September 28, 2012

Whored myself for the job

Hi my name is Jessica, I am a 32 year old redhead, size 16 and 34EE tits with ass and legs to match. I recently went for a job interview to be deputy manager of a store on my local high street. There was 4 of us going for the job and I was the only female. During the interview I started to flirt with the manager if the shop, he started to flirt back. In my head I was thinking about cheating.

Later that night I was watching tv with my husband when the manager text me and asked if I could ring him and arrange another “Interview” at his house. I knew exactly what was going to happen. So I told my husband that I was going round to my mates for a few hours. I got dressed and went round for this interview. When I go there we both had a drink and s chat. I then asked him if there was a anything I could do to swing the job my way. I sat and waited for a few seconds while he thought of an answer. Thankfully we both had the same idea. We finished off our drinks and then starred to feel each other up on his sofa. It wasn’t long before I was sucking his 8inch thick cock. I had never sucked one this big and had to show him how dedicated I was so I forced myself to deep throat his cock. Mind you him pushing down on my head didn’t help me much. I stated to gag and shoved my hand down my knickers and played with my clit. After he had me gagging and almost passing out from lack of air he let go of my head and then pulled my knickers down.

He then started to eat my pussy. I sat there on the sofa his head between my legs and my legs on his shoulders. He took his time eating me. I bit my bottom lip as I came. I looked down and could see him wanking. I was just about to ask for him to fuck my pussy when he stood up and passed me a condom. I told him I didn’t mind I he used one or not. He threw the condom aside and lifted my legs back up.

I waited in anticipation. Telling him I will do anything he wanted if it would get me the job. I really needed this job. I told him how badly we needed the money and I think that just got him more turned on. I screamed as I felt his cock slide between my pussy lips. He then grabbed my wrists and pinned them down at my side. He then began to slowly and deeply fuck me. He didn’t seem to care that I never had a cock that big in me. He could see the discomfort on my face, I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him in. I asked if this was good enough for him. He replied with “You’re not experienced enough for the job, but the fact you willingly came here and are whoring yourself out for the job and are cheating on your husband says a lot about you.” and he carried on to pump me. He took his time just to see my face with each thrust into me. He then said if he was going to give me the job this would have to be an regular thing.

Just as I agreed he came in me. His massive balls unloaded their contents right in my pussy. I moaned like the whore I was. My back arched and he filled me up. I looked at him and said thank you. He then stood on the sofa and made me suck his cock clean. I had one hand on my pussy and another on his cock. He still had a little cum coming out as I sucked him. I greedily swallowed it. He told me he had to think about it and sent me back to hubby full of cum.

I started to panic when I got home, what if Hubby wanted to have sex? Here I am with strangers cum in me. I felt my knickers and they where damp with his cum slowly seeping out of my pussy. I didn’t want my hubby to find out what I had done, so I told him I was tired and we went to bed. I was awake long after Hubby fell asleep. I lay in bed and playing with my pussy thinking all about what had happened that night.

The next day he rang me up to say that I had the job. He picked me up a few days later and drove me to work. When we got there he got his cock out, without saying anything to me I dropped to my knees and sucked him. He came in my mouth. My eyes lit up as I felt his cock and balls twitch and empty into my mouth. I knelt there swallowing as much as I could. He asked how it tasted and I said wonderful. This put a smile on his face. I feel extremely horrible and dirty that I am cheating on husband for the sake of a job, but I am on good money and having some great sex. And it’s great to have a place like this to confess my naughty deed.

Submitted by: Jessica - Newcastle, UK


September 24, 2012

Cuckolded on Wedding day

Cuckold Place Update

Cuckolded future Hubby 1 hour before the wedding

Hi, I cuckolded my now Hubby 1 hour before our wedding with his best man and walked down the aisle with the best mans cum soaking into my panties and running on to my stocking tops.

This is 100% GENIUNE.

Does this make me a slut or a hot wife?

Comments and cum painted pics welcome.

Submitted by: hornylynne

Wedding wife

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September 12, 2012

Wifes Confession

After years of fantasizing and sharing my desires with my wife, she finally fucked another man and is on her way to steadily having sex with him. I was away on a business trip, and when I arrived home she confessed that while I was away she had an affair with a married man. They used to work together, and she described how they had been engaged in conversation throughout the night. She didn’t go into detail on why she had booked a room in the hotel they were at, but regardless she told me how they ended up in her room, and how he lustfully tore at her clothes, undressed her, and ravaged her. She told me he ate her pussy before she took his cock into her mouth. She said he loved the way she sucked cock, and before long he slid his unprotected cock into her cunt and began fucking her. She didn’t say how long the fuck session lasted, but she did say she ended up riding his cock until he came deep in her.

