January 18, 2014

Hotel encounter

A post here from a Uk couple who I’ve chatted to from time to time. They seem great and have submitted a very horny encounter of an experience over the New Year. Their Hotwife Hub profile is here. So hot guys, hope to hear from you soon x


Recently my wife has taken a shine to well hung black guys. We’re members of swinger’s site and she actively searches for guys but normally they email us. Amanda is a beautiful petite blonde with huge enhanced 34E boobs and receives lots of attention and admiration from guys and couples alike. She loves to dress to please and has an array of sexy outfits. I love watching her with well endowed men and enjoy licking her freshly fucked stretched pussy after they leave. We’ve played with couples in the past but its single straight guys with huge cocks she is mostly interested in.

We had arranged to meet a black guy in London between Xmas and New Year and had booked into an expensive 5 star hotel. Even though Amanda had chatted to him several times leading up to the meet and she was confident he would show up and play, he ended up letting us down. So there we were at 11pm on a Saturday night when Amanda tells me to log onto the site and see who is online. We find John (not his real name) online who had emailed us before and Amanda tells me to ask if he is available and to send her number. Within 10mins John rings and she basically asks if he is willing to visit our hotel to fuck her that night. I was somewhat taken aback by her frankness but also extremely horny at how forward she was. We’d looked at John’s profile several times and he is a muscular black guy with a big thick cock. John tells her he’ll have to get a taxi but should be at our hotel within the hour.

Amanda tells me to choose her outfit and she dresses in black lace top stockings and suspenders, killer high heels and a black mesh mini dress. My cock is throbbing and I can see her hard nipples poking out between the mesh. I slip my hand onto her bald pussy inserting a couple of fingers to find she is dripping wet. We chat and joke and I tease her about being fucked by his big black cock and she tells me she can’t wait to feel him inside her. As she is touching up her makeup the phone rings again and its John saying he is about 10 minutes away. She arranges to meet him in the lobby and then asks me how she looks. My cock is rock hard and I reach for her pussy again but she pushes me away saying John’s cock will be the next to touch her. She pulls on her long coat and tells me to wait in the room and heads out to meet him.

About 15 minutes later the door opens and in walks Amanda who introduces me to John. I shake hands with him and offer a beer only to see Amanda remove her coat and stand in the middle of the room looking absolutely stunning. Her nipples are hard and you can see her pussy through the mesh dress. Amanda sits on the bed and John takes the seat opposite as I retrieve a couple of beers and top up my wife’s wine glass. Amanda tells him about the guy who let us down and thanks him for showing up at short notice. John tells her he can’t believe the guy let us down especially when she looks that hot. We chat about our previous experiences but he hardly has time to finish his beer before Amanda is rubbing the bulge in his trousers.

John stands up and Amanda opens his trousers to reveal his large black cock. She starts stroking it and then looking directly at me says it’s much bigger than mine. John removes the rest of his clothes and is still standing in front of my wife when she lowers her head and takes the tip into her mouth. Her hands start working his shaft and stroking his balls as she continues to suck his swelling cock. I grab the camcorder and watch as it hardens to almost 9” and very thick. John takes control and pushes her onto the bed bringing his cock back to her mouth. She places her slut red lips around his cock and sucks it deep, all the time playing with his balls. I hand John the camcorder and get down licking her pussy. She is soaking wet and three fingers slip easily into her. I glance up to see my wife sucking and licking his big shinny shaft all the while looking directly into his eyes. I reach up and pull the mesh dress down revealing her huge tits and pull on her hard nipples. I can hear her moaning as John slowly thrusts his cock into her willing mouth.

I take the camcorder back as Amanda starts wanking, sucking, licking and kissing its entire length. They change positions with John leaning against the headboard and he tells her to suck his cock again. I could tell Amanda is really enjoying being dominated as she too starts talking and telling him how big his cock is. She places her hands on his thighs and attempts to deep throat his huge member. She can’t take his full length and gags slightly as he gentle starts fucking her mouth. She starts jerking him hard into her open mouth spitting on his cock for some extra lubrication. She then asks John to fuck her with his huge black cock.

Amanda rolls onto her back as John pulls on a condom. She opens her legs wide and spreads her pussy lips giving her clit a rub as he gets into position. John gently eases his cock into her gapping pussy and I’m there with the camera zoomed in on the action. It only takes a couple of thrusts before my wife has his entire length inside her. As John starts fucking her I can hear how wet she is each time he pushes that 9” of black meat into her. Amanda starts talking dirty telling him how good it feels and how big he is. John is in full swing and fucks her really hard driving deep into my wife’s soaking pussy. She cums a couple of times urging him to fuck her harder. I love it when my wife talks dirty and I felt that pang of good jealously watching her cum on a complete stranger who has a much bigger dick than me.

John must have read our profile where its states Amanda likes being dominated and he certainly lived up to the bill. John fucked her for almost an hour moving and instructing her into different positions. When he was taking her from behind, I stuck my cock in her mouth and she just rocked back and forward, his cock in her pussy and mine in her mouth. John told her to get on top and he fucked her reverse cowboy making her cum again. She mounted him again and I was there with the camera as my wife guided him inside her. I could hear her whispering to him and she later told me she was saying how good he felt and to make her cum again.

After another few orgasms John flipped her into the doggie position and rammed back inside her. He was close to coming and my wife said she wanted him to come in her mouth and over her tits. John duly obliged pulling off the condom and stood over my wife wanking his massive cock. Amanda started fingering her swollen wet pussy and squeezing her tits encouraging him to cum. John said he was about to cum and my wife took his cock into her mouth for the first couple of spurts before he pulled out splashing the rest over her face and tits. Amanda grabbed his cock and sucked it deep wanking the last drops into her mouth before swallowing the lot.

