January 4, 2014

How it all began

As I’m away for the next week, sunning it up in Thailand. I’m going to be posting a few posts worthy or a re-look. Normal service will resume then. Hope everyone had an amazing New Year.


How It All Began - Email from a UK reader of the blog.


I first checked out hotwifeblog.com a year ago after reading an interview with the exquisite Daisy in a couples magazine. During the interview she referred to the site as a good place to go for erotic true stories. Well, she would, wouldn’t she? But, hey! I’m very glad she did.

Given that I am married to a shameless slut who has been cuckolding me for twenty years, it will come as no surprise that I have read the regular submissions to the site with great interest. Many of the scenarios described and feelings expressed are, of course, familiar to me.

As an avid diarist and record keeper, I am able to convey the details of my life as a trollop’s husband with great precision. So here’s some background and a few stat’s.

We have been married for twenty-nine years. Prior to our marriage we had been an item for three years. During those three years and for the first nine years of our marriage she never had sex of any kind with any other man. (Believe me, I would have come to know by now had it been otherwise.) Two years into our marriage I first suggested to my wife that she might enjoy having an extramarital affair. (The thrill of being a cuckold has been my greatest sexual turn-on since some experiences involving a previous girlfriend back in my teens. But more of that later, perhaps.) My wife thought the notion so preposterous that she couldn’t even be said to have been shocked. I revisited the same theme now and again over the ensuing years. At some point, naturally, she came to realise I was serious. Knowing full well that I am pretty unconventional in many respects, she still was not shocked. Nevertheless she remained reluctant. More than reluctant. Immovably opposed to the idea. As a result, my occasional attempts to cajole her were scarce and, I suppose, resignedly half-hearted. Then, seven years into this fitful and unpromising campaign, I had a piece of luck.

My wife became very friendly with one of her work colleagues, a girl some few years younger than us. The young lady was quite ambitious and thought herself to be in a dead-end job. I happened to have an executive vacancy in my company which seemed to suit her and for which she was suited. I interviewed her and took her on. She turned out to be quite a gem and soon became a valuable deputy of mine. We also became very close friends. We never had a sexual relationship but we were very open with one another on a personal level and she was fascinated by my frustrated desires regarding my wife’s promiscuity - or, rather, the lack of it. The two women continued to be good friends but the three of us very rarely met up all together. These were two quite separate relationships. And there was no hidden agenda in that. It’s simply that one, albeit very close, was very much work-based, while the other, although originally work-based, was now entirely social.

One day, in the office, during one of our occasional conversations regarding my cherished fantasy, our mutual friend decided to ’spill some beans’. She had hinted to me on previous occasions that maybe my wife was not as rigorously faithful as I believed her to be. But this opinion was always voiced in such a way as to suggest an intuition, rather than anything she actually knew for certain. Now she chose to give me some proof. A few days earlier the two of them had been out on the town and evidently ended up ‘well-oiled’. Tongue loosened by the booze, no doubt, my wife had confessed to some events which had occurred a few weeks earlier on another boozy evening when she and a few of her colleagues had hit a wine-bar after work and it had turned into a lengthy session.

I knew exactly the evening that she was referring to and remembered it, from my point of view, quite well. My wife had been given a lift home by one of her bosses, a hunky, bespectacled New Yorker in the ‘Clark Kent’ mould - highly intelligent, very successful in business, very confident and a thoroughly personable guy whom I had met briefly once or twice before. She had invited him in for a coffee. It was about midnight and I was on the verge of going to bed but stayed up to have a coffee with them. We had chatted about nothing much in particular for about half an hour and then he went on his way. Now, here’s the bit of which I had had not the slightest inkling at the time and which I now learned from my informant.

Apparently, he had pulled his car in a little way up the road a good half an hour before they had come into the house. During that time they had been stuck into a long and full-on snogging session. What’s more, she had made no bones about telling our girl friend that, if I had not been at home, she would probably have brought him into the house and gone all the way.

Those of you who visit this site will know exactly how I felt upon receipt of that information.

It would be overly scrupulous to take the view that our friend was betraying my wife’s confidence in revealing these details. She knew exactly what she was doing and she knew enough to be absolutely certain that she was doing both of us a favour with what she had told me.

