January 21, 2012

Meet Karen

Many thanks to Angelo for suggesting this Hotwife for the Blog. Funnily enough I have met Karen Kougar a couples of times. Once in Miami and once in Las Vegas. I can’t believe I haven’t had her on the blog before. A lovely woman who is as friendly as she is slutty. A cougar indeed she is. Her dark, sexy, sultry looks do wonders on her pursuit for young cock. Or cocks! Karen loves her one-on-one sessions with her numerous boyfriends as well as being centre of attention for a gangbang. And she loves her creampies!

All with the support of a faithful cuckold Husband, Karen is one sexy hotwife. I hope she’ll be gracing these pages for some time to come.

Karen Kougar

Visit Hotwife Karen Kougar here


January 11, 2012

Meet Faith

If you search hard enough you can always find more Hotwives on the net. And I thought I had them all here. Here we introduce to Hotwife Blog the lovely Faith Marie. A 30 year old horny housewife, motorcycle event promotions and Mudd Guitar Girl. Welcome Faith.

By the way if you do find any Hotwives on the net that you think should be on the blog then just use the form here to tell me about them. Thanks. Ans here’s Faith…


I’m so flattered that you want to know more about me! Here’s some of my favorite things in life hehe. I am not one of those girls who really watches what she eats. I do try to eat sensibly, but if I get a craving, I’m going to have it LOL. I’m a sucker for crab legs, shrimp scampi, and any type of pasta. My favorite restaurants are Red Lobster, Applebee’s and Ra (Sushi). I love drinking Vodka and Pineapple juice. I also love Vanilla Vodka and Cream Soda as well as salted frozen Margaritas. Can you say yummy! My favorite movies are Grease, and Cocktail. I listen to all types of music but my all time favorite is 80’s hair rock! Poison, Motley Crue, Extreme, Bon Jovi, anything with a screaming guitar, guys in tight pants, and lots of long hair… mmm… my panties are getting wet as we speak hehe. My favorite perfume is Very Sexy from Victoria Secret, and for bath lotions I love Calgon Hawaiin Ginger, and Body Shop Almond Body Butter. When I’m not answering emails or shooting new pics, okay you’ve got to promise not to laugh, I am an avid scrapbooker. I love spending hours with my girlfriends scrapbooking all our fun events/memories/parties. I also love to shoot pool and snooker, go camping or hiking, play on my PS, rollerblading, watching movies, and of course shopping. What girl doesn’t like doing that LOL My favorite type of sexy lingerie, stockings and garters, bustiers and corsets, and anything frilly, lacy or see through mesh. And I’m a sucker for sexy strappy shoes, I just can’t say NO LOL.

I love making new friends and hanging out with old ones. I personally answer all my own email and I attend tons of local events where you can come out and meet me in person. Check my calendar for my my upcoming events. If you see me out and about, please come up and say HI! Don’t be shy, I’m really nice in person, and do really love to meet fans, so hopefully I’ll catch you one of these days either at a concert, a barmeet, or even out at the grocery store LOL.

I get a lot of questions on my homelife and I’d be glad to share hehe. I’ve been married for 8 years now. we don’t have any kids and don’t really want any as we enjoy our freedom and ability to travel so much and meet new people. I have four cats, Pirelli, Fat Boy, Rafiki and our outdoor cat Chester. And that’s more than enough to keep me busy! They are spoiled rotten and generally always interrupt my cam shows or my photo shoots so I’m sure you’ll see them soon LOL. We even take a couple out on the road with us in our motorhome for our roadtrips. I’ve been doing my website for over 6 years now and still loving every minute of it. I have so much fun taking new pics and coming up with fun ideas to turn you on. If you ever have a suggestion for something you’d like to see please email me. I try to do as many requests as I can.

Everyone always asks me what really turns me on, well I’m a woman, so that changes on a daily basis LOL. But I do LOVE massages, that is one way to get me to do what you want hehe. I’m not one of these girls who goes for guys with massive muscles and six-packs. I like nice guys, I always look at your smile, if it spreads across your whole face and your eyes twinkle, then I know you are genuine and that is a huge turn on for me. I also love a fun guy, who can make me laugh. I’m a happy go lucky girl and prefer to hang out with the same type of people. I don’t like pushy or rude people… so if you are a gentleman, we will get along great. And since I am a HUGE animal lover I don’t like anyone who is cruel to animals. That is the quickest way to get on my bad side. So don’t push the issue LOL. Other than that, I’m pretty easy going, and am able to have fun no matter what I’m doing. I tend to laugh a lot and have fun with life.



