April 10, 2014

Solo games

My wife and I have been having a lot of hot wife fantasies of late and I think we are getting pretty close to a first experience so I thought I would share some of the experiences that have brought to this point.

We have tried all manner of swinging activities from threesomes to swinger clubs, orgies to an interracial gang bang, I guess you could we say we have tried a lot of things. Many of them were really sexy - our first ever experience involved a guy we met while out clubbing one night, we partied the night away and when our inhibitions had been seriously depleted we invited him back to ours for a 3sum - I’ll maybe tell the full story in another post but suffice to say we had a very hot time. At one point I held my wife in my arms while the other guy stood behind her and fucked her ass. I guess this was the start of my cuckolding fantasies. The next day I could hardly bear the mixture of emotions that I was feeling, the sound of her moaning in pleasure as he fucked her reverberated around my head. I felt horrible but really aroused!

Regardless of other swinging experiences we had, with couples or larger groups, the thought of my wife being fucked by other guys was still the one that turned me on the most. That’s not to say my wife feels the same. I think she is more turned on by the thought of getting it on with another woman, which of course I am all for, although a mff (or even an ff for that matter) is one of the experiences that still eludes us.

Saying that I know my wife is hot enough for the idea of getting it on with another guy even just to torment me. We had a hot mmf with a black guy we met off a swinger site. It wasn’t the sexist experience we ever had by a long shot - in fact it was all a bit business like tbh, however he had the biggest cock I have eve seen! I mean I have always felt pretty secure in my manhood (7″ and pretty thick) but this guy was a monster, at least 11″ with serious staying power. Again maybe I’ll share the full story sometime but I don’t want to digress too much here.

So our 3 sum fantasy developed into bbc fantasy which has since developed into a fantasy of my wife having a solo experience. She goes away on business trips quite a bit so has some opportunity. Recently she accepted an invitation of a date with some guy she met on the train while travelling in Europe, she said he was very attractive and she flirted with him while they chatted which led to him asking her out for a drink to which she said yes. Nothing ever came of it but the fact that she accepted really drove me mad with a heady concoction of jealousy, desire, fear and horniness!

We have tried some role playing, I love it when she masturbates while thinking of other guys. One guy in particular, an old school friend of hers, keeps coming up in our fantasies. The other night she told me to go into the spare bedroom as she wanted some privacy so she could masturbate while thinking of him. I sat in the spare room, naked with a raging hard cock. I could hear her moaning in the next room, after what felt like an eternity she called me back into the room. I knew she had had an orgasm by the way she was breathing. I got down between her legs and started to lick her cunt which was extremely wet and swollen. She told me how much the thought of fucking him turned her on and how much she wanted to make that fantasy reality, and she came again this time in my mouth, I imagined that her cunt was full of his cum as well and what that would taste like.

So now she is about to go on another business trip - she says that she will be responsive if she gets chatted up by someone she finds attractive and that she is ready to take it further if it feels right although she probably won’t initiate anything - I am in equal parts terrified and turned on - we will have to wait and see!

Submitted by: HotwifeSpecial, UK


April 6, 2014

2nd BBC

My Wife Bedded a 2nd BBC

My wife went to Miami last week and was there for 5 days on a case she was assisting with. The other Lawyers with her on the case both pretty square people. One being a man in his 60s and the other a woman in her 30s. Both I know and neither anything near wild or sexual in a swinging way. Quite Vanilla actually.

My wife had tried to coax her boyfriend to make a trip but he couldn’t get away from the office nor his family for that length of time. Jen was pretty miffed about this trip as she just didn’t want to go. But there was no way out of it so she sucked it up.

When she came back it was Friday night and I asked her if she was going to go out with her boyfriend over the weekend. I figured I’d get an excited response you would expect from a woman who craved sex with her boyfriend but she merely shrugged and smiled when she said she didn’t know. I expected to see her dress to go out while yelling at him on the cell to meet her at 9 at whatever restaurant.

Her ambivalence was somewhat disconcerting as she took a bath and relaxed listening to soft music. After she was done she came out into the living room wearing a T shirt and panties. That wasn’t like her. Usually when she parades around our place in panties she is horny and will work up to ordering me to give her oral. She does enjoy teasing me before hand.

