June 6, 2012

Airport Slut

My wife has been working very hard lately and she asked if she could take a little solo vacation to Vegas. She has always wanted to check out some burlesque shows and strip clubs. Yes, I have a pretty awesome wife. Of course, I said “go for it, you deserve a week off.” She left today and below is the text exchange I received from O’Hare airport (she had a 3 hour layover):

Me: You there (O’Hare) yet?
Wife: Busy with my new friend
Me: Oh really? Do tell.
Wife: Military guy I sat on the plane with. He’s in the bathroom. Know any quiet spots in the airport? He’s shipping out.
Me: Hmmm… I don’t know. You might ask a TSA agent.

There was about an hour with no texts. I knew she would be in for a long travel day so I texted:

Me: Be sure to eat something, it is a long flight.
Wife: Oh, I did!
Me: Prove it!

Then my phone rang and she filled in the rest of the story. She told me that they had struck up a nice conversation on the flight into O’Hare. My wife is one of those people that are a magnet for conversation. She is so nice and approachable that men and women alike are drawn to her. Not to mention that she looks ten years younger than her 40 years and has a spectacular figure. She said that the conversation naturally led to relationships. Then they talked about their craziest experiences.

Once they landed in O’Hare they grabbed some coffee and continued to talk. She told him that she had many ‘friends with benefits’ (which is true). She said that he was amazed when she told him that she has offered herself to some men and they were either too scared or crazy to accept her offer to give them a little ‘present’ (as she likes to call it). He just shook his head in disbelief that anyone would turn down such and offer. Well, it was now his turn to face the same question when she came straight out and asked him “would you like a little going away present before you deploy?” She said that he couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough.

They continued to walk around the terminal, looking for a quiet little corner, but it was very crowded. They finally made their way down to the very end of the concourse G – the lower level. If you are ever in O’Hare then you should check it out. Again, they were disappointed to find people everywhere, but then they noticed an elevator back up to the main level. They went into the elevator and she said he was on her like a flash. Feeling her breasts through her shirt and moving his hand up and under her skirt, all the while his tongue was exploring her willing mouth. She told me that she reacted by instinct and reached out to grab his rock hard cock through his uniform.

Unfortunately, she said that when she entered the elevator she had actually hit the main floor button, so their ride up one floor was all too short. They just had enough time to straighten themselves as the doors opened to the main floor of the concourse. They continued to walk through the concourse looking for a secluded spot when they happened upon another elevator. She said they looked at each other and just smiled. As they entered the second elevator, he told her not to push any buttons and she obeyed. They had several minutes of making out – hands and tongues exploring everywhere possible. She told me that he reached under her shirt to feel her 34C breasts and under her skirt again to insert a finger, telling her how wet she was and that they needed to find a better spot to play. She readily agreed!

He suggested that they go back to the lower level of G concourse and perhaps the men’s room would be empty. As luck would have it two circumstances were in their favor – a flight had just departed and the bathroom was deserted, so he led her by the hand to the handicap stall at the end. As they entered the stall, she immediately dropped to her knees to release her prize. As she was telling me this on the phone, she suddenly laughed since she didn’t know that Army uniforms were button fly and she said it was a real challenge getting to her prize. He had to give her a hand and to her delight, and surprise, she found that he was not wearing any underwear, so his cock suddenly spilled out right into her open mouth.

As she devoured his cock, he would lift her up from time to time to lift up her shirt and suck on her breasts and insert a finger under her panties. She told me that it was at these times that she was most vulnerable, since he would whisper into her ear “you are so wet, I want to fuck the shit out of you.” She said that she almost gave in but he did not have a condom and she had not planned on getting any condoms until she landed in Vegas. So, she politely told him ‘no’, and being a gentleman he asked if he could cum in her mouth then. Her reply was “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” so she again fell to her knees and took him deep into her mouth until he was ready to explode. She told me that he came a lot and she swallowed every drop – like a good little hotwife.

Our phone conversation came to an end since she was still in a very crowded terminal, but our texting continued:

Me: VERY proud of you!! Did he know you were married?
Wife: I was very bad and no I didn’t want to go there.
Me: So did you take your ring off?
Wife: Yes, just have the engagement ring on. He asked if I was engaged but I said no. He dropped it.
Me: Tell me more. What was his cock like?
Wife: Big cock. Big head. Told me he liked it when I said cum in my mouth.
Me: Who wouldn’t like to hear that?
Me: Highlight your favorite images.
Wife: Sloppy stolen kisses in the elevator.
Wife: No underwear.
Wife: Went down my shirt to play with my tits.
Wife: Swallowing all of his cum, and believe me there was a lot of cum! lol
Wife: He promised to fuck the shit out of me.
Wife: I don’t think he expected to get lucky.
Wife: Bathroom at airport is a first for me.
Me: No kidding!
Wife: I feel good knowing I gave him jack off material for Afghanistan.
Wife: I gave him a hug goodbye and sent him on his way.
Wife: Hope it’s ok, I gave him my email.
Me: Of course.
Wife: I don’t think he will write to me though.
Me: Want to bet?

What is blowing my mind is that this is only day 1 of her vacation. She is going to keep a journal of her adventures, so stay tuned…I’m sure this story has several more chapters as the week progresses.

I have included a pic of what her military friend would have seen as he reached down her shirt, and it is only fair that you get to see too. Unfortunately, they did not take pics within the bathroom stall, but she did take a pic of her friend afterwards as a memento of their liaison. You should see the grin on that man’s face!

