November 21, 2008

Her New Regular Fuck

I’ve always encouraged my wife Jane to fantasize about being fucked by other men. I guess it started when we would be in the car and I’d encourage her to expose herself while we drove alongside truckers. Jane gets so horny when we roleplay. Recently we had bought her a new pink rabbit, to cut a long story short I had Bob, a pal of mine over for a few beers and wine, as the drink flowed I couldn’t help but tell Bob about her new toy, instead of being embarrassed Jane joined the conversation telling Bob how horny it made her. I pushed jane into giving us a demo but she was having none of it.

After several more glasses of wine Jane disappeared and changed into her dressing gown, she sat next to me and we carried on the sexy chatter with me asking her to show Bob how she uses it, my cock was by now hard and Jane noticed how turned on the conversation had got me, she kissed me goodnight and went upstairs. Me and Bob sat and talked when I heard her shout for me. As Bob was going up to the toilet I asked him to find out what she wanted. Ten minutes later I find myself sat on my own. I went to the foot of the stairs and listened, I could hear a whirring noise and Jane moaning. I went up and looked through our open door to see Jane with her pink rabbit inside her and its ears hugging her clit, but fuck I didn’t expect to see my friends cock in her mouth. Jane was sucking his cock and I could see her tongue going all over his dick. My dick was now in my hand as I watched Jane lifting herself to meet her pink toy as rob was fucking her mouth.

Jane noticed me and rather than be embarrassed she became more vocal saying she wanted a real man inside her. I was transfixed as Bob positioned himself between my wifes legs and rubbing his cock down her slit pushed himself into her. Jane’s legs wrapped around Rob as she pulled him close and kissed him fully on the mouth, watching my wife lost in another mans arms gave me the biggest hard on I’ve ever had. As I walked over to them, Rob continued to fuck her and I stood at her head to let her suck me but she was too busy being screwed to bother. Rob was now really forcing himself into her and the sound of his balls hitting my wife’s ass and her cunt squelching was enough for me to cum. Jane then screaming “Cum in me, fuck me, give me bellyache god yes!” Rob gave out a gasp and his body stiffened as he emptied himself into my wifes cunt, fuck I’ve never seen her so horny, it was decided I’d sleep downstairs so I left them in bed together.

God knows how many times I relieved myself as I listened to my wife being screwed royally by Bob. I eventually dozed off. That was the beginning of a routine that would happen everytime Bob came down, Jane’s never been so happy she now gets fucked regularly and I get to watch.

Submitted by: Smallman


November 19, 2008

Condom Drinking Wife

I was just thinking we haven’t heard from Slut Savannah for a little while and I get some pictures sent to me that made me remember what a dirty slut wife she really is. On a recent trip away Savannah managed a successful pickup in the hotel bar and led this horny guy back to her room. She immediately took all her clothes off, bent over on the bed and begged him to fuck her. He wasted no time in ramming her from behind and soon was filling the condom with his hot cum. After he withdrew Savannah reached back, took off his used condom and poured it’s contents into her open mouth. She didn’t waste a drop.







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November 17, 2008

A New Cuckold

Cuckold Place Update

After three years of marriage I was very aware that my beautiful wife had developed into a very sensuous woman.She was a stunning red haired beauty who attracted the attention of all the red blooded males she came in contact with. We were both virgins when we married and very innocent. I knew that the day would come when I would have to explain to Lisa that my penis was really quite small and that I would understand if she felt the need to explore her sexuality with another man or men.

As we lay in bed I cradled her head to my chest and told her how much I loved her and why I believed it would be a good thing for both of us if she took a lover. I tried to explain that my three inch penis could not possibly satisfy her properly and that it excited me to dream of her being made love to by a well endowed lover. I also told her that I would get great pleasure knowing that she was able to enjoy a big cock without feeling any guilt, safe in the knowledge that she had a very understanding husband to support her. She was not impressed and could not believe that I was suggesting that she should cheat on me. I begged her to understand that I would not be jealous and that just knowing she was enjoying the fun and excitement of extra marital sex would make me the happiest man in the world. She still wasn’t convinced and said that it didn’t matter to her that I only had a little penis it was all that she needed or wanted.

