April 16, 2010

Barbi’s Nightclub Pickup

An email sent in from our 4th placed hotwife, the stunning and delicious Barbi Sinclair.

Hi Trash!
I’ve missed you and Daisy incredibly already and can’t wait to meet up again. You know how it goes with this formula:

Two naughty sluts X round the clock horniness = mind blowing sexual encounters.

Watch out everyone, he-he! Anyway, I can’t stop enjoying my slutty adventures, especially when it cums to worshipping a BBC! I thought I’d share some of these pics with you and show you just how much I enjoyed this spontaneous encounter with some guy I had met at a nightclub. Ciao for now and hope to see you soon!!”

Barbi Sinclair




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April 14, 2010

Our Camping Trip

A true story submission about a couple’s first time with another man.


My wife and I hadn’t had sex for a few years. My fault really. I had not really shown her too much attention sexually and I think one of the reasons was subconsciously I was hoping she would eventually get so frustrated that she would look for sex elsewhere. I always had fantasies of being cuckolded and my wife having an affair, and one summer my wish finally came true.

We went on a biking trip in the Mosul River valley. Our guide was a dark French guy named John. He was about six four and was a handsome man. We all got on very well and I immediately started to think of ways I could get my wife into his arms. On one of the first biking days I would slip back and let her ride up front with John and watched their relationship develop. My wife is a smoking hot doctor, so he was flirting, obviously he found her attractive and you could tell that she liked it.

At night John would lay his pad out and sleep under the stars. One night it was particularly cold so I asked John if he would like to sleep in our tent. My wife looked surprised but didn’t say anything. We had large sleeping mattress that we could all fit into quite nicely. I purposely scooted up to the edge of the bed, putting my wife in the middle. As we turned off our tent lights I pretended to fall asleep facing away from her on my side and all was quiet for a while. At least for an hour nothing happened but I was aware of some slow movements and slight adjustments of bodies going on. Then I could feel my wife slowly bending her ass towards John as her knees went into the back of mine. A few moments later I heard a slight whimper and I knew she could feel his cock pressed against her pussy. It was a sound mixed with submission and surprise. I knew from the sound she must have been turned on and soaking wet. I even suspect he may have using his fingers at some point too.

I then felt some more movement, my wife lifting up and then raising her legs slightly, and I knew he was pulling down her panties. I lay dead still, breathing heavily, feigning sleep. Some more adjustments and rustling then she moaned. I knew his cock was inside her. He started to move in and out. I could feel on his thrusts inside her pussy her body pushing slightly into mine. She tried to be quiet but was letting out little whimpers and moans while I pretended to sleep on. This went on for about 10 minutes when I felt the rocking reach a slight urgency and then it was still and I felt him roll over onto his back. My wife stayed on her side and dropped her legs down straightening up. I then turned over and faced her and slowly put my arm over her and down her body, real casually. I wanted to feel her pussy. I reached down and came into contact with the crease of her ass and top of her left leg which was soaking wet. I knew this was cum that must have leaked out of her pussy and ran down. Satisfied she’d been fucked and had another man’s cum inside her I feel asleep with the biggest smile on my face.

In the morning I broke the ice by asking if she had any good dreams. She smiled and said she had the biggest best dream she had in a long time. I told her to never stop dreaming. And so it began.

Anonymous submission


April 12, 2010

Meet Jasmine

Post removed at users request.


April 10, 2010

Tog takes advantage again

Part II of a Tog Takes Advantage

This is a continuation of K’s first real hot wife adventure posted here.

Over the next week my wife and I only had sex once but it was terrific! I did notice that K’s pussy was nowhere near as tight as it used to be. I commented on that to her she said shyly said that she guessed that she was getting used to something much thicker.

