May 20, 2013

Rookie cuckold

Cuckold Place Update

Rookie cuckold - our story

I just found this site and fell in love with it. My wife has been cucking me for about 6 months now, and I’ve been dying to tell someone but couldn’t, but now I finally have the opportunity. So here’s our story. BTW, this is all true but the names.

We have been together now for about 8 years. I started trying to get her to do a BBC from the beginning but realized that wasn’t going to happen, so gave up on that and started working on her to do anyone. In the last couple years I’ve upped the pressure, knowing that I wasn’t taking care of her. But, never thought she would actually do it.

About 4 months ago we had a good buzz and I brought up the subject again, and she told me she had found someone and had been fucking him for a couple months. I was shocked! Then she went on telling me what a great fuck he was and all the things he does to her. The bad thing is, it was one of my buddy’s. Well needless to say, I didn’t take that too well, and screwed everything up between us and them to the point that we split up. But after a couple weeks I realized how much I loved her and begged her back.

Here is where my cuck story begins. After she came back I realized she couldn’t let him go until their thing had ran it’s course. So one morning before work, I set her down and told her it was ok to fuck him, but I wanted her to be honest about it and tell me before (really didn’t want to know but thought it best). I hoped she wouldn’t do it, but I didn’t get to work good and got the text I was dreading. She said she had talked to him and that she was going to go fuck him. I was pissed at first but got to thinking about her naked with another mans cock in her mouth and pussy drove me crazy, my anxiety level went through the ceiling, my hands were shaking, had the feeling in my stomach, you guys know the feeling. It was AWESOME!! I knew then I was hooked. Cuck for life! I couldn’t wait to get home. When I did she told me all about it. He fucked her 4 times, in every position possible. I loved every word of it!

Well that went on for a couple weeks, but he wasn’t into it anymore. Lost the excitement I guess. But I knew I couldn’t stop so I talked her into contacting a friend of hers we’ll call B.

So she called B and they set up a meeting for a Sat afternoon. I was so excited and before she left she gave me head (she gives great head). I sat there all day with that awesome feeling counting the minutes till she got home. Sadly, she was disappointed when she got got home. He tried to make love to her. She didn’t like that. She wants me to make love to her, and other guys to fuck her like a porn star. She said she wasn’t going to do him again, but after a couple weeks she decided to explain to him what she wanted from him and they decided to try it again. This time was great for her. He works nights. On the night they had planned to meet, she went to his house early and got in his bed and waited. When he got home and found her in his bed waiting for his cock to be in her, he ran took a shower and then came back and commenced to pounding the hell out of her hot tight ass. She said he fucked her sooo hard! Was on top of her, got her from behind, pulled her to the edge of the bed. She loved it!! They rested for a minute, then he shoved his cock in her mouth till he was hard again and fucked her some more. She didn’t make it home till 10 the next morning and slept all day. He defiantly wore her out!

Then last week she told me she was hooking up with B again. I new something was up when she got home. After a little prying she told me things fell through with B, but she was all hot and worked up, so she went and fucked her ex husband. Didn’t see that one coming and wasn’t too crazy about it. What could I do, I told her she could fuck anybody, anytime?? She’s asked a couple times since and I’ve talked her out of it. We talked last night and I told her she could but wished she wouldn’t.

Luckily, after I agreed to that, B called. She hasn’t heard from him in awhile. He’s wanting to fuck her again (thank God). They made plans for tonight. Their going to hang for awhile then go back to his place and fuck all night. Can’t wait! Starting to get the feeling already. She is going to talk to him about making this a regular weekly thing. I’ll keep you guys up to date on the out come.

Oh BTW, I’ve always wanted to go down on her after she’s been fucked by another guy but thought it might be a little weird and freak her out. But after reading your creampie stories, I decided to run it by her last night. She laughed and said every since this started she had fantasized about me licking another guys cum out of her pussy. Couldn’t believe it. She is so cool, I love her to death. I may get my first cream pie in the morning!!!

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By: DCcuck18


May 16, 2013

I sucked a dick

A hot story today from cuckold Dave about how his new wife finally made the plunge into the wonderful world of Hotwifery……

“I sucked a dick”

These four simple words arrived on my cell phone around 6 years ago as my wife was out of town visiting some friends. From that day on, my life has never been the same, and oh what a wonderful ride it has been!

This is my second marriage, my first being to my High School sweetheart. During my first marriage, MMF threesomes were not uncommon, and I developed a taste for voyeurism. I had no idea how that would develop into a far more submissive desire as time went on.

My first experience with a MMF situation was on the night that my classmates and I finished up the first section of our technical training in the Air Force. One of the cross-training NCO’s in our class was kind enough to purchase the alcohol for us, under the stipulation that NOBODY leave the apartment. So after a few hours of celebrating, and WAY more alcohol than our teenage bodies were able to hold, most of the guests were passed out. Me and my best friend at the time were sitting on the couch, browsing through my rather large collection of magazines. We came across a centerfold, and he commented on the size of her breasts. I remarked “Oh, my wife’s are WAY bigger than hers.” Almost on cue, my wife stepped out of the bedroom, having just woken from her alcohol induced nap. She asked what we were looking at, and I said “I was just telling Miguel how much bigger your tits were than hers” turning the magazine to show her the picture. She said “Yep!” and I responded with “Wanna show him?” and that started me down the path of cuckoldry, as we found several men to share our bed with, and even during our breakup, her lovers would often result in visits to my dorm room to clean her up (the first few times, without my knowledge of what exactly I was doing)– that was 20 years ago!

