September 11, 2014

Gangbang Experience

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This post is from user LatinaQT

Gangbang Experience

So if you read my bulletins or my status you know that I recently dumped my boyfriend of just over 3 years. I guess I just got tired of it… I’ve always been the kiss and tell type and you just can’t tout your other-than-boyfriend experiences to very many people unless you just wanna get caught. I thought about doing that as a way of getting out of the relationship, but decided against it. That would been weak. Plus a girl has to look after her credibility, you know? I wanted there to be no doubt about who dumped who.

But that’s not the point of my blog. This is about my first real GROUP experience. Sure I’ve been in some threesomes but this was no threesome! After the break-up I had some got lucky pretty quick, hookin up with a previously platonic friend at a party on v-day, but had this crazy dry spell for the next two weeks. So I had an Idea.

I sent out a text message to a few guys just kinda casually asking “Would you ever help train a girl?” I got the right answers from a few of them and told them I was just resolving some “Girltalk” with a friend. I invited each of them to a party at my place a few days later.

The five guys ended up getting drunk with me at my place, and one actually chickened out when he realized what was happening. Then there were four, one of whom was the guy I had sex with on v-day. I decided to take them one at a time in my bedroom so I could keep control. WOW was it fun! I wanted it to be totally impersonal so I had all of them fuck me from behind. First up was v-day boy. He fucked me hard enough and loud enough for the others to get hard just listening, and shot all across my back.

Then came a 22-year old from my ex’s frat who always wanted to take me. God he was awesome. He’s got a big dick and knows how to use it. He spanked me, pulled my hair, called me names and even made me call my self a slut repeatedly. I wanted to be used and he had figured that out! He gave me 2 orgasms before pulling out and cumming on my face. By the time the next guy came in my knees were tired and a little rug burned so I tried bending over and grabbing my ankles, which was difficult because of how hard he was fucking me. I kept losing my balance so he led me out to the living room, bent me over the back of the couch and resumed the hard fucking. The others were watching now and it really turned me on to see them stroking their cocks.

As I moaned out my next orgasm the fourth guy lost it and came in his hand. My tall man took his condom off and came around to my face as I laughed at the poor guy who “blew” his chance in his hand. He went to the bathroom and I guess he got dressed and left. I didn’t notice as I spent the next several minutes on all fours again on the couch, slurping and slobbering on the tall guys’ cock. Before I could finish him off my vday hook-up had already started pounding my pussy again.

After that, it gets to be a haze of sucking, stroking, fucking, slapping, spanking and filthy talking. I think they each fucked me two more times after that first round, and my 22-year old stallion finished me off by fucking me in my ass. As I sucked him off I tasted my ass and realized he hadn’t used a condom. I guess I should’ve been mad, but I wasn’t. He’s the only one I’ve called since, and each time I do he gives me more reasons to brag about him to my girls. I got what I wanted!

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September 7, 2014

My Cheating Wife

My Cheating Wife

Several years my company transferred me to the UK for a couple of years. My wife and I rented a nice flat just outside London, across the street from the local hospital. She was fortunate to land a job as a secretary for a doctor at the hospital. One night after dinner she said she had a surprise for me, she wanted me to fuck her in the medical records department of the hospital. She said she was there today and kept fantasizing about me fucking her behind the stacks of records. Hell yea, I was ready .Debbie had an outstanding figure. She was 5′11″, had 38D boobs, a slim waist and legs that never stopped. She was hot as hell in a black half bra, black garter belt and black seamed stockings and wore nothing but a trench coat over it.

The place was deserted when we got there and we had some of the hottest sex ever. My cock was harder than it had ever been. She had multiple orgasms, more than usual. It was not unusual for her to initiate sex but she had never suggested a new scenario like this. Still I didn’t think much of it.

About 2 weeks later I got off work early and walked over to the hospital to see her. A coworker said she was down in medical records, so I went down there to see her hoping to fuck her again. A sign on the door said closed until 2PM. It was 1:40 so I decided to go in and wait. Right away I heard slurping sounds and moaning. I peered through an opening in one stack of records and saw my beautiful wife on her knees sucking a black guy’s cock. He had the biggest fucking cock I’d ever seen and balls the size of small grapefruit. His cock was a good 11 inches and maybe 12.

My wife always dressed in sexy looking business suits for work and today was no exception. She wore a sexy black suit with a short skirt that really showed her long legs. As she knelt on the floor sucking this huge black cock she looked so sexy with her skirt hiked up and her blouse partially open. Her huge 38D boobs strained to break free of her black bra. “God, I want your big black cock in me, fuck me,” my wife begged, “I want to feel all of your big black cock in me.” I couldn’t believe it, my wife of 18 years was begging a black guy to fuck her.

My wife’s lover began to slip his massive thick black cock into my wife’s married white pussy until he was completely embedded up to his huge balls filled with potent black seed. Then he starting fucking her, violently pounding her married white pussy with that huge bigger cock. I’d never seen anyone fucked that hard. My beautiful wife was fucking this black guy bareback and loving it. “God, Fuck me with your big black cock, fuck me,” Debbie begged. That massive black cock kept sliding in and out of my wife’s married white pussy. She was taking every fucking inch of that huge cock. My wife was going fucking crazy. She was having orgasm after orgasm. This guy was taking my beautiful wife to a level of pleasure that I never could. The guy shot another hot load of his fertile black seed into her soaking wet white pussy. Her arms were clutched tightly around this guy. kissing him passionately. She kept cumming and cumming. “I love your big black dick, It’s twice as big as my fucking husband’s.” she said. My beautiful wife kept begging this guy to fuck her. I’d never seen her like this. The guy ended up fucking her for a good 40 minutes. Then I slipped away.

