July 27, 2013

Girlfriend fucked enemy

Cuckold Place Update

My Girlfriend fucked our enemy

Heres what happened… It was about 2 years ago when my girlfriend and I was at a gas station filling up. A van pulled up and the guy started accusing me of stealing his shit. I hadn’t and a fight broke out. 8 guys beat me up and my girlfriend also got knocked around a bit. For about a year we were always having trouble with this one guy (Matt) that started it.

One night my girlfriend went to a party with her friends. She wore a skin tight black skirt a tiny red g-string with matching bra, a revealing red top and some black heels. She arrived at this party and about 2 hours after she left home she text me “matts here….” I text back asking if she wanted to be picked up she replied that it should be fine for her to stay. I fell asleep and woke up to find she hadn’t come home. I text her saying “hey babe big night? where r u?” I got a fast reply “yeah rather big, I’m in a taxi on my way home, I’ve got a lil story to tell ya..” I was excited knowing she likes to go out and get fucked and tell me the details.

She soon arrived home with her heels in her hand. My first question was “How’s my little girls pussy?” she smiled and grabbed my hand and ran it up her inner thigh which was sticky, up until I felt her bald tender swollen lips, sopping of juice still. I asked “Where are your panties?” She stepped back and quietly said “Matt might have them…. sorry” I was shocked at first but I wanted to know exactly what happened. She explained “Well his group of friends started to talk and drink with my group of friends. The two of us got talking but kinda fighting, he explained his side and we kinda dropped it and started to have fun. We were getting pretty drunk by that stage and I was sitting on his lap to allow more people to sit and join us. It didn’t take him long to start caressing my ass and rubbing my thigh. I didn’t mind it as I was too drunk to take much notice. He got us up out of the couch and took me into the kitchen where it was quieter and to make me a drink. He handed me a shot then came up to me close. My breasts were on his chest and his hand around my waist, sliding it firmly down to my ass. He kissed me. I kissed him back. It got pretty heated and he took me upstairs and into a room. He pushed me onto the bed and closed the door. He kept the light on and dove on top of me, kissing me even harder and rubbing my tits over my shirt. He was grinding his crotch into me so I opened my legs to allow him to grind my pussy. He threw his hands up my skirt and rubbed me firmly through my g string. I was so wet. I pulled of his shirt and undid his jeans. He took off my skirt and g string and my heels. he then unbuttoned my top and pulled my tits out and threw me over and hoisted my ass up. My pussy was there for him, ready, sopping wet. he pushed two fingers into my cunt. I moaned and begged for him to fuck me. Then I felt his hard cock slide deep into me. I fucking loved it, he pumped me so hard and deep, sliding his fingers in and out of my ass. I must of cum three times before I felt him pump hot cum into my pussy. He withdrew and sat me on the edge of the bed and shoved his cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock clean, I could tell the night wasn’t over. He said “Put ya clothes on and text ya boyfriend you’re staying with me tonight, to be fucked again” My head was still spinning so I never texted you.

We got to his by taxi and got to his room and he ordered me to get naked. We fucked all night. He fucked my ass but only ever cummed in my pussy or mouth.”

My wife
This is her, my little slut and a picture of Matt’s cock inside her

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July 19, 2013

Cleaning out my Closet

What an amazing story today from Hotwife Kim. I was glued to this all the way through. It’s fascinating how peoples lives turn out and how they find themselves in the lifestyle. Many not even knowing the term hotwife or cuckold before they do.

For those that wish to chat some more to Kim you can do so by visiting her profile here on Hotwife Hub.


I can’t believe that I am writing about something that I have kept secret for so long.

I have just, recently, found out that there is a term that describes what I have been since 1989. I am late to the world of the internet so since 1989, I have been thinking that I was living in a very secretive open relationship due to my large appetite for sex and my husband’s depth of understanding. Over the years, I have heard other people describe other women who do what I do with such names as slut and whore but until just a few weeks ago, I have never heard the term Hot Wife. After hearing this term, I borrowed my daughter’s laptop and done a search on Hot Wife and have found that in a broad spectrum, it does describe what I am. I was quite relieved to learn that there are other women who are like me and that there are other men who are like my husband because for many years, I have thought that he and I were, for lack of a better word, weird.

To give you a little background on me, I grew up in a small rural town in Kentucky. I grew up on a farm and lived a pretty normal life in a fairly normal family. Even though, my mom and dad were divorced, my dad lived close by so he remained a big part of my life.

As I reached puberty, I developed rather quickly and have, since puberty, been very well endowed in the breast department. The rest of my body has always been tiny except for what most people call my bubble butt. Even though, I have a well-proportioned body, throughout my teen years and early twenties, I was plagued with bad acne and my nose, well my nose has always been too big for my face.

When I was in 9th grade, I met my first boyfriend. He wasn’t very handsome but he was nice and my mom loved him and him having grown up on a farm, he and I had a lot in common. When I was 17, he and I became engaged to be married a few months after we graduated from high school. The day I graduated high school, I got a job in a local factory and he went to a technical school about 100 miles from where we grew up. He came home every weekend so we were still together almost as much as we had been before.

A few months later, he got a job where he was going to school so since he had to work on some weekends, I agreed to go there and stay with him on the weekend. We had never spent the night alone in the same house or apartment before so needless to say, the first time we did, we had sex and that is when I lost my virginity and so did he. All of my friends had lost their virginity when we were still in school and I had always heard how great sex felt but I didn’t think it was all that great but continued to have sex with him every time I went to see him.

Back home, I had always admired a large house that was close to where I lived but I had never met the man who owned it because he had moved there from somewhere else. One evening while I was on my way home from work, I saw the man getting his mail from his mailbox. He looked to be in his early thirties and was quite handsome. I asked around town about him and found out that he was single so every time I saw him after that, I always waved at him just hoping that we could meet and become friends.

Later, I was in a local restaurant and noticed a small card taped to the front of the cash register with a notice of someone needing a part time house keeper. I needed some extra money to buy furniture and things for mine and my fiancé’s house since we were to be married at the end of the next month. Upon inquiring about the notice, I learned that it was the man in the big house so I called and applied for the job. He told me to come by for an interview the next afternoon when I got off of work.

I ran home and showered and put on a dress and went to the interview. He was very nice and even more handsome than I had first thought. He said he only needed someone to come in once per week and if I was ok with that, I could start that day. I was not dressed to clean a house and I was tired from working all day but I agreed to do it anyway. As I was cleaning, I noticed that he was watching my every move. In a joking way, I asked him if he liked watching me work and he replied that he just liked watching me. I was, to say the least, flattered.

As I cleaned his bedroom, I began to find women’s clothing and I told him that I had heard that he was single. He said he was single but did have a girlfriend which kind of knocked the wind out of my sails. Considering I was to be married in less than two months, I still had a secret fantasy. In another room, there were photos of him and her in frames sitting about the room. She was tall, slim and beautiful. I asked him why I had never seen her and him together. He explained that she worked from noon until 7PM and worked in the next town over from us and he worked from 11PM until 7AM so they didn’t get to go out much except on weekends. Since I had been going to my boyfriend’s house on the weekends, I wouldn’t have seen them out.

