December 14, 2009

Slut wife in the club

I hadn’t been out in what felt like an eternity. I wasn’t even sure I could dance any more but when my old boyfriend called asking me out clubbing I decided it was worth giving it a shot. My husband was going to be out of town so it was either try dancing or spend another night in with the cat. Since the cat isn’t much of a conversationalist, I put on the closest thing to a party dress I owned. I looked in the mirror, “humph” it would do. The dress was tight at the waist and short but not too short, after all I wasn’t under 30 anymore.

At a little past 9 pm I heard the knock on the door. I greeted John with a quick hug. He smelled so good it made my body stir. I always enjoyed sex with John but since my marriage he wasn’t as warm towards me as he had been. For a fleeting moment I wondered if I might be able to warm him up later. My husband had been gone for over a week and I was feeling more than a little needy. We left quickly. I ask him to drive because I planned to let loose a little. I don’t typically drink but I was feeling restless. I had been to this club ages ago and it was exactly like I remembered. The smoke hung in the air, a tangible thing. I knew I would realize later that it had permeated my clothes, my hair, my lungs, all of me without even a hint of foreplay. I plopped down at a corner table, crossing my legs conscious of the shortness of my skirt. John went to bar, pushing his way up stream against the press of young college students. Living in a college town when school was in session you ran into young hard bodied men and women almost everywhere you went. I took a minute to appreciate the firm breasts on display and the skirts that made mine look grandmotherly. I watched a few of the fraternity guys coming back from the bar. Their t-shirts were loose but hinted at the hard muscles underneath. I watched one in particular as his tight ass worked its way through the crowd. I sighed. Youth is wasted on the young.

After my second vodka Collins I got my groove back, either that or I was drunk enough not to care how stupid I looked out on the dance floor. John danced with me for a few songs and then went back to the table to relax. I started to follow but as the next song came on I recognized it as one of my favorite 80’s songs. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to dance to it again. As my hips swayed to the music I realized how close the guy behind me was. I could feel his hot breath on my neck and if I inched back even a little I knew I would find my ass grinding into his groin. I would like to think it was the movement of the crowd as more people pressed onto the dance floor but either way somehow I closed that tiny distance and felt his hands on my hips pulling me into him. I leaned my head back and turned to look at him. He wasn’t half bad, dark short hair, cute smile and some of those hard muscles. I could feel my nipples tighten and a slight tingling in my cunt. I let him grind into me from behind for the rest of the song, feeling his hands wander up and down my sides just shy of caressing my breasts.

When the song ended he let go of me and I turned to thank him for the dance but before I could say anything he leaned in and whispered in my ear, “follow me”. This is when common sense should have kicked in but like I said I needed a little adventure and my heart skipped a beat. I nodded my head in ascent. He wove his way toward the back of the bar pulling me along by the hand. In the thick crowd John didn’t notice us as we passed. I didn’t realize the bar had a back door until he pulled me through it into the alleyway. The light breeze felt good as it flitted across the light sweat on my back. I breathed deeply in the fresh air and looked around. There were half a dozen cars parked in the alley. He pointed toward a black mustang a few feet away, “Want to take a ride?” His smile was sweet and seductive. I gave him an equally inviting smile and said, “Sure”. He grabbed my hand again and pulled me toward the mustang. The car was parked at the end of the lot and on the other side of it was the next building. He pulled me past the passenger side and all the way over to the driver’s side of the car and faced me up against the door. He rested his hands on my hips and pressed his groin into my ass. I felt his hard cock through our clothes. “Oh you meant that kind of ride did you?” I laughed softly. That was all the invitation he needed. He slid his hands lower and clutched the end of my skirt pulling it up around my waist. He nuzzled my ear a little and pressed harder against me. His hands massaged my hips and my ass. I arched my back into him and he slipped a hand around to feel my wet cunt. He groaned softly as he slid a finger into me. He moved his other hand up to finally caress my breast. I spread my legs a little more. He took both hands and reached up to unbutton my shirt. Then I felt each of his hands cup a breast, tweaking and pinching my nipples. My cunt was so wet I thought I was going to cry. For a minute I was worried when he pulled away but then I heard the sound of his zipper and the thump of his shorts as they hit the ground. He simply pulled my panties to the side and slid his hard cock deep into my cunt with one hard thrust. I gasped and squirmed against the wall. He grabbed a handful of hair in one hand and used the other to arch my back more so that he could get deeper inside me.

“Hey Don!” a voice pierced the quiet. He stopped and turned to look towards the door to the bar. “Dude I’m busy” replied the man I now knew as ‘Don’. I heard shuffling in the dirt as Don’s friend moved closer instead of going back inside the bar. Geez, Don’s friend moved like a herd of elephants. I turned my head to see what was going on. With Don’s cock still hard inside me, I watched as three of his fraternity brothers neared the front of the Mustang. “Oh I see you are busy,” all of the brothers laughed and snickered. I leaned my head back and appealed to Don, “Don’t stop.” That got another round of snickers and laughter as Don grabbed my hair again as he went back to pounding cunt. I groaned. I could tell Don was gesturing to his brothers behind me but he held my head pinned down so I couldn’t be sure what was going on. Then I felt Don pull out and move away. I whimpered a little in protest until the blonde haired 6’ (?) frat brother turned me around to face his hard cock. I eyed him appreciatively. He finished removing my shirt and bra and licked and sucked my nipples. My cunt was on fire now and my nipples were so hard every time he licked or sucked on them I felt it go straight to my cunt. I reached down and fondled his cock, hoping he planned to use it. He responded by grabbing my shoulders and pushing me into a squatting position. Swiftly I had his huge cock shoved in my mouth. I choked as it rammed against the back of my throat. Don moved back over, his cock still out and hard. He stroked it while he watched his friend fuck my mouth with hard demanding strokes. Suddenly Don reached over and grabbed my head pulling me off his friends cock. I looked up at Don and grinned. He shot cum all over my face. This must have worked for his friend because he chose that moment to cum on my face and my breasts.

