January 21, 2010

Out of Control

We’ve been playing in the lifestyle for a little while. Recently my wife met a guy call Tony during a holiday trip together. The first day we arrived at the hotel we wandered along the coast and found a small bar where Tony worked as a waiter. My wife eyed him immediately. From the first moment when they looked at each other I felt the chemistry between them. We all chatted a little at the bar and got on well. Later that evening I asked her if she liked him. She said that she thought he was a very sexy guy and that she would like to get know him better if she was given the chance. I was thinking ahead in my mind and was prepared to allow her a little evening flirting with maybe a threesome at the end of the night if things were comfortable and I told her that. She smiled and kissed me.

The next day my wife went off to chat to Tony about us both coming by later that evening. I wondered why she wanted to tell him in advance but thought nothing of it. I was happy at the pool sunbathing and dipping in to cool off. I kind of lost track of time but realised it had been a while since my wife left. I grabbed my towel and headed for the hotel room to get changed to go look for her. When I got to the room the door was locked and the key didn’t respond and I immediately became aware of the groans and screams from inside. I realised what had happened and didn’t have the courage to knock so I went to the hotel bar, my mind racing, thinking half excited, half jealous of what they were getting up to. About an hour later I came back up and the key worked in the door but they were not in the apartment. The bed was in a right state with a big wet patch on the sheet. I wondered if it was his cum.

I went down to the pool and there she was sitting alone, reading a book. I didn’t mention anything but she had this excited look in her eyes “You won’t believe what’s just happened darling” she said and then started to tell me everything. I was excited and horny as she went through how Tony had given her a drink and seduced her in no time at all at the bar. He then persuaded her to take him back to the room while he got a friend to cover for him at the bar.

I was so horny I asked her to come back to the room. We went back up and she started to give me a blowjob while she told me the rest of the story. When it got to the part where he started to fuck her I spurted all over her face, hair and neck I was so turned on.

She went on to say Tony was just a summer adventure and was glad we were heading home in a week as she could fall for a guy like that. I believed what she said and thought that it was just another adventure in our marriage. We didn’t see him again on our trip and didn’t go back to the bar but when we got home she started corresponding by email after finding him on facebook. Then two months ago she asked me if Tony could possibly stay with us for a few days. He had got a placement for a short course at the University in our city and he needed a place to stay while he found a more permanent place to move into. I agreed and thought it may be fun to have him fuck her again. He arrived just after new year and he is still here. He moved into our house and as a real alpha male now leads the main word in our home. Little by little my wife and him have become closer. They kiss and have sex in front of me and when I’m not there. It’s like my wife is in love with him. They are having sex without protection and my wife is not on the pill. They are constantly exchanging tenderness and fucking every chance they get. She seems so happy and I’m glad that she is happy now but sometimes I wonder how will it all end. I am having all my fantasies played out in front of me but this feels very uncomfortable sometime. Any advice is welcome.

Submitted by: Anom - Croatia


January 19, 2010

Boyfriend Dissaproves

Rick Lee from Hotwives and Girlfriends diary update:


Tiffany is a slut girlfriend my new friend from the Pac NW found on AFF. He had been fucking her for a while and since he knew I was coming up, he told her that I was coming and I had this site where she could be on if she wanted to. And she was very excited about it, however, her boyfriend was not. And this is what makes this episode different from all the other ones on the site. Tiffany is a slut at heart but she is with this guy who doesn’t want her to be what she is, even if he wants to do other girls. So Tiffany did the video in hopes her boyfriend finds out so he can see how much she enjoys other cocks.

My friend brought her to the hotel where I was staying and we got to talk a bit before we started the video. She said she had always been sexual and that she really enjoy getting fucked in the ass, and that got my dick hard when she said that. And after a few pictures, we got her on her knees and she started to suck cocks. She would suck cock and talk about the boyfriend, which made it all the more interesting. And after that we started to fuck her everywhere, in her pussy, mouth, and ass and she loved it all of it. We fucked her in every position for over an hour and we ended up cumming inside her pussy and on her face.

I am not sure if she will forward this site to the boyfriend or give him a copy of the video, but I’m sure he is not going to be too happy about it. But at the same time I am sure he will be able to appreciate how slutty Tiffany is and fuck her the way she needs to be fucked, everyday and in every hole.