As I continued to clean, he continued to watch me and I asked him what his girlfriend would think about him watching me. He said she wouldn’t like him watching a beautiful young lady like me but so long as she couldn’t read his mind, she would be ok. I chuckled to myself as I thought the very same thing about my fiancé`. I asked him what she would see if she could read his mind. He said I probably didn’t want to know but I insisted so he told me that she would see him passionately kissing a beautiful young lady wearing only a white lace bra and red panties.

Not realizing that I had mismatched my underwear as I hurriedly dressed to make it on time to my interview, I didn’t realize that he was talking about me and again what was left of the wind in my sails drained away and out of aggravation, I suggested that since his girlfriend was not due to be home for four more hours, he should go find that young lady and make his thoughts a reality. His face lit up like a full moon as he asked if that is really what I thought he should do. Feeling really sad, I mumbled “Yes.”

He walked across the room toward me and stood right in front of me and bent down and kissed me. I was totally shocked and asked what he was doing. He reached down and pulled the top of my dress open and revealed my white lace bra at which time I realized that he was talking about me. I asked him how he knew what my underwear looked like. He said that watching me clean the stairs had its advantages.

Even though I had fantasies, I had never so much as kissed anyone other than my fiancé`. He stepped back and apologized and I think he, truly, felt bad about what he had done. He then walked out of the house and out onto the deck where he remained as I finished cleaning his house. When I was done, I gathered my things and went out to tell him I was leaving. When he paid me, I bent down and kissed him on the lips and turned and walked away.
With thousands of thoughts mixed with feelings of guilt racing through my mind, I could not wait for the following Monday when I was to go back and clean for John again. This would be the beginning of my life as a Hot Wife.

The following Monday, I raced home and took my time showering and dressing and returned to John’s house to clean. Dressed in a denim mini skirt and half tee shirt with no sleeves, I went to his house and found him working in his barn. I will never forget how he looked standing there shirtless with sweat glistening on his chest and stomach. I wanted to stay in the barn with him but he told me the house was unlocked and he would be up when he finished in the barn. As I turned to walk away, he said that his girlfriend would really be pissed if she could read his mind that day. I smiled and kissed him and told him my fiancé` would be pissed too.

While I was cleaning upstairs, I heard him come in but by the time I got downstairs, he was in the shower so I went back to what I was doing. As I was coming down the stairs, he stood at the bottom wearing only a pair of shorts. He watched every step I made and complimented me on my panties at which I, brazenly, replied that I had made sure to match them with my bra just for him. He smiled and asked why my fiancé` would be pissed. I stepped down in front of him and put my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. As I kissed him, I slipped my hand down over his chest and stomach to the front of his shorts. I could not believe I was doing what I was doing. I felt his hard cock pressing against his shorts and as I rubbed it, he raised my top and massaged my breasts with both hands. He could have taught my fiancé` a lot because I was more turned on at that moment than I had ever been with my fiancé`.

He pulled his mouth from mine and unfastened my bra and sucked my breasts while he pulled up my skirt and massaged me through my panties. My legs were quivering and he pushed me back and sat me on the stairs behind me. He pulled my panties off and lowered his head between my legs and made me do something that I had only heard about before. It was my first orgasm and I thought I was going to faint. He stood up and pulled down his shorts and pushed his cock into my mouth. I had sucked my fiancé` but had never enjoyed it. I not only enjoyed sucking John, I didn’t want to stop. That day, I learned all about what my friends in school had been telling me about the pleasures of sex.

Every day for the next 5 weeks, except for weekends, I went to his house and got my daily dose of real sex. By then, I had a key to his house and would even leave work at lunch and wait on his girlfriend to leave and would go in and suck him off. One day, when I went in, he stopped me before I went down on him and warned me that he had just had sex with his girlfriend and had not cleaned up yet. I had always fantasized about having sex with another woman and had no qualms about going down on him. The taste of her and his juice drove me wild. I loved it.

On the day I was to be married, I wanted John and called him and asked him to meet me at a park near the church where I was to be married. It was like I just could not get enough of him. As I walked down the aisle that afternoon, I was sore and my panties were damp with his cum that oozed out of me with each step.

I thought when I moved out of town to live with my husband, I would be able to get him off of my mind and it worked for about a month then I wanted him so bad, I drove back home just to be with him. My husband had no idea that I had ever been with anyone else and was not the least bit suspicious so I found myself driving back to be with John at least once per week. John knew I liked the taste of his girlfriend on him and would make it a point to have sex with her just before she left in the afternoons that I was coming to see him.

Just before I had been married for a year, my husband found out what I had been doing and divorced me and I couldn’t have been happier. I returned home and went back to work at the factory and continued seeing John every chance I got which was not near enough. By then, the acne on my face had cleared up and other guys started coming around and even though I flirted with them, I didn’t have sex with them.

John knew how much I loved sex and insisted that I play the field for a while and assured me that I could still be with him whenever his girlfriend wasn’t there. I found out that wearing low cut and sleeveless tops and no bra brought plenty of attention my way and I started taking guys up on their offers. It got to the point where I would be with a different guy each day and I always told John who they were and what I had done with them which seemed to turn him on even more so than usual.

There was one guy in town who I had always found extremely attractive. He was my age and I had known him most of my life but we had never been anything more than just friends. One evening, I saw him at a softball game and he asked me if I still cleaned houses. I told him that I did and he asked if I would be interested in cleaning his apartment on Mondays after work. I told him that was the time I cleaned John’s house so I would have to see if I could make a schedule change.

When I talked to John about it, he told me I could clean Glenn’s apartment then come to clean his house after I was done which gave me an idea. I told Glenn that I would have to come to his apartment without going home to clean up first and he suggested that I bring a change of clothes and shower at his apartment which was working out just the way I wanted. The first evening I went to his apartment, I “accidently” left my clothes in his bedroom before I went across the hall to take a shower. There was a large mirror in his den than reflected down the hall so I made it a point to walk nude from the shower so he could see me in the mirror.

My plan worked and if he was not interested in sex with me before, he definitely was after I walked down his hall and he came to the bedroom where I was getting dressed and well both of us got what we wanted. I had already cleaned his apartment before I took the shower so I left and went straight to John’s. I told him what had happened and rather than wait for me to clean his house, he led me to the bedroom and proceeded to go down on me even though he knew that I had just been filled with Glenn’s cum.

I don’t think he nor I had ever been as turned on as we were that evening and the sex that followed was even more awesome than usual. Fast forward a year and John and his girlfriend split up and he and I became engaged and we have been very happily married since 1993. We left Kentucky and moved to Tennessee. I continue to have boyfriends on the side and John knows all about each of them. I also have one girlfriend in which I, occasionally, share with him.

Maybe I will share more later.

Kim - Tennessee, USA

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July 15, 2013

Creampie made wife cum

Cuckold Place Update

Wife Cumming Because He Cums In Her?

