December 9, 2008

Sara Jay in my Bedroom

So picking up where I left off on Friday, I was telling you that I had the amazing hotwife Sara Jay in my bedroom last week and took these photos of her.

This is how it all came about. I heard she was in the UK on vacation and we’d spoke briefly in the past when she’s appeared on the blog. I thought I might tempt her to come down to see me with my man Sensi as part of the bargain. Well she didn’t need asking twice. She also told me she’d left Hubby back in States and was in serious need of some British black cock.

I surprised Sensi with her coming down, as he’s a big fan of hers. He had no idea when he arrived to see me that she was waiting in the bedroom for him. It was an intense meeting to say the least. They were on each other in no time. I made sure I filmed the whole thing including the bed nearly braking lol, it was unbelievable. Sara is a wild animal and she took all of Sensi’s cock in her stride.

She invited us over to the States in June, so stay tuned for more Sara soon.

Sara Jay

Sara Jay

Sara Jay

Sara Jay

Sara Jay

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December 7, 2008

Mai’s Next Adventure

It’s been quite a while since I posted on here so time for an update on my hot Vietnamese wife Mai. We have been playing regularly but just had to write about a really hot scene we got into a few weeks ago. It was Friday night and I had taken Mai out to eat at our local watering hole. As usual Mai was dressed very slutty, tight skirt, fishnet stockings and a loose shirt with no bra. She was into her 3rd drink when three very well dressed attractive black men sat at the table next to us. I could almost smell Mai’s pussy as she looked them over. The guys noticed her right away and looked her over good. Mai just flashed her pretty smile and said “Hi”. We all started talking and it didn’t take long for the guys to figure out that Mai was a slut and that I had no problem with it.

After introductions (Sean, Thomas and James) they told us there were in town for a convention and wouldn’t mind some fun. So after a few more drinks we all went out to the parking lot. Mai told me to drive and she would ride with the guys to make sure they didn’t get lost on the way to our house. It was a 30 minute drive home and I knew that Mai would have her mouth full of BBC the whole way. When we pulled up to the house Mai climbed out of the car nude holding 2 of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen. Both guys were at least 10″ and thick. Mai lead them into the house and straight up to our bedroom. She was so wet and ready that James slid his huge cock into her cunt as she sucked on Thomas. All 3 of them where really tripping on the scene and really started getting into fucking her. Before the night was over they had DP’ed Mai several times. The best part was getting to eat their black seed out of her sloppy cunt when they finally finished.


Submitted by: Brian, VA

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December 5, 2008

Hotwife in my Bedroom

Ok guys and gals, who is this hotwife in MY own bedroom and owns this amazing ass?.. Yes it’s all true. More details coming soon…

Trash ;)

Sara Jay


December 3, 2008

New Cuckold Life

I have always been interested in the whole sharing your wife/girl friend thing for many years. After my divorce a few years back I decided that I wanted a partner whom would be interested in the lifestyle and explore that with me.

Well I think my time has come and I found that special girl. A few months back I met a girl on one of those dating sites who just happened to be in my hometown. We talked and got to know each other over time and then I let it be known I wanted a girl who was not a “Mary Poppins”. She let me know that she had thought in the past about threesomes and things like that, but as she got older she figured it would not happen.

Christie is in her late 30’s and has a body to die for. She is the shy type and didn’t think she was a head turner. Well we went out on a date and hit it off and we seemed to talk more and more as the days passed. I could tell she was open minded and interested in the whole cuckold lifestyle. I would send her stories to educate her and get to think outside the box. Then the time came, she had to go out of town and while she was gone she stayed at an old class mates house. She had been interested in him as he was her, but because of the long distance and timing things didn’t really take off.

One night while away she texted me and told me she was down stairs and he was up in his room. Of course being away things were leading to sex talk, via text and it came out! I texted her;” Why don’t you go up to his room and give him a BJ?”. She texted back; “Are you sure about that?”. I said; “Yes! but I want you to come back with some proof to show me!”.

