April 26, 2013

True life emailed

Cuckold Place Update

A True Life Story Emailed

I have in the past submitted stories about my life and how I was cuckold by my second wife. Having posted a story on another web site, I received a lot of negative responses from guys who just didn’t get it. However, there were also some positive responses and one man from Germany wrote to me to say that he enjoyed the story and that his own life was not dissimilar. He asked me to tell me more of my life and I found myself writing a full and true account of my experiences. Things I had almost forgotten came back to me as I wrote a number of emails to this man, I also found myself being turned on, as I relived the events and he came back with details of his life and more questions about mine, so I have decided to copy the emails here, in order that others may get something from our own true life experiences.

It would be nice to here what you think and as I am still writing to my new found friend in Germany, I’ll post the emails and some of the replies.

EMAIL to me:
Dear Jim,
hello from Germany. We are about the same age, I am 57. It seems to me, that we are very similar cuckolds, with very similar cuckold biographies. My first and only marriage ended in a divorce mainly because of cuckold-related-issues, although my former wife loved it to cuckold me and she did it with great pleasure for herself with my best friend. Today I live in a new relationship and my girlfriend cucks me only in fantasy games, although she likes the power she is gaining more and more over me very much. Three years ago I would have said, that I have no bi-tendencies but even this is changing. I would like to exchange emails with you, hopefully you are also interested. Please be tolerant with my english, I am a native german speaker. Best Regards

EMAIL to Germany:
Thank you for getting in touch. Your English is very good.

I’ve been a literotica member for a lot of years now and every so often I respond to some of the very negative comments left on a story about the cuckold lifestyle. I enjoy reading cuckold stories and having experienced a cuckold relationship with my second wife who I have kept in touch with. I often identify with the writers. My current girlfriend is not aware of my previous lifestyle and I can’t see me telling her, although I fantasize about it on a daily basis.

The internet has fueled so many of my fantasies and I enjoy cuckold sites. It was only after my second wife and I agreed to separate, that one evening, she treated me to my biggest fantasy. She had arrived home after being with her boyfriend and immediately went up stairs to change. When she came back down dressed in her white towling dressing gown, she poured herself a glass of wine. She sat next to me on our couch and then lifted her legs over mine, at which point I noticed, she only had her white cotton panties on. Her breasts were almost on show as the dressing gown was only slightly closed with a belt. I could tell, she had been drinking slightly and was obviously still horny as she allowed me to stroke her legs and thighs. I knew she had been well and truly fucked by her boyfriend less than an hour before but I had no idea at that point, that what was about to happen, was going to be the most amazing experience of my life. My hands had moved to her crotch and her panties were very wet. I slid from the couch and she opened her legs to allow me access. I slowly removed her panties then quickly passed them over my nose to smell her pussy. There was no mistaking the strong smell of sperm which came from them and this only aroused me more.
I’ll write a bit more later.

EMAIL to Me:
Hello Jim,
thank you for your response and your kindness with my english!

By reading your response and your stories in literotica I have the strong feeling, that we have a very similar biography as a cuckold. I was born in 1955, very happy childhood, loving parents and I had to watch that the bad boys were more successful with the girls I lusted after.

Being a rather brilliant student I finally got my share of women and still do but even these young women in my student-days cheated on me. When I Found out I was shocked, jealous like hell and strangely aroused with a hard-on-that stayed forever! With my french wife (she looks like a twin sister of the famous actress Juliette Binoche) I had a long cuckold-relationship, 8 years as a hidden cuckold, 7 years as a cuckold out in the open. I will write in other emails about it. I am sure, some of my real stories will make you envious with a hard-on to jerk off for hours.

Your creampie story with your former wife makes me envious and gives me a real hard-on to work on. Please continue your stories with all possible details (I don’t have to tell you, what a cuck craves for).

If you have questions please ask as openly as possible, we cuckolds normally don’t have that much people we can talk with.
My best regards

EMAIL to Germany:
I would love to hear more of your own experiences. Myself? I had always considered myself straight but with bi tendencies. I had my first gay experience when I was just newly married for the first time. I was in my late 20’s when I was touched up by a man in a sauna. He was in his late 60’s and at that time I had been going to the sauna purely for relaxation with a good friend. I realised after my first visit that the upstairs area was mainly frequented by gay men and my curiosity got the better of me. I never lost that curiosity and have over the years played along with my bi feelings. I developed an interest in transvestites, particularly ladyboys. I had in my early teens played with some of my mother’s underwear (nothing in cestuous but I loved the feeling of satin which turned me on) later the idea of fucking a ladyboy was something I really wanted. More on all this another time

To follow on with the true story of my second wife.

I should maybe describe her a little. She is tall, 5′10″, very slim with long legs and a beautiful bum. She is 10 years younger than me (she is currently 46). Her breasts are not large but pert with nipples that when aroused will stand out nicely. They are sensitive and she likes them being sucked and tongue flicked. If I was to compare her to someone you might know, I had always thought she looked a bit like Jamie Lee Curtis but with a slight wave in her hair. Not quite the same figure but very close to it. She is a brunette, she doesn’t shave her pussy but her hair growth is light and her pussy always protrudes with a very noticeable clit. Her labia is not too large and from all the women I have been with, she had the perfect pussy which I’ve always found totally irresistible.

