November 2, 2014

Swinger to Hooker

Cuckold Place Update

Housewife to Swinger to Hooker

My wife has been playing the prostitute for nearly 30 years off and on and it’s been really exciting for me. Every time she backs off and says she’ll give it a rest I talk her into doing it again. She doesn’t walk the streets, but we put ads in porn magazines or papers asking for “generous men”. or she’s recommended by word of mouth.

It all started from swinging, then she thought she’d like to see what she could get if she sold her services. She was still working, so she did it just on weekends. We went to bars to see if she could pick up guys, but we were inexperienced and she got fucked but didn’t make any money. Then one night coming home from one of our aborted pickups we were passing a truck on the freeway and I had her pull up her skirt, pull off her panties, while I switched on the interior light and honked the horn.

We got off at the next off ramp near home and the truck followed us and when we parked in a shopping mall he pulled up beside us. He didn’t have $100, which was what we asked, and at first she wouldn’t do it for the $40 he offered, but gave in, it was better than nothing. she climbed up into the cab and the driver let me watch, at first while he fondled her tits and cunt, then when they climbed up into the bed in back and fucked. It was dark back there except when cars when by and their lights shone in, and I could see her legs sticking up - she had on black stockings and a garter belt - and I could see his fat white ass moving up and down between her white thighs.

She almost forgot the $40 when he finished. I fucked her on the back seat of the car after I’d licked her sloppy cunt. In her haste to fuck she’d forgotten to make him wear a condom, and his cum was leaking out of her.

This was just a start, and we had many happy times, although most of the time guys used a condom. But after a while with regulars it was bareback, which was great for me. I’d get down there and lick it, smelling of cum, her cunt juice, sweat, his cologne. Yummy.

I have some great stories to tell, including the 10 days she worked in a brothel in Nevada. Let me know if you want to hear more.

My Wife

By: Gandrol

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October 29, 2014

My Girlfriend has a date

Cuckold Place Update

My girlfriend has a date tonight with serious cuckold overtones

After encouraging her to see someone else, to have sex with another man, she went on a date earlier this week with a guy named Dan. Last time they had sex, and all her promises to keep me updated throughout the encounter pretty much fell away. She told me she was having a nice date in a one sentence text, and then at 3:15 in the morning she tells me they had sex and are talking she will reach out to me later.

Tonight is date two. I’ve already practically begged her to tease me, though she still thinks of me as her Dom, she knows I’m getting off on the fact another man is as of 11:00 tonight in a position to do what he will with her.

She has flat out told me once she is there she doesn’t want to be rude and text me from his place. That hurts, but turns me on too. I can only encourage her, even when it stings, because I know the rewards of potentially being cuckolded are so important to me.

Tonight she has texted me stuff like this: “Are you sending him away so you can furiously masturbate about Dan fucking me?” and “I can’t believe you’re sending your best friend away to jerk off to me fucking someone else. Perv” (actual quotes) when she learned I was leaving my friends early in order to be home while she was out on her date (she lives an hour from me and I only see her every few weeks - Dan will have seen her twice in one week now).

It’s true. I’m on pins and needles and I already know I’m mostly going to be ignored tonight. But I also know that Dan is going to see her and he won’t hesitate to take advantage. I heard only small details of their last encounter. I almost didn’t want to hear more, but everything I did hear was so intensely erotic as to make me nearly cum in my pants.

So, anyway, as a newbie to all this, all I can say is my girlfriend has a date tonight, and I’ve even send her some (mild, mild) cuckold captioned porn photos to prepare her for my excitement at her being with another man

This is going to be a long night for me and I just wanted to post, to be open and honest about it, and to tell the men here that Taylor, my girlfriend, will by 11:30 eastern time be fucking another man and far too busy to text me.

By: PhonyDomandsub4RealBull

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October 21, 2014

Our First Time

Our First Time

Renee and I have been married for ten years and for awhile I have had this fantasy of Renee hooking up with another guy. Renee always liked to tease other guys, by wearing short skirts and braless shirts. But never did I think she would actually go any further than that.

