole, think of sucking these guys dicks, think of them with hard cocks sticking up and waiting for your cocksucking mouth to suck them.” I really didn’t care what she thought at this point, but it must have turned her on as she starting moaning and in about minute her body was shuttering as she came. This caused my dick to explode and I shot a load of cum as deep as I could in her pussy.

Of course, then we became a little embarrassed, I just held her to me not looking over at the guys who were playing around in the pool. In a minute I asked Carole if she thought they knew what was going on, she said she wasn’t sure, a couple of them had glanced over but didn’t indicate anything. She then said, “You know I’m naked here?” I replied, “When did that ever bother you?” She just smiled and said, “I guess never.”

I managed to get myself back in my trunks. After a few minutes I got a bright idea. I told Carole that when I told her to, for her to slide to her right a couple of steps so that her tits came out of the water. She didn’t say anything, just looked at me as though I was crazy. I jump up and grabbed Carole’s bathing suit and then swam to the middle of the pool where the guys were playing around. After a few minutes of small talk I showed them Carole’s bathing suit. Their eyes kind of got bigger, I then turned to my wife and told her to move to her right. I wasn’t sure if she was going to do it or not, but since I didn’t promise these guys anything I figured no harm. Well, much to my surprise Carole slid down a couple of steps and those ripe melons bobbed up out of the water. I could hear the guys gasp. I turned back to them and told them that the slut there was my wife and she just loves sucking dick. Their jaws dropped and then I asked if they would like a blow job. A couple managed some sort of audible answer, the others just nodded their head with their jaws hanging down.

I turned and swam back to Carole and told her that these guys were coming over and she could suck their dicks for real because I knew it had turned her on when we screwing. I could hear her sucking in air and her eyes got real big, but before she could say anything the boys were there. I told them to take their trunks off or at least get their dick out and sit here as I slapped the top of the pool a foot or so to Carole’s right. I figured that ought to be just about right for my wife to have to bend over and have her big tits hang down as she sucked. It sure didn’t take the first guy long and he was up on the side of the pool with his dick sticking up. I looked at Carole and was wondering if she would go through with it, she hesitated, but then looked over at the guy’s hard swollen dick and I guess she just couldn’t resist. Or she was mad at me and was going to get back at me, either way she moved over and bent down and took his dick full in her mouth. And like I figured her boobs hung straight down. I was shaking but managed to move over behind her and put my hands on her hips to help steady her. She wasted no time, she had a firm hold on the bottom of this guys dick and started running her mouth up and down on that hard shaft. She steadied herself with her other hand on the guy’s leg. He was balancing himself with one hand on the side of the pool and with other he started playing with Carole’s tits. As I usually do when she sucks me, I usually get a full grip on them and sometimes even pull her down on my dick as I cum in her mouth. Speaking of cumming, in no time the first guy was cumming in my pretty wife’s mouth. This is the first time I had ever seen my wife suck someone else’s dick and I’m afraid it was getting me excited. Carole, as is her usual way, swallowed his cum with a loud smacking sound. She gave him a few seconds then stood up, looked over her shoulder at me and licked her lips. Well, we didn’t have much time for games, the second guy was already up on the pool waiting his turn. Carole turned around, bent over and took his dick in her mouth, I put my arms around her waist and held her close to me. I looked down at my wife as her head bobbed up and down and I got hotter and hotter. The second guy cummed in her mouth, and then the third. As Carole started her cocksucking for a fourth time I couldn’t take it any longer, I took my dick out and worked it up into her ass and butt-fucked her while she sucked.

As it turned out there were five guys, and my pretty wife, Carole, gave them all a blow job, and to boot swallowed every drop of cum - she really was a slut. Well, a short while later the party broke up and the guys left, I grabbed Carole’s bathing suit and headed for the room. Carole called out, “Hey, what about me?” I told her to come on, that it wasn’t anything anyone hadn’t already seen. So she climbed out of the pool and ran over to me, her huge tits bouncing along the way. The next day we slept late, just hung around and took it easy, and then took in a show that evening. As we headed home, Carole had a big smile on her face, I asked what she was smiling about. She said I didn’t think she would suck those guys off, did I. I said I had my doubts, but told her that she realized that only a slut would have done it. She said, “I know.” and smiled all the way home.

