July 22, 2006

Ex-boyfriend Pays a Visit

My wife is fond of sex with a select number of other men. Recently her ex-boyfriend, who has become a good friend, called and said he would like to cum to Atlanta for some “fun.” Linda told him to head our way. He was here in a couple of hours and we could see his hard cock in his jeans.

He sat on the sofa next to Linda and we talked for a short time to catch up on what each of us has been doing. While we talked, he took Linda’s hand and placed it on his crotch. She didn’t hesitate to start feeling and rubbing his rod. I sat across the room watching and had a rock hard cock that I began playing with. The view was so intense!

It wasn’t long before she unzipped his pants and took his dick out so she could really work on it. After masturbating him for a while, he said “Why don’t we all go in the bedroom?”

As soon as we got to the bedroom, he stripped naked…we followed his lead. We all got in the bed and BC began sucking Linda’s tits and playing with her pussy. She took his cock in her right hand and mine in her left and started to pump both of us. I could tell by the look on his face that he was in heaven!

Linda then took his cock in her mouth and began sucking it slowly as she also licked his staff and sucked his balls. She would switch every once in a while and suck my woodie while he watched and played with his dick.

Then she got between his legs in a position that was easier for her to masturbate and suck his stiff member. I took a few photos as I watched her work on him. In between pics, I jerked my cock and came very close to blowing a load several times. She deep-throated his cock and then would stop when he came close to shooting a wad.

Finally, he asked her to take his cream because he wanted to shoot his load in her mouth. As she was giving him a great head job, BC asked me to jerk him off into her mouth. I grabbed his hard muscle and began to work it as she licked the head and waited for his cream to unload. Suddenly his body stiffened and he began to moan and said he was close to cumming. “Don’t stop, make me cum” he said. Linda wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and sucked as I increased the rythm of jerking him off. One last long moan and he shot his wad as Linda opened her mouth so we could watch it fill with his jizz. She swallowed and then licked his dick clean as I pumped every last drop into her hot mouth.

I had to leave for work and told them to have “fun” overnight as he was staying until morning.

About midnight, Linda called me at work and said, “I’m going to set the phone down so you can listen…BC has been fucking my pussy and ass for the last hour and I’ve had about a dozen orgasms. He wants to load my cunt but we want you to listen. My cock immediately hardened and I gently rubbed it as I listened. “Fuck me, fuck me hard!” I heard Linda say. BC said “I’m going to shoot a hot load inside that sexy love hole!” Then I heard him moan louder….”arrrrrrrrggghhhhhhh” as he unloaded his cream into her waiting cunt. Then she moaned and said “faster, I’m cumming, too!”

That phone call kept me hard almost all night and it was throbbing as I headed home in the morning. BC was still there and Linda’s pussy was wet with his and her love juices. I undressed and got in bed with them. She reached for my rock-hard dick and began playing with me as BC started stroking his joy stick again. Linda said they fucked at least four times during the night. I buried my face in her bush and licked her for a while…she came while sucking BC’s cock. I then moved into position and easily slid my fuck tool in her cum-lubricated hole. She continued to suck BC’s rod with me just inches away as I pumped her hard and furious. It didn’t take long for me to unload a wad and when I did, he blew his load into her mouth and on her face. It felt like I came for the longest time as I had a close-up view of him fucking Linda’s face.

We collapsed…they were exhausted and I was ready for a good nap after working all night. But they worked all night too…fucking and sucking and cumming. I can’t wait for him tomake another trip to Atlanta!



Linda Gives Her Boyfriend Head

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Submitted by: Lee - Atlanta


July 20, 2006

Kate Tries Porn

I first met Kate at the weekend college party. She was a teacher from Miami. Kate was married and had just started to work as a part time model to get money to be independent from her husband. She answered an advert and had already done some nude photo work. The phototgrapher told her that video porn would make her some good money. Kate agreed to try and went to the studio. She was asked to pose nude with two guys. She was then asked to have oral sex with the guys. Kate took both guys in her mouth. She was then asked to let one of the guys fuck her, and if she went all the way and let the guy ‘cream pie her’ she would get extra money. Kate agreed to do it. She went on all fours, was fucked, and was left with a load of hot cum drippng from her pussy. Kate said that she will do one or two more porn movies before the end of the summer. Hope that Kate allows some of her photos on Hot Wife Blog.


