March 6, 2006

Sexy Threesome For Me

One of our most popular wives on here has to be the delectable Desirae from Naughty at Home. You can really feel the raw sexual energy and passion she puts into her photos.

Over the weekend she sent me a hot story about one of her swinging experiences. Thanks for contributing Desirae, keep in touch xox


I met a sexy couple online a little while back and ended up heading over to their place for a hot threesome with her husband….Here is how it all started out:

Me and Nikki(the wife) were emailing each other constantly, trying to plan the perfect surprise for her husband Jake. His birthday was coming up and she really wanted to give him something special. She planned on getting a limo and have me inside as a present when we picked him up. I have never been a present before, but was flattered by the idea. Turns out he knew about my site and told his wife he thought I was pretty. =) She said she thought I was pretty as well.

I had seen a few photos of Nikki and her hubby online. I had been admiring them for weeks =) She is a hot blonde, 5′4 tight little body and perky size B boobies. She reminds me of Shakira or a Pam Anderson, that pouty lip….sexy bedroom eye appeal to her. As for her hubby Jake, well just let me say this, “YUM!” He is in great shape, a bigger guy with lots of muscles. He has longish sort of wavy brown hair and abs to die for. How could I refuse to come down and have a threesome with these two!

Anyways, we kept emailing back and forth for a few weeks. She was a very good planner, something I was very impressed with. She planned for us to pick him up in the limo and go to a strip club, but before we went to the strip club she wanted us to have some fun inside of the limo before hand. I was all for this. I was a little nervous I must admit, I have never really done anything like this before. I mean, I have been with another couple, but I knew them extremely well…..this was a bit of unfamiliar territory for me. I must say I was totally excited by the thrill of it. I was also shocked that Eric had agreed to let me go. His one stipulation was that when things got passionate that I call him on the cell phone to let him listen in. It is one of his biggest fantasies.

All of the planning came together and I drove down the night before to get a hotel room. I was excited about getting a nice room and ordering room service. It is so fun to just sit and watch movies as well. I found my way to my hotel and quickly got comfortable. Soon it was time for Sarah to come over to get ready. I could not even wait for her to get there, I was like pacing all around. Nervous and excited all at the same time.

She came in looking stunning, her long blonde hair sorta tossled in a sexy bedroom way. I felt very attracted to her & was so happy that she had finally arrived at my hotel room. We ended up just getting ready together, talking, getting to know each other a little bit. I asked her, “So, what is the plan as far as the limo goes?”. She said, “well, I think it would be hot if we messed around in the limo and you fucked Jake as we drive around.” My mind started racing, I was like….”wow” I am about to fuck him, in a limo no less!

We finally got ready, we were both wearing tiny mini dresses. Mine was black and tight, it barely covered the back of my ass. I was also wearing some very sexy black ‘cum fuck me’ pumps. She was wearing a slinky floral printed mini dress with even sexier heels. We sprayed ourselves with our favorite perfume and headed out the door to pick up her hubby. It was a cold night out….so as we almost sprinted down the side walk to get into her car people were staring at us quite a bit. Here we were two sexy blondes in tiny little mini dresses running down the side of the road. lol

We met up with the limo driver and climbed inside. It was so seductive in there….the lights were dimly lit and there were drinks and such. I slid all the way to the back of the limo and she scooted in right behind me. We were now on our way to pick him up. I guess she had told him that they were going out with some other friends of theirs & he had been waiting for hours. She said he sounded a little irritated on the phone when she called him. Hehe…he had no idea!

We got to their house and the limo driver got out to go up to the door. She was watching through the window to see his reaction & it was pretty funny. He looked very shocked at the sight of the limo. She said, “I made him wear his sexy white shirt for you.” I thought that was pretty hot! He got into the limo and I said “Happy Birthday Jake” He looked stunned and a little shy at first, but he was smiling. It was really cute. We snuggled up beside him and the driver started to drive us to the club.

There wasn’t much small talk at this point. Nikki got right down in between his legs and started to unzip his pants. I started to nibble and kiss his ear…then his lips. It was all very exciting. She now had his pants down around his ankles….and we both started to suck on his cock. We each took turns taking his large hot penis into our mouths…..my mouth was just salivating at the sight of his cock, yum! She then started to deep throat him as I kissed him again. She said, “Jake I want you to fuck her.” Oh boy, was that a statement or what, I almost freaked. I was very attracted to him that is for sure, but I had never just met someone and then fucked them in the back of the limo…..it was all very sexy to me & I couldn’t resist.

She grabbed one of the condoms and slid it down over his now raging hard rod…..He was playing with my titties at this point and my dress was way up, exposing that I wasn’t wearing any panties. He was fingering my hot juicy pussy while she slid the condom down his shaft. Now it was time for me to ride him. I straddled him and grabbed his cock…..shoving it into my pussy…and then slowly sliding down onto him. He felt so good I almost gasped for air for a second. I was in shock and in lust at this moment.

I just started to ride him, harder…longer and faster…..we were arriving at the club so we didn’t have much time to fuck like this, so I was just going crazy. I told him to give me his cum, that I wanted his cum so bad! I needed him to cum in my pussy. He grabbed my hips and just started thrusting me harder, faster, deeper…..so deep I almost couldn’t take it all. Nikki was telling him to cum, that she wanted to hear him. As he started to cum he made this sort of grunting noise, it was very sexy. I was so aroused and turned on that right after he came in me I knew I wanted more…..

We went into the strip club & Jake was walking around with a shit eating grin on his face. Here he was with two sexy babes and he just got fucked silly in the limo in the parking lot, It was pretty funny. We watched some really sexy dancers and got even more turned on….we didn’t stay long though, Nikki had some serious plans for when we got home.

We took off out of the club and headed to their house. When we arrived Jake showed me their beautiful house….gave me a little tour. Then Nikki came down the stairs and told us it was time to go up to their bedroom. As I walked up the stairs I noticed that the lights were totally dimmed and there were candles everywhere….I mean everywhere! There was soft music playing, it was so erotic and sensual. I loved it.

There were burgundy sheets on the bed…..and condoms right next to the bed on a round table. I remember thinking, “wow, that is a lot of condoms….how many times can this guy pop?” Slowly me and Nikki undressed each other, slowly kissing and touching. Her lips felt so soft and sweet, I could kiss her for hours. I felt her breast, which was so hot and tender….her nipples were getting very hard…I circled my tongue around her nipple and then sucked on it so deeply, she was moaning…..this girl knows how to show her feelings, and I love that!

