March 22, 2008

Meet Savannah

Time to introduce another hotwife to the archives of hotwifeblog. Slut Savannah, as she is known, is a fine example of a modern Internet hotwife. She’s looks fantastic, great body, superb tits. She fucks her members, you just need to send her an email and she’ll meet you. She loves anonymous sex, especially picking up guys in adult bookshops and visiting gloryholes.

A self-confessed size queen, gangbang and black cock addict, I’m really surprised how we haven’t come across the lovely Savannah before. Make sure you check out the ‘updates’ tab on her website to see all of Savannah’s recent hotwife fun.

Check out this gallery featuring Savannah and two random black dudes she picked up that evening.



March 20, 2008

Husband Set-up

It took a while for me to convince my wife to become a hotwife. I started slowly, telling her how many men looked at her with eyes popping out of their heads whenever she walked into a room. She couldn’t believe how obvious it was. Then I started calling her a hotwife. She had no clue what a hotwife actually did at the time! I would persuade her to dress in mini’s showing hot legs and feet. She would add more seduction by wearing blouses with most of her 36c breasts exposed. She loved the attention!

I finally got the balls to communicate with her future lover on line. We chatted a while. I helped him on how to seduce my wife. We met at an arranged place, classy bar setting. My hotwife and I walked over to where he was sitting and ordered a drink. Her lover and I immediately struck up a conversation about her mini skirt and breasts. She was interested in our conversation, moving closer to us to listen.

Within minutes, I positioned my unsuspecting wife in between myself and her future lover. Within a matter of a few hours I encouraged them to dance, telling her to kiss him, telling her how erotic it would be to watch them make out. She was reluctant but like a good future slut wife she obliged. WOW, one minute my wife was mine, the next I would forever lose her to being a slut hotwife. Later that evening, as I drove around town looking for condoms they were fondling each other in the back seat, listening to them kissing and moaning, my cock was fully erect but I wanted to savor the moment. Finally, I found a local gas station open, how ironic, I was purchasing condoms for my wife and her online lover. I couldn’t wait to watch him fuck her. Once we parked, I gave him the condoms and he wasted NO time. Within seconds he was pumping his firm cock into her hotwife pussy. She would look at me and say “Is this want YOU want baby, do you want me to fuck other men? DO you want me to be a slut? DO you want me to suck another mans cock for you?” WOW, I would’ve never expected such willingness from my wife.

Needless to say, we have had many hotwife encounters since that first hotwife night. But I can tell everyone reading this today, there is nothing more sexier and intense than watching your sexy wife being fucked by her bull stud.

Submitted by: Rick - Midwest


March 18, 2008

Kelly’s Motel Fuck

Here’s a little video clip from gorgeous hotwife and friend Kelly Anderson. She set up this movie for her husband when she met one of her boyfriends in a local motel. They put the camera on a tripod and got down to some good fucking. Kelly then took the tape home with her to show her husband that night. Great clip Kelly.

Kelly Anderson

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March 16, 2008

Wife on the Hunt

My wife loves black cock. Last year when I was out of town she picked up a black guy at a bar and went home with him. Since that time he calls her about 3-4 times a week and she goes over to his place and sucks him dry. Then she comes home and tells me about it. I love watching and hearing about her sucking big black dick.

Does anyone know of a good place for white women to go looking for black men in the Seattle area?

Submitted by: Frenk - Renton, WA


March 14, 2008

Extreme Mia Update

Here’s an update from hotwife Mia Cummings formally known as Squirting Mia, she now has a new website called extrememia.com, she is just so cute, and she loves black cock, make sure you check her out.

Hi guys! This is Mia. These are a few pics from my latest night out when I met Mr. Horsecock! You will see little me taking on the biggest black cock in Texas. Mr. Horsecock has been a member of my site for over two years and claimed to have the biggest black cock, SO………..LOL (with a mischevious smile), I invited him to our hometown for a visit and I was really glad I did! After a 5 hour flight, and toting a 10 inch cock with a slight curve that is thick as a coke can, I gladly fucked this guys brains out! You will see little me mount this massive tool and literally soak him with 3 huge squirting orgasms ! Plus, don’t miss the finish when he jacks off and dumps the biggest and thickest load of cum you will ever see on my face! What an awesome night it was! I do believe that when I get my tiny pussy totally filled with a thick 10 inch black cock is my favorite part of being a hotwife!!!

