October 3, 2010

Helping Hubby Out

Black Bachelor Update:

Helping Hubby Out

So I get a phone call from an old friend who has been married for six years, it appears that my friend Johnny had a bad back injury that damaged his spinal cord. Which means he will be in a wheel chair for a few months, which translates into no hanging out at the bars, jumping up cheering at football games AND no FUCKING the wife! This is where I come in at, Johnny’s wife Kelly is a nice piece of ass, and Johnny has asked me to play baby sitter for a while until he can get back on his feet. And like a good friend, I jumped at the chance to take care of her every needs, which I later found out to be hanging out at the beach, going to Malls and banging her brains on a regular basis. Damn, can this chick fuck! John is a lucky fucking man. Several days ago, Kelly picks me up to hangout at the beach with her. I’m personally not a beach person, but fuck it, Why not get road head, on the way to the beach, like we are high school kids, why not enjoy the great weather and get my dick sucked in public and also I get a kick out of other white husbands with their wives watching me fuck this tight body married chick. I thought I would fuck her on the sand and blow a huge load after load in her cum hungry pussy!

Why not introduce my black dick to her white asshole and stretch her out. So that’s what happened…

I can get used to baby sitting married women like Kelly, she’s a true cum worshipper who also happens to be a doctor! How did I forget to mention that shit. A real life doctor with a black sperm fetish, I must be in fucking heaven. Never the less enjoy the beach photos, I’m hanging out with Kelly again on Sunday so I’m sure that story will be hot and nasty, we are going to some art gallery in uptown. I bet there will be a ton of slutty hot wives with money looking to get their brains fucked, it should be a good one.









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October 1, 2010

Hotwife teases via text

Cuckold Place Update

Hot wife fools around on girls trip - teases via text

My wife went on a trip out of town recently with some of her girl friends. All four of them are very attractive, 30 something and married. It’s been a long time fantasy of mine for her to hook-up with someone while she is out so she can tell me all of the details when she comes home.

Before she left, I was trying to encourage her to flirt and have fun with the guys that would probably be hitting on her when they all went out to the bars. For the record, she was wearing her wedding ring.

Sure enough she occasionally texted me with updates while she was out. It was exciting to wait for her next text as I imagined what might be happening. The following images are screenshots from my phone but they don’t tell the whole story.


As you can imagine, I was thrilled to get the details when she came home later the next night. Here is how she described the night…

On the last night of the trip, she and her friends decided to go out in an area where there were several bars/clubs open until 4am. Since it was their last night, they wanted to make it a party. Therefore, there was plenty of drinking, dancing and flirting by all of them.

My wife said there were several guys hitting on her and dancing dirty with her the entire night. However, she was hoping that the young, attractive waiter (who had given them his number) from dinner the night before would show up after his shift.

As the night wore on, they discovered the waiter would not be coming so they continued the party without him. My wife’s friends were all apparently flirting quite a bit too (one of them wandered off for nearly an hour).

One of the guys that had been hitting on my wife was a younger guy from out of town that claimed to be a former college football player. After some dancing and flirting with this guy, my wife excused herself to visit the ladies room. Apparently, the guy followed her and waited outside the door until she came out.

The ladies room was in a completely separate part of the bar (not visible from the dance floor) so her friends apparently weren’t nearby. At this point the guy starting begging her for a kiss, but my wife was apprehensive. After some persistence, she gave in and kissed him on the lips.

As you might expect, the kiss turned into an embrace with a lot of groping and french kissing (at least a minute she says). Not wanting her friends to discover her marital indiscretions, my wife reluctantly stopped and told him they should head back to the dance floor.

After returning to the dance floor with this guy following closely behind, my wife decided to get another drink at the bar. Sure enough, the guy followed her over to the bar. With my wife’s back to the dance floor, the guy approached her from behind and pressed his hard cock against her ass (both fully clothed of course).

