May 22, 2015

BBC hotel meet up

She did it! BBC hotel meet up

So… I told you about how I met Rick. What a crazy and wonderful story. Now I will tell you about the second time we met up. A week later, we set up a meeting at a local hotel. Rick and I met in the middle of the afternoon in the hotel parking lot. My hubby was working so he could not be there. But I had his blessing to hook up with Rick. As long as I called him during a fuck session and let him listen to me scream while Rick fucked me…..”DEAL!”

I had never done this before. Meeting with a new BBC at a hotel without my hubby was a first for me. My pussy was wet with excitement. It was a dump of a hotel, but the price was right. Rick and I entered the room together. Immediately I pulled his hardened dick out of his pants and started sucking. Yum, I was so turned on, I couldn’t think straight. Rick stripped down naked, and so did I. I laid back on the bed and smiled. Rick crawled on top of me and teased my pussy. He spanked my wet swollen lips with his dick, and then suddenly thrust his big black cock deep into my hungry pussy. I gasped at how wonderful it felt. He pounded my pussy with every inch of that beautiful BBC. I could feel my pussy grabbing hold of his dick and enjoying every thrust. I begged him to take my pussy and make it his. “Put me in my place!” I said. “Make this slutty white pussy yours!”

I got on all fours and welcomed his dick again. But first, I had to call my hubby and let him join in on the fun. My hubby answered his phone, and I told him that Rick was about to take me doggy style. I set the phone next to me on the bed. Rick grabbed a hold of my hair, took my right wrist and held it behind my back, and then started fucking me nice and hard. I was screaming with satisfaction so loud that I think the neighboring room might have heard me. I came all over his dick. I rolled over, and Rick laid down on the bed. I got on top of him and slowly lowered myself onto that beautiful BBC. Rick was in heaven. I grinded my pussy back and forth, up and down till I began to squirt on his dick. The bed was soaked. Rick’s dick was drowning in pussy juice. I picked up the phone to check if my hubby was enjoying the sound show. He was very pleased. I told him that I needed to fuck Rick again, and he needed to go back to work, so I hung up.

I stood up and bent over the bed. Rick was going to take my ass. I don’t do this often, so we had to take it slow. He prepared my ass with one finger. Then two fingers. Then finally, slow and steady, Rick put his beautiful dick at the entrance of my ass. Slowly, steady, Rick pushed his black dick into my ass. It felt good. Each thrust was steady and slow. Each time he entered me he went a little further. Soon Rick was fucking my ass. I started to squirt with every other thrust. I couldn’t believe how my pussy was reacting to this ass fucking.

After that, we both went to the bathroom to freshen up a bit. Soon we were back on the bed. I took his dick and started sucking again. He instructed me to use my tongue on the underside of his dick. Just like eating an ice cream cone. Rick really enjoyed this. He moaned and smiled and told me that it was wonderful. I tried to swallow most of his dick, but it is bigger then I am used to, so I gagged often. Rick told me that gagging turned him on. That all that means is that I choose to take dick instead of air. LOL. Practice makes perfect, so I will have to keep sucking dick till I get it right. It may take a few sessions.

Again, Rick laid me on my back. He put my legs up over his shoulders. My pussy was eager to feel his own it again. With one big thrust, Rick shoved his BBC deep into my pussy. He repeatedly fucked me till I came all over his beautiful dick. My pussy grabbed his dick and I went limp with joy. Rick rolled me over to my side. He mounted up behind me and fucked me. Pulling my hair, and pounding my sweet pussy, Rick suddenly pulled out his dick and came all over my back and hair. We were in that hotel for 2 hours. Time flies when you are having fun. Thanks hubby! xo

by: Harley


May 10, 2015

Anonymous sex

Anonymous sex

As our sex life embraced the ‘alternative’ life style we decided we had to lay down the ground rules that we were both OK with, and to identify situations we would like to explore given the chance. One thing that had intrigued me for some time was having sex with complete anonymity. We talked about setting it up with me blindfolded and so on but it seemed too arranged. Then this happened!

When we lived in Paris we went to a swingers club called Au Plurial a few times. This night it was pretty quiet so my husband and I wandered around and had a few drinks at the bar flirting with a couple of single guys.

Eventually we decided to go down to one of the lower levels that has a range of nooks and crannies fitted out with mattresses and drapes (if you want some privacy). My husband is always in a naughty mood when we go to this club so as soon as we found a vacant booth he unbuttoned his Levis and extracted his growing erection. When he sat on the edge of the mattress it was pretty obvious he was expecting a blow job - and pretty quickly!

As I began to play with him he undid my suit blouse and pushed it off my shoulders so that my breasts were bare. The skirt was short enough that when I bent forward or sat down my labia were on open display so he left it in place. When I started to really blow him he was rock hard in seconds. After a few minutes of delicious fun he suddenly said ‘Don’t stop’ and leaned forward to reach the drapes which he closed over me. The drapes fit across my waist, so now he was inside our private little place. My upper body was also hidden but below the waist I was exposed to anyone going by.

