September 26, 2008

The Wife’s Perspective

There seems to be something in the air with the hotwife stuff lately, and I don’t contribute too much, I let my Train take care of most of it, but I DO READ THIS STUFF, lol.

Well, I’m married, and after reading some of the stuff that men are asking about how they get their wife or girlfriend into it, I thought I’d say something too, since I don’t think any of you GUYS have nailed it on the head yet.

Speaking of which, am I the only female that actually reads this website?

I think that you don’t make a hotwife or a hotgirlfriend. I think she already was, or is, and that’s how it should probably stay. Otherwise, I’m not sure I could handle how complicated it could get if I were a guy, because we can want something but not really want it and i think you just think we want it and that’s how we should always be.

Train is my master and has been for 12 years. We are not married. I am married to an amazing guy and have a wonderful sexlife with him. But he can’t train me, it wouldn’t even be fun. You can’t be everything to your wife, you men. Be what you are. And take the time to ask if they ever want anything else and be a part of it rather than telling them what you want them to be and do. That’s all I can say, I think that’s the whole truth. There is no magic word or dinner or man that will make me (or any woman) decide to express myself. It really is up to me.

You guys, I love to fuck in the morning, and my husband doesn’t. There’s an example of how he’s not sharing something with me that I want to share with him. How can I then share what he wants me to be if he doesnt’ share what I want to do too? Just a thought, little things like that, we’re not a fantasy, we’re flesh and blood.

No, I don’t have a website, lol, but Train and I are thinking about it. Not a money maker, just a place to share. Anyway, get in touch or share your thoughts.


Submitted by: Barbi


September 24, 2008

Barbi’s Afternoon Pick Up

Back in June I showed you some pics of the fantastic Barbi and where she likes to take guys to fuck.

She’d seen the particular guy a couple of times and wanted to take him out to her favorite secluded spot, so she got her husband to make an excuse to get out of work and come and drive them both out there. The guy wasted no time in making Barbi his and fucking her all afternoon.

By the way, I love those little skirts Barbi, and thanks for the pictures.







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September 22, 2008

Off To Amsterdam

Another month, another debauched trip on the horizon. In the morning I am off with the wife Daisy to the City of Sin. It’s my 4th year attending the Amsterdam web show and it always brings up many hot surprises, like when Daisy stormed the live sex show at the Cassa Rosso and joined the banana fun with the girls at The Banana Bar as well as fucking 3 guys in as many nights in our rented apartment.

Amsterdam was also the first time I met hotwives Naughty Allie and Sammy as well as delicious pornstar Bobbi Eden.

It promises to be a most interesting week… I’ll keep you posted.

The Dutch girls put on a show for us webmasters

The ultimate dutch girl - Bobbi Eden


September 20, 2008

Ready To Embark

It is very hard for me to believe most of what is written on this site or other sites dealing with this idea of a wife having her husbands permission to have another man as a lover. However, I must admit that my own husband introduced it into the fantasies we share during lovemaking a long time ago. I have enjoyed it as a fantasy but never considered actually engaging in such a thing, and always assumed it was just fantasy talk for him as well. He is a strong man, very manly, a good provider and a good father.

Recently we were looking at a public posting site in connection with a rental for the holiday, and in the process saw that the site had personal ads as well. For fun we clicked on that tab which provided many categories, including couples looking for men. I was shocked at all the activity that seems to go on, although I am sceptical that all of them are for real. Of course there were hundreds of ads for men looking to join couples. This experience has fueled our fantasy talk, and I am beginning to think of yielding to my husbands suggestions. I am amazed at his open mindedness about it and the strength of his ego to consider another man having me for pleasure. I remain fearful that if I consent, his attitude will reverse. At the same time, the range of my fantasies has grown and he has not seemed put off by any of them. Some of them are quite extreme, including seeing him giving oral sex to my fantasy lover while my lover is in me or even just as I watch.

He has been very patient, but persistent lately and has also said that he would never ask to have another woman join us, that he really does want to share me and wants me to experience other men. He has said that he will find someone or I can, but that in either case it must be someone I feel attracted to. He has also said he prefers that there be two to four different men so that there is less chance of me falling in love with one. And he wants the man to be clean and trustworthy enough that we are comfortable not using condoms or even birth control. I can hardly believe my good fortune, and am ready to say yes. I’ve only had two other men, before marriage, and the thought of being such a naughty woman in front of my husband has become very compelling.

