January 7, 2010

Wi-Fi Camera Fun

I want to share with all cuckolds a new way to experience our favorite sexual game: an Internet camera. Let me tell you how my wife and I use it.

She is a beautiful Latino raven haired beauty, 35 years old and hot as hell. She loves fucking and that is all she thinks about. Her desire is far above my capabilities to satisfy her, so she has always had other men in her bed. Several times a week she calls one of her lovers or she picks up someone new and takes him to the same downtown hotel. She always calls me before she starts and after she has finished fucking. This way, when she comes home late, I never worry.

A few weeks ago I bought this great Internet WiFi camera and set it up with the hotel’s code. I hid it in a compartment inside her purse, with a small opening on the side for the lens, so when they get to the room, she places it on a convenient surface and switches it on. The camera automatically connects and starts streaming the video and audio to my computer or iPhone. Then she calls me and tells me she is going to fuck for a while.

Yesterday morning, for example, I was at work when she called. She mentioned she had picked up someone new. There were other people in the office, but fortunately my cubicle is near a wall so no one can see my screen. I immediately browsed to the correct address and saw them kissing and undressing. He was a big man and when she knelt to unzip his fly, I saw the largest cock I’ve ever seen. Jesus! She admired it and said it was the most beautiful dick in the world and proceeded to lick it, bite it and suck it. I don’t know how she managed it, but she ate it to the hilt. He then held her head and started mouth fucking my lovely wife until he came inside her mouth, something she likes very much.

Then they undressed and went to bed. At this point I was called to a meeting so I missed the next scenes, but when I returned and tuned in again I saw him entering her from behind, doggy style, while she panted and screamed with delight. She must have orgasmed many times. Then they changed positions and tried front to front, front to back, she on top, 69, standing up, she sitting on his face and any other possible fucking position. The man had never ending sexual energy and kept fucking her hour after hour until she pleaded him to stop. In all they were together for about ten hours and I watched most of them from my office. My coworkers even commented that I was staying later than usual.

Eventually she stopped the recording and called me saying she would be home soon. I left immediately and we both arrived home at the same time. She asked me not to fuck her as her cunt was too swollen and hurt, however she sat on my face and asked me to clean her up, which I gladly did. I put the video recording on my home computer so while I was licking her, she could watch the show she had given me. As the recording progressed she was commenting it and mentioned several times that Charles, as the man was called, would now be part of her stable of stallions, an idea to which I completely agreed.

Ours is a very happy marriage. I earn a good salary and like my work quite a bit. I fuck her two or three times a week and she fucks her lovers every day. There are days when she fucks two and sometimes even three of us. Fucking, eating and sleeping is all she does. Sometimes she goes shopping and once in a while we go to a party, but her main activity is fucking. She also likes to have two or three men at the same time, all inside her at the same time. Sometimes I’m one of them. Others I just watch or wait for her. But what makes our marriage work is that I’m very happy supporting her and enjoying her very intense sexual activity.

Submitted by: Alonso - Mexico


January 5, 2010

Fonda back in Florida

Black Bachelor Update:

There is nothing like fucking a married woman who has accepted her fate in life. She’s a dirty slut wife and there is nothing her husband can do about it! Fonda sent me a text a few days ago, telling me she needed a weekend get away to take her mind off her non fulfilling sex life with her husband. I knew that was a code word for “meet me in Miami to stretch my pussy apart with your thick, black dick Blonde whores nasty motherfuckers!” So I quickly jump online and find a cheap airline ticket and boom, 48 hours later, I’m holding a Rum and coke with my shorts on the patio ground and my dick in slut wife Fonda’s mouth!

Her husband called to make sure everything was ok (see picture below), but by that time I had already blown three loads of black sperm in his lovely wife’s pussy! The weather was so nice in Miami this past weekend, it must have been a slut MILF wife convention going on! The beaches were filled with married whores on the hunt for fresh black meat! Never the less, I gave your favorite slut wife a vacation fuck she had dreamed about! I thought she was going to pass out on me, when I rammed my dick in her tight asshole!