D and Pita

Submitted by: Dandpita, Wisconsin


June 2, 2012

My wife and best friend

Another couple step over into the wonderful world of Hotwifery.


I’ve been married to Stacy for two years, and living with her for five. During our first couple of years, we liked going out together on Friday nights, drinking with friends, light flirting and then going home together for great drunk sex. Last year, two things happened that put a crazy spin on it all. First, my best friend, Jason broke up with his long term girlfriend. The four of us used to go out together a lot, but now Jason was alone and free. Stacy and he always got along well, but now they seemed to be a little closer.

Jason started asking her to lunch during the week, and she accepted at least once a week. She would always tell me about it, and since my work doesn’t allow me to have lunch with her, I found it both nice for her and a little exciting or unsettling.

After the fifth time in four weeks, I told her one night that she might want to go with him a little less or he might try to get her to do more than just lunch. Stacy gave me a little smirky smile and said Jason is always trying to get her to do more, but that she could handle him and I shouldn’t worry or tell her what she can or can’t do. Her attitude both scared and excited me.

I started noticing that they hugged each other more when we would meet on Friday nights at the bar, and they tended to stand together more often, talking just to each other, instead of everyone like before. I asked Stacy why, she said they were just good friends and she was trying to find him cute girls that he could hook up with, but they had to meet her approval.

Well, Jason has never had trouble picking up girls, and I told her I was sure he didn’t need her help, but she said that he did and she enjoyed talking to him. She said he appreciated her opinion more than me sometimes and she appreciated that.

One night, a mutual friend of all of ours invited all of us to their house to hut tub after the bar. Stacy surprised me by saying she wanted to ride over on the back of Jason’s motorcycle and meet me there, I started to protest, but she waved me away and ran out to jump on his bike. They were gone in a flash. I drove to the hot tub party with shaking hands and a jealous feeling. They were already in the tub, sitting next to each other when I got there, she didn’t even make room for me. I noticed that Stacy laughed unusually hard at everything Jason said and pretty much ignored me. We finally left together, but it was a quiet ride home. I tried to talk to her about it, she said no talking, we could have sex if I wanted but she didn’t want me questioning her. Our sex was ok, but not the best.

Well, about a month after that, and still them doing their lunch and bar talking thing, my work schedule got drastically changed and I had to start working early Saturday mornings. The first one, we went out, but I told her and everyone that we needed to leave by ten o’clock. She wasn’t very happy, but left with me. She complained that she wanted better sex and hated leaving her friends early on her only night to party.

The next Friday, we went out, and she was spending quite a bit of time talking to Jason, while I was playing pool and talking to other people. At ten, I went up to them and asked if she was ready to go. Stacy said she wanted to stay, but that I should go so I could work in the morning. I asked how she would get home and Jason quickly said he would bring her home. Stacy nodded her head vigorously up and down and asked if she could please stay and party with her friends. I didn’t want to look like a jerk, so I reluctantly agreed and asked how late, she said probably a little after two, then she laughed and said, “don’t wait up though honey, you need to get sleep, I will see you tomorro afternoon, don’t wake me up in the morning.” I tried to kiss her and she barely touched her lips to mine then pulled back and said, “goodnight, drive careful” I drove home horny, confused and kind of excited. I’d be lying if I hadn’t fantasized about Stacy having sex with Jason over the last few weeks, but part of me was very scared about it too because I have lost other girlfriends to guys and I was insecure. I got in bed, and could not stop thinking about Stacy getting drunk and horny with Jason, and them going to his house. I finally laid on my stomach and totally imagined them together having incredible sex and I humped my bed till I shot a huge load of cum out and then could relax enough to sleep.

My alarm was set for 5:30, but I woke at 4:00 and instantly realized that Stacy was not in bed with me. I got another hard on and my heart was thumping like crazy. I checked the house, nope she was not home, then saw I had 2 missed text messages on my phone from her, the first was sent at midnight, she said, “having a great time, thanks for letting me stay, sleep good, love you.” The second was sent at 2:18, “We just left bar, Jason is pretty drunk, so I’m walking him to his house, will see you tomorro baby” I got back in bed and imagined my sexy, horny wife with my horny drunk buddy. It was actually really turning me on thinking about them going at it. I was jealous, but I knew that I could not do anything about it and the helpless feeling mixed with jealousy, made me very horny. I thought about how she sounds when she is orgasming and I laid there with a hard cock and started hoping that Jason and her were having great sex together.

I was working by 7;00, then got a text from Stacy at 07:50, “Just got home honey, sorry I missed you, I’m going to bed, talk to you later.” I had a hard time concentrating at work, but managed to not think about her for most the morning. I sent her a text at noon, asking if she was up yet, she replied 5 minutes later saying she was awake, but still in bed.

