July 9, 2007

Use My Wife

Some lovely wife galleries for you today. The first one features Raven from Sexy Couple getting into some roleplay with one of her black boyfriends. And lastly we have a submissive wife set from Use My Wife. A blonde wife is fucked by 2 guys while her husband watches all the action.

Raven just loves black cock

Use My Wife
Blonde wife gets used


July 7, 2007

Ordered To Slut

My Master emailed me while I was on vacation with my family in Florida back in March, this year.

This is what he ordered me to do. I thought it was pretty hot, too ! so I included it first and then, what he made me do. What a slut I am.

BlkDom: I have a chore for you to do today
Girl_needs_BLACK: PLEASE, Master what is it ?
Girl_needs_BLACK: how can I make you happy and serve you
BlkDom: I need you to go to an adult book store
BlkDom: dress as slutty as you can again
BlkDom: nothing under
Girl_needs_BLACK: OK there is one about 8 miles away
Girl_needs_BLACK: ok
Girl_needs_BLACK: I never wear anything under
BlkDom: good
BlkDom: no bra
Girl_needs_BLACK: hardly ever
Girl_needs_BLACK: but not tonite
BlkDom: there should be some booths there where you can go in and pay a quarter to watch porno
BlkDom: I want you to go in there, close the door and watch some porno
Girl_needs_BLACK: ok !
BlkDom: look around you on the walls and you will see some holes
Girl_needs_BLACK: ok
BlkDom: when you look through that hole you will see the booth next to you
BlkDom: if there is someone there you will be able to see him
Girl_needs_BLACK: um-huh
Girl_needs_BLACK: ok
BlkDom: make sure when you walk in the store to make yourself seen there
BlkDom: I want men to know you are there
BlkDom: so get their attention first
Girl_needs_BLACK: ok, I’ll look around a sec
BlkDom: then you go to the booth
Girl_needs_BLACK: yes
BlkDom: then with out you expecting anything some one will stick his cock in the hole
BlkDom: when he does, stroke his cock and suck it
BlkDom: make him cum in your mouth and swallow it all
Girl_needs_BLACK: never done that
BlkDom: if you drop any cum on the floor or wall you better lick it clean, is that clear
Girl_needs_BLACK: I will love too !
Girl_needs_BLACK: yes Master
Girl_needs_BLACK: I will get so close to the wall and if any drops from my mouth, it will fall on my tits first
BlkDom: I want you to stay there for while and wait to see if anyone else comes and sticks their cock in the hole
Girl_needs_BLACK: I will !!
Girl_needs_BLACK: wow, I am so ready, I am soo fucking horny.
BlkDom: some of them may take long to cum, if that happens I want you to pull up your skirt and put your ass to the wall on that hole and stick his cock in your wet pussy
BlkDom: and fuck his cock till he cums in you
Girl_needs_BLACK: really ? you want me to ?
Girl_needs_BLACK: I was gonna shower first since I went to tan, but I think I will just get dressed and go. I’m excited !!
BlkDom: remember, stay there a little while to give those men time to come in the next booth next to you so they can stick their cocks in the hole
BlkDom: that hole is called a gloryhole
Girl_needs_BLACK: ok, I will look at some vibrators and things to get attention
BlkDom: if you manage to suck a few cocks then make at least one of them to cum all over your face
BlkDom: and the rest in your mouth
Girl_needs_BLACK: it may be good if I ask one of them about a certain sex toy there
BlkDom: remember swallow everything, if you drop some on the floor or on the wall I expect you to lick it off the wall and floor is that clear you dirty whore
Girl_needs_BLACK: ok Babe
Girl_needs_BLACK: but chances are it may fall on my tits first
Girl_needs_BLACK: I will feel so slutty when I’m done doing this for you Master
BlkDom: the more slutty the better
BlkDom: the more I will like it
Girl_needs_BLACK: I’m getting ready now
BlkDom: the more proud you will make me
BlkDom: ok
BlkDom: why did you say not tonight…
Girl_needs_BLACK: oh, I will make you proud
BlkDom: why did you say not tonight…
Girl_needs_BLACK: nothing underneath my skirt tonite
Girl_needs_BLACK: thats what I ment
Girl_needs_BLACK: sir
Girl_needs_BLACK: I hope theres some black guys there
Girl_needs_BLACK: I’m gonna wear a really short light brown skirt, since I tanned