The next weekend we were on out way back over to see A. He had finished the pics and wanted to download them for us onto a CD so we could get them printed. My wife again didn’t really expect anything to happen at least, not that she told me. Again she was wearing just plain jeans and a turtleneck. When we got over to A’s, he gave her a smack and a drink. He had just gotten out of the shower and was only in a towel, which he traded for a t-shirt and an eastern style sarong. He had retired the futon in the living room in favor of a daybed that was a lot more comfortable and could be used for a large sofa. He and my wife sat on the daybed and I sat on another chair facing them to chat. They chatted about anything and everything like his work, ex-girlfriends, and parties he’d gone to recently. They were not really making any moves at each other. He had his legs draped over her’s and pretty soon it became obvious that my wife could see his cock peeking out through the side of his sarong as he lounged there. A would sometimes pull the sarong aside to flash it to her and occasionally stroke it a bit. My wife was getting a bit flustered seeing it because I think she honestly didn’t intend to give in to him on this visit. He then asked her to remove her jeans because he didn’t like seeing her in them. She rolled her eyes when he asked her again and then she slowly peeled them off revealing her Victoria Secrets cotton bikinis. After a few more minutes of small talk he asked her to remove her knit turtleneck to he could see more of her. She asked him if he would like that and he pulled the sarong aside to show her all of his hardness and asked her if she thought he was pleased with what she was showing him. She then pulled off her turtleneck and he reached behind her to unsnap her bra freeing her 34B’s and her already hard nipples.

My wife then reached over and started to stroke A’s cock and, after a few minutes of stroking, she bent her head down to lick it up and down making it glisten. He reached over and slid her panties down and off exposing her wet pussy which was again shaved smooth except for that one little strip of brown hair. He told her while she was sucking him that she needed to practice her skills at rimming his asshole. She asked if he didn’t like the way she did it the last time they were together and he told her that she needed to get more into it and learn how to dig her tongue much deeper inside his ass. She told him she would work on it but rimming was something she just didn’t have a lot of experience with. He told her to get on her hands and knees with her ass in the air and for me to rim her asshole while she did his. He then got on his hands and knees to present his ass to her and I moved over and started to lick her fragrant ass while she buried her face as deeply as she could into his asshole with her tongue. While I was tonguing her ass I reached around her and spread his ass cheeks wide so she could dig her tongue even deeper. Her rimming lesson lasted almost fifteen minutes and I could tell she was doing her best and that her best was very good by the way he was rolling his ass back and forth on her tongue. Her pussy was soaking wet by then and very ready to be penetrated. He then got his bag of condoms and rolled one on. He moved behind her and mounted her. Once again, she was wet enough that he slid in smoothly with one long stroke. She let out a long moan and then a satisfied sigh. She really loved the way his thickness totally filled her compared to my thinner member. She had several orgasms in the next 10 minutes with A pumping in and out of her very quickly.

After fucking for about 20 minutes and holding each other tightly, kissing, and whispering sweet things into each other’s ears they took a break to have a smoke and to catch their breaths. He rolled off his condom so my wife could suck him a bit. Then she excused herself to go to the bathroom and, once again, A got up to follow after a minute. And, as before, I followed about 30 seconds later. I turned the corner to see A again bend her over the vanity and slid his cock into her.

I went into his bedroom which was the room next to the bathroom where I could sit on his bed and watch them. I then realized that A had not replaced his condom and that he had just entered K’s wet pussy from the rear and was now fucking her bareback. I could hear him telling her that he loved fucking her from the rear while watching her face in the mirror. He also told her that he knew she loved it also. She could only moan as he pounded his cock in and out of her. After a few minutes they moved back to the day bed in the living room and lay back down. I think it was then that my wife realized that he had been fucking her totally bare. She was quite surprised and shocked and told him so. He told her that he had been caught up in the moment and hadn’t given it any thought. He then got up on his knees between her legs, spread them and then started to rub his cock up and down the length of her vagina. He then started to slap her pussy with his hard, bare cock telling her that it was his bare cock doing this to her. She shook her head back and forth trying to deny him access to her but she wasn’t pushing him away because of all the pleasure she was receiving. A then pulled back a little and then, with one quick move, sank his length into her pussy to the hilt. He told her that he was now fucking her with no condom and that he knew she loved it. She was shaking her head but now she was moaning and giving herself to him totally surrendering to the pleasurable onslaught. He fucked her like this for several more minutes before pulling out and letting her suck him as a finale.