Enough about my first wife, at the time of the most memorable text I had ever received, my wife and I had been married for around 8 years. I had not been shy about sharing my past experiences, but it was when my new young bride would tell me about the number of men she had been with that my interest would peak. Hearing her talk about the sizes of her past lovers in particular was always one of my favorite conversations. I was often left unsatisfied, as she would go into little detail without being pushed for information, and I could always sense her feelings on the subject were that it was weird, and I would drop it before she was creeped out by the conversation.

My attempts to convince my wife to take a lover, and open our bed to another man fell on deaf ears for many years. She would always entertain the conversation in the heat of the moment, but once it was over, she would just say “I couldn’t do that to you”, always seeing her being with another man as a cheating, thus wrong. It took many years after this for her to even truly see what the fetish is about, and what fuels my desire for her satisfaction.

So back to the night of the text. She had gone to Biloxi to visit some friends. I was home in Florida taking care of the kids. I had jokingly told her “Behave, and if you don’t, take pictures” as I always would before she would leave to go out with her friends. I had no reason to believe that this outing would be any different than the ones in the past.

We had kept in regular contact throughout the night, she had let me know that an old friend was having a party celebrating his clean bill of health from a fight with bone cancer. I had met him a time or two when we lived in Biloxi, but had not known about the past that they shared. A couple hours after they got to the club where the party was taking place, she messaged me those four little words – my mind immediately began racing! “WHO?” “Really?” every question you can imaging was running through my head, but she was unresponsive, other than to say “I will have quite a story for you when I get home!” and that was it.

She finally messaged me back later that night, more accurately, the next morning, letting me know she was safe, and would be heading home soon. It was the longest three hours of my life, waiting on her to make the drive back home. I met her at the door, anxious to hear every detail, and oh what details they were. It started with her old friend Greg showing his piercing at the club. A rather impressive gage piercing through the head of his penis, that she described as looking like the ring through a bulls nose. She was very turned on by it, and the fact that she had been with Greg when he was a member of the police force (and she was technically under age) turned her on as well. So she decided to act on my urging for all these years, and see what could happen.

The details are a bit foggy after all these years, I can’t recall exactly who made the proposition first, but they ended up in his SUV. Within a few minutes, his cock was in her mouth. She is an expert at giving head, even back in those days. So I trust that it didn’t take long for him to fill her mouth with his hot sticky trophy. She undoubtedly swallowed every drop.

She continued to tease him, as I recall, and they ended up parked in his driveway, not even taking the time to go inside, he said “You in the back, NOW” where he proceeded to slide his unprotected cock into my wife’s pussy, emptying his balls into her several times as the night went on. I thank Greg for being the one to open my wife’s mind to the sexual exploration that she now enjoys, and for making my life as a committed cuckold possible. My Darling Mistress has enjoyed the company of many men in our bed, and I hope to be able to add to the notches on the bedpost for many years to come.

Submitted by: Dave and Beth, Destin, Florida


May 12, 2013

My Main Lover

Another diary addition from gorgeous UK hotwife Modesty Ablaze. You can check her out and say hi on Hotwife Hub too - Profile Here

Thrilling Thursday with Lover No. 1

I’ve known Lover No. 1 for over 20 years. It was my affair with him, and my husbands response when he found out, that actually ignited me on this wonderfully fulfilling and exciting journey of sexual adventure and sexual independence. He was a work colleague, a friend first and then, (it just sort of happened), a lover. My first, but (lol) not my last exciting “other man”.

Our career paths went in different directions, but we kept in touch and once I knew I had my husbands blessings, we would regularly meet for evenings of fun and excitement. And that’s continued ever since, not as regularly as it was in those first few, heady months of excitement and new passion, but whenever we can. And it’s still wonderful and still fun.

Last week was the first evening we’d been able to arrange together this year and once we’d agreed the time and I knew the hotel room was booked, the next few days just couldn’t come soon enough.

He picked me up after work and we were in our room within 30 minutes. I showered first and prepared our snacks and nibbles, (and wine of course), that he’d brought along from M&S as he always does. We both sat on the edge of the bed wrapped in our towels, snacking, sipping and chatting just catching up on each others news and family gossip. Before long the snacks were forgotten and the towels were unwrapped.

He’s been my longest lover and still the most special. Not just because he’s such a long-standing friend, but because he’s such a wonderful lover. Passionate, strong, demanding but fun and so, oh so arousing. I love the way he licks and fingers me and I know I was quickly groaning and moaning under his tongue and caresses. Soon he had my legs spread, and lifted up onto his shoulders, and I could feel the full rhythm of him pushing and gently pounding into me. He stops and slows, and we turn and roll over on our sides, finding ourselves almost naturally in a spooning position as he plays with my nipples and I stroke his back and reach down to cup his wonderful bum cheeks. He has such smooth and silky skin, I love stroking him and feeling him as he fucks into me.

