January 3, 2013

My wife is in love

A new couple to introduce you to today. ‘A’ has got in touch about his relationship with his partner and her lover. Makes for very erotic reading. Thanks for sending, feel free to send us updates anytime.


This is a true story. Names have been altered, locations aren’t explicitly named, but that’s about it. I’m writing this because I want to share it with others.

I proposed to my girlfriend about six months ago. We have been living an active hotwife cuck lifestyle for a few years and enjoy it immensely. She loves it because she’s free to do whatever she wants with whomever she wants and I love it because, well, I’m a cuckold.

The situation as it is right now is that she’s had a boyfriend for about a year whom she is in love with. She has sex with him often and he’s very much a bull. He’s a halfback at 6′2″ and about 220 lbs, very athletic and with stamina to match. She and he are often on their own, making love, going out to dinner or whatever else tickles their fancy at the time. Neither makes any bones about why they are attracted to one another. He loves her body, her sexual prowess and that she’s always at his beck and call if he needs to drain his nuts. He loves having a relationship with her that only gives him the good times. Never does he have to deal with any fights or any of the usual relationship downsides. He only knows her as upbeat, very sexual and sensual. She has her own Gold Card that I pay for to keep her wardrobe updated, manicures and whatever else she feels she needs to stay top notch for her boyfriend. I make pretty good money so she’s definitely got me as a sugar daddy.

I didn’t find out about their relationship right away, she kept it under wraps for a couple months. Then she dropped it on me that she was in love with this guy. I found out because she was talking on the phone on the porch and she made it so that I’d overhear her conversation. I about dropped my jaw when I heard “I love you too and I can’t wait to see you again” from her warm lips. I had suspected something, because she would just wander around glowing as if she had butterflies in her tummy. Any non-cuck would obviously have dumped her right away, but I was instead drawn to her even closer. Wanting to serve her even better. Somewhere after this I summoned the courage to ask her straight up, was she going to leave me over this guy? Her reaction was rather unexpected, but she basically said that she loved me a lot and that she would never leave me. But she also have needs that I can’t satisfy which is why she is compelled to do this. Obviously, this was well beyond sex, for both of them. She also told me that he knew her situation with me and that he was very content with this. He is definitely an alpha male and enjoys that a submissive male gets to deal with whatever he doesn’t want to deal with. He also likes to dominate other men and do so by seeding their women.

I will briefly explain an encounter before going on with the main part, just to set the stage. This man is very well tuned with her in that he is actively taking part in cuckolding me. One time we met up at his place. As we were taking our coats off, he grabbed her and started kissing her and feeling her up. She turned to putty in his strong hands and I had to stand there, dealing with the angst. I was there, but only for their purposes. They didn’t want me in on anything, except for having to witness their play. Greg told me to go sit down in the couch, where he brought me some microwave popcorn and set me up with a movie, Jennifer’s Body. He set the volume to 18, rather low. Then he looked at me and told me to be good and watch the movie. No sneaking around. I nodded that I’d obey this command. She looked at me and smiled. Then she looked back at Greg and gave him a very nice kiss. They wandered off to his bedroom. They left the door open so that I’d hear. Greg had taken the remote away so that I couldn’t change the volume. I started hearing some moaning and lots of sloppy kissing. Clothes dropping to the floor and that all-telling smacking noise from when her mouth slides off his cock while sucking. It didn’t take long before I heard him penetrate her. I had no idea she would sound off that much, he must really be very well endowed. She had told me that he’s leaps and bounds bigger than I, but it was a totally different experience to hear what his meat did to her. About an hour into their amorous activities, I could literally hear how ravaged she’d become. Her voice had not stopped screaming from the relentless pounding, but I could hear how she had a slight trembling vibrato to her. He was really wearing her out. But he had started moaning louder now. I could tell he was getting close. Between the thrusts I could hear her moan “I love you, Greg” and he acknowledged this “Me too, baby”. Then he let out what I can only explain as a roar, that sent chills down my spine and she got so turned on by the fact that he was only seconds away from cumming that she started cumming on his huge cock as well. The roar got more forceful and loud and came in unison with the thrusts. He was unloading his nuts in her, for what seemed to be an eternity. I am not exaggerating that he had about a minute long orgasm. Then a huge breath and a thump in the bed. They had collapsed.

About a minute later I heard a lighter go off. She was having a cigarette after some amazing sex. Greg yelled for me: “Hey, get us some ice water!” and I was on my feet like a soldier in attention. Instinctively I went to his kitchen and grabbed two glasses, some ice and poured some Evian in their glasses. I had brought a rose for her, which I put on the ornate sterling silver tray over a pair of brand new, black wash cloths. I had so much going through my mind that I had forgotten about my excitement about everything that had just transpired. As I was approaching his dimly lit spacious bedroom, I started feeling the angst taking over me. My dick was really hard as I entered the master’s bedroom. I had no way of preparing myself for what I saw. They were laying on the bed, slowly and passionately kissing and touching each other. A gleam of sweat was covering both of their bodies. It was almost like walking into a different atmosphere, like a fog almost, of very hot love. The smell of sex was definitely in the air. I set the tray down on the night stand on his side of the bed and as I did so he looked up at me with a huge grin on his face. He said “You know she’s mine”. I quickly glanced at her and her smile concurred with him. She kissed his neck and as this happened I was told to get out. The fly of my pants rubbed against my dick as I was turning to exit and that one little motion set me off. The jolt of the angst along with the tingle in my lower back emanated into a cascade of cum in my pants. The feeling was so overwhelming that I let out a huge moan and had to bend over. They both saw me and laughed at me. She let out “How pathetic” to Greg and he kept laughing. In the deepest of cuckold shame I went out of the bedroom and went to the living room and parked myself on the floor, pretending to watch the movie. I didn’t want to soil the master’s couch with my cummy pants. A few minutes later, she yelled for me. I went by the bedroom door and I heard her say “I’m spending the night and maybe a few days here, so you can just take off now. I’ll text you when I want to be picked up.” I had a lot to think about as I was driving home.

Back to what I wanted to write in the first place. Lindsay and I have decided to get married. I love her with all my heart and she loves me too. But she’s also in love with Greg. She and I were by the dining room table, picking through designs for invitations and all that stuff that needs to be done for the wedding. She’s planning most of these things as is probably usual for a couple to be wed. But we had a date for the wedding and we had decided on a place. A very nice yacht club by the east coast with an adjacent four star hotel. Lots of the bigshots have their boats there, so only the best accommodations. Expensive yes, but a wedding is special so its worth it. We had pre-booked a number of rooms for people who had indicated they wanted to stay the night and of course our honeymoon suite.

When we were discussing the color theme for the wedding decorum, I suggested a classy off-white vest for the men’s tuxedos. She sighed “That would look great on your best man”. I had no idea what she meant about that and she said, “I’ve picked Greg for your best man.” I about fell through my chair. Not that I had decided on a best man in the first place, but I thought that was a bit of a weird choice. After all, I would pick my best man. She insisted though.

I asked her why and she said that she thought it was a huge turn on that he would be there as well. Nobody there would know who he was and we’d have to make up a story on how good a friend he was to me. She and I however would know that he is the master. We would be the only ones. As he would receive the honor of dancing with her, only us three would know the real story behind it all. Obviously I’d remove the garter and she’d throw the bouquet, but there was a huge twist to all of this. She was planning on consummating our marriage with Greg, not me. The thought of this brought everything to an entirely new level.

Who am I to tell my soon-to-be spouse that she can’t have her perfect wedding. Strangely enough, this was incredibly compelling to me. The perfect cuckold wedding.

Fast forward a couple months and the big day is fast approaching. She’s very active with Greg and I can only imagine how she will have Greg and I in mind as she is answering my vows. The thought of the master having the ring I am to offer her is incredibly hot. The two of them have let me in on that they’re both planning on something very special for me in the matrimonial suite. I have no idea what this is and neither of them are letting anything on as to what the surprise is. One thing is for sure though, I love her beyond anybody’s wildest dreams and I know she loves me too. I guess this is a win-win-win for her, Master Greg and I.

I will be sure to write after the wedding.

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December 30, 2012

A couple encounter

Another diary update from hottie Modesty Ablaze from London. And guys she’s on Hotwife Hub too - Profile Here
“It’s just been all about me!”

We’d met our new couple at our Swinging Club late in August. We’d arrived quite late and it turned out to be one of those evenings where Hubby and I spent most of our time sitting at the bar chatting to some of the regulars we’ve come to know from previous visits. People we’ve become friends with but, for one reason or another, haven’t actually played with.

