May 15, 2007

Memories of Lindy

This is all a few years old now and I have been divorced some time. I first met Lindy at work and always fancied her. She used to wear very short skirts and at the time I was still a virgin. We started going out together and very soon my virginity was a thing of the past and we were married before long. I thoroughly enjoyed our times in bed and found it very horny to hear of her previous sex encounters.

As time went on I wanted more and fantasised about her having lovers in front of me. After a couple of years a friend from work moved in with us and it was all very friendly and provided a source of enjoyment in bed again fantasising about a threesome.

While at work one day she called me and told me that she had seduced my friend and they had both enjoyed the experience. Cuckolded. From then on we did not look back as I found the whole experience exciting and she screwed several of my friends and related the sexy bits during our love making. We moved away to another part of the UK and very soon made new friends. On one occasion Lindy went back to see a divorced friend (male) and I encouraged her to seduce him, which she did. On the same weekend my friend’s wife around the corner phoned and told me she was going to get me in bed! Surprised? You bet..

Subsequently we swapped partners at separate venues, but I remember getting back early one evening and saw them both in my bed. After he left I went to bed and we had great sex, her cunt still full of his cum. On another occasion she went out with him and did not wear any underwear and again we had sloppy sex. Several other men had her and eventually the she left to live with one. I miss her and the great times we had.

I still masturbate thinking of her and those times.

Submitted by: Anonymous


May 13, 2007

Alexis Interviewed

My good friend Christina Noir recently introduced me to a lovely new hotwife called Alexis. If Christina recommends someone then they must be hot, she originally let me know about Kelly Anderson - say no more.

Alexis is a real hotwife, black dick slut, she loves having her married pussy assaulted and filled up by hung black lovers and preferably more than one at a time and her husband just loves to watch. Thanks for the interview Alexis.


hotwifeblog: Welcome to Hotwifeblog.com Alexis, is Alexis your real name?
Alexis: Alexis Steele, but my given name is Valexis Miriya; very Polish. Both sets of my grandparents escaped the Russian Army right after WW II. When I entered grade school, my mother decided to “Americanize” my name to Alexis.

hotwifeblog: Where are you from?
Alexis: From the mid-west; Polish capital of the US.

hotwifeblog: What is your age?
Alexis: I’ll turn 38 in June, or as I prefer, 29-9.

hotwifeblog: lol… What are your measurements?
Alexis: 36C-25-34

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Alexis: About 5′6″, unless you like 3 inch heels…

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?
Alexis: My eyes are a weird bluish-green, and they change a little. Sometimes they look more blue, sometimes more green.
My hubby says it’s the light, but I think they change with my mood, depends on how horny I am.

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Alexis: Blonde, more dish water than strawberry, but I’m a real blonde, no doubt about it.

hotwifeblog: Any piercings or tattoos?
Alexis: Double pierced ears, and got my belly button pierced about a year ago.

hotwifeblog: Describe your personality?
Alexis: Definitely bubbly, I like to have fun. I’d much rather laugh and giggle then be serious.

hotwifeblog: What’s your occupation?
Alexis: Besides Amateur porn, I am a fitness instructor/personal trainer and do a little fitness modelling. Not too much of that anymore, but occasionally there are pictures of my calves in magazines. I have really well defined calves. And of course, I am a Mom, which is a job all by itself.

hotwifeblog: How did you meet your husband?
Alexis: We met in college. It was love at first sight for me, but he didn’t like me at all. Took me a while to change his mind, had to seduce him.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been married?
Alexis: Would you believe 16 years? And, yes still going strong.

hotwifeblog: How would you describe your marriage and lifestyle?
Alexis: We are probably a lot like any other typical 30 something couple. We are both going 100 miles an hour all day long with work, kids, etc. But also different because he travels all the time and I go with him whenever I get the chance, so not really the home bodies.

