November 19, 2020

Man I dislike

My wife’s bull recently shared her with a guy that I know. He is a former employee of mine and we constantly butted heads. I eventually fired him, this was about two years ago.

Fast forward two years and he has befriended my wife’s bull/ boyfriend and eventually was invited, or invited himself, to join in. My wife met him before hand and remembered him, but she was totally unaware of how much we dislike each other. I also dont think the Bull knows the full history. This is not the first time she had been shared, so things seemed kind of normal so far. The one difference was that because he was a former employee they thought it would be “fun” to not tell me who the new guy was until after as a surprise.

When I found out I couldn’t believe it, I had basically forgotten about him and now this smug kid was fucking my wife. I am sure he knew what he was doing and must have loved watching her tell me while his cum was in her.

I am still dealing with this new development, the humiliation is intense but so is the arousal. I am right back to that addicting emotional cocktail of jealousy, angst, humiliation and arousal.

By: SubbieNH


November 4, 2020

Sharing vs Cucking

Difference between a man who shares his woman and a cuck.

I get annoyed by mail I get that calls my man a cuck. He is not nor do I ever think for a second that he is . A man who shares his woman is a man who enjoys to watch her get pleasure and also gets pleasure from it. He is a man who is secure enough to let her play and secure enough to allow himself to get pleasure from it . He is also a man who is above what other men might think and he also realizes that all men have that similar fantasies but so few would be willing to do it and even fewer to admit it to themselves. Yet these same men would be proud and turned on to be seeing a sexy woman and feel others desiring her but not secure enough to do the next step. Of course not everyone has that secret dormant fantasy but I believe most men do. When a man watches porn he gets turned on by that woman being with another therefore desiring her more but of course it’s easier when it’s not his woman. Does he desire her enough to be with her in a relationship?

For me a cuck is very different. A cuck wants to feel helpless and dominated by both his woman and the other guy(s). He feels the need of being a sub and humiliated. He wants the extreme pleasure from being cheated on and having no choice, the freedom of a slave having no choice. I don’t find anything wrong with that and everyone has his needs and kinks and we should accept them equally, but let’s not call an alpha male sharing his grateful woman a cuckold.

by: NatalieBeijing


October 1, 2020

Cuckold Dares for Hubby

Cuckold Dares for the Husband

Here are some fun cuckold dares for the husband

1. Ask out your wife’s crush for her

This is a really awkward and somewhat humiliating cuckold dare!

Here’s what I want you to do…dare your husband to ask out your crush for you.

It could be your gym trainer or his friend or a stranger. But make him ask that person out…and record the conversation if possible!

And if he’s too chicken to do it in person, make him ask the guy out for you through a text or over the phone (under your supervision).

2. Create a dating profile for your wife

Want your wife to go out with another man?

Well, sometimes you have to take the initiative!

Here’s what I want you to do: create a dating profile for your wife on Tinder and try to get her those matches!

Then once the matches start piling up, show her all the HOT guys who want her 🙂

It’ll do wonders for her confidence too and probably make her a lot more dominant in the bedroom.

3. Take your wife out…without her wedding ring

Next time you go out on a sexy date with your wife, dare her to take off her wedding ring and see how many times she gets hit on!

I bet she’ll have to keep guys away from her 🙂

Another similar thing you can do is take her to a bar or club without the wedding ring and see how many numbers and free drinks she gets throughout the night!

Oh…and if anyone asks, you’re her gay friend!

4. Describe your deepest cuckold fantasy to her

At the end of the night I want you to confess your deepest and darkest cuckold fantasies to your wife…no matter how kinky it is!

Tell her exactly what you want and watch that smile form across her face!

5. Buy a big black dildo for your wife to enjoy

Want your wife to enjoy other cocks other than yours (especially a BLACK one)?

Well, you have to get her used to them!

Here’s your kinky dare today: I want you to buy a BIG black dildo for your wife to enjoy.

After she hops on that thing, she won’t be wanting to jump on your locked up dick anytime soon!

6. Drive your wife out on a date with someone else

On your wife’s next date you’ll be the sober driver and chauffeur for her and her date.

Not only is it much safer and cheaper than getting an Uber, but you’ll have a front row seat of what’s going on on the date!

Oh and don’t forget, you’re paying for dinner too

7. Pay for a hotel room

Instead of your wife bringing her bull back home, get them a nice and romantic hotel room in the city instead!