I later learned from one of her coworkers that she had been fucking the guy 3-4 times a week, sometimes every day. It apparently was common knowledge in the hospital that my beautiful wife was fucking this black stud on almost a daily basis.

by: ecc55


September 3, 2014

Texts from dating Wife

Cuckold Place Update

Texts from dating Wife

Got a really hot text from my wife tonight. I’m in chastity at home waiting, while she’s out on full date (dinner and takes) with a man she’s apparently been talking with for awhile. She just told me about him earlier today. It’s their first date and they hit it off really well!

She dates most weekends, but she’s kinda picky, so it’s not always the chemistry is right when they meet face to face. The one tonight was and she says she can’t wait to see him again because he was all the man she’d hoped he would be.

I usually get updates via text throughout the night when she’s out dating, but it was very sparse tonight. Which usually means she’s having a really good time and kinda forgets about cucky at home. I did suddenly get one text that blew my mind and made me so hard in my “cage”. It simply said “He seems to have the cock you don’t… The man you’ll never be!”. That was all I got during the 6, almost 7 hours they were together.

She finally came home about an hour ago (3 am). The min she stepped in the door, she told me “You have 20 secs to clean me”. She pulled down her panties turned around and I was on my knees in a split second to be able to enjoy the full 20 secs! I could taste and smell the sex all over her. 20 secs went by and she pulled up her panties and told me to make up the bed for her quick, because she was dead tired, exhausted and would tell me all about her date and new man in the morning. What a great night for a cuck hubby.

That’s usually all I get (if I’m lucky), so I make sure to do a really good job, she told me I’d definitely be tasting more of them in the very near future. He must’ve swept her off her feet!

By: creamandcoffee

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August 30, 2014

Loved my gangbang

I’ve always been a happy, faithful wife but something happened a couple of months back that is tearing my world apart. I can’t tell my friends so thought I’d post it here… I need some feedback to help me work out where my life is going!

I’m the general counsel in a mid-sized manufacturing company; a couple of months back we were having a night out for the office staff so I arranged a “leave pass” with Hubby.

The night turned out a bit of a wash-out: the dinner was over by 9pm and pretty much everyone raced home: there was just me and my 22 year-oldest executive assistant Stacey left.

I hardly ever get out, so didn’t feel like an early night. It wasn’t hard for Stacey to talk me into going to a club she likes.

Some things don’t change, it was just like clubs when I was young and single: low lights, too loud music and lots of predatory young men… quite a few of whom Stacey knew!

We soon ended up sitting in a booth with five guys, like Stacey, in the early 20s. The drinks were strong and going down fast. Stacey kept hopping up to dance; a couple of the guys asked me but I figured they were just being kind to the old lady (I’ve just turned 40) and I certainly didn’t want to make an embarrassment of myself.

It was pretty crowded around the U-shaped booth - but there was no mistaking the hand on my thigh! I started to push it away but then, slightly amused (and slightly drunk) thought I’d see what would happen if I ignored it.

It didn’t take long to find out: the hand moved rapidly north! I had my knees together so he couldn’t reach his objective but his fingers were stroking my thighs and the front of my panties insistently. Maybe it was the drinks, or maybe it was the flashback to my youth but, embarrassingly, I realised I was getting turned on! I knew I was blushing and started gulping down my drink.

A few minutes later, when Stacey left the table again to dance, the guy with his hand up my skirt looked over to the guy on my other side and gave a small nod. The second guy put his hand around the back of my neck, turned my face to his and kissed me passionately, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. I was completely caught off guard (not to mention shocked) but a surge of excitement ran down my body and I felt my pussy pulse and I knew I was getting wet. Before I could recover from the shock the two guys wrenched my knees apart and those questing fingers shot inside my panties and started probing my soaking wet pussy.

As soon as the first kiss broke the other guy had a turn deep kissing me. They’d let go of my thighs but I made no attempt to close my legs. Soon a second hand was groping my pussy. I was so wet several fingers were pushed up inside of me with no difficulty, while others were rubbing and pinching my clit.

I could barely believe it: two guys were kissing and fondling me in a public place and, far from fighting them off, I was getting off on it. My embarrassment only got worse when I felt the first twinges of my climax starting to build. The kissers swapped over again; and I was thrusting my pussy onto their fingers underneath the table when I heard one of them say to the other “The dirty slut loves it!”.

I don’t know why but hearing myself called a dirty slut (and knowing that, right then, it was absolutely true) pushed me over the edge. My pussy gushed and pulsed in a huge orgasm and I thought I was going to pass out.

I was still flushed and recovering when Stacey returned to the table. She gave me a funny look and asked if I was ok. The realisation of what had happened rushed over me; through my embarrassment I mumbled that, no, I thought I’d had too much to drink and had better go home. Stacey offered to see me home but I didn’t want to spoil her night so I made my way on shaky legs to the door.

When I got outside and the fresh air hit me I suddenly felt really woozy; looking back, I wonder if my drinks had been spiked. I was struggling to stand upright and praying for a cab when a guy caught me by the arm and asked me if I was ok. I realised he was the quiet guy who’d been sitting on the far side of the booth. I said yes, I just needed a cab. After we waited ten minutes with no cabs in sight he said he’d give me a lift home. I warily agreed.

We walked across the car park to his car and, as he was unlocking the door, I heard voiced yelling. It was the three other guys (not counting Stacey’s beau) from the club. “Hey Max, what’s the idea, were you planning to sneak off without us?” yelled one. Max looked a bit embarrassed but, before he could respond, the other guys raced over. One of them jumped in the front passenger seat while the other two - I realised, too late, the pair who’d molested me in the club - bundled me into the middle of the back seat. I had a weird, almost out-of-body feeling. I knew what was going to happen now: and on a rational/moral level I really didn’t want it to; but, at the same time, the hot slutty feelings came back too. I think I just resigned myself, or abandoned myself, to the midlife return of my teenage desires.

The car had hardly left the car park before the two of them were mauling me, my legs were dragged wide apart, my skirt up to my waist, eager fingers unbuttoning my blouse and lifting my boobs out of my bra. I quickly fell back into a haze of sexual excitement. Long wet kisses; fingers pushed roughly into my sex; nipples pinched, licked, bitten; my hands forcibly wrapped around rock-hard cocks. “Lets get her back to our place Max,” one of the guys said. I no longer cared. I knew I was going to get gang fucked; it seemed like I had no will to resist.

