February 4, 2009

Wife Plays While I’m Away

Ok once again I am proud to report my girlfriend has been a very naughty girl. I posted back in Dec (Making of a cuckold) and now once again I have an adventure to post.

My girl and I had been talking about adventures we could possibly carry out, her cucking me. I will tell all of you she gets an A+ for effort. With busy schedules and with all of life daily battles it can be hard to have a wild adventure.

I had planned to go out of state for a week and had given my little slut the green light to be a naughty girl while I was gone. The first night while out of town she texts me telling me how she been busy this day texting with a couple of guys and said she was naughty. Instantly my cock throbs and she tells me how she could possibly get fucked by not one but two guys soon. Well needless to say my mind was focused on that all week long.

Towards the last day of me being out of town I get several texts from my slut who forwarded her conversation she had with a guy friend of hers. There conversation was about how he wanted to fuck her and how he wanted her hot pussy. Well one thing led to another and the plan was set. Her big cock buddy would come over in the early morning hours and fuck her really good.

Well talking to my slut and hearing how she was going to be fucking her big cock buddy in our bed while I was gone was so overwhelming. I had to jerk my cock and was throbbing like a beast. See my slut and I played a game, the game was she would try and do everything she could to make me jerk off, my goal was not too and hold out until I returned back home.

Little did I know that she was going to go all out full throttle. She was telling me how she would be preparing herself for him slicking her hot pussy and I was going over the edge quick. I could not take it no more I had to cum and I stroked hard to her words of desire. I jerked hard and cum all over the place. She laughed and said that now I had to be punished since I was not to jerk off anymore, it would be left up to my slut and now I was going to have to wait when I got home before I could make love to her. It was determined that I would have to wait a couple of days before I would be allowed to be with her. We said our goodbyes and hung the phone up knowing that the next time she and I talked she would have been fucked by her buddy.

It was a long night and wondering when or how things would happen between the two of them. At 4.32am I get a text that reads; “OK baby the only thing ur naughty girl has left to do is to get fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time. Left you a present on your side of the bed :-) ” so I texted her asking if she fucked him good? she replied; “At least 4 different positions plus 69… does that qualify for fucking him good?”

So then I called her and we talked on the phone, she told me how he called and came over. She would not tell me the rest, said I had to wait until I returned home. I was dying, never been so turned on. So the deal was since I could not fuck her when I got home for cheating by jerking off that she would tell me about her morning fuck and show me. She would allow me to stick my cock in her but could not leave it in her, just long enough to show me how she fucked him in all the positions.

I could not get home fast enough, that night in our bedroom she showed me and narrated how it all went down. Showed me how they kissed and how she sucked his large cock, then how she fucked him. Their fuck part lasted for 1 hour. He pounded her good and as he got ready to cum he pulled out and pulled his condom off and cummed all over her belly. She laid on my side of the bed and rubbed her tummy on the sheets smearing his cum on my side of the sheets. Oh almost forgot how she showed off her hickies on her tits that he left.

Let me tell you I was throbbing and wanted her pussy so bad, but being the cuck I am and being punished for jerking I was not allowed to cum.

I love being a cuckold and I think my girlfriend is doing an awesome job turning me into one.

The picture below is what I found when I got home and turned the bed down. It was the used condom and package that my girlfriend left on my side of the bed. She is hot, awesome and the best slut ever.

Used Condom Evidence

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Submitted by: JW - Texas


February 2, 2009

Janet Love

Time for some Janet love. Just before Christmas I’d been chatting to Janet Mason and her husband Steve about doing a new interview for hotwifeblog.com - There have been some big changes in their lives including a relocation to LA.

Really looking forward to hearing all your news Janet. In the meantime here’s a couple of classic pics of Janet doing what she does best…

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

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January 29, 2009

Fiance Finally Did It

Cuckold Place Update

I had been dating Tammy for 5 years. We got engaged while she was still in grad school, and we were living apart, so it was still a few months before she was able to move back to my home town, so we decided to do our best to be loyal. As time went on, I began to develop what I saw at the time as a very abnormal fantasy.