To carry on from my last email. I was now sitting on the floor with my wife’s legs either side of me. She was still sitting on the setee. She had a glass of white wine in her hand and her dressing gown was now only slightly closed by the cord at her waist. However, after I removed her sperm covered panties, she parted her legs and the dressing gown opened from her waist down to reveal her pussy. I’ve always loved licking pussy and my wife would always cum hard when I did this. It’s funny but nothing was said. We both knew where she had been and I was totally aroused and fascinated with what was before me.

My first reaction was to touch her, feel the wetness. I dipped my middle finger of my right hand into her and her pussy just opened up for me. My finger slid in, she was so wet and the heat was amazing. We held each others gaze for a moment as my finger moved around inside her. My other hand was on her mound, gently stroking her pussy hair. I was and still ‘am hopelessly in love with her and I knew what I wanted at that time. Whilst holding her gaze, I moved my head to her pussy, her legs parted a little more and just at the point of contact I withdrew my finger to replace it with my tongue. The heat and the aroma coming from her almost made me giddy. She watched me as I firstly licked the outer area of her pussy and then pushed my tongue in as far as I could go.

I shocked myself at how I instantly loved the taste. It was slightly salty, very runny and there was quite a lot of it. The mixture of the familiar taste of my wife’s pussy, combined with another mans sperm was mind blowing and I found myself not just licking it up, bit drinking and swallowing it out of her. I couldn’t get enough and my wife just watched me, whilst slightly moaning. I felt her pussy contract and the next moment I felt even more fluid enter my mouth. I was so aroused, I remember thinking she could piss in my mouth right now and I would have gladly drunk it.

It was only when she suddenly asked me “can you taste him” that I sort of came back to my senses. With my mouth still glued to her pussy, I muttered yes and she then put her hand on my head, to hold me there, as she again contracted and flooded my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of this and moaned to let her know my appreciation of what she was giving me and allowing me to do.

More next time.

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By: slut345


April 18, 2013

Nayas 2 new men

It’s great to hear back from Rick and Naya from Ontario, Canada

This couple are part of all the fun at Hotwife Hub. Their profile is headtotoe if you want to contact them on there.


Hi - It has been awhile since we have submitted an “adventure” as we have not been that active due to Naya being involved with another woman. Her girlfriend has been pre-occupied with a new job of late so we have set up a few capers.

I put an application on Craigslist to find her a couple of new guys to play with including very strict criteria. As always there was a deluge of guys that did not read the advert and who did not follow instructions. We were quick to separate the wheat from the chaff and found two potential candidates for her to play with. She has gone on a “date” with each guy and clicked with both, one a 29 year-old and the other a 35 year-old (Naya is a HOT 41). Both guys have been texting extensively with her to set up dates and we are going to play two different scenarios for her to play out with her new boyfriends.

Scenario 1 with 29 year old

I am going to be at a dinner meeting with clients and she is going to have this young, hung stud over to our house. She is going to have him send me pictures from his smartphone to “distract” me while I am at supper. The only rule that we have in place with this scenario is that he is not allowed to cum until I arrive home to find them naked in our marital bed. While she was on her first date she took a picture of them kissing and sent it to me while I was still at a work function and I found myself incredibly turned on but I digress. I will arrive home from my dinner and will hear her moaning with pleasure and him groaning as he feeds his huge cock to my hotwife’s tight little pussy. I will listen and will then go upstairs and do as I am instructed by my hotwife. If she lets me take pictures of him stretching her pussy, I will send these in to hotwifeblog for all members to see.

Scenario 2 with the 35 year old

This guy is married and is in a “don’t ask, don’t tell” relationship with his wife as she has lost interest in the bedroom in the wake of having kids. His cock is thick like a water bottle and he is craving Naya’s tight pussy as she has never had children. He has asked her out on a date on an evening when I am at a work function. He will meet her at a lounge at 7 and will check into a hotel with her before 8:30 p.m., they will leave a key at the front desk. I will proceed to the hotel after 9 p.m. when my work function is done and will recoup the hotel key and proceed to the room where I will wait at the door and listen to the moans and whimper of my little hotwife as she takes this guys pent up sexual energy full force. I will let myself into the room and will observe her fucking this guy.

Both of these scenarios will be really hot but Naya and I both crave spontaneity and so the other night I made something happen which she did not anticipate. I was hosting a dinner for 7 friends / business associates at a club that I belong to. One of my friends who attended is a guy who I went to college with and we have stayed in touch over the years. He is in an open marriage and I had related that Naya and I follow a hotwife lifestyle. Having met Naya at one of my reunions, he indicated that I was a lucky man and he would love to have the chance to fuck her.

I used the occasion of this dinner to suggest that he might get his opportunity if he played his cards right. I texted Naya while at dinner and I told her that I was horny as fuck and was not going to be out too late and that I would need some help relieving my sexual tension when I got home. She indicated that she was also horny and told me not to be too late or else I “would lose out”. I told her that if she agreed to be in our living room in lingerie watching her favourite porn movie that I would be home by 11. She told me that it was a deal. At 10:30 p.m. I told my friend “Bill” that we had to grab a taxi if he wanted to take me up on my offer. I texted Naya and told her that I was grabbing a taxi and would be home before 11, she texted back and told me to hurry up stating “I need your hard cock now!”.

