February 12, 2010

Daisy and Barbi

Well here’s something I wasn’t expecting. To see my own girlie Daisy sat next to the incredibly Slutty hotwife Barbi Sinclair both wearing my t-shirts and hotpants and looking like heaven on earth. Barbie had emailed me that day with some new pictures and mentioned she had just moved to Las Vegas, I could not believe it as we happened to be visiting there for a few days. We quickly arranged to meet up and plan some naughtiness.

This was taken a few hours before Daisy and Barbi had an intimate shower together and then a night out on the town together. Yes, together! Lock up your husbands and sons lol..

That reminds me, will post the shower pics soon!!

It was a wild night in the bars and clubs, the girls getting so much attention dancing away and flaunting their bodies to a sea of hot blooded males. Daisy had a few kisses in some dark corners of the clubs and even managed to blow a guy in a toilet cubicle. Barbi had a few hot grinding dances with some guys on the dancefloor and snatched a guy and took him home from outside the club while we were waiting for our car to be brought round. Nothing beats a night out on the town and the mystery of cuckold fun it can bring.

Daisy and Barbi

Daisy and Barbi

Daisy and Barbi

Daisy and Barbi

Daisy and Barbi

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February 10, 2010

Cheating Wife

There are some real gems of some blogs out there. I love coming across new and interesting writers covering the niche we all love. Recently I’ve become really interested in hearing stories from women that cuckold their husbands without their knowledge. Lots of people within the hotwife lifestyle do not like it, obviously because of the huge betrayal of trust involved in playing like this. I myself find this an incredible turn-on and know I’m not alone in loving these women that take the risks of satisfying their sexual appetite outside of their marriage and the lengths they go to to keep it hidden from their husbands. I’ve always loved the thought of being in a relationship and my woman cheating on me and then me somehow finding out later, maybe even without her knowing I found out. Then playing the game of ‘has she?’ ‘hasn’t she?’ each night she comes home… Why is it so appealing? Maybe because it’s so morally wrong it becomes a turn-on to some… The sexual mind mystifys me sometimes.

Anyway on to the post of the day and one such women Amelia writes a blog on her infidelities, thoughts, observations and her life as a cheating wife.


I love my hubby dearly… but I still see other men… this NOT a place for evangelists against cheating… this is for others, women and men like myself who are sometimes a little perplexed that society says you can have either one or the other.

A few years back I went through a periods of dating a lot more indiscriminately than I do now. I felt pretty invulnerable and my job at the time ensured that I was away on business fairly often. Hotels are interesting places, something like a place between the real worlds people come from. You know you will leave this place and everything that was done will be recycled like the bed linen. Men are much more confident and a woman traveling alone is, well, not short for attention. You still can’t forget there’s a world out there though, so there is some degree of skill required in pulling of a one night stand. I might not have followed all the tips I give but this is what I learned:
a) Single men are generally a NO. They are not taking the same risks as you, period.

b) Joining a group of men at a hotel for drinks. Generally its not a good idea. If they are friends they will talk about it. Even if they are not the chances are it will be pretty obvious to the group. The more people involved the greater the risk and the chances are you will forget their faces but imagine how dangerous it could be if they saw you again in public. It is possible to mingle with a group but you have to keep things discreet. The right type of man is essential.
c) The right type of man. There are two safe types in my opinion. Firstly the serial cheater, he is older and not as blatant as amateur potential suitors. He’s usually a senior person in a company. He’s done this a lot and he knows the rules. Second is the man who is the exact opposite. He is not going to tell anyone and is as fearful that he might be caught. The men between these extremes are dangerous, they don’t hold enough value in their marriages to be careful enough and they are not experienced enough to play in the same league as the serial cheater.
d) Don’t be silly and carry identifying stuff around. You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget a conference badge. My advice is to make a clear separation between work and play. Go back to your room, freshen up and leave work behind.
e) Foreigners can be the ideal. On the positive side, if they are regular travelers, they are even more experienced. They will be leaving your country! And often they don’t have a group of friends tagging along. On the downside be careful for abusive men. I’ll expand on this further. The reason I stopped, and very quickly, having one night stands was because of one bad incident. Remember I said I felt invulnerable, well that’s a lie and you need to be aware of it. You are not invulnerable, in fact you are a lot more vulnerable than a single woman. My escapades ended when a man got abusive with me. I met him the first night I was away on business and went to his hotel. He was great, the experienced serial cheater. Night two was wonderful as well. On the third and last night he became rougher. His real self came out and he told me he knew I couldn’t tell anyone. He was right! Please be careful of this.
f) His room or yours? I’m still of the belief that going to his room is better.
g) Stay the night? It’s totally dependent on if you can and it feels right. It can mean that you have to get up extra early, but you know what, good morning sex can get rid of morning grumpies.

That’s my contribution, nothing based on research, just my opinions. I’d love to get your ideas.

Now the point of this blog was to complete Sometimes …

Sometimes its never as good as it was and then it wasn’t that great to start with. Last year I went on a business trip which meant a night away. Sometime during the day I had too much time on my hands and not willing or up to flirting with someone new, I decided to call a man I’d met a few times about 4 years ago. I’d met him at a conference initially. He’s the second type, very devoted husband and super careful about everything and one of the few men I took to my hotel room. I tracked down his number and still acting out of idleness called him at his work.

