November 23, 2007

Gangbang Party

We have written before but I was thinking the other day and quite fondly on seeing Amber, my slut wife, having her firsts. first gangbang, first black cock and first time being filmed. It was several years ago and I had been talking to a local woman who by the way is a slut also. Well she was having a interracial gangbang and I told her that I would like to bring my wife to see how she would react to it. She agreed although have never met her but we got directions to her house and that night away we went.

Amber dressed relatively conservative and really didn’t know what to expect at all. when we arrived her eyes widened when she saw all the men there and most of them were black. I could tell she was intimidated as she clung on to my side. Idle chit chat went on and finally the hostess asked another slut to join her in the middle of the room where a mattress had been laid out. Well things heated up quickly as the two sluts began making out and playing with one another, toys tongues and fingers. My slut stood on the side watching but not taking her eyes off the action, one by one the guys had their cocks out stroking themselves. The one next to us offered amber his cock to stroke. She looked at it but the nerves got the better of her and all she said was “a little later”.

When the guys couldn’t take it anymore the real fucking began. There were 11 guys there that night and all of them were ready to have a good time. The two sluts that were on the mattress were getting their fill and Amber looked at the guy that offered his cock a few minutes earlier and asked him if he would like to go in the back room. She took his hand and led him with me following - if you think I was going to miss this you are crazy! Anyways….. as soon as she got back there she ripped off her clothes and laid on a bed. before I knew it she had a black cock in her mouth and another guy was licking her pussy. It was amazing to see, she took as many as she could and after an hour or so wanted to take a break, she needed something to drink, so again everyone made idle chit chat but this time in very little clothing. I myself was talking to the hostess and her husband. I looked around and found my wife missing so being the good husband I went to see if she had found some mischief. I wasn’t disappointed, in the back room there she was on her hands and knees getting a huge cock up her pussy and sucking another one off. I don’t think she realized that there was a long line of about 5 cocks that were going to replace either one of the ones that were using her. She looked as though she was in a frenzy and I wondered what type of person I had turned her into.

She had so much cock that night. not to mention the occasional pussy and most of it on film which was over the top for me. Since that time she has done several more videos and each one hotter than the first. On the way home that night I looked over and she was smiling a evil smile. I asked her what was on her mind all she said was… and this is her words. “my cunt is so sore” Well she had one more cock to fuck that night and when we got home….. I fucked her raw pussy. i do not have a pic of her that night but i do have an older pic of her with a reward for being such a slutty wife. Hope you enjoy and I am sure with my type of slut for a wife I will be posting more stories soon.


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Submitted by: Chuck, New York


November 21, 2007

Barbi Sloppy Seconds

Check out this great movie clip from Barbi’s Slutty Adventures, Barbi gets it on with a guy she’s just picked up in a hotel, after some fantastic sex the guy cums buckets inside her pussy, her husband can’t stand to watch any longer and gets undressed and fucks his wife with her dirty cunt still full of sperm. The sound coming from that messy pussy are fantastic. Don’t forget to check out the full clip at Barbi’s website here.

If anyone hasn’t tried this with their wife yet I recommend them to give it a go, the sensations inside the pussy are incredible.

Download The Sloppy Seconds Movie Here

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November 19, 2007

Macy’s First BBC

Here’s a long awaited updated from goregous hotwife Macy from Tampa, Florida.


For the past few years, my husband Brad has been hinting to me that he wanted me to try a black guy. At first I was a little bit reluctant, and don’t really know why. It might be because of my upbringing of white and black people not supposed to date. It’s part of the old ways of the world. Well, after thinking about it for some time, I came to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter about race or any of that. The key thing is to live life and have fun.

There have been many times that Brad used a big black dildo on my pussy and I just loved the feeling of being stretched out, but I knew something was missing. It wasn’t warm and giving me the real feeling of a big black cock. We’d always watched interracial videos together and the more I’d watched them, the more I began to think about BBC, and if it were as good as it seemed. We began searching online for guys, and some were a little too forward for me, so I just kinda let it lay to rest. Little did I know that Brad had a big surprise for me. He had been working with a few guys that he’d become friends with over the past several months (who just so happened to be black.) He had them come over to the house a few times and they hung out, but I had no idea what he was planning. I thought all three of the guys were nice. Lamar, Chuck, and Mike.