I got home that evening, Stacy greeted me with a nice hug and kiss and asked about my day, I said fine, and looked her over. She was freshly showered and wearing one of her sexier tops and her favorite PINK sweat pants that make her ass look awesome. She had dinner ready, we sat next to each other and as we were finishing, I asked how her night was, she gave me a funny look, with raised eyebrows and said, “It was great, how bout yours?” I said mine was kind of boring, but ok. “Did you sleep good?” she asked, “Uhm, some, not the best” “Why couldn’t you sleep honey?” She was now clearly toying with me in a coy, falsely sweet voice. I looked at her a second, and decided to be honest, “Because I was very horny” I said, looking her right in the eyes. “Why were you horny honey”, “Because I was jealous and imagining you going home with Jason and fucking his brains out.” She feigned a slightly shocked appearance, then smiled and said, “So thinking of me fucking your friend makes you horny?” I paused, and felt blood rushing to my face, but I liked our conversation and wanted to keep her talking. “Well it makes me jealous, but I have to admit, it also turned me on, are you mad at me?” she wrinkled her brow and said, “Why would I be mad at you, if you like the idea of me fucking someone else?” “I don’t know, it’s hard to explain…” she cut me off and said, “I’m just surprised, because you usually act so possessive and jealous and get upset when I spend time with Jason without you.” I took time for that to sink in, then said, “Well honey, I am a little jealous, but it does not make me mad, and I actually kind of like it and thinking about you two together.” “Really?” she said in that feminine, sarcastic way. “How much do you like it, enough to let me spend more time alone with him, without being rude to me about it?” “Yes, baby, you can spend all the time you want with him, can I ask you a few questions about it?”, she said “Maybe, if I think you can really handle the answers, but first, tell me, how horny were you last night?” She said this with a wicked little grin. “I was very horny, my cock was so hard for over an hour and I could not quit fantasizing about you two.” She smiled a real, happy smile and said, “So what did you do about that hard cock.” I knew she wanted to hear, so I said, “Well I had to rub my cock until I came all over myself, then when I saw your second text that you were staying with him, I had to masturbate again just to get to sleep.” I could tell that this really pleased her, and she started squirming like she does when she is really turned on. “So, do you want to know about my night, or just imagine it?” She said in that awesome sexy voice of hers. “I want to hear all about your night baby” , I nearly panted to her.

Stacy stood up and took my hand leading me to our bedroom. Inside we quickly undressed and hugged then flopped onto the covers. Stacy gently rubbed my stiff cock, and said, “Well, Jason kept drinking and I had a fair amount, so when it hit 2, we both agreed neither of us should drive. He took my hand and said that I was just stuck staying with him.” “Were you excited about that” I asked, wanting to absorb her total thought process. “Yes, Jason and I have been flirting quite heavily over the past few weeks and we were both wanting to have an opportunity to have sex with each other. You know I get super horny when I drink, and I was very excited that you let me stay and party with him.”. I then asked “What happened when you got to his house?” She smiled at me while giving my cock a firmer squeeze. “We went straight to his bedroom and ripped our clothes off?”

My cock felt like it might explode. A thousand questions were running through my mind. “Does Jason have a nice cock?” I asked, trying not to sound too excited about her answer. “Yes, he has a very nice cock, and he definitely knows how to use it.” She said the last with genuine admiration and respect, but she was getting ahead too fast. “What did you guys do after you were naked?” I asked in excited voyeuristic manner. “We hugged, kissed, and I stroked his cock, and then he bent down and sucked on both my nipples.” I exhaled in horny excitement. She knew I just wanted her to tell me the story, so she did, with a beautiful smile that made it better for me because I knew she really had enjoyed herself.

“Jason pushed me down on the bed, licked my nipples until they were very hard, then he lowered his face to my pussy and started kissing and licking me all over there.” I was so turned on thinking about my friends tongue all over my beautiful wife’s shaved smooth pussy. “Did he like your shaved pussy?” I asked, knowing the answer but wanting to hear her say it. “Yes, he told me several times how he had dreamed of doing that, and later how much he loved my pussy.” “Was he good at it?” and she gave me the answer I wanted to hear. “OMG, he was excellent, he loves to suck pussy as much as you and he uses his hands even better than you, no offence baby.” “oh, no offence sweetie, I like hearing anything that you think he does better than me, its totally cool with me.” She said “Well, he is very good, he made me cum at least three times before he moved up.”

I needed to hear more, “What then?” “I wanted to suck on his cock, but he wouldn’t let me yet, he kissed me and slid his cock into my wet pussy.” I asked “How did it feel, really, and be honest, is it bigger than mine?” Stacy’s eyes widened a little, she looked at me for a couple seconds, “It felt incredible, he has a very nice cock, it… is maybe slightly longer than yours, but it is quite a bit thicker… I definitely haven’t felt a cock that thick in a long time.” I was near squirting from hearing that, I loved thinking that my wife liked the feel of Jason’s cock in her more than mine. There was only a couple more questions that I wanted her to answer. “Did he make you cum good, is he a good fuck?” “Oh fuck baby, he made me cum so good, and so many times, he is an excellent fuck… He definitely lasts longer than you, and he came three times and was still hard after the third time. He fucked the shit out of me!” she said this staring straight into my eyes.

“Do you want to fuck him some more?” I breathlessly asked. “Hell yes I want to fuck him some more, is that ok baby?” My heart was beating a mile a minute, “Yes Stacy, I want you to fuck Jason any time you want, as much as you want, that makes me totally happy honey.” She then stroked my cock about four times and I erupted all over her hand, as I moaned in pleasure and she giggled at my gyrations. God I love my wife so much.

Submitted by: Tree Shaper, Montana


May 29, 2012

Girlfriends Night Out

Cuckold Place Update

Girlfriend met a new f-buddy last night and she’s still not back.

Hey there, calling in from Israel.

