October 17, 2007

Coming Home to Find…

My wife of 10 years and I have been full swap swinging for over 5 years. Other than her sucking guys at clubs we had never done a mfm. Not that I hadn’t been encouraging her to let her slut nature to come out. I was always telling her how much I loved watching her fuck and how much I really enjoy sharing her with other guys. All that talking finally paid off about 2 weeks ago! It was a slow day at work so I decided to head home early. As I pull onto my street my first though was why is a HVAC van in my driveway. Wondering what the hell was going on I quietly walked through the door to hear my wife yelling “Fuck me”. Then I heard a mans voice “Suck my fucking dick bitch”. I slowly peeked into the living room to see my beautiful Vietnamese wife with her mouth full of cock while a stocky bald bull type guy was pounding her pussy from behind. The guy she was sucking on held the back of her head and fucked her sweet mouth. The guy fucking her began to grunt and really put it to her as he filled her pussy full of his hot seed. As he pulled out of her I got a good look at how large he was. At least 9″ and really thick. Just then the other guy came in her mouth. After he finished my wife saw them to the door as I hid in the bathroom. After she closed the front door I came out, she just looked at me and walked over and kissed me on my mouth. I had never been so hot for her before. I knelt before my wife and started eating her cum filled pussy. I spent close to an hour eating her before finally I slid my cock into her lovely sloppy pussy.

After I had busted my nut we lay there and she asked if I had enjoyed seeing that.”Of course” I replied. We’re already setting up another MFM for this coming weekend and she’s even talking about a gang bang. I can hardly wait.

Submitted by: Brian - VA


October 15, 2007

More Galleries

First up is Ashley, a 22 year old swinging hotwife. I just love panties showing under a demin skirt mmmmmm. The next gallery of beautiful Raven Black, taking some black cock right in front of her husband. Hopefully Raven and Daisy will be hooking up in Vegas. Can’t wait. And last we have the ever so Naughty Allie swallowing a massive load of cum. This is a movie clip gallery.

Ashley getting undressed

Raven Black
Raven belongs to black cock

Naughty Allie
Naughty Allie loves to swallow - Movie Gallery


October 13, 2007

Miranda’s Fantasy

Well I finally got to hear back from hotwife Miranda after she teased us with that hot pics she sent in earlier this year. And what a submission it was, well worth the wait. Thanks Miranda.

A Detailed “Real” Woman’s Fantasy

I think all of you masterful writers need to hear and understand a “real” woman’s fantasy and what exactly would turn-on a woman about being “taken”.

I am going to try to put into words what drives me crazy sometimes fantasizing about this.

First I am sure that you understand that most of us women are brought up cherishing and coveting our choice of who we make love with…… giving them my most sacred parts of my body… chancing the possibility of your cum impregnating me and… (I NEED FOR YOU ALL TO UNDERSTAND THIS PART) letting you have the ONE thing that you can’t take…. myself giving up control and cumming, letting you control my pussy as it orgasms and giving you the power to cause it all and even letting you cum inside me… I don’t believe in protection so you can imagine the helpless feeling that I would have.

We “guard” our bodies and, most importantly, all of our senses, using the one thing we can to control a man! But, we are definitely a contradiction to men……we get together on a weekend night and dress ourselves in scantily clad outfits and stroll through a crowded club and enjoy watching you all as your eyes travel all over our bodies. It turns us on to think what you are imagining (but we certainly can not show it!), we try to guess what is going through your minds, “is he picturing my blouse off..kissing my nipples”, “could he be fantasizing about my skirt falling off and how I look in a thong?”………. We love these thoughts….as long as we stay in control.

What do I feel as a woman.

Taking me from the safety of my husbands hotel room during a trip.

Grabbed or drugged, feeling the fear of no control and what might be done to me….

Feeling my clothes starting to be removed…”Oh God!…please stop!” then the feeling of cool air as my body is exposed

My feelings of panic and shock as I realize they are seeing my body… parts of me that I would only show to someone

My bra and panties removed. THIS is the part that would be so unbelievable to feel, My most and ONLY private gifts to a man, being seen nude and them having the mental picture for the rest of their lives, knowing what I look like naked.