Don let go and I tried to wipe the cum off my face, succeeding in smearing it all over. I licked my fingers and stood up. My skirt was still wrapped around my waist and my breasts were covered with cum. “Well that was fun for you but I have to say I’m not that impressed”, I challenged. After all, my cunt was still unsatisfied and dripping wet. Don turned to look at his other two fraternity brothers. One of them immediately unbuttoned his jeans. His cock sprang forth, welcoming. The blonde having redressed himself roughly bent me over the hood of the Mustang. The night chill of the metal made my nipples ache. The new addition had long dark hair. Score one for variety I laughed to myself. He used his legs to push mine farther apart and drove his cock into me. I grunted a little from the sheer force but my cunt was so wet and ready it offered no resistance. He grabbed my hips and rode me with long hard thrusts. I whined with pleasure and tried to press into him as he rammed his cock in over and over. He pulled out and came all over my back and my skirt. I had cum once while he was drilling into me but I still didn’t feel much satisfaction. If anything my cunt was still hot and needy.

I stood and turned around starting to redress myself, thinking I could always go home and play with my vibrator. “What about me you slut? Where do you think your going?” asked the last fraternity brother, his hard cock in hand. I just shrugged. I had to admit this guy really wasn’t much to look at but fair was fair plus I could really stand another good fucking. I lifted my skirt back up and fingered my cunt. Without another word he walked up and pushed me back up against the car. I laid back a bit to steady myself and make my cunt more available. He started fucking me softly at first. “Harder,” I demanded. As requested he picked up his pace and force, rocking into me. I was facing him, thinking I wish it had been one of the cuter guys, but I reached up and fondled my own nipples as he drove into me. He was panting in pleasure and fatigue. I looked over and saw Don had his cock out again ready to go. He stood next to us, jacking off. Worn out, the last brother pulled out and came all over my legs. Don came right after all over my panties and my legs. I realized some cum had ended up on the hood of the car. I looked at Don, “Sorry about the car”. He laughed, “It’s ok, It’s not my car.” In unison the frat boys headed back into the bar leaving me to clean up alone. The last guy had been so quick I didn’t even get a chance to come again. I sighed.

I tried to wipe as much of the cum off me as possible and redressed. Luckily nothing had gotten ripped or broken. Going back into the bar I immediately headed toward the ladies room. No way I could face John without some more clean up. I pulled almost a whole roll of paper towels out of the dispenser and wiped my face off. Then I went to work wiping off my legs. A girl dressed in an all black Goth outfit came out of one of the stalls. She was pretty cute with long blond hair pulled into a pony tail. Her black corset was studded on the edges with metal studs and her breasts strained against it. Her skirt was a shimmery material that clung lovingly to her hips. She just stared for a few minutes until I stared back, feeling a little self conscious. “Looks like you’ve been having a little fun, huh?” She seemed nice enough so I just smiled back at her. “Let me help you with that.” She took the bundle of towels from my hand and bent down wiping off my calves first, then moving up to my thighs. I knew she could smell the cum and sex all over me. As she wiped my thighs my skirt slowly inched up again. My cunt ached as she got closer and closer with her ministrations. I was both shocked and pleased when the towel gently rubbed my clit. I couldn’t help it, I moaned just a little. She looked up at me and laughed. Standing without a word she pulled me into the last stall. She kneeled down and I was awarded a great view of her huge tits barely covered by the corset. She put the lid down on the toilet and sat me down on the edge. She spread my legs and my skirt was back up around my waist. I laughed a little to myself, this poor skirt wasn’t doing its job at all tonight. She tugged at my panties till I lifted my ass so she could slide them off. Then she started licking. She licked my inner thighs, teasing me, making me arch my back and fight to keep a moan from giving away our activities. As girls cycled in and out of the bathroom I tried to be quiet while she licked my cunt. She teased my clit with her teeth, nibbling and sucking alternately. My breasts felt huge and my nipples begged for attention. I moved my hands through her hair sometimes pulling her mouth against my cunt. I slid one hand under my shirt and tortured my nipples. I twisted them and pinched them. I felt my hips moving in rhythm with her tongue. Finally it was too much for me I arched my back and let out a moan as I came hard against her mouth. She kept licking and licking driving me wild until I finally had to pull her head away. She licked her lips and smiled a wicked smile.

