March 7, 2008

Three For Me

Must tell you about what fun we had over the weekend. On Saturday night my husband Derek brought back 3 of his pals from the pub, Steve, Dan and Mike. I was just watching TV thinking about going to bed when they all turned up. They were all a bit drunk and loud and made me fix them all some more drinks. All 3 of Derek’s buddies are familiar with our hotwife lifestyle and I have in fact slept with Steve and Michael at various points in the past.

I brought their drinks through and sat with them chatting in general. I could tell Derek was horny and had something in mind. “Jennifer?” he said “Are you up for a little game with the boys then?” I asked him what he had in mind “I thought we might play a game of ‘Blind Wife’s Bluff’” “And what does that entail?” I replied. He looked at me with excited eyes, everyone was listening intently. “Well, we blindfold you and tie your hands, then us guys get naked, stand in a line and you have to guess who’s who by using only your mouth.” He went on smiling “You have to explore us with your mouth and then make your mind up which one of us it is.” I fell about laughing thinking about the prospect “You’re mad you lot, I bet you all thought this up in the pub!” Now they all were laughing too “Of course, dear. Now let’s get this party started” The guys all cheered and Derek retrieved a small towel and some garden string and proceeded to tie the towel around my eyes and bind my hands behind my back with the string. I sat in the darkness and heard their giggles and the sound of clothes being removed. After a few minutes a heard Derek say “Ok we’re ready, come towards us but you’ve got to stay on your knees.” I shuffled forwards towards them and found myself shuffling into the table leg “Ouch!”. The guys were cracking up laughing at me in my confused state. I changed direction towards the sound and came across another object. I bent low and stuck out my tongue and felt hairy skin - a leg. I travelled down with my tongue and found a foot, I thought I might be able to eliminate Derek as I knew he has massive feet. But it was so hard trying to tell with only my tongue to judge distances. About a size 8, I thought. I went back up the leg and felt a flaccid penis brush my face. “Arrggg!” I shrieked. More laughter from above. Right that sounds like Mike. I probed my tongue around his waist and felt hard AB muscles. Got to be him. “I guess I got to make sure” I said aloud. I went back to his cock and placed it into my mouth. I felt it harden immediately and grow in my mouth. I sucked lightly and after I felt it was fully erect I tried to think back to when I’d last given Mike a blowjob. It felt roughly the same size. I pulled back “I think this is Mike!”. A round of applause erupted above me. “You got me.” Mike said and I felt him step back.

I moved across and bumped into another leg, this leg was free of hair. I knew Steve was the vain type, always getting his body hair removed at the Salon. After exploring his feet, legs and tight ass I quickly moved round and took another limp cock into my mouth and pushed my nose into his groin, no pubic hair either. Just as I felt his cock starting to expand I withdrew and shouted “Steve!”. “I can’t believe it, I was just beginning to enjoy that”, he said and moved out of the way.

Now I knew I was in the driving seat, there was no way I wouldn’t guess Derek by his feet or his dick and if the next dick felt alien it had to be Dan. I moved across and did the leg-down-to-the-foot motion and licked a very large foot. I knew it was Derek but I had a wicked thought - if I shout out ‘Derek’, then the game’s all over and I haven’t even got to Dan. I’ve always fancied him and would love the chance to give him a tongue exploration, so I said “Hmmm, I’m not sure, I think I need to move on.” and I shuffled past Derek and onto Dan, I spent ages slowly licking his toes, feet and up his legs, then I quickly moved my head up and started to lick around his cock and balls. He was shaking slightly from the excitement of it. I then took his penis in my mouth and started to suck and bob my head slowly back and forth, I heard his breathing quicken. The room was dead silent now as I really went to town on his cock. It was really interesting not having my hands to use and it really made me concentrate fully on using my head, moth and tongue.

I was really slurping on it good when I felt it contract and spasm in my mouth and an eruption of sperm shot into my mouth. Dan was moaning now and just kept spurting into my mouth. I couldn’t hold it all or swallow as my mouth was open with his large cock still in it and it spilled out onto my t-shirt. He then withdrew and I managed to swallow what was left in my mouth. “I guess that is Dan!”. There was more of a muted response now as I felt someone come in front of me and another cock was put into my mouth. I felt more hands on my thighs and breasts and my jeans being pulled down, I kicked them off with my panties and laid on the floor on my side (i couldn’t lay on my hands) and parted my legs scissor-like as a tongue started lapping at my pussy, I continued to suck on the cock not knowing who’s it was. I then felt the guy licking my pussy move up behind me and slide his cock into my soaking pussy. Another pair of hands massaged my nipples through my t-shirt. I was so turned on with the hot game we’d been playing I was dripping juices down over my thigh. I groaned and felt myself cumming. In the blackness behind my blindfold, I saw amazing colors dance across my eyes as I orgasmed hard. Then all of a sudden I was aware of a hot fluid hitting my cheek and across the front of the towel, someone else was cumming on my face. I felt a third heavy stream of cum come to rest laying over my hair. Whoever was fucking me must have had his own orgasm triggered by seeing my facial and I felt him spurt deep inside me.