He came into the room and got undressed, and climbed up onto the bed. They both went down and started to lick my pussy at the same time. I have never had a double eat out session before….two tongues licking away at my clit was amazing. Then she came up and started to kiss me and touch my titties. He slid on a condom and got up between my legs. I was so excited for his cock to enter me…..I was almost about to pass out. She climbed up onto my face, so that she was facing him as he fucked me. I could now lick her sweet pussy while he pounded me deeper and faster. I was so into sucking on her clit and pussy lips that I was about to smother myself….she was bucking her hips all around and I was moaning all the while.

After about 15 minutes of this, I wanted to watch him fuck her for a while. I just wanted to see how they fucked. She got on top of him and he said, “babe, are you going to take it all” I am assuming that his large cock sometimes bottoms out in her tight little pussy….She just started to ride him and buck her hips back and forth…..he let out a few groans and moans as she did this. I was kissing him and then sometimes I was sitting up fondling her breasts while she fucked him.

Now it was my turn again, we put on another rubber and she got behind me. She told him to cum all over the two of us. He started to fuck me and I just
loved the way his cock was curved. I was making way too much noise, it was all just so HOT! I couldn’t believe I was in their bed this way….I didn’t want it to end. He got really intense at that moment and said he was going to cum, He asked us where we wanted it. She told him to cum all over my titties and to try to shoot it up to her face……and that he did!

There was cum everywhere, it came out of his nice shaft so strong and steady….it was like a stream of water with intensity. Very naughty! After that Nikki still wanted to go for another round. Jake was spent, so he left and we played on the bed for a while. We made eachother cum a few times….just licking and fingering eachother’s wet pussies. I just loved the way her body felt and the way she smelled….mmmmm…

Soon it was time to go to bed, but before we did I gave Nikki a long sexy massage in the bed as she laid next to Jake. He almost got up for another round when he heard her moaning with pleasure due to the massage, =)

In the morning we all woke up and were sorta just snuggling in bed. Nikki jumped up and said, “you two snuggle….I will be right back.” She was off to get another condom lol. Jake started to kiss me and then he went down on me. His tongue felt so hot and soft, I just loved it. She got back and jumped into bed….putting the rubber on his now rock hard cock. I was so excited to fuck him again, yummy. She got behind me and started to hold my legs back for him. He entered me and began thrusting almost harder than I could take…..I had to have him slow down for a minute….his cock was so big.

I was then ready for more and I felt myself about to cum as I fingered my clit very fiercely. It was so intense to be there in between both of them getting off, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I came…and as I did I started to talk really dirty to him. I told him that I wanted his cum inside of me….I started to say his name, “Oh Jake!….yes Jake…right there….!!” At that he started to cum inside of me….oh boy did that feel fantastic.

After that we all got dressed and headed out for some breakfast. We ended up going back to my room at the hotel and Jake took off for a baseball game he had to be in. Before breakfast arrived, me and Nikki were alone….I really wanted to get her off. So, I grabbed one of my favorite toys, the cyber flicker & some lube….and just told her to lay there, that I just wanted to feel her and make her cum. I slid my fingers down into her wet pussy, two fingers was all I could fit….and I had her take control of the toy towards the end. I was just kissing her and listening to her body….it was so erotic. She asked me” do you want me to cum?” I said, “Oh yes….cum! cum!” and that she did! wow! this girl is multi orgasmic for sure! Not only did she cum like 3 or 4 times the night before, she came again with me!

That pretty much sums up my threesome story, I hope you enjoyed it. Talk to you soon.

xxx Desirae

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March 4, 2006

Galleries 4 U

Some galleries for you today and I wanted to let you know about next Friday as it’s a very special day. On Friday 10th March Hotwife Blog will be one year old and I’m currently organizing a very special treat which will be a bit of a personal post for me…

Right on with the galleries, here’s Cathy from Cathy Does Blacks enjoying herself at a swing party.

Cathy Does Blacks
Cathy is never short of finding black studs to fuck her


March 3, 2006

Husband Matt Interviewed

Recently I’ve had pleasure of being in contact with a cool guy called Matt. He sent me a yummy story about his wife and her fuck session with hot stud Brandon Longwood (look out for this post next week).

Matt is one lucky guy as he is married to none other than our good friend, hotwife goddess and insatiable Christina Noir

Christina got in touch and suggested that I interview Matt for hotwife blog. I didn’t hesitate to get this guy’s perspective on his own experience in the hotwife lifestyle.

Thanks Matt, this is a real insight into the flipside of why us guys love our slutty wives and girlfriends.

Christina Noir

hotwifeblog: Hi Matt, welcome to hotwifeblog. Where are you from?
Matt: We’re from northern California, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

hotwifeblog: And you’re married to the lovely Christina Noir?
Matt: Yes.

hotwifeblog: What’s your occupation?
Matt: I work in the software industry as a developer.

hotwifeblog: Describe your personality?
Matt: Hmm… well, I guess when I’m in a group of people I tend to be “the Comedian” - very outgoing and light, but when I’m alone or with Christina I tend to be serious and analytical. Most of my friends consider me to be the “Bad Boy” type.

hotwifeblog: How did you meet Christina?
Matt: We actually met in a gym - I was doing squats and she walked in. In keeping with her personality she was forward, came up and we started chatting. Later that day we went for ice cream and she kissed me. She’s definitely not shy… ;)

hotwifeblog: How long have you been married?
Matt: 7 years now!

hotwifeblog: How would you describe your role in your relationship?
Matt: I love to watch Christina have sex with well hung lovers (she generally prefers black men) - for me it’s the ultimate thrill. I especially love to “catch” her in the act so if I know she’s going to have a lover over for a hot fuck session, I often make sure I’m gone when they arrive. I like to give them 15-20 minutes so I know he’ll be on top of her fucking her or she’ll be riding his dick when I come into the house. I enjoy hearing their muffled moans of pleasure as they fuck and kiss and as I get closer to the bedroom door it becomes more clear. She usually leaves the bedroom door open at least partially and when I first glimpse their intertwined bodies it’s incredibly exciting. While they fuck I generally stay outside the room and look in and then move to the living room for a few moments to just listen. I try to be non-intrusive because we found that if I pull up a chair next to the bed sometimes the guys have a hard time performing. One other thing I really enjoy is listening to her fuck on a baby monitor from another room… it’s incredibly erotic. I especially love when she fucks in our bed - there’s always a wet spot on my side!

hotwifeblog: Have you always enjoyed the thought of your partner being with another man?
Matt: Yes, I have - and I was delighted to marry a slut that likes enjoying other men. We both really get a lot of excitement out of it.

