May 10, 2013

Meet Dawn Marie

It’a about time we said hello to the lovely Dawn Marie

Dawn’s been online for 12 years so I’ve no idea how I’ve overlooked her for so long but I recently found a hot interracial gallery set of her which was smokin (I’ll post this next week) and got in touch and got her to join Hotwife Hub

Here’s some words from Dawn herself…
“I was just 32, so shy and innocent when Hubby first approached me about this whole lifestyle. Who would have thought at 44, 12 years later I would be having as much fun as I did the very first day. I have grown so much and met so many great people along the way and made a lot of friends that I will cherish forever. But also along the way I have been a very naughty girl, lol. Having this site has really allowed me to grow sexually as well as experiment in ways that prior to the site I would never have imagined. I am really enjoying my naughty side, even at my age and get such a thrill that people still find me attractive. So I want to thank you for this wonderful ride and I look forward to the years to come and hope you stay with me for the ride…

I have experienced a lot since I have been on the Internet over the years and have enjoyed every single sexual minute of it. Never would I have imagined I would be experimenting outside of my marriage, but lucky for us hubby lets me play and share that with you. I have had numerous one on one encounters, a couple three-ways and even a four-way. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE oral, both giving and receiving. I enjoy sex doggy style but lately I have really enjoyed being on top having sex. I like having my breast in a man’s face and his hands on my ass as I ride his nice hard cock. I enjoy being naughty and sharing that with you. If you are ever in my area and would like to meet for some naughty fun, simply drop me and email and we will see what we can work out.”

Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie on Hotwife Hub

Hotwife Dawn Marie’s website can be found here


March 19, 2013

Meet Blondie

Another hot slut to introduce you to today. The UK sure does blossom some amazing hotwives. This beauty is no exception. Blondie Blow as she is known is quite comfortable with her cum addiction and uses the lifestyle to get her fix. Another hotwife who also fucks her website members. UK Bulls get your applications in now! Check back to the blog for more spunk filled galleries of Blondie soon.

Blondie writes “If you’ve not met me before, I am one of the horniest “more mature” women anywhere on the net. They say experience counts for a lot, and this is where I will prove it over and again.

I have always been orally fixated - but never before have I needed so much cock. I love taking several cocks at once. You will see guys spitting in my ass and pussy and pumping me hard. And then - of course - the sticky climax.. spunk everywhere please!

You can even STAR with me! That’s right I am looking for horny guys to join me at my parties, all the details are on my website.”

Blondie Blow

Cum say hello to sperm loving Blondie Blow here


March 13, 2013

Meet Sangred

Another scrumptious Hotwife to introduce you to today. This sex kitten is also a member of Hotwife Hub. Check out her profile here


Hello Everyone.

I’m a horny, nasty, kinky hotwife. You’d never know it by looking at me. I’m appear pretty innocent. I’m sweet and I have a good heart. I just don’t follow the rules society sets regarding my sexuality. It’s taken a while to fully embrace this lifestyle. I have a wide range of interests. I have always been a perverted little sadomasochist. I was lucky to find my husband, who opened up further avenues of sexual kinkiness. I’m very into anal, cock worship, rough sex, and a bit of hairpulling, ass slapping, hard nipple sucking and throat fucking, too. You can call me whore, slut, bitch… I own it.

I’m always interested in meeting kinky people to discuss like interests. If we connect and decide to play, let’s blog about it so everyone can live vicariously through our sluttiness!


Check out this horny hotwife on The Hub


March 1, 2013

Meet Skye

I’m very excited to introduce you to this brand new Hotwife today. Skye aka The Secret Slut sounds fantastic and promises to send in some of her naughty adventures and pictures very soon. I can’t wait Skye. You are smokin’ hot!


Me and my boyfriend hadn’t been together very long, only a couple of weeks, when he expressed to me he would like to see me getting pleasured by another man or men, even women !

Well, as you can expect, from a “normal monogamous” girl up until now, I just couldn’t get my head around the fact he would actually get off thinking of me being naughty with another man. Crazy, I thought.

It wasn’t just that though, it was the fact that my boyfriend didn’t even have to be in the same room, building, town or country for that matter.

Initially, I laughed it off, but secretly, scenarios kept popping into my head of how it could be done.

At work, I noticed myself drifting off deep in fantasies of other men having their wicked way with me, totally unaware that my boyfriend knew, loved it, and might even be hiding somewhere close to watch and listen.

Suddenly, it was all I could think about, and it was really turning me on. I had the distinct feeling my boyfriend didn’t think I had the courage to go through with any of this, especially since we hadn’t even discussed it further since he brought it up the previous week….