July 18, 2006

Vicky Vette Euro Trip

An update from amazing swinging wife Vicky Vette. She’s been in the UK and I managed to miss her. Gutted!! :(

Check out her flashing fun around Europe… Fantastic.


It’s been a while, let me see what’s been going on………… I just came back from a european vacation, check out the pics, lol… I flashed at everything, the eiffel tower, buckingham palace, big ben, the tower of london, I mean everything! All the pics are in my diary pages on the site………… We had such a great time! Fucked and sucked our way across England, France and Denmark and almost wrecked a rental car in the process, lol! Next are Norway and Greece. Lookout!

Vicky Vette

Vicky Vette

Vicky Vette

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July 16, 2006

White Wife Black Cock

Here’s some video clips from the excellent White Wife Black Cock series of movies.

These come from series 6 of the set:

“These cheating housewives keep finding them selves getting into all sorts of mishaps. There is no limit to what they will do when their desperation becomes so unbearable that they just have to have a black dick. It seems that their intentions are good but the out come is always trouble. They will lie and trick their husbands in one way or another just to have a taste of big black dick. Make sure you know what your wife is up to at all times. Don’t become another victim.”

White Wife Black Cock
White Wife Black Cock - Scene one movie clips

White Wife Black Cock
White Wife Black Cock - Scene two movie clips

White Wife Black Cock
White Wife Black Cock - Scene three movie clips

White Wife Black Cock
White Wife Black Cock - Scene four movie clips

White Wife Black Cock
White Wife Black Cock - Scene five movie clips

White Wife Black Cock
White Wife Black Cock - Scene six movie clips

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July 14, 2006

Cucky at Home

8:10 PM and I am starting to run late. I have a real date with G, my boyfriend/lover. Cucky is hard as hell and has encouraged me, almost to the point of begging me to go all night long. He is so excited (as am I) and he packs some pussy tingle jell and the gun oil so I can bring him home a well fucked pussy and (as we hope) ass to enjoy along with a great story and pics/video. What a good cucky!

Cucky helps me to get ready, reminds me to put on some perfume, and watches me get a sexy low-cut tank-top on to show off my new tits with my boyfriend at my side. Cucky loads the camera, lube and jell into my car, kisses me goodbye and off I go. I call him about 5 minutes before I get to his house to let him know I am almost there and to have a good night. He tells me the same thing and emphasizes to relax, have a great time, flaunt it, and to rock his world after the movie.

I am nervous and excited as this is the first time I have ever went into public with him as a boyfriend and being married, how exciting! My wedding ring will be glistening as he holds my hand and kisses me so everyone can see.

My boyfriend/lover and I are going to go see the DaVinci Code. I cant wait to hold his hand and kiss him in public as my good cucky sits home with the kids getting them ready for bed. I am wet with excitement and I know cucky is hard as a rock home doing as a good hubby/cucky does and jacking-off over what is going to happen.

We get to the movie a little early, still little to no touching (except the peck kiss he gave me when I showed up at his house), we get our tickets and go into the theater. Approx half way through the movie I reach over and put my hand under his arm. He grabs my hand and we hold hands for the rest of the movie. HOT! He also pulls my head into his and give me a soft kiss on my lips. At the end of the movie we exit the theater holding hands and walking close. It felt wonderful. My heart was all racing and my pussy getting wetter by the minute. It felt so great, and was such a huge turn-on for me to be holding hands with him, like boyfriend and girlfriend in public, knowing I am a happily married woman and my hubby (cucky) is at home with our kids fully aware and wanting me here. There will definitely be many more “dates” for us to come!