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’ve always had natural hotwife tendencies, the need to be with more than one man?
Alexis: Well, I have definitely always been a very sexual person. I have always loved the attention I get from men (and women); I love it when they check me out. I was an athlete all through school, so I always got to run around in athletic clothes, and I always wore them a little more revealing than necessary. I suppressed the desire to be with more men for a while when we were first married. Tried to be good, but I couldn’t help it, black men just turn me on.

hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle?
Alexis: My hubby was in the military after we got out of school, and I used to send him all sorts of sexy fantasy letters about me getting hit on, and then I took that a little further and began sending him ones about me doing it with black men. After a while, we discussed it, and he admitted it really turned him on, and I admitted I wanted it to be more than a fantasy. We had been married for a while by this time, so it was easier for us, but still not something we were able to jump right into. After a while, we agreed to give it a try, as something that we would do as part of our marriage, not outside of it. I don’t, and would never do it without his knowing.

hotwifeblog: What do you like most about being a hotwife?
Alexis: Are you kidding, I get the best of both worlds; a great marriage, plus all the great, hot fucking I get from my black lovers, and all the attention I get from being a hotwife. I love it!

hotwifeblog: How long have you been an active hotwife?
Alexis: We started swinging about 5 years ago, very infrequently at first. And to be honest, it wasn’t that great; more bad experiences with guys not showing up, or looking a lot different in person than in their pictures. But there were enough good experiences to keep me going, and then I discovered the joys of groups of black men, and it has been very, very good ever since.

hotwifeblog: Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?
Alexis: Absolutely, the more attention I get the better. I love it! I love the looks of lust I get from men and women. I also love to shock people who act so pure; like they don’t wish they were having a hot time. Some of my favorite things are when I flirt with black men in public and get looks from people, or when I meet a group of black men somewhere and get looks from other people there. I know exactly what they are thinking, and I want to just tell them, “Yes, I am going to let them all have me, and it’s going to be great!”

hotwifeblog: That’s fantastic Alexis, good for you…. What type of men do you go for?
Alexis: Ever since I was in school, running around the athletic department, I have had a craving for black men. One of my favorite fantasies involves me and a basketball team…

hotwifeblog: What was your first hotwife experience like?
Alexis: The first experience I had as a hotwife was in an adult movie theater in Texas. My hubby was stationed near Ft. Hood for a while. Anyway, we went to this theater just to check it out, and it was pretty empty. Only one or two other men in there, and I was the only woman. Shortly after we set down, my hubby and I started kissing and making out, and it really turned me on to know that those guys were probably watching me more than the movie. After a while, one guy came over and set right next to me, on the side opposite my hubby. Before I knew what I was doing, I reached over and rubbed his crotch, and then I whispered to my hubby that his cock was hard. My hubby didn’t say anything so the guy got bolder and started to caress my tits, and kiss my neck, and I got really, really wet right away, and moaned that I was wet. The guy put his hand on my leg, and I just spread my legs a little, and he went right in and put his fingers in my pussy. His pants were loose, so I reached in and started giving him a hand job. After a while I was really moaning and getting into it, and I whispered into my husband’s ear to see if it would be OK if I sucked the guy off. But, before he could say anything the guy let out a big moan and came in my hand. The guy kissed me one more time, thanked me, and got up and left, but it was totally fun! Five minutes later, my husband and I were outside in our car fucking like teenagers. I was hooked from then on.

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife?
Alexis: Probably not as many as some of the hotwives out there; I’m a little picky and really only do black men, so I’d say maybe 20 or 25. But that is a “so far” number. I really think I’m just getting started.

hotwifeblog: Do you have any bisexual tendencies?
Alexis: Sure do, although it’s not my main interest. I much prefer a nice hard cock. But, I have been with a few other women, so if she’s there, and I’m there, and we are both into it, I will definitely never say no. One of the best parts of doing another girl is how much it turns on any guys who are there too. But it’s also fun all by itself if the other girl is hot and knows what she’s doing. Christina Noir for example, I like it with her a lot.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever tried a gangbang?
Alexis: Not yet, and it is really starting to frustrate me a little. I sincerely love to be with more than one black guy at a time; I love to feel the different sized and shaped cocks inside me, and I love the attention I get being there with a group of guys, knowing that I am the center of all of their attentions. And, to be honest, I really can get off multiple times, so the more guys there are, the more I get to cum too. I have been with 2 black men at once a bunch of times, 3 guys a few times, but I really want to try 4 or 5 men. Still want to live out my basketball team fantasy. The problem I have is finding a group of black men who are really willing to fuck a girl in front of other guys; not as common as I thought.

