January 21, 2007

Creampie Movie Galleries

I’ve got some requests recently for more creampie galleries, so I found 2 movie galleries that are simply smouldering. 2 very popular wives featured here all taking a hot creampie from a lover.

First up is Cathy from Creampie Cathy showing us some very sticky panties. Imagine your wife coming home with those. Then we’ve got the yummy Emma Starr getting a lovely internal from the guys at Hotwives and Girlfriends.

Creampie Cathy
Panties from heaven by Cathy

Emma Starr
Oh Emma we really should meet up ;)


January 19, 2007

Maria’s Party Piece

My wife Maria is a very sensual & sexy lady who loves being admired, as do, I imagine, most women.

We went to a party a while ago with our friends Bob & his wife. We mixed with the crowd and went on our own walkabouts in the different rooms. It was warm and feeling in the need of fresh air I went into the garden. I saw Maria & Bob talking and went over. Bob had his back to me & to my surprise when I got up to them his fingers and thumbs where tweaking Maria’s nipples through her jumper. Her eyes were closed so she didn’t see me as I watched her, a big smile on her face, Bob was making them stand out quite nicely with his finger and thumb motion. She started to make slight moaning noises as he continued. Maria moved her hand down over his crotch to feel his obviously erect cock. She moaned again and said she liked what she was feeling and wanted to touch it in the flesh and that his fingers and thumbs would be better employed on her nipples themselves rather than wearing a hole in her jumper. Bob lifted her jumper up to reveal her 36C breasts. At this point I heard someone else coming and moved to the side of the house, out of the way. It was Martin, another of our friends, who during a drinking session I had shown several of Maria’s nudie photos to. He had the hots for her from that point. Without success I had tried a few times to get him and her in a shagging situation.

I do love guys looking at Maria’s body and had always fantasised about her being had by more than one guy at a time. Perhaps, I thought, a little drunkenly, this could be the time. Martin wandered over to Maria & Bob and caught them by surprise. I heard him ask if he could join in. Maria opened her eyes to see him stood besides them both, staring at her naked breasts. She automatically moved her hands, letting go of Bobs erect dick, to cover her tits.
“You two sure seem to be having fun”, Martin said “and god your nipples stand out well”. Maria, being caught out like that really didn’t know for an instant what to do. She then said “thanks Martin”, and let her hands back down saying that they had both seen them so what was the point of hiding them now, and besides that she was feeling horny anyway.

She moved her hand back to Bobs still erect cock and started to wank him while Bob bent his head to her breasts and started sucking on a nipple. She moved her other hand between Martins legs and began rubbing his dick over the top of his trousers. Martin bent his head and began sucking on her other nipple making Maria, her back lent against the wall, writhe with the thought of what could happen next. Martin moved Maria’s hand and undid his fly and then took her hand and placed it inside his jeans for Maria to go searching for his dick which she appeared to do very willingly. She soon found it and popped it out. At this point she said it was right what everyone said about them two having the biggest dicks in our crowd. She leant there against the wall, two mouths & tongues playing with her nipples and both hands rubbing up and down two big cocks. Both the guys must have had the same idea at once because suddenly Maria’s skirt was lifted from both sides as two hands went to her thighs. “Oh yes”, she said smiling, “this gets better” as she started to spread her legs a little wider. Both Bob and Martin moved hands almost in unison up her inner thighs slowly as she moaned some more. I don’t know who’s fingers entered her first, but there was no doubt that both had reached their goal, as Maria started writhing up and down and said to either, it didn’t matter which, to start to tickle her clit. I was stood there loving watching it all happen and Maria was writhing there, letting it. God it was fantastic.

Maria suddenly moaned loudly and arched her back as Bob & Martin brought her to orgasm. God that was good she said huskily. Bob and Martin then took Maria’s panties between them and pulled them down over her stockinged legs and removed them, dropping them to the floor. Martin stayed down and moved his head in between her legs while Bob came back up to her tits and started massaging them slowly and firmly. Martin soon had his tongue working away at Maria’s, now very wet, pussy. From where I was stood I could see him running his tongue around her pubic hair and darting in and out of her entrance to heaven. She was really enjoying, finally getting hold of the back of his head and holding him tight into her cunt. “Go on Martin, lick me more” she moaned, “lick me more”. To which Martin’s response was to bury his head further in between her thighs. After what seemed like forever Martin came up for air and took hold of the breast Bob wasn’t playing with at that moment. Maria pushed Bob down to her pussy and he took over from Martin licking and sucking like mad. Maria still had her skirt on but undid the button at the back to let it drop to the floor. She then lifted her jumper the rest of the way over her head so she was stood just in stockings and suspenders. She looked fantastic. “I need shagging now” she moaned. The guys laid her on the floor and continued playing with her body. Bob rolled her over onto her stomach and lifted her up so here backside was in the air. He pushed her legs apart and started to enter her pussy from behind. At this point Martin moved in front of her and lifted her arms so that she ways on all fours. Martin placed his huge cock on her lips and gently moved it across them while reaching to her tits to start the massage again. At first Maria’s lips stayed closed but it didn’t take much of the humping she was getting from Bob and the massaging she was getting from Martin before she opened her mouth and took his cock inside sucking up and down it very hard.