Needless to say, I instantly ramped up my persuasive campaign and prodded away at the issue with renewed zeal, extolling the potential virtues of extramarital adventurism at any appropriate moment. Whilst she still did not exactly embrace the idea wholeheartedly, I now found her responses to the topic to be more pliant than before. It might be that, with my newly acquired knowledge of her capacity to be seduced, I was now interpreting those responses in a different light. But I don’t think so. It’s more likely that her attitude to the possibilities had shifted, maybe as a result of that very experience with the boss - however tame and inconclusive it may have been. One way or another, if I suggested that a night of passion with another man could be fun, instead of saying something like: “Oh, don’t be silly!”, she was now coming back with comments along the lines of: “I suppose it could!”

Encouraging, but still noncommittal. And before long I came to realise why. Now that I was pushing the case harder and more often, I was receiving a wider variety of objections. Eventually I think I was given the real one. Without stating it in so many words, she made me aware that her main fear involved the possibility of one specific repercussion: that if she were to play around, I might feel I had carte blanche to do the same.

My wife is and always has been a head-turningly beautiful woman. I found it quite absurd that she should ‘fear the competition’. But I sensed I was on the verge of success in this campaign and I chose to take a calculated gamble. Six years previously I had engaged in a clandestine affair with a woman whom I had met through business. And I elected to confess the matter to my wife at this precipitous stage of the game. The affair had been very hot and, indeed, very intense and I was lucky to have remained undetected. But, after three months, it fizzled out pretty well as rapidly as it had ignited. You may think that my confession, six years on, was a high risk strategy. But I was confident that she would consider our relationship as being too strong to be threatened by an event so far back in the past. And, of course, I knew that her own recent inclinations in a similar situation would have to play a part in her thinking, even if she chose not to confess them.

It turned out that she had never had the slightest suspicion of my brief infidelity. She pretended to be shocked and hurt, but she wasn’t very convincing. Without question there was a new light in her eye. It is clear that she was also perfectly ready to accept my assurance that I had never strayed on any other occasion, before or since. (Which is only fair, because it is perfectly true.) This had the desired effect of bolstering her confidence rather than shaking it. She wasn’t out for a ‘revenge fuck’ exactly. That wouldn’t stack up, given that she knew it was precisely what I wanted. It was more of a case of ‘what’s good for the goose. . . .’

Only a week or so later she went out with a girlfriend to a nightclub. They both pulled. And they both got laid. That’s how the last twenty years of our marriage kicked off. And the game gathered pace very quickly.

Here are the stat’s. During the course of those twenty years I have had sex with seven women other than my wife (two of them at swingers’ parties, four of them as a result of at-home wife-swapping evenings with other couples and one ‘visiting massage’ which my wife kindly bought me for my birthday a few years back). Over the same period of time my wife has fucked one hundred and fifteen different guys. Some of them regular, long-term lovers, others one-night stands. And that doesn’t include the four clients whom she serviced whilst working as an escort for a couple of months. (We didn’t need the money. It was just for the fun of it.) If you add those, and the six boys with whom she had sexual relationships before we met, plus me, that gives her a grand total of 126 men inside her. So far.

We are now just into our fifties and my wife’s enthusiasm for cock and insistence on variety show no signs of abating.

I have many diary entries in which comprehensive details of my wife’s activities are recorded and, should there be some interest from other visitors to the site, I would be happy to share these with the hotwife community. Such as the time when, after she’d picked up some bloke in a bar and brought him home, I peered round the edge of the door to my study to see them just inside our bedroom doorway at the other end of the landing, french kissing, her skirt hitched up, his hands all over her arse and her blouse completely undone, indicating that he’d already been at her fabulous tits. Or the time when we’d had a friend of ours over to dinner and I brought some after-dinner drinks into the living room to find her whispering and giggling into his ear on the sofa, eventually looking at me through eyes already misting over with lust and saying: “Sorry! We’re leaving you!”, before whisking him off upstairs for the night. Or the time when, by prior arrangement, three fit Greek lads burst through the front door, tied me to a chair, tore my wife’s dress and knickers to shreds and proceeded to do her in all holes, eventually finishing her off with a torrential bukkake. Or the time when. . . but I’m running ahead of myself. Let me know what you think.

Submitted by: Hornwearer - Herts, UK


March 27, 2013

Rachel hits Amsterdam

Here’s a diary update from Queen of dogging filth Rachel Reveals being wild and crazy in the European City of Sin… Amsterdam.


Just returned from a fabulous 4 day jolly to Amsterdam. We had an amazing time both during the day and the evening. We visited both the sex cinema in Rembrandt Square and the Fabulous Le Salon which is close to Central station.

