March 9, 2015

My First Time

My First Time

This is a true story - happened many years ago when I was living with a girlfriend, Stephanie. I was about 25, Stephanie 20 or 21.

Stephanie was a little hottie - slim with gorgeous little a-cup breasts, dark brown nipples, never wore a bra, loved to flaunt it. She was one of those effervescent, life of the party types - and a bit of an exhibitionist. For instance, we had matchstick blinds in the lounge room of our ground-floor apartment, the type that you could easily see thru when the lights are on - more so because we lived on a steep slope, on the low side of the street. Stephanie used to love us to have early-evening sex in that room, knowing that men trudging home from work would be able to see us. While we were fucking she would tell me if anyone spotted us, if any one stopped and watched. Anyway, I digress. This story is about my first cuckold experience, one special night.

Stephanie’s female colleague Jenny was still living at home, still a virgin, and a bit hung up about it. So Stephanie agreed to help her out - arranged a double date with some guy they dealt with thru work. I forget his name, call him Joe. The idea was we all have a night out together with a bit of alcohol involved, then all spend the night at our place - a small two-bedroom apartment. The night went to plan, a nice dinner with plenty of wine, and we’re all nicely tipsy. Until back at the apartment Jenny quietly decided she couldn’t go thru with ‘the deed’. So we made up a bed for her on the lounge room floor, nothing much needed to be said. Joe was easygoing about it, no big deal. And we continued on playing some drinking games, that sort of thing, but I was beat from a week at work and left the three of them at it, went to bed by myself without a second thought. I could hear them laughing and flirting and carrying on, but I didn’t sense any “danger” - Joe had been invited by Jenny, and Jenny was part of the trio still sitting around the kitchen table.

It must have been around 03:00am when my girlfriend, Stephanie, wakes me up by whispering in my ear, “Please fuck me!” in little-girl voice. Did not take long to wake me up! And she was wet, as wet as I can ever recall her being. Not the I’ve-just-been-fucked slippery and wet, it was the hot-and-horny-and-ready-for-sex naturally-lubricated wet. Somebody had got her in this state, and it wasn’t me! Now, cuckoldom was a fantasy of mine, it had featured in our regular pillow talk. But Stephanie was never that much into it - she tolerated it. On this occasion, while my fingers were sliding around that sopping wet little pussy and my tongue was teasing her hard little nipples, I said, “I thought you would be with Joe”. Stephanie was fairly drunk; she just giggled and said, “I thought about it!”

I moved over to her neck, and as I kissed it below the ear, fingers still sliding thru her wetness, I whispered, “Why don’t you?” Stephanie’s voice turned cool, I had for sure ruined the hot fuck we were about to have. But what she said was, “Do you want me to?”. My head fell to her chest, my eyes closed, and I hesitated for a good three or four seconds before saying just one word: “Yes”. Stephanie didn’t say another word; she got out of bed and walked naked towards the door. All I said was “leave the door open”.

Joe was in our old pine-wood and foam-mattress double bed in the spare bedroom, right next to our main bedroom. Stephanie left his door open as well. I heard her get into Joe’s bed, naked. I clearly heard her say, “Please fuck me” in that same little-girl voice. And he did. Joe fucked my girlfriend, knowing I was in the next room. I could hear everything. My mind was contorted - I was so turned on I was shaking, but I was so jealous I wanted to go in there and call her back. I masturbated while Joe fucked my girlfriend within earshot.

Joe didn’t engage in any foreplay, he was right into it. I didn’t see any of this, but I could hear it - from the time she slipped naked into his bed to the time Joe started squeaking the bed frame was only long enough for the obvious to happen: Stephanie slipped into the bed and asked Joe to fuck her. Their lips met. Joe feels her naked breasts against him, probably feels how wet she is. Stephanie then rolled onto her back and Joe rolled right on top of her. Stephanie’s legs opened, her knees came up, Joe got partially onto his knees between my girlfriend’s legs. And inserted his hard cock into that wetness I had been feeling less than a minute ago.
And then they fucked.

They fucked for probably 10 minutes, didn’t sound like they changed position at all. I could clearly hear the squelch of his cock in Stephanie’s juices. I could clearly hear his belly or balls slapping against my girlfriend. I could hear Joe’s heavy breathing; I could hear the wooden bed frame groaning. I clearly heard his pace increase, the slapping got louder, and I could tell when he pumped his seed inside my girlfriend. Stephanie was on her back with her knees up, legs open wide, wetter than I’ve ever known her to be, probably tongue-kissing Joe. And as Joe is fiercely pumping his cum into her, I slowly masturbated.

It went quiet for a bit, and then there were a couple of hours of annoying exaggerated lip smacking kissing and whispering. Stephanie told me later - when I asked why they only did it once - that Joe was “ready” but was afraid I would hear them and wake up.

As dawn started to lighten the sky outside, Stephanie left Joe’s bed, closed both doors and padded naked into our bedroom. And then we fucked. Stephanie didn’t get any foreplay out of me either, but I figured Joe had warmed her up nicely. :-) He had pumped her full of his cum and they had lay in bed for a couple of hours, so most of it was still inside her. And I fucked her like that, with Joe’s cum squelching and leaking out around my cock. We locked tongues and we fucked like a couple of animals. Joe must have heard us.

Joe took off before we could have an awkward breakfast, and later I drove Jenny home in almost complete silence - she must have heard it all as well. I rushed home for a bit more cuckold sex, but Stephanie was upset - embarrassed and upset: “I was D.R.U.N.K.” It was the end for us really - she never could accept I could love her AND enjoy her fucking other men. There were other occasions but never so “real” - Stephanie having an affair with her boss is nowhere near as much “fun” as her fucking some guy in the next room.

by BetaBettor


March 5, 2015

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

We have been into the cuck life style for about three years now, after many years on the swinging scene. Although we have settled into a normal routine, if that is what you call it, LOL, sometimes something different comes up.

Sally and I had ridden into work together Monday so it wasn’t a surprise when she called to tell me she was on the way to pick me up after work. When I got into the car, she told me that Tony (her boyfriend) had called and wanted her to stop by the hospital where he was visiting a friend.

When we got to the room, Tony introduced us to Darrell. Darrell was about 6’3” and took up the whole hospital bed. It seems he was there for high blood pressure and was going to be released in the morning. He was so funny, laughing, joking and telling funny stories. We laughed until we were in tears.

As Sally and I were getting ready to leave, Tony said he would walk down to the lobby with us because he wanted to grab a coke from the vending machines. Tony and I were standing in the doorway and Sally walked over to the bed, and gave Darrell a kiss and told him she hoped he got to feeling better and if there was anything she could do, to let her know. The kind of thing you always say to people in the hospital. As she turned to leave Darrell just busted loose “Hell ya there is something you can do for me give me some of that fine pussy you got there!”

All three of us almost passed out at hearing that and thinking he was still joking, we started laughing. After all, we had been joking around, we had only known him a little over and hour and he was in a hospital bed. Than almost at once we all responded, I said “me too” Tony said “sure you would” and Sally just stood there laughing. Darrel then said “No, straight up- serious business, man I could use some of that pussy.”

Tony smiled at Sally and kind of nudged me back into the room and let the door close again. Sally smiled back at Tony, I think she took Tony’s smile as an approval, so without saying anything else she turned back around and faced Darrell. With a little laugh she pulled her dress up to her waist and ran her hand over her pantyhose and between her legs and asked him, so you want some of this. “Oh hell ya,” was all he said, but you could tell looking at his hospital gown that he really meant it.

Sally told me to stand by the door so no one could come in while Tony went over by the window on the other side of the room. Sally reached over and started stroking his cock through the gown as he moaned with pleasure. She kidded him about his blood pressure going back up and he said he had heard that if you die with a hard on it would stay up forever….we all chuckled. I could tell she wanted it but was a little hesitant given where we were but after a few minutes, Darrel said he was ready to fuck her. Sally let go of his cock, kicked off her shoes and pulled down her pantyhose and panties. Darrell pulled up his hospital gown and let his cock kind of flop up toward his stomach. He wasn’t supper long but was a nice thickness from the way it looked. Sally climbed on the bed and pulled it straight up and licked the head to wet it a little bit. Then she straddled him and started too settled down on it.

I could see Tony watching and smiling across the room as Sally let out a small moan when the head of Darrell’s cock pushed in and he said “oh shit yes”.Sally looked at me and then Tony, leaned her head back and slid all the way down his cock as he pushed up into her. As many times as I have seen a long black cock penetrate her it never stops amazing and exciting me. and this time was no different. As she began to ride his cock up and down they were getting into a long slow rhythm that makes her cum so hard. Darrell and Sally were both moaning and groaning as she raised and lowered herself over and over again. After about five minutes Tony walked over and unzipped her dress and pulled it off over her head leaving her with nothing but a camisole and her bra but not even that for long. Darrell said “oh ya, let me see those titties” in between his moans of “oh shit, oh yea.” It didn’t seem as if they missed a single stroke the whole time.

As Tony stepped back he ran his hand over her left breast and pinched the nipple, she seemed to take this as an unspoken request and began to press her tits together then pinch her own nipples, pulling them out until they looked as if they would snap and then letting them go again. Darrel grabbed them with his big hands and did the same thing. Then she did something many men have never felt before… or at least not how she does it. She told Darrel to lie still for a second and lowered herself down on him until he was completely inside her. Then she started to tighten and relax her cunt muscles, slowly and without moving any other part of her body. I thought Darrell was going to come off the bed……..he told her it felt like nothing else he had ever felt and that he thought he might “bust a nut” right then. Tony and I both smiled, we had been there before. It feels like a combination of a blowjob and a fuck at the same time.

She didn’t want to cum just yet, so she bent over, giving him a deep lingering kiss and relaxing her cunt muscles. She laid down flat on his stomach without breaking the kiss and picked up the rhythm. For the next ten or fifteen minutes there was nothing but the uninterrupted moans and groans mixed with the sound of his cock sliding in and out and her hips slapping his and the occasional “oh yes” or “oh shit”. Then Sally let out a long “oh yes…..shitttttttttttttttttttttt” as she came but Darrell keep pumping away. From where I was watching I could see his cock stretching her cunt as it appeared and disappeared inside her, then I saw him raise up in an arch, tightened all his muscles and shot his load into her. I could see his cum leaking out and dripping back onto him as she slowed down but did not stop until she was sure he had empted every drop into her.

They both laid there kind of panting in an exhausted state for a minute, and then they both started to laugh. She hopped off the bed, grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom, coming out a few minutes later with a wet warm wash cloth to wipe Darrell off while we all stood there and talked.

Darrell told Sally that that was just what the doctor ordered and she laughingly told him she was glad to have helped and he would get the bill in the morning. Tony mostly smiled and told Darrell he would catch him latter and we all said goodbye and left. We really didn’t say much on the way down the elevator and into the parking lot. We shook hands and he gave Sally a kiss and said well that was fun.

by: veryhappyto0


February 25, 2015

Dee’s Cumuppance

Dee’s Cumuppance

My wife was gorgeous and very sexy. She’d always fantasised about having group sex and I’d always wanted to watch her fuck. Then she told me she’d always had a rape fantasy as well! I decided I’d try to fulfil all those fantasies in one go. Here is my story.

Dee was 32 and still exceptionally sexy, despite the birth of our two children. We’d married after a school romance, and as far as I know, had no sexual partners apart from each other. We were going dancing at a club and she wore this sexy black and pink outfit as the club we were going to was frequented by many bikers.