Girl_needs_BLACK: it shows my legs really well
Girl_needs_BLACK: and a short top that gathers just under my tits
Girl_needs_BLACK: it shows my waist, about 4 inches
BlkDom: are you going tonight
Girl_needs_BLACK: OH, hell yes !!!
Girl_needs_BLACK: you have already made me horny
Girl_needs_BLACK: I have light brown heels that match my skirt and have little straps
BlkDom: ok next time I give you an order, do not never disobey me
Girl_needs_BLACK: and I will need a short little jacket
Girl_needs_BLACK: ok
Girl_needs_BLACK: I have it
Girl_needs_BLACK: this jacket is short so you can see my ass from behind
BlkDom: it’s yes sir or yes Master to you you white slutty girl
Girl_needs_BLACK: it looks hot on me !! trust me
Girl_needs_BLACK: just trust me Master
BlkDom: I believe you, that it looks hot
Girl_needs_BLACK: I will make you really proud tonite
BlkDom: as long as you wear something that makes you look hot and something that definitely gets any man’s attention
Girl_needs_BLACK: I know how to get attention Master
Girl_needs_BLACK: I am good at that
BlkDom: I’m glad to hear that
BlkDom: are you dressed and ready to go
Girl_needs_BLACK: I will be thinking about your dick all nite till im done
Girl_needs_BLACK: so do as many as I can, right ?
BlkDom: right
BlkDom: do not clean that cum on your face
BlkDom: cum home with that dry cum all over your face
BlkDom: have at least one to cum all over your face
BlkDom: the rest all in your mouth
Girl_needs_BLACK: I am gonna wear some thigh highs cause its kinda chilly on my legs
BlkDom: you may fuck one there if he takes long to cum
BlkDom: ok thats fine
BlkDom: you may go now and make me proud
Girl_needs_BLACK: thanks Master, I will stay a while and do a few so I can get cum on my face and then see if I can get someone to cum in my cunt
BlkDom: correct
Girl_needs_BLACK: that way the cum will have time to dry before I leave
BlkDom: remember to not clean no cum that you get on your face
BlkDom: I want you to come home with that cum
Girl_needs_BLACK: thats what I mean Master
Girl_needs_BLACK: yes sir
BlkDom: I want you to leave that store with cum all over your face so that the guys there can see you are a filthy whore
Girl_needs_BLACK: I promise
BlkDom: so next time I send you there they know why you are there
Girl_needs_BLACK: GOD, I LOVE YOU !!
BlkDom: love you too
BlkDom: go now and make me proud
BlkDom: suck as many cocks as you have to suck till there is no more cocks to suck
Girl_needs_BLACK: I am almost ready, just gotta fix my hair
Girl_needs_BLACK: that may take a while but I will enjoy it
Girl_needs_BLACK: let me finish getting ready. You know I will have to sneak out since I am down here with my Parents.
BlkDom: I don’t care how long it takes for you to suck every cock there, as long as you do it
BlkDom: then you know to give me all the juicy details like you did last time
Girl_needs_BLACK: there may be several pages to tell you !!!
BlkDom: if you do this right and make me proud, the next day I will send you someone else to serve me again
Girl_needs_BLACK: k
BlkDom: I don’t care how many pages, as long you give me every little details from the moment you walk in to the moment you left the store
Girl_needs_BLACK: k
BlkDom: I will go now
BlkDom: I will look for you tomorrow for the juicy details and for your next chore of the day
Girl_needs_BLACK: I may be back by 12 or so
Girl_needs_BLACK: will you be there ? on line ?
BlkDom: maybe
BlkDom: come look for me
Girl_needs_BLACK: I think they close here at 12
Girl_needs_BLACK: k
BlkDom: if i am not online I want you to email me all the juicy details no matter how many pages it takes for you to type it
BlkDom: is that clear slut
Girl_needs_BLACK: yes Master !!!!
BlkDom: email me the juicy details tonight
Girl_needs_BLACK: ok
BlkDom: I will look for it tonight or early in the morning
Girl_needs_BLACK: yes sir
BlkDom: I will be very disappointed if I don’t see your email tonight with the juicy details I will be upset if you don’t
Girl_needs_BLACK: I promise
BlkDom: ok hurrry and go make me proud now
Girl_needs_BLACK: I am almost ready
Girl_needs_BLACK: brb
BlkDom: bye I’m leaving and will come back late tonight to read your email with the juicy details
:: BlkDom has left room


