July 11, 2015

Wifes only time shared

Wifes only time shared

This is the true story of the only time would allow herself to be shared. The events took place over twenty years ago when she was 30 years old. She only weighted about 100 pounds, had short dark brown hair, 34 C breasts and a bubble butt. My work caused me to travel a lot and this time was no different. I went away on business for eight months. We were a very loving and sexual couple and had even talked about swinging at times. During my time away the phone calls and letters got pretty steamy.

About two months after I had left she told me that there was a new good looking Latin guy where she worked and they were talking everyday. I knew he would be working on her trying to break her down after she told him I was away on business. She told me she was really liking him but she refused to do anything until I was back with her. He told her how he was a really good lover with a big penis, mine is only six inches long. I know she was really interested because she brought him up during every phone conversation. Well I did not return home for another six months. Our reunion was really great sexually but during our love making she brought him up and had really powerful orgasms. The next day I told her if she really wanted it to happen she should tell him and set it up. A few days later, after she returned home from work she told me it was on. It was set up for a week later. My wife was on edge all that week. I could see the nervous sexual excitement in her. We did not have sex all that week.

When the day finally came she was so nervous and excited I did not think she was going to do it. That morning she dressed in white panties, white spandex stretch pants, a very colorful long blouse and black high heel sandals. She looked so sexy. She was so nervous when we got into the car I asked her if she wanted to call it off. She said “no way” We drove to the prearranged spot and I rented a room in the hotel. He was in the parking lot waiting for us. Damn he was good looking and it almost made me think twice about letting it happen. We went up to the room and that is when things got a little tense. I purposely excused my self saying I forgot something in the car. I went down in the elevator and came right back up. When I entered the room, my wife was lying on the bed sideways with her legs hanging over the side at the knee and he had her spandex pants pulled down to just below her knees. He was sitting next to her holding himself up with his right hand. He was leaned over and kissing her mouth while playing with her vagina through her panties with his left hand. She was kissing him back passionately and she was pressing her hips up to meet his left hand as he rubbed her clit through her panties. I could see her panties were already wet and she was on fire. About two minutes later she stopped him from kissing with her and said “Let’s take off our clothes.”

He got up and walked into the bathroom, she just stood up and removed all her clothes. My wife loves to keep her vagina area very hairy and it was very wet. About 15 seconds later the guy walks out of the bathroom and my wife says well he is big just like we wanted. I looked over and sure enough this guy had about 11 inches that was semi hard. I just moved off to the side and let them do what they wanted. He took her in his arms and started kissing her first on the mouth and then moving down to her nipples. His left hand went right to her vagina and clit. She was melting in his arms and could hardly stand. He laid her back on the bed and his mouth went right to her vagina. Man I was loving everything I saw. He ate her to orgasm in seconds as she moaned and tossed on the bed. Now my wife is multi-orgasmic so I knew there was more to come. They then switched to the sixty-nine position and she was sucking his penis. She did not do it for long as this is not her thing but he grabbed both her legs behind the knee and pulled them up to her chest while he ate her and she had one orgasm after another. She then stopped the action again and said OK make love to me with that big penis of yours. She looked over at me just for a second and then they went back to it. He moved between her legs and she spread herself wide. I could see she was soaking wet and ready. He slowly slid the head of his penis into her vagina and looked down into her eyes. She looked up at him and said, well this is what we have been waiting for. She said come down here and kiss me while you make love to me. Her choice of words was very direct. He lowered himself down and while kissing her deeply he slowly worked his way into her vagina. Then he slowly began making love with my wife. They made love for hours. At one point she looked over at me and said “His penis is the biggest and best I ever had I am having one long orgasm after another.” During that time I counted 13. He must have come about four of five times also.

When they were done we went our separate ways. We went home and she gave me a hand job while telling me all about how she felt during the love making. She also told me it was enough for her and she would never do it again and that our life together was more important. I have been trying all these years to get her to do it again but she refuses.

by: kingjulian58


July 7, 2015

Afternoon in the pub

Tame afternoon in the pub

Few weeks ago we had been shopping and called into the pub for a few beers before heading home. It was a really warm day, my wife was wearing her maxi dress, long down to her feet, clingy stretchy material and no bra.

We sat outside for a while then went inside, the bar was pretty quiet so we went to play pool, neither of us any good but we decided to so who could win.