Jen very much loves when I give her oral and she was more aggressive then usual this night as she had me lay on the bed and she squatted over my face with her pantied pussy right over my face. She does enjoy that tease and she taunted me with her muff as her essence absolutely makes me nuts every time. I was made to tongue her pussy on the outside of her undies while she smiled down on me with her taunting tone. That power over me is so like a drug to her when she’s in this mood.

She then said something funny and asked if I sensed anything different about her pussy as I began tonguing her clit with her pantie pulled sideways. Her clit was fattening up quickly which was building up her excitement. Mixed with her power over me she can sometimes say things she might not say in normal conversation but that got me interested. Why would her pussy be different I asked. Jen smirked down at me. She was being coy and when I asked again she tried to change the subject by ordering me to eat her pussy more. I knew something was up and asked again. She grinned but then fessed up. “I fucked a black guy in Miami last night.”

This floored me and I stopped tonguing her pussy. She asked if I wanted to hear about it all. I was like omg yea I do. She said then keep eating my pussy and I will. I continued tonguing her clit and she told me how she met the guy in the hotel lounge. He was staying there as well and was in his late 30s and hung nice and thick just like her 1st BBC. The guy was very interested as they met Tuesday night and was aggressive but that she didn’t bed him until Thursday night but that he started in on her from get go. It seemed to excite him knowing she was married she told me.

She told him all about me on Tuesday night as he was all questions about me. What I did for work etc. With every drink they had the conversation became more riske’ as by the end of the night he was asking how the sex was with us. Before leaving him she had answered it wasn’t so hot. She explained how I had some ED issues.

They met up again Weds night but she had gotten there late and was only there for a few drinks. He was all over my ED issues from get go however. He even told her she might enjoy bedding a black man. He was quick to add he had no such issues and that she really made him hot. She left him again but knowing she was leaving Friday night he pressed her for dinner the next night. Jen accepted. It was then she says she made up her mind to fuck him.
They met for dinner and had drinks in the bar but not for long. They went back to her room and she says he didn’t lie about having sexual issues. He was a bull all the way. She said the sex was just incredible.

By this time I had worked her up to a very intense orgasm and as usual I was given permission to jerk off after. She stood up off the bed and was looking at herself in the mirror as I jerked off while telling her how hot that made me hearing about this. She’s now been with two black men. That was wild. She then made me promise not to tell her boyfriend whom I do see on occasion when he stays over. She grinned down at me when I promised and she sat next to me on the side of the bed as I flailed away building up to my ejaculation. She stroked my leg as she grinned at me. “It turns you on knowing I fuck other men like that doesn’t it?” I nodded as she developed even more evil on her grin. “Remember when you 1st told me you wanted me to fuck around? How it was two yrs before I did?” I nodded in excitement. “I fucked two guys behind your back during those two yrs and both were blk guys sweety. And I fucked one several times.” Hearing this was amazing as I exploded on my hand while she continued stroking my leg. Grinning the whole time she got a kick out of how I came as hard as I did. Me? I was looking at her wild eyed like OMG!

She chuckled and kissed me on the forehead saying: “I’ll tell you about them the next time I need you to eat my pussy but Once you said you wanted me to fuck around like that with other men? That’s all I could think about sweety. I needed to check things out.” She got up and went to the kitchen and she wouldn’t tell me anything about them until the next time we did our thing.

By: loyalhub617


April 2, 2014



I’m a 39 year old male who is married to a 28 year old. My wife’s name is Amy and she’s beautiful. Despite the age difference, we get along well. We live in the Indianapolis area. I own a business and Amy works at a professional job. Although we have plenty of money, Amy chooses to continue to work and delay having a family.

Our sex life isn’t very exciting, but at least we have sex. Its far too rare for my liking. I’m not a great lover. I’ve got some health issues that make it difficult for me to maintain an erection. Thank god for medication. But even with this help, I can tell Amy is often left unfulfilled. Most of the time, she doesn’t seem to mind. She’ll hug me after and snuggle. There are times in the heat of the moment when she verbally expresses her disappointment with my condition. I’m probably 6’2” and 240 lbs, but I need to lose some serious weight. The extra weight also contributes to my health issues.