Submitted by: Carole - South


January 13, 2008

Barbi Get’s Pounded

Here’s a picture update from Barbi’s Slutty Adventures. This woman is just amazing, to find more of her sexploits just search for ‘Barbi’ on this blog on the top right hand side. Her husband just sent these in to me, he had a perfect view of Barbi getting some black cock she had just picked up that night. Barbi, you are amazing…







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January 11, 2008

Supermarket Sweep

A few weeks ago we ran into an old “intimate” friend Mike, that my wife use to work with and play with on the side. He is now working closer to where we live making a visit more convenient. Lynn had gone into the store while I parked the car and I found her and Mike chatting in an aisle. I could see a bulge in Mike’s pants - not hard to miss because he has a nine-inch cock. He had to get back to work but said he would love to stop by and visit soon. We exchanged phone numbers and I got his new email address and sent him some explicit photos of Lynn. We are caucasion and Mike is Afro-American… very good looking and a super nice guy.

It was only a few days and he called to ask if he could stop by after work at about 2:15 pm. We eagerly awaited his arrival… Lynn was taking a bubble bath when he came by. He looked through the open door of the bathroom and replied to Lynn’s greeting. Within a few minutes, Lynn joined us in the bedroom… she was wearing nothing but a towel. We sat and talked for a few minutes before she reached over to stroke Mike’s bulge in his jeans. Mike then stood up in front of Lynn at the side of the bed and she unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge erection. At first she massaged it and masturbated him teasingly. My cock was throbbing and wanting to be uncaged. Mike stepped a bit closer with his huge black cock poised for sucking and Lynn wasted no time obliging his apparent wishes. She sucked and licked his nine inches from tip to base until Mike finally stepped away to remove his jeans and underwear. I did the same. I was sitting nearest to the headboard, Lynn was next to me and Mike stepped up in front of her again to resume the action. Lynn hungrily slid her wet mouth down the shaft of his penis - slowly at first while also holding his balls and gently rubbing them. Mike was moaning and telling her how much he missed seeing her and having her mouth on his cock. I sat there, just inches away, rubbing my rock-hard dick while enjoying the live show. Lynn, by this time, had allowed the towel to drop to her waist revealing her large perky breasts. Mike was gently playing with them while fucking her face and I was having a hard time not cumming!

After about ten minutes, Mike laid on his back near the foot of the bed on the other side of Lynn. His nine inches pointing to the ceiling like the Eifel Tower. She took it in her hand and masturbated him for a while before getting on the other side of Mike so I would have a good view of her sucking his cock (but also so I could take some photos). She used her tongue on his rod like a kid licking a sucker and he moaned while telling her it felt sooo good and couldn’t wait to shoot a load down her throat. She slowed down for a while and used her hand again to allow him time to regain his composure so he wouldn’t cum to fast. She wasn’t ready to stop enjoying the sensation of his large and extra long dick after such a long time since our last threesome with him.

In between taking photos of that torridly hot scene, I pumped my throbbing erection bringing myself within seconds of cumming several times. Each time it grew harder to stop before blowing a wad. Mike then asked Lynn to put her mouth back on his cock and make him cum. She started slowly at first, following each up and down movement of her mouth with her hand. Mike was breathing heavier and moving with her motions as if fucking her mouth. Lynn’s tits were swaying so beautifully almost hypnotising the both of us. He reached out and held one of her breasts and said, “Lynn, I’ve dreamed of cumming in your mouth ever since I saw you guys the other day… don’t make me wait much longer. Face fuck me and drink me dry!” I nearly shot my load as he told her this and had to hold off for a few seconds while she deep-throated his nine inches and went to work on it at an almost fever-pitch. It didn’t take long… Mike was soon telling her he was going to cum at any second and began to shove his dick into her mouth in a crazed fury of moans and cries of ecstacy. Soon I saw some of his cream dripping from the side of Lynn’s mouth as she sucked and swallowed every drop he fed her. His body went almost limp as he let out a sigh of sexual relief. Lynn held his still-hard cock with one hand while licking and sucking any trace of his cum from his shiny shaft. At the same time, I was trying to take at least one last photo while jerking off to this incredibly sensuous sight in front of me! My cock exploded as Lynn quickly leaned over to catch the fountain shooting forth with a look of hunger in her eyes and the need for more as she ran her mouth down my erect penis. I came inside her mouth and she drank every drop other than the first few which landed on her beautiful face.

As we got dressed, Mike told her he would love to get together again real soon and said he would love to try to fuck her pussy as gently as possible. Ever since Lynn first saw him naked, she has been fearful of his largeness because of the tightness of her vagina. We don’t push her although I would love to watch that large piece of meat pumping her pretty pussy and filling it with a good load. Perhaps, someday.




