July 11, 2010

Daisy pics up a random

Posting all of these hotwives updates and illict slutty wife encounters, I’m inclined to forget my own. Sorry Daisy lol.. Here’s a few pics from her latest random pickup. This guy really didn’t know what hit him when Daisy got her claws into him. His facial expressions were just priceless. Anyway hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend and enjoy the pics.

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July 9, 2010

Holiday Romance

Cuckold Place Update

Holiday Romance

I’ve been going out with Lia for 9 months now and she’s been introduced to the porn collection for some 2-3 months. I knew she had a prudish reputation but we were pretty rampant in bed and whilst we didn’t do much extravagant play, I hoped that my DVDs would maybe spark an interest. In particular I had always wanted to see a gf with another man, preferably black and v hung. I hadn’t broached this with her, far from it, but the fact she enjoyed a good sesh of fucking watching porn seemed a good first step.

The second step came quicker than I imagined. We were looking for our first summer hol and chose Cancun for its party lifestyle. I’m 28 and Lia is 23, so we have two things in mind when choosing holidays abroad – sun and partaaaaay!

The first week went by in great fashion, awesome holiday but nothing spectacular sexually. Then one day we booked a day trip on a booze cruise to a neighbouring island. We made for the beach at 10am for a taxi out to the main boat. The taxis were jet skis and whilst neither of us had been on one before, the waves and current made it a bit of a fearful one as we saw couples crash over the waves. Lia has contacts lenses and was worried that she would loose one if water splashed her face. She explained this to one of the jet ski crew, a 30 something black lad, decked out in black shorts and a yellow lifejacket. We decided Lia would go out separate rather than hitch 3 of us as the ski would be more stable. Lia set off and after the 5 min round trip I hoped on and we made off for the day.

It was a long day, many many drinks were had on the boat, with music blaring. By the time we got back it was 7pm and we were shattered. We made it back to the room and scooted under the sheets, the cool air con chilling us back down. I was ready to drift off when a hand started stroking my bum and I knew Lia was horny. I rolled over to see her semi tanned body lurch towards me, her face sucking at mine, frantically kissing and reaching for my cock to jerk it off. I rummaged between her legs and sunk my fingers inside her. She was soaking, like really wet. I love tasting her when she’s like this, so I ventured south and lapped her hot salty bits as she panted on my face pulling at my hair and rubbing her boobs.

Were ten minutes in and she’s close to cumming when she starts mumbling. I couldn’t make it out at first. Then she repeated. “I’ve got something to tell you…. Don’t stop” – so I carry on “When I got on the jet ski and set off, he touched me up… As we drove upto the boat, he reached a hand behind and dug it into the front of my bikini… I had my arms wrapped tight on his chest and my face in his back for fear of falling off or getting splashed – I didn’t know what to do. He just wouldn’t stop till he settled a finger in me, whipping it out as we approached the boat an smirking to me as he led me aboard”

“I’m telling you now because I liked it, it got me really horny and I’ve been thinking about it all day. Would you be mad if I went out on the jet ski again tomorrow?”

Before I could answer, she was cumming loud and spasmodic. I knew I didn’t need to. We fucked like rabbits and without a word being said we knew the plans for the next day were set. That night we had sex, a lot. We didn’t talk about what happened or what she said but we both knew that’s what we were thinking about.

Here’s a cheeky pic, with her face masked.

We woke up the next day and the routine was usual, papers, shower, breakfast and pack for the beach. It was 36 degrees and blazing, I pulled up one of the last few sun-beds and went to find a parasol as Lia got comfy. We sunbathed for an hour or so. I was listening to my ipod when I got a nudge from Lia, who was stood over me. She bent down and kissed me and said she was going to have a play on a jet ski for a bit. And off she toddled down the beach towards the ski stall. It was 200 yards away so I couldn’t see much but I rolled over anyway onto my side to hide the fact I was stretching to see what was going on. At the same time concealing my semi.