Fonda Black is a true slut wife and I love her for it!

Thanksgiving fell on the right week, because I gave Fonda’s pussy a helping load of hot sperm, I’m sure her husband is going to have the time of his life eating the left overs out of her pussy!

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

Fonda Black

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January 3, 2010

Best night yet

I have enjoyed several sexual encounters with other guys but this one is the best so far. Our neighbor Walter has been involved in a few of them. One night when my Hubby was out of town I was very horny and asked Walter if he would like to drop by and listen to an idea I had. I knew his wife was out of town also. He said he would be right over. When he arrived he could tell I was hot by the way I was dressed. Short skirt, see through blouse and the way I was sitting on the couch with my skirt almost above my ass. I asked him if he would be interested in listening to my plan. He said of course. I told him I had talked to my Hubby about my idea and that he said he would love it.

The plan was that my Hubby and I would rent two adjoining motel rooms and that Walter and I would go to a local bar and meet up with two of the guys he worked with, Walter had told me before about them and trying to get me to fuck them. They were both married but didn’t get enough sex from their wives and were wanting some more and knew of Walter’s sessions with me.

He loved the idea and said he would ask the guys if they were up for it. He fucked me before he went though, I just laid back on the couch, pulled my skirt up and panties to one side while he took his trousers off and shoved his cock in me. He fucked me hard and fast and came hard inside me and then just left me panting and leaking on the couch.

I got a message a few days later from Walter that it was all systems go and we arranged a date when Hubby was back.

The date came, we had booked the rooms and me and Hubby headed to the bar. I told him to sit at a booth opposite that would give him a good view of what was going on under the table with the new boys. After a few drinks and a few dances I was so fucking horny that while I was sitting at the booth I pulled my skirt up over my waist and let the two guys Walter worked with play with my pussy under the table as my hubby watched from across the room.

It wasn’t long before Walter suggested it was time to head over to the motel and the three of them could take turns pounding my pussy. I agreed and we headed to the motel in Walts car. My Hubby left at the same time and was already in the adjoining room when we got there. I closed the door on him and told him to sit close to it. I wanted to made sure he could hear everything. I was fucked senseless for hours and when the three of them finally finished and left the room I knocked on the door to the adjoining room and my Hubby opened the door. He was as naked as I was and had a huge erection. He took my hand and led me to the bed where he began fucking my used pussy over and over. When he had finally finished he cleaned me up for over an hour. This was the most sexually satisfying night of my life. My hubby wants a repeat as soon as possible. I told him he wouldn’t have to wait long.

Submitted by: Beth - California


January 1, 2010

Hotel pick-up

Happy New Year everyone. As it’s the start of a brand new year I thought I’d post something a bit more personal and closer to home than usual. My partner Daisy has recently started to get even more slutty than she was before (if that is at all possible lol). She’s constantly calling me during the day at work and telling me she needs cock or can’t keep her fingers away from her pussy. Every time we’ve gone out lately she’s pulled a guy and brought him home and she’s even sneaked out a few times on her own as well only to send me a text from some other guys house or hotel room that she won’t be home for a while yet. I’m loving the new improved Daisy and I’m hoping 2010 will be lots of the same and I will try my best to get as much of it on camera as I can.

Here’s a few stills from a recent trip abroad. I didn’t go with her on this one and I didn’t actually know what happened until she tossed me the tape when she got home.

Apparently she met this guy in the hotel she was staying in and got chatting to him. He was from Scotland on a stag do, so they were chatting about the UK and stuff at home. Daisy said she was in one of her ultra-horny moods and felt like doing something naughty, so she came right out and offered him a blowjob in her room. His eyes went wide and he mumbled “yes!” and the next thing they were giggling their way over to the lift.

