June 14, 2007

Through The Window

This story is true (totally true), it is about my childhood sweetheart and Wife of 33 years. My name is Dan and My Wife’s name is Carol.

Carol is a very pretty, petite redhead. Carol is only 4′ 11″ tall, with perky 34 B breasts and sweet round ass. She was a virgin when we got married in 1974…except for giving one boy a blow job in high school, while I was in the Army (She didn’t swallow Cum then, but She does now). She was only sixteen when She sucked the boys dick.

I was 20 and Carol was 18 when we got married. When I got out of the Army, Carol and I moved from PA. to Houston, Texas and that is where we got married. Carol is from a very small town in PA. and had never been to a big City before (She was just a little country girl). She loved all the things going on and the bright lights and night life of the City.

My job required night and weekend work, so I was not available for Her when She wanted to Play or go to the Clubs (like Gilley’s) and Party. Carol worked as a secretary, so no nights or weekends for Her, unless it was a Business Party. Her Company liked her to be the “Greeting Girl” at their business parties because She was so cute.

Well, I have always been a bit of a voyeur, so I encouraged Her to feel free to go out dancing on the weekends and have fun at the Clubs when I was working weird hours.

I always acted very casual when I told Carol to go to the clubs without me and have fun. I also kept encouraging Her to wear short skirts because She has fantastic looking legs and to sometimes go without a bra (teasing Her). Never letting on that I was hoping She would find a strange Man with a big cock to fuck Her.

My Penis is only 5 1/2 inches long and rather thin, but Carol and I often joked about it being custom fit for Her tiny Pussy. I honestly wasn’t sure Carol could handle a large Cock. “We both found out later that She can handle a very large Dick and She loves it!”

After a few weeks of Her going to Gilley’s Club, in Houston, Carol met and started fucking a guy named Johnnie Lee (a singer at the Club). Johnnie was known as a “Ladies Man” at the Club and He was more popular with the women for the size (thickness) of His Cock and sexual performance than His singing. I knew someone had been fucking Carol for a few weeks because I always checked Her Panties for cum stains when She wasn’t around. I always checked for crusty white stains. But, I never let on To Carol that I was doing this.

One Saturday night, I took the day off from work without telling Carol. I was dressed for work (but not going) and was heading out the door, Carol had showered early and wearing nothing but a bathrobe. She kissed me at the door on my way off to work. I played the game, I knew She showered early so She could get dressed quickly and go see someone at one of the Clubs.

I drove my Car a short distance from our apartment, but stayed close enough to keep an eye on our front door. In less than an hour Carol was dressed in a mini skirt and Heels, left our apartment, jumped in her car and left for the Club. “She really looked HOT!!” I followed Her and watched her pull into Gilley’s Club parking lot and go into the Club. She walked past the Doorman and waved at him without paying any cover charge. “I knew that meant she was someone’s special guest?”

After waiting a few minutes, I paid my cover charge and also went into the Club, but I stayed away from the stage area where Johnnie was performing and where I assumed Carol would be sitting, which She was. Yes, I was hiding so I could watch my Wife at the Club without being seen. Carol danced with a few different men, but always kept Her eye on Johnnie as He performed on stage. Johnnie had lots of women at the Club that he fucked (nice looking too), but I think He favored Carol because of Her petite size and beauty.

During one of his breaks, Carol followed Johnnie back stage to his dressing room. 30 minutes later Carol and Johnnie came back out and Carol was adjusting Her blouse. I’m sure they had some kind of sex in His dressing room.

It was now approaching closing time at the Club (2AM) and I went to my car, so as not to be seen and waited to see what Carol would do when she got to Her Car. I could see Her Car from where I was parked. Little did I know, but Carol had parked next to Johnnie’s Car. I waited for quite a few minutes and almost all the other cars had left and Carol was just sitting on the hood of Her car, waiting? Finally Johnnie came out of a side door of the Club and he went right to Her. They kissed and hugged for a bit, then I saw Carol motion to Johnnie to follow Her(?). They both got in their own Cars and Carol was having Johnnie follow Her to His house…so I knew He had obviously been with Her several times before this or She would not have known where He lived. They left and I followed, but I kept a safe distance. I saw them both pull into his driveway. Carol and Johnnie got out of their cars and did some more Kissing and sexual fondling in front of the house before going into Johnnie’s House.