In the car on the way home, my wife expressed shock again that A would fuck her with no condom. I told her that I didn’t realize that he was doing it in the bathroom for the first minute or so and that it was most likely ok because she was quickly becoming his primary sexual partner. She still said that she would really prefer him to wear one. I then told her that, since we now had the CD of the pics he took on our first visit, that it was pretty obvious that, if she saw him again, she was going over there primarily for the opportunity to fuck him. She realized that there were no more innocent excuses for seeing him and that she would have to except the fact that she really did enjoy fucking him.

In the interim, the sex my wife and I had together was fantastic though not too frequent. As before, I noticed that her pussy was nowhere near as tight as it used to be. I guess this is what I was going to have to get used to now that she had been so powerfully fucked by A’s thicker cock on two occasions. I would ask her during sex which one of the lovers she preferred and she sort of hedged around an answer, probably not wishing to hurt me and not wishing to admit to herself how much she enjoyed the continued company of this other man that had entered her life. She did say that while my cock was definitely longer, his was much thicker. I do know that his incredible staying power gave him the ability to satisfy her more completely and to leave her sexually exhausted and fulfilled.

Two weeks later A called and asked to speak with K. He asked that we come over so he could see her again. I told him that going was her decision to make and not mine. It was very obvious to her that, if we went, that she was going specifically to have sex with him. She was the one who had to want it badly enough to set it up. I asked her and she agreed to meet him on Sunday afternoon. A asked her to wear something sexy for him as he was tired of seeing her in just plain jeans.

We went over that Sunday afternoon. To please her lover my wife wore a long, flowing dark sundress and a spaghetti strapped cotton camisole top. As always, A had a vodka martini waiting for her after he greeted her with the standard hug and a deep kiss on the mouth. My wife went to sit on the daybed while he sat in a chair facing her. I sat on the old futon against the far wall. We all caught up on lives and goings on for a while with mostly the two of them dominating the chat between themselves. It was obvious that they had missed each other a lot and were very intent on each other. My wife mentioned that she had enjoyed being with him but was surprised that he had taken her last time without a condom. He leaned forward when he talked with her and his growing erection was becoming evident in his sweatpants. I got up to go to the bathroom and, when I came out, he was standing in front of the daybed with my wife sitting on the edge with her feet on the floor. She had pulled his hard cock from his sweats and was stroking it with her right hand while holding her cigarette in her left while they looked deeply into each other’s eyes. He leaned down further to whisper something to her. She then leaned down and kissed the head of his cock and then slid back onto the daybed pulling her legs up, spreading them, and leaning back onto her elbows. He then reached under her ankle length skirt and pulled off the black thong panties she had worn just for him. She offered to remove her skirt but he said that he wanted her to keep it on because he liked the way it looked on her. He leaned forward while she smoked and began to stroke his thick cock up and down the length of her pussy. He told her that now it was his bare cock rubbing her pussy and she must like it because she was getting so wet. He said that he was going to put his naked cock into her pussy and that she wanted it in her. She didn’t resist him at all as he slid his cock into her fully and told her that he was now fucking her bareback. She looked so sexy lying back with her long skirt bunched up around her waist with him kissing her deeply while he stroked in and out of her. Her moans and gasps of pleasure were something to behold as I sat there and watched and listened to her cum over and over again. He then repositioned himself on the bed so that he was lying on his back and he told her to mount him and to fuck him as hard as she could. My wife got on top of him, slid his length into her and proceeded to ride him up and down very quickly. Because he had so much more staying power than myself there was no need for her to ever slow down or to stop. Again she was cumming uncontrollably and her juices could be seen rolling down the length of his bare cock on her upstrokes and pooling by his balls on her down strokes. He just held onto her hips holding her skirt up over them. She was even still wearing her black camisole top!

