March 5, 2010

New and Hot

A letter from Geoff about his wife Dana and their recent experimentation into the hotwife lifestyle. You can check out thier profile on Hotwife Dating here


I first proposed the idea of my wife sleeping with other men nearly 3 years ago. Her initial reaction was that she thought I was crazy. At the time, we had had a few swinging experiences over a couple of year period but had never done anything apart from each other. And, by no means were we seasoned swingers: at most it was a yearly adventure. Over time I continued to bring up the subject and encouraged her to read articles on ‘hotwifing’ as well as websites like your own. Gradually we incorporated the idea into fantasy role play which heightened our active and already wild sex. In May of 2009 she finally admitted to possibly going forward with actually being a hotwife. A few weeks later I tested the water for both of us. A friend of ours was over late after a get together one night. They had been flirting quite a bit and it was just the three of us. I can’t believe I did it but I told them that I was heading upstairs to bed and that Dana was to suck his cock and fuck him with my permission. I walked off and headed upstairs to listen in. After some initial soft talking there was silence then the distinct sound of kissing and heavy breathing. I waited a few minutes then snuck to the landing where I could observe without being seen. Dana proceeded to blow him expertly then fuck him. Part way through there fun she noticed me peeking in. Afterwards she told me that knowing I was watching really got her going.

From that hot first experience we created a profile on AFF (va4fundm) and things have snowballed. Over the last 6 months she has fucked 6 guys and blown 2 others. Two of the guys she fucked became regulars for some time. Presently she is fucking one guy a few times a month and has a girlfriend she sees monthly. In addition we try to add a new guy each month for some variety. I do not watch them on their fuck dates; I stay at home and wait for my hotwife to bring me home a well fucked pussy, an occasional creampie, hot details and lots of pics and video (one of my requirements) On the nights she is out, I play the cuckold role and love it. Presently she is looking for an opportunity to fuck a stranger without my knowledge before hand. I challenge her on her dates as well; last week she had to blow and fuck this guy in his car before they got to the hotel. This week she is to remove her panties in the bar they meet at and place them on the table in front of her lover. We are also looking for BBC to hook up with monthly.

We have never been closer emotionally and our sex life has never been better. In addition, she hits the gym regularly and is working herself into phenomenal shape. We do all this while balancing 2 careers and children at home. One of her goals for 2010 is to start a website detailing her activities.

Feel free to contact us at va4fundm@yahoo.com and or on AFF (va4fundm) and on Hotwife Dating here

A pic taken by one of Dana’s lovers as he fucks her

Submitted by: Geoff and Dana - Virginia


March 3, 2010

10 years of Jackie

Here’s some vintage pictures today from fans favourite Hotwife Jackie. These are from 10 years ago and since then there’s been no let up, she’s been fucking guys left, right and centre.

Such a refined and elegant hotwife, here we see her taking a bath and getting ready for her stud. Then she puts on some fine pretty white stockings and shoes for him after which she gives herself to her lover.

This Bull gives her a full working over, starting with her pussy and then moving on to fuck her ass. I love the last shot of her looking back at Hubby with the guys cock planted firmly in her ass.

Thanks for an amazing 10 years of visual bliss Jackie, here’s to the next 10…







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March 1, 2010

Cuckolded in the Philippines

Cuckold Place Update

Cuckolded in the Philippines

Hi folks, I have been lurking here for awhile, and finally decided to share with everyone what I feel has been the highlight of my life–so far.

After retiring from the Air Force in 2006, I decided to live in Davao, Philippines for awhile, since the cost of living is just a fraction of what it is in the US. I rented a really nice apartment for only 6,000 Philippine pesos (about $125) per month, and other expenses were dirt cheap.

For the first few months, I pretty much played the field. I would have a new girlfriend every week. There’s no shortage of young, gorgeous, exotic Filipinos in Davao, most of whom work in the malls, attend college, or both. I finally met an extremely hot 19-year-old Filipino college student, Maricel, who had an insatiable sexual appetite, and I decided that she was definitely a keeper. We had an arrangement whereby she lived with me in my apartment, kept the place clean and tidy, and slept with me every night. I gave her room and board, plus an extra 1,000 to 2,000 pesos (about $22-$45) per month in spending money. Maricel was happy as a clam because that is the amount some people there make as full time employees. Nevertheless, like most Filipinos, she was very jealous, and would go nuts if I even looked at another girl. I didn’t mind. I was actually flattered by Maricel’s possessiveness.