We arrived at the club and Dee immediately set to drinking and flirting with as many men as she could. I took up my place at the bar, and enjoyed watching as she flirted and danced with them all. She loved to dance and rub her crutch against theirs, enjoying the swelling of their loins against her pubic bone. On many occasions I had watched her excite a man to erection with her body, grounding her ass against his groin, only to jump away and abuse them when their dicks were hard, making them look foolish in front of the whole club crowd!

The events that took place this particular evening were significant as they marked the beginning of my putting the plan into action.

I watched as Dee was dancing with a particularly rough looking biker. He was about thirty five, wearing all black leathers, and obviously heavily into the bike scene. My Dee looked tiny as she strutted her stuff in front of this huge man, rubbing her tits all over his jacket as they danced. I noticed her reach down and stroke his erect dick through his jeans, and then suddenly she leapt back and began laughing loudly, walking away from him as she left him standing there. He started to chase her but his path was blocked by a bouncer, and before I knew it, a full-scale brawl had broken out, all because of Dee.

When we got home that night, Dee was insatiable. She sucked me off in the car on the way home, and couldn’t get enough of my dick in bed later on. We screwed everywhere in every position. At one stage she leant over the kitchen bench and begged me to fuck her ass as she stuck a huge zucchini in her freshly cum soaked pussy. It was incredible! I went to work the next day realising that I was living with a sexually explosive woman who obviously got turned on by taunting men in public places, using her body as a weapon. I decided I was going to fulfil our fantasies but with me in control for a change. Dee would come to learn that I too could be creative when it
comes to sex.

On a Friday night about three weeks after the biker incident, I again went to the same club. I was looking for the guy who had danced with Dee and been thrown out during the fight. I found him, and with some fear and anxiety in my bones, I approached him at one of the pool tables where he was playing. I put my coin down and waited until it came my turn to play. “Name’s Steve” I said to him. “Carl” he replied, “Your break”. I broke the balls and began playing. He was an average player and I beat him by three balls which seemed to annoy him. “I was here for the fight the other night” I told him. “Which one” he said, as if he had a fight every night of the week! “The one that tramp in the pink mini skirt caused”. “Oh that slut! If I ever got my hands on her again she wouldn’t walk for a week” said Carl, playing into my hands beautifully. “I tell you what” I said, “If you beat me I’ll tell you where you can find her”. “You’re on mate” he said as he looked me in the eye to see if I was serious.

I let him win the game without giving it away, and we went to the bar for a drink. I told him I went to the same gym as Dee, not telling him I was her husband, and we arranged to met there the next day at six o’clock, when I knew Dee would be working out.

We met as arranged, and in the car I explained to Carl that she had done the same thing to me a few weeks earlier, and that I was keen to pay her back also. Just as we were deciding what we’d do, she arrived, dressed in the her g-string leotard, although wearing lacy black see through tights as well. She looked awesome. She strode into the gym like a bitch on heat, and I wondered what she actually did once she got into the weight room. She always fucked me on her workout nights as well, so I presumed she was flirting as she did when we went dancing. I knew she always came home wet from either a shower or a spa, and wondered if she hadn’t stepped beyond our marriage with any of the muscle bound studs in the gym.

It was really quite simple after that. Carl sat in the car steaming at the nostrils, and told me to leave everything to him. I asked him what we were going to do, and he said, “I’ll be in touch later in the week to let you know whats happening” before getting out of the car and heading off. I spent the rest of that week avoiding Dee’s advances, and waiting for the call from Carl. It came on Thursday night. “Meet me at the same place tomorrow. Bring a mask. You’ll be coming with us. I asked him what he had in mind and he said, “She’ll be well and truly paid back, by you, by me and by the boys from the club”. I became instantly erect as I realised my plan was working perfectly! Dee was going to be taken by several men and I was going to be able to watch. I was incredibly excited and spent the next day not being able to concentrate on my work.

That night I again refused to have sex with Dee, and she became furious, abusing me for being a useless piece of shit. She taunted me saying she could have any man she wished. I simply rolled over and said, “Be my guest Dear!” . She hated that and got out of bed, taking her vibrator to the spare bedroom.

The next day all sorts of thoughts were going through my head. Was this really what I wanted? Yes. Would Dee be safe? Don’t know. Would Dee enjoy it? Don’t know. The uncertainty of the whole thing made me edgy all day, and by the time I knocked off and headed for the gym, I was like a cat on a hot tin roof.

I met Carl and locked my car, climbing into his van. He introduced me to the other two guys in the van, they were Hoots and Scar, real nasty looking bikers. Carl explained that we were going to follow Dee from the gym to her house, and grab her as she got out of the car, and then take her to the biker clubhouse where the gang was assembled ready to gangbang her. Carl said that Dee had done the same to them at the club, and that she had earned a reputation as a prick tease which the whole gang wished to set straight. I could hardly contain myself as I pulled my balaclava over my head.

Dee’s car was in the car park as we sat and the boys passed round some beers. We shared a few jokes but it was clear that everyone was edgy. I asked if any of them had done anything like this before, to which they all replied “Yeah, heaps of times”. That made me feel a little more comfortable as I presumed they all knew how far they could go without hurting the victim. Just as those thoughts were in my head, Dee emerged from the gym, two young muscle bound studs following her to her car. She kissed both on the cheek and then climbed into her car before driving off. Carl fired up the van and we followed her into the street.

As we approached our house, we watched Dee pull into the driveway. Carl gunned the van into the driveway behind her and before she knew what was happening, Hoots and Scar had grabbed her and bundled her into the back of the van, Scar with his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming. Carl took off as in the back, Hoots, Scar and I got moving. Hoots pinned her to the floor as Scar put gaffer tape over her mouth. I took the handcuffs they’d given me and cuffed her hands behind her back. Then Scar took a length of rope and tied her ankles to her wrists so she could not move. It was an incredible sight. Her eyes were filled with terror, as she surveyed the back of the van and realised there was nothing she could do. To make it worse, Hoots pulled out a black scarf and covered her eyes so she was totally blindfolded as well.

As we pulled into the club house, I noticed there were about fifteen bikes parked in the car park. Shit I thought, they were really going to do a number on my wife. I began to wonder if I should have done this, but I knew it was too late to pull out now even if I wanted to.

Carl drove straight in through the open roller door, and as the doors opened, I saw that there were about eighteen guys hooting and yelling. Plus the four of us in the van and I realised Dee was to be fucked by twenty two men! Then the show began.

Dee was hauled out of the van and the roller door was closed. Loud rock music was playing but suddenly stopped as Carl got out and the group went silent. Dee was laying on the floor face down, hands and feet bound by handcuffs and rope. Her blindfold was removed and I watched her eyes show more panic than before as she assessed her predicament. The rope was untied, freeing her legs, and Carl ordered her to stand. She didn’t move and was greeted by a savage slap across the face, before she swiftly jumped up, eyes filling with tears. I took a back seat and found myself a stool near the bar, sipped on a beer and set my video camera whirring. I wanted to show Dee her ordeal time and time again whenever she reminded me of what a lousy lover I was.

Carl approached her and said, “Remember me you prickteasing bitch?”. Dee shook her head, before it dawned on her. Suddenly she realised who he was, and her eyes opened wider in absolute terror. Carl tore the gaffer tape from her face and said, “You re gonna pay for the treatment you gave me” and with that, tore her blouse completely from her magnificent body. Buttons flew everywhere as she stood in her track pants, runners and bra. She’d worn one of her black lace push up bras, and she looked awesome, sweat dripping down the gap between her tits from nerves or sweat, it didn’t matter which.

Three bikers came forward and tore off all her clothes, before tying her cuffed hands to a rope and winching her up towards the roof. They then took out a white corset and placed it over her body. She was then ordered to kneel on the floor with her hands above her head. Her glorious tits spilled out over the top of the corset, and she tried to close her legs. The music was then turned back on and several guys got undressed, leaving on their boots, and removing their belts from their pants. Dee was then hoisted up to a standing position, before being mounted on a rack that was obviously purpose built for administering beatings. Her legs were spreadeagled and tied to each leg of the rack, and her ass was exposed magnificently, awaiting its obvious treatment. Dee started to scream loudly in protest, but the music drowned out her voice, and the first guy moved in. He took out a leather paddle, and rubbed it across her left ass cheek slowly, teasing her wickedly, before suddenly slapping it down on her cheek with tremendous force. An incredible slapping noise reverberated around the garage.

Then she was untied from the rack and placed face down on a rug, her beautiful body hogtied completely, her bright red ass cheeks glowing invitingly as her butt stuck itself up in the air. Her pussy and asshole were open for all to see and abuse, and I got an incredible erection as I wondered what lay in store for my prickteasing wife at the hands of these vicious and obviously fearless bikers. She looked incredible, and for a moment I again had doubts about the wisdom of bringing her here and exposing her to these ruthless guys. That soon passed however as a middle aged biker positioned himself behind Dee and without so much as a how do you do spat on his dick and stuck it balls deep into her dry cunt. Her eyes shone wide open as he plunged into her, and she tried to scream through the gag. She looked at me and all of a sudden her eyes changed from those of fear to the look I had come to know so well. She fluttered her eyelids and began to push back against the huge biker fucking her pussy for all he was worth. Suddenly the guy stiffened his whole body and drove his dick as far as possible into my wife, dumping his load of sperm deep into her pussy. I looked at Dee’s face and knew she would now be ok, and that she had finally succumbed to the pleasures that were within her. Three more guys fucked her in that position before Carl ordered a change of position then Hoots unloaded a huge gob of cum into her mouth before pulling out and spraying her face with several more jets.

Dee was then lowered to the floor and untied, except for her hands, and the fucking began in earnest. She had had three dicks in her pussy and one cum in her mouth and face, but she had only just begun..

On the floor, she was placed on her knees, and her hands untied as three men moved in and filled each of her fucking holes. I was stunned and excited beyond my wildest dreams as I watched my tease of a wife treated like a slut and fucked senseless. I listened to the squelching noise the dick in her pussy made, and watched in awe as the guy screwing her there tensed up and pumped his sperm into her hot cunt. He was quickly replaced by another who inserted his long dick into her sopping hole. The guy in her mouth was next to cum, spraying her face as she closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue to catch the wads of cum landing there. Again he was replaced with another, and the guy in Dee’s ass rammed her solidly, spewing cum into her bowels. She squealed in pain as he stuck it deep in her butt, and actually looked concerned for the first time as the guy with the biggest dick moved in to fill the vacancy left in her anus. Dee was suddenly grabbed by the hair by the guy whose dick was in her mouth, and he jammed it in gagging her, as the big guy positioned his dick at the entrance to her ass. The guy in her pussy pulled out slightly while big dick rubbed cum and spit all over his dick and then pressed it inwards. Dee’s eyes popped out of her head as his massive organ split her butt hole. He inched it in slowly until he suddenly slipped all nine or ten inches into her tight hole. Once he was all the way in, the guy in her cunt started pumping furiously again, and she struggled to swallow as the guy in her mouth came all over her chin and tits.