He let my wife take a few breaks during the fucking so she could relax and smoke a cigarette. This way she wouldn’t get too sore from his pummeling. During these interludes they would chat and she would lazily stroke his cock and lean over to suck him or lick his balls. After her cigarette, she began to suck him in earnest and, as always, gave him a long slow blowjob of the type that she rarely ever gives me. To see her mouth so wide and her cheeks bulging so full as she lovingly sucked him was definitely a sight to see.

After a final break, he pulled out his bag and proceeded to put on a ribbed condom. He rubbed some lotion on it. She asked what that was for. He said that it was a warming gel that he knew she would love the feel of inside her. He told her to get on her hands and knees because he wanted to pound into her doggie style. She obediently did so and he mounted her and began to fuck her very hard and very fast. Within only a few seconds K’s moan because screams of pleasure as she came again and again with her face pressed into the pillows. After about ten minutes of this treatment, she collapsed exhausted with him on top of her. She then said that that had been the absolute best sex ever for her. They lovingly kissed each other and whispered into each other’s ears before deciding to call it a night and agreeing that this was one of their best encounters ever.

Nova Hotwife

You can read the first part of their story here

Submitted by: L - Virginia - Check out their Hotwife Dating Profile Here


April 8, 2010

Jinxypie Wisdom

I wanted to post today a recent blog from Cuckoldress Jinxypie. It’s an insightful piece for the need for honesty and openness in the lifestyle. I myself are guilty of keeping my thoughts and feelings to myself a bit too much. Being a constant fantasist, I find it hard to let some of these fantasies out in the open giving limited information to my partner, and have only myself to blame when things do not pan out the way I really wanted. This blog really hit home Jinxypie is so on the ball with her grasp of the lifestyle.


Clearly We’re Not Mind Readers

I talk a LOT about communication, about people being OPEN and HONEST with each other. We can do that when it comes to things we like or dislike in general, and sometimes on a sexual level. But as husbands and wives, do we really open the gates about what we need from our spouse from a cuckolding relationship?

Ladies, when you first started the steps in your cuckolding relationship, did you completely understand everything your husband wanted out of it? Of course not! Honestly, he probably wasn’t even 100% sure what he wanted. I have spoken to a few women that took a step forward, only to end up taking four steps backwards, due to miscommunication and hurt feelings. Men, we’re putting ourselves out on the line when you ask us to partake in this lifestyle… if we do something wrong or don’t completely understand what you need and you “throw a fit” over it or get upset, we’re not going to want to do this anymore. Sad, but true… we think that we’re only going to screw it up and that we’ll have to deal with you being upset after we are with another man every time. Truth is (and I’m talking to both genders now), if we just push through it and keep talking, we will start to understand fully what the other person needs from us.

Here’s an example from my own life. Some of you may be surprised to learn, I wasn’t always good at this. (Shocker!!!) We all have a growing/learning process to go through, and it’s not easy. When I first began this journey, I wanted to go out alone to hotel rooms or to some guy’s place to have sex. My husband and I had just had a baby about 4 months prior, so he was to stay home and take care of the children while I went out for a few hours. Since my husband couldn’t be there, he’d always ask if I would try to take pictures, just so he could see. Not an outlandish request, right? Well, I would always get where I was going and be uncomfortable bringing up pictures, because I thought the guy would be freaked out by it. I mean, I wasn’t really keen on taking pictures (funny how things change, huh?) – why would some random guy be OK with it? So I never even brought it up. I would get home and the first question my husband would ask would be “So did you get any pictures?” Time and time again, I would say no. The look of disappointment and hurt on his face both killed and confused me. I was out doing what he wanted, right? Cuckolding is about having sex with other men to get sexually satisfied, what does it matter if there are no pictures to prove it?