Maricel frequently hung out with a young guy, Arsenio, about 22, who she originally introduced to me as her cousin. He also attended the same college (University of Mindanao) as Maricel. She would go out with him, telling me that they were going to the local Internet cafe to play computer games.

I used to take trips to Palawan and Boracay on occasion, usually taking Maricel with me. On one occasion, Maricel couldn’t come with me because she claimed to have exams, so I went alone. However, I returned a couple of days earlier than I had planned, and when I entered the apartment early on a Sunday morning, I found Maricel and Arsenio naked in bed asleep in each other’s arms. Arsenio jumped out of bed in a state of Panic, and Maricel started crying, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” over and over. Well, being someone who had always had unrealized cuckold fantasies, I laughed and told them both to relax, and they calmed down. I told Maricel that the only thing that would make me angry is if, from now on, she ever lied or kept secrets from me, and I asked her to come clean with me. By this time Arsenio, got dressed and was out the door. His English wasn’t as good as Maricel’s, so it was probably better anyway for him to leave at that time.

Anyway, Maricel was sobbing and told me that she had lied about Arsenio being her cousin. In fact, he was her boyfriend, and the one to whom she had given her virginity one year previously. I asked Maricel how Arsenio felt about the fact that she was living, sleeping, and having sex with me, a 42-year-old American. She said that Arsenio understood and accepted the situation, because it was common for young Filipinos to have both an older foreign benefactor, or even husband, as well as a young boyfriend on the side. At that point, I explained to her that I was a very open minded man, and understood her need to have a young and energetic boyfriend, and told her that not only wasn’t I upset with her, I found the whole situation very arousing. At first, Maricel was skeptical, since she had never heard of the term “cuckold” or anything similar. Then, I whipped out my laptop and showed her some selected posts on various cuckold websites, just to show her that there were other men like me.

A few days later, I asked Maricel to invite Arsenio to join us for dinner at one of Davao’s nicest seafood restaurants, a place called Ah Fat. At first, Arsenio was a bit nervous, but eventually Maricel explained to him that I wanted the three of us to be special friends. To show my sincerity, I even took both Maricel and Arsenio to Gaisano Mall to go shopping for some new clothes (for me, the cost was like pocket change). Arsenio was so very grateful, and expressed to me (through Maricel) how much he wished he could repay my generosity. I told him, vaguely, “Maybe some day you can” and smiled.

When Maricel and I were alone, I asked her to tell me, in detail, what it was like to make love with Arsenio, as apposed to me. After some prodding, she admitted that, although my cock was slightly bigger than Arsenio’s, his was very hard (”like rock,” she explained). Also, unlike me, he had lots of energy, and she liked the way he was sometimes rough, and “like animal.” I asked her if that meant that she didn’t like making love with me, and she said that she really liked the way I was so gentle with her (in contrast to Arsenio) and also the way I “kissed” her pussy, which Arsenio never had done. In fact, Maricel told me that I was the only one who had ever given her oral pleasure. After our discussion, I told Maricel that I would like it if she would invite Arsenio to the apartment, and I would leave for a couple of hours so they could have time together. Also, I gave her specific instructions that I did not want her to take a shower after making love with Arsenio. She had already read about “creampies” and “sloppy seconds” on the websites we had reviewed, and although she couldn’t understand why I would like that, she accepted the fact that I wanted her unshowered.

That evening, I left to go to the bar at the Apo View Hotel, to have a drink or two with some American guys who were visiting Davao. A couple of hours later, I got a text message from Maricel telling me that Arsenio was gone.