My cock was extremely hard as she described her tryst, and when she finished her confession I reassured her that this was what I wanted, what we had talked about, I was not mad, and that I was in fact extrmely horny from her revelation. Although she was apprehensive after telling me what she’d done, for the next week I assured her even more by giving her my cock and telling her how hot it was that she fucked another man. Even more so that she took his bare cock and made him cum in her.

Since that day they have been texting and I have told her it was ok by me if she wanted to fuck him again. She also confessed that she had fucked another man last year, and that he has contacted her recently and she is interested in fucking him again. To my surprise, her latest lover has told her he’d love to have a threesome with us, so hopefully we can get something set up in the near future. Last Friday they were set to meet but plans fell through, and yesterday they made plans to meet sometime today. My hope is that when I get home after work and reach into her panties that I’ll find her cunt used and full of cum so that I can slide my dick in her and feed her more cock while she tells me how she made him shoot his load into her hole. My wife is finally letting herself be the slut I’ve always hoped she would be. If she continues spreading her legs for new cock, hopefully she’ll become more adventurous and begin looking for some BBC as well.

Submitted by: Jack - New Mexico


September 8, 2012

Miss B writes to Hubby

The very beautiful Miss B has got in touch again. Seems her transition into the role of Cuckoldress is going great!


Hey guys. It is Miss B. I know it has been a while since I submitted anything. But here you go!

This is an email written by me to My husband, whom I have cheated on and plan to turn into My cuckold. He recently found some emails that rocked his world and revealed his status as lowly cuckold who’s pathetic dicklet gets all dribbly from thoughts of his wife being a cock craving whore… This is fun!

Silly cuckie. It all came to happen through emails from the secret account I created just for him behind your back. I think specifically the cock-sucking cheat occurred due to pure lust and frustration. Pure lust for his delicious, fat cock and pure frustration because it wasn’t pumping my fuckholes once a week.

Remember the email you found after the fact? You saw the message from him explaining how he just had to have my juicy cunt again, but there was never a time we could meet up to fuck! I had to tell him I could meet to satisfy him when you were at work! These are also the hours he works so my need for his thrusting, hard dick and his desire for my tight, wet fuckhole just increased that much more.

Finally after having to wait too long, it’s like I woke up on a mission one morning. Maybe I received something really hot from him in my secret email account. Maybe he had written about how he wants to get his dick wet in my warm mouth again and how much he wanted me to gag on his cum. I don’t exactly remember what instilled it in me, but I knew I had to have his dick in my mouth that afternoon.

I emailed Brian as soon as you left for work. I told him I had to see him. I told him it wouldn’t take long and, could I come by later on that day? He replied and said he was busy until three but I could stop by any time after. Fuck. I had my personal trainer at three. I didn’t care. This was my opportunity to be in the same room as that glorious cock that fucked me so well all those months ago. I have been craving it for so long and I wasn’t going to pass it up today for anything. I emailed Brian telling him I’d be by around four. I would pull up around back and he was to leave the garage door to his store open, that’s how I would know he was available. I had a cam session early that afternoon and made myself up extra slutty knowing I was going to see him later. It’s all I could think of, his cock and what I was going to do with it. Oh, I’m such a slut for him; the memory of it is sending pulses through my clit as I’m writing this.

Two o’clock came and I couldn’t take it. I was literally pacing with excitement and anticipation. Never did I consider what I was doing was wrong. Never did I think to myself, what am I doing? I love my husband. No. All I thought of was Brian’s divine dick. To my training session, I wore a cute, little tank top, those pink, velour pants that make my ass look incredible and no underwear. As soon as I left the house, my excitement started building. I told my trainer I had to leave early. I made up some excuse and told her I could only do a forty five minute session that day. The sooner I could get out of there, the sooner I could have Brian’s cock in my mouth! I had been thinking about it all day, what I was going to say to him, what I was going to do for him. At three forty five, I sped off, for the first time having doubts….. Oh, not about you, stupid cuck. But I started thinking, what if he’s busy? What if his garage door is closed? How disappointed would I be if I didn’t get to see my lover again and pleasure his glorious cock?

The garage door was closed. I parked my car, sitting there, trying to decide what to do. It was nearly four o’clock; what if you got home early and I wasn’t there? Should I take the time to email Brian from my phone or just go back home? I grab my phone. Just then the garage door opens. My stomach leaps into my chest and my clit begins to tingle. (As if going behind your back and plotting to suck Brian off while you’re at work isn’t enough to tell you how much I need his fucking, the clit tingle is undisputed evidence. He owns my cunt. I know it, my cunt knows it and now you know it.)