Submitted by: Caroline - Reno, USA


September 18, 2008

Gloryhole Marion

Check out this great video clip from extreme cum drinking hotwife Marion. Here she visited a local gloryhole with the sole intention of collecting as much cum as she could. A huge stream of guys waited their turn as she blew strange cock after strange cock, even letting them fuck her so she could extract as much cum as possible into her bowl she had taken along. You’ll see half way through the night, the bowl is already overflowing with tons of sperm, so she had to drink it down at various points in the night like the wonderful slut wife she is. Keep up the good work Marion. We love you.

Marion Cum Drinking Wife
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September 16, 2008

Lifestyle Thoughts

“How can you let another man fuck your wife and loved one?” - I used to feel that way too when I first got into the lifestyle. The first time I screwed another mans wife was bareback while he watched. The whole time I was thinking “how can he be ok with this?”

The three of us left the motel together. I waved at them as we got into our cars. We were going in the same direction and I was right behind them for a long time at a stop light. She was sitting close to him with her head on his shoulders. All I could think about was, that, at this very moment “my sperm is swimming around in her womb and would be for days to come.” My cock became hard again. I knew he had to be thinking the same thing and I suspected his dick was rock hard at that very moment too. (For those of you who are into bareback sex, you know what I mean.)

Then the question of how he could be ok with another man screwing his wife hit me. It all had to do with intimacy and trust. Let me explain

Intimacy - Sex is the most intimate act we humans can experience. While this may be hard for non lifestylers to understand, there is an indescribable degree of intimacy in watching your partner “fucking” someone else. I use the term “fucking” purposely, because that is what is going on. Pure, animalistic pleasure seeking fun. You love someone, you naturally want to see them enjoy themselves. Lets face it, nothing is more fun then sex. I believe it is narrow minded to think that ones partner is the only source of sexual pleasure that he or she could ever experience in a lifetime. Some may say that they don’t want their partner to feel sexual pleasure from anybody but them. That sounds selfish to me. Believe me, a new and vast area of intimacy is achieved when jealously and selfishness are tossed out the window and a partner is trusted to “fuck around” and enjoy him or herself. When you are just watching the action you can feel yourself connecting with your partner in a way you never thought possible. Although there are three of you in the room, it is something the two of you are really doing together. I know this may be hard to comprehend for some. Even if the “fucking” takes place with the observing partner out of the room, it is still very intimate even spiritual and can further deepen the bond of trust between a couple.

Trust - Lets face it, we should be constantly learning as we go though life. Learning about the world outside and more importantly about ourselves. Through experiencing sex with others we can learn a great deal more about what makes us tick. For example: How would you know you don’t like peanut butter if you never tried it? How would you know you don’t like a double penetration if you never tried it either? I have never “fucked” two women that were exactly the same between the sheets or otherwise. Each one brought something special to the experience By allowing your partner full access to life’s sexual buffet is both an ultimate act of love and trust.

A few months after I first fucked the woman mentioned above, I ran into the husband in a bar after work. He informed me that despite her religious use of the pill, she was pregnant. They weren’t sure if it was mine or his but that she wanted to keep it. I bought his next drink and asked how he was handing it?

He smiled and said “You are sounding as if this were bad news. Although she and I are a bit surprised, we are very excited. Regardless of whose swimmers did this, my wife and I are even closer. Kind of like climbers who successfully over came hardships to ascend Mt Everest. It might be your fertilizer, but the garden and its bounty are mine”

He invited me over to their place that night. I saw the room they were making for the baby and then fucked her brains out while he watched. We all became good friends and I got together with them several times before and after the birth of the baby until I moved away.

I know, I for one, could never be in a relationship where me or my partner didn’t fuck around. I would miss that level of intimacy between us. Once you’ve had it you never want to go without.