We had noticed several new couples we hadn’t seen before, and a number of new single guys, but despite Hubby frequently pointing them out to me and asking if I was “interested in going over for a chat”, I didn’t really feel motivated or attracted enough to want to leave my seat. Hubby would occasionally wander off for a tour around the rooms and then report back to tell me what was going on, but after several hours even he had resigned himself to the fact that our night would end without any involvement on our part.

He’d actually just said to me “Shall we finish our drinks and make a move”when a striking blonde woman came up to stand at the bar right next to my seat. Her, very tall, partner stood behind her and leant between us to order their drinks. We hadn’t noticed them before, and they’d come from the direction of the play rooms, so had obviously been having fun elsewhere for quite some time. She was dressed in a lovely black basque and net stockings and had the most perfectly manicured red nails as she placed her hands on the counter of the bar. Hubby leaned around from beside me and asked her “Would you like a seat?” getting off his stool and tugging at me gently to move from my stool to his. She smiled and replied “Yes thank you, my heels are killing me!” I moved over and she sat-up next to me and I laughed that I had the same problem as “I only ever really wear heels on a night-out here”. Her partner immediately joined in, saying how sexy both our choice of footwear was “and, in fact, your whole outfits”. We’d all soon introduced ourselves and began chatting and answering their questions about the club. It was their first visit here but they were frequent visitors to some of the other London clubs we’d heard about.

I immediately felt completely at ease with both D and her husband and I could sense that Hubby (standing behind me and stroking my back and leaning against me the way he does when I know he is aroused) was feeling just as captivated as I was. D’s manner and conversation was so natural and friendly that within the first 15 minutes I was giggling and sharing experiences with her as though we were life-long friends. Her husband B wasn’t quite so outgoing (though very dishy) but was still chatting quite openly. He asked me if we’d been playing and told me he’d wished they’d met us earlier in the evening as they had to be leaving to get home for the babysitter. D must have noticed the look of disappointment in my eyes as she reached over to hold my hand and asked “Would you be interested in exchanging numbers?” Hubby answered before I’d had the chance to think “Yes, sure!!!” I looked up at B to see if he was as keen, his smile, and his wife’s continued stroking of my forearm, seemed to indicate that he definitely was. The men exchanged numbers and we said our goodbyes.

Hubby and I remained at the bar for another drink, comparing our impressions and talking about the lost chance of not having met them earlier. I giggled when he said “and of course she really fancies you”. “What do you mean?” I asked him. He laughed and replied, “I mean she fancies you. It was obvious, and anyway B told me she’s bi. So our evening at the club ended without us “playing out”, but we certainly made it up for it when we got home, with the attractions of our brief acquaintances obviously on both our minds and inspiring our arousal.

A few days passed. (We’d mentioned the morning after, reliving our passions over breakfast, that we’d have to text them the next time we were going to get back to the Club.) Then, on the Thursday evening, just as we’d cuddled up together in bed, Hubby’s phone beeped with a text “would it be ok if we called. Can you talk?”. Hubby messaged straight back that it was fine. Seconds later his phone rang. I could tell immediately, from the rolling of his eyes and wild nodding of his head, even before he switched his phone over to speaker, that it was D. As his speaker came on I could hear her saying how much they’d enjoyed meeting us on the weekend. Hubby responded that the feeling was mutual and that we’d already been talking about texting them the next time we planned to visit the club. Her reply took us both by surprise. “If you’re not busy, would you like to come over to ours next Saturday for drinks?” She went on to say that their children would be away with B’s parents and that they had an indoor hot tub and would like to get know us better! Hubby didn’t waste a second in telling her we’d love to.

As if meeting a new couple for the first time on non-neutral ground wasn’t worrying enough, their address made me feel even more nervous. They were obviously in a different class to us!! Not just an affluent outer-suburb, but an extra-affluent postcode. “What can I wear?” I was agonising to Hubby the following day and night!! His teasing that I wouldn’t need to be wearing “anything” in a hot tub, didn’t help.

D met us at the door looking stunning in a white sarong and led us through a huge reception room into an even larger, and absolutely wonderful kitchen area. All sparkling stainless steel fittings and work surfaces, I was feeling more and more nervous with every step! We followed D into an amazing conservatory which looked out over a long garden. We could see, and hear, the bubbling water of the hot tub in one corner of the conservatory. To our right B was standing behind a bar asking what we’d like to drink. I assumed from his bare chest that he’d possibly just emerged from the tub and probably had a towel wrapped around his waist, but had to gasp in surprise as he stepped out from the bar towards us with our glasses in hand, completely naked! I felt myself giggling with the embarrassment of not quite knowing how to react and not sure where I should be looking. D immediately stepped in front of him admonishing him for being so forward and turning back to us to apologise. I was still giggling but told her not to be silly “You just caught me by surprise” I told him, still not sure where I should be looking, whilst I stretched out rather self-consciously to hand him the two bottles of wine we’d bought with us. Hubby was laughing as well “It’s fine, we didn’t actually bring swimming costumes either”.

We sat around in their wonderfully comfortable cushioned wicker chairs chatting and accepting (too many) top-ups of wine for some time before B asked if we “were ready for a dip?” D went off to fetch some towels whilst Hubby quickly stripped off his clothes and followed our host into the tub. Normally I don’t have any qualms about undressing in intimate situations, and I actually enjoy ‘dressing-up’ at the Club, but now I really felt quite nervous as I lifted my dress up over my head knowing I had to walk naked up the steps to the tub as B sat there quite obviously watching my every step. I did feel slightly better as he said “you have a beautiful body” as I slid down into the water next to Hubby. D had reappeared, already naked herself and followed me into the tub. “You should have seen her from behind” she said to B, “she has a gorgeous figure, and such a wonderful bum.” The compliments, the warmth of the water, and the wine!, were making me feel better.

We leant with our backs against the wall of the tub. D had initially positioned herself between B and I, but then moved around in front of me, sliding in-between Hubby and myself. I felt her hand stroking my arm as she had in the club, and then as she told me again that I had “such a gorgeous figure” I felt her hand running up over my tummy and up to my breasts. Her palm caressed across both my nipples for a brief moment before she pushed away from the wall of the tub to stand more directly in front of us. I felt her hand reaching up to me again and could tell from the movement of her left arm that she was reaching across to Hubby as well. I glanced across at him. I could tell from the expression on his face that she was touching him as well, but not on his chest! I felt a firmer hand squeezing over my left nipple. B had slid closer to me and was now following D’s lead, squeezing and caressing me. I gasped and tilted my head back closing my eyes. My nervous self-consciousness had suddenly been replaced by the wonderful feeling of two separate hands roaming over my breasts, and now, between my legs. At first I couldn’t tell whose fingers were twirling around my pussy lips, but then as I felt both nipples being lightly squeezed by strong feeling fingers, I knew both of those hands belonged to B and it was D’s fingers that were deliciously working around and around my clit. “Oh, squeeze my tits” I moaned, still keeping my eyes tightly closed, but making no attempt to stifle my moans of pleasure now. B’s palms were now clamped tightly around my breasts, pushing me back harder against the wall of the tub, whilst D’s finger, or fingers I couldn’t tell how many, were sliding forcefully in and out of me. I threw my head back as far as it would go, letting out a load groan of “oh I love that”. I could hear the splashing of movement now in the water as B’s hands suddenly slid straight down my side to grasp me by my hips. He seemed to be lifting me higher, and forward more into his wife’s hand which was now pumping in and out of me. My own groans were drowning out the other sounds, but I was conscious of her muffled moaning to the right of me.

I opened my eyes and looked past my right shoulder to see her head locked in an embrace with Hubby and it was obvious from the thrashing movements of both her elbows in and out of the water that both her hands were pumping and stroking, and as only her right one was pumping into me, her left hand must be furiously stroking my husbands cock. Suddenly there seemed to be two hands pushing between my legs, one (still D’s???) thrusting fingers in and out of me, the other twirling and rubbing over my clit. I felt myself trying to hold my balance, reaching behind me to grasp the wall of the tub with my back pushed back against it and the pressure of the thrusting between my legs, bouncing me up and down in the water. For a moment I was thinking I didn’t feel comfortable enough to really let myself go, then, an instant later, I was crying out “Oh, god I’m coming, I’m coming”, thrusting my hips forward and losing my grip on the wall. I collapsed forward into the arms of B, dropping my chin onto his shoulder and gasping out “God, oh god”.

