August 6, 2010

Co-worker fucks my wife

A true story submitted to us from Ron about his wife Al.


I had worked with Jim for a few years, my wife Al had met him a few times, but we never interacted with Jim and his wife. Some time later Jim got a divorce and relocated to Hawaii.

One day I received a phone call from Jim. He was back in town, he told me he was fed up with Hawaii and had went out on a drinking spree. He didn’t remember even getting on the plane he was so bombed. He had no where to stay, no car, not even any luggage. He had even left his car sitting at the curb in Hawaii. He asked if I could help him with a coming back home, maybe finding a job but first could he stay at our place for a few days.

I told my wife his situation and asked her if it would be alright if he stayed with us for a few days. Al responded it would be alright as we had just finished a large addition to our house including a master bedroom so our old bedroom was vacant. I had Jim come on over, he was a sight indeed, unshaven, clothes looking like he just washed up on the beach, real Hawaiian style too, White pants, white shirt white shoes and a black belt.

Two days later Jim was rested, clothes washed, face shaven, and feeling better. He said he wanted to take us out for dinner and a few drinks to thanks us for helping him out. I always liked Al to dress sexy so she wore a short front button skirt, a pullover blouse, crotchless pantyhose, shoes and nothing else.

After dinner we bounced around to a few bars and ended up at our favorite place, all three of us feeling pretty high. Al’s short skirt had a couple of lower buttons come undone so as she wa sitting down the skirt would open up showing a nice amount of her thighs. Jim, myself and a few other guys were enjoying the scenery, you could almost see her bare pussy but not quite. You could see the sown edges of the opening of her crotchless hose so you could tell there was nothing else to get in the way of a good shot of her pussy. Al was well aware of this so she would cross and uncross her legs at times and when Jim asked her to dance she spread her legs as she got up so I’m sure he had a nice beaver shot.

They danced a few dances, even a couple of other guys had her on the dance floor. They were all taking advantage of her on the floor. Their hands were groping her, they ground their crotches into her. She didn’t mind except for this one guy who made a move to stroke her pussy. She dumped his ass in a hurry. He was just being a little to rough and pushy. Al enjoys being admired and even fondled, but don’t push to hard or to fast or she will shut you out in a hurry. The night was ending at the bar, I could see Al was getting turned on from all the attention. We decided to head home.

When we got to the house I asked Jim if he would like a tour of our new bedroom as he had not seen it yet. He said sure so the three of us headed upstairs. Al flopped on the bed as I showed Jim around. I pointed out the large nude posters of Al I had just hung up. He said damn she looks hot. I said she is even hotter in person, he said I’ll bet she is. Al was on her back slowly opening and closing her thighs ever so slowly and slightly like she was in a dream or something. She was not opening up enough to get a full view of her pussy but just enough to be very exciting.

Knowing she was turned on I asked her if she would do a strip show for me and Jim, she said no she was to tired but I kept asking her until she agreed to do a short one. I told her let me get my camera as I wanted some new pics of her She started running her hands up and down her thighs slowly inching her skirt higher and higher, getting closer and closer to her hot pussy. She opened her thighs giving Jim and I a wide open beaver shot. You could see her pussy juices glistening on her cunt lips so I knew she was hot to fuck.

Jim said damn that is nice, I said it even feels better than it looks, go see for yourself. He looked at me as if to say ‘What did you just tell me to do?’ I said “GO SHE IS WAITING!!” He moved onto the bed and soon had his fingers probing her juicy pussy. Al was getting hotter and hotter, thrusting her hot cunt into his thrusting fingers, They had a few kisses as Jim kept up fingering her hot hole. Suddenly she sat up pushed Jim back flat on his back, She spun around straddling him and pressed her hot cunt into his waiting face. Jim started giving her the royal treatment with his tongue, Al slowly reached for his fly undoing it and freeing his hard cock. She gave it a few gentle strokes then filled her mouth with it while I was busy taking pics. Soon Jim was out of his clothes, Al had spun around and was waiting for his hard cock with open legs. He grabbed his cock and guided it into her waiting cunt and began giving her slow even strokes. A short time later she had Jim get off and lie on his back. Al eased her wet hungry cunt down on to his waiting cock. After some more fucking in this position I told her stop for a minute, I informed them I wanted some good pictures and since I had the camera I was the director and they were the actors and had to do as I told them. We all laughed at those remarks then Jim said “So Mr. Big Shot Director what do you want us to do?” I replied “Just fuck her!”. We laughed again, they went back to fucking and I went back to getting my pics of my wife with another man.

