December 12, 2010

Pool Partner

A fantasy submission today from a hotwife.


This is a fantasy story My Husband and I created quite some time ago that he loves. We often talk it through when we are in bed together and it always makes him cum uncontrollably to think about it.

We are in a bar with a pool table. We are playing pool with a younger guy and I am flirting with him in front of my Husband by leaning over the table and brushing up against him as I walk past him. He is getting turned on by my flirting but is nervous as I am doing it in front of my Husband. At some point the younger guy goes to the bathroom. I follow him, leaving my Husband at the pool table.

In the bathroom I walk up behind the younger guy and whisper in his ear that I would like to suck his cock. He turns around with a surprise on his face and unbuttons his fly to see whether I would really do it. We are standing in the middle of the communal area of the bathroom and anyone could walk in at any time. I crouch down in front of him, spreading my knees wide, and never taking my eyes off his. I take his soft cock in my mouth and run my wet lips down the shaft. It becomes hard instantly. I cup his balls with one hand and start slowly moving my lips up and down his cock until I can feel it throbbing. Then I spit on the head and use my hand to rub the spit up and down the length. I spit, suck and rub faster and faster until he is moaning with pleasure. I go faster and faster, using both hands, until the spit is dripping off his cock and he doesn’t know where he is. I want him to cum as soon as possible. Faster and faster I go with my hands, my lips and my spit until he can bear it no more and I feel his cum start to explode out of his balls. I keep sucking his cock harder as I feel his cum fill my mouth. When my mouth is full I swallow it all and listen to the almost scream that escapes from his mouth. I laugh and wipe my mouth to make sure none went over the side.

Standing, I take another look at his face … his eyes are still closed and he is leaning back against the wall. I walk out quietly.

Back at the pool table I walk up to My Husband and kiss him so he can taste the cum of the younger guy in my mouth.

Submitted by: House Whore Wife


December 10, 2010

Interracial Porn Art

I know a lot of you are a fan of interracial and hotwife artwork so I thought I would post today some samples from the superb Interracial Porn Art website

True Interracial art at its finest with exclusive pieces of real hot wives. Enjoy.

Interracial Porn Art

Interracial Porn Art

Interracial Porn Art

Interracial Porn Art

Interracial Porn Art

Interracial Porn Art

Interracial Porn Art

Interracial Porn Art

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December 8, 2010

Pillow Talk

Some pillow talk from a hotwife cuckold couple from NYC


My 50-year-old wife fucks other men and I very happily watch. To begin with, there is nothing wrong with our marriage or our sex life. We have been married for over twenty years, are parents, we still have sex 3-4 times a week and the sex is good. But about 2 & ½ years ago, with my encouragement, she became a Hotwife.

Since then she has been fucked by over 30 men ranging in age from 23 to 54. She has fucked men at their homes, she has fucked men in hotel rooms, and she has fucked men in our bed in our home. Recently she met a man after hours in his office and sucked his dick and then fucked him on his desk.

Some of these men have been one-night stands and some she has fucked various times. Mark, one of our favorites, has fucked my wife seven times. We often meet him in a restaurant and he sits next to her and caresses her legs and thighs under the table, letting her know that we are all friends meeting for a get-together but that this night her pussy is his. She loves that feeling, especially knowing that a man twenty years her junior is so blatantly claiming her pussy, in public, in front of her faithful husband. It makes her feel special, a woman who has it all: the security of a loving marriage and a husband whose dick is exclusively for her, all the while knowing that she has the freedom to fuck and suck whomever she chooses. By the time we get to Mark’s place she is soaked and aching to feel his dick claiming it’s wet prize. Afterward she loves for me to go down on her and to happily eat her well-fucked pussy. As she sees it, it’s my way of showing appreciation for being married to such a sexually talented and sexually desired woman.

For me, it’s exciting to have a wife who so many men desire. And it’s exciting to submit to her in this way. I’m a pretty opinionated and assertive guy. In many ways both professionally and personally I’m the more assertive one. To take the more passive role sexually where my wife calls the shots and gets to be the dominant one, suits me fine. It suits her well too.