I remembered about how when she and I first started dating, she would talk about her ex boyfriend, and how big he was. I asked her if a big dick was what she wanted, and her response was that it was “more manly”, but that I felt good… In the back of my mind, I knew she was lying to me, but I could not stop thinking about what her ex must have done to her with his huge cock. It began to become an obsession for me. Every time we would have sex, I began to think about what she must have been like riding that huge cock of his, and would cum so hard when I would picture him fucking her tight little pussy with that fat cock that she loved. I would jerk my tiny little penis thinking about it while she was sleeping next to me, and think about her cumming all over a much bigger and harder cock than I could ever provide. Finally I came to the understanding that I desired to be a cuckold to a much bigger and capable man, and wanted nothing more than to watch her little pussy cum all over a big hard cock… I even began to dream about her letting, or making, me suck his huge cock, and training me to be a little cock slut like her. I trembled with pleasure at the idea of his massive cock fucking her to climax, and then me being forced to swallow his hot cum, or lick it right out of her little pussy.

Finally, I felt like I could not keep any of this to myself any longer, so I began dropping hints to see what she thought. At first, I just asked her if she ever thought about being with a man who could provide more pleasure, and in the beginning, she tried to be coy about it, but not very well. She said that size was sometimes a liability, but the look on her face told a different story. After a little pressing, the truth started to come out. She admitted that a big hard cock was what she liked, and the deeper and fatter she could get, the more likely she was to have that little wet pussy cum. She also revealed that a big cock felt better because when it pushed the pussy apart, the feeling of submission and servitude was incomparable to what I could give her. Basically, a man with a bigger cock would make her feel like more of a woman, and there was no way I could ever match that.

I knew that us being apart was going to be a great excuse for her to enjoy that big cock, so I began to talk specifics. I asked her if she still talked to her ex, and she admitted to me that he would call her all the time. When she came clean about that, I felt like I was going to cum in my pants. I knew that if he was calling her, there was now way he wasn’t fucking her. Her love of huge cock was no secret, so I was certain she had been getting what she needed. I asked her if she would be willing to have him over one night and call me on her cell phone so that I could hear her getting real dick. I did not expect the reply I was given.

She told me that she had already made plans for him to come over that night. In fact, he had been fucking her every night for the past month, and she told me that she didn’t think she could stop… even if she wanted to, which she didn’t. She told me about how she had sent him a text that afternoon telling him how she was fantasizing about his “perfect penis” and how all she could think about was sucking his cock and feeling his hot cum in her little pussy. She said that she had never felt as horny with anyone as he made her feel, and that every time he fucked her, he made her cum. She said that the night before, he had fucked her so good, that she came harder than she had ever cum before.

You can not imagine how hard this news made me. I knew my perfect little fiance was a total slave to a huge cock and not only couldn’t stop fucking him, but had no desire to stop. She flat out told me that she had every intention of fucking him as often as she could. Her body could not say no. She agreed that she wanted me to hear what it sounded like for her to get fucked by a real man, so she told me she would call me before she went to bed with him that night so I could hear them together.

I went to bed almost right way and toyed with my pathetic unit thinking about what was going to happen to her later. After what seemed like forever, the call finally came. I was under strict instructions not to make a sound, so I muted the phone right away. She acted like she was just setting the phone down to go to bed, and I could hear her talking to him. At first, things seemed pretty benign. I was actually worried that he might not be in the mood as he was telling her he was really tired from a long day, but then I heard her going down on him. She said, “I know what you need” and within seconds, I could hear the slurping and moaning of her taking him full length down her throat. He began to pant slightly and I could hear him instructing her how to get him going. He told her how “good her mouth felt”, and I almost got jealous, because I realized it had been over a year since she wanted to put my tiny little pathetic cock in her mouth, yet here she was on the phone about to cum just from sucking a much bigger and commanding cock. It was obvious she was enjoying it.

As things progressed, I heard him start to give her instruction. He told her to roll over, which she obviously did, because with in seconds, I heard him enter her… I knew it happened, because the gasp she let out was unmistakable. There is no other reason a woman would ever make the sound she made other than the moment she had been penetrated by a truly huge cock.
I held my breath so as not to miss a second of the sounds, and was rewarded with a rising ecstasy which I had never heard from her before. It started at a slow groan, but as I heard him start to fuck her harder, it was clear that she was on her way to orgasm. I could hear his balls slapping against her, and each time he went in, she let out a throaty groan. It was becoming clear what a real man could do to her, and I had to reach down and play with my little cock while I listened to him fucking her. As I pulled away, I listed to his powerful stroke give her pleasure, and listed in as her dirty talk began to guide him to her climax.