After getting several shots I shed my clothes myself and joined the party. Jim and I both fucked her several times. Jim would recoup then dive in again as I rested. After about 4 hours of fucking, finger fucking, eating pussy Al declared she was getting sore & called it a night.

The next morning Jim told us both thank you for the most amazing night of his life. We had a few other nights with Jim over the years, but none of them compared to the pleasures of that first night. Damn I love my wife for giving me those times & those memories.

Submitted by: Ron - NV, USA


August 4, 2010

Girls behaving badly

Here’s another installment from the girls behaving very badly at The Dancing Bear. This set of pics comes from a male strippers event where Tanya and her friends go a little further than the norm with the men come to entertain them. As the night goes on blonde Tanya obviously worse for wear from all the alcohol agrees to lick cream from one of the male dancers cock. She then has a sexy dance with him before dragging him to one side to get a proper taste of that cock by sucking him off. I wonder if she’ll remember to tell her boyfriend in the morning or remember much at all from all that alcohol.

If you’ve always wanted to be a fly on the wall on a girls night out, now you can!

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

Cheating Wives and Girlfriends

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August 2, 2010

Where the urge comes from

Cuckold Place Update

I found out where the cuckold urge in men comes from

Dear Fellow Cuckold Enthusiasts:

It has puzzled me for years where a man’s urge to be cuckolded could come from. From an evolutionary perspective, being cuckolded and forced to invest years in caring for a child that does not carry your genes is a worst case scenario.

Surely a gene for such an urge would have been selected against until it was gone. So I was confused as to why so many of us would have such a strong urge for it. I was also concerned that the implication of wanting to be a cuckold was that somehow you were gay, but I have never thought of myself as gay, or that you were somehow abnormal or even perverse.

I decided to research the phenomenon from an evolutionary psychology perspective, and I think that I have hit pay dirt in some recent research in the journals of this young science, and I wanted to share it with everyone. Hopefully we can now understand where this powerful and puzzling urge is coming from, and realize that we are not gay or abnormal or perverted, but instead that we are the product of (and the winners of) millions of years of human evolution. For if our ancestors did not have these traits, we would not be here.

Below is an excerpt from a key paragraph and below is a link to the article. I would welcome your feedback

“An interesting implication of the notion of male intra-vaginal competition is that male sexual arousal need not always be tightly connected to male sexual preferences. In general, men physiologically respond to sexual situations that match their sexual interests (something that is not quite true in women). But intra-vaginal battles demand men to become aroused to situations that are actually unpleasant for them, for instance the suspicion of their partner’s infidelity. Men, therefore, may become very sexually aroused at the idea of their partner having sex with someone else, even though they would strongly avoid such a situation (see work by Pound, 2002). Of note, partner swapping seems to involve older couples and appears to be a way to reignite flagging sexual passions.”

You can read the full thread and find a link to the article here

By: PDClement


July 31, 2010

Daisy’s Birthday

Last weekend was a very special time as it was Daisy’s birthday. I had lots of fun things planned for her which included festival tickets, a romantic meal, drinks with friends and a very special after party last Saturday night. I got together a few guys to give Daisy the present she was really after. A wild night was had by all and Daisy has literally slept all this week getting over the craziness. Happy Birthday Daisy!


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July 29, 2010

5 loads for Mona

I recently got an email from a fine hotwife called Mona who’s very interested in hooking up with my good mate Sensi. I’m really looking forward to filming that one. She also wanted to let us blog readers an experience that happened to her last year.


I met this young black guy on the internet in September 2009 and he sent me couple of his 10″ cock pictures by email but since I don’t trust guys on the internet I asked him to show me his cock live on webcam and he did. I was so shocked by the size of his huge black cock that my pussy got soaking wet just looking at him image on the screen and I found my self playing with my pussy and masturbating myself just thinking of having this massive hard black cock in my wet tight pussy. I told my husband Mike about this guy and showed him his pictures and we both decided to meet a week later.

We checked into a hotel and met the guy at the hotel bar as scheduled at 7 PM on Wednesday and we had couple of drinks together. He was about 6.2 tall, muscled and he was handsome too. When he sat next to me I could see the bulge in his pants which made me all wet, I couldn’t wait to get him inside me. Within less than one hour of talking to each other we decided to go upstairs to our hotel room.