She really wanted to me to see it, so first she asked the guy if it was ok to video it. He said fine as long as he got a ’souvenir’ to keep. Daisy then stopped on the way to her room at one of her friends rooms and asked him to film it. The three of them went on to her room and as soon as she got him inside she was ripping his clothes off. They did it right in the window, she was hoping a few people down at the pool below enjoyed the show.

She was so hungry for cock, it didn’t take him long to shower her all over with his hot cum and make a mess of her makeup. Enjoy the pics and the video on her website

Happy New Hotwifing Year Everyone!





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December 30, 2009

Wifes New Job

I’ll try to keep this short… I’ve been married 7 years. We are high school sweethearts. Happy and in love. The wife has worked from home for a great company for the past 2 years or so. The economic downturn led to her layoff and the tough job market resulted in her working as a bartender/waitress at a local spot. No problem, she loves the work and the people, just leads to conflicting schedules for “us” time.

So, it’s only a matter of time before an attractive women bartender gets hit on… Eventually, I get curious and go through her phone one night (I know that I should not have). She has text messages from two guys that are obviously trying to seduce her and she is sending suggestive messages back!

So eventually I confront her about the issue, and give her my permission and even encourage her to go out and play. She adamantly refuses and tells me that she is disturbed that I would “allow” her to do that.

I think it is incredibly sexy. She thinks that I must not love her if I would let her do that. I really want her to go explore her sexuality. I don’t know what to do.

Toms Wife

Submitted by: Tom - Houston, TX


December 28, 2009

Savannah sucks stranger

Hot wife Slut Savannah Diary Update.

Hey Trash, It has been a while since I’ve been in touch, sorry hun. Wanted to tell you about a recent experience. I was going out to dinner and saw this guy in the restaurant on his own. I made eye contact, got a nice stare back and a smile and during the evening managed to get over and chat with him and pull up a chair and leave Hubby on his own. He was nice looking, in town on business and we chatted for a while and he was hitting on me but pretty soft. I then came out with it and offered him a blow job, he thought I was kidding hehe. He joked about it and said if only I was serious I told him I was. I asked if my Hubby could take some pictures, he said yes but as long as his face wasn’t shown.

After our meal we followed him in his car to a hotel he was staying in. When we got to the room he still kept asking if I was serious. As soon as I got my coat off I got to business like a good slut I sucked like crazy and swallowed every drop of his cum.

Until next time






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December 26, 2009

The Massage

Cuckold Place Update

Telling strangers about your fantasies

I’m sitting here with my little stiffy thinking about what took place yesterday. I was in a minor rear ender at the beginning of the month, and my physiotherapist prescribed massage therapy for my lower back. My therapist turned out to be a young, pretty lady named Erin.

During yesterdays visit, as I laid naked on the table with Erin massaging my lower back and ass, she asked me what my plans are for the holidays. Now, I am an avid fantasizer in my wife cuckolding me, so I decided to tell Erin a fantasy of mine that she took as real life. I told her that I was off for the holidays, cleaning the house, baking and doing laundry for my wife Debbie. Erin said “wow!, where do I find a man like that?” I then told her that Debbie was off to a Christmas party tonight while I stay at home and make supper for our two young boys. Erin then said “You mean to say that your wife is going to a Christmas party without you?”. “Yes”, I told her, a young doctor asked her to go to the Hospitals Executive Club in the city for dinner and dancing. (Debbie works at one of the large hospitals in our city , as a nurse). I went on further by saying that Debbie even took her little black dress to work with her and appropriate accessories. Erin was obviously taken back by our lifestyle, but still curious. She then asked “Is this something you and your wife do often?” Not often, I responded, a few times a year maybe if the occasion comes up or she is in the mood to experience something exciting.