Ok! so I get to the store and am walking to the door and there are 2 young black guys in line in front of me. they were checking I.D.’s. They checked mine and I went in. The 2 guys asked me my name and I told them and said I was looking for a new dildo and could they show me around. They started with some lotion stuff and then we walked over to the other toys and magazines. I looked at a couple big ones and they showed me others. I asked about seeing a movie and they asked to join me in the booth. !!!!

God it was just too easy.!!! We walked down a hall and went in a small room and sure enough, there were the little holes. anyway, I sat down and took off my jacket. They asked to rub my tits. I said ok and unbuttoned my top. One of the guys took off my skirt and rubbed my pussy. I was already dripping. the movie was playing and I noticed a cock in the hole. I started sucking it and 1 guy got between my legs and slid 3 fingers in me. I moaned and kept sucking the dick in the hole.

He was white and came in a few seconds. I swallowed all of his cum and licked his dick clean. he tasted good. the other guy wanted me to suck him so I told him to sit down. I took his dick out and began to suck it. The other guy was rubbing my pussy and I felt him start to ease his dick in me from behind. God he had a big head. It went in easy though and I kept sucking the other one. After about 5 minutes the guy I was sucking moans really loud and shoots cum in my mouth so hard it went immediately down my throat. It made me choke and I gagged and some of his cum fell onto his leg. he started to wipe it off but I put my lips and tongue on his leg near his nuts and licked it off him and swallowed it. He was stunned.

Then the other guy that was in my pussy started to cum. He shot 4 or five good shots in me. It felt hot as hell. I was cuming too. God it felt good. I could feel him cum each time he shot. Then I noticed some cum on the seat where the other guy was sitting. I told them that my Master told me to lick it up and i did, they were amazed, they suggested I go with them to their house, but I told them I was not allowed. I asked them to call some friends and get them to come to the store and I would suck them while they fucked me again. They loved the idea. so they left to use their phones. I told them I would wait on them but if the rooms beside me were full, to come back in where I was.

As soon as they left another dick came in from the left side. I grabbed it and started sucking. after maybe 10 minutes, I whispered for him to put his dick in me and positioned myself on the hole. He was big as well and got way deep in me !! He pounded me for what seemed like 30 minutes and I was backing up to him too.

Then the other guys came back in with 3 more friends !! I was a little scared but kept letting the guy bang me from the other room while the 2 guys and their friends got naked !! I knew it was on then. There were 5 naked black guys in there with me. I started sucking one and one rubbed my tits, one rubbed my ass and the other helped me keep the dick in my pussy. I was so wet he kept falling out. The last one just waited and sat down and started stroking his dick. I asked him if, when he came, would he cum on my face, he said yes! The guy I was sucking started to cum and he came so much that I gagged again and swallowed as much as I could but he came alot. The guy fucking me started to cum when he heard this and came in me really hard. I could feel him shaking inside me I turned around and sucked his dick clean, he had my juices and some of the first two guys cum on his dick. I sucked him dry. Then the guy on the seat started to cum so I got on my knees and held my mouth open for him, he blasted cum all in my hair and up my nose and on my cheeks, it was so hot. He was ready to fuck me now. so he got behind me and slid his dick deep in me, he never lost his hard on, I was gettin fucked by him and then I put my tits on the floor with my ass way in the air so I could lick up the cum I missed from his load. It was a lot I missed but I managed to get it all up. While he was fucking me, the other guys, there were 3, started stroking their dicks. I was getting pounded again and then 1 of the guys came on my back and in my hair. The other two came at the same time and I got some more cum on my face and more in my hair. The guy fucking me came again and some dripped out of me onto the floor. I was literally full of their cum.