When we entered our room he started undressing me while kissing me and fondling my breasts and nipples and squeezing my butt cheeks. I just melted in his hands and I could not wait to have him take me so I started to unzip his jeans and Oh my God… the Monster came out, very long and very thick and very hard. I knelt down and took it into my mouth and started sucking his big cock. He told me he was very turned on and he couldn’t wait any longer. He then picked me up and carried me to the bed and spread my legs apart and shoved his huge cock all the way inside my wet tight pussy. He kept fucking me in every position imaginable that night from 8 PM until 4 AM straight. He came 5 times that night and each time he filled my pussy up with his cum. My Husband was on a chair next to the bed watching and taking pictures and videos as the black guy drilled my pussy so deep and so hard. It was the best fuck of my life and I can not forget that guy. Here’s one of the pics my husband took.


Submitted by: Mona - Bahrain


July 27, 2010

70 guys in one night

Here’s some new pictures sent to me by one of Europe’s biggest hotwife sluts, the one and only Marion. A recent night out to a club feeling a little more horny than usual (if that’s possible for Marion) and by the end of the evening manages to have sex with 70 guys, yes that is a seven and a zero. She really is one amazing women who’s lust for strange cock never slows. Thanks for the pics Marion.

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

Marion Cum Drinking Wife

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July 25, 2010

Hole in One

Cherida a hotwife from London writes in to us again.


Having discovered this site I find it all rather compelling and enjoy reading about the antics and encounters enjoyed by others.

Its been a few weeks since I wrote and confessed to my own adventures, since then we have been away on holiday for two weeks and I am now sitting in our car winding our way back through the French countryside tapping out this blog of what has just happened while we were away.

For those who may not have read my 1st blog/story, a very quick recap would be to say that we are a mature married couple who have relatively recently discovered a new dimension to our sexuality, which is to say that my husband gets off seeing or watching me (subtle difference between the two is that seeing can be live and in person while watching could be viewing on a screen be it live or recorded).

We rented a villa on part of a golf course complex, mainly because it had a lot of other facilities apart from golf, which funnily enough neither of us play! No matter the environment was idyllic and with the villa having its own private pool we found ourselves ensconced around the it and BBQ most of the time and hardly ventured out, which on reflection seems to have been a sin in itself. No matter.

Over the mid weekend we had friends come out to stay who we know very well having had children grow up together etc., a good time was had by all though the relationship is very vanilla. Our friends having left last Monday, today being Saturday and the day we had to leave but on Monday we were again on our own. Part of the complex where we were staying has a club house and a rather fabulous restaurant, enjoyed on more than a few occasions!

Anyway, during our first week there my husband met up and got chatting to a group of people most of whom were very keen golfers, hence them staying at that resort. Amongst them were a couple of ‘golf widows’ who my husband found himself chatting to at 3 or 4 different times, my reaction to this is another story though ;) .

So with our weekend friends gone we found ourselves back in the club house and reacquainted ourselves with our new found friends from the week before. Laughing and joking as you do aided and abetted by the lovely French wine my husband got himself chatting to the two ‘golf widows’ and I found myself chatting to the respective husbands as the larger group began to disperse.

Now the holiday was to be just that, a chance to relax and recharge the batteries and any thoughts of sex and any encounters wasn’t on the agenda. However, a couple of innuendos in the conversation alerted me to the fact that there might be some interest of a more intimate nature, or was I just being a bit more relaxed than I thought and wishful thinking taking over? Our rather boozy get together ended with my husband inviting the 2 wives out to lunch the next day while the 2 husbands attempted to teach me how to play golf, us all agreeing to meet up at 11 am. mmmmmmmmm I wonder how much they intended to teach me flashed through my mind a few times???

As we made our way back to the villa, I began to tease my husband about the 2 wives, suggesting that he fancied them. He insisted not to, which I think was fairly genuine, one was very attractive and the other really was not, charming yes but no oil painting, I think he feared that if he tried anything he would draw the short straw. I on the other hand suggested that the two golfers were rather handsome and speculated that they were about 10 years our junior, which I happen to find very attractive too. ‘Let’s see how good they are at teaching me to play golf then’.

Back at the Villa my husband realised what I had in mind and became very aroused at the fantasy of the two guys playing with me, playing with me quite literally. I asked where the video camera was, just in case something might happen and we found our way back to our villa. That was the clincher for getting my husband really turned on.