Carl could see she was struggling, and so said, “Hurry up and pump your cum guys, she needs a break”. The two guys left fucking her complied, filling her both holes at once with hot sticky cum. When they had finished, Dee was laid flat on the floor and every guy in the place who was able to started pulling himself. I couldn’t wait any longer and joined the group, pulling out my cock and getting ready to squirt. Dick after dick began shooting cum all over her tits, body and face until she was a cum soaked mess.

by: Casper


February 20, 2015

The Debt

The Debt

George only wanted her because she was unobtainable. Sure Judy was an attractive blonde but there were plenty others equally attractive her could have easier.

I had been married to Judy for eight years and all during that time she had never looked at another man. Sure she had opportunities as guys were always hitting on my statuesque wife with the knock-out figure but never once did she give in to their advances, she was always faithful to her wedding vows. Judy had been a virgin when I took her on our wedding night and she had devoted her life to creating a nest for her family. My loving wife had given birth to our daughter two years after we were married and we were presently working on a brother or sister for Sabrina.

It all started innocently enough at a poker game in George’s place. Once a month the guys would get together at Georges for a night of five card draw. The steaks were only five of ten bucks and a pot could pay off a couple of hundred. Everybody had a good night out and nobody got hurt.

George was a financially secure alcoholic. He and his woman lived in a three bedroom back split in a nice part of town. In his garage was a classic 78 Trans Am in mint condition and a Harley Electra Glide motorbike.

He had made his money in the taxi business buying plates from the city and leasing them out to little guys wanting to put their own cab on the road. A taxi license cost about seventy-five grand if you did not get one from the city after being on a waiting list for years so guys paid fifteen hundred a month to lease one. George was seldom sober enough to drive himself but would rent one of his lessee’s cars for a shift once in a while to stay active in the business as the city required.

George introduced Stan into our group one Friday night. We were a pretty easy going bunch and welcomed him to sit at the table. The new guy started out innocently enough but as the evening went on he became more aggressive constantly trying to drive the amount of the pot up. He won some of the time but he also lost as many times as the rest of us. It was getting late and I had dropped a couple of hundred, my limit, so I started to leave.

“Stay for a few more hands.” George said not wanting the game to breakup yet. Foolishly I sat back down. Before long I was down over four hundred and the ante was up to fifty bucks to stay in. I had three Jacks and there was over five hundred in the pot but I was out of cash.

“I have to fold.” I said, “I’m outta cash.”

“I’ll cover you!” George volunteered.

Stan laid down a full house and took the pot. I went home owing George fifty bucks. Ext time I saw George I offered to repay him the fifty I owed. George informed me he didn’t want to be repaid in cash.

“What do you want, name it?” I offered my friend.

“I want to nail Judy.” he answered.

“What?” I said unbelieving what I heard.

“I want to fuck your wife.” George smiled. Everything flashed through my mind at once. Fuck my wife for fifty dollars? Judy would never agree to it anyway, it was impossible. George had been a very good friend of mine over the years and often helped us out with his generosity. If sticking his cock into my wife meant so much to him I didn’t want to not want to be unappreciative. What if he did fuck Judy, it wouldn’t cost us anything.

“Let me see what I can do?” I answered his proposal. I knew Judy would never consent to being unfaithful even though I suggested it. I also knew her weakness, booze. My wife could not hold her drink, after a few drinks she lost all control and she was putty in my hands. Up until now I had only used it to get Judy to put my cock in her mouth or let me try fucking her ass. I figured if I set it up right she would open her legs for George.

“George is coming over tonight to help me set up the new sound system.” I casually informed Judy. I had recently bought a Dolby surround sound system for the bigscreen TV and George was somewhat of an audiophile and would know how to get the best results from it.

“Is Andrea coming too?” Judy asked.

“No, she has a meeting to go to.” I lied. I had told George to drop around about ten o’clock hoping to have my wife ready for him by then. Shortly after eight I offered Judy her first drink. She lingered a painfully long time over the gin and Wink sipping miniscule amounts between watching the television. Knowing I was expecting George’s visit I imagine she was deliberately trying to pace herself.

“Let me freshen that up!” I offered as she neared the bottom of the glass. It was almost nine when I refilled her glass, this time with more gin than mix. Judy made a face when she tasted the strong drink but her first drink had started to kick in and she swallowed a mouthful. Her second glass was empty in twenty minutes and I poured her a third which I knew would finish her off. It was twenty minutes to ten and my wife was in la-la land.

“Why don’t you change into your white negligee?” I asked her. Judy’s white negligee was a sheer floor length gown perforated every inch or so by quarter inch diamond shape holes. Wearing this gown her entire body would be on display through the transparent material and the numerous openings.

“I can’t wear that with George coming!” Judy protested.

“He has seen you nude in the hot tub.” I argued. Some time before Judy had joined us in George’s hot tub, everyone had been naked and she had been drinking so agreed to remove her bikini once she was safely in the water.

“Well if you think it’s O.K.?” she said staggering off to the bedroom. Judy was in the bedroom when George arrived. I welcomed him in and explained Judy was getting ready for him.

I was sitting with our guest having a beer when my wife walked into the living room. She looked stunning. With the backlight she may as well been nude.

“Hi Georgie!” she greeted him shamelessly. George could not believe the transformation my wife had undergone. He was convinced she was ready for him to fuck her.

“Come and sit on my knee.” George said. Judy looked at me and I nodded my approval, she ambled across the room and plopped herself on his lap. I went to pour my wife another drink as George’s hand cupped her breasts. When I came back into the room Judy’s gown was up above her knees and George’s hand was hidden between her legs. He had his hand on her pussy and was likely finger-fucking her and she wasn’t even protesting. I sat next to George on the couch and slipped the gown’s spaghetti straps off my wife’s shoulders, the flimsy material feel down around her waist exposing her naked breasts. My mouth swallowed her left nipple and Judy moaned as George’s fingers manipulated her clitoris. She was ready.

“Let go into the bedroom, you’ll be more comfortable.” I soothed my aroused wife. Judy’s gown dropped to the floor when we stood her up, with George on one side of her and me on the other we led her naked into the bedroom. Carefully we laid my nude wife across the bed and George began to undress.

“What are you doing?” Judy squirmed on the bed. I held her in place, “George just wants to get to know you better.”

My wife giggled, “Georgie Porgie.” I felt the bed yield with George’s weight as he dropped in next to my wife. I held Judy’s legs open as George mounted her. My wife gasped as George’s cock slid into her. I expected Judy to resist being held but she just lay there with a contented look on her face as George began to claim his prize. I watched my wife wrap her legs around our friend and draw him further into her love nest. Her hands drew his face to hers and they kissed. In her drunken stupor my wife did not realize it was another man’s cock in her, she thought she was fucking me! She began to grind her hips like she did when she was really horny and wanted to come. I knew George was about to girt the fuck of his life.

“Oh fuck me, I need to come!” Judy moaned as her hips swiveled on George’s cock. George hammered his spike all the way into her, I could hear their bodies slap together as he bottomed in her fuck hole.

“Oh yes, yes, more lover.” she pleaded. George was fucking her hard, his cock reaching far into her sacred space but still she was aware she was giving herself to another man. Her hips thrashed like a wildcat’s and I knew she was building up a mega orgasm in her pussy. I moved to where I could see George’s wet shaft sliding in and out of Judy’s stretched labia between her open legs. Judy’s cunt was getting sloppy from the intense fucking and I could hear the soft squishing noises they made as his cock slid in and out of my wife’s cunt. I gently cupped George’s balls in my hand and squeezed them coaxing him to empty his sperm into my wife’s womb. It was a chain reaction, Judy screamed as her orgasm hit her and I could feel George’s balls throbbing as the emptied into her cunt, spurting out the head of his cock splattering her eggs with his rich creamy nutrient. My wife’s body trembled with the aftershocks of her orgasm until George’s cum quenched her fire. George rolled off my wife’s well fucked body. For some reason I had to feel my cock in her cum filled box. My cock slid into her with no resistance whatsoever. She moaned softly while I enjoyed her sloppy cunt. In minutes I added my sperm to George’s

The following morning Judy was in a good mood.

“You’ll have to invite George over again.” she told me over coffee. I didn’t know how much of the previous night’s activities she remembered but I was just thankful she was not irate for me setting her up. It was a few week later that my wife gave me the good news, she was pregnant! Judy went to the phone and begins to dial a number.

“Who are you calling?” I asked her expecting her to say her mother.

“George!” she smiled, “He’ll want to know.”

By: No Panty Girl


February 2, 2015

My Wife Does It on Her Own

My Wife Does It on Her Own

I wanted her to realize she is beautiful and men want her.

I have been interested in having a threesome or a foursome with my wife for many years now. It hasn’t happened yet and she has been not wanting sex very often for a long time. I let her know that she is beautiful and sexy and that many men appreciate her sexual beauty. She has had many female friends in the past that were lesbians, and they also appreciated her beauty and wanted her sexually. Some still do. I know underneath her doubting and denial of her beauty she does appreciate having sexual attention and knows she has good looks. She has told me many times that the best sex she has had in her life has always been when she was having a one night stand or just a short sexual relationship with no strings attached. I have suggested that she try to do that again but she said that it would not make her feel that way anymore because she is married now. We have been together for twenty six years and she has never had any other men since then. Although she has close lesbian friends, she has always told me should could never do anything sexual with a woman.

I have questioned my thoughts of swinging or a threesome and felt a little dirty and wrong for having the desire. She definitely did not make me feel good about it when I brought it up. When I found Lush Stories I realized that my feelings were not wrong and many people share these thoughts and actually do act on them. I thank all of the people here that have helped me with this realization. I met a person on Lush who lives not far from us and we have been communicating about trying to hook up. I hope someday to meet him and perhaps the wife could share us. This was how I hoped that my desires might be be met. Little did I realize that my wife (maybe she did not realize either) was already working on her own to find another lover or sex partner. She sang with a threesome in college which was comprised of two females and one male. The male contacted her a few years ago and asked if she would like to get
together to play and record music again. He even sent her cd’s of their recording from back then. She was reluctant at first but did go visit him and his family twice on the way to visit her family when I did not accompany her. She said that he was really into the music and recording but that he was very uncomfortable with trying to play and record at the same time in the studio in his house. I asked about his wife and she said that she was a little plump but nice looking and very gracious though a little ruff. I joked about going with her the next time to see if they were into swinging. She just laughed and said she did not think they were into that and she wasn’t either.

The friend kept on sending her devices to record with that were not cheap and kept asking to get together again. She would always find an excuse or just tell him she did not want to do it because she was busy. He finally started to call her and when I would answer the phone he would say things like “I am sorry if I am bothering you by wanting to get together with your wife”. I would always let him know I was not worried about it and was happy she was playing music and singing again. Secretly I wished she had some sexual desire for someone and hoped that he may be the one. He is a doctor and very rich.

He kept on calling and e-mailing her until finally she finally let me know he was coming for a visit. He was going to arrive Friday night and leave on Monday. He came in on Friday and was a bundle of energy and talked a mile a minute. They were going to record in a studio tomorrow and had already rented the time. On Saturday they practised for a few hours in the morning while I was doing little jobs around the house. She came to me about a half hour after lunch while I was doing the dishes and let me know they were leaving for the studio to record. I told her I hoped she had fun and that the music came out good.

I had not really thought that there was anything sexual between them but when I saw them drive off alone together it did cross my mind that he was looking at her in a very appreciative way. I also thought back and remembered that he had mentioned how he and his wife were not always on the same wave length most of the time. He said it often last night and this morning. I was beginning to wonder what was going on.

