September 17, 2015

Wifey Our Arrangement

Wifey: Our Arrangement

There was a point in my sexual life when the terms: Hot Wife, Cuckoldress, Slut Wife, or Adulteress would have cause me to cringe and blush. Not anymore. After 25 years of marriage and seven years in the Hot Wife/Cuckold Husband sexual lifestyle I think those terms are appropriate when applied to me. I’m comfortable with that.

Being quite happily married to a man who remains 100% faithful to me takes care of the “wife” part of those terms. The fact that I fairly regularly fuck other men, as many as I would like, takes care of the “hot, slut”, and “adulteress” ones, and the discrepancy between these two realities covers “cuckoldress”. So I’m good with the terms, and their implications. I honestly believe I deserve it, not because I’m better, or superior or somehow more worthy, but because this is the relationship my husband and I have decided to have. Since then I have discovered that I am multi-orgasmic—sometimes capable of having four or more orgasms in a session. I’ve also discovered that I am considerably more sexual than I thought I was, and that I am quite good at cock sucking. Pretty good things to learn in middle age, so I embrace it, we both do.

I very much enjoy the fact that I am intimate with many, many men and my husband is only intimate with me. I want the freedom to explore my sexuality with a variety of lovers with cocks of differing sizes and shapes and different lovemaking techniques, it just brings out things in me I’d have never imagined. I mean I’m lying in bed with my legs wide open eagerly, wantonly experiencing the wonderful and overwhelming pleasure of getting fucked. And the best part of it is that the cock that’s doing this to me, the cock that’s bringing out the slut in this 55-year-old married woman, is not my husband’s. That is so Hot! Variety really does bring quite a bit of spice into my life and being married just brings in that taboo factor that takes it way over the edge. Added to this heady mix is that I also have the security of knowing that my husband’s mouth and cock is for me and only me. I suppose you can say that I am a firm believer in quasi-fidelity, meaning that as a “Hotwife” I have the right to expect that my husband remains completely faithful to me while I have the right to fuck and suck as many men as I’d like. And I do practice what I’m preaching: my husband has been with about 15 women in his life, all before we were married, while I have been with about 85 men, 70 of them in the last 7 years of my marriage! I guess you can say that, as a wife, I take “I do” to a whole other level! This may not seem fair and may not work for many couples but it does for us. And I and my very experienced pussy love it

I also love that I unabashedly own my rather promiscuous sexuality–that I do it because it pleases me to be fucked by men other than my husband, that when I am fucking another man it is all and only about me and him having pleasure in the way a man and woman should: I love the fact that when I go out with other men I do it alone, without my husband’s presence, so that the sex I have is private and intimate, as sex should be. I love that on these nights my husband waits for me at home, eager to hear all the details about how well my lover fucked me, how many times we came, how much I enjoyed it. I love that on these nights I will lie back on the bed and my loyal husband will loving eat my well-fucked pussy, a pussy that is very wet from the workout I just had and a pussy that is sometimes (with certain lovers) full of cum. I feel so pampered and so well taken care of when we do that. It’s hard to describe but think about it: I come home to my waiting husband after spending a few hours being another man’s woman, my pussy still buzzing in after pleasure and filled with cum. I then have the man I am married to, the man who is completely faithful to me, eat the cum of another man out of my just-fucked cunt…wow!

Lately, my husband and I have agreed that for the time being we will not have sexual intercourse, that the only cocks that will enter my pussy will be from my extra-marital lovers. My husband has the OK to eat my pussy and to finger me and to use a nice big dildo on me, often while I think about one of the men who DO fuck me so well. Before anyone gets the wrong idea I want to state that my husband is very much enjoying this arrangement. In fact it was his idea in the first place! He tells me that it makes him want me even more, which is quite an ego boost for this old married woman, and the fact that he is not allowed to put his dick in my pussy gets him even more aroused than before (which is great on those rare occasions when I break the rules and ask him to fuck me).

It’s also a great turn on for me. I really do enjoy the sense of control I feel by being able to tell my husband that he can use his mouth and a dildo on me but that for now, my pussy is reserved only for the cocks of my extra-marital lovers so that when I do fuck them I am hot and ready and very much wanting it. In fact, I think that because I do this the extra-marital sex is much more passionate and urgent. After all, it is the only cock I’m getting!

Tonight I’m doing it again. I’m meeting a man at a hotel that is literally (and for all you grammarians, I do know how to use the term properly) a stone’s throw from my home. Phillip contacted me on an adult website a few weeks back and we agreed to meet for drinks to see if we clicked. I was happy to see how handsome and sexy he is (he is a handsome black man about 15 years younger than I) as well as how good he was at chatting, which is also important in my book.