We spent the entire afternoon on Wednesday in the B1 sex cinema, we started upstairs on the top floor which is wall to wall Glory Holes, I enjoyed sucking and bending over at the glory hole, pushing my wet cunt against the open hole for a good fucking by a good dozen dicks over a good hour period, then once they were drained we moved down to the first floor which is a hetro cinema floor.

Pulling down my jeans I started masturbating while watching the porn film playing, there was a guy stood to my right with his cock out, I reached over and took hold of his hand and placed it upon my pussy, as soon as his hand touched my pussy all the other guys in the cinema were on their feet and surrounding me totally. I had hands ALL over my body, touching every inch of me – I then got on the comfy sofa and got my pussy finger fucked, fucked, licked and spunked all over.

Thurs and Fri we spent the 2 whole days on and off at Le Salon, this place is my all-time FAV in Amsterdam, top floor are private viewing booths all with Glory Holes in them and down stairs is a small quite seedy cinema with 2 long benches and a wall of glory holes to the left. Over the 2 day period in Le Salon I fucked a fair few guys, sucked off a shed load of dick via the private viewing booths and via the wall of glory hole in the cinema, not to mention 3 fucking filthy spit roasts and tons of spunk shot right up inside my married cunt hole.

The best encounter of the entire trip has to be in the cinema in Le Salon, I went into the cinema and sat down, there was a guy behind me with his cock out. Hubby left me to pop to the bathroom and was gone a mere 5min if that, in the time he was gone, I turned and spoke to the guy, asked if I could suck his dick, he stood in front of me and I sucked on his shaft for a min or so, asked if he wanted to fuck me which he of course said yes!, I stood, dropped my jeans and knelt on the bench seat and stuffed his bare hard dick inside my wet pussy and fucked the arse off of me. Hubby apparently could hear my groans of pleasure from the top of the stairs and as he walked into the cinema he was confronted with the image of me getting hard fucked by some young hung stranger – of course he just had to come stuff his own dick in my mouth as he watched me getting fucked and once the filthy stranger shot his load deep inside of me, Hubby raced round to deposit his own full hot load right in on top of the previously shot load.

These were taken on my iphone so sadly the quality isn’t amazing but im sure your get the horn. There’s a video of the horny action on my website.








Hotwife Blog Profile - Rachel Reveals - 2011

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December 4, 2012

A Cuckolds Journey

It’s competition winner time!

I had a whole host of horny stories to look over. It was so difficult to choose a winner, there was so many worthy enrties. But I felt the following was worthy of the best post. A heartfelt tale from Dan from Los Angeles, who sent in his progression into the lifestyle. To Dan his feelings early on were alien to him, he felt like he was odd for having the feelings he was having with his relationships and couldn’t work out why something like his partner cheating was turning him on. It wasn’t until 2010 that he finally realised he was not alone with his feelings after reading my blog. It’s a nice feeling myself to know he found his kink was not unusual by reading this blog. I hope it’s also brought a similar feeling to other men out there, who now feel they can be open about their love of this lifestyle and not have to hide it away.

Thanks for your story Dan, you’ve won a VIP membership to Hotwife Hub. I look forward to chatting to you in the Hub Chatroom! Now here’s the winning story…


A Cuckold’s Journey

Hello Trash. I thought it would be appropriate to write to you regarding my evolution as a cuckold. Even though I had natural tendencies from a young age, I didn’t find out what a cuckold is or a Hotwife until 2010 after discovering your website. Since then, my desire to be cuckolded has become stronger.

My cuckolding tendencies began in 1992 when I was 15 years old at a high school in Los Angeles, California, where I was born and raised. My high school sweetheart, who I dated for 8 years, was what we in the states call a “jack Mormon” or a fallen Mormon. Although her parents and everyone else thought she was a good Mormon girl, her secret life was far from that. We were introduced by a mutual friend at school and we hit it off immediately. She was a beautiful, athletic, redhead with green eyes. She was stunning! She was not shy and was the take control kind of person. She was very opinionated and very funny. I was in love! About an hour after we met, we were walking down the school hallway after school and she told me she really liked me. She then boldly took my hand and we started walking hand in hand. She was easy to look at and easy to talk to and nothing was shocking to her. Since we were teenagers, we naturally started talking about sex. She then proceeded to tell me that she didn’t like wearing panties, that she felt more liberated without them. I then jokingly asked her to prove it to me so she pulled me into a stairway, sat down on the stairs, lifted up her skirt to reveal her panty-less pussy and she started to play with herself as she stared at me with a wicked smile and said “You like what you see?” I was at a loss for words and just stood there mesmerized by the turn of events. She then said the most beautiful 7 words I had ever heard to that point, “You can fuck me if you want!” I wasted no time and buried myself inside her lucious pussy. I pumped her for a few minutes as she fingered her clit to a few orgasms as she was multi orgasmic. Her vaginal convulsions from her orgasms pushed me over the edge so I pulled out and came on her stomach. That was the day I lost my virginity. After we were done having sex, we continued to walk home and I asked her how she learned to be so bold and brazen and she told me that her ex-boyfriend was an older guy that taught her how to be “a good slut”, her words, not mine. I was in lust! That was the day I realized the value of a horny slut and how much fun they are compared to the good girls.