Had a pretty wild and new experience last night. Had two guys over to fuck the wife. One guy had a pretty average cock (about 6 inches but pretty thick) the other guy is well hung (about 8″x6″). They took turns on her for about 1.5 hours and had her cumming like a machine every 3 or 4 minutes. Finally the smaller dicked guy told her he was going to cum in her pussy and was having her tell him how bad she wanted to be cum in and calling her a cum slut. She was really into it. He kept announcing that he was getting closer and closer and she said that she wanted to feel him shoot in her pussy. Then just as he shot his load in her she had a majorly intense orgasm. He rolled off of her and big dick took his turn and a few minutes later he announced that he was going to cum. Again, just as he shot his load in her she had a major orgasm.

After they left I asked her about it and she said that she always gets off when a guy cums in her, but that they had her so turned on that the feel of their cum spurting into her pussy made her have an immediate orgasm. She said she had never experienced it before but that it was the most amazing feeling she has ever had.

I am so turned on by this that I can hardly think of anything else. The idea of my wife being brought to immediate orgasm by the feel of another man pumpimg his cum into her pussy is so erotic!

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July 11, 2013

Personal Massage

Here’s a diary update from our own shores here in the UK, lovely hotwife Modesty Ablaze. You can check her out and say hi on Hotwife Hub too - Profile Here


We’d met, and played, with No.14 at our favourite Swingers Club on several occasions and he and Hubby had exchanged mobile numbers. As well as being a fun lover, I’d also loved the sensual foot massages he’d given me during my recovery wind-downs after our sessions. When Hubby suggested taking advantage of having the house to ourselves over the holiday weekend by inviting No.14 over for a “personal massage” I agreed in an instant.

He was just as he was at the Club, walking in larger than life and full of himself as he hugged and kissed me as though we were long-term lovers. He handed me a satchel he was carrying as Hubby passed him a glass of wine. “I’ve bought something for the massage” he grinned. I gasped, and then burst out laughing as I opened it up to see, curled between what I took to be two bottles of oil, a red and black handle of what could only be a whip! I handed him back the bag, laughing and shaking my head and telling him “I’m not into bondage!!!” “No, no” he laughed in reply, “it’s not bondage, it’s just for play” and he handed the bag over to Hubby who I could tell was as genuinely surprised as I was.

Whether it was the wine, the cheek of his entrance, or the intrigue of wanting to know more, the next hour’s conversation just flew by. I was certainly a little tipsy by the time Hubby led us upstairs to the bedroom. Instead of the gradual kissing and caressing of our previous evenings, I had to straight away just take my robe off myself, and then lie down completely naked on my tummy on to the bed.

His massage was even more wonderful than it had been at the Club. His hands worked across my shoulders and down to the small of my back and then up again and his fingers ran up from my neck onto the back of my head and then gently around my scalp. “You’re messing my hair” I whimpered, but it was more of a relaxing whisper than a protest. As he worked his hands down onto shoulders again I could feel his kneading becoming stronger and the pushing and squeezing more pronounced.

“You’ll send her off to sleep if you make her too relaxed” I heard Hubby telling him. “She won’t fall asleep, don’t you worry” he replied and then just brushed his hands down over my spine, so quickly with one hand after the other, in such a way that it made me jump with the sudden change in pressure and sensation. And as his hands worked over the cheeks of my bottom I felt those first warm tingles of arousal mingling with the relaxing release of my muscles.

It was heavenly, physically the best massage I’ve ever had, mixed with the sensual wondering at the feelings of warmth and wetness between my legs, and the images of our situation running through my mind, and my nakedness and vulnerability lying, as I was, still face down on the bed. Then suddenly it came, that first touch as his fingers brushed just for an instant between my inner thighs. Just a gentle, momentary brush, but it was like a sharp jolt, a tingle that I wanted more of. His hands gripped me by my hips and lifted me up off the bed, “bring your knees up, open them wider” he was telling me as he lifted me a little higher. He then ran his hands back down over my back and down to my shoulders again. It was a different feeling now, soothing still but stimulating and arousing as well, as I wondered just where his fingers and hands would be moving to next.

He ran his hands down and up my back again and then around under my armpits reaching round to brush each hand over my nipples. I moaned as I felt them moving up from my stomach again, this time pausing to squeeze my breasts with the cupped palms of his hands. Then up to my neck and down to my nipples again, pausing longer and squeezing harder as he repeated each movement. My moans turned to a louder gasp much louder as suddenly I felt the palm of one hand sliding between my legs from behind me rubbing up over my pussy lips. “You’re very wet” he told me as he slid his hand back again, sliding it slowly back and forth and with slightly more pressure with each wipe.

He paused again, and I sensed him stepping back from the bed for a moment. “Stay still” he told me, “you’ve got to hold your position”. Suddenly I felt the weight of the whip handle being placed onto my back and the tingle of thin rubber strands being draped between the cheeks of my bottom. The sensation was like something I’d never felt before. I could feel what it was, but I couldn’t see it. I shuddered with the feeling and wanted to twist my bottom but he told me again to stay still. I felt the ends of the strands tickling my ankles as he moved closer behind me and gently parted my legs a little, his hand sliding up over my pussy again. His hand was rubbing back and forth again. “So wet” he said again. And then I felt his fingers sliding between my lips and pushing up inside me. I was moaning loudly again and twisting on my knees as his fingers stroked in and out. “Stay still” he said again. But it was impossible not to be moving with the ecstasy of his fingers fucking me.

I felt the whip handle being lifted off my back and the strands tickling over the soles of my feet. I knew I was coming just from his fingers and these completely new sensations rippling through me. Suddenly I felt the smack of the whip slapping down onto the bedcovers beside me. I heard the swish and felt the motion of his slapping next to my hips as he slapped it down onto the bed again, and then again. His fingers were still fucking me but I tensed myself on them as I sensed the next slap coming down onto the sheets again. It did and I gasped again, relaxing and tensing with the rhythm of the next slap I was expecting. But this time the swish slapped across my buttocks. I let out a loud cry, not with pain because it didn’t hurt, but with the surprise of suddenly feeling it on my skin. I knew he was going to whip me with it, but hadn’t even had the time to think of preparing myself for it. A second swish followed and then a third and fourth. It wasn’t hurting, just a flicking sensation tingling across my cheeks. I’d gasped with the surprise of it, almost giggling that it wasn’t how I’d expected it to feel.

I gasped much more loudly as he pulled his fingers out of me and spread my knees a little wider. I felt him leaning forward and licking his tongue down the crease between my bum cheeks and lingering with it over my bum hole. His fingers slid in-between my legs from underneath me again and his tongue pushed and probed harder. Suddenly he pulled away and this time I heard the swish of the whip before I felt it hit me, slapping across the cheeks of my bum with more force this time. “Ooohh, fuck” I gasped out, not with pain but with loving all the sensations and feelings rippling through me. It slapped down across me again. Then with quicker and harder swishes and this time up over my back. I could tell by the sound, and sense by the force of the slaps, that he’d stepped back from the end of the bed a little. Several more slaps followed in quick succession. Across my lower back and then across my bum cheeks again and then the backs of my thighs. I was certainly feeling it more now! A stinging sensation rather than a pain I couldn’t take. I was twisting my bottom again, from one side to the other to meet each swipe as it came. “Stay still” he commanded again. “I fucking can’t” I groaned my response and then gasping out again as several harder swishes followed.