After a drink I knew he and I were going to end up in bed but we had chatted so long we decided to make a date for another night, tonight to be exact.

So tonight I will meet Philip in that afore-mentioned hotel room. We will kiss, and moan, and groan, and taste each other in the most intimate places. Then I will lie back and spread my legs, offering him my smoothly waxed pussy and he will slide his dick inside and fuck me, I have a hunch with great passion and for a good long time.

When I get home Hubby will be anxious to eat my just-fucked pussy, it may even be filled with Philip’s cum. But even if it isn’t it will be wet and aroused and my loving husband will get what he likes most: the taste of my married cunt after I’ve had another man’s dick deep inside of me. MMM…I can hardly wait.

by: nycwifey


September 13, 2015

From a happy wife

From a happy wife

Hi everyone. My hubby enjoys this site and he’s encouraged me to tell our story so since I love him here goes. We’ve been married 14 years, in our mid 40s, and I’ve been seeing other men for the past 8 years and loving every minute of it… Basically we started when during sex he told me that he wished he had another cock to fuck me with, and I said I’d love that, and then he suggested the idea of having an mmf threesome. there was a traffic cop near our block that had been hitting on me for months, so once I had that “green light” I followed up with it and we had our first mmf, which was amazing. Hubby was totally panicked and jealous afterwards and I figured we’d never do it again, which was fine with me, I was grateful for what I had, but after a couple of weeks he changed his mind and so we kept doing it. It was a lot of meeting different guys, having a threesome, then hubby freaking out, then going back to doing it for a few years. But after a while he kind of settled down and it’s been much more steady. He’s not with me anymore when I see other men, we like it better that way now.

So I guess what we do is a hot wife rather than a cuck thing, but still the idea of being cucked I think turns him on a lot. One time I called him from some guy’s apartment who had picked me up on the street, and I told him I was about to get fucked, and boy did he love that!

So i’ve had three different guys who I was seeing exclusively. Each was better than the next, and the guy I see now is really spectacular. Being desired and fucked often by other men makes me feel so happy and wanted and beautiful, and so it’s worked out really well for me. The guy I’m with now is really “large” lol, and so I’ve come to especially enjoy that and enjoy now having a big cock. Hubby has been great, very understanding, and we almost always fuck after I come home from getting fucked, even if i’ve been out all night. I hope all you cucks out there understand that by letting us do this we love you even more. I’m not like into humiliating my husband or anything like that, which is fine for other people of course, but the way we do it has worked out for us so well. We both feel that women should be fucked by more than one guy, and in my case I know this is true. I feel so free. And really happier than I’ve ever been. And I know hubby is happy because I’m happier too. He’s nodding his head yes

Ideally I would like to have 2-3 guys besides my husband that I see on a regular basis. The crazy thing is the more I do this the more I want it. So there’s not like a time when I’ve had enough, it just makes me want more. Anyway, I hope any of this is cool for anyone to read, I’m kinda just really writing this to turn on my hubby who has a big hard on right now . If you have any questions for me I’m happy to answer them. Now I need more sex.

by: veryhappywife


September 9, 2015

Wife out this morning

Wife out this morning getting fucked

Well its happening right now!! It 10 in the morning and my wife is out about to get fucked by a guy she had met at work. I had posted before that my wife had met him in his office and during their meeting she had ended up sucking his cock. Well they have been emailing and texting ever since but they have not been able to hook up again due busy schedules. Well yesterday she had a Saturday morning meeting get canceled so she emailed him she had a free block of time that I didn’t know about and she sent him several booty and pussy picture to get him all worked up. He emailed her to meet him in his office Saturday morning. Now he does not know that I know about him he thinks he is sneaking some married pussy which only makes it hotter for me. I asked her to try and have him take some pics of their encounter with her phone, if I get it I will post it for you all.

In anticipation of her “meeting” My wife had me buy her a new G string and had me shave her pussy last night so that she would be ready for him. Well she just texted me that she just got to his office. Now I wait to for all the juicy details and of course her creampie pussy!