When they got back they were very active and talkative. They told me they had a hard time finding the studio and that it was in a small house run by a blind man. that was why they came back late. They said they were able to record five songs, but they did not have a tape or a cd from the session. If that never materialized, I’d know something had happened other than them making music together. As they had gotten back later than they planned, her friend let me know that he wanted to take us out to dinner. We headed out and found a good restaurant and drank too mucht wine and ate good food. We laughed and joked and had a great time together. I was thinking that I was just being hopeful that they may have a spark of sexual energy between them but then I would notice now and then how he looked at her. We woke up Sunday hung over, but he was up and rearing to get back to making music with the wife.

They went to the basement to practice and they were going to go back to the recording studio in the afternoon. After an hour or two they came up and my wife said that she was going to drive with the friend to the gas station and that he was going to leave when they got back. This was surprising to me because he was supposed to stay until Monday and the gas station was only two miles away. She saw the look on my face and asked if anything was wrong. I told her I was surprised because I thought they were going to recording studio later and that he was staying until tomorrow to revisit the studio and do the final touches on the recordings. I also said that the gas station was only two miles away and it was on the way out. She said that she did not want him to run out of gas and that he may miss the store. This is when I was sure there may be more going on here than making music.

When I spoke with her after he had left, I told her about my feelings that he may have more on his mind than just making music. She laughed and said I was crazy. Well they did record five songs on Saturday, he posted them on you tube later although he had told her he would not do that until she had heard them and gave him approval to do so. He also sent her two cd’s of the songs though they did not work. In all of this activity between them I realized they were exchanging e-mails a couple of times a week. When she told him the cd’s did not function he sent he another two via one day delivery. Those do work, and now they are exchanging e-mails often. She has told him she dosn’t want to get together again soon but she is purchasing things for her guitar and practising more. When I ask when she will record again she smiles and says “not for a while”. She was telling me about all of the e-mails in the beginning but now she doesn’t mention them. I know that this may go nowhere in a sexual way and the wife is stating that she doesn’t think of him in that way at all. I have hopes that she will open up more to thoughts and sexual feelings for other people than me. I do believe she has them but she cannot admit it to herself. She has a hard time believing men find her sexually attractive. Whenever someone shows interest in her this way, she does admit it if it is obvious, but feels it is inappropriate.

This happened a few weeks after the recording sessions with a very close friend of mine who has let me know for many years he would love to have sex with her. It was a Thanksgiving family get together and when we visited with his family he motioned for her to come follow her. He got her aloneand put his arms around her waist and give her a kiss on her cheek as he told how happy he was to be with her again. She told me that she broke away and went to sit with his wife so it wouldn’t go any further. I did see him keep on massaging her every time he could.He could not keep his hands off of her the whole time, and as I watched, I saw that she was smiling and laughing with him. I told her later how happy it made me when she showed that she was enjoying his attentions. I am hopeful that things may open up as we try new things and keep talking about it.

By 2doeverything


January 21, 2015



The text, as usual, was short and sweet. It simply gave a time and a place that we were to meet. I smiled discreetly and cleared the screen before my husband noticed. Not that he would have. I was always on my phone, and anyway, he was unaware of my extra-curricular activities and in a pretty heavy state of denial about our relationship as a whole.

It was more than a little annoying, his inability to pick up on what should have been obvious at least on some level, but whatever. I had more important things on my mind at the moment and I had to start getting ready. I mentally dialed through the excuses I had used most recently, trying to settle on one I knew he’d buy and that also would give me more than enough time.

“Crap!” I said loudly. He glanced over at me but did not pause the video game he was engrossed in. “What’s wrong?” he asked, eyes darting back to the television.

“I forgot to fax my boss my time log for the pay period. If I don’t do it tonight I won’t get paid!” I answered semi-frantically, playing it up just enough to get away with it. My office was half an hour away and provided the perfect time frame. I probably needn’t have bothered, time wasn’t something he paid attention to. Especially when he had pot and video games to occupy his.

“You can’t do it tomorrow?” He offhandedly asked, the true source of his focus clear as he yelled out “NOOO!” in the direction of the television. I rolled my eyes and continued laying out my alibi.

“Payroll closes tomorrow morning, I have to do it now,” I finished, kicking down the footrest on the love seat and scooting off of it. I stood up and he finally paused the game to look up at me.

“Do you want me to go with you?” He asked, blatantly insincere, as I knew he had no desire to leave the house and his PS3. Which was fine, his presence was neither desired nor welcome.

“Nope. I’m good, do you want me to pick up dinner on the way home? I doubt I’ll want to cook,” I offered, knowing that would buy me more time and that later the food would distract from any unwelcome questions. It was telling how much effort I put into this subterfuge.

“Yeah, sure. Be careful please,” he lectured lazily before again turning his attention back to his game and Kobe or Lebron, or whomever was currently “playing”. I rolled my eyes into my head again.

I walked back to the bedroom, a smile playing on my lips. Even though this was not the first time, somehow it always felt like it. My heart was beating faster, I felt lighter and happier just knowing I was going to get to see him. I would have liked to have worn something slutty, but somehow I didn’t think my husband, unaware as he was, would understand my leaving the house to go to “work” in a short skirt and low cut top. So I settled on a pair of tight white capris and a purple t-shirt that was tight without being ridiculous. It was something I wore all the time and was therefore inconspicuous but still looked good on me. I changed and ran a brush through my long brown hair and touched up my make-up a bit before deciding I looked presentable enough. I stopped briefly to give my husband a peck on the cheek, slip on my flip flops and grab my keys before heading to the garage and my car.

The text had directed me to a movie theater in town, the matinee movie being one I had already seen as it had been out for several weeks. A perfect choice I thought, nothing like time alone in the dark in a hopefully deserted theater. I paid for my ticket and briskly followed the signs to the correct auditorium. The lights were just bright enough for me to spot him sitting in the middle of the back row, looking at his phone. When he sensed my presence he lifted his head in my direction and our eyes met. Even at the distance we connected and a smile took over both our faces.

I climbed the stairs to the row of seats and he stood to greet me with a big hug. I sighed with contentment into his chest as I breathed him in. It felt so safe and warm to be in his arms again and when I felt his erection already growing against my hip I felt wanted and wet too. It was a wonderful, magical feeling that I never tired of. After a minute or two we reluctantly disentangled ourselves and sat down. I pulled up the armrest that separated us so we could sit directly next to one another, legs touching, his arm around me, my hand on his leg, my right shoulder next to his left as we waited for the lights to dim further. We didn’t have to wait long; soon the previews were starting and we were submerged into near darkness.

His hand started roaming my body, running up his fingers up and down my side, stopping briefly at my breast before moving back down and repeating the process. I turned my head towards his and our mouths met, kissing with the hunger and urgency of the time apart. Our tongues danced together and again his hand came to grasp my breast, to seek out the nipple and begin to awaken it as we kissed. One of my hands was on his head, grasping at his hair while the other stayed on his leg, kneading my hand into the firm muscle of his thigh. We had lost ourselves, again, in the intoxication of reconnection and nothing could have been more blissful.

He pulled apart from the kiss and I turned so that I was lounging against him, both his hands moving to cup my breasts, above my shirt, as he kissed the sides of my neck with his hungry mouth. He was pulling on my nipples gently but with urgency and soon he was climbing underneath my shirt with his hands to the front hook of my bra, a lucky guess I suppose, and unclipped it, letting them hang free so he could gain better access. I moaned at the feel of his hands on my skin and I sucked in my breath. I moved my mouth back to his so I could feel his tongue in my mouth as he skillfully manipulated my nipples and I moaned into his mouth when he dropped one hand lower to rub the quickly warming area between my legs.

I broke away from the kiss to look at him. His brown eyes were glazed over with lust and admiration as we stared at one another in the dark. He kept his eyes on mine as his hands moved to the button and zipper on my pants to undo them so he could slide his hand inside. When his fingers grazed my shaved mound and he realized I wasn’t wearing panties, a low growl of appreciation left his throat and added to my wetness. He sounded and looked so sexy, so in need of me that it was impossible for me not to become more aroused hearing it and seeing the seductive look in his eyes, even in the dark. Our eyes stayed locked as his fingers slipped lower and I leaned back a little further, inviting him to touch me, to take what was his. His fingers reached my clit and rubbed it a little, making me squirm in my seat and a low moan to escape my lips. He rubbed it a little more, moving in slow circles around it, following the moans I was making. His other hand was still up my shirt, rubbing my nipples, one after the other, as I got closer and closer to coming for him, as only he was able to make me come.

When he moved his hand from my clit and pushed down further to reach my now dripping pussy, he pushed in with two fingers as far as he could in our position and moved them in and out a few times. He then curled them upward and struck gold when he hit my g spot, tapping his fingers inside me as his thumb came to find my clit. When he brought his mouth to my neck and bit down, I spilled quickly into orgasm, my hips lifting off the seat and my mouth seeking out his to stifle the moans and profanities I was spewing forth from the immense pleasure rolling through my body. He kept his hands in place until I stopped moving, then he slid his hands out of my pants and brought his fingers to my mouth for me to suck clean. I eagerly took them into my mouth and sucked on them, my tongue running along them, licking my self off of them as he pushed them in and out of my mouth. His other hand was now in my hair, taking fistfuls and tugging as I orally pleased his fingers.

“Now I want you to get on your knees and do that to my cock!” He whispered as he drug his fingers slowly from my pink, horny lips, the first words he had spoken to me, expressing the dominant side of him I loved. I glanced around the theater and, seeing no one, dropped to my knees in front of him, disregarding the dirty floor in my haste to comply. Probably a mistake, since I was wearing white but in the moment I honestly could not have cared less. My only thoughts were on getting that thick cock in my mouth. I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, pulled them down just enough to reach my prize and pulled his cock out through his blue boxers. He was more than ready for me and I stroked him slowly up and down as I looked up at him, his eyes burning with desire and want for me to take him in my mouth. I brought my mouth down to sate our mutual desire and I felt his body jerk a little when my hot mouth made contact with his throbbing cock.

I kept just the tip in my mouth as I felt him grow around my lips. I licked the head, swirled around it with my tongue, teasing him, making him wait just a bit longer before I went in for the kill. Without warning I pushed my mouth down and let his cock slide into my throat fast, stopping for a second to give my reflexes a chance to relax before allowing it to continue it’s journey to the back of my throat. He let out another low moan and shifted in his seat as I sucked on him, keeping him deep for a few seconds before releasing him completely, popping him out of my mouth. His hands were desperately grasping at my hair, begging me to swallow him again and so I did, again taking him all the way into my mouth but this time keeping him there and starting to bob my head up and down as his hands guided my head, keeping me where he wanted me before pushing and pulling it up and down to meet his needs.

I loved being dominated and the way he was ordering me around with his hands was making my pussy wetter and me even hornier, if that was possible. I was more than willing to please him and soon he was moaning and writhing and I knew he was on the brink when he let go of my head and whispered at me to “Go!” and I did, moving my head very quickly, tightening my mouth around his dick as his hands came down to caress my nipples. When my tongue shot out to slide down his cock as I quickly sucked on him, pausing ever so slightly in just the right spot I knew very well, he grunted and exploded into my mouth. His hips came up as he ejaculated a large load of semen into my mouth and then again as I eagerly lapped up every drop.