John stayed for another 30 minutes before leaving for home. All in all, from the first email to meeting, fucking and leaving, it was a total of about 3 hours. Amanda and I played and fucked reliving the experience for another hour. I could feel how stretched she was from John’s cock when I was inside her. She told me how big he was and how different I felt and that set me off pumping my load into her swollen and stretched pussy.

The below picture is John first entering my wife not 90 minutes from first contacting him. I’m a very lucky guy to have a Hotwife who really enjoys fucking other men!

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My wife

By: Classycpl, UK


January 10, 2014

Reunion with No 6

Another hot diary update from lovely UK hotwife Modesty Ablaze. You can check her out and say hi on Hotwife Hub too - Profile Here


Re-Union with No 6

“Hi, how are you?”

My pulse raced immediately I saw the text appear on my phone. It had been several months since I’d last heard from No.6, my special favourite amongst all my lovers.

“The power of positive thought!” I texted straight back. “I was just thinking about you. Kids are away tomorrow night! Fancy cumming over for some fun?”

“Love to” was his reply.

I excitedly rushed downstairs to show Hubby my text, embracing him with kisses and giggling “Look, look” as I thrust my phone in front of him. We’d only discovered at dinner the previous night that both kids would be having nights away visiting friends at the end of the week. I’d wanted to ask No.6 straight away but Hubby reminded me that he’d declined on the last few occasions we’d asked, and that it had always been us making the first contact instead of him texting me as he often had after our first “meetings” almost two years earlier.

“Perhaps he’s lost interest. We should ask one of your other lovers, it’s not as though we haven’t got lots of choices” he joked. He was right of course, the past year had been our busiest, and most fun ever for meeting new lovers, both single and couples, at clubs and from our on-line swingers-profile. But Hubby also knew I had a “soft-spot for his hard-spot” as he often joked whenever we talked about No.6 (which was quite often and usually led to passionate and exciting cuddling sessions). So to have him texting me was just wonderful. The next two days just couldn’t go by fast enough.

Hubby picked me up from the station and we raced home to prepare. Hubby showered first whilst I poured the wine (LOL!), and laid out the dining table with snacks and dips. Then it was my turn to shower. Hubby sat on the edge of the bath and we chatted about the last occasion we’d hosted No. 6, which got me even more excited. I sent him downstairs to sort out some mood-music and light some candles while I sat down at my dressing table to re-apply make-up and then choose my outfit. I decided on my loose leopard-print silk blouse. Normally I’d wear it with a skirt, but it was long enough to cover my hips and I didn’t feel I needed anything else.

“Wow, I love that neckline” Hubby said when I walked into the front room. I could feel my nipples sliding across the silk and knew they would be standing out against the fabric, without having to look down. “And no knickers either” Hubby exclaimed as he ran his hands down over my bottom as we embraced.

“God, I’m horny” I told him as I returned his kisses. He laughed and replied “Well hopefully you won’t have too long to have your horniess satisfied”. It was two glasses of wine later though before the doorbell finally rang!

I welcomed him in the hallway with an engulfing embrace and he immediately found my bare bum cheeks as he ran the palms of his hands down my back. “Your hands are cold!” I giggled as I pulled away from his tonguing kisses. “Come on, let’s warm up with some wine and snacks” I said as I led him into the living room. We actually spent the next hour chatting and catching-up on each others news, snacking and finishing off the first bottle of wine! “Open another bottle darling, and bring it up to our room” I instructed Hubby, as I took No.6 by the hand and led him off up the stairs.

I led my favourite young lover into the bedroom and stood by the bed, moaning instantly as we embraced again and I felt his hands cupping my breasts through the silk as we kissed.

“I’ve missed you” I managed to gasp as I felt him tweak my nipples. I hugged him into me as I felt his tongue swirling inside my mouth and I ran my fingers up through the back of his hair. We fell backwards onto the bed and rolled over onto our sides. I began unbuttoning his shirt as he caressed my bum cheeks and then lifted my blouse up and over my head.

He stood to cast his shirt off and step out of his trousers and then knelt back onto the bed to lean down and start sucking at my nipples and caressing his hands down over my tummy. I closed my eyes and heard myself moaning as his tongue and lips sucked over me. I slid both hands down his back and under the waistband of his boxers, cupping his bum and pulling him tighter onto me. I could feel him hard against me through the fabric of his boxer shorts.

I hadn’t heard Hubby coming into the room, but the sudden flash of his camera made me realise he was standing by the foot of the bed and already excited enough to be filming our passionate embracing. I pulled No.6’s boxers completely down over his bum and gasped loudly as I felt his hardness rubbing against my tummy as he knelt forward shuffling his knees and legs forward to let me extricate him from his underpants. I lifted my mouth up to meet his and taste that lovely tongue again as we rolled together further into the middle of the bed. “Oh that’s lovely” I groaned as he ran his fingers down over my pussy lips. I twisted further back and opened my legs wider to give his hand more freedom, all the while kissing and sucking on his wondrous hot and wet tongue and kisses.

I’d been wet sitting with Hubby on our living room sofa waiting for No.6 to arrive, now I was absolutely sopping, so much so that I could actually hear the sounds of his fingers as he was thrusting them in and out of me. “Oh, god” I was gasping out, over and over. He suddenly stopped though and turned himself around to kneel close to my shoulders and lean down to kiss and then run his tongue down over my tummy, before deliciously licking at me as he slid his fingers into me again. I could feel his cock slapping against my shoulder as he moved. I opened my eyes and reached over to grasp it’s thickness in my hand and guide his head into my mouth. We twisted ourselves into a more comfortable position, my own moans muffled now by having my mouth full of his lovely thick cock but I could clearly hear that sound that Hubby’s video camera makes when it is zooming in. I opened my eyes for a moment to seem the camera just inches from my face, and felt a sudden tingle of extra excitement surging through me knowing that Hubby was so close, and so obviously enjoying sharing my excitement.