Lia was speaking to a couple of the shack guys and they spent a wile picking a ski and getting her setup in a lifejacket. She stood around for a while then hopped on and looked back at the guy from yesterday. I couldn’t hear what she said but the next thing he’s jumped on to and slid in front of her. I know she’s never driven one before so I guess she’s asked for some kind of lesson. And then there off in to the distance.

They do a few tricks and even I can hear her squeal as they shoot past toward the horizon. Then it happened, they drove straight out, back to the back but stopped and bobbed around for what seemed like for ever. I felt kind of sick and nobody had a clue what was going on – but I did. Ten minutes later they came back to shore and Lia bounced down the beach, proclaiming that she had a great time. I asked what happened but she said not now. That she was getting a little burnt and wanted to take 15 mins back in the room.

We got back and before I’d shut the door, she dropped her bags and was kissing me pulling at my pants. I went with it and after a few mins she jumped on the bed and beckoned me between her legs to munch her. I hadn’t been licking her longer than 2 mins when she started to tell me: “I asked him to take me for a ride you know… I told him how much fun I had the day before and wanted another go… We rode about for a bit but after a few minutes he had his hand down my bottoms again and talked dirty to me, telling me how wet I was and how he loved making white girls cum – he was right to because not long after I came on his long fingers. It was amazing”

“Then he pulled his shorts forward and pulled out his willy. Chris, I gotta tell you, it was long, crooked bent to one side and curved like a banana but really long” At this point she shows her hands wide apart. “Stop!” she cries, “I don’t wanna cum yet, I wanna finish my story first” I stopped licking and looked at her flushed face. “You can carry on now but slowly please… And I just had to touch it, I had one hand at the bottom still whilst the other jerked him off. All the while he’s telling me how his dick makes white pussies happy, asking me if I like it, if me (dirty white girl) likes it… And then he came, no long sharp bursts but a long steady flow 7-8 seconds long and everywhere”

At that point she came on my face shortly after and we screwed for hours. We wasted most of the sun that day but the sex was strong and heady and finally my prudey girl had been awoken.

Best yet, we had 5 days left.

You can see a picture of Lia and read how the rest of the holiday went here

By: Spurs79


July 7, 2010

Bareback Gangbang

Email sent in from Hotwife slut Ruthie


It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written ya, and I apologize about that. I hope you are doing good over that way! I had a no condoms allowed gangbang at a hotel a little while back, and just thought I’d send over the story to you and a few pic’s of me for hotwife blog.

Some married guy I suck off sometimes set this Gangbang up for me. He’s just one of those guys who calls me when ever he can get away from his wife and wants a BJ. I love sucking horny married guys cocks. Anyway he wanted to set up a GB for me so he could watch me fuck some strangers. He found all the guys and paid for the hotel so all I had to do was show up and be a slut.

The only thing he told me about the guys was that one of them was black. When the guys showed up I remembered fucking one of the white guys a couple of times before but I didn’t know any of the other guys. I love getting strange cock. It’s so hot! There were 2 couples there that just wanted to watch and then my friend Bev wanted to be the fluffer.

I sucked and fucked all the guys like a slut and asked their names later lol. I didn’t even see one of the guys come in the room cuz I was busy sucking on the black guy. He just came up behind me and shoved his bare cock in my pussy and started pumping.

I didn’t really even see him till him and the black guy switched places. That was hot! I got 4 loads of strangers cum. mmmmmmmmm I loved it. The black guy shot his load in my pussy and my fluffer friend licked it out. It was fun but I wish I would have had 8 or 10 more cocks.

Until next time… Love Ya!!

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Read Ruthie’s Interview with Hotwife Blog Here

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July 5, 2010

A Traveling Bull

Today is a submission a UK reader called David, who wanted to post his own flirtings with the hotwife lifestyle.


