October 26, 2013

Wild first interracial

Cuckold Place Update

Wild time for first interracial

Here is the story of our first interracial encounter and the wildest thing we have ever done. We are both teachers, lived in Alabama back then, and I had been going to the NEA convention that was in a different major city every summer. Around 1983, I heard about a wild party that the Connecticut delegation put on. It was a mock wedding and giant “reception” party with some pretty wild goings on. I talked to two of my fellow delegates who went and they said that all of the males in the wedding party were black administrators and coaches and all the women were hand picked from different states. After the partying, the part that interested me was that they said that the “married” couple and the groomsmen all went on a “honeymoon.”

My wife and I had done some wife only swapping, as we called it back then. Not long after we were married, she told me that my boss had been calling her. I was pretty shocked, but had secretly wanted her to fool around anyway. This led to a discussion of sex with others and I told her she should go for it and fuck him. She decided a few days later to call him, but said that she did not want me fooling around and I agreed. He came over when I was at work after he asked me to work a double shift and he never knew that I knew about it. After that, she occasionally had flings with either strangers or people we knew but they never knew that I knew about it.

So, I came back from the convention with the tale and she got very hot every time we talked about it. I told her that I would take her to the next year’s convention in Minneapolis and she could try out for the wedding party.

The next July, we headed up to Minnesota. When we got there, I found out from the two who told me about it the year before how to go about putting my wife up for the wedding party. I found the guy in charge and he wanted to meet in his room that night. The “wedding” was the next night. She is a natural auburn haired slim and tall cute female with freckles and small, pert B cup tits. She dressed in a see thru stretchy top and short shorts. When we got to his room, he and his roommate’s eyes lit up. He smiled hugely and asked her a few questions about her sexual interests. She had never been with a black and was kind of shy.

They told us that they really liked what they saw and would like for her to be the bride. That was a surprise. She cleared her throat and nodded yes. He told us that we had to understand that the bride would honeymoon for two nights and two days with the groom and the 4 groomsmen and we had to agree to that. She looked at me and told me to okay it, which I did. We stood and she gave each a looooong tongue kiss. He told us that the delegates in charge of the party would see us the next afternoon and would take care of her gown and accessories.

She went wild in bed that night. The next day she was nervous and subdued. I dropped her off at noon and went to the convention. I didn’t see her until that night when I showed up at the ceremony and party. My part was to give her away. The beginning of my true cuckolding. They would not let me into her room. I had to wait outside until the music started and I went in to walk her up the aisle. This was crazy. We kissed a long time and then headed down the aisle. The kicker was that every year, the minister at this mock affair was a real minister and the joke was that the ceremony really married the lucky woman to the black guy.

I was pretty damn humiliating when he asked if I as her husband gave her to her future husband and I had to say yes loudly and step back. They went thru the rest of the ceremony complete with rings and a long tongue heavy kiss and the real party began. The worst part was that then I ran into the two fellow teachers who told me about it and they kept taunting me about what was about to happen to my wife for two nights. I just drank myself under the table. Around midnight, it was announced that the wedding party was departing to their suite and it was something to see her still in the costume wedding dress surrounded by 5 very dark and large black guys as she pulled up her dress and threw her garter into the audience. She winked at me as they left the room.

As pre agreed, I did not hear from her that night, all the next day, or the next night. The next day was the end of the convention, so I packed up our stuff, loaded the car and went to their hotel and picked her up. When I drove up, she spent a very long time tongue kissing each of them and got in the car. Lucky for me, we had a 10 hour drive home where I heard all the details between her napping. The kicker was that when I asked her if they used condoms, she said of course not, it was a honeymoon and the purpose of a honeymoon was to try to get pregnant! Luckily she was on the pill and nothing came of it.

That was a crazy and wild experience that I will never forget. We did more thru the years until our children got old enough to notice things and she stopped the wild fun activities.

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October 22, 2013

Creampie for Hubby

The Hub is buzzing with activity at the moment. Here’s a post from the Hotwife Confessions discussion group on Hotwife Hub. There’s loads of chat, stories and comments on the hotwife lifestyle. Members can create a group on anything that is Hotwife and Cuckold related and join in the discussions on existing groups, creating topics and posting comments.

This post is from user NYCWifey

Marc giving me a creampie for Hubby

“MMM Gina, I can tell you missed it. You like this don’t you? You like when I do this to you.” Marc told me as he rubbed his dick around my pussy.

He wasn’t kidding. He had me naked in his bed, flat on my back, with my legs spread wide open in total submission. My pussy was also wide open for his taking. So wet that every time he rubbed his big dick against me it would make noisy, sloshing sounds, followed by the moans escaping from my lips. They were moans that reflected the bodily pleasure I was experiencing as well as the guilty pleasure I had knowing what I was doing.

Sometimes I can’t believe I do this. I mean I’m a happily married mom and a serious professional. I do all the things that say: “Normal upper-middle-class wife, mom, daughter, boss…”—and, in many ways that explains who I am. But if my friends and family knew how often I spread my legs for other men they’d be blown away. But I do, a lot, and Marc, a man 20-years younger than me, has lately been the man I do it for the most. As for my bouts of disbelief, that cock he was teasing me with was all the reality I needed. In that moment I wasn’t thinking about being a wife, or mom, or professional woman. All I was thinking about was getting Marc’s cock inside my married cunt, as deep inside me as possible.

“Oh yeah, put it inside of me.” I pleaded. “Soon, but first tell me, what will your husband think about me fucking you bareback? Does he like that?” “Oh yeah!” I groaned in response, “He knows I let you do this to me and he’s all for it. Right now he’s at home thinking about what you’re doing to me, I’m sure he has a hard on just thinking about it.”

“So he likes that I fuck you bareback? He doesn’t mind that I’m going to send you back to him with your pussy full of cum?”

