October 24, 2006

Emma Starr Girlie 3some

A lovely warm long-awaited update from beautiful hotwife Emma Starr


Hi there,
I’ve missed you guys but you won’t be missing me…. because I have been shooting a lot of great scenes for my sites. This weekend, I shot with a couple of hot girls, Alanna and Smokie. You’ll see them on my website updates. We had such a great time filming. You can definitely tell we all had so much fun… we’re even planning to film some more within the next few weeks.

I am also putting together a fan gangbang that will take place in Phoenix within the next month. So, if you are interested, send me your photo… naked and not… so I can size you up to see if I can hang with you!! It’ll be a lot of fun and Alanna will be joining me to make sure you all get the adequate attention you so deserve!!

I will let you know withing the next week the exact date of the party!

Send me your photos!


Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

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October 22, 2006

Flower De-flowered

Here’s an update from major wife fucking dude Rico Shades.


This here is a few snaps of the footage when I met up with Flower earlier this summer.

This chick is so motherfucking hot, she’s not married but has a boyfriend who lets her play! She has got a table top ass and can fuck for real.

Not to mention, she sprayed my ass down good with the girl jizz. She’s a hydrant. As always, when it comes to me and my crew, no pussy is safe. Enjoy!

Summer with Rico Shades

Summer with Rico Shades

Summer with Rico Shades

Summer with Rico Shades

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October 20, 2006

Gangbang Wife

My wife Linda is 56 and had her first gangbang 4 yrs.ago. We started swinging just the year before that. We were at our first on site party and she was the only woman there at the time! Six men were there and everyone was very nice but she was VERY nervous so someone made her a drink called “GODFATHER” a mix of scotch and amerato.

Well,after 2 or 3 of these she started laughing, being free and easy and then one guy started playing with her tits, she’s smiling,another guy starts playing with them and soon you have 3 guys taking her clothes off and she’s suddenly sucking one cock and has another cock in each hand stroking like mad! Then she’s on her back on the floor (this was when we lived in NY) and the cock she was sucking is now entering her pussy and she is MOANING for all she’s worth! She’s still stroking those 2 cocks for all she’s worth and a moment later yet another cock is in her mouth! Well the 6 of them took turns fucking her and she sucking and stroking them and to top it off when they were all done fucking and she get up to go to the bathroom the first guy follows her and by now he’s hard again and fucks her in the ass for her first time (not the last!! LOL) and she told me later that she never came so many time or so hard before or since!!

These guys were black and white, between 25-35 in age and when they were all done I had one of the best fucks with her ever!!!

She now loves gangbangs and especially when we have 3somes me, her,and another guy!

Submitted by: Mike - Muskegon Mi


October 18, 2006

Venus Berlin

Just arrived in Berlin for the Venus Festival and am very excited. I’m sat in the hotel lobby writing this and I can already see some pornstars sat around and arriving at reception. I’m hoping to bump into some amateur wives too and get some good pictures while I’m here.

I’ll be writing a full report when I’m back next week.

Bye for now,


October 17, 2006

Hotwife Plea

hello, my name is Beth Smith. I am married but don’t get enough sex from my husband. When he travels i enjoy sex with other men, several men in one evening is what I prefer. I love to be gangfucked and I don’t care how many men want to take turns fucking my pussy. I am 5′ 5″ tall and my weight is 140 lbs. I love cock, if you are interested post a comment here. I have what you want - you have what i want.

Submitted by: Beth - California


October 15, 2006

Oasis Oktoberfest Party

Here’s an update from wonderful hotwife Oasis telling us about her recent night in LA where she took on 5 guys. Go girl!!!!


We have friends in southern California who’ve recently gotten rid of their roommates and have offered to let us stay over and host events at their house. Extremely cool of them - its not every day that people open their homes to a bunch of freaks off the internet! They invited us out for an Oktoberfest party last weekend, and we were happy to come.