“Aarrgh” I cried out as suddenly he swiped upwards directly between my legs, the rubber strands slapping across my pussy, this time it did hurt. I felt him drop the whip down onto the pillow in front of me. I saw it there inches from my face as I opened my eyes, gasping at the sensation of feeling him pushing his fingers into me from behind again. I was lost completely in the moment now. I could feel a slight tingling in my bum cheeks and wonderful pushing, stroking motions up into my pussy. I could feel him shuffling closer behind me as he pulled his fingers away. My forehead was resting on the strands of the whip lying across the pillow. I opened my eyes to look down between my knees and saw him rolling a condom onto a quite thick looking cock. I knew I probably hadn’t supposed to be seeing his preparation, but the feeling as he just suddenly pushed it into me was still a surprise and a gasping out-aloud moment. I closed my eyes again and steadied myself as I felt him lifting himself up onto his haunches and pushing my head further down onto the pillow in front of me. I pushed the whip handle away and pulled the pillow into me as I felt him pumping quite forcibly into me now. I was starting to come again, but he slowed and stopped for a moment. I suddenly knew why as I groaned out aloud “Oh fucking hell, gently” as I felt a finger pushing into my bumhole. He started thrusting with his cock again now, I could feel it and feel the pressure of his finger in my bottom pushing against it as well.

Hubby told me later that my gasps and groans were the most “guttural” that he’d ever heard me make, as I came with shuddering spasms and a loud “fffuuck” as I felt that release of his finger pulling out as I fell forward into the pillow. I wanted to be curling up into myself and enjoy the aftershocks of my come, but he rolled me over onto my back almost straightaway and knelt between my legs so that I couldn’t pull them up into me. He reached for the whip from above my head somewhere. “Oh no I couldn’t!!!” I gasped out, half giggling but half worried that now just wasn’t the time for more slapping. “Don’t worry. No more whipping” he laughed. Instead he held the whip up above my tummy, dangling the strands down so that they just touched my skin. He was moving it back and forth over me, the stands tickling over my stomach at first, but then up to my nipples. Suddenly I was moaning again, gasping with the feelings and sensations of seeing him crouching over me, his bagged erection wobbling as he ran the strands around and around over my nipples, up into the small of my neck and then right down over my tummy to my pussy. I had to lift my hips up just to meet the tips of the rubber and then twist my hips as he’d stopped twirling the strands.

“Come and tickle your wife” he turned to ask Hubby who had been sitting all this time in our corner chair. I moaned again as I felt the whip, now in new hands, dangling up over my nipples again. “They’re so hard” Hubby was telling me as he reached over with his free hand to pinch at first one, then the other. I groaned even louder as he asked if I was liking it. I had my eyes tightly closed again now as I managed to gasp out a “fucking hell” response. I could now feel No.14 rubbing his hardness over my clit as he spread my legs wider. Then he was inside me and thrusting forward, pushing my head back against the pillows with the force of his pumping. He lifted my legs up, holding them by my ankles tightly together in front of him. Hubby had dropped the whip and was now leaning over me sucking and squeezing at my nipples and then kissing my ears and whispering “what’s he doing to you sweetheart?” “Oh god, I’m coming, I’m coming” was all I could respond.

I came again with such a loud scream that it actually stopped them both for a moment. I opened my eyes suddenly sensing that they’d lifted away and then just dropped my head back onto the pillow gasping out “Oh, I fucking love it”. I wanted to roll over onto my side again but No.14 was still holding my legs up together and had started thrusting again. I looked up at him and could tell from the way his eyes were tightly closed, and the expression on his face that he was going to come as well. His explosion sent more little waves through me, just loving the feeling that I was making someone else come as well. He dropped my legs and leant forward into me holding my hips and thrusting with several more strokes. I opened my eyes again to look at him and then across at Hubby who was kneeling on the bed next to us and holding his own erection tightly in his hand. I was just about to reach across to stroke him when he suddenly let out a loud gasp of his own and I saw a jet of white spurt onto my neck. I felt the wetness and then several more splashes onto my chin and cheek. We were all gasping and laughing together, No.14 falling across my legs and rolling over onto the empty side of the bed whilst Hubby had collapsed next to me. I had to lift up and reach over him for the tissues as I could feel his cum dribbling down off my chin and neck.

The men recovered first, laying either side of me stroking my arms and legs and letting me doze off into an exhausted, but totally relaxing sleep from which I didn’t awake until I felt myself alone on the bed. I sat up with a start to see No.14 fully dressed and sitting in the chair putting his shoes on. “Oh, I’m so sorry” I said to him “I didn’t mean to fall asleep”. He laughed and said “it was great to see you come like that. Obviously, it totally relaxed you”. Hubby came back into the bedroom, completely naked, but with a large glass of water for No.14. “I’ve told him he’s welcome to say”, he said. “Oh, yes” I pleaded, “I loved that massage!!!”. Hubby looked across at me and said “I think you enjoyed more than just the massage”. Despite our invitation, and my teasing that “I’ve had a sleep, I’m refreshed now. Don’t you want to show me more of your whip!” No.14 replied “There’s much more than just the whip to show you. But that will have to be for next time!”

After showing No.14 out, Hubby snuggled back into bed flicking at my nipples with his tongue, “They’re still so hard! Is that from thinking about next time?” “Fucking hell yes. Can we make it soon please!” I swooned.

Modesty Ablaze

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June 29, 2013

Our Cuckold Progress

Cuckold Place Update

Our cuckold progress

The last 3 months have been intense. I’ve been trying for years to get my wife to consider being with another guy. Planting the idea years ago and introducing the subject often over many, many years. While she understood the fantasy, it just was not something she was going to do, so I had to settle for dirty talk in bed and fantasizing with people on this forum & chatroom.

At the beginning of this year we decided to plan a trip to Las Vegas for some much needed alone time. About 2 months before our trip in mid May she shocked me by saying that she was thinking about really having some fun on our trip and would like to try playing out my cuckold fantasy. Over the following two months we spent a lot of time talking about scenarios to make it happen and what to do to prepare. Of course I told her anything she needed or wanted I would make sure she got including wax jobs, clothes and jewelry. She took advantage of that and more as well as working out her already in shape body. Her request to me to pick up condoms for our Vegas trip just about sent me over the edge! She also stated that we would not wear our wedding rings while on vacation. In fact, she removed her ring the full month before our trip to ensure there would be no tan line or ring indentation. She told me that while there, we were “friends” only. There would be not public affection and I was simply a travel partner. I was also informed that if she did meet someone, I would not be present for any sexual activity. She did not want an audience, rather she wanted to really let loose when getting fucked. Of course my answer was “I’m fine with that”!