No.6 was obviously enjoying things as well as he sat up and lifted me by my shoulders over and down between his legs. Suddenly I found myself on my stomach deep-throating that glorious hot cock as he sat back telling me to “Suck it. It’s fantastic when you are sucking it like that”.

I continued sucking up and down, pausing to lift away momentarily just to flick my tongue around the head of his cock, before plunging my mouth down engulfing him completely, almost gagging as I felt it ramming against the back of my throat . . . and loving hearing his groans of pleasure.

“We need to stop for a moment” he said, lifting my head away. I knelt up to embrace him and started groaning myself as his hands scraped across my nipples and then squeezed at my boobs as I wrapped my arms around him. He gently pushed me back down on the bed and reached over for a condom, rolling it on and then kneeling in between my open legs. I spread them wider and moaned as I felt him rubbing the head of his sheathed cock around and around in circular motions over my clit. My moaning became a loud groan as he pushed forward, I arched my back and wrapped my legs around his slowly thrusting bottom.

The next few minutes were a blur of wanton fucking, slowly at first as his lips lifted and stroked in that wonderful, rhythmic pumping. And then as his speed, and his thrusting increased, I responded by trying to push back at him, groaning ever louder and reaching up to grasp my own ankles, locking my legs around him and gasping out “oh, fucking hell, fuck me, fuck me”.

I knew I was close, feeling that glorious cock thrusting in and out of me, and I called out “oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m coming”. As I let go of my ankles and felt myself falling, releasing and relaxing every tissue into wave after wave of my orgasm, I heard him crying out and suddenly increasing his pumping again. His gasping grunts felt lovely and warm against my ear as he came in my arms, squeezing me as I squeezed back at him, pulling our bodies together and then feeling his weight as he slumped down completely on top of me.
We lay motionless together in that wonderful embrace of savouring our bodies, relaxing and unwinding and cuddling together, before he rolled us over onto our sides. I felt the weight of the bed moving again as Hubby knelt down next to me and leant forward to kiss me.

“That was fantastic” he said. “It was worth the wait wasn’t it!”.

“I hope we’re not finished yet!!!” I giggled my reply. “Just resting for a few minutes!”.

But that’s for next time. Part Two . . . The Rest of the Night and the Morning After.

Modesty Ablaze

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December 29, 2013

Her First Gangbang

UK cuckold couple Steve and Clare from Manchester have been in touch again telling us about Clare’s first ever gangbang. Make sure you say hi to them on their Hotwife Hub profile here.

Her First Gangbang

We’ve often chatted about going to a club but never quite had the courage. She has been telling me more and more about how she’d love to go and just have an open season where everyone could fuck her pussy. I remember a few months ago when she was protesting that she didn’t want to join a swingers site and now she’s asking for gangbangs.

Well one weekend we went to our first swingers club and within 10 minutes of entering she had her eye on someone, a handsome black guy who had come in not long after us. It was clear he wanted her and I knew she wanted him as she loves black cock. They started chatting and it wasn’t too long before we all agreed to head to a private room. It was one of those rooms where others could look in and there was quite an audience that followed us down. We locked the door behind us and I took a seat like the good cuck husband I am.

She took her dress off and took his towel off seductively telling him he wouldn’t need that at the moment. He was well build and I could tell she loved running her hands over his body and feeling his muscles. Her hand found his huge cock and she lowered her lips around his helmet before taking his shaft in her mouth. My wife if you ever get the pleasure of receiving one gives the best blowjob ever and he was really enjoying it but he wanted more and so did she. He laid her onto her back and spread her legs. Guiding his cock into her eager cunt he thrust deep into her. There was my wife moaning with pleasure while this stud of a guy was fucking her and boy was I hard especially when she had a huge orgasm and told me how good his cock was. He was pumping deep and fast into her and then he tensed up and shot his load in her. He pulled out and she cleaned up his cock for him but by all means she wasn’t finished yet for the night.

We went and chilled in the jacuzzi after and she asked me who else I think she should fuck and I told her that there was another guy there a little older then she normally would go for but good looking all the same. A couple of minutes later he turned up and asked to join us. Another guy tagged along. She told me to shift up and was sat in the middle of both of them. It wasn’t too long before she was wanking their cocks as they fingered her pussy. She got very horny and said it was time for open season. We went into the open room and she got to sucking the 1st guys cock which looked pretty thick while the other guy fingered her.

While this was going on the room gradually filled up with other men coming to see the show. She swapped cocks I think wanting the guy to fuck her but he had already played earlier on in the night and wanted to recharged his batteries so she had to make do with yet more guys fingering her. In the end she told the room “I want cock so who’s going to fuck me.” I knew we’d talked about it but I never really imagined she’d go through with it. The other guy from the jacuzzi tried but strangely enough couldn’t keep it hard enough to fuck her so I took it upon myself to show them what to do. I shoved my cock in her, grabbed hold of her hips and thrust deep inside her and then slapped her ass. Before too long she was shuddering again with orgasm. I pulled out not wanting to cum in her and an asian guy took my place. She looked up and saw the black guy was there and called him over. She sucked his cock as the asian guy fucked her. Seeing her moaning with pleasure while being spit-roasted by these two guys nearly made me shoot my load over her. The Asian guy pounded away in her and then came inside her and by now most of the men had got the idea as another guy not even asking permission entered her. Not that she cared as she was too busy deepthroating her black guy. It all become somewhat of a blur of activity as man after man took turns to give her a pussy full of cock and cum. She made sure the black guy came in her mouth and she swallowed that load and just like her pussy, it wasn’t long until another eager cock was there to take the place of the one before. Finally most of the room had dispersed after taking their turns and she was left to be impaled on the last guys cock from behind while he grabbed and fondled her breasts. Yet another orgasm ripped through her body as he too came.