After that I did not get a response and in fact I thought she was mad at me! It was a long night, so I gave up on texting her and wrote it off as she was made. The next morning I get a text;
“I did what you asked! I went ! I did! and I completed!”. My heart raced, my cock throbbed and I called her right away. I took a long swallow and said; “You really did it?” She said; “Yes! isn’t that what you wanted?” I explained how I thought she was mad at me and didn’t think she had. She took the dare and acted on it right away, because had she thought about it she would had not done it.

Then she slowly told me all about it and how she sucked and and he shot his load all over her pj shirt, I asked if she was going to do it again? Which she replied; “I don’t know, maybe!”

Well that next night she made it known she was game for a repeat and in the middle of the night he came down and lead her back to his room for another BJ. Once again he shot his load all over her night shirt.

When she got home I rushed to her house to see how bad this girl had really been. Sure enough she had both shirts laid out on her bed and there was cum stains all over them. It lead to some hot sex and to her transformation.

As time past our relationship grew and we became bf and gf. She knew I wanted to share her with other men, but again this was new to her and she wanted to take baby steps.

Which leads to present time. Over the past two or three months we have talked about it and I have educated her. I showed her articles on “cuckold” and women who have sex with other men. She had been talking to a friend of hers that she had met and had have sex with on a couple encounters. She made it be known to him that her bf was wanting to share her and she wanted it to be with him. He was game on the threesome adventure and/or one on one with her, but due to work and all the things life throws at you, it didn’t seem to happen.

Then two days ago my gf and I were laying in bed and were talking and had had some steamy texting the day before. As we talked about it she went down on me giving me on of her awesome BJ’s when I asked to see her phone. I told her I was going to text her friend and she had to trust me. She did and continued to suck me as I text him. She had been texting him a few days before asking when the two of them could meet, all I did was speed things up. I texted from my gf’s phone; “I am horny, and need your cock in my mouth and pussy, when can we meet?” It was not 2 minutes and the phone was ringing. She stopped her bj and answered, wondering what in the hell I sent him. The next thing you know she was making a date with him for that day within a couple of hours of the call.

She told him she meet him at his house and she would be getting ready. She hung the phone up and looked at me like to say;” OMG!” Then she said;” Well if I am going to go fuck him I got to get ready!”

As she headed off to the shower I picked out her thong panties and waited on her to get out of the shower. I watched every move she made, we both knew this would be the making of me becoming her cuckold. I watched as she put her makeup on, put her black bra and thong on for him and gave her a good long kiss telling her to have fun and be a good slut to him!

As she drove away I knew what was going to happen, I knew in a matter of 30 minutes or so she would be in his arms, touching him, kissing him and fucking him. My body tingled all over, I was numb and could not think. I counted down the minutes as to when I though she would get there, when she be knocking on the door, when she would be kissing him and in his arms and finally when he would be fucking her with his big cock!

Several hours passed by then I got a text; “I am hungry!” I called right away and she told me she was just leaving his house and was on her way home. I asked what happened? She said: “I did it I went down on him and he fucked me!” My cock throbbed with anticipation and I could not believe it happened! I told her I’ll meet her at her place and that she better be naked and waiting on me!

When I got there I went straight to her room and she laid there in the bed with the same black bra and thong she wore for him. I climbed in bed kissing her and asking her word for word what happened? As she told me I undressed her. I could smell her and the sex smell the was such a sweet aroma to my senses. I felt her pussy and it was so wet and swollen from her recent fucking. I could not wait I had to put my cock in her. I put it in her and could feel right away how her pussy was stretched and felt different than from the past. She told me how she knocked on the door and he met her. How they kissed and made out with him leading her to his room. Undressing her and feeling her naked body, then going down on her pussy, then sucking her tits. His cock is somewhat larger than mine, so she told me how she attempted to give him a bj, but it was so thick it was hard for her to do it. She told me how they laid kissing and her spreading her legs inviting him in to her with his cock. How he parted her pussy with his monster cock and how he fucked her then pulling out of her jerking his cock off till he came.