It’s pouring rain and just traveling from my car to his garage makes me soaked. Full make-up from the earlier cam session, but slightly smudged making me look sultry-sexy-slutty, my body is still warm and pink from exercise and I’m dripping wet. I look hot. He closes the garage door. “Hey, what’s up?” he tries to make small talk. I just lower my eyes, look at him with pure lust from under my eyelashes and flash the, I-want-to-swallow-your-cock look while I wait for the garage door to fully close. I strip off my wet tank top and bra, wiggle out of my sweatpants. I don’t even give him a minute to admire me, wet and naked except for my Nikes, before I pounce. I jump onto him with feverish lust. I thrust my tongue down his throat as I’m clinging to his body with my hips like a rabid monkey. My legs are spread open and I grind up and down, slowly but firmly on his crotch. I think I pulled away just long enough to smile and look him in the eye while I felt his cock grow hard underneath my aching, writhing cunt. With another long, passionate kiss, I dismount and sink to my knees. I look right into his face and make sure he can see the longing lust in my eyes as I unbuckle and remove his belt. “Oh God, yes. Put it in your mouth.”

I smile and eagerly oblige. I tongue the tip of his magnificent cock only once before I swallow it all the way into the back of my throat, the way I know he likes it. Because of his height, I’m having some trouble deep-throating his cock from this position and just know I can swallow more. I get up and try to pull him over to an adjoining office where I see there are a desk and a computer chair. “Wait. Wait. Wait.” He’s looking at the video monitors of the front of the store. Wait?! What? Dear Lord, I want him to blow his load in my mouth so bad; I want him to fuck my face like it’s his own personal fuckhole so much that I can already feel my inner thighs getting wet and slippery from my needy juices. And he’s hitching up his pants and going through to the front of the store..! Wtf?! Then I see him on the monitor; he looks through the front windows and then locks the door. As soon as he’s back and within arm’s length, I tear his pants and boxers off again and sit him in the office chair. I assume my position: naked except for my Nikes, cunt leaking so much it’s borderline embarrassing and kneeling in front of Brian’s cock.. one of my most favorite places in all the world to be.

From this position, I can thoroughly deep throat his cock. I hear him moan and with satisfaction notice him arching his hips towards my obliging mouth. “Gag. Gasp. Gargle. Oh Brian, your cock tastes so fucking good.” He can’t contain himself. In between low-murmured, vowel-elongated swear words (“fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckk”) he is grunting and breathing hard in time to his hips which are now fucking my face hard. Without regard for me or our surroundings, he grabs your wife’s hair and pulls my mouth toward him each time he thrusts his big, long dick into my throat. I’m gagging; my chin and face are plastered in spit and precum, my eyes are red and tears are streaming down my face from gagging on his delicious cock. I love every minute of it.

I gag and gargle his name every time he thrusts into me. I know he loves this, hearing me try to coo his name when my mouth is full of his cock. He grips my head tighter and his hips are literally convulsing. I am looking up at him this entire time and when we make eye contact and he sees in my face, that pleading need that says, “Please Brian; please make me your cum whore.” It only makes him pump harder. Maybe he really does understand my needs better than I think because when I try to catch my breath and suck slower he says, “Open your mouth and suck my fucking cock.” (Maybe I gave him a surprised look at this. Not disturbed! Not disappointed! More like, holy fuck; did you really just say that? You just got eighty times hotter.) “What? That’s what you want to hear; isn’t it? Suck it.” At this, I melt. Oh God, yes! I am his cum slut. I am his whore. I want nothing more than his superior cock using me in whatever way he wants. This verbiage of his makes me whimper, look up at him with an even greater need, groan and moan while I rub my thighs together. I can’t help but shove my hands in between my legs just to ease the pulsating of my swollen clit.

I suck. I open my throat for him. I gag for him. I do my best saying his name in between and during thrusts of his dick in my mouth, but it’s so big and swollen, all that comes out are gargled gags. He loves it and is once again grabbing my hair, bucking his hips and fucking my face. He grunts and groans and every time he looks down into his lap and sees that needy slut look in my eyes and watches my mouth expertly taking the full length of his cock, he utters another elongated swear word. He throws his head back and with complete disregard for everything else, shouts out, “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!” and explodes his hot load into my eager mouth. I do nonchalantly spit it in the trashcan and rinse out my mouth in the bedroom. I don’t actually swallow because, oddly enough, I’m reminded of how you told me not to ever do that with someone else’s sperm.. diseases and what not. Funny how during my act of infidelity, I take your advice on STDs.