Then the guy reaches his hand around her and starts rubbing her pussy through her clothes (she was wearing tight pants with no panties). My wife said for a few moments she was really into it, but once she started moaning quietly she realized she needed to stop. She was afraid her friends might see what was happening.

She’s pretty sure none of her friends saw any of it, but not long after this happened, one of her friends approached and told the guy to get lost since she was a married woman.

Here’s a picture of her here

You can read some more here

By: Lobe1


September 27, 2010

Meet Khristina

A new introduction from a hotwife from France. Leave your comments of appreciation and hopefully we’ll start to hear more from her.


I wanted to introduce myself to you as I have just stumbled across your web site and was very impressed.

My name is Khristina, I am 27 years old and based in Paris, France and I am very much into anything sexual. I adore gangbangs and group action and would like to meet like minded friends.

Anyone coming to France or fancy a naughty vacation then let me know.

Wishing you all a super week.

Khrissy XX



September 25, 2010

Jinxy Dating Alone

Here’s some more pictures from the amazingly hot cuckoldress Jinxypie.

Here she dates a guy and fucks him on her own, but luckily she takes a camera along so her husband and all of us can look at what happened that night. I love this raw footage, camera in the corner of the room stuff. It captures another dimension that you can’t always have when a third person is there either as a voyeur or a camera man. Nothing is staged or cut together, it just shows 2 people on their own having an intimate experience.

Great video Jinxy. We Love You!!







Hotwife Blog Profile - Jinxypie - 2009

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September 23, 2010

Cuckolded at home

A true story submitted by a cuckold called Steve…


Me and my wife have played many cuckold based fantasy games before and she has fucked a few guys in the past. This particular one sticks in my mind as one of the most erotic.

I had invited a friend from work over for dinner one Friday night. He was aware of certain parts of our lifestyle from stories I had told him and I knew he really fancied my wife from the amount of times he asked about her or talked about her with me at work.

My wife was wearing a stunning white silk blouse and no bra. Her tits are huge and they bounce and sway back and forth when she moves. My friend couldn’t keep his eyes off her. She was clearly loving the attention and openly flirted with him through out dinner. After dinner she started clearing away the dishes and he helped her bring some into the kitchen, they were doing the dishes together and my wife accidentally sprayed the water up on the front of her blouse. With the blouse soaked through he could clearly see everything and she didn’t do a thing to try to cover up. After a few minutes of this she said that maybe she should go change her top and they both walked past me into the living room. The lights were low in the living room and they sat next to each other on the couch. I later learned that my wife had opened the front of her blouse and my friend who had an arm around her had his other hand on her breast gently fondling them and squeezing them. Then my wife lifted up and pulled her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties to one side. My friend stuck two fingers in her and she started moaning and squirming around on the couch. A few more minutes of this and she cried out that she was coming. She came right on his hands as he held her close.

She got up, glanced my way as she pulled her skirt back down and tried to pull her top closed. She held her blouse closed with one hand and with the other she pulled my friend towards our bedroom. Just before she led him into our room she looked back at me and just said “Dishes”. I nodded and watched them go into our room and close the door. I sat there wondering what I should do. I could her them on the side of the door going at it and making out in our bed. I thought it may be easier on me if I wasn’t right there where I could hear them so I went back into the kitchen and started doing the dishes. That plan seemed to work for a few minutes until he entered her and I could hear her cry out and moan and whimper as he pushed further into my wife. My hands were shaking and I was having a hard time holding the dishes but did my best. After a while, and a lot of noise they both quietened down a bit and I tip-toed back over to the door of our room wondering what I should do now. I stood there for a while just thinking and then I softly knocked on the door. I heard my wife say “yes”. I opened the door and will never forget what I saw. They were both naked and they were cuddling, he had wrapped his arms around her and was gently holding and cuddling with her. I just stared, not knowing what to say. She looked up and asked if it was ok for him to stay the night. I just stammered, “Uh, Um well, I guess so”. And I left them alone like that. I went to the guest bedroom and tried to get some sleep but all I could think about was what I saw in my bed, how they lay there looking good together so natural. I didn’t sleep much.