11 am the next day, that was last Tuesday, came and we all turned up on the dot of 11 sounding out on the bells of the local church. Without further ado the ladies were whisked away by my husband to St Emillion about 35 kms away leaving me with the 2 golf teachers. I’ll dispense with all the carrying on that happened about getting me into the right shoes and a set of clubs from the pro shop etc., suffice to say we ventured out onto the course, a beautiful day, hot and a clear blue sky. My companions, Tom and James were best mates from college days and played golf together regularly. When we were fitting shoes, Tom suggested that my skirt wasn’t altogether that appropriate for golf, quite what he meant I wasn’t sure, save to say that if I stood in the right place with the sun behind me it was thin enough to see right through and with a fairly brief pair of panties on I suppose he could have meant that! Otherwise I was wearing a not too tight fitting blouse with the sexiest bra I could muster all rather sexy and daring without being too tarty I thought.

So we ventured onto the course, this bit got all serious. Advice coming from both sides and mostly conflicting I found it hard to concentrate, we struggled to get going, annoying the hell out of another ‘four’ who were due to follow us. (We let them go by). With the two of them arguing mostly as to what I was doing wrong I found the whole thing rather boring and no wonder I didn’t play, let alone think that it might lead to some sort of encounter. Meanwhile, husband was having a lovely time regaling stories of God knows what to his luncheon companions. ‘Who had the better deal?’ I began to question.

At the fifth hole I was almost becoming demented and close to tears with frustration (I hate not being in control), Tom had thrown his toys out of the pram at least twice over James advice and I had dug up more turf than was allowed by a whole team over a tournament I was told. JUST THEN… ‘OH LOOK!’ I exclaimed, ‘there’s our villa, shall we stop for a drink?’ Seemed like a good idea to me, hoping and wishing for the best. James agreed but Tom didn’t, so I was given the casting vote, which with no prizes for which way that went, fell on the side of stopping for a drink. Tom wasn’t keen at all and almost scuppered all hopes of any plan of anything. He finally agreed when he was persuaded to go for a swim, it transpired that their villa didn’t have its own pool, so he found that as ours did the idea became rather inviting.

Now I like to think I am not one to miss a trick, when it came to the conversation bit about Tom not having any swimmers, I said not to worry just strip off and I’ll get you a towel. Though Tom a bit more of your traditionalist English Public School Boy wasn’t having any of that so I suggested that I get a pair of my husbands for him. By the time I got back there was splashing coming from the pool and both chaps were in it. Apparently James pushed Tom in calling him an old prude and then followed him in himself, so both were fully clothed. I stood there laughing, threw the towels on the seats and looked on asking ‘Just what are you going to do now?’ As I said this I realised that my back was to the sun and that both men were looking straight at me, which meant they could see straight threw my skirt, my laughter slowly turned to a smile as I realised this and guessed what they were feasting their eyes on and what they were thinking of and so I re-asked the question. The answer was a resounding ‘come and join us’ Apart from not wanting to miss a trick, I pride myself on my thought processes at times, with an inward smile to myself at that moment, for having had the foresight to turn the video camera on which was set up on the sideboard so it captured a wide view of both inside the sitting room and out onto the terrace and pool where I was standing, not the clearest of shots at that distance I am sure but enough to stir anyone’s imagination as they watched the replay.

SO; stood before both chaps I let my skirt fall to the ground, undid my blouse and ventured more sedately that they had into the pool via the curved steps at the end wearing alot of modesty and my brief pair of panties. We sloshed around in the pool for a while during which I felt the brush of hands over me, more as a test as to my possible reactions than anything else, when it was apparent that there was no protest the brushes became more of a stroke and then progressed to a positive feel. To my amazement it was misery Tom who was being more forward. With hands and fingers becoming more adventurous ‘Shall we get out?’ I suggested. Which we started to do, James was pulling his tee shirt off and Tom was taking his shorts off, while I grabbed a towel. It was wonderfully obvious that both guys were turned on as their erections were clearly visible and neither of them seemed worried about the other noticing. Confident I thought, maybe they had been here before? James now naked took the towel from my hands and began to rub me down while Tom just leaned over and kissed me running his hands down the front of my body caressing my boobs. Then I felt hands all over me, very eager and very keen to explore all of me, a little chat asking questions to be reassured about my husband, the usual male egos to be soothed. Once done and they were happy and comfortable they were at me like a pair possessed, I had to slow them down.