Bill and I arrived at my house and entered through the front door and walked into the living room where Naya was wearing matching underwear, stockings and her favourite pair of high-heeled shoes, her vibrator was placed strategically on a towel ready for use. She was surprised to see Bill and I smiled and said “there has been a slight change of plans”. I told her that I had been bragging to Bill about how good she was in the bedroom and that he had finally called my bluff and demanded to see for himself. We poured ourselves a drink and sat on either side of my hotwife Naya, you could feel the sexual tension in the room. I started kissing her and stroking her thigh, I looked and saw that Bill was doing the same thing. His hand and mine met at her panties and I gazed down to see him push the fabric to the side revealing her glistening pussy, Naya moaned. As Bill fingered her pussy, I began to massage her beautiful breasts. Naya cooed with the attention and I could feel her relax and let herself be at our mercy. Bill licked her juices off of his fingers and asked her if she would like to lick the pre-come off of his hard cock. She begged him to get his cock out of his pants. He undid his pants and dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles and sat down on the couch. Naya positioned herself on her hands and knees and started to suck my college friend off. I pushed two fingers into her tight little pussy and she writhed with pleasure. Bill and I took turns teasing Naya’s pussy and mouth with our cocks. Naya loves to have her breast coated with cum and after about 2 hours of playtime she begged us to both cum on her tits. Each of us were so turned on that we let go 4-5 jets of semen on her gorgeous breasts. I took a picture of Bill’s cock inside Naya’s pussy with my smartphone which I have attached here.

Naya loves the attention of other men so the hotwife lifestyle lends itself well to our sex life.


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April 14, 2013

First Valentine

Cuckold Place Update

It’s her first valentine with a lover

Well she just called to say the first 3-4 rounds were fantastic and she’s not sure if she wants to stay all night or not. They just got back from eating dinner together and she’s pumped for more. Tonight is full of firsts for her. First time letting another man bareback her, first time being open to making love with him and first time possibly staying all night.

It’s not our first time she’s with another guy so I’m not on the level 10 roller coaster, however it’s pretty nerve racking knowing where and what she’s doing. At the same time i’ve been hard all day!

This is a picture he took for me on their first date. (Tonight is their second)

My slut

My slut

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By: slut345


April 6, 2013

Wifes Date

Cuckold Place Update

Wife’s Date

On Friday 12-9-11 my wife and I met with her new boyfriend. First date, so she was nervous and excited. We met him at a BJ’s and had two drinks. By the end of the first drink my wife was more than ready to go back to his place, but we still had that 2nd drink. At the table, she was sucking his finger and holding his hand, fun stuff. Keep in mind she and I walked with holding hands and the boyfriend was behind us. When we walked out, she was holding his hand and I was walking behind them.

When we walked out to the cars, she rode with him and I followed in our car alone. She later told me that on the way to his place, he was totally going after her tits and she was rubbing his cock in the car. When we got to his place, I got out and gave my wife a kiss and told her to have fun and just said have fun to her new stud. She said to be back at his place around 10:30 to pick her up. I went to a mall and walked around, went to barns and noble, just pretty much walked around and wasted time while my wife was getting a good fucking.

Around 10:20 I went back to his place and waited out in the car in front of his house until about 10:45 when she called and said she was putting her shoes on and would be out in a bit. She came out and got in the car, and I shook the studs hand. He said she was totally hot and looked forward to playing with her again. She then went on to tell me all the fun details us cucks love to hear.

We went home and played around. I ate her well fucked pussy, love the smell of condom and I licked her tummy where he came. I then put in my cock, her pussy well noticeably loose, he is pretty fat in the cock department she said, much more than me. I came in about 15 seconds and she proceeded to rub out another climax on her clit. She said her BF gave her 3 O’s, so one more was perfect for her. She is planning on seeing him again this week some time.

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April 2, 2013

At da swing club

Jake has written in about the first time another guy fucked his wife, actually it was more than just another guy. What a way to start!


My wife is a petite a 5′ 2″, nice medium sized tits and a great round butt and a very tight pussy. She and I have gone to several swinger parties but never participated with anyone other than ourselves. But last Friday we went to a private house party and that all changed.

My wife had had a couple of drinks and was feeling good when a good looking younger guy started flirting with her, telling her how good she looked. As the conversation went on he got bolder and told her he would love to fuck her but she was so small that she probably has a very tight pussy and he has a very large cock and it would not fit in her. She was a little shocked at what he was saying but a little turned on by it too. She was flirting right back with him and asked him just how big his cock was and in response he took her hand and placed it on his pants over his cock. I couldn’t believe it when she started rubbing his cock through his pants and telling him that that is a very big cock. He started rocking his hips while she rubbed his cock and she was really getting turned on by teasing him.

He opened his pants and pulled his very long, very thick cock out and my wife never missed a beat, she continued to stroke his cock and was asking him if he was going to cum for her. He told her he wanted to cum on her ass and begged her to let him rub his cock on her pussy. I was pretty well shocked when she pulled up her sun dress and started to rub her pussy on his cock. He was going crazy with lust and she was really getting off on how much she was turning him on. He turned her around and leaned her over a small couch and told her he was going to rub his big cock on her pussy till he came on her ass. He pulled her dress up to her waist and put his huge cock between her legs and started to dry hump her all the time telling her how great her ass is how he’d love to fuck that tiny pussy. I could not believe this was my wife so totally getting off on this but she was really enjoying it and I was thinking about nothing but fucking that tight pussy later myself.

