January 3, 2009

Jackie’s Lunchtime Fuck

A classic picture set from hotwife Jackie. The ankle bracelet makes this one so hot for me.


Everyday I get lots of email messages from guys that want to fuck my wife Jackie. I usually reply with a polite thanks, but no thanks but one email sounded like a guy who I might like to set up to fuck my wife. This is what he wrote:

“Hi baby, I keep thinking of you, that gorgeous body, and that beautiful face swallowing my full hard on. Visions of me drenching you with load after load of my hot, sticky cum always enter my head. There are times when I just imagine you underneath me, looking up at me as I fuck your face with reckless abandon. I keep dreaming about cumming all over your gorgeous face as you stare up at me. Write me back….Sonny”

I wrote sonny back. Sonny was from NYC but would be in Los Angeles on business the next week. We chatted on Yahoo a few times and I liked Sonny’s attitude. No nonsense, no games. He just wanted to fuck my wife no strings attached. Would I mind? I told him I did not mind him fucking my wife as long as I could shoot some pics of her servicing him. He had no objections so I agreed to bring my wife to his hotel when he arrived in town. Sonny emailed the day he arrived and said his work schedule was crazy and the only time he had available was his lunch hour at 1:00PM. So instead of drinks and dinner and a slow get to know each other, would I mind bringing my wife to his hotel at 1:00PM so he could fuck her but he would have to go right back to work afterwards.

I actually liked this scenario better, so I agreed. I much prefer to take my wife to a guys hotel so she can suck his cock and have him fuck her without all the social niceties and waste of time. So if Sonny wanted me to bring her to his room so he could fuck her on his lunch hour, that was fine with me. Sonny called our cell phone as I was driving my wife to his hotel and told me he would be a few minutes late. He arranged with the hotel desk to give us a key to his room so we could wait for him there.

My wife opens the door to Sonny’s room and waits on the bed like a good girl for Sonny to arrive. Ten minutes later Sonny comes in and introduces himself to us. My wife says “Hi.” “I haven’t got much time.” Sonny told her. As he talked Sonny walked over to the bed where my wife sat. He undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. He pulled his shorts down, grabbed my wife’s head and pushed it towards his cock. My wife knew what he wanted, and she knew what to do. She opened her mouth and allowed Sonny to push her mouth over his cock until it was buried all the way down. He held her head over his dick for a few seconds pushing his cock as far as it would go in my wife’s mouth. He finally let her up for air then began fucking her face slowly, then speeding up till he was pumping her mouth with his cock and my wife’s head was jerking back and forth.

He didn’t want to bust his nut without fucking her so he pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to lay back on the bed and spread her legs. She did as she was told and as soon as she spread her legs open to him, he pushed three fingers into her wet cunt. My wife was desperate to keep sucking his cock as he fingered her hole and she kept reaching for it with her hand. Finally he let her up and put his hard cock back in front of her face. He finally spoke to her again. “”Suck my cock you married slut. Take a big mouthful you horny bitch!” That really got my wife wet and hotter than ever. She swallowed his cock again. But only for a minute this time before he told her to lay back on the bed again. This time he got up over her head and laid his cock across my wife’s face. She opened her mouth and he continued to fuck her face again.

By this time my wife was trying to talk to him with her mouthful of dick. “Fuck me. Fuck me please!” she finally managed to speak. Fuck her he did. He got between her legs and shoved his cock into her slippery hole and began pounding away, hitting bottom with every thrust. After a few minutes of hearing my wife yelp each time he hit bottom, he told her to turn over. Again he shoved his dick into her twat and began pounding away but his time he pushed her head down on the pillow so she wouldn’t make so much noise. His lunch hour was almost over so he pulled out of her cunt and told her to get back on the floor, on her knees. Again, my wife followed his orders and down she went in a flash!.

“Jack me off on your face you slutty bitch. I want to cover your face with my cum so your husband can see what a fucking whore you really are!” My wife grabbed his cock and began pumping it with her hand. It was not long before he yelled. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Open your mouth you slut!” My wife opened her mouth just as streams of jizz began to spray all over her face. She kept jacking his cock and more sperm shot out into her mouth and began to stream down her chin.

Just as he had said. Sonny quickly went into the bathroom to wash up leaving my wife still on her knees with his cum covering her face. “Gotta go Jackie. Thanks! I’ll call you next time I’m in town. I really want to fuck you in the ass next time!” He ran out the door. My wife went into the bathroom and wiped all the cum off her face and all she could get out of her hair. She gathered her things, we went down to the car and I drove her home.

A job well done. I was extremely prould of her.






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January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

It’s been a great New Years Eve party out in Thailand… Just wanted to wish all hot wife blog readers a very happy new year and hope 2009 brings much debauchery and sexual pleasure to you all.

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Thanks, your webmaster Trash x x x


December 31, 2008

My Filipina Wife

Cuckold Place Update

My wife Jacqui is a Filipina, and we met a few years back when I was living in the Philippines. This woman is a knockout: 5’7” (tall by Filipina standards), professional dancer with a body to show for it. Long, muscular legs, tight belly, and beautiful C-cup breasts.