Anyway.. one night I had to go to the grocery store, and I told Brad that I would be back in a little while. When I got home, Brad and his buddies were all sitting around watching T.V. I was a little surprised cause I didn’t expect anyone to be coming over.

All the guys were pretty nice looking, and to be honest with you… I never expected that they would be interested in me. As I walked over to go into the kitchen Brad spoke up and said, “Honey,… I told them about our lifestyle”… (a sudden struck of fear and excitement come over me).. I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there in the kitchen with them in the other room. He yelled out again… “Did you hear me?”.. I just spoke out.. “yeah, I heard you”. Brad walked in, and I just looked at him. He said, “It’s cool, they’ve known for a few months now. Would you be interested in partyin’ with them tonight?” I said… “let’s just take it easy and see what happens.” Mike was the Bigger guy of the bunch, and spoke from the other room. Hey Brad, “You care if we throw on some music, man?” “Nah,… I don’t care.”

I walked in, and they said.. “Hey Macy.. won’t you dance for us?”. I was a little embarrassed about the situation, but I loved to dance. S,.. I did. they all started to talk about how good I looked dancing. So, All of my inhibitions went away, and I began to strip. Mike began to feel on my clit and it made me so fuckin’ horny. I was ready to do all of them right there. I got on my knees began to suck them all off. I wasn’t disappointed with any of their cock sizes. I don’t think any of them had below 9″. We fucked for hours on end, and I was double penetrated many times over. I plan on doing many BBC’s in the future. After they were done, we ended it with them splattering their hot cum all over my mouth and ass! Black cock is fun to have..and I wouldn’t stop for the world.

You can continue reading about my adventures on my website here. Thanks again for letting me share my stories with you.

Fucks and Kisses.





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November 17, 2007

Gabbi Gets Gangbanged

Black Bachelor Diary Update:

Its been a long ass summer and it has been a while since I have seen many of you guys! Why? Because my homies and I have been having so much fun fucking our new busty white slut wife, Gabriella! This 40FF whore is from Ohio and had never been gang fucked by a group of black dudes. Until she met me! LOL!

Checkout the nasty pass around pictures from our Sunday afternoon New York City fuck fest! Gabbie tookd 9 different dicks like a good whore wife who has never been satisfied! My friends enjoyed dropping load after load down her cum hungry mouth! Husbands if your wife has never been passed around by a group of monster cock servers in the New York City area, drop me a line and we will give her the nastiest cum shower of her boring ass married life!

Your know where to find us!

Black Bachelor






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November 15, 2007

Submit Your Stories

Calling all hotwife lifestylers, we need your stories and wife images here on hot wife blog, if you’d like to see your own story on here and get feedback comments from readers, please Submit them here and tell us about yourself, a lifestyle observation, your fantasties, an experience, anything horny…

Hotwife Blog
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November 13, 2007

Jackie Ultimate Hotwife

Here’s a video clip update from one of the most popular wives featured here Jackie This clip is part of a series when Jackie goes to some extra special effort to look stunning to try and seduce one of her husbands business acquantences John. During a business meal with her husband and John, Jackie turns up unexpectedly looking drop-dead gorgeous. “Hope you don’t mind me joining you guys?” she says “Not at all!” John states. Jackie then sits down and gets to work with flirting with John, making sure he gets a great view of her fine breasts through her dress, occasionally touching his leg under the table and then during dessert slipping him a note with the words “I must see you later”. John looks like he’s going to explode with hornyness but makes sure when visiting the bathroom after dessert he writes his room number on the paper and slips it back to Jackie when he gets back to the table.

Little does John know that Jackie’s husband has seen the whole thing and has had a raging hard-on throughout the whole meal watching his wife covertly seduce John. He gives them a good half hour before he decides to join them upstairs. In that time, Jackie has confessed all and gotten John to allow Hubby to come up and watch and get some hot footage on camera.

Well here’s a snippet from the movie. Enjoy…

Jackie from My Hot Wife.