Once in Vegas, I got to enjoy seeing her really blossom from the committed wife I’ve been married to for all these years into a flirting “single” woman. To watch her flirt with strangers was a dream come true and to hear her tell me which guys she thought she might be with was so hot. She did warn me of two things before our trip. One was that she might turn into an animal if this were to happen, so I better be sure as there would be no turning back. The other was that it might not happen as she is very picky about who she is with. I understood and was prepared to be very content knowing she was open to it and I would get to see her flirt which was a BIG step.

The first couple nights went by and lots of flirting by her, but no hooking up. We both expected that it may not happen this trip, but set the stage for the next one. On the last night, she did meet someone she found hot and by chance I had stepped away to cash some chips, leaving her at the bar alone for 10 minutes. When I return, I see she is engaged in some heavy flirting with someone and so I stay my distance and wander the casino. The next thing I know, I’m getting a one line text from her “heading to room”. I think my heart must have stopped and all the blood in my head flowed to my dick! Something was going to happen and there was not turning back.

I waited for 1 half hours before hearing from here again with “heading back down”. When I finally found her in the casino, she had a big smile, bed head and the just fucked look. She would not let me touch or kiss her in case her new friend were to still be there. We finally headed back to our hotel room and I was blown away by her description of every detail, the two used condoms discarded on the bed, the smell of sex in the room and the sight of my sexy wife in the afterglow of sex. She was sore and tired, so she went to sleep. I was up all night, horny and unable to sleep for the excitement of what had happened. The next morning she was still sore, but gave me the BEST blow job of my life. I finally got my release too and my cuckold fantasy fulfilled.

After coming home we spent the next couple weeks in the afterglow of what had happened and talked about the next trip needing to happen soon as we were both now addicted to the experience. Figuring it would be awhile before we could play again, it was so hot to find out that she was already lining up her next fling. She told me that she had been flirting with him in town for many months and that he is her ultimate fantasy, but didn’t figure anything would come of it. Well, it’s progressed to the point now that they have a meeting set up next week to get together and have been trading texts and pictures for several days now. She’s already told me that she plans on this one being a regular thing.

For all these years I could only fantasize about her possibly hooking up even once and am now facing it happening twice in one months time! It took a long time, but it made us much more prepared for the whole thing and I can see that there is no turning back for either of us.

I’ll update again after they finally get together

My wife

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By: slutluver3


June 17, 2013

My work affair

Hotwife Angie writes in about her she finally agreed to her Husband’s desires for her to take another man. It was the best decision she has ever made.


It all started when my husband David told me he fantasizes about me with other men. That scared the shit out of me. After 12 years of marriage, 2 kids, stretch marks and 30 lbs. heavier, I questioned why he said that. Was he trying to get rid of me? Did he want to be swingers so he could be with younger, better looking women? I was confused and scared. What did I do wrong?

A few months went by without this topic being brought up. I was relieved. I hoped it was just a phase he was going though, but it wasn’t. One night we had a few drinks and got on the topic of past sexual experiences. I told him about one night I was drunk at a friends house and got a little wild. There was a guy there that I had a crush on for a long time. As I got into the details, I noticed David was becoming quite aroused. Then he told me I should find that guy and do it again. That really made me mad. I told him I’m not a slut and I only want to be with him. I asked him to never bring that up again.

A few more months went by and he never brought it up, but our sex lives fell way off. I actually thought he was cheating, so I checked his phone and found nothing. Then I checked his computer and found out that he kept looking at cuckold websites. I didn’t know what that was, so I checked it out. What I found was a relief. He wasn’t cheating! He was secretly fantasizing about me. I studied the websites and figured out how to fix our sex lives.

That night I told David about a guy at work named Paul that was always flirting with me. That definitely got his attention. He asked everything about Paul. When I said that Paul was attractive, I noticed David was getting an erection. We made love that night like it was our honeymoon night. Any time I said anything about Paul, we made love. I started to realize that I was in total control of our sex lives and I loved it.

One night we were out drinking and David asked if Paul was still flirting with me. When I said yes, he said I should flirt back just to see what Paul would do. I realized he was never going to stop bringing up this topic. So I finally asked him why he wants me to do this. He said he really didn’t know why it turns him on but it’s all he thinks about and he would do anything for me if I would do it. I called his bluff and he wasn’t lying. He took me shopping and bought everything I wanted, clothes, make-up, a new purse and even a new radio for my car. Then he cooked dinner, did the dishes and gave me a nice back massage. He was turned on thinking I would flirt with Paul and I was turned on by getting anything I want.

At work the next day, Paul told me he wished that I wasn’t married. Instead of ignoring him I asked him what he meant by that. He said he thought I was hot and he had wanted me for a long time, but didn’t want to piss me off by trying anything. I smiled and said that I wouldn’t get pissed off, then I walked away. All of a sudden I was extremely excited wondering what the hell did I just do? What was Paul going to try now? I only saw him once or twice a day but the next few weeks became very interesting.

The next morning I pulled up at work and Paul parked right next to me and I got nervous. As we walked in, he asked if I would go to lunch with him and I agreed to. I was nervous and excited all the way to lunch time. Paul drove and we just talked about work. He asked if we could do lunch every day and I said I would like that. The next day I drove. On the way back, Paul rubbed my leg and asked if that was ok and I said yes. As his hand started rubbing higher, I became very wet. Nervous and scared was replaced with excited and horny. We got back to work and he put my hand on his crotch and said see what you do to me? He was about half hard and felt very big. He kissed me and then we went back to work. That night I told David what happened. He was so turned on he practically raped me. Just as we started making love, David told me to call him Paul and show him what I wanted to do. That was a little awkward but I’m glad I did it because that was the best sex we ever had. The next morning David asked me to wear sweat pants with no panties to work. I said I would if he would clean the entire house and make dinner. We both agreed.

The next morning at work, I was reading the bulletin board. Paul snuck up behind me and kissed my neck. His dick was pressed into my ass and I could feel it growing. He said he had something special planned for lunch but wouldn’t tell me what it was. I knew that day was the day it would happen and I was right. Paul borrowed his friends van. We got inside and he had lunch prepared and drove to the park. He guided me to the back of the van where there was a bed. He laid me down and started kissing me. before I knew it, his fingers were inside of me and I instantly came. Then he undressed both of us and straddled me over his face. His tongue entered me and I took him into my mouth. His dick kept growing and growing until it was bigger than anything I’ve ever seen and I wanted it inside of me. He flipped me over and slid up between my legs and started kissing me again. He slowly entered me and it was incredible. With each stroke he got deeper and deeper. Then he fucked me really hard and I came over and over. He was an animal. Then we both came together and it was so intense I almost passed out. Then it was back to work. On my way home I felt guilty because I just cheated on David! I told David what I did and how bad I felt about it. He said it wasn’t cheating at all and I would have never done it if he didn’t want me to. He was right and it was obvious how much he loved me doing it. That night David fucked me even harder than Paul did.

That was over a year ago. Our relationship is better now than it ever was. We both do whatever the other wants us to do and love it. David cooks and cleans, I have sex, and neither of us could be happier. My only regret is that it took David 12 years to ask me to do this!