Recently we were lying in bed and Wifey decided to have some fun with me: “MMM…your cock is getting nice and hard” she said while lightly stroking my dick. “MMM hmm,” I replied, “that feels real good.” “I know it does. I can tell by how hard you are, how hard I can make this cock of mine. And make no mistake about it: this cock is mine, all mine, no one else is allowed to have it. Isn’t that true?” “Yes” I stammered, overcome by the desire I felt building inside of me. “Good” she said, while slowly stroking my dick “because that’s the way I want it. Since I’m your boss in the bedroom, that’s the way it’s going to be. Consider your dick my property, to do with as I please. In a way it’s a shame because other women would love this penis, so nice and hard and ready. But I’m selfish that way, your cock is for me and only me.” She began kissing the head gently, causing me to squirm. “You like that don’t you? You like that I own this cock of yours, that you’re only allowed to let me touch it, that I’m the only woman who’s ever going to make you cum?” “Yes” I replied with a growing urgency. “Such a good hubby.” She teased.

Wifey then took my hand and placed it on her hot pussy. I began to gently rub it, enjoying how soft and wet it was. “MMM…But this” she said “this isn’t just yours is it?” “No” I replied, “this I have to share.” “That’s right” she chuckled “this you have to share with other men.” “Is that the way you want it?” I asked her. “Absolutely” she said with a self-satisfied grin “You know I love you and I love your nice big cock. But we’ve been married for 20 years. Things get, I don’t know, a little too monotonous without variety and I don’t want to get bored. As good as your cock is, it’s just not enough for me. It just isn’t enough to keep me fully satisfied anymore.” “It isn’t?” I asked in mock surprise. “No my husband, it isn’t. Sorry but I need more. I sometimes need that excitement I can only get when I’m being fucked for the first time.” “And?” I asked. “And I get to have that by letting other guys put their big, hard dicks in me. MMM…you know I love that don’t you? You know this wife of yours loves getting fucked by other men.” “Oh yeah” I replied. “Good” she said, “because I really do. And what about you? Do you love watching? Do you love watching other men slide their cocks in and out of me, seeing me wrap my legs around them to pull them in as deep as they can go? Do you like the squishy sound my pussy makes because I love the fucking I’m getting?”

This talk got my dick twitching and she loved it. She knew she had me and she knew exactly what she wanted. “You know I love that. But what about me? What about some variety for me?” I asked, knowing full well what her answer was going to be. “No, no” she said “ you have to keep this cock just for my use. You’re my cuckold, you don’t get to play with other women. Those are my rules. You get to please me, you get to find men who can please me, you get to be there and watch while they lick my pussy and I take their cocks in my mouth, and you have to step aside while they slide their dicks in and out of me. You like that don’t you? You like stepping aside like a good cuckold husband and watching me give another man what’s supposed to be yours?” “Oh yeah” I said again, completely caught up in my wife. “MMM…I know you do. Funny, isn’t it? Our friends would never believe that my handsome, smart, and assertive husband loves to be cuckolded by me. I hardly believe it—but I’m not complaining mind you. We got married twenty years ago with a set of rules that stated ‘I promise to forsake all others’. Now we have a new set of rules: that I get to fuck whomever I want, whenever I want, and you have to watch and remain completely faithful to me.” “MMM” I moaned while kissing her nipples, “I love our new rules.”

And it was true. My wife’s teasing had me ready to cum. “Good, because that’s the way it is and that’s the way it’s always going to be. It’s like losing your virginity. Once you lose it, you know you’re going to fuck again and again. Well I’ve tasted pleasures of being a hot wife and I love the taste! No way I’m turning back now. You just have to get used to the fact that other men are going to get my pussy. But it’s good for you too. You’ve kind of lost your virginity too haven’t you? You’ve become a cuckold. You love that too don’t you? You love being a cuckold. You love watching another man take me and make me cum.” “Yes” I moaned, “I love that you cuckold me.” She chuckled again. “I know” she said, “plus, after they leave you get your reward. You get to eat my well-fucked pussy. I know you love that also, you love showing your appreciation by putting your tongue where my lover had his dick.” I began licking her wet cunt, causing Wifey to moan.

“MMM…just like that” she said “you’re such a good hubby to lick my naughty pussy. And then, after you’re done eating me, you can slide your own dick inside of me and make me cum.” “Ohh yeah. Can I put my dick inside you now ?” I asked with a great deal of urgency. “Please do.” She replied.

And I did, again and again.

And again.

Submitted by: NYHubby - NYC - USA


December 6, 2010

Janet meets Byron

Very excited today, we have an exclusive diary update for Hotwife Blog by the delectable Janet Mason.


Hello guys and gals, it’s been some time since I’ve submitted anything here at the excellent Hotwife Blog so here you go… Some screen captures from a scorching-hot encounter with Byron Long in Los Angeles.