Everytime my wife took her shot, the view I got was spectacular, her tits were just hanging in her dress and when she took a shot facing away from me the dress pulled tight around her ass and you could almost see the stitching on her panties it clung to her ass that well.

We had been playing about 15 mins still the first game when a few lads probably mid 20s came and sat near the pool table, there was 2 tables and I thought they were going to use the other but they didn’t. I could see they were watching everytime my wife took her shot , her tits hanging or her ass almost see thru in her dress. One stood up and asked if he could play the winner, we both joked it could be a while as we were still playing the first game, they laughed and said it was ok.

Anyway I let my wife win, i think, as I was enjoying the view as she was playing and I’m sure the lads were liking the view too. They got playing and the view was still good and at one point one of her nipples was almost on show, but after she finished her shot she corrected her dress before it was fully exposed.

After my wife winning a couple of games and she played different lads, I’m sure they were letting her win, she said it was the last game as we were going to be heading home. We was watching as she played and she put her drink by the ledge leading out into the patio area and as she stood there waiting for her turn I noticed with the sun behind her, it made her dress almost see thru and you could see her legs from the front leading up to her panties, I’m sure the lads saw this too.

She finished playing and we left, I mentioned to her that I’m sure they were letting her win and she agreed and said it was probably the way her tits were dangling why they let her win, we laughed about it on the way home as we mentioned she was probably old enough to be their mum.

This was just a tame day in the pub, but i liked it and i hope you do too.

by: notaperfect10


July 3, 2015

Fucked by her boss

My girlfriend fucked by her boss

From other threads in this forum, I know that I’m not the only one who’s girlfriend/wife was fucked by her boss. Of course it’s not the same whether this happens to other people or whether it happens to yourself. Although Melanie already had sex with other men, it was a very special and intense experience for me to know that she was screwed by a man that she’s basically seeing every day.

Everything happened when my girlfriend was at a conference together with her boss. I obviously wasn’t there, when it happened, but she told me everything afterwards. You need to know, she’s 27 and quite attractive, while he’s in his 50s.

Everything went normal during the first 2 days of the conference but in the evening of the last day, my girlfriend and her boss went up to their hotel rooms and they were just about to saying good night, when her boss started touching her.

She said, she was surprised by him. She thought, he would never do something like this. He started touching her bottom when saying good night and apparently, he took her hesitation as an agreement. He moved his hands up to her breasts and touched them. When she still didn’t reject him, he started kissing her.

He pushed her into her room, to her bed. She was still surprised and could not believe what was happening. Only when she lied on the bed, when her boss opened her blouse and when he kissed her boobs, she started to realize, that her boss was going to fuck her.
He moved up her skirt, pushed her legs apart and started kissing her between her legs. Then, he stared to move up: He kissed her belly, then her boobs and then, Melanie started to feel his hard cock. First she felt it at her legs and then it pushed against her panties.

She felt how her boss pulled her panties to the side and how he pressed his hard cock against her pussy. Then, he mounted her.

Melanie said, everything was quite intense and rather fast. But just before he came, she all of a sudden realized, that he had not been using a condom. With his entire weight, he pushed against her and shove his dick as far up as he could. Then he shot his entire load into her.

When he was finished, he said how hot she was and how much he liked her body. Then, he got dressed and left the room.

My girlfriend told me later that she was torn: On the one hand side, she was sort of proud, that her boss wanted her, but on the other hand side, she also knew, she would see him almost everyday in the future. Then she went to the bathroom for a shower in order to clean herself.

by: paar27


June 29, 2015

From a happy Wife

From a happy Wife

Hi everyone. My hubby enjoys this site and he’s encouraged me to tell our story so since I love him here goes…. We’ve been married 14 years, in our mid 40s, and I’ve been seeing other men for the past 8 years and loving every minute of it… Basically we started when during sex he told me that he wished he had another cock to fuck me with, and I said I’d love that, and then he suggested the idea of having an mmf threesome. there was a traffic cop near our block that had been hitting on me for months, so once i had that “green light” i followed up with it and we had our first mmf, which was amazing. Hubby was totally panicked and jealous afterwards and i figured we’d never do it again, which was fine with me, i was grateful for what i had, but after a couple of weeks he changed his mind and so we kept doing it. It was a lot of meeting different guys, having a threesome, then hubby freaking out, then going back to doing it for a few years. But after a while he kind of settled down and it’s been much more steady. He’s not with me anymore when i see other men, we like it better that way now.

