March 21, 2006

Saw the wife get fucked

I was at a bar in St Louis several years ago, one that I frequented often. The owners daughter Nancy tended the bar on Saturdays and she was a real hotty, she had an ass to die for, very nice breasts and wore tight fitting jeans so tight that you could see a nice cameltoe.

After drinking and chumming with her and her boyfriend all evening at closing time David asked me If I wanted to come over to their house for a bit more partying and I said I’d love to, David being Nancys boyfriend. There were 4 of us who went over there after closing time, I really just went to drink and talk and have some fun. Everybody was having a great time and the girls were dancing and joking around. The other girl who was there was Barbara, she was a real sexy blonde with another sweet ass, always kinda flirting with you and she would dance around and make your mouth water.

After a couple of hours Barbara and I were sitting on a couch talking and every now and then I’d get a glance of her boobs, I’m sure she was leaning over on purpose and it was having the right effect on me because I had a raging hard on and she knew it. She let me kiss her and feel her up and I think David was watching and he must have gotten horny because he asked Nancy to go get him a beer. She got up and I seen that sometime during the night she had taken off her bra, her nipples were hard.

Almost as soon as she left the room David got up and went toward the kitchen where she went, I figured this was my chance to get in Barb’s pants and I began running my hand down her and as soon as I touched her wet pussy she let out a loud moan and as I kissed her she said she was cumming, I was so hard and ready for my dick to be sucked. Barb started rubbing me through my pants and I told her “Honey, I have to have your lips around my dick”, She said she didn’t want to do that right there in case somebody came into the room she would be too embarrassed, I pulled my hand out of her pants and licked my fingers, Oh my how she tasted, that sweet musty smell of a very hot moist pussy was almost more than I could handle.

I told her I was going to get me another drink and let myself settle down until we had a chance to be alone, then I was gonna fuck her for all she was worth. As I walked to the kitchen I heard a moaning sound so I stopped and slowly eased into the Kitchen. Off to the side there was a storage room and as I approached the door the sounds got louder and I knew that slurping sound of a cock being sucked, I peeked in and David was sitting in a chair with no clothes on and Nancy was on her knees Sucking his cock. He had to have had a good 9 inches and she was doing her best to get all of it in her mouth, well needless to say my dick didn’t have a chance to get soft, seeing them had me ready to cum all over myself, I took my dick out and started to jackoff right there in their kitchen. Nancy would take her tongue and lick his balls and then lick up his shaft, kiss all over the head and she would rub his Cock all over her face like she was making sure every inch of her had his cum on it.

She was also naked and her pretty ass was staring right at me. A guy couldn’t ask for a better seat to watch them, I could see her pussy lips were glistening, her lips were real red and I could see around her lips her pubic hair was wet with juices, but that asshole of hers was doing me in. I didn’t think I could hold out much longer and then a hand came around me and grabbed my cock and began jacking me, Barb had come into the kitchen and I was so into watching Nancy suck David that I didn’t hear her. I guess like David and Nancy didn’t hear or care that I might come in.

Barbara’s hand felt so nice as she stroked me, I was about ready to cum when Nancy raised up and I thought oh shit they’re gonna be mad, but she never looked at us, she just turned around facing us and eased her hot wet pussy down On Davids big dick. I watched in awe as she slowly took all of him, there was no cock left to be seen she had all of him and she cupped his balls with her right hand and she fucked him and when I say fucked him I mean she FUCKED him, slow, then fast, then hard. That big dick of his was doing a job on her. She would come almost all the way off and then slam down on him. Her eyes were closed and as her breathing got more rapid I could hear her telling him to fuck her. She was saying “Fuck me David, oh David fuck me please fuck me, I want you to fuck my ass, ram my ass like you always do”. When I heard her say that I began cumming, I was squirting cum all over Barb’s hand and on the wall beside us, I didn’t think I’d ever quit cumming, then David told Nancy he was cumming and Nancy told David he felt like a big knife and was cutting her apart but she never stopped fucking him until he was drained. Barb was still jacking my Dick and I was still very hard.