I get dressed as he’s unlocking the front door again. When he returns, I say, “So, I’ll see you around.” I give him my mischievous, slut smile and slip out under the garage door even before it’s half-way open. I got just what I came for and just what I wanted. I even made it home before you, so I still had time to brush my teeth and sop up the lake in between my thighs. You had no clue!

Miss B

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Submitted by: Miss B - Clip Store - Blog


September 4, 2012

First time cucked

Cuckold Place Update

Cucked for the first time

Hi there! I am a long time visitor of this site and am happy to finally have a fun story to share.

A couple weeks ago my girlfriend went on a trip. I was all alone, and one of our friends (who knew we were sort-of in an un acted-upon open relationship) recommended that I try an online dating service. I tried it out and found it really fascinating, and loved checking out the girls on there. You can really learn a lot about people based on how this service is set up.

Anyway, when my girl got home from her trip, I encouraged her to join the same service. We had talked about sharing her with other men forever. While she hesitated with the idea of having sex with other men at first, she finally succumbed to getting off at just the idea of it. She got on the dating service, and started to get hit on by many, MANY guys. She is a dick magnet on this thing. Even though she has not been with a woman, she signed up as bi, since I encouraged her. I know she has a deep seated/tucked away interest in other women.

Anyway, all these guys start complimenting her ass, making her feel all special and horny. She offered me her account info so that I could read her naughty exchanges, and she finally identified a couple of guys she would totally slut out for. She shared things with these guys in instant messages about herself that she had not told me in the 4 years we have been together. Such slutty tidbits as how the Beauty and the Beast turns her on, how she fantasizes about werewolves and other sexy fucking stuff I was happy to learn. She gave her number out to a few, making her able to conduct conversations I would not be able to see.

Hearing about it, reading it, and thinking about it finally got to me. I was going out of town soon, and told her she could let one of her suitors take her mouth. If she was going to go any further, there would obviously be protection, and she would text me for my go-ahead to let him fuck her.

So I left town on my trip. Sure enough, about 7PM I get a text: “Please, please, please daddy, let me have his dick in my pussy?!”

I asked if he was being nice, if he deserved it, and she replied: “Yes he’s very nice. He licked my pussy expertly!”

I told her to wrap it before she taps it and enjoy. She sure did too. I got to hear all about it a few hours later… They made out on the couch… He ate her cunt, licking both over the panties, and later on her bare-shaven pussy. She sucked his cock, rubbing it all over her face and kissing and licking the sides of it and not only the head. They sixty-nined, while he fingered her ass. He fucked her missionary and doggy style… She told me all about it, or so I thought.

So I get home from my trip, and take her to bed almost immediately. We start talking about her time cucking me, how she shaved her pussy and legs all nice for him, and wore sexy underwear… I start fucking her and asking her naughty questions about her experience. For some reason, I ask if he fucked her ass, and she drops the bomb: yes, he totally did! Fucked her ass on the first date. What a slut! She said he was a little less girthy than me and thought it would be easier to take. She hardly lets me fuck her ass, so I tell her that I will have to punish her for giving up her ass without asking me first. I also then learn that they intimately showered together and kept fucking multiple times, and that even though she told me he went home early, he stayed all night owning her holes.

Apparently, she was too exhausted to go through with some plans she made with friends on Saturday. But on Sunday was so horny that she made another date with one of the black men pursuing her. She has fantasized about black guys for some time, well she finally got a taste. She told me that she had never been so stretched out, and that this guy is so dominate and already talking about sharing her with his friends. It was so intense hearing this, know that I planted the seed in her head about serving black men. It has grown to fruition.

To try to get me branching out also, my girl is trying to find another woman for a threesome with me. She has so far found another girl on the dating service who may be looking some girl sex. It could even lead to swinging, as this other girl has a boyfriend too.

Anyway, these were some crazy fast moving developments.

Submitted by: tacomaslutt

My wife

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August 29, 2012

Emmas Creampie Gangbang

Well here’s a blast from the past. I was doing some serious Hotwife research (perving) on the net tonight and came across something which made my heart leap! My longlost Hotwife sweetheart Emma Starr. Some of you who’ve been with us since the start of Hotwife Blog will remember that Emma was a regular poster on the blog in the early days. I was even lucky enough to meet this amazing woman in Vegas in 2006, one of the first Hotwives I’d ever met. After 15 minutes of chatting, her and her Husband told me that they had to go as she had 5 guys waiting for her in her hotel room. I was instantly in love. Over time her posts got less frequent and I was fearing that she had hung up her Hotwife heels for good. But then I found this video which also stars Hotwife Gina Blond, a petite German wife who I’ve also had the privilege of meeting at a move shoot I was on with Daisy a couple of years ago. Gina is also someone I’d like to get to post on here too.

