August 7, 2007

Miami Hangover

It’s been a crazy week of sun, sea and sex at the Internext convention in Miami, me and Daisy are now exhausted and relaxing from the madness in South Beach for a few days after a week of pure debauchery.

I’ll post some pics soon but as far as highlights go - finally meeting the lovely Anna Miller (my first hotwifeblog interviewee), a 2nd place win for Daisy at the wet tshirt contest for face-fucking a audience member and getting very down and dirty with Alexis Capri (yum), and last but opposite of least having a horny sexual encounter with the amazing Kelly Anderson. Wow, what a girl…. I’m still hard…


July 31, 2007

Off To Miami

It’s that time of year again, (my god it’s flown) and we’re off to the Miami Internext Expo. One of the main reasons for going apart from hotwifeblog is to launch my hotwife dating site. I really can’t wait to get that going and start matchmaking wives and bulls and well as wannabe cuckolds and hotwives looking to get into the lifestyle.

There’s going to be a host of Internet Hotwives in Miami including the lovely Kelly Anderson, Anna Miller, Naughty Allie and Julie, Brooke Anderson and many more.

Many of them already have been in touch trying to lead Daisy astray when we get there. With the schedule of parties planned, I’ll certainly have some stories to tell on my return.

I’ll try and update the blog as often as possible whilst I’m away, I hope you all have a good couple of weeks.


Miami 2006 - Daisy with Naughty Allie and Naughty Julie


July 29, 2007

ETO Awards Fun

Last weekend me and my ever so slutty girlfriend Daisy attended the ETO Adult Awards on Saturday night with fantastic British production studio Doll Theatre and the gorgeous Karlie Simon. It’s always a fun evening when the porn industry get together.

One lucky guy was fortunate enough to get a great blowjob from Daisy which she informed me about with a naughty grin, wiping her face when she got back to our table from the toliets :)

Daisy and Karlie


July 27, 2007

Dangerous Waters

Turning a Wife Into A Hotwife

Part V - “Navigating Some Dangerous Waters”

Clearly, these represent dangerous waters, and the wife in particular will have to be extremely careful how she handles things. She should be motivated to protect her sexual freedom by at no time letting another relationship take precedence over things in her marriage. Although she may enjoy sex with other men, this should in no way diminish her love for her husband.

In granting her sexual freedom, the husband is giving her a gift which is based on trust. Her sexual experiences should supplement the marriage, never supplant it. She needs to always ask permission from her husband before setting up sexual meetings with men, making sure he is okay with it. The husband will probably not want her to go to bed with specific men. Ideally, she should make him feel that he is always in control of things. If a husband feels that his wife and a partner are “going off on their own” (literally or figuratively) major problems will result.

When she goes out with a man for sex, he should insist on knowing who she’s with and where they are at all times. She should call him on her cell phone about any any change of plans. Rather than keep the nature of the meetings secret and spawn suspicions, she needs to be willing to openly discuss her sexual liaisons with her husband. She should understand that one of the motivations of some cuckold husbands have in granting their wives sexual freedom is in vicariously experiencing some of the excitement that she and her sexual partners experience with each other. Turning to our third example, we know of a case where a husband arranged with some men for his wife to go with them on an out of town convention. He knew that after hours they would probably go to popular night spots that included drinks and dancing. Before she left, he mentioned that one of the men would probably want to spend the night with her, and maybe she should see what it would be like. After a lot of close dancing with one of the men (mixed with alcohol), he invited her to his room for the night and she accepted. And, finally, there is the case of one husband who enlisted the help of a “stud date” to meet and seduce his wife at a party he was especially invited to. After he was successful and she met him several times for sex, the man then introduced her to another desirable man, made sure they hit it off, and then bowed out of the picture; the idea being that once she has sexual experience with two or more good lovers outside of marriage, her resistance to further liaisons would be greatly diminished.

By: Dr. Cherry Lee

Read Part I - How can I turn my wife into a hotwife?