He reached up and pulled her top down to her waist exposing her tits to everyone there. He could do whatever he wanted with her at that point. One of his friends pulled out his cock and placed her hand on it and she started to stroke him, after a few minutes of that, he stepped closer to her until his cock was right in her face. He ended up rubbing his cock on her face and I could not believe this was my wife when she opened her mouth and started sucking his cock. She had a big cock in her mouth and an even bigger one rubbing her pussy and I knew before long she was going to get that little pussy stretched out, no way it couldn’t happen. The guy rubbing his cock on her pussy pulled back and started rubbing the head of his cock on her pussy, just barely spreading her pussy lips with it. After a few minutes he started to shove the head of his cock in her and she pulled her mouth of the cock she was sucking and told asked him not to fuck her all the while rubbing her ass around on his cock.

He shoved about six inches of thick cock in her and told her he thought it was too late for that. She begged him to stop while panting with need so no, he didn’t even think about it, he just kept fucking her and saying he couldn’t believe how tight and good her pussy was. At this point she knew she had no choice but to satisfy these men and besides, she was really really getting off on it by now. The guy in her pussy came in her but the guy in her mouth kept fucking her and telling her how he was going to fuck her with his big cock. He pulled his cock from her mouth and told her to remove all her cloths and lay spread on the couch for him and as I watched my wife follow his orders I knew this huge cock owned her. She lay back on the couch and spread her legs for him and he shoved the tip of his cock in her and asked her if she wanted it all, she did not want to admit she did but he kept shoving more and more of that cock in her until she finally told him she wanted it and to fuck her, he shoved all his cock in her and she gasped as it went further in than she had ever had a cock in her. He only fucked her a few minutes before he came in her and he told her he wanted her to come back next week and that he and a few friends hung like him would be waiting.

She dressed and we left as she was embarrassed at having gotten gangbanged for the first time and in front of people. When we got home I was so horny I told her to get naked and let me fuck her, as I was fucking her I asked her how she liked getting gangbanged by those big cocks and if she wanted to get used like that again. She wouldn’t answer me but when I asked her if she wanted to get used like that again, she told me ” Jay told me to come back next Friday so I guess I have to”. I came in her so hard I thought I wouldn’t ever stop.

Submitted by: Donald, CA, USA


March 31, 2013

Bring on the Bulls 2

Here’s an update to wonderful wife Jackies post Bring on the Bulls God I love her!


So there I was in that high class Century City hotel room where Presidents stay when they’re in L.A. and this MILF’s favorite place to entertain when in the city of Angels. My first date, a well endowed BBC whom I used to tutor in math and physics during his years as college track star, had just fucked me to my delight My cuckold hubby caught all the action, jerking his cock with one hand while trying to hold the camera steady with his other. I know he must have enjoyed watching that huge black cock stretch my pussy, and my moans as my black bull pounded my little cunt into submission.

My A student made his creamy deposit all over me and was gone…but I was still a horny housewife with a plush room and king sized bed at my disposal.

I told hubby to hand me my phone, it was time to dial up another date. I considered my list of potential fuck buddies. One possibility shouted out to me at once, an up and coming Indie filmmaker who had been begging to meet me for several weeks. Perfect, I thought, a movie maker who would appreciate my cinematic skills!

I made the call from the comfort of my bed with the LA skyline right outside my window, and film guy was good to go. In fact he canceled his afternoon meetings and was on the freeway heading my way soon after we spoke! I love that enthusiastic can do spirit!

I sent hubby out to get us some refreshments while I refreshed myself and got ready for round two.

My 2nd date arrive and “Oh my!” speaking of photogenic! I thought my first date was endowed but this guy was truly ready for his close up. My pussy was still recovering from the pounding it took from date #1 but I was ready for more. I sucked date # 2′s cock up to full size and he was ready to make movie magic.

He pushed his huge fat cock slowly into my recently used cunt and began banging away. After this fucking, my pussy would be so stretched that my poor hubby would never have a tight fit again. He can’t complain because he loves this as much as I do. I looked over at him and smiled as he stroked his dick watching my date’s huge cock slamming in and out of my overworked pussy.

When my 2nd date was done using me to his satisfaction, I showers and dressed up. My hubby was so proud, he took me out for a very romantic dinner. This hot wife life is the life!

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March 25, 2013

Wake up call

Cuckold Place Update

My morning wake up call

This morning my wife woke me up to take our son to football practice early (8am) and rolled over and said to me “You have to go honey or you’ll be late. Just think, by the time you get back I’ll be fully satisfied and filled for you to clean up!”

And the reason is that we have an old friend of hers staying with us in the guest bedroom.. And although I knew that in the past they had messed around before we were married. This completely brazen transparency with “Yes honey I’m going to get fucked while you’re out” turned me on wildly!, I kissed her goodbye knowing that those lips would be wrapped around Grahams cock in less than 30″… hmmmmm.

Now I’m stood on the side of the football pitch with a permanent-semi-erection wondering what they must be up to back at the house, in our bed. And what will be waiting for me by the time I get home, hmmmmm I cant wait to get back.

I just sent her a text to ask her what she’s up to cos I’m going wild with excitement/fear/jealousy/horniness. And she replied “Hmmmm… Morning Cucky… Graham just came down to join me - he heard you go out and is now lapping YOUR pussy between my legs. He’s very good!”

Grrrrrr… I can’t believe it! There is another man in OUR bed eating out my wife as I’m sat here on the side of a football pitch with our son. I can’t wait to get home. So I replied to this “Honey I can’t believe you’re going to cuck me. I can’t wait to get back!”

And sure enough 5 mins later I received back from her “I told you that I would be fully satisfied by the time you get back. Graham is going to fuck me good and proper and by the time you’re back I will be floating in a pool of his cum dribbling out of my well fucked pussy! Ps - he’s much bigger than you!”