Oh my God, what a night this was! Byron Long, who has apparently been a fan of my site for years, came over to our “shoot condo” in Los Angeles give me a taste of his enormous black cock and balls, and ended up fucking me within an inch of my life! I’m not kidding, ladies and gents… no man has ever fucked me as long or as hard as Byron did that night… I came 4 times in a row just within the first 30 minutes, and he made me “squirt” all over the bed during my 4th orgasm just from the solid, thorough pounding he gave me! (No man has ever made me squirt from fucking, either before or since that night!) And then he just kept on fucking me! I reached a total of 8 earth-shaking, toe-curling, face-contorting, sweat-drenched and tear-inducing orgasms that night before Byron finally emptied his gigantic balls deep inside my exhausted pussy, filling me with a huge load that I show off to the camera as it pours out of me onto the sweat-and-squirt-soaked bedsheets!

No man has EVER made me cum 8 times in one session – with or without a break – and Byron took no rest at all! Whew…I was so completely “fucked out” and exhausted from this once-in-a-lifetime fuck that I literally fell asleep in the car as Steve drove me home, too wiped out to even talk to my baby, much less “relieve” him like I usually do. This was truly one night I will never forget… and it’s all captured on video for Steve and I to relive the moment with over and over again in the years to come. And, if you’d like to see it yourself, it’s available in the store at my site as a DVD and as a download for iPod, iPhone, Windows and Mac computers. Wait til see how well hubby Steve captured our frenzied, animal interracial lust on camera for posterity! Thanks, Byron…and, as always, thank you for spoiling me, hubby!

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Hotwife Blog Profile - Janet - 2005

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December 4, 2010

My Wife’s Boyfriends

A submission today from a cuckold who tells us about his wife’s affairs.


Over the last few years my wife has had a few bfs. At first she hid them from me, but now she freely shares how she has been fucked in bathrooms, exposed in public, fucked for hours by her bfs, made to have phone sex with her bf’s friend, fucked while another guy watches and one bf had a woman eat her pussy.

The first bf started her off. He would meet her in hotels and fuck her. He produces huge amounts of cum, I’ve cleaned up after him a few times. She is very submissive to him, like all her bfs, and he has declared her ass his. He fucked her ass for hours, making her cum over and over. He can also make her squirt using his cock, something she can only do with a vibrator while with me.

Her second bf was wild. He introduced her to public sex, people watching and a woman to eat her pussy. He kept her out overnight and she would have to beg him to cum when she could no longer take it. He filmed the two of them and would introduce her as the married woman he was fucking. I know she fucked him with other guys, but she won’t admit it to me. His cock was so big that it wouldn’t fit in her ass.

Her third bf was very close and owns a store. She would hang out in his store all day and text me that he made her swallow his cock and cum in the back room of his store. He would take her out locally and my neighbors saw them together. He kept her out all night and fucked her 6 times in one night, because she begged for it. He took a pic of her ass sticking out of a mini dress and sent it to his friends. One friend got so aroused that he handed the phone to him while she was masturbating and made her cum for his friend.

I can only imagine what is next. Now she makes me go for massages, but only with guys and she loves how uncomfortable that makes me.

My Wife

Submitted by: 2bcucked - USA


December 2, 2010

Rai visits Rick

Rick Lee from Hotwives and Girlfriends diary update:


Rai is a a slut girlfriend to the same man for few years. She has several lovers and she is looking forward to getting married soon to the man that allows her and enjoys her being a total slut for several men. She has a beautiful body, really nice perfect tits, and a nice natural bush that made my cock hard when I first felt her pussy. I met Rai back in Las Vegas a few months ago at a party and we fooled around that night but didn’t follow thru after because she was so busy. I remember she was wearing this really hot short black dress that made her very accessible, and while dancing with her boyfriend, she would allow other guys to come up behind her and rub up against her ass, and in my case rub up against her wet pussy and fondling her tits. If there were not that many people, I would have pulled out my cock and fucked her right there.

Anyway, after a few months, I touched base with her and I talked to her about getting together. I also found out she was working on her own website too, so I asked her to come over to play and shoot some content, taking care of two things in one shot. So she came over dressed up slutty like last time, I started to show her the site as she had never seen it, and before I was done talking about it she was on her knees with my cock in her mouth. So we started to fuck around then. I then gathered myself together and got the cameras and started to video the whole thing as I had planned. And I then kept on fucking her nice natural pussy for a while, switching between her wet hole and warm mouth until I ended up blowing on her beautiful tits.