My girlfriend went out last night to a bar with some friends. She sent me a text message at around 2am saying that someone that she knows through a friend asked her if she wants to come to his place.

We talked about this before and I actually encouraged her to do this.

She told me he picked her up in a nice convertible. It’s now 9am and I still didn’t hear anything from her. The only thing she told me after he picked her up is that he looks good.

When I get more details, I’ll post.

what do you think they did last night? They definitely had sex, but I wonder how many times, etc.


Heard back from her briefly… They fucked twice at night and once more in the morning.

She told me that at night they did it once with a condom and the second time without.


Got some more details last night, I am going to write them down while it’s still fresh.

She ran into this guy at bar, a friend of a friend. He asked her if she wanted to get a drink later on, and she told him that she wasn’t looking for anything that night, this was at about midnight. At 2am she got a text message from him asking her if she thought about his suggestion. I was at home and I texted her to ask what was going on at a bar, and she told me she got an “interesting offer”, and asked me if I wanted her to go through with this. I told her that she should definitely do it.

About 20 mins afterwards she texted me saying he picked her up in a nice convertible, and that they were going to his house. She told me the general area, and that was the last time I heard from her (at about 3am).

When they got to his house, they started watching a movie and he told her to come lie down next to him. They cuddled for a little bit and he started feeling her up, pretty soon he was playing with her tits, she said she was very excited by then. He started getting her off on the couch, and she told him that they should move to somewhere more comfortable, so they went to the bedroom.

She took the rest of her clothes off and he was telling her how hot she looks. I have to admit, she is very hot, she’s pettite, with perky breasts, guys look at her all the time - also because she rarely wears a bra.

They started having sex, she told me his dick was pretty long, not very thick but she was really feeling it. He came in the condom, and they were both lying in bed for a while (it was almost 5am). She said that as she was falling asleep, he cuddled her from behind and started playing with her. He started with his fingers, and then he started rubbing his dick on her pussy, he didn’t put a condom on but he told her he wasn’t going to put it in, however, she said that after a while he did put his dick in, started fucking her bareback and came all over her ass.

They slept for a few hours and got up around 10 am (which is about an hour after I wrote the original post). she took a shower at his place, they went to grab coffee, and then we met in the afternoon and she told me all about it.

I think she can definitely get used to this… and I know I can

I am uploading a pic that he took of her that night by his car.

Submitted by: forkyf

My wife Lucy

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May 25, 2012

Fucked by the Chef

Here’s another submission from cuckold couple Sara and Jason. Don’t forget you can chat with them on Hotwife Hub -
Their profile is here


I went to have lunch with a girlfriend today, but she forgot we had plans. I went to the restaurant anyway, planning to have lunch by myself. I know the chef, and he was there at the door when I arrived and told me we were going to have lunch together.

We sat outside in the sunshine and drank wine and talked. The conversation jumped around from work to relationships to personal matters. We had a long lunch, two glasses of wine for me, four for him. After a leisurely conversation he said he’d really like to show me the art upstairs in the private room.

I followed him up the stairs and we got to the private dining room. The windows were closed, so it was warm inside, almost too hot. He closed the door behind us and locked it. He turned toward me and I kissed him, first on the mouth, then on his neck. He has the sexiest neck I have ever encountered, I could spend a day just sucking and licking his skin right behind his ear.

We needed to be quick, though, since it was the middle of the day and his staff had all seen us go upstairs together. I reached down to his fly and unbuttoned his pants. His cock was already very hard. I got on my knees and pulled his pants down and put his hard cock into my mouth. His dick smelled like sex, like he hadn’t showered that day, and it was very erotic. I sucked his dick and his hairy balls for a minute or two, getting very wet at the idea that we were in a public place and could be interrupted without warning.

I stood up and sat on the edge of the large dining table that dominated the room. It was the perfect height for him to stand at the edge of the table and put his cock inside of me. He pushed it toward my pussy and both of us could tell how I was dripping wet already. He put his dick inside of me and my pussy stretched to accommodate his thick, long, perfect cock and we began to fuck.

At first we fucked with me sitting up, bracing myself with my arms behind me, trying to get my mouth on his sexy neck again. We had to be quiet, because there were staff lockers in the next room over, so I couldn’t moan like I desperately wanted to. Instead I watched his face as his cock went deeper into my pussy. I could tell it felt incredible to him too. I was at the edge of orgasm the entire time.

After a few minutes, I slid further off the edge of the table so that I was laying down on my back, and he wrapped his arms around my legs to fuck me harder and deeper. I had my top on, so he had to reach under my blouse to get his hands on my nipples, but mostly he kept his hands around my legs and fucked me with his perfect cock. We heard someone come up the stairs and walk past the door, so we stopped and waited til the sound disappeared. That public part of our encounter really turned me on.

After only about 6 minutes of really good fucking, I told him to cum inside of my pussy. He started fucking me more intensely, and I watched his face as he came. He thrust into me a few more times after he came, then brushed my hair off of my face and pulled out of my pussy. He pulled up his pants while I reached for my phone to take a photo of his cum dripping out of my pussy. I took a picture to send to my cuck, then found my panties and jeans and got dressed. He wiped a big drop off cum off of the table, then we walked out of that hot and sweaty private room and back through the restaurant.

He walked me to my car and hugged me goodbye. I drove away and felt his cum soak my panties as I replayed the encounter in my head.