“Fuck my little pussy…fuck it hard” she said. “You like my big dick, don’t you?” He said, “not like your boyfriend’s tiny dick”… “He has a tiny cock, I only want yours” she said…”I want you to fuck me with your big cock…he can’t make me cum” When I heard this, I came all over my hand. I immediately brought the hot cum up to my mouth and licked it all up. I was still hard thinking about him fucking her.

“Damnit fuck me hard” she yelled…”Fuck my little pussy” “Oh baby I am going to cum” he said…”I am going to cum in you” “Do it baby, cum in my pussy” she cried….”fill me” She knew I could hear her, yet her she was asking another man to cum in her pussy! I imagined what it would be like for her to come home to me after, so I could lick her clean…oh god, I am about to cum again… The slapping got louder and more frantic. Their moans were growing in intensity, and I could tell they were both about to cum. As he began to let go, I could tell that his hot cum was spraying the inside of her little pussy, and with each blast of cum, I could hear her cumming herself. “Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh” they both exclaimed. I was cumming again just hearing this. Then they fell silent. I could tell he was done, and he had just cum in MY fiances pussy. I could hear her shaking. She had cum so hard.

I hung up the phone with a huge smile on my face.

Submitted by: Foresty

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January 27, 2009

Jenny’s Home

It must be very hard for a hotwife to come home from a date with a pussy full of sperm and manage to keep it all in there for the Hubby to enjoy later. You must have to walk with your thighs pushed together. Anyway, got some great pictures of Jenny doing her very best to achieve that goal. After getting filled by some random guy, she gets home and checks in the mirror she still has a good deposit left in her. She then calls for Hubby to come and feast of her extra-marital exploits. Thanks for the pics Jenny.

Jenny Seemore

Jenny Seemore

Jenny Seemore

Jenny Seemore

Jenny Seemore

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January 25, 2009

Meet Helena

Attention Bulls from Germany. Just had hotwife Helena contact me and ask me for a little plug on the blog. She’s looking for hot guys to hook up with. A lover of monster dicks and giant dildos.


You can contact her through her Hotwifedating profile here


January 23, 2009

Sensi Fucks Sara Jay

I wanted to update you on what happened the day I got hotwife Sara Jay into my bedroom, she told me she was gagging for some British black cock while she was away from her husband, so I had to hook her up with my mate Sensi and get him over to see to her. He spent a long time worshiping that amazing booty. And when the action started it was like two Rhino’s fighting each other. Sara was screaming the house down and Sensi was pumping her into the floor… My god, all in my bed too. The mattress has never been the same since lol.

Me, Daisy and Sensi are hoping to go and visit her this summer in Vegas. I can’t wait to unleash Sensi onto some of her friends.

Your Webmaster: Trash






And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here or contact Sensi on Hotwife Dating Here

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January 21, 2009

Emma’s New Bull

Here’s an update from Scott, husband of the very sexy hot wife Emma Kelly… Thanks Scott, love your updates and hearing about your lifestyle. You’re both lovely people and it’s a pleasure to have your adventures on my blog.


Hi Trash,

Em has met a guy named Darius who lives in our town and is into interracial cuckolding. The three of us have deep dark desires. When he fucked her about a week ago, she came four times screaming in ecstasy. I cleaned up.

Darius works within walking distance of our home. We’ve never lived this close to a bull before and Em is up for making me suffer. Darius trains and breeds dogs, so I may be spending some time in one of his cages while he fucks my wife.

Hope you guys had a wild time in Thailand. Remind me to tell you about some of our adventures there.


Emma Kelly

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January 19, 2009

Kassidey Gangbanged

Here is a first dairy entry for the LA based Mandingo Club. Headed by main man Rique, this group of Bulls travel the country arranging dates with hotwives that want to try the black gangbang fantasy. It usually ends up as a baptism of fire for these women. I mean what will ever match up to this encounter for them in the future. Husbands beware hehe..


We met up with Kassidy and her husband for a second time not too long ago, this time out in Las Vegas (AKA Sin City). Kassidy called us to let us know that she would be heading to Vegas for a weekend and wanted to know if we’d be up for a second round of our previous party in LA. Her husband had planned the trip and put her up to the challenge of inviting us to spend an evening in their Las Vegas vacation home with them.

The first time we met up with them, Kassidy took on three Mandingo Men, and so this time we “upped the ante” and figured that she could easily handle four guys. After that boring 4-hour drive into Las Vegas, we were amped and ready to have a good time. As is usually the case with women, Kassidy wasn’t ready when we arrived, so her husband made sure to attend to us and offered us some drinks. After about half hour the gorgeous Kassidy emerged from their bedroom, dressed in a sexy fishnet top with matching black bikini top and a school girl skirt, and her usual “fuck me” heels in tow.