Submitted by: Wads


September 14, 2008

Jenny Dogging

Here’s some great night vision stills of extreme hotwife Jenny picking up a random stranger at a secluded car park. As soon as they arrived at the car park, her husband got out and watched from a distance, while Jenny got naked and waited until someone approached. It wasn’t long before someone did and she invited him inside. After groping her amazing tits while she played with herself, she then backed her ass up in towards him so he could fuck her. She then joined him in the back seat for more fucking until he emptied his load all over her hot pussy. She told her husband how nice his cum felt dripping down and drying on her during the drive home.

Jenny Seemore

Jenny Seemore

Jenny Seemore

Jenny Seemore

Jenny Seemore

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September 12, 2008

Hotwife Date

I met them fairly recently, from a posting on a forum similar to OHW. They had recently met a bull who crossed their boundaries, and were looking for a level-headed guy who knew the difference between confidence and arrogance.

When I saw her pics, I was VERY impressed, and quickly sent them an email with some face pictures of myself, and the husband seemed eager, but I didn’t get to talk to her until she got online. I quickly noticed she was very-level headed about all of this and that she knew what kind of things she wanted to try out. She had an incredible body, and her personality was great, and after talking on the phone, I realized I wanted to meet her ASAP.

We arranged a meeting later that week, and I drove to meet them in their neighborhood to make things more convenient for them. I arranged for a hotel room in town, but we decided to meet at a restaurant first.

After a very long drive, and after getting ready, I met them at a very full, very public restaurant. When I first saw her, I was impressed to see she had dressed exactly as I had suggested (she asked me what I wanted her to wear). She was in open-toed heels, sexy stockings, a VERY short dress, and a beaded shawl. It was all black, my favorite color on a woman. She put up her hair to show off her neckline, and we made eye-contact as soon as I stepped inside. I could feel myself get hard as soon as I saw her sitting across from her husband, with a spot open next to me. She had seated herself so she could see me when I entered.

I sat down and kissed her full on the mouth as soon as I got next to her, a surprise she and I had planned for her husband. While fairly experienced in this lifestyle, she and her husband had not gotten much of a chance to flaunt in public, and he later told us he enjoyed seeing us kiss in full view of the other patrons at the restaurant.

The waiter quickly came to take our orders, and I’m sure he could see my hand slipping under her napkin and hers slipping under mine. I’m also sure the waiter knew I wasn’t her husband. I quickly ordered, not having much of an appetite for food, but for other things.

We further explored our experimenting with showing off for our spectators (her hubby and others). I quickly slid my hand under her jacket (strategically placed between me and her), and slowly moved my fingers closer to her ass. She lifted herself ever so slightly to let my hand slide under her, and I noticed that her dress had been hiked up significantly. I could feel her thong with my fingers and pinched her as she was talking to her hubby. She grinned mischievously at me.

But we also did a lot of talking, and I couldn’t take my eyes or my one hand off her the whole time. I only occasionally slipped my fingers away, and teased her as much as I could. Through our conversations I noticed that she and her husband had some ideas for fun, and that they were both comfortable with things, something very important to me.

We quickly agreed to end dinner and meet at the hotel, driving back in separate cars, although I did notice that she followed me close enough that I could open her door at the hotel and lead her in…

We met inside and we dumped our things, enjoying the warmth of the room, and I quickly sat next to her as her husband went to the bathroom. Our hands were all over each other, and I tugged at her dress, revealing her gorgeous tits while I could hear her hurried breaths.

Her husband then went outside to clear out the back seat, we were going for a drive, and we were going to have some fun while the husband listened and drove…

That was just about the best car ride I’ve ever had, we explored each other, were loud as hell, and even talked for quite a bit. As soon as i stepped in, she told me to undo my pants, and quickly swallowed my cock as my hands ran all over her back and ran through her hair.

When we stopped for a moment in a fairly secluded area while the husband stepped out, I lunged at her and told her to spread her legs for me. I began to lick her pussy, sliding my fingers in and out and occasionally moving my head up to her tits to tease her nipples. I flicked my tongue back and forth, from side to side, pushing softly against her clit, occasionally closing my lips against her clit to suck ever so gently. It wasn’t long before she let out a LOUD, broken moan as she shuddered over my fingers. She had a total body orgasm and collapsed onto me as I massaged her g-spot with my fingers. It was a few minutes before she began to suck me again. I knew we were going to have a lot of fun back at the hotel room: She said “I wish you had brought the condoms, I want you now”… The husband was good enough to let me have these pics from the hotel later that night…

Submitted by: College Stud - Trenton - USA

College Stud

College Stud

College Stud

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September 10, 2008

Wild Hot Wives

Time for some galleries, Firstly Brenda from Hotwives and Girlfriends. Brenda is a very hot girlfriend who just recently got into the lifestyle through her boyfriend. Apparently he had been looking at porn and she thought it was offensive to her that he would be looking at it. So in that discussion apparently he dared her to fuck other guys and that is how she got started with being a hot girlfriend.