hotwifeblog: Does size matter to you?
Alexis: That’s funny; I just answered an email from a guy about that. Honestly, it really is more important to guys than it seems to be to girls. But, not speaking for all women out there, while I do admit that size has its advantages, but it can also be a problem. There is definitely a “too big” size for me. I’d say much larger than 9-10 inches is my limit; much bigger than that and it starts to hurt after a while, and I can’t go as long. And I like to cum - a lot. For me, thicker is more important. I really do prefer a thick cock.

hotwifeblog: So you prefer your black lovers?
Alexis: I am married to the only white lover I ever intend on having. Sorry guys. But, black guys turn me on big time, and I have no plans to ever stop fucking all the black men I can.

hotwifeblog: What clothes do you like to wear in general and in the bedroom?
Alexis: In public, I think I dress fairly normal; show enough to get some attention, but not too much. But, it depends on where I am and what I’m up too. In the bedroom, that totally depends on what the guys I’m with want. I have a real submissive streak when it comes to black men; I love for them to want me, so I will do just about whatever they want. I want to be their fantasy just as much as they are mine. But, I have my limits; nothing degrading, or painful. I always thought that anal was definitely out, but one black guy recently was just massaging me back there, and it felt pretty good, so I’m starting to think about that.

hotwifeblog: Do you wear an ankle bracelet?
Alexis: Absolutely; I have to have my bling! I like anklets, and guys seem to like them too.

hotwifeblog: What is your favorite sexual act?
Alexis: I love doing things that make guys cum. There is just something about knowing that you can have that kind of effect on them. So, some of the things that I like that seem to really get them off are doing it doggie style, and with me on top; reverse cow girl is a lot of fun too. Also, I have no problem with having a guy fuck me hard, pull out and have me suck his cock right away. It really gets them off and I can do things with my mouth to make them cum right away, or make them last a little longer, depends on how much fun we are having.

hotwifeblog: Any fetishes you are into?
Alexis: Other than black men and gang bangs…? Well, I do have this fantasy of doing it in the shower, and in a hot tube and a pool outside. I think I’d like a little public sex. Also, I admit that I prefer to be more submissive with guys; I like for them to tell me what they want me to do, and what they want me to do to them. Fun!

hotwifeblog: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Alexis: The theater thing was pretty kinky for me, but that was a while ago. Once, Christina Noir and I got together and we took turns fucking two black guys; that was fun. But, I have a feeling my kinkiest times are still to cum.

hotwifeblog: Do you find most of your lovers and sexual partners through the Internet, clubs or through friends?
Alexis: Definitely through the internet. Only issue I have - and I really hate it - is when we make arrangements to meet someone and they don’t show. Once chance is all you get now.

hotwifeblog: What role does your husband play in your lifestyle?
Alexis: My husband has been fantastic about this whole thing. He understands that this is my thing, and I really love doing it, but it is not his thing. He is not a swinger at all, and takes no part in my lifestyle, other than to be there and make sure that I’m safe. That keeps it within our marriage, and makes it a lot more fun for me.

hotwifeblog: Does your husband enjoy watching you with other men?
Alexis: He’s really into it now. He says he likes it best when he can tell that I’m really into it and having a lot of fun. We both admit and understand that I really like more than one cock at a time, and that I can usually outlast most of them, so he really enjoys me draining them and going for more.

hotwifeblog: Do you enjoy him watching you?
Alexis: Knowing that he is there and making me safe really allows me to let my inhibitions go and enjoy myself. It would be much different if he wasn’t there or didn’t know. This way there’s no guilt. So, yes, I really enjoy him watching and I love his reaction more than anyone’s.

hotwifeblog: How often are you sexually active with your husband?
Alexis: As often as we can, we have a very good sex life. This just adds to it.

hotwifeblog: Do you ever compare your husband’s performance to any of the other men you’ve slept with?
Alexis: It’s different with him; there’s a deeper connection. And he knows me and what really gets me off. The best orgasms I have are definitely with him.

