August 16, 2010

Meet Lydia

It’s been a while since we had a new wife to introduce you to (By the way you can always suggest anyone you find on the Internet, you’d like featured on Hot Wife Blog and maybe interviewed). And today we say hello to Luscious Lydia.

Lydia is only 24 years old, but in that time she has found a relationship that has let her become a self-confessed cock addict and she cuckolds her fiancee as often as she can. Her website is a reflection of her personal life where she seeks out strangers for sex.

Lydia says “I am a Cuckoldress, Hotwife, Slut. I love Cock, all cock, white, black, BIG and cucky boy small. I am 24 years young and I love making my husband, watch and record me having sex with REAL men. I love sucking cock and getting my pussy filled with cum. I am a total slut and always meeting strange men (mostly from the internet), I always take them bareback and I always make my sissy eat those delicious cream pies.”

Hoping for an interview soon Lydia..


Check out the Lucious Lydia website here


August 14, 2010

Cuckold Fantasy

It’s been a while since we’ve had someone submit some fiction so here is a story and fantasy written by Don on how he would have loved his marriage to have turned out.


When my wife and I got married at an early age, we were both as naive as you can be. My wife Kim was 24, 5′9, 130lbs, long brown hair to the middle of her back and 36c breasts. I (Don) was 25, 6′1, 210lbs, short hair, with a typical physique and I would say an average (6 inch) penis. We were both still virgins, but we had fooled around a little, me up her shirt under the bra and she had jacked me off a few times. Like I said, naive. At the time, little did we know that it would be her mother who would educate us and inevitably train me.

When my wife finished grad school, her mom gave us a trip to the Jamaica as a graduation/anniversary gift. We were excited. We were young and had no kids so we were going to go down and experience it all. We started working out and tanning a bit all in an effort to get the most from our trip. My wife looked hotter than she ever had. She was smokin’ hot in her new bikinis and they drove me crazy every time she wore them to tan.

When we arrived, we found out that the package included two in room massages. We had never tried that before so we thought it would be a fun opportunity. We got to the room and got settled. It was a three room suite with a living room, Kitchen and our king bed master. The living room overlooked the beach and we could see the sunset every night. After settling in to our room, we called and made dinner reservations and made reservations for our massages the next day.

After dinner we went for a walk on the beach. It was still very warm so my wife took her shirt off and was wearing just her bikini and a little wrap. She looked so hot, I could not help myself and we had sex right there on the beach. We woke early and went to breakfast and then went down to the beach. We were still feeling the excitement from the night before and my wife decided to try topless. I did not even have to ask her, she just decided to try it. I was shocked and massively turned on. We walked for a short while then returned to our room for lunch and our massages.

As we finished our lunch, the two men showed up for our massages. I answered the door and found two very tall, very Jamaican men standing there with a bag in one hand and massage tables in the other. I let them in and showed them where we would like to have the massages. As they set up their tables, my wife and I went to change. We came out of our room with our robes on and to my surprise, my wife walked right up to a table and untied her robe and laid face down. Her masseuse, Chris, covered her butt with a towel and proceeded to start spreading oil across her body. I could feel myself stiffening just watching her already. Then I shyly walked over to my table and tried to lay down without showing my growing hard-on. My masseuse, Ibraham, laid a towel over my butt and began massaging oil into my back. I could not believe how great it felt having someone with such strong hands massage my back. I always figured I would be a little afraid of having some guy give me a rub down. Kim on the other hand had no problem at all letting Chris rub her down. In no time she was moaning and mumbling as she was relaxed to the point she was nearly asleep. As we laid there, I had my head laid to the side so I could watch Kim’s reaction to it all. It was amazing to watch the pleasure in her face.