I reached out and grabbed one of her breasts and released it from the corset. She stood up. I wasn’t sure if she was offended or what so I stood up too and pushed her against the door of the stall. I kissed her hard on the lips, biting her bottom lip. At last I felt her hands circle my waist. I pulled back enough to put my mouth on her breast and began teasing and sucking her nipple. I reached with my other hand to free her other breast. I cupped them together, sucking and licking both her nipples at one time. She squirmed against the door so I moved my pelvis up against hers to hold her still. I didn’t want to be done with her beautiful breasts just yet. I worked them until I could tell she was burning. I ran a hand along and under that seductive skirt. I was a little surprised to find that she didn’t have any panties on, but I wasn’t at all surprised at her hot wet cunt. I put a finger gently inside her, teasing her clit. She arched against my hand. So I put two fingers inside her and used my thumb to massage her clit as I moved my fingers inside her, exploring her. I let my mouth go back to her nipples as I tried 3 fingers. I shoved them as far up her cunt as I could. When I pulled them back out I felt her hand on mine. She shoved my fingers back into her cunt spreading her legs wider. She broke away and sat on the toilet edge taking the place I had just left. She spread her legs wide. Out of her purse she pulled a little mini vibrator. I grinned appreciatively. Holding it tight in my palm to try and muffle the noise I turned it on and pressed it against her clit. She leaned back as far as she could. I took my other hand and again put three fingers in her, stretching her while the vibrator teased her clit. She was sopping wet as I slid four fingers into her cunt. She spread her legs as wide as she could while rocking against my hand. I had only heard of this before but I decided to give it a try. She was so loose and wet by now but she hadn’t cum for me yet, so I gently inched my whole hand into her cunt. She squirmed a little but didn’t complain. With the little vibrator working her clit I slid almost my whole hand into her cunt, filling her up. I began gently moving my hand inside her. It only took a few tiny shoves before she exploded, lifting her whole body off the toilet, one of her hands holding mine inside her. When she at last she relaxed again I pulled out and wiped off my hand. I pulled down her skirt and kissed her lightly on the lips.

I grabbed my panties and dropped them in my purse. I left the stall, did a quick makeup check, shrugged in defeat at my appearance and headed back to see if John was still even at the bar. I was pretty surprised to see him sitting at a table near the door talking to a cute brown haired sorority girl. I took the empty seat next to him and said “Hi”. John introduced me to his new ‘friend’. She seemed nice enough but decided she better go find her friends. She smiled sweetly at John and took off. John turned to me “Where have you been?” “Oh, I must have eaten something bad, I’ve been in the bathroom. Do you think we could go?” “Sure.” Walking back to the car John seemed bubbly with excitement, which for John was a rarity. I let him rattle on and on about his newest acquaintance, peaceful and relaxed in my own world. “I even got her number,” he announced triumphantly. I smiled and told him I was impressed. As we pulled out onto the freeway I reached over and put my hand on John’s thigh. He didn’t say anything or move he just looked at me and smiled then went back to watching the road. Good old reliable John I thought as I let my hand slide up his thigh to find a hard cock. I wore a wide smile all the way back to my house as I rubbed his cock. Maybe John was warming up to me after all.

Fantasy submitted by Pita - Arizona - USA


December 12, 2009

Jinxypie’s Oral Skills

This Bull is doing a superb job capturing the oral skills of the beautiful Jinxypie and he holds the camera and she gets to work on him. I cannot get enough of looking at this gorgeous hotwife. She truly is loving every minute cuckolding her husband and having some of the best sex in her life.

She rarely looks up as she concentrates on giving this Bull her full attention with her mouth. You need to check out her website and see what happens when this dude finally fucks her.

Love you Jinxy, stay slutty!







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December 10, 2009

An unwitting journey

Cuckold Place Update

I’d like to share the story of my (unwitting) cuckold life (well, the last 15 years). It is unusual in that although my wife had not been faithful to me, she was not in many ways promiscuous or into the lifestyle. However, I can share with you some positives in the sense that as a cuckold there were some vicarious erotic moments.

It’s going to take some time to tell the whole story, so I’ll start at the beginning to set the scene.

We met when I was 31 and she was 23. She was young, blonde, blue-eyed and very flirtatious. She was (and still is) quite beautiful with a lovely face, D-cup breasts that defied gravity for many years, curvaceous figure, nice legs and quite sexy feet (size 6). I’ve attached some pictures of my wife here. It was the flirtatious nature of hers that brought this all on, but I jump ahead. For the first few years we had sex incessantly - twice a day was the average. She loved to go hard and fast, although later complain about the quality, but nevertheless you can’t have it both ways. Either go at it like an inexperienced 18yo or have a more sumptuous time (or both if you can manage it). I’d certainly had more erotic encounters with less attractive women, but she was damn hot and for a male that triggers plenty of buttons.

But on to the reason we’re all at this site. It took me some years to piece it all together so I’ll spare you that journey and start with what I now know happened. I was able at times to get her to confess some of the things that she got up to. My favourite was to have her mount me and tease me while telling all of the finer details. It did and does make me incredibly horny to hear about her lust and desire and the thought of her fucking someone else. The pity was that she didn’t like being interrogated as it were and wasn’t able to disassociate guilt. But no matter, it shouldn’t spoil this recounting.

By now she was 26 and I was 34. She had been going out a lot with “work” people while we were overseas, partners never invited. In fact she had been getting “hot and heavy” with a former coworker - flirting, kissing, groping. The coming home to me to wake me up in the night, mount my cock and have very hard fucking. She doesn’t come from intercourse so afterwards she’d go straight to a vibrator to finish off, no doubt fantasising about the other fellow. She loves headjobs but when she’s drunk it’s a lot more work so prefers a vibe.

The first time she fucked him was not long after we formally became engaged. There’s a lot more background but let’s cut to the chase. She went back to his place and he cooked her dinner. They then played some strip poker games. Each time one of them lost the hand they’d stand up and do a little dancing turn. Sometimes one of them would go under the table to tease the other with their tongue on their thigh. Eventually they went to his bedroom and rolled around. You have to understand they had a LOT of pent up angst and horniness from nearly a year of the flirting/kissing/groping. She said that her bra came off, and then eventually the rest. She rode his cock initially (bareback I assume - she is and was a sucker for a bare dick). She would have slowly teased the tip of his penis before riding up and down while he sucked her nipples. She says he held her hips at one point and thrust up into her which she didn’t enjoy so much. She likes to be in control when on top and often would lift her legs to press down on my (or his as well I suppose) thighs to stop that. Eventually they rolled over and she says there was a lot of hard fucking and groaning. She told me at one point that she didn’t think he’d ever came in any of their sessions as he was on anti-depressants which killed the ability to orgasm. But as she loves long, hard fucking (she once said that she didn’t think a dick could ever be too big for her) that would have worked for her. Eventually they’d just stop fucking. She tells me afterwards that time she came back to where we were staying the night and spooned up to me and cried. I don’t really remember, she might have.