Click here to see how Naughty Faith is


December 26, 2011

Meet Claudia

Right Christmas over with, great! Now back to the filth!. Here’s Claudia from debauched old London town!


Yes I really am a whore! It didn’t start that way but my husband encouraged me and I finally agreed. I have always wanted to just drop down on my knees and suck cocks off right there in front of everyone and then have those big dicks gush their hot sperm into my mouth and down onto my tits. Maybe have the entire football team gang bang me and cum in my pussy and ass and my Husband must watch. The only time he is permitted to cum is by masturbating while he watches me have sex with big cock. I then command him to cum.


Submitted by - Claudia - London, UK

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November 1, 2011

Meet Miku

This is Hotwife Miku from Canada apparently on heat, panties pulled to one side after just being fucked by another man. I didn’t get too much info when this was sent in so if you’re reading Miku and Hubby, send us some more details, we are all intrigued.



October 20, 2011

Meet Jacqueline

Jacqueline from New Jersey has dropped in to introduce herself.

Like many other married white women I had fantasized about sex with a black man. Being raised in a religious household and a virgin when I married (28 years ago) sex outside of marriage was unthinkable. I recently had sex with a black man younger then my own youngest son. Keron is only 19 years old but he has opened my eyes to how incredibly wonderful dirty passionate sex really is.

I am a trained psychologist and I work for an inner city agency dealing with problem adolescents and young adults. Keron is the older brother of one of my cases. On first appearance he is a young black thug with gold chains and pants hanging below his butt. He wears a doo-rag and seems to be one hostile young man. Much of the aforementioned is true but he is also very intelligent and supremely sexually gifted. The first sight of his uncut black manhood made this Jewish wife and mom weak in the knees.

How we got to this point is much too long a story. The fact is that his is the first black cock I have ever sucked and his cum is the only cum I had ever tasted, savored and swallowed. My husband feels it would be degrading for me to suck him and taste his cum. Religious baggage he carries from a religious upbringing.

I meet Keron twice a week and let him use me as he wishes. His 9″ uncut thick black cock brings me to plateaus of pleasure I had never known. He wants to share me with his friends. I am wary about jumping into such a situation but in my heart I know it will come to pass. I love this black boys cock much to much to say no.



September 26, 2011

Meet Olivia

Another wife to say hello to today. Olivia looks very yummy and I hope this is the first of many Hotwife Blog posts for her.


I’m Olivia, an asian hotwife and cuckoldress from Atlanta, Georgia. Since this is an introduction, I’ll revisit the experience of when I first realized I was primarily interested in well-endowed black men. My husband and I are pretty traditional, although we both are very (very) open-minded about experiences, including sexual.

We visited a swing club in Atlanta (our first time) and frankly were just wandering around a bit smirky about the whole experience until a very nice black fella approached us in the bdsm room with a riding crop. He asked if we were interested in borrowing it, and I replied sure as long as he showed us the ropes, so to speak.

We went to a private room and our new friend began lightly tapping me on the ass with a smack or two here and there while I sucked my husband. It was hot and steamy in the room (summer in Atlanta) and I began to get wet. The black gentleman and my husband switched places and I was soon confronted with an unzipping of pants and a new, much darker, much larger, cock in front of my lips.

And oh what a cock it was. I had never seen anything so thick, fat, and wonderful. I sucked on this monster cock for a while (my jaw ached the next morning) until my husband and the black fella switched places again. I was on my knees and did not object when I heard the condom wrapper open behind me. Slowly he worked that fat black cock into me, starting slowly and gently, and then… he began to pound me.

It was all over relatively soon, as I felt his cock explode inside of me as he collapsed onto me back forcing my sweaty body on to that of my husband. The three of us lay in a heap for a few minutes, and then my new black friend gently kissed me on the neck and left us quietly to reflect on our experience.

I hope you enjoyed…the photograph is from a follow-up engagement.

