February 6, 2015

My gf first time

Cuckold Place Update

My gf first time

Been after my girlfriend of 3 years to cuckold me and she finally did with my friend. We started talking about this a year ago and she didn’t like the idea at first but my gf really enjoys sex. About a month ago she told me that she wanted to cuckold me with one of my friends and that I would have to set it up. If he agreed she would be into it.

I text him and he told me he knew what cuckolding was but he had never done it, but he had the hots for my woman and was open to the idea. So we got it planned last Wednesday for Sunday night. We got a room and went for dinner then waited on him to show around 7pm. He showed up and I dropped her off at the motel with him. I went back to the bar and within 30 mins she sent me the first pic. For the next couple of hours she sent some more (below).

A little after nine she called me and said they were done so I went to the Motel room. She was naked and he was gone, she said he nutted her twice and she wanted her dirty pussy eaten now. I never hesitated, I dived right in her and like always she tasted great. Next it was my turn to enjoy sloppy seconds. We spent the rest of the night and part of the morning enjoying what had happened. She now says she loves it and wants to do it again with him and maybe other men later but she wants me to watch from now on.

Him in my Woman

By: dieselman4337

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January 25, 2015

Behind Hubbys Back

Here’s another post from the HOTWIFE CONFESSIONS group on the Hotwife Hub discussion group. There’s loads of chat, stories and comments on the hotwife lifestyle. Members can create a group on anything that is Hotwife and Cuckold related and join in the discussions on existing groups, creating topics and posting comments. If you’re not a member then get yourself on there now and join the fun.

This post is from user noreen

Seeing someone i’m not meant to

I’d been fooling around with a guy behind hubby’s back for a number of weeks. I’d send photos of what I was getting up to to tease hubby who was enjoying me being naughty. He enjoyed the mystery of who I might be fucking - it was the first guy I’d found on my own without hubby or my bull’s involvement.

But when I finally told hubby who it was, hubby was really annoyed. It was someone i knew from my past and someone hubby had met a couple of times and had taken an instant disliking too. He insisted I don’t see the guy again and I agreed. I really didn’t want it to be an issue for us.

Since then, I’ve met the guy a couple of times and not told hubby. I feel so bad since hubby encourages me to enjoy myself and puts very few limits on what I can do and this is the only instance where he’s asked me to stay away. the stupid thing is I don’t even like this guy, I find him annoying and sleazy. but he’s there, and available and an easy phone call away when I’m horny and just need someone there to play with.

Anyway, that’s my confession. I actually joined this site just to find someone who can meet me two or three times a week while hubby is at work and I wouldnt have to sneak around seeing this other guy.

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January 15, 2015

Cheating Wife

Absolute true story of my cheating wife

Several years ago, my wife worked at a local chain of stores. The regional supervisor Bob, was a real ass hole. He believed in the “good old boys” mentality and treated the female assistant managers like they did not have a brain in their head.

One day, my wife told me that Bob said that he was told to let one of the managers go. He joked that whoever would not treat him right, was the one that was going to be fired. My wife knew that he was a pig and she had a pretty good idea what he meant by treat him right. A couple weeks passed and my wife heard through the grapevine that one of the other female managers had given Bob a blowjob, in his office. She knew she was not the one going to be fired.

My wife told me about the girl giving him a bj and said “Can you believe that”! She said that Bob was bragging about getting her to give him a blowjob and even said that he bet that he could get blowjobs from every female manager…if they want their job. Wow, talk about sexual harassment. I pretty much thought that he would get in trouble and that would be that.

Three weeks later, my wife had to go to a business meeting and party. She got a ride with Bob. I was expecting her home late, maybe midnight. At about 1am a car pulled up in front of our house and then drove across the street into the parking lot of a little diner. I looked out my bedroom window and saw them park in the back of the diner. I thought that was odd, so, I got dressed and slipped out by back door. I walked around the block and into a yard behind the diner.

At first, all I could see were 2 silhouettes in the front seat of the car. I could hear music playing and the sound of a beer can opening. I figured they were having a beer and talking about work or whatever. A while later, the passenger door opened and I could see my wife getting out. A streetlight shined enough light to be able to see her. I watched as she squatted down behind the door and took a piss. Wow, what the hell is going on I thought! Then she got back up, pulled up her skirt and got back in his car. Now, my wife was no prude, but, this seemed way out of character, for her. I just stood there, hiding behind a pine tree, not knowing what to think.