See you soon! xoxo,

Mia Cummings

Mia Cummings

Mia Cummings

Mia Cummings

Mia Cummings

Mia Cummings

You can check out Mia’s profile on hotwife dating here

You can read Mia’s interview with Hotwife Blog here


March 12, 2008

Starting with Two

I am lets say a lady with a “fuller” figure. At 46 we still enjoyed a full sex life, but my hubby wanted more. He kept on and on about how he would love to see me with another man. This went on for months till I said “OK you find someone to fuck me & if I like them I will do it”

About 2 weeks later he said that he had met someone on the net how would like to meet up and it was arranged to meet on Friday at a local pub. Friday came and to say I was nervous was a understatement. David said he had packed a small case with things as I told him I was not walking in to meet a stranger looking like a hooker. We set off to the pub and at the time arranged David went to the car park to meet Tony. After about 5 mins he came in with this nice looking chap and introduced him. David said that Tony had a friend outside called Alan and he had come along in case we were “no shows” and they would go out on the town. David asked if he could join us. “Why not” was my reply. Soon the 4 of us were chatting like old friends. The question then turned up “Are we going to do anything?”. They looked at me. I just nodded. Tony left and returned in about 5 mins and told us he had booked a room in the adjacent Travel Lodge. Alan said he would wait in the bar. David without asking said come with us if you want. So all 4 of us went to the room. David handed me the case and I got changed in the toilet. He had packed black hold up stockings, black high heels, a see through lace dress and see through thong.

When I came back in the room Tony and Alan were both naked and supporting large erections. Soon I was on the bed being double teamed by these two. I had cock in my mouth and in my pussy. It was better than I could have imagined. They swopped places several times. Then Alan said he wanted to cum. He laid down on his back and I sat on top of him leaning forward and Tony put his cock up my arse. Soon they were going at me hammer and tongs. Then all three of us came together with Tony and Alan shooting their cum right in my arse and pussy. We collapsed in a heap.

Soon the guys left and I opened my legs to show David my cum filled pussy and arse. “Get here” I said and to my suprise he was down on me like a shot. I told him he had better find more guys as I enjoyed it so much, and he has.

Submitted by: David’s Wife - UK

David's Wife


March 10, 2008

Hotwife Blog is 3 yrs

I am very pleased to announce that hotwifeblog.com is officially 3 years old today. It’s been a very eventful 3 years and I’m so pleased you’re all continuing to enjoy the blog and still posting in your stories and adventures.

So for this very special post, I’ve done a re-cap of total user clicks on the wives we’ve featured on the blog and here is your ultimate top 10. Enjoy…

First place: Jackie from Southern California
Read her interview here

Second Place: Emma Starr from Dallas
Emma Starr
Read her interview here

Third Place: Barbi from HB California
Read her interview here

Forth Place: Kelly Anderson from Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Kelly Anderson
Read her interview here

Fifth Place: Raven Black from Las Vegas
Raven Black
Read her interview here

Sixth Place: Amber Lynn Bach from Florida
Amber Lynn Bach
Read her interview here

Seventh Place: Christina Noir from California
Christina Noir
Read her interview here

Eighth Place: Multi-Orgasmic Mary from Portland
Read her interview here

Ninth Place: Jenny Seemore from Florida
Read her interview here

Tenth Place: Sara Swirls from the east coast
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March 9, 2008

Come Fuck My Girl

My girlfriend is going on a Norwegian cruise ship Spirit, March 15-22, with her girl friend. I am looking for someone to find her on the cruise, seduce her and fuck her good. She needs a good fucking. She wears me out. I am pretty good. I can last for hours but she can go farther. She won’t let me bring in “help”. So if there is someone out that can help me out, here are some tips:

Get 2 drinks in her she gets real fucking horny and will party like a wild animal. Her orgasms are a bit different than any other girl that I know. Don’t look for the big “O”. Her’s are like popcorn on a string. She can start getting them as soon as you touch her if she is hot for you. They go on all night even when you are wiped out and laying next to her spent. She will go for another 15 minutes without even touching herself.