Within 2 or 3 minutes I realised that this was an offer to good to resist for someone as I felt my skirt being unzipped and pushed down and off. When the stranger firmly pushed my knees apart I was naked and wide open. I felt my cheeks being spread wide and then the incredible sensation of a tongue sliding slowly the whole length of my crack. It moved up and down making me wetter with each pass. When he started to circle my anus with his tongue and press against my opening I was getting to the point where I needed to cum badly. My husband was asking what was happening so I decided to describe every detail as I masturbated him. The guy outside was obviously now on his back between my legs and was busy pleasuring my open pussy and teasing my clit. I was very ready for my first orgasm of the night so spread my legs wide and lowered my wide open pussy onto his face as he licked my clit faster and faster. My orgasm was terrific and my husband ejaculated over my breasts and hands as I groaned with pleasure. The guy was not about to miss his opportunity and was quickly between my thighs taking me doggy style. He was an average size judging by the sensation in my pussy and was very aroused as he rapidly rode me. In only a few minutes he came hard and slipped from my opening quickly. A moment later I could feel him squeezing the last drops of his semen over my anus.

I was about to move when another pair of hands grasped my hips and another erect penis entered me. No foreplay, just a new cock buried in my tunnel. This guy had no problem sliding right up to the bumper as I was full of love juice and it didn’t feel like a very large penis. He was a nice lover however, and seemed to enjoy giving me pleasure as well as taking his own. He took me like this for maybe 20 minutes and succeeded in bringing me to a lovely orgasm right before he ejaculated. When I recovered my husband of course was ready for seconds (or I guess it was 3rds) and pulled me into the booth and climbed between my thighs. He was so aroused by what had just happened that he came deep inside me in just a few minutes.

When we opened the drapes to retrieve my skirt and get dressed for a good night drink there was no-one around of course. So I had experienced my anonymous sexcapade which made the whole thing doubly erotic. I had no idea who had just fucked me. Yum!

We were sitting at the bar about 30 minutes later when a guy approached us. I was about to tell him we were done for the night and about to leave, when he thanked me for the fun downstairs. He was a small guy, good looking, and obviously from one of the Latin countries. His English was excellent and he was just too cute. I figured he was the second guy just from his size, which he confirmed. I told him he was a nice lover and asked if he wanted to meet again on the weekend, but he was leaving to return home to Chile on Saturday morning. Pity. He would have been fun to have overnight!

Before we left he did tell us that the other guy had left the club shortly after our encounter. Don’t you just hate those guys who just fuck and leave!! :-)

by: alex2015


May 4, 2015

Adult Theater

Adult Theater

I am John and my wife is Karen. She is about 5’8” and what some folks would call “thick”, with a 40DD chest and smaller hips. She is not fat, but is big boned like Anna Nichole Smith.

A couple of years ago we were in Houston for a few days. On Saturday night we went to a local swing club for a wear your swim wear party. Karen wore her one piece swim suit with a light cover up. After a few hours we left the party as it was quite cliquish and we weren’t part of the clique. I knew that not too far from our hotel near the airport was an adult store so we headed there. We entered, and noticed there were several guys hanging around the front counter. The store clerked bragged to us about the large new projection screen in the theater and that it was free for couples. We decided to check it out.

We entered a theater about the size of a large living room. In the back there was one old long couch. There were three rows of chairs each row 6 chairs wide with about a foot of space between each chair. The chairs were of the metal frame variety but had thickly padded seats. All the chairs were empty so we went to the middle of the middle row and each took a seat with me on Karen’s right. The large projection screen was showing a movie of a white woman alternating sucking on two large black cocks.

Soon after we sat down, several men sat down around us. I glanced around and there were 3 men behind us, 2 in front of us and one large black man next to Karen. I turned toward Karen and began to squeeze her right tit through her swim suit. I reached up and pulled her suit down so that I could have better access. The man next to her looked at me questioningly and I nodded my head at him. He reached out and copied my actions on Karen’s left tit. He then leaned his head forward and started sucking her nipple, so I did the same. Like a lot of women with big tits, Karen’s tits aren’t super sensitive, but she loves her nipples gently sucked and I could tell she was enjoying it. She reached for my crotch so I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, which she started jerking off. I reached down to rub her pussy and found that the other man’s hand was already there. I pulled my mouth off her tit and looked down to watch him rub her pussy through her swimsuit. As soon as I had my mouth off I noticed a hand from one of the men behind us snake forward and cup her tit and started teasing the nipple. I returned my gaze to the hand in her lap which had moved her swimsuit to the side and was now rubbing her naked pussy. I leaned forward a bit and could see that she had his large black cock in her other hand and was jerking him off. I looked up to her face and she had her eyes closed and was obviously enjoying herself.

