August 13, 2018

Bar Pick Up

This fantasy is all about my wife, it’s about what she wants.

She’ll be at the bar alone you need to find her and start the seduction. The very first part of the seduction is that you can carry on a conversation. You need to be interesting, funny, and most of all not pushy. Let’s just slow things down and flirt with her. If things are moving in a positive direction she’ll give you signs like turning towards you, you need to find the opening to give her a nice short sweet kiss which will set the tone for the rest of the night. Depending on how conducive the bar is for some public sex you two now start to get serious.

The public sex phase of her fantasy involves very erotic touching in a very public place without getting arrested. She has got plenty of experience with this so the key is I know how to dress. She’ll wear the thinnest, and tightest leggings commando so when she stands up close to you at the bar and gives you a nice long kiss your hands can cup her ass cheeks and it’s almost like your touching her bare ass. Maybe you two find a dark corner to kiss again and now you move your hands up her loose fitting top to find her braless tits and caress my nipples until their hard. The final phase is at the bar she’ll stand next you with her legs apart so you can slide your hand up her thighs and start to caress her pussy lips below the bar, just gently guide your fingers back and forth on her pussy lips through the very thin material while you kiss her. When you feel wet pussy ask her to fuck you.

My turn on is to watch you two all night from across the bar. Again this is what I want so if you’re not into this I understand, maybe the night ends here or maybe you go somewhere to fuck. It all depends on the chemistry between you two and where this is happening. If you two decide to go somewhere to fuck, I will need to be involved at this point, she will tell you I’m across the bar but its OK I like to watch. She will task me to get some water and beer and text me the location, I will show up after you two get warmed up together. When I arrive it’s time to vocalize things for me , tell me how good her mouth feels on your cock, how tight her pussy is and how hard your going to cum.

Depending how good you make her feel we may be friends for a long time after this special encounter.

By: openwife hubby


April 19, 2017

Hot Wife Sharing

My Hot Wife Sharing Story

I am narrating my true story here. My name is Sameer and I have a beautiful wife, Lubna. I am sharing my story in which I managed to share my best friend’s wife. It is worth mentioning that my hot wife Lubna is very open minded and we can share anything with each other. I had told her that I wanted to fuck my friend’s wife badly. She was very much willing to help me in this regard. We made a plan to do it. Lubna (my wife) was a part of this plan. I had a friend in the same city I used to live. His wife Saima was really beautiful and I had a bit of naughty mind about her. I Always wanted to have something sexy between us. Hence, I was very much reading to share my wife with him if he agrees to try wife sharing fun.

One evening, we invited them for dinner. After dinner, It was very late. so I suggested them to stay over with us. We had fun, talked a lot and when it was about 12 midnight, wives decided to go to sleep. My wife went to her bed, and prepared the guest room for Saima and her husband. Saima told my friend to come to sleep when he gets free.

Once the wives were gone, we drank a bit and started talking about sex stuff and our married lives. I was more in my senses so I thought that was a good chance to check if my friend gets interested, and asked my friend if he liked my wife. He said that my wife is beautiful. I told him that my wife thinks he is handsome. He opened up a bit, and said that I was lucky to have her. I told him that he could be lucky as well.

He didn’t understand my point. I gave him another drink and said that I too liked his wife, and if he wanted, we could share each other’s wife. He was a bit taken back, and said that his wife may not be willing for this as she is a kind of conservative lady but I encouraged him by saying that we are both drunk and wives are probably sleeping in their respective rooms by now. So, we can pretend to be drunk, and he can go to my bedroom and sleep there next to my wife and I can go to the guest room and sleep next to his wife.

He was a bit afraid but I convinced him that either wives either won’t wake up or won’t notice the faces in dark. This gives us both a chance to explore a bit. We are just going to play a bit, but not really take it to the extreme step. If any of them wake up, we can pretend to be drunk and switch again or we can stop at that point and sleep.

I encouraged him a bit more by saying that my wife normally sleeps in just one cloth, and it would be a great chance for him to see my wife nude or feel my wife a bit. I could see him getting excited, so I showed him the bedroom, and told him to not switch the light on, and just go and sleep on the bed. I told him that I was going to go the guest room. We also agreed that unless one of the wives wake up, we wouldn’t disturb each other. So, he went.

I went to the guest room. Since I knew where the bed was, I slowly put a bit of light on the bed. Saima (My friend’s wife) was sound asleep. I couldn’t believe my luck. I slipped into the bed. After waiting a bit, I noticed that she was in deep sleep. So I put my leg on top of her butt while sleeping. Believe she was a sound sleeper, and did not respond. This encouraged me and I tried to put my hand on top of her butt. My hand directly touched her thighs and got a very warm and soft feel to my hand.

I moved my hand under her panties from the back, and now I was touching her butt directly. Her but felt round and soft, and this was very exciting. I hugged her completely with my body. I was finally sleeping with the lady I dreamed a few times while having sex with my wife. I decided to take it further as I though this was my chance. I slowly pulled her panties down and pulled my bottom down as well. Now, I put my dick between her ass cheeks and pressed it. My dick was getting warm and soft feeling from her ass cheeks, and stiffened instantly. I started moving my hand a bit on her boobs, and got through her top.

I was now grabbing her boobs and moving my dick on her ass cheeks. I was a bit afraid at this point of her waking up, but decided that it was my best chance. And, I had my drunk story ready in case she woke up. I freed up her bra hook and moved my hand inside.

Her round boobs were firm but soft. I was now pressing the boobs with my hands.My dick somehow got close to her pussy and was touching her pussy. I started moving my hand on her butt. I was like in heaven, pressing ass, and moving my dick on her pussy. She suddenly reacted a bit with all this movement.

It was dark. Me and my friend had almost same kind of bodies so It looks like she thought I was her husband who came back and wanted some action before sleeping. I couldn’t believe my luck that the lady I was fantasizing about all these months was now taking my dick in her pussy. She didn’t noticed the change of cock. Probably, my friend’s size was same as me. I slowly started thrusting into her pussy and she was moaning slowly. I was now in full action, and started fucking Saima. She seemed to be enjoying herself, and kept responding to my thrusts. This was one of the best fuck I had. I kept fucking her moving my hands between her boobs and ass.

She was enjoying the fuck. I kept fucking her with full force. My thighs were touching her round butts, and my dick was fucking her pussy with full swing. my balls were slapping her pussy sides, This was the the action I was looking for months. My dick went in overdrive, and finally I had a great climax. She seemed to have the climax at the same time as well, and moved all of her body.

Finally I had a chance to fuck my friend’s wife and she enjoyed it completely as well. After the fuck, she slept again. I waited for a bit, and once she was in sleep, I came out of the room and went to the bed room to sleep. I came near the bed and touched my friend’s back. He got up and went to the guest room. At that time we didn’t talked anything.

When I woke up in the morning, my wife was already gone from the bedroom, so I went to the dining area. There, my wife and Saima were having coffee. I sat down and started drinking my coffee and asked about my friend. Saima said that he is still sleeping, because he came drunk in the bed. I was a bit afraid that she might knew about the fuck I had with her but then she confirmed that she didn’t guessed me. This confirmed that she still did not know who fucked her in the bed.

Then they both left our house after the breakfast. After their departure, I asked my wife about the night. She looked at me and smiled in a naughty style. I asked her what my friend done with her? Lubna (My hot wife) said in a teasing manner, Don’t worry honey, I didn’t allowed him to enter me. It was only some touching and hugging. I asked, how she made it possible to avoid the fuck? She said, I pretended as I was awake when he started crossing limits so he was afraid of getting noticed. So he didn’t gone further from hugging and boobs press. We both smiled and kissed in passion. I said; I am proud of you honey.