I laid down on my side by now because I was spent and slowly licked all the cum off the floor. My face and hair are now covered in cum and its running off my ass. Some dripped off my chin but I caught it with my hand and swallowed it. We all figured we better leave before management wondered what was going on, so we all got dressed and they left. I just sat there for a second to catch my breath, and another dick came in from the left side again. It must have been big black dick night, cause he was almost too big to get it thru the hole. It must have been as big as my vibrator, for real. he was huge at the head too! I got just a little of the head in my mouth and pushed his dick back toward him. I told him he was too big for my mouth but to put it in my pussy. I backed up to him and after a little work he got it in me. It was so big I think it tore me going in but it felt good at the same time. He fucked me quietly and slowly for 15 minutes or so and started to cum. I tried to slide away from him but the head was so big it didn’t want to come out of me so I let him cum in me and that was intense because all the cum already in me had nowhere to go, it just filled me up and I think some went into my uterus. He finally finished cuming and we had a hard time for me to get him out of my swollen pussy. He finally pulled out and O heard that little “pop” I told you about. He couldn’t get his dick back through the hole till it went down some, damn he was huge.

I found my clothes and put them on and walked to the desk and asked for change for the phone. When the clerk saw all the cum on my face and in my hair he was amazed. I told him I would be back and he said he hoped so. !!!! so here I am writing you with dried cum on my face and neck and in my hair and it is DEFINITELY running out of me, and down my legs. Its on my tits and even on my back. I am covered in cum. There is a little pool of it in the floor below me and I’m sitting on a towel !!!! I smell like cum and I love it !!! I think I swallowed 5 loads and got cum all over me and took 3 big loads in my pussy. I got fucked really hard each time, especially the last one. damn he was big. I hope I did well, Master and that this makes you hard. Now I must shower and nurse my swollen and hurt pussy.

God you wouldn’t believe how much I am stretched right now. I can almost put my hand inside me. I have to be quiet, so I don’t wake the Family I have get up early so I wont catch ya till later tomorrow. Tell me how good a slut whore I was for you Babe. Email me after you read this MASTER.

Your Little White Slut Whore Wife,

Submitted by: Rita - NC and Atlanta


July 5, 2007

Sara Swirls Invite

Here’s an update from beautiful cuckoldress Sara Swirls.

She also sent me a video clip of her action. Thanks Sara.

You can find all sorts of Sara content from the last 2 years by doing a search for her on hotwifeblog


My husband left me alone for work’s night out recently, bad mistake. I decided to invite my 2 studs over to take me in any way they wanted. Needless to say Hubby came home to a right mess.

your number 1 black dick loving slut!






Check Out The Movie Clip Here

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July 3, 2007

Sandy Progresses

Update for “Where are all the bulls”?

The past two days have been very exciting. Sandy had been in contact with a nice guy visiting El Paso from Sandy’s home country of Germany. Yesterday evening, I suggested they meet and invited him over to our place. I had already explained to Danny that I would stay out of the way and let things take their course (I later made the situation more intimate and bent my promise a bit). After meeting and getting passed the “getting to know you stuff”, I felt Danny was eager and hoped to fuck my wife but was hesitant to make a move.

Making the excuse that I needed the couch to relax from work, I suggested that they hang out in the bedroom and leave me in the living room to nap. From the couch, I could easily peer down the hallway and get a “foot of the bed” look at what’s happening. The two continued chatting it up in German and over the next hour, I was able to ask for the bedroom light to be off since it interfered with my nap (and the speed of progression). Sandy came out shortly and said they would watch a movie (this was a good sign an opportunity for Danny to begin foreplay would start). My cock was diamond hard and oozing pre-cum just knowing another man was in bed with my wife. After a while, the talk slowed and finally stopped ( my heart beat like a diesel (anticipating the formula was right for fucking).

