September 17, 2007

Tempted to Stray

My name is Carol, I am a white married female 34 yrs old with two teenage children. I am considered very attractive by my friends. I am 5ft7 weigh 130 lbs, have long light brown hair past my shoulders. I wear a 36 D bra 26 waist 38 hips.

My husband has lost total interest in sex. Over the past 9 months he has had sex with me 3 times, and then only to relieve himself with no interest in what I want and need. Since then I have become addicted to porn sites on the internet and love the stories and pics about interracial sex. So far I have found nothing that offends me, I am highly over sexed right now and masturbate 2-5 times a day.

I am very very submissive and want to try all sexual fetishes. Two years ago a large black family moved in next door. The parents are Jerome and Regina. I have become close friends with them and enjoy their company. I have not been around very many black people before and find they are so domineering, confident, bold, which affects my submissive body and mind profoundly.

About 6 months ago Regina told me that Jerome really has the hots for me. She laughed when I blushed a bright red and gasped but about an hour later when we had talked she commented that my nipples were now showing through my blouse and bra, and she knew she had planted the seed in my sexually deprived body. She is openly wanting me to have an affair with her husband. I have seen the outline of his cock through his shorts, it goes down his leg and must be 12 inches long and as big around as my arm. I have also seen that he is uncut when I saw his cock up his shorts one day, it looked like a golf ball surrounded by ebony black skin.

Regina comes over and uses my computer at times, she has discovered some of my porn sites and teases me that Jerome loves submissive white moms and nows what they really need!!!!!

I am a married female, church going with a good family, just a worthless husband…….I don’t know what to do. My sexual cravings are getting stronger and stronger and harder to control. More than anything I would love to have more children. My husband had a vasectomy after our last child 15 yrs ago so I have not been on any birth control since then. With his little 5 and half inch pencil dick giving me two children, I know Jerome would impregnate me instantly.

At Regina’s request I am dressing sexier for Jerome, see through tops, sexy lace bra’s under, tight skirt or shorts. I don’t know how much longer I can control myself.

I am wanting comments on what you would do or other moms have done in a situation like this.

Not sure how often I can get to my computer. Hubby has to be gone and kids need to be busy….but I will try..

Submitted by: Carol - Midwest USA


September 15, 2007

Hotwife Galleries

REPOST: The blog has been so busy recently with lovely couples submitting their stories and new wife profiles that I haven’t had a chance to post some decent galleries. So here goes.

Firstly the lovely Christina Noir having fun with a boyfriend. She’s such a lovely girl and friend I’m so fond of her. And to save the best for last, you won’t believe this one. My pal Emma Starr (who just makes me go so weak at the knees) is here in a black gangbang video gallery courtesy of Black Dicks White Chicks. Watch out in the last clip for Hubby jumping in after everyone’s done.

Christina Noir
Christina having some hotel fun with Gooch

Emma Starr at Black Dicks White Chicks
Video gallery of Emma’s black gangbang


September 13, 2007


My hotwife sitting on our insurance man’s cock, while I tape and enjoy watch her pleasured by a better man then me.

John's Wife

Submitted by: John - Illinois


September 11, 2007

Extreme Euro Hotwife

I don’t like the concept of planning fuck parties or organizing gangbangs weeks before I’m horny. When I feel naughty I’m just go out to look for some guys to bang me. Most of the time my husband escorts me when I cruise through the streets, bars or discos. But sometimes I’m alone on the road, looking for one (or more guys) to have fun with.

Some years ago me and my husband started to live this kind of lifestyle. My husband loved it to watch and I loved to have sex with other guys. So we were the perfect couple. And that’s what we still are. I really love my sweetheart, he’s a very tolerant guy, he forgives me everything.

For some years I tried out organizing gangbangs or bukkake parties, but some day I had enough. Organizing big parties means to wait a long long time to get some hard dicks. It’s July and I must plan for a party in August or September to get enough dicks for my sexual appetite. After all this it was no longer my favorite thing of doing it.

Today I just fly away when I’m hungry for men. Most of the time I look for guys at public places like pubs, restaurants, private parties or even anywhere in the city. In the streets, in the woods - everywhere. When I see a guy and when I like what I see I let him fuck me or suck him off. Okay - In most cases I tell the guys that I’m a web girl with her own site, always looking for guys to bang me in front of hubby’s cam. Usually the guys are interested and then we are going home or into a hotel/motel. Or we just fuck right there in the car or in the woods.