He was shocked that I’d called and despite the years that had gone by and that we’d been together a few times, he was still cutely nervous but obviously excited to meet. Obviously.

He wasn’t able to come to me late so I had to skip dinner at my normal time (yes its an issue) and he came to me at about 7pm.

I’d love to say it was an epic fuck but sadly there isn’t much to write about. I guess in my mind I thought it would be better and I probably made the past seem better than it was. Or maybe I’ve changed and even though I understood and even enjoyed the nervousness and clumsiness when we first met, he is simply not the kind of man I could date any more.

Sometimes … we can’t go back


Submitted by: Amelia - My Married Life


February 8, 2010

Savannah tied and used

Hot wife Slut Savannah Diary Update.

I love being a hotwife and a slut but sometimes I just want to be tied up and fucked hard. I fantasy about a big group of guys. They call up and order me to dress up real slutty and get over to their place, getting Hubby to drop me off. Once I’m there they tie me to the bed, gag me before proceeding to fuck my mouth and then take what ever holes they want. I always fantasies that they are calling me a slut and a whore while they are talking about my cunt. They spend hours using me taking turns until they fill every hole up with cum.

They then keep me tied up, put an overcoat on me, take me out and drive me home. I am left outside my house still all messy with their cum drying on and in me, still tied up and smelling like well used slut. My Hubby then gets a text that I’m home.

I love these pics I took, they got me hot getting ready to be fucked by some strangers.





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February 6, 2010

How It All Began

How It All Began - Email from a UK reader of the blog.


I first checked out hotwifeblog.com a year ago after reading an interview with the exquisite Daisy in a couples magazine. During the interview she referred to the site as a good place to go for erotic true stories. Well, she would, wouldn’t she? But, hey! I’m very glad she did.

Given that I am married to a shameless slut who has been cuckolding me for twenty years, it will come as no surprise that I have read the regular submissions to the site with great interest. Many of the scenarios described and feelings expressed are, of course, familiar to me.

As an avid diarist and record keeper, I am able to convey the details of my life as a trollop’s husband with great precision. So here’s some background and a few stat’s.

We have been married for twenty-nine years. Prior to our marriage we had been an item for three years. During those three years and for the first nine years of our marriage she never had sex of any kind with any other man. (Believe me, I would have come to know by now had it been otherwise.) Two years into our marriage I first suggested to my wife that she might enjoy having an extramarital affair. (The thrill of being a cuckold has been my greatest sexual turn-on since some experiences involving a previous girlfriend back in my teens. But more of that later, perhaps.) My wife thought the notion so preposterous that she couldn’t even be said to have been shocked. I revisited the same theme now and again over the ensuing years. At some point, naturally, she came to realise I was serious. Knowing full well that I am pretty unconventional in many respects, she still was not shocked. Nevertheless she remained reluctant. More than reluctant. Immovably opposed to the idea. As a result, my occasional attempts to cajole her were scarce and, I suppose, resignedly half-hearted. Then, seven years into this fitful and unpromising campaign, I had a piece of luck.

My wife became very friendly with one of her work colleagues, a girl some few years younger than us. The young lady was quite ambitious and thought herself to be in a dead-end job. I happened to have an executive vacancy in my company which seemed to suit her and for which she was suited. I interviewed her and took her on. She turned out to be quite a gem and soon became a valuable deputy of mine. We also became very close friends. We never had a sexual relationship but we were very open with one another on a personal level and she was fascinated by my frustrated desires regarding my wife’s promiscuity - or, rather, the lack of it. The two women continued to be good friends but the three of us very rarely met up all together. These were two quite separate relationships. And there was no hidden agenda in that. It’s simply that one, albeit very close, was very much work-based, while the other, although originally work-based, was now entirely social.

One day, in the office, during one of our occasional conversations regarding my cherished fantasy, our mutual friend decided to ’spill some beans’. She had hinted to me on previous occasions that maybe my wife was not as rigorously faithful as I believed her to be. But this opinion was always voiced in such a way as to suggest an intuition, rather than anything she actually knew for certain. Now she chose to give me some proof. A few days earlier the two of them had been out on the town and evidently ended up ‘well-oiled’. Tongue loosened by the booze, no doubt, my wife had confessed to some events which had occurred a few weeks earlier on another boozy evening when she and a few of her colleagues had hit a wine-bar after work and it had turned into a lengthy session.

I knew exactly the evening that she was referring to and remembered it, from my point of view, quite well. My wife had been given a lift home by one of her bosses, a hunky, bespectacled New Yorker in the ‘Clark Kent’ mould - highly intelligent, very successful in business, very confident and a thoroughly personable guy whom I had met briefly once or twice before. She had invited him in for a coffee. It was about midnight and I was on the verge of going to bed but stayed up to have a coffee with them. We had chatted about nothing much in particular for about half an hour and then he went on his way. Now, here’s the bit of which I had had not the slightest inkling at the time and which I now learned from my informant.

