September 5, 2010

Jackie’s Best Of BBC

Here’s another naughty update from our favourite hot hotwife Jackie.

My Iphone chimed the other day with a call that made my nipples stand up at attention. It was Marcel whom I had not seen since the end of last summer when my husband Jason and I had to go back east for what turned into an extended stay.

Marcel reigns at the top of my “Best Of” list of BBC. Marcel meets every requirement a housewife whore like myself could ever desire. He’s hot, he’s black and his cock gets so hard that even after he cums he can go on fucking for another twenty minutes. He takes his fucking seriously and always soars above and beyond expectations, so believe me when I say I would never turn down the opportunity to meet him when he calls.

Anyway, call he did, to say he’d heard his favorite “married white slut” was back in town and he had a few hours open that afternoon and was hoping I could fit him in. Could I “fit him in?” I said, “Baby, I know exactly where to fit you in, and it’s that sweet spot between my legs.” Okay, crude maybe, but you know, a girl’s gotta have it when she hasn’t had it in awhile, and I had to have it!.

Needless to say we made ourselves a quick plan and executed it. My hubby got on the phone and reserved a room at one of the great resorts here in town, then he shaved my pussy smooth for Marcel. Within an hour I’d made myself BBC ready and off I went to meet my date. A more satisfying afternoon I can’t recall, except for maybe the last time I saw Marcel. Here’s a few pics to illustrate the point. Jason will be working on getting the video up soon, but I just couldn’t wait to share.

I cherish my afternoon liaisons with Marcel, but he’s a very busy guy and can’t always be there when I need to scratch that BBC itch. I am so hoping to find a few more good men to “fit in.” Come on, guys, won’t ya step up and help a girl out?


On my way into the hotel to be fucked

Skirt, top, bra, panties on the desk

Yes he did spank me

Housewife Whore and BBC… Perfect match

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September 3, 2010

Wife Exclusive to Boyfriend

Cuckold Place Update

Wife Exclusive to Boyfriend

Hi Folks,

I have been a lurker here for awhile, and finally getting around to introduce myself. My name is Rick, age 37, and my wife, Brenda, is 35. We have been married for 16 years. Brenda is a very attractive redhead, with maybe a tiny bit of “baby fat” around the middle (which I personally prefer). Our “style” of a cuckold relationship has evolved over the past 9 years, beginning with Brenda’s affair with her coworker while I was traveling on business.

I discovered Brenda’s affair by accident when I came home from my trip a day early, and saw a strange car in our driveway at around 10:30 p.m. At first, I figured it was just a female friend of Brenda’s, but when I opened the front door, I heard the sounds of my wife and some man talking and laughing coming from our bedroom. No, I didn’t peep through the window or otherwise see them “in action,” but I knew what was going on. To avoid a scene, I left the house before being discovered and went to a hotel for the night.

When I came home the next day, Brenda welcomed me with a big kiss as usual, and I said nothing about my discovery for about 2 weeks, mostly because I was trying to sort out my feelings. During this time, I was torn emotionally because I knew that, as a man, I should have been furious and ready to kick Brenda out of the house, but instead I was feeling even more attracted to her, and continued to have regular sex with my wife almost every night. Each time, while making love, I had thoughts about that man’s cock inside my wife, which excited me more than I was willing to admit. Afterwards, I felt ashamed of myself for being turned on by something so terrible as my wife’s affair.

Finally, one evening Brenda and I were arguing about something, and I “spilled the beans” about my discovering her affair. At first, Brenda apologized profusely, and proclaimed her absolute love for me and our marriage. Then, Brenda looked puzzled and asked me why I hadn’t said anything to her for over 2 weeks. She was confused because I was even more affectionate than usual towards her during this time. Well we talked about this situation at length and learned a lot more about each other.

Brenda told me that she had grown close to her coworker, primarily because of my being out of town for such long periods of time. At first, they just had a platonic friendship, which developed into a full-blown affair as time went on. After some prodding from Brenda, I confessed that I was sexually aroused at the thought of her in another man’s arms. Nevertheless, I decided to switch to another job to avoid traveling so much, and Brenda ended the affair.