Between kisses I caught a glimpse of myself, half naked, in the rear view mirror surrounded by hungry young men. I wasn’t sure if I was more ashamed or excited. I didn’t have too much time to think about it, a hand on the back of my head pushed my face down onto a throbbing cock. The drunken slut I’d become swallowed it down greedily!

Soon we were back at their house (though not before I’d swallowed my first load of cum for the night). The guys didn’t even let me re-dress before they dragged me out of the car and across the front lawn. The next few hours were a blur: three of them took turns fucking me on the couch; bent over the coffee table (with cocks taking turns in my mouth at the same time); and as a final humiliation, my first arse-fucking (after someone pronounced my pussy “too stretched and sloppy”). They each managed to fuck me and come in me three times; watching their buddies do me seemed to fire each of them up all over again. But the worst of all was the string of orgasms I had while it was happening. At one stage, it was almost continuous. I have a vague, humiliating memory of begging for more cock after each guy finished. I even pulled out of his jeans, and tried to suck erect (unsuccessfully) the one guy who didn’t take part, Max.

When the guys had all had enough, Max actually helped me dress and drove me home. I guess he was shy in front of his buddies: when we stopped out the front of my house, he asked if I’d please try sucking him off again. It seemed a little thing after the past few hours so I obliged - right in front of my own house! It only took a few strokes and he filled my mouth with an enormous load of cum. I kissed him on the cheek and ran inside.

I went straight to the bathroom, threw my panties in the laundry basket and brushed my teeth thoroughly (though I could still taste cum!) and slipped into bed without waking my husband. The only thought on my mind was that tomorrow, this would be a half-forgotten bad dream.

It didn’t work out that way. An hour later I was still awake, my mind whirling. What was worse was I could feel cum leaking out of my abused pussy and no-longer-virgin asshole. And, the more I felt it, the more horny thoughts and memories were racing through my mind.

Pretty soon I was stroking my clit and pinching my nipples. Then I was pushing my fingers into my sodden pussy. Then licking the wads of cum off my fingers. I needed more! I started rubbing my hubby’s cock (yes, my fingers coated with other men’s juices). When he started to rouse I rolled on top of him, pushing his cock into my sloppy pussy - and kissing him with my cum-coated mouth. The depravity and betrayal of the whole scenario was more than I could take, despite all the preceding action I burst into one long rolling multiple orgasm and collapsed asleep.


In the weeks since I’ve been constantly horny, I can’t stop thinking about my night of filth. My husband is happy so far - all he knows is he’s getting more sex than he’s had in years.

But I don’t think it can last: my mind is swimming with slutty gangbang humiliating scenarios - and, the way I feel right now, it’s only a matter of time until I give in and do it again. I’ve even started searching out and watching these sort of porn scenarios. My pussy is sore and swollen from constant self-abuse.

Worst of all, I’m completely turned on by my husband’s ignorance… a good wife and mother at home and a complete slut behind his back. I’m masturbating daily to the idea of tricking him into eating out my pussy when it’s full to overflowing with other men’s cum.


So I really need help and advice. Is it possible to put this incident in the past? I’m not sure I like the idea of ending up the town slut.

And, if so, how? Or should I continue down the path that has (so late and unexpectedly) opened before me?

I’d especially like to hear from ladies who have experienced something similar - and how their lives turned out afterwards.

Be quick - Stacey is keen for us to go out partying again soon!

PS please keep the abuse to a minimum… I know what I’ve done/am contemplating is wrong. It just feels like it’s taken over all my thoughts and desires. I really don’t know how to stop it.

Submitted by: Wendy, Australia


August 26, 2014

Jaynes First Bull

Cuckold Place Update

Jayne’s First Bull

I’ve been a member here for a number of years, but I’ve never posted anything because nothing cuckold has ever happened, until this week that is.

My wife and I have talked about cuckolding, mainly from the odd newspaper article and time spent people watching in coffee shops etc. The idea has also helped in the bedroom area a few times too. Our last conversation was a few weeks back, again more in humour than anything serious. The chat ended with ‘well if opportunity ever came along …’ (nervous giggles!).

Firstly a bit of background on Mrs M. Jayne is 44, blonde, size 16, 34B. I think. We’ve been married over 20 years and have two teenage sons. Up to now our marriage has been normal, standard with no cuckolding. Too busy working and bringing up kids for any of that.

Last week we had the opportunity to go away on a quick break without the boys and we chose Norfolk because it’s part of the country we’ve never visited before. We stayed at a hotel next to Norwich Airport. Now as it turns out this hotel has two kind of customers. The pensioners on their coach trips around the Broads and the Riggers who work on the gas rigs in the North Sea before catching the helicopters from the Airport. These tend to be very fit chaps as the work on the rigs is very physical.

On Tuesday evening we returned to the hotel after having dinner at a local pub and decided to have one last beer in the hotel. I sent Jayne to the bar while I went up to our room to use the toilet. I could see there were a lot of the Riggers in the bar but thought nothing of it.

When I returned I found Jayne surrounded by three of these chaps all paying her a lot of attention. Now normally I would just wade in and coach her away, however this time something clicked and I just sat down at a spare table and watched. By now the guys were buying her wine and even though Jayne had clocked me, she was happy to continue to be chatted up by them.

Although I couldn’t hear what was being said by the tone and body language all was going well. After about 15 mins three became two, and a few minutes later two down to one. Jayne was left with the youngest of the three, I reckon about 6ft 3 and very broad. Sat on my own I was starting to look a bit sad so I left and went back to our room.