We went back to chill in the jacuzzi and recharge our batteries. Again we were joined by company and again she ended up with her hands around more cock while being fingered to orgasm. Back to the open room we went but I had to leave her to get a refill. I came back to see her having her pussy licked and fingered while she had her mouth around one cock and wanking another. The guys partner came down and sucked his cock. Her arse was in the air so I took my chance running my hands down her body until I found her pussy and slipped 2 fingers inside. She didn’t push me away so I took my tongue to her clit as I finger fucked her. Eventually she couldn’t take no more so laid on her back. Some guy tried to push in but she told him she wasn’t interested and I went back to licking her pussy and making her cum. She was so turned on by my licking she told me to fuck her and I didn’t need a second invitation. My wife was by now fucking this woman’s partner having already fucked one of the other guys and also swallowing a load of cum. My cock just glided into her already wet and soaking pussy and we both fucked till we came. Her partner had already finished in my wife and the guy from the jaquzzi earlier who had wanted to recharge was now fucking her hard and I could tell she was enjoying his thick cock. He said in her ear “Do you want me to cum in you?” and she said “Yes!”. So next he asked her “Do you want it deep or shallow?” and she replied “Fuck me deep”. I was quickly hard watching as this man pumped his load in her.

After he had left we were left on our own, all the men depleted by my wifes eager mouth and pussy so I thrust myself inside my wife’s cum filled pussy. God knows how many loads were in there but it was soaking and I slipped out at least once. I made sure I gave her at least another orgasm but having not long cum made her wait until we got home before she got a load from me.

All in all a good night. We went back the following weekend for a repeat though. Now it’s been a while since we last had one and she’s hinting she wants another and soon.

Hotwife Clare

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By: hotwifecuckyboi


December 17, 2013

First time Cuckold

Cuckold Place Update

Was a cuckold for the first time

My wife and me have had the idea of cuckold and dogging for some time. Well last week I got my wish. We picked up this man from west Sussex in the car my wife in the back and me driving. When we picked him up he got in the back with her. She was dressed like a slut. My wife has never been with any one in 6 years but me and within 5 minutes of being in the car she was sucking his cock and he was licking her cunt. She had only see some pics of him on the net beforehand. My cock was rock hard. Just looking at her.

We pulled up outside our home and all when into the living room. I went to get some drinks as planned and when I came back they had started again. Now I said to her he must wear a condom but she just let him fuck her bareback and told him to cum in her. She’s not even on the pill.

She told me he will coming around next time when I am at work. She said “If you don’t like it tough shit. You wanted me to do this so I will now.”

My wife

By: hotcat

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December 15, 2013

Daisy and Mr Scot

Here’s a very slutty diary update from Daisy Rock having a little time away from the boyfriend!


Well I shall let you into a little secret. I love my town of Brighton and all the shenanigans that take place there for me. However I have been getting rather itchy feet lately and the Big Smoke has been beckoning me. If you have not guessed already, I am known to be very spontaneous. The opportunity came up for me to rent a friends flat there, of course with security, (Big Burly Bloke, in screaming earshot). So I thought why the hell not. So yes I am back to my roots and have become a half Londoner! Well I can’t leave the seaside altogether can I?

I have an amazing fan base in London and decided to get a little bit naughtier and take sexy bookings there. Well Oh what fun London is! Everything I wanted it to be, I do hope this continues. I have met some delightful people already and things have been interesting, but today even more so …

Mr Scot gave me a call. He had lovely dulcet tones on the other end of the phone, I did not tell him this but I loved his voice. He seemed to be nervous and I knew that for sure when he arrived. I picked up the door entry phone and it took him a while to get through the door, I could hear his footsteps and then he appeared around the corner. He was tall and stocky with tousled blonde hair, he looked slightly dishevelled but to cool to care, that was sexy. He looked in his thirties with piercing eyes and a very nervous smile. I invited him in and he apprehensively moved through the door into my front room with his work bag.

I leant towards him and gave him a kiss, he put down his bag, looked at me and asked if I smoked, ‘yes’ I said delightfully, and out of his bag he rolled a small joint. I did not know he meant that at first, but I was cool with it. He needed to calm his nerves.

We sat down and faced each other whilst we both smoked, him on his special cigarette and I my usual. I was dressed in sheer fine stockings with a black suspender belt, trimming the tops of my thighs, underneath I had the full panties on that he adored. I wore a black tight short dress over the top just short enough to appeal, and high black heels high enough to topple me if I was to bend over.

We chatted and I could feel the energy around us was very relaxed, it was an unspoken thing that we were not rushing any part of this day. I lay my hand on his chest over his shirt, I felt electricity through my tentative fingers. I whispered into his ear ‘what do you like?’ leaving a trail of breath coasting his neck

‘I like it slow’, he whispered back.

I caressed his chest a little more and looked deep into his eyes, I pulled my dress up to reveal the lace at the top of my stockings, I knelt to his side just before lifting my other leg over him so I was sat on his lap straddling him. I grabbed the bottom of my dress again and lifted it up stroking my thighs and over my head presenting my firm swollen breasts, caged in my delicate lace black bra. My nipples were just spilling over the edge. I sat down on his lap and felt the sexual tension below me. I leant forward and kissed him deep and long, he grabbed my ass and pulled it towards him. We fondled and groped slowly but definitely, each move of his hands sent my pussy twitching with delight.

‘Stand for me’, he ordered. I stood in front of him feeling exposed whilst he admired my body, he was very vocal about that. I bent over his lap, I felt that he wanted to spank me, he did and asked if it was Ok. Yes it was. He spanked me again and again, gently but firmly I felt the spanks vibrate through my suspenders and they jolted my ass.