When I got back to the apartment, Maricel was still in bed, naked and waiting for me. She asked, in her sexy accent, “Are you sure I shouldn’t go to the CR [means bathroom] and freshen up?” I answered her by tearing off my clothes, jumping into bed, and kissing her legs, slowly moving up to her thighs, and finally burying my face in her unshaven hairy pussy, sloppy wet with Arsenio’s semen. This was my first creampie in my life, and I lapped it up hungrily as Maricel was giggling and moaning with pleasure. After spending about 10 minutes devouring Maricel’s pussy, with my face still covered with Arsenio’s semen and Maricel’s juices, I slid my rock-hard cock into Maricel, and enjoyed my first experience with sloppy seconds. Despite my having “cleaned” the outer lips of her pussy, it was clear that Arsenio had deposited what felt like a gallon of sperm deep inside of Maricel. Although Maricel was only 85 lbs., and had a very tight pussy, it now felt loose and silky, and my cock was sloshing around in Arsenio’s cum until I finally exploded inside her, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

This was the beginning of what was to be a wonderful 3-way relationship between Maricel, Arsenio, and me, and things only deepened over the coming months. This was a perfect example of truth being stranger, and more intense, than any fiction I ever read or heard.

I will describe more about this relationship if folks are interested. I’ve also posted some pictures of Maricel here

Submitted by: TXPerv - USA


February 27, 2010

Alexis anal creampie

Alexis Golden diary update.

Just saw the post on the subject of anal, which is such a coincidence. Last weekend I had a Bull round to service me, he was young and very fit, half my age too. I wanted him so bad. I decided to give him a lesson on how to properly fuck a hotwife, so after some oral play and my pussy had taken a good pounding, I encouraged him to fuck my ass like it was my pussy. It was fantastic, I was sooo turned on I told him to dump his load right up inside my ass. It was his first ever anal creampie. He’s coming back to give me some more next week. I can’t wait.

Kisses, Alexis






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February 25, 2010

New and nervous

A true story submitted to hotwifeblog by Jay about his experience as a Bull with a hotwife very new to the lifestyle.


This experience is so fresh on me, that although I just drove 15 minutes home, the sweat is still fresh on my brow and the scent of sex and fresh condom is still lingering on me.

I just came back from a very sexy experience with a hotwife couple. My guess is that they’re so new to this that they’re probably not even familiar with the term Hotwife. Regardless, she now is a hotwife twice over as I understand it.

Anyway, the back ground, I am by my past a “sharer”. My motto is “The only thing i like better than enjoying the charms of another man’s woman is… watching another man enjoy the charms of mine.” I, on more than a few occasions shared my ex-girlfriend with other men. It was the most outrageously exciting sex I ever had. However, the young lady with whom currently holds my interest, is not of this persuasion. Hot as she is, her pendulum does not swing that far out. My sex drive and esoteric tastes however refuse to be denied. I posted myself on Craigslist as a single male in search of couples. I only got a few bites. Of those most fizzled out and others were bullshit to begin with. One however, did come to fruition. For the purposes of this narrative and in order to protect the innocent, this fine couple will be know here throughout as “Jack & Diane”.

Jack and I traded a few e-mails and we hatched a plan. It seemed that they were to be staying at a hotel a mere 10 minutes from my home. After trading pics and some pleasantries we planned to meet at the bar in the lobby the next day at five.

Despite the anxiousness that makes time seem to stretch on endlessly, the day and time arrived. I walked into the hotel which opens right into the small bar. There I met Jack, a handsome gentleman in his mid to late forties my guess. He offered a drink but I was too nervous and worried that between the nerves and the booze, my partner in my pants might fail me. So I declined and settled for water. He explained that Diane was getting ready up stairs and so we made small talk. He confided in me that she was well beyond nervous and I assured him that she could not be more nervous than me, He liked this quality about me and said that this was a big part of why they chose me. Because I was not a seasoned “pro” like some of the folks on CL. He told me that it might be easier for her to get started without his eyes upon her, so he planned to get us in the room and then leave for a bit to get acquainted.

After a bit of chit chat he decided to go check on her and left me in the company of the bar maid and she was a cutie. However as much as I would love to have some day share a story about her, this story is about Diane. We continued the small talk until Jack returned, this time with Diane in tow. He joined my conversation with the bar maid and we killed a little time. I took notice of Diane and as cute as she seemed in the pictures that Jack had sent, she was even prettier in person. This and her nervousness exemplified by her absolutely refusal to say a word or make eye contact with me made her down right adorable. After some talk, Jack suggested we go and “take a look at those plans” we excused ourselves from the barmaid and made our way to the elevator. On the way, Jack asked Diane how her drink was. She replied “Not strong enough.” I then assured her that she could not be any more nervous than I was. She seemed slightly comforted by this but she was still a ball of pure tension from head to foot.