I can hear myself groaning and gasping loudly, and sometimes giggling and squealing with the exertion as he rolls over onto his back and pulls me up on top of him. I lift up and squat myself over his hips, stroking up and down on him whilst he grips my waist and pulls and pushes in time. I can’t last long like this though and have to beg him to lie me back down, my body shuddering with the first of my evenings orgasms.

He lets me rest for just a few minutes before starting again. Lifting my legs up again and pounding more aggressively. I’m groaning in passion and delight and then in pleading gasps as I come again, and ask for a moments rest. He lays down beside me and we cuddle and talk for awhile. I rub my hand down over his chest to find and grasp his cock. I love the feel of his erection. So smooth and firm. I sit up and slide down the bed to take him into my mouth. I love sucking his cock his more than any other I’ve ever had. It’s thick and hard and the head is so perfectly shaped and rounded. I play with his balls as I suck and stroke my mouth up and down on him. He lets me suck and play like this for several minutes before lifting me away and turning me over on to my back again.

I gasp as I feel his cock, wet from my saliva, probing and pushing into me again. I’m loving the feel and sensation of knowing I’d just had that wonderful hardness sliding in and out of my mouth and now it was pumping in and out of my pussy slowly at first, but then quicker and harder. I can hear the mattress squeaking, and my gasps and groans getting louder. “Oh, Fuck my cunt. I love it, I fucking love it”, I’m telling him as he strokes harder and faster. I’m coming again and then hearing him gasping and groaning too, saying “I love fucking you” as he pounds and pounds. He pulls out and moments later I feel his come splashing across my tummy. We collapse together, warm and wet and gasping and cuddling together in our relief and exhaustion.

We don’t doze, just lie together and relax and chat more. Sitting up and finishing the wine, and snacking again on a few of the nibbles we’d not touched earlier. Eventually he gets up to shower. I lay back, recovering still. He comes out of the bathroom to hand me my towel again. “Are you showering?” he asks grinning because he likes to hear me answer “no, you know I’m not, you know Hubby likes me to come home ‘dirty’ and smelling of you”.

He drops me home just before midnight. Hubby is waiting in bed as he normally does, excited and desperate to hear “a blow-by-blow account” of my evening. I collapse beside him and tell him all that we’d done, “but you can only lick me there, I’m too numb and exhausted for any more”!

Modesty Ablaze

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May 8, 2013

It finally happened

Cuckold Place Update

It finally happened

This is probably just another of the many “it finally happened” stories I’ve read on here, but thought I’d post my experience for wannabe cucks (like I was) because I was sure it would never happen for me either. It may be a little ‘mundane’ but it is as exactly as it is happening.

My wife is an attractive woman. Ever since we met has always turned men’s heads, I am average. She was however very sexually submissive. To be more accurate she was unadventurous and quite boring to me. She was happy with the usual oral sex, fuck and finish but I wanted more spice, eventually plucking up the nerve to suggest she fuck another guy. After mentioning this many times and it falling on deaf ears, I knew she wasn’t keen and not interested at all. Eventually this led to us not having sex for a very long time (my choice) which was obviously harmful to our marriage.

Anyway a few weeks ago we were in a holiday park and both had plenty to drink and one thing led to another and we ended up naked and ready for our first sex in ages. I stopped and looked at her and said “I really want you to fuck another guy… I want you to shave your cunt and fuck other men”, expecting the usual ignore and continue what we were doing. She sat up and said “I’ll shave it right now if you want?” Of course I said yes and she threw on a nightie and shot off to the communal bathrooms and proceeded to shave her beautiful pussy bald in a public shower! I was quite surprised (happily) at her eagerness and when she returned we fucked 3 times that night, all the while me mentioning her being fucked by someone else. I was so horny at this new sexually aware wife that when I woke the next morning sober, I took her from behind while asking her if she really meant what we talked about. She said “I suppose if you want me to” and we then committed to at least trying.

A few days later I decided to approach this in a very straightforward way as it wasn’t going anywhere again. Writing her a letter about how I feel, how I felt about her - and us and what I fantasized about. I also directed her to this site so she could read a little about it to gain confidence that I was not just weird - and hopefully to give her some tips! I felt this was easier than trying to blurt out bits and pieces when horny and I can tell you it was the best thing I ever did. I am the dominant one in the relationship so cuckolding is a little strange to both of us, but I gave her a day after reading the letter and we both committed to trying while respecting boundaries.

I told her she needed stretching so she could take big cocks if they were available and she agreed - bonus! We stopped in at a sex shop and bought a 12″ jelly cock that is nearly 3″ in diameter. She looked at me like I was crazy and said “Ouch” (she has never been into big things in her pussy or liked me trying to use more fingers etc) but she went along with it. I also wrote in the letter that I am only ever going to fuck her used cunt. I am sloppy seconds so she knew she needed to fuck this toy if we were to have sex.

The first time we used it she could only really just get the head inside her and I could tell it was uncomfortable. One important thing I have to share is that it is a jelly cock. Any of the “realistic” or harder cocks hurt more (I had one of those too and it was smaller) and probably would not have worked..at least not as quickly with such a massive cock! They have a funny rubbery smell about them, but are gentle on beginners… I re-enforced that I want a big cock slut wife and that she is going to be used and needs to crave big cocks to make her cum and she has kept her word to try and has responded with surprising enthusiasm. I bought a cheap in flight style blindfold for her to use and asked her to try and think of someone who she would like to fuck her, and to fantasise it is him fucking her and not me with a rubber cock.