My body violated, touched, rubbed, licked, kissed, entered, The thought of someone doing this to me like this, feeling used, send shivers through me. The thought of fighting the idea of what is happening to me and the FEAR of my body responding to them, fighting to make sure my nipples don’t harden, fighting the desire to breath harder, the FEAR of my pussy getting wet and then knowing it, the feeling of being ashamed as they realize they are in control.

Control for them to do as they please, the shock and feeling of defeat if I were to let them make me cum.

The feeling of helplessness as I orgasm and see they have videoed it all…..ALL of it, my body as it was unclothed, showing me as I can’t fight from the shock from it all happening, worrying that someone might think I allowed it, pictures of my nipples as a stranger licks and sucks them hardening. My body as it jerks from the feeling of a tongue licking me the fear if there were moans between the pleas to stop. The video captured my face as they slide inside me, my pleas to stop being drowned out by the sounds of me being fucked and talked to…

“Your nipples are sooo hard slut…I think you like me sucking them don’t you?”

“Do you feel my cock sliding inside you?.. Do you feel my bare cock inside you?.. I would not want to ruin this feeling with a condom over it. I can feel everything inside you like this, it slides in so easily…

“You know why don’t you slut?” “You’re so wet I slip in so easily” “I am going to fuck you so deep and slow and then….”

“Oh God….please..ahh…do this to me!”, “Do you feel that, the juices running down between your ass, I think you are ready….”

The cock inside me goes deeper and deeper and his voice starts to become dreamlike, then i feel it. My body starts to quiver and I try to stop the feeling inside me but I feel his lips on my nipple and I start to cumm. I try to hide it but he senses it and goes deeper in me and I explode in an orgasm.

As my orgasm reaches it’s peak I hear his voice repeating over and over…”Cum slut, cum for the camara, show how much you like my cock inside you!”

I realize in horror that my orgasm had been going on for minutes and it was all on film, I imagined what it would show of me and I realize my body is writhing under him and he had placed my hands around his head sometime during this…

As I feel the utter defeat and betrayal of my body he starts thrusting faster inside me (he never stopped…) I feel his finger touching my butt and he forces it inside me easily..

“You are going to cum one more time for the video my little slut…”

I feel his finger and cock inside me and I can’t fight it anymore. I hear myself moaning and breathing and I give in. I start to cum. As I cum I feel my hips being lifted higher and feel pussy stretched deeper as he finds my cervix with his cock. I hear him whispering

“I want you to feel this….I want you to feel my cum as it pours inside you, all inside you, everywhere”

My face shows the helpless confusion as I realize what he is saying and then I feel it…. I feel warm fluid being forced through my cervix, feeling it going deep inside me, anywhere he wants it to by lifting my hips more. It continued for a long time slowly pumping me full for minutes…..I start to slowy pass out…

I awaken on my back with a pillow under my butt and I am in my skirt and blouse and shoes and I realize that it was a dream and sigh relief.

I hear the TV from the other room and realize my husband is back from his diving excursion. I slide off the bed and walk to the room and stare in shock as I see myself cumming over and over on the screen. I feel warm fluid running down the inside of my thigh and realize my bra and panties are missing. I start to tremble and my pussy starts to pour cum down my thighs and calves. I fall to the ground and as I am crying there I see a note:

“This copy of the tape is for you, only mention its existence or what happened to anyone and your cute little pussy will be seen by everyone in your address book from your purse I have. At this moment the video is being edited for sale in all states but yours. If you would like to keep it out of your state and out of your friends hands tell your husband you had an emergency at home and you will see him in a few days. Put your skimpiest bikini bottoms no top for you slut, on now and bringing nothing else, take a cab to the airport to my private plane. You will be making more “interesting” videos for my company, you will be seen as the slut you are by millions

I cried as I started unbuttoning my blouse…….

Submitted by: Miranda, California


October 11, 2007

New Galleries

Some brand new galleries for you today.