I opened my eyes. D and Hubby had stepped apart with D asking him “does she always come like that?” He laughed and said something like “I’ve never seen her come in a pool before”. B lifted me up to try and sit me on the top step of the tub, saying “That was fantastic. You sound amazing”. “And look amazing” D said as she reached over to start stroking my arm again. I was feeling uncomfortable, from both the compliments, and the hard step I was now perched on. “I need to sit down” I managed to blurt out. D stepped out next to me and took my hand to lead me off the step down onto the floor again. She reached over for a towel and dried me down as I stood enjoying the feel of the softness against my skin. The two men followed us out of the tub and I collapsed back onto the nearest cushioned chair. We sat chatting, and drinking, until D stepped over and knelt down in front of me. “Would you two like to come upstairs?” she asked, running her hands up and down my thighs and then leaning forward to kiss me on the knee. She lifted me up and then led us back through the kitchen and up the stairs to their bedroom. As the men followed us into the room I could tell they were both obviously aroused by the fact that D was gently pushing me back onto the bed.

I have kissed another woman before, playing at the club. But this was something different, completely different. Her mouth was warm and wet, and her tongue hard yet gentle, in a way that I just couldn’t compare with the kisses I would normally receive from Hubby, or one of my lovers. Not really physically different, I suppose, but different in sensation and emotion. The taste seemed somehow sweeter, warmer, softer. I felt her hands squeezing gently over my nipples again, and then felt her pulling my hand down to her pussy. “I don’t really know what to do” I told her. “Play with me as though you are playing with yourself” she whispered into my ear. Her warm breath tickled my senses, and her words made me tingle and arch my back as her own fingers ran a trail down over my tummy, sliding in between my lips and instantly finding my button. Her lips slid away from my kisses and ran down in little pecks over my neck, down over my breasts, kissing at them each, gently on top, and to the sides, and then, pausing above me for a moment, sucking suddenly down onto my right nipple. Sucking and pinching, and stretching it away from my chest with her lips, before releasing it with a wonderful nip of her teeth, before performing the same task on my left nipple.

She lifted away and I felt her fingers replaced with larger and thicker hands. I opened my eyes to see B leaning over me, spreading my legs wider for a moment before running his fingers up my inner thigh and finding the exact spot that just a moment ago was being caressed by his wife. I was groaning again but heard Hubby’s voice saying something unclear and unintelligible to D. I opened my eyes again and gasped as I saw D kneeling back onto the bed with a large, very large, dildo in her hands. “Have you ever fucked another woman?” she asked. I suddenly knew that these were the words I had just heard her asking Hubby. “Oh my god” I said. Half giggling, half tingling, as I watched her kneeling between my legs and sliding one end of the long pink shape into herself. “I don’t know, I don’t think I could” I stammered. But a moment later I heard myself gasping louder as B’s fingers slid over me to hold me open and D pushed herself forward. “Ohh, ohh” I knew I was gurgling. I felt her sliding forward into me, the softness of her leg rubbing over mine, and then gasping loudly again as, with a little help from B, she lifted my other leg over the top of hers. She started pushing and groaning and gasping louder with every stroke. I pushed myself back against her and groaned again as B’s fingers twirled between us as I felt us slapping together, each with half of her dildo engulfed within us. Pushing against her I could feel her pussy, and legs, and bottom slapping against mine and feel the thickness of the silicon pushing into me, then relaxing again, then pushing back. And B’s fingers working over me, working over the both of us, was making my groans more breathless, and louder and louder. I opened my eyes again to see Hubby standing next to the bed to my right. His cock was standing vertical against his tummy, and kneeling next to me on the bed to my left, B’s cock was swaying back and forth and tapping against my shoulder. I reached out to grasp Hubby’s cock and pull him onto the bed next to me. He eagerly obliged by kneeling right over me and guiding his cock towards my mouth. I sucked him up and down, cupping his balls in right hand whilst reaching out and stroking B up and down his shaft with my left. I felt him turning and shuffling his own knees up the bed closer towards me. I pulled away from Hubby’s cock, loving the plopping sound as his hardness slipped out of my mouth, and turned to my left to immediately guide B’s cock between my lips.

I could hear D groaning as she pushed and I thrust back against her, feeling the thickness and hardness of the dildo straining inside me. And, directly above me, both men were now grunting and groaning as I sucked and swung my mouth back from my left to my right and then back again. Sucking to the left whilst stroking with my hand to the right, and then turning to suck from the right and stroke to my left. My own muffled gasps were getting louder as B was still leaning forward stretching his hands down over my tummy to twist and twirl his fingers over both of our thrusting pussies. Hubby was squeezing and pinching at my nipples and I managed to gasp out “harder, pinch them harder” as I swivelled my mouth from left to right.

I heard D gasping out that she was going to come and felt her shuddering against me with convulsions as her legs squeezed together against mine. She suddenly pulled away and I felt the thickness slide out of me, making me cry out with my own orgasm as B’s fingers slid deliciously inside me for a moment before my own twists and shudders pushed them away. I heard Hubby’s voice gasping out above me and then felt sudden warm splashes splatter across my breasts and stomach. I opened my eyes as B pulled his cock from my mouth and clasped both his hands around himself as he cried out as well. I saw the first burst of white from the eye of his knob as it shot past my forehead, and then felt the rest spurting onto my cheek and chin and then dribbling down onto my neck. “I’m so sorry” he gasped, “I couldn’t stop it. I’ll get tissues” he continued as he swivelled off the side of the bed and stood up next to us. His cock was still erect and looked lovely bobbling around, still dripping, as he leant forward to pull some tissues from a drawer at the side of the bed. “You should apologise, you’re such a messy bugger” D said as she sat up at the other end of the bed. I lifted myself up as well, “No, no, it was lovely. You don’t have to apologise” I told him as I accepted his handful of tissues. Hubby was sitting up on the other side of me, and accepted more tissues from B, so that he could wipe up his own “mess” from my tummy.

D lay down beside me reaching over to pull me closer against her, kissing me first on the cheek and saying “you are just beautiful”, before kissing me full on the lips again, just as she had earlier. “Thank you” I replied. “You are both beautiful too.” She sat up on one elbow and said “Have you ever done that before? Did you enjoy?” I giggled “No, and Yes” as my reply. “I feel very greedy, it’s all been about me” I said. B sat back down on the bed and said “Well it’s still early yet . . . !” But that’s for Part Two another time!!!

Modesty Ablaze

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December 20, 2012

Wifes Young Lover

This story happened in 2009 it’s all true and was written right after it happened. I hope you enjoy it.

W ell today the wife got her fantasy and I got another great wife sharing story. My wife is a smokin hot 39 year sex goddess and it has been her fantasy to have a much younger guy. Well last week she was contacted by a young guy on a dating site. He’s a 21 year old college student with a lean body, really cute face and sexy blue highlights in his hair or at least that’s how she described him.

There was no doubt this guy appealed to her, for a while its been her fantasy to rock a young mans world beyond anything his young girlfriends could have ever done. He seemed very shy when he first e-mailed her and he was alittle concerned about the distance, as he lived an hour away. His shyness just seemed to drive her desire more. They chatted and it was clear that he hadn’t been with many girls. She convinced him that getting to know her would not only be worth his time but the drive as well. The next time they chatted it was with cams my wife was very pleased to say he was even cuter than his pics but that he looked very young. She let him know she wasn’t interested in anything serious which seemed to please him, she also made it clear she was interested in rocking his world. They chatted and sent text messages over the next day or so. She made hers sexy but not to over the top as his comfort level seemed unclear.

Last night he called as soon as he got off work, he was eager to talk to her and she was pretty eager to talk to him. She told him she was going to have some free time the fallowing day, and as it turned out he was off as well. She invited him over for what was going to clearly be a trip between the sheets.

I was excited for her. I knew this was her fantasy for sometime and that she was very attracted to this young guy. I was happy to help make it happen for her. My wife and I have been together 3 and 1/2 years, and before we met her sex life, unlike mine, had been anything but exciting so I was really proud to take part in her sexual growth. I knew this fantasy was to make her feel good.

The guy found her on a dating site she used when we met. He didn’t ask about her marital status, but she figured since he found her on a dating site he must have thought she was single and she didn’t want to scare him off so she let him think that. Together she and I cleaned the house and tried to down key any signs of my living there from closing my closet to removing pictures I was in from out walls.

Before bed she straighten her hair making it prefect and I trimmed her little pussy to ensure it was perfect for her date. She was very worked up for her date and she laid in bed stroking my cock and thanking me for all my hard work and for letting her do this. She didn’t want to have sex yet as she was afraid that if I made her cum she would feel as randy the next mourning. Instead she just jacked me off telling me how excited and grateful she was.