It has worked wonders and last night (only 4 weeks later) she had 3 orgasms in maybe 5 minutes while I fucked her with her new big cock. It slips in quite easily with plenty of quality lube and she takes up to at least half the length while fucking her faster and faster. As she approaches orgasm she will take at least 8″ of this really fat cock as she bridges off the bed with her hips thrust out and shudders. Once she cums I slip it back out so it is only just inside her and tell her that her boyfriend isn’t finished yet and needs to keep fucking her. She just moans OK and we start slowly again and built up speed. As I said this ‘working it in and building speed to orgasm’ now seems to only take maybe 1 minute - an absolute record and I think me telling her to take off your pants I need to use you and things like that are turning her on and helping. I also had her suck my cock (I was quite forceful and was fucking her mouth and she was sucking and slurping greedily) when I first slid it in her last night “to get used to two cocks at a time”. Hand on heart honestly, she gave me 2 bad blowjobs in 10 years of marriage previously, but now sucks cock on command!

I am sure she could probably cum 5 or 6 times on her new big cock as it takes under a minute for her to arch her back and moan out her orgasm, but I am taking it slowly so she doesn’t get too sore - it means I can fuck her 3 or 4 times a week. Of course once she’s finished cumming on the big cock she pulls her cunt wide open and I get sloppy seconds. She seems to like that and has cum a couple of times even though by that time I am too turned on and finish a bit quickly.

That is how things have been on the big cock/stretching agenda, but within a week of me writing the initial letter and during the second stretching/fucking session (the first one that she had an orgasm from) she told me she had found somebody she would consider fucking! I’m sure thinking and telling me about him helped her first orgasm on the big rubber cock. It turns out to be someone that she knew at school who had contacted her on Facebook recently. They’d had a catch up over coffee and he obviously found her attractive and she must have had secret thoughts about him too, so the timing was perfect. I asked her if she was comfortable setting something up and she said she would think about it. Relatives have turned up to stay straight after this, so I figured it was on the back burner for a while and have just been using his persona when fucking her with the big cock, trying to keep our expectations up for when they leave. It seems to have coincided with her swallowing this monster and cumming so quickly on it.

Well this last weekend just gone she gets a text message and calls me over. It was from ‘him’ and he had a small window of opportunity (he is unhappily married) to meet. She didn’t tell me anything leading up to this or anything. It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we still had visitors, the kids were around and she just calls me over and says “he says he can meet me in an hour.. Are you sure you want this?”

Stunned that she had gone ahead with plans without me even knowing, a moment of doubt struck me and I was silent for a second until I realised my cock was hard. I looked at her and her nipples were hard and she was asking me if I wanted her to go out and fuck this stranger, about to fulfil a long time fantasy of mine.
I croaked out a YES and she hurried inside to quickly freshen up and change into some sexier clothes. I was a little disappointed in the timing as I wanted to be able to help prepare her and maybe work her up a bit but it was not to be.

So 5 minutes later my wife struts past me and out to her car to head of to an arranged fuck session with another man. I knew the timing was tight so I wouldn’t have long to wait, but it was murder talking to family and pretending nothing was going on while my pretty petite wife was out somewhere moaning and being pumped by a strangers cock!

She arrived home in around an hour and we both headed straight to the bedroom and locked the door. She immediately removed her stretch tights and pulled her thin panties off, handing them to me so I could see how wet and messy the crotch was from where their combined juices had leaked out of her used hole.

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide for me. Her shaved cunt was swollen and slippery and with the relatives in the next room she whispered “Look at my used cunt baby”. “He put his cock in me baby” “He fucked me and he pumped his cum in me.”

I wasn’t sure how I would react when it really happened, but with that I dived face first into her used hole and sucked her pussy like never before. While I was sucking her she told me they met at a track where he goes running. They climbed into the back seat of his car in this open park during daytime and she sucked this strangers cock. She spread her legs for him and he moaned when he saw her wet shaved cunt. He pushed her knees back and apart and pushed his cock into her willing wet cunt. She says she was moaning and loving it as he pumped her hard, excited by the dirtiness, of being used for sex and the thrill of being in the open, until he lost control and pumped his cum into her.

At this point I climbed up and slipped my cock into her mumbling “used slut” and other dirty talk as she urged me to feel her used hole. Needless to say I finished pretty quickly, pumping my cum into the same hole her new ‘boyfriend’ had just filled.

Well that is the end of my story so far. I have fucked her twice with the big cock since (last night being the 3 orgasm night - no coincidence I feel!), always being Mr sloppy seconds and I am wondering where and when they will get together next. It seems from her actions the first time, it wont be me organising anything.
She will just get a text message and rush off to service her new lover. The only rule we have is that she is to come straight home, and it is a casual sexual relationship only - for both of them. I am quite confident it is with her, I just don’t want complications with him.

Sorry for the long first post, but things happened so quickly there was a lot to write about. This has been 4 weeks from concept to reality and I spent 5 long years getting nowhere before. If people are interested, I will let you know how things are going as they happen…it is too exciting not to share!