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May 21, 2012

Starbucks Pickup

Here’s a 2nd story post from luscious Hotwife Mandy, she’s recently been telling me about her latest fun and the fact she’s joined the Hub. I’m hoping that leads to some hookups and more stories for us! Also check out her blog, it’s a great read.


So - my next post. My boyfriend Lee wants me to continue to blog about my stranger hook ups that happened this past year, so Lee, for you my love, here’s another…

I was in Starbucks late last winter, ordering my usual, and turned to see a rather attractive man behind me. I ordered my drink, paid, and moved to the side to wait for my coffee, all the while discreetly eyeing up the man of the day. I was not alone, so I needed to be casual. As he ordered and moved towards me to wait, I looked him in the eye and whispered to him “I’d love to suck your cock.” He turned a strange shade, but returned my stare, and, after he’d gathered his composure, said he’d like the same. I told him that in the evening I’d be out for a run, and let him know where he could pick me up. He stammered something, and truly, I was not confident he’d actually appear. I mean, what does a man think when a random stranger offers to suck his cock? Isn’t that what Penthouse Letters dreams are made of?

Later that night, I put on my running gear and headed out, getting in a few miles before I was at the place I’d told him I’d be. As I approached the destination, I saw an older model truck idling in the parking lot, and I knew it was him. I approached the truck, and got in. He looked nervous as hell, and I laughed to myself, wondering if I’d totally screwed up his day… had he wondered all day if I were for real?

I reached over, felt his growing cock, and told him where to drive to. The destination was only about 5 minutes away, a quiet roadside park (Lee and I like to go there to fuck) and we were on our way. He tried to make some nervous small talk, but I had none of it. I just continued to look at him, while I stroked him through his pants.

When we reached the spot, I said no words, and neither did he. He undid his pants, and his cock sprang out, ready for my waiting mouth. I rolled a condom onto him (safety first people!) and bent over the bench seat, taking him all in, while he groaned with the pleasure of it. I worked his cock up and down with my mouth, feeling his cut head with my tongue, sucking and licking like the hungry whore I had set out to be. I love to feel a man forcing my head with his hands, but this guy was hanging on to the steering wheel for dear life, and I knew he was already close to cumming, so I slowed down a bit.

I felt for his heavy balls with my free hand (of course one was working his shaft with my mouth) and squeezed them gently, wishing I was not such a safety girl, and that I would be able to taste and savour and swallow all the cum that I knew he was going to shoot so soon. It was not long before his hands left the wheel, and he grabbed me, one hand on my back, one on my head, and forced me to take him deeper into my mouth. He was not as big as Lee is, and it was easy to have him balls deep, just feeling him graze the back of my throat. Quickly, he tensed and yelled out, and came hard, thrusting his whole lower body deeper and deeper, as far as he could go into me.

I love to make a man cum hard, so it was slight consolation for not tasting him. I released him from my hands and mouth, sat up, and told him to drive me back to where he’d picked me up. He did. He asked me my name and if he could see me again, but I declined. I don’t want to know your name, and I don’t want anything else from you. I belong to Lee, and all I wanted from you was to get off on sucking you off. I went home and masturbated to the thought of it… dirty slut that I am, I get off on leaving a man wanting more. Just ask Lee.

That’s my second random stranger post. More to come, so stay tuned.


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Submitted by: Mandy - British Columbia


May 17, 2012

Introducing Kharrha Dawn

For some of you Hotwife Hub users you may have noticed a very hot brunette who’s been very active on the site recently. I have a feeling Kharrha Dawn is going to be very popular on these pages. Here’s her first post to Hotwife Blog.

Brianna Ray

I’d like to start off by saying that I never thought this lifestyle could ever come true or be possible, HELL, I didn’t even know it existed! I was always with men who were too controlling, had a low self esteem, and had the lack of trust (and small cocks lol!)

Then one day everything changed.

A magnificent man took notice of me. We had known one another for years, but I never could have imagined that he would have chosen me. He was in a failing marriage, and I had just came out of a really bad relationship. Then one day he reached out to me in friendship. He could see my pain as much as I could see his. And soon after we became best friends who fell in love.

Through time, we brought happiness, trust, honesty, lust, true love, and everything he and I needed to be completely happy. Lets just say, he saved me, we saved each other.

After a few months together he introduced me to D/S (dominance and submission) I was soo intrigued, but also, a little nervous. As time went on, we gained so much trust and love for each other that he offered me his collar. With pride and confidence I accepted it.

My Master continued to expose me to all different variations of human sexuality. Such as hotwifing, slutwifing, cuckolding, swinging, bisexuality, exhibitionism and every conceivable type of kink or lifestyle that could be found in text or on the internet.

Through my training, I became 100% confident in myself. He showed me that I needed to be proud of whatever and whomever I was. And the only way to have this freedom, was to be 100% honest with myself. I am proud to be what I am, and I am slut.

My Master would always video tape me being a slut. We would watch the videos when we got home afterwards, and the sex we had then, was purely indescribable. To this date, the best sex I’ve ever had, was when my Master took me after the experiences.

I remember my first experience with another man. I was nervous and excited, but I also felt completely safe. My Master took me to a sex club.

The first time that he took me there, it was for exploration, observation and a guided tour. I felt comfortable because he made me feel safe. Men asked, but were denied by him.

The second time however, was different. Much different.