I was so hot and frustrated, I didn’t know what to do? My first thought was to break down the front door and drag My Wife back Home, but the pervert in Me wanted to see what they were doing. I went around to the back of the house where there was a window that I could see them from. As I spied in the window, I saw Carol and Johnnie sitting on his sofa, Johnnie already had his hand up My Wife’s Mini Skirt, playing with Her pussy. They were still kissing as I watched Carol undo Johnnie’s buckle and zipper. She then pulled His Cock out of His pants and played with it to get Him hard. “It was so damn big!” It was almost unreal in size. As large or larger around than a Beer can and a good 8 inches long! I watched both of them play with each other for a bit longer, and then I saw Carol try to suck his Cock, but it was too fat to really fit comfortably in Her mouth, so She just kind of licked and kissed on the head and shaft of His huge Cock.

After several minutes of Carol kissing and licking His Cock, Johnnie took Carol by Her hand and led Her back to His Bedroom. I ran to the back bedroom window, where they had gone. He had a mini blind on the window, but the blind was open just enough and there was enough light in the bedroom so I could still watch them. As I watched both of them get naked I could tell this was something they had done several times before. Carol stripped in front of Johnnie and placed Her clothes on a chair near His bed, like it was common practice. This being Texas, there was no blanket covering them, they just got on the bed naked and laid on top of the sheets. They played for a few minutes (kissing, fingering and such), then Johnnie rolled Carol onto Her back and mounted Her, spreading Her legs with His legs and then laid His big hard Cock on top of Her pubic area.

I remember seeing Him Kiss Her very hard, grab Her Breast, squeeze it and then force His fat Cock in Her Pussy. I could easily hear Carol moan from outside of the house as Johnnie just rammed his Manhood deep in Her tiny pink Pussy. At this point I thought Johnnie was hurting My small Wife and I was just about ready to bust in the house and save Her. But then I saw Carol rotating Her hips and thrusting them upward to help Her Lover go even deeper in Her little Vagina! I was shocked (to say the least)!! They seemed to be fucking like Porn Stars, hard and fast and Carol was being such a slut for Him. After about 10 minutes of pure Ball Banging Fucking, Johnnie pulled His Dick out of Carol’s Pussy. I thought Johnnie shot his load in My Wife and that would be it for the night. But then Carol rolled over and got on all four and Johnnie grabbed Her hips and rammed his Monster Cock deep into Her pussy again, doggy style. Carol buried Her face in the pillow and let Johnnie work on Her Pussy as if She was just another common Bar slut that he regularly fucked. Johnnie then grabbed Her Ass with one hand and stuck His thumb up Her tight Butt hole and started fucking Her Pussy like an angry Pit Bull. She let out a little scream and asked Him not to be so rough. Johnnie kept going at Carol’s Pussy and Ass for a few more minutes before getting ridged, then moaning and collapsing on top of Her. They both looked sweaty and spent as they laid back on His bed and collected themselves. Carol then covered Her small pussy with Her hand as if it was a little sore. Johnnie put His hand on Her upper thigh, close to Her Pussy and they turned to each other in what seemed to be an after intercourse conversation(?).

Please remember, I am still in Johnnie’s back yard (and now masturbating myself) while watching this guy totally fucking My Pretty Wife…Stretching Her little Pussy, treating Her like a Slut and knowing totally well that He is going to send my sweet Carol home to Me (Her Husband) with a messy, stretched out, cum soaked pussy.