Some time passed and I gradually darkened the living room to watch in secret. Danny eventually began rubbing my wife’s arm and moving closer to her. As the movie noise picked up, I changed position for the best view and opened my pants. With warm self-made lube I wet my entire cock as I gripped it hard and began jacking(hoping not to be seen). After an eternity of waiting, Danny leaned in and began a passionate kiss with Sandy. I had seen Sandy fuck other men but seeing her kiss was just as hot! It wasn’t long till his hands were working on her breasts, stopping just long enough to rub across her stomach and legs. They were still dressed and it was killing me. Building up to the moment was well worth the wait as I saw Danny unbutton her pants and explore my wife’s pussy. Sandy was first to remove her shirt and bra but Danny followed shortly with his own shirt. Sounds of wet kisses made their way to me as Danny continued using his mouth on her lips and sucking her nipples. I could see Danny unbutton his shorts and the sound of his belt rattling made me nearly cum! Soon Sandy pulled her pants off, just leaving her black panties on but again,Danny removed his shorts as if they were in a game of “simon says”. Panties and underwear were the next to hit the floor. Now my wife laid naked with another man and I was grateful they hadn’t turned off the TV. The dim light of the movie allowed me to see Danny again play with Sandy’s pussy, sinking a finger in her wet hole. Sandy gasped, moaned and whelped as Danny’s finger sank inside her, making me wanting to burst. Sandy spread her legs wide, giving Danny total access to her pussy. I admired Danny for being able to keep up the kiss, Sandy was clearly horny to the max at this point and I knew soon he would be inside her. Sandy rolled atop Danny, her wet snatched pressed against Danny’s hard cock as they continued to kiss. Danny reached into his shorts that were still on the bed and pulled out a condom. Sandy raised herself above him as he fumbled with the condom.

After some awkward work, Sandy sat back on his cock and rocked back and forth. I wanted to cum so bad!!! Danny began having trouble staying inside and the two tried again and again to re-insert his dick. After just a few strokes……………………….He came.

The two gave up and laid together, Danny apologised for being over excited but Sandy told him it was ok. I quickly pulled up my pants as the two got up to dress. Sandy came out first, asking “what are you doing”? almost hostile in tone. “I knew you weren’t asleep” she said, feeling embarrassed that I had not been asleep but watching what they had done. Danny soon left as if he had been “ran off” and I couldn’t wait. Asking Sandy for a turn, we quickly undressed and I buried my face in her stilly horny pussy. Licking all around her pussy, I could smell Danny all around her which made me work my tongue everywhere he had been. With my finger, I began pumping on her opening while tasting her warm hard clit. Tensing and arching, Sandy came. Danny had worked her up and I brought her to a final explosion.

I wasted no time mounting me tired wife. Once my dick sank inside her, I too was like Danny and came very fast. I couldn’t stop thinking about what my wife had just done and it was too much.

Rolling off and laying beside my wife, we talked a bit about what was good and bad about the experience. My cum had overfilled her pussy and after cleaning up, we drifted off to sleep.

Tonight, Sandy has a “movie” date with Danny but I have encouraged her to just go to his place. He will pick her up at 7pm and she said if they fuck, she might call and leave the phone on for my pleasure.

Submitted by: Tom and Sandy - El Paso, Texas


July 1, 2007

Movie Creampie Wives

I’ve had some requests for some movie galleries so I thought today I’d post some real messy ones.

First up is my man Dirty D from Slut Wife Training giving hotwife Jenna a cream pie, little did he know that her present Hubby would dive in after and eat in. Going to be seeing Mr D himself in Miami next month for Internext, we’ll be on hotwife alert watch together lol. Next today is lovely British dirty girl Janey. Check out the mess of her married pussy after a massive gangbang party. Lastly is Aussie hotwife Cathy, catching her Bull’s creampie load in the crotch of her panties. I’ve got an interview with Cathy coming real soon.

Slut Wife Training
Cuckold Duties for Jenna’s Husband - Additional Image Gallery

Creampie Cathy
Check out the state of Cathy’s messy panties


June 29, 2007

Hotwife and Best Friend

My wife and I have been married for 15 years . We are an attractive couple in our early 40’s . I’d had previous experience with sharing an old girlfriend, and had never gotten over the thrill of sharing her with other men . When my wife and I married we had a wonderful sex life, but nothing wild. I wanted to see if she would be interested in doing another man, so I asked her if there was anyone that she would like to fuck, she looked at me as if I were crazy and immediately said my best friend Dave! We kidded around with the idea for a while, and then one night I decided to see if we could make this happen.

I arranged to meet Dave at a local bar for drinks. I told the wife that she was going to have to put up or shut up, she called my bluff by wearing a mini skirt and a see through top with a vest to cover her nipples! We met Dave, and he could not keep his eyes off her. I hinted about her see through shirt, under her vest, and asked if she would show Dave her pretty little titties. My sexy little wife never even flinched , She opened her vest right there at the bar . I thought Dave would shit himself! I asked Dave if he would like to join us at our house for a drink, he agreed and I drove us home, on the way I noticed that my little wife had her hand on Dave’s leg.