Ten minutes later Jayne returned very excited. ‘Did you have a nice time with your new friends?’ I said. ‘Yes I did’ she responded ‘and this could be our opportunity’. ‘Opportunity’ …. For what? ‘Darren’ (Darren?!) ‘he’s …. well he’s asked me back to his room for erm … sex!’ What? He was that blatant?! ‘He’s off to the rigs tomorrow for a four week stint and yes he just came out with it, he’d like to fuck me!’

We then spent some time discussing all the pros and cons. I know we’d discussed in theory, fantasy really but did we actually want it to happen. I could see Jayne was so excited and up for it, how could I refuse. So after a kiss and a long hug, I gave her two condoms from my packet and sent her on her way.

The time was 2305. I know that because I couldn’t stop looking at my watch. I also now know what that sick feeling is like. I tried to watch something on TV but it was useless, I couldn’t get my mind off what was happening. Was she enjoying it? How good was he ….. etc etc.

Just after midnight there was a knock on the door and Jayne was back (phew!). And she was buzzing; very excited, wanting to tell me all about what had gone on. To be honest she did look hot, the only difference was her hair was tied at the back when she left and now it was down. I made her a coffee and we sat on the end of the bed to discuss.

I started with the expected first question, how big? About the same girth as me, she replied, but a bit longer, about an inch and with a slight curve. Okay great. But she hadn’t finished. The most interesting thing was that he was fully cut with a large bell end (I am not cut). This was a major fascination for her and most of the foreplay was centred around his big cock. No oral, not by her anyway however she did kiss the tip once. Yes he went down on her, for about 10 mins ‘and he was very good at it’. The full sex lasted about 30 mins and was in ‘all the usual positions’. Two orgasms; one with her on top (her favourite position and always guaranteed to make her cum) and one missionary. He took control and, according to Jayne, was ‘very athletic’ and a true bull!

Then she dropped the bombshell. Age … 29 !!!! Oh my lord! I could see at the bar he was a bit younger but 15 years. I was …. I am still very shocked. All I can say is well done Mrs M!

So that’s my story of our first cuckold experience. After we talked we went to bed, got up in the morning, had breakfast and carried on with our holiday. Jayne hasn’t mentioned it again, in fact it’s almost like it never happened. This may surprise you but Jayne is like that ….. done it, move on. Will it happen again? I don’t know. This could end up being a one off unless of course the ‘opportunity’ comes up again.

And so what has been achieved. Well I’m now officially a Cuckold. Jayne did have some great sex with a man 15 years her junior and Darren? Well Darren had something to brag about with his Rigger mates about the night he fucked a hot married MILF! So a good job all round.

My wife

By: Ian, UK

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August 20, 2014

2nd go on Rio Blaze

Here’s another update from professional Bull and all round top guy DFW Knight telling us all about his 2nd encounter with stunning Hotwife Rio Blaze

DFW Knight is also on Hotwife Hub (profile here) if some of you ladies would like to contact him.


It has been a few months since my last encounter with the gorgeous Rio Blaze. Since then we had spoken on the phone a few times. She even hinted at possibly coming to see me here in Dallas. I really didn’t push the matter nor did I put much stock into it, we both had very busy schedules and I just didn’t see it working out anytime soon.

It was towards the end of June when I got her call, “Hey it’s Rio, I’m in Dallas for a few days and…”. Everything seemed to move in slow motion from those words on. My mouth dropped open. “And my husband couldn’t make it, wanna come keep me company”, she continued. From that point forward the rest of the conversation was a blur.

After hanging up I sat and tried to make sense of it all. Apparently Rio was in Dallas, without her husband, wants me to come to her hotel and if I want to film it I can bring a camera guy. I felt like I had hit the jackpot. I called my buddy who films for me and made all the other necessary arrangements. I showered and changed and headed downtown to the Sheraton where Rio was staying.

I waited in the bar for my buddy, then we headed up to her room on the third floor. I was so nervous when she answered the door. Rio looked amazing. Her big smile just melted me on the spot.

We all got settled in. Shared a drink or two. I think Rio could see my edginess and took matters into her own hands when she sat in my lap and began kissing my neck. Each of her soft kisses sent shivers through my body. I stood up and carried her to where the bed was. I gently placed her on the bed and started caressing her soft breasts and nibbled on her ear.

I eased my right hand down to her warm crotch, first cupping it in my hand. Then slowly moving her laced panties to one side, providing access to her sweet spot. As I worked her pussy and her right ear, Rio’s hands found my zipper. My rock hard cock just sprang out. The expression on her face told me she was pleased with what she saw.

For the next few minutes, there was lots of kissing, lots of whispering and lots of soft touching. I just love kissing her soft lips, almost as much as I love watching her attempt to fit my swollen cock into her tiny mouth. Her small hands and mouth struggled to wrap around my cock but she did her best. As Rio continued licking the head of my cock, and then the shaft, and then surprised me as she slipped her wet mouth over my cock, and started sucking on it.

I increased the intensity of my finger in her cunt and slipped in another, and then finally a third finger, and she started sucking my cock harder. Her hand was rubbing my balls and her mouth was taking me in as best she could. I was buried all the way in her mouth as she continued sucking me off.

I pulled her up, so that her lips were in front of mine, leaned in, and kissed her hard. She crawled up beside me, pressing her tits tightly against my chest, with her pussy rubbing against my hip. She ground her pussy against my hip as she slid her tongue into my mouth.

“I want you inside me.” she told me. Pulling my face to hers, and sliding her tongue into my mouth, dropping one hand to my ass. As I kissed her, sliding my tongue into her mouth and feeling her tongue in mine, she pulled forward on my ass, causing my bare cock to nearly enter her pussy. I felt my hardness slide into her. But knowing she wasn’t on the pill and always prefers to us condoms. I pulled myself away from her and slipped on the rubber she had placed next to her lamp.