As months went on, I would ask Brenda about some of the details of her affair. She was reluctant initially, but when she saw that I was really turned on about the details, she started revealing more and more while she was kissing me and rubbing my hard-on. She told me that her lover, Steve, was not really bigger than me, but he was built like a football player, and made love to her with a lot of passion and power, not to mention stamina. Well, eventually, I confided in Brenda that, if she wanted, I would permit her to have another affair, as long as she never lied to me, always told me every detail, and never let the affair threaten our marriage. Brenda was skeptical because she thought that this was my way of justifying my own affair with another woman, but finally agreed that she would love that opportunity as long as I promised always to remain faithful to her.

In the beginning of our new-found one-sided “open” lifestyle, Brenda had a couple of non-emotional sexual flings with other men, and would come home and make love to me right afterwards. Over time, however, Brenda confided that she found such empty sexual rendezvous unfulfilling, and felt “cheap” having sex with more than one man over a 24- or 48-hour period. So we stopped our little adventures, until she met Duane. Brenda met Duane when she was taking a course to qualify for a concealed handgun permit. After the course, they had a few drinks, and started talking on the phone a lot. At first, they were “just friends,” but Brenda told me that she was really falling for him, and asked me in advance if she could have an “affair,” assuming that Duane was interested. Because of the way Brenda’s eye’s lit up when talking on the phone to Duane, I was nervous about letting things go further, but decided that I should trust Brenda’s commitment to our marriage.

Well, as you can guess, Duane really hit it off. Brenda started spending the night with Duane at least once a week, often as much as 2-3 times a week. This was not just a “sex-romp,” Brenda was in love with Duane. I decided that it was critical to never appear even a little jealous, but to always be the “rock” that Brenda could always depend on, and never be afraid to confide in. Then, a strange thing started happening….

As Brenda and Duane’s intimate relationship became more frequent and intense, Brenda and I became emotionally closer and more intimate. We would sleep at night in a tight embrace, and rarely have any arguments. BUT, at the same time, the frequency of sex between us dropped off dramatically. I mean, it wasn’t exactly “denial,” but when I saw that Brenda seemed a bit distant in my sexual overtures, I would tell her, “It’s okay, we can wait”…and she would hold and kiss me as I masturbated.

Eventually, I asked Brenda why she never was “in the mood” with me, and she hesitantly admitted that, even though she was 100 percent committed to our marriage and to me as her husband, she was more and more feeling “sexually committed” to Duane. In other words, she explained, she was “wired” as a “one man woman,” and for the time being, Duane was her sexual “mate,” while I was her “soulmate.” Thus, she said that when she had sex with me, she felt in her gut like she was “cheating” on Duane, even though intellectually she couldn’t understand those feelings. Brenda said that she just felt really uncomfortable maintaining a sexual relationship with more than one man at the same time. She described this feeling as being a sort of “primal” need to be sexually possessed by only one “mate.”

Well, after our talk, we decided that we would take an indefinite “break” from our own sexual relationship, and allow Brenda to be sexually exclusive to Duane. After I agreed to this, Brenda gave me a big hug and kiss, saying, “Thank you, Rick…Oh, thank you for loving me enough to give me this gift!”

I’m not going to say that it was not painful to know that my wife’s sexuality “belonged” exclusively to another man, but somehow it made Brenda and I become even closer emotionally. She still shared intimate details with me about Duane’s and her love affair. She still held me close and kissed me as I masturbated. Also, we still slept and cuddled together most of the time. But, we both understood that there were “boundaries.” For example, if my hand strayed down to Brenda’s ass at night, she would gently move it up to her waist, and kiss me lovingly. Also, Brenda avoided being naked around me, since she felt that her naked body should be visible only to her boyfriend. Although this arrangement was considered indefinite, Brenda always felt that her and I would eventually resume our full sexual relationship because her affair with Duane was so intense, it could not last forever.