We get back to his house and talk for a bit. He heads up to his room and I go outside to get the lube, jell and camera. I go back in and up to his room. His roommate is there and, as usual, we leave the door wide open (I really like doing that because she knows I am married), I lay on the bed and we start to kiss. He takes my pants off and I take off his. We begin to make love. We do it various ways (on my back, on my side, etc) as he continues to kiss me and adore my tits, no anal, DAMN!. 20 minutes into it he pulls out his huge cock and shoots his sweet cream all over my belly. YUMMY! We lay there holding each other and kiss as we talk about things, including my hubby. He holds a very high regard for him and is always declaring “he’s the man.” I chuckle and agree.

I get in my car about 1:25 and head home. Call cucky and tell him everything that has happened. Cucky is, once again, full of excitement and questions so I tell him everything and answer his questions completely.

I get home and kiss cucky and start to go into greater detail about the night. We head up to our room and I get naked and we begin to kiss and make love. He so enjoys my well fucked pussy, and loves to hear about how much I loved my time with G. He uses the jell on my already wet and well fucked pussy as we make love and talk about the night. I cum so hard as I declare that I loved being on a date with G and there are many more to come. Wow, that jell is so amazing! It makes the sex so intense! About 15 minutes into it, he really starts to pound me as I can tell he is about to cum. I get really excited and rub my pussy even harder, thinking about the great night I have just had and how great it felt and he shoots his hot load all over my back and ass. Wow, what huge load it is!

Cucky and I lay there and talk and hold each other, continuing to go over the nights events. He is so happy for me and so excited for the next time, as am I. I tell him that G will be out of town until Thursday at which time I will go over and see him once again. The next time, will be even nastier and kinkier and I will wear something very sexy for him to adore or we will go to the toy store together and pick something out for us.

Submitted by: badgirl_inutah - Utah


July 12, 2006

Cuckold Me Now

I remember Roman Video about this time last year advertising for cuckolds to appear in their movies.

They wanted some guys who would play the part of a sissy cuckold, guys that wouldn’t mind cleaning up the girl after another man had spewed his load in her pussy.

The movies, now released have come out pretty well. There is a variety of cuckoldry covered including talking about the fantasy, dressing the ‘wife’, cross-dressing, chastity, assisting the wife during sex with her lover (such as licking her toes and pussy while she’s getting fucked and licking her pussy underneath in a 69 with the wife whilst she’s having sex), there’s verbal humiliation, strap-on play (wife fucking hubby) and of course creampie eating.

It’s rare that creampie eating with regards to cuckoldry is covered on the net or in movies with a high quality output product so I’m glad Roman Video have been brave enough to cover the subject matter without being scared off by the usual consumer majority dismissing it as ‘gay’. Here the wife is the focus of the husband’s desire and with her ordering you to do it, gay is certainly isn’t, depraved and humiliating, it is.

Let’s hope their future releases play on the subject even more.

They have a new website where you can download the movies and see images. Check the samples below.

Cuckold Me Now

Cuckold Me Now

Cuckold Me Now


July 11, 2006

Jenny Seemore Update

A Jenny Seemore update for you.


Dear Friends!

Summer has arrived, and down here the air isn’t the only thing that’s hot. I’ve been having a lot of kinky fantasies, lately. Anal, bizarre, large objects, pissing, rimming,
strap-on sex, just to name a few! Hubby often finds me masturbating with beer bottles, coke cans, and monster dildos in these days. A week ago I got so horny that I was begging for a fist fuck. Believe it or not, my hole seems to be still stretched out from giving birth, means, I need big dicks, especially black ones. So don’t be shy if you have a big dick, a huge dick, or even a monster dick, just mail me and bust a nut in my stretched out cunt. I am also craving gang bangs and bukkake parties again, so bring your friends!