Apparently, he had pulled his car in a little way up the road a good half an hour before they had come into the house. During that time they had been stuck into a long and full-on snogging session. What’s more, she had made no bones about telling our girl friend that, if I had not been at home, she would probably have brought him into the house and gone all the way.

Those of you who visit this site will know exactly how I felt upon receipt of that information.

It would be overly scrupulous to take the view that our friend was betraying my wife’s confidence in revealing these details. She knew exactly what she was doing and she knew enough to be absolutely certain that she was doing both of us a favour with what she had told me.

Needless to say, I instantly ramped up my persuasive campaign and prodded away at the issue with renewed zeal, extolling the potential virtues of extramarital adventurism at any appropriate moment. Whilst she still did not exactly embrace the idea wholeheartedly, I now found her responses to the topic to be more pliant than before. It might be that, with my newly acquired knowledge of her capacity to be seduced, I was now interpreting those responses in a different light. But I don’t think so. It’s more likely that her attitude to the possibilities had shifted, maybe as a result of that very experience with the boss - however tame and inconclusive it may have been. One way or another, if I suggested that a night of passion with another man could be fun, instead of saying something like: “Oh, don’t be silly!”, she was now coming back with comments along the lines of: “I suppose it could!”

Encouraging, but still noncommittal. And before long I came to realise why. Now that I was pushing the case harder and more often, I was receiving a wider variety of objections. Eventually I think I was given the real one. Without stating it in so many words, she made me aware that her main fear involved the possibility of one specific repercussion: that if she were to play around, I might feel I had carte blanche to do the same.

My wife is and always has been a head-turningly beautiful woman. I found it quite absurd that she should ‘fear the competition’. But I sensed I was on the verge of success in this campaign and I chose to take a calculated gamble. Six years previously I had engaged in a clandestine affair with a woman whom I had met through business. And I elected to confess the matter to my wife at this precipitous stage of the game. The affair had been very hot and, indeed, very intense and I was lucky to have remained undetected. But, after three months, it fizzled out pretty well as rapidly as it had ignited. You may think that my confession, six years on, was a high risk strategy. But I was confident that she would consider our relationship as being too strong to be threatened by an event so far back in the past. And, of course, I knew that her own recent inclinations in a similar situation would have to play a part in her thinking, even if she chose not to confess them.

It turned out that she had never had the slightest suspicion of my brief infidelity. She pretended to be shocked and hurt, but she wasn’t very convincing. Without question there was a new light in her eye. It is clear that she was also perfectly ready to accept my assurance that I had never strayed on any other occasion, before or since. (Which is only fair, because it is perfectly true.) This had the desired effect of bolstering her confidence rather than shaking it. She wasn’t out for a ‘revenge fuck’ exactly. That wouldn’t stack up, given that she knew it was precisely what I wanted. It was more of a case of ‘what’s good for the goose. . . .’

Only a week or so later she went out with a girlfriend to a nightclub. They both pulled. And they both got laid. That’s how the last twenty years of our marriage kicked off. And the game gathered pace very quickly.

Here are the stat’s. During the course of those twenty years I have had sex with seven women other than my wife (two of them at swingers’ parties, four of them as a result of at-home wife-swapping evenings with other couples and one ‘visiting massage’ which my wife kindly bought me for my birthday a few years back). Over the same period of time my wife has fucked one hundred and fifteen different guys. Some of them regular, long-term lovers, others one-night stands. And that doesn’t include the four clients whom she serviced whilst working as an escort for a couple of months. (We didn’t need the money. It was just for the fun of it.) If you add those, and the six boys with whom she had sexual relationships before we met, plus me, that gives her a grand total of 126 men inside her. So far.

We are now just into our fifties and my wife’s enthusiasm for cock and insistence on variety show no signs of abating.

I have many diary entries in which comprehensive details of my wife’s activities are recorded and, should there be some interest from other visitors to the site, I would be happy to share these with the hotwife community. Such as the time when, after she’d picked up some bloke in a bar and brought him home, I peered round the edge of the door to my study to see them just inside our bedroom doorway at the other end of the landing, french kissing, her skirt hitched up, his hands all over her arse and her blouse completely undone, indicating that he’d already been at her fabulous tits. Or the time when we’d had a friend of ours over to dinner and I brought some after-dinner drinks into the living room to find her whispering and giggling into his ear on the sofa, eventually looking at me through eyes already misting over with lust and saying: “Sorry! We’re leaving you!”, before whisking him off upstairs for the night. Or the time when, by prior arrangement, three fit Greek lads burst through the front door, tied me to a chair, tore my wife’s dress and knickers to shreds and proceeded to do her in all holes, eventually finishing her off with a torrential bukkake. Or the time when. . . but I’m running ahead of myself. Let me know what you think.

Submitted by: Hornwearer - Herts, UK


February 4, 2010

Jinxypie fucks a member

Another lucky member gets to grips with the delicious married slut Jinxypie. I have watched many of her movies and I just love the way this horny wife really involves herself with her Bull. She gives herself to him and the passion just oozes out of the screen when you look at her fucking.

Please keep sending your pictures Jinxypie, you light up this blog every time you appear… Stay slutty..