Anyway this video was amazing. It’s rare to get such a good quality, genuine creampie gangbang. Emma gets surrounded by about 10 guys and one by one they all take turns in fucking her and emptying their balls inside her.

Emma if you’re still out there somewhere, come back to us soon.

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr - Hotwife Blog Profile 2005

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August 27, 2012

Welcome to the club

Yet more wives step over to the dark side…

My wife actually did it. She had sex with another man two weeks ago. She was out with her friends three weeks ago and came home late (3am) with her girlfriends. My buddies and I were playing poker while they went out. When everyone had left she slurred to me, “I feel so bad.” I asked “Why”, she said “Because, I was allowing a guy to hit on me” I asked “What did you do?” She said “Just talk to this guy and when the bar closed the girls and I went outside to wait on our taxi and while we waited he was tickling my hair and talking really close to me.” I said “That’s nothing… Did he kiss you?” she said “No… but I feel bad because the other girls were looking at me with him like I was so bad.” I asked her how she felt towards him and she said he was unique and she found him interesting. She said he had fairly dark skin and that she got his number. This was interesting because she’s only been with white guys, but one of her best friends only dates black guys and she’s been hanging out with her quite a bit lately (not that weekend though)

So the next weekend we went downtown. Later that night after drinking we wound up at the bar where she met him the previous week. As soon as we walked in, she started acting like a teenage school girl. She said, “There he is, don’t look”. I told her “Go talk to him, I’ll go to the restroom.” I went to the restroom, came out and she was talking to me, I went over to them cautiously and she noticed me coming and immediately introduced me as her husband.

When the bar closed we all went outside. I told her if she wanted to bring him home, that I was ok with it. She asked me “Are you sure?” I nodded, she said “You promise you won’t be mad?” I said “No”. We approached him and two of his buddies and she asked him if he’d like to come home and have a few drinks. It was a bit weird because I was standing right there. They all looked at me. I swallowed my pride and said, “I’d rather her have a good time at home than to cheat on me behind my back”. His buddies, asked him what he wanted to do? He said he’d go, they asked him was he sure. He said “Yea I’m good”.

We went back to our apartment and I said I’d get us a drink. Before I even got into the kitchen, they were making out like 16 year olds. (she’s 27) I didn’t even get the drinks made when they went into the spare bedroom and closed the door, like I wasn’t even there. I listened intently to them through the bathroom door that connected to the spare bedroom. I was so shocked and turned on by the fact my wife was in the spare bedroom with another man and I’m standing on the other side of the door letting this happen. I heard them kissing and clothes being dropped on the floor, I then heard them move on the bed and my wife gave a little yelp. I’ve never heard her yelp like that (actually surprised me). After a few minutes of this I hear my wife say “OMG, this is huge!” Now I’m really turned on. I hear slurping noises like never before and thought she must be sucking on his dick. I couldn’t believe it, this was really happening. Anyway, I was creaming in my pants now and dying to go in and watch but couldn’t bring myself to open the door because I didn’t want to interrupt them.

I put my ear to the door and listened to everything. I heard her asking if he’s got a condom and he said “Yes… never leave home without them. I heard them adjust and the guy said “Put these under you.” Pillows I presumed. Then more rustling, my anticipation building I heard her take a few deep breaths and said “OMG!” He asked her “Are you ok?” She said “Yes, just go slow”

After about a min, I began to hear the bed creaking, he was obviously pounding her so hard I thought my bed was going to break or he was killing her because she was moaning so loudly. She was talking like I’ve never heard before saying “Fuck me baby, I can feel it in my stomach!” She came so hard. I could hear her grunting like she was going over the edge of a 1000 foot roller coaster! He fucked her for a good 20-25 minutes before I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I slowly walked into the room and saw my wife on top of him riding his massive dick (at least 10” and fat). She looked at me and said, “Oh, hey babe, come on in”. So I sat in a chair and watched her ride him until she couldn’t and then he fucked her doggy style and came. He went to the restroom, got dressed, we shook hands and I told him to take care.

Once he left, we went to our bedroom and had sex. I didn’t last long but to be hones I’m sure she didn’t feel much after the pounding she just took. We slept good and I think she may like the hotwife lifestyle in the near future. I know I do!


Submitted by: Will - Dallas, USA


August 25, 2012

Pimped by my Boss

Here’s another diary update from our fave gorgeous Hotwife Jackie.