We were still outside and I suggested that the sitting room would be a better place, though I was really thinking about the video camera. My only worry about that was that there is a little red light that comes on when your recording and I was afraid one of them would see it. I didn’t need to worry as they were both too keen to fuck me to notice anything else. Once in the sitting room they were both around me in an instant and so busy I almost didn’t notice my panties being pulled down. Tom had a long slimish cock with a very disproportionate head which gave for a lovely different feeling when finally he was pushing up inside me. James on the other hand, true to his confident demeanor had a very large long thick cock, ladies you know the sort, the wow, now that will give one that very full up feeling sort of cock. With hands and fingers playing all over me, and my mouth switching between cocks too spoilt to choose which one to suck more than the other it wasn’t long before I was gasping I have to admit like a rampant slut to have cock fucking me, its the sort of moment that I have discovered recently, when all sense and sensibility goes out of the window and the earthly want slut in me just craves lustful horny sex.

I am somewhat ashamed to say, that this was the 3rd and 4th guy that has fucked me bareback in as many months, on the moment I went with the notion that they are not players and are normally faithful to their wives thus rendering me safe, not something that I should do but I guess like so many women, you get carried away on the moment. That aside, what a lovely afternoon of being fucked it gave. Now I am not a petite little thing, nor am I a big woman, happily I slip between a size 12 and 14 (English)and stand 5′9″ tall, best assets are my tits 36 c which have lovely nipples that adore to be sucked, and sucked they were that afternoon. Such was the intensity of our indulgence and passion I got very very wet and found myself being pumped and pounded by these two very eloquent but sexy guys and then being spunked in by one and then enjoyed by the other and then again once a little inducement was given to aid a further erection ridden again. It seemed to go on and on though in truth we were only together at the villa for about and hour and a half.

On the second time around with me on all fours over James big cock, Tom came behind me and tried to enter me as well, by now I was feeling very horny and relaxed and well into dirty bitch mode and crying out to be fucked harder and harder. With me on top of James sliding up and down his cock Tom was busy behind enjoying a little encounter fingering my arse, after 3 goes he succeeded in getting both me and himself into the right position and slipped his cock in next to James big cock. So with both cocks fucking me in the same hole I got ridden and pounded to the most wondrous orgasm. The will was there to continue, and both men wanted to fuck my arse, but they had run out of steam having by their own admission had the best sex in ages, which I had to agree with. It didn’t stop them licking and fingering me to a further cum which was a wonderful surprize. SO then we decided to end on a high and agreed that I enjoyed my ‘lesson’ but that it would have to be a one off. They then left swaggering across the golf course in their partly dried clothes.

Husband meanwhile, ever the diplomat, knew the first thing I would do was to check my phone, where upon he had left a couple of messages saying he would wait for my ‘all clear’ call. So I called him. He had dropped his lunch companions off a little while earlier very the worse for wear and in no fit state to notice whether their husbands were home or not, least of all if they were shagged out or clothes soaking wet. He on the other hand, noble as ever, was sober, as was I! Happily and completely fucked but sober! A few minutes later he came in. Took one look at me, smiled and went for the video camera.

By now I had a glass of wine in my hand and he was flicking through the recording getting more and more aroused as he stopped and watched a bit then wound on a bit. ‘Why don’t you come here and I’ll tell you all about it and you can watch that later?’ So he put the recorder down and came over to the sofa. At first he sat at the other end of it as I was sprawled in the corner, I began to tell him how things had gone out on the golf course and this and that and arguing over this and advice. ‘Oh and by the way, my pussy is full of cum.’ At which point I splayed my legs to reveal a very very wet cum filled cunt. Then I just gestured him to come closer and whispered ‘LICK ME OUT PLEASE’ Which is something relatively new to us and still a huge turn on.

Fucked as was, I did enjoy that afternoon and on into the early evening. These experiences have given our sex life a huge new drive and dimension, I just love seeing my husband get so off on me telling him all about what has just happened and or knowing that he gets so turned on watching me being fucked, It seems that this formula gives me the best of all worlds, its just so fantastic. What is it that is such a turn on watching your husband lick you out after you have just been fucked? As for my husband he says he cannot explain the ecstasy of licking me out and then slipping his cock into me with yet more spunk then slipping around his cock. This was an occasion that was a wishful thought at first and at best a fantasy that in reality panned out better than expected.

Husband has watched the 98minutes of tape about 12 times already and wanked himself off each time he has done so. He gets embarrassed when I say that but he still does it and will do so again tonight when we stop. Just because I want him to do it.

There was a little brief encounter yesterday lunch time when James approached me outside the restaurant and asked if there was any chance??? He tried unsuccessfully to slip his hand into my panties while standing between two cars, and I just squeezed his cock teasingly and said NO.