I was an animal, pounded her pussy with every word she spoke, then I cum deep in her pussy adding to her wetness. Then she told me how he gave her a hickie near her pussy area so she would have something to show me when she got home. She climbed up on my chest and I could see her hickie, her swollen red, gaping pussy and then I dove right in sucking her licking her and tasting her well fucked used pussy. As I went down on her I shoved my finger deep into her ass making her body shake and then she let out a moan and I felt her body tighten up and she came. It was awesome. We have talked and she is going to continue to fuck him from time to time. She said she was going to try while I am out of town, making me a real good cuckold.

I am sure as time passes there be more stories to tell.

Submited by: J W - Texas


December 1, 2008

Meet Becky

Hi, my name is Andy this is my wife Becky. Every weekend, we call over some of our black buddies and I let them mess around with my wife. I truly enjoy watching her get pounded, and I get off on the excitement she feels. We have a very loving relationship, and I love her for being a slut for me.






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November 29, 2008

Out To Get Fucked

(This is my first attempt at a story so please, please be patient with me..) - Melanie

It started when my excuse for a husband and I had a row. I was getting ready to go out with the girls for the night. I’m fairly short, 5ft 4 with a largish bust, cute bum, not bad legs and long shoulder length brown hair. I’m 36 with one grown up child who’s just joined the army. I got preggers when I was in my teens after a stupid night out. My husband has recently lost his job so money is tight. Not that he cares much, he relies on my wage as a receptionist at a hotel.

Anyway, I was in the bedroom with two girlies getting ready and I was just putting the lip gloss on after the base coat of red. I’d bought a new denim skirt, well it was more of a belt than a skirt, to go with the top I had on. Throw on some nice heels and I was hot to trot. Grabbing my clutch bag, I threw in my mobile, money and make up when we heard the taxi honk and went downstairs.

“Where the fuck do you thing your going dressed like that!? You look like a cheap fucking slut!” hubby shouted, beercan in hand. “Out with Lindie and Deb’s, you know that! And who are you calling a slut!” I yelled back. “Lindie, you and Debs go on, I’ll catch up”

After about 5 minutes of yelling back and fro I’d had enough! Enough of him, his tantrums and lazyness! Thank god Tony, our son, was no longer at home, so I yelled back “Well fuck you!” and stormed out, slamming the front door behind me. God I was so angry.

I headed into town, my arms folded over my boobs, the sound of my heels echoing through the night. After about 20 minutes walk, I heard some music faintly, soon the sound of music grew louder as I got near to a pub, “Fuck it,I need a drink!” I thought & went in & up to the bar. “Yes Love” asked the barman. “Blue WKD” I said, fishing some money out of my purse. Picking up my bottle, I put the straw into my mouth & sucked, looking around the bar. It was fairly quiet apart from some loud laughter coming from the pool room. I pulled out a stool by that wall & perched up on it, crossing my legs. From there I could see 3 black men in the poolroom. They looked quite fit with shaved heads & tight tee-shirts revealing muscles. Lots of muscles! I felt my knickers moisten. I blushed. Suddenly, one of the guys caught my eye, I blushed & looed away. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see them chatting quietly, one of them then headed towards me. My mind was in turmoil, what would I say? what would I do? “Hi hon,I’m Bradley” he said confidently. “Er,Mel” I said, I could see past him, his mates looking on, whispering to each other. “Drink?” he said “OK” I nodded weakly.

When he’d got me another WKD he said why don’t we go & play pool? Why not I thought to myself, it’d been so long since any man apart from my husband had taken any interest in me. In fact it was a while since I’d been fucked. My heart was thumping, my throat was dry and my palms sweaty, he followed me into the pool hall and introduced me to his friends, Jemal & Chunk (don’t think that’s his real name though) Soon after a few more WKD’s I felt more at ease, even laughing at times, all thoughts of what happened earlier forgotten. As I bent over the pool table to take the shot, I felt Brad lean into me, his hand on my right thigh. “Oi!” I said, half heartedly brushing his hand away. I could smell the whisky on his breath, by this time my panties were soaked through my legs weak. Instantly, his hand wormed it’s way up my short skirt and into my panties. I could feel him parting my cunt lips and worming a finger, then two into my cunt. I closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure. I could feel his cock press into my bum through my skirt “Fuck lads,this ones wet thru!” I heard. I dropped the pool cue onto the table & slumped forward. I felt a hand on my breast,tweaking a nipple into hardness. “Mmmmm….We…should’nt….Ohhh….”I moaned softly. “Relax babe, we’ll take good care of you.”