Oh and she does not do black guys, sorry that’s just the way it is. I would love to see a big black cock in her pussy but it’s not going happen. Well, I won’t say never, but there is some history there. You would have to be suit tie kind of guy and very up town. That’s just my guess about it.

She is a size 4, nice small coffee cup breast with nipples that are always pointy and stick out an inch. She is 55 and will be wearing a bikini on the cruise. She likes to show off. We do go to nudist resorts. She usually does not wear panties, but will always have on a bra because of her nipples.

You have to be slim (baseball player type body) No beer gut!! She hates fatties. She puts a lot of time keeping that 30-year-old body. She expects the same. You need to be 40 to 65 years old. She does not require a big dick, it just has to work and stay up for a long time. Actually 6 inches is just right. I am bigger and have to watch it or I hit bottom. She is not on any birth control and still fertile so take and use condoms, (hint: you ain’t getting nothing with out one). I am snipped so not an issue. If you can prove you’re snipped bring it. Does a nice blowjob but can’t deep throat so don’t push it. BUT if you work nice with her, she will swallow. (hint: if you are real hairy get rid of it). Get a haircut kit and use the adapter to cut it short. She is shaved and likes bare skin on her and on you.

A SOFT TOUCH will get you everywhere!!!! Even if you are not, be sensitive to female issues that will get you anything left over. (hint: shut your mouth and listen). With 2 drinks in her you won’t get word in anyway hah hah hah) If you can’t dance don’t bother. You do not have to be a an expert by any means, just get your ass out on the dance floor and act like you enjoy dancing.

Now this is important!! She MUST NOT KNOW that I have sent you after her. And I don’t care whether or not she tells me later. I just need the vacation!!

Oh yeah her girlfriend is HOT too. 50, size 12, real blonde. These girls like to party. Now she has a sugar daddy back home but he’s a bit of an asshole, but filthy rich. Treat her like a woman, be real nice and that will probably get you what you want.

Send me your e-mail with nude pictures of your full body and profile to wjjcg2@juno.com and I will send you pictures and etc if I like what I see.

Submitted by: Glen Scott - Tulsa

Click Here For Glen’s Profile on Hotwife Dating


March 7, 2008

Three For Me

Must tell you about what fun we had over the weekend. On Saturday night my husband Derek brought back 3 of his pals from the pub, Steve, Dan and Mike. I was just watching TV thinking about going to bed when they all turned up. They were all a bit drunk and loud and made me fix them all some more drinks. All 3 of Derek’s buddies are familiar with our hotwife lifestyle and I have in fact slept with Steve and Michael at various points in the past.

I brought their drinks through and sat with them chatting in general. I could tell Derek was horny and had something in mind. “Jennifer?” he said “Are you up for a little game with the boys then?” I asked him what he had in mind “I thought we might play a game of ‘Blind Wife’s Bluff’” “And what does that entail?” I replied. He looked at me with excited eyes, everyone was listening intently. “Well, we blindfold you and tie your hands, then us guys get naked, stand in a line and you have to guess who’s who by using only your mouth.” He went on smiling “You have to explore us with your mouth and then make your mind up which one of us it is.” I fell about laughing thinking about the prospect “You’re mad you lot, I bet you all thought this up in the pub!” Now they all were laughing too “Of course, dear. Now let’s get this party started” The guys all cheered and Derek retrieved a small towel and some garden string and proceeded to tie the towel around my eyes and bind my hands behind my back with the string. I sat in the darkness and heard their giggles and the sound of clothes being removed. After a few minutes a heard Derek say “Ok we’re ready, come towards us but you’ve got to stay on your knees.” I shuffled forwards towards them and found myself shuffling into the table leg “Ouch!”. The guys were cracking up laughing at me in my confused state. I changed direction towards the sound and came across another object. I bent low and stuck out my tongue and felt hairy skin - a leg. I travelled down with my tongue and found a foot, I thought I might be able to eliminate Derek as I knew he has massive feet. But it was so hard trying to tell with only my tongue to judge distances. About a size 8, I thought. I went back up the leg and felt a flaccid penis brush my face. “Arrggg!” I shrieked. More laughter from above. Right that sounds like Mike. I probed my tongue around his waist and felt hard AB muscles. Got to be him. “I guess I got to make sure” I said aloud. I went back to his cock and placed it into my mouth. I felt it harden immediately and grow in my mouth. I sucked lightly and after I felt it was fully erect I tried to think back to when I’d last given Mike a blowjob. It felt roughly the same size. I pulled back “I think this is Mike!”. A round of applause erupted above me. “You got me.” Mike said and I felt him step back.