After a few minutes of getting my breath back I felt the spent cock from my pussy being removed and I realized I just had to continue to lie there as I could use my hands to even get me in a seated position. “Anyone going to get me up, then?” I felt someone untying my blindfold and my eyes started to adjust to the light. Steve, Dan and Michael were already dressed, I had no idea who had just fucked me or had cum on my face. I saw Derek still was naked. “I’ll just see the boys out” he said. They all said their goodbyes and I heard the front door being closed behind them.

Derek came back into the room and I noticed he was fully erect. I was still on my side. He spoke to me “After you guessed Dan I just sat back and watched the boys have their fun with you. It was truly amazing. You are a wonderful wife Jennifer” and with that he reached down and scooped me up into his arms and proceeded to carry me upstairs. “Derek!” I complained “I need to get cleaned up.” “I’ll be taking care of that” he said as he carried me through to the bedroom…


March 5, 2008

New Hotwife Galleries

It’s about time we had some new galleries up on the blog. First one is the always yummy Desirae, she always looks fantastic taking a hard cock. Lastly is an image gallery from Cuckold Me Now. If you want cuckold themed movies containing real creampie eating then check them out, great stuff.

Desirae having some afternoon cock while Hubby’s at work


March 3, 2008

Wife Seduces Buddy

Like many husbands seeing your wife with another man is a unique situation, they require some patience and you have to be wired properly for them. The following is real and shows how a married couple both derive what they want from an extra guy hookup.

My wife is 46, a total milf, blonde fit, total piece of ass. A close friend of mine was up visiting our summer home without his wife. He’s a professional and I’ve known him for years. He was fit, clean and above all else discrete.

No kids this time and we were having a ball partying. Good food, wine, etc. I know my wife enjoys wearing outfits that are revealing but leave a little to the imagination, tank tops, low rise jeans, etc. I knew when I would leave to make a drink she would flirt heavy and put herself in positions for him to see her. At one point, she said she needed to bring the trash across the path to this open dumpster used by the neighbors and asked him to join her. I knew what she had in mind and had prepared my buddy for such a move. They grabbed a bag and headed out. I knew what would happen next, I waited for them to leave and quietly held back a few yards in the dark. They dumped the trash and then went to take a stroll… Once they were behind this large building I could see and hear them talking. She had on tight low rise jeans and a white tank top with no bra. Sure enough as they headed back they stopped in this small lot of trees behind our house and I could easily see them now. She might have thought I was somehow watching or not but sure enough I then saw him begin to unzip his pants and reach inside and pull out his cock. She was already on her knees and I could see her just attacking his cock. It was all for him and she did nothing but just suck his giant cock and suck his balls for ten to fifteen minutes. I know I was totally hidden at this point but it was all I could do to keep quiet. I then hear him and I can tell he’s ready to explode. Sure enough he motioned to her he was ready and she pulls off his huge cock and he takes it, holds it in place and just grabs her hair and steadies her…. He then let loose a load of sperm I could not believe. Here was my wife having a high school buddy just shooting the biggest load on her face, cheeks, mouth and tongue. I then waited for them to catch their breath and let them return to the house. I was totally buzzed about what i had seen. More to follow…


Submitted by: Nyrker42 - NYC


March 1, 2008

Hotwife Dating

Thanks to all of you who have signed up for Hot Wife Dating over the last day or so, for those who haven’t please come by and register your details, it’s all free and totally dedicated to just the hotwife and cuckold lifestyle. I’m still testing features and hope to have a firstly a chat and thn a forum section very soon. Let’s make this lifetsyle grow…

Hotwife Dating

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February 28, 2008

A Total Slut

Leave it to my slut wife Mai to just completely out do herself for slutteness. Let me start this blog by giving a discription of my slut. Mai is vietnamese, 4′10″, 105 with perfect 36d tits. And yes they are real. We have thrown out all her old clothes and she does not leave the house unless she dressed like a total slut. So anyway I was getting ready to leave work one day last week when she called and told me to hurry home as she had a surprise for me. Knowing my wife like i do I had a hard on all the way home.