“No, he loves it! He loves the way it feels, and when he goes down on me he says I taste better when you send me home that way.”

“He eats you after I cum in you? That’s so hot.”

“Yes he does, I love for him to do that.”

“You do, do you? You’re a naughty one aren’t you?”

“Yes I am. I’m a naughty wife who likes to let other men put their big dicks in me. Just like you’re going to do. I’m your sure thing, a married woman who you know that every time you see me I’m going to spread my legs and you’re going to fuck me. But you get a special privilege Marc, except for Hubby you’re the only other man who gets to cum in me. But even there it’s different, after you cum in me you send me home to my husband and he shows his appreciation by crawling between my legs and eating my well-fucked pussy. He loves being my cuckold and that’s my gift to him, I let him taste what you do to me. MMM and I get the thrill of having my husband eat my lover’s cum out of me. So I want you to fuck me Marc. I want you to fuck me and cum deep inside of me.” “You really want my big dick don’t you?” Marc said, still teasing me.

“Yes, I love it. Please Marc, fuck me. Fuck me now.” He shoved that big dick inside of me and began fucking me hard and fast. I loved that and I began moaning and thrashing and fucking my pussy back onto his dick. “Oh God you feel so good Gina, You’re loving my dick. I can fuck you like this for hours. Tell me how much you love it.”

“Oh God Marc I love your dick, I love how hard and big you are, I love how you fuck me.”

“You do? How much? Do you like fucking me better than your husband? Do I fuck you better than he does?”

“Oh god yeah, you do. You fuck me better than he does. I tell him that, I tell him that you fuck me better, that I prefer your dick to his.”

I know I was partly saying this because I knew it would turn Marc on. But I also have to admit I was saying it because it was true! I love my husband and no other man. He has always been and continues to be a wonderful lover. But he and I have known each other for over 25 years, there are few if any surprises as far as sex goes. But sex with Marc is much newer and fresher. He fucks me with a hunger and passion and he lasts forever, it drives me wild. He simply fucks me better than my husband, much better. That’s what makes extra-marital sex so wonderful.

Hearing my “confession” made Marc even more excited:

“You tell your husband that?” He said as he continued to fuck me without mercy. “How does he feel knowing you prefer having my dick in you?”

“He’s more than OK with it. In fact it makes him more excited. Oh yes, fuck me Marc, fuck me! I’m going to come. Oh yeah I’m coming. I’m coming on your dick!” I began to shake wildly, flailing my arms and wrapping my legs around him as I came, hard! Marc continued to fuck me.

“Oh Gina, your pussy is amazing. That’s what I love about older women–you really appreciate a good fucking. MMM keep it up, you’re going to milk the cum right out of my balls. Do you want that? Do you want my cum?”

“Oh yeah please, do it. I want to feel it. I want to feel you cum inside of me. Please give me a big gooey load so I can go home and give Hubby a big sticky surprise.”

That sent Marc over the edge. He started fucking me harder and harder like he was trying to climb inside of me. It was amazing! Then I felt him jerking and squirting all of that wonderful stuff deep inside my cunt, it felt so wonderful that I started coming again our bodily spasms matching each other’s.

We lay there spent for a while, kissing and hugging, his cock still stuffed inside of me, slowly softening as I gently worked my pussy onto him in the after pleasure. I loved that moment, laying under this man 20-years my junior, this man who was 10-years-old when I got married, aware. Aware that against all social convention I let him “know” me in a way only my husband should. I had let him fuck my brains out and cum inside of me, deep inside my married pussy. What a wonderful, sexy thrill it gave me! Oh man, I LOVE being a slutty wife was all I was thinking.

When he finally slid out of me I got up and got dressed. I gave him a nice, wet, parting kiss before leaving.

“See you next week for some more of this” I said as I cupped him in my hand. I bent down and gently kissed and sucked his dick for a few seconds, enjoying the taste of both of us as I did so. Then I stood up and gave Marc a lingering kiss, swirling my tongue around his so that he could share in the heady taste. “It’s a date” he said.

I then grabbed a cab and headed home. I was eager to get there. After all, I had a fresh hot snack all ready for my husband…

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October 14, 2013

Happy Cuckold Couple

Cuckold Place Update

The life of a happy and very real Cuckold Couple

I’ve been lurking on this site for years now, ever since i realized that there was a term for my particular sexual idiosyncrasy. I can’t remember how I found the term “cuckold” but I’m delighted I did. I realized that there is an entire community into this.

My wife, Sara and I are just beginning to get involved with the scene again after a three year respit to have a few children. In this topic I plan on telling the story of how we got started, how we progressed, and what we’re up to.

To get started I’ll provide a brief description: Sara is 39, 5′10, 130 lbs, blond hair, and very pretty. She is definitely a size queen. I’m 6′1 240 lbs, I workout a fair amount, I’m a little smaller than average in endowment.

We have a great marriage, we’re very happy.

She has a second date tomorrow night with a guy we met on Craigslist. The first date ended with a kiss (she’s not the type to jump into bed with a guy she just met). I suspect that tomorrow’s date will end in bed, as soon as I got home she took off to get waxed. She also went shopping for new thong and bra over the weekend. It’s going to be a great day tomorrow.

We’ve been a cuckold couple for about 10 years now. She’s had a total of 4 other men since we’ve been together.


(update) Tonight Sara went out with her new boyfriend. Technically, its a night in. She went to his place, and I suspect they are going to stay in. I’m racked with excitement about what they are doing now, or have already done. She arrived at his place about two hours ago, and I haven’t heard from her yet. I’m sure I won’t hear from her until early morning.


(update) The date went great. She arrived at his place at about 7:30. they talked and had some drinks for about an hour or so, then started kissing on the couch. The moved to his bedroom, and fucked around for about a few hours. He eventually came in her while she was riding him. She told me that he was very good, and she came twice. When she get home she and I fucked (I lasted about 15 seconds, I was a little excited about the whole evening). I’ve never felt her so wet, it was incredible. She may see him again on Saturday night. Fingers crossed.