His fingers had tightened around my nipples as he climaxed; when he came to, he released them and I suddenly became cognizant that I was kneeling on a dirty, hard concrete floor. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and stood up and sat back down on the seat as he brought his pants back up and readjusted them. I fixed my bra and pants as well. The movie was less than half over but we both had only one thing on our minds as we synchronously stood to leave the theater. I hurried out ahead of him and rushed to my car. I drove to the empty parking lot we were well acquainted with and waited. When his car pulled in beside mine I excitedly got out of my car and into the backseat of his. He had spread a soft blanket over the seats both for warmth and to protect the leather. He climbed over the seat to meet me there and immediately we began to make out, hands roaming bodies, eagerly, knowing time was quickly expiring and needing to reach conclusion before then. My hands were busily unbuttoning and removing his red shirt, his hands were pulling my own shirt off, his mouth coming down to nip at my nipples through my bra. He pulled at the clasp, moved it down and off my arms so he could suck on my tits and enjoy the feel of our naked bodies pushed together.

Once I had his shirt off I turned my attention to removing his pants and boxers so I could stroke his cock as he tended to my tits. He was hard again, and his groan when I touched him told me he was ready to take me. Together we removed my pants with haste and I then propped myself up on my arms and legs, put my ass in the air and silently asked him to fuck the shit out of me. He was quick to comply, coming up behind me and smacking my ass a few quick times before sliding his dick into my wet pussy, slowly at first until he was sunk deep into me and I was crying out as he stayed in me for a couple of seconds, making a home in my nice tight welcoming cunt.

When he began to move, my head pushed against the car door as he increased his speed until he was savagely fucking me as I moaned and begged. I felt the build up of a strong orgasm overtake my body, every stroke was hitting my g spot and he had a grip on my hair that was pulling me back slightly and allowing his cock to slide in further and when I clenched my muscles as tight as I could to grip him inside me, I came, intensely, calling out his name as I did, letting out all of the frustrations I felt, thanking him for making me feel so amazing. Soon the tightness of my spasming pussy overwhelmed him and he came, right behind me, hot cum shooting into my pussy, filling me, as he rammed into me several more times, emptying himself into me.

We stayed in our positions for a few moments longer, before he gently pulled me back towards him by my hair, and to his lips for a passionate kiss. I took the opportunity to rub my hands one last time over his lean body and savored the feeling as he kissed me. We then collapsed back to the seat of the car, looked at each other appreciatively before picking up our respective clothing and dressing in the close confines of the car. I glanced forward at the clock from the low playing radio and rolled my eyes. The time had come and as much as I dreaded it, I resigned myself to my choices and prepared myself to leave.

“How are you going to explain that?” he asked, referring to the dirty spots on the knees of my pants, a smile crossing his face at the thought of my husband seeing what he had caused.

“Ummm, I’ll say I fell, he knows I’m a klutz,” I replied, looking down and preparing the lie mentally.

“Good luck with that,” he answered, a smirk replacing the smile as he attempted to lighten the inexplicable and unavoidable sadness we were both feeling now.

“Thanks babe, I guess I’ll see you in a few…” I said, my voice trailing off as I leaned over to kiss him sweetly on the lips, then pulled the door handle and opened the door, sticking my legs out before looking back at him. Seeing him looking so handsome and contemplative, I was full of many of words I wanted to say but instead I pushed them down and got out of the car.

But by the time I had started my car I was in tears, choked up by so many conflicting emotions. I wondered why I kept putting myself through it, but doubted I would change anything. I was acting compulsively and felt out of control but at the same time I was in love and the happiest I had ever been in my life. I knew soon I was going to have some hard choices to face. But all of those thoughts could wait till later, for now I had to get dinner and get home to my husband before it got to be too much later. I sighed and pushed the accelerator with my foot, flashing my lights to him as I left, signaling my departure but knowing this was the far from the last time we would have an encounter like this one. It was one of the few things I was sure of.

by: hannahrosie23


January 7, 2015

Wife has doggin fun

Wife has doggin fun

I had been having erotic thoughts for some years. Mainly they involved me watching my wife being molested sexually by other men and indeed fucked by them in some sort of gang bang scenario. This all may seem a little perverted but I guess the heart of it lies in me wanting to see her abandon herself to sexual pleasures that I cannot come close to providing. Naturally this includes huge cocks and durations longer than the usual 10 minutes of intercourse that 20 years of marriage generally evolves into. Thoughts were all they were until one night of unusual adventure changed things.

Getting my wife to explore sexual extremes has always been a challenge. Some years ago, perhaps at her height of sexuality she used to let me do the odd anal. Other times she quite liked me stretching her pussy by fingering to the point of almost getting a hand up there. Sometimes she would entertain large dildos which I found fascinating and very stimulating, providing some imaginary deviations thinking of her taking a huge cock of the same size. Sadly as years passed she became less sexually active and absolutely against anything that I found fun.

Recently we had become a little stressed over various things and had eventually come to a point where we needed some escape from the rigours of it all. We organised a weekend at a hotel not so far from where we lived but far enough to make it a change. During our stay I became quite frisky and suggestive and she was quite accepting of this and played along well. I would grope her in the lifts and then fuck her almost each time we returned to our room. The sex would stay quite regular and was by no means kinky bar the one time she did blow me a for a few minutes. What we did do was embark on story telling during sex, purely for stimulating each other as I had for some time realized that she did orgasm more frequent when this was done. All sorts of fantasies were covered but that was as far as we were taking them, that was our understanding.

On our last night during dinner it became apparent that she was pushing the boat out and sinking a few drinks. It had been quite a long time since she had gotten pissed and as I recalled she had in the past become quite sexually charged during those times. My mind started to race a little and having some left over idea’s from our earlier story telling decided to help her on her way. As the night drew on I was managing to get her well and truly pissed and seeing the glaze in her eyes suggested that I take her for a spin in the car, I had only had one beer, and go to a spot that I knew that was good for watching shooting stars. I whispered in her ear that if her luck was in she may even get fucked in the open air. She gave me a warm accepting nod and thus I offered my hand and pulled her up to leave. What she didn’t know was that the place I had in mind was a place I had read on a sex site that was a dogging location.

We drove off in my car and it wasn’t long before she was fondling my cock in my pants. She was certainly up for a good fucking and my heart was beating crazy with the thoughts of my plan. She had no idea that we may be in for some additional fun. It was only 20 minutes before we arrived at the location and I was surprised to see a few cars parked up. I drove to a space that was maybe 20 metres away from any other car as I had no idea whether the place was still a dogging location or whether these folk were indeed star gazers. It took my wife about 2 minutes only before she was back onto playing with my cock through my jeans. I jokingly told her to be careful as we wouldn’t want some other people to see what we were up to. She joked back ‘oh maybe they could join in big boy’ and then fished my cock out and started to give me head.

It was at this point I saw two cars flash their car headlights, a sign of doggers, and I instinctively reached forward and flashed mine back. A few minutes went by with no action and I had concluded it was a sign for us to join them. However just as I had thought that I noticed in the light available that the doors of the two cars swung open and 5 guys came walking in our direction. At this point I started to get a little anxious and yet there between my legs my wife was busy sucking away at my cock. Our windows were already down as it was mid summer, the breeze blowing through the surrounding trees damping out the sound of footsteps coming our way. I reached up and put on the least bright of our interior lighting, and as the fellows approached I put my finger to my lips to signal for them to stay silent. As my wife stayed occupied sucking away at my groin I reached around and made a grasp for her private areas. She sensed this and shuffled around to allow me access to lift her skirt out the way and to free her tits so I could get to them.

During this the five guys were all smiling broadly and looking in just a couple of feet away and I was smiling back winking. My wife was non the wiser as she was quite out of her head on alcohol and I was taking liberties flashing her tits and parts of her lower body too. I told her I wanted to finger her pussy and she moved around to allow me access but I was getting close to unloading so I asked her to stop, close her eyes and lay back. She accomplished this with ease as the drink was getting to her big time. I fingered her pussy and sucked on her tits, her juices flowing readily and not once did she open her eyes but just moaned pleasure and occasionally spoke dirty encouraging words to me. I nodded to one of the guys to touch her breasts through the window which he did , tenderly knowing that he mustn’t give the game away.

I entered into some light dirty talk with her about what she may do if all of a sudden we found we were accompanied by some young studs who were standing watching with their cocks out wanking. She responded by saying she would check them out and if their cocks were hard and big enough she would offer to wank them some and maybe blow one off. I asked whether she would let them touch her, she said yes as long as it was not rough or abusive. I asked whether the thought was turning her on and making her more wet, she replied it was.

The guys standing outside watching and peering in through the open window quietly released their cocks from their trousers and started to wank off, urging them to grow to their maximum. I was amazed that no audible sound by them was made, the gentle wind whistling, my breathing and talking and her groans and panting was all that was heard.

I signaled another of the men to reach in and play with her pussy which by this time was sopping wet with her fluids. I had no certainty that she had orgasmed but she was sure wet. The second guy strained from the awkward position but masterly he wet his fingers in his mouth warming them nicely to body temperature and slid a finger and then followed it with a second, squelching sounds proceeded from her cunt.

I sat there for a minute taking in the view, her face a picture of abandonment and the strange image almost of mechanical pleasure giving by these extra limbs reaching in from the outside. At that point I couldn’t hold back any longer, I wanted to see her fucked. I said to her that she should get ready for a surprise and open her eyes.

Drunkenly and from some ecstatic realm she emerged from she slowly opened her eyes. I could see her eyes slowly coming into focus along with an unusual facial expression of a mix of slight confusion and slight embarrassment. I was relieved as more than anything reassurance was all that she seemed to need. I said ’surprise! A fantasy being lived!’ and laughed aloud. The guys standing there also responded with great banter and laughter. They gave much appraising of my wife’s beautiful body and that they would love to stay if she didn’t mind and help provide whatever pleasure she wanted.

My wife by this stage had overcome her initial shock and hearing the lads were somewhat gentlemanly relaxed and took a good look at their cocks which they were still happily wanking away at. She smiled and made a gesture to the lads to come closer and reached out to fondle their genitalia. From this point on the heat of the event took over and she again took my cock in her mouth as other cocks were fed to her hands as they presented themselves. The pussy fingering got more ambitious and she opened her legs as wide as possible to accommodate it. I looked down and at one stage she was arranging three fingers from one guy to push deep into her cunt and positioning another hand to her clit. She was groaning in abandon and moving to the vigorous pussy pumping in a gyrating motion. We went on like this for many minutes and she came several times grunting like an animal.

Eventually she said she wanted fucking and that she wasn’t comfortable in the car. Outside was a low picnic bench and we man handled her out stripping away her clothes en route until she was naked. One guy with a pretty good sized prick lay on the table and said it was customary at this site that the lady rides the men on the table, so we heaved her up and placed her pussy over him. Then with great ceremony we lowered her down impaling her hole with his cock. She groaned in absolute pleasure and then started to ride him like a true porn star. Another guy got on top of the table and offered his dick to her mouth which she expertly took in and licked and sucked away at. Meanwhile the rest of us were touching her wherever we could lay our hands which included me scooping leaking juices and massaging her bum hole region. This action seemed to take her to the edge especially when I teased at pushing a finger in. I could see the attraction of this position on the table as her bum hole was at the perfect height for a standing guy to enter her bum hole easily.