So I guess what we do is a hot wife rather than a cuck thing, but still the idea of being cucked I think turns him on a lot. One time I called him from some guy’s apartment who had picked me up on the street, and I told him i was about to get fucked, and boy did he love that!

So i’ve had three different guys who i was seeing exclusively. Each was better than the next, and the guy i see now is really spectacular. Being desired and fucked often by other men makes me feel so happy and wanted and beautiful, and so it’s worked out really well for me. The guy I’m with now is really “large” lol, and so I’ve come to especially enjoy that and enjoy now having a big cock. Hubby has been great, very understanding, and we almost always fuck after I come home from getting fucked, even if i’ve been out all night. I hope all you cucks out there understand that by letting us do this we love you even more. I’m not like into humiliating my husband or anything like that, which is fine for other people of course, but the way we do it has worked out for us so well. We both feel that women should be fucked by more than one guy, and in my case I know this is true. I feel so free. And really happier than I’ve ever been. And I know hubby is happy because I’m happier too. He’s nodding his head yes.

I made a little video for him the other night where my bull entered me from behind while asking if I loved my husband, and I moaned yes because he lets me have this huge cock. I really meant that too. I do get fucked bareback mostly because my bull expects it.

Ideally I would like to have 2-3 guys besides my husband that i see on a regular basis. The crazy thing is the more I do this the more I want it. So there’s not like a time when I’ve had enough, it just makes me want more. Anyway, I hope any of this is cool for anyone to read, I’m kinda just really writing this to turn on my hubby who has a big hard on right now . if you have any questions for me I’m happy to answer them. Now I need more sex

by: happyhotwife


June 25, 2015

New boyfriend

My wife found a really hot guy online and invited him over for a threesome. The guy showed up and was in awesome shape and very quickly we got started. I watched them fuck and suck for quite a while, and joined in a limited way. This guy was such a stud. Whenever I cum, I’m usually done for hours. Within a two hour visit, this guy came 3 times, each time as much as the last time. He fucked her bareback, but unfortunately did not cum inside her. I finally got to cum after he had cum 3 times.

We agreed to get together again soon. The next week he contacted us that he had a couple of tickets to a concert that he could not go to, and offered them to us. He stopped by to drop off the tickets before I got home from work. When I got home, my wife was quite pleased to tell me that without my permission or knowledge, she had fucked him on her own in our bed when he dropped the tickets off. I was so fucking turned on by this that we fucked immediately. I asked her if we could all get together for another threesome soon, and she agreed, but surprisingly to me, she said that she wanted to see him on her own again first before we all got together! I couldn’t have come up with a better scenario on my own! I was fully supportive of her seeing him on her own whenever she wanted to.

by: nighttrain


June 21, 2015

My cheating wife

Absolute true story of my cheating wife

Several years ago, my wife worked at a local chain of stores. The regional supervisor Bob, was a real ass hole. He believed in the “good old boys” mentality and treated the female assistant managers like they did not have a brain in their head.

One day, my wife told me that Bob said that he was told to let one of the managers go. He joked that whoever would not treat him right, was the one that was going to be fired. My wife knew that he was a pig and she had a pretty good idea what he meant by treat him right. A couple weeks passed and my wife heard through the grapevine that one of the other female managers had given Bob a blowjob, in his office. She knew she was not the one going to be fired.

My wife told me about the girl giving him a bj and said “Can you believe that”! She said that Bob was bragging about getting her to give him a blowjob and even said that he bet that he could get blowjobs from every female manager…if they want their job. Wow, talk about sexual harassment. I pretty much thought that he would get in trouble and that would be that.

Three weeks later, my wife had to go to a business meeting and party. She got a ride with Bob. I was expecting her home late, maybe midnight. At about 1am a car pulled up in front of our house and then drove across the street into the parking lot of a little diner. I looked out my bedroom window and saw them park in the back of the diner. I thought that was odd, so, I got dressed and slipped out by back door. I walked around the block and into a yard behind the diner.

At first, all I could see were 2 silhouettes in the front seat of the car. I could hear music playing and the sound of a beer can opening. I figured they were having a beer and talking about work or whatever. A while later, the passenger door opened and I could see my wife getting out. A streetlight shined enough light to be able to see her. I watched as she squatted down behind the door and took a piss. Wow, what the hell is going on I thought! Then she got back up, pulled up her skirt and got back in his car. Now, my wife was no prude, but, this seemed way out of character, for her. I just stood there, hiding behind a pine tree, not knowing what to think.

