August 19, 2008

Fantasy Fulfilled

I have been for years trying to get my wife to take on a lover on the side, and she was never willing. In the past, she would only fuck other men if I set it up or found them for her. Well, just this past Tuesday night, I sent her for a fucking with a guy I met online, and she willingly went. She made me watch her get ready, shave her pussy, and change into a sexy mini skirt and a sleeveless low cut top. Just before she left to go to this mans house, she pulled her panties off and her bra off and threw them at me. I was very turned on by the idea.

It was about a 1/2 hour of her being with this man, and she began to send me pics on my cell phone of her sucking his cock, then came pics of him and her kissing. I wanted so bad to jack-off right then, but was strong enough to hold off, no sooner came pics of him eating my wife’s hot shaved cunt followed by her sitting on his gigantic cock and leaning back so I could see how big her new friend was and how much she was taking in of that dick. The moment was intense, I told her to let him cum inside of her, I had no response, now I knew she took condoms with her because I gave them to her. The very next picture came through and was of her on her back and legs up in the air spread wide open with his cock balls deep inside of her. I knew she was getting what she was desiring and missing at home since my cock is only about 6 inches hard. It was not long and my cell phone rang, it was her number, O answered but she didn’t speak anything, there was just noises. Then, I heard her moaning telling him he was so huge and she wanted him to cum inside of her so her husband can see it and lick it out for the first time. I was in shock, she came 2 times while I was listening, then the phone hung up. About 45 minutes later, I got a picture message of her on her back, legs spread wide and cum dripping from her well fucked pussy and a sign next to her saying “be home in 10 for you to lick me clean”.

My cock was in dismay, it wanted to blow right there, but I held back. She walks in the door, grabs my hand and brings me into the bedroom, I have to say, I have never been into eating her pussy full of cum, but for some reason, that was the first thing I did. I buried my face into her dripping snatch. Within 5 minutes she came, pushing all of his cum into my mouth telling me how small my cock was and how she has to go get bigger cock, and I always have to clean her out. My mind was racing. I jumped up, put my cock to her tits and blew my load, a huge load all over her 36 C’s. She reached up grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face down to her tits, and said “You son of a bitch, look at what you just did, now lick it all up” as she smeared my face into my hot cum, I obliged and cleaned her off.

I have worked on her for 2 days now since her meeting with him, and really want her to ask him to be her lover on the side. She phoned him and did right in front of me, and he agreed. Now, my fantasy has come true in every aspect, she has fucked black men, been gangbanged, done women, super hung men, my friends, complete strangers, monster toys, and now has a lover on the side. Does this qualify me to be a cuckold husband now?

Submitted by: wannabe cucky


August 17, 2008

Jackie Rules

Over the years we’ve had many hotwives grace our pages and I’d find it very hard to choose a favorite but there are a few that definitely top the list for me and it seems you too from the response I had when I interviewed this lady.

I think the appeal of Jackie is that she is the wife that ‘lives next door’ she is attractive, slutty and sophisticated all in one and I personally can’t get enough of her.

Her movies are great, you really see her go from the refined lady to complete slut as she gets pounded by different cock after cock. Setting up meetings in hotels, motels, restaurants and the backs of cars, watch her getting ready for her lover, applying her make-up, choosing her outfit, saying goodbye at the door, it’s the ultimate hotwife fantasy figure in one real lovely brunette package.

Here’s a movie clip from her collection of her getting intimate with a young black stud she picked up. Carry on the good work Jackie.


from My Hot Wife.

Video Clip - Jackie takes yet another cock inside her

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August 15, 2008

Paris Theater Slut

I am 55 and my wife Sandy is 42. We have been married for 18 years and have a great healthy sex life. Sandy was only 20 when we first met. She came to a party that my son from my first marriage was giving for his College friends. For some reason, we hit it off straight away and I was soon dating her. She was no Virgin, but she was quite inexperienced, so I had the pleasure of teaching her all I knew about sex and moulding her in the ways that I enjoyed best. I taught her to dress provocatively and I loved the way other guys admired her and she seemed to enjoy it too. I introduced her to nylons and garter belts which has always been a great turn on for me and she always wore them when we went out to dinner or somewhere special and, of course, often in bed. I showed her how to give great head and swallow which she had never done before we met and she became quite an expert. I have an 8” cock and quite thick and she had no trouble taking it to the hilt.