Amy by contrast is beautiful. She is relatively thin but in a healthy way. She exercises nearly daily during her lunch break and you can tell. Like all women, she thinks her ass is too big. Its not. Its perfect. Her legs are toned. She has dark hair that smells great and bright eyes. Her breasts are relatively small. The one time I looked I believe her bra was 34b. She’s extremely sociable and talkative. If she had one bad side, its probably the fact that she is materialistic. She came from a family with money and always expects to spend her money on very nice things.

As a nice weekend away, we headed up to Chicago for the night. We went to a play and were staying at a nice hotel downtown. After the show we went to grab a drink at a nice upscale martini bar near the hotel. I was wearing a jacket and tie. Amy looked great in a tight black dress that came down to mid thigh. Her stockings were dark and they were the type that was held up by a garter belt. She knows that it drives me crazy to see her in those. Amy’s hair was done up and she had her jewelry and makeup on. She simply looked classy in every sense of the word.

It was relatively late, but we weren’t tired at all. The bar was pretty full. There were no tables open so we sat down at the bar itself. We had a few drinks. It doesn’t take Amy long to start feeling it since she doesn’t drink much. For myself, I really need to be careful how much I drink due to my medications.

The gentleman playing the piano had stopped. We could tell it was getting late and a few tables opened up. The next moment the gentleman playing the piano was seated down at the bar next to Amy. He said hello and ordered a drink. He was a black man in his late 40s most likely. He had short hair, an engaging smile and seemed to be just generally big. He was probably no taller than I was, but he just seemed to more bulky.

Amy immediately started complimenting him on his piano skills. She is always very social, but when she is drinking it probably compounds itself. She was leaning into him and talking closer to his ear than she might normally. It really was no big deal. She wasn’t flirting at all, but I imagine a stranger could misinterpret it. I introduced myself. His name was Earl.

We continued to drink together for the next hour or so. Earl bought us drinks. We drank them. I bought a round of drinks and we all drank them. You’ve got to understand that Amy probably had at least 4 glasses of either martinis or wine at this point. Although I had mostly beer that evening, I was starting to feel drowsy.

I probably stopped talking as much as I got a bit sleepy. Amy didn’t notice and seemed to just talk more. I looked over at Earl and he was patiently nodding and smiling as she spoke. He wasn’t leaning in or touching her except for an occasional gesture. I could tell he was looking right into her eyes as she spoke, and I can only imagine that he found her as beautiful as I did.

I was getting sleepy and asked Amy if we should head back. Amy protested that she was having fun. We all agreed to have a couple more drinks at the bar underneath our actual hotel. It was a short walk. We found a table and sat down to order. Even before the first drink was done, I knew I was crashing. Amy wasn’t even paying attention to me anymore. She was smiling more than ever and was right next to Earl while they talked. He periodically would look down at her pert breasts or her thighs as she talked to him. I recall thinking that it was somewhat natural. Even I look at pretty girls occasionally.

I announced that I had to go upstairs and lie down for a second. Amy refused to go up and said she’d join me in a while. Earl seemed like a gentleman, but it really was getting a bit too close. I couldn’t cause a huge scene. I headed back up to the elevator to my room. I got a drink of water and lied down. My intention was that I would take a 15 minute cat nap and then go back down.

I didn’t fall asleep. My nerves started to grow. I started to get more and more worried about Amy and what she was doing. As I drank more water, I started to gain my senses. I refreshed my face and changed into more comfortable clothes. I ate something and headed back down to the hotel bar.

When I got down there, the first thing that I saw was Amy leaning into Earl. His arm was around her shoulder and he was whispering something into her ear. She giggled and I could see her stare at his crotch. He brought her hand over and must have set it on his lap. I couldn’t see because the table was blocking most of my view, but it appeared that Amy had her hand in his crotch area.

They whispered some more and suddenly Amy slid away just slightly. She had a bizarre nervous smile on her face and I could tell she was sitting up. Suddenly Earl reached over and put his hand between her legs under the table. Immediately I saw Amy’s eyes widen suddenly in delight and then shut to enjoy the sensation. It appeared that Earl was touching her pussy. I couldn’t see a thing. He leaned into Amy and kissed her. She gladly accepted. There was no hesitation. They whispered some more and Earl got up and started walking.

For some reason, I hid. It wasn’t like I should have hidden. It wasn’t me that was playing with another man’s wife. But all the same, I stepped around a corner and out of the way. Earl walked off. I wasn’t sure what the heck just happened. I walked a bit further and called Amy on her cell phone. She answered. She sounded completely normal as if nothing had been happening. She told me that she was going to stay awhile and have some water before heading up. She told me to go to sleep and not worry.