Well that was my happiest ever holiday encounter. We are just North of Paris and going to stay in a lovely hotel that we know set in the middle of a forest. A nice meal, bottle of wine then me watching my husband watching me being fucked by James & Tom and with him wanking off to it, while I tease him playing with my rabbit… I might just spank him too, just to round the holiday off…. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Bye for now, Boo Hoo work calls on Monday morning.

You can read Cherida’s first submission here -
Business Trip Games

Submitted by: Cherida - UK


July 23, 2010

Richard Mann and Alexis

Alexis Golden diary update.

Usually I am the one taking the lead in sexual situations. The big switch happened when Sinnamon Love came over to show me who the real Boss was. Sinnamon told me she was going to get me ready for my Bull which happened to be the one and only hotwife fucker Richard Mann. He anxiously watched on as Sinnamon prepared me for him.

After Sinnamon Love dressed me and beat my ass for a while, she sucked Richard Mann’s thick black dick to get it nice and hard for me. While she was sucking it her spit and drool dripped in my mouth from Richard’s cock. It was so hot. Eventually Sinnamon guided his huge prick into my pussy. Richard spent the next few hours taking his prize and fucking me raw.

Until next time, Alexis








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July 21, 2010

Hotwife Poetry

One of our readers David who recently posted his own experiences in the lifestyle has submitted this piece of poetry which I must say is a first for hotwifeblog. Thanks David, a very entertaining and different read.


My husband’s hand has guided; their cocks from age to age.
As lovers get to fuck me; with each one trying to gauge
If his cock will go up me, as thick as it can be
And how my cunt needs stretching, to get it into me

I let my husband dress me, as we prepare a fuck
With lovely sexy undies, when he is playing “cuck”
But when my lover does me, my husband cannot touch
Until he’s told to help me, which he likes very much

He has to help undress me; and then expose my tits
Invite my love to suck them, as I just thrill to bits
And he may not object to my kneeling by the bed
My lover’s cock exposing to show its eager head.

It gives my husband pleasure, to hold my lover’s prick
And keep it very steady, as I begin to lick
Then on my eager urging, he’ll force it past my lips
And tell my lover “Push it in” as in my mouth it slips

And as I suck my lover, my tits he’ll now expose
To let my lover squeeze them, in any way he chose
Until I’m so excited, that I want my lover’s cream
To squirt inside my mouth, so hard, it is my greatest dream

My husband sees my lover, squirt spunk between my lips
And I am quite ecstatic, as into me it slips
My husband grasps my lover’s cock, awaiting my requests
Which then I give him, with a nod, to take it on my breasts

So just as eagerly as me, my husband takes the cock
Which even though it’s squirt its spunk is still as stiff as rock
He puts it down between my tits, still dripping from the sperm
And then surrounds it with my tits to really make me squirm.

I then lie back upon the bed, my knickers he’ll remove
To let my lover put his prick right up against my groove
Then hold it there, until my husband takes it in his fist
To guide it up inside my cunt, a thrill not to be missed

OK, I tell my husband, his prick’s inside of me
It really feels quite big inside, so watch how it will be
You must now move away my dear, although your eager face
Can be right up against my thighs as you watch it in place

So then, my lover starts his fuck with every eager thrust
My husband sees he’s hurting me, and shows a slight disgust
But when he tries to spare my pain I tell him “Keep away”
“It hurts like hell - but that’s just fine! I love it, dear” I say

My husband then has no recourse, but see his lovely wife
Receive her lover up her cunt; a fucking of her life
Her husband forced to watch, because he knows that she enjoys
Her cunt just getting sore and red with lovely lover boys

His wife is cumming many times, she just cannot avoid
The sexual agony and thrills and pleasure unalloyed
Which this big lover gives to her, despite her husband’s cries
Because he knows that, with his cock, he can’t compete for size.

So “Fuck my wife! Push up her cunt” the eager husband cries
I know my wife enjoys your cock, so give her a surprise”
“Oh, Husband, dear. It is such fun” the wife cries with delight
“And even more exciting, for it’s up me, really tight!”

The wife now tells her husband, to squeeze her naked breast
And tickle on her titties to give pleasure to their guest
So she then screams in agony her lover’s cock to squeeze
To let her husband realize just how much their friend can please

And as she grips his penis, her lover shoots his loads
And lies quite still upon her, as his penis, then, erodes
The wife then begs her lover to roll off to show her thighs
And spreads them wide, to let her husband see his big surprise

She tells her husband that her lover will now press his head
Right down upon her oozing cunt, between her thighs, now spread
To lick upon her creamy pie, of spunk and spousal flows
Until he’s cleaned her cunt right out, before her lover goes

The husband asks if that means that her lover will now go
But she assures him that is not her purpose, and says “No!
“When I say GO! my husband dear, it means GO INTO ME!
So watch him fuck me, more and more, as you will clearly see

And every time, as I command, you will assist the play
By dressing me, or holding cock, or anything I say
And you can protest all you want, you know I’ll not agree
To stop my lovers fucking me, so that is what you’ll see!