We began dating and everything seemed good at first Two months into our relationship, her doctor put her on the pill due to crippling menstrual cramps but she still didn’t want me to cum inside her. My family life was in chaos so her mother being a good Mormon, asked me to stay in their home. I soon became a part of their family and moved into their home indefinitely.

My girlfriend took piano lessons twice a week so twice a week I was left in their home alone for around 2 hours. One day, I decided to go up to my girlfriend’s room and hang out while I was alone. That’s the day I discovered her diary. What I read that day shocked me! I knew she was very sexual and had to have sex daily, usually at 5am when her mom was at the gym, but her diary painted her as a completely delicious and insatiable slut. The same day we met for the first time and had sex, she had had sex with her next door neighbor’s son that morning at 5am and at 7am drove to her older ex-boyfriend’s apartment for a second quickie before school. I was the third guy she had had sex with that day! Apparently, before I had moved in, it was a common occurrence for her to have sex every day at 5am and sometimes several times a day. What was worse was that she was still having sex with these guys and always on the lookout for new ones. I felt jealousy, anger and despair but at the same time I felt aroused. I was confused and I now know I was feeling the cuckold angst.

I decided to keep my discovery of her diary a secret and twice a week when she was at piano class, I would go to her room and read her diary to learn of her latest sexual exploits. Eventually, I began to masturbate as I read her latest slutty encounters and would sometimes cry as I masturbated to her detailed stories about the cocks she fucked and how good they felt inside her, I read about her first creampie, her first threesome, her fantasies, etc. There were even several stories of me almost catching her, which I remembered vividly.

This went on for the rest of our relationship and when we went to college, things got worse. She took a job as a waitress when we were sophomores in college and that’s when she started coming home late and one day she didn’t come home at all until the morning. This was before cell phones were inexpensive and had no way of contacting her so all I could do was wait. When she came home the next morning I asked her where she was and she said the car had stopped so she had to stay at a friend’s house. I knew this was a lie so I immediately stripped her naked and asked her to lay on the bed. I smelled and tasted her pussy and I could taste an acidic taste. I had tasted my own cum in her pussy before so I knew that she had someone else’s cum inside her. That was the first time I fucked her while I used a stranger’s cum for lubrication. I was tempted to ask her about her sexual encounter but, as far as she was concerned, I was completely oblivious to the fact that she was sexual with other men and I didn’t want to ruin it. Besides, at 21 years old, I thought I was sick and was the only one that found sexual pleasure in knowing my girlfriend was with other men.

The end of our relationship came when she ran off with one of her lovers and got married in Vegas. I regret not telling her that I knew she was having sex with other people and that I had learned to enjoy her fucking other men. I strongly believe we would still be together without guilt, without shame, without the need for her to run off if we had both been honest about our desires. The Hotwife lifestyle could have saved our relationship.

Years later I ran into an old high school friend that she was fucking back then and we became good friends. One drunken night I told him that I knew all about him fucking my ex-girlfriend and he told me that he had recorded some videos with his video camera. I asked if he would make me copies which he did. I still have those videos today and have converted them to dvd and often masturbate to them. In one video, he’s recording as she walks into his parents house and he tells her that they have one hour to fuck before his parents return and she says she only has 20 minutes to fuck as she’s meeting me at the movies to see Jurrasic Park. She then lifts up her skirt to reveal her panty less pussy and bends over his couch so he can fuck her doggy style without saying a word. He then fucks her and cums inside her and she leaves with a simple goodbye. She was such a perfect slut! I actually remember that day we saw Jurrasic Park as she was late and I was upset. In another video, she tells him that she has my cum inside her from that morning and if he minded. He fucked her anyways.