Just a few minutes later, Earl came back. He kissed Amy on the cheek, held out her hand and escorted her off. They went back into a corridor. It was obvious that they were going to some empty conference rooms. I couldn’t really follow them back without getting caught. Again I couldn’t understand why I was trailing them, but yet not stopping it. I became confused.

I went down the corridor slowly. I heard Earl around the corner say “its locked”. And then he spoke to Amy and said something about “over here”. I couldn’t see them but could tell they were up ahead around a corner.

When I got my nerve to slide around the corner, I realized that there was a big open atrium type area. It was the type of area that might be used as a waiting area or break area for those going into the conference rooms. There were couches and the lighting was only dimmed. I could see Amy standing up towards a back corner. Earl was going crazy kissing her. He had her dress hiked up and I could just see the top whiteness of her thighs above her stockings. Her black heels were still on. She looked like a high price call girl almost. He was fingering her, and pawing her and seemed to love it. I saw Earl finger Amy and then put his lips to her mouth. I’d hear her giggle and coo in response.

With an instant, Amy broke off and started rubbing his pants. She dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants. She dropped to her knees and started sucking him. It looked large. I could tell Amy wasn’t going all the way down on it. Earl gently stroked her head and seemed engaged by looking down and trying to view her pretty lips going over his cock. Amy had never been a big fan about sucking me. Here she was acting like a complete whore for a man that she just recently met.

I contemplated stopping it. But I didn’t. I tried actually to move closer, but could not. There was too much risk of being caught. Within a few minutes, Amy was being bent over the back of a couch. Her dress was hiked up and Earl was mounting my beautiful wife. I could barely see her facial expressions, but I could hear her well. I heard the initial gasp as he slide into her. I heard each of Earl’s grunts as he fucked my wife. I heard Amy whimpering and gasping. I occasionally heard Amy mumble….oh fuck.

It wasn’t long, but I could tell Amy had orgasmed. It was undeniable. Earl actually stopped at one point. He was mumbling something, and then all of a sudden Amy turned back around. I could tell he was offering his cock to her. The light must have been a bit different and I saw it more plainly in the distance. It looked shiny and big. Amy was down for just a moment before Earl positioned her onto a couch.

He was fucking her again. This time Earl seemed more intent. He was going fast. Perhaps he was worried about getting caught, but he was hammering her relentlessly. Amy couldn’t even contain her noises now. She was getting fucked seriously in a way that I never had taken her.

Earl sped up for one more quick series of thrusts and then collapsed. He had cum. I didn’t know if it was in her or on top of her. They laid motionless for a minute and were just kissing. They whispered and were back up. They started to clean themselves up. I slid out of the room and ran upstairs back to my room.

About 30 minutes later, Amy walked into the room. She spent a few minutes poking around and I could tell she was about to take a shower. She assumed I was asleep. I wasn’t. I was too curious to know whether she had taken his cum. I was still hard. As the alcohol wore off, I found my erection growing. I had to make a move.

I got up and entered the bathroom. Amy was in a robe and taking off her makeup. She immediately saw my pecker poking out and just said “oh looks like someone was having some nice dreams.” I realize that my cock probably looked small in comparison towards what she just saw. Amy saw that look in my eye and said “oh honey, not now…its late….”

I didn’t care. I wouldn’t be stopped. I knelt down in front of her and tried to lick her thighs. She pushed me away and said she wasn’t in the mood. I reached out my hand and started to finger her. She was gooey. He had definitely cum inside her. “I’m not in the mood…its been a long day”: is what Amy barked out. I didn’t care. I put my mouth to her crotch again. Amy seemed to resign herself. Or maybe she wanted it. Either way, she didn’t push me off this time. She seemed nervous. It was obvious. A few times I looked up and I could sense a nervous look in her eye. I think she wondered if I could tell. It was almost as if she was curious to know whether I tasted Earl.

I proceeded to eat Amy like I hadn’t in a long time. I appreciated her ripe puffy pussy. I felt Earl’s semen still inside her as my mouth sucked at my wife. I was wacking off full force now. My hand was on my penis and moving up and down. As Amy reached orgasm, she bucked up and down on my mouth. She grinded against my lips until I could almost not breathe. It was too much for me. I came in my hand.