After a few minutes, I noticed that I could only see the silhouette of the person in the driver’s seat, Bob. I strained my eyes to get a better look, but, there was only one person visible. At the time, I felt a mixture of shock and anger. I know bob’s reputation and my wife was in his car, half drunk, giving him a fucking blow job. I was just about ready to go over to the car, when the engine started. So, I stayed still. Without putting on his headlights, Bob backed the car up, closer to the back fence, farther away from the highway. He shut the car off and although they were closer to me, the car was hidden by the darkness of the parking lot. I could barely see something going on in the car. Then the light from a passing car illuminated Bob’s car and I could clearly see that it looked like no one was inside. They were obviously both lying down. Then I saw and heard the car rocking. Shit, she’s letting him fuck her! It was not long before his car window fogged up and I starting hearing the muffled moans of my wife, as he fucked her. Strangely enough, when I should have been totally pissed off, I found that I had an erection. The thought of my “goody two shoes” wife lying in her boss’s car taking his 40 year old cock, was exciting me. Suddenly, the person who lived in the house where I was hiding in their yard, pulled into their driveway. Their headlights shined on me and I felt that I needed to go before they think I’m a burglar or something.

So, I walked home, and waited in our living room for my wife. I was watching tv and about an hour later, she came walking in. First thing I noticed was that she did not have her panty hose on, under her skirt. She had no idea that I had seen her and Bob over in the parking lot. So, I asked her how her meeting and party went. She was still half drunk, as she mumbled something to me. Then she said that she was really tired and that she was going to take a bath and go to bed. I knew she was lying, but, I think I was in shock, so I didn’t say anything. One part of me wanted to start a fight and the other part of me wanted to throw her down on the floor and fuck her silly. I did neither. She went off to the bathroom and fell asleep in the tub. I went to bed and she eventually came in close to sunrise. We never really talked about that night. This is all the truth.

by: anon


January 11, 2015

I love my slutty GF

I Love My Slutty Girlfriend

This started several months after my girlfriend Lorrie and I had been dating. We were out at a local club dancing and Lorrie had noticed a black man looking our way. She always dresses very erotic and that night she was wearing a black mini dress that was very low cut showing off her huge breasts and her high heels that seem to make her sexy legs look very long and shapely.

Later that night we were playing around in bed and she started telling me her fantasy of getting fucked by a black man while I watched. Well, at first I was shocked because I had never kept it a secret that I’ve wanted this and she knew it, I’ve always wanted a black stud to fuck my girlfriend and Lorrie knew this got me hot and we played all night long! It wasn’t until 2 or 3 months later that one night Lorrie had brought up the idea again. Well, one thing led to another and we decided to put an ad in a local swingers magazine. It was a few weeks later when we received our first response from a guy that was 6′2″ and hung like a horse. Anyway, we decided we were going to video tape this. We thought it would be kinky to be able to watch this tape when we were playing alone later.

That night came and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was! Lorrie was very nervous but I could tell she was just as excited as me if not more. She spent a lot of time getting ready. Her date had mentioned how he liked red nail polish and she decided to do both her fingers and toes! He had also mentioned to Lorrie and I how it turned him on to see white women with only a small strip of hair up her pussy, Lorrie always kept her pussy that way but to get me a little more excited she had me help in touching up her pussy so it would be exactly like he requested. She had picked out a very tight fitting dress that showed most of her cleavage and decided to wear a sexy bra that held up her full breasts but left the nipples uncovered. Then she put on a garter belt with sheer nude stockings and a pair of her high heels. She’s a knockout when she dresses like a slut! This guy was in for a real treat.