The next encounter with the same person she had on a trip to New York to see a friend. As luck would have it, she arranged to meet him there. As best I can work it out after going out to dinner and getting very drunk they ended up in his hotel room rolling around on the bed. I think she resisted him a while but after getting naked there was a lot of foreplay. He tried to make her come with his fingers. She’s not actually a finger girl, although she did describe one boyfriend who made her melt with his fingers. By contrast she was never satisfied with my fingering, except when I went down on her clitoris and used two fingers on her G-Spot which is her favourite way of coming except when the vibe suits her better. Eventually that night she would have done her signature move which is climbing on top of his dick and slowly teasing herself and him. That’s something she’s done her whole life, she just can’t resist a bare dick. It’s bound to get her into trouble now as she’s not on the pill anymore. I can just imagine getting a phone call sometime soon. But back to what happened. She didn’t let him go down on her or her on him, but there was a lot of kissing, breast fondling, and fingering. They fucked in at least three positions - her on top, missionary, and doggy style. She says he held her hips and fucked her very hard. There was also a lot of biting, apparently their pent-up angst translated to expressing it on each other. She hates hickies (with me anyway) but seemed to like what they did to each other. Perhaps it signified marking each other as ownership. After a while they got horny again and fucked some more. In her words, the bedsheets were very messed up that night.

Early in the morning she went out and made a phone call to me in Australia. I wasn’t aware at the time what was going on. She told me how horny she was. After the call she went back to his room and they fucked again, this time much more slowly. If he was going to make her come that would have been the time, but I don’t actually think she’s ever come from a penis only. I did make her come one time from the side by tickling her clitoris with my finger but she never seemed keen to repeat the experience.

Keeping to chronological order next time I’ll talk about some of our swinging experiences. I was convinced at the time that I could share these things with her. What I was to later learn is that she doesn’t perceive herself as promiscuous (well, she loves to fuck on the first date and now that she’s single she’ll be going hard). It was more that she’s very flirtatious and for that to work it has to be one-on-one with another guy without me around.

We almost had the perfect relationship but never quite. If she had simply had a lot of physical extra-marital sex and told me all about it I would have been happy and incredibly turned on. But she doesn’t like being interrogated and feels guilty at some level so it just was never going to be in sync.

The facts that I had built up as to what had happened were garnered piece by piece. It made me incredibly horny to have her tell me each tiny bit of the puzzle. Often when she was drunk she’d let a little more slip. I used to love either her riding me, teasing my dick while she told me snippets in between passionate kisses. Or, I would mount her either from the front or behind and pin her down while I made her tell me more. It made me so hard and in turn I’d fuck her very hard which she’d love. I found that she never progressed from being a girl who just loved a good, hard, long fuck. I craved more dominance which she never could deliver. I wanted to be kneeling at her feet, being made to suck her toes and kiss her feet to earn each new piece of information. What really made me fundamentally excited was imagining her lust, her desire, how horny she was and how much she enjoyed herself while being unfaithful.

I used to masturbate to some really quite submissive cuckold fantasies. I’d imagine she’d bring him home, slip into the bedroom ahead of him and make me hide in the closet or under the bed while telling him that I was out. So I’d have to watch them fucking but be helpless to do anything. When I’d get really horny I’d imagine that he knew about me being present and I’d have to watch them up close. Again perhaps sucking her toes while he fucked her, or gave her head, to orgasm. In the most extreme fantasies I would be given an opportunity to stop her from fucking him by helping get him off. She might give him a foot job while I had to suck his cock but have only one minute, otherwise he’d mount her. She might mount him reverse cowgirl and then lean back to kiss him and have him grope her breasts while I had to watch his dick in her pussy while I licked her clitoris to orgasm. I had entered a deep cuckold place but ironically we weren’t ever quite on the same page. I used to encourage her quite a bit to have sex with others and tell me about it but she wouldn’t. If it hadn’t been from a position of betrayal but honesty and mutual participation we might have had a perfect marriage.

We had a couple of swinging experiences. It started with a dungeon-warming party just before we were married. We went along quite vanilla to see what it was about. It was almost entirely full of lifestyle people. There was some play, a Dom strapped her wrists above her head, exposed her breasts, arse, and pussy. She wore knee-high black boots but otherwise was exposed. He whipped her arse and teased her. She said she liked the riding crop being rubbed over her clit. Later we went upstairs, she stripped, was blindfolded, and he strapped her arms to the corners of the bed and tied her ankles to her thighs with her legs spread. We each kissed her from either side, teasing her breasts and nipples up to her armpits. She was desperately horny and begged for cock. In the end I mounted her and fucked her until I came and we went home shortly afterwards. We fucked incessantly for the next few days.

We went to a real swingers party in Melbourne. We ended up talking to a Kiwi couple and went upstairs. She was quite drunk and ended up stripping down to her high heels and kissing the other woman. Eventually she lay back while the other woman went down on her. Finally the guy finished her off with his tongue and lifted her legs over his shoulders and fucked her. After a little rest he took her doggy style but then it was all over.