Nothing more was said on the subject as she refused to speak about it whenever I tried to re-open the discussion. About a month later Lisa casually remarked that she had been at a reception with her girlfriend Frances and that she had met someone who she thought might be acceptable to me as a potential date for her. I didn’t realize how taken aback I would be when faced with the reality of her actually doing what I had been longing for. “When are you meeting him”, I asked. “Tonight if that’s ok with you”. To say I was stunned is an under statement, I was speechless.
After all this is what I had been wanting for months. I had no choice other than to say how pleased I was that she was finally going to take the plunge. He was not local and she would be meeting him for drinks at his hotel in the city.

I will never ever forget how my heart pounded that evening as I watched my beautiful wife preparing for her date. God she looked so gorgeous, I just sat quietly, watching her smoothing her nylon stockings and applying the finishing touches to her make up. She put on her high heels, stood up, gave me a twirl and said “How do I look”? “Good enough to eat, I hope this guy knows how lucky he is”. I said. With a sexy chuckle she told me that he had phoned her earlier to say that he had never felt so excited and couldn’t wait till she arrived. He told her he had bought candles to make the room more romantic. He hoped she liked Champagne as he had ordered a bottle to be delivered to his room along with a bucket of ice. After giving me a peck on the cheek her taxi arrived. She suddenly said “Are you sure you want me to do this, because as soon as I get into that taxi there will be no turning back”. I mumbled “Please go and enjoy yourself, I love you”. She told me not to worry, although she was terrified of what she was doing she was determined to enjoy it for both our sakes, and then she was gone, telling me she would be home by 11pm.

That evening must be one of the longest in my life, time just dragged by so slowly. My mind was filled with all sorts of images of what was happening at that particular moment, had she changed her mind, perhaps this guy wasn’t very well endowed, or maybe he had a really big cock, was she enjoying it, would he be gentle with her, would she still want me now that she had enjoyed a bigger cock, was she no longer my sweet innocent wife. I began to understand the meaning of the expression “sweet torture”, on the one hand I was distraught and yet strangely excited and I had a permanent little hard on almost the whole time as my mind ran riot.

11.00pm came and went, by 11.30pm I was pacing up and down our hallway at the front door looking out the window to see if she was walking up the street. Finally at ten minutes to midnight a taxi pulled up at our gate and with the help of the street lighting I was able to see Lisa kissing a shadowy figure in the back of the taxi. After what seemed a long time she got out and waved as the taxi drove off. I opened the front door and stupidly said “Where have you been”? I immediately regretted it and apologized, “ I’m sorry darling I was just so worried about you, have you had a good time”? As we made our way upstairs to our bedroom Lisa kissed my cheek and said “Thank you darling for knowing me better than I know myself. I have had a lovely time and before I tell you all about it I just want you to know that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a wonderful understanding husband.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off her as I followed her up the stairs to our bedroom. Her beautiful bottom was just inches from my face as I watched it sway sexily beneath the tight silky fabric of her skirt. My arm was outstretched as she held my hand, almost pulling me behind her. As soon as we entered the bedroom she turned around and gave me a long sexy kiss, then stepping back she slowly started to remove her blouse at the same time telling me to get my clothes off. I have never stripped more quickly in my life, I was naked before she had undone the clips of her bra. She pushed me back on to the bed as she allowed her beautiful breasts to swing free, then with a flourish she whipped off her skirt, and threw it across the room to land on top of my hastily discarded clothes. I lay back on my elbows mesmerized by the vision of loveliness before me. Lisa stood looking down at me almost with an air of triumph, she knew by the look on my face that I was entranced, then, with her hands above her head she slowly danced around the bed. She was still wearing her sexy panties, nylon stockings and high heels as she joined me on the bed, pushing me on to my back and then straddling me with her legs and sitting on my chest. As she looked into my eyes I was suddenly aware of the heat from her pussy and the undeniable aroma of recent sexual activity. It was a curious mix of pussy juice, spunk, piss, perfume and perspiration. I was intoxicated at that moment and would be forever more.

For the next hour or so, I experienced the most incredible sex of my life. Never before had I managed more than one orgasm so I was almost proud of myself when I cried out “I’m coming again”. Lisa responded “Wow, you must really be turned on by your new sexy wife”. During the whole time she kept telling me everything that John had done and the expert way he had made her relax and enjoy the sensation of her first time with another man. She said that the hotel room had been transformed into a seductive candlelit dream and after two large glasses of champagne she decided to put me out of her mind and to submit to whatever John had in store for her. She whispered in my ear that he had a huge cock and that I was right when I had told her she would love a big one. God darling, she said “He was so big, he fucked me and fucked me and fucked me, I never knew anyone could keep it going for so long. When he came for the third time I swear I could feel his cock swelling up before erupting inside me. He said I was going to be his special “woman” and he would service me whenever I wanted”.