I just tried calling her and she kept diverting my calls to voicemail.

Ok now she just picked up and all I could hear was her moaning and him pumping. She didn’t even talk. It was just a deep guttural moan with each thrust and the call can’t have last more than 30seconds. She then simply hung up. I can’t believe there is a man fucking my wife in my bed on Saturday morning. And as I know she hates condoms, I know that what she sent in her text must be true. OMG!?! I’m both incredibly excited and petrified at the same time. After all I know it was me who asked for this. I just didn’t expect it to happen like this or this morning….

So football is now over and I’m heading home. I haven’t heard back from her in over an hour and I’ve tried calling her and texting repeatedly. Then about a minute ago I received this “Purrrrrrrrrrr….. Your little wife has been a naughty pussy and is full of his cream. Are you cumming home soon?” I almost just came in my pants. I’m driving home as fast as I can.

So I walked into the house and my son went to have a shower and I went up to our bedroom to see my wife. As soon as I walked into our bedroom I could smell a different smell. Another man had been in our bedroom and had let off an enormous amount of pheromones. Cos I could smell them instantly. My gorgeous sexy wife was hidden under the duvet curled up and moaned a little as I came in and said “Graham has just gone back up stairs to the guest bedroom. You missed him by minutes honey!” Grrrrr. My cock was instantly hard as I looked at her and asked “So? Did you really?” “Why don’t you get between my legs and find out for yourself?” As I climbed into the bed I realised there was a massive wet patch in the centre and she said.”That’s it honey. I want you to clean out my pussy. Graham left you a nice big creamy present in there for you” She added “I’m sure you will be able to thank him for it later.”

As I leant between my wifes thighs, I had the undoubtable scent of sex and sperm waft up into my nostrils and as I got closer I saw her glistening pussy lips coated in creamy whitness. OMG she - had done it. A pussy that only an hour earlier lay pert, untouched and clean was not pink, puffy, stretched and soaking with another mans cum. As I leant down she pulled the back of my head down and pushed me against her pussy lips as for the first time my face got smothered in our houseguests sperm. “He was soooo good honey! And I can’t tell you how nice it is to feel my hubbys gentle little tongue soothing my well fucked pussy!” She added “Graham was sooo big and sooo good! He seemed to have huge cumload for me”. As i kept lapping away, more and more of his cumload seeped out of her and the more I lapped. More came out and the hornier she got until she finally came on my tongue writhing and spasming, again expulsing a big glob of cum.

As she calmed down and I came up for air - my cock harder than ever and ready to ravish my wife she said: “Na na naaaaa. I promised Graham to not let you fuck me until he leaves tomorrow and that if you wanted me to let you cum after you had cleaned me out you had to go upstairs and ask him to come down and fuck your wife again - but this time infront of you!”

“Then I will give you permission to wank off in the corner!”

To be continued…

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By: Ppeterson196


March 23, 2013

Number 6

Here’s another diary update from yummy hotwife Modesty Ablaze from London, UK. You can check her out and say hi on Hotwife Hub too - Profile Here


My first five lovers were all of a similar age to myself. I’d met them either through work (office colleagues or working for a client) or, in one case, on the morning school walk! They were all from similar backgrounds and circumstances apart from our “open relationship” circumstances of course.

It wasn’t until our first few Swingers Club visits that the opportunity of “playing” with someone much younger than myself arose. To suddenly be approached by younger, much younger, men was at first, hugely flattering and THEN, hugely arousing! And Hubby seemed to love it as well.

But although I found myself so excited by the attention, I was at first, far too nervous to indulge any of the obvious interest I was receiving. We’d chat to them politely and I’d turn to Hubby and whisper “I can’t, I wouldn’t know what to say, or do”. He’d laugh and tell me to “just be yourself and let it happen as it normally does”. And afterwards, when we returned home, our lovemaking would explode in a huge burst of passion as pictures of my young, would-be suitors, flashed through my mind.

It was several months, and several more visits to The Club, before “it” eventually happened. Perhaps the chemistry was just right that particular evening, perhaps I’d had just the right amount of wine, or perhaps it was his cheekiness or assuredness. But having spent 30 minutes at the bar chatting to a simply gorgeous looking young man, my giggling nervousness slowly gave way to a surging rush of excitement as he eventually took my hand and led me off to the “mirror-room”. (Hubby and I call it the mirror-room because although it has a private lockable door, the large mirror above the end of the bed is actually a one-way window which can be looked into from one of the main play rooms). I was wet, and tingling, even before I lay back on the bed and the next 30 or 40 minutes was an amazing experience of just letting myself go in waves of emotion and lust. I was fucking someone almost young enough to be my son and he was loving me, loving my body, telling me how beautiful I was. And I was loving it, loving every thrust, every squeeze, every push, every moment and every climax!

That night was undeniably a life-changing moment for me. Not only having wildly passionate sex with a virtual stranger, but knowing that a young, good-looking, well-mannered and confident young man could find me sexy and exciting was so arousing and flattering that I wanted more!! And over the next few months I was lucky enough to meet several more “gorgeous young men” (My New Young Lover) . And one of them has become a very special new friend indeed. Genuine, charming, intelligent and easy-going. Someone whom you can enjoy having endless conversations with (as well as wanting them to shag you silly!). And he gets on very well with Hubby. So well in fact that we agreed we’d like to spend more time with each other outside of the club-environment. We started meeting him at a local hotel and then when we had the opportunity of the house to ourselves for the first time since Christmas both Hubby and I looked at each other and simultaneously said “shall we invite No.6 ??” (Actually No.6 is not the 6th of my lovers, just the 6th I’d met at the Club). He’d stayed overnight with us on previous occasions at the hotel and I was so excited at now having the chance of waking up in my own, more comfy, bed between two naked men.