I hope this letter helps anyone considering this amazing lifestyle.
To the men: Don’t hesitate to ask!
To the women: Don’t hesitate to do it! The first time you do it and you see how your husband responds, you will be glad you did it… for both of you!

Submitted by: Angie, Ohio, USA


June 9, 2013

Dinner with Client

Cuckold Place Update

Dinner with a new client

My wife Bonnie called yesterday at about 4 pm to tell me that she was going to a late dinner with her boss (and Master) Sean to entertain a new client. Bonnie is more than willing to do whatever Sean tells her to do and this attitude has lead to some very exciting days and nights for us both.

I got home to find Bonnie in the shower. I watched as she dressed for her dinner with Sean and EJ. Bonnie pulled on a pair of sheer thigh high stockings over her long tanned legs. She stepped into sheer white g-string panties and she admired her sexy ass in the mirror for a moment. She sat on the bed and pulled up a short tight navy blue miniskirt that hugged her ass even more. Next she put on a light blue see thru blouse over her white shelf bra. When she put her navy blue jacket on and buttoned it up you could still see plenty of her tits popping out the top of her blouse and jacket. Bonnie fussed with her makeup once more applying a wet look lip gloss before she headed for the door.

“No kiss for you dear, it will mess up my lip gloss and I want to look perfect for Sean and EJ” Bonnie told me.

Bonnie’s phone buzzed and she said “Sean is here to pick me up, I’ll call you only when he tells me too”. I watched my wife get into Sean’s car and immediately lean over to give him a long kiss before they drove off.

At about 9:30 my phone rang. “We just finished dinner, but we are heading to EJ’s hotel for drinks to close the deal.” I asked Bonnie what EJ looked like and she told me “EJ is incredibly handsome and I would love to see what his strong body looks like without his clothes on”. I could hear Sean in the background telling Bonnie that EJ had told him he found Bonnie very beautiful and said “he’d hit that in a heartbeat.” Sean just laughed.

At 11:00 I got a text from Bonnie giving me the name of the hotel where she was with Sean and EJ. She said she was in the ladies room, and EJ ahd asked Sean and Bonnie to come upstairs. I asked her if she was ready to fuck both men, and she said she was already dripping wet thinking about it.

I drove to the hotel in hopes that I could get to see my lovely wife in action with her Master and EJ. About 15 minutes into the drive my phone rang.

“Hey man, it’s Sean, your wife is doing just fine but she can’t talk right now cuz she has a mouth full of cock. You and I both know she loves to suck cock and she is giving EJ here one helluva blowjob. She looks as pretty as can be on her knees between his legs and let me tell you, her sweet pussy is soaking wet and ready for cock.”

Sean hung up as I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. He called back about 10 minutes later and gave me a play by play description of my wife getting fucked by EJ.

“Man, Bonnie nearly ripped off EJ’s clothes after she stripped down herself. She pushed EJ back on the bed and continued to suck his cock in just her stockings and high heels. She slid up and started to ride EJ’s cock and she came within a few minutes. This bitch is hot, and she is gonna get fucked alright!”

Sean put the phone down on the bed as I could hear Bonnie now “Oh yes, oh yes, fuck my little white pussy with your big, black cock, oh yes, oh, oh, oh right there make me cuuuummm.”

Oh master, let him cum inside me, please, let him cum iside my pussy, please, I could hear Bonnie begging Sean to let EJ shoot his load deep inside her wet pussy.

“Do it man, fill that pussy full of cum” I could hear Sean telling EJ. Next I heard Bonnie screaming again as she was no doubt having another powerful orgasm. “Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, make me cum again and aaahhhhhhh.”

the phone went silent and I saw the call was over. I sat in the car for another hour and a half before Bonnie called me.

“Honey you would not believe the night I just had. I must have cum at least half a dozen times. EJ is in the shower and I am really spent but Sean said we’re going to his apartment for more fun….did I tell you taht I haven;t even fucked my master yet, please don’t wait up.”

Little did she know I had listened to a portion of the night’s festivities… I had to drive home to jack off to the memories.

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By: roaddawg7


June 1, 2013

My Wifes First

My wife is a stunning beauty to whom I’ve been married to for 9 years. She is 5′6″ tall, blondish brown hair, glasses, a little weight from having two kids but it gives her the best curves a husband could ask for. She often complains about her size and wants to loose weight but I try to explain how she is beautiful and is perfect just the way she is. This story is fictional but how I had hoped for things to go….

It was in April 2009 when me and my wife had our last bit of intimacy and she had heard enough about my fantasy. She just couldn’t ever see herself being with a black man even though I had tried to explain time and time again my reasons for it. It is the fact they are more endowed and the color of the contrasting skin that makes me want to see it so bad. Hopes that maybe for once she will learn the joys of sex, instead of having to act like she wanted it or to have to do things she didn’t want to do just to make me happy. She had already had enough and decided it was time to see what the real world was all about. After two kids and being married at the age of 22, she needed to know what was out there. I tried to talk her into trying my fantasy just to see if she at least enjoyed sex at that experience. I told her that we could set it up together and meet on neutral territory as to not let the man know where we live. With much reluctance she agreed. I already had one guy I talked to from time to time named Adrian. I met him on the computer and found he was a strapping young man who had just what we were looking for.

Adrian was about 190 pounds of muscle, a nice six pack, very well groomed and a 9 1/2 inch uncut cock that I was certain she would love. I talked to him and told him all the things we had discussed previously and that my wife finally agreed though reluctant. I asked him if he was still interested and if he could send me pics to show her as she would want to talk to him first and then meet him before anything happened. He gladly agreed and sent pics along with his phone number saying call anytime. My wife and I emailed back and forth with him for a couple of months and then finally decided to talk to him on the phone. He sounded very well educated and respectful when we talked to him the first time so we agreed to meet him for drinks. We figured what could it hurt, worst thing she could do was say no and that she wasn’t interested.

We met Adrian at a bar not to far from the house and yet close enough to motels, it could happen if she agreed. We went into the bar and found a dim seat back in the corner of the bar where we could talk and be alone, now we just had to wait on him. My wife wore a black dress that was cross cut in the front showing how ample her breast were and went to mid thigh showing of her sexy long legs. I could have died right there and been in heaven. As I admired her beauty, a black man about 6′, toned and well dressed entered the bar. He scanned the room to see if he found who he was supposed to me. I held up my hand and he came to the table. He asked to join us and sat down at the booth. We made our introductions and chatted from there. We had a few drinks and I could tell my wife was feeling intoxicated. I told him we better head home before she became any more drunk but that is when she surprised me and said no. She said that we would go to the hotel and continue our conversation. Now mind you, our conversation had ranged anywhere from work to sex and hobbies so it was an interesting evening so far. I asked her if she was certain and she said that she had pondered it over in her mind all night and yes she was sure.