Submitted by: GreenMan

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November 14, 2008

Vote For My Hotwife

My fellow hotwife blog readers. This coming Thursday 20th, me and my very own hotwife Daisy Rock are off to The UK Adult Awards, It’s been a mad couple of years in our lives, something Daisy started as a bit of fun to get more cock has suddenly become massive and she is one of nine UK girls up for Performer of the Year. I am a very proud Hubby right now.

But I need to ask a favour from you all. She needs your vote.

Edit: Voting now closed, thanks to all of you who voted.

I thank you for your time and your support and Daisy promises to thank you all personally haha, so hit her up on Hotwife Dating and tell her you voted for her LOL…

Your Webmaster,

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock

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November 13, 2008

Jackie Fucks Marq

Jackie Hot Wife Diary Update

Hi, I’m Jackie. You may have seen me on the blog before, if you haven’t a big hello to you and a quick introduction. Basically my husband whores me out to other men. He shares my pussy and ass with his friends and guys he meets online. He let’s my boss fuck me, and now my boss is whoring me to his clients too.

These pictures are from after my husband met this black guy Marq online and invited him over to fuck me. Marq came over and told me to get on my knees and pull my tits out of my top. He pushed his cock in my mouth and fucked my face holding my head. He gagged me with his cock several times because he liked the sound I made as his dick choked me. He got me on the bed then spread my legs wide and fucked me hard while my husband watched and egged him on.

When Marq was finished fucking me he got up on my face and shoved his black cock back into my mouth. He made me suck his balls and lick his ass as he jacked off. He finally shot his load into my mouth and all over my face and tits. He made me swallow his cum and clean his dick. When he got off me, my husband fucked me, telling me what a good little whore I was and how he loved my sloppy used hole!

I’ll post some more pictures soon,
Kisses Jackie







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November 11, 2008

Pregnancy Risk Poll

Recently received this poll through by one of our blog readers about the issue of Pregnancy Risk and Play within the lifestyle. Feel free to write you answers or post your thoughts in the comments section of this post.


This is an idea for an informal poll on a subject that I and others have touched on. Questions concerning contraception and pregnancy are almost taboo for many in the cuckold hotwife community. Questions for cucks and hotwives.

1. What type of contraception do you normally use with each other?
a. Tubal ligation or no longer fertile.
b. BC pill
c. Diaphragm
d. Condoms
e. Withdraw
f. Rhythm Method in combination with c,d or e
g. Rhythm Method alone
h. Nothing.
i. Vasectomy

2. If the wife has had her tubes tied, is infertile or is on the pill, does she use condoms with other men?
a. Always
b. Usually
c. Sometimes
d. Never

3. If the wife hasn’t had her tubes tied, is fertile and isn’t on the pill, does she use condoms with other men?
a. Always
b. Usually
c. Sometimes
d. Never

4. If the wife is fertile, not on the pill and doesn’t use condoms with other men, what type of birth control does she use with other men?
a. Diaphragm
b. Withdraw
c. Rhythm Method in combination with diaphragm or withdraw.
d. Rhythm Method alone
e. Nothing.

5. As a hotwife cuckold couple, have you talked about the pregnancy risk and birth control issue?
a. Yes, it was a major concern for both of us.
b. Yes, it was a major concern for husband.
c. Yes, it was a major concern for wife.
d. Yes, but it wasn’t a major concern for either of us.
e. No, we didn’t talk about it because wife is infertile or on BC pills
f. No, we’ve never talked about contraception and pregnancy risk even though wife is fertile & not on BC pills

6. Wives who are fertile & not on BC pills, who are you most careful with?
a. Always careful with both husband & lovers.
b. Always careful with lovers but take risks with husband.
c. Always careful with husband but take risks with lovers.
d. Take risks with husband & lovers.