My mind was racing at this point. It was now about 3:30 AM, I stopped watching them and I drove home with My mind in a total fog about what I had just watched. When I got home I hurried up and got naked and jumped in our bed and waited for Carol’s return home. It wasn’t until 6:AM that Carol finally came strolling in the front door of our small apartment. She had no idea I was home, in bed and waiting for Her. She walked in the bedroom and saw me sleeping (so She assumed). She very quietly and quickly got naked and slipped between the sheets next to me, hoping not to wake me. I made some sleepy sounds, then I snuggled next to Her (spooning). I put my erection between Her legs, from behind…and that is when the wildest thing happened. My erect penis actually fell into her Pussy, without me even trying to put it in there! She was so wet, stretched out and messy that my penis just fell into Her Pussy (and that had never happened before)! I knew She was fucking Johnnie that night and other times before, but the feel of Her wet, sloppy pussy was such a turn-on for me! Normally She would have showered and cleaned Her Pussy before I came home from work, but I fooled Her this time. She and I made wonderful love that morning. She was very passionate and I was very eager. After I shot My cum load in Her Pussy, I went down on Her and started licking her sloppy Pussy. She tried to stop me from tasting Her because She was afraid I would smell Johnnie’s cum in Her pussy. I just told Carol to relax and enjoy having Me make love to Her sweet Pussy. I told Her that the look and scent of Her Pussy was especially sexy for some reason and I just had to enjoy it orally. She had no idea that I knew She had just crawled out of bed with Johnnie. Carol looked a little embarrassed, but also excited as I worked my tongue in and around Her well used vagina. She actually came to orgasm rather fast and urinated a little in my mouth as I licked Her. I think the thought of Her Lover and Husband both fucking Her just
minutes apart
and then Her Husband licking Her Cum soaked Pussy (without a shower in between fuckings) was a serious turn-on for Her. Carol looked so exhausted and spent after Her orgasm that I just gave Her a soft Kiss and then We both cuddled and feel asleep without saying another word.

It was about two days later when Carol confessed to sleeping with Johnnie. She and I had a long talk, very heart felt. I made it very clear to Carol that I always wanted Her to be My Wife and that I loved Her very much and I thanked Her for Her honesty. It was several days later before I confessed to Carol that I had seen Her with Johnnie that night. That is when She and I really started to openly talk about our sexual fantasies.
I told Her that I was sorry for being a voyeur and possible pervert, but watching her perform sexually with Johnnie and His BIG Cock was the most erotic thing I had ever seen! Carol smiled, looked Me in My eye’s with an almost orgasmic glare and said that She was surprised, but also excited by the fact that I was so turned-on by watching Her fuck another Man. Especially a Man with a much larger Penis than mine.

She then assured Me that She loved Me too and that She has never done anything with other Men in Our Bed…She said that Our Bed should always be just for us!

She then asked Me if it bothered Me that We can’t say that Her Pussy is no longer custom fit for Me (see beginning of story)? I told her no. I said that Her Pussy was still very Pretty and the fact that it is stretched out (now) will hopefully help Me with My premature ejaculation problem. She giggled and said, in teasing, that She promises to keep Her Pussy stretched for Me and She will help Me to learn to control My ejaculation problem. She has always been very caring and loving when we discuss premature ejaculation (and Penis size). She says the larger, longer lasting men are just for fun and that She really only loves Me?!? WOW…can life get any better???

I am happy to end this story by telling all of You readers that our marriage is still strong and wonderful after 33 years. Carol has slept with several more men over the years and I have only watched Her discretely a few times (with Her knowing), but She has always been very good about telling Me everything She does when She comes home to me after a date. …Yes, She is still very Pretty and Yes, She still makes fun of My small Penis…HaHa!!


Submitted by: Dan - Texas


June 11, 2007

Richard Mann Interviewed

Howife Blog Repost - 2005

Well I’ve been posting for a while now but this is my first interview with a lifestyle ‘Bull’.

And I’m glad to present a real top guy for this interview who has played with some of the wives we’ve featured here already. Richard Mann has been involved in the hotwife lifestyle for a long while now and has become such a legend with his enormous ‘equipment’ that he is now starring in some top adult movies.

It’s great to get the perspective from the other side of the hotwife fence so thanks a lot Richard and keep up all your great work. Hope to catch you for that drink real soon.

Richard Mann

hotwifeblog: Hi Richard, a big welcome to hotwife blog… Where about’s are you from?
Richard: San Francisco Bay Area

hotwifeblog: What is your age?
Richard: 39

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Richard: 5′10

hotwifeblog: What is your weight?
Richard: 170

hotwifeblog: Is the adult biz and seeing hotwives a full time project for you or do you have another job as well?
Richard: I have another job but soon hope filming will be fulltime.

hotwifeblog: Describe your personality?
Richard: Laid back, easy going. talkative at times.

hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle?
Richard: Well about 6 years ago I was in a marriage where my wife rarely wanted to have sex. I spice it up all kind of ways but with no result, so I went online to see what I could find.