Skye Fox


November 2, 2012

Meet Trisha

Here comes a brand new Hotwife to the blog. A big thanks to Silvio from brazil for suggesting this exciting Wife. Say hello to Trisha Swallows. Trisha looks the total Hotwife taking on strings of guys in her eager holes. Hopefully we’ll have an interview very soon.


Trisha writes:

Here is a little bit ABOUT ME: I was born and raised in Wisconsin. I am the middle child/problem child from a large family. I’ve always been adventurous, which usually got me in trouble! I believe I was born sexually active… lol. My first boyfriend was Jimmy. I was only 5 yrs. old in Kindergarten. I kissed him on the playground at recess. That’s how it all started.

Without going into a lot of detail, I was always curious about “The Birds and The Bees” which intern got me pecked and stung many times. I loved playing Dr. and Nurse or Patient with the boys in my neighborhood so I could check out the parts I was curious about. Needless to say, I learned and experienced alot at a young age.

I had many boyfriends in High School, usually older than me, because I liked being with people older and more knowledable than me. And just before Graduating High School, I met and married an older man at the young age of 19. We had 2 children, whom I devoted my life to. When they were grown, their father and I split up. I have since become the proud grandmother of 4 beautiful grandchildren!

And then I met my hubby Tom…That’s when my life changed to who I am today!

Trisha’s Husband writes:

Hi everybody! I’m Trisha’s hubby Tom. When I first met Trisha, I was taken by her smile. We started dating and getting to know each other. My life was an open book. She on the other hand, held back a little. Until one night at my apartment, she stood up, dropped her pants and showed me that fine Ass, wearing only a G-String…WOW!!!

I then asked her about her Fantasies and what she always wanted to do. When she told me she would Love to Fuck guys with Big Dicks and Suck them off and Swallow their Loads, I said “Spread Your Wings and Fly Baby”. We got into the Swinging Lifestyle and I had to run to catch up with her. Trisha loves Sex with both Black & White guys and also with the Ladies. She is Fun, Down to Earth, Loves Porn and is a Pleaser. I love my wife, because she is Cute, Sexy, an Exhibitionist, loves posing for the camera and Loves SEX! And as her hubby and cameraman, it’s a HUGE turn-on for me to take photos and videos of her playing and enjoying herself. And did I mention, TRISHA LUVS TO SWALLOW!



August 23, 2012

Meet Hannah

An introduction and a plea from Hotwife Hannah from Oregon


I am a very hot wife with a very hot pussy, but it’s a shallow one that needs to be MUCH deeper, that only the gorgeous sceptor of a younger mans black cock, who has an even greater desire to fuck me can fill. I danced for many years, still have a very nice body, but with a truly genuine sensuality and sexuality then honestly most girls I see. It just oozes out of me, way too many hormones, BUT not near enough sexual attention, and I need my husband to know that though I am his life partner, I can’t be HIS lover, because I am in so much sexual deprivation pain, that I almost cannot take it anymore. So let me know more of what you need from me. I guarantee I will make a black man’s want as big as my need. I will give you blow jobs whenever you need, massage ( I am a nationally certified massage therapist). My Husband is just not up to the job, he is a good hearted soul, yet can’t seem to see I am burning for black cock 24/7, and that is no joke. More to “cum”.


Submitted by: Hannah - Oregon, USA


June 28, 2012

Meet Carly

Wow, I’m loving all the new hotwives coming my way at the moment, it seems we are amongst a sea of hotwifery, everywhere you turn Husbands and giving up their wives to other cock. Today’s addition is a personal favourite as I’ve met this horny woman many times and I can tell you she is insatiable. A love of sex, cock and creampies and a Husband who loves her love too. A warm welcome to Carly G.

It’s her birthday tomorrow and she’s off out in London with the girlies (other slutty friends of mine lol) I’ve asked her for a full report of all the debauchery she gets up to.

And some words from Carly “Hi, I’m Carly, a sexy, insatiable MILF who can’t get enough cock. Nothing gets me turned on more than feeling a guy unloading his big heavy balls inside of me. I love it when I’ve got a very full and sticky cream pie and I love to be a total slut to ensure that I get as much cream as possible pumped into my sex holes.”

Carly Cumshot

Check out the filthy Carly Cumshot here


June 22, 2012

Meet MyOTeam

A member writes in to us with some information on a new hotwife he has come across. Thanks for recommending her John. I hope to have some stories and info from the good lady herself soon.