You can read Linda’s first post on hot wife blog here - Ex Boyfriend Pays a Visit

Submitted by: Lee - Atlanta


January 9, 2008

Negative Posts

We quite often get offensive and negative comments here on hot wife blog, I will allow a comment if it is constructive criticism adding to a debate or line of thought within an article, but I will not add plain abuse against the beautiful people that post here and the lifestyle we are celebrating. It’s always interesting to read them though, on Saturday night out in Brighton, my girlie Daisy Rock was chatting to a good looking lad, he was obviously very interested and I was enjoying watching them chat from across the bar. The girl I was chatting to knew Daisy was my partner but insisted on telling me how wrong I was to let them get more intimate with each other. After explaining some basics about our lifestyle, she looked very confused, “What if she goes home with him?” she said looking accusingly into my eyes. I looked straight back into her, the confidence oozing from my pores and said “Then I’m the luckiest guy in this room”. She looked disturbed, confused and disgusted with me. It’s hard to explain but it’s an amazing feeling of freedom to release jealousy from your body. Of course you need a girl that can take you to that level within a relationship knowing your bond is water-tight, but I do love the feeling.

Anyway back to my original comment, here’s what I received this morning from a lady called ‘hottieyoungmom’, which is a typical example of the type of people that post here but just don’t understand what we are about here. I’m going to post future similar comments I receive within this blog post here too. I usually just delete them as some are so offensive I could never post them, but when I can remember I will post them here so we can turn it around and have a good laugh at all the haters.

9th Jan 2008 - hottieyoungmom: “eewww… you people are disgusting and you even let your wives have all the fun while you loser hubbies sit back and watch your marriage go down the drain..how’s that successful? that’s plain sick.. “

6th June 2008 - john: “If you guys get off watching another mans cock fucking your wife, you must be gay and need serious help”

16th Sept 2008 - biggdogg: “This cheating wife is a disgusting story. There is nothing sexy about your wife coming home full of cum from another guy. I thinkk my own cum is gross. I say get rid of her and find yourself a good woman who will fuck the shit out of you, not some other asshole. The reason why I take such a tough stand is because I once had a bitch like that and believe me fucking her with someone else’s shit in there is no good. Now I have a hot woman who fucks the shit out of me and I of her and would never consider having some sick idiot fucking her, nor would I want to fuck some other nasty bitch. Most of the people that live this lifestyle have some type of problem, this is disgusting. I wonder if anyone has read the bible. I am no holy roller by any means, but looking for different types of guys to fuck is pretty sick.”

17th December 2008 - Lerry “You’re going to go to hell don’t you know?”

14th November 2009 - Jim “I don’t understand why you don’t have sex with your husband. Why do you stay in a married relationship. Your husband must be the biggest ass ever. “



January 7, 2008

Bathroom Blowjob

Black Bachelor Diary Update:

Once a whore. Always a whore! I don’t know why these stupid ass guys seem to believe that once a chick gets married and settles down, she’s going to stop being a fucking whore! Remember Dotty the devoted wife I met 6 months ago, who gave me a dirty look when I asked her for some pussy at the Art Gallery Show in New York City. “I’m a married women, I beg your pardon”, is what her snobby ass told me the last time we met! Well a lot can change in 6 months my friend. It seems that Dotty is getting real fucking bored with her conservative ass husband who only wears starched jeans from the cleaners (what an ass)!

So here we go, I run into Dotty a week ago at a holiday party, I must admit she was looking much better. And didn’t have that snobbish look in her eyes! I gave her a smile and spoke, (just like a wolf in sheeps clothing would do), she smiles back. We talk about the usual dumb shit, “Who are you voting for, blah, blah, blah, You are looking great, blah, blah, blah”! Then Dotty says something that throws me for a fucking loop and makes my dick jump up at full attention! “Why don’t you email me, I was wondering when we could get together”! HELLO, now that’s what the fuck I’m talking about! I didn’t even hesitate, I immediately pulled out my Blackberry phone and placed her name, email under my *new slut directory section”!

In all honestly, my night was really starting to get boring. Artists can be fucking weird and self centered. So I gracefully told Dotty, I would drop her a few messages and see when I could finally get some of that ass! Its a good thing I got her number because, her husband was making his way over to our side of the room and he didn’t look happy! For what I saw her was ready to go and the gallery was getting too hot from all the fake buyers crowding the place! So like a true pimp, I keep it moving to scout out some fresh black cock sluts on the other side of the gallery! The waitresses were cute by the way, I must have drank 5 glasses of wine to go with the hard ass cheese! So check this crazy shit, I enter the bathroom to take a leak and as I enter I notice a girl in the bathroom on the toilet!