Sara and I have spoken at length about her date. She did tell me that of the 4 lovers she has taken since we’ve been married, he did ok, but not great. When I asked her if his “just OK” performance was still better than me, she laughed very dismissively, and said “of course, he’s got a big cock, and he isn’t a two pump jump”. Jokingly I, acted hurt and asked, “you mean, he’s bigger than me?” Her response was simply, “and it’s not even close”.

Unfortunately, They haven’t seen each other since. We had a bug run through our family and we’ve been down and out for the last week or so, and he’s traveling for work. They are scheduled to get together next week (Friday I think). They are texted a ton since they saw each other. Mostly innocent stuff, but a bunch that is firmly in the sexting category. He’s asked her to video herself masturbating and send it to him (we’ll see if she does).

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September 24, 2013

Could be the night

Cuckold Place Update

Tonight could be the night

Well, after me being interested in this lifestyle since 2005 my wife has finally agreed to try it and see how she goes. Once I had my own thoughts straight (in 2009) I finally laid my cards on the table and told my wife all about it. Initially she said it wasn’t something she could ever see herself doing, but we did fantasize about it in bed, to the point where it became a pretty big part of our sex life. Anyway, recently she’s talked about it more and more and a few months back we had a proper open discussion about hotwifing, the pros and cons, how we’d deal with possible situations etc, and even got as far as setting out a few ground rules. We talked about my wife meeting men on her own the first few times so she didn’t have to hold back on my account. (our plan is for us to meet her lovers as a couple once she is comfortable with that.)

Anyway, once in a while (maybe 5 or 6 times a year) my wife stays with a friend for the weekend in the town where she grew up, about 130 miles from where we live now, and catches up with old friends and stuff. So the last time she was there last month she met an old school friend who confessed he’d always had a huge crush on her since high school and would love to “fuck her silly”. Actually he suggested him and his mate take her for a threesome. He was unaware of her hotwife intentions at that point, but my wife enlightened him over a drink or two. However nothing came of it because my wife wanted to discuss the possibility with me before taking it any further.

So this weekend she’s there again and she’s 100 per cent that she’s up for it. Last night she didn’t see him anywhere, but text him after getting back to her friend’s house and he wanted to come and meet her but she felt it was too late by then at about 2.30 am. We’ve spoken on the phone for ages today and it’s almost certainly going to happen tonight, I asked if it would be a threesome, and told her I’d be fine with that if she was,but she doesn’t think so, just a one on one. She says she’ll keep me informed, and if it does happen she will skype me so I can watch and listen. And last month she bought me a metal cock cage which I have to wear if it happens and have to keep wearing until she gets home to me on Sunday night.

So it’s not a definite but after 4 years of talk she is going to try and make it a reality tonight.

(the next day)

Well after a lot of waiting it eventually happened last night. She text me at 1.23am to say she was back at her friend’s house but still didn’t know if the guy was coming around.

Then at 2.03am a text “omg…he’s just arrived”.

By 2.13am I hadn’t heard anything so text asking what was happening. She replied “just talking xxx”.

By 2.30 I again hadn’t heard from her so asked “do you think its going to happen tonight?”. 2.32 she text “its about to happen”.

From then I didn’t hear anything until 2.44 when she called me on skype. When I first answered all I could see was a black screen but could hear her already moaning. After about 10 seconds the video came through and they were already naked, her on top of him with his cock inside her and her back to me.

Two things struck me. First, I was a bit taken aback as I hadn’t expected things to progress so quickly, but she told me later she felt she had to just get right into it before she backed out and second, he wasn’t wearing a condom.

Anyway she asked if I was ok and I said “Of course i was”. She got off him and adjusted the laptop a bit to give me a better view and went back to him again getting on top but this time facing me. She started really riding his cock and was moaning and crying out with pleasure, it was only about two minutes until she came the first time.

When she came she got off and started sucking him deep while looking right at the laptop camera, this was something I’d asked her to do and I loved that she actually did it for me.

After just a few minutes of sucking she got on her hands and knees right at the laptop end of the bed, facing me, and asked him to fuck her from behind, again this was something I’d asked of her. He was really fucking her and again she came in a couple of minutes, but he didn’t stop. So another minute later and her knees were giving way beneath her as he fucked her to a screaming orgasm. He was saying “That’s it baby, cum for your husband”.

Then he pulled out, I think to compose himself and she turned over onto her back with her legs up, again a position I had asked to see her in. He plunged back inside her and she was digging her heels into his butt as he fucked her. He started saying he wanted to cum in her face, and she asked me “He wants to cum on my face baby, what do you think?” I said it was her choice if she wanted to do that but was pretty sure she wouldn’t.

I was right, and when he pulled out he wanked himself for a few seconds and blew his load on her belly and boobs. She played with her clit and made herself cum just after he did and she said “Holy shit, that went everywhere!”

She got up and came right up to the laptop and lifted it up to show me a close up of his cum on her. She was covered from her thighs to her neck and it was a hugely erotic sight.

At then she said she loved me and she would phone in a few minutes. And with that she shut skype off. The whole thing lasted just over 19 minutes and was probably the best 19 minutes of my life so far. She got a really good fucking, came four or maybe five times and the best part? The whole time she was saying how she wished I was there to touch her and how she wanted to please me. She did everything I had asked of her to please me.

At 3.10 my phone rang and it was her, we talked for an hour and a quarter, discussing what had happened, and our feelings. I asked her why he hadn’t used a condom when safe sex was the one thing she had insisted on from the start? She didn’t really have an answer and I didn’t get bogged down in it because its not a huge deal for me. She’s known the guy for nearly 20 years and he’s in a long term relationship so I think she can trust him to be clean. All she said was she wanted to get right down to it straight away before nerves got the better of her and she was on him before she gave it a thought.