7. Wives who are fertile & not on BC, how risky do you get with your lovers?
a. Let lover fuck me with condom and/or my diaphragm.
b. Let lover fuck me without a condom or my diaphragm but withdraw when I’m in the safe phase of my cycle.
c. Let lover fuck me without condom or my diaphragm and shoot his sperm in me when I’m in the safe phase of my cycle.
d. Let lover fuck me without a condom or my diaphragm but withdraw when I’m in the fertile phase of my cycle.
e. Let lover fuck me without a condom or my diaphragm and fill my womb with his sperm when I’m in the fertile phase of my cycle.


November 9, 2008

The Undercover Lover

I wanted to let you know about a new project I’ve working on this year. One of my best mates Sensi has always been very popular with the ladies and has played the Bull to many hotwife in his time. Sensi is blessed with an enormous cock, it’s just huge.

We party together a lot and so chatting to him at a swingers party where he was fucking wife after wife I approached him with the idea to start filming some of the wives and girlfriends he gets to fuck. So we started capturing his adventures as The Undercover Lover. Some are girlfriends and wives cheating, some are women that get in contact with him via Hotwife Dating and some are models and pornstar friends who we hook up with when their boyfriends aren’t about.

I shoot all the material for this website, so it was a big step up for me from being a simple webmaster. But I love it! When filming I got to admit I love seeing the girls faces when they take that massive length of cock for the first time lol.

Anyway I’ll be posting pictures from the website here from time to time, hope you enjoy. Here’s some from a set where we nearly got caught by this girl’s boyfriend when he was unexpectedly home, we managed to lay low until he was gone before Sensi made his move. She loved performing for the camera and was a total slut once she’d had that black cock. He left her with a messy creampie.

Your Webmaster: Trash






And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here or contact Sensi on Hotwife Dating Here

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November 7, 2008

Wife’s Double Creampie

We met Ron on the Internet. We did the initial e-mail correspondence and picture exchange. She liked his looks but she loved the size of his cock. After a short time, she decided that she definitely wanted to fuck him.

When the day came, we left our kids with the babysitter, gathered the camera and video recorder and we set off to meet Ron. She dressed in a short skirt and a pink halter top with high soled sandals. She looked absolutely beautiful to me and I knew Ron would think she was incredible. I snapped pictures of her before we left as the tensions grew. As we drove to his house, I could tell that she was extremely excited and I could feel that she was dripping wet. He was waiting outside when we got there. I didn’t think he was exceptionally handsome, but we weren’t there for beauty contests. They hugged and we shook hands and he led us into his house.

I took our camera and video recorded out and set them up but I had to use the bathroom. I went in, and did what I had to do and then came out of the bathroom into an almost completely dark living room. The only thing I could hear was slurping sounds. I found my way to the counter, got the camera and turned on a light to find my beautiful wife on her knees, with Ron holding her head in his hands while she lovingly licked and sucked his huge hard cock. It looked so erotic and felt so taboo to actually be in the same room as my wife sucked another man’s cock. She sucked him until he was close to cumming and then stood up and removed only her panties. She laid back on the couch and slowly spread her legs. Ron knelt down between her thighs and lowered his head to her open wet pussy. She held on to the back of his head and he licked and sucked her clit. All of this was turning me on beyond belief. Still clothed he stood in front of her and let her undress him. She removed all of his clothes and laid back with her legs spread and said, “Give me that dick, baby.” I watched, mesmerized, as he lowered himself onto my wife. I watched as she grabbed his hard dick and as she rubbed the head of it against her cunt and I watched as he slowly slid his dick in to my wife. As he bottomed out she moaned and spread her legs wider. He moved in her slowly at first until she got used to his length. She then started to fuck him back and moaned, “Baby, his dick feels so good.”

He flipped her over and took off all of her clothes. On her knees on the couch he moved behind her and rammed his dick back into her. As he fucked her and slapped her ass, I moved in front of her had stuck my cock into her mouth. We both fucked her like that for a while before moving the whole part into the bedroom. I watched as she laid back again and spread for him. He moved between her legs and slid back into her.. They picked up where they left off as the pace increased. She tightened her muscles and came all over his cock. He looked at me and said, “Can I cum in your wife?” I quickly told him to do it, while she moaned, “Yes Ron, Shoot your cum in my pussy while my husband watches us!” He took two more hard strokes, groaned loudly and shot he load deep into my wife’s cunt. His movements slowed and eventually he slid his cock out and rolled over on his back next to her. While her legs were still spread wide I mounted my wife and slid my own throbbing cock into her well used cunt. She came again and then I unloaded my own load mixing my cum with his inside of my wife. I cleaned her up, dressed her and took her home, freshly fucked!