So about an hour later my wife texted me with “hey I’m coming home”. So I texted her back and said how was it? She texted back “GOOD”! When she got back we had the unfortunate timing of having her mother over for a drop in visit. My mother in law tells my wife wow you look great this morning,(my wife was wearing slinky black dress and strappy heels and my wife said yeah I had an important meeting this morning as she looked at me and winked. The whole time I am just about coming unglued as I want to hear the details and of course look at her freshly used pussy. Finally my mother in law left.
We immediately went to our room where I said so? And she laid on the bed spread her legs and said why you don’t take a look for yourself. I looked and her panties were wet and her pussy looked sore but by now all cum had been absorbed by her panties as I did not see any cum in her pussy. But I could smell the fragrant scent of fucking on her beautiful pussy!! It was amazing I could not help but bury my tongue deep in her pussy and eat her out before I started fucking her hard.

As we fucked she then proceeded to tell me how it had gone down. She said that she called him on her way to his office and that he met her at his office door, they went in sat down and chatted for a like five minutes before he was on his knees eating her pussy out while she sat. After about 10 minutes of him eating her out and making her cum he stood up and guided her down to her knees to suck his cock. Now she has been fascinated by the big head on his cock since she sucked him weeks ago so she said she sucked it nice and slow and even took all 8 inches of thick dick down her throat. The whole time he was moaning his approval. He then lifted her up and bent her over his desk and told her to grab his big cock (BAREBACK of course) and stick it in her little pussy, which she did. He proceeded to fuck her hard as he told her how he loved how wet her pussy was gripping his fat cock. They fucked on his desk, on the floor and on one of his office chair’s which she exploded on as he fucked her. She said that as he was fucking her nice and deep missionary style on his office sofa she looked him in the eye and said ‘cum in me” that was all it took for him to close his eyes quicken his pace and empty his balls in to her. From there she covered her pussy back with her panties which were pulled to the side, they kissed and said goodbye.

Of course we ended up fucking most of the night as she told me how slutty she had been so early in the morning. I think my wife is now confident in exploring her nasty hotwife side, so our adventures begin.

By: imported_694fun


September 5, 2015

Wife gets a BBC

Wife gets a BBC while on our weekend away

So 2 weeks back my wife and I decided we needed to get away. We packed our bags and set off to the hotel and casino where I booked our room. We checked in and immediately decided on dinner. She said she wanted to freshen up and get dressed so she excused herself to the bathroom while I changed. Well she came out some 20 minutes later wearing a sexy black dress cut just above mid thigh and low cut showing a fair amount of the cleavage on her 38DD tits. (a little description of my wife she is 5′5″ tall 120 pounds, short brown hair with 38DD natural tits and a natural neatly manicured pussy.) We went to dinner and enjoyed our meal and the drinks we were having. After an hour or so my wife was telling me how horny she was and that she wanted to have some of the usual fun we partake in while away. I asked what she had in mind and she said she wanted to pick up another guy and ultimately have a threesome that would start off slow and erotic. I was hard as a rock and said to her let’s pay the bill and head to the casino floor to see what we could find for her.

We went to a craps table that was seeing a bit of action and started playing. My wife was the third to roll the dice and was doing well. I noticed after 10 mins or so that a young 30 something light skinned professional looking black male was admiring her tits as she would lean in to roll. Apparently, at some point she noticed him too because she really started to give him a show. After about 15 minutes with the dice she crapped out. We made some money as did others and we were off to the nearby bar. While seated at the bar her admirer from the craps table entered. He grabbed a seat near us and started with some small talk saying that she made him quite a bit of cash. She said she was happy he did well. He offered to by drinks and we graciously accepted. He introduced himself as Chris and we gave him our names as well. After 3 rounds my wife went to the ladies room. While she was away Chris stated to me how attractive she was. I felt him out and before she returned to us I realized he would be onboard for fun. We all had another drink and then I suggested that we take things back to our room and continue our dialog and drinks. We all walked to the elevator and continued with small talk until we were back at our room.