So I won’t see her now until later on this afternoon but she promises to talk me through exactly what happened and want us to make love so she can be mine again. She’s also promised to talk about where we go from here regarding doing something like it again. So here’s hoping she wants that to be soon.

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September 14, 2013

Number 36

Here’s another diary update from horny UK hotwife Modesty Ablaze. You can check her out and say hi on Hotwife Hub too - Profile Here


Living out Hubby’s fantasy with Lover 36

Ever since we started our Open Lifestyle it has always been one of Hubby’s fantasies that I take a Black Lover. But for me a person’s race, religion, or the colour of their skin, has never ever been a factor in determining whether I wanted to “indulge” in a fun relationship with someone. I’m fussy, and I have to talk with someone for quite some time first of all. And we always insist on meeting someone socially for drinks before we ever agree to taking things further.

So, although we have played with people from quite a wide variety of nationalities, I’d never met anyone either through our normal “vanilla” lives (where I have actually met several of my lovers), or in our swinging-clubs meets, that fulfilled Hubby’s fantasy. Until, that is…

I receive loads and loads of emails through my web-site, and on-line swinging sites etc., and 99 per cent of them are immediately consigned to the waste-basket. (Please guys NO MORE cock-pictures. They are a real TURN-OFF) But one message several months ago caught my eye. No there was no picture, no silly over-the-top statements, just a pleasant note and nice compliments about my website and Hotwife Hub profile. I decided to visit his own profile and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was sensible and well-written and made no brash boasts, but simply listed his likes and dislikes and his experiences and expectations. I replied and after an exchange of messages over the next few days, and an exchange of face pictures (he sent us his, and I sent him both mine, and Hubby’s) we then swapped mobile numbers. It is of course true to say that Hubby’s interest was suddenly raised on seeing that this man seemed to fit his fantasy to a T.

But we always insist on chatting on the telephone before deciding on whether or not we might meet “socially for just a drink and a chat, with no promises”. He sounded as interesting and sincere on the telephone as he had in his emails and so we agreed we would all meet at a pub downtown after work during the week in order to get to know each other a little better.

He was every bit as charming in person as he had sounded on the telephone. Strikingly handsome in his suit and tie and perfectly mannered and so easy to talk with. Conversation just flowed so easily with Hubby and himself finding common interests in sport and work. It was over 30 minutes before we even got round to talking about our sexual experiences and likes and, as Hubby puts it, “the rules of engagement”. We said our goodbyes, agreeing to book a hotel room for the following week.

And, after that night one week later, I’m not sure the hotel would have us back, but it certainly fulfilled every aspect of Hubby’s fantasy!

We’d showered before No.36 arrived, so I just lounged on the bed in my robe whilst Hubby went down to the lobby to bring him in. After exchanging kisses and sipping at the wine we had poured for him, he excused himself to shower.

Hubby says my gasp was audible when he emerged from the bathroom with just his towel wrapped around him. His muscular body was simply gorgeous and seemed to almost glow against the white of the towel as he walked over and sat down onto the bed. We embraced and I immediately felt myself swooning as his arms stroked mine and his tongue flicked in and out of my mouth. My robe, and his towel, seemed to fall away of their own accord as we twisted back and forth in our embrace. I was loving the feeling of his silky satin-smooth skin as I rubbed my hands down over his shoulders and back. He lay backwards as I sat up to slide my hands down over his chest. My eyes were closed as we continued our kissing so I couldn’t see him, but I suddenly felt my wrist slide against his hardness. I gasped as I wrapped my fingers around his erection. I had to pull away from our embrace to look down at the magnificent cock straining against my gripping hand. It looked so much bigger in the flesh, so much thicker! And so shiny, so hard. I moved down the bed to slide my mouth over him. God it felt thick, and so warm. I began to gag as he pushed up to meet my sucking. I had to pull back and flick my tongue around it’s head and then down it’s length. I was sucking and gasping at the same time as I felt his fingers curling under my bum and starting to slide in and out of my pussy. I heard the clicking of Hubby’s camera and opened my eyes to glance up at him standing at the foot of the bed, his own erection straight and hard.

36 lifted me up and lay me onto my back. I felt his cock slapping against my thigh as he leant forward to kiss me and then slide his lips down over my nipples. I spread my legs as he knelt between them, his fingers twirling over my lips and then his tongue sliding down over my stomach to find my clit. I was soaking already. I knew I was and began squirming more as he whispered “you taste so sweet”.

He lifted my legs up and spread them wider and then I felt him pushing into me. God I could feel it, thick and filling me up as he gently began to stroke. I locked my ankles around his neck and thrust back against him as his pushing began to increase in rhythm and pace. I knew I was groaning (Hubby says screaming out!) as he began to slowly quicken the pace, and the depth, of his thrusts. “Oh, fucking hell, fucking hell, fuck me, yes fuck me” is apparently what I was crying out over and over. Suddenly I was realising Hubby’s fantasy and living it, and loving it.

We fucked for an hour. With him pounding me with unbelievable force and passion, and then slowing as I came. Turning me over on my side to spoon-fuck me from behind. Then lifting me up on my knees to fuck me to another orgasm. Then letting me down again, rolling over onto his back and lifting me up astride him, both of us gasping and moaning as I sat down on that thickness. And me crying out again as he pumped up into me, holding me against him with his hands on my hips, or reaching up to squash my nipples against the palms of his hands. I rode him until I had to stop, he rolled me over onto my back and then slid into me again. Kneeling between my legs and fucking into me slowly and gently. Then slowly getting faster and faster, pounding me into the bed with such force that Hubby said afterwards he was worried that the bed seemed to be jumping up and down on the floorboards and that my screams of delight and orgasm could probably be heard downstairs in the lobby several floors below.