After a few minutes, I noticed that I could only see the silhouette of the person in the driver’s seat, Bob. I strained my eyes to get a better look, but, there was only one person visible. At the time, I felt a mixture of shock and anger. I know bob’s reputation and my wife was in his car, half drunk, giving him a fucking blow job. I was just about ready to go over to the car, when the engine started. So, I stayed still. Without putting on his headlights, Bob backed the car up, closer to the back fence, farther away from the highway. He shut the car off and although they were closer to me, the car was hidden by the darkness of the parking lot. I could barely see something going on in the car. Then the light from a passing car illuminated Bob’s car and I could clearly see that it looked like no one was inside. They were obviously both lying down. Then I saw and heard the car rocking. Shit, she’s letting him fuck her! It was not long before his car window fogged up and I starting hearing the muffled moans of my wife, as he fucked her. Strangely enough, when I should have been totally pissed off, I found that I had an erection. The thought of my “goody two shoes” wife lying in her boss’s car taking his 40 year old cock, was exciting me. Suddenly, the person who lived in the house where I was hiding in their yard, pulled into their driveway. Their headlights shined on me and I felt that I needed to go before they think I’m a burglar or something.

So, I walked home, and waited in our living room for my wife. I was watching tv and about an hour later, she came walking in. First thing I noticed was that she did not have her panty hose on, under her skirt. She had no idea that I had seen her and Bob over in the parking lot. So, I asked her how her meeting and party went. She was still half drunk, as she mumbled something to me. Then she said that she was really tired and that she was going to take a bath and go to bed. I knew she was lying, but, I think I was in shock, so I didn’t say anything. One part of me wanted to start a fight and the other part of me wanted to throw her down on the floor and fuck her silly. I did neither. She went off to the bathroom and fell asleep in the tub. I went to bed and she eventually came in close to sunrise. We never really talked about that night. This is all the truth.

by: Cuck Hubby


June 17, 2015

Wifes Phone Call

Wifes Phone Call

I have written a few stories about our adventures and up until now we have always been together. She knows she has complete freedom to play whenever she wants. She has gone to a nearby college with my D.I.L. and the grand kids. During the day she stays at the hotel with grandson (8) while D.I.L. and granddaughter go to the college for athletic purposes. She and grandson stay at the pool a lot.

Seems that yesterday she was approached by a man staying there also. He struck up a conversation and they had small talk. While he was talking with her he made a suggestion sexually and she pointed out she was with the grandson. That cooled him down a bit and the small talk continued. As he readied to leave the pool he suggested that she have dinner with him. She told him it would be rather late for dinner because D.I.L. would not return until after 9:00 p.m.

After he had gone she called to tell me about the encounter because she knows it excites me. She has never met a sexual partner alone I have always been there.

Well last night about 10:30pm she called to let me know she was in the hotel bar having a drink with her new friend. She also told me she was thinking about playing without me present. My dick seemed to grow twice as hard at that point and I urged her to go through with it as long as she felt safe. I also told her to call if she did decide to do anything and I could listen in. After hanging up I wanted to jerk off so badly, my dick was aching. I held off hoping I would get that eagerly anticipated phone call.

About 11:15pm the phone rang and her first words were “Are you sure?” and “Are you truly O.K. with this?” I responded by telling her to go through with it and how hard I had been since her call earlier. She closed the conversation with “I love you.” She apparently placed the phone near the bed but all I could hear was muffled conversation and then a time of silence. I began to hear a sound here and there, voices, the phone being bumped and then rustling sounds as if the phone was now on the bed. I began to hear her start to talk softly, the way she does as things heat up. OMG my dick was about to burst. I bet I didn’t pull more than four to five times and was shooting all over the place.

I continued to listen and her talking became replaced by her moans as she does when she is really heating up. He was talking also and I kept hearing him say things such as “Suck it” and telling her he could not wait to titty fuck her. He quietened down and I had no idea what was occurring until I heard her saying “Yes” over and over that indicated to me he was face first in her. I could tell by her sounds she was close to cumming and as usual she began saying she wanted the dick in her, this seemed to continue for ever. I could tell by her sounds the moment he slid into her, she began talking nasty and I knew she had to be bucking upward wildly as she has done in the past with myself and others. He must have been hitting it pretty hard from the noises they both were making. I was hard as a rock once again and jerking for all I was worth. Once again I came pretty quickly. I continued to listen and at one point heard him ask if he could cum in her. In between her moans and loud breaths she told him to fill her and began telling him to give her his “baby juice.” I have not seen a man yet who could hold back after hearing her start talking like that. It was very shortly that I could hear him and I knew he was shooting her full. A silence fell over the phone and all I could hear was heavy breathing and panting, I knew then they were both spent. After a time I began hearing the rustling sounds again, not long after the phone connection was ended.