It was terrific standing there watching my sensual sexy wife being fucked at both ends by two of the biggest cocks around. After a while Bob suddenly moaned and shot his spunk all the way into my wife’s pussy, Maria moaning as he reached maximum length and maximum depth. Martin then reversed positions with Bob and it started all over again this time though Bob was laid on the floor head under Maria’s chest sucking on her nipple while finger and thumbing the other one, as her breasts heaved and shook from the fucking she was receiving.

Maria really was being shagged rotten now and it reminded me of a blue movie we had watched where a girl went for “the record”. She had 9 cocks one after the other which Maria had said once that she would love to try for it AND beat it. I went back into the party and said to a couple of the guys that it looked like a gang bang outside. Word went round like wildfire and soon the guys were all outside surrounding Maria with pricks at the ready. She didn’t disappoint them . . . but that’s another story. Suffice to say the Record was well and truly broken.

When we got home I said to Maria that I hadn’t seen much of her all night and hoped it hadn’t been too boring a party. She just smiled and said it was interesting in parts as she opened her legs wide, revealing she was pantyless, and said come on I really feel like being shagged tonight. I asked if she had been to the party without panties on. She coloured up slightly then with a cheeky smile said, Oh no, someone took them off for me and laughed . . . saying don’t be silly it was just that the elastic broke!

If you would like to exchange stories of YOUR adventures let us know. We would love to hear from you.


Submitted by: Mark -UK


January 17, 2007

No Internet

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, our hotel in Vegas has had no Internet connection for days, it’s driving me crazy and I’m unable to get my updates live, but bear with me.

Vegas has been great, so many stories to tell. Every night has been an adventure. I’ve got some serious writing and image editing to do when I get home.



January 15, 2007

Exercise in Fertility

When I graduated from college with a degree in Physical Education I was offered and accepted a job as assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for my alma mater.

I’m a petite blonde with emerald eyes, indeed I am a physical specimen…I was the strongest girl on my gymnastics team. My physical attributes include a small tight ass, firm tits with cherry nipples, washboard abs and firm well defined biceps. Men just love when I flex my biceps…more about that later.

Four years passed, in the mean time I married a 38 year old college professor. I was attracted to him for his intellect and stability certainly not his sex appeal. At first he was rather good in the bedroom but by the age of 40 his sex drive began to wane unlike me. With access to exercise equipment galore I kept myself in top shape and looked hot as ever.

One day I went online and stumbled upon HotWifeBlog. I read all of the adulteress stories and my mind went wild. I began fantasizing having sex with a muscular young stud. Fantasy quickly became reality. By sheer luck I rotated to strength coaching for the men’s gymnastics team…talk about familiarity. It was heaven on earth, strength training with 12 gymnastic hunks. One in particular Lance caught my eye and I caught his. His physical attributes were awesome, muscle upon muscle, blue magnetic eyes and golden locks.

During his weightlifting exercises his bulging muscles would cause me to cringe…I became so sexually aroused I was bursting at the seams. My plan was to seduce him in gradual steps but he had plans of his own. With the gymnastics season fast approaching Lance requested additional workout time alone with me.

Fast forward a month and our adulterous love making was volcanic. No seduction was necessary his dick was hot for my pussy right from the start. We made love in multiple places, his apartment, my marital bed, in the weight room and one night he flooded me with his spunk underneath the parallel bars. After one exercise period in particular I flexed my biceps for him. This turned Lance on to no end. He carried me to the small bed in the training room. It was the most intense fucking session we ever had, the climax of our affair. When he mounted me his penetration was so deep, thrusting and pumping like never before, I nearly passed out from orgasm and finally his dick erupted filling me up with gobs and gobs of semen. When he pulled out my clit popped like a champagne cork.

When the competition began Lance and I paused in our affair. For good reason, he needed all of his strength for the pummel horse and I was pregnant. Just call it an exercise in fertility.