He came with wonderful surges but, surprisingly, quiet moans and gasps. But I loved it! I loved knowing this wonderfully fit younger man had given me one of the most amazing poundings of my life and was coming in me with my arms and legs wrapped and cradled around him.

Thank you to No.36 for such an amazing and eventful evening and thank you to Hotwife Hub for bringing us together. We’ve all agreed we will be doing it all over again, even if we have to find a new venue.

Modesty Ablaze

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September 10, 2013

On Her Date

Cuckold Place Update

On Her Date

If you have not been following me you should go back and read the Men are Strange post in the cuckold world forum. Jewel is on her date now and I presume at this point has been fucked at least once, she has been gone 4 hours and was meeting her BF at the hotel for dinner and drinks and sex. I am in the expected state of mind for such an occasion LMAO…

Her date believes she is cheating on me, so I have only sent her 2 texts since she left. About 3 hours into the date I texted:
**How is your night out with the girls?**
After 15 minutes she responded
Half an hour later I sent one telling her
**I left the porch lights on, heading to bed**
It has been 45 minutes since that was sent and no response…


Jewel arrived home after a date of about 5 1/2 hours. She teased me as usual by going to the bathroom to take out her contacts, etc. While she did that I snooped in her purse. I found the panties about the same as when they went in the purse. I discovered 1 condom missing (Did I mention I had to run out at the last minute to buy condoms for her date?) I checked her phone and saw only preliminary texts. Finally she returned to the bedroom. I held up her panties and said “Did you wear these at all tonight?” “Not really” she replied (I will have to get the details on that comment later) I said “One condom used?” She responded with a smile and blush. I laid her on the bed and got my first look at her pussy. To be truthful I have seen it far more “used” looking. It was red and a little puffy, but not what I was expecting from her first playdate in over a year. As I settled in to lick, she told me about her evening…

I will relate the story as she did to me. She texted him from the hotel parking lot. She was nervous. He gave her the option of meeting him at the room or joining him in the bar. She worked up the nerve and joined him in the bar. As had been the case when I took her out wearing that dress she was ogled by every man there. They had a couple of drinks with conversation getting a little less awkward as the booze settled in. He suggested they go to the room and by now she was ready.

They had a grope in the elevator, and started kissing and groping again as soon as they crossed the threshold to their room. He didn’t take off her dress immediately but quickly discovered that she was wearing no panties - which drove him wild! He removed her bra and played with her big tits. She managed to get his shirt off and was enjoying his muscular physique, when he pushed her back on the bed and started licking her. His fetish - apparently - is that he likes to be told when the woman is cumming. She warned him that it might not happen (She doesn’t always cum every time with every lover) but that he would know if she did.

She did cum and she told him and they both enjoyed it. When she settled down she stood him up and dropped his pants. She told me he was a *lot* bigger than her original impression last week. That isn’t a problem for Jewel, she enjoys all shapes and sizes of cocks. What she really enjoyed was that he was rock hard. She sucked his cock for a long time simply because she liked sucking his cock. At some point he asked her to stop because he didn’t want to finish that way. She told me she seriously thought about making him cum like that just to be naughty, but she wanted him in her pussy as badly as he did.

As an aside here - Jewel gives great head - I’ve never seen a cock she couldn’t swallow to the hilt, and she never spits.

She told me that she didn’t remember if he mounted her or she mounted him first. It didn’t matter. They fucked in both positions and several more through the night. She told me that she orgasmed on his cock - something that doesn’t happen much with her other guys.

He didn’t cum on that first session. She told me they took a break and just laid on the bed and fondled and chatted. I asked about the condom, and she said he left the first one on and stayed hard through the whole thing. She was about to take it off and suck him again when he maneuvered her into position to fuck her doggy. To use her exact words “He pounded the shit out of me - it was incredible!” He came inside her (in the condom) and they both collapsed on the bed.

It was late and Jewel had not had supper, so they tried to get room service. It was closed so they went to the bar for a meal. After that, Jewel came home to me.

So to recap the salient points:
Jewel had a date
Jewel got licked, sucked, and fucked
No creampie as they used a condom
All of us had fun so it may happen again

My wife
The panties and dress she picked out to wear for him

Read some more on this slut girlfriend here

By: j_oneill67


August 28, 2013

How we entered Cuckoldry

Here’s a interesting story of how this UK couple from Manchester got into the lifestyle. Make sure you say hi to them on their Hotwife Hub profile here.

How me and my wife got into Cuckolding

Things had been strained between my wife Clare and I lately and she wasn’t into having sex, at one point my mind drifted to thinking maybe she was having an affair. I could only think the best thing to do was to be party to this if I wanted to keep my wife. I suggested we look into swinging and wife swapping but she refused. Anyway time went on and then one night we met this guy and there was obviously sexual chemistry between the two of them and though my heart was sinking I did pull my wife to one side and say if there is a chance just take it. He became a good friend and one night when I was out they shared a moment but she wasn’t feeling well. They shared the bed but nothing happened. I brought up swinging again and this time she agreed to join a site. We waited for couples to get in touch but we had also agreed single guys and females could message. I was hoping to find some randy wife that loved cock and cum that I could fuck. How naive I was then now that I look back. My wife was married when I met her so she wasn’t averse to cheating but she’d been adamant that she was going to be faithful to me but our new friend had seriously eroded that earlier determination.

Every night once the kids had gone to bed I would check the site, tell her about any interest which from couples was none. Guys were inundating us with messages even though we didn’t have much of a profile pic up as she wanted to keep it all discreet. I told her about the guys and when we were making love hinting at how she could be feeling another mans cock right now. She always would cum when I whispered these things in her ear. Finally one night I asked her about her fantasies and she told me she’d never had a mmf. I’d almost had a couple in the past too so said “Well why don’t we try it?” The next night we both sat at the computer reading the messages until she picked out one and said “I’d have him”. We replied back attaching a photo and got talking, he said he was free now if we wanted him to come over. A mad hour started with my wife going to get ready for his arrival. I brought our blue satin covered duvet downstairs and draped it over the sofa and moved the coffee table. I also got the camera and placed it to hand as I had convinced her that we needed more pics if we were going to get anywhere on the site.