As an educated traveling business-man, I often visited the UK going from and to the USA. I had lady two lovers in England. One was a nurse, 8 years older than I, who had a regular boy-friend near Bristol. Whenever I visited England, she would leave her boyfriend to visit me, in London or in a country hotel. Sometimes, I even visited her country home. Over twenty years or so, I fucked this lovely lady hundreds of times, whilst her cuckolded boy-friend never knew. The closest we came to being caught was when we were having “afternoon tea” - very proper - in the garden of her country home. His car drew up and she said “Oh! My God! It’s ****!” I was then introduced to her cuckolded boyfriend and greeted him politely. He coincidently asked her - out of my earshot - “Is that my replacement?” She denied it, of course and my lover explained that I was just a family friend, visiting from the USA.

My other lover was the French wife of an English businessman, who traveled frequently abroad. She was seventeen years older than I was. She would send me coded messages about when her husband would be away. When I visited her apartment, in Kensington, London, she would always greet me with charm, cook me a lovely fish dinner, which we ate with style and grace. Then, we would sit on the couch, chat and enjoy each other’s company, until, slowly, I would kiss and cuddle her, undo her blouse and play with her tits. Then, she would become aroused, get up, loosen and drop her skirt and, in her underwear, lead me to her bedroom to be fucked on her marital bed. She enjoyed having her cunt and her tits sucked and also - of course - having my younger cock right up her older, but very lovely, cunt. Always, she liked to take the spunk right up inside her.

Once, when her husband was in London, she met me in her Paris apartment. There, I once stood, naked, next to her bed, keeping very still and quiet, whilst she chatted on the phone with her husband in London. After she had finished her call, I was able to climb into her bed and fuck this lovely lady, without her cuckold husband knowing that, as he was conversing with his wife, she had her naked lover only a couple of (bare) feet, away. She was a lovely lady and enjoyed fucking me so much. Although she has now passed away, I still have a cassette of her voice, describing how we made love together.

Two close shaves with being caught out by cuckolds were eventually topped by a third. Once, when I visited London, my French lady lover visited my hotel room in the morning and was fucked on my bed. She left after lunch, to be replaced, shortly afterwards, by my nurse lover who had arrived by train from the country. So, just an hour or so after I had fucked one on my hotel bed, I was then fucking the other one. This one, my nurse lover, then stayed the night and was, of course, fucked, several times more - all upon the same bed in which my French lover had, earlier, been done.

A final touch of pleasure was to go - sometimes quite quickly - after fucking one of my lovers, to catch my plane to return to the USA. There, upon arrival, I would be able to insert my cock, straight from the cunt of a lover, right up the cunt of my wife, whom I love very dearly. She now knows about my lovers, as well as another in the USA, so it is SHE who has been a willing cuckold to me.

I hope that you find my experiences with the lifestyle interesting. My relationship with each of my lady lovers was elegant, long-term, loving and graceful. I adored them both.

Submitted by: David - UK & USA - Hotwife Dating Profile


July 3, 2010

Girls wild night out

Here’s some more pics from another girls wild night out from The Dancing Bear. This party filled with wives and girlfriends gets out of hand pretty quickly when gorgeous Aletta, away from her boyfriend for the night, starts trying to persuade her friends to get naughtier and naughtier with the male stripper. After undressing him and licking cream off his stomach, she gets her friend Jane to suck his cock. Not satisfied with her efforts Aletta takes over to give the stripper an example of her oral talents. As the alcohol flows she loses her inhibitions altogether by getting on the male dancers lap and riding him, she puts her breasts in his face and while straddling him, for a few moments it seems like his cock slips into her pussy. Obviously thinking she may have taken it to far, with cameras about, Aletta sheepishly gets off. As a finale her friends persuade the stripper to wank himself over her exposed breasts.

I’m sure there were some sore heads the next day and a very quiet breakfast the next days when their partners enquire how their night out was hehe.