In 2008, while working in the film industry, I met a cute little 23 year old brunette in the office. She was a temp and was only there for one month. A week into her job, she came to work wearing the same clothes from the previous day, somewhat disheveled and her make up somewhat smeared. I asked her what had happened and she said she had a crazy night. I somehow instinctually knew the truth though, she had been in a gang bang. This girl was another Jack Mormon. Are you seeing a pattern here? I’ve discovered that Jack Mormon girls are some of the dirtiest sluts out there. They grow up in extreme religious oppression and when they’re adults, they go the complete opposite direction.

We didn’t get along at first. She aggravated me with the self righteous beliefs she had from growing up religious and at the same time she intrigued me with the sexual innuendo that came out of her mouth and her flirting. She was hot, horny, single and I wanted to fuck her so I invited her on a date. She was modest at first. It wasn’t until after we had sex for the first time a month later that I was finally able to extract from her the fact that she was in a gangbang that day that I suspected. I asked her to give me details of her ganbang while we had sex one day and she revealed that it was a drunken spontaneous gangang with 5 guys and one of her girlfriends. One of the guys held her legs open while the other guys took their turn pleasuring themselves with her pussy. She also revealed that the day after her gangbang, she still had cum dripping from her pussy as I was talking to her. That turned me on so much I came inside her within seconds.

Our sex life consisted of her telling me of all her past sexual exploits while we had sex. Eventually we started experimenting with online chat. She would sit on our computer chair naked, chatting with these guys online while I was under the desk licking her progressively wet cunt. Eventually she became comfortable enough to start having phone sex with these strangers as I licked her under the desk or fucked her. She had fantasies of group sex even as a child and started masturbating at a young age. Since she grew up mormon, she was told that sex and masturbation were shameful. She felt guilt but her intense sex drive over rode her guilt. She was an exhibitionist and, as a young adult, had sex several times while others watched. This really excited me about her but, even at this point, I didn’t realize that I wanted to be cuckolded, that I desired her to be pleasured by other men. You see, i’ve always felt that it’s a woman’s right to share her body with as many men as she desires and experience as many orgasms and pleasure as she can handle. I think it’s beautiful when a woman wants to share her sexuality and her body with other men to heal and pleasure them as well as herself. Most men go through life with a mediocre sex life and often don’t have enough sex or no sex at all. This creates anger, resentment and violence in men. If more women would be more sexually free and open themselves up to the possibility that they could heal the world by simply sharing their bodies, opening their legs and fulfilling men’s sexual desires, there would be peace in the world. It’s beautiful!

About a year into our relationship, we started fantasizing of her going to bars and meeting other men for her to have sex with, threesomes and going to swingers clubs. More than anything, I wanted her to share her beautiful body and sexuality with other men. This would remain a fantasy until August of 2011,

I was working as a waiter at the time and one fateful Saturday, she was invited out by some friends to a bar for lunch. I had to work the afternoon shift and the evening shift so I wasn’t going to be home until late. She called me at work around 4pm and told me that she had met a guy while she was out with her friends. I immediately went into my cuckold angst. She then told me that she was going to go out with him that evening and wasn’t going to be home late. I asked her not to go but she told me that she was too sexually attracted to him and couldn’t bring herself to say no. I asked if there was anything I could do to change her mind and she said that there wasn’t, that her mind was set. After I realized there was nothing I could do, I asked her if she was going to have sex with him and she said that was the plan if the opportunity came up. She said she would be home by midnight and she would tell me all about it when she was home. I begrudgingly gave her my blessing and when I hung up the phone, went deeper into my cuckold angst.