However, until about 5 years ago our sexual activities were strictly between the two of us and although I enjoyed showing her off and her being admired, the thought of anyone else touching her was far from my mind and I used to get quite annoyed if someone tried to get too fresh with her. This changed quite dramatically one night in Paris.

We went to Paris for a romantic weekend and after a great Dinner we went for a walk along the Champs Elysee. It was around ten, summer and still quite warm and a lot of people around. We saw a restaurant in a side street that someone had recommended and we went across the street to check out the menu with the idea of going there the following evening. Just along from the restaurant we walked passed a small cinema and stopped to see what was showing. There were no photographs on the posters just titles, which we did not understand so it was difficult to work out what was playing. I noticed in the corner of all the posters a XXX so we realised what type of cinema it was. Sandy said she had never seen a porno film and could we sneak in for a while and take a look.

I was keen to go in too. I had a few porno tapes at home but had never wanted to risk showing them to Sandy in case it turned her off, so I was interested to see a French film and compare it with the US variety. We chose a film, not really knowing what we had chosen and paid our money. It was quite a big theatre and very dark when we first entered so we stood a while to let our eyes become accustomed to the low light. There were a lot of people in the cinema, about half full, and no obvious empty areas where we could keep ourselves to ourselves. We could see several couples at the rear of the cinema kissing and playing while they watched the film but we couldn’t really see that clearly.

We chose to sit nearer the front, about 10 rows back and we worked our way along the row, passed a few people and sat roughly in the middle. There were 2 or 3 spare seats on either side of us, so we felt quite comfortable. We stared watching the film, which was quite an elaborate production with a blond girl, who was the image of Marilyn Monroe, at a grand ball in a Chateau, giving head to several guys. I let my hand wander down to Sandy’s knee and enjoyed stroking her silky leg. She was wearing a very sheer pair of tan nylons and high heels and, as usual, the feel of the silky sheer nylon was turning me on even more than the film. She was obviously enjoying it too as she let her legs fall apart and allowed me to stroke up above the stocking tops and graze her bare pussy. She let her hand drop to gently squeeze and caress my cock through my pants. We sat this way, watching the film for a while and then someone came and sat one seat away from Sandy. We didn’t really take any notice as we were engrossed in ourselves and the film. Shortly afterwards another came to sit down in the row in front, directly in the front of the other guy whose view of the screen was now slightly blocked, so when he moved to the seat next to Sandy, we didn’t take much notice. After a few minutes Sandy whispered in my ear that the guy next to her was stroking the outside of her leg. I looked across and could make out his hand at his side, gently moving against Sandy’s leg. My first reaction was to yell at him to go away, but my cock suddenly got harder and a strange feeling took over. I was not sure what to do, to yell at him or let him continue. It was exciting to see someone else touching Sandy, something I had never experienced before. I whispered back to Sandy, not to make a fuss and cause a scene and she seemed to accept it. I was watching the film with one eye and trying to make out his hand on Sandy’s leg at the same time. My hand was still between her legs and she was still very turned on. This guy was very good, he appeared to be watching the film as if nothing was happening and at the same time was inching his hand slowly up Sandy’s leg. I felt her legs part a little more and his hand inched its way over her leg and was alongside mine on the thicker welt of her stocking just where the garters attach. Sandy squeezed my cock a little harder but did not say anything. I was really turned on now and any anger I had initially felt had now changed into pure lust. I wanted to see more. My cock was rock hard and it wasn’t just from the administrations of Sandy’s hand. I felt his hand inch up a little and Sandy’s legs parted more. She gasped as his hand found her cunt and I could tell from her reaction that he was massaging her clit. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed but by this time I could see quite clearly around us and it was clear that we were not the only couple that had gained the attention of single guys and I could see that there was a lot of action going on.