My wife

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By: Homerman


April 30, 2013

Set my wife up on a date

Here’s another submission from cuckold couple Sara and Jason. Jason set Sara up with a date and she wrote this email to him reliving the encounter. Very Hot. Don’t forget you can chat with them on Hotwife Hub - Their profile is here

I was standing at the corner of the hotel, outside, in the dark. I was wearing heels and that black dress you like. I had on thigh-high stockings, a lacy bra, and no undies. I saw a man walking toward me wearing a suit. I hoped it was him. It was. He came up to me, grabbed my hair roughly and yanked my head back, told me I was a good little slut, and started kissing my neck. He put my hand on his cock to feel his erection and told me I was prettier than he expected. He pushed his hand into my pussy and felt how wet I was. Then he licked his hand clean.

He asked me if I wanted to fuck him and please him and I said yes. He told me, “Say yes, sir.” I said “Yes, sir”. Then he asked me to come have a drink with him. We went to a bar on the corner, where there were only a few other customers. He ordered a knob creek neat for me without asking what I wanted. He told me to sit down and talk to him. We talked about sex and regular life. Then when we finished our drinks he told me to take a walk with him. We walked back to the hotel parking lot where he forced me up against the side of the building and we made out and he put his hand on my pussy and played with my clit. He kissed me then told me to keep walking with him. We started walking toward the railroad tracks and passed a co-worker of his on the street. They knew I wasn’t his girlfriend and he was pleased about that.

We walked to a different parking lot, where he pushed me up against a pickup truck, put my hands onto the truck, and unzipped his suit pants. He started fucking me and then called you to let you listen. He fucked me for about five minutes like that, then told me to pull my dress down and keep walking. I had to struggle to straighten up so that people on the street wouldn’t know what we had been doing. We walked around the block to a construction site, where he had me lean with my ass in the air so he could fuck me hard from behind. He was able to get deep and hard then, and the fuck felt really good. He grabbed my ass and my shoulder to get a good hold on me, then fucked me hard and fast. He stopped for a minute, pulled out, and got on his knees. Licked my ass and pussy from behind, then started fucking me again. His cock was hard, long, and nice. I was so horny and ready cum that I did pretty soon after he started fucking me again.

Then he stopped and walked with me to the railroad tracks. There we found an old loading dock with a wooden ledge that he sat me onto. He had me spread my legs and then he began fucking me with my legs up around his shoulders. He fucked me like that for a few minutes, then he had me suck his cock on my hands and knees on the dirt, then he turned me around and came in my pussy, then finished cumming in my mouth so I could taste it. He told me to stand up and keep walking. My thighs were wet as his cum leaked out of my pussy. We walked back to the car and I got in and drove home. I smelled him on me all day on Friday.


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April 26, 2013

True life emailed

Cuckold Place Update

A True Life Story Emailed

I have in the past submitted stories about my life and how I was cuckold by my second wife. Having posted a story on another web site, I received a lot of negative responses from guys who just didn’t get it. However, there were also some positive responses and one man from Germany wrote to me to say that he enjoyed the story and that his own life was not dissimilar. He asked me to tell me more of my life and I found myself writing a full and true account of my experiences. Things I had almost forgotten came back to me as I wrote a number of emails to this man, I also found myself being turned on, as I relived the events and he came back with details of his life and more questions about mine, so I have decided to copy the emails here, in order that others may get something from our own true life experiences.

It would be nice to here what you think and as I am still writing to my new found friend in Germany, I’ll post the emails and some of the replies.

EMAIL to me:
Dear Jim,
hello from Germany. We are about the same age, I am 57. It seems to me, that we are very similar cuckolds, with very similar cuckold biographies. My first and only marriage ended in a divorce mainly because of cuckold-related-issues, although my former wife loved it to cuckold me and she did it with great pleasure for herself with my best friend. Today I live in a new relationship and my girlfriend cucks me only in fantasy games, although she likes the power she is gaining more and more over me very much. Three years ago I would have said, that I have no bi-tendencies but even this is changing. I would like to exchange emails with you, hopefully you are also interested. Please be tolerant with my english, I am a native german speaker. Best Regards

EMAIL to Germany:
Thank you for getting in touch. Your English is very good.

I’ve been a literotica member for a lot of years now and every so often I respond to some of the very negative comments left on a story about the cuckold lifestyle. I enjoy reading cuckold stories and having experienced a cuckold relationship with my second wife who I have kept in touch with. I often identify with the writers. My current girlfriend is not aware of my previous lifestyle and I can’t see me telling her, although I fantasize about it on a daily basis.

The internet has fueled so many of my fantasies and I enjoy cuckold sites. It was only after my second wife and I agreed to separate, that one evening, she treated me to my biggest fantasy. She had arrived home after being with her boyfriend and immediately went up stairs to change. When she came back down dressed in her white towling dressing gown, she poured herself a glass of wine. She sat next to me on our couch and then lifted her legs over mine, at which point I noticed, she only had her white cotton panties on. Her breasts were almost on show as the dressing gown was only slightly closed with a belt. I could tell, she had been drinking slightly and was obviously still horny as she allowed me to stroke her legs and thighs. I knew she had been well and truly fucked by her boyfriend less than an hour before but I had no idea at that point, that what was about to happen, was going to be the most amazing experience of my life. My hands had moved to her crotch and her panties were very wet. I slid from the couch and she opened her legs to allow me access. I slowly removed her panties then quickly passed them over my nose to smell her pussy. There was no mistaking the strong smell of sperm which came from them and this only aroused me more.
I’ll write a bit more later.

