May 10, 2010

Intimate evening in

Here’s another update from myself and Sensi from The Undercover Lover.

He’s been seeing this new wife Ruby recently. She’s only just got married but already is getting fed up with her husband and his pathetic attempts at sex. She works in the City in London and has an important job and is a boss over many men who she tells us she puts in their place whenever she can.

She’s a fiery redhead with an insatiable sexual appetite and has developed a very recent hunger for big black cock. So when Sensi got a call from her telling him that she wanted to see him after a stressful day at work, he thought a relaxing, intimate night in was in order.

Sensi met her at the station and they kissed in public and walked hand in hand back to Sensi’s place. When Ruby got to his place she stripped down to her underwear and got cozy with Sensi on the rug and cushions while they watched a horror film… It wasn’t long before the film was forgotten, she took her ring off and then she was getting what she really came for. A good fucking that will keep her husband wondering why she’s been smiling so much lately. Enjoy the pics.

Sensi and Ruby

Sensi and Ruby

Sensi and Ruby

Sensi and Ruby

Sensi and Ruby

Sensi and Ruby

Sensi and Ruby

And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here or contact Sensi direct on Hotwife Dating Here

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May 8, 2010

Hotwife Plea

I recently got this plea though from a hotwife Called Jpeach that has recently signed up to hotwife dating. You’d think it would be fairly easy for a beautiful hotwife to find a suitable Bull but the reality can be very different. I wrote back to her and she was kind enough to send us a picture of her cracking body. Feel free to comment your appreciation below…


It’s so hard to meet anyone who meets your criteria. Did you know that? All I’ve ever wanted is an in shape, dark haired white guy. He shouldn’t be disproportionate. He doesn’t even need a huge cock, because Hubby has that covered. But he should be able to take a bit of shit talking, keep up with an intelligent conversation, and fuck me like a nasty slut when I want.

But maybe I’m doing it wrong. Maybe guys don’t want to cuckold a husband while enjoying a 5 ft 2in, 130 lbs, white female with a round ass and 32F’s. Maybe it scares them that I have a mind of my own and I know what I want. If this is so, then I need to know. Because, while Hubby does have a big dick, I’d much rather make him watch as two random guys shoot their loads into me while I’m writhing with pleasure.

Anyone out there?


Hotwife J

Submitted by: Jpeach - GA - USA Check out their Hotwife Dating Profile Here


May 6, 2010

Creampie Friday

Friday night, woooo, just on my way out to party it up for the weekend in Brighton, see if we can find my Daisy some action and get away from tiresome Politics. For those of you not residing in the UK, we’ve just had an election here, there’s no overall party winner and so we’ve ended up with a ‘Hung Parliament’ I laugh every time I hear someone say that. I have this picture in my head of the Political leaders getting together and measuring everything up now to see which one of them has come out with the ‘biggest’ majority.

And I love the fact the Green Party got voted in for the Brighton seat. Around a sea of conservatism in neighbouring constituencies, we love to be different down here where I live and stray away from societies norms. I love this town..

OK back to hotwives and here’s a video clip from the yummy Jean Swing from last weekend having her own Friday night party with one of her boyfriends who leaves her with a huge creampie for her lucky Hubby to enjoy.

Have a great weekend eveyone!!


Jean Swing
Click here to view the video

Visit Jean Swing at her site here


May 4, 2010

Wifes Birthday Treat

Post removed at users request.


May 2, 2010

Claire’s Bachelorette Party

Some of you may know that city I live in in the UK is a bit of a party town. Every weekend Brighton turns into nightlife heaven and attracts revelers from all over the country intent of being naughty and indulging in sex, drugs and rock n’roll. Always part of the weekend crowd are the groups that come down specifically to celebrate their Bachelorette Party or Hen Night as we call them in the UK. These girls get wild in the bars and clubs and once a little drunk, being on their own, away from the respective partners and the freedom that brings, they often end up in various acts of sexual fun with strangers. I myself have witnessed various Hen parties here and seen how wild they get. And it’s not just snogging some random guy on the dance floor. I’ve seen a Bride-To-Be herself discreetly sucking a guy off in a corner of a club and also seen one Bride come out of a toilet cubicle with a guy pulling her knickers/panties up.

So with this theme in mind I wanted to show you these pics from the guys at The Dancing Bear who do a great job to depict the type of goings on I have mentioned above. Here we have Bride-To-Be Claire at her Bachelorette Party. Her friends hire her a couple of male strippers for the night and as the alcohol flows so do their inhibitions with Claire giving one of the strippers a blow job. I love the shot of the guys cum all over her necklace which could easily have been a precious gift from her loving fiance. Let’s hope marriage doesn’t change her too much.