As in our first encounter when the condom slipped off, I knew the fate of this prophylactic would likely be the same. Returning to the bed, and with a slow steady stroke, I found myself buried deep in Rio’s pussy. She continued kissing me, while at the same time, lifting her ass so that my cock went deeper inside of her. She kissed me harder, licking the inside of my mouth, and then leaned back and said, “Fuck me . Fuck me harder.” I thrust forward, driving my balls deep into her cunt. Rio lifted up as I drove down, causing me to bottom out inside of her. I pulled out a bit and then slid back in, several times. “Yeah, that’s what I want. Fuck me, Wil, fuck me.” With each stroke the condom rode further and further up my shaft. I started fucking her harder, driving my hard cock deep inside her, pulling back, and driving back in, while she was bucking her hips driving my cock deep inside.

My cock kept thrusting inside of her as we fucked hard. Rio was breathing heavier and her arms were holding me tighter as we fucked. My cock felt so good inside of her, and she was so tight, but now I could feel her creamy wetness coating my bare cock. I continued fucking her, feeling her tightness and wet pussy surrounding my cock. “That’s it do it,” she said, smiling up at me, I knew she knew my condom was gone. And she had to of known I wasn’t going to last much longer. “I’m gonna cum,” I warned her, but it didn’t matter to her, she continued fucking me harder and playing with my balls. “Oh shit, baby, I’m gonna cum” I shouted as I pulled out and unloaded my sperm onto her incredible body. I came so hard my first blast fired over her head and off the bed. The rest coated her body and dripped into the bedding.

Exhausted I fell on my back breathing very heavily. Rio snuggled up next to me and began stroking my raging hard on. My cock was coated in her wetness and she kissed me softly and whispered to me “Next time leave it in me”.

And with that. I never pulled out of her for the rest of the weekend. I filled her with several loads of my cum and she gleefully told me her husband was going to be so happy to hear what she had been up to.

DFW Knight

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August 18, 2014

Hotel pick up

Lived this lifestyle as a couple for many years. Years ago she was young 22 but looked older. We were staying with family for a vacation. Needed to get away so we went to the bar in the hotel for a few drinks. There was another male in his early thirties having a drink before he met up with friends. She made several comments on his body as he was as cut as one could be. I told her to go order a drink next to him and to just tell him I’m a cousin as he already was aware we showed up together. I stood in the back on my phone to give the appearance that i was busy. I watched her flirt for a few and grab two drinks with him. She texted me “I can totally fuck him”. I texted back for her to do it but text me the room for safety and to call me leaving an open line so I could listen. Went back to my room and listened for 30 minutes as he fucked her in his room. Listening was amazing and I was addicted after.

She told me he picked her up as soon as they got in the room and fucked her against the wall before he put her on the hotel room desk. The sex lasted for 30 minutes as he was the biggest/thickest she has had. She said she never had more orgasms in one sex session. Right after we left with family for a late night bite and she couldnt stop thinking about it. She talked about it for a while and opened her up to the lifestyle for good. Wish I could have watched!

By: westpa145


August 14, 2014

Friend asleep downstairs

A submission today from a gorgeous 20 year old UK Hotwife. You can find her on Hotwife Hub - Profile here

Well, it was early hours Sunday morning and my hubby (Karl) was totally fucked and in a deep sleep after a session with the boys down town and he just wouldn’t stop snoring loudly, so I got up to go downstairs for a glass of water and as it was mid July, it was hot, so I thought fuck it, I’ll walk down naked.

So there I was, creeping down the stairs (as if I was gonna fucking wake him up) As I reached the bottom step I turned left to enter the kitchen, when I heard a groaning noise from the living room. So I peeked my head around the door to discover Karls mate Chris was half asleep on the sofa and his cover had fallen away and he was naked but disappointingly he had both hands covering his balls and dick.

Just because I’m a nice person, I crept in and covered him over again, which is when I realised he had been wanking as I put my hand directly onto the part of his cover that he had unloaded himself. Urgggggg, but I’ll admit, that to think of a man masturbating does turn me on and I realised I now had goosebumps. So I turned to leave the room when suddenly Chris reached out, grabbed my arm and whispered “Please don’t go Jenni, the wanking was about you and it would be nice if you could maybe do me the honours on my second rub just to be certain my sack is totally empty before I go home”. I was shocked and tried to act all proper and loyal and replied “But what about Karl?” Chris replied, “If Karl was awake, you wouldn’t be stood there naked, hand full of sperm, talking to me would you?” Well, what could I say to that?

He then, without warning, placed my hand on his all ready erect dick and whispered, “Do your best babe.” Well, to cut the story short, I wanked his dick and after about two and a half minutes I could feel his balls tighten up and his dick was twitching, which in my experience, means he’s about to empty, so I covered his bell end with my mouth and guzzled the lot and he enjoyed every minute as his groans got louder but his intentions to fuck me were cut loose as he had managed all the erections he was capable of after his alcohol intake. So I cupped his balls, rubbed my tits in his face and whispered, “Your turn to make me cum now big lad”

Anyway, he did just that with the aid of my showing him exactly where my g spot was located and I only ever let Karl in on that one just after we met, but that’s another story for another time. So, I gently shook his limp dick and insisted I return to Karl before we got captured and we then parted and went back to bed and you know what? I never did get my glass of water!

Teen Tits

Submitted by: TeenTits42


July 29, 2014

My Bitch

Cuckold Place Update

My Bitch, Ownership of someone else’s wife

Met this married woman a few years back, she wasn’t at all interested in anything other than being out with me. Slowly as I learned more about her I’ve found out a lot about her sexuality, and have been steadily dominating her more, and more. Three years on she is a very obedient girl. Blonde, big tits and is being display trained, outdoors and in. Take a look at pics and let me know what you think.

She is also disciplined when required. She is made to wear a collar and lead as often as possible.

I think women respond differently to types of men, I’ve just been upfront and honest about what I like. Seems to work. Toes, and sandals should have taken some in shoe shop yesterday! Didn’t cross my mind, she tried on lots of heels, and sandals. I Don’t allow flats of any kind, as I prefer her in heels, looks far better on a woman.