EMAIL to Me:
Hello Jim,
thank you for your response and your kindness with my english!

By reading your response and your stories in literotica I have the strong feeling, that we have a very similar biography as a cuckold. I was born in 1955, very happy childhood, loving parents and I had to watch that the bad boys were more successful with the girls I lusted after.

Being a rather brilliant student I finally got my share of women and still do but even these young women in my student-days cheated on me. When I Found out I was shocked, jealous like hell and strangely aroused with a hard-on-that stayed forever! With my french wife (she looks like a twin sister of the famous actress Juliette Binoche) I had a long cuckold-relationship, 8 years as a hidden cuckold, 7 years as a cuckold out in the open. I will write in other emails about it. I am sure, some of my real stories will make you envious with a hard-on to jerk off for hours.

Your creampie story with your former wife makes me envious and gives me a real hard-on to work on. Please continue your stories with all possible details (I don’t have to tell you, what a cuck craves for).

If you have questions please ask as openly as possible, we cuckolds normally don’t have that much people we can talk with.
My best regards

EMAIL to Germany:
I would love to hear more of your own experiences. Myself? I had always considered myself straight but with bi tendencies. I had my first gay experience when I was just newly married for the first time. I was in my late 20’s when I was touched up by a man in a sauna. He was in his late 60’s and at that time I had been going to the sauna purely for relaxation with a good friend. I realised after my first visit that the upstairs area was mainly frequented by gay men and my curiosity got the better of me. I never lost that curiosity and have over the years played along with my bi feelings. I developed an interest in transvestites, particularly ladyboys. I had in my early teens played with some of my mother’s underwear (nothing in cestuous but I loved the feeling of satin which turned me on) later the idea of fucking a ladyboy was something I really wanted. More on all this another time

To follow on with the true story of my second wife.

I should maybe describe her a little. She is tall, 5′10″, very slim with long legs and a beautiful bum. She is 10 years younger than me (she is currently 46). Her breasts are not large but pert with nipples that when aroused will stand out nicely. They are sensitive and she likes them being sucked and tongue flicked. If I was to compare her to someone you might know, I had always thought she looked a bit like Jamie Lee Curtis but with a slight wave in her hair. Not quite the same figure but very close to it. She is a brunette, she doesn’t shave her pussy but her hair growth is light and her pussy always protrudes with a very noticeable clit. Her labia is not too large and from all the women I have been with, she had the perfect pussy which I’ve always found totally irresistible.

To carry on from my last email. I was now sitting on the floor with my wife’s legs either side of me. She was still sitting on the setee. She had a glass of white wine in her hand and her dressing gown was now only slightly closed by the cord at her waist. However, after I removed her sperm covered panties, she parted her legs and the dressing gown opened from her waist down to reveal her pussy. I’ve always loved licking pussy and my wife would always cum hard when I did this. It’s funny but nothing was said. We both knew where she had been and I was totally aroused and fascinated with what was before me.

My first reaction was to touch her, feel the wetness. I dipped my middle finger of my right hand into her and her pussy just opened up for me. My finger slid in, she was so wet and the heat was amazing. We held each others gaze for a moment as my finger moved around inside her. My other hand was on her mound, gently stroking her pussy hair. I was and still ‘am hopelessly in love with her and I knew what I wanted at that time. Whilst holding her gaze, I moved my head to her pussy, her legs parted a little more and just at the point of contact I withdrew my finger to replace it with my tongue. The heat and the aroma coming from her almost made me giddy. She watched me as I firstly licked the outer area of her pussy and then pushed my tongue in as far as I could go.

I shocked myself at how I instantly loved the taste. It was slightly salty, very runny and there was quite a lot of it. The mixture of the familiar taste of my wife’s pussy, combined with another mans sperm was mind blowing and I found myself not just licking it up, bit drinking and swallowing it out of her. I couldn’t get enough and my wife just watched me, whilst slightly moaning. I felt her pussy contract and the next moment I felt even more fluid enter my mouth. I was so aroused, I remember thinking she could piss in my mouth right now and I would have gladly drunk it.

It was only when she suddenly asked me “can you taste him” that I sort of came back to my senses. With my mouth still glued to her pussy, I muttered yes and she then put her hand on my head, to hold me there, as she again contracted and flooded my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of this and moaned to let her know my appreciation of what she was giving me and allowing me to do.

More next time.

Check out some updates from Jim here

By: slut345


April 18, 2013

Nayas 2 new men

It’s great to hear back from Rick and Naya from Ontario, Canada

This couple are part of all the fun at Hotwife Hub. Their profile is headtotoe if you want to contact them on there.


Hi - It has been awhile since we have submitted an “adventure” as we have not been that active due to Naya being involved with another woman. Her girlfriend has been pre-occupied with a new job of late so we have set up a few capers.

I put an application on Craigslist to find her a couple of new guys to play with including very strict criteria. As always there was a deluge of guys that did not read the advert and who did not follow instructions. We were quick to separate the wheat from the chaff and found two potential candidates for her to play with. She has gone on a “date” with each guy and clicked with both, one a 29 year-old and the other a 35 year-old (Naya is a HOT 41). Both guys have been texting extensively with her to set up dates and we are going to play two different scenarios for her to play out with her new boyfriends.