First up is a movie gallery from a neighbour of mine. Bev Cocks lives just down the road from me, I often bump into her at the swingers clubs with her husband having fun with other guys. This movie is from Milf Gets Fucked. Next up is new wife Sara, she loves having sex with men while her husband watches, check her out in her Wedding dress, just ready to be fucked, not by Hubby though. Last for today is beautiful hotwife Rio, looking amazing on the tennis court. I’m a keen tennis player myself and know it’s a breeding ground for bored hotwives.

Bev Cocks
Horny British Wife Bev takes a massive cock - Movie Gallery

Sara shows off her bridal gown worn for other guys

Yummy Rio on the tennis court - anyone for doubles?


October 9, 2007

Christmas with the Boss

this is my first exprience in the hotwife lifetsyle, Being newly weds and short of money, my hubby encouraged me to take a job at a local department store to help with the living expenses. We had been married about 4 years at this time and it was the Christmas season. One Saturday the store had their Christmas party after closing. There was food and plenty of spiked punch.

Everyone was having a good time it seemed and it appeared that I had gotten the attention of my supervisor Zak. He was a middle-aged very handsome black man who seemed to be more attentive this evening than usual. I had carefully chosen my dress for the day to look Christmasy and to present a nice neat look. I wore black lacy undies (as if anyone would see them, but it made me feel good) and a red knit dress that clung to my 5′-9″ nicely shaped body.

I knew that Zak appreciated it as I could see it in his eyes as they would move up and down my body and stop at my 34-c white lobes. I could almost read his mind I thought. Periodically he would move near me and whisper things like, “You look very striking today, anna,” or “That is a nice dress you have. I really love red.”

I don’t know if it was the drink or the attention that was getting to me, but I went to the ladies room and wiped the sweat off my forehead, took a deep breath and watched in the mirror as my breast rose and fell. I pushed on them, as they felt full and swollen, as if I were lactating which I knew was not the case. I realized that Zak’s attention was sending them a subtle message. I noticed that my black lacy bra was peeking out along the neckline of my dress. I decided to let it show and give Zak something to look at.

Returning to the party, Zak moved near me again and I could see his eyes were glued to my breast as we chatted some more. I knew that I was drinking too much as my head was dizzy and I was getting giggly. I took the opportunity to look up and down Zak and wondered what that black body of his looked like in the nude and I giggled with my evil thoughts. Zak asked me what I was thinking about and I told him that it was a little personal moment that I best keep to myself.

As the evening wore on, people left the party and as I looked around, there was Mary, a white divorcee and two black guys from the storeroom sitting on the couch chatting. The music was still playing, and Zak asked me if I would do him a favor and dance with him. “Of course,” I said and we went into each other’s arms. “After all you are the boss and hold my future in your hands,” as I giggled. He gave me a squeeze as we moved slowly to the music. “I was thinking of holding something of yours in my hands but…” he never finished.

My thoughts of Zak and his black body were causing me to breath deeply and I was perspiring heavily. I was now feeling a bit vulnerable and knew that I was having thoughts that I should not have. I was thinking of what I had heard about black men and how they liked white pussy and how they especially liked the married ones.

I could feel Zak’s now hard rod gently brushing against my tummy as we danced. Zak’s hands were now on my butt gently pulling me closer and closer and I offered no resistance as if he had cast a spell over me. Zak was whispering, “Oh baby, Oh baby, you feel so good”. “But Zak,” I protested. “I am married and me and my husband are both southern county people and we… welllll, uhhhh.”

Zak interrupted and said, “Go ahead and say it. Where you came from, white women don’t take to the black guys. I know. I was raised in Alabama.”

“Oh Zak, I am not that way, I have always wanted to know, well you know, I was a virgin when I married and…”

“Oh baby I understand. You would like to try it but you think your husband would not approve,” as he chuckled. “I don’t think we will tell him, do you,” as he chuckled.