Once inside the room, my wife felling quite a bit tipsy mind you, she excused herself to the bathroom to freshen up. As she did I told Chris that she would be up for anything if he felt so compelled (no pressure). My wife returned and had on just a tee shirt and underwear at this point. I sat her on the edge of the bed and Chris went to use the bathroom. As she sat there I got behind her and rubbed her shoulders. Then slowly began caressing her tits through the shirt. Her nipples were big and rock hard. Chris returned and st next to her on the bed. He stated how sexy she looked and she blushed and said thank you. As he sat there I slowly lifted her shirt over her head and continued playing with her tits. I told Chris to join and as such he did and cupped my wifes large left tit. He massaged it and played with her hard nipple. She put her head back and just sighed. I excused myself and wen to the bathroom leaving her with Chris. When I returned to the room 10 minutes or so later my wife and Chris were both naked on the bed. He was sucking her tit and rubbing her pussy as she stroked his large thick cock. He was clearly hard and a good 9 inches and thick he told her to suck his cock and without hesitation she got on her knees on the bed and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked and stroked his meat as I ate her pussy. After 10 mins of this Chris asked if she was good and wet. I said absolutely. He said good because he was going to fuck her. He laid her on her back and parted her thighs. She immediately willingly opened up her legs for him. I put my cock by her head and she took me deep in her mouth. Chris slid forward and pointed his cock head at her pussy. He slowly pushed forward and I watched as his cock disappeared into my wife. After 3 thrusts he was buried deep inside her She moaned with please and had her first orgasm. She feverishly sucked on my cock as he pounded my wifes sweet hole. After 15 mins or so I came in my wifes mouth. She swallowed every drop. I fell back with a limp cock as I watched her get a good black cock fucking. Chris pounded her for another 10 mins or so and she came twice during this time. I watched as his cock continually disappeared inside her. Then I saw his balls tense and he shoved deep inside her and emptied his load in her.

Chris pulled out and then cleaned off. He left her on the bed hot and horny dripping cum from her freshly fucked hole. He thanked us and gave her a kiss and left. She was so hot laying there used and leaking cum that I got rock hard again. I used the cum from her pussy as lube and proceeded to ass fuck my wife as her pussy was stretched from the cock she just had. I did not last long at all. I dumped another small load and then she and I showered, cleaned and went to bed. The next morning we awoke and had breakfast. She stated how much fun she had and asked if we could do something like it again on night 2 of our trip. I just smiled and said, absolutely. After all who am I to disappoint.

by: rocketman70


September 1, 2015

BBC bar pick up

She did it! BBC bar pick up. Last Saturday’s Injection

My most recent fucking from my wonderful bbc master Rick is the best one yet. We had scheduled a get together. He came over on a Saturday morning. My hubby was home to welcome Rick into our house. I like to dress up in different outfits when he comes over. I like to keep things exciting, new and surprising. In the past I wore only a men’s white dress shirt with the collar flipped up. Another time I wore a black teddy. This time I put on a black sleeveless V-neck dress with no undies or bra. I put on bling earrings, necklace and bracelets. I was going for the “night out” look. Rick walked in the door and immediately got a big smile on his face. I think he liked what he saw, lol.

We wasted no time with small talk. Rick cupped my ass with his big black hands and lifted be up to give me a kiss. As he lowered me back to the floor, he lifted the skirt of my dress to expose my white naked ass. My pussy was dripping wet by now. The anticipation of feeling that bbc deep in my pussy was too exciting to hide. After some massaging and kissing in the kitchen, Rick turned me around to face my hubby, bent me over the kitchen counter, lifted my dress up and shoved his beautiful large black dick in my wet pussy. OOOO! It feels sooooo good. Pounding my waiting pussy drives me crazy. I needed this pounding.

My hubby stood there smiling and watching as this black man fucked and owned his wife’s pussy in our kitchen. He seemed to enjoy the show. His wife was being the beautiful white slut that he knew she could be. It was no surprise that I came hard and wet on that bbc. Rick and I then took ourselves to the bedroom. There Rick demanded that I lay back and spread my legs. My pussy was sloppy and waiting for that bbc to fuck me some more. Rick climbed up onto the bed with me. He held down my wrists firmly on the bed, and then took my pussy. I gasped as his dick slammed deep in me. I told him to take it, make my pussy HIS.

My pussy is getting wet all over again as I write this story. I love feeling a bbc own my pussy.

Rick loves to fuck assholes. So, of course that was the next adventure. Rick is very patient and horny, so with the best intention, he put his bbc at the entrance of my ass. He slowly pushed his dick into my ass. It was tough at first, but I relaxed he slipped it in with ease, he slid his whole dick into my ass. Before I knew it, Rick’s big dick was in my ass. He started fucking my ass and it felt so good. I couldn’t believe that I was actually taking his whole dick. For the next 20 minutes, Rick fucked my ass and came in it twice. I could feel his hot cum filling up my ass; it was so nice to be owned by my bbc master. I caught my hubby peeking in on us a couple of times. I also caught myself yelling to Rick to cum in my pussy, oops, my ass. I really want to be marked by Rick. Cumming in my pussy is a future adventure.