She said we better go back Into the other room before they see us. But I had to stay until I seen Nancy let David slide out of her totally wet fucked pussy and then I saw gobs of his cum leaking out of her pussy and as it started to run down her legs she turned around and planted a big kiss on him, with that Barb and I went into the other room and about 5 minutes or so David came into the room and handed us a beer and said he was sorry to be so long that he and Nancy had gotten Into a little argument but everything was fine now that they already made up and I’m thinking that must have been a helluva fight to make up like that.

Nancy finally came back into the room and she sat across from us, She had put her house coat on so I figured she was ready for bed so I told them it was about time we left. But before I got up Nancy reached over to the side of her chair to get her beer and as she did she spread her legs and let me have one more glance at her freshly fucked pussy.

I took Barb home, we sat and kissed and played around for a while. I never did get Barb to suck my Dick that night but I had seen the hottest suck and fuck show I could ever dream about.

To make a long story short about 6 months later David and Nancy broke up and I started dating her. We moved in together for 14 years and then we got married. To this day I have never told her I watched her get probably the hardest and hottest fuck of her life. I do love sucking her pussy and ass and her cunt is always hot and ready. I fucked her ass one night and I told her that was the first time for me and she said that David had fucked her ass before but he was so big that it hurt and I’m thinking no doubt.

I love thinking about watching her being fucked by him again while they let me watch or maybe join in. Heck if it meant I would have to suck his dick while we played that would be even hotter, the thought of licking their cum off him as soon as he pulls out makes me so hard to this day..

Hope you all enjoyed this true story… couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy…

Submitted by: Bobby, St. Louis


March 19, 2006

Another Fun Weekend

Just finished another wild weekend. Me, Daisy Rock and friends all went to an adult party, the theme was 1940’s German caberet, we all got dressed up and had a fantastic night fucking and sucking. We finally stopped partying at 4 this morning. A few days sleep is needed for me I think…

Some galleries for you today. First up we have the amazing cuckoldress Sara Swirls with a black boyfriend. Next up is lovely Desirae getting her hands on another new man. Lastly is lovely Candi from Cum on Candi getting one of her famous facials.

Sara Swirls
Sara can’t get enough of black cock

Desirae fucks her lover

Cum on Candi
Facial glaze for Candi


March 17, 2006

New Emma Starr Pics

Wonderful Emma Starr has been in touch this week telling me her latest plans and as always some lovely new pics. Thanks Em. x


I just wanted to tell all you what I am up to. I will be in LA shooting next week. I am doing two pro shoots and some super hot and wild shoots for my websites. I am very excited about one shoot in particular. It will be a 15 guy gangbang. I want to be drenched in cum from head to tail. Yummy…

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

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March 15, 2006

Latina Hotwife

I’m a Latina hotwife… and I wouldn’t change it for nothing!!!!! About a week ago I was with my lover, a fine ass black man names Migule that knows how to fuck me… 4 REAL! We fucked for hours in ever way possible.. I was sore but loving the strokes and wanting it more & more… After fucking for about 3 hours it was time for me to go home.. hubby had been txt messaging me and I finally responded “I’M DONE FUCKING IT WAS GOOD AS HELL..ON MY WAY HOME”.

Once I was home shit got even hotter for me as hubby started licking me, cleaning me up after my night out of fucking. We talked about my fuck as I demanded him to lick my sore pussy clean… Did I mention that my hubby is a fine ass Irishman with a thick fuck dick that from day one tore my pussy up. From the moment I fucked him I knew I had a good cock!!!

Well on that night after he licked me from front to back I got my loving white cock up me too!

Needless to say I slept like a baby that night. A spoiled ass baby!!!

Tomorrow I’m planning on doing all over again with my blak lover and looking forward to coming home to hubby.

Submitted by: Cassandra NYC


March 14, 2006

A Black Baby

Great comments on my girl Daisy Rock. Thanks guys, she’s loving the feedback…

Today’s post is an exclusive to hotwife blog. I feel honored and privileged that the Bull Machines at Black Bachelor have decided to use our site as a means to share their hot insider news… Thanks guys.


I cannot tell you how upset I am about my recent adventure with Kira, my white slut in training. Over the last three years I have invested countless hours in teaching this hot freak the facts of life on how to service her superior black master! Deep-throat lessons, black cock gagging, fisting, double anal fuck parties, etc, etc. Kira was taught well and served under my command every step of the way, including after she married a little dick white boy from Toronto Ontario.