As I pulled up to the house I saw that our friend Dan was there so I though I knew what to expext as I walked into the house, but boy was I surprised. As I walked through the door I could hear Mai upstairs sounding like she was getting the living day lights fucked out of her. I hurried up the stairs to see what was going on. Opening the bedroom door I looked in to see not only Dan but 2 other guys as well. Mai was laying on the bed with her legs spread with one of the guys just pounding her cunt. Dan and the other guy were by her head and she was going back and forth between both cocks, sucking and stroking. Dan looked over and saw me standing there, he tapped his bud and said “That’s the husband”. I just smiled and told them to carry on and work my slut over good. I sat on a chair in a corner and stroked my cock as I watched these 3 studs use my slut wife anyway they wanted. Steve and Mike (the new guys) just couldn’t get over what a willing little slut Mai is or how much cock such a petite little thing like her could take. The best was when Mike wondered out loud if they could fit 2 cocks into her cunt. Imagine their surprised looks when she just said “Lets find out”. I just watched in awe as she mounted Dan and took his cock inside as Mike got behind her and started working his 8″ in as well. Mai was so wet and wide open it only took a few seconds for him to slip all the way into her and get into a rhythm with Dan. After about 5 minutes of nice steady fucking I saw Mike grab Mai’s hips and begin to grunt, filling Mai cunt full of his cum. As he pulled out Stave was right there ready to slid his cock into her hungry cunt with Dans. Once again Mai was so wet he slid his cock right in and just started pounding that slut. The 2 of them where able to last about 10 minutes more before both of them begain to cum filling my beautiful wife with their seed. By this time all 3 guys were pretty worn out and just watched as I began cleaning my slut up. It tasted so good I spent close to half a hour just eating her cum filled cunt before I finnally mounted her and fucked that sloppy cunt.

Submitted by: Brian, VA


February 26, 2008

Hotwife Dating Launched

I wanted to throw open an invitation to the readers of hotwife blog. I am currently testing my new dating site - hotwifedating.com - I’ve been trying to find time to get one off the ground for ages as I rarely see a dedicated dating community where Hotwives can search for men to play with. There seems to be an abundance of swingers sites but nothing exclusively for hotwives.

Like hotwifeblog.com It’s going to be a free site to join as well. It will allow wives and women in relationships to find men and also allow potential cuckolds and hotwives to find each other. Here’s the run down of the categories. I’m starting with these to see how it progresses.

Hotwife: Married woman or female in a relationship looking for a guy outside of her relationship to date.
Bull: Single guy looking for a married woman or female in a relationship to date.
Cuckold Wannabe: Single guy looking for single woman to build a relationship within the hotwife lifestyle.
Hotwife Wannabe: Single woman looking for a relationship with a guy that will let her play within the lifestyle.

I need to build up profiles so please sign up and start playing. I am in the testing phase so bear with me and send me any comments or suggestions you may have to improve the experience of using hotwife dating.

Hotwife Dating

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February 24, 2008

Banged and Creampied

Here’s an update from the famous Bull society West Coast Gangbangs


Envy is one experienced hotwife I used to jerk off to a lot in the late nineties. She did some adult movies back then with her husband and another man and I remember the one scene where I got off the most was one where she was getting double teamed by her husband and some other guy. So when I found her thru a swinger friend of mine, I was thrilled by the fact that I could possibly meet a woman I had wished to fuck so much. So I sent her an email and told her about the hot wife site and this site and she liked the idea since she thought it was interesting. So on her vacation in California (She lives in Europe) with her husband, I got to meet them and ended up fucking her first as a threesome with one of the guys. The night after, we did a gangbang with her in private and we fucked her a lot.

Then after a few days, I arranged this gangbang shoot but unfortunately for her couple of the guys that were coming that night got stuck on the freeway because of car problems so we started without them and we ended up being 3 guys for her. She told me she really enjoyed getting fucked in front of her hubby. He was in the room the whole time we were fucking Envy.

We took turns on Envy’s pussy and mouth and then she said she wanted her pussy filled up with cum, so after fucking her for a while we came both on her and inside her to make her happy. After the gangbang, she just put her panties straight back on and she left with her husband and I am sure he took her back to the hotel to fuck her for being such slut.