She simply smiled at me lovingly and said “do you feel better now.” I did feel better. I cleaned up and climbed into bed. Amy joined in a bit. This happened relatively recently, but I haven’t admitted to her that I know. I do wonder how many other times this has happened. I don’t know whether I should confront her or not. I am afraid that she will leave me if I inquire about it. I am also embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed it to her. I am worried she’ll think I am a perv. Its eating me up inside though. I keep replaying what I saw. The mental anguish of realizing my wife cheats behind my back is both stressful but also erotic. Confused.

By: tomsmith


March 27, 2014

My Amazing Hotwife

This story is completely true and happened a couple of months ago. Two Fridays a month are “singles nights” at or favorite swing club. Kim got ready while I fixed her a drink. She showered and shaved her very pretty pussy, nice and smooth. She fixed her long, blonde hair. Then she slipped on a pair of thong panties. Next, a pair of black stay ups. Then she pulled a short black dress over her head. Now this dress is very short and has side splits, held together with black ribbon. Finally, she stepped in a pair of black high heels.

When we arrived we headed to the bar area. In a short time Kim was surrounded by five or six guys. She was making a point of touching the guys as she spoke to them and they were doing a little touching them selves.

I walked over and gave her a quick kiss. After a minute or so I asked her what panties she had worn tonight. That was her que to lift her dress and show me and the guys her panties. They were sheer and colorful and glowed in the black lights of the club. She looked down at her panties and stroked them with her fingers as she held up her dress to show them how they glow. The guy standing next to her felt them himself. I love to watch a man stroke her pussy through her panties in front of others like that. I took the opportunity to feel them, as well as did a couple of the other guys.

She let her dress back down and I went for a refill her drink. When I got back she had her arms around one of the guys and was kissing him. She played with him on the dance floor and then returned.he show. It was getting pretty crowded. At one point a nice looking guy, Doug, squeezed past her to fix a drink. She had spoken to him earlier and thought he was nice. She playfully pressed herself against him, pinning him to the bar. They talked and flirted for a while. She explained that we only play with single guys and that I was straight and only played with her and he would have to be OK with me joining them if he wanted to fuck her later. He quickly agreed.

A short while later Doug asked if she wanted to go the playroom, upstairs. Kim walked over to me and whispered in my ear, “He’s going to take me upstairs to fuck me. Meet us up there in a few minutes”. That’s a little thing we often enjoy doing. It gives the guy a little head start to get comfortable and enjoy himself before I get there. I stayed downstairs for about ten minutes or so.

When I got upstairs I saw Kim and Doug, through the dim lighting, over on one of the sofas, in a corner of the room. Kim was still clothed but Doug was naked and standing before her. She had one hand on his hip and the other on his cock, a nice sized cock, with the tip in her mouth. OMG she looks so hot when she does that.

I squeezed past them to get to her other side and stripped off while she sucked his cock. She looked back, smiling at me, and then forward again to lick and suck his cock some more. Soon, I took her dress and panties off, leaving her in stay ups and heels.

Another guy, sat on her other side and pulled his cock out. Kim lay back, with her heels on the floor and her legs open, while Doug licked her pussy. She had a cock in each hand. Soon, I knelt beside her so she could suck my cock while Doug continued to lick her. She was still playing with the other guys cock and he had his hand in her tits, squeezing them and tweaking her nipples.

Doug sat beside her while she helped him with his condom. Meanwhile I started to fuck her.

When he was ready I returned to her side and watched him put his cock into her. That is an incredible sight, seeing a big cock slip inside her. He fucked her, for a while, on his knees while she lay back and began to suck my cock again, as I knelt beside her. The other guy seemed content to watch and play with her tits, as she held and stroked his cock. I sat back down and Doug lay on top of her and started to whisper in her ear telling her what a great fuck she was and how nice her pussy felt. She told him he needed to fuck her harder.

He got back up on his knees and began fucking her hard. She had a cock in each hand and Doug fucking her as hard as he could. It didn’t take him much longer to cum in her. I took his place and fucked her for a while but I like to save cumming for when we get back home. As we got dressed we noticed a number of other guys that had been watching the show and enjoying how sexy my wife is.