So here is how our first experience happened. At the time we were in the process of remodeling our rental property. My new coworker Brian would always stop by to lend a helping hand. Now Brian is good looking well built guy and a couple of years younger than me. Renee always enjoyed flirting with him when he stopped by.

The next weekend I had to replace the wood floors and asked Brian if he could give me a hand, he said “No problem”. That Saturday came around we headed to the hardware store to pick the materials and Renee would stop by the house later.

Brian and I had been working a couple of hours and nearly finished when Renee stopped by. She was wearing a short jean skirt and tshirt with no bra, looking hot as shit like always! While we were working on the floor, you could clearly see up her skirt and her tiny black lace panties. Brian couldn’t keep his off her, enjoying the site of her nice tight ass. Brian stepped out to get some more material. I told Renee she needs to bend over a little more and give him a better view, she gave me a look and then Brian walked back in. I asked her to grab me a hammer which was in the other side of the room, let’s just say she didn’t bend at the knees. Renee turned back around and Brian was looking right at her with a big ass grin. She knew he enjoyed the view.

After we finished working Renee brought us a couple of beers. She sat on the stairs right in front us. While Brian and I stood in front of her, we were all talking. I knew I had to do something to get this going, so I pointed out to Brian at the view we were getting of her small lace panties. Brian commented that he wouldn’t mind seeing more! Renee smirked devilishly and opened her legs a little more and said “Is this better?”. We both could clearly see her panties were soaked with her juices. I just jumped on the opportunity to say something. So I told Brian go ahead and check and see how wet she is, he looked at her as she spread her legs little more. Brian pulled her panties to the side and he slid his finger deep inside her. She arched her back wanting more. It didn’t take long see his fingers were full of her cum. Brian took it upon himself to bend down and start tasting her sweet pussy. Now Renee loves sucking dick and she was begging for his, she sat up and pulled his cock out of his pants enjoying what she saw, a nice thick shaft. She got on the floor on all fours devouring his cock as I entered her from behind. It didn’t take long for me to blow my load. I pulled out just about that time Brian wanted to fuck her. I sat back and watched as he pounded her pussy from behind, I had a perfect view of his cock entering her pussy and loved seeing it being stretched.

After he blew his load they both dropped the floor with exhaustion. That was are firsts of many adventures we have had . I will be writing more soon, hope you enjoyed it.


October 17, 2014

Lindy 38DD

Cuckold Place Update

Lindy’s Story

Been asked to give a history. Will be brief as I don’t like this. Was married to my first husband at 17. God he was vulgar, broke my nose 3 times, broke my collarbone and arm. By the time I was 28 I had had it, took my 3 kids and took off.

Eventually I landed in California and got a job in a bar. The owner eventually married me. I got plastic surgery to repair my nose and one cheek bone. Now Billy (Hubby was a great husband, raised my kids, sent them to college)in bed, well he was lacking there. Small and quick on the trigger. But he is such a dear.

My first husband was great in bed, hung and lasted forever, but a brute. So I resigned myself to my Rabbit or Billy’s oral abilities. Then one December when Billy was out of town, a male friend asked me to ask Billy if he could take me to his Christmas party. I didn’t ask Billy, I was lonely and wanted to go. Well we went and I got to taking Tequila. We got to my home about 1AM. We talked for a while (kids were in college except one and she was at a sleep over). I put on some Elvis and we danced and drank. Next thing I knew I was taking his hand up to the bedroom.

Lord that man was good, his kisses were curling my toes. His penis was thick and nice. I must of orgasmed 8 or 9 times, he left in the morning, I felt so guilty and so good at the same time.


By: Lindy38DD

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October 9, 2014

My Slut Wife

My Slut Wife

My name is Charles and my wife Julie and I have been married for over 20 years. Our sex life has been great all along and both us have very high sex drives. Julie is wet all the time as she is a very horny woman and is insatiable as far as sex is concerned . She is multi-orgasmic and can cum numerous times before I explode into her willing cunt. She loves to wear very revealing clothes mostly without a bra and a panty underneath.