Had a lovely day out shopping and cinema, and when dropping her off I unzipped my dick, grabbed her by the hair, and pushed her head all the way down my dick. Shes a good girl, and knows what’s required. I told her that shes been good today, and had her gagging on my hard dick. Since I usually get a good hold of her long hair I can easily direct what I want her to do. At the moment I’m enjoying her technique of going deep and sucking on the way up, then licking the head before heading back to the base. If I’m standing she can deep throat and lick my balls too, very nice. But last night I rubbed my dick all over her face, whilst telling her what a good little cocksucker she is becoming. I also took the time to compliment her on her presentation, as she did look very good in her short dress and heels, before making her swallow a huge load of cum. I made a mess of her make up, but she accepts that with good sub grace. I’m pleased with her training, shes learning well..

My bitch

By: karty1

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July 17, 2014

A Cuckolds Delight

My Story, A Cuckold’s Delight

I suppose I would be termed a “Cuckold”, but unlike most guys, who submit these stories, I don’t have a small cock (18 cm) but the thought of my wife being fucked by another guy, with a bigger cock than mine and teasing me about it afterwards, turns me on a lot. We have been married for 20 years and it all started for me around 12 years ago. I was looking at a men’s magazine, when I came across a story about a guy whose wife had been fucked by another guy and the husband loved it. I was surprised to find that the more I read, the harder my cock got. From that day on, I set about finding magazines with those kinds of stories in them. Anything from the wife having a secret affair, to the wife being fucked by 5 guys in succession, followed by the husband licking her pussy clean afterward. I found that I was getting into it more and more. My cock never failed to get rock hard, each time I read one.

We had always had a very good sex life and although I looked at other women, I had always been completely faithful to my wife and knew I always would be. But the thought of her being fucked by a good looking, well hung guy and teasing me about it, was just to erotic to resist and I decided to tell her how I felt. I started to read the stories to her in bed and we always had really hot sex, when I did. I tried to get my wife to let me find a lover for her, but she always said no. I kept trying until eventually my persistence paid off and she let me place an ad in an adult contact magazine. We got a few replies that weren’t worth answering, and then we got one from a guy who was good looking and sounded great. We decided to meet him and I rang, to invite him over the following weekend. I helped my wife dress for the evening in very sexy black lingerie, with a sexy leather mini skirt and a black see through blouse.

He arrived around 9.00 PM with a bottle of wine, which we all drank, along with one that we had. After the drinks and getting to know each other, I decided it was time to leave them alone, to get “better acquainted”. I stepped outside and had a joint; I came back in about 40 minutes later. The site that greeted me was incredible. Here was my lovely wife, dressed only in her black basque and stockings, lying back on the couch, with him naked and eating her delicious bald pussy. All I could say was “wow” and I sat in the chair to watch. After he ate her pussy for a while, they exchanged places. I watched and played with my rock hard cock, while she sucked and played with his.

I took all my clothes off and suggested we would be more comfortable in the bedroom. He and I took turns eating her pussy and she sucked both our cocks. There is nothing like the feeling of watching your wife suck another guy’s cock and to see him eat and play with her pussy. My fantasy was coming true, but one thing was spoiling it for me, he was so damn hairy! I know I shouldn’t have been so fussy, but it was really putting me off, so much so that I couldn’t stay hard. I tried to make excuses, like maybe I didn’t want him to fuck her, after all. There was nothing I wanted more, at that moment, but he was like an ape and no matter how hot the thought of him fucking her was, I just couldn’t stay hard. I apologized and he dressed and went home. After he had gone, I explained to my wife how I really felt and we had the most amazing sex.

We received a few more replies, but none were worth meeting. I was beginning to think my fantasy wasn’t going to happen, when my wife suggested we should try meeting a couple. Although this wasn’t the way I wanted things to happen, I went along with it, as my wife said she felt more comfortable with the idea. We replied to a couple advertising for a couple, in the contact magazine, who sounded ok. The first time we met them, I explained all about my fantasy and what I really wanted. They were ok with it and we decided to see how things went. I didn’t find his wife attractive and I was more turned on by watching the way he kissed my wife goodbye, when they left. We got together with them five times and he fucked my wife each time. It was amazing for me to watch my wife suck his cock and to see him eating my wife’s pussy and fuck her, although he used a condom and didn’t cum inside her.

I had to go through the motions each time we got together of fucking his wife, which was very distracting, so I still didn’t get my fantasy, the way I wanted. Each time we got together, we got to know them more and we realized how much of a chauvinistic bastard he was, by the way he treated his wife. They would even have some terrible arguments with us there, so we decided it would be better not to see them any more. With these experiences not going well and the kids growing up, my wife told me that she didn’t want to try again, so it looked like my fantasy was never going to happen.

My desire for it to happen the way I wanted only got stronger and I kept thinking of different ways for it to be better for both of us, but my wife would not be convinced. Almost every time we had sex, we would lie in bed and I would tell her all the different ways I wanted another guy to make love to her. This went on for years and although my wife loved the fantasies, she would always tell me that fantasy was one thing, but reality was different. Around six years ago we got the internet and this only fuelled my imagination, even more. I started surfing the net and finding hotwife sites. I was amazed how many there were and how many guys felt the same way I did. I would download my favorite stories then print them and read them to my wife, in bed. No matter how the stories went, my favorite ones always ended the same way. The lover always had a bigger cock than the husband and the husband would lick his wife’s pussy clean, after her lover had filled her with his cum.

I started reading the hotwife forums and learned all about anklets and what they meant to some people. I bought some for my wife, telling her their meaning and she wore them for me. I began to think there was still a chance after all. I found a few adult contact sites on the net and convinced my wife to let me try advertising on some of them. I advertised on two of them, with a very hot photo of my wife and what I wanted. I was very specific and I started getting a lot of replies. A few sounded ok, but when I got the guy’s pic, I knew they weren’t her type. Some of them looked good, but there were other problems, like their wife not knowing what they were doing. I didn’t want to have the problems of a jealous wife to deal with. As each week passed, my enthusiasm became less and less.