Next is the lovely Tabitha, I met her in person at this years Miami Internext show, and she is so lovely. She was actually there without her husband and fucking a good friend of mine all weekend like a good hotwife. Tabitha and Daisy also danced in the wet-tshirt contest together the previous year and I’ve got some great pictures of her and Daisy dancing at the Hard Rock club and getting wild and naked with the club DJ’s. Email me if you’d like to see them.

The last gallery comes from another of my Florida friends, Dirty D and his Slut Wife Training. Here Sonya’s husband Preston sent his hot wife to Dirty D to have her shared with other men. Dirty D gets the slut training lesson underway with an oral examination, then invites his boys to join in. The guys each get a sampling of Sonya’s blowjob skills before they slip their cock into her hot shaved pussy. After fucking a couple of the guys Sonya give up her tight ass. For Sonya’s final exam the boys fill all three of her holes with hot sticky cum loads for a three hole creampie finish!

Brenda gets sent home with a hot creampie -
Brenda Video Gallery

Tabitha loves fucking strangers
More Tabitha Here

Sonya gets every hole filled
Sonya Video Gallery


September 8, 2008

My Punishment

Cindy and I have been in this relationship for almost 5 years. From day one, it was a one sided relationship. One sided meant that only one person made the rules, and the other (namely me) followed them. Cindy has a way about her, one that makes men fall to her feet and worship her. Her dominance over men was always evident to me, even before she decided to train me in her ways. Cindy is beautiful and has the shape that makes her so seductive that men have no chance to resist her, and there is no way that they (including me) can stand any chance, once she decides their fate. The one thing about Cindy that makes her so deadly, is that when she becomes angry, she does what she does to men even better, and without consideration as to what those men have to do for her.

She is a master at discipline and uses bondage, pain and humiliation as her tools. She has trained me to know that it is my destiny to be her submissive, and a love affair has been based on these principals. I now know that my place is on my knees in front of her, and that there is literally nothing I won’t do for her. This is the story of one such event that actually happened just a few months ago.

Cindy and I had a pretty big knock down, drag out fight, over something quite small. I don’t even remember what it was. The paybacks that she brought down on me, I will never forget as long as I live. We had made up in the usual way, with me on my knees in front of her on my couch. We then proceeded with a session in the bedroom, that involved four neck ties, a blindfold, a leather belt, and a fairly short lesson that involved total submission and admissions of wrong doing, and my having to tell her that I was wrong, and that she is always right, over and over again. Phew, I was glad that was over. But was it? I thought it was, and that all was fine, and that I was forgiven. Not.

Later in that week, I think it was a Tuesday, she called me at work to say that she was going to get a motel room down the hill, and that she had a special surprise for me, a fantasy that was going to come true, and she told she would call me after work and tell me where to go. I was excited with anticipation all day, cause when Cindy was doing something special, it was always very, very special.

When I got to the motel room she was dressed in a leather thong and strap lingerie thing. The thong part came off a waist strap and went down her back, between her cheeks and back up the front to the waist strap again. Her large firm breasts were encircled with more straps leaving the breast fully exposed. Her pubic area was completely shaved and smooth looking. She looked like a Goddess. She had me shower and asked if I had thought much about my fantasy to have two women dominate me, she said that a fantasy was going to come true tonight. Then she had me lay on the bed where she tied me spread eagle, mostly on one side of the bed, the side closest to the wall. She pretty much ignored me after that except for an occasional smile. She had a way with that smile, the kind that let you know she was up to something.