Erin continued working on my back and was silent for a few minutes pondering our topic when she then asked “Don’t you get jealous?” “No”, I told her, not at all. We discovered early in our marriage that Debbie required more than I could give her, and we love and trust each other completely. I worship her and just want her to be happy. Our relationship works best for both of us, I look after her and the house and she is free to experiment. Erin then said, “Your wife sounds like the luckiest woman on the planet, what woman wouldn’t want a lifestyle like that?” “I agree”, I said back to her, “A woman gets the best of both worlds. Don’t you remember that feeling you got when you had that first date with a fellow? The excitement you felt being with a stranger, being catered too, pampered, lavished with attention?” Erin paused and then responded “God yes, I love that feeling, I am so envious of your wife”

During all this time, my cock was rock hard and leaking, when Erin then said “Time to flip over to do your neck and shoulders” She held the blanket discreetly up so I could flip over onto my back, then she covered me again. My little pup tent was obvious to Erin and I could see her checking me out while she applied more oil to her hands. Erin began massaging my neck when she then said “Will you wait up for you wife tonight?” “Of course”, I responded, “That’s the best part when she comes home and tells me about her date”. Erin then said “You will have to tell me all about your wife’s date next session.. promise?” “I will”, I said.

Then the session progressed as normal until the hour was up and she said, “See you next week, just make a new appointment with the girl up front” Erin then left, I dressed and walked out to the reception area, where Erin was whispering to the young receptionist. They were both giggling and Erin was doing most of the talking while the receptionist was intensely listening. When they both saw me they abruptly ended their conversation and receptionist came over to me and smiled and I made a follow up appointment. I know Erin was telling the receptionist what I told her, and it made my cock so hard and wet knowing now, that these two young ladies knew I was a cuckold husband.

Here is a pic of my Debbie heading out with some girlfriends. This is how I imagined her dressed that night. Hope you liked my story, nothing too raunchy, I know, but still turns me on just the same.

You can view Debbie’s pic and read some responses on this story here

Submitted by: Voyager


December 24, 2009

Festive Cheer

Just wanted to say Happy Christmas and Holidays to all of our blog readers. I love Christmas mainly for the parties and naughtiness that goes on in them. People really let themselves go this time of year. Especially at the office/works Christmas parties, when the alcohol flows, and you find yourself a little more bold chatting to that office crush you’ve had all year.. They are just so set up for the illicit hotwife encounter

So everyone eat, drink and be horny and to all you hotwives hope you get some really good stuffing and also some cream to pour on your puddings to satisfy your Christmas appetites. Ok, bad jokes aside, have lots of fun and see you in a couple of days.

Your Webmaster,

Here’s some Christmas cheer in the form of gorgeous hotwife Sammy.







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December 22, 2009

Therapy the way forward

For years and years my wife appeared to not be very interested in sex. Sex perhaps once a month slowly but steadily got less and less; the low mark seemed to be 3 times a year. I started seeing other women discreetly in my early 40’s, and that continued for 10 years. I visited a variety of providers, had a number of one night stands, and developed several ongoing relationships of a “fuck buddy” nature, one in particular with a younger Russian woman that lasted about 7 years, and a more recent one with a married woman who is getting nothing from her husband. Most of these relationships and sessions have been “straight”, but I’ve had several with myself as the dominant man, to the level of enjoying my woman on a collar, heeling at my side, taking my paddle, and of course servicing me every which way I desired. I’ve also had a few submissive sessions where those roles were completely reversed, and I’ve thrilled to that as well.

Early last summer my wife finally figured out I was seeing other women. I think she used a private investigator, as she knew things that even I couldn’t figure out how she’d know.

Rather that terminating our very long relationship, my wife encouraged we “finally” (she’d been asking off and on for a few decades!) go to counseling, and I agreed. We found a therapist and started. That process has led to a vast opening up about our sexuality. I’ve discovered, for example, that my wife masturbates regularly in the shower, and fantasizes about being taken by two men. The most significant result of this has been that my wife’s sex drive (or should I say, her explicit interest in and desire to have sex, I think the drive was always there but stifled by our relationship) has gone through the roof. We are having sex on average 5-6 times a week, sometimes even 7 times a week. Excellent, juicy sex.