Now what I’m about to share with the world is exclusive inside information that I would NEVER share with anyone. Not even the clowns at AVN.com, they would never post this type of shit anyway, but since the folks at hotwifeblog.com have shown us some much love and support, it was right for me to share this with their network.

About a year ago, I received an email from Kira stating that she needed to see me immediately, she was somewhat upset. I agreed to see her as soon as possible and meet her in my place downtown in the city. Hours later Kira showed up (smiling ear to ear as usual), we went upstairs to my place and then she hit me with it. “I’m pregnant with a black baby and I don’t know who the father is)”!! Now my first response was “What black motherfucker have you been fucking OUTSIDE of our family?” She replied “Nobody, nobody, it has to either be one of your friends, whom we fuck in 3somes all the time. Or. Yours.”

To make matters worse, her husband was NOT happy about this! He had already slapped her around. “He felt this would be the laughing stock of the neighborhood if his ‘white’ friends found out his pretty wife was going to have a **black baby!! What are we going to do?” is what she moaned. It sounded so sexy, so I told her to give me a few seconds and let me clear my head. I grab a cigar, light it up, sat on the couch, unzipped my pants and pulled my black horse dick out. Kira knew what that meant. She started sucking my dick, while I smoked and thought about if I wanted this white freak in my life for the next 18 years.

A baby by a black sperm loving freak from Canada? President Bush, would not be happy about that shit! So as I was about to blast my load in her pretty face, the solution finally hit me! (Get a fucking blood test, find out who the father is) and then have a fucking ABORTION! I’m fucking brillant, I knew God would not let me down in my moment of need. I quickly told Kira about my brilliant new scheme and she agreed, lets find who’s the father and then we can move from there. The next problem was, I personally pimped Kira out to all my black friends, so there could be a small problem finding which black dude out of 300 or so wants to have a baby by a cute white girl from Canada. Shit, I guess we are going to cross the bridge when we get to it.

So at this point, I feel much better, Kira has stopped crying because we have a set plan to work with. I then asked her, how did her white husband feel about this, and she told me he was so upset he stopped talking to her! When they communicated with each other, it would only end in shouting matches. So I told her he needed a good shoulder to cry on, and she should do something for him to get his mind off this nonsense. So I told her to pick up her cell phone and give him a call. She agreed and called him.

As she started talking to him, I unzipped her pants, her face turned as white as a ghost! I pulled her panties off, and started finger fucking her! I could hear her husband on the phone, clearly upset and dumbfounded about the situation. Kira is trying to hold back all her moans, which is only making her sound weird on the phone. My black monster dick is so fucking hard at that moment, I open Kira legs up on the coach as she tries to push me away! I slide my raw, black meat inside of her wet pussy and start pounding away as the cell phone drops, while her husband is on the line. He begins to yell, “I’M LEAVING YOU BITCH, I HOPE THAT NI***A IS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF THE BABY, BECAUSE I WON’T STAND FOR THIS ANY LONGER!” Kira ignores the cell phone and starts to ooze white cum all over my black dick! I guess it didn’t really matter at this point, Kira has converted over to a 100% black cock slut. She was willing to risk her marriage, life and everything for the love of a huge black dick in her ass!

I saw Kira, Sunday March 5th, 2006 for the last time. Her husband told her he was moving out to the West Coast. The bags are ready and the car is packed, if she wants to save her marriage, she is welcome to leave with him and start over. She came and saw me and cried, for hours. Then we made love, then she cried. I told her to follow her heart, we have humiliated her white hubby enough, go and try to put her life together. She left and whispered in my ear.

“I will see you in another life.”





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March 12, 2006

My Hotgirlfriend Daisy

OK here we go… as promised I’ve got a very special treat for you today. To mark the year anniversary of hotwife blog, I present to you my very own hot girlfriend and model Daisy Rock. These photos are hot off the press (my camera lol). We shot these last night after a wild night out at the Torture Garden fetish night in London. We partied in the hotel room well into the next day with our sexy friends and in true hotwife fashion Daisy even managed to bring home a young 23 year old Italian stud from the club to join in the sex games.