Scotts Wife

Submitted by - Scott Johnson - Florida


November 5, 2008

Hotwife Macy Interviewed

I think it’s time we had a new interview. I’ve been chatting to Macy for sometime now about the lifestyle, she is a genuinely lovely person and one hell of a hotwife slut who is currently marching her way through cock after cock and having the time of her life. Thanks for your honest answers with the interview Macy. Please keep in touch and let us know about your future hotwife conquests.

hotwifeblog: Hi Macy, welcome to Hotwife Blog, let us know where you’re from?
Macy: I am from Down south but live in the Midwest now.

hotwifeblog: What is your age?
Macy: I’m in my mid thirties and just beginning my prime fuck time!

hotwifeblog: What are your measurements?
Macy: I’m not a thin girl by all means, but my measurements are as follows, 38 D-cup , 35, 40

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Macy: 5′ 6″

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?
Macy: I have big brown eyes

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Macy: My hair color is brown

hotwifeblog: Any piercings or tattoos?
Macy: Just my ears, I don’t have any pussy piercings or nipple piercings

hotwifeblog: Describe your personality?
Macy: I’m a happy person. I love to have fun. When meeting someone, I may seem shy at first but warm up to them quickly. Especially when I want their cock!

hotwifeblog: What’s your occupation?
Macy: I’m just a regular housewife.. a “Donna Reed”.. that is a slut. LOL

hotwifeblog: How did you meet your husband?
Macy: I met him a long time ago, and he actually stole me away from my old boyfriend. Matter of fact, he kicked his ass and called him a pussy. So, by all means, my husband isn’t a cuck. Lol , but does like to watch me get fucked by other men.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been married?
Macy: Wow… now we are getting personal. I’ve been a happy married lady for almost 17 years now.

hotwifeblog: How would you describe your marriage and lifestyle?
Macy: I have an open marriage and can do pretty much anything that I want. My husband allows me to go on a cock hunt whenever I want. It’s really a great marriage, and he’s my best friend. I love being a slut and a wife at the same time. So, this lifestyle works out perfectly for me.

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’ve always had natural hotwife tendencies, the need to be with more than one man?
Macy: Yeah, deep inside I believe I have , and that all ladies have hotwife tendencies, but hold back in the fear of what others would think of them. Once, if the husband approves and encourage his wife; over time we feel better about it.

hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle?
Macy: Actually I will never forget it. My husband and I were sitting at the dinner table and he looked over at me and said, “Honey, I’d like to see you get fucked by a couple of other guys.”.. I damn near choked on my food. Lol. We talked it over. Over and over for about 2 years before I took the plunge. Believe me guys, if you want your wife to get into the lifestyle it usually takes a lot of talking to and a lot of communication to get it done.

hotwifeblog: What do you like most about being a hotwife?
Macy: I love the freedom of being able to fuck any man I want, yet have the stable home life and my husband “best friend” to stay with throughout life. I’m not hurting anybody. I’m just being a slut and having fun.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been an active hotwife?
Macy: I was in and out of the lifestyle for about the past 8 years, but now that the kids are older; I’m hot and heavy into the lifestyle and meet people on a regular basis. I love meeting people for the first time. It’s the adrenaline rush of it. So, it has to be a really good fuck for me to do a repeat.. lol

hotwifeblog: Why do you think some men get so excited about seeing their wife or girlfriend with another guy?
Macy: Well, some guys are just plain voyeurs. They love the experience of watching their woman get off. Some are cucks and like to be dominated by their woman and being withheld from sex. So, I’m sure that there are many different reasons for the excitement of it for the men.

hotwifeblog: Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?
Macy: Well, I wouldn’t actually call myself an exhibitionist, except for on the web. But I do like taking some chances here and there to where “I just might get caught”..lol. I’m naughty like that. Just like my husband and I were in the woods the other day and I decided to take my clothes off, so of course he began to snap photos immediately. I got really hot doing this and had to get some cock. So, I told him to pull his pants down so I could suck it. Yum!

hotwifeblog: What type of men do you go for?
Macy: I like nice guys that know how to make me laugh. I know that sounds weird, cause a lot of ladies go for the real hotties. I mean, if I find the combo of the two I’ll let them fuck me everywhere and anywhere they want lol. But, for the most part just average guys are fun for me.