After about 30 minutes or so, Ibraham told me that this was where they like to give the husband and wife some special treatment. I asked what that meant. He told me that they had a special treatment they developed that helped the husband really relax his shoulders and the wife really get a full body massage. I asked Kim what she thought and she replied she was up for anything. I think as long as it meant Chris kept his hands on her, she would have gone for whatever. I agreed so Ibraham pulled out some straps from his bag. He wrapped them around my wrists, then around some loops on the bottom of the table. He said that by letting steady tension pull on my shoulders, it would help the muscles relax and ultimately make the massage more effective. It seemed logical. At first it was a little tight, but I could feel my shoulders relaxing after a short while. In the mean time, Ibraham got some more oil on his hands and he and Chris would both begin working on Kim and her body. Chris was working on her legs and Ibraham was working on her shoulders and back. As they did, I could see such pleasure in Kim’s face. She gave them moans of encouragement as these two strangers began massaging her entire body. I could see Ibraham slowly working his hands down her sides and brushing the outer edges of her breasts. Kim would moan as he did.

I could see out of the corner of my eye that Chris was slowly working his way up the inside of Kim’s legs, first her calf’s, then her thighs. Kim moaned in pleasure as he slowly worked his hands up towards the edge of the towel and finally underneath. Her breathing sped up as Chris, the first man other than me, worked oil into her cheeks. As he did, Kim told him, Oh my god that feels so good. Chris asked if there was anything special she wanted rubbed. She kind of giggled. As she did, Chris slowly began working his hands down her butt between her legs. I was shocked and began to voice a little protest to what I was seeing. As I did, I also found myself sporting a huge hard-on that I could not control. Eventually it would pop out pointing down between my legs. Chris just looked over at me as I argued and he said, don’t worry Sir, we won’t give her anything she does not want. Then he smiled.

I began to realize I was in trouble. Chris kept working his hands and Ibraham kept moving closer and closer to her breasts until he finally just gently brushed her nipple with a finger. This was kind of a wakeup call for Kim. She tried to sit up for a second and move away. When she did, the men just held her to the table. She began to struggle slightly as they rolled her onto her back. Chris just looked at her in the eyes as he stood between her legs and told her that they would stop any time she would tell them too. It was like she could not say no, I suspect she was so horny she couldn’t. Then it was all but over as Chris reached down and gently slide his shorts down to the floor. He would reveal a huge black penis half stiff starring straight at my wife’s opening. Kim looked down at him as he prepared himself. She looked at him and he just said this was part of the service and Ibraham pulled her shoulders down onto the table and held her there. Chris leaned forward and gently stroked Kim’s lips. Kim moaned and yelled “What are you doing!”. Chris slid a few fingers between her lips and pulled them out soaked with her juice. He looked at Ibraham and smiled. Then he climbed up onto the table over Kim. She looked at him and started to squirm and struggle. She kept asking, “What are you going to do?”. Chris looked down at her as Ibraham held her roughly against the table and said, I am going to massage your whole body.

With that he began pressing his penis against her lips. She tried to squirm underneath him but they held her. Then suddenly she let out the highest pitch squeal and began breathing really heavy. As she tried to catch her breath I could see Chris starting to slowly slide himself in and out of her. I tried to fight the ties, but found myself glued to what I was seeing. Kim began groaning with painful pleasure and tried to push against his hips. Then it began. As Chris kept pressing against her, she squealed and then screamed as she arched her back and I watched her eyes roll back into her head. I knew at that moment something had happened. Chris kept going as Kim kept screaming and squirming underneath him. Ibraham was now pulling on her nipples as she arched her back welcoming Chris. When it finally ended, she fell back to the table. Chris then began to be a little more urgent and pressed harder and harder. He began to speed up and before long was pounding her really hard. In no time, Kim was grunting and squealing again. As she transitioned from squealing to screaming, her second orgasm arrived and it over took her.

At first she was fighting to keep Chris out, as this orgasm over took her, she was scratching and pulling at his butt to try and get him deeper. As it continued, Chris began to grunt and Kim replied by begging him for more. Before long she was asking for more and harder. Chris lasted a little while longer, but finally finished and slid off the table. Kim was trying to recover as Ibraham kept massaging and pulling at her nipples. Then I think it hit her, Ibraham figured to have his turn. She turned to him and he smiled. Kim looked worried as she looked at him. He just smiled and said it was up to her, but that she had better know what she was getting into. As he said that, she pulled his shorts down. He would uncover the biggest, fattest penis I had ever seen. It was at least 10 inches long and several inches thick. He just looked at her and told her, “Just tell me you don’t want it, that is all you have to say.” Kim just stared at him, looked at his penis, then his face, then his penis. Then he just looked at her and told her to go into the bedroom.