hotwifeblog: What do you find most sexy about your wife?
Matt: That’s tough… I guess my list would have to include how she looks at her lovers when she fucks, how she cries out when she has an orgasm as one of her lovers fuck her. She gives an absolutely incredible blowjob too. I could go on for days… I find everything about her sexy!!

hotwifeblog: How did you and Christina get into the hotwife lifestyle?
Matt: We started talking about our pasts and she eventually confessed to loving large dicks and to being a slut, and I confessed to always wanting to watch my partner enjoy a lover (or two). For her it was a surprisingly small leap once she was convinced I really did want to see it. We always had such a good time too that I think it encouraged her to do it more. My only regret is that I can’t watch her fuck her lovers even more often!!! It’s honestly so exciting to me that when I don’t get to see it I REALLY miss it!!

hotwifeblog: How long has your wife been an active hotwife?
Matt: Lets see… 5 or six years now.

hotwifeblog: What do you like most about being a husband to a hotwife?
Matt: I guess knowing that at about anytime she wants to she could take a lover. I love that so many men know first hand how she is in bed. I love that she flirts shamelessly and will tell men point blank that I know all about it and it’s okay with me. She’s really quite honest about it and I find that very exciting.

hotwifeblog: What’s it like watching your wife with other men?
Matt: Incredible!!! I love watching them kiss and fondle each other and slowly remove each others clothing before she takes their huge dick into her mouth, looking up into their eyes. It’s so hot when she lays back and spreads her legs so that they can start to penetrate her married pussy and I love when she pulls them close and kisses them as they pump into her before she gets wild and starts begging them to fuck her. She often asks them to cum in her pussy and I love to see another man orgasm deep inside her as she moans over and over “Oh, yes, oh, yes… cum inside me…”

It makes my head spin when I hear her fucking as I come in too if she’s already in the middle of it. For some reason, it also turns me on when she just keeps going as if I were not there and does not even acknowledge my presence until after they have cum. I have also seen her with more than one guy and I like when she has someone waiting to fuck her because another guy has not finished yet.

hotwifeblog: What’s the most exciting thing for you your wife has done sexually?
Matt: She found a new boyfriend and as usual I decided to not be there when he arrived. I waited until I knew he was there and then after about 10 minutes I went into the house and turned on the monitor. Even before I could hear her muffled moans (and I was surprised he was stuffing her
pussy so soon) and when I turned on the monitor I could hear her clearly asking him to keep fucking her and how good he felt.

I was so excited as I approached the bedroom door and saw her in my favorite position - missionary with him on top of her, kissing as he slowly pumped his hard cock into her. I stood and watched as he pushed himself up so they could look into each others eyes while she held her legs wide apart for him to get as deep as possible. I went back to the living room to listen, and when he started cumming hard I could not resist taking another peek. She was on her knees doggie style as he fucked her from behind and she was coming over and over and again I went back to the living room and heard them changing positions on the monitor again. When I went back to watch again she had mounted him and was slowly working herself up and down on his dick. Eventually he came while I listened on the monitor and I heard them making small talk and laughing, etc.

After about 10 minutes I heard them kissing again and she said something so sexy: “Oh, you’re going to fuck me again, aren’t you?” and his reply “Yes.”

I was so turned on that I went back to the doorway and found he’d mounted her again and was fucking her hard with his hands under her on her ass. This time he came more quickly and with a loud moan he shot his sperm deep inside her pussy as she moaned and cried, “Yes, yes…”

After, he asked to take a shower and invited her to join and I heard them through the door. I was secretly hoping they would fuck just one more time and I could hear them kissing and playing but then, unfortunately, the water went off.

I went back to the living room and heard them talking on the monitor as he dressed to leave. After a few minutes I didn’t hear them talking anymore and when I peeked in he was dressed standing at the foot of the bed and she was nude kneeling on the bed. They were locked in a passionate kiss and I watched them for a few minutes as she rubbed his dick through his pants, and I was bummed he was leaving so I returned to the living room.

After a few more minutes when they didn’t come out of the bedroom I peeked in again to find him still dressed standing at the foot of the bed with his back to me, but now she was kneeling on the bed in front of him apparently sucking his dick again. It was so exciting to see her servicing him while he was dressed and I went back to listen again on the monitor. In a few minutes I heard her moaning again and peeked in for the final time to see he’d removed his clothes and was again on top of her driving his thick penis deep into her slowly, over and over. I watched for the next 10 minutes as they made love and she kissed him and begged him to fuck her until he stiffened and moaned to her that he was coming again. Soon after he got dressed and had to leave and he shook my hand and thanked me for sharing her. He kissed her goodbye and left and it was by far the hottest thing I’ve seen her do.

hotwifeblog: Are you dominant or submissive at all?
Matt: I tend to be dominant oddly enough.

hotwifeblog: Any fetishes you and your wife are into?
Matt: Well, I LOVE when she tells me about guys she has fucked while we make love later. It turns me on to hear her describe how good he was, or how big his dick was, or that she can’t wait to fuck him again. Invariably I can come SO fast if she does this and interestingly it’s less fun for me if I have to ask her to talk to me. It’s SO MUCH more of a turn on if I’m fucking her and then she just starts talking about someone on her own that she has fucked - I suppose it’s because while I’m fucking her she is thinking about somebody else. HUGE turn on!!

hotwifeblog: Do you help Christina find her lovers and partners?
Matt: No, I don’t… she seems to attract men on her own. My only regret is that I don’t get to watch her more often!!

hotwifeblog: Do you help bathe and dress your wife for her dates?
Matt: No, I don’t - she gets ready herself usually.

hotwifeblog: Do you accompany your wife on dates or wait at home for her to return?
Matt: I have done both. One time she met a guy and brought him home to fuck while I listened and watched through a bedroom window and the next day he called and asked her to come over to his place so he could dick her and I stayed home to wait. She also fucked one of our neighbors who was single and horny and I stayed home and waited.

hotwifeblog: Would you call yourself a cuckold, a watcher or a participating part of a swing couple?
Matt: A watcher definitely.

hotwifeblog: Would you say you had any cuckold tendencies?
Matt: Yes, but not extreme. I know she likes fucking me and I love that, but I REALLY get turned on if once in a while she talks about another guy and tells me his dick is bigger or that he was better (hint, hint honey). Generally she doesn’t do this though, and we have a more “Hotwife” style relationship.

hotwifeblog: Does your wife take a Femdom role over you?
Matt: Never, and I would not enjoy it.

hotwifeblog: What’s your biggest fantasy regarding your wife?
Matt: You know, I fantasize mostly about variations on what she’s already done - letting me “catch” her in the act, listening to her fuck, waiting for her to come home well-fucked, etc. I do always fatasize about watching her take on 1 to 3 guys while I do nothing but watch and enjoy it.