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February 2, 2010

Girlfriend Loving it

Cuckold Place Update

I have been cucked and girlfriend is loving it

I am a 28 year old man, my girlfriend is 27 (pics of her here). Been together 7 and 1/2 years and talked about cuckolding and her being able to fuck whoever she wants for a long time. Last May she finally decided to try it. She met a man in his early 40s with money and a big dick (she says it was big) I’m not sure it was any different than me. My dick’s, from what I’ve seen is average 6″ long and a tick over 5″ round. Anyway she would meet with him anywhere between once or twice a week to have some fun and she acted like she enjoyed it.

She didn’t really like the guy it was just sex so she ended things with him in early August. She went without a lover until about 4 weeks ago which would be the end of December. She met a man who’s 31 and their companies do business together so she’s known him for a while I guess. I’ve met the guy and he’s nothing special as far as looks go or anything so I was surprised the day she told me she had been thinking about fucking him. She actually started talking about him back in October and it took 2 months for her to get up courage to let him know she wanted to fuck him (I helped encourage her).

The first time she went to his house she ended up spending the night with him. I was suprised because with the first guy she would just go for 2-3 hours and be home. I laid awake all night wondering what was going on and she finally called me at 5:15 am and told me she fell asleep with his dick in her no less and that she would call me when she woke up. She said when she hung up the phone they fucked again and went to sleep around 6 am. I didn’t hear from her till about 1pm the next day. So, laying there that long not knowing was torture, my dick hurt I beat it so much.

She finally told me that he had a very big dick and I honestly don’t know what very big is to her but she said she loved it and that it was the best sex she’d ever had in her life. Hmm I was happy for her but at the same time was like shit, I’ll never get any anymore. So after that night she has told me she loves sex now, before she would have sex with me and we’d do stuff but she didn’t really think about it, I always had to bring it up. Now she can’t stop thinking about his huge cock (as she calls it) and how he can fuck and fuck and fuck until she can’t go anymore. She seen him every other day for the past two weeks and she’s there no less than 6 hours everytime. I just wanted to share a little bit about us. If anybody wants to comment or ask questions I’d love to talk about it. I have posted some pics of her, her pussy before she met this guy, and her pussy after she’s been fucking him. They are all cell phone pics she sends me so they are not the best quality. Oh yeah, she has her nipples and clit pierced which you’ll see in pics and if you knew this girl you would never in a million years think she’d be into any of this. I think that makes it hotter.

Check out her pussy pictures here and some more about us

Submitted by: dick015


January 31, 2010

Oasis Slumber Party

Hotwife Oasis diary update.


Have you guys ever heard of “Slumber Parties”? They’re kind of like Tupperware parties except that instead of storage containers the hostess is selling lingerie and sex toys. I went to a party one of my girlfriend’s had, and I had so much fun that I signed up to host one of my own! You can invite just the girls or you can invite couples, and of course I invited couples.

The Slumber Party rep got to my house a couple hours before the party was due to start, and she brought all her equipment with her. Toys, lubes, lingerie, even a sex swing. She set up her wares in the livingroom as I was putting the finishing touches on the appetizers and liquor I was going to serve. When the guests had all arrived (I invited six couples) she started her little spiel (they have kind of a script that they need to follow) and started showing everyone her samples. She had some really nice toys - and even though at first there was a lot of giggling, as the show went on everyone got more serious about examining the samples and looking through the lingerie that she’d brought.

She was selling a black latex corset that looked really sexy on the rack, so I tried it on and I just loved it. I put on a pair of thigh-highs and strappy sandals with it, and showed it off to all the guests. It didn’t come with any panties, so I was walking around with my pussy out for everyone to see :) I’d already decided to buy the corset, so I just kept it on. I threw on a robe and hung out with my guests, browsing through catalogs and the samples the rep had brought with her. One of the guys had been flirting with me the entire party, and he asked me about one of the lubes that was supposed to “heat up” during friction. When I attempted to explain it to him, he said that he should really try it out before purchasing it. He was a good looking black guy, and he’d come as the date of one of my good girlfriends. I knew she wouldn’t mind if I helped him test out the lube!

I’m pretty sure that I shocked the skirt off of the rep when I asked her if we could move some of her samples out of the way because I wanted to demonstrate how one of the lubes worked! I pulled my brand new boy-toy’s package out of his pants and got it nice and hard for me. Then I squirted on some of the lube and rode his shaft ’til my quads gave out. It sure was nice and warm - not really sure if it was the lube or the technique, but my clitty was definitely all atingle! I then laid back down on the couch, told my guy to get himself into position and then to fuck the bejeesus out of me and we’d see just how much friction the lube could withstand! And here’s a testimonial the rep can use at future parties - the lube lasted longer than my guy did!! He pulled out and squirted a nice thick load all over my face.

Each of my six couples bought a bottle of lube that day … and hubby liked it too when slathered it all over his cock after he got home from work that night :)



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January 29, 2010

Wifes first black lover

Wife’s first Black Lover

17 years of not being naughty was broken with my wife’s first black man. I work as a photographer and this particular guy had modeled for me a couple of times.

“I still want to Model with that wife of yours if she is ever up for it.” He said after one session. He’d seen a picture of her in my studio.