Being self employed and working from home, I manage to have a lot of free time on my hands. This is very handy as my wife doesn’t drive and I quite often drop her off at the local shopping centre to do the weekly grocery shopping.

When I pick her up, I will often tease her by asking if any sexy guys pinched her bum today. Her usual reply is “humph” and “yeah, sure”. A few weeks back, I dropped her off to do the shopping. It was a lovely warm spring day and she was wearing a very nice dress, which showed off the new anklet, I’d bought for her recently. She is an attractive 40-year-old with a slim figure and still turns guy’s heads. As usual, she rang to be picked up, when she was finished. Her voice sounded different on the phone and I wondered what was going on. We were loading the groceries into the car and I asked her about any sexy guys pinching her bum. I expected the usual response but I was speechless when she said “No, but I gave one my phone number”. I didn’t believe her and it was my turn to say “yeah, sure.” She told me it was true and I asked her to tell me what happened.

She said to wait until we’d finished loading the groceries and we were in the car. She told me that when she was shopping and going through one of the aisles, she noticed a good-looking guy around 30. As she got closer to him, he asked if she would help him with some advice. She said ok and he told her was making Chinese stir-fry, for the first time and asked what sauces he should use in it. She asked him what kind of meat he was using and then told him which sauces and spices would be best and how much to use, of each one. While they were talking, she noticed how often he looked down at her anklet and that he looked like he really wanted to ask her something else. He thanked her for her help and she went back to her shopping, thinking nothing more of it. Around 10 minutes later, as she came to the end of one of the aisles, he came around the corner, not looking where he was going and his shopping trolley banged into hers. He was embarrassed and kept apologizing. He asked if he could make it up to her by buying her a cup of coffee, especially after she had been so helpful with her cooking advice.

She was going to say no, but then she heard my voice saying “go for it”. She said that would be nice and they arranged to meet for a cappuccino, just near the supermarket, when they were finished their shopping. After going through the register, she found him and he paid for two cappuccinos. They sat at a table and after some small talk about the shopping centre and the prices of things, he told her that he couldn’t help noticing her lovely anklet and he asked her if it meant what he hoped it meant. My wife loves to tease and she asked him what he hoped it meant. He said that to some people, it meant that the husband liked the wife to “play around” with other guys. Although a little embarrassed, she was really enjoying herself and asked what he meant by “playing around”. He said that the wife would have sex with other guys, with the husband’s permission and enjoyment; making her a “hotwife” He asked my wife if that was what it meant to her. She told him that was what it meant to me, but up until now, she hadn’t done anything about it.

She also told him that she was very worried about the risk of AIDS and STD. He started to tell her the reason he was teaching himself to cook was that after 8 years of marriage, his wife had left him for another guy and he was recently divorced. He told her that he was sick of take away food and decided he was going to do something about it. He also told her that since he got married, he hadn’t had sex with anyone else and that he didn’t use drugs, so he was completely safe. After talking for a while about how long I had been wanting this to happen and how she felt about it, he asked her if she would be interested in meeting with him.

She said that she would be interested, but would have to talk it over with me. They swapped phone numbers and that was when she had rung me, to be picked up. It was like a dream come true, I couldn’t believe my luck but I still wasn’t sure if my wife was just teasing me, until she showed me the piece of paper, with his hand writing and phone number on it. We arrived home and took the groceries into the kitchen. I asked how she felt and if she was going to ring him. She asked me if I really wanted this and how I felt. I told her that I was very jealous, but incredibly turned on, which was obvious, by the way my cock was trying to burst out of my pants. She said she thought it would never really happen and it would always be a fantasy, but she had to admit that the thought of the reality was really turning her on.

She asked me if it was ok to ring him and I told her yes, I wanted her to. We had a cup of coffee and then she rang him. Although I could only hear one side of the conversation, I got most of what was going on and she filled me in on the rest, afterwards. She told him that if this was going to happen, they would have to take things slowly. She told him how much she loved to be massaged and how much she loved me eating her pussy. He told her that was fine with him and he loved eating pussy. The conversation got around to the subject of cock size and he told her that he was around 8.5” - 9”. I couldn’t believe how well this was coming together, after so many years of trying. They talked for a while, with her telling him all the things she liked and he told her all the things he liked to do.

They arranged to meet the next day around 10:00 am, for coffee at the shopping centre again. If things went well, he would take her back to his place for drinks and to see what happened. He asked her why I didn’t want to be there to watch, or join in. She told him I didn’t want to be there the first time it happened, to make sure I couldn’t stop it and so that she could relax more. When she got off the phone, I desperately wanted to take her panties off and eat her pussy. She told me no because she wanted to be nice and fresh for her lover tomorrow and the only way I was going see her pussy, was when I shaved her completely bald for him, later on. That night I did as I was told by getting the warm water, soap and razor, then shaving her gorgeous pussy, completely bald.

It was the ultimate tease, knowing what he was going to be doing to her and not being able to do anything about it and I loved it. After I was finished, we discussed what she was going to wear; knowing it was going to be a very warm day. She decided on a very sexy little pair of pink see through panties, her little black dress, no bra and of course, her anklet. There was no way I could sleep and I had to pull my cock, until I came. The next morning, after getting the kids off to school, my wife had a shower and dressed in what she said she was going to wear. I watched her dressing, with my cock rock hard again and I almost came in my pants when she sprayed some of my favourite perfume around her pussy and breasts. She asked me how I was feeling and if I still wanted this to happen.

I told her the jealousy was getting stronger every minute, but that was only turning me on, even more. I said that a big part of me was saying no and not to let it happen, but I knew if I stopped it, I’d regret it forever, because the chance would probably never come along again. I asked her how she was feeling and she said that she was very nervous, but very turned on by what was going to happen. She told me that she would only go ahead with it, if it was completely ok with me and if it wasn’t, to let her know. Even if it meant ringing her on her mobile phone, after I had dropped her off. I told her everything was ok, but she had to remember every detail of what happened so she could tell me all about it.