I was thinking about how wise Zak was and how naïve I was, I was thinking of what my mom always said, “Those black guys want white women so watch out. All they want is some pussy and they are gone.” Well I though, so what. Women want cock too. My husband was not a virgin and I was when we married. It is only fair that I have a fling. I knew that this black stud was closer to getting into the panties of my husband’s white wife.

I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes as I visualized us moving in unison gently felling and touching, as the fires grew ever more intense. I knew that I was getting very wet and ready for Zak to take me from my red neck husband for this night.

I suddenly looked to see who was watching, but my fears were ungrounded as I spotted Mary and her two black friends sitting on a couch making out, her dress was up around her waist and one guy had pulled her panties aside and was sampling her juices and the other was nursing like a baby on her white boobs. I could tell they were not interested in what we were doing. I knew that I wanted to do more than just dance with Zak and there was little doubt that he wanted to get some from a white man’s wife.

Zak took me by the hand and led me to his back office and we sat on the couch I knew that it would soon be our love nest. I was really nervous and horny now as I freed one white lobe and offered the hard nipple for Zak to suckle and nibble. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander into space as I fantasized that Zak was relieving my swollen lactating breast. I then freed the other breast from my bra to relieve the pressure. Zak’s hand were now feeling up under my red dress and fingering my swollen wet lips.

I moved my hand down and felt his chocolate rod through his pants. I wanted to feel the veined flesh as I frantically unzipped and unbuckled his belt. I could now feel his rod peeking out of his boxer shorts. We both stood and finished removing each other clothes. I kissed his chest noting the black kinky hair as I moved lower to see for the first time his black swollen cock peeking out from his black kinky hair.

I gasped as I saw the beauty knowing it was going to be mine. Our clothes laid strewn over the floor as he pushed me to the couch and knelt before me and moved to my puffy clit to suckle and lick me all over. My lips were swollen as well. My curly black pubic hair was matted and wet as he sniffed and licked driving his tongue deep inside me with a thrusting motion driving me crazy.

I could wait no longer, as I had to see and feel his black cock. As I pushed him up, I went down to worship Zak’s rigid pole standing there for me to have and to hold. I reached out and felt the veins, the head, and then licked the clear liquid from the end as it seeped out from the slit. I knew that this was one damn nice stud and my white ass was going to make him mine.

Yesterday I was just a sales girl and tonight I am going to bust the bosses black balls. I played with his balls as they hang there in his manly sack begging me to open my legs and let them do their duty. I knew that they were full of his black seed and they would soon be planted in my womb.

I fell back on the couch and blurted out, “Damn you! I’m your bitch! Take me you fucking black stud.”

With that Zak moved above me and I grabbed his black rod and guided it into my white pussy as he shoved it until it hit my cervix, then he started thrusting as I moved my hips around locking my legs around his waist so he would not get away (as if he wanted to).

I wanted him to know he was mine! I had my hands on his back digging my fingernails into his skin as his hands held my butt close pounding me hard and fast. I wanted my black stud to see what a young white wife could do to him. We were both now sweating as our sweat mixed together as our bodies fought to take all we could from each other.

I could feel his black balls knocking on my back door wanting to leave their load. I could feel the tension building in Zak and knew he was about to empty those balls into my womb. As I pulled him closer, I felt his throbbing cock empting his balls deep inside me.

I was now shaking and jerking with my own orgasm as Zak let out muffled groans as his balls gave up their last drops of black seed. He gave one final thrust and held it deep inside me. He then relaxed and laid on his white bitch as we gently kissed and savored the moment. Zak said, “Thanks you anna for accepting me as I am, just someone who admires a very sexy woman.”

I thought for a moment and replied, “Zak, I consider it an honor to be your white bitch. I knew I could bust those black balls of yours. Bet no black woman has ever given you a fucking like this.” and giggled.

I went home and went to bed and thought of what I had done. I justified it by telling myself that being that my husband was not a virgin when we married, that I was due a bit of fun. I felt between my legs and realized that some of Zak’s black seed was oozing out on the sheets. I giggled as I thought of my husband coming home from his night shift and wanting to have sex. Yes I would like that as I felt the tingle coming back.