By: Sameer


May 27, 2016

Her First Black

Her First Black

My wife and I have always used fantasy talk in bed, most of the time after a while of talking we decide we want to do some of these things for real. For the last 6 months or so my wife and I have been using the fantasy of her getting nailed by a black cock. She started of kinda shy to the idea saying she wouldn’t do it, over time she would get more and more into it. The last few weekends she would cum so hard when I’d be fucking her and ask her if she wanted to feel a black cock explode in her pussy and she even squirted one time which she rarely does,, unless of course she is turned on to no the point of no return.

I think what got her going so good is the fact that we had been hanging out with a black neighbor of ours drinking on the weekends. As soon as he would go home we would be fucking and we would talk about him doing her. She would always cum real good, then as soon as it was done, back to the same old “I could never do that, not for real”.

Things changed this weekend, Thursday night he came over for a drink and after he left we started our fun, of course with me asking her if she wants to fuck and suck his bbc. She was really getting into it, almost like she hadn’t even before. I kept telling her i’d call him to come back over, I even got the phone and laid it next to the bed telling her I was going to call him, but she wouldn’t bring herself to say “yes call him”. Afterward she again went into the same old “I could never do that for real”.

Last night he came over again for a few drinks and my wife started getting a good buzz going and decided to spill the beans that we had played a bit in the past, which she had hinted in the past to him and his wife before, he had mentioned that they had also played a bit in the past . The next thing you know we’re in the middle of a game of strip 21, since he didn’t know how to play poker. After we had all lost our clothes we decided to play for truth or dares, mostly dares and all of the truths were of course sex related. After an hour of some fun touching and such, my wife said she was going to bed as it was very late and she did have to work in the morning.

She walked into the bedroom which is visible from where we had been playing cards and he started getting dressed, but never put his cock away. He was hard and kept saying “damn she can send me home like this, how can i sleep so hard”. She was laying there listening. I knew what was on her mind, her legs were spread and she was squirming, so i went in the room to see if she was actually going to bed or not and she said she didn’t think she could go to sleep as horny as she was too.

He heard this of course and came into the room and pulled his shorts back off, she got out of bed with a very big smile on her face, bent down and took his cock in her mouth. She didn’t stay down there very long as she was crazy to feel his cock buried in her pussy, she got on the bed on her hands and knees and he got behind her and started rubbing his cock up and down her hot pussy. She reached behind her and grab it in her pussy lips, he and her at the same time came together until he was buried as deep as he could be in one stroke. They both moaned together, what a site to see, I still can’t believe it happened, neither can she.

He started pumping her pussy, he did fuck her real nice, I got in front of her and feed her my cock. She was loving it, I didn’t last long, she looked so awesome, his black hands holding her ass, once in a while spanking her. He didn’t long stroke fuck her hard like i do, but instead kept grinding it deep into her. She was cumming like crazy, moaning and grinding back, over and over she kept saying how nicely his cock filled her pussy. He kept pumping her for about 20 minutes, I didn’t even know he was close to cumming until I heard her familiar squeal when a cock cums in her. I mentioned that squeal and we all laughed about it. He pulled his now softening cock from her and got dressed and I walked him to the door.

I went back in the room, she was laying on her back, big smile across her face. I asked if she was ok and she said she had never been better. She spread her legs for me and I slipped a finger in her wet pussy, pulled it out and fed the juices to her. She said it tasted so good, I then slipped my cock into her pussy. It felt so silky smooth, so different then when I cum in her and then fuck her again. She kept telling me how awesome of a time she had and after a while I filled her with my load. She said she felt so good having two different loads of cum in her.

We dozed off to sleep for a while, I woke her up a short time later and had to have that pussy again. It was still dripping wet and the whole room smelled of cum. We were both so turned on, I fucked her and came in her again. We both drifted off to sleep again, beep beep beep, damn alarm, she had to get up for work. I was looking at her getting ready to get in the shower, she is so beautiful, I got up and went and attacked her again. Bending her over the sink in the bathroom, feeling that used pussy once again, we had to hurry so she wasn’t late for work. I again juiced that pussy up, it was so awesome.

I ended up back in bed, I don’t think my cock ever went soft. Later in the evening when we ended up back in bed, I wanted more of that pussy but she said it was too sore. I ended up stroking my cock and cumming on her face, all the while she was telling me how awesome it was and cannot wait to do it again. Hopefully to be continued soon! What an awesome wife I have!

by: Marie’s Husband


April 1, 2016

Bored Housewife

Bored Housewife

I don’t know what it was that night that drove me to what I did. Maybe it was the crushing boredom of being a suburban housewife. Maybe it was the two hours I had already spent listening to principal McKinley ramble on about attendance and the importance of the PTA. Maybe it was the never ending despair of a ten-year marriage that had produced one child and exactly zero orgasms. Hell, maybe I just have a thing for black men. Or gym teachers. Or black gym teachers. Maybe though, just maybe, it was the fact that I’d seen Coach Barrett’s big cock through his sweatpants every day this year when I dropped Nicholas Jr. off for school. I had seen how long it was. How thick. How it stretched the fabric of his otherwise loose-fitting gym wear. Whatever the catalyst, when Barrett got up and walked out of the assembly hall, I told my husband that I needed a cigarette and gave chase.

I followed him around the side of the building, he was leaning in against one of the big picture windows. From the inside, you could easily see his back from the waist up. “Too boring for you too, Mrs Jones?” He asked, looking somehow exhausted and restless at the same time. Even in the dim lights, I could see the bulge in his pants. It was completely unaffected by the Autumn chill. I didn’t answer, instead I just stepped in front of him and pressed a finger to his lips before dropping to my knees. “Mrs Jones, I don’t think I understand what’s going on here…” He whispered as I massaged his growing bulge through his soft sweatpants. My heart pounding at the idea that someone could have seen me in the moments I was in front of the window.

“Yes you do, now shut up before you get us caught.” I whispered, though the thought of being discovered excited me just as much as the thought of Barrett’s big black cock. Maybe even more. “And it’s Becky to you, big boy.” I added with a smirk. With no further delay, I pulled Barrett’s pants down and took his massive member in my hands. For a moment, I was awestruck. It was even bigger than I had first thought. I stroked it gently at first, watching it grow and stiffen in the yellow glow of the outdoor lighting. It was a magnificent thing, almost the length of my forearm, and nearly as big around as my wrist. All in all, it was a far cry from my husband’s angry looking little pink thing. Time seemed to stand still as a hundred thoughts ran through my mind. Part of me was terrified of its sheer size, but the rest of me ached with an animalistic need to have it inside me. Then, after only a moment’s more hesitation, I guided it hungrily into my mouth. Everything about him was incredible. The smell, the taste, the raw masculinity. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer at the sensation of him in my mouth, but even more so at the thought that my husband could walk out here at any moment. I pictured him shifting uncomfortably in his seat, wondering what was taking me so long. I thought about him walking out and catching me slurping hungrily on Coach Barrett’s thick cock. I played with his big black balls. I ran my tongue from base to tip and back again. I even took him as deep into my throat as I could without gagging. Then I took him deeper until my eyes watered. I lived out every one of my filthy, cock-sucking fantasies and Coach Barrett simply rested his big strong hands on my head, trying desperately not to moan too loudly. I, on the other hand, had given up on being quiet all together. I was sucking and slurping loudly, pulling his cock out of my mouth with an audible pop only long enough to spit on it so that I could slurp the spit back up like a cock hungry slut. I was in heaven, completely cock-drunk. I was riding the mixed high of big black cock and potential discovery. It was magical, I had never been so wet.

“Show me those big titties, girl.” He half begged, half demanded. I pulled his huge cock out of my mouth with another loud pop and looked at it. Its stark, monolithic majesty gleaming with the wetness from my mouth was absolutely breathtaking. It was truly a king among cocks, and I couldn’t bare to say know to royalty. I pulled my top down, letting my breasts fall free, then I brought them around his thick meat and began to massage it between them. He was long enough that I could still suck the tip while he fucked my tits to his heart’s content. “Ah shit, Mrs… I mean, Becky. I love your big, milky white tits… Goddamn.” He moaned as he slowly slid his big rod between my breasts.