The guys that had been seated in front of us had come around the end of the rows and were now standing beside us watching. I love to watch her be pleasured and envied them their position so I leaned in and whispered in Karen’s ear that I was going to let someone else have my seat while I watched and she should enjoy herself. She opened her eyes and smiled at me and released my cock. I stood up, turned my back to the screen and backed up against the seats so I could watch. Immediately the man previously standing next to me took my seat, unzipped his pants and guided Karen’s hand to his hard cock. The big man to her left took his lips off her tit and stood up putting his right knee in the seat. He reached behind Karen’s head and guided her mouth to his large hard cock. She held his cock with her left hand and sucked furiously on the big black head, getting as much as she could in her mouth. The man to her right started plunging his fingers in and out of her now unoccupied pussy. After a few moments of this she turned her head to me and asked if I had some condoms. I said I did, she said give him one and indicated the big man on her left. She then stood up, pulled her swim suit completely off and kneeled in her chair with her big tits hanging over the back. Immediately the guys that had been behind her reached for her tits and one of them took his cock and brought it to her lips. She rested her upper body on her left arm on top of the chair and used her right hand to hold his cock while she sucked and licked it.

I reached into the bag of stuff we brought and pulled out a condom and handed it to the big black guy. He tore it open and tried to get it on his cock, but his cock was just too wide for it. I motioned for him to lean down and I asked him if he was clean and disease free. He nodded his head yes. I told him, that I would never forget his face and if he was lying, I would track him and find him. He looked me in the eye and swore he was clean. I motioned him toward her. He moved behind her and gently rubbed the head of his big black cock on her wet pussy lips. He then slowly started working it in and out with short strokes. In just a few seconds he was holding her hips, going all the way in and his big black balls were slapping her pussy. Every time he would slam his cock in, Karen would be forced down on the cock in front of her. She was occasionally moaning around the cock in her mouth, obviously enjoying the hard fucking she was getting. For balance she had moved both her hands on the upper thighs of the man she was sucking, but now the guys on each side of him reached forward to hold her up and put her hands on their cocks instead. She was now being fucked by one big black cock, sucking another and jerking off two more.

The guy she was sucking was the first to cum and he did so while his cock was buried in her mouth. She swallowed it all. He pulled his cock from her mouth with a pop. And immediately it was replaced by one of the guys she was jerking off. He didn’t last long and she swallowed his too. And again the cock was quickly replaced and the third guy enjoyed her talents while he came too. The big guy in her pussy kept pounding away but eventually looked around at me and said that he was about to cum and where should he do it. I told him to fill her up. A few strokes later he groaned and stopped and shook as he pumped her once tight pussy full. As he slowly pulled his big tool out, a large amount of cum dripped out of her pussy

Karen turned around and sat down, thinking she was done, but there were still one hard cock that had been up front that needed relief. So she motioned him to come forward and she started jerking him off. As he got closer to coming she started rubbing him on her big tits and he came all over them. She sat back with cum dripping off her tits and out of her pussy and a grin on her face. A lot of the guys had left so we were almost alone in the theater. I took her hand and led her to the couch in the back.

She lay down on her back and I moved above her and slowly sunk my hard aching cock into her warm, wet stretched out pussy. I could barely feel the walls, but I could feel the warm wetness surround my cock. I wish I could say I lasted a long time, but looking down at my slutty, just fucked wife was more than I could take and I came long and hard. I went and got our stuff and she walked out just like she was, naked and dripping cum.

by: coupleinlubbock


April 30, 2015

Our Hotel Fun

Our Hotel Fun

This is a brief story of a fantasy we lived out a short while ago. We have been swinging/sharing for the entire time we have been together, minus a few breaks here and there, so having adventures are nothing new, but this was a bit different.

The wife (W), has always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak to her, and I love showing her off. I also love the idea of people knowing and seeing her being slutty. Our everyday lives, jobs, and family prevent much play, and we generally go out of town for fun even to prevent the two sides of our lives from colliding. We have had a problem with that once years ago, but that is a story for another day.

We placed an ad on WL as well as a couple of other places looking for a couple of guys (possibly even 3) to meet us at a hotel for drinks and basically seduce her in the bar. The difference between this and other ads I have seen that are similar is that she had full knowledge of the events, and even helped pick out the guys.

After sorting through a lot of responses that were not even close to what we were looking for (seriously guys, if you don’t fit the bill why waste all of our time), we finally had it narrowed down to a few choices. We talked and texted with them until we settled on what we believe to be the best match. It was 2 friends that had double teamed women before and were not shy. They knew each other from college and had stayed close since. J and R were both early 30’s (31 & 32), and in good shape. She is 45.