She comes downstairs and I could tell she was nervous while we waited for the door. The door bell rang and I let in this attractive looking guy into my house. I showed him the front room and he sat on the sofa, my wife was sitting on the arm of the chair and we start chatting. At first small talk and then we start talking about jobs and he claimed he worked in the porn industry. He asked us if this was our first time and he told us to relax. His hand settled on my wifes thigh. So I said “Hun why don’t you sit next to him he’s not here for small talk.” So she did and his hand was now moving up her leg. She placed a hand on his leg and they both are worked their way up towards each others sex. He then kissed her and fondled her boobs through her top. I suggested she removed it and I helped her out of it and took off her bra. While we were doing that he removed his boots and pulled down his jeans and boxers. Her rubbing of his groin had got his cock hard and was shocked at the mistake I’d made. His cock was bigger and thicker then mine. I’m no way small but his was scary. He sat back down and her fingers slipped around his shaft. I urged her to taste his cock and he did. I started to take pictures of his cock being consumed as she sucked away. He was thoroughly enjoying it and for all her earlier nerves so was Clare and he didn’t even stop me as I removed her leggings and panties leaving her naked with this guy Danny who we only met 15 minutes ago. His fingers searched and probed her eager and inviting hole and she sat back and enjoyed the attention.

Danny took his top off and laid down on the sofa and got my wife to sit on his face and they did 69. I was left as an observer taking photos while my wife enjoyed herself with this guys tongue before she could wait no longer. She got up and he sat back on the sofa. She straddled him as he guided his big fat cock into her. She lowered herself down slowly so I could watch her take every bit of his nine inch cock. They hadn’t bothered to put a condom on and I was a little shocked but also aroused too. She’s not on any kind of birth control and his bare cock was thrusting deep into my wife. I look round the front and could see he was now balls deep into my wife and she was gasping with appreciation. I watched as his hands grabbed her butt and spread her cheeks so I could get a better look at his tool penetrating my wife (see picture below). He then picked her up and put her on the floor. He took her legs and spread them wide. His erect member just glided into her cunt like knife through butter and he fucked her hard until she was moaning with pleasure.

They took a quick break and then she sucked on his cock with her ass in the air ready for more. Danny motioned for me to join in so I quickly stripped and pushed my cock into her wet and stretched pussy. I was so turned on by how much of a slut my wife was being that it didn’t take long before I could feel myself wanting to cum. Not wanting to potentially ruin the night I pulled out. I sat on the sofa and she popped my cock into her mouth. He moved behind her, grabbed her hips and pushed himself back into my wife. Her head bobbed on my cock in rhythm with his thrusts and my cock muffled her moans and shrieks as again he masterfully made her climax. She took some air and then with us both stood over her she proceeded to suck both our cocks and cup our balls in her hand. I took a great photo from above her with her looking up at us with my cock in her mouth and her hand wrapped around his cock stroking it. Danny then sat down on the floor and yet again Clare clambered above his stiff member and speared her pussy with it. Whilst she rode his cock I was busy once again with the camera. She played up for the camera making an innocent face while she was riding his dick. His hands groped her breasts and she lifted her head up as she was hit by waves of serotin or whatever chemical it is that gets released when you climax.

He rolled her over on to her back once again and slammed into her pussy. She turned to me and gave me the horniest look ever. She’s wasn’t my wife Clare now she was a pure slut and loving it. He was bare in her pussy and the look she was giving me is one that says “I told you I didn’t want to stray but you pushed me and now I hope you’re enjoying the show because I am.” I pushed my cock into her mouth and face fucked her as he pounded her into the floor. I as the first to shoot my load into her mouth and she swallowed the load before he tensed up and came in her pussy.

We all gathered our breaths and he left shortly after. She was knackered and wanted to go to bed so we did and over the next few days all I could think about is her fucking him. I masturbated over the pictures I took several times during the course of the next week until she agreed to meet another guy again.

I later found out that this was our initiation into cuckoldry but it was still tame. Nothing more then threesome between a man, his wife and a guest however looking back I saw the big mistake I’d forced her to do something she had originally not wanted to do and she was going to make me pay for that mistake. Now I’m in a situation where my wife has become an adulteress and a cuckoldress and I’ll never her get her back to being my prim, faithful wife. She views it as I gave away her pussy so I deserve to suffer while she gives it to any man that can promise a good fucking and likes to fill up hotwives with their seed.

Hotwife Clare

Read about Clare’s first experience with a black guy here

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August 20, 2013

Hotwife Confessions

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the discussion groups on Hotwife Hub then you should take a look. There’s loads of chat, stories and comments on the hotwife lifestyle. Members can create a group on anything that is Hotwife and Cuckold related and join in the discussions on existing groups, creating topics and posting comments.

Here’s an example post from the Hotwife Confessions Group from user LynnC

Every Independence Day, my husband and I host a party which includes fireworks, a cookout, and, of course, substantial drinking. This year was to be no different. Invited were an assortment of co-workers, friends, and relatives. Entire families attend but generally as the day progresses, those with small children leave so that by a couple of hours after sunset, the party has turned into an adults only affair.