It was the ultimate feeling of being completely owned by him. I am a black cock slut, and I love it. But, I needed to taste his cum. So, I then proceeded to suck his cock with great enthusiasm and within minutes, Rick came in my mouth. His cum tastes so good. I swallowed every drop. Rick went home with a big smile on his face. It was another good day as a bbc slut.

by: harleycvo


August 24, 2015

Wife at his office

Wifeys first stranger at his office

I had been egging my wife on about a guy she has to meet with for work stuff about once a month at his office. She has always told me they have flirted and he wants her and then she started telling me how they would get a little touchy feely. It then turned into her telling me he has rubbed up against her and has spanked her too. I always ask a lot of details and it became soo hot with her responses.

Then last week I had to pop the question if they have been all the way since some days she comes home creamy and will even start oozing a white creamy substance out when I start fucking her. I also came home one day from work and she was home first and she was doing dishes with no panties on. I asked her why she took them off and she said she was hot. I then went to the laundry basket and she had worn a black thong that day that ties on both sides and it was pushed down in the laundry basket and it looked like it got cum blasted all over the front. I was hard instantly and knew she was naughty. I then went right back in the kitchen and put one of her legs up on the counter and shoved my cock in her soaking wet pussy.

The next day I told her it looked cum blasted and asked why she hid it and she was beating around the bush for a while and then told me the truth. She had met up with him that day and carpooled to a meeting with him and said they pulled off the road and he made her cum in her panties. Yum!

The next day I texted her my questions below and got these responses. I find it very hot and want to watch him giving it to her good. They have a meeting next Tuesday as well.







by: tightwetmilf


August 20, 2015

Craigslist Sub Slut

Craigslist Sub Slut

While surfing the ever popular Craigslist personals I came across an add from a married woman looking for some excitement. Same as most of us on there. I made email contact and we emailed back and forth for a bit. I was in her town and suggested we meet up. It did not work out but we arranged to meet in a local hotel.

Something in her emails hinted that she was submissive. When asked, she said she was. I had her send me some pictures which she did without question. I never sent any pictures back. I got a room at the hotel, emailed her the room number and instructions on where to have the cab drop her off. The instructions also told her there would be a blindfold on the door knob and she was to put it on and push the door open.

The cab pulled up, she got out and walked in the end door and up the stairs. I heard the door handle jiggle and she pushed it open. There she was, blindfolded reaching out to feel her way. “I can’t tell where I’m going so you’ll have to guide me” she said. I pulled her clear of the door and closed it behind her. The first word I said was “KNEEL”. She went to her knees, still fully clothed. Without saying anything else I unzipped my jeans, pulled out my cock and rubbed it on her lips and told her to”Suck my cock” . So her I am , getting my cock sucked by this submissive slut. And a very good blow job it was if I might add. I get very verbal during good sex. I was asking her if she liked being a slut? Hmmmpfh was all she said at first. Of course it’s hard to answer clearly with your mouth full. I had her see how far she could get my cock in her mouth. Turns out she could take it almost all the way in.

I had her take off her clothes while still kneeling. She kept her panties on for several more minutes of cock sucking. I then had her take off her panties and lean back against the door and play with her pussy. While she was leaning back playing with her pussy, I stepped forward and fucked her mouth some more. Several times I had to stop to keep from cumming to quickly.

I had her stand up and led her to the bed. She sat down and was laid back. She did not flinch when I pulled her arm to the side and tied it down. I continued to the other hand and both legs until she was tied spread eagled. Now like most guys, I take advantage of a hot mouth when I find one so I knelt by her head and fed her my cock again. Before blowing my load I moved off and picked up a toy I brought to play with. It is a larger than average dildo. I lubed it up a little and proceeded to push it into her pussy. The toy also vibrates so it was turned on. I continued to use it on her pussy but moved to kneel near her head. She opened her mouth and resumed sucking my cock. This time, while reaching down to fuck her with he vibrator and have her suck my cock I decided to shoot my cum into her mouth and on her face. I pulled out, told her to keep her mouth open and jerked off into it. On purpose I aimed away from her mouth and shot a stream of cum on her cheek then pushed my cock back in her mouth to have her swallow the rest.

I moved off of her and continued to use the dildo on her until I could get hard again. Once hard, I put on a condom and slid into her pussy. She liked getting fucked hard and begged to have her legs untied. I freed her legs and let her fuck me back more. She really liked it hard. I wish I could say that I lasted for ever but I was unable to cum again so soon.

I tossed her clothes into the bathroom, untied her, led her in,shut the door and told her to get dressed and put he blindfold back on. When the door opened she was redressed with the blindfold on. I pushed her to her knees again and had herr suck my cock some more. (Never get enough of that). I then open the door to the hotel room, let her out, told her to take he blindfold off after the door was shut and leave it on he door. After waiting several minutes and getting my things together I opened the door. There was he blindfold and she was gone. She never did see me even though she sucked my cock, swallowed my cum and let me fuck her as she was tied up.