A few weeks later he e-mailed me again suggesting that he would love to pose with my wife and that he thought she was a doll. That he preferred larger women over small petite ones! My mind started working, and I came up with the only idea I thought might work. She loves to watch male strippers, and we comment every time we see a performance, “Why don’t they take off the “G” string. Women get completely naked when they dance. Women really do want to see it all and they rarely get to see it.

So I emailed back and suggested that he should him pretend to be a client looking for promotional photos as a male stripper. I would then say to my wife that I had this enquiry at work to shoot a male dancer and would ask her if she knew of anyone that could help out by appearing in the foreground like a customer as he danced. She suggested herself of course, she went for it and a date was set up.

I chatted with him over email some more and we fretted over things we could do during his performance to loosen her up, get her wild and crazy and let her self go for sex with another man. It had been 17 years since her last experience. I told him about her turn on’s and how sensitive her neck were to kissing, and that she would get turned on really fast if he could loosen her up enough to get in some kissing. And especially deep French kissing.

The day came and all seemed to be going to plan. They met and got on really well. I put on some music to go with the shoot. She loves to dance, and they started dancing together almost immediately before I was ready to take the pictures. I posed a few situations, they got closer and before I knew it they were touching and kissing. My last posing situation was her facing him (he was naked at this point) with his hands on her ass. I said that’s a wrap and he then picked her up and laid her on the couch in the studio and began administering first aid, (looked like CPR except he didn’t come up for air lol).

After some more kissing and fumbling with her clothes. He mounted her missionary style and his big fellow entered her promised land, which no black man has ever entered, and no other fellow has been given comfort for many years. She seemed very pleased with his performance as she gasped for air while moaning with pleasure and making lustful facial expressions. He exited and gave her first aid again, they re-entered for a while. I watched in amazement. Then she sat on top of him where they sat for a while resting they he reentered her again and they started to fuck again. She was moaning about him going deeper and his thrusts got more frenzied. I then heard him gasp as he filled her with his ecstasy and I was able to capture his dripping exit and her flower dripping with his cream.

It was a fun experience for her, he thanked me and I let him know that he was welcome anytime to take her with or without me being present, as often as she would let him.

It didn’t take long for him to take me up on that offer. He invited my wife to his home one evening by herself. She was gone for hours and when she returned home with a big smile on her face, it was exciting for me to know that my wife had been naughty with another man, and her vulva and vagina was probably still wet. I saw some light bite marks on her neck and my penis was instantly hard. I was so happy and it reminded me that the good old days of 17 years before had returned.

She would always go dancing with a girlfriend and come home after the dance club closed. Sometimes 2 or 3 hours after it closed. I would be sleeping lightly and open one eye occasionally to see what time it was. My penis would be hard if she was not home at 2:15 am as I knew she had most likely met a man she liked, and was probably in heated foreplay. When I used to hear the back door open I would pretend to be asleep when she crawled into bed. She would lean over and say “I’ve been a good girl.” Then proceed to tell me about her lustful affair. I could smell the man on her body and loved to kiss and give oral praise to her as she told me about her heated adventure. By the time she finished recounting the hot sex with her last lover my penis was ready for action and I would enter her vagina. I loved the feeling inside her. She felt different, after sex with another man. I loved the way she felt, and the way she smelled. In our 37 years of marriage she has had 39 different lovers. Some friendships lasting more that 10 years.

Thanks for reading about us. We live in Portland Oregon e-mail fantasystudies@aol.com

Eugene's Wife

Submitted by: Eugene - Portland, Oregon


January 27, 2010

What happens in Vegas

Today here’s some pics from fans favourite hotwife Mandy. She sent these over to me after her recent trip to Las Vegas. Dressed up like a sexy secretary, it didn’t take her long to prowl the casino and find a hot guy who wanted her mouth over his cock. After posing for some pictures in the hotel room and slowly undressing, teasing the guy she got to work giving him an expert blow job. It didn’t take too long before his excitement got the better of him and he shot his load all over Mandy’s pretty face. Thanks for the pics Mandy!







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January 25, 2010

Opened whole new world

Candaulism? Hot-wife? I guess we are getting closer Please let me know what you think of us…..

This is a real story, it is what was in my head as things happened and what I thought she was thinking.

I will fill in facts to correct the order and time line and things said and done.

We were sitting around our Cleveland hotel. I had put on the loose shorts and an old t shirt, the blinds turned mostly open. She also had her bra off, light white T-shirt on and night shorts (no panties)under the shirt. I had started to rub her back under her shirt and rubbing her tits from behind. I was again working her shirt up with the intention of showing her to anyone outside our hotel room. I had worked it up to her neck in back and pretty far up in the front, I think the bottom of her tits where showing. That is how I lift her shirt higher and higher, up the back first then over her head so it looks like a shirt bra in front. I keep rubbing her back and shoulders, then s l o w l y move around as she gets worked up and ready for more.