I arrived home to an empty apartment and was in anguish. As far as I knew at that moment, my girlfriend was completely naked in some stranger’s house, on her back, with her legs spread wide open with some stranger’s cock deep inside her. I paced the apartment all night and had nothing to do but play with my own cock and cry. Midnight came around and there was no sign of her. She called at 1am. I picked up the phone and heard nothing but heavy breathing.
“Hello” I repeated a few times into the receiver unti finally she said “Hi honey” with a labored breathing.
“What are you doing?” I asked her.
“Guess” she said.
“You’re having sex?”
“Yes” she replied
She continued to fuck him while I listened on the phone. I had heard her having phone sex with other men while I licked her pussy under the table or fucked her in the past but I was always there and I was always the one having sex with her. I had never been on the other end of the phone listening. As their fuck session continued and I listened on the phone, my cuck angst started to dissipate and my horniness started to take over and I started telling her over the phone what to do and say to this guy that was fucking her. I told her to spread her pussy lips open, inviting him further inside her using her index and middle finger in a V. I also told her to look him straight in the eyes and with a horny, wicked smile repeat some of the things I was going to say to her. The things I was asking her to repeat to this guy with his cock deep in my girlfriend’s cunt were what I had always wanted her to say to another man.
“You like my slutty pussy?”
“How does my pussy feel?”
“Is it tight enough for you or do you want me to tighten it up more with my fuck muscles?”
“Use my body for your pleasure!”
“I’m your little fuck slut!”
“Use your little cum dump!”
“Use that fuck hole”
“Treat me like your whore!”
I wanted him to cum inside her so I asked her to tell him to cum inside her. She hesitated at first and then I heard her say to the guy “take off the condom, When you’re ready to cum, I want you to satisfy yourself with my pussy and dump your load deep in my cunt” With that, I orgasmed into my hand.

I heard them both moaning within a minute of that and I heard every agonizing moan the guy made as he pleasured himself with my girlfriend’s pussy. I heard her give a sigh of satisfaction and said she wanted one more orgasm as she began to masturbate on the phone with this stranger’s cum inside her. She had one of the deepest, loudest orgasms I have ever heard from her. After she was done, she said she was going to stay the night and she would be home in the morning. I then heard the guy say something and she told me to hold on as she handed the phone to the guy. He thanked me for sharing my girlfriend with him and I told him that it was all her. That she was open hearted and generous enough to want to share her body with him, to satisfy his needs and give him pleasure. I told him to enjoy her a few more times before she left.

She didn’t make it home until noon the next day. She called me as she was driving home and she told me they fucked another 3 times after the one I heard over the phone. When she arrived home, she told me she had cum dripping down her legs so I decided to snap a picture of her to commemorate the moment. I’ve included that pic for you to enjoy. This picture depicts a newly converted Hotgirlfriend, freshly fucked with cum dripping down her legs. Isn’t that a beautiful sight? After this picture was snapped, I laid her down on the bed and began to explore her freshly fucked and satisfied body. Her pussy was red and swollen and I tasted the cum inside her pussy as I explored her sore pussy with my tongue. She smelled like sex and had been a slutty girl the previous night but her exterior looked like she was just a good girl on her way to church. Since that first sex encounter, she’s been insatiable and has been with 12 other men. Just this past weekend she met a guy from Australia at a work function and she volunteered to take him to the airport after the meeting. They had a few hours to hang out before his flight so she took him to a bar she likes to frequent. They got to know each other well and started flirting and getting frisky. On the way to the airport, he started fingering her and they both got hot and horny. His flight didn’t leave until 10pm and they had an hour left so she parked the car and started fooling around in the car with him, in plain view of the parking lot shuttle! My slutty girlfriend got completely naked, folded the passenger seat down and she laid down on it as he got on top of her to pleasure himself with her pussy before his flight back to Australia. She came home a few hours later with a pussy full of cum which I happily licked out of her pussy and used this Australian stranger’s cum as lubrication as she recounted her slutty session with this stranger as I fucked her. It’s good to know we as Americans are doing our duty for international relations :-)

My cuckold angst is still there but now I look forward to her enjoying her sexuality and experiencing as much pleasure and as many orgasms as she desires with other men. Most of our fantasies have been fulfilled now but now i’m hoping to see her in a gangbang. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Dans Girlfriend

Submitted by: Dan - Los Angeles, USA


August 15, 2012

Wife Into A Hotwife

Thanks to all the new members who have signed up for a VIP membership at Hotwife Hub. Loving chatting to some of you on there on IM as well as all the very sexy hotwives.

Have had to go away this weekend folks so am unable to get you the latest post I had planned but I have some very hot stories and pictures coming next week though.

I thought this was worthy of a ‘Best Of’ repost - How to turn your wife into a Hotwife. Don’t give up guys, the lifestyle is waiting for you with open arms!