We said our goodbyes and left. At home we had incredible sex together, as we always do, after a night of playing. I have to be one of the luckiest guy on earth to have such a beautiful, sexy and playful wife. It is so incredibly hot to watch her get fucked by one or more guys and then take her home to fuck her afterwards.


March 23, 2014

Became my ex’s bitch

Story removed at users request.


March 19, 2014

Trying out the bed

First time fun from Hotwife Ann…

The first time my wife, Ann had another man was so great. I am hooked on watching her with other men. It’s so addictive. I remember the first time like it was yesterday. Me and my friend were building a new bed frame for my wife. When we finished it, Ken my friend said “OK let’s all try it out with your wife!”. We all laughed at the joke but I secretly would have loved that to have happened.

Later that night me and my wife were in bed and she said “If I tell you something, promise you won’t get mad”. I said “I won’t”. She told me when Ken had said that she got very excited. She went on to say that she would never do anything to hurt me but she got all horny and masturbated a few minutes later. I got all excited and said “If I let you would you want to?”. She said she would but was worried how I would feel about it. I told her I had thought it would be hot to see her fuck another guy and asked her if she wanted me to call him. She said “If you really want to see it, I would like to try it.”

I called Ken straight away and told him what we were talking about. He was at our house in literary ten minutes. When he arrived my wife was nervous but we had a few drinks and she loosened up a bit. I suggested we go into the bedroom and we made our way there. Then things really started flowing. In a few minutes we where all nude and then playing. It was a great night, I watched my wife cum three times with Ken. He came twice in that night.

After that first night, she has regularly had other guys, sometimes with me watching and sometimes she just comes back and tells me about it. I love it all!

Dannys Wife

Submitted by: Daniel - Alabama, USA


March 9, 2014

Wife fucks Bartender

Cuckold Place Update

Wife going out with bartender tonight

Hello Everyone, my hot, young wife is going out after work this evening with her bartender. She has fucked him once about one month ago. She claims it was for me and though I enjoyed seeing her creampie afterwards, fucking multiple times, and eating her freshly fucked pussy, I never really feel totally at ease with what is going on. Most of the time, it has been me pushing her to do the deed. She is a cocktail waitress by trade and fucks like you cannot imagine. She is quite younger than I and we have been married for 12 years, and happily so or so I think. She has been with several men since we have been married. Stay tuned for quick updates. Anyone can give me words of encouragement so that I may be more at ease. Her previous fuck session with him was not what she expected. She was hoping for a larger cock. I think he was the same size as me.

She has left for work. My pacing around the house has begun though it will be at least 9 hours from now til she cums home. That is a very long time to stroke one’s cock waiting for the creampie to cum home, but stay tuned.

Still waiting and probably for another 5 hours til 2 in the morning my time on the west coast at best case scenario, she will probably be later than that, hopefully he puts two loads in her for me to play with. Driving me crazy here.

She finally came home around 2:30 a.m. and she had been fucked hard with cum still seeping out of her swollen pussy. I turned the bedroom light on to get a better look but couldn’t really see much cum if any leaking out. Her pussy was still wet with cum and I certainly tasted it. I wanted to take a few pictures, but she wasn’t really into that, she just wanted me to fuck her. I came pretty damn quick. She told me how he fucked in four different positions until she finally came for him which is quite a feat in itself He got her on top, from behind, the side, and finally she rode him home. She told me she sucked his cock for quite some time being that the only other time they fucked she did not suck him. All in all, quite a good evening, better than expected, though the wait was killing me. My cock was quite sore from stroking it til she got home. I fucked her again this morning, again in the afternoon, and will again this evening. the mind game is incredible. The endorphins that race in one’s brain is like heroin, stay tuned for next weekend, hopefully I can talk her into fucking the bartender again.

Here are two pictures from last Wednesday, she got fucked by him 3 times and by me 6 in a 12 hour period of time. I kid you not, she was so full of cum and tasted so good, absolutely the time of my life. She actually sat on my face when she got home from her date and dripped all she could in my mouth. I just about came right there… Enjoy…
My wife

By: norcalcpl101

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March 1, 2014

Wife at their mercy

Cuckold Place Update

Wife At Thier Mercy

I haven’t posted in a while, but tonight is special and I am so aroused that I can hardly take it.