I had no idea what to expect. From browsing the web page of the bar we were going to, it looked relatively tame and I had a small fear that it might be more family oriented than we’re want to attend. However, it was a Saturday night, so we decided to give it a go on the assumption that the good folk of L.A. keep their young’uns at home on Saturday nights. (Not necessarily so in Havasu, but that’s a whole different story). And I’m really glad that we did! The bar is actually more of an open-sided hall with stands - beer & food - rimming the edges of a large courtyard. I guess in this case we should call it a beergarten. The center of the courtyard was full of long tables and benches. The female wait staff wore sexily-styled Bavarian maid costumes, one of which I’d picked up myself! (Which led to comments in the crazy long women’s bathroom line like “can’t you cut ahead?” and “are you on break?”).

I had no idea the place was going to be so popular! We got there (Lance and I, plus our host couple) right around 7:30 and took our time checking the place out, sipping an eight-dollar but very yummy beer & scoping out the food stalls. By the time we were ready to settle, not more than 45 minutes later, it had gotten so crowded that we couldn’t find anywhere to sit! It was while we were looking for a table that we ran into our first guest of the night, M, one of our semi-regular party attendees. We did end up finding a table off in the corner near the band (traditional polka, I think, lots of “chicken dance” going on all night) and tucked into some brats & potatoes (YUM!). We were joined by another couple and another single guy and quickly outgrew our table.

The band was pretty loud, the table getting smaller, so we decided to wander and find somewhere else to hang out (though the people dancing in front of the band were really funny to watch). We ended up standing in the courtyard flirting with the Jaegermeister girls and drinking more beer. God, those beers were good! After a while, the two couples that were with us seemed to be getting a little antsy (it sucks to be the designated driver at a beer fest!) and they decided to head back to the party house ahead of schedule. I was still expecting several people to show up, and I was enjoying that yummy beer, so Lance and I decided to stay. And it’s a good thing we did, because not more than 20 minutes after the two couples had left another of my single guys showed up. The place was really crowded by this time (about 10:00 maybe) and he said he sat outside waiting in line to get in for 2 hours!! Yummy beer aside, if I’d known it was going to be so crowded and such a long wait, I would have had people meet us somewhere else.

Two beers, two more guys, and a pretty lame beer-drinking contest later, we all decided to head back to the party house. As our hosts had already left, Lance & I got a ride with one of the guys. We stopped at a gas station to get some more beer on the way back (Hahaha & yes, we drank a lot of beer that night!).

I half-expected (ok, maybe more than half!) to walk in on an orgy, but no such luck. Our two couples were just hanging around in the living room sipping strawberry margaritas (though they were in various stages of dress). I fixed myself a drink and checked with my guys (five of them) to see if they were ready to give me a good fucking. The speed with which they lost their clothes was a good indication of just how ready they were! It was a mixed-race crowd (which I really dig) and they all stripped down while I stayed in my Bavarian miss costume. I had oh-so-conveniently worn crotchless fishnets under my skirt :)

I got to my knees on the floor in front of the couch and beckoned the first two guys with their cocks out to come stand on either side of me. The first dick I sucked was a new one (we usually have a mix of new guys and guys I’ve played with before at our events), and I was greedy for it. Hard and smooth, just the perfect length and width. I sucked cock and when the first guy was ready to enter me I pushed the other guy to the couch & lay across the ottoman so I could suck at the front end and get fucked on the other.

After a few strokes I wanted to take control again, and I moved over the guy on the couch so that I could sit on his cock. When I’m with a group of guys I really enjoy the sensation of being the girl in charge of all those cocks, and I move around to give them all as much attention as I can. As I levered myself up and down on this guy’s dick, I kept hold of my skirt and petticoat so that everyone else could get a good view. I had several other guys in the background, after all, who were enjoying the show and getting ready for their chance to perform. Not too many strokes later and I was getting my first cum of the night - all up inside my pussy. CREAMPIE! I held myself just a few inches on top of the guy’s dick and opened up my pussy as much as I could so that everyone could watch all that cum dripping out of me. I pulled some out with my finger and tasted it (yum) and smeared it around my lips - facial lips & pussy lips! I just love playing with cum.