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

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July 1, 2010

Our new marriage update

Following on from her initial post last month which got you all interested to hear more, the lovely Melanie, a cuckoldress from the UK has written in again in response to some of the comments you left on her last post which you can read here. She has promised some more submissions soon about her attempts to get pregnant.. can’t wait Melanie and thanks for giving us an insight into your hotwife life.


Hi everyone and thank you for your kind comments from my post. Although I’ve been dominant all my life, (but you’d never guess it in public), it’s only recently I’ve put it into practice, so I’ll play the ‘agony aunt’ first if you like in response to some of your comments.

John – It’s great that you’re teaching your wife on how to make you obey her. Why not try a few things. When she comes home from work tired and with hot aching feet, how about sitting her down and letting her relax. While she’s doing that why not get a bowl of cool water, kneel before her, lick her feet clean first and then you wash them for her. Does that sound good? Of course it will feel good to her too and while you’re doing that, tell her how nice her feet feel and smell. She’ll like it and it will become a regular thing after work. So regular that if you stop doing it she will DEMAND you do it. Don’t worry, if you don’t do it, she’ll think up a punishment for you! Mine? I haven’t had many problems with Tom, but on occasion he’s been left kneeling on the floor, red slap marks on his face and my spit running down his chin! I won’t have ‘discussions’ any more from him, when I decided I wanted this way of life my needs come first and his job is simply to obey and worship me.

But back to your training her; how about starting off watching her peeing? Then move on to tasting it, then cleaning her when she’s finished, with your tongue of course and from there to her using your mouth as her toilet. She’ll probably be a little embarrassed at first, but keep reminding her how good she smells on the toilet and I think in time she won’t mind you cleaning her bottom as well. Look at some humiliation video clips together, see what she likes and serve her every wish. Don’t forget John, you are there to serve her, discover her needs and wants and obey her. I hope this has helped John.

If I want a cup of coffee I just say so and it appears. I need to go to the toilet? A click of my fingers and there’s my personal toilet kneeling at my feet with his mouth open; Before I wore an apron, now I can relax and walk around the house in high heels, a short skirt or dress and white blouse with plenty of my favourite make up on; I don’t get my hands dirty anymore, he does.

George - Remember, he’s my current affair and I think a long term one. I spoke to him in the car about Tom and asked him what he thought. He laughed at first, but I told him he didn’t have to worry and although he thought Tom a bit strange at first he agreed he’d come round to our house, instead of having an uncomfortable fuck between my long legs in a small car every time. He’s open minded and isn’t shocked. We’re both happily married and would never leave our partners, but I told him honestly as I did Tom, that I loved being used by him and what was between my legs belonged to him.

George came round and I had Tom kneel on the floor before us. I introduced them both with Tom still kneeling and I told Tom that George was here to fuck me and he, Tom, was here to watch, look after us and clean up afterwards. I then sent him out to make me and George coffees. While he was gone George kept asking, “Doesn’t he really mind me coming in his wife in front of him”? I told him, no, to just let go and enjoy himself.

By the time Tom came back with the coffees, we were sitting on the couch. George was naked and I was down to my panties, with his big erect cock in my hand, stroking and licking it. As I said before, it’s 10” (we measured it) and thick with a huge purplish looking knob. Toms eyes nearly popped when he came in and saw it. Although I’m tall, I’m slim and I haven’t had babies, so it takes some pushing and me squealing to get it all in. I told Tom to put the coffees down and kneel at our feet. I then explained to him that George was going to put the whole lot between my legs and that he would listen, watch and obey any instructions I gave. He nodded and said, “Yes sir, yes Angel”.