By this time, I was worn out. Most of the party took place outside, with traffic usually only coming inside to use the bathrooms. Mark was outside mixing it up, getting very drunk. I could see him outside, staggering around, from group to group. Always trying to be the good host, I was inside cleaning up in the kitchen. I turned, as the door slammed, to see Reggie walk inside. A dark black man who worked with Mark, he was always acted politely and was quick to smile. Although I didn’t know him well, I had seen him off and on during company functions. He paused to talk, commenting on how well the party was going. I knew his wife, Sharon, about as well as I knew him, so I asked where she was tonight. Reggie said that she was out of town, visiting her sister. She doesn’t really like parties anyhow, he said, she feels that people start doing foolish things after all that drink. I commented that although sometimes true, I hadn’t seen anything like that tonight. “Just you wait, though,” he said, “It’s bound to happen.”

“Do you really think it’s such a bad thing to happen?” I replied. “Depends on what it is, I guess.” At that, he asked where the bathroom was, to which I pointed in the direction. To be honest, as he moved by, he seemed to be very close and kind of squeezed by me, briefly touching my hips as he passed. Although seemingly innocent, it surprised me and caused me to watch as he walked toward the bathroom and away from me. I couldn’t help but notice his well fitting jeans hugging his rear and his obvious muscle tone beneath his loose shirt. Call it crazy, but suddenly I walked to our bedroom check on something, what I don’t know!

The walk to the bedroom passed in front of the bathroom into which Reggie was just entering. He glanced back as he entered, catching my eye, which I quickly turned away. As I fluffed the pillows and did what else, I could hear him urinating. Suddenly, I thought, what am I doing? I headed back to the kitchen, intent upon finishing my chores, however, I hadn’t taken three steps from the bedroom, when in the corner of my eye, I saw that the bathroom door was cracked open. I paused to focus through that gap and I couldn’t believe what I saw! A big black hand was shaking and even bigger black cock, seemingly shaking out the last drop of urine. I say seemingly because I wasn’t born yesterday. I could see that Reggie was putting on a show. He was semi-hard and was less shaking it than stroking it!

I should have run, but I was fascinated his size. My pussy became wet instantly, probably wetter than its’ ever been! I was so shaken by powerful sexual feelings, feelings I hadn’t felt in a long time. Caught up, I moved closer to that wonderfully large, dark black meat. This was so dangerous, the party was going strong outside, fireworks still lighting up the sky. Fortunately, most of the bathroom traffic was filling the garage bathroom. I didn’t even look up at Reggie’s face, I was just transfixed by his dick, which by now was rigid and had a slight upward curve. He cracked the door further open and stepped back, his way of inviting me inside. Part of me screamed, “Walk away!” but my other side was much more powerful and I stepped through the doorway. Slipping to my side, he closed and locked the door behind me.

Grinning, he led me to the toilet, which he had placed the lid down. Beckoning me to sit, he let his pants and underwear drop to his ankles. I just couldn’t take my eyes off his member, which remained firm and horizontal, and black as night. I stared at the large mushroom head and saw the glistening on the tip. His cock must have been a good eight inches long and was thick. I knew what he wanted , I wanted it too, as much, if not more than he did! Wanting to savor this, I reached up and slid my hands slowly up his powerful thighs. I felt him in this way, up and down, feeling his tight muscles. Reaching up to his tight ass, I squeezed his cheeks as I leaned forward for the main course.

Reggie quickly reached down and undid my blouse, at the same time, unceremoniously pulling my breasts out from my bra. He gave them a few rough pulls and kneaded them before suddenly letting go and moving his hands to the top of my head. Now we were both ready! Eagerly, I leaned forward again, this time dodging under his dick to engulf his heavy, swinging balls. I began to suckle them, licking and sucking noisily. After a few minutes, I pulled back, noting the glistening of my saliva on his scrotum. I moved my red lips to the underside of his throbbing hard on. Pursing them, I slid up and down, along the underside of his dick, frequently pausing to run my tongue out and slide it up and down, as well.

Reggie, excited, began to slowly hump, which I took for a cue to get on the end of it. I briefly stopped to open my shorts and panties. I began to masturbate with my right hand as my left massaged his balls. Keeping my lips pursed, I pressed them at the end of his ebony rod, licking his large mushroom head.

I had controlled every aspect up to this point, but suddenly Reggie had had enough. He grasped my head in both hands and pushed his mushroom head between my lips, humping in short strokes. He spread his legs a little to provide my hand with better access to his balls and began humping with deeper strokes. It was then that I reached orgasm. I shuddered as I was racked with sheer pleasure! I moved both hands up to his ass, coaxing him to fuck my mouth. His wet balls began to slap my chin as his tempo increased. This was a turn on and it wasn’t long before my hand made its’ way yet again to clit.

By now his strokes were getting deeper and faster. I struggled not to gag, mostly successful but a couple of times I had to stop for a second. I reached my second orgasm at the same time he reached his first! Intense pleasure ran through my body as I felt his first spurt shoot into my mouth. It was a big one, and my first reaction was to quickly swallow it. Another, equally large shot followed it, which I also promptly swallowed. Three and four were much less and by that fourth and last one, his pumping stopped. I continued to slowly lick, however, enjoying the moment.

Both of us spent, Reggie backed away, his now sensitive dick popping from my mouth. Embarrassed and nervous, with my passion sated, I gave him a weak smile. He quickly pulled on this underwear and pants while I stuffed my tits back in my bra and fastened my blouse. Feeling a sense of urgency, that I had been away much too long to avoid suspicion, I stepped out of the bathroom and strode to the kitchen as though nothing had happened. Trying to gather my thoughts, I picked up where I left off. Moments later, after a strategic pause, Reggie walked up and past. Before he left the room, I said, “Reggie?”

“Yeah baby?”

“Please keep this a secret.” I implored. He smiled and as he stepped out he said, “It’s just between me and you, baby.”.