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Matt: I’m learning to speak Russian which I’m really enjoying! I also have an observatory where I like to do astronomical work, but my job and Christina’s website mean I have very little downtime and time for fun. If I had more fun time available I’d want to watch her fuck without having to video tape it for her site… LOL!!

hotwifeblog: What input do you have into Christina’s website?
Matt: I created and maintain it, but she determines what she wants to have on there and is very active with the site.

hotwifeblog: What are you and your Christina’s plans for the future regarding hotwifing?
Matt: Hopefully, I’m going to get to watch her get fucked by lots of guys and watch her flirt shamelessly in public for a very long time! I consider myself very lucky to have such a hotwife and I know she’s very special!

That was fantastic! Thanks so much for your time with the questions Matt :)

Christina Noir

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Interview by Trash


March 1, 2006

Husband Into a Cuckold

This is the story of how I turned my adoring husband into my cuckold slave.

We met almost 8 years ago on a blind date in Chicago. John was sweet and handsome and was very attracted to me. We hit it off from the first moment we laid eyes on each other and we started to date almost exclusively from that moment forward.

John was an excellent lover when we were dating. He was so attentive to my needs and really enjoyed giving me pleasure. He was always putting my needs before his and during some of our first love making experiences he would make me cum multiple times with the best oral sex I had ever had. My husband wasn’t the most endowed man I had ever been with in fact he probably had the smallest penis of any of my sex partners, but at the time that didn’t matter to me at all. I had fallen in love with him and he was the best man that I had ever been with so I convinced myself that his shortcoming wasn’t an issue.

I was fooling myself though and looking back on the days leading up to our marriage I should have known that despite his best efforts in the bedroom his small penis wasn’t enough to satisfy me. What I needed was a real man’s cock to pleasure me with.

It all started about a month before our wedding day. The stress of planning a wedding was taking its toll on our sex life. Despite my husbands efforts at the time I just couldn’t get off and I needed to so badly. One afternoon while I was working out at our health club I saw a fit young man working out across from me. At first I kept my eyes to myself continuing my workout, but with the aid of the mirror in front of me I was able to check him out completely. He was wearing sweat pants and laying down on a bench. I could tell his cock was enormous, much bigger than my husbands. He must have sensed that someone was watching and he looked up caught me in the act. I was completely embarrassed but I didn’t divert my eyes. I just smiled and he smiled back. 

As I was leaving the club he walked up to me and introduced himself. His name was Mark and he was sweet and funny and he gave me his phone number. I felt a little bit guilty but I kept his number in my purse and called him about a week later. My husband was out of town that day on business. He wasn’t due in until very late in the evening so I told Mark to come over for a drink around 7pm. I made it clear to Mark that I wasn’t really interested in a relationship I just wanted something physical. He didn’t seem to mind and we met later that evening.

I couldn’t concentrate the rest of that day. I kept thinking about the bulge in Mark’s sweat pants . I got home from work early and got myself ready. I put on the sexiest lingerie that I had at the time - it was a black corset with matching panties and thigh high stockings. Whenever I wore it for John I could pretty much make him do whatever I wanted. The doorbell rang and I then threw on a long see through robe before I greeted Mark at the door.

My memory of the next three hours were a blur. All I remember is that my entire personality in the bedroom changed with Mark. Instead of being in control and feeling like a goddess I become a cock hungry slut. I did things I would have never dreamed of doing with John and it was all because of Mark’s enormous cock. I wanted it so badly and wanted Mark to take complete control of me. He fucked me hard and made me cum many times. Whenever it seemed like he was too tired to fuck me again I would do or say something so nasty that I would get him hard and ready to fuck me again. I worshipped his cock and got so lost in the moment that I completely forgot that John would be home in an hour. I gave Mark a deep kiss and squeezed his cock one last time as he walked out the front door of our apartment. He asked if he could call me, but I told him that it would be best that we kept it just to this one time.

John came home an hour later. I had just enough time to shower and straighten up. I was exhausted but did my best to give him a nice welcome home. John was obviously horny but I politely turned him down because the thought of sex at the moment seemed impossible.

We got married a few weeks later and I did my best to put my experience with Mark behind me, but things between John and I started to change. I became less and less patient with his performance in the bedroom. Even though John was an excellent and enthusiastic pussy licker I needed more. When I was desperate for a good fucking I would climb on top of him and try my best to get off, but John’s small cock wasn’t enough to satisfy me. Even when I would rub my clit while he thrust into me he would come too quickly and I would end of frustrated. To his credit though he was always willing to go down on me even after he came to try and please me. Despite being frustrated by his small cock it did turn me on that he would go down on me as his cum oozed from my pussy. Without getting the hard fucking I craved I started to get more and more aggressive when John went down on me. I would grind against his face very hard and rub from my ass to the top of my vagina against his nose. John didn’t seem to mind and even seemed to enjoy my assertiveness. Whatever it took to get me off John was a willing participant in and I seemed to enjoy putting him through his paces.

Over the next couple of years I forgot about real sex with a real man. I settled for what John could offer me in the bedroom and without realizing it I started to take my resentment out on him. Because John was so attracted to me and so desperate to please me and I was so disinterested in his cock I turned him into my cuckold slave without realizing it.

Because John’s cock was too small to get me going I started to deny him the pleasure of putting his dick in me. I pretty much lost interest in getting him off too. I guess I felt like since his cock was of no use to me that his sexual pleasure was his problem not mine. I also noticed that the less attention I paid to him and his worthless cock the more control I had over him. John was so hard up I could make him do anything I wanted. Sex with John was more an exercise in pleasuring my pussy and ass with his tongue. John would try to rub himself up against my legs or feet while I sat on his face. My favorite thing to do was to sit in a comfortable chair or sofa naked and have John eat me out while I read or watched TV. John would be naked on the floor and I would rest my feet on his shoulders. Occasionally I would squeeze his cock and balls with my feet. John was so desperate for any attention I could give his cock and I enjoyed tormenting him and keeping him on edge.

I started to say nasty things to him whenever I was giving his tongue a work out. It started innocent enough with stuff like “you’re such a good pussy licker.” Eventually I started to tease him about his cock and how it wasn’t getting any attention. I would say things like I don’t need that cock of yours when your tongue feels so good on my clit or your cock looks so hard and frustrated, but then I got more blunt and told him that his cock was too small for my pussy. John didn’t ever mind my comments and it even seemed to encourage his more submissive behavior. He stopped begging to fuck me because he understood that his cock was too small.