We arrived at the room and she sat on the bed and I on a seat that came out of the wall across from her. As promised. Jack excused himself and left us alone. The door did little more than close when she turned to me and asked “Ok? What did he tell you? I told her that I knew they weren’t pros and that she had only done this once before. I told her about my experiences with my ex-girlfriend and tried to make her understand Jack’s appreciation of this kind of kink. I think I she started to get it when i said “Men & women are wired differently. Sex and love are not mutually exclusive with men. Us guys can fuck any woman but we only fall in love with the right one.” After a bit of this I thought, it’s always more difficult to inch your way into a cold pool. It’s better to just jump right in. One second of shock and then you start to get used to it. Right???


I kneeled down in front of her and leaned in to kiss her and she tightened up. I thought she might pop. I mean actually physically burst, so I immediately backed off, sat back and returned to the chit chat and small talk. I think my lack of pressure and my the fact that I had the intuition to recognize her apprehension warmed her to me. She started to seem more calm and began to smile a little as we talked. She told me about their one previous experience how the guy had her doggy while Jack came at her from the front. I suggested that if he liked this we could let him walk in on us and find us in this position. She very apologetically informed me that she only likes to give Jack head and she hoped it wouldn’t be a problem. I informed her that I generally need oral stimulation to get “up to speed” but that we’ll see how it goes. She smiled and offered “I have two hands.”

She was finally loosening up when…. in walked Jack. She tensed up again. He approached her and tried to get things going by touching and kissing her but he was loosing us ground. I guess she found it hard to get into it in front of a total stranger. Jack picked up on it and backed off. He went to the bathroom to freshen up his drink and dim the lights. After some experimentation with the light switches, we finally had the lights completely off. Being that it was just past 5 pm however, there was plenty of light leaking through the curtains. With Jack in the bathroom, working on his drink. She gave me a very subtle look. It’s hard to recall, maybe a nod of her head or something but she basically gave me the go ahead.

She stood up and I approached her and began kissing her. She responded with her mouth but her boy remained rigid and her hands were little knotted fists held tightly at her side. It was again I say absolutely adorable, her nervousness was beautiful. Exciting even, I found that without oral or manual stimulation just the act of kissing her was making me very excited and my partner in my pants had decided to join me. As we kissed, I moved her hands down to my crotch to let her feel how she was exciting me and also to break the ice and let her know that it was ok to touch. She responded by stroking me over my jeans and I got only harder and harder. This was surprising even to me because when I was a younger man, the crack of dawn would excite me and I’m not referring to a young lady name Dawn. But now in my mid thirties, I’ve always needed just a little more stimulation. However, I don’t known if it was her cuteness or her childlike nervousness, or that fact that her man was offering her to me, perhaps it was a combination of factors but I was “up at bat” like I hadn’t been in years.

We began to undress and then returned to kissing now in only our undergarments. I don’t know if Jack was still working on his drink or peeking from somewhere and working on his erection but he was giving us plenty of time. She undid her bra and revealed a very nice set of endowments of which in turn I took each in my mouth. Finally realizing that we had reached the point of no return, I asked her “How do you want to be?” she responded “On all fours”. Just as we began to make a move for the bed, Jack returned from the bathroom in his birthday suit and he was sporting an erection of his own. He sat on the bed behind her and began to fondle her. Again she tensed up. It seemed that she was fine with me or with him but both was just a little too much for her. We had come too far to turn back so while Jack fondled and kissed her from behind, I kissed her mouth and guided her hands to my hard cock. I wanted her to know she was exciting me.