As predicted, Duane and Brenda parted ways after about 5 months. Brenda and I didn’t resume our sexual relationship immediately, but waited about a month to allow Brenda time to mourn her loss of Duane. However, when we finally made love again, it was like we were newlyweds! Our sex life was ignited with fire and passion that we both hadn’t felt in years, and I then realized that all the pain and angst from having Brenda being temporarily “off limits” was worth it!

After Duane was gone, Brenda and I remained exclusive to each other for about nine months until she met Michael. Well, Brenda started falling “head over heals” in love with Michael, and the entire cycle started over again. Brenda became sexually exclusive to Michael, and I reassumed my role as Brenda’s faithful husband and soulmate. The major difference this time was that, while Duane had been unaware that I knew of his and Brenda’s affair, Michael was totally “in the loop” with the whole thing. In fact, the three of us often had dinner and went to sporting events together. We even went to the beach once, with Brenda staying in a separate hotel room with Michael. Since Michael was in the military, Brenda’s love affair with him ended when he was deployed overseas, and again our sexual relationship resumed with a new level of energy.

This cycle has repeated itself many times over, with each of Brenda’s affairs lasting 3-6 months on the average. Each time, she becomes sexually exclusive and faithful to her boyfriend, and each time our sexual relationship is re-ignited with a new passion after the affair ends. Brenda’s current boyfriend (David) is her sixth since we started what we now know is called a “cuckold lifestyle,” and she’s been with him for just over a month. My wife knows how much it excites me when she cuddles with me at night and tells me, “Sorry, but I belong to David now, and I cannot be unfaithful.” However, we both know that David will eventually be out of the picture, and our marriage will again be re-energised and strengthened. Thus, our sex life is sort of a rollercoaster ride, but we are both committed to each other for life.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my rather longwinded post. I know it lacks the XXX-rated details of other posts, but I guess my writing talents are not as developed as others. Take care.


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By: Rick - TXperv


September 1, 2010

Hotwife Anal Queen

Alexis Golden diary update.

Now I know I can take ANY size Cock in my Ass. There isn’t a man alive with a cock I can not handle. Check out these pics of this ‘arm sized’ cock going in my Butthole.

As a warm up he fucked my mouth and I also rimmed his ass to make him know that I was his for the night, however he wanted me.. And he sure took advantage of that. I loved it when this guy held open her gaping, well fucked rear. He ended up shooting his full load of creamy cum deep inside my ass. I held open my cheeks to him to show him his mess and what a good slut I’d been to him.. I LOVE Anal!

Kisses to you all, Alexis






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August 30, 2010

Shopping Trip Slut

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Dave and his wife Linda. So I was really pleased when he sent in a story and picture of what slutty adventures his wife had been up to.


Hi Trash, I haven’t sent in any stories in a while. Linda’s been fucking alot of different men in the last couple of years. She has a new cock every month or so. I was out of town last week and got a call from her on friday morning and she told me that she had been shopping on Thursday afternoon and afterwards stopped by a bar she frequents by the OC airport. She started talking to a really hot guy called John who was in from San Francisco on business and staying at the hotel next door. After 30 minutes or so she asked if he was heading back to his room, of course he knew what she meant and off they went.

Once inside she went straight for his cock and unzipped a thick dripping hard cock that she dropped to her knees and sucked and licked until his precum was flowing. Then she sucked his balls and had him ready to shoot a massive load. She got undressed and and spread her tight shaved pussy wide while he rubbed his cock all over her pussy and spanked her clit with the head of it. She said her juices were pouring out and the bed was wet even before he fucked her. She almost came as John slammed his full length into my wife with one thrust and pounded her pussy hard for a few minutes, then he flipped her over and pounded her doggie for a while. After that he pulled her head up to his cock and made her suck his cock and balls to suck her juices off. When she had cleaned him, he went back into her pussy and finished by filling her tight pussy with a massive load of cum. Linda got him to take a picture with her camera phone (below).

John treated my wife like a total slut that afternoon and and sent her home leaking cum and totally raw and sore. Linda always fucks different men when I’m away but John really treated her like a whore and she loved it. He’ll be back in town to fuck her again soon so I will keep you posted.