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January 17, 2010

The First Time

Here’s a true story submitted by reader AyJay from the UK..


Hi Trash,

I stumbled across your website recently and love it!

Up until now I’ve always felt like a minority weirdo so it was great to see there are so many other guys turned on by the same thing as me.

Here is my account of the first time my fantasies became reality.

The First Time.

My hotwife fantasies began, I think, when I was in my twenties during my first marriage. They started after reading a letter in one of the top shelf magazines that I found at work. It was from a husband who enjoyed hearing his wife having sex with their young student lodger, practically every night. I found that instead of feeling jealous at the thought of my wife doing something like that, it really turned me on. As long as I was still getting my fair share of sex then why would it matter if she was being pleasured elsewhere as well, (as long as I could listen, watch, or better still, join in). I never got to fulfil this fantasy in my first marriage though, being unable to persuade my first wife of the benefits of having sex with others, although I did go off and enjoy the ‘bull’ side of the equation.

I’ve been weight training since I was twenty one and although I’m no oil painting, I have been referred to as ‘The Body’ by more than one female friend. I’m sure this definitely contributed to, firstly one of my friends sharing his girlfriend with me, and then later on another friend sharing his wife. I did thoroughly enjoy the sex with my friends women but still fantasised about the situation in reverse with my wife being serviced by someone else.

In my second (and present) marriage I was determined to fulfil the fantasy, so slowly introduced my second wife (Angel) to the idea, when we were having sex, of her having sex with others. I would say things when she was nearing climax such as “I’m a lucky man I bet any young stud would love to be fucking your gorgeous pussy right now” and “You’re so sexy I bet you could pull any guy you wanted and give him the best fuck of his life”. These sort of comments always pushed her over the brink very quickly into great climaxes so I was pretty sure one day, when the time was right, I would be able to fix her up with some lucky guy for her first extramarital sex. Anyway, back to the day it became reality!

We were having a late autumn break in one of those centres where there are water features like a wave pool, slides, etc. indoors in a very large heated structure. Our favourite place to relax between using the pool and the water slides was on the terrace above one end of the wave pool. There were tables and chairs where we could sit, have a drink, and indulge in watching other people using the pool. Usually we’d use the pool together when it was time for the wave machine to kick in but occasionally Angel would go down on her own and I’d enjoy watching her jumping, trying to keep her head above the water, as each wave came towards her. I’d be transfixed by her lovely breasts as they bounced up and down in her skimpy bikini and always had a hard on well before the waves had finished. She knew what she was doing to me and enjoyed teasing me during the day so that I couldn’t wait to fuck her when we finally returned to our room.

At 34 she was an extremely attractive sexy woman with a fantastic body. She still is at 48!. Her lovely firm breasts are probably an average size at 34c but look much larger because of her very slim waist and her hips and bum are firm, round and very, very sexy. Luckily for me she is one of these rare women who genuinely don’t realize how good looking they are.

Back to the recollection. On the third day we were there, I was watching Angel bouncing alone when I saw a young guy approach and start talking to her. Angel looked a bit taken aback when he first spoke but then she obviously started enjoying whatever he was saying because I could see her smiling and laughing with him. I’m not into men, but I could see that he was a good looking guy with a good shape, so obviously, I was thinking of the possibilities this might give and my usual erection at watching Angel became so hard it was starting to hurt.