I hit the stall and drain my snake and this white chick just keeps using the other stall, I’m speechless! The girl looks out and says, “This bathroom is Coed, so don’t worry you don’t have anything I haven’t seen”!! I’m like cool, the white chicks gets up and leaves and doesn’t wash her hands by the way. I’m so fucking buzzed I don’t know how to respond really! So I’m about zip up my pants when, Dotty walks her happy ass inside the washroom! My dick is semi hard, drained and just got a nice raise as Dotty looks at me and doesn’t even try to LEAVE THE FUCKING BATHROOM!!! She get’s naked and blows me in the cubicle… Sorry the pics are a bit blurred but my hands were shaking when I took them lol…. These gallery parties are fucking great!!

Black Bachelor





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Pay A Visit To The Black Bachelor Here


January 5, 2008

I Fucked The Stripper

I am a hot asian wife that has been with my husband since college. We have been married 7 1/2 years and I guess we’re getting the 7 yr “itch”. I have only been with 3 guys before him and they couldn’t satisfy me like he can. He is really hot, has a big cock, and pretty much is great in every way. He makes me cum multiple times and we have already tried other ways to have “new” ways of fucking…. having sex in public places hoping someone will catch us, going into adult stores and fucking in one of the cum booths, etc. (Obviously, I am adventurous and not some lame boring housewife)… I will go to strip clubs with him, have him fuck me in the ass on occasion, have a sex machine that fucks my pussy with a dildo, etc). I get attention from guys ALL the time. I have that look that says, “my pussy is wet and needs to be fucked”, I guess. Anyway, a couple of years ago, I went to a bachlorette party and had the hottest guy stripper come that I have ever seen, The ones I have seen in the past are always either not my type or are gay and trying to make some cash. This guy was so HOT and gave me A LOT of attention, but we pretty much did nothing crazy since there were a lot of wives/moms who let themselves go and were pretty much not at all interested…. boring. I told my husband, who isn’t the jealous type b/c he looks good and so do I, that I was soooooo hot for this guy! We talked about him while we had sex and my pussy was sooooooo wet. He was cool that it was turning me on. To make a long story short, he surprised me on our anniversary date with fine dinning and coming home to my own personal stripper… HIM! I was really nervous at first, but he turned me on and my husband gave me the “okay” by tossing a condom to him and went upstairs so I could be alone with him. I can’t believe this was all happening and that I did him. It was really hot! The next day I felt a little weird that he paid him to come over (of course he paid him half of what he normally charges for stripping).!

Later, the stripper contacted my husband and said that if I were interested on doing that again to let him know. Apparently, he thought I was super hot too. He came over the next weekend night (obviously not wanting to get paid except for my pussy) and we fucked in front of my husband and later me and the stripper went into the shower. I sucked his cock so good he came hard in my mouth. I took every last drip of his cock and swallowed. It was yummy!!!

To repay the favor, not that my husband was expecting this or any, I got an asian chick to come over who was bisexual. He was really turned on that we were going down on each other on the bed. I told him to join us. At first, I thought no way am I going to let him fuck her. That changed as I got hornier and wetter. I told him to go ahead and fuck her why I kissed her and played with my pussy. It was hot! I know we love each other, wouldn’t cheat, and are totally into each other,,,, but DAMN… it is nice to get some NEW cock and pussy play with.

Samantha - San Diego


January 3, 2008

Happy New Year

I’ve just about recovered from my New Years Eve party… Just wanted to wish all hot wife blog readers a very happy new year and hope 2008 brings much debauchery and sexual pleasure to you all.

Please keep sending your hotwife and cuckold husband images and stories right here http://www.hotwifeblog.com/submittoblog.htm

Thanks, your webmaster Trash x x x


January 2, 2008

More Galleries

Some galleries for you. First up we have the lovely Sasha from Sharing My Wife. Here her husband Ryan watched closely as Sasha get’s intimate with a horny stud. There’s a couple of bonus galleries of the shoot below the pic too including a movie gallery. The next gallery features internal cumshot queen Jean Swing getting a double helping of creampie. Then we have a video gallery of a hotwife getting a hotel gangbang from the guys at West Coast Gang Bangs.

Sharing My Wife
Sasha holds hands with hubby as she gets fucked
Bonus Sasha posing gallery
Movie gallery of Sasha

Jean Swing
Twin creampie loads for Jean Swing

West Coast Gangbangs
The West Coast Gangbang Bulls

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