I stood up and I bent over, I fondled my breasts, I touched myself everywhere and made shapes with my body that he lusted over. Feeling hot and taken away with myself I slid my fingers down my stomach and over the silk and lace of my knickers, I grabbed the crotch and teased him by pulling them to the side to reveal my aching wet throbbing pussy. He moaned and played with himself through his trousers whilst I watched his throbbing cock. He unzipped himself and I could see the wetness from him through the material of his underwear.

Wet and excited he leaned back, wet and excited I bent over and slid my knickers off to my ankles, bent over for him so he could see the glistening of my cunt. I kneel on the floor playing and teasing my pussy, he spanking me every once in a while. I am electric with lust and want to push my fingers into my pussy for him to see. My legs are wide open and I am wanking and thrusting my fingers into myself. I am perfect and hot and in my complete sexual zone. We both move together whilst apart, we thrust and gyrate at the same speed moving around each other on the sofa on the floor, still spanking me, and then, into the bedroom.

He encourages me to put on his favourite kind of 50’s burlesque panties, which I delight in wearing for him. He wants to see my wetness through the panties, so again I am bent over on the bed. We play for sometime and I orgasm again and again whilst we play.

We look at each other and he takes off his underwear, I move to the floor and grabbing his hand move him so that I can kneel before him whilst I take his stiff, excited cock into my mouth. Oh the pleasure, the madness in my mouth, his smell and taste, all sex. I suck him, I deep throat him, I pull back and lick his end so gently that it quivers at the point of my tongue, over and over whilst we both groan.

I can feel he wants to come and we lay on the bed before one another, I stand above his head fingering my hot wetness between my legs watching his stiffness about to explode before me. He loved the view and I saw his helmet throbbing and getting darker with blood from pressure. ‘I want to come on your tits!’ he shouted, so I jump down whilst he wanked the last few wanks that he had left and I in turn was thrusting my fingers into my pussy. I smelt him cuming, the testosterone push, and his hot wet sticky mess shot out of his cock prouding itself all over my breasts, my pussy pulsating and bursting with my own orgasm. The sweat behind my knees glistening in my stockings and my breath slowing from the intense burst of delight and the colour of his cock turning back to pink, we both lay and enjoy the aftermath…

Wow Mr Scot and thank you for an interesting meeting!


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December 9, 2013

Casino Cuckold

Cuckold Place Update

Casino Cuckold

We met with a guy while we were visiting an out of town casino for a couple of days. We made contact online and then met there. It was very exciting shaking his hand knowing he was about to take my wife upstairs. The plan was to meet downstairs outside the casino and maybe get a drink and get to know him. As he approached us and we exchanged pleasantries, we were all kinda like ok what now? So I said “Why don’t you guys just go upstairs.”

The wife had previously asked him what he wanted and it was to have her to himself and to send me pics via text. They both quickly agreed and we went back into the casino where she gave me a quick peck on the cheeck and walked toward the elevators with him. Wow, It was surreal to watch them walk out of site. My wait was not long, within 10 minutes i got a text from her phone showing her blowing him. I was as I had hoped, very excited for her and couldn’t wait to see what they had been up to and was hoping she was going to tell me as she had me eat her out.

About 50 minutes later I got a text saying they were on their way down. I was kind of hoping she was going to stay up there laying all used but that’s not what they wanted. They both came down looking similar to when they left. This part was weird, we had left the door open for this to go on throughout the afternoon and night but when I asked what the plan was the wife said he was leaving and we could go gamble. So I shook the hand of a much younger guy who had just taken my wife and said good bye. As we walked away I asked her if she wanted to go back upstairs and she smiled and said “Yes.” Then she said “I don’t think i could take him again tonight, he was huge.”

The elevators at this casino have a person who checks to make sure you are indeed a guest at the hotel and when we approached and the wife handed him our key card he looked at her and smirked. He never looked at me just smirked and said “Enjoy your stay.” to her. I had little doubt that he knew what just happened. As soon as we entered the room, there where two used condoms on the floor and the bed was a mess. The wife immediately grabbed me started to make out with me. After a minute or two she asked what I was waiting for and told me to take her clothes off. So as she stood there very confidently in her new role she just smiled as I took her clothes off. As I removed her panties and started to stand she just said “I don’t think so, you need to stay on your knees and see what a big cock does to a woman. Once you get a good look at how well used it looks then you can start licking.” We moved to the bed where she continued to straddle me and was vigorously grinding her pussy in my face as she told me how many times he made her squirt and cum.

It was amazing.

My wife
The Pic is from a text she sent me as I was down stairs waiting

By: Qfire001

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December 5, 2013

How it started for us

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and getting up to all sorts of debauchery. Here’s a story to wet your weekend appetite about wife Sangre’s first encounter with another man. Check out their profile on Hotwife Hub here


I wanted to take a moment to provide a true story from some of our adventures for the viewers of hot wife blog. We enjoy the blog and all the other stories so much that we decided that we need to try and share more often.

My wife (who goes by Sangre in this lifestyle) and I first started experimenting with the hotwife and cuckold lifestyle a few years ago. We’ve really come to enjoy it off and on, but like most couples our real life can get in the way sometimes and prevent us from having as much fun as we like. However, I have really noticed that my wife is getting more and more comfortable with the lifestyle and really would prefer play a lot more often. I have a feeling that the year 2014 will be quite active for her. I have recently given her permission to have a boyfriend that she can see regularly as well, which I know really gets her motivated.