We had arranged to meet at a bar which turned out to be filled with black men. We really got some looks when we entered and it wasn’t long before her date, Dan, arrived. He was taller than he had mentioned and had muscles like a bodybuilder! This guy was huge! I looked over at Lorrie when he introduced himself and could tell that she was instantly becoming weak at the knees. I could tell she couldn’t wait to get this guy in bed (And I knew that I was ready). Dan couldn’t keep his eyes off my girlfriend and was looking straight at her cleavage and deep into her eyes. We had a couple of drinks and Dan had asked Lorrie to dance. As I watched them on the dance floor I noticed how dark it was and he was leading her to the corner. As far as I could see he had his big hands down cupping her ass and squeezing her cheeks. I don’t think he thought I could see. Then I looked again and I couldn’t see them. I decided to use the mens room and to do this I had to cross over the dance floor to enter. As I got near the door I found my girlfriend in Dan’s arms. They were kissing and he had one hand on her tits. He had slipped his hand inside her dress and was rubbing one of her nipples and it also appeared that he had his tongue deep inside her mouth. I went back to the table with a hard cock from watching my girlfriend being handled by a black man. I’ve always loved interracial sex (especially involving my girlfriend) It began at an early age when my swinger parents introduced me to swinging, and I quickly learned why both my Mother and Father loved black men and why they had frequent all black pool parties (that usually included me). So ever since I’ve been 12 years old it has been a fetish of mine. So once they returned from the dance floor, I suggested that I go next door and get us a room which would give me time to set up the video camera. Of course, Dan thought that was a great idea. And as I left the bar, I turned back to see him holding my girlfriend’s hand and looking in her eyes. I got the room and setup my video camera; it must have been 2 hours before they arrived. When I opened the door, my girlfriend’s makeup was smeared and her hair was messed. I had known something was going on down at the bar. They asked me if my camera would work with the lights down low and I said sure. They moved over to the bed and sat down, holding each other and kissing.

Dan had moved his large hand up my girlfriend’s dress and it looked like he was rubbing her pussy. Then I saw him bring his hand out and lick his finger. My girlfriend was dripping wet! He then reached around and unzipped Lorrie’s dress and her full tits came into view. Dan lowered his head and started to lick and bite her nipples. She moaned and I noticed her nipples were as hard as rocks. She started pulling off his shirt and he stood up so she could undo his belt and his pants dropped! I could see his cock sticking straight up from his underwear. Lorrie pulled them off next and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Dan’s cock looked as big around as my girlfriend’s forearm. The head was as big as a doorknob. It was at least 12 inches long. The amazing thing about his cock was that it got thicker at the base. This would mean the deeper he would go into her the more he would stretch her. Lorrie had dropped to her knees and was licking the head of this giant cock, no way could she get it all in her mouth. She was only able to get the head into her mouth, and believe me she had her mouth full. Lorrie spent a lot of time licking his cock and balls, which looked like he had two hardballs stuffed in a sack.

I moved the camera in for a close-up and could see the veins sticking out from his mammoth cock. He knew what he had and knew how to use it. Before long Dan picked my girlfriend up and laid her on the bed. He looked over at me and said “Tom I want you to take your clothes off and fuck your girlfriend.” I didn’t understand what he was doing at first. Anyway I got out of my clothes and got on top of Lorrie as I was told. After all this guy was big and I didn’t want to get on his bad side. Lorrie was dripping wet as I began to fuck her and Dan started to whisper in her ear. I don’t know what was said but Lorrie smiled and they started to kiss as I fucked her. I could see his tongue enter her mouth and it looked like she was sucking it deep into her mouth.

All of a sudden Dan said “Let me take over.” I moved off and watched this big guy move into position above my girlfriend. He was rubbing the big head of his cock along her pussy slit and she was arching up trying to get him to put it in. He teased her for several minutes until he grabbed both of her legs and pulled them up to her shoulders. He than placed the giant head of his cock at her pussy slit. I knew he would stretch her. He slowly moved the head of his cock back and forth until it made its way inside and she groaned. He kept up the slow motion and kept sliding in an inch at a time. By the time he was halfway inside her she was having her first orgasm and bucked up against him which in turn made his cock go in deeper. It took several more minutes before he sank all the way in to his heavy sperm filled balls which slapped against her ass. Then he started a rhythm increasing his speed every few minutes. Lorrie was going wild by this time and she had several more orgasms. I could see her pussy lips were stretched out around his huge cock.

He kept driving his cock home and then he let out a loud groan and he was cumming. I saw him stiffen and then he plunged his cock deep inside Lorrie and I could see the underside of his cock as the hot seed was being planted deep inside my girlfriend’s pussy. Dan left his huge cock inside my girlfriend for what seemed like 15 or 20 minutes before he slowly pulled out. He was keeping my girlfriend’s legs in the air so none of his seed would leak out. I could see the large puddle inside her. Her pussy was gapped open and stretched out of shape. Dan told me to take a close look, this really turned me on. My girlfriend was now hooked on black cock!