For the 2 weeks leading up to the meeting they texted with me and with W both. Flirting with her and finding out from me what the expectations and hopes were. When we got to the hotel and to our room, she showered and changed into a sexy short dress with a plunging neckline. She was wearing shear thong panties and no bra. She looked very hot. She is a smaller BBW and very busty. Beautiful blonde with blue eyes and a great smile.

We got to the bar and saw them right away. They were exactly as they had looked in the pictures (not always the case as many of you know). J is bit over 6 feet, athletic build and black. R is also a bit over 6 feet tall, a bit thinner build (like a runner), white guy with light brown hair.

When we met them I got a nice handshake and she got a hug and kiss from them both. They knew from our conversations that we were not trying to be very discreet. The bar was about half full, but picking up a bit. It was a Saturday night and an upscale hotel bar in the downtown area.

The two men were flirting and touching her a lot to start, followed by kissing and some groping. We got lots of looks and mostly smiles. We spent about two and a half hours all told in the bar with them having drinks and a small bite. Everyone watching could easily figure out what the plans were for the night.

As I was getting a last round to take to the room with us the bartender was giving me a big smile and said looks like someone has a fun night planned, looking at my wife. I said that it looked that way indeed and she was kissing on them both while we talked. I told her I hoped no one was offended, she said it happens more often than I would think. I did invite her up to the room, but she declined.

As soon as we got into the elevator things kicked up a notch, and light gropes turned to pulling her tits out and sucking them while the other was kissing her, and her dress being pulled up to her waist and she was getting fingers. They were all over her. When the door opened there was a couple standing there waiting to get on an elevator going down and got quite an eyeful as we got off and headed to our room. We smiled and apologized but they just laughed. They had a shocked look.

We got into the room and clothes disappeared very quickly and everyone went to the bed, rolling around, kissing, rubbing, sucking, feeling, and eventually fucking. I am not going into minute detail about the sex, let’s just say they both wore her out over several rounds lasting several hours. She does not do anal, but most every other way you can imagine 2 guys having her (and 3 as I joined in later), we did. Here was a shower during one of the breaks as she got quite messy, and we were all sweaty, then more fun and we got our second, then third wind. Even an awkward room service delivery in there somewhere. The night was a bit of a blur. We met them at the bar around 7:30, up to the room by ten, and they didn’t leave until well after 2.

The next morning as she was showering they called to see if they could stop by before we left and get some coffee or something. When W stepped out of the shower she was met by them both already naked for a quick romp, before a second shower. We had coffee with them at the coffee shop in the lobby then said our goodbyes with a handshake for me and a big wet kiss for both of them.

For those who will ask, no was not her first black guy. Both guys were a bit above average endowed, with R being the bigger of the two (yes the white guy was bigger). Yes we have kept in touch and may get together with them again. No there was at no time any bi action amongst the men.

I am not attaching a pic at this time, but may add one later. We have had issues with someone stealing her pic off this site before so am a bit wary.

I hope you enjoy the story of this adventure, yes it is true. Yes there are many others we have had over the years.

by: hotwife28411


April 26, 2015

My first black lover

John, my first black lover

I was about 28 before I even thought about letting a black guy between my legs. It had just never come up. There were very few black men in my town in the late 70s. If you saw a young black man the chances were that he was a sailor from the navy base.

Caroline, my friend and confidante, and I decided we would have a change so instead of clubbing it in town we hopped on a bus for a pub three or four stops away. Close enough to walk but not in the shoes we were wearing!

We were sat quietly in the corner sipping our lager and black, and chatting about a guy we realised we had both been with when a gentleman with a melodic baritone asked if he and his friend could join us. He had that sort of voice that makes a woman unconsciously let her legs part slightly. They bought us some drinks and very soon we were all flirting with each other.

John was from Nigeria, he was married and he was an officer in his country’s navy on some sort of exchange/training course. He had been educated at an English boarding school and spoke with refined accent which contrasted sharply with my West Country twang. Very soon I was leaning back relaxing into him. His velvet tones whispering in my ear telling me what he wanted to with me was making me very wet and very, very horny.

John took me out to the secluded courtyard at the back of the pub not long after his friend and Caroline had come back in. John’s friend looked like the cat who had got the cream.

John and his friend made sure that Caroline and I were safely in our taxi at the end of the evening. John had asked if he could see me again and I had invited him to my house. Hubby was going up north to an away game and wouldn’t be back till nearly midnight.

As was hubby’s usual practice when I got home from a night out, he met me at the door and kissed me passionately. I nodded to the question in his eyes. Hubby’s hand lifted my skirt so he could look at my sodden knickers then pulled me by the hand to our bed. Hubby loves his sloppy seconds and as soon as we stripped I straddled him. We often made love that way mainly because he didn’t cum as quickly as when he was on top.