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

Naughty Brides to be

Check out more Wives and Bachelorettes on wild nights out here


April 30, 2010

Minor humiliation increasing

Cuckold Place Update

Conversation with wife

I’ve been lurking here for a time, while I tried to convince my wife to enjoy fucking whoever she wanted, whenever she wanted. It took a long time, but I’ll save that story for later. About 6 months ago she found a guy and ended up keeping him as her regular boyfriend, and it’s gotten progressively more intense. I just wanted to post a short summary of a really hot conversation we had last night.

The background is that they’ve been seeing each other for a few months now, and are seeing each other gradually more and more often. It started with a date a week or so, now it’s up to two or three. And they’ve seen each other four times in the last four days. She told me at the beginning of their relationship that he was bigger, which was nice, but that my skills in bed were a bit better, so she liked having sex with us both.

Last night she asked if I could stay late at work so he could come over; she said she’d text me when they were done. I was at work (not getting much done, lol), and she texted me around 10 pm. I came home and she was just sitting on the couch, smiling and looking completely satisfied. She told me that lately he’d been getting much better and that sex with him was now “unbelievable.” She said that he fucked her for 45 minutes, that she came 3 times, and the last one was a triple orgasm. She led me back to the bedroom and showed me that the bed was moved away from the wall about 5 feet, and was completely messed up from the sex. She laid down on the bed (”because I’m not sure I can stand straight right now”) while I moved it back, all the while talking about how she’s never felt this good in her whole life. And then she said “I know it’s been a while for you”…(in fact, it’s been three weeks since she fucked me, whereas she fucks him at least twice a week)…”and i know we were going to have sex tomorrow, but can i see him again? he gets off work early again and now that i know how amazing sex can be i feel like if i don’t have it all the time i’ll die.” i told her that of course she could see him again, i wanted her to be satisfied, and that by the way if she ever can’t see him, she can always have me. she looked over at me with a mixture of amusement and pity in her eyes and said “honey. i love you. i’m even in love with you. and i used to enjoy sex with you. if he dumps me i’ll probably enjoy sex with you again, at least a bit. but fucking you when i had him the day before and will have him again the day after is so…uninspiring.”

I said I knew and understood, and she leaned back and her eyes got all unfocused again. “Good. It’s not that you’re bad or that I don’t love you. It’s just that he’s…(she whispered this) soooo magnificent…in bed.” We went to bed, and all I could think about all night was my wife with her “magnificent” boyfriend…being fucked after just a few months like I’ve never been able to fuck her in our years together.

Right now, my plan for the future is mostly just to support and encourage her, and make sure she always knows that her pleasure comes first, no matter what. My wife and I are always talking about what we both want from our relationship.

My desires are, I suppose, pretty moderate. I definitely want to remain in her life, and to be her romantic priority. I don’t think that’s a problem, as we’re both very open with each other, and are much closer emotionally and romantically than we were even before this ‘experimentation’ started. Ideally, I like a little moderate denial and moderate humiliation. I love it that her boyfriend gets to sleep with her far more frequently than I do (and I’ve calculated that she’s sucked his cock more in the few months they’ve been together than she has mine in the years we’ve been married). I love how intense our relationship gets, and how much I pamper her, when I’m horny and frustrated and denied for a while. I love it when we go most of the week without sex, as she tells me “I don’t feel like it right now, maybe tomorrow” and then when her date night comes she spends hours getting ready, totally excited to see him. And I like a little penis humiliation, so any time she casually mentions his larger size, or just how much she likes his cock (recently she told me that “it’s not just that it’s big, it’s also just shaped perfectly, like it was made just for my pussy… it hits every sensitive spot like I’ve never felt before”) it drives me wild. I don’t know if I’d want to be cut off completely or not, but I definitely want him to be her first sexual priority. And I think I would like for her to be more active and systematic about it… for her not just to neglect sex with me, but to actually deny it to me for a while, and to let him know that at least for the most part he is her man in bed.