Turning a Wife Into A Hotwife

Part VIII - “Conclusion - And Finally…”

It needs to be noted that there is a niche, renegade definition of hotwife used on some x-rated sites that puts her under the control of a husband whose goal is to turn her into a whore-wife. He might have her dress in revealing clothes and have her go to a party, or to the houses or apartments of men he knows, with the understanding that she is to make herself available for sex. No money is involved, and the only motivation seems to be that she demonstrates that she is willing to provide these men with sex. Some wives in this case may be acting out a prostitute fantasy with the husband as pimp. Plus, some women want to experience sex with different men without the complications of setting things in motion themselves. And, finally, then some of these women may be acting out a psychological need to experience submission. In most cases, however, these husbands simply want to demonstrate some sort of ultimate control over their wives by getting them to a point of readily agreeing to sex with men they choose. In some cases the situation is reversed with the cuckold husband getting off on his wife humiliating him by flaunting her numerous affairs in front of him, and even going so far as to force him to watch one of more men have sex with her while she berates her husband’s sexual abilities.

Although such “needs” are hard to understand, they exist and need to be recognized as part of the full scope of human needs and behaviors. Even though some husbands and wives might accept these renegade definitions, the majority of people who move in the hotwife direction feel that these views are associated with unhealthy dominant-submissive relationships that will probably at some point self-destruct. In contrast to the above, the definitions used for the terms in this article can be found here.

This article is in response to letters we’ve received about hotwives and swinging. The bugaboo in outside sexual relationships is emotional involvement. When this enters the picture with anyone but your committed partner, major problems develop. A new person can represent an exciting change over an existing relationship, but what is often not realized is that the excitement of this new relationship almost always fades.
It has been shown that when a person marries the “other person,” that marriage generally fails.

Next week we’ll start to publish “Becoming A Hotwife” - it documents some of the personal problems (and successes) experienced by one couple, and adds important things that need to be considered.

By: Dr. Cherry Lee

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April 18, 2011

Daisy takes 8 loads

OMG I just received these pictures on my phone from my girlie Daisy.

Recently she’s been sluttier than ever and heading off here and there for an illicit rendezvous or two. But she wanted to go a step further in her quest for more cock, so she organised a little party in London with EIGHT guys and headed off this morning to London to one of the guys houses who agreed to host the gangbang. She’s been sending me text updates throughout the day on the sex marathon. I’ve been sooo horny all day reading what’s she’s been up to and then I get these pics with the text.

“Hehe you’re little spunk slut has taken 8 loads!”




See Daisy being a Slut Girlfriend Here


April 14, 2011

Jackie thanks us all

Gorgeous hotwife Jackie has sent us all a message to thank us for making her our number one hotwife of the year for the 2nd year running. A thoroughly deserved win for a very special hotwife.

You can also check out one of her hot video previews on the page too where Jackie’s husband pimps her out to a black businessman.

See Jackie’s thank you video to Hotwife Blog here

Hotwife Blog Profile - Jackie - 2005

Read Jackie’s Exclusive Interview With hotwifeblog.com

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Visit Jackie’s amazing site here


March 14, 2011

Theater Bareback Gangbang

From innocent flirtings to extreme gangbangs, we all can find pleasure in our hotwives behaving in a certain way. I think you’ll agree Creampie Ronja is certainly at the far end of the extreme scale of play as you’ll see from her gallery below picturing her bareback gangbang in an adult theatre. Enjoy..


This was my first bareback gangbang in the adult theater Erdbeermund. Right when I had arrived, I first bought a cool slutty hooker outfit: red lace corsage and appropriate red lace boots with high heels. The fitting and posing already made me pretty horny. So little later I went right into the cinema area, where I sucked all of the cocks that were presented to me. It was not long before I was receiving my first big cum loads of the night straight down my throat…

Of course that wasn’t all. You know me: Just when I had sucked off a few cocks I really wanted to be fucked. So I sat on a bar stool and grabbed the guy who stood next to me to let him jerk off the first cum load of the day into my pussy. And as I was sitting there so comfortably, I let some more guys pump their sperm into my cunt. Then, after some three or four cum-loads, I decided to change position. Doggy-style. Then we all went over to this mattress on the floor. One of these horny studs gave me a french kiss while he squirted his cum inside me…

Then one after the other fucked me without a condom. I did not count the guys who filled my cunt, but my boyfriend says that there were approximately 40 guys standing around. Most of them took the chance to fill me up and who can blame them when such a perverted bareback slut spreads her legs for everyone who’s there. And so the cum-lake, that dripped out of my fuck hole after that first round, was fairly impressive.