Think of it as a “stay-cation”

You’ll pay for the hotel room and drive your wife to her dick appointment.

Oh and you’ll be cleaning up any mess they leave behind for you as well!

8. Pick out sexy lingerie for other men to enjoy

Lots of women complain that their husbands don’t like to go shopping with them.

But that’s exactly what you’re going to do today!

Go to the mall and visit a sexy lingerie shop. You’re going to be picking out some sexy new outfits for your wife for her next dick appointment!

This can turn into a fun game too as she snaps some pictures for you in the changing room!

Oh and you must be locked in chastity too…

9. Suck her lover’s cock

As I have written about before, sucking cock is a core cuck duty!

And if you’ve never done it before, well you’re in for a real treat because it’ll take your cuckold relationship to the next level.

There’s nothing like getting on your knees and wetting your wife’s bull’s cock before she rides it.

And there’s nothing like cleaning his dick after your wife cums all over it!

Trust me, you’ll enjoy this one a lot 🙂

10. Clean her creampie panties or pussy

Okay, I couldn’t compile a list like this without mentioning a creampie!

Your dare (if you choose to accept…which you should!) is to clean your wife’s creampie pussy (or panties).

There’s nothing like getting on your knees and cleaning up the mess of your wife and her lover.

In fact, it should be a cuckold rite of passage!

Cuckold Dare Ideas – Final Thoughts

I think cuckold dare ideas are a great way to progress your hotwife relationship to the next level.

If you’re a beginner in this lifestyle, then it’s a great way to test the waters.

And even if you are experienced, it’s a good way to have some fun during the week.

From myfemdomrules.com/2020/04/11/cuckold-dare-ideas-20-dares-for-new-experienced-couples/


September 20, 2020

Cuckold Dares for Wife

Cuckold Dares for the Wife

Here are some fun cuckold dares for the wife

1. Confess to your husband

Confess to your husband that you have been fantasizing about another man (a real person in real, not some celebrity you watch on TV).

Tie him down onto the bed so he can’t move and tell him what your fantasy is while making out with him or teasing his cock!

And this is a great time for roleplaying too.

Tell him how much you want to ride another man’s cock until you come all over it (whisper that into his ear!).

2. Kiss another man in front of your husband

Well, this one is pretty self explanatory!

And how far you want to go with this hotwife dare is pretty much up to you.

For example, you could kiss someone innocently on the cheek or lips.

Or you can really go for the prize and french kiss him (or her)!

I’m sure your husband will like this idea A LOT!

3. Ask out your husband’s friend

Has one of your husband’s friends always had a crush on you?

Well, ask him out on a date then! And it doesn’t have to be a date that leads to sex.

It can just be a nice dinner where you flirt and make out a little.

Sometimes to take cuckolding to the next level you need to take baby steps (at least in the beginning).

I think this is a fun dare for the both of you 🙂

4. Give his chastity key to another man

Okay…this is a really fun hotwife dare. What you’re going to do is give your husband’s chastity key to your bull to keep.

This is really kinky because what could be more submissive and humiliating than having another man control your cuck’s chastity key!

I’m sure he’ll beg and plead about it…and even deny that he likes it…but he will REALLY love this dare!

5. Tell your girlfriend about your cuck

Are you close with any of your girlfriends?

Well, one thing you can do is tell your girlfriend that (1) you have your husband locked in chastity and (2) he serves as your cuck!

It is SUPER fun to bring in your girlfriend on the naughty shenanigans too.

For example, you can tease your cuck together, or go on double dates with another man (or men).

6. Tell him about an old flame

Tie down your cuck on the bed and then I want you to play with yourself with a vibrator while sitting on his chest.

You’re going to play with your clit with a vibrator while telling your cuckold husband about a fling with an old flame.

That’s right! I want you to describe a sexual encounter you’ve had with one of your past lovers.

And be VERY vivid in your description and moans. Tell him exactly how it felt and how turned on you were!

Your cuck will be going crazy in his chastity cage!

7. Point out men you want to fuck in public

Next time you are out with your husband, comment on other men.

If you see a hot guy in public, let your husband know.

If you see a guy you want to fuck, let him know by whispering it softly in his ear with your moist lips!

This makes going out together in public a lot more fun!

8. Fuck another man while he watches!

This is probably one of the most fun dares on this list!