We were all completely absorbed by the sensuality of the moment and soon another one of the lads was onto what I had started and was keen to have a go at entering her bum which had started to open and pucker invitingly. I moved my probing fingers and slowly thrust first one then two digits up her arse lubricating them liberally as I went. As she became more and more relaxed I took my hand away and beckoned the lad to push his cock in to which she slowed her movement to accommodate. I stood back and viewed the sight before my eyes, it was so erotic I nearly came without touching myself. I watched as she took 5 guys all at once, one each in each hole including her mouth and one each steadying herself by holding onto a cock each side. It was difficult from the amount of groaning to know who was cumming and who wasn’t but as they started to pull out and swap places the story began to evolve and here my wife was going to be gang fucked by the six of us if I included myself. After a few minutes some of the lads started to peel away and watch and I took my role in filling a place. The amount of fluids splashing around was amazing and that mixed with all the sweat created by the rigorous action started to make it difficult to stay on the table.

Eventually we were all spent even though one guy managed another go at fucking her pussy. I was impressed because some of the lads had some pretty big cocks and she never complained at all. My wife rolled over onto her back and nearly fell off the table. We all laughed at the event as a whole and the atmosphere was great fun, my wife giggling away between pants and gasps but I could see she was still game for a bit more as she was still rubbing her pussy which by now had took on the image of a gaping chasm with hanging flesh either side, dribbling with cum. It was a very erotic sight to see and the guys all agreed that it was the best pussy they had observed in all time. My wife realizing that we were spent looked disappointed and said ‘Is that it then?’. We all looked at each other with a shocked look and then realized she was joking which brought laughter to us all.

I gave her a few minutes to calm down and some of the lads headed off thanking us as they went. Eventually I dressed her and put her in the car and we returned to our hotel full of the fun of the night.

by: authorpete


November 28, 2014

Afternoon Affair

Afternoon Affair

I can’t quite wrap my mind around the last few hours. Somehow, a card game while waiting for my husband to get off work has led to… This.

I open my eyes and look over at you. The wicked grin you flash has me melting all over again. “Oh, my gods, you gotta be kidding me!” I laugh, “We only have about an hour till he will be here, and this would not be a good way to be found.”

“Oh, but so many things can happen in an hour.” How well I know that to be true. I can’t count the number of times I have came in the last two hours. Everything is a fog, except one thought - I am in sooo much trouble! (Ok, two thoughts… The other being “please let time stop right now”).

When I left the house this morning, my only goal was to break the boring monotony of being a stay at home mom and wife. This afternoon, I find myself tangled around my husband’s best friend. Well, goal achieved, I suppose.

From the first time I met him, there was instantly an electricity between us I could not understand. Though he was my husband’s friend for years before we met, he and I have become rather close as well, so there was nothing odd about my dropping in to hang out today. Grabbed lunch, finished the movie that was on, and set into a game of cards. Both of us being shamelessly flirtatious, the conversation turned dirty rather quickly, and before I knew what was happening, I was bent backward across the kitchen counter, his mouth on my breast, and his hands ranging wildly across my body.

One hand makes it’s way beneath the waist of my jeans and between my thighs, where he slowly teases me for endless moments before finally starting to slowly stroke my clit. As the first wave hits me, I bite down on his shoulder and he gasps. “Well, that was quick, but I think we can do better. And now you owe me.”

He grabs my hand and leads me down the hall to his room, both of us shedding clothing as we go. By the time we make it to his bed, we are both ready in every way. He grabs a fist full of my hair and drags my head backward, kissing and nibbling the base of my neck. Just as I begin to moan, he roughly shoves me back onto the bed.

Anticipating what is to come, I let my legs fall open to allow him easier access. “Oh, no… Not yet.” He comes around to my head, “You owe me, remember?” Flashing the evil smirk that had caught my attention from the beginning, he runs his fingers down my face, closing my eyes. A second later, I feel the head of his massive cock brush my lips. I gladly open my mouth for him, and start moving along his shaft, ready to give him the best head of his life. He, however, has different ideas. Grabbing my hair again, this time with a hand on either side of my face, he pins my head on the mattress. As he re-enters my mouth, I realize there is much more to my friend than I could have ever imagined.

After only a few moments, his thrusts deepen and become more insistent. When I feel him at the back of my throat, I shift under him, and his cock slides all the way in with very little resistance. At his surprised groan, I chuckle a bit to myself. There are certainly perks to missing one’s gag reflex…

Soon, he thrusts a bit faster, harder, and I feel him tense and start to pump his load down my throat. I scoot away a bit, allowing myself to taste him as he finishes.

Satisfied I have “paid my debt”, I sit up on the edge of the bed and begin looking for my pants. I glance up and notice him watching me intently. “Can I help you?” I ask innocently.

“I don’t know what you think you are doing. I am just getting warmed up.”

Sliding onto the bed next to me, he rolls me onto his body. As I move to take him inside of me, he catches a nipple between his teeth. At the sensation his bite shot through me, I shove my hips down sharply to meet his. “Fuck!… You might as well take your time. I don’t plan on letting you go any time soon.”

I slowly start to ride him, moving up and down his thick cock with no discernable rhythm. Quick, hard thrusts followed by very slowly sliding in and out, then swiveling my hips to create friction without letting any of his considerable length leave my body.

Suddenly, he digs his fingers hard into the flesh at the back of my thighs and pulls me to him and away, setting a frenetic pace that leaves me quivering and gasping as I feel him come hard inside me. As his orgasm subsides, he pulls me tight against him, holding me there until he has gone completely soft. As he pulls me off of him, he pushes my head downward. “Now, you are going to clean me off, and get me hard again, so that I can fuck YOU.”

I love to suck cock just about more than anything, so I happily set to my task. To my great surprise, within seconds I feel his erection begin to return. I work my way along his cock, stopping once in a while to nip at his hardening flesh. Soon, he again has a raging hard on, and pushes me to the side.

Standing, he grasps my waist and pulls me backward until my knees are barely resting on the edge of the bed. The head of his cock brushes teasingly across my already well-fucked pussy. I try to push back onto it, earning a sharp slap on my ass. “Oh, no, this is all on my time.”

He grabs my hands, pulling them behind me making me fall with my face in his pillow and ass in the air. One arm he bends behind my back, the other hand is placed against my clit. “I am going to watch you play with yourself while I decide just how I want to do you this time.”

As I run my fingers over and between the dripping lips of my cunt, he begins running his own hands over my body as well. Across the small of my back, along the curve of my hip. When he brushes across my asshole, I involuntarily shutter and groan. “Well, I guess that settles that, then,” he snickers, with that same wicked smile.

Now, I have always been one to enjoy anal, but the thought of getting fucked in the ass by something that size is a little disconcerting. He works one, then two fingers in my ass, while I continue rubbing my clit. Then, the fingers are gone, and a freezing cold blob lands on my ass. At least he’s prepared…

Knowing what’s coming, I start to rub faster and harder on my clit and attempt to relax. I barely register the feeling of his head before half his cock is shoved roughly into me. Squealing, I attempt to pull away. He tightens his grip on the wrist behind my back, forcing me to hold totally still. Neither of us move for several seconds, then he slowly withdraws until he is nearly out of my ass, and just as slowly moves back in. With each stroke he makes in this fashion, he slides a bit deeper.

Just as he pushes the full length of his cock into me, I feel my climax building. One more time, he pulls nearly out, then thrusts his full length into me in one motion. As my orgasm breaks, he starts thrusting into me hard enough that his bed begins to move across the floor.

Letting go of my arm, he wraps his hands around my hips and digs his fingertips into the bones of my pelvis. This seems to give him either the leverage or the angle he needs, and the pounding my ass is receiving intensifies.

I feel his body stiffen and arch backward, as he growls and fills my ass with come. Finally seeming to be spent, he rolls us both to our sides and lays behind me, his cock still in my ass. A while later, I wake up laying on my back, with his fingers tracing circles on my stomach.

“This NEVER happened, and can absolutely not happen again. I love my husband, and our marriage is a good one.”

You just grin at me. “Ok, whatever you say… I know you will never say a word, and why should I? I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, and I see no reason to lose two friendships because of it.”

You start to run your hand over a breast, and I grab it. “Oh, no. No way. I have to grab a shower and be dressed and dry before my husband shows up.”

“Well, alright, I suppose I can let you go.” You stretch languidly, and sit up on the edge of the bed. “I will round up our clothes, you go take your shower.”

When I finish cleaning myself up, I find my clothes neatly deposited on the counter and dress quickly. I just click the hair dryer off and step out of the bathroom as my husband opens the door.

The three of us chat for a few minutes before my husband says he would really like to get home and relax after his days’ work. He and I start out the door, but you call my name. I stop, but don’t turn.

“So, you’re coming back over tomorrow to finish that game we had started, right?”

My head snaps around, and I find myself staring into your flaming eyes and that damned smile.

“Of course.”

by: RaynRavyn


November 16, 2014

Night at the Adult Theatre

Our night at the Adult Theater

My wife Ellen and I took our friend Bob with us to the local adult cinema the other night. To say we had a good time would be an understatement. Bob, Ellen and I have been having three ways now for about two years and we decided we needed to spice things up a little more. We have done about everything sexual that two men and a women can do in the privacy of our homes and at the local nude beach. So we agreed to go to the local adult theater where just about anything sexual is allowed.

Bob and I entered the theater with Ellen between us and her holding on to each of us. Ellen was wearing a loose fitting dress that buttoned up the front, which she had left unbuttoned enough to show some of her ample 36D cleavage. The manager a huge muscular man, looked at us and after paying the admission fee, gave us a big smile and said for us to enjoy the movie. Before entering the theater Ellen said she had to use the bathroom and she went upstairs where they were located.

When Ellen came downstairs from the bathroom she had a big smile on her face and we entered the theater with her. We stood at the back of the theater for a few minutes while our eyes adjusted to the darkness. While waiting for our eyes to adjust we leaned against the back wall with Ellen standing between Bob and me. Ellen didn’t waste any time and started rubbing Bobs and my crotch with the back of her hands. This got an immediate response from me and Bob too as he had already had his hand on her left breast and was rubbing it.

Not to be left out I also started rubbing her right breast and found that she had removed her bra while she was in the bathroom and If I know Ellen she probably also removed her panties too. I also unbuttoned and few more buttons on her dress to just below her breasts so that they were still coved, but slightly exposed if she moved just right.

Our eyes by now had become adjusted to the darkness and I could see that there were about 30 or more men to the theater. The theater is fairly large so there were many empty seats available. I motioned to Bob and Ellen to go to the right side of the theater where the management had removed some of he single seating and replaced them with couches and loveseats. We found an empty couch and sat down with Ellen between us. There were only a few men in or around our couch, but as soon as we sat down and were comfortable about 10 to 15 men came and sat near or around us.

On the screen was a bi movie playing with two guys and a hot young redhead. The redhead was being fucked by one of the guys missionary style and the other guy was kneeling at her head jacking off and the guy fucking her would occasionally suck on the other guys dick while he masturbated. We watched the flick for a few minutes and got more comfortable with Ellen between us and with our hands on her breasts and her hands on our crotches. I also noticed that several of the men sitting near us had their cocks out and were masturbating. Ellen also noticed this and she sighed and licked her lips.

After a few more minutes of watching the movie I noticed that Bob had unbuttoned Ellen’s dress down to her waist and had pulled out her left breast and was sucking on it. I continued to rub her right breast through the material of her dress and unzipped my pants and had her pull my hard cock out and start jacking me off. This additional activity brought some of our neighbors closer to us so they could get a better view of our goings-on.