Once John was eating me out while the TV was on. I had him laying on his back on the couch while I sat on his face with my hands leaning against his chest. I was working his tongue up and down my ass when a tv commercial showed a cute guy in briefs. You could make out enough from the bulge in his underwear that his cock has big. I was so in lust I just said out load without realizing it “god would I love to have a cock like that in me!” John didn’t seem to respond negatively so I grabbed his cock and said “this little thing isn’t half as big hard as that studs cock is soft.” To my surprise John seemed to be turned on to my comments or perhaps it was the attention I was finally giving his dick. I was rubbing it between my fingers imagining I was holding a nice big dick. John started to thrust up and down, but I kept the tempo slow. I kept talking dirty to him while his tongue went in and out of my ass. I said to John “Honey, you know your little dickie is too small for me, right? John muffled something in agreement. I leaned over his cock and spit on the head and got it well lubricated. I rubbed my saliva up and down his dick to get him hotter. “Honey I need a nice big cock…if you want me to have one you can cum for me okay?” At that moment I new I could have exactly what I wanted the skilled tongue of my husband and the nice big cock of some stud of my choosing. Without surprise John and I came at the same time. It was so intense.

I could tell afterward that John’s ego was a bit wounded. I was very tender with him, after all I loved him very much, but I wasn’t about to give up on the opportunity to have my cake and eat it too! I suggested at first that rather than we start looking for a well hung stud that we make a few changes to our love making routine. I ordered a few things from an online sex shop including a few large dildos and some pornographic movies.The idea of having a stud in the bedroom was very appealing to me but I also wanted my husband to be an active participant in the whole process. I spent sometime online at various group sites that catered to cuckold marriages and femdom relationships. I learned that a lot of men who have cuckold fantasies in reality have too large of an ego to really go through with it. I needed to gradually introduce John to the realities our marriage would take. I also learned that while most cuckolds are not gay they can be convinced to participate in sex with the stud. This could include preparing the stud for sex with the cuckolds wife my giving the stud oral sex. The thought of my husband giving my stud a blow job was enough to make me cum many times on my own when I would play with myself. Given my husbands enthusiastic pussy and ass licking I didn’t think it was too much of a stretch if he was given the proper incentives.

I implemented a reward system for my husband to encourage very submissive cuckold like behavior. Since he enjoyed giving me head so much I started to restrict his access to my pussy and ass. I would have him strip down and masturbate for me. I would let him touch himself but not get off. When I thought he was highly aroused I would have him take off my clothes and kiss my body avoiding my favorite parts. Then I introduced my favorite new dildo which I nicknamed “Mark” after the last stud I slept with before our marriage. I asked John if he would get “Mark” ready for me. I gave John my dildo and he fondled it in his hands. I raised it to his lips and John kissed the head. “That’s my good little slave,” I said “get my lover’s cock nice and hard for me.” To my surprise John was very into it. He opened his mouth and gave “Mark” and excellent blow job. I giggled and said “Don’t make ‘Mark’ come yet!”

Then John handed “Mark’s” cock back to me and I spread my legs and slowly slid my dildo deep inside me. The dildo is easily twice as long and perhaps three times as wide as my husbands cock. John looked on in amazement as I slid “Mark” in and out of me. I told John how this stud was fucking me so good. I told him it felt incredible to have such a big dick inside me. I let John play with his little dick but I told him not to come yet. Because he was such a good boy that when I was ready he could put his little dick inside me and cum. All of this was so erotic I came faster than I had ever in my life. As soon as I came down from my orgasm I told John he could put his little dick inside me and cum, but he would have to eat me out when he was done.

John didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to fuck me. It probably had been 6 months since he was inside me and too tell you the truth it felt good. It made me want to move beyond the dildo phase we were in and go get myself a real cock to fuck. Anyway, John came inside me very quickly and I pushed him down to my cum soaked pussy. I told him to clean me and my lover off. I took the dildo and brought it down to my pussy and had him alternate between cleaning his come out of me and licking “Mark.” I came again the whole experience was so hot.

When John was done I gave him a lot of affection. I told him that he was the best lover I had ever had and that I hoped he understood that while I wanted to fuck a man with a nice big cock that he would always be my true love. John appreciated what I said and understood. He admitted that he enjoyed doing dirty things for me and when I was ready he would do whatever I asked to help fulfil my fantasy.

I didn’t waste anytime. The very next day I looked up Mark in my address book and called him. I left him a very provocative message on his voicemail and awaited his call. That night I was hornier than I had been in years. The thought of fucking a well hung stud while my husband watched and waited on our every need was such a turn on. I made sure that my husband didn’t have any second thoughts by keeping him in a constant state of arousal. When he came home from work I had him strip naked at the door. I had him wear a studded collar around his neck that had a small loop that would come in handy later. I told him too shave his cock and balls and then meet me in the living room. John got a hard-on from my instructions and wasted no time following them. While he was getting ready for me I went back to my dressing room and put on his favorite lingerie. I wore black stiletto heals, black thigh-high stockings, a black lace garter belt and a black corset. I intentionally wore no underwear so that John would have a good view of my pussy and ass.

I heard John come down to the living room and I made him wait for me. I took my time getting ready. I had never been so turned on in my life. Now I knew what my husband felt like being in a constant state of arousal. Just as I was about to come down and start mentally preparing my husband for his new role as my cuckold, Mark called the house. I saw Mark’s number come up on the caller ID so I called down to John to ask him to pick up the phone. This was my first test to see if John was really willing to participate. I heard John answer the phone and ask who it was. There was a long pause before I heard John speak again saying “Please hold on, Mark.” It was then that I knew my husband realized that our dildo that we used to carry-out my fantasy with was named after my real stud and in effect John had already become a cuckold to Mark.

John called up to me and I picked up our cordless phone. I walked downstairs and into the living room. My dutiful husband was kneeling on the floor completely naked with his freshly shaven cock and balls at full attention. I wanted to make sure he heard the entire conversation so I sat down on the sofa in front of him and spoke to Mark.

Mark was in disbelief from the message I had left him earlier, “Yes.” I explained “I need you to come over here tonight and show my husband how a real man fucks. I haven’t had a nice big cock in me in a long long time and I want you to show my husband just how hot I get when I get a good fucking.”

Mark was in shock but was quick to accept my offer. I explained that my husband would be present through the entire evening and that he would be our sex slave and follow any of our instructions. Mark didn’t seem to mind that my husband would be present and even found the idea very kinky. Mark and I got off the phone and I went to work preparing my husband.