I want you to fuck another man while your husband watches. That’s right, he’s going to kneel by the bed while you ride another man’s cock to orgasm!

Another thing you can do to “force” him to watch is to tie down your cuck to a chair with some rope!

And after you’re done with your bull, your husband is going to worship your pussy or clean out that condom!

9. Sext with other men

I want you to sext with another man…sending dirty pictures and videos to each other…basically writing borderline erotica to each other!

And then at night, share these messages with your husband, while he is locked away in chastity.

Allow him to stroke, but not to cum!

I’m 100% confident he’ll go super crazy at other guys ogling over you…

10. Create a dating profile

To really tease your husband create a dating profile.

It doesn’t matter where. It could be with Tinder or Match.com or Ashley Madison.

Upload some sexy pictures of yourself and type up an alluring and seductive description.

Then let your husband look over your profile as his mind goes crazy at the number of guys contacting you!

From myfemdomrules.com/2020/04/11/cuckold-dare-ideas-20-dares-for-new-experienced-couples/


December 17, 2019

My cuckold life

I fell in love with my wife after she had her first child. She didn’t know the father of the little girl as she had unprotected sex with all her boyfriends and in the time period little Kimmy was conceived, Brianna had been fucking 4 different guys. One was her college age ex boyfriend and the other 3 were my high school friends.

The fact as she was a such a slut was a turn on for me even then. Even as we dated (supposedly exclusively) I was pretty sure she was still getting her ex boyfriend’s big thick cock. I routinely asked her to tell me how and where she got fucked. My favorite story was when two high school jocks fucked her in the unused stairway between classes. Her pants around her ankles, shirt pulled up over her head and hands against the wall, she couldn’t fight them off if she wanted too.

It was no wonder with all the cock she had that after we got married that she we would.start screwing other guys again. At first I didn’t recognize the clues. But after a while her super moist pussy that tasted so very different gave her away. I began by asking her, on the night of our 2nd wedding, anniversary, who’s cum I was eating. She paused but then matter of factly told me it was either boss or the neighbor, as she fucked both of them before I got home.

Her lack of shame made me eat her all that vigorously. Looking for every creamy ounce. I was hooked on eating another man’s load from my wife’s shaven little cunt.

By: Paul, Ilinois, USA


December 9, 2019

Need Advice

I’m a regular reader and visitor to hotwifeblog. I’m a married man of 60 years but full of energy and sexual desires. My wife whom I’ve been married to for many years is a great mother, lover and best friend. She is not that much experienced in sexual matters and over the years I’ve introduced her to stories, pictures and video’s in the hope of expanding her pleasures. She is fairly submissive and I most always take the lead, which is good. However the one thing that she is reluctant to do is fuck another man for me either with her or without her. I did though on one occasion when she was a little drunk convince her to bring back home a guy we had met one evening at a party. Mind you she was in her 30’s at the time with looks and a body (which she still has) that make men notice her and I can see them wondering what she would be like to fuck. Anyway they both ended up in bed with each other and I watched though a small gap in the door. I so much wanted to get in a join them but knew it would ruin the situation. After they had finished I drove the guy back to where he lived and arranged another date to meet up again. Unfortunately when I got back home from dropping him off and getting into bed with her to relive and talk over what had happened. She went all cold and distant. With a little stroking, kissing and advances on my part I managed to get her in the mood. When I eased my dick into her I felt the cum and warmth of what the guy had left in her. I was blown away and this was the best fuck I have ever had. I had never cum so much. Needless to say we didn’t make our second date.

I had always envisioned and wanted her to give me a cunt full of fresh cum that I could fuck. Although me being quiet dominant and her submissive I’m driving myself mad on how I can get her to be as accommodating and promiscuous as she once was. I read the stories from other cucks and how willing and cooperative their wives are to willingly and wantingly fuck mother men for them, that I’m reaching out for advise and ideas on what I can do to get her to be a hotwife. It’s been so long since I had a great fuck. I don’t want to do it with anybody else. I just want her to be the hotwife that I know she can be. Any ideas or advice please?

From: Alf - London


August 23, 2018

Your Wife’s Pimp

For the past two years I’ve been tormenting one of my little cuckolds. He has slowly come to accept that his precious house wife is nothing but my eager little fuck toy. He even attending her collaring ceremony last June, acting as “Least Man” and literally giving away the bride. At the end of it I had him kneel in front of her while I fucked her hard and deep from behind. He stared into his beloved’s eyes while she told him how much she loved me.