I got up in the morning to go use the bathroom and as I was coming out I met my wife in the hall way. She looked a little concerned and asked if I was OK. I told her sure, I was fine. She said “Are you sure?” “Ya I’m fine”. She reached down and took my hands in hers and they were trembling. She looked up at me and said “Are you sure because I.. ah.. well..” I asked “What? What is it?” She looked at me and said “I think I like him”. I said “What?” She said again “I think I like him”. I asked her how much. She just said, “I think I really, really like him. I want to see him; you know I want to be seeing him. But I won’t if you are not OK with it.” I looked at her and said “No, no, go on, its fine.” She said “Really?”, I said “Yeah, really.” She walked with me back into the guest room and said that she was going to go wake him and that she was going to seduce him again. She asked if I wanted her to leave the door open. I said “Yes”. She said again “Are you sure, are you sure you will be OK, can you handle that alright?”. I said “Sure, leave the door open. I would like to see you two together.” She just kinda looked at me a said “Ok, but stay in the guest room.” The guest room is opposite the master bedroom down the hall, with both doors open you can look right into the room.

She walked back towards her lover in our bed and opened the door. She left it open and walked around to other side of the bed where he was. She looked me right in the eye and slid off the night gown she was wearing. It fell to the floor and there was my lovely wife naked in our room standing over her new lover. Another site I will never forget. She lowered her huge breasts down to him and woke him with them. He smiled and took her tits in his hands and began squeezing them and sucking on them. I could see everything. She looked right into my eyes as he feasted on her enormous breasts. She moved her head down his body and took his cock in her mouth and started to bob up and down sucking him in deeper and deeper. He was loving it and getting very hard; she looked up at him and said you cum in my mouth if you want.

He didn’t though, he then lifted her up until she was over him. She parted her legs and slid down until she was just over his cock. She looked me right in the eye as she slid down onto him and took a few inches at a time until he was all the way in. She started bucking and rocking up and down and throwing her head back and forth as he squeezed harder and harder on her breasts. She looked at me again and started moaning and almost crying and when she started shaking I knew that she was cumming on his cock. It was a few moments later that he moaned and shot his load right up into her.

I got up to take a shower while they snuggled together so that I could make them breakfast.

Submitted by: Steve - Washington, USA


September 21, 2010

Meet Leslie

We have a brand new hot wife to say hello to today. Leslie and her husband Marc have been playing in this lifestyle for sometime now. They have been married for 18 years and have been having naughty fun for most of them. Leslie describes herself as ’sex-crazed’ and Marc, a ‘devoted cuckold husband’.

I’m really glad to have Leslie on these pages and I’m looking forward to posting a lot more of them in the coming months as well as the necessary intimate hotwifeblog interview. For now here’s some info from the couple themselves:

“Hi there-we are Leslie and Marc, a.k.a. LustCouple. We have been living the Hotwife Lifestyle for over 10 years now and are loving every minute of it..

We met in college and immediately were drawn to each other both sexually and emotionally. Leslie was a third-year undergrad at a large state university where Marc was a first-year grad student. Long story short, within one week of meeting, we were fucking like perverted rabbits and married within six months. Yes, it was just that quick and that unexpected and no, there has never been a genuine minute of regret. Sometimes in life, happiness just falls into our laps, if we’re really paying attention and receptive to possibilities! Given our compatible sexual personalities, shared sense of adventure and appetites for pleasure, we both consider ourselves very, very fortunate to have found each other. We think you’ll feel fortunate to have found us, too.