I also love to go to the disco. Sometimes alone, sometimes with my husband. I like dancing and I like men, so this is a good location for combining my two big hobbies. Most of my nightly dancing partners are my new lovers. Sometimes 3 or 4 guys during one night. I’ll bring them all home for a gangbang or suck them off in the parking lot, the car or even under the disco’s table…

It’s just that easy. 9 of 10 guys are saying “great” and give me their cocks. Doesn’t matter if there’s a cam or not. And when I want to have sex with more than one guy I just go to a group of guys or a gang that’s hanging around somewhere. For example at the disco. If I see a group of 5 guys with no girl sitting around at the table I just offer my body to them. A few minutes later we are at home (or in a motel-room) having a great spontaneous gangbang.

Furthermore I love to go to adult theatres or sexclubs spontaneously. I love glory holes. When I’m walking into those kinds of locations I’m always dressed very bitchy. I let all the guys there know that I’m a naughty cumslut and would like to suck them all of. And when I say “all” I mean “all”. So I’m going down to my knees and let them all cum in my face and mouth. Sometimes I swallow the loads of 20 or more guys during one evening. Sometimes I let them all fuck me before I start to suck them off…

I never look at the weight, height or age of a guy. To me it’s important that he’s a honest guy. And that he knows want he want to do with me. I need new lovers at least two times a week, sometimes two times a day, so I think I’m the prototype for a nymphomaniac girl…

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

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September 9, 2007

How A Husband Copes

Turning a Wife Into A Hotwife

Part VII - “How A Husband Copes”

Of course, all of this can be a difficult adjustment for a husband, especially if it appears to others that he’s being cuckolded in the old-fashioned sense. For this reason, the couple should clearly signal that the marriage is “open,” and just as long as the rules regarding emotional involvement, etc., are followed, the husband wants his wife (hotwife) to have new sexual experiences. He may even talk openly to other men about this, thus making it clear that she is not “cheating” on him.

Even so, given prevailing cultural attitudes, one of the biggest difficulties is for a husband to accept the fact that other men know that his wife is “sleeping around,” and, thus, he must be sexually inadequate or not in control of his wife. The wife can help here by mentioning the many women he’s bedded, and possibly even a women that he regularly sees. This can also serve to justify her sexual behaviour in people’s minds.

Out of a fear of rejection some wives don’t like to put their intentions on the line with men. They may prefer that their husbands approach men that she’s interested in, and make it clear that she would be easy to get into bed. In fact, a husband may find it sexually exciting to offer his wife to another man. He may give the man her cell phone number to arrange a date, or go so far as to set up a meeting place and time. Although the wife understands that sex is assumed, once she meets the man, she still has the option of saying “no,” if a major concern pops up.

Unlike some husbands who’s greatest fear is in thinking that other men might be enjoying their wives in bed, these husbands encourage their wives to regularly let select men take them to bed.

All this being said, and after open, honest discussions about this and assurances that it will not affect the marriage, if the wife is dead set against it, then forget it and move on to other things. Again, the woman is in charge of her body.

As we’ve noted, the cuckold husband/hotwife idea is clearly at odds with cultural conditioning and human tenancies toward jealousy and possessiveness. Although these traits may not be desirable, they are common and must be recognized.

It takes a couple with a strong relationship, an unusual sense of personal security, and an ability to be independent of cultural norms and conditioning to be able to successfully adjust to an open relationship.

In fact, if “affairs” become the norm - and we are almost there now - we may be forced to re-examine our outmoded religious rationales and move to a higher standard, where relationships are based on long-term love and emotional commitment, rather than sexual exclusivity and fleeting physical experiences. Condoned sexual encounters are certainly better than the betrayal of marital confidence in “cheating.” The direction of change seems clear; but, as in the case of most major social changes, it will be a bumpy road.

By: Dr. Cherry Lee

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Next Week: Conclusion

A Hotwife Was Here
You’ll get used to it…


September 7, 2007

Natalie Uk Tour

Natalie the UK’s sexiest hotwife slut went on her travels to London, Leicester, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Nottingham… (below) recently to hook up with and enjoy as much cock and spunk as she could fit into her tight pussy! Her fella loved filming her and taking pictures with all the guys as she rocked on their cocks! Most of the fellas spunked their loads into her she also got a fair share spunking over her fantastic natural tits! UK Bulls watch out for Natalie in a town near you soon….

Check out some of her fantastic gangbang and dogging movies at the following sites.





Adult Excitement Natalie’s Gangbang and dogging site

Click here for Natalie Slutty Wife Close-ups

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September 5, 2007

Cocks for Candi

This is a photo of me with 2 black bulls. They take me and use me like a good married slut. My husband took the picture and he likes to see me get used.

I have one request for hotwifeblog.com for now… well two try to get interviews with Babs and Jan. Babs is my hot wife idol.

Delta Dawn

Submitted by: Candi, New Jersey, USA


September 3, 2007

We Love Jackie

Over the years we’ve had many hotwives grace our pages and I’d find it very hard to choose a favorite but there are a few that definitely top the list for me and it seems you too from the response I had when I interviewed this lady.