Scenario 1 with 29 year old

I am going to be at a dinner meeting with clients and she is going to have this young, hung stud over to our house. She is going to have him send me pictures from his smartphone to “distract” me while I am at supper. The only rule that we have in place with this scenario is that he is not allowed to cum until I arrive home to find them naked in our marital bed. While she was on her first date she took a picture of them kissing and sent it to me while I was still at a work function and I found myself incredibly turned on but I digress. I will arrive home from my dinner and will hear her moaning with pleasure and him groaning as he feeds his huge cock to my hotwife’s tight little pussy. I will listen and will then go upstairs and do as I am instructed by my hotwife. If she lets me take pictures of him stretching her pussy, I will send these in to hotwifeblog for all members to see.

Scenario 2 with the 35 year old

This guy is married and is in a “don’t ask, don’t tell” relationship with his wife as she has lost interest in the bedroom in the wake of having kids. His cock is thick like a water bottle and he is craving Naya’s tight pussy as she has never had children. He has asked her out on a date on an evening when I am at a work function. He will meet her at a lounge at 7 and will check into a hotel with her before 8:30 p.m., they will leave a key at the front desk. I will proceed to the hotel after 9 p.m. when my work function is done and will recoup the hotel key and proceed to the room where I will wait at the door and listen to the moans and whimper of my little hotwife as she takes this guys pent up sexual energy full force. I will let myself into the room and will observe her fucking this guy.

Both of these scenarios will be really hot but Naya and I both crave spontaneity and so the other night I made something happen which she did not anticipate. I was hosting a dinner for 7 friends / business associates at a club that I belong to. One of my friends who attended is a guy who I went to college with and we have stayed in touch over the years. He is in an open marriage and I had related that Naya and I follow a hotwife lifestyle. Having met Naya at one of my reunions, he indicated that I was a lucky man and he would love to have the chance to fuck her.

I used the occasion of this dinner to suggest that he might get his opportunity if he played his cards right. I texted Naya while at dinner and I told her that I was horny as fuck and was not going to be out too late and that I would need some help relieving my sexual tension when I got home. She indicated that she was also horny and told me not to be too late or else I “would lose out”. I told her that if she agreed to be in our living room in lingerie watching her favourite porn movie that I would be home by 11. She told me that it was a deal. At 10:30 p.m. I told my friend “Bill” that we had to grab a taxi if he wanted to take me up on my offer. I texted Naya and told her that I was grabbing a taxi and would be home before 11, she texted back and told me to hurry up stating “I need your hard cock now!”.

Bill and I arrived at my house and entered through the front door and walked into the living room where Naya was wearing matching underwear, stockings and her favourite pair of high-heeled shoes, her vibrator was placed strategically on a towel ready for use. She was surprised to see Bill and I smiled and said “there has been a slight change of plans”. I told her that I had been bragging to Bill about how good she was in the bedroom and that he had finally called my bluff and demanded to see for himself. We poured ourselves a drink and sat on either side of my hotwife Naya, you could feel the sexual tension in the room. I started kissing her and stroking her thigh, I looked and saw that Bill was doing the same thing. His hand and mine met at her panties and I gazed down to see him push the fabric to the side revealing her glistening pussy, Naya moaned. As Bill fingered her pussy, I began to massage her beautiful breasts. Naya cooed with the attention and I could feel her relax and let herself be at our mercy. Bill licked her juices off of his fingers and asked her if she would like to lick the pre-come off of his hard cock. She begged him to get his cock out of his pants. He undid his pants and dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles and sat down on the couch. Naya positioned herself on her hands and knees and started to suck my college friend off. I pushed two fingers into her tight little pussy and she writhed with pleasure. Bill and I took turns teasing Naya’s pussy and mouth with our cocks. Naya loves to have her breast coated with cum and after about 2 hours of playtime she begged us to both cum on her tits. Each of us were so turned on that we let go 4-5 jets of semen on her gorgeous breasts. I took a picture of Bill’s cock inside Naya’s pussy with my smartphone which I have attached here.

Naya loves the attention of other men so the hotwife lifestyle lends itself well to our sex life.


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And here their Post - My Wife With Strangers

You can contact Naya and Rick through their Hotwife Profile here


April 14, 2013

First Valentine

Cuckold Place Update

It’s her first valentine with a lover

Well she just called to say the first 3-4 rounds were fantastic and she’s not sure if she wants to stay all night or not. They just got back from eating dinner together and she’s pumped for more. Tonight is full of firsts for her. First time letting another man bareback her, first time being open to making love with him and first time possibly staying all night.

It’s not our first time she’s with another guy so I’m not on the level 10 roller coaster, however it’s pretty nerve racking knowing where and what she’s doing. At the same time i’ve been hard all day!

This is a picture he took for me on their first date. (Tonight is their second)

My slut

My slut

Tons of more real life posts at Cuckold Place here

By: slut345


April 6, 2013

Wifes Date

Cuckold Place Update

Wife’s Date

On Friday 12-9-11 my wife and I met with her new boyfriend. First date, so she was nervous and excited. We met him at a BJ’s and had two drinks. By the end of the first drink my wife was more than ready to go back to his place, but we still had that 2nd drink. At the table, she was sucking his finger and holding his hand, fun stuff. Keep in mind she and I walked with holding hands and the boyfriend was behind us. When we walked out, she was holding his hand and I was walking behind them.