When we got to the house the wife looked me in the eye and said “are you sure?” I merely placed her hand on my hard on and said “I love you, go for it” I went to the kitchen to fix some drinks, and I took my time. When I walked into the living room there was my sexy little bride with my best friends tongue down her throat, her pretty little titties exposed, and her mini skirt bunched up around her waist! I sat down and let them go at it for quite some time.

Dave fucked her like he hadn’t had sex in years and while I watched she looked at me and said “Is this what you want baby? do you like watching me getting fucked?” I said “yes , more than anything in the world!” Dave was sweating and and asked if he should pull out because he was close to cumming! I said “No fill her little pussy up” I watched Dave’s muscles begin to tighten as he began to unload his cum into my pretty little wife’s womb!

He stopped cumming and withdrew his cock from my brides pretty little pussy, he rolled over and she begged me to take his place, but I immediately dove between her legs and began to lick and suck the juices from her swollen little pussy! I had her get over me in a 69 position and asked her to push all of his cum out into my mouth! It was the most incredible sexual thing that I had ever done!

Dave saw how much I was enjoying this and decided to join in, and re-mounted my wife dog style while we were still in the 69 position! Needless to say I had a wonderful view of the action! I was licking my wife’s cum filled cunt while she was being fucked.

Our sexlives have never been the same since that night, that was our first, but definitely not our last! Many years and many lovers later I still love my little HOTWIFE !

Joe's Wife
Joe’s Little HotWife

Submitted by: Joe - USA


June 27, 2007

Kelly and Barbi mmmmm

If going out with a hot pornstar wasn’t enough I now get my very two favorite hotwives sending me photosets together with my hotwife logo… So lovely…. Life is very sweet.

Both Kelly Anderson and Barbi are amazing and they spend a lot of time with the help of their husbands finding and fucking new cocks in true hotwife style.

Hopefully see you Miami Kelly…

These one’s are just smoking though, The wonderful and beautiful Kelly Anderson doing some pics just for us all at Hotwife Blog. Kelly you look great with my logo in your mouth… mmmmmmmmmmmm

Kelly Anderson and Barbi

Kelly Anderson and Barbi

Kelly Anderson and Barbi

Kelly Anderson and Barbi

Kelly Anderson and Barbi

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June 25, 2007

Other Approaches

Turning a Wife Into A Hotwife

Part III - “Other Approaches”

Beyond the conversation approach we’ve talked about, there are various more direct approaches to getting a wife started having sex with other men. Participating in adult games is often a first step. It helps to have some of her friends encourage her to participate. This may start with several couples playing strip poker and then progress to some of the more explicit games involving physical contact. Peer pressure mixed with alcohol often takes over and women and men can soon lose their inhibitions. If this is repeated several times, it will give the husband an opportunity to get used to seeing his wife nude before other men. These adult games are available at many specialty stores and on the Internet.

The husband can introduce fantasies in the bedroom. He may ask his wife what man she is attracted to, and even what man she would most like to go to bed with. The husband may take the man’s part in the conversation, and while he sexually stimulates her, get her to flirt with the man in the make-believe conversation. In the same fantasy conversation this should lead to her making an obvious offer of sex. As she moves toward a climax, “dirty talk” can be encouraged, complete with using the man’s name as she climaxes.

Soon she may reach a point of saying that, given a chance, she would not turn down the man’s offer to have sex. Whether or not, this offer ever comes about it not important at this point. What is important for both the husband and wife is to experience her boldly offering herself to another man, and, if possible, climaxing while visualizing him. (She’s probably already done this in her secret fantasies, but boldly saying these things in front of her husband breaks down a major barrier.) Many women find that being able to say these things out loud can be very liberating in itself. In a way it’s a game of, “How bold can you be?” Without turning her off by pushing things to far too fast, the husband should expand these fantasies while, if possible, sexually stimulating her just short of a climax. He may get her to a point of boldly admitting out loud that she would be willing to go to bed with specific men she’s attracted to.

For a husband a good initial test to see if things should continue is to hear the wife say that she would like to go to bed with a particular man and she will no turn down an opportunity to go to bed with him. If the husband feels pangs of jealousy in hearing this, there is some question about things continuing in the hotwife direction. However, if he can honestly say, “Yes, I want you to experience that,” then the couple may be ready for the next step — following through.