Shortly there after, I don’t quite recall who initiated, I think it may have been Jack, we all moved towards the bed. Jack laid back while Diane got on all four over him. I put on a condom and moved in behind her as they kissed. With her on top of him on all four they continued kissing while i pushed into her from behind. I gave her a gentle yet steady rhythm not so much for her sake as for mine. The scene was so exciting that i knew i would have to be careful not to pop too soon. She began to go down on him as she moaned beautifully in time with the rhythm that I was setting behind her. This went on for a while and Jack eventually slid out form under her and sat himself on a seat across from us. He watched me take her in doggy position for a while, then he came over and asked “Do you want her on her back? ” I said “Yes please” . He began to guide her over as I pulled out. She was considerably more relaxed now as she joked with him “Say please.” He did and she turned over onto her back for me and I went into her with her legs pressed up against my shoulders. At this point, Jack put his cock into her mouth and I watched her suck him while I fucked her and again I had to slow down the visual was just to overwhelming and I was going to lose it. I managed to hold out just a little longer and Jack stepped away to go to the bathroom and left me in her in missionary. I plowed deeply into her feeling the waves of pleasure coming dangerously intense and close. I slowed and continued, slowed and continued and then suddenly I felt that familiar sensation. That feeling of crossing the point. The one, from which you can’t come back. I said something vaguely religious like “Oh Jesus!” and then knowing I was no longer in control, I went for broke and pushed myself into her faster and deeper until I felt myself release at which point I forced myself inside as far as the limits of our bodies would allow. If not for the condom I would spilled myself deep deep inside her.

After a moment Jack came back as I was pulling out. He asked if I got off and I assured him that I did and then some. As I pulled out and got up, Jack tossed me a towel. I disposed of the condom and dried myself off and then I told them that based on my past experiences with my ex, I knew that as the second guy, this was the time where I should make my exit and leave them to have the wildest and most excited sex of their lives. She seemed to love the fact that I understood and smiled brightly and said “Yes!” Jack I think may have wanted to see more. But I thought she had already put in enough effort just to muster the courage to go this far, so I began to put on my clothes. I thanked them for a great time and told them to please keep my information and to feel free to drop a line anytime. They agreed and as I made my way out I noticed her expression and she looked relieved, excited and beautiful at the same time. If their experience is anything like it was for me and my ex, they are probably having some really amazing hot and wild sex right now. And they will be for a couple of weeks to come.

Thanks Jack & Diane it was a wonderful and hot experience for me and I was honored to have been brought into your bed and to have shared your lovely woman with you.

God bless and good luck.

Submitted by: Jay - West Coast


February 23, 2010

Vivian’s Confession

My name is Vivian and this is my Interracial Confession:

My husband is not into anal fucking at all but I would love for him to say “I want to fuck you in the ass.. flip over honey!” Those words alone would make me cream my panties! He really doesn’t know how I would willingly obey his command. It would be a turn on to see him plunge his hot hard cock in a jar of vaseline and have him spread my legs wide apart with his knees. The anticipation of the thought of him in my tight butt makes my pussy wet. But like all things in life you cant have what you always want, so that is why I got his black friend to fuck me in my ass! It wasn’t planned or anything like that, it just happened! (grin)! Well sort of, his friend Brenden, is a very savy computer guy, he was over one afternoon helping me reload windows on my system. I’m not a computer person at all, it took me weeks to learn how to use email! Brenden is a very cute black guy, with a nice body, I kept noticing him looking down my shirt as he stood over me, instructing me on what software to install. I was feeling so horny and became very interested in Brenden when I saw his dick print in his jogging pants!

My pussy is always wet, so after a few smiles and giggles we were kissing on the bed while my husband was out walking both of our dogs! I knew it was wrong, but it felt so good, having a fit black guy all over me. Plus he loved kissing my inner thighs before he licked my pussy, that made the encounter even more kinky! I told him I wanted his cock in my ass. So then came the moment of truth came, Brenden rolls me over and spreads my ass cheeks and STOPS and just looks at it!!!! WTF! I’m thinking, come on big guy, you are a real man right? Say it! Fucking say it! He says nothing, he then sticks his finger in his mouth, and gently opens my asshole! Ahhhhh, that’s a relief, I moan like I’m a innocent choir girl like I don’t know what’s about to happen! Then he strokes his long, thick cock and inserts it in my ass!!!