When weather permits, we are usually outside-gardening, taking walks, attending sporting events or just enjoying the sun and fresh air. Indoors, other than enjoying our favorite pastimes (wink), we tend to spend a good deal of time on the computer, renovating our home (a never-ending process) or cooking/trying new foods, wines or entertaining “special” friends. We are both hopelessly kinky exhibitionists. and love to play games that include interracial cuckolding, femdom play, fetish sessions, Marc taking stap-ons, facials, cum-play and loads more.

Married for eighteen years now, like most married couples, we spent our first few years together following along the same mundane, monogamous dance that society expects of all couples. After that, after we honestly shared and acted upon our deepest sexual desires with each other, a whole new world of love, life and sexuality opened to us! For more than ten years now, together we have explored all of the sexual pleasures that this life offers and we have enjoyed every step of the journey. Both bi, we love welcoming select singles, couples and groups into our sex lives-and we both get off watching one another enjoying these experiences. For us, our website is now a natural expression of that same sexually gratifying reality. We love each other, we love sex and we love sharing with our members the endless possibilities that exist for singles and couples willing to define and create for themselves their own sexual relationships.”


You can Visit Leslie’s site LustCouple by clicking here


September 19, 2010

Condom Games

A submission from Bob on how he and his wife play cuckold games.


My wife and I got bored with our sex life after being married 8 years and were always looking for new ways to jazz it up. Her friend had come on to me a few times, and we talked about possibly playing with others. I told her that all my guy friends think that she’s hot as well.

So, one day we had a couple friends over for a barbecue and all got pretty drunk. Her friend passed out on our couch and me and my buddy were sitting there with my wife and the conversation went to sex and I said how horny she gets when we watch pornos with groups etc. So, one thing leads to another and we start having a 3-some with me fucking my wife and her sucking his dick. He started to cum in her mouth and it made me so horny I came right away.

The next day things were a little weird but I reassured her that it was really hot and that I loved it and she seemed to like it too. She thought it was a little too personal sucking his dick as he was a close friend and thought it was just him cumming in her mouth that made it so hot. So she asked me to see if he would just cum in a condom or something and then we could use it to enhance our sex.

I managed to pluck up the courage to ask my friend what my wife had suggested and he couldn’t believe it, he thought it was a great idea. So now, once a week or so, he jerks off into a condom and gives it to me after work. I take it home and my wife either swallows it, or uses it for lube when we have sex. She gets me going by telling me it’s like his sloppy 2nds when I fuck her. It makes me so horny that I fuck the shit out of her and cum really hard.

We’re now having the best sex we’ve ever had, it just seems weird this friend from work is cumming in my wife every week. He jokes about it to me and calls her his cum dumpster. It’s still a lot of fun so we’ll just see where it goes from here.

Submitted by: Bob - NY, USA


September 17, 2010

Barbi’s Double Creampie

Diary update from Barbi Sinclair.

“Marked Territory” is what my husband Jimmy said as he and a friend of ours wrote on me with a marker. As you can see I was blindfolded then cuffed and eventually fucked. I didn’t know what the guys were writing on me until after they took the blindfold off. As you look at the photos, you can tell the two of them had their fun and way with me, which I can’t complain about, as I too had an orgasm when they tortured me by taping a vibrator to my leg, that was positioned up tightly against my clit. I can finally say I know what it is like to have a continuous orgasm, and that at times it was painful but with pleasure (I can only tell you that you must experience it to know what I’m talking about… but it was worth it!). Jimmy even took some pics of my very swollen pussy lips to prove the arousal and pain I speak of. The other guy who left his semen deep inside me, we will call “Milf Shake” as he is referred that by our male friends, hence the name writing on my body. I think that the title of this set is more than appropriate due to not only the Black magic marker tramp stamps, but that both guys came in my pussy… which the guys laughed about… saying that they both “Marked Their Territory!”

Barbi Sinclair






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September 15, 2010

The Wine Salesman

Here’s a submission from Hotwife Jen about her first experience with another man.


I’ve always been a very sexual person. My husband realized this and since then has encouraged me to continue to have fun as long as I let him know what I’m doing and even let him watch (smile) if he’s around. I was very reluctant at first because I felt I was happy with my sex life.