After a short while, there was a knock at the door, and she hurried off out of sight to where the bathroom and the door was. She came back in just a couple of minutes, and I asked her if there was someone here, and she said, “No, it was just someone going down the hall”. And then there was that smile again. She then disappeared again to where the bathroom and the door was, and when she came back into the room she was pulling a man with her, a large man whom I recognized as her last boyfriend. He was fully clothed and she pulled him over to the open room side of the bed where she sat on the edge of the bed, with him standing in front of her. Her shoulders and head were in the way, but I could see that she was undoing his jeans. I turned my head the other way, and I heard her snap at me, “Turn your head this way, you are going to watch this.”

As she was pulling his jeans down to the floor, she told him to take off his shirt, and in no more than 30 seconds he was naked in front of her. She looked back at me one more time and her head moved forward towards his body, and I knew she was going down on him. I watched his hands rest on his hips and his head fell back as he let out a small grunt, and I watched as her head moved around.

After a few minutes, she pushed back on the bed with her head resting on my stomach. He went to his knees, leaning over the bed between her legs. He pulled the thong out of the way and starting eating her pussy. I watched as her head pressed back against my stomach and her neck arched upwards, with the veins in the side of her neck starting to bulge. She was really enjoying it. Every time I looked away, the ordered me to watch, and I did.

Next she put him on his knees with his head against the side of the bed and started whipping him on the back. I could tell he was enjoying it. After all, she held the same control over him that she held over me. She reached under his side and grabbed his dick and said to him, “Your cock is really big”, and she looked at me and grinned when she said, “It’s twice as big as yours”.

She then laid back on the bed with her head by my feet and said to him, “Now fuck me”, and then grinned at me like an excited child going into a candy store. This was the first time I could actually see his cock, and she was right, it was big. It was thick like Cindy’s wrist, and probably about 8 inches long. She raised her legs like a ‘V’ pointing at the ceiling and he pushed it inside of her. Again her head pushed back and her neck arched up, and I could tell it was all she could do to take it all. He fucked her for about ten minutes before she pushed him over and on to his back. She kneeled in front of him and took his cock in her fist, and as she started to go down on him, she maintained eye contact with me. Again I looked away, and she lifted her mouth off his cock only long enough to yell at me, “TURN YOUR HEAD AND WATCH”.

After a couple of minutes, she pulled herself forward and rubbed the tip of his cock against her left nipple. I could see the pre-cum glistening on her breast. As she stood up she looked at me smiling and walked around my side of the bed. As she leaned over, moving her breast towards my face, I knew what was next. She didn’t have to say “Stick out your tongue”, but she did. I sucked on her nipple and I could taste the pre-cum like I have tasted my own so many times before when she puts it on her nipple.

She went back around the bed and climbed on to it on her knees so that he could fuck her from behind. He stood behind her and grabbed her by the hips pulling her back towards him, and I could tell by the expression on her face the exact moment that he pushed his cock into her. After just a few moments, he said out loud, “I’m going to cum”, and she said, “Cum inside of me” as she looked at me. It was at that moment that I figured out what was coming next. He did come, inside of her, and she kind of collapsed on the bed, and he fell back into a chair. She was quiet.

Soon, she lifted her head and looked at me, and she said, “I have a surprise for you”. She slowly stood up and stood at the foot of the bed looking at me. She then said, “You hurt me last week, and this is my way of hurting you.” As she starting coming around the bed towards me, she said “Now, you are going to eat my pussy, and it is full of his cum”. She crawled onto the bed straddling my chest as she moved herself closer to my face. As she pressed her pussy down against my mouth, she grabbed my hair and started pulling up. I did as she said, I licked her clean, and I could taste his cum in my mouth and throat. It had a metallic taste that was very distinctive. She made me lick it for a long time, and I could look up and see her grinning from ear to ear. She made me stick my tongue inside of the hole to get all of it. She then said to me, “Tell me I’m and angel”. And I did.

By now the boyfriend was dressed and she walked him to the door with her arm around him. She then made me lick her pussy again, just to make sure there was no cum left. This was my first experience cleaning up, and I’m not sure if I hated it, or loved it. The humiliation was overwhelming, yet fascinating. Cindy used everything she had, as a tool to keep me submissive and respectful towards her…or did she? I’ll let you know.

Submitted by: David - So Cal

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