I haven’t talked with her today as of yet but can’t wait to get full story. I jacked off all through the night and this morning.

by: 2boats


June 3, 2015

Big Hank

Big Hank

Every once in a while my wife will run into a man that she is immediately turned on by. About a year ago we are in the grocery store waiting in line at the deli when she pokes me and says she wants to get to know that man better. I just nod my head and she quietly walks in front of him where he’s looking at something in a case and backs into him. As she turns around she quickly brushes his cock with her hand and says, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you as she has that smirky smile on her face and she quickly licks her lips.

She then comes back next to me and Big Hank follows and strikes up a conversation. He is black about 6’4” tall, lean and looks to be around 50 years old. After some small talk the wife asks if he would like to have some afternoon snacks and wine with us. He readily accepts.

He follows us home, the whole way the wife is rubbing her nipples and clit and I’m starting to see her shorts getting wet as her moans are getting louder. I knew that she would be fucking this guy within 10 minutes of us getting home and her snack was going to be him.
We pull into the parking lot and he is right behind us. We get into the elevator and head up stairs. She is pressing against him and he has one of her 40D hangars out and wanting to suck it.

We enter the condo and I go to the kitchen to put away the food and get a bottle of wine. I come into the living room where they are sitting on the couch together and she was leaned back while he was biting and sucking on her nipples. She was opening his shirt and rubbing his chest while going lower trying to open his pants which by now had a huge bulge. He pressed her back further, pulled down her shorts and started licking her pussy and ass top to bottom. She spread her legs even further to allow him to suck and bite on her big lips and clit. This continued for about 5 minutes and she started grinding harder on his face as she was heading for an orgasm. She squirted all over his face and he licked up every drop of her honey juice. He continued sucking and biting her pussy, ass and inner thighs and she shuddered again this time almost screaming as she again had an over the top orgasm.

She then laid back and was covered in sweat and breathing hard. Big Hank then dropped his pants and pulled out a huge black cock. It wasn’t overly long, about 8-8.5” but it was about as fat as a coke can with a pair of balls the size of small apples. She looked, smiled and told him to take it easy on her with that fat cock. I think this was the fattest cock she has ever attempted to fuck and she was most definitely excited and ready for the challenge. Hank straddles her on the couch and starts rubbing his big cock head on her face. She opens her mouth and she can only hit his head into her mouth. I must say that big cock guys probably don’t get great head like the rest of us, I mean, who could deep throat that monster?

The wife is licking him up and down his shaft, balls and his ass purring the whole time and loving every minute of it. She then starts stroking his cock furiously and is licking his head. He soon starts thrusting and starts shooting big ropes of his cum on her face, into her mouth, hair and on her tits. His cum is running out of her mouth, down her chin and onto her neck as she keeps licking and swallowing his load until he shoots no more.

Hank then gets up and tells her he wants to fuck. I look and his cock is still rock hard after shooting that huge load, simply amazing!

She tells him to follow her into our bedroom where she lays down on the edge of the bed with her legs spread fingering her sopping wet pussy. I lie next to her and start kissing her, licking her neck, face and tits cleaning his come off of her. Hank moved over and he starts rubbing the head of his cock along her pussy. She hungrily pushes forward to try and get him inside of her but he continues to tease her. Then with one quick thrust he pushes just his head inside of her stretching pussy. She just moans and starts wiggling towards him more as he slowly works that fat black cock into her waiting pussy. He starts with nice slow strokes and continued to pick up speed as he enters her deeper and deeper. All this time she is having mini orgasms with just about each stroke. Hank finally gets his whole fat cock in her and you could hear his balls slap up against her fat ass as he was pounding hard on her sweet pussy. Finally she starts squirting again and moaning like a woman who’s never had cock before. Hank is building up tempo as he is ready to let loose another load. Her lifts her ass up, drives his cock deep and starts to empty a huge load in her waiting pussy. She is squirting and moaning, he is grunting and filling her, it was a great scene to watch as his load starts running out around his cock and is making a big wet spot on the bed.