hotwifeblog: What was your first hotwife experience like?
Macy: Well, my first experience was really exciting cause I didn’t really know what to expect. It was with my husband and his friend. He was at the house, and we’d already talked about it. I went out with my friends that night and got a little bit drunk, but not to the point where I was staggering or anything. When I got home, my husband and his friend were waiting on me. My husband immediately began kissing on me which made my pussy really wet! He pulled my pants down and began to lap up my juices. My husband turned to his friend and told him to get his pants off cause we were about to have fun! While my husband was eating my pussy his friend put his fat cock into my mouth. I’ll never forget it. They both took turns fucking me for about 4 hours. I loved it!

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife?
Macy: 21 and 15 of them have been since August lol. I know, I’m a slut.

hotwifeblog: Do you have any bisexual tendencies?
Macy: No, sorry guys… I don’t have any bi-tendencies here. I just love cock.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever tried a gangbang?
Macy: Haven’t actually done the gangbang. Well… I guess I’m kinda lying. I have been sucking off 4 guys and then two took me to a room and then the other two had their go, kind of a deal like that. Now, what I’d like to do is take all of the on at once. One in my ass, one in my pussy, one in my mouth, and one in my hand!. That is what I’d call a true gangbang lol

hotwifeblog: Does size matter to you?
Macy: Well, to a certain extent, yeah, it does. It’s gotta be at least 7″ cause if not I don’t usually get off that much. I do love big cocks though! I have a 12″ dildo that I practice with a lot.

hotwifeblog: Do you have a preference of black or white lovers?
Macy: I actually like both. I like black and white. I just love to fuck strangers and the thrill of it.

hotwifeblog: What clothes do you like to wear in general and in the bedroom?
Macy: I actually don’t fit the “hotwife” clothing where as people would expect a hotwife to wear. I wear just everyday shorts or jeans just like any other average American wife. I may go to the grocery store in some sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Now, I do where my thongs here and there. Now, in the bedroom, I usually just get straight to the point and get the clothes off. If I were to wear high heels, I’d probably break a leg trying to walk in them lol. I really wish I could paint up a hot fantasy for ya on that end, but being truthful is the best.

hotwifeblog: Do you wear an ankle bracelet?
Macy: No. Where can I get one? I’d love to have one so when I’m out and about and guys could recognize it!

hotwifeblog: There are a few places on the web you can buy a hotwife charm. A simple chain works just as well for a lot of women… What is your favorite sexual act?
Macy: Oh my god.. I love it all! My favorite feeling though is a dp (one cock in my pussy, and one in my ass) I love the feeling and love how hard it makes me cum and I shake and squirt so hard. Yeah guys! I’m a squirter.

hotwifeblog: Any fetishes you are into?
Macy: I don’t know if this is a fetish, but I guess it really makes me hot to hear an Englishman’s accent. So, I don’t know if that is considered a fetish, but it really makes me want to fuck!

hotwifeblog: An English Accent hmmm… I wonder who has one of those? lol … What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Macy: Haven’t really gotten too kinky except the oil all over the body thing while fucking, and hey, I’m open to some suggestions. Most of the time, my stuff is considered straight up sex. The kinkiest I believe that I’ve gotten is the dp situation. Now, I’m talking to a guy who wants to meet up with me and while I suck his cock, he wants me to smoke a cigarette and blow smoke on his cock while deepthroating him. It doesn’t sound real kinky to me, but to this guy he really wants to get off while doing it.

hotwifeblog: Do you find most of your lovers and sexual partners through the Internet, clubs or through friends?
Macy: Most of the guys that I’ve met have been through the internet. There are many swingers clubs out there, but most frown upon the single males coming in. Well, it really defeats the purpose for me going there, when there is just a lack of cock. My husband and I don’t do the swap couples thing. So, I just post up wherever I can on the internet when I hunt for cock. Most of the time I get responses like, “Are you for real”.. well, you can bet your sweet cock I am.

hotwifeblog: Please let us know how it goes Macy…. What role does your husband play in your lifestyle?
Macy: My husband plays as my buddy and partner in the lifestyle. I make the decisions on who I want to meet, and since most are strangers, he is always with me when I meet up with them. I know that some guys aren’t cool with that, but that is just how we do it. I figure that he is looking out for my safety, and I also feel that since I’m allowed to play with who I want, he should be allowed to be there. Now, he is definitely not gay, he just makes sure that I have a good time.