We gathered around the breakfast nook and enjoyed some drinks while at the same time we kept fondling Kassidy under the table. After a while of catching up, Kassidy couldn’t handle the urge and we proceeded to the living room where her husband had set out a bed for the wild evening that would shortly ensue.

With everyone on the bed, we made sure to make Kassidy the center of attention and she didn’t waste any time, as she made sure to it that we all got naked so that she could feast on the four big black cocks that she previously could only dream about. Kassidy made sure to it that she took her time on each cock, carefully making sure that each black cock was hard and ready for her tight wet pussy.

It was hell of a party, Kassidy admitted she is now hooked on multiple black cock, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing her again real soon.

Until next time - The Mandingo Club







January 17, 2009

Dear Barbara

My wife Sydney and I met a fantastic couple by chance at a sushi place, the kind here you end up sitting next to each other around a hibachi. Barbara was maybe 45, elegant, with an incredible body, short blond hair, and a deep tan. She’d had a little work done, but that made her only that much more a sexy, mature woman.

Barbara’s husband was about 6′2″, in his early 60s, confident, brutally handsome, and very experienced — you could just tell. His name is David.

We talked and drank and flirted. He insisted on ordering some drinks for my wife and she loved it. He was just slightly casually dismissive of me, talking to his wife and my wife, Sydney, as if I was hardly there.

Nothing happened, but later that night Sydney and I fucked like crazy and talked about them and how we’d never done anything with an older couple — just a few threesomes or couples who were our age or younger.

I’m 35, Sydney is 33. Sydney’s incredibly hot: about 5′6″, athletic, and tanned. I’m 5′10″, athletic and have a 6.5-inch cock. I don’t normally consider myself a submissive or cuck, but that meeting brought on feelings I’d never had.

So I wrote the following letter that I would love to have the nerve to send, if I even knew who that other couple was. But meanwhile, here’s my fantasy:


Dear Barbara,

I’d love to have you and David meet us out for drinks one night, then we go to a nearby boutique hotel where we order a couple of bottles of champagne up to our room. Sydney starts rubbing your husband’s shoulders and then they start kissing. I love the idea of watching her kissing and grinding against an older man with silver hair, tanned and leathery skin, a fit body despite being over 60, and a very large, hard cock surrounded by black and gray hairs.

Then you two girls disappear into the other room of the suite, and come back in wearing only short little silky night gowns. You dance for us — first separate, then together — touching and caressing each other and teasing us. You two strip down to nothing while we guys are still dressed.

David then takes my wife and she sits on his lap and starts softly caressing and kissing her neck, her lips, her tits, and her hands. You sit beside me and rub my cock through my pants. Your husband continues rubbing his hands on Sydney’s body and he says to me, “You’re going to have to sit back and watch Barbara and I please your wife. You’re young and don’t know how to really satisfy her. You will learn by watching us take your wife and bend her to our desires. Do you understand this?”



“Yes, sir.”

“We’re going to show you what your wife wants. We’re going to take her to the peak of ecstasy. She’ll be ours tonight.”

Your husband slides his hands up Sydney’s thighs and caresses her hot pussy. You’re still rubbing my cock through my pants, but you’re starting to run your other hand up Sydney’s legs.

“I want that,” I say.

“We’re going to do it whether you want it or not. I’m going to show you how a man pleases a woman.”

He licks his way down Sydney’s body and you say, “Now be a good boy and pay attention. I’m going to find out what you’ve learned after we’re done with Sydney.” Then you slide over and join Sydney and your husband, kissing her mouth and neck while he eats her pussy until she cums, nearly screaming.

The two of you then suck his cock, you showing her new skills and tricks. She sucks his balls while you suck his cock, and then you switch, over and over.

Finally, your husband mounts my wife and and you slide his long, fat cock into her pussy. She whimpers and moans and kisses him while you rub her clit and his balls. He fucks her all over the bed — from behind while she eats your pussy, her on top while you rub your tits against hers, her beneath him as you lick her pussy and then her asshole with his cock sliding in and out right by your tongue. Finally he cums on both of your faces and you two kiss. Then your husband takes Sydney in his arms and kisses her while she continues to stroke his spent cock.