I started off with a nice slow suck, then my panties came off and I lay on the couch and George got ready to enter me. I told Tom to hold my legs open and watch. It was nice and slow, a huge cock gently entering my body slowly up to his balls. We were all talking and it was nice and relaxing, but with me moaning with pleasure and pain as well. I told Tom to watch and told him while gesturing to George’s balls “All that spunk in there is for me”. George asked him if he liked him “riding his wife and coming inside her” and Tom said, “yes sir”. In the end we did it with me sitting on top of George, with Tom behind me and licking my bum hole with his tongue while wanking himself, his face inches away from Georges wet cock that I was riding.

When George was nearly ready I told Tom to stop licking, obey me and watch closely as George emptied himself into me. We were all excited; George was saying, “I’m coming, I’m coming in you” and I was holding him close to me leaning forward urging him on and whispering, “Come on, come on, empty your babies in me”. Tom could see it all from where he was kneeing, he said later he could see Georges cock started to swell and as he came, his balls jerking and bits of cum leaking out of me.

After a couple of minutes and after we calmed down, I asked Tom how he felt. I didn’t really need to, his face was a picture of heaven! Both George and I were on our backs, sweating and exhausted. The sperm was oozing out of me and Georges cock was slimy and wet, (I’d come twice). I called Tom over and told him to take his wedding ring off and I took mine off. In front of George I put both the rings between my soaking legs and covered it with Georges sperm, we had a little sort of ‘wedding ceremony’. I promised to ‘honour and obey’ George with my body and Tom promised to honour and obey me with his. George put the wet rings back on for us, it was really sweet. I then told Tom he had a job to do, cleaning me up. George emptied his cock, I got my boyfriends sperm and pleasure and Tom got to clean up the messy bits and humiliated. This time with tissues.

The problem is that when George was coming and I was whispering for him to give me his babies, I meant his babies and not just his cum. I won’t ask George to make me pregnant, just me and Tom will know. I want to come off the contraceptive pill and get pregnant by him, plus I want Tom to know, agree and have him watch another mans sperm force a baby between my legs - that he will be holding open for me. I want him to see me sweating, hear me cry out and beg and know what I’m crying out and begging for. As I’m urging George to cum, both Tom and I will know what is going to happen nine months later. The ultimate humiliation for my husband and possibly a much wanted baby for me.

I suppose if I’d have married someone like George I’d now have four or more children, definitely. As it is, Tom will never be allowed to hear me begging for his babies; his job is now to provide a bed where I can be made pregnant by my boyfriend(s), (if I choose), fetch cups of coffee and clean up afterwards. I’m happy and he’s happy obeying me.

Next, if you want to hear about it, me trying to get pregnant.

Read Melanie’s initial post Our New Marriage here

Submitted by: Melanie - UK - Hotwife Dating Profile


June 29, 2010

Slut Jasmine Interviewed

Post removed at users request.


June 27, 2010

After years she did it

Cuckold Place Update

After Years She Did It

I have fantasized about my wife having sex with another man or couple for several years. In here it is not a strange fantasy, but I still do not understand how I went from your typical girl on girl fantasy to wanting my wife to be with another man. But this desire grew and I eventually confided in my wife who went through the typical emotions from being upset to turned on: not in one day of course, over months/years. She asked your typical questions: why would you want that? Is it so you can screw around? What would it do to our relationship? And so on. Well, I have always said I would be very patient and I have.

It has been many years since I first introduced the discussion. Don’t get me wrong, once my wife got over the immediate concerns, we have had many great sessions where this fantasy was played out. This has grown over the years and it really has dominated our sex lives almost completely. The problem is, my wife would always say maybe someday but would never try initiating anything, look on line or even chat a little. She really never once seemed like she would ever move to make this happen in reality. Of course I would push her often and many times felt that the only way I was going to be able to make it happen is to set her up; something I said I couldn’t do as it was deceitful.