I couldn’t have been more wrong. To him, that small inconsiderate move was like saying “This is for me, I could care less about what you need out of this.” All he needed was to see what was going on, specifically see my face and how happy I was. I wasn’t willing to give him that because at the time it made me a little uncomfortable.

I was so wrong.

Cuckolds tend to get target-fixated, they start to obsess about one particular thing that could happen, they forget about anything else. It could be something as seemingly simple as seeing his love’s face while she’s taking in another man’s larger sized cock, or something as small as hearing her call her lover a specific pet-name while they’re having sex… or even watching her in a certain sexual position. As women, we don’t know what’s inside their head! But it is our job to try to pry it out of them, if they’re not open to tell us outright.

Think about it this way, ladies. Let’s say you were planning a date with this massively hung, good-looking guy. He wanted to take you out on the town, then back to his place for a lot more fun. Well, date night comes around and dude calls to say he’s running late. No big deal, we can wait for a bit… this is going to be a spectacular night! An hour rolls by, and he’s still not ready to go… then another hour. Then you get a phone call saying he’s too tired from working to go out, and he just wants to chill back at his place. Well, there’s a little disappointment but we can still have fun in the bedroom! He swings by to pick you up, and all he can talk about on the drive to his place is work, he hasn’t even said one word about how HOT you look in your new dress and heels. Once at his place, he plops down on the couch and turns the TV on. Dumbfounded, you go sit next to him… some time passes and you try to make a play. He goes for it, and before long you’re in the bedroom – just where you wanted to be all along, right?! Finally! …except it doesn’t last very long. He gets you all worked up and is done in the span of about seven minutes. You’re lying in the bed beside him, ready to rip his head off, because all he could care about is himself! You have needs too!

All that build up, and then you’re let down. That’s how it is in the mind of a cuck. They build themselves up with the fantasy and excitement of what might happen, what they WANT to happen, and when it doesn’t happen, they freak out.

It took a while for me to understand this concept. Now that I get it, it’s easier for me to ask him what he’s been thinking about, what would be the most exciting thing for him to see/hear while I’m with one of my men… taking the time to talk about what he wants will help you to understand what he is target fixated on, what he’s obsessing about.

Trust me ladies, once “that thing” happens, he’ll be over it and moving on to the next obsession. That’s not a bad thing either, it helps you both to grow sexually and push your limits, making things more exciting. =)

Talk to your cuck. Cucks, talk to your woman. We aren’t mind readers!


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April 6, 2010

Our First Time

A true story submission from hot-bodied hotwife Mary who’ve just signed up to hotwifedating.com


First let me say how much my husband and I love this site. This is the most fun and erotic site I have ever been on.

My husband and I have flirted and fantasized about the idea of another man having his way with me for several years. This past summer we finally made fantasy reality.

A friend of ours “K” invited us for a late night boat ride on Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful night, warm with a slight breeze. We all sat on the boat for a couple of hours having a few cocktails before we left the dock. Then “K” fired up the boat and away we went for our ride up the gorgeous Chicago shoreline.

Shortly after we pulled away I realized I left my jacket in the car. The breeze from the lake started making me feel slightly chilly. So K then decided to mix up a pitcher of Margaritas. The alcohol not only helped warm me up but started making me feel a little frisky. I was only wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt with no bra. Between the lake breeze and a bad case of the hornies my nipples were busting out of my shirt. It didn’t take K long to notice and make a comment. I couldn’t have been more embarrassed! He saw me turning red and said he had an extra sweatshirt in the cabin which he fetched for me.