When the waves had finished and Angel walked out of the pool to return to me I watched the guy, and he was watching her very intently, as he returned to his seat which was not far from the pool’s edge. She was walking very sexily, swaying her gorgeous hips and ass, and I knew some of this may have been for my benefit, but it was more than likely completely for his. Whoever it was for, it worked on both of us because he was covering his crotch with both hands by the time he reached his seat. When Angel sat down next to me I could see she was still flushed and was smiling so I asked her what the young guy had said to her. She said, not very convincingly, that it was just general chit-chat but it didn’t take much cajoling to prise the actual content of their conversation from my flustered wife. Basically, he had told her that he hoped she wouldn’t take offence, because he knew she was with someone, but she was the sexiest most attractive woman that he had seen in a long, long while and he couldn’t help the compulsion to walk over and tell her so. He also said that now he had relieved this compulsion to make himself look stupid in the eyes of a gorgeous woman he would go back to his seat and probably hide when she told her partner and he came looking for him. Angel said that after the initial shock, she was very flattered because although she feels that she looks pretty good in a bikini it was nice of someone to actually tell her, so she quickly put his mind at ease that there would be no-one coming to find him as I would probably be very pleased that someone else found her attractive. I quickly told her that I was extremely pleased at this young man’s appreciation of her and also told her that I had seen him watching her walk away and that he was obviously turned on by the sight of her gorgeous derrière as he struggled to cover the bulge in his swim shorts before he sat down. Angel flushed even more at this but was obviously very happy with the reaction she had received from him.

At this point I just blurted out “So when are you going to fuck him Angel?” She looked at me for about ten seconds, trying to gauge if I was serious, and then a big smile spread over her face as she surprised me by saying “Would now be too soon?” It was obvious that all my training her up for sex with another guy was not as subtle as I thought! All the times that I had fantasised about her agreeing to this one day I never realised what my reaction would be. My heart started hammering in my chest. I was scared and excited all at once. My legs felt weak, but my cock was rock hard! Although I was nervous now that the big day had come I leant over and very passionately kissed my wonderful wife and said “Now would be fantastic!”.

We talked some more and decided she should take him to the cubicle we used in the changing room and that I would make sure I was nearby so that she was o.k. Angel made sure that I was really okay with this happening and when the wave machine started up again she went down to the pool alone again. She walked over to the guy, spoke to him and left her towel on his table before she entered the pool. He followed close behind her. They were chatting, smiling and laughing in the pool until I saw her lean in closer, put her hand under the water between them, smile broadly. say something to him, walk sexily from the pool, pick up her towel and go to the changing rooms. A couple of minutes later he also left the pool, picked up his towel, and holding his towel over his crotch, headed for the changing rooms.

I gave him a couple of minutes to find Angel and then, clutching my own towel to hide my erection, got up on shaking legs and followed them into the changing rooms. There was no sign of them so, as the door to the cubicle we usually use was shut, I quietly entered the one next to it and locked the door. As I sat down and listened, the sounds of whispering and kissing could be heard quite clearly from the next cubicle. By now my cock was straining to get out of my shorts so I quickly discarded my shorts, sat back on my towel with my rock hard cock in my hand, and listened intently while my wife was getting ready to have sex with a stranger. The kissing sounds stopped and I heard an exclamation of delight from Angel and the next thing I heard was moans of pleasure from the guy. I had a quick peak under the bottom of the cubicle just low enough to see their feet. The guy had his back to the door, his shorts were around his ankles, and Angel was facing him on her knees. I didn’t need Einstein to tell me that she was giving the lucky fucker a blow job. I was really, really enjoying imagining her lovely lips around another guy’s cock and had to ease off stroking my own throbbing dick before I came too soon. After five or ten minutes he stopped moaning and about thirty seconds later I heard Angel firstly give a gasp, and then softly moan with pleasure. A quick peak underneath at their legs showed me that she was standing facing the wall and the guy had obviously slid his cock into her from behind. I was really struggling to stop myself coming now, even without touching the biggest, hardest, erection I’d ever had in my life. When I heard Angel start to stifle her cries as she reached her first orgasm, the sounds tipped me right over the edge and I had to keep myself quiet as I literally sprayed the cubicle with sperm. I had never, in my life, had such a strong orgasm. The first spray hit the door and the second almost matched it!

After I had stopped pumping my seed on the floor I felt drained and sat there wondering how a situation like my wife behaving like a dirty sex hungry slut with another man could turn me on so much. To be truthful, there was a few minutes when I thought ‘What the fuck am I doing sitting in here listening to my wife being serviced by another guy?’. This soon passed though when I realised that I was starting to get turned on again by the moans of pleasure from Angel in the next cubicle.