Within this last year, I started to send her some captions from this site. She liked getting them and called it flirting. She even asked me when she would leave for work if I was going to flirt today. Well as luck would have it, she started to travel a little on business and I talked her into playing with herself and then send me pics to prove it, which surprisingly she did. I guess I should have mentioned, my wife has never been with anyone else besides me and due to her upbringing did not feel it was right. Well on one of her trips, I kiddingly set up a craigslist ad stating that I wanted to have someone seduce my wife. I then let her know what I did and set up an email account which forwarded to hers to receive the responses. She didn’t get mad but stated she couldn’t go through with it but enjoyed the responses. That is until they got way out of control and she asked me to stop forwarding them. I then filtered through them and sent her pics and continued pushing her. She never did agree but she wouldn’t just tell me no.

I then picked one guy and told her that I was going to see if he could make it to her hotel and if so would she meet him in the lobby just for drinks and of course anything else she wanted. She didn’t say no!! Well, as it was getting late he had already made other plans and it wasn’t going to happen, but I didn’t tell her that. I told her it still may happen and I would call her when he arrived in the lobby. She said she may meet with him. I let her stew for a while then told her it didn’t look like he could make it and she was relieved but she admitted she was extremely excited as well.

This led to me setting up an account on Swing Lifestyle with her permission. I must admit I still never really felt anything would happen but it was fun doing all of this and led to fun for us as well. Her next trip is in a month so I changed my location of the swing site and advertised that my wife would be going there on business and I wanted to get her laid. I then showed her the add and she was ok with it but did say she didn’t think she could ever follow through but was enjoying the play. I would get a response and then forward it to her and she would find reason after reason why they were no good.

I then received this IM from this guy when I was logged on I told him the truth but gave him the email address that I set up and told him to send his pic and try to get her to respond. He did and she actually showed interest and responded to him. Well I was shocked and excited; it’s been years and no signs of wanting to talk with another guy! At this point she has set up a meeting with him on her trip and has even told her company that she will be taking her vehicle and not carpooling as she has personal business there. Since then he and her have been emailing back and forth and she is saying things that are blowing my mind. She is talking with him in a manner she has really never talked with me, very descriptive of what she wants him to do to her. They have chatted on line once and have talked about speaking on the phone! This is like day 7 or 8 and the emails have gone through the roof. I am not sure either of them are getting much done at work as they are constantly sending emails back and forth. This is the end of the story at this point, there are still a couple of weeks before their meeting and although they have both tried to figure out how to meet earlier, it isn’t feasible. I will try and keep anyone interested up to date, but again be patient, they don’t meet for a couple of weeks. I will say I am excited as hell but nervous as well.

Here’s one of last email threads to each other.

One of the last emails

How’s your morning starting off?

I was just wondering if you had a private office and just how possible would it be to meet you in there, and to get you bent over your desk taking you from behind. How sexy would it be to be getting fucked on your desk? Think about how wet you would be that day with me filling you up and then dripping out of you the rest of the day.

You are rotten! Get me wet and throbbing so early in the morning. I would love for you fuck me on my desk but walls too thin. Wish we had option to meet before my trip.

If the walls are too thin, maybe I’ll have to find some way to keep you quiet by stuffing something in your mouth instead. Or maybe I can slip under your desk and lick you while people walk in and out of your office not knowing that I’m down there? Either of those ideas sound good to you?

Hmm I would go with you licking my wet pussy - too bad you’re not here now since I am wet again. I love being licked! Of course then we would need to go somewhere else to continue with the other fun things we have mentioned. My pussy will think she never had it so good.

Click here to see how her first date went and a pic she sent to her husband from the night on her phone.

By: QFire001


June 25, 2010

Cheating Wife Emma

Here’s another update from myself and Sensi from The Undercover Lover.

A call came in and our planned game of Squash had to be abruptly cancelled. Back behind the station was the wonderful cheating wife Emma waiting to be picked up. Sensi had seen her a few times before and this hotwife ticks all the boxes, tall, statuesque, pretty, curves in all the right places and a wonderful pussy that just begs to be cum in. She had a few moments spare and took the opportunity to have herself some extra-marital fun. She looked like a high class hooker waiting for us at the end of the road, looking damn fine in a sexy mini-dress and killer heels. She made her way over to the car and told us she didn’t have long before her husband got home, so we sped off to put this cheating wife through her paces in record time hehe.