One day I came home early from work as I was not feeling too well. As I was about to enter the master bedroom I heard some sounds coming out from the guest room. As I was walking toward the room I could hear groans and moans of a woman. The door of the room was wide open and I was shocked at what I saw.

There on the bed was my wife with her legs spread wide open and fully naked with a man on top of her and his cock impaled deep into her wet pussy ! I could see his cock going in and out of her wet pussy and she was moving her hips up and down in unision with his movements. The sound of wet liquid and her groans and moans filled the room as her lover fucked her. Her arms were around his body pulling him close to her. Her body was visibly trembling with illicit lust with this man.

I was angry at first and then to my surprise I found myself aroused at the sight of my wife having sex with another man and enjoying it. My cock was hard and I found myself stroking my cock as I watched my adulterous wife giving herself to another man. My cock was hard and real slimy with precum.

I stayed out of view so my wife didn’t know I was there. Meanwhile Julie and her lover were wild on the bed clinging to each other and uttering obscenities as they got high in sexual ecstacy. Her lover pounded and rammed her wet cunt with his hard cock and she moaned and groaned with every deep penetration. Her legs were wrapped around her lover’s waist as she ground her groin against his in sexual pleasure. Their breathing was loud and fast and then she cried out , ” Fuck me…..fuck ….. cum into me now !” Her lover grunted and I could see his body tensed up as he exploded into her. Julie cummed together with him and she screamed like a mad woman when his seeds entered her womb. Then there was silence as she lay on top of her motionless and she with her legs wide open . I could see her lover’s cum leaking out from the side of her fucked cunt.

This was the first time I ever saw and watch another fuck my wife and many more was to follow in weeks to come. I thoroughly enjoyed the sight of my wife being fucked by another man and I want her to continue with her new-found pleasure.

by: LH


October 5, 2014

Favorite memory

One story I’ve been meaning to tell happened four or five years ago during the summer.

For just about all of the guys we’ve met, we’ve found online and I’ve done all of the looking. Typically if someone writes us, I’ll read it, see if I think Lori would be interested, and then show Lori. If Lori’s interested, we’ll set up a meeting, but usually only after I’ve emailed and gotten a good sense of what the person was looking for and if he seemed like a nice guy. On a couple of occasions there was none of that planning, both times on a business trip, and both times she had been by herself at a hotel and met the guys at the bar. That’s pretty typical I guess, business trips seem to be the place to meet and play without ones spouse knowing.

This time however was definitely different. We had been at a local bar overlooking “the river” and enjoying the sun and outdoor deck. There was a band playing that was great and we wound up staying for a number of hours during the day. Somewhere during the day, we had struck up a conversation with the table next to us and wound up joining the group at the table. There were a couple girls and a couple guys, the girls however weren’t girlfriends of the guys just a couple friends. After a few drinks the girls had to leave and it was the two guys, me, Lori and a female friend of ours, Ingrid who was also a fellow player. Lori and Ingrid were definitely flirting, - the guys were in their 30’s, very good looking, a bit on the “business casual/preppy” side - but fun and outgoing.

After another hour or so, the band had quit playing and the sun was starting to go down. We were figuring we would just call it a night, however a friend of ours (Dan - who was one of Lori’s first) text me and said he had just picked up his new boat, - a 40 foot cabin cruiser. We decided to go and convinced the guys to come along with us. Lori, Ingrid and I drove in my car, and Jens and his friend followed us. It took about 20 minutes to get there with a stop at a liquor store on the way. On the ride, the girls kept talking about how cute they were.

When we arrived, we couldn’t believe it - the boat was beautiful. It had a big area with leather seating that wrapped around the back of the boat and a fairly good size table in the middle. From there you could go up a level to the area where you would drive the boat, or you could go down a level to a kitchen, a small area to sit in, a tiny bathroom and a bedroom at the back. It wasn’t the queen Mary, but it was quite the boat.