Pretty soon I had a full erection again and was stroking my cock again thinking ‘Go on Angel’, ‘Give the guy the best fuck of his life’ and hoping she was being as depraved and dirty as she possibly could be to make him fill her gorgeous pussy with hot spunk. By her moans and cries I heard her orgasm several times when, at last, I heard his groans as he emptied his balls, and Angel’s delighted cries as she felt his cock jumping and spurting deep inside her. This of course sent me over the edge again and the floor of the cubicle received what was left in my aching balls..

It quietened down in the cubicle next to me and all I could hear were whispers and giggles from Angel and the occasional smooching sound. After about ten to fifteen minutes I heard the cubicle door open and shut and someone padding away. I took a peek under the cubicle and could see Angel was still there alone. I put on my shorts, cleaned the door and floor with my towel, left my cubicle, and knocked quietly on Angel’s door whispering “Are you okay Angel?” She replied “Come in, the doors not locked”. I quickly entered and locked the door behind me. She was sitting on the bench wrapped in his towel and looking up at me a bit guiltily. I was not expecting how strongly the cubicle smelt of male spunk and was taken aback just for a second. “Are you okay?” she said quietly to me, as if she was expecting disapproval. “I’m better than okay, you gorgeous sexy bitch” I said and kissed her passionately while peeling the towel off her. She had her legs closed as she sat there and funnily enough, given the circumstances, seemed a bit shy and reluctant when I gently prised them apart to see her beautiful, swollen, wet, well fucked cunt. The insides of her lovely firm thighs were glistening with her own love juice where it had ran down her legs as she was being fucked and as I watched, his white cream started to ooze out of her pussy and slowly rum down between the cheeks of her gorgeous ass. I’d barely lost my erection from my second orgasm so lost no time in dropping my shorts, kneeling before Angel, and sliding my cock in her soaking sperm filled love tunnel. “Ow” she exclaimed when I had slid fully in. “I’m a bit sore!” I stopped moving and Angel could see that I was a bit disappointed when I withdrew so she said “I’m not sore everywhere!”

Now, I know it’s unusual for a guy but I’ve never been that bothered about anal sex. I don’t mind for a change occasionally, and I know Angel loves it and has always wanted me to do it more often so I didn’t want to disappoint her on this momentous day. Besides, I was gagging to get inside her gorgeous newly fucked body. Angel turned around and knelt on the floor, her arms resting on the bench and I gently eased my love juice and sperm coated cock into her lovely tight ass. “I expect you’ll be offering your new friend this lovely tight ass next?” I whispered to Angel as I slowly fucked her over the bench. “Oh, No Way” she said, between her moans of pleasure, “He’s too big for this”. Well… I thought I was reasonably big at seven inches long and six inches around so the certain knowledge that my wife had just been well and truly serviced by a younger guy, packing a larger cock than mine, triggered my third orgasm of the day. I doubt if there was any cream left in my balls but Angel could feel my cock kicking inside her and she let out a sigh of satisfaction and possibly relief that it was obvious I was more than okay with her fucking another man.

We cleaned up and got dressed. I bought a bottle of wine at the small site supermarket and we went back to our room and talked and laughed about the experience for the rest of the day. We never saw her young stud again as he’d told her that he was just on a day pass and she hadn’t thought to get his phone number. Since that day Angel has obviously had some great times with other guys, with me either being told later in great detail, listening, (down the phone is good too), or more often than not, joining in the fun.

For sheer intensity though….and I’m sure most husbands will agree… nothing matches that first time when your wife fucks another guy and you hear her moans of pleasure as she is fucked to orgasm!

Love to all you like minded folk

Submitted by: Ayjay. U.K.


January 15, 2010

Award Nomination

A little off topic today. Had some great news! I’m very excited, pleased and proud to announce that my affiliate program RockRevenue.com has been nominated for Emerging Affiliate Program of the Year at the upcoming Xbiz Awards held in LA in February http://www.xbiz.com/news/115720. Wooooop!

For those of you that run a website you can join Rock Revenue to promote and earn cash from my cheating wife and girlfriend site The Undercover Lover and also earn from the love of my life and self confessed slut Daisy Rock

Fingers crossed for the awards show.

Love you all,
Your Webmaster

Xbiz Awards


January 13, 2010

Janet’s black gangbang

I’m beginning to see veteran hotwife Janet Mason everywhere on the Internet. This red haired beauty is keeping very busy with her new career.