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February 22, 2008

UK Hotwife

This is the night my husband watched me as i was fucked by a sexy guy.


Submitted by: Amanda - UK


February 20, 2008

Long Lost Emma

We haven’t had any new Emma Starr pics for quite some time now, I’ll have to give her a little reminder not to forget us here at hotwifeblog. Here’s some that haven’t been posted before. We miss you Emma x x

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Star’s Interview With Hotwife Blog Here

Visit Ms Starr Sexy Teacher Here

Visit Emmas Wild World Here


February 18, 2008

Camping Surprise

This is my first post and after reading the many wonderful posts, one memory came to mind that I wish to share at this time. I am married to a hot wife. She is 5′8″ 135 lbs, 34c, small waist, and juicy yet tight ass. Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, typical girl next door look. I really get off watching my wife with other men and women. We usually meet our “friends” via the internet and are very secretive about our lifestyle with friends, except for my wife’s best friend… which I came to find out very pleasantly on a camping trip. It was me solo (wife didn’t feel well) with my wife’s best friend, Sarah, her husband, Mike. Sarah is personal trainer, super cute gal in her late 20s, shy, very conservative. I always wondered what my slutty hot wife had in common with a super nice person.

Anyways, all day while we were hiking to the camp site, she was teasing me about being all alone in my tent and making sexual comments about having to take care of myself. It was torture enough to be hiking behind her with her tight yoga pants hugging her round perfect ass. Right before turning in for the night, while Mike was getting ready for bed, she says “I know about you and Kelly’s secret”. I nearly choked on the tea. “Kelly has told me everything, and I think it’s super hot. Mike would never allow me to be with another man. I love to hear about all of Kelly’s boyfriends”. At first I was pretty pissed, but the more I heard her talking about how turned on she got and how much she would love to fuck another guy, I cooled off. I went to bed with a hard on that night. The next day every time Mike was absent from our presence, she would start talking about our lifestyle and asking for details.

The second night I was a wreck from having a throbbing cock all day. I couldn’t sleep. I decided to take things into my own hands and began stroking my cock while thinking about Sarah. Sarah must have sensed the horniness coming from my tent, because the next I knew, she had unzipped my tent and made herself into my tight 3 person tent. She immediately began licking my balls and gently tonguing my shaft up to my mushroom head. It quickly turned into a full fledged wet and sloppy blow job. I couldn’t believe the ferocity of the head I was receiving from my wife’s quiet friend. She assured me that Mike was out for the night so we lit a candle so I could just take her in. As she took of her panties, she said “I shaved completely for you because Kelly told me you love a smooth pussy”. My mind was blown thinking about the conversations these two have had. I began rubbing her pussy and surprised at how quickly she was dripping. I had to taste her. I ate her pussy for half an hour straight. After ever thundering orgasm, I was even more determined to make her cum again. She couldn’t take it anymore, “I want to feel your cock in me right now”. I didn’t think it was going to get this far. I didn’t have a condom, but she said not to worry she’s on the pill and that she hasn’t been with another man except for her husband. That got me even more excited.

I got on top of her and gently guided my cock in. Although she was soaking wet, my cock was still having a challenging time sliding into her tight vagina. She began biting my chest as I began to give her a good fucking. Her perky tits were rubbing on my lower chest while she began to moan into my chest to muffle the sound. I couldn’t take it anymore and let my juice fill her pussy up. I rolled onto my side and she quickly got on top of me. She was not done. I could feel the warm serving of my my deposit begin to drip on my semi-flacid cock. She quickly went down and began licking my cum off my stomach, cock, and balls. Within a minute she was riding my cock as I laid there and watched her perky tits bounce up and down. We went at it for another hour before she retired back to her tent.

The next morning was very quiet. We kept waiting for opportunities to be alone to talk about the previous night. She said Mike wanted to have sex in the morning and she told him all sorts of excuses. She had to go the entire day with my cum dried on her. It was such a turn-on to see my cum on her body. The entire drive back home I was thinking of how my wife would find out. Would it be better if I told her or her best friend? All that thinking was for nothing, cause my wife had been part of this plan for Sarah to seduce me. She made up her illness so that she didn’t come on the trip. As for Mike, he knew nothing about his wife’s “hot wife” training. Since then, Sarah and I get together whenever Mike is out of town which is about 4 times a year. Don’t feel bad about Mike, I’m planning a surprise for both him and my wife.

Submitted by: Serge - Phoenix

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