My wife travels and stays the night at hotels for her job. This almost always leads to her fucking other men, usually either someone she works with or a guy she meets in the hotel bar that night. However this is different. She is out of town for 2 nights starting tonight. It has been about 1.5 years since she was last where she is and I knew she had fucked several guys who were friends the last time that she was there, so I assumed they would be spending time with her again. My assumptions were correct, but I had no idea what the plan was.

She called me at 6:30 because she wanted to talk to me before she goes with them. When I asked what “Go with them” means and who “them” is she quickly explained that they are four friends and they had given her directions to a parking lot in town and that they would meet her there. As we talked they pulled in and she quickly explained that she is getting in their car with them and they are taking her somewhere and she is leaving her car behind. Then she told me she loved me and hung up. Five minutes later I got a short text from her “I had to leave my purse, ID, money and clothes in the car. It is cold! By the time you read this my phone will be turned off and I am giving it and my car keys to them. Love ya!”

Part of me is a bit worried, but for the most part I am going nuts with excitement. This is a rare side of her. She likes to be submissive and is into light bondge, discipline and some tit toture, but this is a rarity. She has never put herself in such a helpless position before. She obviously had an idea of what to expect, because she wasn’t the least bit worried when we talked. The idea of my wife in a car with 4 men who I do not know in a town of 130,000 that is 5 hours away, naked, with no ID, no money, no phone, no idea where her car is (she is horrible with directions) and totally at their mercy until they are finished with her is amazingly erotic! What could they be doing to her? Massive gangbang? Extreme bondage? Forced prostitution? The imagination is the limit! Whatever they want to do to her she will have to submit to. She has no escape. I love it! I don’t expect to hear from her before tomorrow. I don’t think I will sleep much tonight LOL

By: stubbyhubby36

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February 21, 2014

Out of town

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Out of town on business

I had to go out of town on business to a small town in the mid west, and I stayed to a local hotel in town that had a bar. I decided to go for dinner and since I was out of town I decided to dress a little sexy. Nothing obscene but something more than I would wear to church on Sunday. I wore a moderately short black skirt, black thigh highs, high heals and a thin (but not see through) black top. I left my panties and bra in my room.

After a pleasant dinner, I returned to the hotel. The bar was fairly crowded and I could only find one seat at the bar next to black guy playing a video game. He was a salesman having a drink and merely passing the time in another town. I struck up a conversation and I started playing the video game with him. After a couple of drinks I had scooted my chair next to his so that the length of my thigh was next to him, I looked at him and the look said I wanted to fuck him.

After a while I had my arm over his shoulder so that my braless breast was rubbing against his arm. My skirt had also risen so that he could clearly see the tops of my stockings. The bar tender announced last call at the same time I got up to use the restroom. After I went, I walked over to him over to him and whispered into his ear that he should come up to my room for a drink, and he quickly agreed, even though he was a little dumbfounded, after all I was a married woman.

The two of us left the bar and strolled to the elevator. We were all very quiet. Once the elevator door closed, I slid my body next to his tried to run my tongue down his throat. Once we got to the room, he sat on the bed and I got on my knees and unzipped his pants. I took hold of his cock and put it in my mouth. It wasn’t long before his first load was in my mouth. For the next two hours or so, we just about fucked each other into exhaustion, and almost every position. I did not even know his name nor did he know mine. It was one of those times where I guess “Right time Right place” applies.

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February 17, 2014

Getting the rent

Getting the rent

I met my husband in college and we really hit it off. We moved in together after four months and haven’t looked back.

After about 6 months of cohabitating, school was really draining our finances. We both worked part time but rent was expensive. My husband started pawning his cd’s and musical instruments. I pawned some of my things too, and remembered I had about 6 months left on a gym membership. I thought maybe I could get a refund for the last 6 months.

When I went to the gym the manager was inflexible. No refunds whatsoever. This black guy who always hit on me and flirted with me was eavesdropping. I pleaded with the manager and explained that I might get kicked out of my apartment. But he was adamant.

I walked away when that guy approached me. We’ll call him Michael. He was the kind of guy who was cocky, in great shape and he knew it. I always thought he was an asshole. I often would catch him ogling me as I worked out etc. and he’d always ask me for dates. Obviously I noticed him as well (I did say he had a great body). But I always was a stickler for personality.