Bob by now had unbuttoned Ellen’s dress completely and had exposed her hot 36-28-38 body for all to see. Bob also had his hand on Ellen’s red furry muff and was fingering her while sucking on her right breast. Ellen had also unzipped Bobs pants and had fished out his 8 inch uncut cock and was slowly jacking him off. I continued to play with Ellen’s now exposed right breast and looked around our location as to what the other patrons were doing.

There were four men sitting directly in front of us on two separate loveseats and all four were watching us, not the movie and from their movement it appears that they were masturbating. There were also three men behind us on another couch and all three had their cocks out and were masturbating. One was a black man and he had to have had at least 9 inches or better and it was as thick as a soda can.

Ellen was breathing very hard and it appears that Bobs fingering of her cunt was getting her off. She stopped jacking me and turned towards Bob and kissed him hard and humped against his hand which had 3 fingers buried in her now on fire cunt. After Ellen climaxed she lay back in her seat and slowly went back to jacking me and Bob very slowly. She whispered in my ear that that climax was a good starter, but she was going to need some cock and lots of it before she would be truly satisfied tonight.

After jacking us for a few minutes and long enough to catch her breath she let go of my cock and turned towards Bob and buried her face in his crotch and started sucking his 8 inch uncut monster. She had her knees on the seat and her ass turned towards me with her face in Bobs lap, so I pulled up her now opened dress above her butt exposing it for all to see. I then buried my face in her ass cheeks and started rimming her tight little rosebud. After working on her ass for a few minutes I tongued my way down to her now dripping red haired cunt.

Besides the men in the couch behind us and the ones on the loveseats in front of us we now had about half a dozen men standing around us watching our action. Every one of the men had their hard cocks out and they were playing with themselves. Most had average size or smaller cocks and a couple of them were really hung. I continued to eat Ellen’s ass and pussy while she gave Bob a blowjob. One of the men in front of us reached over the seat and started fondling Ellen’s right breast. He looked at me and I nodded my approval and then he stood up so his crotch was now visible and he was jacking a nice sized cock while fondling her breast.

The black guy sitting behind us had now stood up and reached into our couch and was now playing with Ellen’s left breast while he jacked off. His cock was a monster and I knew Ellen would love having that thing buried in her hot snatch. I stood up and motioned for the black guy to take my place behind Ellen who was still kneeling over Bob giving him a blowjob. I black guy got on the couch and buried his face in Ellen’s ass cheeks. He stayed that way for a few minutes and then got on his knees and proceeded to bury his 9 inch monster into her now very wet snatch. I could hear Ellen let out a moan even with Bobs cock in her mouth as he slid his black snake into her.

The black guy buried his cock in to the hilt and then just stayed there for a few seconds while Ellen’s cunt adjusted to his thickness and length. Next the black guy started to move his cock in and out of Ellen very slowly and then picking up the pace and ramming it into her very forcefully. About this time the guy in front of us playing with her right tit came and when he did he shot cum all over Ellen’s dress that was pulled up over her back. This must have set Bob off too, because he started bucking and I could hear Ellen gagging and slurping up his hot cum and moaning like never before.

I decided that Ellen’s dress was in the way and that it didn’t need any more cum on it so I had her remove it completely after she pulled her mouth off of Bobs cock. The black guy continued to pound away at her pussy never missing a beat while she disrobed.

Buy now the other men standing or sitting around us had all stood up and formed a circle around us. Bob was relaxing on the couch and was working on another hardon and I stood back and watched as several of the men standing around us now started playing with Ellen’s tits. One of the men with an average size dick stuck it in front of Ellen’s face and she proceeded to start sucking on it. This guy only lasted for about a minute and he pulled out and started shooting cum all over Ellen’s face. Ellen took her hand and wiped most off her face and licked it up and then pulled the guy towards her and cleaned off his cock.

The black guy after seeing the guy cum in Ellen’s face started moaning and pounding her faster and faster until he started shooting his load into her. This also started Ellen’s climax and she started moaning and screaming so load I thought she was dying. The black guy laid across her back after cumming and left his cock in her until she finished cumming too. He then pulled his cock out with a pop and a large plop of cum came running down her thighs.

This sight just about made me start to cum too, but after the black guy stood up and backed away I got down on my knees behind Ellen and spread her ass cheeks open. Her pussy was all swollen and gapping wide open and I could see a lot of what the black guy had left in her cunt was still there. I then buried my face in her snatch and licked and swallowed the mess the black guy had left there. This action started another climax for Ellen who had also started sucking off another man who had been standing around us.

After Ellen came again she finished sucking off the other man and he blew a big load in her mouth which she greedily swallowed. Ellen said she needed a rest before anymore action and needed to pee too. She told the other men standing around that there would be more action after she returned from the bathroom. She gave me a big kiss which I could still taste the cum of the previous man she gave a blowjob too and pulled her dress back on but only buttoned one button in the middle to keep it from flopping around and headed to the bathroom. You could see her tits swinging out of the dress as she walked and her red haired pussy too as her legs parted the dress when she walked.

While she was gone Bob and I rested and talked. He had worked up another hardon just thinking about what was yet to happen and I still had not cum yet, but was still hard as nails and almost to the point of blueballs for not cumming yet. Several of the men around us were also waiting to see what was next in store for there enjoyment. One of the men asked if that was my wife and I told him yes and that Bob was a good friend who we have been swinging with for a couple of years.

Ellen was gone for quite sometime and I began to worry, so Bob and I pulled up our pants and I went to see where she was. I went upstairs to the bathrooms and knocked on the women’s bathroom door with no response so I opened the door looked in and Ellen wasn’t there. I became concerned and then proceeded back down the hall and while passing the men’s room I saw several men hanging around the vestibule. I asked one of them if they had seen a women come by and he told me no, but there was a women in the men’s room giving head to everyone. I thanked him and told him that the woman was probably my wife.

I entered the men’s room and there sitting on toilet was Ellen sucking on some mans cock. I also noticed that her face, neck, belly and tits were covered with cum and even some was in her hair. She was a mess, but a hell of a sexy mess.
She looked up and me standing there and I could see a grin on her cock filled face. The guy she was blowing started to pump faster in and out of her mouth and just before he blew his nut he pulled out and shot cum all over her face and chest. Ellen then reached forward and cleaned off his cock with her mouth before he pulled up his pants and left.

The other men in line (about 5) started to get angry because I had cut them off, but I explained to them that she was my wife and that they could all have a shot at her if she wanted them to. This put them at ease and I asked them to just give me a minute with her before she took care of them. I asked her if she was ok and having a good time, she indicated that she was fine and wanted some more if it was ok with Bob and me. I said fine and I told her great, but I wanted to stay and watch. I then gave her a big kiss on her nasty cum covered mouth and she swapped some cum into my mouth that had been lingering in the back of her throat.

Ellen broke our kiss and told the waiting men she was ready for the next man standing in line. I watched as she gave five other men blowjobs and two of them even pissed on her breasts after they came. She even drank the last few quirts of piss from one of the guys as he finished peeing. Needless to say she a mess and I cleaned her up a bit and we walked her back down to the theater and returned to the couch we had been sitting with Bob.

Upon our return Bob and I pulled our pants back down and our cocks back out and Ellen started jacking us right away. She then let go of Bob and turned towards me and started sucking my cock. While she was doing this several of the men sitting near us got up and came close us watch. One of the men behind me was Asian and had a beautiful seven inch uncut cock that wasn’t very thick, but had a very nice shape. He was jacking off and his cock head was probably only about six inches from my face. I motioned for him to come closer and took the head into my mouth and started sucking him. He moaned very loudly and before long I had all seven inches down my throat. He only lasted for about two or three minutes before he blasted my throat with a large tasty load of hot Asian semen. This is all it took for me to start my own cum and I blasted a huge load in Ellen’s mouth. I savored the hot Asian cock in my mouth until it went soft and then let it slip out without swallowing its tasty offering.

I then pulled Ellen’s head to my face and gave her an open mouthed kiss and swapped the Asians cum into her mouth and mixed it with my cum that she had yet to swallow. We kissed like that for a few minutes until she finally swallowed both loads of cum. She then looked over at Bob who was playing with his hard eight inch monster and crawled over onto his lap and planted her hot cunt on his eight inch cock. She started riding Bob like a woman possessed, moaning and making noises like I had never heard her make before.

While she was riding Bob two men who were standing behind Bob jacking off inched their way up to Ellen’s face. She grabbed one mans cock and started sucking it and started jacking the other mans cock. It didn’t take long before the man she was sucking came in her mouth and try as she may to keep it all in her mouth a small trickle of cum ran out the corners of her mouth and leaked onto Bobs head. She swallowed what she could and the mans cock slipped out and hit Bob on the top of the head leaving a trail of cum across his partly bald head.

Ellen bent down and licked the cum off of Bobs head and then started sucking the other man she had been jacking off. About the time she started sucking the other man Bob started to cum and she started to climax too. Bob started bucking and shaking and dumped a load in Ellen’s already fucked and slimy pussy while she was screaming so loud I thought we would get kicked out of the theater. Ellen also while cumming had let the mans cock she was sucking slid out of her mouth and he busted a nut about that time all over her tits and stomach which some of ran down on Bobs head and face when she collapsed on him.

Ellen laid sated on top of Bob with his cock still in her for few minutes while catching her breath and then turned towards me and gave me a big kiss. I asked her if she had had enough for one night. She looked around and saw several men still standing around us with their cocks out masturbating. She said it would be a shame to let all that cum go to waste and said she thought she could handle a few more blowjobs and maybe a quick fuck if she found an extraordinary cock before we left. I said it was up to her, but if she needed some help giving the blowjobs I would be happy to help her out. She smiled and said she would let me know and as Bob usually can cum three or four times a night, maybe I could take care of him for now. I looked at Bob who had already recovered from his fucking of Ellen. Bob had a nice erection going again and I told her fine with me as I have given Bob head several times during the past couple of years we have been swinging with him.

Ellen told the guys who were still lingering around to line up behind the couch and she would take them on two at a time. She would suck one while jacking another one and when the one came in her mouth she would switch to the one she was jacking and then have another come forward and start jacking him and so on. While she was doing that I sat next to Bob and we started jacking each other while watching Ellen. After about four men had cum in Ellen’s mouth and some on her tits Bob started to stiffen up, so I planted my mouth over his eight inch uncut monster of a cock and he blew a hot load of cum down my throat. I kept his cock in my mouth until he softened and then sat up while he finished jacking me off into his hand.

By this time Ellen had just about ran out of cocks to suck when the theater manager came walking down the isle towards us. He stopped at her and watched as she finished sucking off the last guy in line. He pulled out a whopper of a cock from his pants that was probably seven or eight inches soft and was growing considerably. He jacked on his cock a few times and it was I would say at least ten to ten and a half inches long and very thick before he stopped jacking on it.
Ellen looked at him and when she saw his monster her eyes lit up like Christmas lights. The manager grabbed her by the waist and turned her around and bent her over one of the sofa arms. He took his hand and wiped some of the dick snot off of her face and rubbed it all over his cock. He then leaned forward and spit in to her ass crack and sweet little rosebud.

The manager then proceeded to inch his huge cock towards Ellen’s hot little asshole and pressed the head of his cock into her anal opening. Ellen has had anal sex before, but never with a cock of this size. The manager slowly inched his cock into her anal canal so that the head was now in, but not quite past her sphincter. She was moaning and I could see she was struggling to fight off the pain, but the manager continued his assault. The manager finally got past her sphincter and had now slipped about six inches into her rectum. The manager stopped and rested while her ass became adjusted to the massive cock. Then without any warning the manager drove his entire cock to the hilt into Ellen’s hot little ass. She let out a scream which then turned to a soft moan when the manger started slowly pumping in and out of her.