Then there is a knock at the door (end back rub) J got up to answer the door (in that shirt!). A friend we met the night before was at the door. He came over to visit and have some fun. He was trying to get us out and about. I was really hard from the back rubbing. He could see we were not thinking of going out this night. I could see that every time J would move around her tits were jiggling around. She finally turned to come back to into the room. Wow! I wonder if J knew just how see through the shirt was. I know he could see this happening. This is why I believe he kept talking and finally followed her in and sat down to talk. He was a little shy and didn’t get many dates to hear him tell it in the bar the night before. J told him we would all go out on the town one night while we were in town, so he could have some fun and maybe get a date. AND here he was wanting to go out, and look at J’s tits. I told him not right now, but maybe he would like a wine like we have been drinking tonight and we could talk about going out and stuff like that. I did this knowing he was watching her tits through the shirt. This gets me going like nothing else!

J offered to get wine. As she was walking back to us, he was looking at her nipples through the shirt, trying to be discrete about it. After awhile I just lightly started rubbing her back with one hand outside her shirt while we all talked and laughed. Then my hand started moving around under her shirt. A little wine and more laughs. After awhile by reaching around more and more, I found I could jiggle her more for him, he tried not to make it obvious. Every joke also made her jiggle. A little more back rubbing one handed while we enjoyed the wine. After a long while I had her leaning a little forward and against me on the couch. (more wine?Yes) My hand now had very good access to all of her back and the front also from around behind. I would slowly rub her back and get a little toward the front, top to bottom while talking. She started to bring her arm down on my hand, not enough to stop me but to slow me down. While this was going on I could see the jiggle in front when I rubbed a little fast. I was getting in a feel on the far side every so often, I know my friend saw or had a good idea of what was happening because he was distracted. I now began to believe he really didn’t get many dates. This made me want it more, so I would rub and move around to the far tit area. Not all the way around, just a little on the side and under her breast. I knew if I went too fast she would stop me. I now saw she had her headlights on. I love this. Boy was our friend liking this, but I don’t know how much of this was evident to my wife at this point! More wine dear? OK I’ll get more for us. our friend had stopped trying to get us to go out that night. He was talking about the kind of women he liked and what kind of bodies he liked the most. I told him J had the best of anyone. Talk wine talk wine talk. About an hour into the talking and wine I started to work her like we had a window open and we were by ourselves.

I kept rubbing her back and began SLOWLY moving her shirt up. On the back I had it about to her shoulders, this moved the front up about half way. He just kept talking and looking. He would sit forward then lean way back. It was at this point she used her arm to hold down the shirt from going up any more. I kept rubbing her back, and SLOWLY kept at it and got more wine for us. Finally she leaned more forward and moved more in front of me and a little to the side he was on. I am now able to rub her back with both hands. SO I did begin using both hands on her back and shoulders, while we talked and he looked and smiled a lot.

Our wine was getting low again and she and her shirt were getting high. I asked if she needed more wine, she did and I did too. I started to get the wine when our friend said don’t move I’ll get the wine. I looked up from behind her and the wine in me smiled at him. He smiled back and got up to get us wine. When he was in the kitchen, I looked behind and he had a great big grin for me while watching her back get rubbed. J was now leaning forward so I could continue rubbing her back. The guys now were in the same thought train. I think he knew what was happening, but would she let me continue with the show or not. While looking at him in the kitchen, I moved the back of her shirt up a little more to her neck and smiled… I now was rubbing her bare back with harder and longer moves that kept her shirt moving up a little more by the minute. Her tits moved a lot and the headlights were really on now. The more I worked her shoulders the higher her shirt in front went up. I know how to make her like the massage, and I did it all so perfectly she would not tell me to stop. (That is all she has to do is say stop) Usually when I start rubbing her nipples, she gets so hot she will not stop me anymore. Just how do I get to them tonight with someone actually in the room

So at this point we have… J in front of me on the couch, with me rubbing here back, shoulders and over the top of her shoulder and down the side of her arms. This make her shirt only on the front edges of her shoulders and around the back of her neck and just under her tits in front. It looks like a t-shirt bra. How am I going to continue? The guy friend is in the chair about 4 feet in front of us.nSo we are laughing and telling fun stories, we are 45 minutes into this. I am thinking hard and move my arms around in front of her and hold her around the waist, I tighten my arms around her and lift a little, this should move her shirt up and away from her . She likes it and leans back on me. I believe this will give him a slight look up her shirt. At least he can see the bottoms of her tits, also nips through the light shirt. So here I am holding her around the waist, trying to figure what should be next. I moved my hands slowly again a little forward and let my fingers slide a little between her legs. This left my little fingers hidden from view. I wiggled them down a little more toward her muff. This is a first for me and her. I just left them like that for quite some time. I think she saw his eyes watching her tits a while back but the wine told her it was OK and kept it to herself. Only moving the small fingers, but feeling a little moist.

She is smiling a lot and looks over her shoulder with the glassy eyes I know so well. I wiggle my fingers and she smiles, more little wiggles and more smiles. THEN a big old kiss over the shoulder, her eyes are closed. I watched her shirt move up a little while she moved to kiss me. The GUY watched this and stopped talking. He is smiling a lot, and watching close. I continue to kiss her and moved one hand slowly (as always to give her time to stop me) around the inside of her shirt. The other hand is now working a little down low, he is watching this with lust. I now need to make a decision, how far will this go?