A true submissive slut.

by: frontrowfan69


July 23, 2015

Wife Keeps Giving

My Wife Just Keeps Giving

Deb and myself have been playing for the last 13 years. It was after the very first time that we realized we should have chosen to start playing long before we did. I enjoy reading about the exploits of others, so I thought I would share a story of my own.

Deb is now in her mid 50s but has realized that keeping herself in good shape enhances her chances to get the “best” out of life. We enjoy playing with one of her 3 regular lovers at least 2-3 times a month, sometimes more in a good month. Last Thursday we invited Steve over for drinks and fun. Steve is the youngest of her lovers so Deb sometimes plays little mind games with him to create more excitement. As we sat around she would get close enough to him where he could touch and feel her, but would move away when he tried to get a good hold on her. This had him on edge. He became extremely excited.

Once he was as excited as I’ve ever seen him. She came to me, she hugged me and reached into my pants to rub my hard cock. Deb pulled my pants off and began to suck my cock. It was hard for me to pay attention to Steve. He was so horny his pants were off and I could hear his cock slapping in his hand. Deb must have sensed that the teasing needed to end. She told me to get her lube lotions. She knelt on one side of the couch and told me to rub it on. Her smooth cunt was shining and puffy when I felt she was ready.

I thought she would want Steve right away but was surprised when she told me to fuck her. I was so excited that after a short time I could not hold back any longer and spurted my cum deep inside her. Steve could wait no longer and was pushing his cock in her puffy pussy as soon as I pulled out. I know the feeling of Deb’s cunt after she is fucked, so I was not surprised to see Steve cum in just a few minutes.

Surprisingly I was hard again. Deb rolled over and on her back, cum oozing from her, was ready for more. I moved between her opened legs and fucked her. The second time was great. I could not cum right away,so I was able to steadily fuck Deb’s wet hot cunt for a long time. Deb just kept cumming and cumming from the long fucking she was getting. I finally was able to get up the energy to fuck faster and cum again. I was spent, but Steve was ready to pick up where I left off. I swear he fucked Deb for almost another hour. Deb’s eye’s were closed as she just kept cumming. Steve finally came in the end deep inside her. He laid on her as I heard him groan with every spurt deep into Deb’s cunt.

We recuperated. Steve then left. I was able to lick and taste Deb. She was worn out, and I think it was the first time she could not cum again. Her cunt was all foamy around the outside from the intense fuck. I did get to finish my job first thing in the morning.

by: cstarr


July 19, 2015

Tina Outted

Tina Outted

As I have started sharing our exploits, I explained Tina was an unrepentant exhibitionist and unashamed slut wife. However, we only played when we were on vacation or traveling. Tina was a little naughty in our everyday lives. Tina wore light bras that allowed her breasts to sway as she walked and her nipples would clearly polk through her bra and whatever she was wearing if she became aroused. It was exciting for both of us when men tried to not to be caught ogling Tina’s breasts and occasional disapproving look from wives.

We would have fun at parties on our nights out. Tina was not much of a drinker, but after a couple of glasses of wine she would get flirty, her inhibitions evaporate and her libido would go into overdrive. Tina generally would not drink unless we were out together. One of our favorite exploits would be after Tina had a couple of glasses of wine, I would get her aroused by discrete touching or whispering that a particular man was ogling her tits. This would get her aroused and her nipples would get hard and prominent poke through her bra and blouse. In her frame of mind she would pull her shoulders back to make her nipples more prominent. After an evening of showing off we went home had some of our hottest sex.

On to how Tina got outted. In the early 90’s we became involved with a charitable organization both financially and volunteering. One of the wealthy benefactors sponsored fundraisers at his mansion and it was a mansion. We bought tickets and planned to attend. I had a business trip with arrangements to return Friday afternoon in plenty of time for the fundraiser. However, the day of the fundraiser my flight was cancelled due to inclement weather and the next available flight was Saturday morning. We agreed since we already had tickets, Tina should still attend.

The event was a semi-formal affair. Tina decided to wear my favorite black halter dress. The dress wasn’t too short only a couple inches about her knees, was cut low in the back and she could not wear a bra. Her nipples would be prominently on display through the light material of the dress if she became aroused.

Tina told me the party was attended by about 30 couples and a similar number of singles. We knew most of the attendees casually from our volunteer work. Tina explained she was alone because of my cancelled flight. For the first couple of hours she was a social butterfly and danced with a number of husbands and singles while carefully avoiding alcohol. She told me as the evening progressed she became part of a singles group including Bruce and Charlie. Bruce was rumored to be a player who liked to seduce married women. It was even rumored he was the cause of at least one divorce.