I faintly heard the sound of belts and zips, opening my eyes I was faced with a cock the size I had never seen before. A fist was pumping it into hardness, the skin folding back to expose the beautiful dark helmet, shining like polished ebony. “Come on babe, suck it…You want it…suck it..SUCK IT”. Tentatively, I reached out and touched it then tried to wrap my hand around it. It was hot and throbbed with raw power, it smelt musky, of man. I opened my mouth and lightly licked the tip, then the head as I grew bolder. Then I felt my panties being pulled down and my feet lifted up so they could be removed. Then a tongue worming it’s way into my cunt, the fingers there probing me deeply. I took the cock into my mouth, tasting the saltiness and musk, feeling the heat of it. I sucked on it like I was starving, all I could think of was this cock and the feelings I was getting .Another cock appeared in front of me, bigger that the first. I looked up into the smiling face of the black men above me. I alternately sucked on each cock, my make up smearing all over my face along with a coating of drool as I slobbered over these ebony staffs.

Suddenly, I felt my cunt being parted with what felt like a baseball bat, slowly at first and getting deeper with each thrust, my body rocked back and forth with each powerful thrust, with each thrust I grunted around the cock in my mouth. My body was now coated in sweat, my breast’s mauled, my ass slapped. I could feel the cock in my cunt begin to swell as his fucking changed, he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back. “Wait!…I’m..n..not..on the..pilll…”I uttered. “Take it! TAKE IT!” He snarled as he shot jet after jet of boiling cum into me. Slamming his cock into me with each jet of cum forcing it into my womb. Quickly, Bradley was replaced by one of the others but Bradley wasn’t finished yet, he grabbed my chin and shoved his cock, smeared with cum and my cunt slime into my mouth making me clean it.

At 5.30am I staggered down the road with fuck knows how much black cum dripping down my legs. Bradley let me put my panties back on but only to keep the cum inside me. I felt warm and woozy. and happy. When I reached home, my husband was up, waiting on me. Apparently Lindie had phoned when I never turned up at the disco and I didn’t answer my mobile. We rowed again, he called me a slut, said look at the state of you, you’re a whore etc. The usual crap men throw at you.

That was two months ago. Bradley, Jemal & Chunk have fucked me god knows how many times round at his house, behind the pub & even over a smelly bin behind the chinese. I loving my new life.

Submitted by: Melanie - UK


November 27, 2008

Cum Eating Cuckolds

Fantasy pic gallery from Kiss Ass’s Cum Eating Cuckolds.

For Katia Cuckoldry is her version of high voltage crank - it’s what gets her going, and it’s her sense of balance in a very fucked up world. Sometimes when Katia gets up in the morning and is a ball of bad nerves, she plans novel ways how she can humiliate her husband. Besides him paying the bills and listening to her bitch all day, of course. Katia’s got this friend Leroy who’s a Democrat and she fucks him on the side. Only her hubby didn’t know about this arrangement. And if told, he wouldn’t have believed it because he’d have bet on lovely Katia’s fidelity. He lost the bet. And when you have to suck a black man’s bleach out of your wife’s lying ass, those election wagers can be murder.







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November 25, 2008

Is She Cheating?

Let me tell you a little about us. I’m steve, 38yrs old from the UK. I’m married to Mel who is 38yrs old. Our sex life has always been good, trying various things like swapping and swinging etc. I used to watch my wife fucking guys in front of me up until about 14 months ago. She fell out with her last stud, and claims she doesn’t like the idea of doing it now. There’s a nagging thought in my mind though that she’s still actively getting some and not telling me - these are my thoughts, please tell me what you think….. I do still dearly love Mel, and think she does me. However we have not had actually had penetrative sex for approx 14 months (in line with her losing her last lover that i know about) Our sex life consists of us both lying down next to each other. Mel rubs her clit as I finger her pussy, she always gets very wet and always cums, but always has her eyes tightly shut and I don’t know what she thinks about (maybe about getting fucked by someone else). When she has cum I lick her pussy and her asshole and make her cum again. She often takes my head and grinds her pussy against my face as i lick her to orgasm. I imagine her cunt’s full of hot cum and I’m licking it all out of her, I used to love doing this. I always licked her pussy clean afterwards, there’s nothing more sexier than burying your face deep into a wet and used pussy!