hotwifeblog: Does your husband swing as well or remain faithful to you?
Macy: He remains faithful and tells me that he has no desire to be with any other women. He has also told me that this lifestyle is exciting enough for him.

hotwifeblog: Do you enjoy him watching you?
Macy: Yeah, it actually makes it exciting for me! Cause I know he is going to want to fuck me really good afterwards. It also makes me feel really slutty. I love feeling like a slut!

hotwifeblog: How often are you sexually active with your husband?
Macy: He fucks me daily. If I’m not having him fuck my pussy, he’s fuckin’ me in the ass or the mouth. We fuck a lot more now that were are in the lifestyle then ever before. Just about every night I get horny talking to all these guys online. Just the thought of all that cock makes me want more cock. I’m addicted..lol

hotwifeblog: Do you ever compare your husband’s performance to any of the other men you’ve slept with?
Macy: Well, actually I have. My husband seems to fuck like a black guy even though he’s white. Something about the way he moves his hips or something. He knows how to hit that certain spot, and I’ve noticed most black guys do that too.

hotwifeblog: Do you have a hotwife/cuckold relationship with your husband?
Macy: No, he isn’t a cuck ..lol. He’s a nice guy, but not a pushover, panty wearer, or cum licker…lol

hotwifeblog: Are you dominant or submissive at all?
Macy: My husband and I switch rolls constantly.. depends on which night in the bedroom. Outside the bedroom we are equals.

hotwifeblog: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
Macy: I love both. There’s nothing like getting a big cock down my throat and there’s nothing like shaking uncontrollably from having my clit sucked on. So, I can’t really say either or. I just love both!

hotwifeblog: Do you swallow?
Macy: It depends on how well I know ya, if I play with you all the time, then I feel comfortable with doing it.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a creampie from a lover?
Macy: Yes I have and have a few photos of it. It’s a nasty creampie. Quite a load matter of fact. I don’t go bareback with everyone, just a regular that I know quite well. Just like the cum swallowing thing . For the most part, I’m a safety girl.. or slut. lol

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received multiple creampie from different guys?
Macy: No, I haven’t done that yet. It’s like the gangbang situation. If I could ever get something together for that, that would be a good time!

hotwifeblog: Have you ever had anyone clean you up orally after receiving a creampie?
Macy: No, I’m not really into that clean up thing. That is more for the cuckold lifestyle stuff. I’m a slut, but don’t have any cucks to clean up after the bulls.

hotwifeblog: What’s your biggest fantasy?
Macy: Biggest fantasy would have to be a blindfold gangbang. That would be really hot. If I ever get that, hotwifeblog will be the first to know about this.

hotwifeblog: Tell us about one of your recent hotwife experiences?
Macy: A black guy that I talked to via internet. I met him at a Motel room, and I’ll tell you what, he wasn’t the biggest, but it was the best fuck I’d ever had. My husband said he had to photo and video it, and so he did. I squirted and came so hard so many times is was exhilarating

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Macy: Actually, I love to dance. I prefer hip-hop style of dancing. But as far as any other hobbies, I don’t have any because I’m always on the hunt for more cock. I know that seems bad, but it pretty much is my life!

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle?
Macy: I suggest that couples talk a lot to each other about their do’s and don’t and what they both want out of it. Talk for awhile to prevent from any form of jealousy. Once things are clear between the two of you go for it!

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle?
Macy: I hope to continue this lifestyle for many years to cum, since I’m really not that old. Hopefully another 15 years, at least!

Interview by Trash


November 3, 2008

Young & Trying

Me and my girlfriend are only both 18. I personally have been very interested in this site for about a year now since I first came across it but only recently have mentioned it to my girlfriend. I read how people spend years pestering their wife’s into the lifestyle and decided if my girlfriend wasn’t interested I’d forget about it. However after consulting my girlfriend about my fantasies she didn’t jump up and say yes but said she’d have to see. I think this is because she still see’s what I want as being unfaithful and until she realises it’s something we’d be doing together she won’t enjoy it, I’ve explained that to her and she does get turned on by it. just wondering if anyone could leave some comments on how to encourage her a little more. Thanks

Submitted by: Rhys - UK

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