This was our first encounter but we have played with dozens of black men since Dan. Yes we still see him and we still love to video our times with him to watch at a later time together.

by: anon


December 30, 2014

My Cheating Girlfriend

A post from cuckold Jason about his hot girlfriend…

My name is Justin I’m a 29 y/o ,very good looking white male I work in the city as a very successful stockbroker. The only thing I have ever been lacking is a decent sized penis. Mine is 5 skinny inches at its biggest. I?d never had trouble attracting good looking women, it was holding on to them that I found difficult. They would either lose interest in me, or as I would later find out, cheat on me. I came to accept the fact that women preferred bigger cocks and later learned to fantasize about my girlfriends fucking other men. Even though I would talk to them during sex about it, up until I met Kate last year, I could never prove it.

I had only been with Kate for 9 months when I first caught her cheating on me. I met her through a friend of a friend through work and thought I was the luckiest man on earth. Kate was a 23 y/o absolutely stunning babe with long dark hair, big green eyes, full thick rosy red lips and an hour glass figure (36 24 36). She had soft milky white skin, big full firm tits and what some would call a bubble butt. Hers was an extremely round pert ass that would stop traffic. She was a very confident woman and would always wear skimpy revealing clothes that accentuated her sexiness.

Throughout the course of our relationship our sex life had always been unfulfilling, and although she never complained, I had never been able to give her an orgasm. I had never seen her flirt with anyone until I introduced her to Devon at a work party. Devon was a very tall muscular black man with model looks. He was well known around the office to be extremely well hung and therefore a big hit with the ladies in and out of work. He had only been with our firm for two months when word got around that he had already fucked 3 women at work. One of whom was married. Devon fucking Kate quickly became my main fantasy which I would masturbate to as often as possible.

At the party and after a few drinks, I finally got to introduce them. The attraction was instantly obvious. He immediately moved within inches of her. Kate would look intently in his eyes while he spoke and laugh at every joke he made. At one point during the conversation, she placed her hand on his shoulder and let her nails slowly drag down over his chest. It was at this point they both turned to see if I noticed. Kate looked a little guilty as if to say “sorry darling” while Devon had a smirk on his face as if to say “I’m gonna fuck your girl and there’s nothing you can do white boy”. I quickly looked away and pretended not to notice. When we got home that evening after a few more drinks and some lines of cocaine (which she loved) she said that earlier that evening when she was chatting to a few of the girls from my work she had learned what a stud he was. I laughed “yes he is meant to be well hung” with that she said “shall we go upstairs to bed I need to be fucked”. My little dick twitched at her talking so nasty and I followed her up the stairs all the while hypnotized by her amazing ass.

As she got near the bed she lifted her dress up and knelt on the bed with her ass in the air, (doggystyle was her favorite. I took off my pants and was amazed at how wet she was. My small dick almost fell into her. I had known I couldn?t satisfy her with my cock since we first met but she would always let me have my two minutes until I came.

But this time she went to the bottom drawer of her bedside cabinet and pulled out a thick 8″ dildo. I was shocked but before I could speak, she said “put this in me baby”. She was behaving so badly that I nearly came there and then. Kate was usually silent when I fucked her but as I slipped the dildo inside her swollen pussy, she moaned as I had never heard her before. I had never seen her act so slutty as I started to thrust it into her harder and faster. I looked at her pretty face and just knew she was thinking of Devon. So I said ” I bet you’d like Devon?s big cock inside you right now wouldn?t you baby?” with that she quivered,let out a long moan and came in hot gushes which soaked the dildo and my hand. That was the first time I had seen her cum without me licking her pussy. It seemed to me that our sex life had improved.

If I would talk nasty to her about Devon while fucking her with the dildo, she would orgasm. With me watching her act so slutty while she fantasized about him fucking her seemed to be a pleasurable thing for both of us.

Two weeks of those games went by. I left work early one day to get some documents I had left at home that morning, when I saw Devon?s car parked in my usual space. I knew what I was going to find. My heart was beating fast and the anticipation of what I might find was overpowering. I managed to quietly sneak in the house. There was music playing softly on the stereo. From the staircase which led down to our rather spacious dining room/thru lounge I looked down to see Kate on her knees. Her head pulled back by the hair which was wrapped in Devon?s fist. Her big tits were swinging as she was following his order to push her beautiful round white ass back onto the biggest black cock I had ever seen. I could hear her pink shaved soaking pussy make squelching noises each time he eased his black meat in and out of my girlfriends cunt. Every now and again there would be a slapping sound as his hips would meet her ass cheeks, and she would make a guttural sound of pure animal lust.