After a bit I stopped him, I was worried he’d cum before I could try one last thing. I felt his hands tighten in my thick, blonde curls. I could feel the primal release building in him. I looked up into his deep brown eyes and innocently batted my baby-blues. “You wanna drive a bit, Coach? You can fuck my mouth until you cum. I’ll swallow everything.” I asked sweetly. “I’d rather fuck your little white pussy.” He all but growled, his rumbling baritone making my panties soaked. “Next time baby, I promise.” I whispered apologetically before taking him back into my mouth and bobbing a few more times in rapid succession. “Next time?” Barrett asked, trying his best to focus on our conversation and not my actions. “Oh baby, I think we’re going to have a lot of next times.” I replied with a big grin, casually stroking his full length.

Barrett needed no further assurance, he tightened his grip in my hair, slid between my lips and started thrusting. He pounded at my throat. My eyes rolled back and welled up with tears. I felt a long, ropey strand of drool drip down to my breasts and slide into my cleavage. I slipped one hand up my skirt and easily worked myself to orgasm after earthshaking orgasm. As if we’d rehearsed it, just as my body was rocked with a final orgasmic release, Coach Barrett shot his huge load into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed every bit, just as I’d promised. Then I took his cock into my hands and kept sucking, trying desperately to milk out even more of his salty-sweet seed.

When I finished, he slid to the concrete with a relaxed sigh and sporting a huge grin. I lit a cigarette and took a long drag, still trying to regain my composure. He asked me when next time would be, and promised to really ‘break in my little white pussy’. His words. I sat silently and finished my cigarette, then I told him it would be very, very soon. After a little more silence, as the afterglow finally started to fade I put the butt out on the cement and walked back in with his taste still in my mouth. Principle McKinney was wrapping up the longest speech in history, and my husband was nervously glancing over his shoulder at the door. I strode to him confidently, feeling a growing desire to french-kiss him with the taste of Coach Barrett’s cum still fresh in my mouth.

“You were gone a while.” He sat said as I sat back down. He looked more bored than worried. “I had to find something more interesting than listening to McKinney, any more of his shit and I’d off myself right here.” I replied. “Did you find anything? Interesting, I mean.” He asked in a hushed tone, trying to be respectful of the still rambling Principle. “The only thing out there is more bored people looking for something to do.” I said with a smile, then I kissed him full on the mouth and my heart raced.

by: PiperRai


August 28, 2015

Seedy Country Bar

Seedy Country Bar

My wife went with a girlfriend and some other friends to a seedy country bar. Her girlfriend knew the band playing. I didn’t go. Her friend is a slut and I told my wife to be bad. But, I always tell her to be bad and she never does. I laid in bed and thought of 100 scenarios of what I wished she was doing.

In one she had a few long island ice teas (they fuck her up) and danced with some guy. He hits on her real hard hoping to get some form this out of town babe. He lets his hands wander and feels her up on the dance floor which combined with the alcohol makes her horny. He finally says he needs to go outside to smoke and will she come with him. She does. He then says its cold out and he wants to smoke in his car so they go sit in his car. He finishes and starts kissing her and feeling her up again, sliding his hand under her skirt and fingering her. He finally work her panties down and her skirt up, lays her own and slides his dick in her. She lays back and takes it.

He hammers her hard and fast and finishes before her, thanking her for the ride. She tells him she wasn’t done and can he finish her. He says he is spent but has an idea. He makes a phone call and a minute later his buddy is at the car. He gets out and says this bitch needs to be finished off can you help her. His buddy says hell yea jumps in the car whips out his dick pushes her on her back and proceeds to fuck her. While he is pumping away on her pussy the car door behind her head opens and another friend sticks his dick in her face telling her to suck it. She willingly complies.

The two of them decide to switch places, but one guy says the car is to cramped so they drag her around to the hood and bend her over it taking turns fucking her cunt all the while telling her what an absolute slut she is being.
One guy finishes in her cunt and backs away. The other one that had been taking turns steps up but he says I don’t want your cum on my dick, that’s gay. SO he sticks his cock straight up her ass causing her to yelp out in pain. His friends laugh and tell him to fuck that dirty whore up her ass which he does until he empties his load deep in her bowels. They then laugh at what a complete slut she is and leave her there dirty, sweating and covered in cum while they head back inside to finish drinking. As they walk away one of them tells her they come here every Friday night and she should come back next week for a repeat of the action. He says he is sure he can have a few more guys here next time after this story.

She comes home to me disheveled and sore. I kiss her and fuck her gently as she is so tender while she tells me the whole story. As she tells me the end I ask. Well…do you want to go back? She coyly says …kind of, yes.

by: ogreogre


August 8, 2015

Lucky Craiglist Guy

Cuckold Place Update

Fantasy - Lucky Craigslist Guy

It’s Saturday morning, and my wife and I are sneaking in a quickie before our day begins. We are so busy with our lives that we are lucky if we have sex once or twice a month. Even her fuck buddy has been super busy lately, so she has gone without. That was all going to change today, or so we thought. We pillow talk about her upcoming date that night with her long time lover. It’s been almost three months since she has been with him, and I’m hard as a rock as she strokes me while telling me all of the very naughty things they will be doing to each other tonight. Just then, her phone beeps (she has set her lover’s number to a unique tone so that she knows it’s him when he texts her). She checks her phone, and his text is not good. He has the flu and won’t be able to meet with her tonight. She is obviously dejected, but continues to tell me what she would have done with her lover, and what he would have been allowed to do to her. After our foreplay, we begin to have sex. My wife is a goddess and making love to her is the ultimate high. I ask her how much she wants a cock in her pussy, and she tells me that at this point, she would let any man push his cock into her and pound her for all he was worth. That got me thinking, and I stopped making love to her, and told her to grab her phone. I quickly pulled up craigslist and under misc romance, I began to scroll through the ads. She asked me what I was doing, and I told her I was finding her a date for tonight. There were many ads, but I finally settled on two of them. One was a younger guy looking for a milf to teach him a few things, the other was a mature man looking to unload a months worth of cum into a lonely housewife. I told her to review these two men, and pick one or both, it didn’t matter to me. She read them, and her body twitched when she read the mature mans ad, so I knew she had picked the mature one, and that she was still puzzled with what I had in mind. I told her that was fine, grabbed the phone back from her, and quickly snapped a picture of her lying naked in our bed. Then I handed her the phone back and told her to respond to him with that picture, and tell them that if he is available tonight, she would like to meet him and see what happens.

She doesn’t object to my request, and responds to his ad, complete with picture and cell number. I notice her squeeze her legs together and ask her what she is thinking about. She said she can’t believe a man would openly post an ad implying bareback sex on the first meeting. No woman is going to allow a stranger they just met to cum inside of her bare. Think of how long Steve and I had been together before I allowed him to fuck me without a condom. It was months and months. I told her that would be up to her, after all, she was expecting to have her pussy filled tonight by Steve before he cancelled, so if it felt right with this stranger, then do it. Her body twitched again at the thought of what I just said. She asked if I was sure, and I said yes, do what feels natural. At that point she begged me to finish making love to her, and as I began to enter her again, I couldn’t help but notice how wet and sensitive she was. She closed her eyes, and told me to just do it and take her. I knew she was thinking of this strange man when she told me that. I made love to her, and filled her with my cum.

The rest of the day was pretty normal. We both had plans for the day and errands to run, so we went our separate ways and promised to meet up back at the house later that afternoon before her date.

When I got home that afternoon, I found my wife upstairs getting herself ready for her date with this stranger I had found for her on CL. She was obviously excited. She told me that her and this man were texting each other all afternoon, and that she really liked him so far. I of course was very happy for her. I enjoy seeing how excited she gets for a date. It makes her feel sexy to be wanted by someone other than her husband. She decided to have another shower just to freshen up after a long day, so while I was waiting I grabbed her phone and began to review her texts with this new man. They started out pretty tame, tell me about yourself, that kind of thing. But then I raised my eyes at one of my wife’s texts. She texted him that she has been dripping all day thinking about another man entering her bare and finishing inside of her pussy, and his response was that by the end of the night, she will be dripping their combined juices and his cum. Her response was that she was very nervous about that but it was fun to fantasize about. He responded back with a picture of his hard cock in his hand, and the words, hard and full of cum for your pussy. It was a nice sized cock, about the same length as mine from what I could tell, but maybe a bit thicker around. She responded back with a picture of her pussy, her entrance being held open with her fingers, and the words, I can’t wait!