hotwifeblog: What size is your cock?
Richard: 11 Inches

hotwifeblog: Tell us about your first experience with a hotwife?
Richard: Well after going thru all the paid sites I finally found darkcavern.com which was free at the time. I posted an ad and soon got emails from couples wanting to play. my first encounter was with a couple from Sacramento. When i went to play with them there were some other guys there who asked me to be a member of THE CREW. With them we hook up with hotwives for gang bangs as often as we can.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been involved in the lifestyle?
Richard: 6 years and counting

hotwifeblog: Have you always enjoyed the thought of having sex with married women?
Richard: Hell yes, who would not? I cant get enough of the hotwife sluts.

hotwifeblog: What type of wives do you prefer?
Richard: Nasty cum loving sluts and size queens.

hotwifeblog: How many hotwives have you serviced in the past?
Richard: Too many to count. If I were to guess I’d say over 100.

hotwifeblog: Are there any famous hotwives you’ve had the pleasure of fucking, like some of the ones featured here?
Richard: Yes, I’ve fucked Christina Noir well and many times. Also fucked Sara Jay for a film we did, Damn she got some good pussy, a squirter too.

hotwifeblog: Do you use a contact site to find potential hotwives or do they find you via your Yahoo group?
Richard: Both. I scour over the Yahoo groups daily looking for hotwifes. Too much is NEVER enough.

hotwifeblog: Do you feel comfortable with a husband watching you with his wife/partner?
Richard: Oh yes, the more then merrier.

hotwifeblog: Have you had an experience with a cuckoldress wife before?
Richard: Well most times the husband is watching or we are having a 3some.

hotwifeblog: If so did you get involved in humiliating the cuckold husband?
Richard: Not as of yet.

hotwifeblog: What do you think you can offer wives that their husband can not?
Richard: Big Black Dick and a fucking she will NEVER forget.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about a recent experience with a hotwife?
Richard: Well it happened Sunday past with Lori Lust. A mutal friend who loves to see white hotwives asked if I’d be willing to come over and dick her down while he filmed. Of course you know I’m not passing up any hotwife slut, especially Lori. I get there and she is alll ready to fuck. I sit down and she starts sucking me off right away. Dude is filming and she is showing off her skills at choking down my dick. She sucks my dick, sucks my balls and gets my dick real wet. I reach down to play with her pussy and it’s soaking wet. I take her upstairs push her down on the bed, spread her legs and jump right in. I put her in every position I could think of and then finally get balls deep in her ass. I’m tellin you this woman is a Super Slut. I tried to fuck her as hard as i could. we go at it for about 45min till I feel a huge nut coming up, I pull out a sket right in her mouth. She swallowed the whole load and then started jacking me off to get every last drop of cum I had. We chill out for about 5 min. and I’m back in that pussy, only this time her master Don The Godfather from THE CREW joins in. we fuck her everyway one could think of and then do a DP with me in her ass again. I tried to tear her a new asshole, anything less and Lori would get bored. I fuck her ass as hard as I can and then nutted deep as I can in her hungry ass. DAMN I LOVE FUCKIN SLUTS.

hotwifeblog: What is your favorite sexual act?
Richard: Fucking

hotwifeblog: What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done with a wife?
Richard: Gang banged Lori till she could not take anymore. she LOVED it.

hotwifeblog: Are you naturally dominant with the wives you meet?
Richard: I’d say yes. once I get going I can get real wild.

hotwifeblog: So you enjoy gangbangs with wives?
Richard: I prefer gang bangs over anything else cause it shows just how nasty a woman can get. The nastier the better.

hotwifeblog: Approximataly how many creampies have you given out to wives in the past?
Richard: Too many to count

hotwifeblog: Have any wives have asked you to make them pregnant?
Richard: Never in person but I get emails often asking.

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Richard: Middle Eastern politics, computers, video games, reading.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to potential ‘bulls’ thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle?
Richard: Do it but to remember once you start you will NEVER want to stop. also always be a gentleman and give her exactly what she wants.

hotwifeblog: Do you have any plans to start your own website?
Richard: Oh yes, I should have a paid site up real soon…

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle?
Richard: Io keep on fuckign as many hotwives as I can and if I can get it on film for the world to see how a hotwife should be dicked down.


Thanks again Richard ;)

Richard Mann

Interview by Trash


June 9, 2007

Linda Hits The Bars

Another update from Dave and check out the pic she sent him from a recent expolit. Gotta love her, you’re a lucky man Dave.