At this point he roughly grabbed onto her slim waist with his massive black hands and started to pound her with a slow controlled motion. Kate met him with her own thrusts, gritting her teeth as her ass would wobble to each thrust of his body. She said with a loud moan “yesssssss right there baby, right there, please don?t stop I’m gonna cum”!! With that I watched my girlfriend twist buck and grind back on Devon?s cock with an explosive orgasm that seemed to last for ages. I?ll never forget the look of pure pleasure on her beautiful face as her orgasm gushed on this black studs cock. This was his cue to fuck her harder and faster. She was as helpless as a rag doll as his powerful black body kept on pounding my girlfriend with long deep hard strokes of his monster black cock. He told her he was coming and she reached back, clawing at his thigh to pull him deeper into her as he unloaded his hot cum in her. She seemed to let out a moan for each jet of thick cum that was shot inside her.

After a minute he pulled his softening soaking black meat from her swollen cunt. Kate stayed where she was, her ass in the air breathing heavily. He slapped her ass hard, stood up and said “clean me now baby”. As she got up big globs of his cum fell out of her cunt down her legs and onto the carpet.

As she was about to take him in her mouth I quickly and quietly made my exit. I parked my car a few streets away and waited for an hour with an erection realizing that I had just seen my fantasy unfold before my eyes.

by: Smallwhitecock


December 22, 2014

Slut, Whore & Cum dump

Slut, Whore, Cheating Bitch and Cum dump are all names my husband Nathan has used to call me over the last month or so. He now thinks I’m cheating on him daily. He thinks each and every opportunity I get at this present time, I’m off fucking and being fucked by multiple men. His reasoning behind all this, is something he kind of set up in the first place.

I was quite happy with our sex life, more than happy to stay with one sexual partner, who I thought loved me for all that I was to him. I wasn’t the one who brought home a friend from the pub in a drunken state. His friend, now very much mine, was embarrassingly told by my husband, I give very good head and that I’ll basically do anything in bed, or anywhere else for that matter. My specialty as he put it, and this is precisely what he said “She loves taking it hard and deep up her arsehole as you play with her clit”. His last over the top statement before I decided to act upon his loud, pissed up and oafish ways, was to tell me to suck off his friend. He probably thought given his condition at the time, I’d say no. He was to be proved wrong.

It wasn’t the first time Nathan had done or said things like this in the past, usually though we were out. At home with a handsome, tall and muscular sober man, I said “Ok” Before Nathan fell into a drunken sleep, I made him watch me take out his friends cock, sink to my knees and in a deliberately long slow way, I sucked in his thickening cock. It felt strange at first, as my husbands dick had been the only cock I’d sucked since I was 19. Sucking on his friends cock as Nathan tried to say no, started to feel amazing, especially when it outgrew my husbands dick by some two or three inches.

The flood gates had opened in my mind. Everything that was taboo, everything that had been promised either way went out of the window the moment Nathan presumed I was just there to please him. I was to be his to command and ridicule. WRONG. As Nathan slept on we stripped naked and proceeded to have the most joyous sex, certainly of my life up to that day. It wasn’t rushed or just sexual, although it was very very passionate. But mostly the sex was as it should be, both partners enjoying pleasuring the other, dare I say, fucking one another to amazing orgasms. As Nathan started to come round from his masses of beer, I was taking his friends cock, as Nathan had said I loved, deep inside my arsehole. My husband was no more than five feet away, watching probably with blurry eyes, his wife being fucked anally from behind. And watching her cum so hard, she was shaking right through her body. He then saw his friend, the one he’d finally pushed to far with, emptying his balls up my stretched out rear hole.

At the start of this confession, I said Nathan thinks I’m off shagging lots of men at every opportunity. Well I’m not. I am however having sex with a man who knows how to give pleasure in ever way sexually. And it’s the one he chose to bring home. I’m not a slut or a whore or a cheating bitch. Nathan wanted me to experience from what I can gather from his past comments, sexually experienced well endowed men. Well who am I to say no to my husband wishes and sexual fetishes. After all it would be a waste of my new found love of different long, thick and hard cock, if I didn’t entertain HIS pub friend every time Nathan does his weekly night shift.

Anon post


December 18, 2014

Slut girlfriend Annabelle

A first post from Hotwife Annabelle. She just loves being a slut!


At the beginning I couldn’t understand nor process when my boyfriend Mark told me his fantasy. He told me that nothing in this world that would really turn him on to see his gorgeous hot Asian girlfriend get fucked with a stranger’s cock. I was the type of woman that found calling a woman a “slut” is offensive. Everything changed when my sexuality was unleashed and got more curious anything to do with sex. Thanks to Mark who is always beside me to experience and open my mind about it. We do our play dates in discretion because of our family and job.