My Master and I walked in the doors, he paid for a deluxe room, and the gentleman handed us our towels, condoms and key. It was gloomy, but sexy inside. Music filled the halls, couples and singles were everywhere, and porn was playing on every T.V. We went to the 3rd floor to the deluxe room that my Master chose (It had a large cage in it with a cushion top, a large sectional couch and armchair). We talked for a bit then we removed all our clothing. I was a little scared, but the rush of being there, and being encouraged to be there, was thrilling.

My Master made me feel at ease. We put our towels around our bodies, walked out our room, and from that moment I knew that this was going to be a night that I would never forget.

Seeing and meeting other couples, I then realized that it felt right, and that it was an important part of our identities: soon to become a large part of our lifestyle.
Everyone was so very friendly.

Holding my Master’s hand, as he led me down the stairs to the shower room, we removed our towels and showered and washed each other.
(We did have some onlookers. We dried each other off, placed the towels around our bodies and then Master took my hand and off we went on the tour.

We made our way downstairs, where there was black lighting and also areas lit with a very sexy dim red hue. I heard moaning and groaning of people having sex. When my eyes finally adjusted, I witnessed a gentleman fucking a woman on a swing, while other men waited eagerly for their turn. They were stroking themselves.

Through our walk, I noticed 5 or 6 men following my Master and I. All ages and sizes. I felt that they wanted me, to touch me, to get their hard cocks deep inside me. I felt so fucking hot, and wet. But they also respected us.

This one gentleman about 30ish stood out. My Master asked him if he liked what he saw. He smiled and said “yes”. My Master then asked him if he would like to touch my ass. He replied and said “yes please” very politely and enthusiastically. My Master told me to lift my towel so the gentleman could touch my ass. I obeyed. I removed my towel, showed the man my ass, then he placed his hands on me. The other men were in awe. They never asked to touch me, and were not offered the opportunity either. They envied the man touching me, and I could feel it.

My Master then asked me if I would like to offer the gentleman to accompany us to our room. I remember saying “Yes Master, thank you!”Then asking the gentleman if he would like for us to get to know one another a little better… to come and visit us in our room. The answer was a definite “YES” and “thank you very much”

He was polite and clearly delighted with the unfolding situation.

My Master let me lead the way up the stairs with my towel off so that I could strut my sexy ass and show off my tiny body. I felt the looks and stares at me all the way up to the room.

When we entered our room, Master took his seat, I immediately knelt at his feet. The gentleman sat himself on the sofa. Master and the man started small talk as a knelt quietly. I then was told to make each of them a drink, then I returned again to kneel before my Master.

I was then instructed by Master to strip myself naked and to entice him with a complete view of my body. I was a little bit nervous but when he got a good look at me, I saw the look of hunger in his eyes. I knew he wanted to fuck me, and my feelings of nervousness were almost instantly overpowered by my feelings of lust. I was completely turned on and needing to fuck. I also looked at Master holding the video camera, smiling deviously, and I then knew he wanted this just as much as I did. The anticipation of what was to come, was intoxicating for both me and Master. We were feeding off of one another’s desire and lust. And I can’t remember ever feeling more aroused than I did at that moment, through him.

First, my Master made it clear that I was not to be humiliated, slapped, have my hair pulled, or spit on. The man agreed with polite enthusiasm that was reassuring of his respect for us. This made me feel completely safe and totally at ease.

I was then instructed by my Master to sit beside the man, take his cock in my hand, and introduce myself to him this way. Master then instructed me to suck his cock, and I did! I slipped my mouth over his cock and licked and sucked till he was hard, all the while keeping a steady pace, stroking with my hand. My Master asked me “you like other men’s cocks, Slut?” ” Yes Master” I replied as I took his cock from my mouth to properly address him.
“Are you a slut, wanting this man to fuck you, pound you, until he gets off? ”
“Yes Master” again I replied.
This gentleman was asked which position he would prefer and he said “on all fours please”.
Master said ” You heard the man. Now be a good Slut and present yourself to him as he wishes”.
I then placed my body on on fours on the couch. I raised my ass in the air, ready and wet for the man to use me like the slut that I was. He was rock hard, and just a little smaller in size than I was used too.
He immediately put the condom on, he then placed his fingers in my cunt. He placed his cock head at my opening and slipped his cock inside me. He pushed slowly, evenly and continuously inside me until I felt his balls press to my clit.
Master suggested that I tell the man how I wanted to be fucked.
I demanded he fuck me hard, fuck me like a slut, and not to be shy. To pound me!

This was the way that I had pictured it would be. He grabbed my waist firmly, slamming himself inside me. I pushed back like a cat in heat, arching my spine to allow him to fuck me deeply.
I told him that when he was ready to cum, that I wanted him to tell me. I wanted to feel him cum inside me, when he did. He Fucked me for only about 5 minutes, but I didn’t care. I remember feeling his grip on my waist firm and his cock grow very rigid. He was fucking in and out of me with full heaving strokes, gaining depth and pressure. Then I heard him become somewhat vocal, in an increasing deep throated manly sound from his core. Then I felt him spasm and spurt, grunting with pleasure. I pushed my ass back into his body as hard as I could and said “fill me!”
He stayed mounting me, pressing himself deeply into me until his orgasm finished. I will never forget the feeling of his grip on my waist as he finished inside of me.

He then pulled out and got off the couch. He removed his condom placing it in the garbage and then thanked my Master for the privilege and pleasure of enjoying me. I then thanked the man and my Master for making my first experience be amazing.