I thought this set of pics from Black on Blondes was worthy of a post. Here Janet takes on 8 black cocks and gets fucked all day. We know how much she loves cum from her postings on here but here she really didn’t know what to do with it all, some went on her tits, some on her face, some in her mouth and the last couple of guys let go of their load in her pussy. Great pics and great work Janet.

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

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January 11, 2010

Changing the rules

Cuckold Place Update

Wife Changed the Rules of the Game

My job takes me out of town for days at a time. When I got home from my last trip, I told my husband about a nice looking younger man buying me drinks during happy hour one night. I told my husband that the attention he paid me really make me feel good about myself. My husband asked if I considered taking the man up on his offers. I had to admit I thought about what it would like, but would not consider cheating on him. He asked me would I do it with his knowledge and approval. I was not sure what to say. We talked for hours about his question. I told him if he was sure he could deal with it I may give it consideration if the guy was as nice looking as the young man in the bar. We talked more about it and came up with some ground-rules. My husband did not want me doing anything with anyone that he worked with, or anyone that knew our family. He also said I did not have to tell him in advance for one night stands. He did want to know the details ASAP after I fucked a stranger. He also wanted to know and approve of any ongoing relationship I may have. My husband said he did not want me fucking any black men, because he did not want to have to explain a black baby to our friends and family if I got pregnant. I agreed to his rules.

I did not have any out of town business during the next two weeks. My husband and I had sex nearly every day. During sex he would start talking about me being with other men and the things they may do to me. He seemed to get more and more turned on each night.

Then after that couple of weeks I had to have lunch with a nice looking salesman from out of town. He started hitting on me and I told him I was married. He did not seem to mind, saying he had a lot married girlfriends. After we completed our business he said he would really like to take me out for dinner before he left town. My mind started racing, thinking about fucking this stranger. I also started thinking about how my husband may react to me going on a date with this man. I asked him if he was free tonight. He said yes, and we set a time and location for our date. The more I thought about it the more excited I became. I stopped on the way home from work to buy a special outfit to wear on my date. I picked out a little black miniskirt and a very revealing silk blouse. When I got home, I told my husband I had to meet someone for a dinner appointment. After my husband saw me getting dressed, he said it looked like I was going out on a date. I told him, you could call it that. I reminded him about our rule regarding one-night-stands (I did not have to tell him before hand). He said yes that was what we said. I told him that he could wait up and I would give him the details before we went to bed. He said OK. I did warn him that I expected to be late getting in.

My new male friend was named Mark. Over dinner he managed to touch me every chance he got. When I did not turn down his advances, he got even bolder. It turned out we were having dinner less than a block from his hotel. We both knew what we wanted, so we cut dinner short and went back to his room, got undressed and went for it. My lover pushed the large mushroomed head of his cock into my pussy. When he finally came, I could feel his semen pumping into me. I got between his legs and licked and sucked his ball until he was hard again. I then rode his cock until he came again, pumping another load of his seed into me, until it was overflowing and dripping down my thighs. My thoughts went to my husband waiting home for my return. That gave me my biggest climax of the night. I then left my lover and told him I had to get home.

It was 1AM when I pulled into my driveway. I sat in my car thinking about what I had just done and was about to do. I pulled my panties off and slipped them in my handbag. My husband was awake and came to the living room nude to greet me. His cock was hard with anticipation. I asked him to make us some drinks. He did so and sat on the couch next to me. I took a slip of my drink and reached into my bag and pulled out my panties handing them to him. He knew that I was naked beneath my miniskirt. He gave me a hard passionate kiss. I asked him to get on his back on the floor in front of the couch. He did so without question. I got up and placed one foot on the coffee table and the other beside his head. I told him that I wanted him to see my well fucked pussy. I told him to run his hand over my thighs. He did as he was told. I explained that he was feeling another man’s cum that had dripped out of my pussy. A drop of cum dripped from my pussy onto his cheek. I then lowered my cum filled pussy to his lips. I told him that I wanted him to eat all the cum out of my pussy. He sucked and ate my pussy all night long. I told him that it was clear that he enjoyed this due to the hardness of his dick. He could not deny what was true. When he did get around to putting is dick in my pussy, he shot his load as soon as it was inside me. I told my husband that since he enjoyed other men using my pussy, I was going to update our rules. I explain that now we only had one rule. That rule was “I was going to fuck anyone I wanted!” As I pushed his head back down to my pussy for him to clean out his own cum, I asked if he understood the rule. He said “yes”. I asked if he had any problem with that rule. He said “no”. I said “good” and pushed my cunt into his face.