She was initially reluctant to humiliate me like that, to the point of not telling me how big he was for a while for fear of hurting my feelings. However, when she does bring it up I make sure to not act hurt, but rather to act happy for her that she has this great pleasure, and also to compare myself to him as much as possible, in the areas where he’s got the advantage over me. I think this is working; the last time we fucked a few weeks ago, it actually began with her making a crack about my cock size, and with me joking about how she doesn’t need to worry about it anymore, with her boyfriend taking care of her. This led to her getting curious about the actual difference (he had measured his, but I never had). So she went down on me to get me hard (something she hadn’t done in quite a while) and then measured my cock. She could tell I was horny, so she rode me until I came, and then pecked me on the cheek and rolled off. While I caught my breath and threw out the condom, she called her boyfriend and gave him the official measurement, b/c I guess she thought he’d like to know. It was a bit humiliating, but completely hot. I hope this sort of thing continues. As for the other stuff, I actually am not really into creampie/cleaning, or anything like that. I’m not sure how I feel about watching, and definitely don’t want to participate. Some of these things can evolve with time, but right now I just want her totally fulfilled by him in a way that I cannot give her.

Submitted by: Tjm65

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April 28, 2010

Jackie thanks Hotwife Blog

I don’t think many Hotwife Blog readers need an introduction here but for those that do this is the amazing and wonderful Jackie who won our 5th birthday Top 20 Hotwife competition voted by you the user.

She was thrilled at coming first place and wanted to say a few words of thanks to all of you that have clicked on her pictures or looked her up over the last year.

I have some more Jackie treats coming over the next couple of weeks with a new and exclusive interview with all the questions I’ve been dying to ask her that I didn’t get the chance first time round.

Click on her link below to see her thank you video and some pictures she shot especially for all of us. THANKS JACKIE!

Gallery and Video For Hotwife Blog

Read Jackie’s Exclusive Interview With hotwifeblog.com

Visit Jackie’s fantastic site here


April 26, 2010

Celebrity Cuckolds

I came across this interesting article recently which touched on Tiger Wood’s alleged cuckold fantasies that were brought to light by a US magazine … It made me think how many A list celebrities play out these fantasies or secretly habour the same desires we have here. Recently OK magazine reported Megan Fox and boyfriend Brian Austin Green worked out a deal. They agreed to an open relationship where Megan can see other men but Brian can’t date anyone else. Rumor has it she took advantage of the deal on numerous occasions.

I can’t think of too many occasions where someone who is very famous was exposed as a Cuckold or played Cuckold games with their wife or girlfriend, or a famous female that was known as a hotwife. I’ve actually met a few pretty famous people at swingers clubs, but cuckold/hotwife?, it’s rare. But I guess they would go to extreme lengths to keep that type of ’socially embarrassing’ information away from the Press.

If you can think of any instances, or have any thoughts on the article please post in the comments below.


April 24, 2010

Fan Favorites

Today’s post is from one of our readers Ron. Following on from our Top 20 voted hotwives he has written in with some honory mentions he thought should have made the list.. Here’s Rons Hotwife Selection… Thanks for the blog Ron! Have a great weekend mate!


Greetings Trash

I just wanted to say BRAVO for conducting the “Top 20 Hot Wives” countdown. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say that I couldn’t wait to log on to see who else made the top 20 list! What people need to understand however, is that this wasn’t necessarily YOUR top 20 list, but it was the top 20 most clicked and searched on the blog by all users over the last year. Just the same, out of respect for some of the other fan favorites, I think there are a few ladies who deserve some honorable mentions. So if I may, please allow me to give some special shout outs to some women who didn’t make the top 20 list, but who definitely help make this site what it is…


Naughty Alysha

At least a couple of times a week I log on to see Alysha’s clip of the week. Most of the time we’re treated to her husband filming her with one of her pre-arrange hook ups! But every once in a while we’re treated to Alysha picking up some random stranger at a casino, in a bar, at the swimming pool, or in one case out in front of a restaurant while her husband was getting the car! Not to mention her ability to handle dildo’s the size of your fist! So keep up the good work Alysha! And thanks for putting the “grrrr” in swinger!



Sammy is a hot, fun loving, and VERY talented blonde who never ceases to keep my cock from getting rock hard whenever I see her in action. She also appears to have a pretty hot network of friends, and together they have the kind of parties we all wish we could attend! VERY hot!



I didn’t see Allie on the list of hot wives, but this is somebody you DEFINITELY have to get in touch with for an interview Trash! She is a SUPER HOT blonde, who often appears with her husband Jake. She is also a good friend of Sammy, and together the two make quite a team. If anybody has a “thing” for Anna Paquin on True Blood, then you’re going to absolutely LOVE Naughty Allie! I know I do! (wife and I watched some of her clips when we had another couple over one night. Definitely helped get the party started!)



I think what I love about Desirae the most, is that she looks like one of my wife’s friends. Cute little blonde hairdo, wears glasses, and has this HOT little body on her that she hides with conservative clothes at work but who loves wearing a bikini and showing it off at the pool. The more I see the more I like!