I have recently been pimping her to close friends. She collects money from them and then kneels and lays it at my feet as an offering. I take perverse pleasure in making cucky describe me as his wife’s pimp.

I totally control their sex life. She is mine, after all, and I don’t like sharing her without compensation.

It was the greatest personal victory on Saturday when cucky asked me, in his humblest voice, if he could pay me for the privileged of having sex with my whore, his wife. I am still considering it.

by: ConquerDisciplin


January 18, 2018

Hesitant Wife

Where you (the man) was totally into it but your wife was pretty hesitant? I’ve been turned on by the idea for a long time, fought the fact that it turns me on for a long time. We have role played a bit by ourselves but my wife has been fairly hesitant. I totally respect her wishes. It’s not that it seems like a hard limit for her but she’s just not sure about things. She will tell me that she’s completely satisfied with out sex life and doesn’t need anybody else, doesn’t need a bigger cock, etc. To me, it’s not that I think she needs it, but it’s fucking hot as hell and we can. We’re totally secure in ourselves. I have zero worries when it comes to anyone else. I want to see her cum all over someone else’s cock, look me in the eyes while it disappears down her throat… nothing about our marriage or relationship is basic and this feels like another step in that. We can have anything we want. I want her to be free to have some variety and excitement and I of course will get off on it too lol. I dunno. Thoughts? Anyone start off this way? Anyone have any success?


October 10, 2017

Wife on Business Trip

My wife is of to Germany for a week with her job. I know there is gonna be a lot of drinking and partying involved and she told me she would not wear underwear the whole week and let her pussy rule the week. Im so exited, she even told me she might fuck the guy she is travelling with. Cant wait to eat her out when she comes home and listen to her tell about all the sex she had.

by: Copenhagen Cuck


May 2, 2017

conversations with bull

I get the following questions one way or another from many bulls, whether in person or on line. I thought I’d share them with my favorite group of men ;)


Nice pics you’ve got! Will you tell me what arouses you so much about cuckold?


Thanks, ditto! I could but why does a bull want to know about cucks?


I don’t get it. Why a beautiful and smart woman like you would possibly want to be with a man who can’t even satisfy her in the bedroom? How can he take care of you outside the bedroom? Why not just be with the strong guy who can take care of you inside and outside the bedroom?


Its simple. A cuck is a super caring, selfless, and courageous man. He believes that women are superior (I concur), should be free (especially sexually), should not be limited, should be cherished, taken care of and adored. A cuck truly sacrifices for his love. The reason they can do it is that they have the unique ability to internalize pain and jealousy of seeing their love with another man and eventually turn it into intense pleasure for themselves which is something most people including I, don’t understand.
As an alpha woman, I can never ever get along with an alpha male/ bull. I love sex with them but can’t respect them outside the bedroom. Most alpha males are controlling assholes whom force their opinions and lifestyle on others without it being welcomed.
So a cuckold lifestyle is absolutely ideal. I can have a beta/cuck whom I respect tremendously and who takes care of me in every possible way except sexually which is fine because sex with betas can get boring after a while. At the same time, I have the freedom and encouragement to be who I am and have sex with who I want. I call that heaven, only if I knew about it 10 years ago!


Hmmm that is so well written. Do you think he is still lil jealous when seeing you with some black bull? Or he used to it completely? I still don’t get why a man would become a cuckold though!


Regardless of the skin color of the bulls, the answer is yes he’s still jealous and more than just a little. Its incredibly painful and that is part of the sacrifice. Why do they sacrifice? Plenty of reasons
-May feel inferior to men like you (for whatever reason) and believe their wives deserve better
-May have smaller penis that they think could not functionally satisfy a woman
-May not want to have the pressure of satisfying a woman on a regular basis even if they don’t feel inferior or have the right size equipment
-Almost all of them strongly believe that women are strong sexual beings and need to be free to explore and its their God-given right
-Almost all of them are aroused by the idea of a live “porn” in their own bedroom where they are actually in love with the actress and the thought of that actress being in their arms after the actor is gone is very attractive
- Almost all of them have the incredible ability to turn pain of jealousy into pleasure (but it takes a while every single time and they don’t get used to it)
-Almost all of them for many different reasons find humiliation at first painful and then arousing
- and more which I like to find out myself

by: SweetPGoddess

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