I placed my bare foot on his hard cock and balls and pressed them firmly to the floor. I explained that he had better be a gracious host to Mark since he would be doing my husband a favor by providing me with the sex I so desperately needed. If he didn’t follow my every instruction then he would have to spend the rest of the night locked in the garage or worse I may have Mark discipline him.

My husband was just beginning to realize that he was in for more than he bargained for, but I wanted to make it clear to him that it was too late to turn back and that his position in our relationship was going to change forever tonight. Judging from the firmness of his erection pressed between my foot and the floor the idea of being cuckolded turned him on. I explained that tonight would be a test for him and our relationship. If I was going to take Mark as my lover into our bed he would be required to demonstrate his appreciation and respect for Mark. In other words my husband would not only be cuckolded by Mark, he would also be required to service Mark in anyway to my satisfaction. My husband looked very nervous and also very aroused. Despite the treatment I was giving his cock it felt harder than ever. The view up my stockings, past my garter belt to my exposed pussy must have been getting to him. I hadn’t noticed but the phone call with Mark has made me incredibly wet and my husband couldn’t help but lick his lips wanting a taste of my wet pussy.

I attached the leash I was holding in my hand to his collar and pulled his face toward my pussy. I said “this will be the last time you’ll taste my pussy without Mark or some other studs cum inside me so enjoy it now.” John went to work on my pussy and I enjoyed the attention while I thought about Mark’s big cock. My husband would see me in a way he had never seen me before. Once he saw Mark naked and saw the fucking I would get he would fully understand his new place in our relationship.

I was now on top of my husband pressing my full weight down on his face against our hardwood floor when the door-bell rang. I was on the verge of cuming but stopped rubbing my clit against my husbands nose. I stood up and straightened by outfit. I headed for the bathroom and turned to my husband and said “Go now and answer the door. Welcome Mark in, take his coat and kneel down in front of him.” My husband turned red and didn’t move. “Would you prefer to spend the night in the garage? Or would you like to watch your wife getting the best fucking of her life?”

My husband got up and went to the door while I went into the bathroom. I heard him open the door and then Mark say “What the?” and start laughing. John stuttered a “Please come in,” and “May I take your coat.” I took a look at myself in the full-length mirror, straightened my stocking and walk out to greet Mark.

The sound of my heels clapping against the tile floor made both Mark and John turn their heads in my direction. Mark’s gapping mouth made it obvious he was pleased with my appearance. My husband looked pitiful kneeling on the floor naked with his little hard on. I walked past him and gave Mark a deep embrace. He kissed me deeply as I leaned hard against him. I could feel his soft member coming to life as we held each other close. It felt bigger than I remembered and I was eager to get him inside me. I reached down and rubbed his cock through his pants. Mark whispered in my ear that he missed me and that he wanted me so badly. Without stopping the attention I was giving Mark. I instructed my husband to go upstairs, kneel down next to the bed and await further instructions.

John made his way upstairs while Mark and I continued to make-out in the foyer. Once my husband was completely out of sight I led Mark into the living room. Mark looked excited, but a bit bewildered by my husband’s behavior. He couldn’t believe that my husband would let another guy near me. I explained that my husband didn’t have any choice if he wanted to continue being my husband.

I fixed Mark a drink and we continued to make-out. He kept trying to advance things in the living room but I kept him at bay. I told him that if he wanted to stay and have sex with me all weekend he could but he would have to agree to do several things for me. I told him that once we go upstairs my husband would be present for all of our love making and that whenever I wanted Mark must allow my husband to suck on his cock. I was a bit nervous that Mark would balk at that request, but to my surprise he seemed very comfortable with it. Mark explained that since high school several men including his freshman year college roommate have offered, even begged to give him head. Most guys who saw him naked couldn’t help noticing his cock and some of them seemed obsessed with it. He always turned guys down as he was a bit homophobic, but one night when he was drunk he woke up to his college roommate sucking him off. His roommate gave him the best head he had ever had and why not? Who would know better how to give head than a another guy? Several times since then he has had other guys suck his cock without Mark having to return the favor. Mark added that he thought the idea of my husband sucking while I watched was really hot!

I continued to tease Mark with deep kisses and soft strokes on his now very firm cock. Mark started to slowly remove my lingerie and I followed his lead and undressed him while we continued our foreplay. In addition to his huge pole Mark’s body was ripped and beautiful. I asked Mark to carry me into the bedroom. Mark picked me up in his strong arms and carried me upstairs and into our bedroom. My husband looked like he was regretting that he ever let me talk him into this moment, but I wasn’t about to turn back. Mark lowered me gently onto the bed and sat down beside me. I grabbed his cock and continued to rub it up and down. John was shocked to see us completely naked and I could tell by the looked on his face he underestimated how much bigger Mark’s cock was compared to his.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” I said to my husband. John nodded hesitantly. He looked like he needed some encouragement so I motioned for him to kneel in front of us at the foot of the bed. John crawled over and kneeled down with his face just inches from Marks enormous pole.

“Mark has a beautiful big cock and I want you to show your appreciation for having him come over here tonight to give your wife the hard fucking she hasn’t had since we got married.” John looked mortified by my humiliating words, but I noticed his cock was as hard as ever and he couldn’t keep his eyes of Mark’s cock.

I kept rubbing Mark’s pole up and down the entire length. Mark seemed to be enjoying the attention he was getting as he relaxed and leaned back on the bed. He spread his legs apart to allow John to move in closer.

“I want you to make Mark feel at home in our bedroom. Since Mark has been so nice show you how a real man fucks a woman I want you to suck his cock until he is satisfied. Is that understood?”

John nodded at me. “I said is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress.” John replied.

“That’s better, now show me how good of a cock sucker you are.” With that John moved between Mark’s legs, grabbed his cock and began sucking on the head. Mark began to moan in encouragement and put his hand on top of John’s head to guide his mouth up and down his pole. I was so aroused watching Mark guide my husband’s mouth up and down his cock. John really seemed to be enjoying it too as he now had one hand on Marks balls and the other massaging the base of Mark’s cock. I leaned over and gave Mark a deep kiss. We both laid back on the bed and continued to kiss and explore each others bodies while John continued to suck on Mark’s cock.

Mark started to talk dirty to me, “Oh Baby your husband is a real good cock sucker, but I’m saving myself for you.”

“Oh, yeah?” I replied.

“Yea, the more he sucks me the harder I get for your hot sexy body.”

