October 5, 2009

Golfers Wife Fucked

Here’s another update from myself and Sensi from The Undercover Lover.

Playing golf is a great way of spending a glorious summers afternoon. Fucking the golfers wife while he plays golf is even better.

Sensi had been seeing this girl Suzy, a bored housewife from Manchester a few times in London when she’d been down with her husband on business. Well she called Sensi on Sunday last week and told him to get up to this posh golfing resort. Her husband was playing an 18 hole tournament and would be gone most of the day. She told him she didn’t want to make small talk with the other wives in the clubhouse, she wanted an afternoon of big black cock.

He gave me a call and we got the car and the camera and we started our road trip up north. It was a little further than we thought and after getting a bit lost on the road and searching through the hotel for the room number we eventually found our prize. She was certainly worth the trip. She got fucked real good. Sensi pounded her in the bed with his cock. She was screaming the hotel down. He also made sure he pumped his potent seed deep inside her pussy. God knows how she cleaned up herself up so convincingly but on our way back to the car we escorted her to the clubhouse where her unsuspecting husband would be waiting. We couldn’t resist getting her to flash her tits to the camera with the prestigious clubhouse and Hubby in the background.

A great day at the golf club!!! Until next time Suzy.

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

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October 3, 2009

My First Experience

Hello to you all, I have followed this blog for the past few months and really enjoy the views shared, and of course the stories which sometimes raise my pulse.

I am a 30 year old guy who works in business, my name is Michael and I now feel comfortable and ready to acquaint all readers. I am in a long term relationship with my hotwife. Her name is Emma, however she is currently in training sort of speak to reaching her potential as a hotwife. I look forward to sharing about her, although at present, well its my first time to post a blog and I would feel more comfortable to share my experience of how I became a cuckold.

Around 5 years ago I was working for a company in London that was merging with an American multi-national. I was sent on a 3 week training induction of a new product. On our first day as we all sat around a table and introduced ourselves in a professional capacity, I was shaking with excitement at the sight of a marketing executive, in fact it was the response she filtered out of others that really got me going, smiling, intrigued, from the moment I saw Sophie I felt infatuated with her presence. She wore a black slim fitting suit, a size 8, high heels, black shoulder length hair which was incredibly shiny, pale blue eyes and large breasts with long legs and a tight ass. Perfect!

I admired how she held herself, she instantly commanded peoples attention when she shared her viewpoint, her mannerisms, glowing with beauty, a delightfully sexy creature. I was fascinated in the 3 weeks of general inductions, social formatting, coffee breaks, smoke breaks, group work, drinks on a friday. I loved the reactions she evoked in other men. At the end of the course I asked her out and we ended up in a relationship.

I will now fast forward a bit. she commanded so much attention from men, she would flirt with men in front of me, we did not work together, yet were in similar environments of London City office life.

We were out at a club one night and were in a long queue, a very attractive guy from France started talking to her, we were living together about a year at this time, I was amazed at how aroused I became, this guy Jean seemed to completely erase me from the picture, he was with two other French guys. It was as though he did not acknowledge me what so ever. She was lapping up the attention, he was around 35 years of age with stocky build. Sophie shared his water and the usual excitement was soon upon us as a Friday night and the weekend had commenced, here we were standing awaiting entry, as the queue moved we could here the euphoric trance music increase in volume. I noticed Sophie, she was wearing long silver ear rings which I had purchased her, ankle length black suede boots, a silver mini dress with a wonder bra propping up her breasts and her hair was tied back revealing her pale blue eyes. She shared smokes with Jean for the 30 mins or so in the queue, every now and then she would give me attention yet her true attention was evidently with him.

Further on in the night, we were together in a different corner of the club, I could sense she was looking through the crowds in desperate hope that she would reunite with Jean. She then said she was going to get drinks and she would meet me back on the dance floor, an hour or so later when she did not return I searched the club for her. In the chill out lounge I found her in the dim lighting sitting on a long couch, she was sitting to the left of Jean, her hand was discretely down his pants and she was pulling him off, slowly, as she softly and passionately kissed him, I waited from a distance, his hands upon her ass, her short mini dress hitched upwards revealing her buttocks to any club voyeur.