Another time she was out with a friend and phoned me. She asked me if I was still interested in a threesome. Of course I said “yes!”. I drove in to pick her and the other guy from the pub and went back to his place. She sat on the couch with one leg draped over his talking for a while. They kissed for a bit and we all went to the bedroom. He seemed to want me to hang around so I stripped off and sat on the edge of the bed. They fucked for a little bit then she mounted him and it seemed like a good idea to take her up the arse. We fucked like that for a while and she said it felt fantastic. We took a little break while I went down on her and they kissed. In the end, he finger-fucked her from behind while he wanked and she sucked my dick. She did, and still does I’d say, have a fantasy of sucking a dick while she’s fucked very hard so it was nearly like that. That’s pretty much it for the swinging phase.

We separated a month ago. The journey pretty much ends there. We had sex once since, which was delicious and poignant. But in terms of the unwitting cuckold, the adventurous swingers, or the kinky at-home couple we’re at the end. Telling about these experiences has been good to get a load off (so to speak). But we’re about done with each other. I’ve been wondering what to do next. Have started profiles on AFF, ALT, and others but so far not too much. I’ve even considered offering to act as a bull for other couples. I know first hand what is and isn’t exciting for both so could help others on the journey (only with consenting couples, I myself wouldn’t want to be part of cheating, just something that brings a couple together). Not sure about that one yet either!

You can view some pics of my wife here

Submitted by: Bully4You


December 8, 2009

Kelly sucks off friend

Email from Shawn, husband of hotwife Kelly Anderson

Hey Trash!! Just wanted to send you a classic video of Kelly from awhile back and thought you could share it with your blog users. It was totally unplanned, I had a good friend over and we were watching football and drinking beers while Kelly was sitting and talking with us. Kelly started acting really slutty and flirtatious with my friend and he was flirting back with her.

First, they were talking about sex. Then, she started talking about how she loves sucking cock and how she was really in the mood to suck cock. I could see where this was going and I was really surprised because we had known this dude for years and he was a good friend of mine and not done anything like this before. Finally, she just told us that if we wanted, she would like to suck us both off right there on the couch. My friend wasn’t shy. He accepted her offer and she came right over and started sucking his cock. That’s when I went and got my video camera and the rest is all on video. You can download it below…

Kelly Anderson
Download the video clip here

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December 6, 2009

David Ley Interviewed

I’ve had some great feedback recently from our posts focusing on the psychological nature of our lifestyle. Seems we are all fascinated with why we are sexually wired the way we are. Personally I love to reflect on what makes us all horny and find it really interesting when someone manages to touch something in my mind that I can relate to.

So today I am pleased to present an exclusive interview with author David Ley, a clinical psychologist and the author of a new book, Insatiable Wives, Women Who Stray and the Men Who Love Them. To see if he can shed any light on why we do indeed love our women that stray.

David Ley

hotwifeblog: Welcome David and thanks for taking the time out to speak to us…. Tell us where are you based in the world?
David: I live and work in Albuquerque New Mexico, though I travel a lot for business. For my book, I interviewed couples across the country.

hotwifeblog: Tell us briefly about your new book?
David: My book is called Insatiable Wives, Women Who Stray and the Men Who Love Them. It’s available on Amazon. It is an examination of the history of cuckoldry and permissive female sexual infidelity, along with the research that explains some of this phenomenon. In the book, I talk about women through history who have been sexually liberated, with their husband’s permission and encouragement. The book began after I encountered some couples who live a hotwife lifestyle, and discovered that there has been nothing published about this phenomenon, even though there are lots of people pursuing it currently as well as many stories of it in history and literature. I wrote the book in part because so many of my fellow counselors and therapists believe that couples who are not monogamous are automatically unhealthy in some way, a belief that I did not find to be true.

hotwifeblog: So hotwifing/cuckoldry is not a new phenomenon?
David: I think a lot of people believe it is new, though I found evidence that this lifestyle has truly been around as long as human sexuality has. In my book, I talk about examples of this lifestyle in the Bible, in many non-Western cultures, and throughout Western history. I’ll give you a few examples: in some island cultures, festivals were celebrated with unrestrained sexuality. One story I cite describes a wife who took on over a hundred men in one night, during a tribal ceremony. Amongst Western civilization, examples of historical hotwives include Pauline, the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte, and Wallis Simpson, the divorcé who married the King of England in 1936. Wallis Simpson had famously had a threesome in China with a former husband, and practiced a technique in bed that she called the “Shanghai Squeeze,” which was allegedly able to make a “matchstick feel like a Havana cigar.”

What is new today is that the Internet has allowed more men and women who might be interested in this lifestyle to learn that they are not alone in these desires. In the past, people suppressed their desires for fear of social rejection and stigma. Finding that there are others out there who share these desires has led more husbands to be brave enough to express their desires to their wives, and more wives to be willing and able to explore their sexuality outside their marriage. The resource of the Internet has also offered them more venues through which to pursue fulfillment of their desires and fantasies.

hotwifeblog: Where does the lifestyle come from?
David: I argue in my book that there are lots of reasons for this phenomenon. For women, it is a means to explore the full reaches of their sexuality, safe within a marriage and with the knowledge that their sexual explorations will not cost them their husband. Sometimes, it is an avenue to explore male bisexuality, even if only vicariously through the wife’s adventures. It can also be a means in which men can “experience” the greater capacity of sexual fulfillment available to women, getting sexual excitement by watching their wife achieve greater sexual pleasure through the attentions of more than one man. Some men celebrate that they have a wife that other men want - they can even share their wife with other men, and enjoy the admiration and envy they get for having such a sexy and uninhibited wife. Some of the men I interviewed talked about feeling like they are a “king” with something other men want (some women talk about the feeling of being a “queen” desired by so many men and so powerful in holding that desire). Some men, as in the story of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, have physiological difficulties satisfying their wife sexually, and do not want her to “lose out as a result.”