I think the appeal of Jackie is that she is the wife that ‘lives next door’ she is attractive, slutty and sophisticated all in one and I personally can’t get enough of her.

Her movies are great, you really see her go from the refined lady to complete slut as she gets pounded by different cock after cock. Setting up meetings in hotels, motels, restaurants and the backs of cars, watch her getting ready for her lover, applying her make-up, choosing her outfit, saying goodbye at the door, it’s the ultimate hotwife fantasy figure in one real lovely brunette package.

Here’s a movie clip from her collection of her getting intimate with a young black stud she picked up. Carry on the good work Jackie.


from My Hot Wife.

Video Clip - Jackie takes yet another cock inside her

Read Jackie’s Exclusive Interview With hotwifeblog.com

Visit Jackie’s fantastic site here


September 1, 2007

Wife Away in Spain

I had always wanted my wife to experience sex with another man but she was never too keen to try it.

After we had been married for around 20 years, she arranged to go on a coach trip to Spain with my sister [Two ladies alone], in the weeks leading up to the holiday she would say to me, “What do I do if I get the opportunity with another man, should I take it”?. Although I thought that she would never let another man anywhere near her, and that I would have been keen for her to experience another cock inside her, I naturally said that if she felt happy at the time to go ahead and do whatever she felt like at the time.

Anyhow when she got back from the holiday, after a couple of days we were in bed one night, and she was much hotter than usual, and suddenly she said to me, “I’ve got something to tell you about what happened when I was in Spain”. It so happened that the second evening they were in Spain, the bus driver/owner suggested they should go for a stroll together. Well when they came back to the hotel and had had a drink or two, he gave my wife his room key and told her he would be up there in 5 minutes.

She was in his room from 11.30pm until 3am the next morning, and she said he was fucking her on and off all the time. She said he would fuck away at her for a while, then stop for a while and kiss her all over, and would chat, then he would mount her again and start humping her until he was almost ready to cum, then he would again withdraw and go back to kissing her, and caressing her, and this carried on until he eventually said “I could go on like this all night, so I think I had better cum now”, and she said with that, he held her tight, and snogging her at the same time, he seemed to be shooting in her for minutes, and she said his cum was running out of her pussy like a stream.

And although it didn’t bother me, she said it was the most exciting fuck she had ever had. And needless to say they fucked again another six times before they got back to the UK, and I let her meet him again several times after they got home. He would phone up and arrange to meet her out somewhere, and he would book a hotel room, and when they had had their fun, I would hear the car pull up outside the house, and she get home at around 3.30 am. Then I would hear all the details of the evening, and would then fuck her, and shoot my spunk inside her where her lovers had also been shot a little earlier.

I should think that she must have met her lover around 40-50 times, and she said that before she went to Spain she wouldn’t have dared to let another man fuck her, but at least I was quite happy with what went on.

Submitted by: Phil - UK


August 29, 2007

Emma Starr Euro Tour

Emma Starr Update… European Tour

Hi guys,

I am back in the US now and have to tell you about my exciting European adventure.

Friday, Partytreff Osnabruck - Now here is one hell of a way to start a wild vacation. This club is in a small city a couple hours north of Frankfurt. As soon as I got there, I new it would be a mind blowing night for all. I did 3 shows which consisted of strip tease, dildo show and one very fun gangbang with many men. This was a great way to get the trip started.with a Big Bang!! I think there were around 70 guys there with just a few girls. Sai Tai and Candy are the girls I played with here. I filmed a couple scenes with Candy. You will see them on my site…

Next it was of to a big club where I was to do one Gangbang. It was so cool there and there where about 30 other girls working that will fuck you as much as you want. I did a hot strip show with this dildo Brad got me. It must have been 9″ long and 8″ around. This was the best thing to get my pussy ready for what was to cum. It started with about 15 guys and before I knew it, there seemed to be about 80 guys in the room. Brad told me the count was 82. I got fucked so hard, one cock after another. They could cum in me, on me, anywhere they want. At one time, I was on my knees getting fucked and licking the cum off of the mat.

Gina is a girl that I filmed quite a bit of content with. She is a lot of fun and very hot!! Gina actually put together a private party gangbang for the two of us. She really took good care of me. I was in the middle of the room on a bed that was a star. There were 13 guys that CAME that night. This was fun. The guys just fucked me one after another. It was a lot more relaxed than the big club. I was so into the gangbang that I stayed and got fucked for one more hour while Brad, Juergan and Gina cleaned up the place.

I shot lots of content that you will soon see on my website. I also now am going back in December to do two more gangbangs with Gina. We are going to film one of them so you will be able to see just how fun they are. I am also going to start having Gangbang parties in AZ, Las Vegas and LA. So, if you want to cum to one of these parties, go to my website for more info.

love, Emma

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Star’s Interview With Hotwife Blog Here

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