My wife Linda just called at work to tell me she would be home a little late tonight. She was heading over by the airport to hit a couple hotel bars to pick up a couple of out of town business men and to end up in their rooms with their big cocks buried deep in her ass until they give her their hot loads. Then she will be home with her ass and pussy full of cum for me to clean up before i get to fuck her myself. I am sure she will write you with all the details when she has a chance.

Hotwife Linda

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Submitted by: Dave - SoCal


June 7, 2007

Mother Day Hotwife

Black Bachelor Diary Update:

I love the Internet. I cannot tell you how many hot wives have contact us to help them fulfil their ultimate black cock fantasies! Several weeks ago I received an email from this wife of 11 years with three lovely children. Here is what it read.

“Hi guys, my name is Enita I was browsing online early this morning and saw a few black site and you guys jumped right at me! LOL, I must say you guys are rather busy, and seem like you really know to please a horny woman. I have always thought about being with a guy from another race, latin and black men just seem so freaky and aggressive in bed and I must say its quite a turn on. Im currently in my second marriage which has been for great thus far for 11 years. My husband has noticed a slight tingle in my eye lately, I guess a man knows when his wife is interested in another guy. Or at least want to fuck an another guy. He is ok with my lust for darker men. (BTW, Im of Italian & Cuban background. My husband is an Irish guy from Boston). Im contacting you guys with a request, I would like to possibly meet up with two or three black men on Sunday May 13th, Mothers Day to have an afternoon of clean adult fun.

I know its a stretch, because guys are usually with their families and Mothers on that day, Im not looking to take up the entire day because I do have to get a baby sitter but it would be nice if we could get together. If this sounds something that may interest you sexy hung brothas, please email me back and lets make it happen.

Kisses, xoxoxo

My fellow Interracial hotwife lovers, I’m proud to announce Enita has graced us with her freaky presence on none other than Mothers Day and drained every black dick in the building! This wife had her first taste of 13″ meaty black dick and I really don’t think she will be the same afterwards. Check out the exclusive pictures I have attached below, Enita is my newest 38 year old black cock slut wife.

Black Bachelor

Cheating Mon with the Black Bachelor

Cheating Mon with the Black Bachelor

Cheating Mon with the Black Bachelor

Cheating Mon with the Black Bachelor

Cheating Mon with the Black Bachelor

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June 5, 2007

Getting Things Started

Turning a Wife Into A Hotwife

Part II - “Getting Things Started”

In the beginning, the exploratory hotwife discussions may take a general, impersonal form. Many of the advantages for women are outlined in the previous chapter, and these can be subtly brought out. It’s essential to approach all this from her viewpoint. Most wives know of women - both married and unmarried - who enjoy sexual variety, and it will help to find out her attitude about this. Let her talk about it in detail, and remember the things she brings out. Eventually, a wife will realize that her husband is really in favor of giving her sexual freedom. At this point she will typically have suspicions about why he wants to move in this direction. Immediately coming to mind will be the possibility that he wants to have an affair, or even that he is trying to get her interested in other men so he can get out of the marriage. These things should not be the case, and they should be addressed openly and honestly, and total assurances given. This may be the biggest obstacle and it may take much in the way of persistent, loving assurance. He should clearly communicate the attitude of, “I love you,” but our marriage doesn’t mean that you must be denied sexual experiences with other men, the kind that many other women are enjoying.

Most women have had men flirt with them or “hit” on them. He should let her know that this does not threaten him. The husband may know of a particular man that “interests” her. He might tease her about it and make it clear that it’s okay. At the same time, the dangers of going in the hotwife direction should be openly addressed, and there are many: She could fall in love with someone else. What will be the effect be of people finding out? And then there is the risk of STD (sexually-transmitted disease).

Even if she initially has no intention of moving in the hotwife direction, by discussing each of these things in a general way, it will clear the way for the possibility - a possibility that will stick with her and that she will probably think about. (Remember, according to statistics, the majority of urban working women have had or are having an affair, so she’s probably very familiar with the issue.) Once she is convinced that she has this freedom, she will feel less sexually confined and will start thinking about things differently. This difference may become evident to other men who will see her as being more relaxed and less inhibited around them. The husband might also suggest that she get used to wearing more revealing clothes, the kind that sends a message to men.