Pimped By My Boss

Most people complain about their jobs. They feel under-appreciated, under-paid and under-accomplished in jobs that don’t fully challenge all their skills and talents. They don’t get the chance to show their boss what they can really do. I feel for my friends that dread going to work at mindless jobs.

On the other hand, I love my job, but I can’t exactly tell all my friends why I love my job so much…but I can tell you. You see, my boss Milt makes full use of my talents and abilities every day and in return I make sure that he receives my gratitude. He pays me in bonuses and I show my appreciation in blow jobs and other miscellaneous sexual favors. How’s that for a quid pro quo? It’s in the grand tradition of women sucking cock to move up the ladder. Sure, some women complain about having to suck dick to get ahead and society shakes it’s head at those women who “sleep” their way to the top, but many women who are sexually liberated love it. It’s a win win! Count me in that last bunch!

For me, the whole thing started not long after Milt hired me to be his personal assistant. After a hard days work it just seemed like the natural thing to keep my boss happy by blowing him at his desk. He is a great guy and treats me with respect and It gave him a terrific sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. Next thing I knew we included nooners in our fun, and boy was it ever fun. He would take me to a motel near our office and fuck me silly and we would return full of renewed energy. Our productivity increased by leaps and bounds every time I coaxed a big hot load out of his ten inch cock. And I must say, it also gave me a great sense of accomplishment, doing my boss and watching my bonus checks increase exponentially.

Well, not long ago I was on my knees giving Milt his afternoon blow job, when he had to take a client call. I guess he got so excited as I deep throated his cock, that he couldn’t help but brag to his client on the phone, that his assistant was a great cocksucker and she was polishing his knob as they spoke. In the heat of the moment, as men will do when they feel the need to show off to the other guys, Milt held the phone down next to my mouth so his client could hear me slurping on his rod. Next thing I hear is my boss saying “How would you like some of that?” I assumed my boss was just strutting his stuff, show boating if you will. “Boys, will be boys” I thought and kept sucking. But after unloading a generous shot of cum into my mouth my boss asked if I would mind if he offered my services to this particular client next time he was in town, which happened to be that very night. I replied by saying “I’ll have to call my husband to tell him I’m going to be late tonight!” Our newest video is all about my evening entertaining the boss and his biggest account.

As I said, most people just don’t get enough satisfaction out of their jobs, but as you will see, I suck every bit of satisfaction out of mine!!! And can’t wait to get back to the office tomorrow.

If you want to see the entire 40 minute video of my boss and his client fucking me, and ALL the videos of me “entertaining other men,” my proud hubby has posted them all for you to see.

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August 19, 2012

Creampie eating first

Another couple have written in to tell us all about their first experience. And what an amazing interracial hotwife experience it was for James and his wife.


The first guy we met I found on the Internet. We met him in a local pub. David was a black guy in his early 30s. We had a few drinks and Marlene was really nervous, I could tell by the way she was guzzling her drinks. David started moving closer to Marlene and she giggled a little bit but she did not push him away. They began flirting and soon, much to my surprise they was kissing and touching each other. David looked at me directly and said, “Do you want me to fuck your wife tonight James, I think she does?” After three years of fantasizing about cuckolding it was becoming a reality right in front of my eyes.

I guess I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. I looked at Marlene anxiously to see what she wanted to do. Marlene kind of laughed and said sure. He returned to kissing my lovely wife of 10 years and I was completely dumbfounded, she was going to do it. Marlene looked disheveled at me and began giggling. The alcohol had gotten to her. David got up and Marlene slid out behind him with her short skirt rising up. I could see that her panties were slid to one side. David must have been fingering her while I was gone. My balls began to churn as Marlene bent over and kissed me. She whispered in my ear, you should have felt what I felt in his pants and she wickedly smiled at me as David took her by the hand and I followed them like a scolded puppy dog out of the pub and drove them home.

In our bedroom they stood next to the bed, and I took a seat in the chair so I could watch. They wasted no time and began undressing; he pulled off her blouse and skirt to reveal her panties. I could see the crotch of her panties were soaking wet, she was really excited. I began to feel at ease as she looked at me and smiled. Marlene stripped David down to his underwear, and I could see that his cock was already up and ready for the job. Marlene got down on her knees and slipped the waistband of his underwear over the head of his dick. She again looked at me and then took a few tentative licks. She lowered his underwear to his ankles, and he stepped free of them. She then gently rubbed the head of his member over her lips, just giving it little licks and kisses, and his pre-cum started to flow. She looked up from her knees and began talking baby girl talk to him, “Mmmm, you taste so good David, and your cock is nice and hot. Its making my pussy so hot, did you see how wet my panties are?”