hotwifeblog: How do we end up with this kink?
David: I think there is a lot of biology at play here, in different ways. Our brain chemistry changes over the course of a relationship. When we first start a sexual relationship, we are driven by our neurochemicals to have lots and lots of sex, and think about our partner all day long. After a few months though, those chemicals subside, and our sexuality changes somewhat, becoming more nurturing and bit less passionate. But, when we start a relationship with other people, those early exciting neurochemicals roar back at full strength. When the wife goes off with another man, she then brings that chemical excitement back to her husband, and her primary relationship.

hotwifeblog: Do you think exposure to the lifestyle at an early age has made cuckoldry stronger for men than if they found it say recently?
David: I saw more men who had these desires from an early age, and who experienced them quite strongly, and relatively fewer men who had the desires emerge suddenly. The common fantasy is that the husband finds the wife being unfaithful, and finds himself surprisingly aroused by it. But the great majority of the couples I saw intentionally began their sexual explorations at the initiation of the husband, based upon long-standing desires he had to see his women, and especially his wife, enjoy sex with another man.

hotwifeblog: We get a lot of regular guys out there, even regular guys that swing, that can’t seem to understand that we enjoy our wives/girlfriends behaving like sluts. Are we that different to conventionally minded men?
David: I think this is a fascinating question, and one that isn’t really answered. I argue in my book that the things that underlie these desires are basic, natural parts of human sexuality that are just taken to an extreme by men who pursue hotwifing or cuckoldry. But why and how these men end up going to these extremes is still something of a mystery. Hopefully, my book will start some questions and research into this area.

hotwifeblog: How would you say guys into this lifestyle are able to control the jealousy emotion in their minds that so many men would never be able to do?
David: First, I think that the jealousy is often still there, but comes out in their sexual excitement, rather than through fear or anger. But more so, I see that these men and couples have developed high levels of communication, and learned to talk about situations that would trigger jealousy, then either avoid them or manage them. And some people seem to just be immune to jealousy, either by virtue of their own personality, or by their confidence in the security of their relationship and the love they share with their wives.

hotwifeblog: Why do you think some men get so excited about seeing their wife or girlfriend with another guy?
David: I think another form of biology is involved here, that of sperm competition. Sperm competition is a theory of evolutionary sexuality based on the theory that male sexual biology responds to the risk of cuckoldry with increased sexual energy and by ejaculating more sperm behave more aggressively, in order to combat the sperm of another man. A case in point - the overwhelming male fantasy is for a threesome with two females, but surprisingly, research shows that the overwhelming image present in pornography is a single woman with multiple males. Why? Because when a man watches pornography with multiple men and a single woman, his ejaculate contains more sperm, he ejaculates harder and longer and, is more disposed to become erect again and ejaculate again. Hotwife and cuckold couples have unconsciously found ways to use that biological mechanism in order to trigger enormous sexual excitement in their primary relationship, as the husband’s sexual chemistry is kicked into overdrive by his wife’s sexual explorations with another man. At the same time, the wife is often more orgasmic with a man other than her husband, as her body reacts with physiological excitement to the possibility of becoming pregnant by another man.

hotwifeblog: Do you think women have this lifestyle within them or are they driven to it and adapt to it by the freedom their partners give them?
David: Female sexual capacity is infinitely greater than male sexuality. A woman can have as many as fifty orgasms in an hour; a man is limited to at most three or four. But society has condemned and constrained female sexuality for millennia, and it is only in cultures where women had economic power that women could resist those constraints upon their sexuality. In our society, it has been the rare woman who innately embraces the full capacity of her sexuality, and explores it outside social dictates regarding monogamy, and being “proper.” Most, but not all, of these couples start on the path of hotwifing at the husband’s initiation. But, as the wives explore the sexual and personal freedoms in it, many of them enjoy the ability to reject the social pressures upon their sexuality that they have experienced throughout their lives, and embrace the opportunity to pursue unrestrained sexual explorations with other men.

hotwifeblog: Do you think all or most women have potential to live life as a hotwife?
David: I saw a lot of men who desired to find ways to turn their wives into hotwives. But women are under intense social pressures from an early age, telling them to be “nice,” to suppress their sexuality, and to avoid ever being a “slut.” This history of pressure is difficult for most women or couples to overcome. Also, while many women enjoy casual sex, few women truly embrace the exploration of casual sex, even with the support and encouragement of their husband – the social conditioning is just too strong. And, for some women, even sexually liberated women, this lifestyle just doesn’t fit their desires for intimacy.

hotwifeblog: How did you yourself find an interest in the lifestyle?
David: I have worked with sexuality and counseling throughout much of my career, but most of it focused upon unhealthy aspects of sexuality. Gradually, I found that there were lots of people quietly exploring aspects of sexuality that people judged as unhealthy, just because they were rare or uncommon, not because anyone was getting hurt or because there were issues of nonconsent. When I first met some people living the hotwife lifestyle, I confess that I initially thought that their lifestyle must be unhealthy, or damaging to their relationship. When I found that my initial assumptions were ungrounded, I became fascinated that people were healthily living a lifestyle that rejected so many strong social taboos. The more I learned, the more fascinated I became, as I found how much the lifestyle had to say about human sexuality and marriage in general.