Then you come over and kiss me — I can taste his manhood and Sydney’s smell on your breath — and then push my head down between your legs. I lick your pussy and ass, and then sit up as you pull my cock into your hungry mouth.

Sydney is laying in your husbands arms — naked and sweaty — nuzzling his neck and kissing him as they whisper secrets and make plans for her to see him sometime when I’m not around.

You suck me until nothing seems to exist but my cock and your tongue, and then you guide me into your pussy and let me fuck you every way possible. All the while Sydney and your husband are kissing and giggling, her stroking on his now hardening cock. She lets him fuck her from behind slowly and tenderly while watching you and me fuck like animals.

I fuck you until I pull out and you suck me into your mouth, swallowing my load and continuing to suck me until I’m tender and soft.

Then you climb off me and lay down beside Sydney, just as your husband shoots his load right into her pussy. You slide down and lick the cum that’s leaking from her pussy, kiss her, and then kiss me.

“We’re going to fuck your wife again. You can ask her if you can stay and watch. But it’s going to happen. Why don’t you go get us some drinks? We’re not going anywhere.”

I ask, and Sydney says I can stay and watch, but she’s barely paying attention to me. I get drinks for everyone and settle in to watch. She and your husband are starting to kiss again, and she’s rubbing your tits. I watch as two mature people drive my young wife wild again and again.

Later, as your husband and Sydney lie tangled in the bed still kissing and touching, you sit in front of me and say, “Right now my husband needs to be alone with your wife. Your wife needs to be alone with him. He’s going to do things to her that she won’t believe. They have to be together for this, and you can’t be in the way.”

“I don’t know…” I say. I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to be left out.

Sydney looks up from kissing his neck and says to me, “Honey, you have to go right now. I want this. I want to be with him right now. Just him. This is something for me.”

Sydney giggles dismissively, and starts kissing him deeply, his hands touching her all over while hers conjure magic from his balls.

You take me by the hand and into the next suite, closing the door. I want to stay, but Sydney’s doesn’t even know I’m in the room and you pull me by my hand. You lay down and I massage your body as we listen to the growing sounds of pleasure coming from the next room. You tell me how this will change Sydney in ways I can’t imagine. You take my cock in your mouth and suck me until my body gives out and I cum all over your face and tits.

We doze off naked together. Hours later I wake and you’re getting your clothes on. David emerges fully dressed, and Sydney follows behind him — naked, her hair a wild mess, still sweaty and shaking, and utterly spent.

As you two leave, David takes Sydney — still naked and sweaty and smelling like sex and cum and your husband — in his arms and kisses her passionately, as if he owns her.

He whispers, “I’ll see you Tuesday at 3 p.m., my office. Don’t forget to wear that black thing.”

You kiss me and tell me you’ll be over the next night to entertain both me and Sydney, and continue my lesson.

Submitted by: Brad - Texas


January 15, 2009

Christina’s Hotel Lover

Christina Noir diary update.

Hi Trash, it’s Christina Noir…

I just want to say that I love hotwifeblog because I love to read about all the amazing confessions people have, and hear hot stories of people just like me! Thanks for letting me share my pictures and stories :)  I like that people love to hear about me fucking someone other than my husband…and my hubby loving to watch, which he had to do last weekend! Here are some pictures and details so you can imagine the fun we had:

I had Hubby drive me across town to a hotel where I would meet my date for the evening. We found his room number and knocked. The door opened and, before my lover spoke, I knew he was going to sweep me off my feet. He was the most charming, sexy, chocolate confection I have ever met, and I was just dying to get close to him! I felt immediately connected to him! My body strained to stay where it was, and not throw myself onto him. It was all I could do to stay rooted to where I was. 

I wanted to get closer to him…to breathe in his scent, …put my body up against his, …run my hands all over his hard muscles, …kiss him, …lick him, then, …when I’m ready, …rub my pussy around the base of his shaft! - does it sound like I’m in love? (or is it lust?) The mere sight of him made me weak…and then he spoke French!! I thought I was going to die - I loved it so much! (I knew I would fuck him a long, long time!) We spent time rubbing hard on each other, kissing, and both grinding his pole until he pulled out and splattered my face with his hot, sticky, black seed! …And all the while my dear Hubby had to sit and watch from the spare chair. And take pictures. And there was nothing he could do about it! 

Christina Noir

Christina Noir

Christina Noir

Christina Noir

Christina Noir

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