Hotwife Linda

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Submitted by: Dave - SoCal


August 28, 2010

Her 300th Cock

Hotwife Oasis diary update.


My 300th Fuck on Film!

Since the start of my site in 1996 I’ve kept a scoreboard of every cock I’ve had on camera - and I just reached a milestone - the 300th cock I’ve fucked on film!! Lucky Mr. 300 came all the way out to Havasu from Missouri to hang out with me over July 4th weekend and I’m happy to report that my 300th cock was a very nice cock indeed :)

We met up for drinks at one of the bars overlooking the lake. But it was really hot, and Mr. 300 was wearing jeans, so it wasn’t long before we decided to head back to my house and cool off in the pool. Turns out that while we were at the bar we met up with another guy (who was also wearing jeans!) and Mr. 300 was gracious enough to invite this guy back to the house with us too. I think Mr. 300 had something naughty in mind for me.

We were relaxing and drinking beers by the pool when I just couldn’t take the anticipation any longer and I told Mr. 300 to take his trunks off (why I suggested that the guys borrow my hubby’s trunks in the first place I’m not quite so sure). And there was that very nice 300th cock just waiting for me.

While I was sucking Mr. 300’s cock and getting him all ready for me, he noticed me taking a peek over at the other guy we’d invited back, and saw that I was eyeing that guy’s hard-on through his shorts. Very graciously, Mr. 300 offered to share, and the other guy was all too eager to spring that puppy free. And since we’re keeping track, this other guy became the 643rd new cock in my mouth.

Here’s a pic of me and my two cocks in the pool. The rest of the story (and the rest of the pics) are posted to the member’s area of my site. I got myself a facial AND a creampie that afternoon.

So, who wants to be 301, 302, 303 …. :)



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August 26, 2010

Our first adventure

Rose, a Hotwife from Istanbul, Turkey writes:


I was only seventeen when I first met my hubby. We became close friends in a very short time and fell in love. We Married the following year. He was the first and the only man I had had sex with in my life. We were fucking almost every day and it was always special. One day he proposed to bring someone to our bed. I was aware of my hubby’s thoughts about open marriage from the beginning, but not really expecting him to propose this because we live in a conservative community.

I was a bit reluctant at the beginning, we already had a great sex life and I was not really interested in other men, but he insisted and convinced me to look for possible candidates.

I signed up to a local social network on the net with no pics and basic info only, without mentioning my marital status, I received a lot of friendship requests. I exchanged some emails and chats on MSN with some of them. I started contacting a collage boy studying in our town, we chatted for about 2 months when I eventually told him I was married. He was shocked at first but it was obvious that he wanted me very much, but he was not sure what to do with a married woman. I assured him that my husband was not a problem and we had an ‘understanding’ (without telling him all details about our thoughts).

One night I told my husband about this guy, he was so excited and that night he made love with me mentioning his name. I was also excited, we made love for hours that night with the thought of me being naughty with someone else. I was really turning on to the idea to have sex with someone else other than my Hubby.

A couple more weeks past by and one night my Hubby asked me “Why are you not making this real, rather than just chat?”. And he proposed that I have my first experience alone with him. I said “No. I cannot do it without your support and being there”.

A few nights later I was chatting with this guy on MSN when he told me he wanted me very much. I said “ok”, “If you want you may come to my place?”.. He asked: “husband??”. I said: “He is here at home, but don’t worry”. He obviously didn’t feel comfortable with this so he asked: “Can’t we meet alone? or somewhere other than your place?” I told him “Hey, it is only to meet and say hi. Do not raise your hopes. We just will get to know each other. Something to drink and chat. I am inviting you for a social night only. You’ll also get to meet my Husband and see that he is not a monster but a cool guy”

He finally accepted to come. My husband was so excited but I told him not be disappointed if nothing happens, because I was not sure if I was really ready to do it and I didn’t know if me and the guy would have the right chemistry. He agreed not to push anything and I was happy.

I decided to put on a semitransparent dress with no underwear. When my husband saw me emerge from the bedroom he was breathless for some seconds.