The time came to take her so we got in the car and started driving. The shopping centre is only a 10-minute drive from where we live, so there wasn’t much time for talking. She told me if I was a good boy, I would get to meet her “boyfriend” when he drove her home. I said as long as he doesn’t stay long, because I was going rip her panties off and eat her pussy, as soon as he was gone. We both laughed and then arrived at the shopping centre. She turned to kiss me, I kissed and held her then told how much I loved her, and she said the same thing. She got out of the car and I drove home.

When I get there, I started thinking a lot about what we were doing and I almost rang her mobile phone, but I decided not to. I tried to do some work but I just couldn’t concentrate. I just sat and thought about what was happening and what they were doing. It got to 11:30 am and I knew there was a good chance that my wife had gone back to his place and that he was fucking her, because I hadn’t had a phone call to tell me anything different. I was feeling incredibly jealous, but I couldn’t help playing with my cock, for some relief. Around 1:00 pm I was starting to wonder what time she was coming home and weather I should ring her, when I heard a car pull up in the driveway. I looked out of the window and saw him for the first time, as they sat in the car talking.

It looked as though they were deciding if he should come in or not. They decided against it and I watched as he kissed her very deeply and she came inside. I met her at the door and kissed her and held her. After reading so many stories that other husbands have written about the “freshly fucked” look on their wife’s faces, after being with their lover, I know it is definitely true. The look on my wife’s face was amazing; she looked so incredibly satisfied. I asked how it was and she told me it was everything I ever said it would be, and more. She told me he was an incredible lover and I was right, bigger is definitely better. I couldn’t wait any longer and took her into the bedroom. She lay back on the bed and I took off her panties. I looked at her swollen, well-fucked pussy and his cum still leaking from her. She told to come and lick his cum from her pussy, while she told me what they had done. It was more of command, than a request and I loved it. I didn’t have to be told twice and I started to eat her pussy, like there was no tomorrow. I have never done anything so erotic before. The taste was so different to anything I’d tried.

I’d eaten my cum from my wife’s pussy before, but it was nothing like this. As I ate his cum from her, she told me that it really turned her on by telling me to lick her pussy clean, after another guy had fucked her and she started to tell me what had happened. When I had dropped her off, he had met her just inside the door, he told her how lovely she looked and they sat down for coffee. After talking for a while and finishing their coffee, he asked her if she still wanted to go back to his place. She said although she was very nervous, she was looking forward to it and they made their way to his car. She said she was surprised that he held her hand while they walked through the shopping centre and she wondered if anyone she knew would see them.

He didn’t live far from the shopping centre and when they got there, he asked her if she would like a glass of wine and she said yes. He gave her the wine and sat down next to her. They finished the wine and he kissed her, very deeply, his tongue starting to play with hers. His hand was beginning to wander up her legs and he kept kissing her. He asked her if she would like another glass of wine and she said yes. She told me they drank their second glass and as my wife drinks very little, she was beginning to relax and respond to him, very strongly. He asked if she would be more comfortable in the bedroom and he took her hand as he led her in there. He kissed her again as he reached down and started to lift her dress over her head.

After taking her dress off, he started to kiss his way down her body and nibble her nipples and breasts. He laid her back on the bed and started to take off her panties. He looked at her bald pussy and told her how yummy she looked. She told him that I had shaved her, for him. He said that turned him on even more and the thought of me being turned by what they were doing was amazing. He told her to lie on her stomach and he started to massage her neck, shoulders and back. She said he worked his way down her body very slowly, massaging while licking and nibbling his way down to her feet. He massaged her feet and licked and sucked her toes. He told her to turn over and started to tongue kiss her again. He licked and nibbled his way down her body until he got to her pussy and just kept eating her pussy, telling her how delicious she tasted.

After eating her for a long time, he lay beside her to get his breath. She told me she reached over to play with his cock and told him she had never played with one so big and it felt wonderful. He asked her if she would like to see if it felt wonderful in other ways. She said yes and he laid over her and started to slide his cock into her pussy. She said she gasped at the size difference, when he got it all the way in and he started to fuck her. He started slowly but once she got accustomed to the size, he got faster and harder. She told me she came very quickly because it felt so wonderful and he just kept making love to her, without slowing down. She came at least four times in the next ten minutes and then he said he was going to cum. She said she felt his cock get even harder and bigger, as he pumped lots of his cum into her pussy, making her cum again.

She told me they laid back resting and she told him his cock was definitely wonderful. He asked if she would to try again, after they had gotten their breath back. She told him she didn’t think she could recover so quickly because it was something she’d never experienced before and she had to be going home soon. She told him that I was waiting at home to lick her pussy clean. He told her that really turned him on and he would really like to watch me eat his cum from her pussy. She said he asked her if he could see her again soon and they arranged for him to come to our place for a threesome, next week. By this time I had licked her clean and I started to lay over her, to slide my cock into her gorgeous pussy. She stopped me straight away and said that I wasn’t allowed to fuck her and that she had been completely satisfied by his cock.

She told me I had done what a good husband should do by licking his cum from her pussy and I’d better get use to it, because that was what I would be doing from now on. She also told me that his bigger cock definitely felt better than mine and said that his cock felt so good, she wanted it to be ongoing and as long as he was her lover, she wouldn’t need my cock, weather I liked it or not. I was shocked by what my wife was saying and also very jealous, but at the same time I was so turned on that I started to cum, without even touching my cock. I knew now that I was definitely a true cuckold and I told her that it was ok with me.

I have no regrets about what we have done and if two people love each other so much, like we do, I can’t see anything wrong with them enjoying their sexual freedom. It was like a dream come true to finally have my wife find the right guy for her “boyfriend” and although I am incredibly jealous, I only love her even more, for doing it for me. I can’t wait for our first threesome next week and I will gladly watch while he fucks my wife then eat his cum from her pussy, while he watches me do it.

Submitted by: Peter, Melbourne - Australia

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