I could see now that he had taken his cock out and was stroking it, so it was no surprise when he took Sandy’s hand a placed it on his cock. At first I could see she was resisting but I whispered to her to do it if she wanted to and that I would like to see her touching another man. She let him guide her hand to his cock and while he played with her cunt under her dress, she slowly stroked him and jerked him off. His cock was not enormous, about like mine I suppose but he had a foreskin and I could see her expertly working it up and down across the head of his cock. By this time the guy in the row in front, they were obviously working together, moved across to the seat directly in front of Sandy and turned around to reach back and join his friend in playing with her pussy. Sandy had now slid down in the seat a little and was enjoying her cunt being played with while she had a cock in each hand. He slipped his pants around his ankles to give Sandy access to his balls too and she let me go and was using both hands on him.

Obviously the two of them sensed that there was no resistance from us and the guy in front climbed over the back of his seat and slipped down between Sandy’s legs and started to eat her pussy. The other guy took his hand out from between her legs and put it on her head and eased her mouth down towards his cock. Sandy didn’t need any persuasion and took his cock deep in her mouth and started sucking. I was sitting there just as a spectator now with my cock out, stroking furiously and never having been so turned on in my life. These two guys were obviously well experienced with this routine and the one between her legs stopped sucking, took out his cock, put on a condom and slid his hard dick straight into her cunt. By now the rest of the cinema was aware of what was happening and a few couples and guys moved down to our area to get a better view. Two or three guys stood behind us with their cocks out above Sandy’s head as she bobbed up and down on the strangers cock. It didn’t take long for him to cum and she didn’t resist when he held her head over his cock as he shot his load. She swallowed his cum and turned around to suck my cock on her other side. No soon had she gotten my cock in her mouth than the guy fucking her pussy, pulled her up onto all fours on the seat and was fucking her from behind while she sucked off the other 3 guys standing behind us. About 15 minutes later with three more loads of cum inside her she indicated that she wanted to stop. There was no resistance from any of the guys, they had enjoyed her and respected her for that. We tided up a bit and left the cinema and walked back to the hotel without exchanging glances or conversation. As soon as we hit the room, I threw her onto the bed and fucked her like never before. After 2 or 3 hours of non stop sucking and fucking we chatted about the nights events and agreed that it was the hottest night we had ever had. Needlessly to say, the following evening after dinner we went back to the cinema and this time further back where we were in the middle of some furious action. Sandy sucked off at least 6 or 7 guys and was fucked continuously. She even had her pussy eaten by another woman while her husband stood beside Sandy with his cock in her mouth.

We left the cinema with this couple and they took us to a fantastic swingers club where the action started again, but more of that another time.


Submitted by: James - UK


August 13, 2008

Hotel Pick-Up

Christina Noir diary update.

Hubby and I went out out of town recently for some fun and relaxation. I met this guy in the lobby of the hotel we checked into and he seemed like he was up for a good time. He kept looking me up and down so I chatted him up a bit and let him know that Hubby loved to watch me get pounded by some hard dick. He didn’t hesitate to tell me how hard he was just standing next to me and then proceed to tell me all the things he wanted to do to me - kiss me all over, lick my sweet wet pussy, slide his hard cock in and out of my juicy lovebox. He was getting me wet just talking to me so I go his room number and told him we’d call him in a few hours. We rang his room after we had gotten all settled in and invited him over to ours to get to know each other better. After some serious licking, sucking banging, and gushing, we headed to the hotel restaurant and had dinner together (with Hubby, of course!) and talked about hooking up again if he had the time. He said he did so I called him again the next night for more of the same! Hubby sure treats me right by letting me fill my insatiable appetite for SEX!! It’s such a turn on having so many guys want me! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world :)

Christina Noir

Christina Noir

Christina Noir

Christina Noir

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August 11, 2008

Cheating Wife

Love the blog, thought I’d throw in my two pennies worth. I am 46 and my wife is 32. We’ve been married for 3 years. She is having an affair with her boss. I found out last year, but what makes me different from many of the posts and lifestyle choices you depict here is I go along with her adultery and pretend I know nothing about it.

When I first found out I was hurt, down and depressed and thought about how I bring it up with her and what the consequences would be - would she leave me? The thought of having to go through a separation or divorce is too much for me, so I tolerate it. In the summer of last year I got quite used to the idea and have to admit that I find it sexually arousing.