We made it to the Super 8 motel about 11 pm after stopping to get some drinks to take back to the hotel. In anticipation of the yes, I had brought the video camera, camera, massage oils, and a restraint system that goes under the mattress with a blindfold. We sat around and talked more until about 1 am when we realized how late and drunk we were really getting. Adrian said watch this and stood up at that point and took his shirt off. He had a six pack and was defined like I had never seen. I looked over to see my wife looking and didn’t even notice I was there. He then took his pants off and you could see the outline of his bulging tool through his boxers. He hadn’t even got hard yet and looked to be 6 inches long. April was awestruck that this was even happening as she didn’t even notice me getting my camera ready or video camera out.

Adrian walked over to the bed and asked if she like what she saw so far and all she could do was nod. He took her hand and placed it on his boxers where his cock was. She gasped at the size of it and began to rub on it. As it grew it began to move upward and he told her to go ahead and remove the boxers. She slipped her fingers in the waistline and with a tug of his boxers, his cock sprang out and almost hit her in the face. Normally my wife doesn’t give blowjobs but tonight she had an uncut black cock staring her dead in the face. April reached up and took a hold of Adrian’s cock and her hand wouldn’t even fit around the shaft. She moved her hand up and down the shaft and started to lick the head. The purplish colored head started to come out as his cock hardened more. She pulled the foreskin back and started to put the cock in her mouth. I had turned the video camera on and was taking pictures as she tried to get as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. I had already put the restraints on the bed and asked him if he was going to massage her first. He was more than ready to accommodate her.

We had her take her dress off which left her in her panties. They were a nice pair of lace boy shorts. He slowly removed her panties to reveal he lovely hair that covered her sopping wet hotness. We laid her down on the bed and he blindfolded her while I put the cuffs around her wrists and ankles.

As Adrian started to straddle her to massage her, she squirmed as his cock started to touch her delicate skin. He slowly poured oil on her back, but and legs letting it slowly drip down her behind to her inner thighs and waiting pussy. He slowly started to rub her back and as he did she could feel his thick shaft pressing at her thighs.She was longing to have that thick cock in her, stretching her waiting walls and making her feel pleasure that she has never felt. But Adrian was having none of that just yet. He continued to tease her and massage her as she squirmed to get him in her.

Adrian then had her turn over and reattached her to the bed. He poured oil over her body and started on her shoulders massaging her while he now was straddling her to the point his cock was pressing against her waiting pussy. As he slowly moved down to her breast, he rubbed over her breast and lightly pinched the nipples making her gasp as the pain yet pleasure she found from it.

After he has finished massaging her breast, he lightly licked them and then bit the nipples enough to make it pleasure them to where they stood at full attention. He keep moving down rubbing her stomach and legs making sure to avoid her pussy. He works down her legs and massages her feet. This puts her in pure ecstasy as he knows just where to push to get her juices flowing. He slowly leaned down as he massaged her calves again and lightly licked at her hotbox making her want more.

He takes the oil and pours over her pussy as he inserts the two middle fingers into her waiting pussy. He starts to move his hand up and down hitting the spot she had never thought she had. She started to have a massive full body orgasm that made her pussy shoot her juices out and she moaned like never before. This made her want to feel that cock in her even more now.

He moves up and gives her a long kiss as she grabs his cock trying to get him in her. He then starts to rub his cock up and down her waiting swollen labia lips and pussy. Without waiting, he pushes his cock all the way in, burying his 9 1/2″ as she cringed as he hit her hilt. He held it there giving her time to adjust to the size.

She started to get used to the size so he starts to move in and out causing her a mix of pain and pleasure. As he keeps going the pain slowly subsides and is replaced by the most fulfilling and largest cock she has ever had. Her pussy walls are being stretched and she fills her pussy is as full as it ever has been.

As Adrian moves in and out, she can feel her second orgasm building all through her body and he knows it. He starts to pick up pace to make sure she gets the fullest pleasure she can. He feels her pussy start to contract around his thick shaft as she has her second but strongest orgasm she has ever had. She is screaming out his name by this point and had many orgasms before the night was through. As Adrian got ready to cum, she swore she could feel his cock getting bigger than it had been yet. He then buried his cock to her hilt and squirted stream after stream of hot sperm deep into her causing her yet another orgasm.

We all got cleaned up after the experience and said goodnight as I am sure we would see him again. My wife and I then prepared as I started rubbing her vagina and going down on her before I finished her off myself. I shut the video camera off and we snuggled up for a nights sleep after the long night of my wife’s first.

By txwriter29


May 28, 2013

Good for the Goose

Here’s another update from Cuckold couple Emma and Scott. Always great to hear from you guys.


Hi Trash,

Big changes here. Em has become her black lover’s submissive. First time she’s ever acknowledged submissive tendencies. Thought you and your wide readership might enjoy. Feel free to post.

Good For The Goose

I was in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee when Em returned from a jaunt to the local hardware store. She’s been caught up with building a coop for our new chickens and has been complaining about how expensive and time consuming it had become. As an aside, she mentioned that Darius was coming over in the evening. “That should lift your spirits,” I said, hopefully. “Maybe,” she said.

Then she asked if I’d help her move the coop to its final location on the upper terrace of our backyard. Even though I don’t have the right to refuse, I appreciate that she couched a command as a request.

We started talking about an assortment of other things and it only occurred to me after I was on my own again how routine it’s become for my wife’s lover to pay a visit. There was a time when such an event would have had us all aflutter with anticipation. But after all these years, my cuckolding has become a fixture in our life and the both of us have learned to manage our underlying emotions.

To great measure, we owe this to the patience and persistence of Darius, who didn’t let us drift too far during the years that Em was preoccupied with school. Now that she’s about to embark on an additional degree program, I suspect that she’ll make time in her busy schedule for him so that the drift between them won’t occur again. They have more invested in each other now and that makes everything easier.

There was a time, when we were first exploring cuckolding, when we would never know if a guy – even a guy we knew – would show up. We always had to have some sort of backup plan just in case. In the years that Darius has been seeing Em, the only time he couldn’t make it was due to an illness and then called to apologize. A gentleman.

It’s because of this history between them and the trust he’s built with her that she was willing to be his submissive. One has to factor in also that I am currently of no value to her for penetrative sex. Even though it’s been years since that was a major concern for her, the fact that my paltry appendage as a last ditch mode of satisfaction was available must have given her a sense of security. But now, with me basically impotent, Darius is the real man in her sex life and she is careful to give him his due.

Just before he arrived, I asked Em if I could watch and take pictures. “No,” she said. “Been there, done that. You can watch quietly and play with yourself if you don’t bother us. And no cumming, understand?”

We’re trying to define who we are now, something more polyamorous but kinky, lifestyle more than intermittent scenes. I understood her position but still felt a letdown at not being allowed to record things. Darius had commented recently to Em that sex for me has become getting to watch and take pictures… and then he laughed. He’d made his point and I appreciated the humiliation of it.

Though usually punctual, he texted shortly in advance that he was running late and this extra time ramped up our anticipation. Em was looking good all made up, in a black corset, pussy shaved. I had taken a cialis earlier, hoping to encourage some life into my little thing. I felt arousal but there was nothing going on down below. I wanted more than anything to drop to my knees and lick her pussy but didn’t want to give her an excuse to laugh at me.