Hank then pulls out his cock and puts it into my wife’s mouth where she licks him clean.

Meanwhile, I’m eagerly cleaning her well used pussy of his huge load. Hank finally starts going soft and lies on the bed.

After a little conversation he tells us that he’s 67 years old! At 67 years old that man can fuck like a 25 year old.

Since that time the wife has fucked him another 4-5 times. She loves to fuck him but her pussy stays sore for days from his huge girth so she has to be really horny to fuck him.

by: beachbodies


May 30, 2015

Texts from my Wife

Texts from my Wife

This past Sunday my wife got together with her younger lover. Instead of revealing all the details right away, she texted the following details over the whole day Monday. She is a 51 year old Milf 5’5’ 125 lbs, with great 34C breasts and a smooth pussy. Sam is a fit 28 year old with a 7”-8” cut cock.


When Sam was on his way, he texted me to be well hydrated. I started hydrating, when I texted him to see if he was available, hoping he’d be able to come over.

When Sam arrived I was in my pewter pumps, striped black skirt, and a black racer back tank, so my purple bra straps contrasted with it. He came in and started touching me before I even closed the door and said I looked sexy. He turned my back to the door and kissed me slowly, skirting his hands across my hips and around to my ass, pushing my skirt up. He pulled upwards on my ass just where my cheek meets my leg. Pulling me into his body. We kissed tenderly but not overly aggressively. Then he kissed down my neck and buried his face in my tits, feeling up my skirt. I reached in front to feel his hard cock. Then we kissed a deep kiss again. He undid his jeans and I squatted to suck his hard cock. I looked up at him and he said let’s go in the bedroom.

We headed in the direction of the bedroom. I paused to take another sip of water, to prove I was following his instructions. There he stood behind me and put his arms around me and kissed me from behind one more time.

He head for the bedroom and I muted my phone, turned the music down . By the time I got there, he was naked on the bed. So I crawled across the bed and got on top of him. We kissed. He was grabbing for my pussy and told me to take off my skirt. So I took it off and my top. I straddled him and rubbed my pussy on his cock.

He explored my breasts for a while. Sucking on my nipples, kneading the flesh. Then he pushed me back on my back. Took off my panties.

He kissed down my body and kissed my inner thighs, moving inwards each time closer to my lips. He dragged his tongue across both sets of lips then kissed them on each side. Moving closer to the middle. He commented on how wet I was, and said it was so sexy!

Then he licked up the middle to my clit. He stayed on my clit for a while getting his chin wet. I was doing a bit of a bridge and he was lifting my ass to his mouth.

Then he climbed up again and teased my opening with the tip of his cock and said come here .He lied back and motioned for me to get on top, for him to continue eating me, and for me to suck his hard cock. We started a lengthy 69.He started out just licking and me sucking the top half of his cock. He started fingering me opening me up while licking .I could feel my orgasm building already.

Then he stopped licking and only fingered my wet pussy, finding my g spot and driving his fingers in and out vigorously until I was basically frozen, with his cock going deeper and deeper into my mouth, both of us moaning. Then, when I started to squirt, he rubs back and forth hard on my clit and lips fast until I spray all over his face .He was pretty eager to taste me. And that sequence repeated several times ending with me squirting all over his face .At one point I was deep throating him ( best I can) he held my head in place with his thighs while he forced another orgasm out of me. That was the hottest part! I couldn’t believe it. Felt like I was someone else. Then after the 69 ended, he told me to get up on my knees and make myself squirt . I can’t seem to apply enough pressure and speed to make it happen. I suggested a toy he said don’t worry .So he proceeded to do it again with me on my knees then at the last minute he stuck his face under my pussy and I soaked him and the other side of my bed!

Then he lay back on the pillow end and told me to get on him .I was so wet and stretched from his fingers he said his balls were getting soaked.

I rode him for quite some time then he fucked me from behind .He turned me on to my right knee more than in the middle, and tried to rub that angle again with his cock and pounded very hard on my pussy . Then went back to the middle and fucked from behind till he came. I asked if he liked fucking my wet pussy .We lay together for a bit and then he went and cleaned up.

He cane back and started fingering me with his cum in me. Then asked if he could turn on the light .And he made me cum again with his fingers and I squirted one more time.

I went and washed my hands, got some water. Then he started getting dressed while I was out. I asked if he could just lie down for a second. Then we started kissing again he turned me on my side and slid in again! Then he lay back started jerking off.