My Master was videotaping my first ever encounter, being a slut with another man and I could not wait to get home to view it with him!

At that moment I felt that this lifestyle was meant for us both. I was a true slutwife with so many more sexual adventures ahead and plenty of videos to make for my Master and I.

My Master exchanged numbers with the man, they shook hands, then my Master said “You were very polite and fucked my slutwife to both her and my satisfaction. We will be calling you for another adventure, if that would suit you?”. This man agreed, then smiled at me and walked out the door closing it behind him.

This was my first slutwife adventure :D

Kharrha Dawn

Brianna Ray

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May 13, 2012

My wife with strangers

Wow what an ass Naya, looks so perfect with a cock inside you.. your Husband is one lucky guy!… And yes here’s another couple to introduce you to today enjoying the lifestyle to the max.

They of course are also joining in the fun on Hotwife Hub so you can also chat to them and check out their profile here. Hope to hear from you soon guys!


My wife Naya and I got into the swinging lifestyle, mostly to satiate her bi-sexuality as we would hook up with other couples and the two females would fool around and then we would satisfy our respective wife / partner with our cock.

After seeing this site and several others regarding hotwifing / cuckolds we decided to experiment. The scenario is always very similar. She arranges through the internet (AFF, CL etc) to meet a guy locally at a bar or restaurant. She gets completely dolled up and goes out to meet them. If she is attracted to the guy, she invites him back to our house or a hotel room. I get off hearing her come into the house with a complete stranger. They generally speak for a few minutes on the main floor, grab a glass of wine and then she leads them to the bedroom. I am in the room right next to our bedroom listening intently to the two of them kissing, getting undressed. I will often wait 10 or 15 minutes before entering the room and depending on the guy will find him eating her, her sucking him or him penetrating her tight pussy (she has never had kids). I will watch as this complete stranger fucks my wife and finally when I cannot take it any more or I am asked by my lovely wife I will join the fray and double-team my wife with this complete stranger.

I have attached a picture here of her with a guys that we have done this scenario with. We are in the process of trying to make this happen with two friends (buddies) and hopefully I will have some pics to post from that successful encounter.


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May 9, 2012

Our Life

Very excited to introduce this couple to you, say hi to Sara and Jason. They live a true cuckold life. They have also recently signed up to the Hub if you want to chat or connect with them. Their profile is here


We started out the way most couples do, met at work (he was my boss), started sleeping together, decided we were interested in each other outside of the bedroom, became an excusive couple. I remember him asking me very early in our relationship if I had ever dominated a man, or if I would like to dominate a man. I remember it because it seemed so out of place for him to ask of me, because at that time we were very much into a strong male dominant/little girl submissive kind of sexual relationship. I said I had done a few kinky things in the past, and left it at that. Months of hot sex, just the two of us, go by. Then one night we bring home a hippie type from Berkeley. There is a very small amount of bi action with the men. Mostly, this guy fucked me as my boyfriend watched. Then he left.

That was the first.

Several followed, all with varying degrees of kink, mutual satisfaction, bi-action, etc. Suffice to say that he eased me into it. After a while, it didn’t seem so strange to have a man come over to fuck me while my boyfriend watched from the couch, or hidden behind a curtain.

Then we found Scott. He was my first true bull, and I had feelings for him outside of the sex. This took a while, of course, and I denied the feelings, even to myself, until nearly the end.
Scott was the first to take control as a bull. He had me meet him outside of our home. Had me leave my loving boyfriend at home as I went out to get fucked. Had me fuck his friend just because he knew he could ask that of me and I would say yes. He was the first to treat my boyfriend like a cuck. He had a big dick and made me cum so well, so often, that words cannot express what he did to me. It was a two hour, soak the bed event off and on for two years.

Somewhere in those two years I learned to call my boyfriend by his true name. Cuck. That’s what he had been for a long time, but I was just getting ready to admit it. Cuck. That is his true nature.

We had other men during those two years, lots of other men. They all came and fucked me, then went home and told him about it via email and photos. He loved it and grew more and more into his role as a cuck with each man. We moved an hour away eventually, and Scott came to visit a few times, but then faded away. We found other bulls. Some ok, some good, one with potential to be very right….but always the relationship centered back onto us, and our dynamic as a cuck/slut relationship. We were at our best the night before a date, when the anticipation, hesitation, and jealousy combined to make our touch electric.

We had incredible sex and build up in the days before a date, when he would edge me as we talked about what might happen. He would fuck me just a little, enough to keep me wanting more, enough to keep him on edge. And then I would have my bull while my cuck watched, hidden from view, excited, jealous, and horny, watching me get off with a stranger on our bed…..

This Bull fucked Sara often, usually while Jason was at work.

The Bull that made this mess was in town for work and fucked Sara in his hotel room

In the car, Sara’s pussy with another mans cum in her

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May 1, 2012

Sent wife to male strip club

Humble beginnings for this couple, a husband sends his wife out to a male strip show.


This is the first time I have written an article of cuckold life after five years being married (my second wife). We are both 53. I have known her since high school. I have told her my fantasy about watching her get banged and giving blow jobs. Finally, last night she went to a male strip club or revue. Most of the fun was sitting home alone waiting for her, the feeling you have in the pit of your stomach.. I loved it.