“God, I’ve needed your cock for a long time.” I told Mark, “Just look at John’s little dick it could never satisfy me the way yours always did.”

“Baby, I’m going to give it to you like you’ve never had it before.” Mark replied.

The talk was getting to be to much for me so I used my foot to push my husband down from Mark’s cock. “That’s enough, you’ll get more of Mark’s cock later.” And with that I mounted Mark’s cock.

I had forgotten just how big it was and I let out a huge mown as he stretched out my tight pussy. Mark fucked me hard and deep and it felt incredible. He had so much stamina too! I gave my husband a great show sliding up and down the entire length of Mark’s huge tool and then grinding in deep. Mark talked dirty to both me and my husband. He told me that my pussy was his whenever he wanted it and I screamed out “YES!” He also called my husband his little bitch and said he better clean his cock up good after he nailed me or he would never be allowed to watch us fuck again.

More to come…

Submitted by: Joanne Does - San Francisco


February 26, 2006

Cheating & Evil Pleasures

A superb thought-provoking article from Hotwife Queen Slut Extreme Raven…


Have you ever fucked another man’s wife just because it made you hot to know you were taking something away from her and fucking with his head? To know you were screwing around with their relationship? To know the next time he fucked his wife, he was probably going to be thinking about you and not her? He’s going to lie to the woman he loves because of the woman he lusts after. Maybe he might fall in love with you – not that you want him permanently – just a bit of borrowing forbidden fruit and leaving something spoiled. Maybe you end up destroying him through his lust for you… hot or not?

I have. Many times. I admit it; I went after it on purpose because it made me hot and I wanted that kind of fix. I wanted a man so fixated on me that he is driven to distraction and on the edge of ruining his “happy” home.

The poll I ran asking woman questions about cheating on their mates showed a lot of women like to cheat. 53% said they cheated. And of those, more responded it was hotter cheating with another woman’s man than with a stranger. Why? I can only answer for myself, but I can make guesses about others. It feels hot to take something that “belongs” to another. It feels hot to know it’s more than just sex for them – it’s dangerous – it’s not just sex, it’s “wrong”. Men set themselves up for their own downfall. It’s exciting to watch them do it – they can’t help themselves and I glory in coaxing them over the line and ruining them.

Being a slut doesn’t just mean I’m an easy fuck. I’m the bad girl everyone always warned you about. Honest… not just in a fun way – I’m the bad girl who will fuck up your life. That’s why all my relationships failed – I cheated and enjoyed it tremendously. Cheating was always more exciting than being with the guy I was involved with. It was something inevitable after a few days or weeks at most with anyone I promised to be faithful to. And cheating was something that was always more fun with another woman’s man.

It happened over and over again. I went to my best girlfriend’s birthday party when I was 17, took her boyfriend by the hand to the basement and fucked his brains out, then back upstairs to the party. I remember smiling at my girlfriend and wishing her happy birthday with her true love’s cum running freshly down the inside of my thigh. And I never touched him again. But he wanted me – oh how he wanted me - from that point on it haunted him.

A couple people out there seemed to have the idea that because I was a proud slut that there was something wholesome about me. So, all you guys who have a great relationship, wouldn’t you like someone like me to ruin it? Deep down inside, isn’t there something that craves that kind of destruction?

Author: Slut Extreme Raven


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February 24, 2006

Amber’s Girlfriend

A latest update from beautiful swinging wife Amber Lynn Bach


Check out my girlfriend Jasmine and I in some hot sexy lingerie. She and I always have so much fun together while shooting…but the real fun is afterwards when we get to lick each other up and down until cumming all over each other. We’ve made some really hot movies. I get so excited when I know she will be coming for a shoot. Check out this gallery of Jasmine and me.

Amber xox


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February 22, 2006

Sharing My Wife

Got a lovely email this morning from none other than delicious Desirae from Naughty At Home. She mailed to tell me about her new site she is running. In true tradition it’s all about hotwives and it’s called Sharing My Wife.

Desirae says it’s dedicated to bringing the highest quality wife swapping content available on the net. Couples contact her to help them fulfil their fantasies and her and her husband do their best to make it the best sexual experience they’ve ever had. They hook these hotwives up with a Bull who is ready to fuck and please them like never before. She tells me that sometimes things get a little out of control and their husband’s get a little more than they bargained for. Sometimes the husband gets so excited that he has to join in, and sometimes the wife wants him to just sit in the chair and watch her get really fucked….

Check out this preview gallery she has let me show you all, it features Kraig and his wife Michelle. Kraig has always had a fantasy of watching his sexy and beautiful British wife Michelle get fucked by another man. She was a bit nervous at first, but really wanted to please her husband and fulfil his fantasy. They were both open to trying this new experience and it turned out to be incredible. Michelle started talking dirty and getting wild with her hot stud while Kraig watches on.




View Gallery Here

View Movie Clip Gallery Here

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February 20, 2006

My Buddy and My Wife

Let me start by saying that while I am not a true cuckold yet, I just may be on my way to becoming one. Let me explain..

About a year and a half ago, I befriended this guy at work. He seemed pretty cool, we were a lot alike, and we hit it off pretty well. He’d always give me a ride home from work, stop over and have a few beers. We always sat outside on the porch, until it started getting cold outside, and one day I asked my wife if he could come into the house and party a bit. She has always been very shy, and she agreed to that but she never came out of the bedroom.

After a couple of weeks of this, the sounds of us having a good time in the living room must have been too much. I’ll admit, I had been trying to get her to join us for quite some time, and finally she did. Well whattya know, these two hit it off right away. There are many things that they have in common that my wife and I don’t share. That kinda bummed me out. But still, seconds after he walked out the door of my house from meeting her the first time, I rushed outside to ask him what he thought of her. “She’s beautiful!…” is all he could really say, and I knew that he was attracted to her immediately.

After his first meeting with her, I started asking her if she liked him. I kept on until finally I asked her, in a joking way, if she’d like to suck him off. To this day I’ll always remember her words: “I wouldn’t mind.” The next day, when I saw my friend at work, I began hinting around, suggesting that maybe she’d show him a lot of cleavage the next time he came over (she’s got pretty big tits). Well, she showed just a little the first time, because I never made it clear that I kinda wanted her to show more, but still, my buddy was excited.

The next time he came over, I made sure to let her know that I wanted him to see more. Boy, did she ever! I was kind of saddened by how quickly she had both her tits out in front of him, without even checking with me, but she was clearly enjoying herself, and so was he. Dude was sitting there on my couch, rubbing his dick through his pants and staring at my wife’s big milky white tits. Nothing much happened that night, but once she knew that he was attracted to her, it was like I had unleashed a beast inside her.