The door rang and I opened the door and I welcomed the guy into our living room. I introduced him to my husband. He was a bit nervous. Actually we all were a bit nervous. I opened the champagne he brought and we drank a bit and and chatted about films, music and other subjects. As the drink flowed we all started to relax and feel very comfortable.

When the guy excused himself to go to the bathroom, my husband asked me what I thought about him. I told him I thought he was cool and smiled. He then said “Go ahead then”. I looked and him and asked “Are you sure?”. He said “Sure.. If you like him go ahead”.. And then he started to kiss me deeply and passionately on the sofa. I was so excited and wet. My hubby’s fingers explored down to touch me and he whispered in my ear “I can see you want it”. I said nothing. When the guy returned from bathroom we were still kissing, but we stopped as he sat down and continued our conversation as if nothing happened.

Some time later I went to kitchen to fetch some new drinks and I called the guy to help me in serve them. He came innocently to the kitchen. I then suddenly grabbed and kissed him, he was a bit in shock because I think he had in his mind it was supposed to be a social night only. But eventually I felt his body relax and we kissed for some minutes. I could feel his hard dick push against me through his pants. I pulled him by his arm and directed him to our bedroom. He obeyed without a word and we continued kissing there.

I pulled off my one piece dress and then laid on the bed totally naked. He was looking at my naked body with big eyes as if he was in a dream. I said “Come on”. “What about your Husband?” he murmured in panic. I said “Don’t worry about him. He is in the living room now”. “But what if he comes here?” he asked. “He may come or not may come, he may join or just watch or just do nothing. I don’t know.” I said. And then I sat up and started to unbutton his shirt while kissing him. In a few minutes he was also naked. I was having difficulty in concentrating. I was thinking my husband would come in at any moment, but he did not. I got up from the bed to see what he was doing in the living room. He was just sat on the sofa with a drink. I asked him why he did not come in. He said “Go ahead for a bit. I will come. Enjoy yourself”. So I returned to the bedroom and continued kissing the guy.

I was totally wet and his dick was hard as a rock. This was the first penis I had seen that close other than my husbands. The size was about half the size of my husbands dick. I could see he was impatient to enter my wet pussy, but I was not opening my legs wide enough to let him enter me. Suddenly my husband appeared out of nowhere above me and started kissing my lips while the guy was busy with my nipples. His fingers reached to my wet pussy and I moaned with pleasure from his touch. I just could not keep my legs closed any longer. I pulled the guy’s rock hard dick and brought it to the entrance of my wet pussy. The guy pushed in and entered deep fully at once. I moaned again, I was trembling with excitement. Was it really happening? Or is it just my imagination? I lifted my head to see, yes, there it was, a strangers dick was in me and pumping away. It was not longer than a few minutes when I climaxed with a big moan. I then realised he was not wearing a condom. I told him to pull back and put one on. I was not using any contraception so did not want to get pregnant by him. While he was busy with the condom my husband started licking my pussy. Oh my Hubby really knows how to kiss my pussy. I started screaming with pleasure. The guy was waiting ready with a condom on standing at the edge of the bed. My husband gestured to him “Come on in”, pointing at my wet pussy. He immediately obeyed and entered me while my husband continued kissing my clit. I thought my heart was going to stop or my brain was going to blow up and then my second climax came. It was then followed shortly after with a third and fourth. It was so amazing, felt so good. Then all of a sudden the guy cried out and filled his load into me and into the condom. When he pulled out my husband then entered me with his huge thick dick. Ohh it felt soooo good. As my husband continued to fuck me, the guy went to the shower. When he returned we were still fucking, he came in and he was hard rock again. My husband told him to get another condom then pulled out and said “I will continue later. He is our guest. We’ve got to be nice to him.” He then went down and started kissing my clit while the guy entered my pussy and started fucking me again. I thought I was going to die of so much pleasure.

The night went on like that. My husband and the guy fucked me until the sun came up taking turns one after the other. In the morning when the guy eventually left my pussy was red and almost numb.