What follows is what I told hubby had transpired, at least as best as I can remember. It was just over thirty years ago but the memory of that first time with John is seared into my memory. I used more earthy language than I have here.

“Well darling, we didn’t go clubbing, we went to the pub by the dockyard gates. Two guys bought us some drinks and we had a good night with them. My guy was called John. He had a lovely voice darling, that alone would have got his hand in my knickers. When John took me back behind the pub he held me tight and kissed me very passionately and pushed up my boob tube to reveal my breasts. His hands were all over them. Then he told me to drop my knickers so I stepped out of them and put them in my handbag. John pushed me back against the wooden post and held my hands over my head while he put first one, then two and finally three fingers in my pussy. Still holding my hands over my head John slipped his cock into me. It was thicker than yours darling.”

“He just used me darling. He was lifting me on to my toes with each slow thrust. Darling he called me all kinds of names while he was poking me with his hard cock. It sounded strange because he talked so posh.”

I asked my hubby if he was nearly cumming and he nodded so I gripped his cock tighter and carried on telling him how John used me.

“John started thrusting harder and harder in your bride’s pussy honey. John was using your wife as a hole to shoot into. Your turn to cum in me darling, cum now for me, add your cum to John’s cum. John made me cum a lot baby and he is coming here tomorrow tonight to have me again my darling…”

I saved the next bit until I felt my hubby releasing his load, “John is Nigerian, he is very dark skinned.”

by: Diane - UK


April 18, 2015

Wife used by 3

Wife used by three guys

For various reasons, the wife and I live on different ends of the country right now. So when we do get the chance to be together, I try to make it as fun for her as possible. This is our most recent adventure.

Sunday night we had a little time in the evening so I posted a nude picture of her in a Craig’s List ad and said we were looking for a few guys who were into a quickie. Once again, her 5′4, athletic, small breasted and blonde body didn’t fail to bait them in in high numbers. So I picked the lucky guys and let them know.

I put a physical therapy table I found at a thrift store into the front office. I threw a black sheet over it and had the wife strip down, get on her back and play with herself. I also put some random 80’s porno on the TV behind her and killed the lights.

One by one, the guys would arrive and call me to let me know as much. I’d unlock the doors and let them into the room. The first saw her playing with herself, the rest walked in on her in action.

One by one, just under a dozen guys walked in, walked up to the table, pulled out their cocks and slid them into her. Pumping her, groping her and using her as their own personal porn theater fuck slut. Banging away in her until they emptied themselves of the desire to use her any more.

Then they would zip up, walk out and leave. Very little was said which is just the way we like it. Then once everyone has gone we have our together time and talk about what happened while we finish each other off with dirty talk and mutual orgasms.

She has been a very good little sub and slut since we got married but due to distances lately, the fun with others has been sparse. Can’t do much were she is when I go there so it’s limited to here. The next time she comes to visit I am planning even more guys for her to cum on but gonna do it in a van/camper while driving around.
Something we’ve had fun with before.

I tend to get distracted during these events but I did manage to get a couple pics that aren’t too explicit to post.

Just to be clear, I am not a cuck. I am a Dom. So feel free to yahoo me if you like but I am not looking for bulls. I usually pick submissive guys who are willing to service me in order to get to her. Even if I don’t always require them to. Such as this particular time.

I don’t judge others. Love reading about everyone but just for clarification, I tend to be the bull as apposed to the cuck.


by: baitanswitch


April 14, 2015

Hubby’s View

Here’s another post from the HOW DOES IT FEEL HAVING SEEN HER TAKE ANOTHER MAN? group on the Hotwife Hub discussion group. There’s loads of chat, stories and comments on the hotwife lifestyle. Members can create a group on anything that is Hotwife and Cuckold related and join in the discussions on existing groups, creating topics and posting comments. If you’re not a member then get yourself on there now and join the fun.

This post is from user newbie

Hubby’s View

The first was May this year.

My wife got friendly with a guy who was 27, lots of tattoos and had a ring through his penis!.( she don’t half pick them!). I met him , had a chat, then he and the wife went for a drink( met him in pub car park).

I went home, and watched tv in spare room. I did not know if they’d hit it off as it was her first time, but an hour later I heard the door open and could hear them chatting downstairs .

Eventually they both came upstairs , went into our bedroom and closed the door , my heart was pounding, would this really happen?. I heard giggling, kissing etc, then could hear clothes being thrown off, I could hear groans and moans , I guessed she was sucking his cock as only his groans were heard After what seemed an age , I could hear a kind of mellow panting, at the time I guessed this guy had entered my wife and was fucking her, but I couldn’t be sure. After a while though, I started hearing the head board starting to really bang!, I also could easily make out the sound of her wet married cunt make a slap slap slap notice!..with groans coming from my wife, oh god!, he was fucking my wife so hard. I was hearing every last thrust of his cock fucking my wife balls deep, but my head was spinning when he started fucking her even harder and groaning loudly until complete silence…. That’s when I knew another guy had shot his cum deep inside my wife’s cunt.. And it was the hottest moment of my life.