I put her phone down as she came out of the shower, and quickly sat down to hide my erection. I watched her start to get dressed, and she seemed to be taking extra care in selecting her outfit. She was humming a tune when she finally came out of the bathroom for the hundredth time, and I knew she was ready to go.

There are so many thrills from having a ‘hot wife’. I enjoy it all. Reading her texts, watching her getting ready, having her tease me and kiss me as she heads out the door. Smelling her perfume still in the room, long after she has left. Watching the clock, guessing when she would be arriving at the bar and meeting him for the first time. Imagining their nervous flirts with each other, and wondering how long until they head back to his place. I enjoy wondering, and I enjoy hearing from her when she texts me her updates. She wanted to meet him ahead of time at a bar, instead of just showing up at his house. She didn’t want to be that easy! She texted me that she got there safe and that the place was almost empty (It was only 7:00 pm). Then about thirty minutes later, she texted me that he was very handsome, about 50 years old, smelled great and that they were having a great conversation. The next text was from inside his car. They had been making out and she had felt his cock through his pants until he couldn’t take it any longer and asked if he could drive her back to his house. She said yes, and texted me the address. It was about 9:00 pm when she texted me that they were there and that she will text me later if she can. About 10:30 pm she texts me again. That was fun, I’m going to stay and see if there is a round two! At 2:30 in the morning, I hear her car pull into the driveway. I open the door as she walks in the house. She sighs, and melts into my arms. Instantly I can tell she has had an entire night of lovemaking with another man. A hot wife husband just knows the signs. She smells different, there is the smell of another man on her. Her cheeks are flushed, he must have made her orgasm several times. Her perfect make up from earlier in the night is just gone. Her lips are red, maybe even a bit raw from his scruff as he was kissing and making out with her. Her legs are bare, the stockings she was wearing are no doubt rolled up and tucked into her purse. And her beautiful blouse is wrinkled, most likely from when they were making out in his car.

Still at the doorway to our house, I ask her if she had fun. She stares deep into my eyes and nods yes. And to that nod, I give her an approving smile. She sighs again. A hot wife feels the highest when she has just been thoroughly and deeply fucked by another man, and when she returns to the arms of her husband, and knows that what she just did is completely natural, and okay, and approved. I think that’s one of the big differences between a hot wife and a cuckold’s wife. It’s late, she’s obviously spent. We’re far past the typical husband question of “Did you guys go all the way?”. I’m so torn, I want to hear every single little detail, and peel off her clothes and examine and explore and and taste and reclaim her body for my own. But should I let her sleep and wait until morning?

I lead her up to our bedroom and she flops down onto the bed. Undress me she tells me, I’m too tired to do it myself. Gladly I tell her, and smile as I begin to unbutton her blouse. She arches up to allow me to take off her top, and then her bra. I kiss her before she settles back down. “Can you taste his cum on my lips?” she asks me as she stares up to the ceiling. I answered honestly with a “No, I can’t”. “That’s right. I did lick a lot of his pre-cum off of his cock, but he had no intentions of finishing in my mouth tonight”. “And I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth tonight anyways!” she added. I began to look at her. Even in the dim light of our bedroom, I could see her breasts were still swollen and red. She even appeared to have a bit of a hickey on the lower part of her neck. My hands made there way down her body to her skirt. She leaned to one side so I could unzip the back. I carefully pulled her skirt down her legs, and then up and over her knees and past her ankles. That’s when the smell of sex filled the room. Their sex, not ours. My wife laughed out loud when she saw me take in a breath. “Do I smell like sex honey?” she asked with a smile. I could see how puffed out my wife’s pussy was even though it was still hiding under her panties. I had to inspect her pussy. I moved my nose up to her beautiful pantie covered mound and took in a deep breath of her sex. I placed a couple of fingers at the entrance to her pussy and touched her panties. They were soaked. I knew they would be. I then reached up with both hands and began to pull down her panties and take them off of her body. She was now naked and waiting for me to re-claim her.

“Be gentle, he was a little scruffy and I’m a little sore.” she said. So I climbed up beside her on the bed, and asked her to tell me what happened when they arrived at his house. She sighed again, thought for a moment, and then told me about her night. They had been making out in his car and things were heating up fast. She said she almost pulled out his cock right there in the car! The drive to his house seemed to take forever. She said crazy thoughts went through her head. Why was she doing this, was she really going to let this man she just met take her into his house and do whatever he wants with her? What if the sex wasn’t good? They seemed to hit it off, but who knows? Finally they got there and she said he came around and opened her door for her (something she loves men to do), and he led her into his house. She said he appeared to be well off and his home was lovely. He shut the door behind him, and proceeded to embrace my wife, kissing her deeply. She said she just melted in his arms and instinctively pushed up against him to rub her pussy mound against the bulge in his pants. He dropped a hand down and lifted her skirt, and slid his warm hand up to her panties. He cupped her mound through her panties, and she responded by reaching for his belt on his pants. He slowed things down at that point, asking her if she wanted a drink and a tour of the house. She said at that point she wanted him to throw her up against the wall and fuck her, but she settled for a glass of wine and the tour, knowing it would end up in the bedroom. She said she could feel her wetness between her legs as she walked through the house. Finally, he took her by the hand and led her upstairs. He told her that she was the only woman who responded to his ad, and admitted that perhaps it was too honest and too strong of an ad, but that he was very happy if she was the only one to respond. She said she was glad she was the only one to respond, I want all of that stored up cum for myself! With that she finished her glass of wine at the top of the stairs and kissed him deeply. They embraced and then he led her to the bedroom. Once inside, they began to kiss again, but this time, his hands were undoing her blouse, and her hands were undoing his belt and the zipper to his pants. She dropped his pants to his ankles as he took her blouse off. He stepped out of his pants and reached for the zipper on her skirt, still kissing her while he worked to undress her. She said it was amazing to feel his warm hands reach her ass and lower her skirt. He pulled her close and they rubbed against each other. His underwear and her panties were the only things separating their sex now. He undid her bra and rolled the straps off of her shoulders and then off of her completely. He kissed her neck, and then her breasts. She reached down and pulled his cock from his underwear and began to stroke him with her hand. His hand found her pussy at the same time, and soon pulled her panties aside to slide a finger into her. She said they pleasured each other this way for a few minutes and then he stripped off his underwear and socks, and he took her panties off, leaving her in just stockings. She said it felt wonderful to feel the air of the room hit her bare wet pussy. She could feel pre-cum on the head of his cock, and instinctively lowered herself to lick it up. He responded with a groan and began to lightly fuck my wife’s mouth. His cock grew harder as he continued to press it in and out of her sweet lips. She reached for his balls with her hand and deep throated his cock, expecting him to explode in her mouth. But instead and cupped her head and then brought her back up to his face and kissed her deeply again. My turn he said to her. He layed her down on the bed, and dove his mouth and tongue into her pussy. She said she wrapped her legs around him and gave herself fully to him, cumming on his face several times in just a few minutes.