A short time later we were in need of a new batch of Margaritas so K stopped and anchored the boat. While he was down in the cabin I started taking advantage of my husband. It didn’t take K long to return to find my tongue in my husbands mouth and my hand down his pants. He poured us some new drinks while he watched and started to tell me how it was customary for the lady on the boat to show the Captain her tits. I looked at my husband and he told me I had better do it or we may have to swim back to shore. So I lifted my shirt and pointed my hard nipples right at him then pulled it back down quickly. My husband whispered in my ear “If you leave your shirt up long enough K might help warm them up” I gave K a wink and lifted my shirt again, this time keeping it up covering the embarrassed look on my face. My husband waved K over and he started massaging my breasts as hubby caressed my inner thighs. I started warming up very quickly.

My juices started to flow and it didn’t take long for a wet spot to start showing through my shorts. K pulled my shirt off, stood me up and started nibbling and sucking on my nipples. My husband reach around unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles. I couldn’t take it anymore and reached down to feel K’s cock bulging. I unzipped K’s shorts and dropped to my knees as I pulled then to the ground. Before I could turn around to get my husbands approval I felt him gently pushing my head forward forcing me to take k’s cock into my mouth. His cock felt so good in my mouth I couldn’t help but droll all over it. My husband spread my knees and slid his dick in me from behind. The rhythm was perfect as my husband pushed inside me, K’s cock went deep into my mouth.

After a while they laid me on the deck and took turns holding my ankles high in the air and fucking me hard. I never thought I would love being used as a whore! The orgasms were stronger than I have ever had before. Finally I rolled over and got into a 69 position with my husband. K then started fucking me from behind as my husband licked my clit. I could tell K was close to cumming, he started moaning loudly and pushed deep inside me as he exploded. The huge rush of cum was all I could take and I erupted with a volcanic orgasm. As both mine and K’s cum poured out of me and into my husbands mouth he unloaded into mine.

That was the start of our new sexual relationship with K. I cant wait to have more friends like K in our lives :)


Submitted by: Mary - Chicago - Check out their Hotwife Dating Profile Here


April 4, 2010

Russian Internet Bride

Here’s another update from myself and Sensi from The Undercover Lover.

It’s been a while since Sensi got to spend some time with Mai. Those original Undercover Lover fans amongst you will remember Mai from way back. She’s a genuine Russian Internet Bride. Her husband bought/brought her over to England to live the life of luxury and to be a loving loyal wife but it didn’t take her long to get bored with her marriage and her dull husband.

She hired Sensi as a gardener originally and he quickly made his move from the greenhouse to the Bride’s bedroom and serviced her on a regular basis while Hubby worked hard to keep her in the manner she had become accustomed to. Well it’s been at least 2 years since he’s seen her and he gets a call out of the blue. It’s Mai, she said she’d got to see him. Her husband had been spending some time at their country home and it’s been driving her crazy, she hasn’t been able to have any of her boyfriends round.

So we drove over to her place at an arranged time and she quietly slipped out of the house and made her way to the car looking round to make sure her husband wasn’t watching. Then we sped off back into town. Sensi got her to flash a bit in the car. I was sure there was something different about her this time and I was right.. NEW TITTIES.. she’d been spending Hubby’s money again hehe.

Sensi definitely missed those gorgeous eyes of hers and not to mention the rest of course. He took her straight up to the bedroom to remind himself of what he’s been missing. After taking off her Wedding ring he started to make the most of those new titties and the $$$ they cost by giving them plenty of attention and use. Thanks Hubby! And this time she wanted him to cum inside her - this Russian Internet Bride must be looking to start a family soon eh?.. Enjoy the pics.

Sensi and Mai

Sensi and Mai

Sensi and Mai

Sensi and Mai

Sensi and Mai

Sensi and Mai

Sensi and Mai

Sensi and Mai

Sensi and Mai

Sensi and Mai

And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here or contact Sensi direct on Hotwife Dating Here

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April 2, 2010

Old Flame on Facebook

Cuckold Place Update

I found one of her college fuck buddy’s with Facebook

As in everything I have posted here this is 100% true…. We have taken some time off from the lifestyle for the last year due to several things but I have been pushing to get her back into it. When we are not involved our sex life dwindles to a once/twice a week bore session. In two years of playing she has had 4 long term fuck buddy’s.