This mourning came early and we got up and got the kids ready for school. While I dropped the baby off at daycare she took a shower and made herself look pretty for her young lover. I came home with breakfast in tow. As we were eating he called saying he was heading this way. We went into the bedroom and she put a pretty lingerie set I bought her, with a lacy black bra and pretty little black thong panties both with lite pink bows. She topped it off with a satin robe I gave her when we first met. I stood close by and watched her dress. She looked so beautiful I knew he was going to be blown away by her. She came close to me and asked what I thought. I reached out and touched her, she felt so soft and she smelled so good. It was all I could do to not take her myself. I told her I thought she looked great.

As it got close to time for her new friend to arrive I took my final looks at her. She turned on an old baby monitor we had near the bed, I took the receiver kissed her, and left. I drove around the neighborhood abit when she texted me that he had arrived. I went back to the house and parked a little ways down so I wouldn’t be obvious but so that I could get good reception on speaker.

I sat out in the van for about 10 minutes or so not being able to hear much of their small talk as they were in the living room, but soon they made their way to the bed room. I heard them talk nervously at first then I heard my wife say “do you wanna see what I picked out for you?” “Yes should I pull the tie?” “You should if you want to see” I knew at this point he was removing her robe leaving her standing in only the lingerie I bought for her. I could hear muffled sounds of them making out. Then I heard my wife tell her young lover to lay back so she could spoil him. I figured at this point they must be mostly undressed I could hear her talking to him as I knew she was touching his Body “was it worth the trip?” she asked “Oh Yeah” “it looks like your pretty excited” she said I knew she must have just pulled his cock out. My suspicions were confirmed when I heard his breathing begin to quicken, I just knew she was sucking his cock, and my wife is a wonderful cock sucker. I then heard him say “God no body’s ever sucked me like that before, its its like you’re hitting the perfect nerve” She later told me she wasn’t just sucking his cock but playing and licking his balls as well. Before he left he told her he nearly came four different times during the blow job but she has a way of knowing when its about to happen and backing off just in time.

I then heard him say “i want you to ride me” “did you bring your condoms?” “Yes” I could hear the tearing of the rapper and the bouncing on the bed as they changed positions. Then I heard her say “Are you ready?” the then a heavy breath left her lips. I could hear the squeaking of the bed and the elevated tempo of their breathing. “do you like the way that pussy feels?” “Oh god I love the way that pussy feels!!” was his response. They went on this way for a while she showed him how a real woman rides cock and he loved it, and as they went on he became less shy.

He then told her he wanted to fuck her for now I could hear them moving again. She later told me they went missionary. I could hear him groan knowing he was in her and he began to pick up the pace. This young guy began fucking her a a feverish pace, one I know I could never do. He slammed into her hard and fast without wearing out, the joy of youth I suppose. She was moaning and groaning in ecstasy. I heard him say “damn your pussy’s so wet” as they went on he kept pounding her when she told him to “Show that pussy who’s boss” not long after I heard him groan hard as he began to cum and then I heard her go off like a rocket with a nice hard cum. Afterward they joked about the wet spot on the bed. He also revealed that was the biggest cum he ever had. She told him what an amazing cum she had too. He asked was it the best ever, and she said that there was only one guy who did it better. My wife is so nice to stroke my ego. He told her he hope they could get together again soon before he left.

After he left I returned home and found my wife laying in our bed naked and content. She was feeling good and perhaps a little proud of herself. I was certainly proud of her. I undressed and laid with her. I kissed and touched her all over her body. I let her know how much I loved her and she did the same to me. I then began to kiss the hot swollen lips of her pussy. I sucked and licked her clit as my fingers explored her inside. Soon my beautiful wife began to cum really hard. I guess that’s why I’m the orgasm guy. After she came I slid my cock inside of her as she told me the details of her adventure between orgasms. We made love 2 times and I licked her pussy 3 times before I took her out to lunch. While we were having sex he sent her a text thanking her for a great time.

What a great day it turned out to be, she got her fantasy, he got his world rocked and I got to enjoy it all. I love my wife and always will.

By: MrChiz - Texas


December 12, 2012

My story

I have waited years to write this story. Hotwifing has been a part of our marriage for maybe the last 15 years.

My wife, I’ll call her Randi, had been happily married for about 10 years. We had three great children and life was good. But I had caught this bug. I fantasized about her fucking other men. It became such an obsession that I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I began to share my fantasy with her. She was 90% disgusted and 10% intrigued. I would have stopped the conversations but I couldn’t. I wanted her to be my hotwife, although I had never heard the phrase before nor had any idea that I wasn’t nuts.

Randi resisted me for a long time until she had a training session out-of-state. She flew to Atlanta for a workshop with a dozen or so other people involved in her specialized field. She called every night and was chipper about the fun she was having, especially with 2 guys from NY. She called her last afternoon, though, and said that a guy from Florida had asked her to dinner and could she go? I was thrilled and so was my cock. I said sure, and that I hoped that she’d get lucky.

That’s all I knew until I picked her up at the airport the next day. We took the kids to a park so that Mom could them could have fun together. Meanwhile, I was patiently bursting waiting to hear her story. After the drive home and some settling in, I got mine.

My wife and her date, call him Brent, indeed went to dinner. While dining and drinking, she asked why he asked her out. He said, “Wasn’t it obvious? I’ve been trying to get your attention all week and you kept smiling at me.” She said “I did?” (She’s so naïve.) Anyway, after a few drinks, she leveled with him. She told him “My husband has a fantasy about me fucking another guy.” Brent was ready and promised to fuck her brains out.

They got a taxi to head back to his hotels. In the back seat, they couldn’t wait and the lip-lock began. Soon, he had her miniskirt pushed up and her red bikini panties pulled down. She un-zipped his drawers and had his cock out when the taxi driver said in no uncertain terms that he was not going to clean up their mess. So, rather than stop, they got out at Centennial Park and looked for a spot to finish up. The park was too bust, however, so they caught another taxi and were better behaved.

When they got back, they decided to head to his room in his hotel. Up in his room, they both started to get cold feet (He was also married.) She said, “Well, I give a pretty damn good blow-job.” She told me that in about 3 seconds he was naked and standing in front of her on the bed. She began licking and playing and gorging. She said it didn’t take very long and she could feel him swell.

I asked her what she did with his cum. “I swallowed it.” She had never swallowed any of my cum before. She said that doing that made her hornier and she took off her underwear and laid on the bed. He came alongside her, laid her on her side, lifted one leg over his shoulder and penetrated her with his dick. She said it felt wonderful. He didn’t have the stamina to complete the job though and pretty soon he went all flaccid.

She picked up her stuff and cam back home.

She wasn’t quite finished though, as she asked me stand in front of her, as he had done, so she could demonstrate for me. I, too, was pantless in about 3 seconds. Jodi took my red cock into her warm mouth, and moaned and slurped and smiled her way into to loins. Pretty soon, I began to swell, and sure, enough, she was joyful as I pumped squirt after squirt into the back of her throat, over her tongue onto her lips and across her cheek.

Randi smiled up at me, asked if I was mad at her and thence we began our hotwife journey.


Submitted by: Michael, Western US


December 8, 2012

A night never forgotten

Here’s a very horny tale from a couple from Arkansas, I loved the emotion in the writing from the Husband. Thanks for sending us in your story. Hope we can have the follow up to this story soon. You can chat to this couple via their Hotwife Hub profile here


I knew the moment that his lips met hers that this night was going to be new. I had seen them kiss before, but this looked different. This was a few nights after Thanksgiving, several years ago. For as long as I live, I will never forget it. I remember the music, the light, the fear. Bob Marley will never sound the same.

He was an old friend. We had known him for years before he came into our sex life. By this time, he had become a fairly regular playmate. She had already fucked him a few times, before. There was a familiarity now, though. Not the kind of familiarity that comes from marriage, but that of a relatively new couple that is just getting comfortable sexually. They both knew what was about to happen, and they were completely engrossed in each other.

This was a night like many before. We had shipped off the kids, for the weekend. The house was ours. This night was ours. We had paid for it. We were going to enjoy it. We did.

It started, as usual, with a few drinks. The tension had been building before he even walked in the door. There was the normal conversation, at first. Family, work, movies, and music were all discussed. By about eight-thirty, we were all pretty well drunk. That’s when the moment came. During a tense lull in the conversation, I spoke up, as I usually did in these situations. “Well, do you guys want to fuck?” We were all overcome by a nervous giggle. What a stupid question? I had asked it before.

She said nothing. He spoke right up, “Yeah, sure.” He knew damn well that we wanted to. This was not our first rodeo. He knew from the moment that we invited him over, that he was going to get some. He was excited about it. It was a given.