She said she was in a daze when she felt his body climb up on top of her. Kissing her belly and then her breasts, and then her neck, and then finally her mouth. She could taste herself on his lips, and she hungrily kissed him for more. As he kissed her, she could feel the head of his cock at her entrance. It felt so natural. She reached down for it. It was dripping pre-cum, and she could tell he wanted to put his bare cock into her very badly. She had asked him earlier that day in a text if he was std free, and he told her yes. She decided to stroke his cock firmly and squeeze out a large droplet of pre-cum, and then rub it all over her pussy lips and mix it with her own juices at the entrance to her pussy. The head of his cock was now very slippery, and she guided it into her bare pussy. Then she pulled him out, and then back in, a little more this time, and then she squeezed and stroked his shaft while he was still inside her, knowing that she had just released some of his pre-cum inside of her. “I have very large loads when I cum” he whispered to her. That alone made her pussy pulse around him She said, “Well, I guess there’s no point in a condom now, I just milked some of your cum into me, so we might as well continue without one”. With that she said he kissed her and pushed his cock all the way in. She came almost instantly, his cock was very thick. She said they began to talk very dirty to each other, him telling her he was going to fill her pussy full, her begging him to shoot that months worth of cum deep inside of her. She said she would arch up her body to meet his thrusts, and that her orgasms kind of melted into one continuous wave. It had been so long since a strange cock had entered my wife, and she said she just wanted to be fucked hard at that point. She felt his hardness inside of her growing and she knew he was going to cum. His cock seemed to get even thicker. It triggered her pussy to clamp around him, and milk him past the point of no return. She remembers saying “Give it to me” after he said he was going to cum. And then she said she felt the pulses of his cock. That tell tale sign that a man is ejaculating. Her pussy instantly came, and pulsed with his cock, accepting every drop that sprayed from it. She’s not sure if she said it aloud, but the thoughts of “Oh yes fill my pussy” entered her head. She looked up at this man she had just met, and watched him as he filled her full of his cum. This stranger who she had just contacted this morning on a request from her husband, had just fucked her and came inside her.

She said her body began to shake as he finished cumming, and that she was overwhelmed with what had just happened. She just gave her pussy to a complete stranger, and wanted it to happen! He was out of breath as he asked her if she was okay. She nodded that she was fine. He withdrew his cock, and a gush of his cum immediately dripped from her pussy. “That felt so good, I hope it felt good for you” he said. She said his cum just kept running out, and she could feel it wetting the bed sheet near her bum. She just layed there and let it happen, let most of his cum run out. Then she felt the urge to pee, and she said when she went to the bathroom, another large blob of his cum came running out. She walked back into the bedroom and just shook her head. He wasn’t kidding that he had big loads. That’s when she texted me that she was going to stay longer. She wanted this man again. The second round was much slower, she said they explored every inch of each other. She got on top of him and rode him for a while. Then missionary, then doggie style (her and his favorite). She begged for his cum this time and he filled her again. She said she screamed as she felt him pulse inside of her. They layed together for a short while, kissing and petting each other, and then he drove her back to her car. The bar was packed now, so no one even noticed him give her a passionate kiss good-bye before closing her drivers door and sending her home to me.

By: London Couple

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August 4, 2015

Not last time cheating

First But Not Last Time To Cheat

I was standing at the counter of the service desk of the hotel I was working at when I was approached by a familiar face. I looked up and saw a regular customer walking towards me to check in. His name was Tony, and I knew him because he had stayed in our hotel at least twice a month for the last several months. He worked for a big company that had an office downtown in our city so he was here at least twice a month to attend to business. I was working for a hotel that was located near the city airport so a lot of business people stayed here often. Over the months, I had a couple friendly chats with Tony whenever he would come in to stay with us. He was always very friendly and polite and would even complement and playfully flirt from time to time. He was in his late 40s and was a decent looking guy with a nice build. He was always charming whenever he spoke with me or any of the other coworkers and we were always friendly with him.

A few months after meeting Tony, things changed and got a bit interesting. One afternoon, as I was taking my break, I headed down to the restaurant that was located within our hotel. I sat down and ordered my meal and was enjoying it when I heard somebody speak from behind me. I turned to see Tony standing there with a meal of his own and asking if he could join me. I didn’t mind and invited him to sit down. He joined me at the table and the two of us enjoyed our lunches while we chatted. As we chatted, he told me all about himself. He was married with children and lived in Chicago. He traveled into our area at least twice a month because he was overlooking a project that was going on at the office located downtown. We continued eating, and like I said before, he was quite the charmer. He made sure to complement me often and I could sense that he was flirting with me. I didn’t mind the attention because things weren’t so good back home. After having our son, things became extremely dull in the lovemaking department. My husband and I both worked and whenever we were home, he usually spent his time watching a ball game and drinking. It wasn’t exactly the most exciting situation but somehow we made it work. Tony continued to chat me up and I enjoyed his company. We eventually finished up our lunches and he offered to pay the tab. I thanked him and after saying our goodbyes, I went back to working the front desk while he went off to do his work.

During the next couple of months, this would happen on a regular basis. Tony would fly in twice a month and whenever he was here, he would make sure to join me for lunch. He always made sure to charm me and complement me, which made me feel great. I found myself enjoying it and always looked forward to his stays at our hotel. We enjoyed many lunches together and got to know each other a bit. All his flirting and complementing made me feel great and attractive and that was a big confidence booster. My husband hasn’t said a nice thing to me in a very long time, so hearing it from a stranger made me feel really good. About six months after all this began, Tony came in on a Monday morning to check into his room. I took care of all his paperwork and when I was about to give him the key card, he asked me if he could have two of them. I set up another one and handed both of the cards to him and after thanking me he went off to his room.

Later that day, he joined me during my break. As we enjoyed our lunch, I noticed he was being extra charming and very flirty. Naturally, I didn’t mind and welcomed the attention. We enjoyed our lunch and he really had me feeling good about myself by the time we were done. After paying the tab, we got up to leave and he walked me down the hall towards the front desk. I was feeling very good and was in a great mood and thanked him for a wonderful lunch. He smiled and told me that he was glad that I had enjoyed and once again complimented me. As we stood and chatted for a moment, he told me that I was a gorgeous looking woman and that it was a shame that I wasn’t getting the attention that I deserved. Before I could answer, he pulled the second key card out of his pocket and handed it to me, while telling me that I should stop by after work. I didn’t say anything and just stared at the key card. As we both stood there, he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek before turning and headed for the elevator. I was a bit in shock and didn’t know how to react. Of course I didn’t have much time to think about it because I had to get back to work.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working the front desk and checking people into their rooms. The entire time, I thought about the key card that was in my pocket. I obviously knew what it meant if I were to take his offer and stop by the room. Naturally, that wasn’t the right thing to do but in my current situation, it didn’t sound like such a bad thing. Like I had said, the lovemaking at home had come to a complete stop. My husband and I hadn’t had sex in close to a month and I had to depend on toys to satisfy my needs. I knew I was a married woman and going into some stranger’s hotel room to fuck wasn’t the logical thing to do, but at the same time, I wouldn’t mind some good action. Hey, a woman has her needs as well and Tony was certainly an attractive looking guy that could possibly satisfy my needs. I knew that if I went, it would only be for the sex and nothing else. It was a decision that weighed on my mind heavily and one that I knew I would have to make by the end of the day. I thought about it throughout the afternoon and a part of me felt very excited to have even been made an offer like that. It was nice to know that I could still grab a guys attention. As the afternoon came to an end, so did my shift. I went into the back office to clock out and grabbed my purse. As I finished up my workday, I walked down the hall. As I reached the end of the hall, I had two ways that I could go. I could either go straight ahead and walk out the door to my car, or I could make a right and head into the elevators and go up to Tony’s room. In that split second that I had to make the decision, I ultimately decided to head into the elevators. I decided to go and enjoy myself and whatever happened after that, happened. At that exact moment I wasn’t thinking about anything else and felt very anxious and excited as I pushed the number for his floor. The elevator began moving and within a few seconds I was up on the fifth floor. I nervously walked down the hallway towards his room, arriving about a minute later. I grabbed the key card from my pocket and after taking a deep breath, I swiped it and the door unlocked. I knew there was no turning back now and walked into his room.