I’ve also noticed that when she’s been out with her friends that when I’ve checked her panties next day their nearly always covered in white stains that I presume are her lovers cum stains. I have in the past wrapped them around my cock and wanked my cum into them also, other times i suck and lick at the stains imagining how the stains have got there. As I sit here now, I’m trembling with excitement - as she’s out tonight with her “friends”. I bought her some new sexy underwear and told her to wear it for her night out with the girls. I made sure that the panties were a deep black colour so it would show the tell tale stains up even more. As she went out she told me not to wait up as they were going night clubbing. I’m sitting here now wanking thinking of the prospect of her getting a right royal fucking.

I’m wanting some responses telling me your thoughts.

Submitted by: Steve - UK


November 23, 2008

So Proud

Great news, my hotwife Daisy won the award for ‘Most Outrageous Female Performance’ at this years 2008 UK Adult Awards. Thanks for everyone who voted for her. We are both so pleased.

It was one wild night, with most of the attendees staying in the same hotel, we didn’t get much sleep hehe. Thanks again everyone.

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November 21, 2008

Her New Regular Fuck

I’ve always encouraged my wife Jane to fantasize about being fucked by other men. I guess it started when we would be in the car and I’d encourage her to expose herself while we drove alongside truckers. Jane gets so horny when we roleplay. Recently we had bought her a new pink rabbit, to cut a long story short I had Bob, a pal of mine over for a few beers and wine, as the drink flowed I couldn’t help but tell Bob about her new toy, instead of being embarrassed Jane joined the conversation telling Bob how horny it made her. I pushed jane into giving us a demo but she was having none of it.

After several more glasses of wine Jane disappeared and changed into her dressing gown, she sat next to me and we carried on the sexy chatter with me asking her to show Bob how she uses it, my cock was by now hard and Jane noticed how turned on the conversation had got me, she kissed me goodnight and went upstairs. Me and Bob sat and talked when I heard her shout for me. As Bob was going up to the toilet I asked him to find out what she wanted. Ten minutes later I find myself sat on my own. I went to the foot of the stairs and listened, I could hear a whirring noise and Jane moaning. I went up and looked through our open door to see Jane with her pink rabbit inside her and its ears hugging her clit, but fuck I didn’t expect to see my friends cock in her mouth. Jane was sucking his cock and I could see her tongue going all over his dick. My dick was now in my hand as I watched Jane lifting herself to meet her pink toy as rob was fucking her mouth.

Jane noticed me and rather than be embarrassed she became more vocal saying she wanted a real man inside her. I was transfixed as Bob positioned himself between my wifes legs and rubbing his cock down her slit pushed himself into her. Jane’s legs wrapped around Rob as she pulled him close and kissed him fully on the mouth, watching my wife lost in another mans arms gave me the biggest hard on I’ve ever had. As I walked over to them, Rob continued to fuck her and I stood at her head to let her suck me but she was too busy being screwed to bother. Rob was now really forcing himself into her and the sound of his balls hitting my wife’s ass and her cunt squelching was enough for me to cum. Jane then screaming “Cum in me, fuck me, give me bellyache god yes!” Rob gave out a gasp and his body stiffened as he emptied himself into my wifes cunt, fuck I’ve never seen her so horny, it was decided I’d sleep downstairs so I left them in bed together.

God knows how many times I relieved myself as I listened to my wife being screwed royally by Bob. I eventually dozed off. That was the beginning of a routine that would happen everytime Bob came down, Jane’s never been so happy she now gets fucked regularly and I get to watch.

Submitted by: Smallman

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