Submitted by: Candy Girl - East Coast US


January 13, 2007



NEW YORK — When it comes to cheating, men and women have very different ideas. According to a survey by “Women’s Health” and “Men’s Health” magazines, 45 percent of men think talking to one’s ex on a regular basis is cheating but only 27 percent of women agree with that definition.

That’s not all: 45 percent of men say getting a massage from a friend of the opposite sex constitutes cheating but only 35 percent of women are touchy about that. Men might be more particular about the definition of cheating but only 32 percent of men admit they’ve been cheated on compared to 45 percent of women. However, 32 percent of ladies admit they’ve been the ones doing the cheating while only 16 percent of men confess to being a cheat. Finally, 50 percent of men believe cheating has ruined at least one past relationship but only 27 percent of women will make that claim.


January 11, 2007


For almost all of our married life, I have been trying to get my wife (of 30 years) to talk about fucking her past lovers. Early on, she would humor me, and told me about getting fucked on one night stands, or other about getting fucked up the ass by boyfriends. In every case, the guy would come in her pussy. I get very excited by these stories, especially since they all happened to her as a teenager! I especially like the stories about fucking a guy in the front seat of his car outside of her parent’s house just to get the date over with (she did not like him much). The thought of him cumming in her pussy is really great, but the story is better because the neighbor man caught them in the act just before they finished.

I think I would like to try to talk her into letting me watch her get fucked by a bigger dick (I’m not small), but am afraid I would feel bad afterward.

Submitted by: JohnnyO


January 9, 2007

New Year Wives

Here’s a few galleries of the some of the most popular wives of 2006 on hotwifeblog.

First up a movie clip gallery, it’s cuckolding wife Sara Swirls taking a yummy creampie from her black lover. Then we’ve got Desirae looking cracking in this pink gown
Lastly it’s the delectable Michelle, looking great in those glasses. Hey Michelle I need a secretary…

Sara Swirls
Filled up Creampie for Hubby - Movie Gallery

So gorgeous Desirae

Michelle in glasses. Yum


January 7, 2007

Christina Fucks Brandon

In a few days time I’ll be seeing my good friend and hotwife Christina Noir at the AVN show. She sent me this cool gallery for you all to enjoy about her recent fuck encounter with Brandon Longwood.


The morning Brandon was scheduled to leave, I paid a surprise visit to his hotel room for a little breakfast in bed. I was so horny from the other times I had fucked him that I took control and forced myself on him before he could even open his eyes. It didn’t take long for his big dick to wake up and satisfy my slutty needs. We fucked and sucked each other until he couldn’t take it any more and I got what I had come for - a nice big sticky face full of hot cum!

Christina Noir

Read The Christina Noir Interview Here

Visit Christina Noir Right Here


January 5, 2007

Rich White Wife

Catch up with the latest Black Bachelor Diary Update.

This catch of his is hot…


Fuck it, I admit it. I love to hunt. But I’m not your typical hunter, I don’t chase deers, squirrels or birds. My game is different. I hunt, rich white wives pussy! I know that may come to a surprise to the average white American husband. But numbers don’t lie. Over the last eight years I have had more rich white pussy swallowing my black jizz, than Paris Hilton has had boyfriends. This week my story kicks off in full player fashion, with me hanging out at a local mall shopping for the holiday season, when my “Rich White Slut Radar” picks up some fresh ass on the black cock monitor!

This young married hottie was real nice. She smiled when she saw me. This is the first sign of a white freak letting a black man, know if he says the right things to her, the pussy is open for business! I smiled back. And even took it a step further and asked her how she’s loving the married life. She didn’t hesitate to tell me she has been married to a wonderful guy from Europe for 7 months! I knew this was going to be somewhat tough, but nothing a black player couldn’t handle!

Black stud pornstars eat your heart out.

I cannot lie, this hottie did give me her digits, but it didn’t take me as long as you would think for me to pop her sexy, silk panties! It was a once in a lifetime fucking with this hottie, but it was good, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check the pix for more information.

I love the single bull life!

Black Bachelor






Read Bachelor’s Interview Here

Pay A Visit To The Black Bachelor Here


January 3, 2007

Bull Offer

I have been fascinated with hot wives for about 10 years now. When ever I read a story about someones wife cheating on them my cock instantly gets hard. Unfortunately I have yet to fuck a M.I.L.F. This is my biggest fantasy and would jump at any opportunity to fuck one.

If there are any milfs out there looking for a good fuck I would be honored. Or if you’d let me fuck your wife. Please post here and I’ll let you more about myself.

Submitted by: Chris

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