She may want to wear - or the husband may want her to wear - an ankle bracelet on her right leg, which some claim signals those “in the know” that she’s a hotwife. Although ankle bracelets are worn by many women who don’t know their association with “hotwives,” men sometimes buy their wives ankle bracelets to signal that (1) with his permission she has had sex or is having sex outside of marriage, (2) he is okay with men approaching her to see if she’s interested, and (3) she’s open to sexual affairs.

Needless to say, she needs to be on some type of full-time birth control, such as the pill (assuming she isn’t already), and she needs to always have condoms in her purse. Among other things, they serve as a reminder that if an opportunity arises, she can take advantage of it. Even more important, condoms help insure that she won’t contract a STD.

The husband may help things along by dropping hints to men about how she loves sex, and that she’s more open-minded about it than she seems. He might even let it be known that he wouldn’t mind if she had an affair. All of these things may feed upon themselves until men attempt to meet her privately to establish the beginning of a sexual relationship.

Because of the possibility of becoming emotionally involved with one sexual partner, once she gets started, she should regularly have sex with more than one man. Thus, the emphasis should shift from emotional involvement before sex to sexual enjoyment and experience. Many women simply look for men who can regularly get them to climax.

By: Dr. Cherry Lee

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Next Week: Approaches

A Hotwife Was Here
Love to walk in on this mess?


June 3, 2007

Extreme Cuckold

Usually it’s customary to profile the wife here on hotwifeblog, the wife is at the forefront of the hotwife relationship, the one that gets all the attention and praise. So it’s a first for me to find a site with a cuckold profiled. Men find it hard enough to admit that they enjoy seeing their loved one with another guy but to admit you’re a cuckold is a step way further and to make a website with you as the star… well, it takes some guts in today’s society I can tell you.

This particular cuck is the wife of Babs. Many of you would already have heard of her as an ultra-extreme wife on the hotwife circuit, her husband is also a Cuck to the extreme. Here’s a personal ad he once posted looking for Bulls, it’s way out there in terms of the depths of cuckoldry he has reached.


I have come to understand that I am a lesser man than some of you powerful and strong willed men out there! I am a pathetic lover in bed and realize that I was born to serve dominant, creative alpha males in any way they please. Which means I even have to give them that what I love the most, my dear wife.

I am looking for a dominant, creative strong man, that gets very turned on by the thought of having a female, male couple to serve him sexually.

A man that gets turned on by the pain in the eyes of the loving male having to witness the use and abuse of his wife, because what real man would just stand there while another man sexually uses his wife and even degrades her or does to her whatever it is he pleases.

A man that would laugh at my patheticness, while he forces his penis deep into my wife and either makes her squeal in pain or moan in ecstasy. I would like to start with an evening of exploring this sexual, dominant submissive dynamic. But in fantasy we hope to find a man that would become a regular visitor. And now this part I am about to write unknown to my wife, is that I do hope that we would find a man that would try to not only own my wife’s body but also her heart, someone that is intense and creative enough to make her not only fall in lust with him but also in love. My ultimate cuckold sweet pain to know that she loves someone else more than me. I know she will always love me, but I will have to become secondary for her attention.

I truly feel I am submissive so some of my fantasies and images might feel like I am scripting, I apologize for this, but I only wish to indicate the depth and range of my feelings in this “arena”. I am looking for a man that would be turned on to see me lick the bottoms of his shoes while he ravishes my wife, or just simply make me stand there while I hold his drink. A man that uses my wife sexually and enjoys humiliating her, from simply spitting her square in the face to verbally abusing her, or whatever dominant physical / psychological exchange makes you feel appropriately dominant around us. A man that owns my wife so completely that he can use her anywhere he likes or even makes her have sex with others if he so wishes.

What Cucky gets to see and clean almost every night


June 1, 2007

Introducing Sarah

Check this out. Last week, I got the following message

“Hello, I would love to be interviewed. I really need to share my weekly gangbang experiences. If you would like I will write and send over a story of what I did over the weekend. In the last 4 weeks I have had 7 gangbangs and had 21 different men come in my mouth (one accidentally in my ass!) One weekend turned into three nights straight of insane fucking. Each night I picked different men from different clubs. Love Sarah”

I had to know more and as well as being interviewed shortly Sarah is going to keep us in touch with her activities as they happen, hopefully with pics of her adventures soon too. Enjoy her account of what she got up to Saturday night.