All talking has come to a halt. I am now thinking if I show a tit he will want some too. OK! this is a fantasy of mine but wow I am living it. My heart is going a 100 MPH and my mind is racing that fast too. I started to move her shirt slowly as I touch her nipples lightly under her shirt but in front of him. She is leaning back on me and kissing me. I am rubbing her tits right there in front of him. As I was rubbing her tits under the shirt I let the shirt move higher and higher, my little finger is helping the shirt along. I am watching him and those unblinking eyes. I decided to go for it and let the shirt go on up. Rub rub wiggle wiggle, kiss kiss. J is gone on her own sex trip now, I have both hands on her tits, but the shirt is a little in the way. As I continue to get the shirt higher above her tits, I glance over and move my eyes to him and motion for him to move over if he wants to get close. He does and gets on his knees right next to her. He slowly lifts her shirt up a little more, I believe she thought it was me doing the moving. At this point I put my hands under her tits and point them at the guy and wiggle them slightly. Then one hand goes low and the wiggle begins again down at the muff area. I again look at him smile and then look at her unattended tit, (is this is a first for either of us) is she counting the number of hands or will she care at this point? Anyway he is moving like this is new to him also and is now sort of touching her tit, then he again moves his other hand to the same tit. She is just looking at me and smiling and kissing. Her hands start to move around and I am hoping! Yes she just started rubbing my dick on the outside of my shorts. He is watching and smiling a lot, then he moves his head in close and puts his mouth on her tit tongue first. Is this all because of the wine or what? I don’t care I just don’t want her to stop him or him to fuck her. She is glassy eyed still and I have a finger in her now, she is working my dick . I decide the shirt is now in the way and I use both hands to now slowly move her shirt over her head and off completely with no attempt from her to stop me, I hand the shirt to the guy. J only has the sleeping shorts on now. and I am back to fingering her through one of the legs, a hand on her tit and she is rubbing my dick. It is like he is not there but he is sucking my wife’s tit!

Does she realize there is another dick in the hotel tonight, I’m sure she knows he needs or wants something but am I ready for that? Is she ready for that? Just then my shorts get a big tug and I lift my ass to let them move down a little for her to get at my dick. She rolls over on her knees in front of the couch and bends over me with her tits hanging by my balls while holding my dick in both hands. The guy had to move out of the way when this happened, he is watching for his spot to open up I think. She is acting like he is not there!

OK so here we are: Me on the couch with my dick out and hard. J glassy eyed on her knees in front of me with tits hanging out and only the sleeping shorts on AND a new bashful friend next to her and about to finger her if she will let him. OH and the window blinds have been open with the lights on this whole 90 minutes or so. J begins to suck on me nice and sexy like I like it. I am grabbing her tits while she is sucking on my dick. The guy is touching her all over but not trying anything yet. I think he saw how that when I always moved slow, she would go along. I am thinking he is the only one with clothes on, maybe he just doesn’t know what to do, is this his first time too?

He has moved to where he can touch her muff and ass, what is he up too. He looks at me and mouths the words “can I put my hands in there?” I smiled and said out loud “go ahead and see what happens” Can’t believe I said that. Anyway J pulled off my dick and looked at me with a puzzled look, I smiled (wondering what I just did). Then she sort of smiled when she felt what “go ahead and see what happens” meant. I could feel her pushing back at him, then rocking around.

J went back to sucking, I went back to kneading her tits and he went on fingering her from behind and grabbing her tits every so often. I had a funny thought here, why do I have to fight for the use of my wife’s tits? Shouldn’t he just let me have what ever I want. I guess he figures he does not know how long he’ll be in this position to have and to hold as they say.

Then…. Hey what’s going on here, he is undoing his belt! I shouldn’t be surprised. There went his pants and now his shirt! While his hands were busy for an extended period of time and not fingering J, she looked up at me then back over her shoulder at him, now she turns a little more to get a better look. He still has his underwear on but there is a cock sticking it’s little head out to see what is going on here. I’m thinking fast about what I should do or just let her have complete say in this. I also now remember thinking “thank god he is not bigger than me.

Now I get a really puzzled and a little disconcerted look from my almost naked wife about the almost naked guy behind her as she sucks my dick, (sounds funny doesn’t it) Anyway while she is looking at me he puts his fingers back in and she gets that glassy eyed look again. We are back on track and I am getting sucked. We are again trying to get the best position on her tits. He wants nipple I have figured out, while I am trying for whole tits. He finally pulls his hands away from behind her and I see him move to the side towards her tits. He is getting under her and is now sucking on her tits from below. I think he is getting a good look at the ongoing blow job. He seems to be getting comfy down there, I see him move his legs close and then slide around and under her. He is pushing his legs and trying to get them between her legs.

So now There are lights on in the other hotel 60 yards across from our hotel, I just noticed that! I have J on her knees and sucking me and almost nude, our “friend” getting under her and sucking on her tits and has a finger in her from under her. He was moving around still trying to line up under her and then she lifted a leg slightly. This gave him a better hand position on her muff, and he is now sliding under her. I can feel her being moved around because of the mouth pressure on my dick. I can not believe she has straddled him, a leg on either side of his waist. He is in position to do any number of things now. He is sucking her tits under her and she is moving up and down on his leg that he has brought up with the knee against her butt.

