September 19, 2006

Back From Amsterdam

Just arrived back from Amsterdam. Was a crazy time. Met so many cool people and really partied hard in the city of sin. Was good to catch up with wives like Naughty Allie again. I have loads of stories to tell and Daisy Rock excelled as usual in the outrageous behaviour department. Firstly by organising some fun for me the first night (2 girls), then by dragging a load of us to a live sex show (Cassa Rosso), one of the acts was this girl playing with toys, the next thing I know Daisy is on the stage with this girl and she starts taking her clothes off, the crowd were going wild, she got completely naked, threw her panties in the crowd and got it on with the girl. It ended with Daisy pulling a line of beads out the girls pussy with her teeth. The management came and found her afterwards and were offering her a job and trying to get us both to fuck on stage LOL. The banana bar followed with more of the same with Daisy joining the girls on the bar serving drinks and a lot more. She also managed to seduce 3 great looking guys back to the hotel room throughout the stay as well. Time for a well earned rest I think. I’ll post some images of the trip asap.

I love my girl,

I’ve just put some new free movie clips on her site, have a look and see what you think.

Visit Daisy Rock Here


September 15, 2006

Slut For Black Cock

I am a happily married wife of 20 years. Although we have a very good sex life, there is one complicating factor. I am a true slut for black cocks. I have known this ever since my early days in college. For some reason; whether it is my smile or the twinkle in my eyes, I have always seemed to attract black males to me, wherever I go and whatever I am doing. As I travel on business, I am constantly getting looks, smiles, and being approached by black men, even though they see my wedding ring. It has always been that way, and I love it! Luckily, my husband has been very trusting and supportive in our locating and attracting black gentlemen for me. He will often go with me on my business trips. Wherever we go, he is constantly trying to arrange meetings for me between black men; one or several. He encourages me to follow up on these vibes that I am apparently giving off and arrange as many encounters as I wish while I travel. He loves to hear from me and get all the juicy, orgasmic details. Sometimes, I will call him on the phone from the hotel room and allow him to listen as we are making naughty. He loves it all. He is always encouraging me to dress naughty as I go out on business, often spending time in the hotel bars or local nightclubs to see what interests I can encourage. We usually have terrific sex for a week or longer after each encounter. He cannot wait for me to get back from my next trip to share the naughty details with him.

Submitted by: Faryl - Springfield, Mo


September 13, 2006

Meet Rico Shades

You may have heard of the name Rico Shades in previous posts where wives are getting fucked. This dude is one top bull and I’m really excited he’s now got his own website and he’s decided to start posting regularly on hotwife blog. Rico, good luck with your site and happy future wife fucking ;)


Greetings folks. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rico Shades. I am a purveyor of fine filth and a connoisseur when it comes to fucking pussy that belongs to someone else. I will be giving you a taste of my exploits going forward and I figured who better to start with than Naughty Alysha. She is so damn yummy and extremely nasty. We had a tryst a little while ago and there was some serious jack rabbit fucking going on. We rolled around in too many positions to name and of course it ended with me emptying the nut sack all over her beautiful waiting lips. So sexy.

Keep It Nasty!
Ricardo Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Read The Rico Shades Interview Here

Calling all wives! make sure you visit Rico Shades


September 11, 2006

Glamorous Wives

Off to the Amsterdam Webmaster show on Wednesday. I’ll keep the posts going as I’m taking my laptop with me. I’ll also let you know if any hot stuff happens as I know some Internet wives will be there. I’ll be ready for them…

Thought we’d have some glamorous wives for the post today. Some nice solo sets with breathtakingly stunning hot wives. First up is lovely Michelle posing in a silver bikini… Oooohhh those tits Michelle!! We haven’t had a gallery from Rio for a while so here goes, she looks so gorgeous in white. Last of the glamour 3 is none other than Desirae. Can’t get enough of her..

Sexy glasses Michelle

Stunning Rio waiting for her lover

You look stunning in anything Desirae


September 9, 2006

Meet Erin

Time for a new hotwife profile. I’ve been paying close attention to this wife for some time but wanted to hold off on an introduction until I got something real juicy about her we can all enjoy. Well boy I’ve got that. Some scorching galleries and an interview to come next week. Erin Daye is gorgeous, 27 years old and is a 34-24-34. She has an insatiable appetite for sex, and loves meeting her members for hot fuck-filled encounters.

Erin is very special and with her looks and lust for hotwifery I’m sure she’ll be gracing these pages for some time to come.