Well, soon enough we invited him over to our house on one of our days off work (her “boyfriend” and I share the same work schedule) and it finally happened. No fucking, mind you, just oral. I mean, get this, I actually told him to save up a big load for her, I told him that she loves getting it in the face (which is no lie) and I told him to plaster her good!

OK, well, it was her first time sucking him off, so it started off a little bit awkward, especially considering the fact that obviously I wanted front row seats. I got to watch for about five or ten minutes while I jerked off, and I sensed that maybe he needed to be alone with her for a couple of minutes before he could bust his nut. So, I headed off to the bathroom, actually saying out loud that I wanted him to blow his load all over her face! I just stood there in the bathroom door, well within earshot of them but out of sight. Obviously things were getting a lot hotter and heavier in there since I had stepped out of the room.

It was all I could do to keep from spewing on the hallway carpet as I listened to her slurping on another man’s dick. She started making “mmm” noises as she bobbed her head up and down, something that was totally new to me. And oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I had talked this out with him beforehand, and he was clear on the fact that I wanted him to cum in her face. Surprisingly, he had never done that before to any woman, and he was really excited at the prospect of doing so.

So keep in mind that it was I who asked him to save his cum for her, it was I who made it clear that she wanted it shot in her face, and it was I who left the room so he could get some relief from his tormented state.

So here’s what happened… As I stood around the corner from them, listening to my wife’s suckling sounds and the sounds of him getting off, I heard him say “OK, now!”

The next sound I heard was a very feminine, very delighted “Ooh!” when he gave her the first big spurt. I heard her licking and smacking her lips all around his shooting cock, and I walked in about two seconds later so I could see her face. Keep in mind that neither of us had ever done anything like this before, and it was the first time another man’s jizz had touched her since we had been married twelve years before.

She was smiling, she was truly happy. She looked right at me as I walked into the room, her cheeks, mouth and nose all glistening with his huge load, as if to say “Gosh, Eric! Look how much he shot off!” without even registering the fact that I might be just a teensy bit upset.

And I was the one who encouraged him to save it all for her. He even mentioned to me, well, both of us really, about how he felt like he shot off like a cannon in her pretty face, one blast after another. I thought that was kind of disrespectful to me at first, but then I realized that somehow he knew that it turned me on big time.

There have been a few weeks where I would not allow anything to transpire between them, at least in front of me. We’ve just been sitting around after work, smoking and drinking a little while we all just talk. Yesterday, I may have changed my mind again.

Well, the wife and I have been having some issues lately, and surprisingly this turn of events may have saved our marriage. I know that she is my wife, I know she loves me, and this has given me the courage to allow him to use her in my house while I watch, once again. It makes her happy, she has said that she’d like to sit next to him again and let him feel her tits, which I know will lead to her sucking him again and who knows, I might even let him fuck her in my bed… I want to let him fuck her the way I used to do, before sex became so ordinary between my wife and I. I want my buddy to see how good her sweet pussy really is.

Submitted by: Eric - Charlotte, NC


February 18, 2006

Lovely Hotwives

Some lovely hotwife galleries for you today. First up is the beautiful Desirae. This woman knows how to fuck, check out her fun fucking in this hotel room. The next gallery features stunning hotwife Envy getting a hot serving of creampie courtesy of my friend and bull who loves fucking wives at hotwives and girlfriends. Don’t miss the movie gallery as well. Our last gallery today sees us catch up with hotwife veteran Tracy from Watch Our Wives. Here she is entertaining a new black stud.

Desirae meets her boyfriend in the hotel room

Stunning Envy just loves to fuck other men
Bonus Movie Gallery Here

Tracy loves strangers cocks


February 16, 2006

Hotwife Initiation

My wife, Julie, is a total slut and whore. She is very highly sexed and very horny and wants to be fucked daily. I cannot give her the satisfaction she needs so frequently and so we decided that she can take on some lovers to satisfy her sexual hunger.

Her chance came when we attended a dinner and dance party at a hotel. There was this black guy who kept eyeing her and making passes at her. Julie was visibly thrilled at the attention she was getting from the guy. She responded by smiling and flirting with him. He came over to our table and introduced himself as James. He and my wife seemed to click well and they were soon talking and laughing with each other.

James asked her for a dance when the band started and soon they were dancing close on the floor. I could see both his hands on her butt as they moved over the floor to a slow music. She was grinding her loins against his cock. He held her close and soon his hands were roaming all over her body , from her butt, up her bareback dress and finally onto her braless breasts. When they came back to the table after the music ended I could see her hard nipples jutting out against the thin material of her dress. Her face was flushed and she looked appealingly at me and then whispered into my ear, “Can I have him?” I smiled at her and nodded my head.

I asked James if he would like to come over to our house for a drink after dinner was over. He was delighted as he looked at my wife and smiled. Both of them were at the backseat of my car as I drove home. James was all over her , kissing her nipples and fingering her pantyless cunt. She was also as busy as her newfound lover as she stroked his hard cock and bending her head down and sucking it!

Soon we arrived at our home and my wife led James into our bedroom. Oh yes, I forget to say that James was a six footer. They were now completely naked , kissing and hugging each other. My wife was breathing heavily in sheer lust. She threw herself onto our bed with her legs wide open and her cunt was glistening with slimy juices. James was soon on top of her and she guided his huge black cock into her willing cunt. He rammed and pounded her with his almost 9 inch cock and the sound of sex liquid filled the bedroom punctuated with the groans and moans of an adulterous wife. Her eyes were closed and a peaceful smile played on her face and her mouth was wide open in sheer raw lust.

The naked bodies of my wife and her black lover moved, shivered and trembled in pleasure as both of them savoured the wonders of illicit sex. Their bodies were covered with sweat as they moved vigorously in sexual actions. Julie as usual was getting multiple orgasms and she uttered so many obscene words when she cum. She would never use these words under normal circumstances. My wife was a picture of a woman who was truly a slut and a whore when she was sexually aroused. When James exploded his cum into her womb she screamed like a mad woman as she too came at the same instance his sperms entered her womb. I let James spend the night with her in our bedroom while I used the guestroom. I could hear my wife groaning and moaning in pleasure later in the night. She told me later that James fucked her five times that night.

My wife was a changed woman now both in her behavior and her dressing. She looked very radiant and she began to wear lowcut blouses and micro mini skirts. As usual she wore nothing under her clothes. James was now a frequent visitor and during the weekend he would be in the bedroom fucking my wife and she enjoying it.

Submitted by: Charles S - Canada

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