Goodness it felt so good, I didn’t care if my husband walked in on us I was just enjoying the moment of having a nice, warm cock in my asshole! It must have been Brenden’s first time also, because he blew his load after five minutes. His cum was very hot and thick, It could feel it running inside my butthole for hours! I never said anything to hubby about it, he never asked. But I did hook up with Brenden on two other occasions, all of which was very fucking hot! The pictures below are some screen grabs of a movie Brenden sent me. I had only just arrived and needed the bathroom and he burst in with the camera and got me to play with myself, he then came over and fucked my ass there and then on the bathroom floor.

I know people may not agree with what I have done, but I really do still love my husband but this encounter just happened and I couldn’t pass up the chance to have a big black cock in my asshole.

My name is Vivian and this is my interracial confession.




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February 21, 2010

Calling All Single Women

Just a brief post today touching on yesterday’s post about hotwifedating.com

Wanted to give a big call out to all single women out there that might be reading this.

We need to redress the balance here. We seem to have an abundance of hotwives using hotwifedating.com. Which is great but what we are lacking is single women who would like to find a cuckold partner to live this type of lifestyle with. So single girls if you’re reading this and your past relationships have broken down due to sexual fustration, your infidelities or you know that you need to be with a man who will let you be free to do what you want and when then maybe this lifestyle is for you. The sexual freedom you’re looking for and a man that will love you for it. It’s all waiting for you at hotwifedating.com.

For those existing members, we are in the process of adding a chat room to the site to improve your experience using the site and to encourage users to log in more often.

Thanks for all those that have signed up.

Single Women you can sign up to hotwife dating as a Hotwife Wannabe right here



February 20, 2010

Peaches and Steam

Peaches and Steam - True Story submitted by a new hotwifedating.com member


Hi Trash, My name is Peaches, my partner is Steam. I put this true story on my new profile on hotwifedating.com as an example of a previous experience I had. Steam thought maybe if you put it on the front page of the blog I might get more hits on my profile ;-D

Xoxo Peaches

A few months ago I went for the first time to Venus, a swinger club here in downtown Atlanta. I went without my husband, Steam, who was out of town on business. Afterwards he asked me not only to tell him all the dirty details on the phone of my multiple encounters that night but he also wanted me to write them down for him on email, which I did. This is a copy of one of the emails I sent him:

“He was a fairly young black guy, black as ebony and his skin was soooo shiny black and smooth with youth. He had an innocent look to him and a nice smile and very soft lips, as I was to find out. He said he liked my smile and I really turned him on. He was taller than me, maybe your height. He had a barrel chest and a big round ass, so big and round and perfectly curved, thick arms and legs and a smooth hairless chest, and his groin area had a thick curly thatch of pubic hair, very thick. His hands were big and gentle, and he said he wanted to fuck me. I asked him if he would be gentle, because he wanted to do it in a private room and I was a bit afraid he would rough me up. He said he would be rough only if I asked – and I did ask him to be rough eventually. Then he kissed me and slipped his fingers along my pussy lips. It felt erotic and good! He led me to a room with a mattress and closed the door behind him. He locked it. The door did have an open slat in it, where onlookers could watch.

He said I had soft lips and he knew how to kiss me perfectly, slow, soft, gentle nibbles on my lips. We sat on the bed and he continued to touch my pussy and said I was very wet. He put a long finger inside of me and I spread my legs all the way for him and laid back and enjoyed it. His cock was long and hard and on the thin side. I knew my pussy wanted to feel it. He lay on top of me and sucked my nipples which were erect and big, he loved playing with my nipples and breasts. And I told him to bite my nipples and he did. I noticed a couple of men were watching from the slat in the door.

Then I sucked my own nipples for him and he put one of my hands on his cock and I rubbed it and he kept saying “Oh my God!” He took my dildo, the black one I had with me, and opened me up and put it inside of me… I squirmed with pleasure and he liked it. I raised my legs up a bit and he slapped his hard cock against my ass. He asked me if I liked that and I said oh yes! I rubbed my own clit as the dildo was inside of me and he kept slapping his cock against my butt. Then I came for the first time, long and hard and moaned so much.