As I entered the room, Tony walked over and greeted me with a smile on his face while thanking me for coming up. He quickly walked over to the countertop that was nearby and poured us each a glass of wine. After handing me my wine, he raised the glass and toasted to a wonderful evening. We each took a couple of sips before he took over. He didn’t waste any time as he quickly pulled me into him and began to softly kiss me. I instinctively kissed him back and the two of us stood up and kissed passionately for a little bit. After kissing for a bit, we broke the kiss and Tony slowly led me by the hand into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, he laid me on the bed and joined me. We once again began kissing each other. This time, as we kissed, his hands began to slowly roam around my body. He softly squeezed my tits through my blouse before running his hands down to my legs and rubbing them. After doing this for a little bit, he began to unbutton my blouse and I sat up to allow him to remove it. He followed that up by undoing my bra and taking it off as well. My tits sprang free and he quickly went to work enjoying them with his hands and mouth. He took his time, licking and sucking my nipples as I laid back and enjoyed it. After doing this for a bit, he worked his way down to my skirt. Slowly, he began to unzip it before pulling on it. I lifted my ass in the air, allowing him to pull both my skirt and panties off, leaving me completely naked on the bed in front of him. It was the first time that I had been naked in front of another man and even though I was a bit nervous still, a part of me began to get excited.

After taking in my naked body for a few seconds, he lowered himself down to my pussy and began to lick and kiss my clit. He took his time and worked his tongue all around my pussy, driving me wild. It only took a couple of minutes of him doing this before I began to feel a climax building. I couldn’t believe that this was all that it took. My husband hadn’t been able to do this in years. He worked his tongue on my clit and after a little while, I bucked my hips upwards and began to cum extremely hard. I let out a loud moan as I did and came all over his tongue. He continued licking and sucking my pussy as I experienced one of the best orgasms I had ever felt. Tony continued to enjoy my pussy for a little while longer until I finally came down from my high. Once I was all set, he got up from in between my legs and began to take off his clothes. He started with his shirt, quickly pulling it off and tossing it aside, revealing a nicely toned chest and abs. After taking off his shirt, he undid his pants and slid them off, along with his boxers, revealing a very nice-looking cock to my eager eyes. It wasn’t extremely long, but looked fairly thick and I was definitely turned on by it.

He looked down at me as he crawled back onto the bed and I parted my legs wide, inviting him to take me. He wasted no time getting in between my legs and I soon felt the tip of his cock rubbing against my wet opening. Slowly, he penetrated me and easily sunk a good six or 7 inches of his hard cock into my pussy. I let out a soft moan as he buried himself inside of me. Once he was buried in me, he began to slowly slide in and out of my pussy, taking his time and allowing me to enjoy the feel of his cock as he enjoyed the feel of my pussy. We both moaned softly and I could tell that he knew exactly what he was doing as his cock felt amazing sliding in and out of me. Usually, my husband would stick his cock in me, and after a few thrusts, he’d be done. Tony was taking his time, allowing me to feel the full length of his cock and that’s exactly what I wanted. The more he buried it in to me, the more I wanted it. He fucked me slowly for several minutes and even leaned down to kiss me. After several minutes of a nice slow fuck, he began to pick up the pace. He began fucking me a little faster and I found myself gripping his back tightly while wrapping my legs around his waist to pull him deeper into me. We both began moaning louder and louder with each thrust and I knew that he wouldn’t last much longer. As he fucked me, I found myself moaning into his ear and telling him how good his cock felt and for him to fuck me harder. This turned him on even more and he began fucking me even harder. I continued moaning into his ear and could feel him tensing up. I should’ve had him pull out of me at that point because I really didn’t like a pussy full of a guys cum but instead I wrapped my legs even tighter. I pulled him into me and he fucked me as hard as he could. Within a few seconds, he exploded, flooding my pussy with his hot seed as I moaned into his ear for him to fill me with it. He continued thrusting as he shot wave after wave of hot cum deep inside of me. It was an amazing feeling and I enjoyed every second of it. After shooting off the last of his seed, he pulled his cock out of me and collapsed onto the bed by my side where we both laid and try to catch our breath.

After lying for a bit, I noticed his cock coming to life. I reached over and began to slowly stroke it before getting up onto all fours. I then decided to return the favor and took his cock into my mouth and began to bob up and down on it. I was so turned on by this guy that I didn’t care that his cock had just been in my pussy. I wrapped my lips tightly around his tip and took as much into my mouth as I could. He laid back and enjoyed as I bobbed up and down on his cock for several minutes, getting him extremely hard. Once he was at full attention, I took his cock out of my mouth and climbed on top of him, straddling his crotch. I grabbed his cock and lined it up with my pussy, as I lowered myself onto it. He easily penetrated my cum soaked pussy, as his cock buried itself inside me once again. I sat for a second and just closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of him inside of me. After a few seconds, I began to raise and lower myself on his cock as he reached up and played with my tits. He squeezed them tightly and even raised himself to suck on my nipples as I bounced up and down on him. I took my time, allowing us to both enjoy the feel of the moment and could feel another orgasm beginning to build. I continued to fuck him at a steady slow pace as he moaned in enjoyment. The feel of his cock slowly sliding in and out of my pussy was all that it took to send me over the edge once again. I shuddered and moaned loudly as I came yet again. I flooded my pussy with my juices as I continued to work his cock. After coming down off my high yet again, I decided to pick up the pace and began riding him a bit harder. He began to moan as I bounced up and down on his cock at a faster pace. We both began to sweat as I worked my pussy harder and harder. We went at it for several minutes as he was able to last quite a while the second time around and I once again enjoyed every moment. As I bounced on his cock, I began moaning louder and louder and couldn’t wait to feel his cum flooding my pussy once again. I worked his cock for a few more minutes before he grabbed me tightly by the hips and let out a loud moan while thrusting his hips upwards into me and exploding. He once again flooded my pussy with his hot seed, shooting wave after wave deep inside of me. I continued bouncing on his cock, using my pussy muscles to milk it of every drop. Once I had him drained, I climbed off of him and collapsed onto the bed as we both laid in a sweaty heap and once again tried to catch our breath.

We laid in bed for a while before I decided that I needed to get going so that my husband wouldn’t come looking for me. We cleaned ourselves up and I eventually redressed. Once I was ready to go, Tony thanked me for coming up to his room. I kissed him on the lips and thanked him for an amazing experience. After saying our goodbyes, I left the room feeling extremely sexually satisfied and didn’t feel an ounce of regret. I headed home with a pussy full of another man’s cum and that led me to grabbing one of my toys later that evening and enjoying myself in the bathtub because like usual my husband paid no attention to me. Needless to say, I enjoyed the experience and since then, I’ve had no problem providing Tony with regular room service visits whenever he comes to town.

by: pcblonde43


July 31, 2015

Wifes fantasy

This is something my wife sent to me once, from her dirty mind:

I don’t know how I ended in a changing room full of guys. But when I was there, I certainly knew about it. I was supposed to be meeting the press officer at 10.30am. I was early, it was hot in the stadium that day, I unbuttoned the top of my blouse. Lucky for me I had a pretty short skirt on. The sweat was making the top of my legs clinging and I felt just like I needed a bath.

I walked down the long corridor, I was pretty sure the press room was somewhere near here. I opened a door, just slightly ajar and took a peek. It was the changing rooms. No one there, so I thought I’d have a nosey. I went through the door and could see the shirts hanging up, maybe it wasn’t empty? As I stepped a little further in I realised that singing was coming from behind the long white wall at the end of the room. It made me giggle a little, which prompted a tall, very lean looking guy, absolutely naked, to appear from behind it.