Dan and his girlfriend were already pretty drunk, and another couple from the boat next to us were hanging out with Dan as well. The five of us broke out our drinks and we all started drinking more. The night carried on with more drinking, laughing, getting crazy and just having a blast.

I’m not sure how it happened or got started, but Ingrid and one of the guys wound up kissing, and Dan was definitely instigating as much craziness as he could. Dan was kissing and playing with his girlfriend and trying to get whomever to get crazy as well. Dan’s girlfriend however had had enough of the craziness and enough drinking and made her way back to the bedroom.

Somewhere along the way, Ingrid and Jens friend took off for a walk, leaving me, Dan, Lori, Jens and the couple from the boat next to us. The couple from the boat next to us said they were going to leave, Dan grabbed the guys wife and kissed her. She was a little wild and kissed Dan back. Her husband just laughed and headed back to their boat. The next thing I knew, Jens and Lori were kissing. I had no idea how that happened, I guess I wasn’t watching who started it and I never asked.

Now I felt a little left out and jumped off the boat and took a walk up the dock to see if I could see Ingrid and the guy she was with. Well, at the end of the dock his truck was parked and I could see the two of them making out, so I turned around and walked slowly back to Dan’s boat. When I got there Dan and the girl were just talking and laughing. I immediately noticed Lori and Jens were missing and I figured they were down in the kitchen area. I hung with Dan and the girl for a bit and finally said I was going down to the kitchen to grab a beer. I expected to see Lori and Jens making out down there, but when I got down there, there was nobody there. I knew they weren’t in the bedroom, Dan’s girlfriend was crashed in there. I was a little confused and figured they maybe went for a walk. I looked around and one last thought crossed my mind. I walked over to the bathroom and pushed on the door. It was one of those doors that folds in the middle like and old phone booth. The door moved about five inches before it hit something, but it opened enough where I could see Lori propped up on the edge of the sink, - her pants off and her legs spread with Jens fucking her furiously. She looked at me and mouthed “get out of here”. I quickly closed the door and just stood there for a few, listening to her moaning … I went back to the kitchen grabbed a beer and hung on the steps that lead up to the middle deck.

About ten minutes later the bathroom door opened and Jens and Lori walked out, she had a big smile on her face and Jens looked a bit dazed and confused. Jens was not a player, just a guy we met at the bar. He was definitely happy though. They both hung in the kitchen area, touching and kissing some and I walked back down and talked with them for a while. A few minutes later, Dan came down as well. The four of us talked and Dan somehow got them to go into the little sitting area and start playing again. I’m not really sure how he did it - it’s tough to remember, but this time Lori motioned for me to come back with them. Within a few minutes they were fucking again, right in front of me and Dan. Jens told Lori she should be making me happy as well, so she unzipped my pants and sucked on my cock for a while. It was great, but Jens and Lori were both a little spent and we all had to drive home.

After a few more minutes of Lori sucking on my cock and Jens fucking her, we decided to call it a night. We all walked back to our cars (except Dan) and said good night. We found Ingrid who was now just talking to Jens friend. After some good night kisses, Jens and his friend said good night and Lori, Ingrid and I drove off, waving bye again to the guys.

It turns out that Ingrid and the other guy dated for a while, but Lori never saw or talked to Jens again.

Although it was just a one time thing, it was definitely a wild experience. The surprise of opening the bathroom door seeing Lori with her legs spread getting fucked and loving it, and giving me that look was priceless.

Since then we’ve sort of planned out all of the meetings with guys we’ve had since then. At times we talk about Lori and one of her friends going out and partying in the city, getting a room and seeing if they could meet someone, but that hasn’t happened. Not a problem, right now we’re enjoying the beginning of what seems like it will be a hot passionate affair. But that night on the boat will always be one of my favorite memories.