hotwifeblog: Do you have a hotwife/cuckold relationship with your husband?
Alexis: No, he is not a cuckold at all. Not his thing. He is definitely a take charge, Type A personality. In our marriage, he wears the pants; I just get to take them off… ;)

hotwifeblog: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
Alexis: I love both - a lot! As far as receiving oral, it really gets me hot and ready to fuck. I love to cum orally, and before I can recover, have the guy stick his cock in me; makes me cum again immediately. As for giving, I have been told that I really give great head, and I like to do it. There’s something about a nice hard cock in your mouth and knowing that you have the power to make a guy cum that way or tease him until he can’t take it anymore.

hotwifeblog: Do you swallow?
Alexis: You betcha, baby. I love it, and what it does for the guys. I can’t imagine getting a guy that worked up and not letting him finish. Sex is supposed to be fun. Facials took a little getting used to, but I am into those now too.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a creampie from a lover?
Alexis: Every time! I absolutely love to feel a guy explode inside of me, I always cum when they do. There’s nothing like that feeling.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received multiple creampies from different guys?
Alexis: Oh yeah; the more the better. I am not into condoms - they really dry me out - so I really only want to do it bareback. And, as I love the feeling of a guy cumming inside me, I want all the guys I’m with to do it - at least once. My guys can’t go more than once, but if they can, I’m more than happy to keep on fucking.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever had anyone clean you up orally after receiving a creampie?
Alexis: No, I don’t think guys are really into that; at least none that I have been with. Any takers?

hotwifeblog: Does your husband like to have sex with you just after you’ve been with someone else?
Alexis: We usually have sex after I’ve been with other guys, not right after though. I know it makes him horny, so when we get alone we take care of each other. He always gets me off, so I always end my nights with one last, great, orgasm.

hotwifeblog: Does your husband like to eat creampie?
Alexis: No, that would definitely not be his thing. As I said, still haven’t cum across a guy who’d do that. Wonder how it would feel?

hotwifeblog: What’s your biggest fantasy?
Alexis: I have always had a fantasy of being taken by a group of black men at a bar or some place like that, while other guys watched and cheered them on. I can feel all their eyes on me, and her them shouting for the guys who are fucking me to make me cum. That would be a fantastic fuck.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about one of your recent hotwife experiences?
Alexis: My most recent experience was with a guy who is a member of my website. As I said, I really meet most of the guys through the internet, so one of the guys wrote me and said that he was really into me, and really liked the way I fuck, and if I was ever in his area he’d love the chance. It just so happened that my husband works from time to time close to that area, so I let the guy know, and since he was a fan, I’d love to fuck him. He turned out to be a really nice guy, but I think I was a little too much for him, he didn’t last too long. Nice big load though, and that felt nice. I came when he came inside me, so he knows he got me off too.

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Alexis: I am a total fitness freak. I work out all the time (love those hard bodies!) and I love sports. Couldn’t go ‘pro’ in sports after college, so I found another physically demanding and very satisfying sport to keep me busy - interracial sex and being a hotwife.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle?
Alexis: If you really want to enjoy it and make it fun, then it has to be something that occurs within a marriage. You have to be totally honest with each other about it and what you want out of it. Even in my case, where my husband does not do it at all, it would not be any fun if I were doing it behind his back. This way, it’s honest, and open, and I can let myself go and really get into it.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about the treats we can find by joining your website?
Alexis: Well, of course you get to see all the pictures and videos of me doing it with lots of different black men, and I guarantee you can really tell that I am totally into what I’m doing. This is not industry porn; this really is a hotwife having fun. No faking, no set ups for the cameras, nothing like that. This is me getting together with black guys and fucking each others brains out. So, lots of cream pies, and me swallowing loads of black cum, and me doing all the things that they want me to do - as long as its fun. We shoot all the stuff in High Def, so you get to see all details. I am not into the painful stuff, but I do take requests.

hotwifeblog: What plans do you have for your website for the future?
Alexis: One of the things I would like to do is add a fantasy page where members can let me know what they fantasize about me doing, and I will see who I can find a way to act them out. Also, as we are pretty busy with our day to day lives, it’s hard to get things posted as fast as live them, so I am adding a “Cumming Attractions” list, so you’ll know what I’ve been up to before you can actually see it. And that gang bang is still out there; sooner or later, I’m going to get one. There are gang bang groups all over out there, so I think I’d like to hit a few of them, if not all of them. Maybe I’ll rate them…

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle?
Alexis: Just to keep it fun, I have no plans to stop any time soon.