I brought her back to the states with me and we settled in New York, where she got a job as a dance instructor. Being a sort of conservative Filipina woman, I don’t think she ever thought of straying from me, but over time I found myself really turned on by seeing black men check her out. Over time I gradually brought up the idea of sharing her. She seemed turned on by the idea too, and we always had fantastic sex after I brought it up, but I think the conservative Filipina upbringing mostly stood in the way.

Then one night, shortly before she turned 30, we were out late at a bar, and a very muscular black man sat next to her. He saw me there and saw her wedding band, but he started hitting on her aggressively. This guy was absolutely ripped and looked like he could tear most guys in half. The two of them talked for a long time while I pretended to be busy, meanwhile I had the biggest hardon of my life when I saw him touch her thigh. He left for a minute to check in with his buddies and I urged Jacqui to go home with him. She was obviously horny and readily agreed. I told her to text me, and if she didn’t want to send a real message, she should just text me the number 1 if they had sex, 2 if they didn’t. Terry came back and, within a couple of minutes, she was walking out the door with her arm wrapped around his waist.

That night was the most anxiety-filled and sexually charged of my life. My heart pounded and my dick throbbed while I waited at home for her to text. About an hour later, I got the first text: a 1. Without even touching myself I instantly came so hard, it practically sprayed around the room. This was about 2 a.m., and I decided to stay up and wait for her to come home. Around 4, she texted me again, saying simply, “Be home in the morning.”

Jacqui came home around 8 in the morning, looking tired and guilty and blissful all at the same time, and I immediately pressed her for the details. Apparently Terry had an enormous dick—she guessed 9 inches, and thick—and they had sex almost straight from 1 until 7, using every position imaginable. I asked if she wanted to see him again, and she said yes, absolutely.

Submitted by: filamwifecuck

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December 29, 2008

Meet Katie

I love finding new wives on the net and there haven’t been too many of late so this one certainly had my full attention. Beautiful and stunning Katie is married to one lucky guy who actually introduced her to the lifestyle with him being cuckold relationships since he was a teenager.

Here’s some more info from Katie “Hey Guys, I am a 22 year old hot wife and amateur porn star living out my fantasies in fabulous Las Vegas. I live with my cuckold white husband and partner in crime Rick who I love very much. We live a strict cuckold and hot wife lifestyle where my hubby remains completely faithful to me but I’m free to FUCK who ever I want which is awesome! With this kind of freedom you can only imagine what I get up to. I love wearing lingerie, especially stockings. It gets my hubby so hot when I have one of my studs over to fuck me and I’m dressed like a slut. And as for my studs… I have to admit I am a size queen ;) I like well hung bulls, especially big black men, hmmm they fuck me so good. You could say I’m a black cock whore.”

We look forward to having on our pages more often Katie and we’ll start with your exclusive interview very soon.

Katie Kox

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December 27, 2008

She Finally Did It

My wife finally did it. We have been talking about her getting a lover for a while now and nothing ever really happened. She only chatted on line to other guys and I thought she was just amusing me. Then I placed an ad online for guys to contact her and a ton did (and still are). She had a date on Friday night (I stayed home and babysat). I was anxious all night. She went to a bar and hung out and got hit on by plenty of guys as she waited for her date. My wife is gorgeous blonde hair blue eyes 38DD. the problem is I don’t satisfy her with only 5″ She is obsessed with big cocks.

Anyway she came home and told me about her night of how she flirted with her date and had fun then the guy walked her to the car and kissed her. She said she felt his cock and he was much bigger than me but decided to come home. I couldn’t believe it! The next day she had a date with another guy. She went to his house this time to fuck!. She came home after 5 hours, walked right over to me and kissed me. I didn’t ask but I knew I was kissing her just where another dick had been. I was so turned on I couldn’t believe it! We went right to the bedroom and undressed and I dove straight for her pussy. I wanted to see if it looked different or felt different. Heck even if it tasted different. I think could taste the condom on her pussy. Anyway she proceeded to tell me how his cock was huge and rock hard. I felt so inadequate that I had to prove to her that I was just as good. She told me how he made her cum just from fucking (something I have never done) and that he fucked her for over an hour! He even fucked her on her back and as he was sliding it in she said oh that feels so good and he responded-by saying it is only half way in. As he slid in more and more he touched her in ways I have never been able to or never will be able to. She said he fucked her like that (on her back ) then rolled her over and his big cock never came out. Then he fucked her from behind. She said she was so loud he was concerned she would wake the neighbors. Then she said he flipped her back over and she said to cum on her tits. She said he beat his dick with one hand and there was still so much showing and he blew a huge load on her tits. At that moment I immediately moved up and started sucking her tits. I stuck my cock in her right away and she was pretty tight (I think she was swollen) and I came after 3 pumps, it was so humiliating…

So I cleaned her up and we cuddled for a bit then I tried over and over to get a hard on and she ended the night by telling me I was pathetic laying there shaking my dick and not getting hard. It was a horrible feeling. The next day we fucked and she was so loose. She keeps talking about her night and how good it was. I feel bad she has had to settle with me for so long. At least now she will have some satisfaction.