Lori waiting for her date and her creampie after

By Rich - Blog


September 11, 2014

Gangbang Experience

Here’s a post from the ALL ABOUT GANGBANGS group on the Hotwife Hub discussion group. There’s loads of chat, stories and comments on the hotwife lifestyle. Members can create a group on anything that is Hotwife and Cuckold related and join in the discussions on existing groups, creating topics and posting comments. If you’re not a member then get yourself on there now and join the fun.

This post is from user LatinaQT

Gangbang Experience

So if you read my bulletins or my status you know that I recently dumped my boyfriend of just over 3 years. I guess I just got tired of it… I’ve always been the kiss and tell type and you just can’t tout your other-than-boyfriend experiences to very many people unless you just wanna get caught. I thought about doing that as a way of getting out of the relationship, but decided against it. That would been weak. Plus a girl has to look after her credibility, you know? I wanted there to be no doubt about who dumped who.

But that’s not the point of my blog. This is about my first real GROUP experience. Sure I’ve been in some threesomes but this was no threesome! After the break-up I had some got lucky pretty quick, hookin up with a previously platonic friend at a party on v-day, but had this crazy dry spell for the next two weeks. So I had an Idea.

I sent out a text message to a few guys just kinda casually asking “Would you ever help train a girl?” I got the right answers from a few of them and told them I was just resolving some “Girltalk” with a friend. I invited each of them to a party at my place a few days later.

The five guys ended up getting drunk with me at my place, and one actually chickened out when he realized what was happening. Then there were four, one of whom was the guy I had sex with on v-day. I decided to take them one at a time in my bedroom so I could keep control. WOW was it fun! I wanted it to be totally impersonal so I had all of them fuck me from behind. First up was v-day boy. He fucked me hard enough and loud enough for the others to get hard just listening, and shot all across my back.

Then came a 22-year old from my ex’s frat who always wanted to take me. God he was awesome. He’s got a big dick and knows how to use it. He spanked me, pulled my hair, called me names and even made me call my self a slut repeatedly. I wanted to be used and he had figured that out! He gave me 2 orgasms before pulling out and cumming on my face. By the time the next guy came in my knees were tired and a little rug burned so I tried bending over and grabbing my ankles, which was difficult because of how hard he was fucking me. I kept losing my balance so he led me out to the living room, bent me over the back of the couch and resumed the hard fucking. The others were watching now and it really turned me on to see them stroking their cocks.

As I moaned out my next orgasm the fourth guy lost it and came in his hand. My tall man took his condom off and came around to my face as I laughed at the poor guy who “blew” his chance in his hand. He went to the bathroom and I guess he got dressed and left. I didn’t notice as I spent the next several minutes on all fours again on the couch, slurping and slobbering on the tall guys’ cock. Before I could finish him off my vday hook-up had already started pounding my pussy again.

After that, it gets to be a haze of sucking, stroking, fucking, slapping, spanking and filthy talking. I think they each fucked me two more times after that first round, and my 22-year old stallion finished me off by fucking me in my ass. As I sucked him off I tasted my ass and realized he hadn’t used a condom. I guess I should’ve been mad, but I wasn’t. He’s the only one I’ve called since, and each time I do he gives me more reasons to brag about him to my girls. I got what I wanted!

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September 7, 2014

My Cheating Wife

My Cheating Wife

Several years my company transferred me to the UK for a couple of years. My wife and I rented a nice flat just outside London, across the street from the local hospital. She was fortunate to land a job as a secretary for a doctor at the hospital. One night after dinner she said she had a surprise for me, she wanted me to fuck her in the medical records department of the hospital. She said she was there today and kept fantasizing about me fucking her behind the stacks of records. Hell yea, I was ready .Debbie had an outstanding figure. She was 5′11″, had 38D boobs, a slim waist and legs that never stopped. She was hot as hell in a black half bra, black garter belt and black seamed stockings and wore nothing but a trench coat over it.

The place was deserted when we got there and we had some of the hottest sex ever. My cock was harder than it had ever been. She had multiple orgasms, more than usual. It was not unusual for her to initiate sex but she had never suggested a new scenario like this. Still I didn’t think much of it.