My wife however is not “all sex”, in a variety of ways. She considers herself a feminist, and buys into all kinds of viewpoints as a result. Porn, for example, is “degrading to women”, and she doesn’t like that high physicality focus, particularly with the woman so typically being subservient. This gets into a lot of more subtle landmines. For example during sex she doesn’t ever want to be called “girl”. She doesn’t want me to hold her head while I’m fucking her mouth. In general she’s very hesitant to engage in fantasy play, and certainly not with her being cast in some subservient role (i.e., a secretary who is getting screwed by her boss for example).

Sexually she loves getting drilled hard and for long periods. In the past she really didn’t like or want me to go down on her, but now that’s okay. She does like “all” positions, she loves to suck my cock. In our younger days she would orgasm while riding me, but for a long time now she always achieves orgasm through masturbation after all the hard fucking is over, while I’m combining some mouth fucking with some nipple sucking while I masturbate next to her. Similarly, I tend to require lots and lots of hard stroking to reach orgasm (unless I haven’t cum in days, something which almost never happens!), and so I usually also orgasm next to her through masturbation. Sometimes I have her blow me right as I’m starting to cum.

Overall, what she wants before and during sex is “romance”… not a porn scene and not a porn oriented fantasy, particularly right now given she’s aware of my infidelities and “experiences”.

In the past (15 years ago), she worked for a few years at a woman owned erotic products boutique, and during that period, we did some sex play with a variety of “objects”, and a few times had formal dom/sub scenarios.

Now, to the zinger. In the last several counseling sessions she’s said she would like to screw other men. Her reasons are “because I’d like to have those experiences too”. We’ve had discussions about “is this some kind of payback” and so on. As she explains it, “her world has changed” given that I’ve done this, and she’s thinking “why shouldn’t I?”. I’ve gone from “thinking about it” to saying “okay, you can do that, I just want to know about it”. (Similar rules now apply to me: if I’m going to go outside, I have to tell.)

Well of course this fires up my fantasy engine big time. I’ve ALWAYS had fantasies about my wife being a hot slut, in all kinds of different scenarios (her becoming dominant, her being taken by a dominant man, her hooking up with a dominant woman who then comes and whips me into a good submissive shape, then hands the reigns to my wife and calls in some bulls, etc.).

Now the question is where to take this. I do have the fantasy, and she’s shared how her hottest fantasy is definitely having two men. I’ve shared in counseling sessions a little bit about having the fantasy of her having sex with other men, and she knows about it from my fantasizing out it verbally occasionally during sex. But I haven’t just come out and said “yes, please please go fuck another man!”. Part of me really wants to… and part of me is scared to.

At our most recent counseling session, she said she really didn’t know where to start, and started asking about where I went to meet women, and suggesting that I help her! I don’t know how serious she was, and I had the knee jerk response of “no sorry, I’m not going to help you find other men!”. But maybe she was going someplace different, namely, it would be more comfortable for her if “brought her” a man that I thought it was okay for her to fuck? I don’t know. I’m going to ask next week.

Any ideas/suggestions on where and how to take this rather complicated situation? I do get extremely turned on by the whole “hotwife” scenario. Should I actively promote and support this? If I don’t, I doubt that she’s likely to put in the effort (or “exposure” if you will) of making it happen.

Submitted by: Zinc - California


December 20, 2009

Katie Pole Dancing

Got a nice treat this morning from the delectable Katie Kox. She sent me some lovely pictures of her and her dancing pole. Katie dances over in Vegas and uses it as a great tool to pick up horny guys, she makes sure she scouts the room for guys she thinks are cute and then singles them out for special attention. I think she looks exceptionally slutty in these pictures and to just think of her doing these poses just a few feet away makes me want to jump on a plane right now and see this hotwife in action for the boys. Thanks for the pics Katie. Love the ankle bracelet.

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

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