My wife was 35. She looked 25, and had a very svelte body. She was very sexy. He was a few years younger than her. He was 32, and freshly divorced. He had only been married for less than a year, but it didn’t work out. He had been without sex for several months. He was not a big guy, but had a nice body, and a nice dick. He was a little bigger than me. I hated him for that, but hey. To make matters worse, he had borrowed some Viagra for the night. Here was a good looking younger man, high on Viagra that knew he was going to fuck my wife.

When we got around to the business at hand, we were standing in the kitchen, talking. In fact, we had been standing in the kitchen all night. We were all too nervous to sit down, but the normal pleasantries had to be exchanged. My invitation had come at a perfect time. They had been talking for a while. They were definitely engaged with each other, but the conversation had slowed. The sexual tension had become too much to bear.

My opening of the door had created an even more awkward silence. I knew that it was time to make the move, so I took her hand. I looked at her with titillation. I knew what she wanted me to do. I knew what she wanted him to do. She knew it, too. I could tell by her embarrassed expression, so I did it. I asked her, “Do you want to fuck, him?” She laughed. I asked again, because you have to ask a lady, even if you think you know what she wants. She laughed again, and said “Sure.” I asked again. “Are you sure?” She looked at me. I knew. She said, in a very low confident tone, “Yes.”

The word sounded beautiful, at that moment. Her one word let me in. It was sublime. Had I known what was in store, I might have been more reluctant, but I wasn’t. I moved towards her. I tried to kiss her, but she turned her head. She was still trying to be coy, after all these years. I kissed her neck, as she looked towards him. I do not know what look was exchanged between them, but knowing what I know now…

I gently kissed her neck. I touched her body. I whispered in her ear, “This is awesome.” She relaxed a little. I touched her pussy, through her pants. I could already feel moisture. I knew that she was not kidding around. This woman was on fire. She was ready, more ready than I might have wanted. I persisted, though. I touched her cheek, and pulled her mouth towards me. I kissed her. She was receptive, but slightly hesitant. She was intoxicated, not only from the vodka we had been drinking or the Bob Marley playing on the stereo, but from her own anticipation.

I turned her around, facing him. I began to kiss her neck, again. I moved my hands across her belly, and breasts. I began to remove her shirt. As I began to undo the buttons on her shirt, I said to him, “Touch her.” He immediately moved towards her. He began by helping me remove her shirt, then her brazier. I was caressing her body from behind, but I could tell that she was focused forward. There was something that was pulling her from me. It might have been him. It may have been her. As it would turn out, it was both of them.

I should have known from the intensity of their kiss that something had changed. I looked over her shoulder, and I witnessed her surrender. They kissed for a long time. She never kissed me that way, anymore. This was both maddening, and a complete turn on. I do not know if I will ever understand how I felt, at that moment. I liked it, though. It was a glimpse into the feminine surrender to sex. It was beautiful. It was powerful. It was painful and immense, all at once.

As he pressed his body into her, I could feel her push forward. Her hands moved from shy complacency to his body. I could feel their embrace. When I could not take anymore, I pushed her down onto her knees, from behind. I did not know if they were ready, but I was. Suddenly remembering that I was there, she tried to act like she had known all along, but I knew that she had forgotten me. Still, she tried to include me.

She began to hastily undo my pants. Like a wino trying to open a fresh bottle, she fumbled and found her mark. She took my already rock hard dick into her mouth. She sucked me, but I had the feeling that she was ready to move on, almost immediately. I grabbed her hair, and her cheek, and gently turned her towards him. There was no time wasted. She had done this before. She knew it would be okay. She quickly unzipped his pants, and without even undoing his belt, she pulled out his cock and took it into her mouth. I looked down, and knew. I knew that this was a different kind of night, familiar enough for her to completely let go.

She sucked his cock, like I had never seen her. She was ravenous. I cautiously pushed her head forward. She moaned. I looked up to see him looking intently at her face, pushing in and out of him.

He had become oblivious to my presence, as had she. They were in their own world, and I had become a wall fixture. I watched as she slowly sucked him to climax. She pulled his cock into her mouth, over and over. Finally, he came in her mouth. I could see it on his face. I could see it in the way she slowed her frenzy. She kept him in her mouth. She had swallowed his gift, and she was ready for more..

My gf

Check out this couple on Hotwife Hub here


December 4, 2012

A Cuckolds Journey

It’s competition winner time!

I had a whole host of horny stories to look over. It was so difficult to choose a winner, there was so many worthy enrties. But I felt the following was worthy of the best post. A heartfelt tale from Dan from Los Angeles, who sent in his progression into the lifestyle. To Dan his feelings early on were alien to him, he felt like he was odd for having the feelings he was having with his relationships and couldn’t work out why something like his partner cheating was turning him on. It wasn’t until 2010 that he finally realised he was not alone with his feelings after reading my blog. It’s a nice feeling myself to know he found his kink was not unusual by reading this blog. I hope it’s also brought a similar feeling to other men out there, who now feel they can be open about their love of this lifestyle and not have to hide it away.

Thanks for your story Dan, you’ve won a VIP membership to Hotwife Hub. I look forward to chatting to you in the Hub Chatroom! Now here’s the winning story…


A Cuckold’s Journey

Hello Trash. I thought it would be appropriate to write to you regarding my evolution as a cuckold. Even though I had natural tendencies from a young age, I didn’t find out what a cuckold is or a Hotwife until 2010 after discovering your website. Since then, my desire to be cuckolded has become stronger.

My cuckolding tendencies began in 1992 when I was 15 years old at a high school in Los Angeles, California, where I was born and raised. My high school sweetheart, who I dated for 8 years, was what we in the states call a “jack Mormon” or a fallen Mormon. Although her parents and everyone else thought she was a good Mormon girl, her secret life was far from that. We were introduced by a mutual friend at school and we hit it off immediately. She was a beautiful, athletic, redhead with green eyes. She was stunning! She was not shy and was the take control kind of person. She was very opinionated and very funny. I was in love! About an hour after we met, we were walking down the school hallway after school and she told me she really liked me. She then boldly took my hand and we started walking hand in hand. She was easy to look at and easy to talk to and nothing was shocking to her. Since we were teenagers, we naturally started talking about sex. She then proceeded to tell me that she didn’t like wearing panties, that she felt more liberated without them. I then jokingly asked her to prove it to me so she pulled me into a stairway, sat down on the stairs, lifted up her skirt to reveal her panty-less pussy and she started to play with herself as she stared at me with a wicked smile and said “You like what you see?” I was at a loss for words and just stood there mesmerized by the turn of events. She then said the most beautiful 7 words I had ever heard to that point, “You can fuck me if you want!” I wasted no time and buried myself inside her lucious pussy. I pumped her for a few minutes as she fingered her clit to a few orgasms as she was multi orgasmic. Her vaginal convulsions from her orgasms pushed me over the edge so I pulled out and came on her stomach. That was the day I lost my virginity. After we were done having sex, we continued to walk home and I asked her how she learned to be so bold and brazen and she told me that her ex-boyfriend was an older guy that taught her how to be “a good slut”, her words, not mine. I was in lust! That was the day I realized the value of a horny slut and how much fun they are compared to the good girls.

We began dating and everything seemed good at first Two months into our relationship, her doctor put her on the pill due to crippling menstrual cramps but she still didn’t want me to cum inside her. My family life was in chaos so her mother being a good Mormon, asked me to stay in their home. I soon became a part of their family and moved into their home indefinitely.

My girlfriend took piano lessons twice a week so twice a week I was left in their home alone for around 2 hours. One day, I decided to go up to my girlfriend’s room and hang out while I was alone. That’s the day I discovered her diary. What I read that day shocked me! I knew she was very sexual and had to have sex daily, usually at 5am when her mom was at the gym, but her diary painted her as a completely delicious and insatiable slut. The same day we met for the first time and had sex, she had had sex with her next door neighbor’s son that morning at 5am and at 7am drove to her older ex-boyfriend’s apartment for a second quickie before school. I was the third guy she had had sex with that day! Apparently, before I had moved in, it was a common occurrence for her to have sex every day at 5am and sometimes several times a day. What was worse was that she was still having sex with these guys and always on the lookout for new ones. I felt jealousy, anger and despair but at the same time I felt aroused. I was confused and I now know I was feeling the cuckold angst.

I decided to keep my discovery of her diary a secret and twice a week when she was at piano class, I would go to her room and read her diary to learn of her latest sexual exploits. Eventually, I began to masturbate as I read her latest slutty encounters and would sometimes cry as I masturbated to her detailed stories about the cocks she fucked and how good they felt inside her, I read about her first creampie, her first threesome, her fantasies, etc. There were even several stories of me almost catching her, which I remembered vividly.