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Interview by Trash


May 11, 2007

Black Men Step Forward

We love this web page it gives us so many ideas. Oh I am Terri (Sunny), my Husband is Matt. He is a very good boy, he listens to me all the time. I am 5′5″, 120 lbs, brown hair, green eyes and C cup. My husband is a cuckold although he didn’t like at first because I only date black men. I joined an interracial dating service and I get over 20 hits a day so I have plenty of black men to choose from.

I invite all my dates to our apartment and my husband waits in the other room as he is told. He is allowed to listen and peep in at times. His little white dick gets so hard when he sees me with black men. I think he enjoys it more than me. My husband will soon be wearing panties and a dress, as for me I always wear sexy skirts and tiny tank tops and heels, black men love me but they must measure up, not all are huge, I am definitely a size queen.

Submitted by: Matty Sunny - Phila Pa


May 9, 2007

Rico gets 3 hotwives

Here’s an update from major hotwife Bull Rico Shades.


I get a call from 3 super nova sluts telling me how they want to come down to fuck the crew. I don’t think any of us knew what we were in for. These chicks were whores to the third power. Anals, ass to mouths, choking, spitting and of course lots of runny creampies were everywhere.

It was ironic to see someone so cute and innocent turn into someone so fucking demonic when a dick is dangling in front of her face. They fucked as if they were possessed and their very fucking lives depended on a thick cum shake for energy. Of course, after the crew slapped their asses, fucked them silly and dumped their loads in their pussies and asses we sent them home to their fucking hubbies without even saying goodbye. We’re always on the prowl and No Pussy Is Safe!

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Rico Shades

Read The Rico Shades Interview Here

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May 7, 2007

Hotel with 3 strange men

My husband loves being married to a Hot Wife. I have always loved men and continue to do so. To indulge my husband’s hot wife fetish, I went to the desert and checked into a luxury hotel with a beautiful view and pool. I was down at the pool having a drink in the late afternoon and started a conversation with 3 men that were in town for a convention. As the sun started to set, I invited them up to my room on the 14th floor to enjoy the view. I was so hot for them that as soon as we got inside I started sucking all three of their cocks. I rode them in all positions imaginable and then had them fuck me doggie, one at a time until they all exploded. It was my first threesome and I couldn’t wait to call my husband and share all of the details.

Submitted by: Lynda - California


May 5, 2007

Meet Alexis

I have a new hotwife to introduce you today. The lovely Alexis loves bareback black cock and as many as she can get. Watch out for an interview next week, here’s a snippet about her first experience. Thanks for sharing Alexis.

“The first experience I had as a hotwife was in an adult movie theater in Texas. My hubby was stationed near Ft. Hood for a while. Anyway, we went to this theater just to check it out, and it was pretty empty. Only one or two other men in there, and I was the only woman. Shortly after we set down, my hubby and I started kissing and making out, and it really turned me on to know that those guys were probably watching me more than the movie. After a while, one guy came over and set right next to me, on the side opposite my hubby. Before I knew what I was doing, I reached over and rubbed his crotch, and then I whispered to my hubby that his cock was hard. My hubby didn’t say anything so the guy got bolder and started to caress my tits, and kiss my neck, and I got really, really wet right away, and moaned that I was wet. The guy put his hand on my eg, and I just spread my legs a little, and he went right in and put his fingers in my pussy. His pants were loose, so I reached in and started giving him a hand job. After a while I was really moaning and getting into it, and I whispered into my husband’s ear to see if it would be OK if I sucked the guy off. But, before he could say anything the guy let out a big moan and came in my hand. The guy kissed me one more time, thanked me, and got up and left, but it was totally fun! Five minutes later, my husband and I were outside in our car fucking like teenagers. I was hooked from then on.


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May 3, 2007

The Wife and Her Ex

Until I met my wife I never knew how small my penis really was. Most of the women I slept with were virgins so to them I guess I was big. I am 5.25 inches. So as I know now I am not so big. But back to the story. When I met my wife it was love at first sight, we moved in together immediately. As we began to explore our past relationships the sex question came up. We compared notes and had great time. Well being the typical male I am I asked if I was the biggest she had ever had. She told me I was the same size as her biggest but I could tell by the way she looked that it was a lie. After persisting I got her to tell me that she had slept with her brothers roomate and he was 8.5 inches and very thick. My heart sank. Not only had she had bigger but we still hang out with this guy all the time. They live right up the street. As I lay there thinking about it I began to get excited.