We agreed that Hubby would pick him up from the station, but my excitement as I was sorting through outfits to wear when he walked through the door was apparently so obvious that Hubby said “why don’t you drive down and meet him. Just wear your stockings and coat!” I laughed at the outrageousness of his suggestion at first, but was so aroused by the thought that I said “Do you dare me?” I had taken a short taxi journey in a similar state-of-dress before, but driving to the station, parking the car and walking a few hundred yards to wait in a public ticket hall/escalator exit area was a completely different thing altogether.

It was dark, but early evening, so there were lots and lots of people coming and going from the station as I parked the car in the station car park. He’d sent a text just before he’d got on at his stop so I knew approximately how long his journey would take and what time he would probably be coming up the escalator. But he still thought it was Hubby who would be meeting him, so I wanted to be there and waiting for him when he arrived.

My wait seemed much longer than the five minutes it actually was, and I was sure that every person that passed and glanced at me as I stood just inside the main exit, could surely tell I was virtually naked beneath my long grey coat. I was tingling so much with nervousness and excitement that I imagined I must be visibly trembling and shaking. It certainly felt like I was.

He smiled broadly as I saw him step off the escalator and his eyes met mine. I stepped forward to meet him and as we exchanged a brief welcoming kiss I wondered if he could sense, or feel, my nakedness beneath my single layer of clothing. “What a pleasant surprise” he said, “I thought J was going to be picking me up.”

I giggled and replied, “No, I’ve left him laying the table for some snacks”. I took his hand and led him round the corner to the car park. I could feel my nipples scraping against the fabric of my coat as we walked. It was cold, but I knew it was much more than the chilly night that was making them so erect and so sensitive. I activated the unlocking from my key-fob as we approached the car, but I waited until he’d opened his door and slid into the passenger seat before quickly releasing my belt, as I opened my own door, to let the coat fall open as I sat down into the drivers seat. He gasped out loud “Oh my God. You walked to the station dressed like…” I leant across to stifle his words with my first, proper, kiss of the night. His hands slid into my open coat, squeezing over my straining nipples and we were immediately twisting and embracing one another with passionate and gasping kisses. He pulled his lips away from mine for a moment to lean down to suck at my nipples. I pulled his head into me pushing my tits against him for a few seconds before sitting back and telling him “come on, lets go home before we get arrested”. The short drive home was difficult to concentrate on as he wanted to slide the coat down off my shoulders and stroke and caress over my tummy and down to my lap all the while telling me how “amazing” it was to be picked-up in such a way.

I wrapped the coat back around me as we parked the car, but let it fall open again as we walked down the path to our front door. “You can kiss me again if you like” I said as I rang the door bell, know that Hubby would love it as he opened the door to find us embracing on the door step. I closed the door behind me as Hubby and No.6 shook hands and greeted one another. I slipped off my coat and handed it to Hubby as I stepped past them, “could you hang that up for me sweetheart whilst I go and pour the wine”. I heard No.6 gasping again “she’s incredible” as I walked away down the corridor, naked now except for my black hold-ups and black heels and grateful for the sound of my footsteps on the floor as I was so wet I felt I must be squelching with every step.

We sat sipping our wine, No.6 on the sofa next to me and Hubby bringing in several platters of snacks from the kitchen to place on the coffee table before sitting down opposite us in his usual armchair. I stroked 6’s knee occasionally as we chatted for ten minutes or so, before finally feeling it would have to me who would be the first one to break that awkward first “polite conversation moments” that always seem to occur on occasions like these. “Come on you two” I giggled, “I’m the only one who is undressed”. I leant across to kiss him again, this time stroking my hand over his cheek and then round behind his head as I felt his tongue meeting mine. We twisted into one another again, this time without the restriction of a steering wheel and handbrake between us. I began to moan as I felt one hand reaching up to squeeze at my tits whilst his other reached round behind me and stroked down my back. As our embrace became more passionate I began unbuttoning his shirt and then down to his belt. We continued kissing and stroking at each other as I guided his shirt off each shoulder and felt his arms pull away from me long enough to extract himself from his sleeves.

Having unbuckled his belt I lifted myself up off the sofa to drop down onto my knees on the floor in front of him and help slide his trousers from under him as he lifted his hips up off the seat. I pulled his trousers, and pants, down over his knees together, moaning “oh that’s lovely”, as his wonderful cock wobbled and lifted upwards from his lap. I pulled off his socks and dropped them onto the floor behind me before leaning forward and kissing him teasingly on the inside of his thighs. First on the left, then on the right. Then back to the left, moving higher and flicking my tongue against his skin there before moving across to the right again. He reached forwards trying to lift me back up onto the sofa, but I gently shrugged his hands away and kissed higher, leaning further forwards and kissing from left to right and back again. His cock was standing fully erect now, that wonderful head just inviting me to lean further forward still.