I decided for this submission to share one of our first stories that got all of this going. I had been encouraging her to have sex with other men for a few years, and it had never really gone beyond talk, but when she met a gentleman from Houston online she really took to his personality. See for her, it’s really important that she has a connection beyond just the physical aspects, and someone needs to be able to keep her interest on multiple levels. This gentleman was very intelligent and did just that with her. So, she came to me with the idea of going down to Houston for a weekend getaway that would allow us a lot of time together, away from the busy daily grind and also a chance for us to meet her new friend.

I knew that while she had made the trip about us, that her real excitement was for meeting her new friend. This proved to indeed be true as about an hour after we arrived in Houston she wanted to go ahead and get in touch with this man and invite him to our hotel bar for a meet and greet. So, we freshened up and she made the call. He was able to get to us in about 45 minutes and we were waiting for him in the bar. This particular bar had a really good setup with some more private couch areas we could talk discreetly so it helped make an awkward experience more comfortable.

We had agreed to have a code word that she would issue to me if she wanted to play. If she used the word in the course of the conversation then we’d invite this new friend back up to our room. After a couple of drinks the word came and we all agreed to head upstairs to get more comfortable.

To my surprise he really took over in a good way as soon as we got into the room and did a great job of easing her nerves even more and they started with some passionate deep kissing while standing near the bed. He really took his time with her and it was great to see her really kissing in a way that I know she fantasizes about regularly.

No sooner could I get a few things together with the camera and some bottled water did they end up in the position shown in the picture I have attached. The best part about this, was that she has surprised us both by having some ass balls already inserted. I think she had to have put these in right after we arrived at the hotel, and so that probably really got her nice and wet during our conversation. These balls, although you can’t see them from the picture are a set of 2 large pink balls, made of rubber. They are much larger than the normal ones you typically see and I believe were probably about 1.5″ in diameter to really fill her up well.

After the continued to play on the bed, she wanted him to fuck her ass while I got some more pictures and it was really not very long at all before she orgasmed We ended up playing for a couple of hours with the two of them going at it the majority of the time and then they actually invited me to join in on some of the play as well for a 3some.

After we were done, he thanked us for his time and left and we went out for a really nice meal and a few more drinks that night. This was one of our first experiences that has really led to a lot more fun from there.

I’ll try to be better about posting more of our adventures for the readers to enjoy. Happy Holidays.

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December 3, 2013

DFW Knight meets Rebecca

He’s the favorite Bull of many of Hotwife and he’s written in today with one his own stories. DFW Knight gives us a great story about his first encounter with one of Hotwife Blog’s favourites Rebecca Dream

DFW Knight is also on Hotwife Hub (profile here) if some of you ladies would like to contact him.


I have been involved with couples as a Bull for many years. I started out hosting interracial parties and matching couples with select guys that I personally knew could handle interacting with married women and their cucked husbands about six years ago.

This story is the true story about when I met Rebecca Dream for the very first time.

Her husband contacted me via email and spent a year convincing me to come out and give his wife something special. He did send a few photos. I couldn’t see her face in the images but I did like what I could see.
I flew early on a Saturday morning. That allowed me time to find a place for a fresh hair cut and get myself refreshed for our evening together.

Around 7pm I heard the knock at my hotel door. When I opened the door my knees felt as if they would buckle. Rebecca stood there in my doorway, looking completely angelic. Her black cropped hair framed a gorgeous tan face and a fabulous smile. Her sparkling eyes, and sensuous lips had me eager to kiss them.

Rebecca was conservatively dressed, her black dress, showed enough of her slender curves to make a man want to see more. It stopped just short of her knees, exposing her nicely shaped and very tan legs. She
spoke softly, “Hi I’m Rebecca, and you must be Wil.”

Her husband as expected accompanied her on this visit. He was a pleasant man, and from the smile on his face he could read my thoughts like a book. He knew how stunning his wife was, and the affect she had on me. We attempted to make small talk, but soon Rebecca and I found ourselves lost in a conversation that had no words. As I sat in an oversized chair with her in my lap. My hand found the back of her neck which sent shivers through her body.
Knowing full well my aroused cock wasn’t something I could hide. If she hadn’t already felt my erection prodding her, she surely could see the intensity and intent of my glare.

Our hands began to explore each others bodies, but our eyes seem forever transfixed. She never blinked as I leaned closer to her face and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. She responded with a tightened grip on my arms and chest. Her lips were soft and very wet lips. My kiss moved from her mouth, to her neck and ears. She was now starting to let out soft whispers and moans with each breathe.

I continued to work her neck and shoulders, as my free hand slowly found its way up her smooth thigh, stopping short. I could feel the heat coming from between her legs. I knew she by now could clearly feel my stiffened cock. As if on cue, she started rhythmically rotating her hips, creating a nice sensation on my cock. Our eyes met again, and without a spoken word, I knew it was time for us to move to the bed, where I lowered her onto her back and began dining on her sweet wetness. I could of stayed there forever, her taste and smell were intoxicating.

Rebecca’s body enjoyed several waves of orgasms, before she forced my mouth from her clit, and stripped me of my clothing. Her hands seem to worship my now exposed cock. She slowly stroked me a while before placing it into her warm mouth. I thought I would simply explode then and there. She expertly worked my head and shaft with both her tiny hands and wet mouth. Rebecca began enthusiastically sucking my cock. Her head bobbed freely as I stroked her back and ass. Loud slurps came from her mouth as her saliva ran down my balls. Desiring for more of her sweet spot, we slipped into a nice 69 position. This gave me full access to her clit again. I worked her pussy over with my tongue as she sucked my cock. I was transfixed by her pink rosy lips. I gently sucked on each of them and this drove her wild. She started to orgasm and squirted into my mouth and over my face. I was shocked yet amazed at the same time.