I watched and was engrossed in pleasure, I decided to approach them, I did so and Jean was quickly shoved by one of his friends who saw me approach, when he saw me they broke from kissing and she looked at me slightly embarrassed and stung for words, I was also stung for words yet I was so alive, my stomach was flowering for butterflies, I was trembling. I didn’t know what to say, she gave me a smile and said sorry, looking at me with half pity and half desire to return to what she was engaged in with Jean, he didn’t even acknowledge me really. I did not want to take her away and here it is, how I became a cuckold, I whispered in Sophie’s ear, would Jean like a drink, she looked me straight in the eyes kissed my cheek and said, “Thanks Michael”, I went off to buy these 3 french guys a round of drinks, when I returned the two other guys were out dancing, yet Sophie and Jean were smoking and talking. He was now very sociable towards me, and we talked on and off for a few hours.

When the club night ended we went back to the house of the three guys, one of them had scored a blonde Manchester girl and brought her along. We were all drinking and having fun, Sophie after about 30 minutes got up and went to the toilet, I followed her in after 5 mins, she was applying lipstick and the scent of her hypnotic Poison perfume was in the air. She smiled at me and we made some small chit chat, she asked me in a couply manner if I was having fun, as she leaned over the sink I admired the beauty of her, the perfect body, that shapely ass bent over the sink.

Soon the door knocked and Jean walked in and over to Sophie. The sight of the two of them was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, she stayed still, he smiled as he stood behind her, lifted her silver mini-dress and slowly pulled down her panties. When her knickers were down he commanded me over with a nodding gesture, his hands were placed inside her bra, I could feel the chemistry of lust and desire between them both, he told me to unbuckle his belt, I did so as Sophie nestled her head back towards him in slow animal fashion, I also unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his tight boxers down below his balls to reveal a 7 inch very very thick cock, Sophie said to him, I want you so fucking badly, her legs were spread wide and her knickers down with her dress hitched above her back, In one slow movement forward Jean placed his thick veiny cock up my girlfriends pussy, she opened her mouth with pure lust, an expression of pleasure I had never witnessed in her. he fucked her slowly at first, then I noticed how her inner thighs were pressed tightly against the sink, her bum arched out and up and he fucked so hard into her, I had never witnessed how a girl is truly pleasured, how Sophie rotated in a loving way onto his cock, like a motor engine in rhythm, he fucked her for about 15 minutes and then came inside her. We then just gathered our things, said our goodbyes and went home and slept.

It’s good to have found this website, I am a genuine guy looking forward to getting to know some like minded people. I forgot to mention, for maybe two weeks after Sophie displayed bruises on her bum from how hard he fucked her against the sink and her breasts also displayed bruises from how he squeezed her breasts while he fucked her.

Look forward to sharing more with you guys, I’m new to posting so appreciate your comments.

Submitted by: Michael - UK


October 1, 2009

Consummating a Marriage

Check out these pics of the beautiful Katie Kox. She invited two black studs round to entertain her for the evening and decided to make it extra kinky by wearing her sacred wedding dress for the occasion. She even made husband Rick put on his Grooms suit while he was made to watch and take these pics. So naughty Katie.. We love you!

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

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September 29, 2009

Very Handy Man

The other night when my Hubby was out of town (He had been gone for a few days) I was relaxing on the couch and all of a sudden I heard water gushing outside of the mobile home we lived in. I went outside and discovered there was a huge leak in the pipe just beyond the water meter. I didn’t know what to do so I called my husband and he told me to call Robert the handyman for the trailer park to come over and take a look and maybe he could fix it.

It was after 9.00pm but I called his cell phone and he said He would be right over. I had always found Robert sexually attractive and wondered if he found me attractive also. This whole situation had me turned on. It was raining but we both went outside to check it out. He said he would have to get some parts to fix it, or would I just be willing to shut the water off and wait until the next day to fix it. I told him I would really appreciate it if he could fix it tonight. It was a warm night and I had a thin blouse on and it was soaked from the rain and my nipples were fully hard and I could tell he was looking at them from time to time while we were talking. That just made them harder!