About 2 weeks later I got off work early and walked over to the hospital to see her. A coworker said she was down in medical records, so I went down there to see her hoping to fuck her again. A sign on the door said closed until 2PM. It was 1:40 so I decided to go in and wait. Right away I heard slurping sounds and moaning. I peered through an opening in one stack of records and saw my beautiful wife on her knees sucking a black guy’s cock. He had the biggest fucking cock I’d ever seen and balls the size of small grapefruit. His cock was a good 11 inches and maybe 12.

My wife always dressed in sexy looking business suits for work and today was no exception. She wore a sexy black suit with a short skirt that really showed her long legs. As she knelt on the floor sucking this huge black cock she looked so sexy with her skirt hiked up and her blouse partially open. Her huge 38D boobs strained to break free of her black bra. “God, I want your big black cock in me, fuck me,” my wife begged, “I want to feel all of your big black cock in me.” I couldn’t believe it, my wife of 18 years was begging a black guy to fuck her.

My wife’s lover began to slip his massive thick black cock into my wife’s married white pussy until he was completely embedded up to his huge balls filled with potent black seed. Then he starting fucking her, violently pounding her married white pussy with that huge bigger cock. I’d never seen anyone fucked that hard. My beautiful wife was fucking this black guy bareback and loving it. “God, Fuck me with your big black cock, fuck me,” Debbie begged. That massive black cock kept sliding in and out of my wife’s married white pussy. She was taking every fucking inch of that huge cock. My wife was going fucking crazy. She was having orgasm after orgasm. This guy was taking my beautiful wife to a level of pleasure that I never could. The guy shot another hot load of his fertile black seed into her soaking wet white pussy. Her arms were clutched tightly around this guy. kissing him passionately. She kept cumming and cumming. “I love your big black dick, It’s twice as big as my fucking husband’s.” she said. My beautiful wife kept begging this guy to fuck her. I’d never seen her like this. The guy ended up fucking her for a good 40 minutes. Then I slipped away.

I later learned from one of her coworkers that she had been fucking the guy 3-4 times a week, sometimes every day. It apparently was common knowledge in the hospital that my beautiful wife was fucking this black stud on almost a daily basis.

by: ecc55


September 3, 2014

Texts from dating Wife

Cuckold Place Update

Texts from dating Wife

Got a really hot text from my wife tonight. I’m in chastity at home waiting, while she’s out on full date (dinner and takes) with a man she’s apparently been talking with for awhile. She just told me about him earlier today. It’s their first date and they hit it off really well!

She dates most weekends, but she’s kinda picky, so it’s not always the chemistry is right when they meet face to face. The one tonight was and she says she can’t wait to see him again because he was all the man she’d hoped he would be.

I usually get updates via text throughout the night when she’s out dating, but it was very sparse tonight. Which usually means she’s having a really good time and kinda forgets about cucky at home. I did suddenly get one text that blew my mind and made me so hard in my “cage”. It simply said “He seems to have the cock you don’t… The man you’ll never be!”. That was all I got during the 6, almost 7 hours they were together.

She finally came home about an hour ago (3 am). The min she stepped in the door, she told me “You have 20 secs to clean me”. She pulled down her panties turned around and I was on my knees in a split second to be able to enjoy the full 20 secs! I could taste and smell the sex all over her. 20 secs went by and she pulled up her panties and told me to make up the bed for her quick, because she was dead tired, exhausted and would tell me all about her date and new man in the morning. What a great night for a cuck hubby.

That’s usually all I get (if I’m lucky), so I make sure to do a really good job, she told me I’d definitely be tasting more of them in the very near future. He must’ve swept her off her feet!

By: creamandcoffee

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August 30, 2014

Loved my gangbang

I’ve always been a happy, faithful wife but something happened a couple of months back that is tearing my world apart. I can’t tell my friends so thought I’d post it here… I need some feedback to help me work out where my life is going!

I’m the general counsel in a mid-sized manufacturing company; a couple of months back we were having a night out for the office staff so I arranged a “leave pass” with Hubby.