He put a condom on his cock and I told him I wanted him to fuck me from behind. I rolled over, head on the mattress and ass up in the air, wriggling my cunt, ready and willing for his pounding. He entered me and wow, it filled me up. I think he got even bigger as he was inside of me. He spanked me, without me even asking and I moved my ass in reply. I told him to pound me really hard, to pound my wet, horny pussy and he did, so hard, and the sensations were soooo fucking amazing. I told him to open my ass cheeks and put his finger in it… He did, as he kept pounding his cock deep in my cunt. He lasted forever and I had thought he would come quickly, but he didn’t.

My pussy was getting sore from his big cock but I loved it and while he pounded me, and with his finger in my ass, I told him I was a dirty, filthy cunt and needed a good pussy pounding. This drove him crazy and then he shoved another finger in my ass and pounded my pussy until I was laying flat on the mattress, being driven down by his pounding. He then did something unexpected, he took his fingers out of my ass and grabbed the back of my head and yanked my hair and called me a dirty bitch. I could hear people whispering from outside the door slat and the thought of them watching me made me feel like I was just a huge, wet, horny stretched out pussy… And I came then… Fuck, I was moaning and groaning with pleasure while he rammed his black cock into me the whole time.

And he still hadn’t cum yet. He rolled me over and sat me up. He sat up too and slid my legs on either side of him and sitting up I fucked his cock. He held my back and we fucked with both of us sitting up. He bit my nipples sooo hard and grabbed my ass and pulled me so hard into him. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and I was sitting across his lap. I came again, grinding my cunt and clit against his hard pelvis and cock. I was so fucking turned on. He still hadn’t cum. I couldn’t believe it!

He then laid me on my back and put my legs up on either side of his shoulders… He said my pussy was so wet and I started to move my hips and buck my pussy up toward him. He said oh yeah, that’s it, girl. I said give it to me harder and he did, with my legs over his shoulders, my breasts swinging side to side, he was fucking me so hard that I then came again and he waited until I was done before he finally came inside me.

He said I was fucking amazing and he wanted to do it again right away. I couldn’t believe it and didn’t think he could, and we lay there for 10 minutes and he put another condom on his cock as it grew hard. There was no oral sex, but it was erotic nonetheless. He was a strong motherfucker. He sat on the edge of the bed again and had me sit on him and he stood up, lifting me up with him, my legs straddling him. He pushed me up against the wall and fucked me in this position for a while. Fuck, it felt good! He said I was even wetter and my pussy felt so amazing and he was gonna cum faster this time, because he knew I came so fast and he wouldn’t wait.

He then lay me back on the bed, asked me to lie on my side and got behind me and laid on his side too, and fucked me from behind that way, and rubbed my clit with his one hand. I pulled at my nipples the whole time and I opened up my legs, one high in the air so he could rub my hard little clit even more. I reached down and touched his balls, which were slapping against me, and he came and so did I.

I was sore, exhausted and felt thoroughly fucked when we were done. He said he wanted to fuck me all night but I said no… He wanted me to bring him home, but I didn’t. I wanted to have my sexual escapades there and be anonymous. Hope you liked my night out honey.”

Submitted by: Peaches - Atlanta - Hotwife dating profile here


February 18, 2010

Vote For Daisy

Just wondered if you could all do me a quick favour. My slut girlie Daisy has been nominated for this years TV X Awards for the Most Outrageous Sex Scene (quite fitting I do think hehe).

If you could vote for her, that would be fantastic. The voting is here

VOTING PERIOD ENDED. thanks for all those that voted.

You need to click on the Most Outrageous Sex Scene category and click on the movie Calling The Shots and hit “Vote Now”.

There’s also a video clip of the nominated scene so you can see what she’s doing to this poor boy for them to give this a worthy nomination lol

Vote For Daisy

Thanks Guys,


February 16, 2010

Meet Molly

A new wife to introduce you to today, Molly Mormon (as she likes to call herself from her religious Mormon past) is from from Utah and is very good friends with fellow Utah slut and regular poster on here Baby Ruthie. As you can imagine being a friend of such a infamous hotwife has led this own married woman down the path of wrong (or of right in our world lol)

Molly is a gusher, very vocal and very multiorgasmic. She also loves taking creampies from her bulls. She says she’s very new to this, but very excited about the possibilities. So lets give her all the support we can in her new world of hotwifery.

And yes we have an exclusive interview coming soon.


Check out Molly’s website here

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