Submitted by: David - UK & USA - Hotwife Dating Profile


July 17, 2010

How it all started

A few blogs recently added to these pages have inspired me to add my own. There was the story from L in Virginia concerning a liaison with a photographer - a well written and very horny tale. More recently Mary from Chicago has kept us hot under the collar with her stories. What I liked most about these contributions was the sense of reality - here were normal people having a fantastic time. I must emphasise ‘normal’ – because on these pages we are amongst like minds and not judged by those less adventurous.

My wife Ellen and I have been married many years and are very happy. Ellen is a fantastic looking lady who takes great pride in her appearance – standard attire generally meaning a nice blouse, skirt ( sometimes short ) stockings and heels. Very feminine, you get the picture. We had fooled around a bit with other couples, same room stuff, massages, spa’s , some ‘girl to girl’ action, but never anything serious. Every now and then (after a few drinks ) Ellen would casually mention some old boyfriend she had been fucked by. Not that there were that many, but she was always a little coy about previous relationships. But when she knew my enquiries were making me horny, she was prepared to divulge more. And boy, they certainly got things aroused. I then started to fantasise about Ellen being fucked and the idea of involving another guy in a threesome situation. Ellen has always been outgoing, friendly and popular with our male friends and I imagined any of them would jump at the chance to fuck her.

Then out of the blue one night at a restaurant, we got to talking about sexual fantasies and I “popped the question”. I said I would love to see her with another guy. Of course she was quite shocked and asked me why I would want to watch her fuck another guy. I explained the thought of her being pleasured to maximum effect was a major turn on and that I would love to watch her in action and to see how many times we could make her come. She then of course realised I would be part of it all and would be fucking her as well and that( in short ) it was nothing to do with me not loving her and everything to do with having a wild time. She adamantly stated she would not do this with a stranger, a situation neither of us could consider and that she would have the final say on who or indeed anyone, would be chosen. So patience was the key.

Nothing happened for a while and Ellen teased me about it a bit. Some months later we caught up with a good friend of ours, Jerry. (currently unattached). We’d known Jerry as a friend for maybe 10 years and had seen him often socially, in groups or just the three of us. Jerry had been in a few serious relationships and in his younger days many less serious relationships. He is a great guy, smart, very caring and trusting, fantastic company and popular with all our friends. And ladies, I guess you could say he is quite handsome, a smart dresser and well toned from regular gym work.

Jerry and Ellen get along great and I have to say whenever it was time to say goodnight, Jerry always got a long lingering hug and kiss from Ellen. It was no stretch of the imagination to say they had a mutual admiration. Things took on a different aspect one night when Ellen mentioned to Jerry the conversation we’d had at the restaurant, that I had told her I would love to have a threesome with her and another guy (he was sure she was going to say another woman – but that just doesn’t push the same buttons for me) and that I would love to watch her get fucked by another guy. Ellen expected some “shock / horror” from Jerry, but although surprised, his response was calm and collected. He finished it with the statement “Don’t you feel assured that all his sexual fantasies only revolve around you?” Kind of said it all really and I hadn’t stated it as accurately or simply before.

Well, from here on in, things began to hot up between Ellen & Jerry. Not straight away but very slowly. He knew what my ‘kink’ was and Ellen was always friendly with him anyway. In fact she had become something of a tease, so the revelation after dinner that night was something of a “green light”.

To briefly fast forward, the ‘threesome’ thing has been the extent of our experiments / fun. We feel comfortable within that scenario, especially Ellen and that’s what mostly counts, plus its cosy enough to build affection and some horny teasing foreplay into the situation. As I mentioned before, reading Mary from Chicago’s tale reminded me of our own experiences.

Over the next year or so Jerry got to pleasure Ellen orally on quite a few occasions and she willingly returned the favour and was always eager to get his cock in her mouth. I was always present and often fucked Ellen from behind while she pleasured Jerry orally. Jerry seemed amazed at first when he saw my erect cock, he had assumed that Ellen might have been looking for something bigger or I wanted to see her get nailed by a guy wielding a huge cock. Jerry has a good sized cock for sure, though he reckoned mine was in a bigger size range, but we had a good laugh and Ellen teased him that he better keep up his quality of performance.