When she arrived home she told me all of what happened. Getting dick slapped in the face by five guys, having her hand in the g-strings of the guys all the way down to playing with their balls. She wore a tiny white dress and all the guys lifted her skirt and signed her ass. They also played with her tits, and she loved every minute of it.

Afterward I made love to my little slut, sucked her toes like she was a Queen, and listened to her stories of cock everywhere. Wow, gotta do this more often.. its a rush.

Lets face it, bad girls are the best girls.



April 29, 2012

DFW Knight Bull Service

Top lifestyle Bull DFW Knight has been in touch with a true story about a couple who are members of his site. The Husband of the couple Barry had been emailing Mr Knight about him giving his wife Joleen her first Hotwife experience. Eventually the meet was set up and here’s what happened.

DFW Knight has also recently signed up to Hotwife Hub (profile here) if some of you ladies would like to contact him.


I began to receive numerous emails from Barry regarding his sweet young wife, Joleen. Through his persistent emails he expressed his aching desires for himself and for his beautiful bride. He wanted so badly to give Joleen the pleasures of a black cock but seemed unable to approach the subject with her. Let alone finding a discrete and willing mate to assist with his fantasy.

I felt it my duty to step up and give Joleen the pleasures Barry was obviously unable too. The first time I heard Joleen’s voice, it oozed of sweet honey with her deep Carolina accent. We started out with the occasional small talk on the phone and then escalated into a mild flirtation. As our conversations became more frequent we began to feel the sexual tension build between us. What began as Barry’s fantasy became evident that Joleen was much more into it than she led Barry to believe.

We met for lunch in late spring during a warm afternoon. Joleen approached the table in a sheer white blouse and ass hugging jean shorts. As she walked towards the table I felt a sudden urge between my legs. I wanted so badly to get her back to her hotel room but we didn’t want to rush things. By our 3rd drink you could feel the tension between our bodies as we inched closer and closer together.

The flirting became unbearable and it became evident by the looks of my trousers. We went back to their suite to see Barry and begin our adventures evening. Barry seemed nervous as he attempted to ask me if I would be ok with him filming us. I smiled ear to ear as I replied “no problem”. Joleen and I gave each other a slight glance as we secretly hoped he’d occupy himself with the camera and take his attention off us. The last thing Jolene and I wanted was interruptions as we devoured each other.

DFW Knight

Joleen strutted over and slowly began to kiss me. Her kisses were warm and soft as she sucked on my lips and tongue. I worked her tight shorts off and to my surprise she wore white cotton panties. This rare touch of cotton on her moist pussy was more of a turn on than I had imagined.

Peeling her panties off I viewed her soft pink clit. She watched as my face moved between her legs to inhale her scent. She started to moan loudly and tightly embrace the back of my head as my mouth touched her clit. She moved as if her pussy was on fire. Once my tongue found her sweet spot, I knew just how to keep her juices flowing. As I drove her to the limit, I watched as her body quivered and she began to flood my mouth with her warm juices.

DFW Knight

She begged me to stop as I watched her warm cum drip down her thighs. She moved towards my pants and then proceeded to strip me of all my remaining clothes. Joleen quickly made her way to my throbbing, thick rod. First, she started licking it slowly as she looked into my eyes. Then she began to stroke me and wrap her mouth tightly around my hard cock, taking me deeper with each movement, making me harder each time.

DFW Knight

I felt the need to cum all over her face but instead I pulled her up to me and as if it were second nature, she lowered herself unto my rock hard cock. I was shocked at her boldness to ride me without a condom but we were to the point of no return. She rocked herself back and forth on my hardness as her warm cum dripped down my cock. The wetter she became the easier I slide in and out of her with my full length. At times she would soak my rod so much it was difficult to stay in her but she knew what she wanted and proceeded to shove my cock back in each time.

DFW Knight

Joleen stared in amazement at my stomach where she was accumulating a small puddle of her warm juices. I started to wonder if she was a dripper or an unsuspecting squirter. It soon came out, literally. I turned her around into the reverse cowgirl position and what a lovely sight. I began pounding her pussy relentlessly as she let loose stream after stream of cum. The look on both Joleen and Barry’s face was proof she’d never done this before.

DFW Knight

Joleen couldn’t take it anymore. She asked for a break but my rock hard cock couldn’t hold off any longer. Lying on top of her we began to slowly kiss and I gently licked her neck. I noticed a small mark where I had sucked on her earlier. I grinned to myself and felt the need to concentrate on this area as a small “token” when we parted. The harder I sucked the more she moved under me as she moaned. I shoved my cock deep into her wet pussy and felt her soak the bed sheets. I lost track of Barry, as the familiar tingling started to build up in my loin. I quickly turned her around and began to pound her from behind fast and hard.

DFW Knight

With a single deep moan, I shot my full load as far up into her hot wet pussy as I could. The sheer depth of my last thrust forced her to yell out in pain….she clawed the sheets to endure the power of my hardness and to brace herself. Slowly, I rolled off of her and glanced at her husband. Barry was still filming and from the “thumbs up” he gave I assumed he was also quite satisfied. I reached down to separate her quivering pink lips to expose cum dripping out of her and what Barry had wanted to see for almost a year.

DFW Knight

I watched Joleen gently get out of the bed and make her way into the bathroom. Barry gave me a knowing glance and followed her. I took this as my queue to be on my way. Dressed and about to make my exit, I stopped by the bathroom door and said “goodbye”.

DFW Knight

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