Video Clip - John makes the most of slut wife Jackie

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November 11, 2007

Lynn’s First Time

Well in a hope to capture a little of the experience and remember it fully I thought Id write our first experience down .. .. ..

I had begun dating this woman and within the first month we had totally let down our inhibitions and were being totally honest with each other which opened many doors. She told me about how her ex and her had a 4-some with 2 of his male friends while he video taped, she told me about her first bi-sexual (and only) experience. I told her about how I really enjoyed watching my ex wife have sex with other guys 4 or 5 times while I videoed it, how I really enjoyed her dressing up and going out and getting cock (that only occurred twice but it was very hot.) We totally started out being very honest which really laid the ground work for a great mutual relationship. As she put, what woman wouldn’t like to have her sexual freedom to do other guys.

So about 5 months after that we decided we would find a male to have some fun with. She had an old friend who is very well hung (Im 7″ but I guess he is just BIG) and she use to do him every once in a while a few years ago, she had no interest in a relationship with him before me so I felt pretty safe in her doing him, plus she talked him into taking some pics so I could see when she got home. So she contacted him and told him our little fantasy and he said yes he would be very interested in doing her so she could cum home and give me sloppy seconds. Well that didn’t pan out, his girlfriends sister went in the hospital and he had to go with her. We were bummed but knew something would happen in the future with him. But as the GF says, it also showed her that I was serious about letting her explore her sexuality.

So we joined a swapper site and got tons of replies. We still hadn’t figured out the “how” we were going to do it but we thought for our first time she would meet him alone in a very public bar. We finally decided on a good looking married male who was more than willing to help us fulfill our fantasies. We talked on the net back and forth for about 2-3 weeks and then we set a date.

We decided we would travel closer to the Detroit area and get a room, she would meet him in the lobby bar at 8:30, he told his wife that he had a planning meeting. Well we got to the room and she started getting ready while I took pics of her “before”. At 8:30 I ordered a xxx movie while she left to meet him. I sat there with my rock hard cock in my hand watching that movie and thinking about what was happening, hoping they would click despite my heart pounding a million miles an hour.

Well at 9:15 (funny how I remember these little details all this time later) the phone rang and it was her. She said “honey, we need the room”. Those were the greatest words I have heard in my life. So I quizzed her a little, so you two are hitting it off, you sure you want to do it, etc. Then she said she would call me after he leaves.

Then I put my pants on and left out the back way to a local bar, Fifth Avenue Ballroom. Well needless to say I sat there at the bar and just imaged what was going on. For you guys who haven’t yet done this or are getting ready to do something like this my advice would be just go for it. The emotions I was feeling went from jealousy to I cant believe we are doing this, in a good way, it was great. It was a slow night so I went over to another bar down the road that was packed. I sat there for a few too, it was about 10:30 and I started back to the hotel thinking it wouldn’t be much longer before my phone rings. I sat in the parking lot right below our room, I remember sitting there thinking how cool it was that up in that room my girlfriend was getting another guys hard cock between her legs and pretty soon Ill be up there eating her like I never had before.

Well I decided to go into the hotel bar and see where she met him, I ordered one drink and my phone rang and she said he had left and it was safe to cum up to the room. I’ve never gotten to a hotel room faster. I walked in and she was lying there on the bed with no covers on, I sat on the bed next to her and asked a few questions then I went to the bathroom and came out and took my clothes off, she knew I was happy cause I had a big ol hard on!!! Later she would tell me she wasn’t sure how I was reacting to this until I took my clothes off and she saw how hard I was. Well I climbed right between her legs and started eating her, then she sat on my face and was saying “can you taste his cum, he came a ton” as she told me about what happened, honestly there wasn’t much telling me about what happened because we were just in the moment.

Well we went on almost all night, there is nothing like entering a woman (especially your significant other) who was just done by another guy, the slippery feeling is so wonderful.. ..