The night turned out a bit of a wash-out: the dinner was over by 9pm and pretty much everyone raced home: there was just me and my 22 year-oldest executive assistant Stacey left.

I hardly ever get out, so didn’t feel like an early night. It wasn’t hard for Stacey to talk me into going to a club she likes.

Some things don’t change, it was just like clubs when I was young and single: low lights, too loud music and lots of predatory young men… quite a few of whom Stacey knew!

We soon ended up sitting in a booth with five guys, like Stacey, in the early 20s. The drinks were strong and going down fast. Stacey kept hopping up to dance; a couple of the guys asked me but I figured they were just being kind to the old lady (I’ve just turned 40) and I certainly didn’t want to make an embarrassment of myself.

It was pretty crowded around the U-shaped booth - but there was no mistaking the hand on my thigh! I started to push it away but then, slightly amused (and slightly drunk) thought I’d see what would happen if I ignored it.

It didn’t take long to find out: the hand moved rapidly north! I had my knees together so he couldn’t reach his objective but his fingers were stroking my thighs and the front of my panties insistently. Maybe it was the drinks, or maybe it was the flashback to my youth but, embarrassingly, I realised I was getting turned on! I knew I was blushing and started gulping down my drink.

A few minutes later, when Stacey left the table again to dance, the guy with his hand up my skirt looked over to the guy on my other side and gave a small nod. The second guy put his hand around the back of my neck, turned my face to his and kissed me passionately, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. I was completely caught off guard (not to mention shocked) but a surge of excitement ran down my body and I felt my pussy pulse and I knew I was getting wet. Before I could recover from the shock the two guys wrenched my knees apart and those questing fingers shot inside my panties and started probing my soaking wet pussy.

As soon as the first kiss broke the other guy had a turn deep kissing me. They’d let go of my thighs but I made no attempt to close my legs. Soon a second hand was groping my pussy. I was so wet several fingers were pushed up inside of me with no difficulty, while others were rubbing and pinching my clit.

I could barely believe it: two guys were kissing and fondling me in a public place and, far from fighting them off, I was getting off on it. My embarrassment only got worse when I felt the first twinges of my climax starting to build. The kissers swapped over again; and I was thrusting my pussy onto their fingers underneath the table when I heard one of them say to the other “The dirty slut loves it!”.

I don’t know why but hearing myself called a dirty slut (and knowing that, right then, it was absolutely true) pushed me over the edge. My pussy gushed and pulsed in a huge orgasm and I thought I was going to pass out.

I was still flushed and recovering when Stacey returned to the table. She gave me a funny look and asked if I was ok. The realisation of what had happened rushed over me; through my embarrassment I mumbled that, no, I thought I’d had too much to drink and had better go home. Stacey offered to see me home but I didn’t want to spoil her night so I made my way on shaky legs to the door.

When I got outside and the fresh air hit me I suddenly felt really woozy; looking back, I wonder if my drinks had been spiked. I was struggling to stand upright and praying for a cab when a guy caught me by the arm and asked me if I was ok. I realised he was the quiet guy who’d been sitting on the far side of the booth. I said yes, I just needed a cab. After we waited ten minutes with no cabs in sight he said he’d give me a lift home. I warily agreed.

We walked across the car park to his car and, as he was unlocking the door, I heard voiced yelling. It was the three other guys (not counting Stacey’s beau) from the club. “Hey Max, what’s the idea, were you planning to sneak off without us?” yelled one. Max looked a bit embarrassed but, before he could respond, the other guys raced over. One of them jumped in the front passenger seat while the other two - I realised, too late, the pair who’d molested me in the club - bundled me into the middle of the back seat. I had a weird, almost out-of-body feeling. I knew what was going to happen now: and on a rational/moral level I really didn’t want it to; but, at the same time, the hot slutty feelings came back too. I think I just resigned myself, or abandoned myself, to the midlife return of my teenage desires.