When we walked out to the cars, she rode with him and I followed in our car alone. She later told me that on the way to his place, he was totally going after her tits and she was rubbing his cock in the car. When we got to his place, I got out and gave my wife a kiss and told her to have fun and just said have fun to her new stud. She said to be back at his place around 10:30 to pick her up. I went to a mall and walked around, went to barns and noble, just pretty much walked around and wasted time while my wife was getting a good fucking.

Around 10:20 I went back to his place and waited out in the car in front of his house until about 10:45 when she called and said she was putting her shoes on and would be out in a bit. She came out and got in the car, and I shook the studs hand. He said she was totally hot and looked forward to playing with her again. She then went on to tell me all the fun details us cucks love to hear.

We went home and played around. I ate her well fucked pussy, love the smell of condom and I licked her tummy where he came. I then put in my cock, her pussy well noticeably loose, he is pretty fat in the cock department she said, much more than me. I came in about 15 seconds and she proceeded to rub out another climax on her clit. She said her BF gave her 3 O’s, so one more was perfect for her. She is planning on seeing him again this week some time.

Read some more adventures of this wife here

By: cuckoldinsocal


April 2, 2013

At da swing club

Jake has written in about the first time another guy fucked his wife, actually it was more than just another guy. What a way to start!


My wife is a petite a 5′ 2″, nice medium sized tits and a great round butt and a very tight pussy. She and I have gone to several swinger parties but never participated with anyone other than ourselves. But last Friday we went to a private house party and that all changed.

My wife had had a couple of drinks and was feeling good when a good looking younger guy started flirting with her, telling her how good she looked. As the conversation went on he got bolder and told her he would love to fuck her but she was so small that she probably has a very tight pussy and he has a very large cock and it would not fit in her. She was a little shocked at what he was saying but a little turned on by it too. She was flirting right back with him and asked him just how big his cock was and in response he took her hand and placed it on his pants over his cock. I couldn’t believe it when she started rubbing his cock through his pants and telling him that that is a very big cock. He started rocking his hips while she rubbed his cock and she was really getting turned on by teasing him.

He opened his pants and pulled his very long, very thick cock out and my wife never missed a beat, she continued to stroke his cock and was asking him if he was going to cum for her. He told her he wanted to cum on her ass and begged her to let him rub his cock on her pussy. I was pretty well shocked when she pulled up her sun dress and started to rub her pussy on his cock. He was going crazy with lust and she was really getting off on how much she was turning him on. He turned her around and leaned her over a small couch and told her he was going to rub his big cock on her pussy till he came on her ass. He pulled her dress up to her waist and put his huge cock between her legs and started to dry hump her all the time telling her how great her ass is how he’d love to fuck that tiny pussy. I could not believe this was my wife so totally getting off on this but she was really enjoying it and I was thinking about nothing but fucking that tight pussy later myself.

He reached up and pulled her top down to her waist exposing her tits to everyone there. He could do whatever he wanted with her at that point. One of his friends pulled out his cock and placed her hand on it and she started to stroke him, after a few minutes of that, he stepped closer to her until his cock was right in her face. He ended up rubbing his cock on her face and I could not believe this was my wife when she opened her mouth and started sucking his cock. She had a big cock in her mouth and an even bigger one rubbing her pussy and I knew before long she was going to get that little pussy stretched out, no way it couldn’t happen. The guy rubbing his cock on her pussy pulled back and started rubbing the head of his cock on her pussy, just barely spreading her pussy lips with it. After a few minutes he started to shove the head of his cock in her and she pulled her mouth of the cock she was sucking and told asked him not to fuck her all the while rubbing her ass around on his cock.

He shoved about six inches of thick cock in her and told her he thought it was too late for that. She begged him to stop while panting with need so no, he didn’t even think about it, he just kept fucking her and saying he couldn’t believe how tight and good her pussy was. At this point she knew she had no choice but to satisfy these men and besides, she was really really getting off on it by now. The guy in her pussy came in her but the guy in her mouth kept fucking her and telling her how he was going to fuck her with his big cock. He pulled his cock from her mouth and told her to remove all her cloths and lay spread on the couch for him and as I watched my wife follow his orders I knew this huge cock owned her. She lay back on the couch and spread her legs for him and he shoved the tip of his cock in her and asked her if she wanted it all, she did not want to admit she did but he kept shoving more and more of that cock in her until she finally told him she wanted it and to fuck her, he shoved all his cock in her and she gasped as it went further in than she had ever had a cock in her. He only fucked her a few minutes before he came in her and he told her he wanted her to come back next week and that he and a few friends hung like him would be waiting.

She dressed and we left as she was embarrassed at having gotten gangbanged for the first time and in front of people. When we got home I was so horny I told her to get naked and let me fuck her, as I was fucking her I asked her how she liked getting gangbanged by those big cocks and if she wanted to get used like that again. She wouldn’t answer me but when I asked her if she wanted to get used like that again, she told me ” Jay told me to come back next Friday so I guess I have to”. I came in her so hard I thought I wouldn’t ever stop.

Submitted by: Donald, CA, USA

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