Sensi led her up to the bedroom while I filmed. She just couldn’t get enough of his big black cock and stayed a little longer than she should. Time does fly when you’re having fun ;) There was also a classic moment when Emma rings her unsuspecting Hubby to tell him she’s running late while she’s still got his cock inside her haha.. Brilliant.

He sent her home with a full load swimming inside her to warm her for the rest of the night. Hopefully see you again soon Emma!

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

Sensi and Emma

And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here or contact Sensi direct on Hotwife Dating Here

Visit Sensi’s Site The Undercover Lover Here


June 23, 2010

Business Trip Games

Cherida a hotwife from London writes in.


Having stumbled across this site and read a few of the true stories I felt compelled to write myself. I am in my early 50s and am happily married with a grown up family now moved out of the house and living on their own. This transition has opened up our lives too, which has happened over the last couple of years or so.

In the early years of marriage we were very compatible, adventurous even and rather spontaneous which all made for a happy life, kids come along and things have to change a bit. Husband worked hard and I did too once the kids were old enough. Now though, we have a new found freedom and a lot more experience. We had an unspoken about but known sense that each of us had from time to time had the odd dalliance with someone, nothing serious just the satisfying of lust, for me it had been with 2 different bosses. For my husband it was with a colleague or two, I have never bothered to enquire. For me the experiences were developed and enhanced from working in a fairly male dominated environment which has led me to hold my own in a firm and assertive way. This has I suppose filtered through into my private life gradually over the years and it was on an early occasion about 2 years ago while enjoying our new found freedom that I discovered that my assertiveness turned my husband on, one thing has led to another and the assertiveness has developed into dominance.

Having set the general scene of our progression I’ll skip the detail of the last 18 months, though there have been some fun and interesting moments along the way and move onto the more recent and the now. My husband is an exec in a large organisation, he travels a lot and so we spend time apart. Modern technology being what it is we now keep in touch via the internet and skype video phone while he is away, we have two separate accounts so that we can contact each other with his being on his laptop and voice only via his mobile, little techy that he is.

About three maybe four months ago, while in my dominatrix mode I had him search the internet for a suitable companion to visit me while he was away. We met 3 guys in all, after some suitable vetting each came in turn to the house to meet me. During these meets it was my husbands task to be available, to be seen but not heard. For one of our guests this was all too much to handle and quickly left. The reality was more than his fantasy thoughts could deal with….. wimp. The second and third were much more up to speed and relished in the whole scenario. On each occasion my husband waited upon us and observed, assisted when required to and sat quietly in the corner when told to. nothing much happened at these first meetings safe to say we satisfied ourselves that we wanted more.

After the first meetings I discussed each of the two potential companions with my husband, when I say discussed, it was more a case of me telling him how I felt about them and what I really desired, making him agree to allowing me to indulge in my fantasies as and when I choose.

SO it was another business trip was coming up and off he went, only to Europe this time and only for 2 days and a scheduled 1 night stop over. I decreed that he should stay an extra night and use the time to go shopping and buy me something interesting. It was a Thursday morning when he left, I had intercepted his bag before he left leaving him a note and a pair of my panties on top in the hope that he would be stopped at airport security, he wasn’t but the fun was there anyway. The note told him to make sure he was online at 8 pm london time.

Bang on time, he was there. I am sure his anticipation was high but all I did was tease and chat telling him to make sure he was online same time tomorrow. I have learnt that anticipation is wonderful tool and can create the most erotic of thoughts and fantasies merely by creating the time delay.