This went on for the rest of our relationship and when we went to college, things got worse. She took a job as a waitress when we were sophomores in college and that’s when she started coming home late and one day she didn’t come home at all until the morning. This was before cell phones were inexpensive and had no way of contacting her so all I could do was wait. When she came home the next morning I asked her where she was and she said the car had stopped so she had to stay at a friend’s house. I knew this was a lie so I immediately stripped her naked and asked her to lay on the bed. I smelled and tasted her pussy and I could taste an acidic taste. I had tasted my own cum in her pussy before so I knew that she had someone else’s cum inside her. That was the first time I fucked her while I used a stranger’s cum for lubrication. I was tempted to ask her about her sexual encounter but, as far as she was concerned, I was completely oblivious to the fact that she was sexual with other men and I didn’t want to ruin it. Besides, at 21 years old, I thought I was sick and was the only one that found sexual pleasure in knowing my girlfriend was with other men.

The end of our relationship came when she ran off with one of her lovers and got married in Vegas. I regret not telling her that I knew she was having sex with other people and that I had learned to enjoy her fucking other men. I strongly believe we would still be together without guilt, without shame, without the need for her to run off if we had both been honest about our desires. The Hotwife lifestyle could have saved our relationship.

Years later I ran into an old high school friend that she was fucking back then and we became good friends. One drunken night I told him that I knew all about him fucking my ex-girlfriend and he told me that he had recorded some videos with his video camera. I asked if he would make me copies which he did. I still have those videos today and have converted them to dvd and often masturbate to them. In one video, he’s recording as she walks into his parents house and he tells her that they have one hour to fuck before his parents return and she says she only has 20 minutes to fuck as she’s meeting me at the movies to see Jurrasic Park. She then lifts up her skirt to reveal her panty less pussy and bends over his couch so he can fuck her doggy style without saying a word. He then fucks her and cums inside her and she leaves with a simple goodbye. She was such a perfect slut! I actually remember that day we saw Jurrasic Park as she was late and I was upset. In another video, she tells him that she has my cum inside her from that morning and if he minded. He fucked her anyways.

In 2008, while working in the film industry, I met a cute little 23 year old brunette in the office. She was a temp and was only there for one month. A week into her job, she came to work wearing the same clothes from the previous day, somewhat disheveled and her make up somewhat smeared. I asked her what had happened and she said she had a crazy night. I somehow instinctually knew the truth though, she had been in a gang bang. This girl was another Jack Mormon. Are you seeing a pattern here? I’ve discovered that Jack Mormon girls are some of the dirtiest sluts out there. They grow up in extreme religious oppression and when they’re adults, they go the complete opposite direction.

We didn’t get along at first. She aggravated me with the self righteous beliefs she had from growing up religious and at the same time she intrigued me with the sexual innuendo that came out of her mouth and her flirting. She was hot, horny, single and I wanted to fuck her so I invited her on a date. She was modest at first. It wasn’t until after we had sex for the first time a month later that I was finally able to extract from her the fact that she was in a gangbang that day that I suspected. I asked her to give me details of her ganbang while we had sex one day and she revealed that it was a drunken spontaneous gangang with 5 guys and one of her girlfriends. One of the guys held her legs open while the other guys took their turn pleasuring themselves with her pussy. She also revealed that the day after her gangbang, she still had cum dripping from her pussy as I was talking to her. That turned me on so much I came inside her within seconds.

Our sex life consisted of her telling me of all her past sexual exploits while we had sex. Eventually we started experimenting with online chat. She would sit on our computer chair naked, chatting with these guys online while I was under the desk licking her progressively wet cunt. Eventually she became comfortable enough to start having phone sex with these strangers as I licked her under the desk or fucked her. She had fantasies of group sex even as a child and started masturbating at a young age. Since she grew up mormon, she was told that sex and masturbation were shameful. She felt guilt but her intense sex drive over rode her guilt. She was an exhibitionist and, as a young adult, had sex several times while others watched. This really excited me about her but, even at this point, I didn’t realize that I wanted to be cuckolded, that I desired her to be pleasured by other men. You see, i’ve always felt that it’s a woman’s right to share her body with as many men as she desires and experience as many orgasms and pleasure as she can handle. I think it’s beautiful when a woman wants to share her sexuality and her body with other men to heal and pleasure them as well as herself. Most men go through life with a mediocre sex life and often don’t have enough sex or no sex at all. This creates anger, resentment and violence in men. If more women would be more sexually free and open themselves up to the possibility that they could heal the world by simply sharing their bodies, opening their legs and fulfilling men’s sexual desires, there would be peace in the world. It’s beautiful!

About a year into our relationship, we started fantasizing of her going to bars and meeting other men for her to have sex with, threesomes and going to swingers clubs. More than anything, I wanted her to share her beautiful body and sexuality with other men. This would remain a fantasy until August of 2011,

I was working as a waiter at the time and one fateful Saturday, she was invited out by some friends to a bar for lunch. I had to work the afternoon shift and the evening shift so I wasn’t going to be home until late. She called me at work around 4pm and told me that she had met a guy while she was out with her friends. I immediately went into my cuckold angst. She then told me that she was going to go out with him that evening and wasn’t going to be home late. I asked her not to go but she told me that she was too sexually attracted to him and couldn’t bring herself to say no. I asked if there was anything I could do to change her mind and she said that there wasn’t, that her mind was set. After I realized there was nothing I could do, I asked her if she was going to have sex with him and she said that was the plan if the opportunity came up. She said she would be home by midnight and she would tell me all about it when she was home. I begrudgingly gave her my blessing and when I hung up the phone, went deeper into my cuckold angst.

I arrived home to an empty apartment and was in anguish. As far as I knew at that moment, my girlfriend was completely naked in some stranger’s house, on her back, with her legs spread wide open with some stranger’s cock deep inside her. I paced the apartment all night and had nothing to do but play with my own cock and cry. Midnight came around and there was no sign of her. She called at 1am. I picked up the phone and heard nothing but heavy breathing.
“Hello” I repeated a few times into the receiver unti finally she said “Hi honey” with a labored breathing.
“What are you doing?” I asked her.
“Guess” she said.
“You’re having sex?”
“Yes” she replied
She continued to fuck him while I listened on the phone. I had heard her having phone sex with other men while I licked her pussy under the table or fucked her in the past but I was always there and I was always the one having sex with her. I had never been on the other end of the phone listening. As their fuck session continued and I listened on the phone, my cuck angst started to dissipate and my horniness started to take over and I started telling her over the phone what to do and say to this guy that was fucking her. I told her to spread her pussy lips open, inviting him further inside her using her index and middle finger in a V. I also told her to look him straight in the eyes and with a horny, wicked smile repeat some of the things I was going to say to her. The things I was asking her to repeat to this guy with his cock deep in my girlfriend’s cunt were what I had always wanted her to say to another man.
“You like my slutty pussy?”
“How does my pussy feel?”
“Is it tight enough for you or do you want me to tighten it up more with my fuck muscles?”
“Use my body for your pleasure!”
“I’m your little fuck slut!”
“Use your little cum dump!”
“Use that fuck hole”
“Treat me like your whore!”
I wanted him to cum inside her so I asked her to tell him to cum inside her. She hesitated at first and then I heard her say to the guy “take off the condom, When you’re ready to cum, I want you to satisfy yourself with my pussy and dump your load deep in my cunt” With that, I orgasmed into my hand.

I heard them both moaning within a minute of that and I heard every agonizing moan the guy made as he pleasured himself with my girlfriend’s pussy. I heard her give a sigh of satisfaction and said she wanted one more orgasm as she began to masturbate on the phone with this stranger’s cum inside her. She had one of the deepest, loudest orgasms I have ever heard from her. After she was done, she said she was going to stay the night and she would be home in the morning. I then heard the guy say something and she told me to hold on as she handed the phone to the guy. He thanked me for sharing my girlfriend with him and I told him that it was all her. That she was open hearted and generous enough to want to share her body with him, to satisfy his needs and give him pleasure. I told him to enjoy her a few more times before she left.