You can read some responses on this story here

Submitted by: open couple


January 9, 2010

Birthday treat

Here’s another update from myself and Sensi from The Undercover Lover.

Sensi gets a lot of married sluts who contact him via his website for an illicit meet-up when their cuckold husbands are not about.

Scarlett had actually emailed me via the blog about meeting Sensi and I arranged a secret encounter for part to fall on his birthday. I sneaked her in to my place just before he was due to get over and hid her in the cupboard.

After opening a few rubbish gifts I got him from the pound shop I told him to look in the cupboard. He was expecting another joke present but ended up being very shocked to see lovely Scarlett dressed up in sexy lingerie waiting for him. After some kissing he didn’t take long to take her into the bedroom and stuff her full of big black cock.

They were at it for hours. She wouldn’t let him cum inside her as she wasn’t on the pill so he had to do with filling up her mouth with his hot cum. We then had to get ready to go out and celebrate his birthday, Scarlett had to get home as she was meant to be cooking dinner for her Hubby that night. Hopefully they’d both end the day full and satisfied.

Sensi and Scarlett

Sensi and Scarlett

Sensi and Scarlett

Sensi and Scarlett

Sensi and Scarlett

Sensi and Scarlett

And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here or contact Sensi direct on Hotwife Dating Here

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January 7, 2010

Wi-Fi Camera Fun

I want to share with all cuckolds a new way to experience our favorite sexual game: an Internet camera. Let me tell you how my wife and I use it.

She is a beautiful Latino raven haired beauty, 35 years old and hot as hell. She loves fucking and that is all she thinks about. Her desire is far above my capabilities to satisfy her, so she has always had other men in her bed. Several times a week she calls one of her lovers or she picks up someone new and takes him to the same downtown hotel. She always calls me before she starts and after she has finished fucking. This way, when she comes home late, I never worry.

A few weeks ago I bought this great Internet WiFi camera and set it up with the hotel’s code. I hid it in a compartment inside her purse, with a small opening on the side for the lens, so when they get to the room, she places it on a convenient surface and switches it on. The camera automatically connects and starts streaming the video and audio to my computer or iPhone. Then she calls me and tells me she is going to fuck for a while.

Yesterday morning, for example, I was at work when she called. She mentioned she had picked up someone new. There were other people in the office, but fortunately my cubicle is near a wall so no one can see my screen. I immediately browsed to the correct address and saw them kissing and undressing. He was a big man and when she knelt to unzip his fly, I saw the largest cock I’ve ever seen. Jesus! She admired it and said it was the most beautiful dick in the world and proceeded to lick it, bite it and suck it. I don’t know how she managed it, but she ate it to the hilt. He then held her head and started mouth fucking my lovely wife until he came inside her mouth, something she likes very much.

Then they undressed and went to bed. At this point I was called to a meeting so I missed the next scenes, but when I returned and tuned in again I saw him entering her from behind, doggy style, while she panted and screamed with delight. She must have orgasmed many times. Then they changed positions and tried front to front, front to back, she on top, 69, standing up, she sitting on his face and any other possible fucking position. The man had never ending sexual energy and kept fucking her hour after hour until she pleaded him to stop. In all they were together for about ten hours and I watched most of them from my office. My coworkers even commented that I was staying later than usual.

Eventually she stopped the recording and called me saying she would be home soon. I left immediately and we both arrived home at the same time. She asked me not to fuck her as her cunt was too swollen and hurt, however she sat on my face and asked me to clean her up, which I gladly did. I put the video recording on my home computer so while I was licking her, she could watch the show she had given me. As the recording progressed she was commenting it and mentioned several times that Charles, as the man was called, would now be part of her stable of stallions, an idea to which I completely agreed.