He gasped as I slid my lips down over him and pushed my hands against his hips, pushing him back against the seat of the sofa. He willingly spread his knees wider now as I lifted myself further forward, sucking slowly up and down on the warm hardness in my mouth. I lifted away for a moment to tell him “I’ve missed your wonderful cock so much” before licking my tongue around its head and then engulfing him again. I continued my sucking up and down for several more minutes before he slid his hands under my armpits and started lifting me upwards more insistently now. I let him pull me up onto his lap and heard myself groaning loudly as I felt his shaft rubbing against me. My groans were muffled for a moment as we kissed again and I felt his tongue pushing against mine, swirling around in my mouth as he twisted under me. I glanced back over my shoulder to see Hubby, naked now too, sitting forward on the edge of his chair. I reached my hand out towards him, motioning with my fingers to let him know what I needed. He stood and moved off towards the kitchen, returning a minute later to hand me the condom and whispering “it’s beautiful” as I lifted myself up to roll it down over 6’s gorgeous cock. We seemed to adjust our positions almost involuntarily as I straddled myself over his lap and then felt that glorious first push upwards into me. We rocked against each other gently as we continued our kissing, slowly increasing the tempo of him thrusting up inside me, and of me twisting and pushing back down against him. His hands had slid down to hold and guide the rhythm of my hips now and I had mine on his shoulders to steady myself against his wonderfully increasing thrusts from beneath me. I pulled away from our embrace and lifted my head back, “Oh fuck, I love it.” And then “yes suck them” as he leant forward to suck his lips over my left nipple. I leant further backwards on him and brought my hands down to my tits, squeezing them together to swivel them from left to right across his mouth, alternating his sucking from one nipple to the other.

My moans were getting ever more louder as we fucked against each other and I felt myself getting closer and closer. There’s just something so liberating about being able to really let oneself go in the comfort of ones own home . . . and as it came I knew I was gasping out “fucking, fucking coming” with huge screams as I locked my arms around him and buried my face into his shoulder as I shuddered and shook with the waves sweeping through me. We stayed cradled together, motionless save for the gentle spasms of my after-shocks, for several minutes before I was conscious of him trying to carefully slide away from beneath me. I twisted off his lap and collapsed on my back into the corner of the sofa, giggling as he pulled the condom off himself and Hubby stepped forward again to take the (empty) rubber from our guest. “He’s so well trained isn’t he?” I teased only for 6 to chastise me for being “rude”. Hubby and I laughed together, as he said to 6 “it’s quite alright, I do know my place, I’m always clearing up after her”.

We continued our teasing as Hubby returned to top up our wine glasses and I reached forward to stroke his own cock which was wobbling in front of me. “Ooohh, two stiff men to play with” I teased as I nodded my head towards 6 sitting next to me and still hard enough for his cock to be stretching upwards from his lap.

“Why don’t we move upstairs so we can all be more comfortable” Hubby suggested.

“Oh, yes lets” I said, standing up and reaching for each of their erections, “you bring the wine darling, I’ve got my hands full”.

The bed certainly did feel more comfy as I lay back onto the covers pulling 6 gently onto the bed beside me. I sat back against the pillows propped up against the headboard and sipped my wine as 6 knelt over me and started stroking his hand up and down over my thigh. I was soon moaning again as I opened my legs and guided his hand with my own free hand up to my pussy. Hubby knelt down on the other side of me and I passed my glass to him as I slid myself down the bed slightly. 6 moved down with me and shifted to kneel between my legs now, leaning forward to flick his tongue across my pussy lips and then lick deliciously in-between. I stretched my head back further into the pillows and reached out to slide my arm around Hubby’s back and pull him in closer. “Suck my tits” I commanded him as I felt myself getting carried away again with the wetness between my legs and 6’s tongue flicking over and over my clit.

“Oh, god” I gasped out as I felt 6’s fingers sliding into me beneath his still licking tongue, and at the same time Hubby’s sucking my tingling nipples from one breast to the other. I could feel 6’s fingers sliding faster and faster and my hips wanting to push back against them. “Can you fuck me again” I groaned out, pulling Hubby up to kiss him and take his face in my hands. He was returning my kisses with as much passion as I was feeling, and I felt him shuddering and moaning too as I whispered in between kisses, “I love him fucking me”.

I felt 6 get up off the bed, so pulled Hubby into a tighter embrace and moaning as I felt his hand stroking down over my stomach to slide his own fingers into me where 6’s fingers had been just moments before.

6 knelt back onto the bed and I felt his hands lifting my legs up, first just up to his hips as he shuffled forwards and then as Hubby’s fingers pulled away with a wonderful sliding sensation, I gasped out loud again as 6 suddenly lifted my legs higher and up to rest on his shoulders as he pushed forwards into me.

“Oh I love that” I moaned loudly as I felt that wonderful cock pushing into me so deeply, as he lifted me up by my ankles, and pumped into me with rhythmic thrusts and strokes. Hubby describes the motions of his bum as like “a piston” (Balcony Members who have seen my video from a previous hotel evening will know what he means) and with that thought flashing through my mind as he stroked I could hear myself crying out again and coming almost straightaway with loud gasps and crying out “don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me,ohhh fuck me”. I had one hand grasping up to try and support my calves as he continued to pump into me, and with the other hand I was, apparently, squeezing Hubby’s fingers so tightly that they started to go numb and he had to pull his hand away. I reached that hand up instead to grasp my other calf, and continued crying out with the exertion of each thrust. He hadn’t stopped, just slowed and lowered my legs a little before increasing his thrusts and strokes. I felt myself coming again, this time crying out with such gasps and shudders that he came out completely for a moment. He lowered my legs back down flat onto the bed, but then pushed himself forwards to lie over me, sliding his mouth up to suck at my right breast whilst Hubby was sucking and squeezing the left.