So while Robert was getting the parts I called my Hubby and told him how horny I was. He told me to have sex with Robert as many times as I wanted. He would be home in about four hours or so and not to clean up. He would take care of that when he got home. Robert came back and he fixed the leak and then came inside, I had not changed my blouse. It was still wet from the rain but now two buttons were undone and he got a good view of what he wanted. I then asked him if he wanted something to drink. He said yes and I went into the kitchen and made a drink for him. While I was there I unbuttoned my blouse all the way and when I returned to the living room with his drink I bent over him as I handed him his drink. I then sat down beside him and turned sideways with my blouse wide open. I asked him if he saw something he liked. He of course said yes. I looked down at his crotch and could tell he had an erection. I told him I saw something I wanted too. I then stripped off my clothes and laid naked on the couch with my legs spread and he stripped off his clothes and buried his face between my legs. It felt so good. He fucked me for a while and then I sucked his cock for a bit. He then fucked me again and I heard him moan and felt his hot cum exploding deep inside me.

He was then on his way, quickly gathering his clothes and saying goodbye. I just laid there dripping and waited for my hubby to arrive. I told him all the horny details and he took over where Robert left off. Licking my used pussy and then fucking me for over two hours. I can’t wait for a repeat.

Submitted by: Beth - California


September 27, 2009

Birthday Boy

It’s my birthday tomorrow and me and my wifey Daisy are heading into London today to a very naughty night tonight called Club Decadence. We have got a nice hotel room near The Tower of London and are going shopping this afternoon to find something very sexy for Daisy to wear tonight. I want to make sure she looks extra extra desirable for all those guys who may look in her direction. We’re thinking of getting the Tube to the party all dressed up with Daisy sitting away from me on the train but in the same carriage hopefully near a guy or group of guys. Perhaps crossing and uncrossing her legs to give a glimpse of stocking top. Also walking ahead of me on the escalator so some guys below can catch an upskirt view. I can’t wait for the voyeur games to begin.

Daisy has promised to be on extra slutty behaviour for the birthday boy. I am very excited at what the night ahead holds.

Your webmaster,


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September 25, 2009

My wife’s friends Hen do

Cuckold Place Update

My Wife at a hen do

Well, looks like we maybe on for a bit of a life changer.

I have always been into interracial porn but the wife has never really approved and so it’s never been a big thing for us. That was until last weekend. My wife is 24, we’ve been together 3 years and she’s the only one of her mates to be married so far. We got a quick do in Vegas as a surprise last year, so had none of the stag/hen nights you would normally expect.

Her best friend since primary, Sophie, is getting married in a week and they had her hen night last weekend. Heavy drinking and the usual down in the centre of London. So she was away for the weekend. We agreed not to speak much whilst she was away so they could make a weekend of it. Obviously I spent all weekend on the pull in the pub.

She comes back and it must have been the hangover horn but she was bang up for it. We were kissing and stuff and she telling me how much she missed and how much fun she had. They’re a tonne of good looking girls so I expect they were chatted up a lot and so I asked her if that’s what’s turned her on so much. She just replied it was kinda hot but that wasn’t it. I was curious now. So we were on the bed making out and I have my hand in her wet knickers rubbing her clit. So I ask her in between kisses what got my girl so wet. She’s grinding her hips onto my hand when she says they spent Sat night in the VIP booth of a strip bar. I thought she was going all lesbo on me until she said the guys were hot….

She’s smirking and working my belt off when she says, y’know I have never really fancied black guys until then but the ones there were really hot. This is like music to my ears, I can just imagine her with a black guy and I’m hard as she whips it out and franticly starts wanking me off as she lunges into snogging me. Easy I tell her, just because she closes her eyes doesn’t make me a negro! I laugh expecting her to be embarrassed and she just looks down at my groin and says she knows. Now I am not small at 8 inches so I am a bit baffled at this.

‘So you had some big ones down there huh’ I ask. ‘You could say that, certainly different to what I have seen before. It was fun.’ she said.. And so she recounts the tale of Jefferson, some giant muscle bound freak at the club, who strips off to nothing and invites women in the VIP booth to sit astride him whilst he’s on a chair in the middle of a room and wank him off. Apparently this privilege costs the sum total of £30 for 3 minutes. I laugh out loud because we’re not well off at all but that seems a huge waste of money.‘I guess Sophie had a crack then’ I said, she nodded ‘Yeh she got a free night of it, but the rest of us had to pay’ as she smirked a Cheshire Cat grin at me. Turns out all 9 of em had a go with Sophie finishing him off by letting him doggie her in the toilets. I was shocked, not just because my wife supposedly spent £60 on him but that Sophie had shagged him on her hen night.‘Why not, that’s what its about getting it out of your system’ said the mrs.. ‘Yeh but c’mon it’s a bit full on don’t you think, I mean what would Gary say if he knew? She laughed, ‘Hey Mr. judgment, at least she got a hen do’.. then she climbs out of her panties and strips fully ending astride my chest.