One day when we were coming home from a friends wedding and staying over night in a hotel, we struck up a conversation in the hotel bar with a salesman, who happened to sell wine, yum. The guy seemed nice enough and was very funny. He was a much older man though, probably in his early 50s, a bit over weight and balding. He had us laughing from the minute we met him though. After many drinks the bar closed and the guy asked if we wanted to grab another drink. He mentioned that he had a bunch of samples and why spend more money at another bar and cab fare when we could join him on his balcony. We both thought nothing of it, at least I didn’t think of anything else but another yummy glass of wine. We were having such a great time his idea sounded great.

We went up to his room and he asked what I wanted. I said that I loved Ice Wine and knew he wouldn’t have it. My husband being drunk and bad said that the last time he gave me Ice Wine, I gave him head in return. Well he had a bottle in his fridge. Oh boy, so now he’s asking what he gets. The same? I looked to Erick to defend me but he just said, “Well how bad do you want it honey?” Haha well I was pretty drunk and he was looking kinda cute, much older and not totally my type but what they hell. So I told him to sit down and I proceeded to give him a very thorough blow job. Wow was he thick. I’d forgotten what other cocks were like. Mmmmm nice. I was wearing a sun-dress and was leaning over next to him on the couch. He was rubbing my ass and working his thick fingers into my pussy as I sucked his lovely cock. He then unbuttoned my dress and pulled my tits out of my bra and basically started milking my nipples. He started calling me names and telling me what nice big nipples I had. I was more turned on then I can remember. I was so close to cumming when he surprised me by shooting a big shot of his cum into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but a lot spilled out of my mouth back all over his cock. He then surprised me again and pushed my mouth back down over his cock groaning to clean it up. I was choking a little but I didn’t have much choice and did as he said. Once he released me I quickly looked over at Erick wondering why he hadn’t said anything. He was sitting there asleep with his cock all shriveled up and cum all over it. The man said he saw Erick cum only a couple minutes into it.

I didn’t know what to do but drink the Ice Wine that was sitting there for me. The taste of cum and Ice Wine was an interesting combination.

Some days I think back and feel dirty and others I think back and feel excited. So where was I? Oh yes, washing down the cum of an older, fat balding man with some yummy Ice Wine. I couldn’t believe what had just happened but oddly I took to being a slutty wife rather easily. I sat there looking over at my husband who was snoring away in the chair with his very shriveled up little cock peaking out of his pants. If I had a camera I would have taken a picture for days I wanted something really nice. But in this case, no camera.

I started to get pretty tired from the Ice Wine and chatting with the salesman about his life. I suggested he help me get my husband back to our room but he said we should let him sleep and that I was more then welcome to lie down on the bed and he’d take the sofa. I was too drunk to argue and made the quick transition to the bed from the sofa.

I woke up a couple hours later to the warm feeling of being spooned. I thought it must have been my husband waking up but quickly realized his shape (belly, very large hard cock and hands) were totally different then what I normally expected. It was the salesman whispering that he just wanted to lie next to me and sleep. His words said that but his cock said other things as it dug into my ass through my dress.

I drifted in and out and soon felt the salesman kissing my neck ( I love that by the way ) and pulling my dress so he could rub my bare ass with his big hands and cock. I told him my husband wouldn’t approve to which he said, “He loved watching you suck my big cock, just relax and have fun.”

It didn’t take much convincing. I was still horny from before and could use a little fun. He started unbuttoning my dress and soon had me naked next to him. His body was very hairy but in the dark just felt very warm and the constant reminder of his huge hard cock told me something good was going to happen. He was sucking on my nipples and kissing me deep. It felt wonderful. He kept telling me how much he loved my big mommy nipples and full swollen pussy lips. He was quickly down licking my pussy and even my ass. It was driving me crazy. He was whispering that I had a cunt made for fucking and that he planned to pound the shit out of me before he was done. I almost came right then. I love nasty talk. Before I knew it he had two big thick fingers deep inside me and was going crazy fucking me with them as he took turns licking my clit and sucking my swollen pussy lips deep into his mouth. I exploded all over his face and even squirted a little. I hardly ever do that.