The next evening exactly on time there he was, online and eager to please. I soon let him see that I had arranged for companion No.1 to come over. For the next two hours I made him sit in his hotel room with a book on his head and his hands on his knees, thus rendering him unable to move. The deal was that if he did move and or the book fell off I would shut the connection down. He did manage to sit there motionless and watch as I played and enjoyed being played with, again and again. For me the thrill was more than twice the fun as I had my husband gagging for me more than 2000 miles away, while I had a stallion of a young man fucking me in every way he could think of and all the while we were on screen.

The culmination for my husband that evening was my stallion man bringing the camera in very close between my legs so my husband could see me all wet and sticky with cum having been well used. Then a lovely finishing shot while I had my mouth full and garbling the words good night to him.

The next morning I had a flurry of text messages from my husband telling me how he was gagging to get home and wild horses wouldn’t be able too hold him back. oooooooou how lovely I thought after 30 years of marriage, though I had other ideas. As he was boarding the plane I sent him a text thinking he would either get it before the flight took off and then suffer all through the flight or get it upon arrival and feel the power of my restraining him. I told him that before he came home he had to go to a car park quite near our house and call me on my mobile, thus not knowing where I was. This returning from a business trip being a regular thing I knew barring delays, within half an hour exactly what time to expect him. Right on time he called, I let the phone ring a few times and then answered. I didn’t say anything, I just let him listen. It didn’t take him long to realise that I was with our companion friend number 2. He listened without saying anything. Then I told him to go home, come up to our bedroom and wait for me.

He did exactly as I told him to, he got home and was in our bedroom in a flash. True to my word he waited for me, and he waited ……….as Mr. bull companion and I fucked and played on the bed in front of him. While we did so I gave him the odd command which led him to stand there naked, with I must say a very hard and impressive cock as I had seen in ages. Mr Bull and I continued our fornication and he too ended in shooting his load and filling me with his own massive orgasm. Then pulling back I laid spread out on the bed, head propped on the pillows and then let my husband come closer and closer and watch as our friends cum dripped and dribbled out of me. Standing alongside the bed I was able to reach out and grab his hard cock all wet and slippy itself from the amount of precum of his anticipation. As I squeezed him I told him to clean me. He hesitated having never done it before, but a harder squeeze reassured him that his cock was going nowhere unless he did. Once he had done an adequate job, I stopped him. As i wanted there to be some cum for him to have to fuck me through. I talked to him and told him so which raised his erotic thoughts to new heights, while watching his face contort with excitement as I talked to him. “Though one last thing, before you push your cock into me” I said and having prearranged it, “you need to clean his cock first”.

What a wonderful sight that was, seeing him poised on all fours hovering over me desperately wanting to thrust his cock into me through all this hot slippery spunk but poleaxed by the thought of having to lick, suck and clean the cock that did it. His face inches away from mine was now separated by a slightly limp but by no means incapable cock covered in cum and my own juices. “Clean!” I said as I pushed myself up to meet his cock, “or no fuck for you”

In a frenzied moment he licked and sucked and plunged into me gasping, moaning and cumming all at the same time…… best cum he’d ever had he was to tell me later. Though having cum so quickly I had the opportunity to make use of the not so in capable limp cock which soon became very hard again and managed to fill me a second time, necessitating in a complete repeat performance and so completing a new way to end a business trip.

Now my husband gets off on watching me being fucked and with our 2 special friends, who have now both met each other as well, which created a very special evening for me we all have a lot of fun. I make my husband go and watch us on his computer, as if he is watching a porn movie. then when we are all done and guests have gone I let him come to me and he has to serve me and tend me, which has further developed into me now punishing him with a riding crop for allowing me to do it, before letting him lick me clean.

It always leads to me enjoying him fuck me too as he has the most intense cums which ultimately please me no end knowing that I have controlled and created them.

Quite where this will all lead I am not sure but the journey is a very erotic one, a wonderful learning curve and an immense stimulant. I have grown to love putting the red lines across his ass.

Submitted by: Cherida - UK

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