I think Wifey deserves some extra special credit. Not just because she looks like a real life Barbie doll! Not because she has some of the hottest, most incredible, most amazing REAL breasts I have ever seen. And not because she takes her husband’s massive cum load anywhere she can get it without so much as a blink of the eye. But because Wifey is proof that a woman doesn’t necessarily have to fuck other people to be a HOT wife! And I think that deserves a lot of credit!

Keep up the good work Trash! This is one of my favorite sites of all time, and I can’t wait to see what’s next or who else posts another story or experience. I absolutely love all the visitor submitted stories from REAL people about their REAL experiences! It all serves as proof that you don’t need a professional website to live life to it’s fullest, and enjoy the lifestyle together as a couple! Have fun everybody!

San Diego, CA


April 22, 2010

Super Bowl Hotwife

A second true story submission from lovely hotwife Mary.


Well notact you wanted to know about my second experience, I hope you enjoy it as much as my first.

It was Super Bowl Sunday and my husband invited his friend K over to watch the game. K was the gentleman I had my first MFM experience with about 6 months earlier. We haven’t really gotten together since that first night due to the fact that both him and my husbands jobs have them traveling a lot and their schedules always seemed to conflict.

K arrived that afternoon and the three of us sat around the fireplace having a few drinks while we waited for the game to start. When it came to kick-off time I went into the kitchen to started putting together their snacks and preparing dinner for later. I knew the three of us were going to have some of our own fun after the game so I decided I would put on a little show for them during the game and give them a preview. After I finished putting their nibbles together I went into the bedroom and changed. I put on a black satin corset, a pair of thigh highs and my sexy high heels. I grabbed the trays of food and walked in to serve my two hungry men. My husband almost spit out his drink from shock and K’s eyes just about jumped out of his head lol. I Just set the food on the table and calmly asked if they could use a couple of more drinks. They both said yes grinning and giggling. I made their drinks and walked back into the kitchen. I put on my apron so not to get myself messy and continued to put together a stew I had in the pot for later on. About every fifteen minutes I would walk into the room stand in front of the tv and ask them if they needed anything. If they did I made sure to take care of them knowing they would be taking care of me later hehe.

I waited for halftime to start and figured I could put on a better show so I grabbed my favorite vibrator and walked into the room. I had them move the coffee table in front of the sofa laid on the floor and began my little show. Every time they tried to get up and help me I would stop my show and threaten to leave if they got up. After several minutes of working the vibrator against my clit I slid it inside of me and made myself cum. Once I was done screaming and I caught my breath I sat up and had them pull out their cocks. I was not surprised when they sprang out of their pants quickly. I took turns sucking on them for a few minutes each. Just enough to tease the without making them cum. I got back up and told them I had things to tend to in the kitchen. They begged me to stay but I thought it wouldn’t be right not to let them finish the game.

I served them dinner and made them drinks throughout the rest of the game. Once the end of the game came near I went into the bedroom and waited. It didn’t take long for them to find me as they walked into the bedroom already naked. I was laying on my back with my legs spread wide open. The next couple of hours were magical! They traded me back and forth taking turns between my pussy and my mouth, fucking me in every position possible. After several orgasms K rolled me onto my side lifted my leg and pushed inside of me as hard as he could. He grabbed my hair pulled my head back and started grunting loudly. When he came I honestly thought someone had turned on a hose inside of me. I never thought a man could push out so much cum. As his cum started pouring out of me he just kept pushing harder and replacing it with more. After he finally stopped he laid down to catch his breath, but before I could catch mine my husband rolled me onto my back. As he rolled me over I could feel and hear the cum flowing out of me. My husband grabbed my ankles and pushed his cock inside of me and began fucking me like never before. With every thrust more cum would shoot out of me and around his cock until he yelled he was about to cum and boy did he. It shot out of him like a canon. He rolled off of me and the three of us just laid there catching our breath and laughing. My outfit was in shreds on the floor, my stockings were all ripped apart, I had one high heel still left on, my makeup and hair were a mess from all the sweat and I had tons of cum all over my ass, pussy and legs.

I gave K a big hug and kiss and thanked him for a great night and then I rolled over and gave my husband a big wet kiss. As I got up to take a much needed shower I took the time to take each one of them into my mouth so I could get a little taste of all three of us. After I got in the shower K left and my husband joined me. Once we both laid down again we feel asleep from exhaustion but the following morning we had a great love making session :)


Read about Mary’s first hotwife experience here

Submitted by: Mary - Chicago - Check out their Hotwife Dating Profile Here

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