As soon as he left, I got into bed with my wife, she looked really guilty and said sorry, I told her not to be sorry and told her to open her legs for me, she looked so sexy looking at her well fucked cunt, with his cum dripping out of her, I spent the next ten minutes fucking her cum filled fuck hole whilst telling her what a dirty slut she was… No regrets what so ever!.

She’s since been fucked by another guy, and already has 4/6 other guys ready and waiting ;)

P.s a very true and honest story.

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April 10, 2015

Share Wife With Friend

Share Wife With Friend

It all started at a lake one summer when I ran into an old friend. I told my wife that my friend had always said that he would like to fuck her. He never had said anything but I knew he wanted to just by the way he looked at her, and it was always a fantasy of mine to watch another man fuck my wife. She shrugged it off and said that I wasn’t telling the truth. I never thought to much of it as I had mentioned things like that to her before and she always said “yeah right” or “whatever” and nothing more was ever said.

Our friend moved into our campsite a couple of days later as his friends had left and he was all alone. We spent the day at the beach as well as having a few drinks. We had supper and were sitting around the fire. It had been a long day and I was tired so I said I was going to bed. I was exhausted and fell asleep right away. I’m not sure what time it was but I woke up and it was light out and my wife was not in bed. I looked out the trailer window and didn’t see anyone. I didn’t think to much of it and went out to see what was up. I thought maybe there was a party at a site farther down the lane or something and they had gone there. There was nothing happening and it was very quiet outside. There was a washroom not far from our site so I thought maybe they had gone there. I had to take a leak so I walked down but there was no one there. I walked back to our campsite wondering what was going on. I walked past our friends tent and heard noises, so I looked to see if he was inside. As I opened a small flap of the tent door I couldn’t believe what I saw. My wife was lying over my friend giving him a blow job. I was shocked and excited at the same time. She was totally into it and didn’t see me watching. I watched for about five minutes as she licked and sucked his cock. I then went back to our trailer as they had not seen me.

I’m not sure how long it was until she came back to the trailer but I know I was laying there with a very stiff cock. She came in and snuggled up to me very excited. I asked her how she liked sucking his cock as I thought that what I had seen was all that had happened. She then proceeded to tell me that her and my friend had been in there for quite some time and I had only seen the end.

Apparently shortly after I had went to bed my friend asked her to go into his tent and she agreed. She then told me that they took turns undressing each other and he had ate her pussy and she sucked his cock for the first of many times. He then apparently fucked her for three or more hours and had filled her pussy at least four times while she sucked his cock back to life after each time. What I had stumbled on was her giving him one last blow job complete with a mouthful of cum before she came back to me. My cock was about to explode and she was still horny. She got on top and started riding me, that was my first experience fucking my wife’s pussy that was full of someone else’s cum, it was awesome. We fucked until I filled her pussy again for the fifth time that night and then we both fell asleep.

The next day my friend and I went golfing, he didn’t know that I had seen him with my wife the night before. When we got back I asked my wife if he had said anything about me that night. She said he was worried that I was going to be very upset. I asked her if she wanted him to fuck her again that night and she said “sure”. The plan was I would go to bed early again leaving them some time alone and then I would sneak back out and watch the two of them together again. Well evening came along and I said I was tired and was going to bed. I had opened the curtain in the trailer just enough so I could see out. I laid there and watched for a couple of hours and I think he was feeling bad about the night before and was not making a move. My wife got up and went to the washroom, so I got up and went outside. He was surprised to see me up. I then told him that I had seen them together the night before. He said he was sorry for what had happened but I told him to relax and that I was ok with it. I then asked him if he would like to fuck her again while I watched. He was very nervous and was a little hesitant, so I suggested that we both fuck her. He then asked if it would be ok if he watched her and I together and then if he felt comfortable he would join in. I said “of course”.