As she began to get up, I called for her to not do it. She turned to me and said, “I can’t help it, I have to try”. I struggled to get free to no avail as the door to the bedroom closed. As I rested from my struggles, Chris would begin my humiliation. He started to laugh and I asked him what he was laughing at. He smiled and said, “You realize she is no longer your woman. That now she is ours, that she will not be able to say no to us. And that you will never satisfy her again.” He laughed as he went into the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. I laid there on the table and all I could do was listen and wonder what Ibraham was doing to my wife. At first I heard grunting and pounding, then the screaming began. “Oh My God, AAAHHHHH,” then “OH MY GOAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHDDDDDD.” Then nothing for about 10 minutes. As Chris finished cleaning up his table, Ibraham came out. Chris asked how she did. Ibraham looked at him with amazement. Chris asked what? Ibraham looked at him and said, she had actually been able to ride him. She had taken it all. Chris’s eyes popped open. That would be a first apparently.

About ten minutes later, they would untie me and let me get up. My arms hurt like crazy and they began to laugh. Apparently somewhere in the process, I had cum all over their table and myself. They threw me a towel and before long, they had packed up and left. I walked over to our room to find Kim still laying on the bed. She was totally naked laying on her back with her legs wide apart and her lips so big I think I could have driven a truck inside her. She had cum dripping from her hole and she was laying in the biggest pool of cum I had ever seen.

She was too sore for the rest of the trip for us to try anything, not that she would have wanted to anyway. As we met up with her mom and dad in the airport, it became evident that her mom had actually planned what had happened. They giggled and laughed, her mom at one point screamed, “no way, you took it all.” Apparently she had discovered Chris and Ibraham on their 20th anniversary. She had not slept with her dad since.

For the next five years, she would let me sleep with her exactly 5 times. She of course had found a new taste for larger penis’. On our 5 year anniversary from going to Jamaica, we went back so she could find her bulls. She slept in one room with them the entire trip. I was only allowed to listen through the walls. After that trip, she decided she wanted some kids so she would let me be with her a little more often until she got pregnant. We now have two beautiful girls and are coming up on our 10 year anniversary of her bulls. She says she has decided that since I am not man enough to give her sons that she is going to go back to Jamaica for the purpose of breeding with Ibraham. She says that she wants a son who can actually satisfy their wives.

Submitted by: Don - Washington State - USA


August 12, 2010

Sophisticated Janet

We haven’t had an update from legendary hotwife Janet Mason for some time now. But I know she’s been busy, since she made the leap to doing porn in LA she’s been hot property over on the West Coast and I’ve seen her enjoying herself with an endless stream of black cock.

But she did have time to send me over these pics from her personal website. Always hot, always a sophisticated lady and here she is looking divine in a black dress, stockings and suspenders… Yummy!

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

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August 10, 2010

What have you been up to?

Here’s a submission from C accounting the weekends fun with his partner after her night out on the town. He also submitted a pic of his lovely girl.


I was just coming out of the bathroom in the hall when she came in. “Back from girl’s night out, I see. Have fun?” “Yea.. I did, but I am tired now”. I grab her arm and pull her towards me. She resisted a little, like she was hiding something from me. I gently push her up against the wall, my naked body pressing against her as she looks into my eyes. I run my hand down her side and over her hip to the bottom of her skirt. She says “I am really tired, can’t we just go to bed?”. I quickly run my hand up the side of her leg under her skirt and discover why she wanted me to let her just go to bed. She has lost her panties somewhere.