A quick trip to the bathroom to clean up and then I was right back out for the action and getting my first taste of black cock that night. This was also my first time with Chris Roc (not the comedian, but a professional male porn star), and I always find it fun to play with porn stars and compare (to myself, of course) if they’re any different (or better) than regular guys. And I hate to burst any bubbles or deflate any egos, but most of the pros I’ve played with seem like regular fucks to me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that :)

I sat down next to Chris on the couch and I took his long black cock into my mouth. All of him is pretty long and lean, including his cock. As I was working on Chris, his friend DeShaun Hayes (another pro) sat on my other side. When Chris was nice and hard, I switched over to suck DeShaun, lifting my leg and opening up my pussy for Chris, who kneeled on the couch next to me and got right in there! So Im getting fucked on one end of the couch and I’m sucking DeShaun’s long & thick cock on the other. White girl in between two black dicks.

Then I slipped off the couch and onto my knees so Chris could get a deeper angle into my pussy. He fucked me hard as I continued to slurp all over DeShaun’s nice cock. I love being the girl in the middle, but remember, I also love being the girl in control, so when DeShaun was as hard as he could get I moved to climb over on top of him so that I could ride that thick dick myself. And I swear all it took were a couple nice deep plunges and DeShaun was cumming all up inside of me. That’d be my second creampie and I was elated. Sometimes I think I really just live for the cum!

On my way back from cleaning up, I noticed that M, the first guy to meet us at the bar that night, was naked and hard on a chair near the hallway. I certainly couldn’t pass by that hard dick and not have a taste! I leaned right over and before he knew what I was doing I had his dick in my mouth.

I also had Chris and another new guy over by the couch waiting impatiently for my return, so I promised M I’d be back and moved over to take care of those two guys & I did feel a little bad, after all, for leaving Chris with a hard-on so that I could fuck his friend! I sat down in the center of the couch and spread my legs wide, and that was all the invitation that Chris needed to kneel in front of me and shove his cock up in my pussy. He pushed my back up into the couch and lifted my legs into the air for better access so he could thrust even deeper. And he has a long cock, so I was feeling it all the way up to my uterus! The new guy kneeled on the couch beside me and stuck his cock in my mouth. Again I had one in the pussy and one in the mouth - just where I like them! Chris had his hands on the backs of my thighs and had pushed me open so wide my knees were touching the couch on either side of me. And he’s banging away, banging away, banging away & …

And then all of a sudden he’s gone! Even now I have no idea where he went or why, but it doesn’t really matter because within a minute or two M came to the rescue and filled my gaping pussy with his cock instead. He even put his hands in the same spot so I was still being grinded into the back of the couch with my legs spread as far apart as they could go. M’s uncircumcised dick was now thrusting in and out of me while at the same time I had my hand and mouth wrapped around the new guy (I should probably give him a name at this point - how about O). Then M pulled out and squirted his hot cum all on my mound. I guess he wanted to go somewhere that hadn’t yet been cummed on (or rather, in) that night! I let go of O’s dick to reach down and play with all that gooey cum - I rubbed it around my clit and then even pushed some of it up into my pussy. Mmmm.

I didn’t bother to clean up that time, instead just fell to my knees in front of the couch, sat O down and got down to some serious work on his cock with my mouth. I had one hand on his dick below my mouth, rubbing up and down, and one had cupping his balls. I played my tongue & lips up and down over the head of his dick, sucking as I went and paying special attention to that sensitive place where the head meets the shaft. I can almost taste his dick in my mouth now as I write this.