We had just finished talking when she came back from the washroom. I told her that he had wanted to watch the two of us together and she agreed. We went into my friend’s tent and I laid her down and started eating her pussy while he sat across from us and watched. Shortly after I got on top of her and started to fuck her slowly. I fucked her like this for about five minutes and then rolled off and said “you’re up”. He looked at me hesitated and then rolled over to her. He started playing with and kissing her breasts and body. He then rolled over on top of her. He guided himself between her legs, as he did this she spread her legs open and he rocked forward and entered her pussy. The sight of another man entering my wife while I watched was awesome. He started by rocking into her slowly, as he did this every time he stroked into her she spread her legs wider and pulled him into her pussy deeper and deeper. He fucked her like this for awhile then looked over at me and said “your turn”, and rolled off. I took his place between her legs and fucked her while he sat back and watched. I pumped into her slowly enjoying the fact that my long awaited fantasy was now happening . I once again rolled off her, he took my place between her legs and started fucking her slowly. He kept this up for about ten minutes and then began to pickup the pace. As he stroked into her harder she started to breathe heavier and spread her legs even wider. He continued pounding into her and I could tell he was getting close. He started breathing heavier and his body began to tense up, she started moaning loudly grabbed him by his ass and pulled him into her deeply. When she did this he grunted loudly and filled her pussy with cum. He laid on top of her and soaked his cock in her pussy for awhile and then rolled off. I climbed between her legs and entered her. He had filled her to the brim and the feeling of her pussy filled with another mans cum was awesome. It didn’t take me long and I pumped another load into her. Her pussy was full and it was running out of her. All three of us just laid there, he said he couldn’t believe that I would share her with him, and anything I needed all I had to do was ask. After we left the tent he told me that it was the best sexual experience he had. That was the first of many encounters with him. It was great.

by: barn1963


April 6, 2015

If anyone ever found out

If anyone ever found out

I have to start this by telling you a little about my wife. Donna is 45 and in great shape, she is 5’7 and about 140 lbs. She has gorgeous blonde hair, 34D tits and a nice shaved pussy. To look at her, she looks beautiful, but she does not look like the type woman that she really is. Anyone that knows us would never guess in a million years that she is so naughty.

This all began when we started role playing in the bedroom to keep it spicy (after 15 yrs). I figured out that her favorite role plays always had to do with her being submissive. This slowly developed in to a 24/7 type thing that she enjoyed. She loved me telling her what to do and stretching her limits. I had her dressing a lot sexier, when we went on weekends away (for discretion). The first time I mentioned her fucking another man was while we were away for a weekend and were making love. She came soooooo hard and said she wanted to feel another man inside her. But then after she came, she said it was just a fantasy/ Later that day, we were at the pool and I started pointing out all the men checking her out in her bikini. I told her to start making eye contact and watching where their eyes looked. We stayed out at the pool for about 30 more minutes and went back to the room. I laid her back on the bed and asked her if she paid attention to the men’s eyes like I told her to. She said that she did and that they were all looking at her tits and body. As she talked, I slid my hand in her bikini bottoms and found her to be sopping wet. I quickly slid my cock in to her and began asking about the men and if any of them was someone she would consider fucking. She came very quickly and this time said she loved the idea, but wanted to find the right guy!

For the next 3 weeks, she looked at several websites until she found a man that she liked. When she showed me, I was totally flabbergasted. The man she chose was a 28 yr old black man! I had never even considered that my wife would be interested in a black man, much less one 9 yrs her junior! She said that if she was going to do this, she wanted it to be with a “real stud” (her words). We set up to visit him in his city (about an hour from our hometown). She wore a very sexy summer dress and primped until her hair and makeup were perfect. It made me jealous to see how hard she was trying to impress him, but it also made me rock hard.

We met him at a restaurant for dinner and drinks and from the instant he walked in, I knew she liked him. He came to the table and she jumped up to give him a hug. He was a very physically fit specimen and had that air about him that he knew he was a sexy man. He and Donna chatted and I could tell that she was comfortable with him. After dinner, I told him that we would talk about it and if she wanted to proceed that I would text him our hotel room number. We walked out to the car and I asked her what she thought. She grinned and took my hand and placed it in her panties….they were soaked. She said she was nervous, but definitely wanted him!

I texted him and asked if he wanted to come to our room. He replied hell yes and we made the arrangements. We got to the room and she had me pour her some wine. After about 5 minutes, there was a knock on the door and I opened it to let the man in that my wife wanted to fuck! He wasted no time and walked over and sat beside her on the couch. He took her wine and sat it on the table and then started kissing her. It was so erotic to see my sweet innocent wife making out with another man. He wasted no time getting her top down and was sucking her nipples, as she reached down and rubbed his cock through his pants. After a few minutes of this, she slid down in the floor and told him she wanted to taste his cock! She had never acted like this before. He stood up and she hurriedly pulled his pants and underwear down. He was well hung….id guess about 9” and a lot thicker than my cock (the only cock she had for the last 10 yrs). She started sucking his cock and rubbing his balls. She wasn’t just giving him a blowjob, she was making love to his cock with her mouth! He was running his hands through her hair, and then started fucking her mouth as he held the back of her head. She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and let him fuck her mouth.

After about 15 minutes, he pulled her up and stripped her off and led her to the bed. He laid her on her back and crawled up between her legs, which she eagerly opened for him. The next thing that I see is her wrapping her hand around his cock and rubbing his cock head through the wetness of her outer lips. Then he eases forward and I see his thick head disappear within my wife. It took him several minutes to slowly work the entire thing in her, but when he got it all in, she had already come once.