“Well, what do we have here?” he said “Oh I am sorry, I just, umm” I stumbled to get the words out He walked towards me, eying me up and down. I felt so hot. And why did he not have a towel? His cock swinging between his legs, his balls large, trimmed hair. I couldn’t help but look. “Like what you see?” he said “I…. I’m……” I still couldn’t speak. He walked up right close to me and placed his hand on my cheek. “Nice skin” I started to breath more heavily, as he stroked my face, moving his hand down my neck, still standing there perfectly naked in front of me. “Guys, we have a visitor” he shouted, as he grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him. His control was immense, his gaze captivating as he pulled me firmly in the direction of the white wall. I followed obediently. Why was I so aroused by not knowing what I would face behind this wall? “Well, well, we need to give our visitor our customary welcome” said my new found friend. As we walked behind the wall, I found myself confronted by three more guys sitting in a giant white bath, all naked, arms sprawled, legs casually open displaying a fine array of cocks. My pussy started to drip at the sight of such masculinity in front of me. “Do you like baths?” said one of the Adonis in front of me. “Yes” I mustered as I watched him smirk at me. They were laughing. I’d seen a naked man before, more than one.
They think I’m scared?

I decided that this was my chance to cool off. I kicked off my heels. Leaving my skirt on, I hitched it up to remove my panties first. I was greeted by a loud round of wolf whistles as I slid them down my legs and over my ankles, dropping them to the floor. Boy was I glad I wore my matching hot red underwear today. The appreciative shouts spurred me to unbutton my blouse before removing my skirt. Mr impatient still standing by my side decided to give me a little helping hand, firmly gripping my waist and pulling at my zip to remove my skirt. I stood there soon enough with just my bra on and his skilful unclip of my bra. He took my hand and led me into the water - carefully down three steps. In front of me a young, blonde haired man, boy really, wild curls, pulled me onto his lap. I laughed as he started to fondle my tits as the bobbed on the water. Mr Impatient was now sat in the water, his cock hard in front of me, which he started to rub. It was hot! My nipples were starting to tighten as the Blondie worked his fingers across my tits, from one to the other. I may have been sat in the water but that didn’t stop me feeling how wet my pussy was getting. As if reading my mind the guy opposite decided to move a little closer and carefully insert his finger into my now aching cunt. His hand was warm from the water and soon one finger became two. His hand brushed against the Blondie’s cock but he didn’t flinch and somehow this situation seems completely comfortable. There was nothing awkward about how well these guys knew each other and there seemed nothing awkward about how they were admiring my body. Mr Impatient, true to form, wanted in on the action. His proud cock moving above the water. He picked up one of my feet and began to rub it. I felt the sensations shoot up to my cunt, which now had three firm fingers pressed tightly within it. One guy sat and watched and didn’t move. He watched every move his mates were making, but just starred into my eyes, which I opened with wild fire, then closed again. Blondie began to kiss me on my neck as I tipped my head back. This was awesome, immense! As he pulled me back, he somehow managed to spin me around so I was facing him. Straddle across his thick thighs I started to massage his cock, up and down with my fingers rubbing his shaft. I soon found my cunt with his cock and sat on it, clenching my buttocks as I pulled him into me. This feeling, the water swishing and being watched as he fucked me, it was amazingly dangerous.

Time escaped me and any thought of my meeting went out of the window. “Come on now, share nicely mate” said Mr Impatient as he piped up again. I was being nicely filled by the handsome, horny man, but I knew there were three other guys in need of attention and right now every one of them wanted me. Annoyed, he pushed me slightly off his knees. I felt a bit hurt as I wondered what to do next. I didn’t have to wonder long as Mr Impatient pulled me back onto his chest, my legs now floating, and the very quiet guy who’d yet to make his move edged closer. “This one’s mine, you know I love eating pussy”. Shit. Really? With Mr Impatient’s hand around my throat, pulling me into his chest so all I could do was look up at the ceiling I felt warm lips begin to nipple on my flaps. They worked their way slowly across the outside of my pussy, planting little kisses across each side as only an expert would know how, ending up finally at my clit with just a tiny bite, I gasped. - As I gasped, I felt the hand tighten around my throat. It suddenly dawned on me that I couldn’t fight these four men off if I wanted to. They could do whatever they wanted to me! I was highly aroused. My cunt now yearning for this man, as he nibbled away at me. His mouth now forceful, his tongue working through me from top to bottom, up and down as I moaned with delight. Aware that my tits were being tickled but unaware who by or how.

As this man’s delicious mouth worked through me a wave engulfed, I succumbed to an amazing orgasm that simple shook every bone within my body. “And now lady, it’s our turn” said Mr Impatient. As I watched, he lifted his body to sit up a couple of steps and pulled me back so I was now facing him. He firmly, forcefully pushed my face down onto his now throbbing cock. It was hard, so hard! His pre-cum spilling into my mouth as I licked it up, like a good girl. He was full of cum and it didn’t take too long, disappointingly, before he spat everything he had out into my mouth. I swallowed every drop, licking his cock clean with delight. I looked up, he smiled. I could see, the others were watching approvingly. Did they want the same or was I going to get fucked I wondered? I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Blondie pulled me back next and was lying down across the third step as he pulled me across his toned body. He really was gorgeous! His cock found my cunt without any trouble and his movements saw our hips meet in what I can only describe as a perfect motion of two bodies trying to grind into sheer desperation. It was so deep! I was caught in a motion, before I realised the arms looming over me, as another guy was prodding his cock against my asshole. He was big, really big and the thought of this man’s weight on me terrified me. But not only that, his cock was big and I already had one cock inside me. Now two? I shivered at the thought! As he entered, I let out a yelp as the shock of pain shot through me. He was hard, his cock tight in my ass, his hand how placed across mine, his weight holding me down. He joined the rhythm we’d already established and it was sensational: the feeling of being completely filled by these two very big men, being sandwiched in between them as these two huge cocks completely filled me, with no escape. It was Blondie who came first and my cunt delighted as he throbbed within me. It wasn’t long after that, as he pushed me backwards with his arms, that my ass was filled with thick cum.

I was so overwhelmed, that I felt the need to come again. This time it was me to take the lead. My one last guy, patiently waiting, sat and watched as I climbed over these now limp figures, to straddle him. I began to ride him, pulling back at his longish curls, tugging at them as I pushed myself deeper onto his cock. I rocked and rode and he slapped my arse as I continued with this motion until I let out an almighty scream. Fuck! I came in such blazing glory, that he came at the same time as me, my pulsating cunt and his throbbing cock motioning together. How rare that happens and how totally unexpected. I looked up at the clock: 11.10am. Shit. I was late for my meeting…

by: mjc2


June 9, 2015

Black Fantasy

Hubby has been after me to be shared for the past year and a half with a big cock, since telling him about my 9″ Italian Stallion when I was younger in college. Now our fantasy is to try a BBC.

Goes like this, for my bday this coming December.

We rent a cabin at Oak Haven Resort where we stayed many times. Hubby has an acquaintance through work, Derek, 8″x6″ BBC.

The day comes and we get to cabin a little early, Derek is to meet us by 8pm. As time gets closer I am getting nervous. Even though we talked about it, this is my 1st time with another man in nearly 29 years, let alone with Hubby there, and an endowed man at that. Hubby senses my nervousness and has me take a hot shower, then get in bed naked. Now at 7:45pm, he lays me on the bed and slowly teasingly eats me out, getting me very wet.

Then the door knocks and Hubby lets Derek in. I hear them chatting a bit, I am now shaking in anticipation, will I be ok with it? will Hubby be ok? are we nuts?

Derek comes in the room and a little idle chat while he undresses, watching his clothes hit the floor, he drops his underwear, revealing a large thick hanging cock.

He lays down next to me and I take his hanging heavy dick in my hand, barely getting my fist around it and just look at the size of it limp. I begin to lick the top side then underside, watching his dick jump with each lick and watching it grow to full erection, now I can’t get my hand around it, I am in awe of what I am about to take. I spend another minute or two sucking as much of him I can get in my mouth.

He then lays me back, I am really nervous now, as soon it will be to late to change my mind. He tells hubby to come to edge of bed and Derek positions himself between my legs, he lays his cock on my belly to show me and hubby how deep he will be going, his head resting just below my belly button. He looks at hubby as he puts his hands behind my knees and brings my legs up, starts rubbing his head on my entrance and asks hubby if he is ready to see this. I then start to tell hubby “Are you sure?” when Derek pushes his large head in and then I say “Too late now”, hubby takes a seat.