Hey Trash. My name is John and I am a member of Hotwife Hub and I follow your Hotwife Blog too. My name is Little3 on my hotwife hub profile. I have found a new hot wife for you. She is actually a newer member of Hotwife hub. I have been chatting with her for 2 years now. I have been e-mailing her more recently and she is trying to set up a gang bang in LA. She has invited me and a few other guys she has met online. She is a real hot wife, she is married. Her husband photographs her with other men and he is cool with it.

She is such a dirty slut, she has met guys online before and fucked them. She has told me she has had about 100 men so far and wants more. Anyway i thought you might want to feature her on your blog. I have attached a picture of her getting nailed by a guy she met. Her name is myoteam or that is what she goes by online. Anyway I hope to see her on your blog.



Check out this horny hotwife on The Hub


June 20, 2012

Meet Deauxma

Another wonderful Hotwife to say hello to today. Deauxma from San Antonio, Texas is a 32G horny brunette MILF that is in the prime of her sex life right now. Her name is pronounced like “Doe-Mae”, but she prefers the use of her name as “Do Me!” hehe. She has been on the scene for sometime but has certainly stayed under the radar as far as Hotwife Blog is concerned. But not any more!

Her performances recently even got noticed by the mainstream porn industry where she was nominated for Milf of the Year at this years AVN’s. Looking at her videos on her site I think we’re in for some nice updates over the next few months. Great to meet you Deauxma.


Take a look at Deauxma’s website here


May 27, 2012

Meet Gina

Well hello Gina, where have you been hiding all our lives. Here’s some more info on this gorgeous petite blonde hotwife. And yes guys, you can apply by her website to fuck her!


My name is Gina Monelli. I live in Czech. I’m a exhibitionist, nudist, bisexual woman, nymphomaniac, cocksucker, a little slut and a real hotwife. Yes, all this is about me. I possess all these qualities. And that’s all most of which my life consists. I fuck every day, sometimes once a day, and sometimes several times a day. I always think about sex. I have a lot of sexual wishes and fantasies.

Sex is a freedom for me. I’m free to love, I can have sex with whom I want and how I want. I like different forms of sex. I had different types of sex and I always experiment with it. Sex is a real creative work for me. In sex I want everything to be beautiful, passionate, bright, and very emotional, in such way to lose consciousness because of pleasure. Every time sex has to leave unforgettable impressions for a whole life.

I’m married. I have an excellent husband whom I love very much. We’re not a common couple. We’re a swinger couple. My husband likes everything I like. All we do we do together. He helps me in my creative work and I always ask his advice how to do the best in this or that situation. I love my husband very much because he understands me best of all. He really wants me to be happy and that’s why he allows me to have sex with other men, and also realize my sexual wishes.

Once I was a very modest girl with a lot of sexual fantasies. But those fantasies were only in my head. In a real life I couldn’t allow myself to do something lecherous. But I wanted it so much! I was afraid to be as I am, I was afraid to let someone know that I wanted perverted sex with two or three boys. I thought that they could misunderstand me, blame, insult. But I always wanted a freedom in sex. I wanted wild passion, wanted to enjoy every day. I often masturbated and imagined myself other life where I could be a little slut whom all men want. I liked to undress and examine my body in the mirror very much. I touched my bosoms, nipples, pussy, stroked my butt and legs. I imagined how several boys were spying at me at that moment. How they take their cocks and jerk off. And then they come to me and fuck me in all my holes. But there were only my fantasies. And then I had a first boyfriend. He shoved me some sexual pleasures. He taught me to suck a cock. And now I’m a real cocksucker. I can even get orgasm while I suck a big nice cock. He taught me to be submissive to him and made me his sexual slave and a little slut. I liked very much to fulfil all his sexual desires. In such way I got used to lecherous sex.

But my beloved husband made me a real slut. When we met at the first evening we understood that we are two halves of one. We looked at the world absolutely in the same manner. We both liked sex very much. Not just sex but lecherous swinger sex, group sex, unusual sex. We became a happy swinger couple. We began to live and enjoy. We experimented a lot and tried different types of sex. We met with other swinger couples, men, girls. A lot of, a lot of, a lot of sex. I got absolutely happy. My beloved man was near me and I did everything I wanted. My husband liked to see how other men fuck me. He gets a great pleasure from it. And I get a pleasure by myself and give it to my husband. It’s a secret of our family happiness – we’re open before each other, we understand each other and take care of each other. I’m a hotwife of my husband.

With love,

Gina Monelli

See what Gina Monelli gets up to right here

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