I moved across and bumped into another leg, this leg was free of hair. I knew Steve was the vain type, always getting his body hair removed at the Salon. After exploring his feet, legs and tight ass I quickly moved round and took another limp cock into my mouth and pushed my nose into his groin, no pubic hair either. Just as I felt his cock starting to expand I withdrew and shouted “Steve!”. “I can’t believe it, I was just beginning to enjoy that”, he said and moved out of the way.

Now I knew I was in the driving seat, there was no way I wouldn’t guess Derek by his feet or his dick and if the next dick felt alien it had to be Dan. I moved across and did the leg-down-to-the-foot motion and licked a very large foot. I knew it was Derek but I had a wicked thought - if I shout out ‘Derek’, then the game’s all over and I haven’t even got to Dan. I’ve always fancied him and would love the chance to give him a tongue exploration, so I said “Hmmm, I’m not sure, I think I need to move on.” and I shuffled past Derek and onto Dan, I spent ages slowly licking his toes, feet and up his legs, then I quickly moved my head up and started to lick around his cock and balls. He was shaking slightly from the excitement of it. I then took his penis in my mouth and started to suck and bob my head slowly back and forth, I heard his breathing quicken. The room was dead silent now as I really went to town on his cock. It was really interesting not having my hands to use and it really made me concentrate fully on using my head, moth and tongue.

I was really slurping on it good when I felt it contract and spasm in my mouth and an eruption of sperm shot into my mouth. Dan was moaning now and just kept spurting into my mouth. I couldn’t hold it all or swallow as my mouth was open with his large cock still in it and it spilled out onto my t-shirt. He then withdrew and I managed to swallow what was left in my mouth. “I guess that is Dan!”. There was more of a muted response now as I felt someone come in front of me and another cock was put into my mouth. I felt more hands on my thighs and breasts and my jeans being pulled down, I kicked them off with my panties and laid on the floor on my side (i couldn’t lay on my hands) and parted my legs scissor-like as a tongue started lapping at my pussy, I continued to suck on the cock not knowing who’s it was. I then felt the guy licking my pussy move up behind me and slide his cock into my soaking pussy. Another pair of hands massaged my nipples through my t-shirt. I was so turned on with the hot game we’d been playing I was dripping juices down over my thigh. I groaned and felt myself cumming. In the blackness behind my blindfold, I saw amazing colors dance across my eyes as I orgasmed hard. Then all of a sudden I was aware of a hot fluid hitting my cheek and across the front of the towel, someone else was cumming on my face. I felt a third heavy stream of cum come to rest laying over my hair. Whoever was fucking me must have had his own orgasm triggered by seeing my facial and I felt him spurt deep inside me.

After a few minutes of getting my breath back I felt the spent cock from my pussy being removed and I realized I just had to continue to lie there as I could use my hands to even get me in a seated position. “Anyone going to get me up, then?” I felt someone untying my blindfold and my eyes started to adjust to the light. Steve, Dan and Michael were already dressed, I had no idea who had just fucked me or had cum on my face. I saw Derek still was naked. “I’ll just see the boys out” he said. They all said their goodbyes and I heard the front door being closed behind them.

Derek came back into the room and I noticed he was fully erect. I was still on my side. He spoke to me “After you guessed Dan I just sat back and watched the boys have their fun with you. It was truly amazing. You are a wonderful wife Jennifer” and with that he reached down and scooped me up into his arms and proceeded to carry me upstairs. “Derek!” I complained “I need to get cleaned up.” “I’ll be taking care of that” he said as he carried me through to the bedroom…


March 5, 2008

New Hotwife Galleries

It’s about time we had some new galleries up on the blog. First one is the always yummy Desirae, she always looks fantastic taking a hard cock. Lastly is an image gallery from Cuckold Me Now. If you want cuckold themed movies containing real creampie eating then check them out, great stuff.

Desirae having some afternoon cock while Hubby’s at work

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