I gasped out again, “oh no” as I felt 6 shuffling and twisting over me again, spreading my legs out wider and then pushing himself forwards into me. “Oh fucking hell” I was crying out. I could feel my wetness engulfing his cock again, wet enough to know he was sliding easily into me, but sensitive still to feel his hardness and feel his thrusting. His own breathing was becoming heavier and more pronounced now, and I could sense and then feel his thrusting getting faster and stronger now as well.

It’s not just the physical sensations of a lover coming inside me that I love so much, but that whole feeling of satisfaction and achievement that rushes over me as I feel and hear him gasping and thrusting to his climax. I LOVE it, I really LOVE it . . . and to feel his orgasm arriving with such force and expression often sends me spiralling off into more shuddering of my own. We rocked from side to side as I felt his weight above me relaxing and his thrusts slowly subsiding. I squeezed him into me with my arms around his back and kissed his neck as we lay still.

Our recovery moment was eventually disturbed by my feeling a dampness spreading under my left shoulder. Too wet, and too much, to be us sweating from our exertions, I lifted up to realise it was obviously from Hubby’s own enjoyment as he’d been kneeling beside us on the bed. I’d been too carried away to notice him coming as we’d been fucking next to him. And now it was spreading and dribbling uncomfortably under my shoulder as he lay collapsed onto the pillows above us.

6 lifted up and extricated himself from me his bag completely full this time as I sat up exclaiming to Hubby “Tissues please!!!”

I shuffled myself across to allow Hubby to clean up, and welcomed 6 back to the bed cuddling him into me with kisses and telling him “That was lovely, so lovely!”

Modesty Ablaze

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March 17, 2013

Texas Dreamboat

A Texas hottie has written in with this little tale of a recent encounter with a Bull.


While we were in Florida on vacation, I met up with this guy I used to fuck a long time ago when I lived down there. This was a very rare encounter for me because Mark didn’t come with me. Usually, we do everything sexual together but this guy would have been freaked out by that so Mark said I should just go alone and have some fun on my own. I was very surprised he suggested that and I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea but I really wanted to see this guy because he’s hot, he has a huge cock, and he used to fuck me sooooo good!

So that night, I got all dressed up in a little slutty dress and high heels and drove to a nearby restaurant where I met my hot stud. I could go on forever telling you about how good he fucked me until 4.00 in the morning but I will just show you a pic my stud took when he was done with me. When I got home and told my husband all of the dirty details and proceeded to suck his cock. Judging by the amount of cum he spurted all over my face, I think he was pretty turned on by my little solo adventure. I would have let him fuck me but I was too sore from getting pounded all night, hehe. Wow!…I’m such a lucky wife!

Texas Dreamboat

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March 9, 2013

Wifes webcam show

Cuckold Place Update

Wife Unknowingly Put On A Webcam Show

My wife travels a lot and naturally ends up taking guys back to her room on a pretty regular basis. On her last trip this past week I told her that I wanted her to leave her laptop open with the webcam on so that I could watch her get laid. Just before she went down to the hotel bar she opened her laptop, turned on Skype and left it. About an hour later she texted me that she was headed back to her room with a guy if I wanted to watch.

She ended up putting on a great show. She got on her knees in front of the desk and gave me a great view of her sucking and slurping his cock and telling him how delicious it was. She eventually stood up, undressed in front of the camera, then laid back on the bed and spread her legs and played with her pussy for a few moments in view of the camera before he blocked the view, climbed on her and fucked the hell out of her. The view was great as her fucked her too. He had her legs high and wide giving the camera a great look at his cock slamming in and out of her pussy. She was moaning and groaning the whole time telling him to fuck her pussy good and hard. When he said that he was about to cum she demanded that he shoot it deep inside of her pussy, which he did. After he rolled off of her she laid there playing with her pussy as cum leaked out of her and dripped down her ass and onto the bed. It was an amazingly hot scene.

After he left she raised up and looked at the camera and began fingering her cummy pussy and telling me what a great fuck he was and how sloppy her pussy was with his cum. On several occasions she pulled her cummy fingers from her pussy and licked them clean or rubbed his cum on her nipples.

Eventually she came over to her laptop and was in the process of telling me that she hoped I enjoyed the show when she said “Oh shit!” and Skype closed. I texted her to ask what was up. A few moments later she called having a freak attack. When pulled up the Skype app (she had reduced it to the taskbar) there were a bunch of her contacts from work logged on and watching the show. After some looking around she realized that Skype was set to accept all calls, so when her co-workers had seen that she was on and had sent her a video call it had just logged them into her camera without her having to accept it. Net result, as soon as a few of them saw what was happening they started contacting other co-workers and before long quite a few of them were watching.

She tried to do damage control but isn’t real sure who all saw because she closed Skype before she could see. She has gotten quite a few emails from co-workers. Most of the women who emailed have called her a whore and disgusting and said that they were going to tell everyone at work what a slut she is or that they are going to tell her husband (boy will they be surprised). One of the women asked if she could join my wife and her lover for the next show (that should be interesting). All of the male co-workers have asked if they can be on the next show LOL.

She was pretty nervous over the weekend but headed in to work this morning with an attitude. She left here wearing a loose-fitting, very low cut top, a mini skirt and fuck-me heels. She said that if she is going to be labeled the office slut then she is going to look the part. She added that any women who said something nasty or mean to her risked getting cussed out and any men who said something would most likely get laid. Should be an interesting day at the office LOL.

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By: stubbyhubby36

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