This happened 9 years ago and we did not know at that time that me and my husband would become addicted to this lifestyle. Thanks for listening to my story.


Submitted by: Rose - Istanbul - Turkey


August 24, 2010

Hold the front page

OMG a totally wild night out was had last Thursday night. Me and Daisy got invited to the Television X 15th birthday party at the Cafe de Paris in London. There were a bunch of photographers outside taking pictures when we arrived and inside you could tell there was a sexually charged atmosphere. Gorgeous people everywhere. There were quite a few celebs and pornstars at the party and half way through the night, me, Daisy, a few girls and a couple of guys went out for a cigarette. The girls were all dressed very sexily and the photographers started taking pictures as we stood there. I think that triggered the exhibitionist nature in Daisy and suddenly all hell broke loose. She started by pulling down the panties of this blonde girl and then sticking her face in her pussy. The cameras went mad. After a couple of minutes of that she went up to one of the guys, dropped to her knees and pulled his cock out and started sucking it there on the street. It was wild and crazy, a huge crowd had gathered round to watch and camera flashes and mobile phone were everywhere recording the mayhem.

The rest of the evening carried on in similar fashion inside and at the after party.

Nursing our hangovers still this weekend we were told that Daisy’s antics had made it into one of the nations tabloids, The Daily Sport. haha. There was even a picture of me in the paper in the foreground while she’s busy sucking this guys cock. What a night it was. Click on the picture below for some more pictures from the night.

You can see the rest of the pictures from the party here

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August 22, 2010

Birthday Present for K

Here’s another update, a true story from L about his gorgeous hotwife K.


About a month after her experience in our last post it was K’s birthday. As a special gift for her I arranged for this young bodybuilder to come over to help make sure it was a happy fulfilling birthday for her. While a little shorter than her, he was very strong and well endowed. They never left the living room and he fucked her from pillar to post over the space of a few hours! Another good buddy of mine was there and he videotaped the entire encounter (her first time) while I photographed. Of course, afterwards K sucked, rimmed, and fucked my buddy as a thank you while I got to watch.

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

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More Fun For K

Dominant Bull

Submitted by: L - Virginia


August 20, 2010

Street Pickup

Here’s another picture set for you from the latest adventures of myself and Sensi, The Undercover Lover.

For those of you that don’t know Brighton, let me tell you a little about it. It is ‘THE’ no.1 place for hot women in the UK. When you step outside here, it’s like being in a candy store. Beautiful girls everywhere. Sensi has pulled so many girls down here it’s unbelievable. So many of these hot girls fill the bars and clubs every weekend and he is always around to make sure a few of them spill over his way hehe.

So we are never short of girls to find for the website that is for sure. So driving around town this Sat night, we were on the lookout for hot babes who might be interested in a little private after party with The Undercover Lover. After a while though we were beginning to think we’d have to ditch the car and head to the clubs ourselves, the streets were unusually quiet, when suddenly outside one of the seafront bars we find Satine. Stupidly left on her own while her boyfriend had gone to get the car, she told us he’d been ages and she was cold.

Sensi wasted no time in chatting this cute blonde up and persuading her to come for a drive. He knew she fancied him,. It wasn’t long after she confessed she’d never had a black guy before. Damn, now we knew we just couldn’t let her slip away. Maybe her alcohol induced state helped but after some smooth talking she was back at the flat giving lapdances and getting hornier by the minute. I decided it was a good time to get the camera out.

When she saw the size of Sensi’s cock, she freaked a little and asked if he would be gentle lol.. Sensi warmed her up and soon she was taking that full black length into her cheating pussy hard and fast begging to be fucked. She was as sweet as candy and an hour or so later she’d been well and truly black cock christened. She was too nervous to take a load in her pussy as she was not on the pill. So she elected to take it in her mouth instead. She then pulled on her disheveled underwear and party dress and slipped out into the night back to find her unsuspecting boyfriend. I’d love to be there to hear what they say to them sometimes, haha.