She would dance with Bruce and Charlie as well as others. Tina told me they would grind their hard cocks against her belly and try to drop their hands to her ass. She told me she kept their hands where they belonged initially.

As the evening progressed Bruce and Charlie managed to provide Tina wine and kept her glass full. A dangerous combination. Soon Tina resistance waned and she did not object when Bruce and Charlie fondled her ass. Bruce even tried to fondle her tits which she did not allow. The wine and attention put Tina in full flirt mode and her nipples were hard and forming a nice little tent in the halter.

As it got late, the crowd thinned until in addition to Bruce, Charlie and Tina there were only 3 or 4 couples and a few singles. Tina told me it was about 12:30 when Bruce asked her for one last dance. Rather than go out to the dance floor, he just took her in his arms corner where they were standing. Tina told me Bruce slid his hands under the back of her dress and panties to fondle her bare ass. By this time Tina told me the combination of alcohol and arousal she did not stop Bruce from fondling her bare ass. Bruce then whispered, “I been wanting to get my hands on your ass all night. I really think you want to fuck.” Tina responded, “I can’t. I’m a married woman.”

Tina was not too convincing. Bruce reached inside Tina’s halter top saying, “You say no, but your nipples say fuck me. I’ll even bet you pussy has soaked your panties.” As Bruce continued tugging and tweaking her nipples, Charlie came up behind her and started grinding his cock against her ass. Bruce commented, “I bet you want to fuck Charlie too.” Between the wine she consumed as well Bruce and Charlie sandwiching her, the last of Tina’s resistance evaporated. Her libido took over. She reached down between them to message Bruce’s and Charlie’s cocks telling them, “Oh God. I need to get fucked. I’ll fuck both of you.”

I asked Tina if the other partyers could see Bruce and Charlie fondling her. She told me when she looked up she could see others glancing her way but was too turned on she to care. She would have probably fucked them then and there. All she knew was she needed to fuck.

Bruce and Charlie then led Tina down a hall to an empty room. Tina told me some of the remaining couples and singles gave them a knowing look as she was led away. As they entered the empty room Charlie unfastened Tina’s halter freeing her tits. Bruce reached under her dress and ripped off her panties. Tina was then led to a sofa. Charlie sucked and fondled Tina’s tits as Bruce dropped his pants. Bruce lifted Tina’s dress baring her pussy and slipped a finger into her telling Charlie, “Damn this slut is soaking wet.” Then looked at Tina and told her, “You know you want this. You want Charlie and me to fuck you.”

Bruce moved to positions his cock at the entrance of her pussy and rubbed his cock head along her pussy. Bruce teased Tina by asking, “Tina tell me what you want.” Tina moaned, “God damn it. Just put that cock in me and start fucking.” Bruce needed no second invitation, he grabbed Tina’s hips and began thrusting wildly. Within seconds Bruce exploded and filled her pussy with his cum. When he withdrew glob of cum ran down her ass forming a wet spot on her dress. Tina looked at Bruce, “Damn you. I haven’t cum yet!!” Bruce responded, “Tina, I didn’t know you such a fucking slut. Charlie, your turn. Make this slut cum.”

Bruce rolled off. Charlie climbed on and rammed his cock into to cum drenched pussy. Tina told me you could hear the distinct squishy, sucking sound of sloppy seconds. As Charlie fucked Tina, Bruce positioned himself at Tina face and told her, “Cleanup time slut. Lick my cock and balls.” What Bruce didn’t know is Tina loved cleanup duty.

Tina told me she was soon bucking and writhing telling Charlie, “Fuck me hard. Don’t stop. I’m cumming.” She told me this set off Charlie. She could feel his cock the throb and squirt. She said he deposited so much cum in her it felt like a firehose was stuffed up her pussy.

When Charlie rolled off Tina laid there leaking cum forming a big wet spot on her skirt. All this happened in about 15 minutes. Tina told me she tried to make herself presentable but could not hide the large wet spot on her skirt. Tina said she tried to hurry past the remaining partying without drawing too much attention. However, she did tell me there were a few disapproving stares. What Bruce and Charlie did not tell her is they spread around to several of the remaining partyers they both fucked Tina and she had practically begged them to fuck her. She was a real slut.

Following her escapade with Bruce and Charlie a few people avoided us, but most either didn’t know or care Tina was a slut. However, she did start receiving more attention for a number of the men in the group.