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August 12, 2013

My wifes fantasies

Steve, a cuckold from Manchester in the UK has written in to tell us about his Hotwife discovering her fantasies. You can contact this couple on Hotwife Hub here


My wife had 2 fantasies when we first started swinging. The first she managed the first night we joined a site by having 2 cocks at once yet she was still to have her second fantasy, a black cock. She bugged me for a few days, everytime we made love she kept mentioning about how it could be a black man fucking her right then.

I wasn’t stalling her but to be honest I wasn’t searching either however fate stepped in the way when someone messaged us. I arranged for him to come round a few days later and then like buses wait ages and two come at once another message arrived. I chatted to the other guy and said we might be able to arrange something and left it at that.

The day arrived and I was nervous as hell. I mean what white guy isn’t when they know their wife is going to get a big black cock and you wonder how the hell am I going to keep up with that?

Though we had seen a pic it was nothing like the guy who knocked on the door. I don’t mean his pic was fake I mean that he was even better looking in real life and my heart sank. Wifey’s eyes lit up when I led him into the sitting room and it didn’t take long before she was sat next to him and they were kissing. His hands were wandering all over her body and I could tell she was loving the attention.

She got his cock out and in her dainty little hands it looked huge. She bent down and started sucking his cock and I could see she was having a struggle it was that thick. She pulled off her dress and took her knickers off and straddled him. He got her breasts out from her bra and it was fantastic looking at his chocolate hands against her milky flesh as he fondled her breasts. I was taking pictures all the time and was very horny yet she hadn’t paid me any attention at all except to tell me how big he was and how good it felt in her pussy.

She rode his cock and came really hard on it before saying maybe we should take this upstairs. I followed and she got him to lay down while she sucked his cock again. I could see where she had cum on his dick as it glistened wetly. I took my chance and tried to lick her pussy but she growled at me and then asked him to fuck her again. He spread her legs and he stuck his cock in her. This time I tried another approach and tried to see if she would suck my cock but again nothing and I could tell I was affecting the atmosphere and that I wasn’t wanted. I went into the spare room but as I left I heard her whisper something to him which to this day I still haven’t found out.

It wasn’t long after I left that they started up again and I was forced to listen from the spare room as he made her cum again. There was this black man fucking my wife in our bedroom and in our bed and all I could do is listen and wank.

Things went a bit silent and then started up again I could hear her telling him to ram his cock in her and even calling him by his name. I got the nerve to go to the bedroom door and open it slightly. There she was on all fours on the bed while he fucked her from behind. His hands were on her hips and he was thrusting into her. She was lost to the world, eyes closed and enjoying every minute of this fuck. He tensed up and held her real tight as she yet again came over his cock. I retreated to the other room and before too long they came out talking. She had got dressed but was telling him that it had been a great afternoon and maybe next time she would go to his and then him and his mate could have her. She showed him out and then turned to me and said “He was good but it’s not enough, find me another black cock for tonight!”

I was deep in shock here as I had hoped that she would have fulfilled her fantasy and then we could move on to something else but was left with no choice but to try and contact the other guy that had messaged us. All that evening she kept asking if he had got back to us and each time I had to say no until finally we got a reply from him. It turned out he was local and also was free that night so I had to arrange a time with him to come round.

While we were waiting I tried to be a little forceful with her and tell her that I wanted to join in this time but she told me “No!”, she wanted this one to herself. I begged and pleaded and she agreed to let me take some photos. Before I could try and push for that little bit more the doorbell went. “Well go answer it!” she told me.

This guy was taller then the other guy but not as good looking and I thought maybe I’d be in luck as he didn’t look her type but when I let him into the sitting room it didn’t seem to matter as she was soon flirting with him and before too long she was sat on his knees. As she talked to him her hand started rubbing his leg and soon was rubbing his groin while he fondled her breasts. He lifted her top off and she was wearing no bra. He clamped his lips around her nipples and sucked hard on them while his hands went down and unbuttoned her jeans and into her knickers.

With the initial foreplay out of the way they both got undressed and he laid her down on the sofa and started licking her clit and fingering her cunt. He was so good at it that before too long she was coming. He then stood up and got her to suck his cock and I had to watch as she took him in her mouth and her hands cupped his balls.

He got her to lay back down and put that black cock into her pussy and she gasped as he did so. He started off slow but soon started to speed up. She looked me right in the eye and as she came all over again said to me “Oh my fucking god, he’s good. He’s so fucking deep in my pussy right now and he is so good!”

Wanting to take his time with her he pulled out and sat down on the sofa. She got on all fours and sucked his cock once again. Her ass was waving right in front of me so I stripped off and was just about to stick my cock in her when she said “what do you think you’re doing I want only his cock in me tonight!”

I don’t know if he felt sorry for me but he suggested we swap places and that she suck me off and I don’t know if she felt guilty but she agreed. There I was sat on the sofa now with my cock in her mouth watching as he stuck his fingers up her and made her cum real hard. Then he shoved his cock in her and gave her the fucking of her life! He was really ramming that cock in there and wifey couldn’t resist telling me how good it felt to have his cock in her. She was sucking my cock even better then ever before and I don’t know if that was her trying to finish me off quicker but I could feel it building up and I exploded in her mouth. Shortly after he announced he was going to cum and wifey was heavily moaning anyway with my cock being the only thing stopping her from waking up the whole neighborhood! Once we all had recovered he got dressed and went home while we just lay on the sofa together.


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August 8, 2013

20 years of waiting

Cuckold Place Update

After Nearly 20 Years - A New Hotwife

Well, after talking about it since before we were married, 2 trips to Hedonism, and a bunch of close calls, my hot little 46 year old “soccer mom” wife finally took the BBC plunge. In the last 9 months, she has been with 3 different guys. However, the first one (who took her BBC cherry…lol) is her favorite. We have met up with him several times now and she really gets off with him. This past time, she finally let me take some pics and video (see below)

My wife
My wife just getting warmed up …and then they got down to some deep power stroking

More pics and updates from this Hotwife here

By: cpln1

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