True to form, my husband came in and started playing around. I opened my legs as he kissed me from my breast down to my puffy lips. He licked and sniffed and licked and sniffed some more. He finally moved up to take me and whispered in my ear, “You sure smell like sex tonight, Wow it makes me so hot. You smell like a bitch dog in heat and I love it. You were very juicy and tasty tonight as well.”

I chuckled to myself and said, “Oh, honey I have been horny most of the night. Glad you like it.” I knew that my hubby was turned on by my black cum filled womanhood and thought how nice it would be to give him an extra thrill every now and then, “Hummm Zak, you don’t really know how you have affected the sex life of these two southerners. I wonder what my hubby would think if he knew he was turned on by the smell of a black stud having sex with his wife?”

Just then my hubby exploded with his own seed mixing with those of my black stud. Needless to say I was exhausted and went to sleep knowing that I had entered a new phase in my sex life.


Submitted by: Anna - Italy


October 7, 2007

Slutty Barbi Dogging

A diary update from Barbi’s Slutty Adventures


I’ve been feeling quite horny recently due to an incident that occurred while driving on the highway. You see, Jimmy and I were driving back from a lovely meal out. It was a long drive back to our condo, so I thought I would have a little fun while driving. I drove with my skirt pulled up and stockings and panties showing and my tits exposed with my top also pulled up. Needless to say, a driver in a car spotted me, I flashed him a little and then he followed me until I pulled into a commuter parking lot.

That’s when he got out of his car, came up to my window, and clearly saw me all exposed. I smiled, but before I could say a word, he ranted and raved about the nature of my behavior. Within five minutes he got into my car where I sucked on his cock and he fucked me quite well with his impressive cock. Luckily my hubby Jimmy was able to take some photos of Tommy having his way with me.






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October 5, 2007

Slut Raven Follow-up

One of the most extreme wives I’ve ever featured on this blog is Slut Extreme Raven, I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful woman… Her cuckold play with her husband has reached a new extreme peak with a cross over to BDSM. Be warned this is an extreme version of cuckoldry and the interview may not be of many people’s taste within the lifestyle, but I just had to get some more information on her life at present here on hotwifeblog.com to show an end of the spectrum rarely glimpsed.


hotwifeblog: Raven, I haven’t heard much from you in a while, but I’ve noticed your group site getting much more femdom related. What’s been happening lately with your life?
Raven: There are really three sides to my sexual life. The first (and probably most fun) is fucking thick black cocks and doing gangbangs. And hubby obviously doesn’t have a nice black cock, so he’s out of that picture.

The second, is having bi-sexual girlfriends. And since I don’t go out to bars anymore, I have found that increasingly hard to hook up with local girls for fun - husband not a part of this (little ad here for anyone near Beverly Hills)

The third side of me has been developing more and more as I experiment and that is the side that likes to dominate my husband physically and psychologically. I got to mix my pleasures recently when I made a porn film directed right at my absent and impotent hubby. I was fucking three studs and telling hubby how good it felt to be fucked - something hubby will never do again. And having the guys cum inside me, (none of that pull out and shoot my stomach crap) I LOVE a cunt full of cum and I love having the camera watch the huge globs of cum leak out of my cunt for my husband to watch jealously later when I let him watch the film! I love his frustration.

hotwifeblog: So - Raven, tell us about what sort of physical tortures you like to do to your husband?
Raven: I adore flogging, cropping, strapping, extreme CBT, ball stretching, crushing and weights. Catheters, sounds, TEN’s electrical play, strap-on play. Extreme prolonged sexual edging (my husband doesn’t get erections or cum but he can feel pleasure and extreme frustration of wanting release when prolonged pleasure becomes pain), teasing and extreme complete denial, queening, ball crushing. I want to stretch hubby’s ass to accept my fist as well as my largest lovers cocks. Having hubby be a black cock slut like I am is a definite part of our future.