So I began to explore my fantasy by always showing her porn where the husband shared the wife with a bigger guy. She would get so hot which made me even hotter. So I took it to the next level and started telling her I wanted her to be with a bigger guy. She being the good wife would tell me I was enough but secretly I knew that she was being nice. Well as time passed I would bring it up over and over again. She finally admitted to me that it would be nice to have bigger again.

Well we stayed like that for a few years and then we decided to get a hot tub. We invited everyone over to cook out and enjoy the tub and cook some burgers. Well as the night progressed people left and before we knew it every one was gone besides her ex and her brother. We drank on and her brother decides to pass out on the couch so now it is just the 3 of us in the tub and my mind begins to run wild. I kept running to get beers and leaving them alone. Finally I decide that I would sneak up stairs and pretend to pass out. I excused myself and went up and laid across the bed. After 15 minutes I hear my wife come up to look for me. As she steps in the room I basically pretend to die. She just laughs and heads back down stairs.

Now our bedroom window is diagonal to the hot tub but gives you a great view. She then goes down and tells him I am out cold and she asks if he would like another beer. As she returns she drops right beside him instead of across the tub. So now they are sitting side by side and I am hard as a rock. They continue to talk and he works his hand around her shoulder. Now my wife is not a slut but when she is drunk she is affectionate so she leans right in. Within ten minutes they are making out like two high school kids. He lifts her up on the side of the tub and rips her top and bottoms off. He leans in and eats her like a mad man. She is pulling his hair and moaning like she was giving birth.

After what seemed like an eternity she stands up and places him on the side of the pool. She pulls his trunk off and then I see the reason she said he was hung. It was as big as any guy I have ever seen in porn. She is licking and sucking like it was crack. She did not hesitate very long to stand and turn and lower herself on his pole. She bounced up and down like she was doing aerobics. I have never seen her act the way she did with him. After about ten minutes he cums inside her and she slowly slides off him. She then leans over kisses him and heads inside.

She comes up stairs and showers and goes to bed. I still pretend to be asleep. The next morning the tension at the breakfast table was amazing. She turns to me and says we need to talk. So she proceeds to tell me the whole story I get so hard hearing it and she sees it and begins to rub my erection, as she continues with the story I shoot my wad and then confess I watched the whole thing. She then said the words that I will never forget. She wanted to do it again and often. Since that day we have him over once a week. Dinner and a fuck and then he goes home. We are all happy and the sex has never been better.

Submitted by: Jim - NC


May 1, 2007

Kelly Anderson Loves Us

I’m such a privileged boy, My inbox is a sea of gorgeous hotwives every morning sending me their pics. I’m lucky if I make it through to lunch time without knocking one out under the desk LOL…

These one’s are just smoking though, The wonderful and beautiful
Kelly Anderson doing some pics just for us all at Hotwife Blog. Kelly you look great with my logo in your mouth… mmmmmmmmmmmm

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Read Kelly Anderson’s Exclusive Interview With Hotwife Blog Here

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April 29, 2007

Macy’s first mfm

I’ve recently been in touch with a lovely couple from Tampa, Florida. Macy and Brad have built a great hotwife site called right here with stories and related material on the lifestyle. They’ve also sent me a hot story of Macy’s introduction into the lifestyle as well as some rather gorgeous pics of Macy. mmmmmmmmmmm

You can grace my pages with your beautiful images anytime Macy. Good luck with the site.


I’m not much of a writer, but I’ll just let you know about my first mfm experience into the swinging lifestyle. My husband has always been kinky in the bedroom and wants to try new things. We lived in Germany when he was in the Army and had watched a lot of different kinds of sex movies. One night going into the bedroom after watching some videos, we laid down on the bed…. He began to eat my pussy. It felt great as usual, but he then suggested something totally off the wall-he asked me if I thought I would enjoy 2 guys doing me at the same time. It just sounded so off the wall that I snapped at him, and said, “No,.. Your outta your mind…. but deep in the back of my mind, it kind of turned me on. He stopped talking about it from there and we just done our thing….sex as usual.