Although, because of cultural conditioning, most women find all this difficult at first, if they can reach this point of being openly bold and explicit in this way, they often experience a feeling of freedom. Even if “her heart is not in it,” just playing the “game” of boldly stating out loud that she would be willing go to bed with them will alter her thinking. After going this game numerous times, she may become sexually excited just by thinking about sex with men other than her husband.

Once a wife starts down this road, it may become easy for her to flirt with men she’s interested in, and get and accept sexual offers. For most women being able to enjoy this level of sexual freedom is hard to give up. Before starting down the hotwife road, husbands need to carefully consider if this is what they really want. Beyond this, we move into “the real world.”

By: Dr. Cherry Lee

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Read Part II - Getting Things Started

Next Week: The First Time With Another Man

A Hotwife Was Here
You’re dream bedroom dresser


June 23, 2007

EmmaStarr Europe Bound

Emma Starr Update…

Hi, I will be in Europe in August doing four gangbang’s, boy is this going to be fun. Here are the clubs I am booked at for now,
Look for more info on their website’s soon.

I also will be shooting some content for my website with Gina Blonde. She is so hot and can get so very dirty. I also will be doing a gangbang with her. I will be working with in Europe is Sai Tai Tiger. She is one of the top porn stars in Europe. I will shoot a movie with her and do some content for my website and yes one more fun gangbang with her too.

See you all soon I hope,

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Starr

Emma Star’s Interview With Hotwife Blog Here

Visit Ms Starr Sexy Teacher Here

Visit Emmas Wild World Here


June 21, 2007

Bar Pick-Up

My husband asked me over a year ago what I would think of him if he got off on me sleeping with another man. At first I didn’t know what to think, I was a little nervous about going out and trying to pick up another man. We have been married over 20 years. Well, each time I went out and after each encounter it became easier. Sex was so exciting when I came home I just wanted more.

I don’t go out all the time, actually alot of time has passed since the last guy. He asked about it again and sent me out for another round.

I went to a local sports bar for a few drinks. Several men approached me but none caught my eye. I turned to listen to the band and saw a younger guy sitting with a bunch of friends. I made eye contact several times, I am not gutsy enough to approach them, I figure if they are interested they will come up to me. Well, he was. He disappeared with a buddy to the back of the bar, his buddy returned to the table but he did not. I figured he left, all of sudden he approached me. His name was Mike. He is 25 years old. A young, hot, well built Italian! I usually go for men my age but what the heck, if he’s interested I thought I’d give it a try.

He was actually leaving the bar to go to another with his friends, he gave me his phone number and asked me to call. I said why not stay behind with me? He talked to his friends and decided to stay. We sat and had a drink, I had already had several and he had been drinking since 5:00p.m. (it was 10:30p.m.). He asked if I was ready to leave? I asked where are we going?, he said “I’ll figure it out”. We walked outside and he started to take me to his car, I told him I had a conversion van so of course we ended up there. We drove around to the back of the bar and parked. It makes you feel like a kid again. We climbed in back and started to kiss, it didn’t take him long to remove my clothing and begin to eat my very wet pussy. I reached down to touch him and was in for a suprise, he was HUGE! I pulled him up to kiss him and undid his pants and took them off. He sucked my tits and ate my pussy for a while, it was nice, he was interested in making me feel good. He liked to bite, just enough though, not too rough. I couldn’t wait any longer I asked him to fuck me. We went at it for quite a while he talked dirty to me while he was fucking me hard and fast. He asked if my husband fucked me like that? I replied yes and he said good because you deserve to be fucked this way. It was exciting. We went on with more fucking, kissing and him eating my pussy. If flipped me over and did me from behind.

When all was over I was dying for a smoke! I got dressed, he stayed naked and still a little hard! He wanted to know why I didn’t give him a blow job? He asked please just for a minute. I kneeled down in front of him and took him into my mouth. I sucked him hard, licked his shaft and sucked on his balls. He groaned alot so I believe he liked it. It was getting late, I said I had to go, after all I had to get home to fuck my husband!

I drove him to his car and said goodnight. He said he would like to hook up again and the ball was in my court, I had his number.

We are meeting tonight, in a hotel room my husband booked for me! Hot!

Submitted by: Fancy - Michigan

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