As she regained her bearings. Rebecca with her hand never leaving my cock pivoted around and placed my cock at the opening of her steamy vagina. I can’t really explain how it felt as my cock slid inside her. She told me to relax and I could feel her pussy walls contracting and squeezing my cock every inch as she went down on it. When I was completely inside her, she told me she loved the way my cock filled her pussy. She then leaned forward and kissed me passionately.

Rebecca rode me as I started kissing her neck. I was so engrossed in her that I literally forgot where her husband was. I glanced over and saw he was filming us and taking photos for keepsakes. I held Rebecca’s hips, pulling her back onto me as I thrust into her to get maximum penetration, she gave out a strange little yell as an orgasm enveloped her but I continued pressing into her. As she dug her nails into my chest and rode my cock I was able to watch her slide up and down my length and as I looked down I could see my cock covered in her love juices as she squirted again.

I now knew my time was near. I rolled her over onto her back and reentered Rebecca. My engorged cock slipping in and out of her wet hole was heavenly. We made love like this for no more than a few minutes. I was well on the verge of cumming, and with a final slide, I grabbed her by the hips and pulled into her hard. My body convulsed as I pumped spurt after spurt of hot thick cum deep into her. I guess feeling my cock pulsing inside of her was enough to get Rebecca to release another orgasm.

The sex was incredible. The sight of her riding my cock, her full breasts bouncing, her eyes closed, her full lips swollen from her excitement, it was something I’d never expected to see with Rebecca and the image is still clear in my mind to this day. This woman was one of the most exciting and passionate women I’ve ever had sex with, and I still yearn for more of Mrs. Rebecca Dream.

DFW Knight

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November 27, 2013

It started with a pic

Here’s a great little story about Wife Terri’s first time with another man in her marriage. check out their profile on Hotwife Hub here

My wife’s friend, Stacey was joking with her boyfriend that she was going to get breast implants, and wanted my wife to take a flashing tit pic and let Stacey show it to her boyfriend. My wife said no at first but eventually was talked into it. Just a tit pic, no face and she wasn’t going to tell him where the pic came from. So she took this picture and sent it to Stacey The picture had a profound impact well beyond the simple joke it was intended for. The boyfriend was beyond impressed, he became obsessed. He begged her to tell him who’s tits they were, and she was finally worn down and told him it was her friend from work, my wife. They were good friends and Stacey and her boyfriend Matt had been together a long time and was the topic of discussion many times as they had an open relationship. They played together and occasionally separately. We had never played before but I was turned on by the idea of sharing my sexy wife.

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The infamous pic sent by my wife

So as the days went on since Stacey told Matt those big titties belonged to my wife Teri, he had been begging for more. She would tell her about how he would stare at her pic all of the time and how hard her tits would get Matt’s cock. These stories really turned me on but the story that turned her on was when Stacy said that she sucked Matt’s cock as he stared at the pic. He begged Stacey to ask if she could talk Teri into letting him fuck her. She asked Teri knowing the answer was no. She conveyed this to me and it made me hard just the thought of him wanting to fuck my wife. But Teri, while she found him attractive, was not interested in fucking anyone else. Then after a while he bargained down to wanting to titty fuck her. This was something I thought I could get her to go for. I pleaded as much on my end as Stacey did with Matt.

With the constant peer pressure from both ends and my reasoning saying it wasn’t real sex “No penetration just let him rub his cock on your tits, he will cum quickly and you will have fulfilled his fantasy.” She finally gave in and agreed to allow him to titty her her.

The night finally came where it was going to happen. Matt and Stacey were coming over and Matt was finally going to get to fuck those big titties like he had wanted to for months and months. I told her I would not leave her side and she could pull the plug at any time.

Teri had been drinking to calm her nerves, I told her to wear heels and hose and not much else, so she had that on under her robe. When they arrived there was a bit of tension in the air as we drank a couple of drinks, I broke it when I pulled Teri’s robe back and said “Well, I guess these are why we are all here tonight.” We all laughed and Matt asked if he could touch them. She sheepishly said “Yes”. He wasted no time rubbing them and playing with her nipples. Then after a few minutes of this I suggested we go to our room, we could all fit on our bed. So we went to our room and I asked Teri to lay down. By this time her robe was all the way open but still on. I then said to Matt “This is what you’ve waited for.” He quickly got undressed and climbed onto the bed where I was sitting next to my wife and holding her hand. Stacey was on her other side.

He climbed up on top of my wife and she held her big 38DDs up and together for his hard cock to slide through. He slid his cock in between and started slowly fucking those huge tits that he had been dreaming about… But then he suddenly stopped. Stacey asked “What’s wrong?” he said “It’s too dry”. I said “Teri baby, get his cock wet”. She said, “Oh no, I didn’t agree to that”. Then suddenly Stacey leaned over Teri’s body and began sucking Matt’s cock until it was very wet. Then he went back to titty fucking my beautiful wife. As he fucked her tits, I was getting so turned on, and so was everyone in the room. I started kissing my wife as his cock thrusted between her tits. I held her head as I kissed her, and as I paused between kisses I held her head up towards his charging cock. Much to my surprise she stuck her tongue out and licked the head of his cock as it made its way forward. She kept doing this between kisses and before long he was no longer titty fucking her, he was now fucking her mouth. I saw this and I snapped a picture (below). Then I rubbed her pussy, and went down on her as he fucked her face. Stacey was up on her knees kissing Matt as he said “I’m about to cum”. I stopped to see what my wife would do or say but she didn’t say a word as Matt kept thrusting in and out of her mouth, he moaned really hard and then came in her mouth, she swallowed most of it but some ran down her chin. I then said I was next and I fucked my wife’s pretty face. I also came in her mouth. It was an incredible night as I was so turned on with what my wife had done.

We all got dressed and I thanked them for coming and they left. Me and Terri had hot sex for the next three days thinking about what we had done.