“Something missing here? You did have a good time didn’t you?” as I smile down at her.”"Yes, I did..” My lips close over her’s, kissing her deeply, and my tongue plunging deep into her mouth as my hands roam over her body. My fingertips run over her full breasts as I press into her and kiss her hard. Breaking the kiss I say, “You lost your bra too” Grabbing the back of my head and pulling me to her hungry mouth she returns my kiss.

My hands slide back down her side and under her skirt, my fingers going straight to her pussy and cupping it in my hand. I can feel her wetness, she is soaked, and her juices are starting to run down the inside of her perfect thighs. “Damn you are so wet, did he cum inside you?” “No he didn’t. I step back from her and undo her blouse, “Where did he cum?” She looks into my eyes and replies “On my ass.” I grab each side of her and turn her around so she is facing the wall. “Put your hands up on the wall” as I pull her back a little so she can lean in to the wall, her legs spread for me and her ass is pointing towards me.

“So you have been a dirty slut tonight haven’t you?” She doesn’t answer me right away and my hand slaps her right ass cheek hard. She groans and moans at the same time, “Yes I have been a slut tonight.” I whisper to her “OK, so you should be punished for being a slut, RIGHT?” “Yes I should be.” I swat her right cheek again, leaving it hot and red. She moans out loud again. I shove two fingers up inside her hot wet pussy. Plunging them deep and hard. The air comes out of her chest as my fingers spread her open and penetrate deep inside her. She pushes back against my fingers. I can feel her almost cum on my fingers. I jerk them out of her and smear them over her lips, feeling her tongue snake out and try to lick her juices from my fingers. I shove them into her mouth, letting her suck them clean. Her mouth and tongue feel good on my fingers. She can feel my hard cock pushing against her as I lean over her slightly with my fingers fucking her mouth.

Pulling them out of her mouth she groans. I move in behind her closer “Spread your pussy open for me like the slut you are.” She leans against the wall with her breasts squashed and her head turned to the side, resting her body against the wall as her hands move down to spread her cheeks and pussy apart for me. I can see her soaked pussy lips open as she pulls them apart, her juices make the insides of her thighs glisten. I just touch her wetness with the head of my cock and she starts moaning and pushing back, wanting more. “You want my cock inside you don’t you slut?” “God yes, fuck me please, fuck me now.” I shove my hard cock inside. All in one shove, she is so wet as my cock slams inside her. She cums instantly her hands let her cheeks go and she moves them back to support herself off the wall as she is impaled on my hard cock. Squirming on it as she cums over and over, soaking my balls and cock with her juices. Grabbing her hips I pull my cock out till just the head is inside of her and then drive it back inside of her, hard and fast. “This is what you wanted, my hard cock fucking your used pussy. “God Yes, I told him to fuck me good and hard so my pussy would be good and wet for you.”

Reaching around her I grab a breast in each hand. Rubbing her hard nipples between my thumb and finger. Then slowly tugging on each one, pulling from her body, stretching it out as my cock continues to fuck her hard. I can feel my cum starting to boil in my balls. “He fuck you this good?” “Yes, yes he did.” I pull my cock from her and tell her to suck it. She sags down to the floor as my hands turn her around facing me. I rub my cock over her lips as her mouth opens for me. Holding her head I push my cock into her mouth. She can taste all our juices on my cock as her tongue twirls around the head, licking and sucking it as I fuck her mouth. She moans around my cock as it slips in and out of her mouth. Her eyes move up to lock on to mine as she sucks my cock harder and faster. Releasing her head I slip my cock from her mouth and spin her around again, pushing down on the small of her back moving her down on all fours. I spread her legs wider apart and kneel down behind her. Spreading her cheeks apart I run my tongue down through her crack to her asshole. As I spread her cheeks so that my tongue can push inside her ass. Licking her ass, I tongue fuck it and lick it. Her groans fill the room. “God, I love to have my asshole licked like that.”

I turn her over and lay her down on her back as I cover her with my body. My hard cock slipping between her legs as our lips lock together, our tongues dancing in the middle. My cock slipping up and down through her wet lips. She spreads her legs and moves her hips up and lets it slip up inside her slick pussy. Slowly we fuck as our mouths make love to each other. Kissing and licking her lips, sucking her lips into my mouth one at a time as my cock pushes in and out of her.