After a few minutes of slow ass fucking the manager picked up the pace and really started pumping her ass. This brought Ellen her first climax and her yelling profanities and begging for the manager to do it harder and faster. The manager complied and really started ramming her ass with all his might and after about two minutes of this pounding he let go with a holler and buried his cock one last time to his balls in her ass. He must have cum for about thirty seconds before finally collapsing on her back. They stayed mated like that for about two or three minutes before he finally pulled his still hard cock out of her ass with a big plop. The manager looked over at me and Bob and told us that one of us had better get over there and clean her ass up before she makes a mess on his floor.

I looked at Bob and he told me she’s your wife, you do it. So I went over to Ellen and looked at her just fucked asshole. It was still dilated about the size of a silver dollar and even in the darkness I could see the managers cum pooled up inside her. I got on my knees and buried my face in her ass cheeks and started sucking on her ravaged asshole. The mixture of ass juices and cum had a heady aroma that wasn’t too bad and the cum sort of neutralized the fecal matter. I sucked out what I could and started to spit it out, but the manager told me I had better not or he would make me lick it off the floor. So I gulped it down and then went back to licking and slurping up what was left in her ass.

The manager then pulled Ellen to her feet and turned her around and pushed her down on her knees in front of his still hard cock. His cock was till leaking cum and had ass slime (a mixture of shit and cum) all over it. He grabbed Ellen by the hair and told her to suck his cock clean. Ellen leaned forward took the disgusting managers tool into her mouth and started sucking it and licking it clean. The manager stayed hard while she was doing this and then started pushing his cock in and out of her mouth while holding her head. After about five minutes the manager grunted and then dumped a huge load of cum into her mouth. Ellen coughed and gagged and some of the managers cum run out the sides of her mouth. The manager pulled his cock out and slapped Ellen across the face with it several times and told her again lick his cock clean.

Ellen cleaned up the managers cock as best she could and then he let go of her hair and had her stand up. He thanked her and told her that anytime she wanted to come back to the theater she would not have to pay. He even said that Bob and I could come for free too, as long as we were with her. Bob and I took Ellen up to the mens room and tried to clean her up as much as possible. Ellen’s hair was matted with sperm, her tits had bite marks, her ass was still leaking ass slime from the manager, her pussy was red and puffy, her face had dried cum from her hairline to her chin and there were several cum stains on her dress even though she had it off most of the night. She did manage pull her panties and bra out of her purse and put them on before buttoning up her dress and leaving though. As we walked out of the foyer the manager winked at us and told us to come back real soon. As we drove home after dropping Bob off at his house Ellen and I talked about what we had done and agreed that we would go back again to the theater, real soon.

Submitted by: johnboy1949


November 12, 2014

Just a Fantasy

We had just finished a great meal at a steak house in Atlantic City along with a bottle of good wine. My wife looked great, like always. She was wearing the short red skirt that I loved because it showed off her great legs, along with a low-cut print blouse that allowed a good view of her 36D’s and slender hips. She was not a big drinker, but tonight she held her own with me. She was a little tipsy as we left the restaurant and headed onto the casino floor. We did not have a good night gambling so we decided to hang out for a while at the bar located in the center of the casino. She had another glass or two of wine and I commented on how great she looked. “Please,” she said, “I’m over 48. I never look great anymore.” Of course I disagreed and a friendly argument ensued with kidding back and forth. “You can have any man in here if you wanted to,” I said. Finally, I offered her a wager. “I’ll leave you at the bar for 15 minutes, and I bet someone will try to pick you up.” Perhaps it was the wine, or maybe she was just hot from the conversation, but she agreed. “What do I win if no one does?” she asked. “Whatever you want,” I replied. “What about you? What do you win?” “Whatever I want,” I answered. She laughed and said, “This could get interesting.” I left her at the bar and positioned myself outside where I could still see her, but she could not see me. I waited.

It didn’t take long. Within 5 minutes a tall gentleman dressed in jeans came and sat next to her. He appeared about 10 years younger than her and in good shape. After a minute or two he struck up a conversation. I could not hear what they were talking about, but there was quite a few smiles and laughter between them. He then whispered something in her ear and while leaning over put his hand on her leg just above the knee. To my amazement, she did not remove it and they continued talking. After a minute or so longer she excused herself and got up to leave. As she did so, he also rose and again whispered something in her ear and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. She left the bar area and headed onto the casino floor. I met up with her pretending to be walking back to the bar. “How did it go?” Her reply was short, “You win.” “Tell me about it,” I asked. She gave me a brief description of events, leaving out the kiss, and said, “I can’t believe he tried to pick me up. He has to be 10 years younger than me and could have had one of the younger girls there if he wanted.” “I guess you looked better,” was the only reply I had. “Or hornier,” she answered with a chuckle. “Where you tempted?” I asked jokingly. “Not with you coming back in a few minutes,” she laughed. I told her, “I could have waited a while longer if you wanted me to.” She laughed again and asked, “Well, you won the bet. What do you want?” My answer was quick. “I want you to go back to the bar and flirt with him again,” I replied. “You can’t be serious!” “Of course I’m serious. You lost the bet and that is what I want. I want you to sit with him again and I’ll sit on the opposite side of the bar and watch.” It seemed to finally dawn on her that all the fantasies I’ve told her about while making love were not just fantasies. I truly wanted them to happen. She looked shocked and a little scared but I thought this great an opportunity might never present itself again. Finally she told me, “I’ll sit with him and flirt for a while, but that’s it! Then you can take me up to our room and fuck me because by then I’ll need it.”

She reentered the bar first and I followed far enough behind her so that he would not know we were together. He was still sitting in the same chair and she sat down next to him. I heard him say as I walked by them towards the other side of the bar, “So did you reconsider?” She laughed. I sat down where I would have a good view of them but unfortunately I could not hear the conversation with all the noise and music in the background. They made small talk for a while and then he again kissed her on the cheek. She looked directly at me and smiled, and she returned the kiss, this time on the lips. I couldn’t believe it. My always faithful wife was kissing another man right in front of me. I always wondered what would happen if my fantasy came true. Would I feel jealousy and anger, or would I be aroused? I now knew my answer. I had to reposition myself on the chair to hide my erection. They continued talking. His hands were below the bar so I could not see them, but I could tell he was rubbing her leg or thigh. She leaned in and kissed him harder and longer and her hand disappeared below the bar. I was sure she was returning the rubbing. After each kiss she would stare directly at me for a moment, perhaps daring me to stop her. But I didn’t. I was enjoying the show too much. Following the longest kiss yet she got up from the bar and headed outside. I followed her disappointed that she was done but also incredibly turned on. She walked toward the bathroom and out of view of the bar. When I caught up to her she said, “Well, do you want your fantasy? He invited me back to his room. I told him I would think about it but I had to use the restroom first. It’s up to you. I can just disappear with you up to our room, or I can go back to the bar and then his room. What will it be?” My emotions were torn. I had always wanted this but when confronted with the reality I hesitated. I asked her, “What do you want to do?” But she would not allow me to put the decision back on her. “It’s up do you,” she said. “But make up your mind fast because I need someone to fuck me soon.” I felt confused, guilty and ashamed, but I could not pass up this opportunity. “Go for it,” I replied. “Okay. I’ll see you back in our room later,” she said as she headed for the bar.

I did not leave the casino floor, but I also did not follow her back to the bar. I felt too ashamed. A few minutes later I saw them leave the bar arm in arm and head for the elevators. I watched in confusion as the elevator doors opened and they stepped inside. They were kissing as the doors closed. I headed for our room upstairs and began the wait. I kept questioning myself. Did I do the right thing? How will I feel when it is over? Will she be angry? There was nothing I could do but wait. After two hours or so I heard the door to the room open. I was lying in bed still awake, naked and hard. She turned on the lights and I looked at her. Her hair was a mess and I could tell she had not bothered to put her bra back on. “How was it,” I asked. “Nice,” was her one word answer. “Tell me about it.” She leaned over the bed and kissed me deep and long. I could taste him in my mouth. “Can you taste him?” she asked. “I know you like it when I kiss you after sucking you off so I thought you would like it now. He was very good. He took his time and was very gentle. He was also very big, if you know what I mean. I wasn’t sure it would fit!” She laughed and continued. “First we kissed and caressed each other. I could feel his cock through his pants. He felt huge! Then he slowly worked his way down my neck to my breasts. I was so excited I practically ripped my blouse and bra off to let him suck my nipples with his tongue and mouth. The skirt came next. Then we walked over to the bed and he laid me down. He still had his clothes on. His lips went from my breasts, to my stomach and then to my cunt. He was incredible. His tongue was like his cock, extremely long, and he really reached up into me. He even tongue-fucked my asshole while finger-fucking my cunt. I came in just a few minutes. I don’t know if I have ever cum that hard! I told him it was time to return the favor. I removed his shirt and he kicked his pants off. I got my first look at his cock. I followed what he had done, starting at his neck and working my way down. When I finally got to his cock I tried to swallow as much as I could, but didn’t have too much luck. So I started sucking the head while working my hands along the length. I could feel him start to swell so I cupped and squeezed his balls. He came a ton. I couldn’t swallow all of it, but I tried! We lay together for a while and kissed and cuddled and suddenly I could feel it poking me again. I was shocked how quickly he recovered.”

By now I was stroking myself listening to her story. She looked down and said “You really get off by hearing how I had sex with another man.? Who could have imagined.” “Did you fuck him,” I asked. “Of course,” she replied. “We did it everyway imaginable. He lasted for what seemed forever. First we did it with me on my back. Then we did it doggie style. Finally I rode him till he came. I must have cum five times by then. Afterwards we exchanged numbers and I came back to our room.” I pulled her down to the bed. I had to fuck her, but she stopped me. “I’m too sore now. Why don’t you just eat me and then I’ll return the favor.” I started to go down on her, but suddenly it hit me. Was she full of his cum? I was not sure I was ready for that. “Did he use a condom?” I asked. “Yes, I was afraid to let him cum in me. Sorry.” Now I dove down and began to lick, maybe a little disappointed. She was still incredibly wet and sticky, and her cunt looked stretched and swollen. After a few minutes she told me, “I don’t think I can cum again. Maybe I’m just too tired.” My ego was deflated but I needed to cum too badly to care. I moved up to the top of the bed near her head and began to fuck her mouth. She let me it, but didn’t really do much to help, just an occasional tongue. Finally I began to moan and she knew I was about to come. She shifted positions and finished me with her hand. I came all over her breasts. “What happened?” I asked. “You let him cum in your mouth but make me pull out?” “I swallowed enough cum for tonight,” she laughed. Then she suddenly changed demeanor and purred in my ear, “Can you do me a small favor? Can you suck on my tits while I masturbate? I think I’m ready to cum again.” I went to wipe my cum off her breasts with the sheet, but she stopped me. “I want you to clean me with your tongue. It’s sexier.” I was disgusted, but I had no choice. She rubbed her clit while I sucked and cleaned her breasts. When she was finally done she got out of bed to clean up. Chuckling she said, “I could get used to this!”

Just a fantasy, but we are going to Atlantic City next month…

By: njmwm

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