That kinda hurt because it was my pushing that decided the quickie wedding in the first place. I look down at her pussy, neatly shaven with a thin shadow of gold fluff above her muff. I beckon her to sit on my face as I offer to make it up. Her clit’s like a mini hardon as I tickle it with my tongue and grab her ass checks. She was wet, really wet and I can feel it ooze down my chin. Her eyes are closed and she’s rubbing her boobs as I break to ask her what she’s thinking. She doesn’t open her eyes but she grinds her pussy into my mouth as she tells me she’s going back to wanking him off. How she did it with two hands and that she couldn’t get her hands all the way around it was so thick. I try teasing her by saying she should go back and have her hen do there belatedly. She’s panting louder now twitching around on my tongue. Please, please let me try it. Sophie said he made her cum really hard just with five minutes shagging.

“Do you wish that was you babe?, do you want him to pound you from behind?” She then climbs off my face as she says ‘No, I want to do this’. She climbs onto my purple hard cock and slides down sloppily onto my pelvis fully impaled. Her eyes closed, no coming up and down on my dick she puts two hands on my chest and franticly fucks me be sliding back and forth on my tummy. Grunting away, her chest red and blotchy, she squeezes every last inch inside of her, seeming to hunt for more. Faster and faster. Until with a roar and then a whimper, she’s cumming on my tummy. ‘Fuck, oh god, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuughh, big dick, biiiiiiiig dick, fuuuuck’.

My torso is like I have had a shower and she’s sat there huddled over, red panting and spent. Something tells me I better get saving for London……

You can read more about this experience here

Submitted by: spurs79


September 23, 2009

Janet’s Messy Creampie

Here’s a couple of pics of the lovely Janet who I, and I know most of you, never grow tired of looking at. Just love the bottom picture of her multiple-cum soaked pussy taking a pounding.

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

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September 21, 2009

My unplanned gangbang

A little about me, I am 5 feet tall about 105 lbs natural D cup almost a DD. I have light brown/blonde hair and blue eyes. I keep my pussy shaved and have always been considered very cute I’m told. This is the story about how I became a hot wife. It all started innocently enough. My husband wanted to go to a local strip club that caters to couple playing on a Saturday night. We had discussed me fucking other men before but never got round to getting past the fantasy. We enjoyed watching the girls and dancing with the couples but never got involved in any of the after club play. Well this particular night I had been drinking Long Island Ice Teas while we watched the girls on the stages. One in particular had gotten my hubbies attention and he was all too happy for me to take off when I had to visit the bathroom. When I stood up I almost fell back down on the floor I was so drunk but his attention was lost in a pair of natural DD’s on the stage so I staggered my way to the restrooms. As I was just about there I fell back against a really muscular body and he steadied me as I stood back up. As I rubbed my way up his body I could feel his huge dick in his pants row a bit hard. Well in my drunken state I giggled as I held on to this muscular black man and muttered something about being sorry to which he responded I could make it up to him when I return from the restrooms. Well now this got my drunken mind started and I quickly took care of business though I did do one additional thing - While in the restroom I threw my thong in the trash and unbuttoned my shirt so my tits were mostly exposed. My black skirt was barely long enough to cover my ass but I was getting so hot.