Finally I pull my cock from her pussy and move up her body as I jerk my cock for her. As I get closer to cumming I move closer to her lips and mouth. her hand moves up to cup my balls and fondle them as the first spurt shoots out, and washes over her lips. I slide down and finish cumming on her pussy as my lips lock on to hers. Pushing my cum inside her mouth as we kiss hard. She can feel the last spurts of warm cum dripping over her pussy lips. I roll us over to our sides and kiss her softly as my hands stroke her full breasts and hard nipples and I whisper to her “Now you can go to bed” …

Charlie's Girl

Submitted by: C - VA, USA


August 8, 2010

Jackie Reunion

A diary update from amazingly hot hotwife Jackie.

Ahhh, reunions. Sometimes bittersweet, always something to be anxiously anticipated. I remember my first high school reunion, it had been ten years since I’d seen my old posse. We had gone our separate ways after graduation, some off to college, some spent time traveling through Europe, some just decided to buckle down to jobs and chase the old proverbial American dream.

Seeing each other again after so much time was fascinating. Some of us had grown up, some had not, some had gained weight or lost hair, married or divorced but most were still trying to figure out who we were.

Some of my old girlfriends talked about their kids and how hard it was to manage raising them and working too. At that point in my life I still hadn’t come to terms with who I was. I thought I was still that fresh faced valley girl in jeans and a tank top who preferred heels to flats, devoted to my husband but secretly fantasizing about fucking the black UPS delivery guy at work. I wondered why every time he brought me a package he hung around chatting about the weather or movies or what he did last weekend. In retrospect I realize he was flirting with me. Girls can be so dense sometimes.

What I’ve learned since then is: when opportunity knocks (as in a text from a BBC) OPEN THAT DOOR! So when BBC Marcel popped up on my Iphone screen the other day, “J white slut! Da man in town! U redi 4 me?” I replied “Boi, dis ho always redi 4 u!” I dropped everything I had on my calendar for that day.

Miss a chance for some quality time with his hot black cock? Not a chance, not in this lifetime! In record time I made myself ready for a reunion with Marcel at a local resort hotel, and just like the song says, “Reunited and it feels so good!” Now if only my hot tub was a time machine, I could reunite with that hot UPS guy… ahhh reunions.

My hubby has posted the video of my reunion with Marcel on my naughty site. You can check this video on my website using the link below.








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August 6, 2010

Co-worker fucks my wife

A true story submitted to us from Ron about his wife Al.


I had worked with Jim for a few years, my wife Al had met him a few times, but we never interacted with Jim and his wife. Some time later Jim got a divorce and relocated to Hawaii.

One day I received a phone call from Jim. He was back in town, he told me he was fed up with Hawaii and had went out on a drinking spree. He didn’t remember even getting on the plane he was so bombed. He had no where to stay, no car, not even any luggage. He had even left his car sitting at the curb in Hawaii. He asked if I could help him with a coming back home, maybe finding a job but first could he stay at our place for a few days.

I told my wife his situation and asked her if it would be alright if he stayed with us for a few days. Al responded it would be alright as we had just finished a large addition to our house including a master bedroom so our old bedroom was vacant. I had Jim come on over, he was a sight indeed, unshaven, clothes looking like he just washed up on the beach, real Hawaiian style too, White pants, white shirt white shoes and a black belt.

Two days later Jim was rested, clothes washed, face shaven, and feeling better. He said he wanted to take us out for dinner and a few drinks to thanks us for helping him out. I always liked Al to dress sexy so she wore a short front button skirt, a pullover blouse, crotchless pantyhose, shoes and nothing else.

After dinner we bounced around to a few bars and ended up at our favorite place, all three of us feeling pretty high. Al’s short skirt had a couple of lower buttons come undone so as she wa sitting down the skirt would open up showing a nice amount of her thighs. Jim, myself and a few other guys were enjoying the scenery, you could almost see her bare pussy but not quite. You could see the sown edges of the opening of her crotchless hose so you could tell there was nothing else to get in the way of a good shot of her pussy. Al was well aware of this so she would cross and uncross her legs at times and when Jim asked her to dance she spread her legs as she got up so I’m sure he had a nice beaver shot.