Derek starts working in and out about 7-8 strokes and feel him push all 8″ in, balls resting on my ass, I let out a loud “Oohh”, he holds it in me for a minute, allowing me to adjust and get use to his size. I start to rock on his fully inserted dick, feeling extremely wet, my nervous feeling is replaced with wanting him to fuck me.

He pulls out to head then back in hard, each time he picks up speed, my toes curl hard, each thrust is met with a grunt, feeling my pussy stretched around his thickness he now is at full push-up thrust slamming into me, he puts me into grunts and groans telling him to fuck me like that and keep going. I begin to feel the swells of my 1st of many hard orgasms.

I now roll on top of him and begin slamming down on him, I cum and start again for 2 more orgasms. Now I’m in another world, he pulls me to side of the bed, my feet on his shoulders, he grabs my arms and start pulling me on and off his dick bringing me to another orgasm. Locking my feet behind his head. I tell him to fuck me hard, I bring my feet down around his waist and he pounds me hard until I feel him squirt his load deep against my pussy walls.

We fucked all night, and over weekend in all rooms, hot tub, even taking care of hubby.

by: milfmama3


May 18, 2015

Sex shop cheating

This story is based off of my ex-wife and how she cheated on a previous husband. Some was dramatized. She was a true slut, though, and I have many hot stories of her slutting around.


While my husband works I usually spend my time on my back, with my legs pinned behind my head and a 19 year old boy bucking his slim hips, fucking me as hard as he can, for as long as he can. It’s usually not very hard and certainly not too long. But he tries and I can cum hard enough when I rub my clit. He’s certainly not the best I ever had, but Sean is a beautiful young man and he really likes fore play.

This weekday, though, I’m not planning on seeing Sean. This weekday I decided to fuck a stranger, something I haven’t done since I was 19. That was twelve years ago. My best friend Steffy and I were on our own in the big city. We’d spent the last of our money and split a cup of coffee at a diner when we were approached by a bearded man of forty or so. He made small talk and asked if we needed some money. We told him we did and he offered to give us some if we danced for him and some friends. We talked it over and left with him. To make a long story short, we fucked four greasy truckers and Steffy ended up pregnant by one of them, but that is another story.

I was a slut as a teenager, a whore as a young woman and I was about to become a cheating wife. I had been good for the last three years since I met and married my husband. Before him I was bouncing from boyfriend to boyfriend, cheating on each one. If I like a boy, I fuck him. If I need to get something, I fuck someone to get it. If I need money, I whore myself. I love sex and that will never change.

I planned to go to the adult bookstore on the other side of town. My husband told me once it had a glory hole. The idea turned me on when he told me what it was, but I never said anything to him about it. As far as he knows, I’m nearly a virgin. I told him I had only been with four men before I met him. In truth I had been with four men the week before I had met him.

I dressed casually, it was hot and sunny out, so I wore a belly shirt and tight boy shorts with no underwear. My 32D breasts were aching to bust out of the tight shirt, my nipples were clearly visible, getting hard as they rubbed against the fabric of the shirt. I grabbed my backpack purse and left the house.

After an uneventful drive I arrived at the bookstore. It coming close to lunch time and I guessed it would be busy with horny men on their breaks. I didn’t know just what I expected to happen. I was winging it and very nervous.

I walked in to the store and three heads turned to look at me. There was a thirty something man, skinny with bushy sideburns behind the counter, a tall man wearing a suit was in the porn section, a short old man was near the entrance of the video booths.

I bought tokens for the video booths at the counter and entered the dark hallway. There was another man in there, he had his back to me and his ear against the door of another booth. I walked by him and he turned to look at me. He was in his fifties, average height with a beer gut. He was wearing jeans and a red polo shirt. I turned and looked at him as I walked past him. He stared at my ass. “You want some of this?” I asked him. He didn’t answer, just stared. “Come with me.” I offered him to enter a booth with me. He followed. I had him sit down and put some tokens in and started a video. Two guys were getting a blowjob from a young asian girl. I left it there.

I turned and looked at the ugly old man I had selected. His ugliness attracted me somehow. I said nothing, just slipped to my knees and reached under his gut to unbuckle his pants. He pushed them down and I tugged at his briefs until his little cock popped out. It was small and stiff. About four inches. He was very hairy and had large round balls. It was nasty and turning me on. I gobbled his little hard prick into my mouth and sucked it hard. He moaned and I licked it from base to tip, spitting long curly hairs out of my mouth. It wasn’t long before I began to taste his pre-cum. I stood and slowly removed my shirt in front of him. I dropped my shorts and showed him my bald wet pussy. I stepped over him and positioned my pussy over his cock. Blinded by passion I wanted his cum inside me. I could not explain it then nor now. I was hot for this old ugly little cock. He slid into my well used pussy hole easily, I bounced on his little prick as he slobbered on my tits. I could hear him grunting and breathing harder. Then I could feel the amazing sensation of his warm cum splashing inside of my pussy. For a man so old he had a lot of cum. I felt wave after wave fill me up and sending me into a screaming orgasm. I slumped off of him and slid my head into his lap, licking at his cock. Cleaning it and his balls.

He started to talk but I stopped him. I told him not to say anything. I finished cleaning his cock and asked him to leave. He dressed and left. I pulled my shorts up and put my shirt back on opened the booth door. There were three men there, the old man from the front of the store and the tall man with the suit from the porn section, the store clerk was there as well. “You looked like you want some more cock.” The clerk said. “One at a time, boys.” I said as I grabbed the clerk by the shirt and pulled him into the booth with me.

Once the door shut he was right at me, kissing me hard and feeling my ass. He pushed my onto the bench and told me to get naked. I did as he said and got hotter and wetter. He pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants. His cock stood out, about seven inches long and thick. He walked up to me and put it in front of my face. I knew what to do. I grabbed his cock by the base and licked the tip gently, swirling my tongue around the rim and sucking the head into my mouth, taking it into my mouth and slowly sliding it out. I spit on it and rubbed it with both hands. “You like getting your cock sucked?” I asked him. “Yea, baby, suck my balls, too.” I lifted his cock up and sucked first his left and then his right ball into my mouth. He moaned and wiggled a little. I licked up the base of his cock to the tip again and slid it back into my mouth.

He lifted me up to face him and spun me around. He pushed me over so that my hands were bracing against the wall and my ass was sticking out towards him. I heard him spit and looked back to see him rubbing it on the head of his cock. He rubbed my soaking wet pussy with his other hand then pressed his sock head onto my slit and into my pussy, I shudder with a quick orgasm. He began to push in and out, fucking me steadily. He began to push harder and harder, I gripped my pussy around his cock and tried to milk it. He hunched over my back and bit at my shoulder, I moaned… “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my pussy.” I said. His pace quickened and suddenly he stopped and I could feel another warm load of cum shooting into my pussy, I came again, harder than before.

He slowly pulled his throbbing cock out of me. I could feel his cum run out of me and down my legs. I was sweating and out of breath. He pulled his pants on, picked up his shirt, said thanks and left. The tall man came in next. I dutifully went to my knees when he entered and unleashed and sucked his cock. It was similar to the clerks cock, but this one was uncircumcised. “You want to fuck my pussy?” I asked him in between licks. “No. I want to cum on your tits.” He replied. I went back to sucking and slowly stroking his cock. After two minutes he took it away from me and began to furiously jack it, I lifted my big tits and gave him a target he couldn’t miss. His cum sprayed out and onto my tits and in between my cleavage. He stared at it as I rubbed his cum all over my breasts. He pulled his pants on and reached into his wallet and gave me $50. Before I could protest he was out the door.

I looked for the old man, but he was gone. I dressed and left the booth. The clerk was completing a purchase with a new customer. I quickly left before he saw me. I got in my car and drove home.

When my husband come home that evening he was horny. He ate my pussy like he never has before, making me cum many times. The asshole told me I tasted better than normal. One day I will tell him why.

by Patrick B

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