I have always wanted her to fuck her old friends from college. One in particular always got me off. In her own words their relationship was purely physical sex. Late nights, early mornings, before class, and middays they would get it on. Being on the pill he unloaded in her everytime, sometimes going back to class with his load still oozing out wetting her. She actually was seeing his best friend and fucking this guy behind his back. In her words… “All we did was fuck, we would see each other out and end up in alleyway (or his frat house). We never went out on a date. I would lose control with him, he did whatever he wanted to me.” This alone has got me off for years.

Sunday afternoon on a whim I decided to look for him on Facebook. We had tried a few years back to find him but it never panned out. Sure enough, he had just joined in February. I told her I had found him and planted the seed. By Sunday night she had requested his friendship. Monday morning he had already accepted and emailed her. They had emailed back and forth through out the day about life, etc. Turns out he just got divorced and lives about 45mins away for us. We are completely up front with each other and she immediately keeps me up to date on her “friends”. When I got home last night night I heard her calling my name, I could tell something was up. She had been chatting with him while I was out and the conversation could not have gone any better. I wish I knew how to save or retrieve the messages in Facebook chat. It ended with an exchange of numbers and can’t wait to see you soon’s. I’m was sure he’d be contacting her again.

As we were falling asleep in bed that night she leaned over to me and said’ “I’m not sure that you understand what we were back then, I had no feelings for him, we just used each other every chance we could, which was more that you can imagine. You have NO IDEA WHAT YOU STARTED” Judging by the times I’ve cum since then I would say I do.

After two weeks of build up phone sex and picture swaps they finally are at it…. RIGHT NOW. She has been soaking wet for weeks now. Sunday, I sent her to the mall to pick out a few new outfits for him. She told me she had to go into a dressing room to check if she had gotten her period… she did not, it was juice dripping down her leg.

Here is a few texts we sent back and forth a 45 minutes ago.

Me: Clear about all the rules? No issues? (includes her bringing home the full used condoms)

Her: Worked them out good to go

Me: Have hot fucking sex. Cum hard and get off better than Rich (her best experience we had)

Me: SHOW HIM THIS…. She has wanted you for so long. Fuck her hard. Ravage her and make her your sex toy. This works out you will be fucking her anytime you want!!!!!!

Him on her phone: Wont let you down. Im down with it.

Me: Are you as horny as me?

Her: Yes-extremely

Me: What are you waiting for? Fuck him like you used to. Call me when done. Wish I was there.

Her: Already started

Have not heard anything since going on 1 hr now.

Here’s some fun with her last playmate… pics they texted me.

Submitted by: Lookin4fun - You can read some more about this hotwife here


March 31, 2010

Kelly Plays Away

Email from hotwife Kelly Anderson.

Hi Trash!

This is the recent story that Shawn told you about. Its very hot and totally true ;) I hope your readers enjoy it.


I call this story, “Dirty Details” because that’s what I gave my husband, Shawn when I returned home from a night out with this hot guy that I know. You see, while my husband and I were in Florida on vacation, I met up with this guy I used to fuck a long time ago when I lived down there. His name was Jay and he had one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen to this day. Meeting up with Jay this time was a very rare encounter for me because Shawn wasn’t with me. Usually, when it comes to the hot wife lifestyle, we do everything together but this guy would have been freaked out by that so Shawn said I should just go alone and have some fun on my own as long as I promised to give him all the dirty details. I was very surprised he suggested that and I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea but I really wanted to see this guy because he’s hot, he has a huge cock, and he use to fuck me sooooo good!