When all men had jerked off inside me and their number got fewer, my boyfriend fucked me from behind, using the sperm of the theater visitors as lubricant… After that I sucked off the rest of the guys who were still there before I went outside to the parking lot, completely jizzed and with naked tits. While the cum of all of the strangers still kept dripping out of my snatch, I walked into a fastfood restaurant vis-à vis with my jacket open and my naked boops sticking out, to order a well-earned burger.










Hotwife Blog Profile - Ronja - 2011


February 18, 2011

Meet Ronja

I’ve always been a big fan of gangbangs. One woman receiving a never ending stream of cock to fuck. It never fails to excite me to witness a spectacle such as this. Some of the amateur European gangbang parties really do hit the spot of doing a gangbang the right way. Some of you may have had the fortune to witness some of these. The parties usually held in Germany in a club often have one or two women at the centre of a number of men. Quite often the women you see involved are Hotwives.

What I like about these amateur events is the random, real nature of them. There’s no waiting until the end of a scene to show a load of cumshots, it’s just, raw, real and as it happens, cumshots happen throughout and they can go anywhere, on the body, face, in the mouth or inside the girl’s pussy. Sometimes it is a special creampie gangbang party, where each guy cums inside the girl, one after the next. No cleanup, straight in. Each one fucking the mess that last guy has left behind. I love this best of all.

The creampie gangbang theme leads me on to introduce you to the wife we are showcasing today - Ronja. After finding Rachel, a couple of weeks back I thought I had found the pinnacle of slutdom amongst hotwives. But I think Ronja has now surpassed that previous level lol. This slut girlfriend is a 23 year old bareback slut from Germany and specialises in creampie gangbang parties for her fans and members who she encourages to come and meet her in person, fuck her and cum inside her. This girl is just amazing and I’m hoping we hear more from her real soon. For now though here’s some of her own words on her love of creampies.

Why I love creampies?
First I like to feel a dick purely in my cunt or mouth, I enjoy how the guys feel my pussy juices on their pricks and how they pump their hot cum inside me instead of into a rubber. Then, after a few guys have left their sperm in my cunt it starts dripping out, giving a sloppy feeling and leaving that certain smell… Of course I am a great exhibitionist too! I like to show off my body and I get a kick from provocating, especially in public. So we already have loads of galleries of outdoor gangbangs and hot action in public… e.g. some Galleries from a recent gangbang where 49 men blasted off in my cunt…




January 29, 2011

Meet Rachel

Yet another sizzling hotwife to say hello to today. This is Rachel from my side of the pond in the UK.

I don’t think I’ve come across such a wild bareback hotwife since the I originally found the one and only Jenny Seemore back in 2005. Rachel goes to public toilets, gloryholes and dogging sites to find as much strange cock and cum as she can. And if you check her website you’ll soon realise that shockingly not one bit is fake. Genuine members feedback and forum posts accompany her movies and pictures. Everything on there Rachel did for real. Here’s some words from the extreme slut wife.

“Hi I’m Rachel from the UK, a 29 year old hot, Horny, Sassy Blonde, Creampie addicted Sexaholic Dogging Nympho Cum slut, I am a sex addict and i cant get enough cock!

Lots of guys mail me, thinking that i am not genuine or real, but i am. I really love to meet random strangers for no strings sex, swift fast and furious fucking. I have a love of spunk and just adore being pumped full of fresh hot filthy spunk.

I AM real, I DO meet members and I WILL fuck you. It doesn’t matter what you look like, how old you are or how big your cock is, I just want sex. I really am the ultimate Blonde Cum Slut Whore you dream about meeting, I will do anything your imagination can think of sexually and milk your balls dry!”

Wow I think we’re going to be featuring a lot more of Rachel over this coming year. Let’s see if we can get an interview.

Rachel Reveals

Rachel Reveals

Check out the incredible Rachel Reveals here


April 28, 2010

Jackie thanks Hotwife Blog

I don’t think many Hotwife Blog readers need an introduction here but for those that do this is the amazing and wonderful Jackie who won our 5th birthday Top 20 Hotwife competition voted by you the user.

She was thrilled at coming first place and wanted to say a few words of thanks to all of you that have clicked on her pictures or looked her up over the last year.

I have some more Jackie treats coming over the next couple of weeks with a new and exclusive interview with all the questions I’ve been dying to ask her that I didn’t get the chance first time round.

Click on her link below to see her thank you video and some pictures she shot especially for all of us. THANKS JACKIE!

Gallery and Video For Hotwife Blog

Read Jackie’s Exclusive Interview With hotwifeblog.com

Visit Jackie’s fantastic site here

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