She is an estate agent. She often works late blaming difficult clients and having to show people properties at an unsociable hour, but I know it’s an excuse to fuck her boss. He is a young, cocky, late-twenties, flash type of guy. Drives a little sports car and thinks the world revolves round him. He’s always calling up at weekends or in the evenings getting my wife to do something for him.

Sometimes when she comes home late from work and I know they’ve been together, I’ll do my best to try and get her into bed. I love fucking her knowing she has just been fucked. If she doesn’t feel like sex I often just give her oral sex, that is a real turn-on. I can’t really tell if she’s got cum inside her, that is if he does cum inside her (she is on the pill). I think she probably goes to the bathroom and wipes herself at work before she comes home but I must say she does feel very wet down there sometimes.

I travel a fair bit for my business and stay away for a couple of nights sometimes. One time I hooked up one of those mini hidden security cameras in the bedroom and living room and as luck had it she brought him home with her. I’ve watched the recording so many times, she acted just like they are a couple. They sat in the living room and watched a film drinking a bottle of my expensive wine and chatted for ages (I didn’t have any sound on it unfortunately). They did a lot of kissing and fondling of each other and were in no hurry to get to the bedroom. When they did eventually go through to the bedroom, I remember watching it the first time and thinking my head and penis might explode with the pure raw exciting visual evidence I had the privilege to watch. They got undressed quite casually and he got on top of her and they fucked for about 15 minutes, never really changing position. I didn’t notice him putting a condom on and most of the fucking was going on under the covers. When he came he rolled over onto his back and my wife went out of the room, to the bathroom I suppose. He got dressed and left about 30 minutes after that.

I removed the equipment when I got back from my trip, paranoid that she’d find it and I haven’t had the courage to install it again yet, but I know I’ll have to soon.

submitted by: Daniel


August 9, 2008

Mandys New Boy Toy

Mandy - Diary Update

My husband Keith and I had vacationed in Hawaii earlier this year. We were taking a stroll along the beach in Waikiki and I was gazing at the ocean and doing a little people-watching. While checking out the scenery I didn’t realize that I was being checked out too. A young man had been gazing at me as we walked past him. My oh-so observant husband did notice and told me so after we went by this guy. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity for some possible fun, we turned back and walked past him again. This time I made eye contact and smiled at him. He nodded and smiled at me with quite a look of appreciation in his eyes. Without giving Keith a chance to say anything, I walked back and sat on the sand next to my next boytoy :-) I chatted him up for a while, asking where he was from, how old he was, etc. etc. Turned out that he was in the Navy and stationed right there in Honolulu. I asked him if he had any plans for the rest of the afternoon. He said no, that one of his buddies had dropped him off in Waikiki and was just waiting for him to come back to get him in a few hours. Hmmm, what to do with those few hours I wondered out loud. Still not looking at Keith, I invited my next mancub back to our hotel room for a drink. He agreed, so off we all went for a little afternoon diversion!

I could tell that my boytoy was a little nervous. Probably not sure of what would happen next, I’m guessing. I put him at ease by offering him a beer and showing him the view we had of the ocean from our balcony. I was leaning past him to point out Diamond Head, giving him a better view of my tits. I could see that he glanced down, but then looked up right away as if he had been caught doing something wrong, lol. I thought that was really amusing and just made me even more determined to get things going. Keith ventured out to the balcony at this moment, so I excused myself to the bathroom. I put on a sexy little bra & panty set and walked back into the livingroom where Keith and my next adventure now stood. The expression on my boytoy’s face was priceless. It bounced from “wow” to “oh-no” to “wow” again, and in between giving Keith looks like “is this okay with you man?”

I smiled and walked over to the murphy bed, that was conveniently in the livingroom, and asked for help to pull it down *smile*. I’m pretty sure he got the message that everything was okay with Keith, and especially me, and what was about to happen for the rest of the afternoon. Let’s just say I road his thick black cock until I came over and over again, all while my darling husband sat close by and watched my naughty little afternoon romp.






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August 7, 2008

My Wife’s Affair

My wife has always been the more dominant person in our marriage. She has always flirted with men and teased me about how men come onto her. This became an ongoing theme in the bedroom.