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

Sensi and Satine

And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here

Visit Sensi’s Site The Undercover Lover Here


August 18, 2010

A Letter to the Bull

Cuckold Place Update

WE DID IT! - Letter to the Bull

We did it.. My wife fucked a large black man in the backseat of his minivan two days ago while I watched! I’ll elaborate all of the details later, and I’ll try to get my wife to add her comments/impressions. But for now, this is the thank you email I sent him this morning… (It’s so weird yet erotic, the thought of sending a “thank you” email to a big black man for fucking my innocent wife in front of me!”) I’ll head off questions by saying that unfortunately there were no pictures, however we are setting up a second episode in a hotel that will have plenty of pictures and video, so stay tuned! God, I CANNOT BELIEVE that it actually happened! It’s all still sinking in, and we are both getting hotter about it by the hour! I’ve attached a picture of him from the website where we found him and one of my wife. For those interested, we have a full profile on AFF and a partial profile (but with more pictures) on DoMyWife. Enjoy!….

To …..
I want to thank you for your comments and the entire experience! First off, I really appreciate how very respectful you were of my wife and I as well as our fantasies and our relationship. It was wonderful to fulfill our fantasies, and hopefully yours, in such a perfect way. I know my wife, and I know her fantasies (and mine), and I knew she would like you. I guess I was right. I concur about it being a pleasant surprise. We honestly didn’t expect anything to happen on the first meeting. It would appear that the stars were aligned, the person (you) was just right, and it was an unqualified success.

My wife has no regrets and in fact would like to meet again! As much as we’ve gone back forth on whether to turn this fantasy into reality, sometimes for months at a time, my wife said it was absolutely amazing! As we explained to you, she had one drunken fling in college for all of 10 minutes and other than that, you are now the only other man than myself to have fucked her. She loved your personality. You are intelligent, provided interesting conversation, you were unassuming, non-aggressive/pushy, very respectful, yet with an underlying yet powerful sensuality that obviously made her enthusiastically give herself to you so willingly on our first meeting. Considering our history and experience, that was quite impressive!

She, at first, was shy to relate her impressions to me, for fear of my reaction. When I asked her how it was, she said you were strong and took control. She has some submissive tendencies and loved how you moved her around and directed her to give you pleasure and she loved doing so. She said you were a giver as well. She loved your physique, how heavy you felt on top of her, how powerful your arms, chest, butt, legs were. She liked feeling physically dominated and made to feel small, innocent, and vulnerable. She was unsure if you liked her and was concerned whether you liked fucking her, considering her experience, and if you would want her again. She loved sucking your dick and wanted to be on her knees in front of you. She loved being on her back, with her legs and arms wrapped around you, with me watching and sometimes holding her hand, while you were fucking her so well. When I asked her how you were, she said “Are you sure you want to know?”, with a sheepish grin. She said you were an A++, the best she’s ever had. She said you fucked her better than I do. She said you felt bigger and better than I do. About her shyness to say these things, I told her I found them erotic. She said “good, because they are all true” (with another sheepish grin and giggle). She went from maybe, to maybe just one time. Now it’s “I want ….. to fuck me again in a hotel all afternoon where we all can relax without time constraints or worrying about other people.” This morning she said, “I have a problem, I’m only interested in black men right now.” When I said “What?”, she replied, “I only want black men to fuck me” and ” I want ….. to fuck me again”. She is seriously considering having you fuck her all summer long. She is almost like a teenager, the newness and excitement making her want more and soon. She loves her/our new situation, and thinks about it a lot now. The transformation is quite surprising, but extremely erotic for us both. I’ll tell you that we stayed up most of the night and fucked 4 times after we got home. My wife wants to learn from you, and I’m sure I’ll also learn from you and her more and different ways to please her better.

She wants me to help her to pick out some new underwear and a dress for her next meeting with you (if you are willing, of course). She would like to know if and when you could have an afternoon off for a hotel encounter. I don’t think you are shy, but we want to ask never the less, about taking pictures and videotape the next time. I will stay out of the way as much as possible. You can have copies of everything, but may want to blur her face (I’ll let her make the call on that one).

My wife

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