Anyway a few days have passed and I feel much better about her having a lover and I am not sad about it at all any more. in fact I am encouraging her. She has a date tomorrow ..She is going to the movies with some guy and all she said is she is gonna wear a short skirt and she will email me more about it at work today. I know I have opened a door and there is no closing it.

Submitted by: Josh - Nebraska


December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

A very happy holiday to you all. Lots of love from, Desirae






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December 23, 2008

New Year Holiday

Instead of braving the madness of Las Vegas AVN’s, this year me and Daisy have decided on a relaxing holiday instead. Today we fly off to Thailand for a much needed break. It’ll be the first trip I can remember where it’s not something to do with a porn convention lol. Daisy has promised to flirt outrageously with good looking guys so I’m sure I’ll have some stories to tell when I get back.

I’ll still be updating the blog on location, whenever I can get a web connection out there.

Hope everyone has an amazing Holiday season and New Year.

Your webmaster,


December 21, 2008

Barbi’s Xmas Message

Wow, this is the best Xmas message I’ve had this year. Thanks Barbi x x

Hi Trash,
I hope you’re having a great holiday season. I wanted to send you a little something your way to spread my holiday cheer because I love your “HOTWIFE BLOG”!

Hugs and blowjobs,
Barbi Sinclair


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December 19, 2008

My New Life

Cuckold Place Update

A little background on us: My wife and I are a Caucasian couple that recently moved to the Chicago area. I am 37 yrs old and she is 36yrs. We have been married for 14yrs and have no children. We are both attractive and in good shape, I am 5” 9”, 170lbs. and she is 5’ 4”, 120lbs. with blond hair and blue eyes. We are college educated, have decent jobs and live a good life. Oh yeah, we both travel fairly regularly for work. Let’s call me J., and my wife S.

I have always had cuckold fantasies and have shared them with the wife. About a year ago, we decided to take the fantasy further and S. (wife) started a relationship with an individual she met while traveling. He was aware of the cuckold game and she had sex with him a few times, but in the end it did not work out. He was in a different state and wasn’t really right for “the game“ so it was ended.

A while later, we moved to Chicago and began to toy with the cuckold idea again. S had discovered that she in fact really liked our little “game”. So, we decided to check out some of the posts on this site and respond to a couple to see what happened. We found a couple interesting ones, but only responded to 2 posts. One was a bit over-the-top for our taste, but the other seemed promising.

After the initial contact, only my wife, S, had contact with the potential bull. They began to email and text one another and seemed to get along well so after a while, they decided to meet and see how things went. This was in late July of 2007.

My wife ( S ) had been traveling for work and she and our prospective bull setup a meeting for the night she returned home. The plan was for him to pick her up from the airport here in Chicago and then they would grab a bite to eat and talk. No pressure, no sex, just get to know one another. I was aware of it and trusted my wife’s judgment so I was not too worried, but still a little worried. Have to be safe.

S’s flight did not get in until 9pm so I figured it would be a little late before I spoke with her to see how things went. After a while, she sent me a few txt messages to let me know she was alright and that things were going well. This was probably around 11pm and they had went downtown. After a couple hours had passed, I was a little concerned and sent her a txt. She responded that all was good and they were “getting to know each other”. To make a long story short, she did not come home until almost 4:00 am. I had been trying to sleep, but was awake when she came in. She looked a little disheveled and had a somewhat worried look on her face.

We talked and she told me a bit about how the night went. She met M. and they got along quite well. She was horny from all the talk and planning and it wasn’t long before they started talking about sex. M had said that he had a big cock and S. was very curious to find out if it was true. He showed her his cock and she was at once enamored with it. A short time later they were having sex in the back of his Mercedes.

My wife had sex with M twice that night, and was worried that I would be mad because we had talked about not having sex, just meeting to get to know him. She said that she couldn’t help it. She liked him and he had a fabulous cock. She said once she saw it, she could not wait to get it inside of her. I told her I was not mad and we had great sex that night, though she was a little sore from M‘s big cock.

And thus, this began our current situation in the cuckold lifestyle. We have realized that we both enjoy this little “game” of ours very much, and it has continued with M. since then. My wife said that I should start a post telling about us, so here it is. Everything is true, we have become a real cuckold couple. I am not a great story teller and fact is not always as entertaining as fiction, but this is our story.

Submitted by: JRyan

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December 17, 2008

Meet Brenda

Another star find for a hotwife blog addition. Check out the legs on wonderful hotwife Brenda James. She is a self-confessed cock’a'holic and is always on the prowl looking for new guys to fuck. As you see from the picture below, she loves taking trips to the park wearing revealing clothes and seeing what men she can pick up there. Wow, just imagine your luck finding her and those stockinged legs on your dog walking stroll. She has a cum fetish too, swallows whenever she can and loves the feel of it when it slips down her throat. I have an interview of the hottie coming up soon. Stay tuned.

Brenda James

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