He approached me and said that he could give me some money if I could earn it. I didn’t like what he implied and told him to “f*ck off.” He laughed and said, “It’s not like that. Just go on a date with me… and maybe a bit more.”

He explained that all I had to do is a striptease down to my bra and panties for $500. I snubbed him and walked away.

A few weeks later it didn’t look like we were going to make the rent. My husband (then bf) said he could make some money as a labourer for a construction company. But the job was out of town. Only 4 weeks work. He took the job, but we still wouldn’t have money until after the rent was due.

I called Mike. There was no “date.” He invited me to his place for drinks. I drank more heavily to get courage. After a bottle was done I said I’d like to get it over with. I just wanted to go home.

He put on music. I don’t know what it was. I undressed. I was so nervous. He would tell me to bend over or sway. To slow down. After 2 songs I was down to my bra and panties. I wore a black corset, matching silk panties and garter and stockings. I don’t know why. I guess I wanted to look good. He paused as I went to gather my things. “For $100 more can i squeeze your butt.” Just like that. I figured I was already this far.

He told me to bend in front of him. I did. He seemed to stare for an eternity. Then I felt his warm hand cupping my bum, but it was a bit lower than my bum, also on the gusset of my panties. Looking down I saw his large dark fingers move from between my inner thighs. And it was much less a grab than rubbing. I let him rub for about 15 seconds… but inadvertently pushed against his hand, arching my back. When I realized this, my face grew red and hot, and I stood up straight to gather myself. When I turned a big grin was on his face. I told him, “Ok, I think we’re done.” He kept smiling. Then grabbed an envelope from a nearby dresser. He pulled out 6 one-hundred dollar bills…he had lots more in that envelope. My stomach had butterflies and I felt dirty. But I was also excited. “Three hundred for another touch?” He had already pulled out another $300. I just nodded. “This time from the front.”

I walked toward him. His hand moved between my thighs and rubbed. My legs felt rubbery. The contrast between our two tones was stark. “You look good with black on your skin” he said. I didn’t miss the double entendre. “It’s hot down here,” he said, “you’re getting moist.” as he rubbed.

Then deftly, he pulled aside my panties and had a finger inside me. I moaned and put my hands on his shoulder for balance. I moved my hips. It felt good. Naughty. As he finger fucked me he fumbled with his pants. Finally he released his cock. I’m not good with measurements but it was big. At least as big as my dildo and that’s 8 inches. But more wide. I could smell him when he pulled it out. He yanked down my panties which popped the clips on my garters. He grabbed my forearms and drew me down onto my knees between his legs. I had his cock in my mouth before he even said, “Suck my cock bitch!” My panties around my knees, inhaling his musk.

He pulled off his shirt as I sucked him. He pulled my hair and called me a slut. To be honest, I was being a slut. His being rough seemed right. His being black seemed right. He kept pulling out his cock and slapping my face with it. His precum was all over my cheeks. “Fucking uppity white bitch… you’re all the same in the end.”

In no time he had me on all fours. He told me there’s only one way to fuck me; on all fours like a bitch. He told me to move my hips like I wanted it. I did, arching, swaying, whimpering. Finally he put his big cock in my pussy. His hands alternated between my hips, my waist or pulling my hair with his thumb teasing my ass. He just kept telling me what a slut I was and how he like fucking white sluts like me. How easy were were. If I didn’t want it, I wouldn’t have showed, he said. How I dressed to turn on the men at the gym. From my shorts to my sweat pants. He told me I should be gangbanged, all while his cock seemed to split me in two. He told me he has a few friends he’d like to take a piece of “this white ass.” I never thought of risks. I was on the pill. I was being stupid. He took particular joy in cumming inside me. I even cleaned his cock after. Fuck, I thought, this man is hot!

He told me not to wash up. To put on my panties. To go home to my bf like that. He didn’t know he was out of town. He gave me the entire contents of the envelope. I didn’t count it until days later. I felt like a whore. I guess I kind of was.

I told my husband (then bf) that I stripped for him, but nothing more. There was $1200 in the envelope. For all the shame, I still think his big black cock was beautiful as was every other part of his body. And I won’t deny I was so turned on when he dominated me. I masturbated this morning imagining he fucked me again. Oddly I get wet almost every time I work out now. Thinking of returning to some sort of silent call. My husband, my loyal companion. Be he was my tryst… my first of many Masters.

by: Pictureofagirl

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