I noticed over a period of time he talked to me about it more and more, and I began to use my imagination during sex… and he noticed it really turned me on. My pussy got really wet, and I began to really get into it. I just got nastier the more we talked about it in the bed. This went on for a few years…actually about 3 years.

Once he got out of the Army, he started a construction business and things just went on as usual. He had one guy that worked for him that he became really good friends with…and honestly…I thought he was kind of cute. One night while we were having sex, he suggested that we have a threesome with his friend… I agreed while imagining getting my holes filled with both of their cocks. After we had sex, not too much was said afterwards; but it was still in the back of my mind.

A week later, I was invited to have a girl’s night out with my friends which don’t happen too often. I told my husband about it, and he told me to go enjoy myself…and he and his buddy would be back at the house waiting with their dicks out.. I told him…”Oh, shut up.. quit being stupid. …. But the thought of it really turned me on. What I didn’t know is that my husband all along had been talking to his friend about us wanting to try a threesome.

Later that night I went out partying with my friends and did have a little too much to drink… I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in the door, but definitely knew what I wanted to happen. When I got there; my husband and his friend were sitting there watching a porno.. and of course I made a smart ass remark, “what the hell are you two doin’? My husband said, “Watchin’ a porn and waiting on you.” It really turned me on… he must have seen it in the look in my eye. Suddenly, he got up and began kissing me…. (I knew exactly what he was doing..it really turned me on). He reached down between my legs and began to feel my croch. My pussy got so wet so fast.

He took me to the bedroom and took off my pants… and immediately began sucking on my pussy…I almost came right then and had to stop him. He yelled out to his friend, “Hey buddy, come on back here.”.. His friend almost had an amazed look in his eyes..

Bill came in and dropped his pants. I began to suck his fat cock as it grew bigger and bigger. It was like a nice present for Christmas that I couldn’t wait to open up. He had a nice thick cock… it wasn’t super long, but just right.

Brad looked up from licking my cunt and asked him if he’d like to try fucking me…. “Of course.”, he replied. Bill got on top of me and thrust his thick cock up inside me… Ghad it was ecstasy having two guys at once. He began to pump his cock in and out of me..and it might have taken me 30 seconds to cum the first time….and that was just the beginning.

After about 10 minutes, Brad jumped on and began to fuck me…while I sucked his friends cock. Brad made me cum a few more times and I couldn’t believe that I could cum that much. At the most, I’ve came maybe 3 or 4 times tops during sex… but I’d already came 4 times in a matter of twenty minutes of sex. For some odd reason, I just kept cumming. I don’t know what it is.. the mood, or the thought of 2 guys fucking me.

Two and a half hours went by of them two switching off and on me, they finally came. We continued to party with his friend for about 6 months until he had to leave (he was in the Army). We’ve only had a few experiences with a few individuals since then, but I believe the key thing is to have something in common and some friendship there before actually fucking. It makes it all more fun.

Brad and I have been talking about it for awhile now. and I’m ready to take on some big black cock if there is any available out there. Yeah, I will still do white guys… so don’t feel that you’re left out. Key thing is, make sure anyone who contacts us has a good personality, and is ready for friendship. Don’t be pushy.. We live in Florida but will be in Ohio if you’d like to get in contact with us. We would like to continue posting our adventures to the hotwife blog.. especially if we have that BBC experience.

He wants to watch while I get fucked really good. : )

Fucks and Kisses.






April 27, 2007

Blowjob Before Home

Black Bachelor Diary Update:

Meet Linda, mother of 3 kids and a cock hungry black dick lover from Detroit Michigan. I had the pleasure of bare backing this unhappy wife over the holiday season and enjoyed every nasty minute of it. She just can’t get pleasure from her man, so I had to step in. Linda is a nasty girl, likes licking black assholes. She loves swallowing black sperm after being ass fucked while soft music plays in the background.

Linda can also make one hell of a egg omelette. She came over one night recently too and gave me a fantastic blowjob in the bathroom, got dressed in the morning and went back to Hubby with cum still on her face. Great hotwife.

Black Bachelor

Black Bachelor Meets Linda

Black Bachelor Meets Linda

Black Bachelor Meets Linda

Black Bachelor Meets Linda

Black Bachelor Meets Linda

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