With that he told me to get up and go out on the balcony. I was sure what he had in mind but he literally picked me up off the bed and pushed me towards the sliding glass door. I got out there and I could see down to the pool. He came out soon after stroking his thick cock and told me to turn around and grab the railing. With that he proceeded to fuck me through 2 more amazing orgasms. My knees gave out on each one and his cock in me and his hands on my hips were the only thing keeping me up. I could hear my whimpering and his slamming against my ass echoing through out the courtyard. Then I saw a light come out across from us and a man open his blinds. What a sight we must have been. A man twice my weight and 20 yrs my senior was fucking the hell out of me as my tits flew back and forth and nipples brushed the railing. I didn’t care what the man saw. It felt so good.

The next thing I knew the salesman pulled out and spun me around and pushed me hard to my knees. He then said, “Open your mouth you fucking slut”. I did and he proceeded to blast a giant load of cum in my mouth and all over my face. It just kept squirting out in long full streams. I was soaked and felt so slutty and nasty but was also in complete ecstasy. He told me how good of a fuck I was and said he was going back to bed. He turned to go back in and I was still coughing a little from the cum and trying to see since it was covering my eyes.

I made my way back inside once I got my bearings. Erick had missed the whole thing. I lay back down next to the salesman and wiped the cum off me as best I could with some tissues. I was so exhausted from the pounding I fell straight to sleep. That morning I woke up with the salesman still naked next to me. The light was shining in and I was beginning to realize just how overweight he was. Still his cock was very evenly proportioned to his big round body. He woke up a minute later and said he would love another blow job before he had to go. It must have been the day of being a slut but I agreed and was soon over top of him working his cock as he pulled on my nipples, pushed on my head and played with my pussy by reaching around.

This is when Erick woke up. I heard him say Whoa, and Damn Girl. I looked up to what he described to be a mascara streaked, dried cum face. The salesman then pushed my head back down on my cock and he said he was about to cum. At this point Erick must have been a bit too hung over and ran for the bathroom to be sick. The salesman then said he want to fuck me one last time and got me on the bed in the doggy style position. His big cock slid right into me and he proceeded to go at me with everything he had, which surprisingly was a lot. Erick came back into the room to see the salesman and I cumming together in one volcano of a combined orgasm. Erick says to this date he’ll never for get that moment and the faces on the salesman and me.

I collapsed on the bed a quivering mess. The salesman said he was late for an appointment, took a quick shower, got our phone number and left. Erick and I didn’t talk about the whole thing for about 6 hrs. We were both in such shock over what had taken place, how much I enjoyed it and what a slut I could be.

Any other regular guys out there want some fun? I love it!

Submitted by: Jen - Asheville, NC


September 13, 2010

Meet Amy

I recently received these pictures from a hotwife I met a few months back. She was partying with me and Daisy round at my place and she asked if she could have one of my hotwifeblog tshirts, promising to do something naughty in it. I completely forgot about it until she hit my inbox with these photos taken at the weekend with a “Hope you like Trash” message. I called her straight away. Aparently her and her husband went shopping that day and picked up a sexy outfit for her to wear. She got all dressed up and was having a drink to calm her nerves as three bulls were on their way over to spend the night with her. She said she could barely walk the next day and those beautiful stockings were in shreds lol.

I asked her where the ‘rest’ of the pictures were and she said she was having such a good time she forgot to get the camera out again. I’m not sure I believe her just yet. I may have to see if I can get her to agree to post some more pictures on the blog.

Anyway for now meet Amy everyone. She’s going to be watching this post for comments so feel free to show your apprieciation of this fine hotwife.




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