I was concentrating but my ass was up in the air with my skirts thrown over my hips, so Chris moved up behind and entered me doggy. With his hands on my hips and pulling me into him even as he thrust into me, it wasn’t long before he was ready to cum too. He whispered if he could cum on my ass, and I shouted back, “Yes, cum on my ass!” He pulled out and shot his load all up on my ass, right on top of my fishnets. His cum sprayed all over my hose and there was so much of it that it even dripped into my ass-crack and oozed on down over my well-used pussy hole.

Five guys, four cumshots. The new guy wasn’t quite ready to cum in front of the crowd yet. I had fucked and been fucked, and was feeling nicely used and a little bit sore (that’s how you know when you’ve gotten yourself a good fucking!).

We weren’t by any means done for the night, though. When I came back from my latest clean-up, our host, who’s pretty big into bondage play, had brought his rope out. Looked like I was getting tied up!!

But that is a story for tomorrow :)





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October 13, 2006

Hotwife Kara

Post removed at submitters request.


October 11, 2006

Exhibitionist Wife

My wife is quite an exhibitionist. As well as making for the nearest topless or nudist beach on vacation, she likes to pop her tits out in bars, clubs and at parties. As you can see she has something to be proud of. And I must admit, its a bit of a turn on…

Submitted by: Itstt - UK


October 9, 2006

Shelly Gives Good Head

We’ve been swinging for 8 years now. This summer we decided to try the hotwife lifestyle. Fuelled by the stories from this and other sites and from chatting with other hotwives, we decided on a game plan. Shelly went out a few times to test the waters.

She ended up sucking a guy off in her car on her second night out. She fucked another guy the third night from the same bar. I usually waited up for her to get home to give her a good cum. However, on this night, I was beat and fell asleep. I woke to her coming into the bedroom loudly. She jumped on me and we made out. I could taste cum all over her face. As I ate her to a few orgasms, she relayed her night. She had met a guy who bought her a few drinks. He mentioned it was his birthday and she told him to follow her if he wanted a birthday present. She downed her drink and walked out. He followed! They got in her car and drove to the back of the bar and got in the back seat. After a long make out session, where he marvelled at her pierced clit, she sucked him and fucked him royally. He was disappointed that he couldn’t touch her tits because they had just been pierced and were still tender. She rode him until he was close and finished him off with her mouth, getting most of it all over her pretty face. That was the end of August.

Fast forward to last week. A good buddy invited me out for a few drinks. He’s done my wife before. We happen to run into his brother and a few of his friends, so we sit with them. They have no clue about my wife’s extra activities. Another of their friends shows up and joins us. He starts telling us about this slut he met at the other bar down the road last month. How he picked her up with some lame line about it being his birthday. How he followed her out and got in her car. How she gave him the best head he ever had. How turned on he was by her pierced clit! And the kicker, how he wanted to touch her tits so bad, but couldn’t because they were just pierced! I didn’t even need him to tell us how he blasted his cum all over her face or the fact that it was a little red 4 door that he nailed her in! After we left, my friend just smiled. “She does give good head!” he laughed!

Submiited by: Shelly’s Husband


October 7, 2006

Rubber Ball

Just about to leave for the Rubber Ball tonight in London, a top fetish night, going with a host of sexy girlies including my own Daisy Rock and pornstar Isabel Ice. I’ll try and get lots of juicy pics.

Some people have asked for some pics of me, I rarely get in front of the camera as I’m more of a voyeur than an exhibitionist but there are some of me on my myspace page here.

Right then, just before I go I’ll get some galleries up for you. Firstly is a hotgirlfriend called Kacey, so sweet looking and yet incredibly naughty on her website. Then we’ve got Becky taking some more black cock and a lovely creampie for hubby. Last up is stacked wife Gianna, god I am in love with this girl. Those tits are just incredible.

Gorgeous Kacey in red lingerie

Blacks in Becky
A creampie for Blacks in Becky

Naughty Allie
Gianna posing in pink

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