About a year ago she took on a client and he and she immediately clicked over the phone, as he lived 2 hours away and there was no reason to see each other in person, I pushed her to meet him. She did. Nothing happened the first date, but ultimately they began meeting in hotels for sex. She would lie to me about the dates, but I always knew or could easily find out what she was doing and where. She finally admitted that she was having sex with him. He is very dominant and holds her hands down above her head while he fucks her very hard. He always cums in her pussy and once made her pregnant. She miscarried.

He likes her to suck his cock and he holds her head down when he cums to force her to swallow his entire load. She admitted that she loves sucking his cock and will usually do it after he has cum in her pussy. She told me that he wants to fuck her ass. So I have been using a dildo on her ass to get her ready for him. I am not allowed to have her ass.

Lately she is making me fuck her, cum in her and then kiss her pussy. She likes when I’m licking my own juice. She has told me that she loves him and will do whatever he wants.

I get so horny thinking about him fucking my wife, cumming in her pussy and mouth and making her pregnant. I’m obsessed with hearing how he dominates her, without regard for me. Making me a cuckold. I’ve asked her to let me watch, but she refuses saying that it’s private between them. I know that he makes her feel better than me, because she has fallen in love with him and that is why she doesn’t let me watch. It’s driving me crazy!

Joes Wife

Submitted by: Joe - New York


August 3, 2008


Here’s some galleries. First up I found these lovely pics from Seductive Wife Missy receiving a hot creampie while she’s wearing a great pair of fishnets. Next up is a video gallery of the delectable Amber Lynn Bach riding some cock. Lastly we have a great cuckold video gallery. Watch Raven as she sucks black cock and has the phone in her hand the entire time with her husband listening in. Stay tuned as I have a hot interview with this incredible woman coming soon.

Seductive Wife
Missy gets a hot creampie

Amber’s fucking the delivery guy

Hubby has to listen down the phone


July 28, 2008

My Wife

My Wife and I have been married for five years. I am in the military stationed in the U S. I have met some new friends and my young wife has enjoyed their friendships just as I have, if not more. We are in our early twentys and very fit. We often have parties where we encourage our wives to dance and sometimes strip for our private amusement. Strip poker is one of our favorite pastimes. Lap dancing has become my wife’s favorite sport lately because she notices a rise in my friends pants. I must admit that I enjoy watching my shipmates fondling my wife’s firm breasts and long thighs as she wiggles herself on their laps wearing only a tiny thong that barely covers her blonde pussy. I very much enjoy watching my wife being fondled by my shipmates. Last night my wife told me that she wants to have sex with one of my friends. This has excited me greatly. I will keep you informed.

Submitted by: Mike, California


July 24, 2008

Payton’s Boyfriend

Just got an email from the lovely Payton Leigh, she’s been fantasising about one of her new boyfriends, a guy called Jenner who she’s been fucking a lot recently. She also sent me a pic of her sucking his cock below.


I fall asleep thinking of one of my boyfriends Jenner. I am dreaming of him caressing me. He begins to kiss me very aggressively. Then he begins to rub my breasts and pussy, getting me ever so wet. My legs begin to slowly spread for him. I know what is cumming next. He is going to lick my wet, juicy, pussy while he slides his finger inside me. As he is licking me, I begin to rub my titties, getting my nipples nice and hard.

Now it’s my turn to take care of him. I love sucking on his long, thick cock, licking up and down his shaft like a lollypop! Yummy!! We then decide to pleasure each other at the same time. I put my pussy over his face and we are intertwined in the 69 position…Oh how I love that!! He then turns me around and sticks his hard, long cock in my mouth and starts to fuck my mouth.. What a turn on!! I am soooo wet.

Now my “very favorite” part; finally we are going to fuck. He slides his long, thick cock inside my wet, juicy pussy…Oh he is such a great lover!! The intensity of our passion grips me. Soon I am totally out of control. He knows just how to drive me wild. Thrusting and thrusting, I just can’t get enough of him! He makes me scream out in pleasure, over and over again!! My orgasms are so intense my breathing almost stops. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenner likes to do it in lots of exciting new positions. I really love how he fucks me! He can really get me off! One of my favorite postions is when I am laying on the floor with my legs in the air. He can ride me like the jackhammer stud he is! In this position, I can watch his big cock going in and out. What a turn on!!

Payton Leigh

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