They danced a few dances, even a couple of other guys had her on the dance floor. They were all taking advantage of her on the floor. Their hands were groping her, they ground their crotches into her. She didn’t mind except for this one guy who made a move to stroke her pussy. She dumped his ass in a hurry. He was just being a little to rough and pushy. Al enjoys being admired and even fondled, but don’t push to hard or to fast or she will shut you out in a hurry. The night was ending at the bar, I could see Al was getting turned on from all the attention. We decided to head home.

When we got to the house I asked Jim if he would like a tour of our new bedroom as he had not seen it yet. He said sure so the three of us headed upstairs. Al flopped on the bed as I showed Jim around. I pointed out the large nude posters of Al I had just hung up. He said damn she looks hot. I said she is even hotter in person, he said I’ll bet she is. Al was on her back slowly opening and closing her thighs ever so slowly and slightly like she was in a dream or something. She was not opening up enough to get a full view of her pussy but just enough to be very exciting.

Knowing she was turned on I asked her if she would do a strip show for me and Jim, she said no she was to tired but I kept asking her until she agreed to do a short one. I told her let me get my camera as I wanted some new pics of her She started running her hands up and down her thighs slowly inching her skirt higher and higher, getting closer and closer to her hot pussy. She opened her thighs giving Jim and I a wide open beaver shot. You could see her pussy juices glistening on her cunt lips so I knew she was hot to fuck.

Jim said damn that is nice, I said it even feels better than it looks, go see for yourself. He looked at me as if to say ‘What did you just tell me to do?’ I said “GO SHE IS WAITING!!” He moved onto the bed and soon had his fingers probing her juicy pussy. Al was getting hotter and hotter, thrusting her hot cunt into his thrusting fingers, They had a few kisses as Jim kept up fingering her hot hole. Suddenly she sat up pushed Jim back flat on his back, She spun around straddling him and pressed her hot cunt into his waiting face. Jim started giving her the royal treatment with his tongue, Al slowly reached for his fly undoing it and freeing his hard cock. She gave it a few gentle strokes then filled her mouth with it while I was busy taking pics. Soon Jim was out of his clothes, Al had spun around and was waiting for his hard cock with open legs. He grabbed his cock and guided it into her waiting cunt and began giving her slow even strokes. A short time later she had Jim get off and lie on his back. Al eased her wet hungry cunt down on to his waiting cock. After some more fucking in this position I told her stop for a minute, I informed them I wanted some good pictures and since I had the camera I was the director and they were the actors and had to do as I told them. We all laughed at those remarks then Jim said “So Mr. Big Shot Director what do you want us to do?” I replied “Just fuck her!”. We laughed again, they went back to fucking and I went back to getting my pics of my wife with another man.

After getting several shots I shed my clothes myself and joined the party. Jim and I both fucked her several times. Jim would recoup then dive in again as I rested. After about 4 hours of fucking, finger fucking, eating pussy Al declared she was getting sore & called it a night.

The next morning Jim told us both thank you for the most amazing night of his life. We had a few other nights with Jim over the years, but none of them compared to the pleasures of that first night. Damn I love my wife for giving me those times & those memories.

Submitted by: Ron - NV, USA


August 4, 2010

Girls behaving badly

Here’s another installment from the girls behaving very badly at The Dancing Bear. This set of pics comes from a male strippers event where Tanya and her friends go a little further than the norm with the men come to entertain them. As the night goes on blonde Tanya obviously worse for wear from all the alcohol agrees to lick cream from one of the male dancers cock. She then has a sexy dance with him before dragging him to one side to get a proper taste of that cock by sucking him off. I wonder if she’ll remember to tell her boyfriend in the morning or remember much at all from all that alcohol.

If you’ve always wanted to be a fly on the wall on a girls night out, now you can!