I have been watching the soccer world championship in Germany on TV. I can’t believe how many soccer fans seem to be walking the streets of Munich, Stuttgart, and Berlin right now. I am so sad that I can’t be there, this place must be a paradise for gang bang lovers, but with flight fares as high as they are I can only dream about it. I wish all of my fans in Germany lots of fun, and may your favored team win. I’ll
be back, so save your cum.

We over here are getting ready for the 4. July celebrations. I am hoping to get many e-mails from groups of males who are for real and need a party slut for gang bangs or big bukkake parties. I am totally deprived of cum right now. My goal for the next 2 month is to swallow at lest 100 loads of cum. I mean it, guys, so bring it on, guys.

Your # 1 Slut,

Jenny Seemore

Jenny Seemore

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July 10, 2006

Creampie Dessert

Our story might be a little different in that we started swinging a few years back and progressed to just my wife playing with me and sometimes without me. It’s not a real priority in her life (wish it was more so) and she may play a couple times a year.

She did play more until her best “friend” tied the knot and has has decided to stay faithful to his wife (well kinda). I love watching her get fucked by another man, or hearing about it later while cleaning her up.

The story I’m sharing is true and happened two years ago during one of her horny times. She had three men she was fucking and we decided it would be hot for her to fuck them all individually on the same day. We got a hotel room in our city during the week so we could get an early check-in time. She started with Jack a little after noon. They sucked and fucked for a couple of hours and she called me when they were done and asked me to come to the hotel. She left the door ajar so I could walk right in. As I did she was lying on the bed naked with a big smile on her face. I asked if she enjoyed herself and she responded, “come see for yourself”. As I approached the bed she spread her legs and revealed and very wet creampie that had run down her ass onto the bed. I commented on the amount of cum and she said he had fucked her twice. She then asked if I would like to clean it up. I didn’t have to asked twice. She loves to have me lay on my back while she lowers her wet pussy onto my mouth and gives me head until I explode with the taste and smell of another man in her. When we finished she showered while I went to hang out in a secluded corner of the lobby. Kurt was due in 20 minutes and he only had time for a quickie because of a business meeting. I saw him walk in and head upstairs. He was back down in about 25 minutes. Again when I went to the room the door was opened and she was waiting for me. She said “this one is really fresh, come and get it”. Again I obeyed and again I exploded in her mouth. She then showered again, got dressed up very sexy and went to meet her favorite fuck Scott at a local restaurant. After dinner and foreplay they went back to his house for more fun. As I laid on the bed in the hotel room I was fantasing about what she was doing. A couple hours later she called me to tell me they had been fucking in every room in the house and he was just getting ready to enter her again on his bed. She asked if I wanted to listen to him fuck her. Hell yes I did. She put her cell on speaker and I listened to her getting fucked for the next 30 minutes. They took a little break, I could hear them talking and knew he was playing with her wet pussy when she told him she wanted him to fuck her again so she could bring me back a really big load. I listened to them fuck again. After they finished, she got dressed and came right back to the hotel. She walked in not saying a word, took off her panties and stuck her pussy in my waiting face. I’ve never seen a bigger load in her. It seemed to drip into my waiting mouth for minutes. Needless to say we had a great day. Unfortunately Scott is now married although they have fucked once in a parking lot, but that’s another story.

Submitted by: Wayne - Southern California


July 8, 2006

Holly mother of 3

What a welcome back from LA to see my man Black Bachelor has been in touch with some pics and a new hotwife conquest to tell us about. Good work Bachelor…


To many of you, looking at these pictures, this woman may mean nothing to you. But to me, she’s my greatest collection of 2006. Yes, I collect wives in my spare time if you are new to my world. Meet Holly Stevenson, a mother of three wonderful children and a wife for the last ten years. I met this sweet 39 year old over a year ago and she made me work like a dog to get in between her legs. It was NOT easy. Trust me. Let me repeat that; Holly was not an easy egg to crack. At the time she was still madly in love with her hubby. The kids were doing great in school and I was on the outside looking in. (with a hard dick).