My hair is curled, make up a little heavy today, 6 inch stiletto heels, skin tight cut out short black dress, no bra or panty, nipples are hard with anticipation while waiting on Mark to get home which by the way my biggest asset are my gorgeous big nipples! We are scheduled for a play date with Joel today. Mark sets up the dates with the guys he meets online. When Mark saw me I can see the grin on his face, the sign of approval. We are going to meet Joel in a nearby motel. When we got to there, the motel was fully booked. We tried another motel; I know Joel is tailing us at this time; still no luck. I can see Mark’s frustration and in my mind I want to taste another cock today! Finally I boldly suggested to Mark “Babe we can do it at home?” I knew Mark wanted to watch his slut put on a show today when he quickly said yes and called Joel to follow us.

We wasted no time, no formal introductions or anything, my pussy is juicing when I saw Joel, he is 6’3” athletic type body and cute compared to my petite frame and 5’ even height. Mark used the bathroom and as soon as he came out from the bathroom, my clothes are off and on the floor with shoes still on making out with Joel. His hands are on my 32DD boobs caressing them. I whispered to Joel “Do u like them? You know I love it when a man licks, sucks and tugs on my nips” He smiled and obliged to what I just told him. My hands are on his cock, feeling it as it grows and get hard. I slowly got on my knees and unzipped his pants. I turned around and looked at Mark as I let this big and hard cock out! I smiled to Mark and slowly put the stranger’s cock in my mouth. It’s always an exciting moment to me when I give a man a blowjob and I get the response I want. I know Joel can’t take it anymore because he scooped me up and carried me to the bed. He laid me down and opened my legs. My gorgeous sweet pussy as Mark calls it is now in Joel’s full view. My pussy is dripping wet! He started licking and sucking on my clit. Yes! My moan is getting louder and louder now! I looked at Mark where he is standing taking a video of the show I’m putting for him. I gave him my satisfaction smile. Now Joel is on my nips while he is finger fucking me. Omg! This man is driving me insane! I came and more juice is dripping from my pussy. Finally Joel put on the condom and I wasted no time to ride my bull. Oh Yes! My pussy is tingling as I pumped this man’s cock and Joel busy playing with my nips. Not long I gave another shriek of xtasy. Joel flipped me and he got on top. That man pounded my gorgeous pussy like no tomorrow! Now both of our moaning is filling up the whole room! Joel turned to Mark and said, “Man her pussy is so tight!” as he pumps my pussy harder and faster!

Then my muscles got so tense, trying to relax my body but my grip to Joel’s ass got tighter and finally my feet curled. Mark knew what was happening to me and Joel let out a loud moan of satisfaction. I love the feeling of a cock in my pussy as it ejaculates all its manhood.

Joel excused himself to clean up. I walked up to my gorgeous white boy “Babe did u like it?” I kissed Mark passionately as I feel his hard cock screaming to come out from his jeans. We were interrupted when Joel came out from the bathroom. Joel and I kissed for one last time and thanked each other for an awesome time. Mark walked him to the door and when he got back in the room I was laying on the bed a bit exhausted, but I am about to get my price for such a good slut girlfriend! Mark’s hard cock slid in and out of my ever wet and swollen pussy. It’s music to our ears hearing the sound of my wet pussy being fucked. I love fucking a stranger’s cock, I love the satisfaction and happiness I give to my boyfriend, I love the fucking I get from my boyfriend after a man’s cock was just in my pussy; It is just HOT HOT and SEXY! Most of all I love being a slut!


Submitted By: Annabelle - San Antonio


December 12, 2014

Birthday treat

Cuckold Place Update

Birthday treat

I need to share the story of my threesome, I am 28, a very horny girl and I was very lucky to have the most amazing fucking last weekend

It was my birthday and spent the night at the hotel my partner booked for us, along with getting dressed up and going out for the night with my man and his friend. I didn’t realise what attention that would bring, the men were loving my tight black dress and heels. I felt sooo sexy, I was in the middle of the party, dancing and I could feel both of them looking at me, totally undressing me as I danced. I suppose I was totally playing up to it and asking for what I was about to get.