hotwifeblog: What about you, Raven, do you ever sub?
Raven: Not usually, but I make exceptions. Particularly when it comes to physical pain. So maybe it’s not subbing if I ask or demand my husband use a whip or strap on me, or use needles. It all adds to the rush of the overall experience and I never really leave top mode. It’s more like being gangbanged and overwhelmed with pleasure. I’m in control but I lavish in the sensations.

hotwifeblog: What is your favorite form of physical torture?
Raven: Needles are a private pleasure I usually reserve for just hubby and I, but sometimes with a special woman or other couple, I might share. I love both giving and receiving. I have placed many needles through hubby’s cock. I love having them in my breasts, through my labia, in fact I like having my clit masturbated with a needle, but I only allow my husband to do that. I have stopped while torturing him and had him place needles in me to give me more of a rush and a high and then I continue to play with him - it’s still me topping, even when I tell him to put needles in me or even use a crop on my ass to increase my sexual heat and desire to hurt him in return.

hotwifeblog: And Raven, what about psychological torture of your husband?
Raven: My husband has a small useless cock that will never fuck anyone or cum again. I love humiliating him and having others share - especially my well built lovers or female friends and couples. I degrade him for his sexual inadequacy, for being a needy cum slut, a cock whore, and for getting off on forced homosexual acts.

I twist really hard by telling him the truth: I tell hubby he’s useful only for his money and security while I have fun tormenting him and getting sexual pleasure with other men and women. He knows it’s true that it’s all he has to offer a beautiful woman of sexual needs. I like making him jealous through threats, taunts and direct witness of my sexual play with both men and women. Taunting him with memories of when he USED to be able to put his cock in me. Public humiliation. Occasional feminization. Threat of breast implants (maybe soon - I am really warming up to this one). All of this with the joy of knowing it is ALL true and we both know it’s not just fantasy. I can do ANYTHING with hubby and he would accept what I want.

hotwifeblog: Would you ever leave your husband for a better lover or have one live with you?
Raven: Maybe. I would say probably not, but I don’t want to rule it out. When some one really hits me with intense chemistry, anything can change. In the meantime, since there IS a possibility, I love threatening hubby with it. Threatened abandonment for sexual inadequacy and greater pleasures with better men.Threatened abandonment if I fall in love with a woman. Threat that I will have a woman or male lover move in and share my bed while husband supports us both (which he can afford easily, so it’s fun to imagine happening). Threat that I will get a shemale house-maid that husband will support financially and who will have all rights of sexual and psychological dominance over my hubby and may use him at any time in any way desired. Again, the intense joy comes from the potential that any or all of this may actually happen. We both know it’s not just fantasy. Debasing him for actually partly wanting ALL of this to happen to him, even while it causes him pain and the potential loss of the only good thing in his life - pathetic!

I have a particular preference for black men as sexual partners and this can be used endlessly against my lilly white limp-dick cuckold husband. It’s always a threat to his security.

hotwifeblog: Do you ever think of your husband as a Slave?
Raven: Not usually, but it’s hard to be dominant without starting to get into that part at times. Certainly there are some orders - especially relating to sex or his debasement that he responds to instantly. For instance when we’re at home watching a movie if I want to pee, I can choose various techniques - one is simply to never get off the couch and have him attach his mouth to me and drink it all directly. Another is to have him sit on the toilet and then I sit astride him and pee on his cock. I rather love that. We are hugging each other while I do it, with his face buried in my breasts and it feels warm, close, bonding and a confirmation of what he in my life and that I own him.

Among the “haven’t done yet” list is offering up hubby as a party sex toy. Which I suppose is a slave thing. I want others to feel casually free to do whatever they want with him either bdsm things or sexual things. Certainly his ass and mouth will be available to any men or women who want to explore or make use of him.