hotwifeblog: Do you have any personal cuck feelings lurking within?
David: Everybody asks whether I wrote this book about my own sexuality. What I found is that cuckoldry has been involved in human sexuality throughout our evolution. Sure, I found some of the stories these couples told me to be quite arousing. As a man, I have always found female sexuality very alluring, and sexually confident women to be extremely attractive. Having learned more about female sexuality in the course of this book, my admiration for female eroticism has grown.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever been in a relationship that was this way inclined?
David: My wife and I have been married for ten years. She has always joked about her one day having a harem of husbands. At least, before I wrote this book, I always thought she was joking. Now I’m not so sure. Having written this book, I find that I’m no longer so threatened by that idea. If these other husbands came with some useful skills, like being a gourmet chef who loves to do yard work for instance, I might even be willing to consider the possibility.

hotwifeblog: Do you really think people can live this lifestyle and still have a healthy marriage?
David: Ultimately, I think that the core components of a healthy relationship, such as good communication, trust, mutual respect, and mutual support, can be implemented in a monogamous or nonmonogamous marriage. I saw several couples who had been happily married for over thirty years, who were pursuing hotwife encounters. I also saw some who got into hotwifing, and got in over their heads pretty quickly, and watched their marriages fall apart. The differences, I think, go back to the health and strength of the relationship’s foundation. With a healthy foundation, couples can explore beyond a lot of boundaries.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out this lifestyle?
David: To be successful, I think couples have to communicate very carefully and clearly about their desires and needs. They shouldn’t try to sneak into this, or “set up” situations where the wife has sex with another man, without consent being established beforehand. Those are traps that will devastate trust in a marriage. I saw many women who simply couldn’t believe that their husbands really loved them, when they told their wives to be a slut with other men. Couples who explore this lifestyle have to work really hard to establish love, open communication and trust.

hotwifeblog: What is your next project?
David: Right now, I’m recruiting couples to appear in a documentary about hotwifing. It will be based on my book, and will explore the lives and sexual adventures of these couples. Like my book, the goal is to present these couples in an honest, respectful fashion, showing them as normal people exploring an extraordinary and exciting sexual lifestyle. If any of your readers are interested in being in the film, and I hope some of them are, they can contact me through my blog, at insatiablewives.wordpress.com

Insatiable Wives
You can order this book at Amazon here

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Side note: Regarding the book cover, here’s an interesting tale of what David told me about it’s background:
“It is a painting of a great story, the tale of the Greek king Candaules. Candaules had a beautiful wife of whom he was very proud. So, he got his friend Gyges to hide in the bedroom while she undressed, so that he could see her beauty. Unfortunately, the wife saw Gyges, and went to him the next day. She told Gyges that due to this shameful act, Gyges either had to kill himself, or conspire with her to kill Candaules. Gyges pragmatically decided it was better to be king than be dead, and so he killed Candaules, took the beautiful Queen as his own, and took over the throne. The story is told by Greek historians as a cautionary tale of the dangers of sharing your wife with other men-you will lose her, lose all that you have, and maybe even lose your life.”

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Interview by: Trash


December 4, 2009

My contractor and my wife

Hotwife Jackie’s husband writes in to us.

My contractor and I played a round of eighteen holes of golf this morning. We hung out at the clubhouse for a beer then I invited him home to meet the wife since she would be the one home while he was supervising our remodel. My wife brought us another round of beers and some sandwiches and we all sat around and chatted. I could tell John, my contractor, really liked my wife. He told her how beautiful she was. It was then I told him that I took pictures and video of her and put them up on the web for other men to enjoy. After a few beers he was very bold and asked if he could have my wife’s panties. I told my wife to stand up and walk over to him. She did and we both reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down together. I told my wife to her to lay back on the couch with her head on the arm rest. I told my contractor to go over to my wife and unzip his pants and hang his cock in her face. “Open your mouth baby!” I then told my contractor “Go ahead John, put your cock in her mouth.” I told my wife to suck it good. She began sucking John’s dick. Before long we were both taking turns stuffing our dicks in my wifes mouth and fucking her face. I told my wife to spread her legs and the contractor fuck her if he wanted. He wasted no time shoving his cock into my wife’s cunt and started banging her as she sucked my dick. We traded off between her cunt and her mouth a few times before John shot a huge load of cum into my wifes hot hole! When we were finished I had my wife spread her legs one more time for a shot of his cum dripping out of her cunt.


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December 2, 2009

Intimate with old flame

I’m not sure I really qualify as a cuckold. I’m not into the humiliation aspect that so many who characterize themselves as cuckolds are. Perhaps I’m more of a Candaulist: one who enjoys exposing their mate to others in various settings and, carrying that idea to its logical conclusion, derives pleasure in watching their wife or partner have sex with other men. Fortunately I live with a woman who has an exhibitionistic streak and a healthy sex drive and is willing to indulge me in this area. We always play together although she will often wear revealing clothes to work and then tell me about the men who flirt with her and catch glimpses of her breasts and pussy which she subtly displays. I love to hear her stories when she gets home.

We reserve our more extreme behavior for when we are out in bars and restaurants or out of town when we are less likely to run into people that we know. There was an evening recently, however, that broke this pattern as she had an old high school friend come into town from back east. She had actually had a threesome with him and his wife after their high school reunion about eight years ago before I met her. He had recently called my girlfriend to say he would be in town for the weekend and his wife had given him the go ahead to look her up and see what she was up to. We later learned that his wife had also said he was free to engage in any activity if the situation presented itself. They are mild swingers back where they live and each of them had things going on the side.

We hadn’t been out playing in a while and since we planned on getting together with him anyway while he was visiting so we discussed the possibility of having him fuck her should circumstances present themselves. We agreed that it could be fun and the fact that he lived out of town mitigated the fact that she knew him. I was excited at the possibilities even more than usual especially since she could feel very safe with him, something that we do have to consider with the men we don’t know. She remembered the time she hooked up with him and his wife at their reunion and started to get excited for the opportunity to have sex with him again.