We kissed while he did this then I asked if he’d like me to lick his balls. He came shortly after that. Said it felt amazing! Then he got ready to leave, and my legs felt weak .

by: adventurmilf


May 26, 2015

Lunchtime Fun

Lunchtime Fun

My husband I are both in very stressful demanding jobs. So, when we have play time, we really like to enjoy ourselves. I know that he had been wanting to watch me have sex with another man for some time. However, I am not one to casually pick someone up at a bar. Little did I know the opportunity would soon present itself.

I have a staff of six people that work for me and we had recently hired a very nice looking, well spoken but quiet young man. He was very quietly flirtatious with always whispering in my ear how good I smelled and how it made his day to see me. The flirting was all very subtle.

One day I was feeling a bit frisky in the morning and I had stopped to speak to my favorite young man…we started to flirt and I told him that he needed to quit making promises and maybe take care of me at lunch. Startled but excited he told me that he was free that day. I told him my husband would be very jealous and he surprised me by telling me to let him watch.

I wanted to surprise my husband so I sent him a text to make sure he brought home his beautiful hard cock at lunch and that I would be waiting. I did not tell him we would not be alone.

My young man and I left the office and headed over to our apartment. I told him about the surprise I had planned for my husband and surprisingly he was very excited by the idea as well.

When we got to the apartment I had my young man wait in the bedroom for us and I met my husband at the door. I told him to undress me. As he undressed me I reached in his pants and slipped on a cock cuff. At his look of surprise, I told him to just wait and see what I had in store. I took his hand and led him to our bedroom. I could see his cock tighten up under the metal of his lock when he saw we had company. I sat him on the chair in our room and told him if he was good we might let him do more than watch.

My beautiful young man was waiting for me at the edge of the bed. I slowly took his clothes off him as I kissed his shoulders, his neck, and down his back. He is beautiful. He has the most gorgeous lips. I reached around his waistband and unbuttoned his Levis. Let me tell you, Paul did not disappoint. Paul is black and what they say is true, he is very well endowed. I pushed his jeans over his lean hips and sat on the bed to take that beautiful cock in my mouth. As I licked the head of cock and relished the taste of the salty cum on his head, I looked at my husband who was in complete awe. His cock was straining hard against the silver metal of the lock. I had his complete attention. Paul reached down to pinch my nipples and caress my shoulders and breasts as I took him full into my mouth. His groans of pleasure only made me more anxious to lick the shaft of him and bring him to more pleasure. He was so hot and his beautiful caramel skin was such a turn on.

Paul lifted me up to lay on the bed in front of him as he moved his head lower to my soaking pussy. I was so swollen for him at this point I could feel myself wetting the sheets underneath me. I could not wait to feel those beautiful lips on my clit and he did not disappoint. Paul sucked and licked my clit like he was born to please me. My legs started to tremble and I could feel my first orgasm coming. He whispered for me not to hold back that he wanted to taste my release. I felt the spasms in my thighs and the pounding of my pussy as I came in his mouth. I looked over at my husband who was in rapture of my orgasm. Paul sucked every drop of me up.

Little did I know that quiet Paul could be a little aggressive. He then reached down to flip me over and shove his cock up inside my throbbing clit.. He was so strong and I loved to be man handled by him. As Paul pounded my sopping pussy from behind I could tell my husband was dying to join us. I motioned for my husband to move over and kneel in front of me so I could finally release his bulging cock from its confinement. I shoved his cock in my mouth and met Paul stroke for stroke on my husbands engorged shaft.

When I tasted my husbands release I told him to get underneath me and lick my clit as Paul was still ramming me from behind. He slid underneath me and I felt his tongue on lips as Paul had that big beautiful cock sliding in and out of me. At one point I could feel Paul slip out of me and give my husband a taste of his beautiful shaft. I knew how much my husband was enjoying that.

When Paul finally gave way to his own orgasm and shot his load all up inside me, I flipped over to ride my husbands mouth and give him the cream pie I knew he had been hoping for. I have never felt him suck and lick my clit with this much enthusiasm. I knew he was anxious to get every drop of Paul from me. It wasn’t long before I felt myself also come onto my husbands face, wet with both of our orgasms. He did not disappoint but took it all in.
Sadly, Paul and I had to get dressed so that we could go back to work. We were late but who would be in trouble? I really hope that we get to do more fun with Paul. He really is beautiful.

by: redhulk67

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