“They looked really wet, let’s see you without them.” he replied. I could not believe my conservative little wife of 10 years was being such a slut for this man. We had fantasized about this for 3 years and over time she got smuttier in the fantasies but never like this.

David reached down and felt her wetness, and then told her to lie down on the bed and spread her legs. Marlene obeyed; David climbed between them and began eating her out. I watched fascinated, as this was one of my favourite things to do. Marlene gasped as his tongue slid up and down her labia, and then slid in and out of her pussy. This went on for some time, he would suck and lick her clit, and then tongue fucks her. My cock was now aching, and the confinement in my pants wasn’t helping any. I’m so hot, please give it to me now David, Marlene moaned “Fuck my hot pussy, make me cum”. I just shook my head as I watched thinking who was this woman? I had never seen her in such a passionate state. My wife was becoming a porn star right in front of my eyes.

David needed no extra urging as he mounted her as I watched. Marlene had her legs spread wide, and David opened his so that I could clearly see as he guided the tip of his cock to Marlene’s waiting slit. He poked the tip in, and Marlene moaned loudly. He slid into her wetness easily as I watched his entire cock disappear into her eager pussy lips and then slowly slide his thick prick out again causing her to go into a frenzy trying to fuck him back. He continued, sometimes increasing pace to a hard and fast fuck, and then backing off to a slow gentle pace.

Marlene was pinching and pulling her nipples, moaning with ecstasy. My cock had soaked through my underwear and there was a visible wet spot growing on my pants. As I viewed the spectacle Marlene suddenly shouted “Oh God, Oh Fuck I’m going to cum! Yes David, Yes give it to me hard I’m Cumming on your big cock!” I knew at the moment things would never be the same in our lives.

She started to writhe beneath him, as he rammed his cock deeply into her. Harder and harder he pounded her wet pussy as Marlene cried out with another orgasm. I saw his ass clench and his balls draw up right in front of my eye. I could see him grinding into her deeply and she was pushing back just as hard. Oh my God I thought to myself this man is pumping his cum deep into my wife’s pussy. In all the excitement I had never even thought about a condom. Obviously Marlene didn’t either. David collapsed on top of her spent from the force of his ejaculation. I could see the cum on the base of his shaft buried deep inside my wife. He laid there for about a minute and they kissed romantically, then David pulled out of her. His cock was wet with their juices, and as he pulled away a string of cum hung from his dick to her pussy. Marlene laughed and said God were wet, just wipe that off on my pussy please. David smiled and rubbed his cock up and down her cunt, leaving the drippings spread all over her pussy lips, and then rolled off of her and lay next to her.

Marlene rose up on her elbows and viewed the sticky wet mess of her crotch. She smiled and looked at me. “Do you like what you see babe?” She asked. I looked at Marlene and said jokingly, as I stared at her pussy and I definitely liked what I saw, I was really turned on and I had a thought in the back of my mind that I might like to eat her out. I couldn’t believe I wanted that, but I hadn’t cum and right there in front of me was my wife’s beautiful cunt all filled up with cum, my fantasy come true. It wasn’t my cum, but God I was hot at that point.

“I think you do like what you see” she giggled. “Anything you want to do now?” “What do you mean?” I gulped. I didn’t want her saying anything in front of David. “Come on, tell me what you want to do and I’ll let you do it babe. Are you having some nasty thoughts? You can tell us, David won’t tell anyone. Just tell me what you want.” It felt like my cock grew even longer. She was going to make me say it in front of David. I swallowed hard, I really wanted it. “I’d like to taste your pussy” I blurted. “What!? You want to taste my pussy? You can do that anytime lover, I don’t think that’s what you want to do now. Out with it what do you really want to do?” I wish I had never started this fantasy. I used to cum inside Marlene and she would pretend it was another mans cum and I would lick it out of her. I wanted to do it but not in front of David. I wish she would have waited until he left, but she was in control now.

I almost came in my pants; she was going to make this really nasty for me. I took a deep breath and said “I really want to lick the cum out of your cunt, I want to clean up that mess for you.” “Oh, you nasty boy! You want to lick up my pussy after it’s been well fucked? It’s really a wet hot mess honey, isn’t it? It’s even messy outside because David wiped his dripping cock all over it. Well, I guess it does need to be cleaned up, why you don’t take off your clothes first.”

I stood up and quickly stripped, my cock felt a surge of relief as I freed it from its confines. Marlene looked me up and down and smiled, then leaned over and kissed David. She looked back at me and said “Well, what are you waiting for? Climb onto the bed between my legs.”