Read Part II - Getting Things Started

Read Part III - Other Approaches

Read Part IV - First Time With Another Man

Next Week: Confronting the Issue of Emotional Involvement

A Hotwife Was Here
Hey that’s My Bedroom!!!


July 25, 2007

Natalie Loves Us

Attending the ETO Adult Awards in Birmigham last week I was very pleased and surprised to see the lovely British hotwife cumslut Natalie at one of the tables, after a good chat with her and her husband, later that night during one of her gangbang sessions Natalie was kind enough to pose for some of the most extreme fansign pics I’ve ever had done. Creampie fansign… What a treat… Thanks Natalie.




Adult Excitement Natalie’s Gangbang and dogging site

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Visit Pleasureville, Natalie’s main home on the web


July 23, 2007

Modern Relationship

I cuck my hubby and have for nearly 5 years. I enjoy the freedom to date black men and have sexual experiences with them without the fear and guilt of cheating on him. He readily accepts this and enjoys watching and cleaning us both up afterward.

Angie with her lover

Submitted by: Angie, Washington DC


July 21, 2007

On To Some Galleries

On to some galleries then. First up we have the lovely Sasha from Sharing My Wife. Here her husband Ryan watched closely as Sasha get’s intimate with a horny stud. There’s a couple of bonus galleries of the shoot below the pic too including a movie gallery. The next gallery features internal cumshot queen Jean Swing getting a double helping of creampie. Our last gallery today features stunning hotwife Desirae posing in beautiful white lingerie and giving a blowjob.

Sharing My Wife
Sasha holds hands with hubby as she gets fucked
Bonus Sasha posing gallery
Movie gallery of Sasha

Jean Swing
Twin creampie loads for Jean Swing

Gorgeous Desirae posing and sucking cock


July 19, 2007

Like a Duck to Water

Hi there, I just had to tell someone of the recent events that has happened with my hot wife. I have been telling her I want to see her get fucked by another guy for about 2 years now and finally she gave in on my birthday. I have told her of my fantasy in detail many times of how I want her to be in the shower when the guy rings the door bell which she did and then I let him in and we go into the living room to watch a porno while we wait for her.

We both get our cocks out on the couch with a space between us. Soon she comes in wearing sexy nightie which is very short, so short it only just covers her arse cheeks and very low cut revealing her large DD tits. She sits between us and takes our cocks in her hands and starts stroking us while we open her legs and take her tits out and start rubbing her pussy and sucking on her nipples. Things get pretty hot, so we go to the bedroom and she lays down on the bed, legs spead and the guy rubs his cock on her pussy and slams into her. I watch very closely while rubbing her tits and she is wanking me off. She has a really tight pussy and this guys cock is at least 9 inches and very thick..

He fucks her for about 30 mins and then he pulls out to blow his load all over her, at the same time as I blow my load over her tits and face. Then he gets cleaned up, leaves and then I slam my cock into her hot juicy love hole, because she needs the feeling of hot cum shooting in her pussy, it drives her wild.

Since then, she can’t get enough. She told me one night she wanted to try something a bit different. So this time I hid in the closet and waited for the fun to begin. She was wearing a red see through nightie, the doorbell rang and she came and gave me a kiss and answered the door. Next thing I saw floored me. 4 guys came into the room and had her naked in 2 seconds and they were soon after. They laid her on the bed and 1 guy licked her pussy and soon after started to fuck her, 2 guys were either side of her and she was sucking 1 and wanking the other while the other guy had a video camera. The guy that was fucking her pulled out just before he blew his load and took the camera to cool down a bit and they all changed places. they all got a turn in each position twice which took about 2 hours. She must have cum about 7 or 8 times, finally they lay her out on the bed and start wanking and cumming all over her face, tits, belly and pussy. She was covered in cum. It was amazing to watch. yes, it seems hard to believe, but since that first time, it’s like she has seen a whole new world and I love it.