Holly did not approve of my life style, she was somewhat of a prude so to speak. But I did not let that stop me. I kept emailing her over the month, waiting for her to let her guard down, I honestly never thought I would have a chance to drop several loads of black sperm in between her legs. Things changed around the middle of March, Holly’s husband was admitted into the hospital. It didn’t look good. At this time, I didn’t email her because I wanted her to be with her husband and family. I guess she respected me more for not trying to fuck her during these times. Anyway, our sexual adventures started to take off once her husband was released from the hospital. To this day I never asked what was wrong with him. The only thing I remember was the day, Holly emailed me and asked if I could meet her for coffee.

I agreed and met her at a local shop where she didn’t hesitate to tell me, “I haven’t been fucked in months and I’m starting to worry that my husband and I will never have sex again”! (why is she telling ME this, is what I’m thinking to myself). I sat quietly and held her hand as my hard ass dick started to rise under the table. She went on, “I could use a stretching”. The writing was on the wall, Holly was ready to make the move to the darkside. Here we are sitting in a small coffee shop, talking about sex. I didn’t wait any longer, I stick my hand under the table and grab the lips of her pussy! Her eyes, got as big as deer in the middle of the road.

Holly got real quiet. I guess she was shocked by my aggressiveness. I told her lets get out of here and go somewhere alone. We got inside of her car, and once I was inside I pulled down my jogging pants and pulled out my hard, black dick! She leaned over and started sucking my dick in the front seat, in the parking lot of the coffee shop. Customers were walking by as I leaned back and let this horny wife suck my dick! I can still feel her breathing on my balls as she sucked my dick! Ten minutes went by and I told Holly too pull off and lets find a alley way nearby. She agreed. Who needs a hotel when you have a big ass back seat, with a car seat on the floor. Twenty minutes later I was fucking Holly Stevenson, mother of three, wife of ten years in the backseat of her family car.


Her pussy was TIGHT!!! She was wet. She didn’t moan at all. She screamed as I pounded her pussy until her cum oozed down her inner legs. This women was horny and ready to do whatever I wanted. I remember her say in my ear as I fucked her “I want to feel your big dick in my ass”! I quickly took my cock out of her pussy, it was filled with white sperm, place it inside of her hot mouth as she licked all the juices. Then I inserted it in her asshole!

It was tighter!

The car was fucking hot and Holly was not making it any better by screaming loud and fogging up the window! We fucked for close to three hours. I shot two loads of sperm inside of her pussy and the look on her face was priceless on the first load. You see Holly is very fertile, meaning she will get pregnant at the drop of a dime. I was slamming her pussy and I tried so hard to pull out, but her pussy was just too wet and good for me to do that. So I keep pumping faster and faster, as I moaned in her ear, returning the favor; “Im cumming in your pussy baby, Im cumming in your pussy”! She responded; “OHHHH, God, Oh my goodness, OOOOOH. I kept pumping. She kept moaning. At this point what could we do?

Three weeks went by and Holly has been over to my place once a week. She never brings up her family life with hubby. I dont ask. We just fuck for hours, after she cooks for me. I can honestly see why her husband loves her so much. She has accepted that I love white women and there is nothing she can do about it. We took our first pictures together on Sunday night after CSI went off. She is now comfortable with my camera. I’m starting to notice a few mood swings with Holly. I think she may have a bun in the oven, I haven’t asked her yet about what she wants to do if its true.

She just keeps coming over every week to fuck. I just keep shooting my hot load inside of her wet pussy.

I guess the real truth will come out sooner or later. Meanwhile I will just keep celebrating my greatest collection of 2006 by rocking her world everytime I get in the bedroom.

Until next time.


Holly Stevenson

Holly Stevenson

Holly Stevenson

Holly Stevenson

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July 7, 2006


Am back home completely spent… Fantastic trip…

Thanks for all your submissions since I’ve been away. I’ve got some very hot content to post over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned..

Glad to back….

Trash x

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