Daisy’s website should be up and running in the next few weeks, so in the meantime please post your comments and praise for this fine woman.

Enjoy the pics.

Trash ;)

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock

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March 10, 2006


I’m very proud to say that hotwifeblog.com is one year old today. It’s been an amazing year and I want to thank everyone who has contributed with their stories, pics, interviews, comments and articles. You guys have been fantastic!

I have a few new things planned for year two, including a personals section to get you hotwives hooked up with guys.

In the past six months I’ve had many experiences myself in the hotwife and swinging lifestyle and I hope to post some more of my own experiences with the odd pic or two.

Lastly I hope on Sunday to post my own girlfriend in a hotwife blog t-shirt. Funnily enough she likes fucking other men too ;)

So thanks again for making hotwife blog what it is, keep sending in your stories and experiences as well as your comments on the site and I hope you continue to enjoy your stay here.

Keep flying the hotwife flag everyone…



March 9, 2006

Christina Fucks Brandon

Last week I was lucky enough to interview Christina Noir’s husband Matt. You might remember I mentioned he sent me some pics and a short account of what his hotwife got up to with black stud machine Brandon Longwood. Check it out…


Christina, my hot wife suggested I write you after this past weekend. As you know she loves fucking hung black studs and this weekend was OFF the hook!!!

Believe it or not, Brandon Longwood from Maryland flew ALL THE WAY across the country to fuck my wife!!! I know she is an amazing fuck, and I love that she is such a slut that she’ll fuck any well hung stud that crosses her path but watching her get her pussy worked over by Brandon was simply CRAZY!!!

His thick black dick looked so sexy splitting her married pussy and she came SO hard that it was truly amazing to watch this hung black stud pleasure my wife like never before!! I’m enclosing a few pictures for you to enjoy of her getting dicked by Brandon.


Christina Noir

Christina Noir

Christina Noir

Christina Noir

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March 8, 2006

Emma Starr Update

Some new pics and an update sent to me today from Emma Starr. This hotwife really knows how to have fun ;)

Thanks Emma xox


So, I’ve got to tell you about my wild night…

I had 2 guys cum play with me and Brad. It was like an amusement park and everyone was a ride…

Non stop action…. 1 on 1 play. 2 guys at a time and then 3 for the finale.

It was one hell of an erotic workout!

Cocks in my mouth, pussy, and jerking them and sucking them til they exploded all over my hot, sweaty body!!!


Emma Starr

Emma Starr

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March 7, 2006

Oasis 10 year party

Hot news from amazing wife Oasis today.

I’ve got my 1st anniversary of hotwife blog this Friday the 10th but Oasis has got her 10TH BIRTHDAY of her website. Naturally she is celebrating in true hotwife slutty style. Congrats Oasis on reaching this milestone. Your hard work and dedication to hotwifery does you proud. You deserve the success…


Hi everyone!! Have I got some news!! We’re about to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of my website, and we’re combining that with spring break to host one hell of a party!!! The party will be at my house in Lake Havasu City, AZ on Saturday, March 18th starting at 8:00 pm. We’ll have munchies but its BYOB (including mixers) and you have to be over 21 to attend.

All the party information can be found on the party page at cum2oasis.com/gallery/10year/10year.htm

This will be for webgirls, couples & single guys who are fans of amateur porn and who love to play with hot wives & girlfriends while their husbands/boyfriends take pictures! Other girls joining in the party will include Cathy (cathyscraving), Alanna (thenympho), Kacey (kinkykacey), April (toplessapril), Cherry (nastysass) and Samantha (hotmilf4fun).

Early in the night we’ll have a band, and then around 10:00 or so we’ll start the wet t-shirt contest. After that, all bets are off and I can almost guarantee they’ll be crazy sex going on all over my house, for your viewing (and participating!) delight!!

If you’re interested in more information, please click on the link above. If you want to come out and party, email me and let me know!! If you want to participate in the action, please fill out my stud application at cum2oasis.com/stud.htm and put “10year Party” in the event line.

To give you a little taste of what our parties are like, I’ve included a preview of past parties below. We definitely know how to have a good time!!

Looking forward to playing with you!!



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