She didn’t make it home until noon the next day. She called me as she was driving home and she told me they fucked another 3 times after the one I heard over the phone. When she arrived home, she told me she had cum dripping down her legs so I decided to snap a picture of her to commemorate the moment. I’ve included that pic for you to enjoy. This picture depicts a newly converted Hotgirlfriend, freshly fucked with cum dripping down her legs. Isn’t that a beautiful sight? After this picture was snapped, I laid her down on the bed and began to explore her freshly fucked and satisfied body. Her pussy was red and swollen and I tasted the cum inside her pussy as I explored her sore pussy with my tongue. She smelled like sex and had been a slutty girl the previous night but her exterior looked like she was just a good girl on her way to church. Since that first sex encounter, she’s been insatiable and has been with 12 other men. Just this past weekend she met a guy from Australia at a work function and she volunteered to take him to the airport after the meeting. They had a few hours to hang out before his flight so she took him to a bar she likes to frequent. They got to know each other well and started flirting and getting frisky. On the way to the airport, he started fingering her and they both got hot and horny. His flight didn’t leave until 10pm and they had an hour left so she parked the car and started fooling around in the car with him, in plain view of the parking lot shuttle! My slutty girlfriend got completely naked, folded the passenger seat down and she laid down on it as he got on top of her to pleasure himself with her pussy before his flight back to Australia. She came home a few hours later with a pussy full of cum which I happily licked out of her pussy and used this Australian stranger’s cum as lubrication as she recounted her slutty session with this stranger as I fucked her. It’s good to know we as Americans are doing our duty for international relations :-)

My cuckold angst is still there but now I look forward to her enjoying her sexuality and experiencing as much pleasure and as many orgasms as she desires with other men. Most of our fantasies have been fulfilled now but now i’m hoping to see her in a gangbang. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Dans Girlfriend

Submitted by: Dan - Los Angeles, USA


November 22, 2012

Pregnancy Risk Fucking

Cuckold Place Update

Pregnancy Risk Fucking

I’ve read many posts that fantasize about the wife intentionally getting pregnant, sometimes they get out of control, with 50 anonymous black guys banging the wife and crap like that. I think a lot of them are 99% testosterone induced bullshit by some guy typing with one hand and wanking with the other.

We’ve actually dabbled around this subject though, and I wonder how many others actually tread a little closer to the edge, like we have done.

My wife isn’t on birth control due to the side effects. She’s 40 and isn’t ready to forego the chance of future children, so surgery isn’t an option yet. In the meantime, careful scheduling and/or condoms dictate when she goes “au natural”. Not only with me, but with anyone else she sees.

Here’s the rub, she loves bareback, and she doesn’t have much self discipline, and doesn’t exercise the best judgement when she’s had a few drinks and her hormones are raging. She’s seen a couple of guys regularly over the past few years, and so far she’s been pretty good about using protection when she’s close to ovulation. However, I’ve noticed that once or twice she really pushed it, and allowed the last guy to go bareback a few times that she really shouldn’t have. She never said anything, but I know she was on pins and needles for a couple weeks afterward.

This really cranked up my imagination, and I found myself caught in a very titillating fear/dread/lust zone of; 1) hoping she would fuck bareback, 2) fantasizing that she might get pregnant, and 3) dreading that she would get pregnant! I even found myself fantasizing that the guy would catch on to the situation, and do everything in his power to encourage or coerce her into letting him skip the condom. (Don’t get me started on the “blackmail her into getting pregnant” fantasy LOL)

I know for a fact that when she is really worked up, a guy can rub the tip of his cock up and down her slit, and after enough time she’ll rock her hips and take it in… knowing full well the risk she is taking, but at the same time being too horny to care! I know, because she’s done it with me, more than once. Another guy that she is attracted to could just as easily get her to do it.

Well, one of the things I/we enjoy is having sex immediately after she returns home from an encounter. That’s how I discovered that she had pushed things and taken her chances going bareback a couple of times. Later, with some prodding and questioning, I found out that she had gone bareback on a few other occasions, but hadn’t allowed them to complete themselves inside her. Apparently she only slips up on those occasions when she’s very horny and had a few too many drinks.

For those that haven’t been in that situation, it’s difficult to explain the cauldron of emotions that one experiences thinking about impregnation while she’s out with someone else. You know she’s lost control before. You wonder if she will again, maybe even if tonight might be the night. On top of the usual anticipation, those thoughts can set your mind reeling. Alone at the house, with nothing but your imagination to keep you company, it’s all too easy to fantasize about what might happen, or what is happening. Back to the fear/dread/lust dilemma! I find myself thinking, sometimes even hoping, that she will go bareback, and let him finish inside.

I check her ovulation calendar while she is out and ironically, the closer it is to her ovulation, the more I find myself wishing that he finds a way to get her to drop her defences. Then I think about the fact that she could actually conceive in the next few days from the seed swimming inside her when she gets home, and my blood runs cold. Walking that fine line is an incredible rush, for sure.

On more than several occasions we’ve fallen asleep together with my hand on her soft belly, with me imagining what might be happening at that very moment, as a result of her spreading her legs for someone else only a few hours earlier.

Are there others out there that have wives who take similar pregnancy risks…? I mean real, not fantasyland, where she’s really NOT on B.C. and still has bareback encounters with another man?

You can see read some more reponses to this subject here

By: Palm Coast Couple


November 16, 2012

Our Story

Here’s the first part of a submission from Husband Greg.


It seems the only way to do this story justice is to put it down in episodes. My wife and I have been married for 30 years. Although things are somewhat tame these days, I long for what I call the good ole days, and maybe this story is my attempt to live vicariously through a really hot history.

I am one of those guys who adores, perhaps even worships the work God did when he created woman. He made them look good, taste good, smell good and feel good; what’s not to worship. When I look at the creation that is woman, all I can think is, I’m not worthy, except maybe as a devoted servant, taking direction and doing everything I can to please my love.

To any guy who might read this history and feel a twitch in their crotch, all I can say is, explore the possibilities regarding pleasuring your woman. It’s not a coincidence that they were created with the capacity for multiple lovers.

my wife Emma and I were in our early 20s when we started dating. She was the sister of my roommate. She was cute and had a fantastic ass. She was dating other guys and I was dating other girls, but I developed a huge crush on her and found myself fantasizing about shoving my tongue into her beautiful ass.

Eventually we went out and I fell in love with her. In no time we were an item. I was between girlfriends, but had to win her away from two guys who were pursuing her. About two months into the relationship she was over one night and we were drinking beers. A few beers into the evening she suggested we go to my room to talk. She sounded uncharacteristically serious.

She was wearing a very short skirt that night, the first time I had seen her in a dress. How sexy. Once in my room she sat on the bed and I sat on a chair next to the bed. She said she needed to tell me some things.

She knew by then that I loved going down on her, and I had taken some chances regarding revealing my perverted tendencies, even though I was often afraid of scaring or turning her off. I loved to leave her panties on, pulling them to the side when I licked or fucked her. She asked why and I told her that I loved the satiny feel and loved her scent on the panties even more. Since that didn’t seem to bother her, on another occasion I told her it was even more stimulating when I could smell traces of her pee on her panties, which happened once when she had a bad cough and a small accident.

I assured her it was okay, and that her pee smelled sweet and sexy. She said, “I’m glad you like it.” I told her that she probably changed her panties more often than she needed to, and she smiled. I wanted to tell her that I fantasized about having her give me a golden shower, but that was too bold, and too soon I thought. After that it seemed her panties were pissy smelling more often, much to my delight. I was truly in love and lust with this woman, and couldn’t help but notice how much she enjoyed sex. I really appreciated the way she milked every drop when giving me head and swallowed as if she loved it. Was it an act? Was she just trying to please me? I didn’t know.

When she asked me to sit and talk I was afraid she was breaking up with me. I have a wildly talented tongue, and loved to bring her off with it, but have a smaller than average dick and did not make her cum when I fucked her. I was afraid this had become an issue.

She sat on the bed and her skirt hiked up giving me a good shot of her panties. It occurred to me that she knew exactly how excited the view made me. What she said next gave me the impression she was beginning to understand how kinky I am.
“I’m sorry but I didn’t do my laundry and didn’t have any clean panties to put on.”
“I obviously like that,” I said.
“Yeah, I know but we did fuck last night, so they’re pretty dirty, and probably stained.”
“I will probably like that even more,” I said.
“You’re such a perv,” she said, “but look, I need to tell you some things before you hear them from someone else.”
I was pretty sure I knew what she was going to say. “I love you,” I said. It was the first time I had said it to her. “Your brother said you were a huge slut in high school. I didn’t know what to think about that, but I told him that was high school, we were all sluts then.” I really hated the double standard thing. But the more I thought about it, the more the idea of having a girlfriend who had been a slut turned me on.
She came over to me and kissed me hard. She said, “I love you too, I’ll be right back.”
She left the room and came back in a couple minutes. She sat back on the bed and asked if I really liked the smell of her pissy panties. I said yes and she said, “good, cause you’re out of toilet paper.” More manipulation? Was she in fact testing to see just how kinky I was, knowing that if the answer was very kinky it might put her in a controlling position. It has been my experience that really kinky women were a rare breed. I Would look back later and wonder if her every move was grooming me for a submissive roll. Was she basically catering to my fantasies to control me.