We left for the night and went back to the hotel, Neil stopped off to get some booze and fags while we carried onto the room. I went to the toilet when my mans friend John who I have a bit of a crush on followed me, as I was walking into the toilets he grabbed my arm and told me that “I looked like I needed a good hard fucking tonight”, I just turned to him and said “Yes, your right, I do” I was so horny but I didn’t expect him to act on it, he pulled me, he was being so rough, he basically threw me onto the toilets. I fell against the sink and then he just came up behind me and rubbed himself against me, I could feel his hard cock between my arse cheeks, with one hand he grabbed my hair and pushed my face against the wall, with the other he lifted up my skirt and ripped my g string off, he pulled his hard cock out and just rammed it inside me, god it felt good, he was so fucking hard but I was so fucking wet and ready for him that it just slipped in easily, he was fucking me really hard against the wall when I heard the door open and it was Neil, I couldn’t help but carry on fucking him.

I thought he would be shocked at first but when John didn’t stop and actually started fucking me even harder he just stood there enjoying the show, John was getting really turned on at the thought of my bloke, his friend watching us, I could feel that he was about to spunk his load in my pussy, he kept ramming it harder inside my pussy, god it hurt but felt so fucking good. Neil had pulled his cock out and was wanking while he watched me getting fucked, I thought he was going to cum too, Just as John was about to cum, he pulled his cock out and spunked all over my arse, Neil was franticly wanking at this point and before I knew it John turned round and said ‘feel this pussy’ he didn’t need asking twice, before I knew it I had Neil’s hard cock inside me, I was fucking dripping at this point, I felt so dirty, like a fucking whore, I had spunk dripping all over my arse. I really thought I was going to cum myself, while Neil was fucking me, I had my fingers on my clit, rubbing it, he was having none of it though and pulled my hand away and told me that I wasn’t getting to cum yet, he then pulled his cock out of my pussy and started eating me from behind, All the time John was watching us, his cock was hard again and he was playing with it watching me getting fucked by my man. John then came over and started kissing me all over I bet you’d like some more cock. YES fuck me, he kept ramming his cock so deep inside me while Neil pulled my hair and opened my pussy for him to ram his hard cock in me, just as I was about to cum, John pulled his cock out of me and the then Neil started ramming his cock inside me, god I felt like such a whore, I could feel myself starting to cum, I was getting fucked so hard and I just kept shouting out ‘fuck me harder’ they did too, they threw me onto the floor and they just shared me until I was about to explode. mmmm it was the best orgasm I’ve ever had

Before I knew it I was on all fours on the floor getting fucked from behind while Neil rammed his cock in my mouth, I started sucking his big cock and I could feel him shudder, I knew he was going to cum… And he did, all over my face and in my mouth, next thing I knew I could feel the other guy cum in my pussy. I had spunk all over me, on my face, my pussy and arse.

Once my pussy was dripping with cum, I made Neil lie down while I squatted on his face and made him eat my filthy pussy clean and oh how I grinded my wet pussy dripping on his face. God I wanted him to taste how good his friend was and enjoy it as much as I did, well Neil, that’s what you get when you leave me alone!! xx

By: no1

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December 6, 2014

Fun With Home Renovations

A true story from a UK cheating Hotwife

Fun With Home Renovations

Back when my husband first began to hint that he might like me to have sex with other men, I must say I was a little confused by it. I had been brought up to assume that being married meant that I would never be able to consider such things, and still stay married that is. I was very happy with my marriage to Mike and wasn’t interested in risking it for anything. That is not to say that I was never sexually attracted to other guys. I just considered sexual fidelity to be an inescapable part of the marital arrangement.

That began to change when we had our first experience swinging with another couple. One night after going out dancing with a couple who were our best friends at the time, we ended up coming back to our place and swapping partners for the night. We had all had a little too much to drink which certainly helped it along. Nevertheless, all of us were well-aware of what we were doing and sincerely wanted to do it at the time.

Surprisingly enough, that first experiment worked out very well, considering it was the first time for both us and the other couple. We all had a lot of fun with it. The next day, once we got over the initial shock at what had transpired, all four of us were very happy with it and excited about the possibilities in the future. Mike was extremely pleased and excited about how well I did with Rick and how much fun I had doing it. In fact, he was more excited about my newly-expressed willingness and enthusiasm for sex with other men than he was about his own possibilities of having sex with other women.

Wow, pleasing my man by having sex with other men. It almost boggled my mind at first but I soon began to appreciate and accept his perspective. I still didn’t fully understand it but I came to know that he was truly sincere and very pleased and excited about the expansion of my sexual horizons. He didn’t think less of me. Quite the contrary, he seemed to appreciate and admire me more than ever. How could I complain?