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

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August 2, 2010

Where the urge comes from

Cuckold Place Update

I found out where the cuckold urge in men comes from

Dear Fellow Cuckold Enthusiasts:

It has puzzled me for years where a man’s urge to be cuckolded could come from. From an evolutionary perspective, being cuckolded and forced to invest years in caring for a child that does not carry your genes is a worst case scenario.

Surely a gene for such an urge would have been selected against until it was gone. So I was confused as to why so many of us would have such a strong urge for it. I was also concerned that the implication of wanting to be a cuckold was that somehow you were gay, but I have never thought of myself as gay, or that you were somehow abnormal or even perverse.

I decided to research the phenomenon from an evolutionary psychology perspective, and I think that I have hit pay dirt in some recent research in the journals of this young science, and I wanted to share it with everyone. Hopefully we can now understand where this powerful and puzzling urge is coming from, and realize that we are not gay or abnormal or perverted, but instead that we are the product of (and the winners of) millions of years of human evolution. For if our ancestors did not have these traits, we would not be here.

Below is an excerpt from a key paragraph and below is a link to the article. I would welcome your feedback

“An interesting implication of the notion of male intra-vaginal competition is that male sexual arousal need not always be tightly connected to male sexual preferences. In general, men physiologically respond to sexual situations that match their sexual interests (something that is not quite true in women). But intra-vaginal battles demand men to become aroused to situations that are actually unpleasant for them, for instance the suspicion of their partner’s infidelity. Men, therefore, may become very sexually aroused at the idea of their partner having sex with someone else, even though they would strongly avoid such a situation (see work by Pound, 2002). Of note, partner swapping seems to involve older couples and appears to be a way to reignite flagging sexual passions.”

You can read the full thread and find a link to the article here

By: PDClement


July 31, 2010

Daisy’s Birthday

Last weekend was a very special time as it was Daisy’s birthday. I had lots of fun things planned for her which included festival tickets, a romantic meal, drinks with friends and a very special after party last Saturday night. I got together a few guys to give Daisy the present she was really after. A wild night was had by all and Daisy has literally slept all this week getting over the craziness. Happy Birthday Daisy!


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July 29, 2010

5 loads for Mona

I recently got an email from a fine hotwife called Mona who’s very interested in hooking up with my good mate Sensi. I’m really looking forward to filming that one. She also wanted to let us blog readers an experience that happened to her last year.


I met this young black guy on the internet in September 2009 and he sent me couple of his 10″ cock pictures by email but since I don’t trust guys on the internet I asked him to show me his cock live on webcam and he did. I was so shocked by the size of his huge black cock that my pussy got soaking wet just looking at him image on the screen and I found my self playing with my pussy and masturbating myself just thinking of having this massive hard black cock in my wet tight pussy. I told my husband Mike about this guy and showed him his pictures and we both decided to meet a week later.

We checked into a hotel and met the guy at the hotel bar as scheduled at 7 PM on Wednesday and we had couple of drinks together. He was about 6.2 tall, muscled and he was handsome too. When he sat next to me I could see the bulge in his pants which made me all wet, I couldn’t wait to get him inside me. Within less than one hour of talking to each other we decided to go upstairs to our hotel room.

When we entered our room he started undressing me while kissing me and fondling my breasts and nipples and squeezing my butt cheeks. I just melted in his hands and I could not wait to have him take me so I started to unzip his jeans and Oh my God… the Monster came out, very long and very thick and very hard. I knelt down and took it into my mouth and started sucking his big cock. He told me he was very turned on and he couldn’t wait any longer. He then picked me up and carried me to the bed and spread my legs apart and shoved his huge cock all the way inside my wet tight pussy. He kept fucking me in every position imaginable that night from 8 PM until 4 AM straight. He came 5 times that night and each time he filled my pussy up with his cum. My Husband was on a chair next to the bed watching and taking pictures and videos as the black guy drilled my pussy so deep and so hard. It was the best fuck of my life and I can not forget that guy. Here’s one of the pics my husband took.


Submitted by: Mona - Bahrain

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