A hold up to events progressing was that Ellen is not on the pill and I have had a vasectomy, so contraception was suddenly an issue. Jerry said that he would not fuck Ellen with a condom, he wanted to really feel her pussy and come inside of her, so this did not happen for a while. Things cooled off for a couple of months, and without going into too much detail, the contraception issue took care of itself and a short while later Jerry came over one night for a meal and to stay over, which he often does. Ellen was wearing a black sheer see through blouse, a tight short skirt, stockings and high heels. Her hair looked great and a waft of French perfume followed her everywhere. She looked fantastic I would have to say. As the night went on and after a few drinks, she reappeared still wearing her see through blouse, but minus the black bra underneath. Ellen had even added some red lipstick to her nipples – just for fun.

She was cuddled up to Jerry rather cosily on the sofa, occasionally straddling him for a kiss. I left them for a few minutes to light some candles in the bedroom and made my way back slowly. Jerry had lipstick on his lips from sucking Ellen’s nipples which were quite erect. As was Jerry. Ellen’s little skirt rode up high over her ass giving him a good view of her stockinged thighs and g-string. ( I guess I should mention that Ellen has gone ‘full Brazilian’ down there for many years ).

After some passionate smooching and cock teasing in the lounge, it was time to move to the bedroom for some serious action. I told them to go ahead and I would quickly tidy a few things away and bring some water and glasses. I deliberately took my time. Way too much time. I wanted Ellen to experience another man on her own for a while. The thought of what Ellen & Jerry were doing alone gave me a combined feeling of anticipation and excitement that felt highly intense and arousing. I swear I could hear my heart beating. I slowly made my way to the bedroom and as I got closer I could hear Ellen moaning slowly. Jerry, who was totally naked, had slid off her skirt, unbuttoned her blouse and was eagerly sucking Ellen’s nipples. Ellen still had her stockings, g-string and heels on. Jerry had slid one hand down the front of Ellen’s g-string and he began to slowly stroke Ellen’s pussy. The more he got into this, the louder Ellen began to moan. I have to say Ellen was loving every moment of attention; her legs parted willingly as Jerry then used his expertise to massage Ellen’s g-spot. At the same time Jerry was whispering words of encouragement in her ear, and nuzzling her neck. It was too much for Ellen, she had a massive orgasm. The intensity of this had stopped her from stroking Jerry’s cock, but before she could resume he removed her g-string then went to work with his tongue. He ate Ellen’s pussy so enthusiastically you’d have thought it was his last meal. While he was doing this I began to kiss Ellen and suck hard on her nipples. My cock was rock hard and Ellen was keen to rub me, but I knew I had to be careful and pace myself, her attention was soon distracted as Jerry brought her to another orgasm. I think that was the third time she had come. To be honest we lost count by the end of the night, it had gone into double figures.

Jerry then moved up the bed and climbed between Ellen’s legs. His cock was bursting at the veins to fuck her, and fuck her he did. I think all those times before that never went this far must have built up inside of him. He slid his cock in and out of Ellen slowly at first. Having another mans cock inside of her drove Ellen wild. I have never seen her hit such a sexual high. Jerry picked up his speed and began fucking Ellen at a quicker pace, and kept building until I can honestly say he was truly pounding her pussy hard and vigorous. He came once but kept on pounding hard, whispering filth into Ellen’s ear “give me your cunt”. Ellen herself was loving every thrust of his cock and came twice (very loudly ) during all of this.

I loved every moment, my cock was rock hard and I was so turned on I thought I would spontaneously ejaculate at any moment, it was that intense. Jerry finally came a second time, he had fucked Ellen like an athlete (albeit a dirty horny bastard athlete, bucking, thrusting and pounding her pussy with real intent) and gave Ellen a long kiss and withdrew.

Ellen beckoned me to the bed. I needed no encouragement and I made some comment about how fucking horny that had just been and kissed her deeply while I slid my cock into her cum soaked and very wet pussy. I fucked her steadily for a while, and after a while she grabbed Jerry’s cock to pull him closer to her so she could suck him at the same time. The sight of this at close range was too much and I soon came intensely.

This was just the beginning of a fantastic session with many more pleasures to follow that evening. Maybe we will be back with more…

I’ll sign off for now with a picture of Ellen “dressed for action”.


Submitted by: gzlr - Australia

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