The car had hardly left the car park before the two of them were mauling me, my legs were dragged wide apart, my skirt up to my waist, eager fingers unbuttoning my blouse and lifting my boobs out of my bra. I quickly fell back into a haze of sexual excitement. Long wet kisses; fingers pushed roughly into my sex; nipples pinched, licked, bitten; my hands forcibly wrapped around rock-hard cocks. “Lets get her back to our place Max,” one of the guys said. I no longer cared. I knew I was going to get gang fucked; it seemed like I had no will to resist.

Between kisses I caught a glimpse of myself, half naked, in the rear view mirror surrounded by hungry young men. I wasn’t sure if I was more ashamed or excited. I didn’t have too much time to think about it, a hand on the back of my head pushed my face down onto a throbbing cock. The drunken slut I’d become swallowed it down greedily!

Soon we were back at their house (though not before I’d swallowed my first load of cum for the night). The guys didn’t even let me re-dress before they dragged me out of the car and across the front lawn. The next few hours were a blur: three of them took turns fucking me on the couch; bent over the coffee table (with cocks taking turns in my mouth at the same time); and as a final humiliation, my first arse-fucking (after someone pronounced my pussy “too stretched and sloppy”). They each managed to fuck me and come in me three times; watching their buddies do me seemed to fire each of them up all over again. But the worst of all was the string of orgasms I had while it was happening. At one stage, it was almost continuous. I have a vague, humiliating memory of begging for more cock after each guy finished. I even pulled out of his jeans, and tried to suck erect (unsuccessfully) the one guy who didn’t take part, Max.

When the guys had all had enough, Max actually helped me dress and drove me home. I guess he was shy in front of his buddies: when we stopped out the front of my house, he asked if I’d please try sucking him off again. It seemed a little thing after the past few hours so I obliged - right in front of my own house! It only took a few strokes and he filled my mouth with an enormous load of cum. I kissed him on the cheek and ran inside.

I went straight to the bathroom, threw my panties in the laundry basket and brushed my teeth thoroughly (though I could still taste cum!) and slipped into bed without waking my husband. The only thought on my mind was that tomorrow, this would be a half-forgotten bad dream.

It didn’t work out that way. An hour later I was still awake, my mind whirling. What was worse was I could feel cum leaking out of my abused pussy and no-longer-virgin asshole. And, the more I felt it, the more horny thoughts and memories were racing through my mind.

Pretty soon I was stroking my clit and pinching my nipples. Then I was pushing my fingers into my sodden pussy. Then licking the wads of cum off my fingers. I needed more! I started rubbing my hubby’s cock (yes, my fingers coated with other men’s juices). When he started to rouse I rolled on top of him, pushing his cock into my sloppy pussy - and kissing him with my cum-coated mouth. The depravity and betrayal of the whole scenario was more than I could take, despite all the preceding action I burst into one long rolling multiple orgasm and collapsed asleep.


In the weeks since I’ve been constantly horny, I can’t stop thinking about my night of filth. My husband is happy so far - all he knows is he’s getting more sex than he’s had in years.

But I don’t think it can last: my mind is swimming with slutty gangbang humiliating scenarios - and, the way I feel right now, it’s only a matter of time until I give in and do it again. I’ve even started searching out and watching these sort of porn scenarios. My pussy is sore and swollen from constant self-abuse.

Worst of all, I’m completely turned on by my husband’s ignorance… a good wife and mother at home and a complete slut behind his back. I’m masturbating daily to the idea of tricking him into eating out my pussy when it’s full to overflowing with other men’s cum.


So I really need help and advice. Is it possible to put this incident in the past? I’m not sure I like the idea of ending up the town slut.

And, if so, how? Or should I continue down the path that has (so late and unexpectedly) opened before me?

I’d especially like to hear from ladies who have experienced something similar - and how their lives turned out afterwards.

Be quick - Stacey is keen for us to go out partying again soon!

PS please keep the abuse to a minimum… I know what I’ve done/am contemplating is wrong. It just feels like it’s taken over all my thoughts and desires. I really don’t know how to stop it.

Submitted by: Wendy, Australia

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