Submitted by: Steve, Perth Australia


July 17, 2007

Tatum Gangbanged

I met the lovely Tatum Reed and her husband whilst me and Daisy were in LA earlier this year, they lived just around the corner from where we staying but unfortunately we only found out when we were about to leave the US so didn’t get a chance to spend any real time with them. But my girlie Daisy has played with Tatum before when her and her husband came over to London last year as well, I was busy working that day but it didn’t stop Daisy enjoying herself. She and Tatum both hooked up with a stud in their hotel room, they fucked all afternoon and daisy came back very satisfied. She certainly is a wild girl, check out these hot pics from Tatum’s hook up with the West Coast Gangbang crew.


Tatum is a hot wife who emailed me while I was in Europe during the summer. She described how she enjoyed being with other men and how she enjoyed the sites that I had. She also sent me some pictures of her sucking her husband and another getting fucked by another guy. So when I saw her email, I knew right away she was a real slut and that she was going to be fun. So we kept in touch by email for few weeks until I came back from my trip.

Tatum really wanted to be on the site and I had her stay over at my place, where I fucked her a lot. Her husband enjoyed the fact that Tatum was being “loaned” as a slut for the weekend, and he wanted to see a lot of video from it to add to their personal collection of Tatum and her slut adventures. Anyway, I fucked her before the gangbang as part of her slut experience and then I took her to a hotel where I blindfolded her and invited my friends to come over to fuck her. Tatum had no idea who was coming and all she knew is that she was going to be sucking and fucking strangers.

So I met up with the guys in the hotel lobby while she was waiting in the room and brought the guys up. And once in the room, the guys wasted no time in making her suck cock and penetrating her wet pussy. She was very excited and her pussy was overflowing with her juices. After a few minutes, I took her blindfold off so she could see who she was fucking and turned on the lights as well. We took turns on her for about 2 hours and we came all over her face and her hot round ass in the end.

After the party, I drove her straight home (where she sucked my cock and swallowed whatever cum I had left) and went home a happy slut. And I am sure she was not done fucking that day as the husband must had been waiting to fuck her some more for being such a slut.

Tatum Reed

Tatum Reed

Tatum Reed

Tatum Reed

Tatum Reed

Visit West Coast Gangbangs Here


July 15, 2007

Meet Mona

I’m loving the blog at the moment. I’m getting so many hot, horny, thoughtful and creative posts on the hotwife lifestyle. Please keep them all rolling in. Following on from the Jackie interview I today have a profile submitted by the amazing Big Booty Mona. I’ve come across this lady many times before on the boards looking for studs to fuck in front of her Hubby. I love the way her confidence in talking about her sexuality comes across. She is a hotwife who knows exactly what she wants. Great to know you Mona, now how about an interview??


Sensational erotic and very sexy beautiful bisexual white married lady in London who has very strong sexual stamina and insatiable sex appetite that her husband can’t afford to satisfy is looking for young black men in UK who are well hung and with strong stamina to fuck her on regular basis in her own flat. I am 33 years old, brunette, green eyes, leggy tall 5′9″, 140lbs and with a very sexy sculpted body 40-28-46, shaved pussy and with couple of sexy tattoos in very strategical locations on my body.

I am into all acts of sex except too much pain. I love giving head and BJ and I do swallow and I like anal sex and enjoy being fucked so hard and deep in my sexy bubble tight asshole. I have been actively swinging during the last 10 years and have attended many orgies and bukkake and gangbang parties in UK and overseas and I love to be taken by group of well hung black men at once. I am very clean and I expect those who love to fuck me to be clean so that we may do it bareback which I love very much.

Only those who are genuine and who are willing to fuck me so hard and keep fucking me whenever I desire that may contact me provided they live in UK or visiting UK and they are blacks only with real big cocks. You should not be shy to fuck me in front of my cuckold husband who loves to watch you ram your huge cock into my pussy, asshole and mouth and then pump me hard and fill up my holes where he will then lick me clean after you finished cumming inside me.
If interested please email me few pics of your real cock and send me your mobile number and I will call you to arrange for our first meeting which are held usually in one of London’s biggest hotels…………. oh don’t worry you don’t have to pay anything while with me……………… Just fuck me baby and I will take care of anything else.

Check Out Mona’s Hot Ass

Big Booty Mona

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