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November 30, 2010

Developments at the Office

Cuckold Place Update

Now that she’s started, I wonder how far she’ll go…

I recently posted something in the personals section about helping to get my wife into some erotic chat, I never saw things happening this fast…

For years, I had fantasized about my beautiful wife taking a lover. Though we had talked about it in bed a few times, nothing more ever came of it. A few weeks ago, the company we both work for installed Instant Messager on our computers (she works in the office two days a week and two days at home). A few days after we got IM, a coworker began sending her messages. It started innocently enough, but the first day after that she worked at home, his messages turned to asking if she was home alone. She got nervous and backed out of the conversation. That night, I assured her that if she wanted to enjoy some erotic chat, it would not only be ok with me, I’d be turned on at the idea of having a hotwife at home. A few weeks later, I could tell she and the coworker had been getting closer. Despite her telling me that she didn’t find him that attractive, the number of times his name came up in conversation told me otherwise.

Last night, she told me that if I took our daughter out to play for a few hours, I could lick her all I wanted later. Before I could leave, she couldn’t keep quiet any longer and sheepishly admitted her talk with J had turned dirty that afternoon. While I was gone, they continued and I had to wait patiently until that night to hear the details. She told me all she could remember little by little as we took our time making love. Perhaps the biggest surprise (other than the fact that she’d gone this far), was how assertive and evasive she was while leading him on. When he teased her about being old (she is 36, he is 25), she replied that with that age came a lot of experience. She hinted that she affairs on me in the past but refused to give any details or let him know if she was serious (she wasn’t, she hasn’t ever been with anyone but me). We talked that night in the afterglow about whether I’d really be ok with her taking a lover as she was seriously thinking about it. I awoke this morning feeling aroused, a bit disbelieving that we had gone so far so unexpectedly, and a bit scared wondering what the future held for us. We cuddled tenderly for a while before she whispered if she had known how much it turned me on, she would have cheated on me a long time ago. The weight of that sat on me heavily as she had always professed her faithfulness to me. As long as I had dreamed of her cuckolding me, I knew the most powerful part would not be any of the hundred things I fantasized about, but the things I had not predicted and had no control over. Every update she has given me sends a rush of adrenaline and excitement not knowing what she will say next. I still don’t know where this will lead, but it will be fun finding out.

Update: I wrote the above part yesterday morning but didn’t have time to post it. A few updates since then… she came in the office today even though she could have worked from home. She showed me his messages teasing her that she came in just to see him. I am trying very hard not to ask her a million times, “what is going on now”, but their conversations take place throughout the day and with the speed things began, I am wondering what progression is taking place. We talked over lunch and I told her I wouldn’t pest for details as long as she kept me up to date. She also promised to cut and paste any juicy messages to me. I reiterated to her that I was more than ok with what she’s done so far. I just asked that if it were to turn physical to allow me to know in advance and be able to enjoy the anticipation with them, at least the first time, I joked. At lunch, she also told me that she couldn’t get to sleep last night so she went to the living room and texted him for a while. Tonight, she told me she upgraded her cell texting plan this afternoon so she’d have more free texts to send to her niece, mom…… (grinning), him.

Submitted by: Nooo

You can read some more of the developments here


November 28, 2010

ShandaFay Loves Us

A lovely surprise in my mailbox today. Gorgeous cutie MILF Shanda Fay has sent us some love.

Really lovely of you Shanda. Really hope we can do that interview soon…



You can visit ShandaFay right here


November 26, 2010

Bathroom Fuck

A fantasy sent into us today by the very intriguing Miss B.


A mistress is in supposed to be in control. She demands things of her devoted. She is to be pleased by him. She is adored by him.

It’s funny how even during a fabricated fantasy where (truly!) I tried to let the main character have his way with me; it’s still me in control, my pleasure, and his adoration. Read on for a peek into my latest fantasy starring your favorite players as well as, hell, it could even be you playing the lead role in this one…

My most recent fantasy, as described to my cuckold Derek just the other night while straddling his face, is fucking a man I only just met. We meet in a bar while I’m ordering drinks and Derek is waiting at the table. This young man is very flirty while sizing up my black, “fuck me” heels and low-neck dress. When the bartender brings over two drinks, the boy gives me a puzzled look. Quickly, I mention that I saw him earlier and on the off chance that he came over, I ordered two drinks. Derek is non-existent at this point.