I asked her to pick out one of her most revealing outfits to wear with the hope of setting the tone for the evening so after work she went home to prepare herself. We arranged to meet him at a nice upscale bar in a hotel downtown convenient to his hotel and as I had some work to finish up I decided it would be better to go join them straight from work. We had decided to meet at 6:00pm but I thought I’d give them a little time together to catch up and didn’t get there until about 6:30.

By the time I arrived they were both on their second drink and I could tell that things looked promising. She had worn a draped-neck top that hung almost to her navel so that when she leaned forward her breasts were very visible. Together with a short skirt she looked very hot and he appeared to be enjoying himself. After some small talk the conversation drifted to the topic of the last reunion and I asked them to give me all the juicy details from when they had fucked before. He didn’t need much encouragement when we told him what we had in mind for the rest of the evening. We headed over to his hotel and he fingered her pussy in the elevator on the way to his room.

Once inside I took a chair in the corner and watched as he proceeded to fuck her in every conceivable position. Since she felt comfortable with him she was relaxed in a way that was different from that of the strangers I had seen her fuck; she even felt safe enough to let him screw her without a condom which she never does with someone we have just met. I was going crazy watching his cock slide in and out of her and when he finally exploded he left her cunt dripping with his cum. This was something new for both of us-she asked if I would come eat her out and even though she was oozing his cum out of her pussy I felt like I needed to oblige. Maybe I’m more of a cuckold than I thought.

I think we are close to entering a new stage of this relationship as the idea of having her fuck people she is somewhat familiar with may open up some pleasurable doors for us. I’m not sure I could ever get to the point where I would be comfortable having her go fuck someone by herself and then come home and tell me about it. I think I like watching too much for that and it really makes fucking her myself all that much better.

Submitted by: Jon - USA


November 30, 2009

Mandy gets 10 inches

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from gorgeous hotwife Mandy so I was delighted to receive an update from her this week on one of her extra-marital encounters.


We’ve been swingers for about 15 years and it never ceases to amaze me how much my husband gets off by watching me devour a dick, doesn’t matter the color, although for him, the size does matter - the bigger the better. For me, I get to experience new man-meat; play with, suck & fuck to my hearts content. And, of course, the ultimate finish, getting to play with another fresh batch of spooge.

Most husbands wouldn’t be able to watch their wives enjoy a large dick, but mine encourages me to do so. It does take a very special man to stand by and ask his wife how that big cock feels while she straddles it or tells her latest boytoy to “fuck my wife harder”. My husband Keith loves to find new cock for me and this time he found a guy with lots to “give”, lol. You gotta love a husband who hooks up his wife with an extra-long schlong for her pleasure.

My latest boytoy had 10-inches of hard rod and he was anxious to start working it in me. From the moment I had his pants down to the air-straddling, we had a blast exploring each other in different positions. All the while, my husband Keith stood by snapping photo after photo and videotaping the entire escapade. During this particular episode he didn’t join in; his pleasure comes from watching me. It is rare for him to participate during my sex romps with other men. Not that he wouldn’t want to, but he’d rather take a backseat (or is more of the front row *smirk*) while I use up another boytoy.

For Keith, the ride home has got to be the ultimate turn-on. He knows that I’m freshly fucked, with another man’s cum either still inside me or dried somewhere on my body. He just witnessed me have my way with someone new. And he knows it will be his turn when we get home. The anticipation :-)






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November 28, 2009

Camp site fuck

A few years ago, my wife and I had had a few sexual experiences outside of our marriage, and they were all fun. I always encouraged her to flirt with other men, hoping one day she would have sex with one.

One weekend we went camping, and after we got set up and were sitting outside our motorhome by the campfire, we noticed a Camper of a friend of ours was parked a little way away. Eventually he saw us and he came over and joined us by the campfire. We had had a few beers and spent a pleasant evening with him. I got tired fairly early that night and decided to hed for bed, but told my wife and my friend to stay and have fun. I was very excited about the possibility of something happening between them both. I looked out the window after I had been in bed for about an hour, and saw that they were not by the fire. I was so tired from the days travelling I eventually fell asleep.

About three hours later, I heard my wife coming into our camper, and I woke up. I asked her if she had had fun, and all she said was “Feel my pussy!” It was wet and dripping with cum. She then laid on her back and told me to lick it out, and I did, licking her to orgasm. I then climbed up over her and slid my cock into the wettest, warmest, most incredible feeling pussy I had ever experienced. I came almost immediately, and so did she. We carried on fucking like we have never fucked before and I came about nine times in the next couple of hours. I had never come so many times in such a short time, and I have never experienced anything like that since.

My wife kept on seeing him for a few more years, but then he started getting possessive and wanted more, so my wife broke it off. It was sill, one of the hottest experiences of our married life.

Submitted by: John - Minnesota


November 26, 2009

My perfect cuckold

Here’s some great pics and a story that have been sent in from one of the wives featured on a great new site - Black Cock Heaven - check it out.

Jayden writes…
“Nobody thought we would make it past 6 months, but it has been a long three years and I really didn’t think my husband would be able to take a step in the cuckold direction! I mean we have played around with other couples before, but nothing even close to this! A Black and a Latin guy fucking me while he watches? One cock in my ass the other in my pussy. He has taken to it all so naturally, I love him for it. I will never forget this anniversary for the rest of my life. My mother told me when I was a young girl, that older men are the key to happiness and she was right. People may question our love for one another because of the age difference and what we do but the reality is, I love my husband, he lets me be a woman and he is the perfect cuckold for me”!









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