A week or two after that, Mike brought up the possibility of my having sex with another one of his friends, Frank. In fact, Frank was an old friend to both of us, going back to when we were single. I was in the same class as Frank in high school and Mike got to know him well when they both got their first full-time job at the same company. Mike was so happy when I agreed, especially when I assured him that I really wanted to, that I wasn’t doing it just to please him.

I remember the day it happened like yesterday. Our daughter was away at school and Mike and I were both on a day off from work. Frank was off as well that day and Mike had asked him to come over to help with a home renovation project he had going. Mike had discussed the possibilities with Frank before so he had a pretty good idea what might be going on. I had no doubt that Frank would want to have sex with me. We had teased each other with hints and sexual innuendos for years. We liked each other and were attracted to each other sexually. Nothing had never happened between us and both of us had accepted that nothing ever would after I got married to Mike.

I was wet with excitement before Frank even got there. I put on my sexiest lingerie with a mini-skirt and button-up blouse over top and a pair of sexy high-heeled shoes. When Frank arrived, Mike told him that there was something else he wanted to do before they got started on the project. When I walked out into the kitchen to greet Frank, he almost fainted. All he could do was nod his head and stammer about how great I looked.

We played a game of strip-poker and, although I am normally very lucky at cards, for some reason it wasn’t very long before I was stripped down to just my lingerie. It was a red lacy chemise type of garment, mostly see-through, with just a thong going between my legs. My tits and pussy were plainly visible and neither of the guys could take their eyes off me and were both sporting big erections. Mike was shuffling the cards for another hand when I moved over and unzipped Frank’s pants, freeing his throbbing hard cock. He had a nice sized member and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. I immediately bent over and took it into my mouth and began sucking it like a big lolipop.

I was on fire. I wanted Frank’s cock inside me more than almost anything at that moment. Knowing my husband would be pleased with my unabashed sexuality, I didn’t waste any time. I led Frank by his cock into the bedroom and lay back on the bed with my knees pulled up and my legs spread wide. The thong on my lingerie was loose enough to be easily pulled over to allow access to my pussy which was literally dripping with excitement. We fucked for a long while with Mike watching wide-eyed, his stiff cock in his hand. Frank surprised me a little with his stamina and I lost all track of time until I heard Mike say that we were running out of time and had to finish up.

Our daughter was due to arrive home on the school bus around 3:20pm and by then it was a few minutes after 3. Frank started fucking me with renewed vigor and within a minute we both came. I had cum several times before but the feel of his cock spasming with orgasm and spurting me full of semen pushed me over the edge again to an absolutely explosive climax. By the time we came to our senses, we had to hustle to clean up and get ready. When my daughter, about eight years old at the time, arrived home, everything was perfectly normal. Mike and Frank were in the basement working and I was dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

I could feel Frank’s load oozing out into my panties but I kept as much inside me as I could, hoping that Mike would have a chance to fuck me while it was still there. There was something that felt very naughty about having sex with my husband, my pussy lubricated by another man’s cum. I was beginning to understand my husband’s strange desires a little. I thought he would appreciate it and a couple of hours later I found out that I was right.

That was the very first time I was fucked by another man in front of my husband. It has happened on many occasions since that afternoon back in 1982 but I’ll never forget that first time. It felt like the beginning of something good and our experiences over the years since then have proven how true that feeling really was.

By: HappyHotWife


November 24, 2014

First time alone tonight

Cuckold Place Update

First time alone tonight!

We are a 50’s wht cpl, we have been swingers for 10 yrs, she has been with several blk men. I’ve always been there and joined in. Tonight she wants to be alone with a guy (Karl) we have met twice as swingers. He is hung like a bull! Her eyes light up when she even thinks about his 10″ fat cock.

She says she feel more comfortable without me there. she asked for an hour alone, after I can come out and watch.

The plan is he is coming to our hotel room after he gets off work, he has the room number already. When he gets there I’m supposed to go to bathroom and let them start. I’m excited because she really loves black cock and I know she is in for the fucking of her life. We usually go for 45 mins and it’s incredible sex. She is such a slut and can cum forever. I can not keep up and I know she always wants more.

Karls reputation is he can fuck for hours.

I’m really excited to being ‘cucked’ tonight by my slut wife and her blk Bull.

Later that night

I peaked out and watched ten minutes of kissing and feeling out, I went back in got my camera and the pics below is what I shot.


By: lynn4bigblk

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