My new interest is polite, only glances at my ass when he thinks I’m not looking. We may have titillating conversation. We may not. It doesn’t matter. I suck down my cocktail in less than 2 minutes. “Are you going to finish that?” I refer to his drink. Before he has a chance to respond, I grab the drink and with my other hand guide my new flirt away from the bar. In among the crowd, I grab a hold of his hand using it as a leash to pull him close behind me. While we make our way to the bathroom, I pass Derek and give him a wink.

Pulling this stranger into the bathroom after me, I push him up against the wall, hand him his drink and lock the door behind us. He has a quizzical look on his face, but before he even gets a chance to speak I thrust my tongue into his mouth. He doesn’t need a second invitation. His drink slips from his hand, glass smashing on the tile floor. Neither of us cares. His hands are all over me. His lust rising like a desperate heat; there could be an earthquake and he wouldn’t notice. His groping hands pull my dress straps down, exposing my bra-less breasts. His breath is coming in short gasps, like licking me is more important than breathing. He grabs the back of my thighs and wordlessly hoists me up onto the edge of the sink. His attention is momentarily distracted from me as he’s fumbling with the fly on his jeans.

After what seems like forever (my cunt is aching to have this exciting, new cock inside me), he pulls his dick free. It’s rock hard and almost like he’s been waiting for this moment all night. He grabs onto my hair with one hand pulling my head back, tugging hard. And with his other hand he forcefully shoves his hard cock into my sweet, wet pussy. A guttural groan LOUDLY escapes his lips. If I hadn’t been in the middle of my fantasy, I might have been worried if anyone out in the bar heard him. He thrusts into me, groping at my chest, my neck, my mouth. He has smeared my lipstick across my face and is staring at me with half-closed eyes, squinting with pleasure. I have one arm behind me, holding onto the sink; my other hand is wrapped around the back of his neck holding him near. My legs spread open, panties tossed aside, forgotten. I clench my ass in tune to his ever-increasing thrusts. I drive my pelvis forward, our momentum growing together until both of us cry out. His groans are animalistic, barbaric and evidence that he is all about his own pleasure, his own fuck. I love it. My head flies back. I’m actually shrieking when I coat his cock with my cum.

I love the idea of some stranger fucking me like his life depends on it. I fantasize about a man who doesn’t care about my comfort or my orgasm, and just fucks, fucks me hard and fast. During tonight’s fantasy should I imagine it’s you fucking me?

Miss B

Submitted by - Miss B - USA


November 24, 2010

Karen’s Confession

My name is Karen and this is my Interracial Confession:

I’m a 35 year old MWF from a wealthy Boston suburb, married for 8 years, mother of a beautiful 2 1/2 year old boy. Bored out of my mind as husband has never been around the past 3 years due to work, so I spend most of my time at the gym teaching class or working out, and I ended up becoming friends with very muscular, black body builder type, and 6 months ago it became physical… and now it’s a twice weekly event after my early morning class (his apartment, shower / bedroom / shower, and home).

We both know and understand it’s wrong, but my lustful desires to feel his body on mine is hard for me to resist, and he has been talking about wanting to share me with his friend who’s coming to visit for Thanksgiving week. I really don’t know where to turn for the strength to stop as I know it’s so wrong to be cheating on my husband, but the sex is so intense and hard to pass up. I cannot tell you how many times I have laid in the bed going over, how to break the news to my husband. What his reaction would be! The betrayal, mistrust, frustration and most of all silly school girl behavior I have acted upon.

Is losing my partner, hurting my family worth it for great sex? Lord knows I could never tell my friends, they would never let me live this down until the day I die, but I cannot eliminate the fact that when I’m with this man, he makes me feel alive. We do share common interests outside of the bedroom, the conversations last forever and most of all he makes me smile. This is what makes my situation so difficult to walk away from, my husband is a great guy, but the last few years we speak, less and less to each other. Often times when we do go out, we talk about the same things, work, family, and vacations. The chill up my spine is not there anymore, it has been replaced with a kiss on the lips and a hand job before he goes to bed. Having money does complicate things, I’m too old to start over with a younger man and struggle with bills if I did leave my husband. But do I keep denying myself the basic pleasures of being a human being!? Sex is only sex, but sometimes sex can re-charge an old battery which can lead to who knows what!

My name is Karen and this is my interracial confession.






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