Wow! Ended up at a tavern in McKinney, Texas. We searched several clubs in north Dallas, but ended up in McKinney. We sat down at the bar and I immediately noticed three college aged guys playing pool on the other side of the place. It happened that fast! I wanted them in me. I knew it would be them. We went over to see if I could join in on their game. We played teams and I really got going when I was bending over a shooting. After a few drinks I started to flirt a lot and was lifting my short sun dress up in the back when I shot. They loved my ass and could not believe what was happening to them. After teasing them I excused myself to the bathroom to remove my now soaked panties. When I returned I secretly handed them to my husband (a highlight for him). The next time I lifted my short dress to expose my ass these guys just about fell over. Very soon after I asked them if they would like to gangbang me while my husband shoots video of our encounter. They were eager and we were soon on our way back to our hotel suite in Dallas.

All I could think about was having all three cocks deep inside me at the same time. I told my husband some of the things I wanted them to do to me. He is always supportive of my pussy’s needs. I got so worked up telling him how I wanted them to double penetrate me and then each cum in my mouth. I sucked one of the guy’s cock right there in the car (that’s one load down my throat). I was just getting started. We meet up in the lobby of the hotel and go up to our suite. I start rubbing my new men in the elevator. I want to feel cock. My pussy is now dripping and running down the inside of my legs. The next thing I hear is the sound of our suite door closing (one of my favorite sounds). I push my men up against the wall and squat in front of them. I unbutton their pants and expose their cocks one by one. I hold and suck each one. After they are rock hard and I have sized them up I ask Mike (wow what a cock, very thick and long) to sit down on the sofa we have in our room. I climb up on him and in one motion sink his giant cock into my wet pussy. I can’t believe how full I felt. I started to ride up and down on him faster and faster. Jeff is now on the right side and David is on the left. I have their cock in my hand and am stroking them while I ride this giant piece of meat. I start sucking and stroking each one back and forth. My ass was exposed and was getting very hungry. My husband asked Jeff to come around the back of me and place the head of his cock on my ass. To his amazement he pushed in all the way. God! I love this!! I can still feel them sliding in and out of both my soaking wet holes. My ass loosens up so much that there is no resistance. After they get going they are both fucking my sweet pussy and ass so hard I begin coming and suck David’s cock all they way down my throat. I love having three all the way in. I couldn’t get any more in me. I was getting fucked like there was no tomorrow. I started to think of trying to deep throat mike. His cock was filling up my pussy so much. I pulled David out of my throat and asked him to be my backdoor man. Jeff pulls out of my ass and I suck and lick him all over (Sucking dick that has just come out of my ass has become a major turn on for me!) I then ride Jeff while David now gets his turn at my beautiful and willing ass. They start double penetrating me while I hold and rub Mike’s massive meat. I did not think I could get it in my mouth., but I tried and did. No way I could deep throat meat like this though. I sucked him up and down and licked him all over. A couple of times all I could do was suck on the end while the other two were really working me. I was imagining Mike’s dick in my ass, but was scared to try. I wanted to suck the dick in my ass and asked Mike to place his cock tip in my ass. The taste of my ass on David’s cock was delicious. Now sucking David back down my throat I focused on the one about to rip up my ass. Wow! and inch at a time. I took it all, started coming again immediately and they began pumping me over and over. My ass loved having that much cock in it. I started screaming for more and then heard Mike moaning like he was about to unload in my ass. I wanted it in my mouth, but David started unloading a huge load in my mouth so I let Mike dump his load in my ass. I generally like to swallow all, but have had a few exceptions. Jeff needed to come now too. He slipped out from under me and I grabbed his cock and received a nice load in the back of my throat. I had them sit down and I sucked them some more. I wanted them to keep fucking me. David laid on the floor and a got down on all fours and I sucked his dick while Mike wanted to stick his giant dick back up my ass. Without hesitation I said yes and that I also need Jeff inside my pussy to make me a happy woman. We had another round of intense double penetration and deep throating. This time Mike pulled out of my ass to come in my mouth. Thank you! David came again in my mouth also, but couldn’t get Jeff to come again. They left shortly after and I spent the rest of the night fucking my husband.