I think when other people are around, the energy gets much more mistress/slave. We use him and expect him to jump to anything asked of him.

hotwifeblog: So, it sounds like BDSM and sex go together for you?
Raven: My BDSM play is very strongly coupled with sexual play. I know that’s not true of a lot of players, but bdsm always gets me sexually excited and I mix the two a lot. Torturing hubby both psychically and emotionally is usually accompanied by frequent sexual aspects, such as having him lick me, fuck me with a strap-on, fucking him up the ass (for hours while I cum repeatedly), restraining him and catheterizing him and then giving him a hand job knowing he cannot cum but he reaches an unbearable pleasure/pain edge he cannot control and continues as long as my arm holds up. All of this may happen accompanied simultaneously with CBT, whipping, cropping, needles, ball crushing and other tortures to increase my psychological pleasure while I have physical pleasure. They say sex in 90% in the mind. I like the massive stimulation of BDSM to my headspace while having sex.

hotwifeblog: What else is on your list of “never done yet” but want to?
Raven: Some of this is pretty “out there” and may or may not be realistic. I want to see hubby “pull a train” and be broken by a bunch of black guys - basically turned into their black cock loving bitch permanently! I want husband to have a dominant shemale lover who will use his ass, use his mouth and ensure that hubby stays in a sub headspace all the time. I want a shemale because honestly, I wish hubby was one. We may go there with breast implants and makeup and a little surgery to make his face more feminine. I really don’t need him as a man, so there is no reason not to explore alternatives. I also think having my husband financially support one of my female lovers or a shemale living with us would be incredibly humiliating and twisted and is something worth finding the right person to share.

hotwifeblog: Anything else you haven’t told us or want to add?
Raven: One note to any women or couples who want to share the experience with me. Because of his inability to perform sexually, plus my own desires, there is no concern of ever being penetrated by hubby (other than via tongue or strap-on) and no danger of him ever cuming. However, I am not adverse to exploring much further with another femdom’s sub in my hubby’s presence if it will please her and create jealously in my husband.

We are in Beverly Hills, California. We love doing video and photo shots, but not required for a good time.

(BTW - Hubby and I are fully tested and 100% clean and disease free. Since I appear in adult movies, this is an essential part of my normal schedule.)

Slut Extreme Raven



You can see more photos of us both and more info at my Yahoo group:
Visit Raven At Her Yahoo Group Slut Extreme Raven Here

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Interview By: Trash


October 3, 2007

Boss’s Pet

Update From horny swinging wife Amber Lynn Bach….

I thought you might want to see how me in some office clothing. I have had a few requests lately for it and some of you want to know about my boss fling. This is pretty much how it goes when the boss wants me to come into his office and have a little fun with me. I get a few days off, and he gets a few loads off…lol. He always wants me to strip down and do a little show on his desk just like im doing here. He says its a tease to see what he is about to get. By the time I get done, he’s rock hard and ready for me. We tell the rest of the office we are going over some clients folders to get on the same page, so not to interupt. I wonder what they think when I let an occasional scream out!!??.

xoxo, Amber


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October 1, 2007


I’d like to introduce you to Gina today. This housewife has undertaken a major transformation recently. In no time at all Gina has gone from a shy housewife who had only ever slept with one man to being a major slut wife who now fucks as many big cocks as she can get her hands on.

Her husband has secretly always fantasized about seeing Gina fucking other guys but only recently came clean about it. That was the green light Gina needed and now she spends every possible moment seeking out new and strange cock.

She has since set her her website to capture her fun for us all and a few weekends a month she even meets her members at local swingers bars that cater for singles and couples in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Here’s what Gina has to say about the meets:

“Our bar meets are open to all our members. We have single men and many single women who have been swingers for years or are just looking for a way to get into the swinger lifestyle that meet us for drinks and more at these members bar meets. I hope to see you at one of our members bar meet in the future so please join so you can enjoy me and my sexual adventures as a real amateur swinger wife.”

We’re looking forward to enjoying you Gina.




September 30, 2007

Blog Problems

EDIT - All sorted, we’re back in business, new post coming tomorrow…


Please bear with us, as we’re having a few server problems at the moment and it’s affectiing the blog posts. This will be sorted as soon as possible and we’ll be back with you real soon.

Thanks to you all for visiting and enjoying hotwifeblog.


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