Here’s a few words from the sexy lady herself:


It really turns me on to please my partner sexually. Nothing makes me get wet faster, than to meet one of my members for a hot sexual encounter, film it, and put here on my website. I am very, very bi-sexual, and love a good hard gangbang.

Through my travels, or even here at home, I never miss a chance to meet one of my site members and shoot some hot video.

Inside my site you will not only see all the special member video shoots, but you will get a chance to actually partake in them with me. When it comes to fucking me, my members always get priority. Sometimes I will hold members only Ganbangs, those are the BEST!!!

There is nothing I enjoy more than to have 3, 4, 6, 10, 25…or more hard cocks all waiting in line to pound the hell out of me, and blow me full of Nut Juice. I take them all on 4 at a time till the last man is sucked dry of all his sweet goo. Just call me the Dick Drinker.

Sometimes I get the urge to be spanked for being such a bad girl (smiling). I love it when a man uses a Riding Crop on my ass. He spanks me until my ass is fire red, then he breaks out my favorite “Strap” and really goes to town. After a long hard spanking I am ready for something else Long and Hard, if you get my drift ;)

Nothing makes me want to get nasty faster than a good hard whipping. That’s why I am so bad.


And that’s why we love you… Don’t forget to check out her interview here on hotwifeblog next week. Here’s a gallery of Erin taking on 5 black guys. Wow!!

Erin Daye


September 7, 2006

Emma Starr Photos

It’s about time we had an update from amazing hotwife Emma Starr. She has been such a busy girl lately. But she found time to send me a quick update as well as some of her Jamiacan holiday snaps. She also let me know that she recently went to Germany to film a GGG movie. OMG that is a dream cum true. I love GGG and seeing Emma in one is just too much to handle.

See you very soon I hope Emma.


Ok here what I have going next week. I will be doing a fan gangbang with 10 lucky fans. I also will be shooting some content with 5 more and one of my hot girlfriends. The best news is that I plan on getting fucked more in the next few weeks. I have some time to head out to LA and get my pussy filled as well as my ass. Yes, I said my ass. So, look forward to seeing me taking cocks up my ass and pussy at the same time.

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Star’s Interview With Hotwife Blog Here

Visit Ms Starr Sexy Teacher Here

Visit Emmas Wild World Here


September 5, 2006

Indecent Magazine

I wanted to introduce you to a great new online magazine I’ve recently come across. Indecent is a great read, full of stories about slut wives. The stories are well illustrated and each one is coded with the subject matter discussed within. There’s also letters, interviews, movie reviews and even personals. It’s great.

Indecent Magazine

Check it out - Click here to download Indecent Magazine Volume 1 (9mb)


September 3, 2006

Bachelor Meets Karen

Black Bachelor Diary Update: I met a horny ass Irish chick two weekends ago. Karen is from Ohio and her hubby is not fond of black people. That sure didn’t stop Karen from sucking my dick and letting me shoot a hot load of sperm in her tight pussy and on her cute glasses! LOL, some guys are fucking clueless about the women who go to bed with them every night!

Until next time.

Black Bachelor Meets Karen

Black Bachelor Meets Karen

Black Bachelor Meets Karen

Black Bachelor Meets Karen

Read Bachelor’s Interview Here

Pay A Visit To The Black Bachelor Here


September 1, 2006

Weekend Rest

Been so busy this week and had the worst sore throat of my life. Paying for my party over indulgences lol. My girl Daisy Rock is working and playing hard as well, she fucked 7 different guys last week, did 4 movies, 2 boy/girl’s, 1 girl/girl and 1 boy/boy/boy/girl. Then she played with 2 guys over the bank holiday, one on the Saturday night at a Swingers club the other a mmf with me last Monday. It’s been non-stop erotic fun. We’re off to Amsterdam for Webmaster Access on the 14th September, if you’re going let us know!

Trash x

Here’s some galleries. First up we have the stunning Katie from Sharing My Wife, I’ve got 2 solo sets of this delicious girl check them out here and here. Next up is the devilish Sara Swirls having fun with 2 black studs.

Husband watches on as Katie takes cock - solo gallery 1 - solo gallery 2

Sara Swirls
Sara Swirls taking more black cock


August 30, 2006

Horny Heather’s A Fan

I got a special treat today from none other than gorgeous brunette hotwife Horny Heather. She is just so my type of wife. I just love this sultry Pittsburgh beauty, she’s soooo sexy it just hurts. I’ve got some new galleries of Heather coming up on hotwife blog real soon.

Thanks for the pics Heather. You rock!!

Horny Heather

Horny Heather

Read Heather’s Interview With Hotwife Blog Here

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