So that night, I got all dressed up in my little dress and high heels and drove to a local restaurant where I met my hot stud. I was relieved to find that he was still very cute. We had dinner and drinks as we talked about the past and caught up on the present. We had lots of drinks and the night really flew by because of the great conversation we had. Next thing we knew, it was last call and it was time to pay our tab. Like a gentleman, he paid for everything which I thought was very classy. Then, we decided to hop in his car and go back to his place and that’s when the night heated up. All night I had been wondering if his cock was really as big as I remembered it to be so on our way to his apartment and I leaned over and started rubbing his cock while he was driving. He got hard right away and I couldn’t believe how big he felt. I just had to unzip his pants and pull his cock out so I could suck it. It was even bigger than I remembered it. I could barley fit my mouth around it, it was soooo big. I put the head of it in my mouth and sucked it very gently as I circled my tongue all around it. He must have wanted me. to deep throat him because he reached down and pushed my head down on his cock and I had no choice but to take it as deep as I could. I was actually surprised how far I could get it into mouth. I really liked the way he controlled by head with his hand as I took his hard prick deep in my wide open mouth and stroked the shaft with my hand at the same time. My pussy was getting wet and all I could think about was getting this huge cock shoved into my tight little pussy. I would have been glad to have him cum in my mouth but we arrived at his apartment complex so we decided to go inside before somebody saw what we were doing.

We grabbed a few beers from his place and went and sat by the community swimming pool. There was no one around because it was pretty late so we ended up going for a swim. He was completely naked and I just wore my panties and went topless. We started to make out in the pool and then he ate my pussy right there on one of the pool chairs and it felt amazing. This guy had skills. He had me so worked up, I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me. I knew I was going to be loud so I took him by the hand and led him into the little pool house bathroom I bent over the sink, inviting him to shove that huge cock of his right into my pussy. I felt his hands grab the sides of my ass and slide my wet panties down to my ankles. Then I felt the head of his hard cock press up against my pussy. I was a little concerned that he wasn’t wearing a condom but before I could say anything he started to push his big, hard prick into my pussy. I was so fucking wet that his cock just slid right in. My mouth was wide open but I couldn’t make a sound because the pleasure was too overwhelming. He fucked me nice and slow at first until I got use to his big dick and I started to want it harder. Then, he just pounded me and he started talking really dirty. He was saying, “You like that big cock in your cunt? Yeah, you little whore, take my big cock in your dirty little cunt!” I was so fucking turned on Having him talk to me like that made me feel so powerless. He made me feel like such a whore and for some reason, I was getting off on it.

He made me cum in less that 5 minutes and he just kept fucking me. Then he started saying, “Are you gonna tell your husband that I bent you over and made you cum like a little whore? Are you gonna tell him you had my big cock in your dirty little cunt with no condom?” I just kept saying, “Yes, yes, I will” but I could hardly talk because it felt so good and I was moaning uncontrollably. My pussy never felt so full! His cock was so hard and his balls were slapping against my clit with every thrust. Just as I was about to cum for the second time, he pulled his cock out of me and emptied a huge load all over my ass! It felt like about a weeks worth of sperm! It was all over my ass and up and down my back too. I turned around and got down on my knees and sucked the rest of his load out of his big cock. Then, he just stood me up and tongue kissed me until we both caught our breath. I really wanted him to fuck me again but he had just shot his load and I didn’t think he’d be able to stay hard. Plus, at this point it was 3:00AM and I knew I should get back to my husband.

This actually worked out good because when I finally made it back to my hotel, I was still very horny and my husband and I had some of the best sex that we have ever had while I told him everything that I did with Jay that night. I have never seen my husband so turned on. One thing is for sure, Next time we go to Florida, I will definitely be seeing Jay again.

Kelly Anderson

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March 29, 2010

Poetry in Motion

Just got this email from a hotwife.. Had to post it..


Some humor for you. (To the tune of “I’m a little teapot”)

I’m a little hotwife,
there’s no doubt.
Here are my bulls
and here are their spouts.
When I get all filled up,
hear me shout.
Bend me over and
clean me out!

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