After he knew she was used to it, he started to pick up the pace and started to really fuck her deep. She looked at me with glazed over eyes and said “Why didn’t we do this sooner!” I almost came in my pants!. He then flipped her over and started fucking her doggie as I watched and stroked my cock. He ended up coming in her 3 times and she said she came at least 10 times.

When he left, she was exhausted and just laid in the bed as he dressed and left. After I saw him out the door, I ran to the bed and slid my cock in to her well fucked pussy. I have never felt something so good and knew I wasn’t going to last long. When she knew I was fighting to hold my orgasm back, she looked me in the eyes and said “I love how he filled my pussy up with his big cock, I want it again soon!”, which made me come immediately!

The next morning,we went back to our normal life and have kept it hidden from our family and friends for the last 6 yrs, all the while she has been with 14 different men & each of them multiple times! If our friends only knew!

by: oklacuck


April 2, 2015

Play Date

Play Date

My husband frequents this site, loves the stories! So, he is always sending me the ones he likes best saying “This could be you”. After alot of pillow talk and reading his stories I decided life is too short ..I”m going to make this fun! We had been talking to a guy who has been talking about getting new pictures taken for his profile( he is recently divorced and looking for fun). To make a long story ..SHORT ! We decided We get together yesterday..Hubby is gone for a couple days and I thought this would be the perfect ending to his trip. I was a little nervous but really wanted to do this. The guy (I’ll call Mike) chose a hotel to meet at and I picked up some drinks to help relax me a little. We both brought our own cameras ..while he wanted pictures for a profile I wanted a few myself to send to my husband.

Mike got there before me and checked in..He text me the room # so I could go right to the room as we both wanted to be discreet. I got to the room..he was very well dressed .. I went in he made us both a drink and we talked alittle. He got up and came to sit next to me on the bed and asked if I wanted pictures of myself dressed or without clothes haha I said what do you think ;) As he leaned over and started to kiss me…he stood up and pulled me up also… still kissing his hands were finding there way around .. caressing my tits. He said “why don’t you take some clothes off and I’ll take a few pictures” I had on a lace half camisole top and lace panties under my clothes. I removed my pants, then my top. Mike was very impressed with what he saw, He looked at me and said “WOW you have beautiful tits. I am 48.. average looking.. full 38d’s and try to stay in shape So that made me feel good. We continued making out. I worked my hands over his tight in shape body.. reaching down to feel his Cock .. Mmm it was very hard and good size. I’d say 7.5 inches and Thick. I started to undo his pants..then he took over and quickly removed them..his Cock was standing straight out..I grasp a hold of it..slowly stroking. He sat down on the edge of the bed..I knelt down in front of him..licking his huge balls before taking his cock in my mouth.. I could taste his precum while licking the head of his cock..I took him slowly in my mouth ..stroking and as I sucked him.. He was moaning with pleasure which helped me enjoy it even more. He said ” you really like to suck cock don’t you” I asked him to take a few pictures of me sucking him.. he was getting ready to cum..then stopped me, asked me to lay on the bed and said ” I want to Fuck you so bad” He pulled a condom out of the drawer and slipped it on..slowly rubbing the head of his cock between my pussy lips.. entering a little then pulling out..my pussy was so wet wanting to feel his thick ..hard cock inside me. He watch as I enjoyed his moves..feeling my pussy get wetter and wetter.. watching as I squeezed my tits..licking my nipples ..he slowly slid into me .. thrusting himself deeper each time.. I said “oh Yes” Your cock feels so good! keep FUCKING Me…oh yea Fuck me HARD..”I want to feel your BIG Fat Cock DEEP inside me” he was pounding my pussy..saying how nice and wet my pussy was. I came a couple times while he pounded me..when we slowed down to catch a breath..he snapped another picture before motioning me to turn over so he could take me from behind.. I knelt at the edge of the bed ..he stood.. sliding his Hard Cock into me again…(another picture) pushing himself Deep into me with each thrust..he started pumping faster and faster… ” yes! Fuck me hard baby” Oh yea Mmm I screamed with a huge Orgasm.. slowly pumping me for a few minutes. I wanted him to Cum on my face..he pulled out of my pussy..removed the condom and sat on the edge of the bed again ..So I could suck him to an orgasm.. sliding my mouth up and down on his cock..stroking and Sucking..He maoned loudly and pushed his cock into my mouth “ooh can I Cum in your mouth” I took some in my mouth..then continued stroking and shooting the rest of his Hot load on my face.

We cleaned up..I took pictures of him as he wanted ( I took a few of him earlier as well..while he was still hard) Sorry I haven’t downloaded the pictures to my computer yet.. I will post some with hubby’s response when he returns..I hope he likes it…

By: wntsmore

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