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Matt fucking Terri’s mouth

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November 23, 2013

The Massage

The up’s and down’s of a massage.

We love a good massage, should it be a simple foot or full body we always enjoy the intimate contact and it usually leads to a satisfying bedroom session afterwards.

In China with another couple we decided to go for an after dinner massage in a local spa. Surrounds were luxurious the atmosphere romantic. Opting for a private lounge we found ourselves in a comfortable four bed room. Two male and two female masseurs entered to give us an introductory foot and leg massage. Conversation ceased as we all relaxed to enjoy the attention.

Afterwards, my partner looked flushed but I didn’t dare to ask why in front of our friends. On the way out she told me she just had an outstanding massage. While working on her thighs the masseur had brushed gently against her pussy, she said it was totally erotic and she couldn’t believe how turned on she got. She was aware of everyone in the room but found herself getting so excited she didn’t care. When she didn’t protest about his ‘accidental’ touching he rubbed more firmly directly stimulating her clitoris through her pants, she said she had to bite her lip to stop herself crying out as she came. It was a real turn on for us both and we couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel. Her juices were flowing, I hadn’t seen her so wet in years. Needless to say we fucked like rabbits and talked about it and other fantasies all night.

Back home we wanted to repeat the performance and maybe take it further fulfilling a threesome fantasy. We found a guy online advertising as a trained masseur offering a free massage so he could build up experience. Seemed good to us so we made contact and invited him to our home. On arrival he seemed quite nice and after checking him out she went and prepared herself for the massage; (naked under a towel). He seemed a little nervous but I assured him was all ok. Taking the oil we provided he slid the towel down and went straight for her boobs, I thought was a bit strange but said nothing. Without pause he took more oil, lowered the towel so far he could see her shaven pussy and began to rub her tummy, at this point my wife gave me a frown he didn’t seem to have any idea about foreplay or even know what he was doing. Not willing to give up on our well planned night I joined them in the hope he would follow my direction. He did and for a while we gave her a four handed massage concentrating on her feet legs and arms. This wasn’t what we expected but at least she was getting a massage that didn’t insult the intelligence. As we massaged her shoulders she caught a whiff of his body odour… oh no! She turned to me and pulled a face. When she got a second whiff, she had to role away from him in disgust. I couldn’t believe he had come to our home without showering! She was having no more of this and I had to ask him to leave. Not only were we disappointed, it shattered our dreams and put my wife off exploring our fantasies any further.

Two years later it was forgotten about. On holiday again we were both naked enjoying a full body massage by two expert male masseurs when her masseur began to discretely tease her nipples and rub her pussy. It had the same effect as the first time, she got really turned on and soaking wet. As her juices flowed he inserted two fingers inside her and vigorously finger fucked her to orgasm. We were side by side and as neither of the masseurs’ spoke English she told me what had happened. I was excited but trying not to get hard in front of my male masseur who seemed oblivious of what was going on. “Why don’t you ask for an extension?” I suggested. “Mine can go and we’ll see what happens?” She asked but he had finished his shift and couldn’t stay. As my masseuse left the room the other guy told my wife if we met him outside he would come to our hotel and continue the massage. Her eyes lit up, she was really excited and seemed ready for anything. ”Go for it” I told her.

Back at the hotel I lowered the lights to create the right ambiance. There was no pretence about what was going to happen. We all quickly stripped and jumped on the bed where he began to apply oil all over her sexy body. She looked amazing, nipples erect, skin glistening, her head thrown back in ecstasy as he paid lots of attention to her breasts, not only stimulating them with his hands but taking each nipple in turn into his mouth. It was finally going to happen we were going to have a threesome, my heart pounded and I was rock hard. His eyes widened as he slipped his fingers back into her soaking pussy. Withdrawing his fingers, dripping in her juices, he stared at them as if he couldn’t believe how wet she was. Looking at me he smiled, lifted them to his mouth and tasted her nectar. Oh my god! What a turn on. I couldn’t resist, I slid my hand over her shaven pussy my fingers swimming in her wetness while I teased a nipple with my tongue. He followed suit taking her other nipple in his mouth. This was better than my dreams, everything was perfect, I wanted her to have the best time ever. Her breathing came in short gasps as I alternated between finger fucking and teasing her clit. Catching his eye I looked down, he got the message and took over pleasuring her pulsating pussy while I leaned back to enjoy the eye candy, the image of her thighs rhythmically arching and grinding in pace with his fingers will be with me forever. She reached for my cock, rolled towards him and whispered “I need you inside me.” Taking her leg by the knee I lifted it wide so he would have a good view of my cock entering her from the rear. Shuffling closer I was surprised when he took hold of my cock and guided it in. I didn’t mind. She felt utterly amazing, so hot, so wet, so tight, heaven on earth. As I slid in and out savouring every sensation he teased her clit and leant forward to tease her nipples again. From her nipples he kissed his way up her neck and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Her reaction was instant, she froze.

I knew something was wrong but couldn’t figure out what. Oblivious, he returned to her nipples then kissed his way over her tummy towards her majesty and licked her clit. She looked at me, stuck her tongue out and wafted her hand in front of her mouth. He had bad breath. I knew that was the end, she has no tolerance for poor hygiene. As he teased her clit she lifted his head up and said no more. I couldn’t believe it? It was going so well. Unfortunately, he had to go too. Despite the way it ended we look at this as a positive experience. It took us outside of our sexual comfort zone, our married routine. It made us realise we can live out our fantasies and enjoy them to the full. Until the disastrous moment she had felt desirable, wanted, excited while I felt proud to be giving her the erotic present she deserves. It has inspired us to be more adventurous; and that, can only be a good thing.

Submitted by: Au Naturel Couple, Dublin Ireland

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