When he arrived, it was clear that he intended to give his Dominance greater expression than he had so far. He was dressed in jeans and a snug t-shirt that showed off his buff physique to great effect. He dropped his black leather toy bag and told me to take it to the bedroom. Then he took my wife in his arms, kissed her, and spun her around so he could squeeze her tits and alternately nibble the nape of her neck and whisper into her ear. I stood off outside the doorway so that I wouldn’t disturb them but, after she began moaning, I couldn’t help but peek. He had her lying across his lap and was invading her pussy with his fingers. “Come here, boi. Get down there and get my bitch’s pussy and ass nice and wet for me.” As I hurried to comply, a rush of gratitude possessed me. He knows my hot buttons well and was offering me a share of the pleasure and, at the same time, reinforcing the pecking order.

Eventually they made their way back to the bedroom and he ordered her up on the bed with her ass in the air. I was told to get a couple of implements from our own assortment. I know that Em isn’t used to being on the receiving end and I looked for items that I felt would be milder. When I passed him a leather paddle and a riding crop, she didn’t seem very impressed with my choices and snapped that she’d get even. But he told her to shut up… which she did. A wise choice, given the circumstances.

As he began to warm her derrière, I noticed our camera on the computer desk. I knew that if I took any pictures I’d be disobeying her and I had to weigh that against an opportunity to photograph her in a more submissive role than I was accustomed to seeing, something that we both would value after the fact. I couldn’t help myself and snapped it up and took a few furtive pictures. As the evening progressed, I continued to work away, emboldened by her inattention to me and my efforts. I was much impressed by her stoicism. He was really going after her, explaining that he was disappointed in her inability to come to his house more often and service his cock with her mouth. Eventually, she snarled at me to stop taking pictures to which he responded that I should continue to take photos and that she should, for a second time, shut up.

We were in completely new territory. This was the first time he had ever countermanded an order she had given me and I chose, in the moment, to obey him as it appeared to me he was the one who was actually in charge. Her sudden silence seemed to confirm the chain of command.

In time, he had her suck his cock while he whipped her and, when he felt she was primed for more pleasurable diversions, had her help him out of his clothes. He climbed onto the bed and held her close, whispering what must have been endearments given how she melted into him.

Over the next hour, he took full advantage of her mouth and pussy, commenting to me that this was the way a man fucked a woman. After satisfying himself with those holes, he lubed and loosened her sphincter with his fingers and with a glass dildo she had thoughtfully left on her dresser. He finished her off with the rough ass fucking she had obviously been angling for and, before he came, he sneered at me and pointed out that she seemed pretty tame now. He asked her for confirmation of that and then thrust fast and hard, finally sinking deep into her and growling as he came.

Afterwards, I excused myself and closed the door allowing them some private time and aftercare. When he was gone, Em and I sipped margaritas and talked. She told me that she hadn’t enjoyed the intensity of the whipping. I told her that I didn’t enjoy pain either but that somehow receiving it usually drove my erotic pleasure by triggering endorphins. She acknowledged that she found the set up arousing and that she had very much enjoyed herself sexually and found the new territory interesting. As she put it, why do the same old stuff forever without deviating. She finished her comments with an acerbic and cryptic, “You boys.” Her reference, I believe, was to how Byzantine male sexual scenarios can be.

Today she got even with me, using the same crop and paddle, though with less severity than I probably deserved. Then she cuffed my right wrist to the bedpost and ordered me to jack off with my free hand, the one I’m not accustomed to use for this activity.

“I don’t want you to enjoy it too much,” she said. “But I want you to jack off daily as a form of therapy for your pathetic little weenie. I want it to be able to get hard again. It’s more fun to deny it when it gets hard.”

When I began pumping it, she remarked that even if it recovers it won’t ever again be allowed in her pussy. At that prodding, I abruptly came. As my Big O subsided, the little guy suddenly twitched and stood up momentarily before returning to it’s more familiar limpness. Encouraging as that is, he still isn’t getting to any useful tumescence and clearly his timing is way the fuck off.

Emma Kelly

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Submitted by: Cuck Hubby Scott


May 24, 2013

Bull encounter

It’s good to get stories from Bulls and well as the wives and cuckolds. It’s interesting to hear from the Bull’s perspective when they play within the lifestyle. Here’s a submission from Aditya from India about one of his many encounters with hotwives.


Greetings to all hotwifeblog readers from the Land of Kamasutra!

I have been following this blog for the last 5 years now and absolutely love the stories, especially the true stories that come on here. As someone who plays with hot wives from time to time, I have seen the thrill on a man’s face when he sees his wife cumming for another man. Here is a true story of one of my favorite encounters which happened two years ago in Delhi.

A little bit about me. I am 28, a photographer and a globe trotter. Rough looks, a fit body courtesy sports, swimming and hiking. Your everyday guy when you first meet me but those who know me well know my kinks and my wild side.

My first experience with a married, older woman was on my 18th birthday but I will leave that story for another time. This story is about one of my most fav hot wives who I met for the first time, two years ago at a party.

April 2011, I had just returned to Delhi after a long stint in Spain. The city was almost new for me as all my friends were gone. One friday night, there was a party for expats in Delhi happening at a posh club and I decided to go there and see if I bump into someone interesting. I hit the club around 9, dressed in Jeans and a Black Shirt, and got myself a drink and settled down at the bar. Not much of a dancer, I was just enjoying my drink and looking at the crowd building up. Across the room, I spotted a tall lady in a beautiful white Saree (a long piece of cloth which women drape around) and a backless blouse. The way she had draped her Saree showed off her back completely, outlined her beautiful full tits and her navel was visible as well. She wasn’t thin, but wasn’t fat either, just a full body, right curves, long tresses and she was standing alone with a drink. While her eyes were wandering, our eyes briefly met and I smiled. She paused, smiled and slowly started walking across the room, through the dance floor toward me.

We started chatting up and she told me that she was a fashion designer and her husband was a Consultant who travelled a lot. This weekend was one of those and she decided to hit the party and go ethnic for a change. I told her she looked smoking hot in her outfit and she smiled and said glad she could make men stare at her 40 year old body. We kept chatting and drinking and then she asked me if I would dance with her. I told her I couldn’t dance to save my life but she insisted and dragged me to the floor. She held my hand and started swaying and as we swayed she came closer and closer. She took my hands and put them on her hips and asked me to sway with her. Slowly, she was grinding and my bulge started to grow as my hands felt her bare back and stomach. She was grinding harder and harder and I was pretty sure, she could feel my hard cock.

I knew she could because she put her hand on my bulge and whispered in my ear that she wanted it and then she dragged me out to the parking lot. she unzipped me quickly, took my cock in her mouth hungrily and sucked on it like a greedy whore for two minutes and then zipped me back up and asked me to drive her home! It was a 20 minute drive but the whole time she had my cock in her hand and was blowing me as we drove, making it extremely dangerous for me to drive as my balls were going ballistic!

More in part 2…

Submitted by: Aditya, New Delhi, India

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