This happened in the early 90’s and is my best recollection of what Tina told me.

More to cum. Just the beginning

by: nipper72


July 15, 2015

Attending Conference

Attending Conference for Work

Recently I attended a global conference at a resort in sunny Mexico. Apart from learning a considerable amount, I had an interesting time.

On the first night there was welcome reception for all attendees. I prepared for the night wearing a spaghetti strap tank dress. Since the dress was snug and not wanting panty lines, I chose to go without any undergarments, hoping it wouldn’t be too hot or too cold. The evening was pleasant drinking, socializing, networking, dancing, and drinking. During the evening I met and spent a good bit of time with a handsome gentleman who was prominent with the company that was hosting the event. He was approximately six feet tall, fit, tanned, quite good looking and charming. As the evening wore on we chatted, danced and flirted. I was getting a bit tired and decided to call it a night. In true gentlemanly fashion, he offered to walk me to my room. We decided to take a stroll down to the beach on our way.

As we walked in the sand, he put his arm around me telling me how attractive he found me. Having had more than my share to drink his compliments made me smile and allowed him to move his hand down my back to my waist. He didn’t stop there and I soon found his hand on my ass, which he was rubbing. He stopped, turned me and we began to kiss. He pulled me close, grabbing a handful of ass and ground his hardness into my belly. He whispered into my ear, “I want to fuck you.” I was lost in his passion and responded by continuing our kissing. With one hand on my ass his other hand went to my breasts commenting on my lack of a bra making it easier to get into my dress. He quickly pulled the straps down exposing my tits. He licked and sucked on my erect nipples, and a one point bit down sending a shock to my already dampening pussy. His other hand pulled my dress up over my ass as his hand stroked my bare skin. In a swift movement his hand went to the front and was between my legs rubbing my exposed pussy. He deftly and easily slid a finger into my hole causing me to moan. He looked at me, called me a naughty girl and commented on how much I like being bad. Here I was, with a man I’d met a few hours before, on the beach with my dress bunched at my midsection having my breasts and pussy exposed to anyone who could see. He pushed me down to my knees, unzipped and dropped his pants revealing an impressive member. He put a hand on my head and guided me to his cock. I opened my mouth and allowed him entrance. I licked and sucked working his meat as he groaned and commented on how good it felt. His big balls hung low as he started to nudge his cock further into my mouth. Considering his length and girth, I didn’t think it would all get in but he was insistent and didn’t stop until his balls were pushing on my chin. He pulled it all the way out as I gasped for air but quickly shoved it back in. He was quivering, his balls were tightening, and I knew what he was aiming for. It was mere moments before he announced he was coming and held my head firmly and shot forceful sprays of his hot cum into my mouth. I’m not much of a swallower especially when it is a big thick load but he didn’t allow me to pull away leaving me no option.

We gathered ourselves and headed to the room. He didn’t walk me to my room but directly to his suite. I told him I needed to get back; my roommates would be expecting me. He begged me to come in and he would make it worth it for me. I figured a drink and some conversation and I’d be on my way. Well was I wrong. As we approached his room, he pushed me against the door and kissed me passionately, which was his way of showing me he was looking for more. We entered the room, he closed the door lifted me up and set me on the bar. His hands pulled my dress up and he forced his head between my legs. His tongue felt good working on my wet pussy. He alternated between tongue fucking me and sucking on my sensitive clit. When he worked his fingers inside and worked my clit it didn’t take me long to have an orgasm. That felt good and now I was ready to head to the room. He though had other things in mind when he dropped his pants and his erection was waiting. He did confess later that he’d taken some medication to allow him to maintain and continue. He didn’t waste any time as he lifted me off the bar, turned me around and shoved himself full length into my pussy. Considering his size and forcefulness my breath was taken away. He didn’t wait and began pounding me with purpose.

I held on to the bar for support as he attacked my pussy. He pulled my tits out of my dress and gripped them like handles. He had a real thing about pulling and twisting nipples. He pinched and pulled them harshly with the purpose of causing pain. My cries of pain didn’t slow him; I ended up with bruises from his biting and pinching. I’m not a pain person but it was sending electric shocks to my clit heightening my desire. It didn’t take long before he began to grunt with the telltale sign of an upcoming orgasm. He pulled out and slammed himself as deep into me as he could holding me there as a cried out blasting inside me. We were both breathless, I could feel his hot cum dripping out of my stretched pussy.

We dressed and being ever the gentleman walked me back to my room finishing with a sweet but passionate kiss.

And that was only my first day there.

by: hairnstyle

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