He came in my mouth again, also. All in all I swallowed six loads and took one load in the ass. Not too bad for a Saturday night!!! In the past 4 or 5 weeks I have had 8 gangbangs and swallowed a least 60 loads. My God! I have turned into an animal. A good girl and wife now loves to gangbang! I never would have imagined this 6 weeks ago! We are going back out tonight (however, I feel like going out for luch also, I am still very horny). We have discussed also going out on Monday night. Three gangbangs for Memorial Day weekend. (I will try!!) I will post gangbang #9 asap. xoxoxo - Sarah Bricks

Submitted by: Sarah, Fort Worth, Texas

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May 29, 2007

Seduced at the Park

Here’s a long overdue update from Bull Rick Lee at Hotwives and Girlfriends when he met up with Adrianna from New York.


Adrianna is a very hot wife I met few weeks ago when I was in Florida. She is from New York and she was down there vacationing and partying. I met her at one of the swing clubs that I went to in Fort Lauderdale and I told her and her husband about the site and she was more to be on it. She is Italian American and she is as hot as the come. And the thing I regret about our meeting that day is that I had been fucking a lot that day so by the time I was meeting Adrianna I was not in my most fresh state, which is a shame because I would have enjoyed fucking her all night.

Anyway, I picked her up at the hotel where she was staying and her husband stayed at the hotel. He just told me to fuck his wife good and bring her back before 1am. So I took Adrianna out for a while and then back to my hotel room where I did the video. She was wearing this sexy dress with easy access and she was smelling sweet too, and as soon as we had some privacy we started to fool around. I fingered her wet pussy while kissing her and licking her soft nipples, and then she went on to sucking my cock while looking at me, swallowing it all the way while touching herself. I then returned the favor and I just started to fuck her. I did her for a while and I enjoyed fucking her while looking at how hot she looked with my cock in her until I couldn’t hold anymore, and ended shooting my cum all over her face and mouth.

I don’t know when I will see Adrianna again but I hope she comes to visit California sometime soon so I can fuck her again.






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May 27, 2007

Where are all the bulls?

It’s hard to find a bull these days.

What’s wrong with guys today? My wife enjoys feeling her pussy pounded hard by a different man every once in a while but since we moved to El Paso Texas, we seem to have hit a dry spell as far as finding a willing partner. When I was a single stud, I would have jumped at the chance to fuck another man’s wife but even posting an ad on SWAPFINDER (ARMYHOTWIFE), has only gotten us some phone conversations. I guess everyone is picky and we are no different as far as finding the “right” guy for the job but I hope I can see my wife get satisfied soon. As a husband, I would probably be more of a “keyhole” spouse rather than a “cuckold” but that shouldn’t stop a guy from getting some free married pussy.

Submitted by: Tom and Sandy - El Paso, Texas


May 25, 2007

Hubby Away on Business

One of the more popular wives on hotwifeblog over the last year has been Desirae. She’s been in touch recently with some of her latest movies and some clips for you of her extra-marital exploits:


Sometimes my husband gives me what we like to call a “Free Pass” Which basically means that I get to go out and find a single guy to fuck while he is away on business. I get really excited when I get a free pass because I just love fucking new men and sharing it with my husband later on. I often meet single guys online and invite them over to my house to fuck me. One night after inviting a real hot stud I found browsing the chat rooms, I couldn’t wait for him to arrive, I got dressed in a slutty little zebra dress and put some of my “cum fuck me” heels on. I couldn’t wait to show him my juicy wet pussy. I started out by giving him a strip dance while he sat on the couch. I bent over in his face and pulled up my skirt exposing my pink pussy a little bit from behind. Then I turned around and straddled him and pulled the front of my top down. I wanted him to suck on my hard pink nipples….By this time I was so horny and wet that I could barely take it. I had to get down and suck on his cock. His cock was nice and hard for me as I pulled it out of his pants….he tasted so good. I enjoyed the fact that his cock was bigger than my husbands cock. I didn’t let him leave until I felt completely fucked senseless and had all my holes filled. Yummy.

Love & Cum Kisses

My Fuck Pick-Up Trevor

Fucked Hard By A Stranger From Behind

Will My husband Hear Me Upstairs?

I’ve fucked so many men on this couch

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