I did as instructed, and Marlene said Take a close look, can you smell how well it’s been fucked? I got in close to her pussy and took a deep breath. It smelled like heaven. She had cum very hard and her juices were mixed with David’s, and the sweat of their fucking created an intoxicating aroma. “Yes, you smell delicious” I said. “Then you can start cleaning me since you like how I smell. I want you to lick all around the outside first, get that nice and clean, and then you can start sucking David’s cum out of me.” She turned back to David and began kissing him again.

I tentatively started to lap up the cum, my cock was dripping onto the bed. I got the first taste and it was smooth and salty. Her cunt was coated, and I had to lick hard to get the sticky mess off, but I worked hard and succeeded. I glanced up to see her French kissing David, and without stopping she took the back of my head and pushed my face back down into her hole. I fervently began sucking, and she suddenly started to buck against my ministrations. She cried out “Shit, I’m Cumming again already! Oh God, suck my cunt baby, it feels so good!” I had never made her cum so hard in our whole marriage. I became like a man possessed. I wanted to devour her pussy. I knew deep down that I never pleased her sexually and now I had found a way. I looked up at her and she never looked so beautiful to me. I sucked harder as she came, her cunt muscles began pumping their cum out into my mouth. Spasm after spasm roared through her body, and she grabbed my head with both hands and roughly held my face against her pussy as she rubbed it up and down. David had grabbed hold of her nipples and was tweaking them, adding to her storming orgasm. As the waves of pleasure faded, she released me and lay back. God that was great, but I think there’s more in me.

I saw that David’s cock was at rock hard again, and Marlene noticed also. She got on all fours and presented herself to him. David took the hint and positioned himself behind her, and promptly buried his cock inside her. Marlene started to rock back and forth, impaling herself deeply with each stroke. Her eyes were fluttering; she had become possessed just as I was and I wanted her to be. David was a stud that I never was. I could never give her cock like he was and for some reason I was very ok. Maybe the lie was dead; I didn’t have to pretend anymore. I was a cuckold. I really didn’t know who this slut was on all fours but I knew she was mine and loved her even more and wanted to get to know her.

Marlene looked up at me and said “Babe, climb under me and lick me while I’m getting fucked, please, Don’t think about it, just do it, I want you to do it so fucking bad, please lick my cunt now!” I wanted to please her so I got underneath her and she and David spread their legs a little more to allow me easy access. From that angle I had a great view of his thick cock going in and out her wet lips, and Marlene’s pussy was actually working up into lather. I reached out with my tongue and started to lick her clit gently.

“Oh fuck yeah!” She shouted. “Lick me hard cuckyboy you nasty slut! Lick my clit, oh yeah David fuck me deep!” I started to lick at the hole as she ordered me, sliding my tongue over the clit and around the hole just as she was getting pumped by David’s manhood. My dick was spewing all over my stomach. Marlene began to spasm wildly, and David grabbed her hips to keep his cock deep in her. She cried out that she was Cumming again, and her body began to quiver as she rode out her third orgasm. I was watching David’s balls and I saw them tighten up as he dumped his second load into Marlene, and she sobbed with pleasure feeling her pussy fill up again with another man’s cum.

David pulled out, and Marlene dropped herself straight down onto my face, cum leaking freely from her gaping hole. I lapped it up as she grinded down onto me. I sucked hard as she leaned forward and took my dick into her mouth. I lasted about 10 seconds, and then a violent orgasm shook my whole body as I let loose what felt like a gallon of cum into her mouth. She continued to suck and I continued to lick until my cock began to deflate. Finally, she rolled off and turned over to face me. I had cum on my lips and face, and she had a big smile on hers. David was watching as she grabbed me and kissed me hard. I opened my mouth to accept her tongue, and was surprised when she returned my whole load of cum to me!

“Now swallow that one too” she said with a grin. I smiled and let it slide down my throat, and she let out a laugh. “There, now you finally got to taste your own cum lover, maybe next time you will actually be able to eat it from my pussy! If not, we can always invite David back for more practice.”

After David left we made love like we have never made love before. Marlene has had so many men since then, but that night was the best.

My wife

Submitted by: James - UK


August 13, 2012

The cubicle next to me

Cuckold Place Update

My girlfriend fucked her lover at the swimmingpool

Yesterday we went for a swim, the three of us.

They kissed all the time and even fucked a bit in the actual swimmingpool right next to me.

At the end, she was with me in my dressingroom, and she told me she was going to fuck her lover! He was in the dressingroom next to ours.

It was only 30 secs later before she threw her bikini in total over to my dressingroom.. So I knew she was naked.

Then they fucked, and I heard the moans, and felt the motions through the wall.

I have secretly taken some pics! Tell me what you think of it?

Submitted by: dfs334

My wife at the swimming baths

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