That’s our first experience. Hope you all like. About her friend with the big cock, we went out this weekend and got her a very cool outfit and she’s gonna call him this tuesday to meet with him wed. She’s going to be wearing a short skirt (couple inches above her knee) these cool shoes that we got, they have the ankle strap on them and a nice black, kinda see through shirt. She’s going to get ready here while I take some “before” pics, then take the camera and then go meet him and cum home filled.. .. .. .. .. ..


ps. That was 6 years ago and we are happily married and she is so the definition of a hotwive. Here’s a pic of her.

Kelly Anderson

Submitted by: Brian and Lynn - Michigan


November 9, 2007

Housewife Kelly

I’ve just received some brand new pics from the ever-gorgeous Kelly Anderson. She also told me she sent the same pics through to her husband at work so he could see what she’d been getting up to round her boyfriends apartment. Thanks for sharing Kelly.

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

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November 7, 2007

Creampie for Linda Again

Here’s another update from Dave and his hot wife Linda. After a fuck adventure she often gets her lover to take a picture of her messy pussy as a present to take back for her husband.


I have been married for 18 years to my wonderful husband and been a hot wife for about 15 years. I have always enjoyed men and had many before our marriage, Through my husbands encouragement, I had my first sexual getaway when he sent me away for a weekend to relax and take some time for myself.

While relaxing by the crowded pool in the afternoon I was visiting, this really hot guy who came to sit in the chair next to me. After a few hours of drinks and conversation, the sun was setting and I decided to invite him back to my hotel room. It didn’t take much persuading. We were only in the room for a few minutes before I began stroking his cock through his trunks. I couldn’t wait to get his cock out so I could feel it in my mouth. I sucked his cock and balls until his pre-cum was flowing. I needed to have him inside of me, so I got on top and rode his cock until he filled me up, After I was satisfied I couldn’t wait to call my husband and share all of the juicy details. I have had hundreds of men over the years. My sexy adventures continue today and keep my husband extremely hot.

Hotwife Linda

Linda often calls Dave at work to tell him what she’s planning to do

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Submitted by: Dave - SoCal


November 5, 2007

Hotwife Hooker Fantasy

How many of you men fantasize about your wives becoming a hooker for the evening?

I was a bit nervous when I first approached the door. After all, I had no idea who the man on the other side of it was and I was suppose to fuck him! That is a bit intimidating. I was expecting the worst, while still hoping for the best. I knocked a few times and almost turned around to leave thinking I got stood up, about then the door slowly opened and to my surprise the guy standing there looked very nice. He was a bit scared too, I could tell by his shaking hand as he gave me the $200.

I walked into the hotel room and set my bag down. We didn’t chat instead he immediately wanted to see my butt. I turned around and did an up skirt for him. A smile came over his face and I knew I had passed his fuckability test. I got loosened up and comfortable by starting out with a lap dance. He liked the way I danced and showed him everything he was soon going to be fucking. His dick was getting so swollen in his pants I figured I would be nice and release his snake for him.

I wrapped my lips around his cock and and went completely down on it giving him some deep throat action. I lifted up off his cock and wrapped my hand around his shaft so I could jerk him off while I was still sucking on his dick. I went up and down on his cock for several minutes, and enjoyed every second of it. After a few minutes he handed me a condom to open and pull down on to his throbbing cock.

I was so horny by this time that I couldn’t wait to get this strangers cock into my pussy. I slid the condom on him and moved over to the bed, propping my butt up for him in a doggy style. Since I knew he was a buttman I knew he was going to love fucking me from behind.

He stood behind me and slid his hard dick right into my pussy. Sliding it in and out, if felt so good. It was a weird feeling fucking a stranger, I didn’t even know his name. What a slut. After a while of fucking me from behind he wanted me to turn over so he could watch my tits flop around while he push his cock in and out of me pretty vigorously.

Soon I decided to take some control and I rolled him over on to his back and rode him until he couldn’t take anymore fucking with just having to bust his nut. I didn’t want to waste all of his thick milk into a condom so I pulled the condom off and stuck his dick back into my mouth. I could taste his sweet precum and couldn’t wait to see how much cum he was going to squirt for me. He did have a pretty good load saved up for me, I was happy with it.

After he came I cleaned him and myself up. We still didn’t chat. I just got up and gathered my belongings. He was nice enough to stop me before I walked out the door to give me a pretty nice sized tip.





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