She leaned back on the bed, resting on her elbows. She pulled her legs up, raising her knees and giving me a lovely view of her pantied pussy, all the while maintaining eye contact, and watching my reaction to the view. I was mesmerized. I could see the stains from the previous evening’s fucking and the wet spot from her recent piss. She always wore white panties, so the stains really showed. I was rock hard. “Come here and smell my panties,” she said. “If they’re too dirty I’ll take them off.”

I now believe she knew exactly what she was doing that night. She was reeling me in, for one thing, but also analyzing the degree to which she might take control of the sexual side of our relationship, something she eventually did, with very calculated and graduated moves. She suspected I was a slut lover, and I think wanted to begin exploring the extent of that. I think she suspected from the start that her past was a turn on for me. I didn’t ask questions about her past for fear that she might think I had issues with her sexual adventures, and I didn’t. I wanted to hear about her exploits, but my desire was purely voyeuristic.

I couldn’t scoot quickly enough to the bedside. I was on my knees and pushing my nose against her panties, in fact right on the wet spot. I inhaled deeply, feeling a rush of endorphins as I did. I was getting high on the smell of her. She probably noticed my eyes rolling around in their sockets. I kept taking more deep breaths through my nose without commenting, as if I couldn’t decide if her panties were too dirty.

I pulled her panties aside and shoved my tongue in her pussy. At this point, if there was anything disappointing about her, it was that she wasn’t as wet as some of the women I had been with, but she made up for it with her love of sex and apparent compatible level of kinkiness. Her pussy tasted wonderful.

I moved from her pussy to her clit and worked my magic. She came a few times, another wonderful thing about her, then pushed my head away and asked me if I could please lick her ass hole. She was clearly taking chances too. I replied, “Please don’t ever say that again. You shouldn’t be asking, I should be begging. Babe, may I please put my tongue in your beautiful ass.”

You will probably hear the word “compatibility” more than once in this story. Fantasies that I hadn’t even considered at that point would prove to be in sinc with her desires. It would become more evident as time went on, and I realize now that we were both playing it a little safe in the beginning, not wanting to scare the other off but testing the water all the same.

“I need you to put it in as deep as you can and lick real good,” she said. What a dream come true, I thought. I had always wanted to lick a beautiful girl’s ass, especially one as shapely as hers, but this was my first opportunity, and she had actually asked for it. I loved it the way I had always thought I would. After three or four months in the relationship I felt like I had found my soul mate. We got our own place and moved in together.

Submitted by: Greg - Northern California, USA


November 12, 2012

My wife’s lover Darius

A long awaited update from Cuckold Husband Scott. Great to hear from you guys.


Sometimes all the predispositions, potentialities, and forces align to create unforgettable perfect storms of eroticism. Our dreams and fantasies are realized.

When Em and I used to go out for a night on the town in Tokyo, we noticed a ratio of about 1:10 in terms of having a really memorable experience. It’s been the same with cuckolding. So many times, Em would come home from a first meeting with a guy at a coffee shop or bar exasperated with the search for the elusive lover that we dreamed of. Maybe our standards were too high. Maybe the whole quest was an exercise in futility.

It took a while for us to see clearly the advantages her relationship with Darius provides. It seemed to be at a lower key than we both had expected. But over time, we’ve come to appreciate him and to accept him on his own terms. Not every time with him reaches ecstatic levels of depravity but he offers her a consistent high return on her sexual investment. When the the forces align and that perfect storm engulfs us, we are overwhelmed with giddy pleasure.

They were so happy, so fulfilled, that night. They’re still high from it… and so am I. For days, after he took her ass, she would smile and tell me how much fun she had, how being his anal slut was no problem at all, how she looked forward to being with him again.

That night after he left, no post-coital oral service, no canings. Em was fully satiated. The humiliation they heaped on me was more than I could have hoped for.

We retreated to a neighborhood lounge for drinks and to reconnect. We held hands and talked about our life and how much fun being naughty together is. No kisses for me, either, as the thought of where my lips and tongue had been that night were still too fresh in her mind. She laughed when she said it and I must have blushed with shame.

Emma Kelly

Emma Kelly

Emma Kelly

Emma Kelly

Emma Kelly

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Submitted by: Cuck Hubby Scott


November 8, 2012

Letter from my wife

Here’s another submission from cuckold couple Sara and Jason. Don’t forget you can chat with them on Hotwife Hub -
Their profile is here

Letter From My Wife

It’s almost 2 years now,

We started as a bull/cuck bi 3 sum, but now he fucks her when he wants.

All i got out of this is when i got home the bed was soaking wet, I licked her worn out pussy. and when i fucked her her pussy was stretched to the point that my cock felt tiny.

This is the email she sent me about her fuck:

I was waiting naked in the bed, pussy wet, legs spread, desperate to see Scott. He pulled up and came in, closed the bedroom door behind him. He was wearing a black sweatshirt and brown carhart work pants - the kind I always find sexy. He smelled like sweat and soap. He started kissing me very passionately at first, very much like a lover and not like a fuck.

I reached under his shirt and took it off. I kissed his neck and ears and sucked his nipples and licked his chest. He took off his shoes while I got to my knees and started to undo his pants. I pulled his clothes down, and there was his big, thick cock, already hard and ready for my mouth. I started sucking him soft and sensual, then deeper and more intensely. He held my hair in one hand while guiding my movements, pulling me deeper onto his cock, until I gagged. Then continuing to make me gag while telling me I was a good girl, his slut, his pretty slut and how much he missed me. I sucked him for a while until he pulled me up to face him, then we kissed as he picked me up and put me on the edge of the bed, with my feet hanging over the mattress. He put his face into my pussy, which was as wet as it has ever been, and started licking my clit and sliding his fingers in and out. He made me cum in about a second. Then he stopped, got onto the bed with me, and kissed me with his face wet from my cum and excitement. He smelled like pussy and tasted so good. I picked up the phone and called you to let you listen to him fuck me.

I put the phone on the bed, then got my mouth around his cock again. I sucked him hard this time, and he was more verbal than before, telling me that I was getting him so hard, that I was sucking him good. We were both turned on to know you were listening and locked up and giving me to Scott. He grabbed a condom and put it on his very hard cock, then told me to climb up onto him. I slid his cock into my pussy slowly, and watched his face as he felt how tight I was and how good it felt on his cock. He told me that he missed me again, and told me that he missed my little pussy. I started fucking him slow and deep, but he quickly grabbed onto my shoulders and started to make me take more of his cock and fuck him faster and harder.

We fucked like that for a while, me on top, kissing mouths, necks, tits, arms, ears, very sensual but also very hard. Scott turned me over onto my side and fucked me from behind, laying next to me, and it was so deep I almost couldn’t take it. By this point, I think I came at least three times, but can’t be sure. Then he got on top of me and fucked me missionary. He was pouring sweat and fucking me harder than I could stand, but I was trying hard not to pull away from him. I wanted to give him all of my pussy. Anything he wanted. He turned me over onto my knees then, and was fucking me from behind. His weight and his cock were too much for me and I couldn’t stay on my knees. I kept trying because he was fucking me so hard and it felt so good and I could feel and hear his balls slapping my ass as he fucked me as hard as he could. I squirted that way, and could feel wetness down my thighs and ass. After a while, he stopped, and he gave me a moment to breathe while he kissed me on my mouth and my neck and told me I was so beautiful. Then he got on top of meand started to fuck like he wanted to cum. He told me he was going to cum for the first time, and told me he was going to cum all over me. He fucked me really hard, and was very vocal and loud as he got close to cumming. Then he did cum, and he pulled off the condom and covered my tits and stomach with his cum. He stayed above me, holding himself up with his arms, letting his cum leak out of his cock and onto my pussy.

Then he smiled at me while I licked a few drops off my fingers. I pushed him over to my side to lick up all his sweat, starting with his neck and his chest, then his back and his forehead. I got cum on him from my tits then, so I licked some of that off too. He pulled me to him and we kissed a little more, then he got up to shower and erase the smell of me and sex from his body. He came back into the room and asked me if he could come over again next week. I told him yes please. He got dressed, kissed me goodbye, then let himself out of the house. I heard his truck pull away and then I reached for the phone to call you as I played with the cum left in my belly button and on my pussy.

He walked me to my car and hugged me goodbye. I drove away and felt his cum soak my panties as I replayed the encounter in my head.


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