I am not sure when he took his underwear off but I see them off to the side of us. Holy shit that dick is loose and near her fun tunnel. I am not sure what to do now, but I know what he is going to try and do. I pulled J up to me and started kissing her and looked in her eyes to see if she was OK. She was OK but looked a little puzzled about things. So I kept her up near and kissed her some more, this I believe put her pussy directly over his face. I did not do it on purpose, but her eyes got suddenly bigger. I looked around her and he had his face up in her pussy. I thought for a moment and watched what she would do. She closed her eyes, so I started kissing her again and push her back toward and more on him.

While I kissed her I reach for her tits and he moved his hands away. Then I felt her being moved around. She opened her eyes again. He was getting up and came around by me and sat next to me on the couch. He smiled at her and me, then began rubbing her tits and muff from the front. This was new! He was rubbing her head and ears and then back to her tits. I thought this guy is good. With this big grin on that face. J just smiled back and moved one hand from my dick to his dick. OMG now what should I do? I am thinking hard. I decided to go behind her and fill the love tunnel before he tries to fuck her. When I begin to move away she opened her eyes and watched me move all the way around to her back side, where I smiled really big and began to push against her a little while trading boobs with him in the front. J moved her legs open for me. At this point he started to kiss her, but she would not do that with him, she did grab his dick with the one hand that she was not leaning on and started stroking him again. Then he started rubbing her boobs on his dick and getting them around his dick. He did it very softly as far as I could tell. I thought his dick was only about 2 lengths from her mouth and wondered what she was going to do. He kept getting IT closer to her mouth. She wasn’t shy about where he was putting it, and smiled back at me and then at him. Boy is he smiling now!

I was rubbing my dick on her muff and reached for her tits again, he moved his hands for me and again went for a kiss. When she moved her head lower his dick was right there! J looked around to me and then turned back to him and kissed him a lot while holding his cock in her hands. I saw her eyes and the look was there. She was in the that zone, and knew I needed to fuck her now, so I pushed in very slowly. A little bit at a time while rocking back and forth. She went back at me and back and forth many times. Her head went up and then down, up and down many times then he put his hand on her head placed it at his dick head. (I thought there she is head to head with this guy.. weird mind I guess) she did not pull away like I thought she would after the kiss thing. I pushed and pulled and fucked her from behind.

On one of the pushes, his head went back and his hands where holding her head down by his dick! She was not trying to move from his dick, and I could see movement. J was licking the head! She did that for awhile then she looked up at me and smiled real big. “See what you started” she said then looked back at him. They began to kiss and she held his dick up and stroked it a little faster now. He pulled her up a little and they kept kissing while he had her tits in hand.

I felt myself cumming and watching her kiss the guy and the windows open just forced me to cum in her! She knew and pushed against me. I fell back, put my head on her butt and just looked at them. They were kissing and he had her tits in his hands. J was not slowing down, but I was. I went to the window and looked out but saw no one near us. I went to the side light by them and turned it on before getting close to them again. I was just watching in amazement. She looked at me for a long time then she reached for me and pulled me in for some kisses. She had his dick in one hand and kissing me. I was spinning around in my head. I could not believe this was happening. I still wasn’t sure I had started the right thing here. Anyway we were kissing and he had her tits in his hands. My head was not far from his dick. J was frenching me a lot! Slow and deep. Then she slows down and opened her eyes to look in my eyes for what seemed like a minute or two. I thought she wanted to say something, “What is it?” I said. She answered “I want to sex him”.

I did not get what she meant. So I just shock my head slowly up and down to signal yes. She smiled and put her arms all the way around me and began to kiss me again, she also reached down and began to kneed my dick. So now we are on our knees kissing, and Stan was again next to us. I felt him reach in for tit and her lean back a little for his hands to get in there. She then pulled away from me slowly and turned to him. She started kissing him and fondling his dick, and boy was he hard. She stood up and pulled him up to her. She now started to kiss up to him as he grabbed her butt and muff. I thought about getting in there but waited. She moved him near the window and the chair he had been in at the start. J was in control now. She moved him to the chair and She sat down, J then pulled him to her and began licking the head of his dick. After a while she started bobbing her head on his dick. He was having trouble standing still, all he could do was rub her back when he leaned over. I then went over began rubbing her back and watch my wife give a blow job to this man.

She went on and on and on, he just didn’t want this to come to and end. She then leaned back and tit fucked him with licks on the end each time the dick came up near her. After a while he got down on his knees with her, his erection pointing directly towards her muff and he looked her in the eyes while he pushed his dick towards home. A wiggle, push, wiggle, push, wiggle and his eyes closed. I looked at J and she reached for me and started kissing me while he was sliding into her. Holly shit! I need to be ok with this and fast. She then went back to him and they kissed and held on to each other for the ride he was giving her. Bam bam bam bam is the only thing I remember thinking.

I was hard again but had nowhere to put it, so I start working on it myself. He stopped and turned her over and put his dick in from that angle. Again Bam Bam Bam, her body was bouncing pretty good now. He finally shoved one last time and held it in her while he unloaded in her. Then he just leaned forward and laid on her. Holding her tits and smiling at her then me.

Ok I’ll finish this little bit of the story later.

Oh this opened a whole new world of play for us…

Submitted by: CJ - Ohio

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