Ours is a very happy marriage. I earn a good salary and like my work quite a bit. I fuck her two or three times a week and she fucks her lovers every day. There are days when she fucks two and sometimes even three of us. Fucking, eating and sleeping is all she does. Sometimes she goes shopping and once in a while we go to a party, but her main activity is fucking. She also likes to have two or three men at the same time, all inside her at the same time. Sometimes I’m one of them. Others I just watch or wait for her. But what makes our marriage work is that I’m very happy supporting her and enjoying her very intense sexual activity.

Submitted by: Alonso - Mexico


January 5, 2010

Fonda back in Florida

Black Bachelor Update:

There is nothing like fucking a married woman who has accepted her fate in life. She’s a dirty slut wife and there is nothing her husband can do about it! Fonda sent me a text a few days ago, telling me she needed a weekend get away to take her mind off her non fulfilling sex life with her husband. I knew that was a code word for “meet me in Miami to stretch my pussy apart with your thick, black dick Blonde whores nasty motherfuckers!” So I quickly jump online and find a cheap airline ticket and boom, 48 hours later, I’m holding a Rum and coke with my shorts on the patio ground and my dick in slut wife Fonda’s mouth!

Her husband called to make sure everything was ok (see picture below), but by that time I had already blown three loads of black sperm in his lovely wife’s pussy! The weather was so nice in Miami this past weekend, it must have been a slut MILF wife convention going on! The beaches were filled with married whores on the hunt for fresh black meat! Never the less, I gave your favorite slut wife a vacation fuck she had dreamed about! I thought she was going to pass out on me, when I rammed my dick in her tight asshole!

Fonda Black is a true slut wife and I love her for it!

Thanksgiving fell on the right week, because I gave Fonda’s pussy a helping load of hot sperm, I’m sure her husband is going to have the time of his life eating the left overs out of her pussy!

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

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January 3, 2010

Best night yet

I have enjoyed several sexual encounters with other guys but this one is the best so far. Our neighbor Walter has been involved in a few of them. One night when my Hubby was out of town I was very horny and asked Walter if he would like to drop by and listen to an idea I had. I knew his wife was out of town also. He said he would be right over. When he arrived he could tell I was hot by the way I was dressed. Short skirt, see through blouse and the way I was sitting on the couch with my skirt almost above my ass. I asked him if he would be interested in listening to my plan. He said of course. I told him I had talked to my Hubby about my idea and that he said he would love it.

The plan was that my Hubby and I would rent two adjoining motel rooms and that Walter and I would go to a local bar and meet up with two of the guys he worked with, Walter had told me before about them and trying to get me to fuck them. They were both married but didn’t get enough sex from their wives and were wanting some more and knew of Walter’s sessions with me.

He loved the idea and said he would ask the guys if they were up for it. He fucked me before he went though, I just laid back on the couch, pulled my skirt up and panties to one side while he took his trousers off and shoved his cock in me. He fucked me hard and fast and came hard inside me and then just left me panting and leaking on the couch.

I got a message a few days later from Walter that it was all systems go and we arranged a date when Hubby was back.

The date came, we had booked the rooms and me and Hubby headed to the bar. I told him to sit at a booth opposite that would give him a good view of what was going on under the table with the new boys. After a few drinks and a few dances I was so fucking horny that while I was sitting at the booth I pulled my skirt up over my waist and let the two guys Walter worked with play with my pussy under the table as my hubby watched from across the room.

It wasn’t long before Walter suggested it was time to head over to the motel and the three of them could take turns pounding my pussy. I agreed and we headed to the motel in Walts car. My Hubby left at the same time and was already in the adjoining room when we got there. I closed the door on him and told him to sit close to it. I wanted to made sure he could hear everything. I was fucked senseless for hours and when the three of them finally finished and left the room I knocked on the door to the adjoining room and my Hubby opened the door. He was as naked as I was and had a huge erection. He took my hand and led me to the bed where he began fucking my used pussy over and over. When he had finally finished he cleaned me up for over an hour. This was the most sexually satisfying night of my life. My hubby wants a repeat as soon as possible. I told him he wouldn’t have to wait long.

Submitted by: Beth - California

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