Always real and always true.. Olivia


Check out her blog. Hotwife Olivia’s Taboo Here

Submitted by: Olivia, Atlanta, USA


September 18, 2011

Meet Dirty Katy

Recently we’ve had a few extreme wives come on to the blog with a big bang, the likes of Dee Siren, Rachel Reveals and Creampie Ronja and now I’ve been lucky enough to find another. Her name is Dirty Katy and she looks amazing as well as being a naughty married gangbang wife. In fact she has hooked up with Creampie Ronja on a few occasions for naughty gangbang parties. Welcome to the blog Katy. Here’s some more info from Katy herself.


So here I go, wanting to tell a little about myself to all of you out there. I´m Katy, a little petite next door girl, who is a bit different then the others. And that in a really tasty way. A couple of years ago, I simply started to get bored with my sexlife. I was in a long term relationship and wanted to try out something new. It was at this time is when I bought my first video camera. In fact I just bought it for my work (I’m a dog trainer) to show my customers their mistakes and their progress in handling their dogs.

But this little camera also changed my whole life. One night I asked Thomas, my husband, if he would like to make a porn movie with me. Just for the fun of it. He was a little bit surprised but accepted my offer with a big smile on his face. I remember him asking me, if I´m talking about real porn, like with facials and everything. I just simply wanted some experimenting.

At this time our sexlife was pretty much standard, like really nothing special with it at all. But we haven’t been talking too much about each others preferences and kinky fantasies. So when the idea to make a private porn movie, got to be the first step to changing all these things. Boring sex.. long gone.

Every time the camera was on, we tried something new and started experimenting, so this made us open up to each other like we never had before.

Through the years we have met different swinger couples, some porn starlets and then of course our website members, who all joined us in our amateur clips.

Dirty Katy

Check out Dirty Katy’s Website Here


September 6, 2011

Meet Ms Petite

It’s about time we said hello to a new hotwife. Ms. Petite from Seattle has been in touch and wanted to say hi to you all. She’s got some hot stories coming up soon of her extra-marital adventures, she’s also started a website with some nude shots of her. Here’s some more info from the hot blonde herself.


I’ve always been a very sexual person but everything changed when we bought our first digital camera. I let my husband take several naughty photos of me, for him to take on his business travels. One day he sent me an e-mail linked to an amateur MILF web-site and mentioned I should check out the site. Well to my shock and surprise he posted some of those pictures of me on this site.

After the initial anger of seeing me nude on the internet, I became quite aroused imagining men and women around the world were masturbating to my photos! Needless to say I was hooked on taking and sharing more.

As he and I took and posted more of them I began to receive loads of e-mail, request and offers to experience things I would have never dreamed of as an everyday housewife. In the last few years his trips overseas became longer and longer. At the same time my needs and desires became greater, and wetter all somewhat influenced by my photo postings.

My husband created a sex monster, all because of a digital camera we bought. So please don’t let me hold you up anymore from looking around my site. Of course the free photos are just a tease and the more explicate photos are in members area. Yes, the bolder I get in my new experiences in life the more they will be posted here for you to enjoy.

See you soon… Hug and Kisses
Ms. Petite

Ms Petite

Check out Ms. Petite’s Website Here


August 19, 2011

Meet Danya

A new wife to introduce you to today. This is Danya from Washington, brand new and ready to go!


My name is Dayna, and I’m new. My husband J and I are posting on this site to share our adventures with the world, and I’m super excited! A little bit about me – I’m 33, was married for 10 years before I met J, and while I always fantasized about the sort of things we are doing now (and about to share with all of you), I was WAY too sheltered and timid to ever act on it. But J opened me up (ha ha, literally) to the “lifestyle” and I’m having so much fun! Even though I’m pretty new still, the experiences we’ve had so far have been awesome and I can’t wait to share it with all of you (which we will be doing soon, promise). Hope you will cum along for the ride with us!


Check out their new blog here


July 26, 2011

Meet Jill

A submission today from Jill, a married hottie from California who’s about to take the plunge into the world of hotwifery.


We are a married couple who have had a hotwife fantasy since before we even knew there was a word for it. Over the years, hundreds of guys (in my head) have made me cum while we have sex. We are in the early stages of taking our fantasy to reality. Part of the process is knowing if there really are hundreds of guys who would gladly fuck me. We thought we’d conduct an informal poll on Hotwifeblog.com. Let us know if you like the picture. Would you want to be one of hundreds? :-)


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