When I got out he was there sitting in a chair in the corner next to the dance stage and motioned me over. Nearly falling several more times I made my way over giggling like a teenager, All it took was his asking if I liked black cock and I lost my senses. I guided his hand between my legs to feel my now dripping pussy. My pussy sometimes literally gets so wet it can run down my leg. As soon as he felt my shaved wet pussy I could see his dick jump up in his pants. As he fingered my hole I unzipped his pants freeing a dick that had to have been 10 inches long and nearly as thick as a beer can. I had never seen such a huge dick before. Before I knew it I was guiding this huge cock up between my legs and despite being wetter than can ever remember being in my life I had to work a bit to to get it to slide in me. And OH MY GOD was I full. For the next few minutes I rode in his lap in the corner of the club while he sucked on my nipples. Once I looked over backward at my hubby and there he was still at the stage looking at strippers. Bah, too bad for him. Then suddenly he lifted me off of his cock and said to wait here in this seat for me. He got up and disappeared for what seemed forever. I was so drunk still though I didn’t even realize my tits were still out and several strangers copped a feel as they came by. When he returned he grabbed my hands and guided me up to the back corner of the stage where there was a little step up. Here he pulled up my skirt over my hips and tossed my shirt to the floor. The alcohol gave me the confidence to just go with the flow and let this happen. All this was obviously getting some attention but fucking on the dance floor was common so not too much, Then he turned me around and put my hands against the wall and fucked me good and hard from behind, Filling me as deep as I could take it. In my passion I didn’t even notice as a few more guys circled around us and began pulling out their cocks, Before I knew it I had one in my mouth. I was riding a guy on the floor and sucking another. Another rubbed some of my pussy juices running down my legs and eased his cock up my asshole. I had never never been double penetrated before but I had more orgasms than I can count while I was getting it.

The room was a sea of watching faces and one of them was now my husband who had an expression of disbelief on his face. As quick as it has started it had finished. I was aware of a couple of the guys cumming but in my state wasn’t sure who. My original muscular lover buttoned my shirt back up on me and kissed me deeply as they all let me get up and sort myself out. It was then that I noticed my hubby sitting just off stage looking somewhat angry and somewhat excited. I motioned for him to come over and asked him to take me home. He almost had to carry me out because my legs were so weak. On the way out to the car I realized a warm liquid running down my legs and knew it was cum and I came again while I walked thinking about it. My hubby didn’t speak to me all the way home, but I could tell he was very excited about what he had seen and even tried to fuck me when I got in bed. NO WAY. I was Sooo sore. I didn’t allow him to even look at my pussy for 2 weeks. Well he was a little mad at first but then it started turning him on more and more and more so. Well this was just the beginning of our hotwife lifestyle and I have some more stories to tell soon. Bye for now.

Submitted by: Julie - Illinois


September 19, 2009

More Cock For Ruthie

Ruthie diary update.

Thick 8 (a white guy) is a guy I met at a swing village swingers party. Just to let you know, that’s the group that I was banned from by all the wives in the group for being to slutty haha. I used to end up sucking their husbands off in the parking lot and they didn’t like it too well, he he.. But back to Thick 8, I’ve been fucking him for a few weeks now. He has a really nice big cock. He’s also in the construction business and has been working with a lot of black guys on his building projects.

Anyway he called me one day and ask if I wanted to fuck a couple of black co-workers. You guys know I love black cocks, and hot bodied construction physique thrown in, I hastily agreed. I was so keen I even paid for the room. When everyone had arrived one black guy called they called Pee Wee jumped in first and I started sucking his cock. He had never fucked a white girl before and he was really excited so it didn’t take long till he was pumping his bare cock in my pussy while I told the other two guys to get their cocks out, and I got to sucking them both. Then they all took turns fucking my pussy and ass. It felt so good!. Thick 8 shot his load in my ass and the other black guy gave me a load in my pussy. Then pee wee gave me two loads. One in my mouth and one in my pussy. He was so excited about having his first white girl. I had a great time. Pee Wee told me he was going to get all his friends from the hood together next time. I can’t wait to get all those black cocks!

Love ya,


Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

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September 17, 2009

Readers Wives

It’s really lovely to be getting some good feedback on the dating site. More and more of you are signing up and slowly turning your area into a ‘hot’ hotwife zone… Thanks to Lisa for modeling our t-shirt for us. I’ve been a fan of her stories on here for sometime and I’m hoping she goes on her next date with this shirt on. That would make for some very hot pics :)

You can check out one of Lisa’s encounters below sent in by her husband Drew and you can also check out her profile on hotwife dating and maybe guys you’ll be the one she’s telling the horny story about next..

Read About Lisa and her boyfriend here

Here’s some more pics of Lisa having some extra-marital fun

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