June 1, 2014

IR Creampie Party

Cuckold Place Update

IR Party & Creampie Lust

This is a 100% true story about my girl friends first gangbang. The events of this evening are still fresh and accurate. I don’t clam to be a writer or master of the pen. Bear with me on this encounter, and enjoy the events of the evening.

Last Friday evening we attended an IR party in our town. We arrived a little after 9:00 and were making small talk at the bar area. I was chatting with some people and after about ten minutes, noticed my girl friend, Miss M, wasn’t with me anymore. I thought maybe she was checking out the rest of the house, so I went looking for her. After checking upstairs, I headed back down just as this one black guy was coming out of the fuck room. He told me that my Miss M wanted me in there right away.

As I entered the room, she was laying on the bed with cum running from her just fucked pussy. She ordered me to lie down as she straddled my face and poured the rest of his cum into my mouth. After she was satisfied that her pussy was clean she got up and pulled her dress back down. I looked over and saw the other guy standing there smiling at me for taking his cum. That was the first load of the night, and we were only there fifteen minutes!

We returned to the bar area and enjoyed a few drinks as she flirted with some of the other guys there. After she had a couple of drinks, she was ready to slut it up a little more and took off her dress to reveal the sexy red string body suit she was wearing. I then helped her change shoes and laced up her red cum-fuck-me boots. The black guys were all over her in this outfit and I was enjoying watching her flirt.

I was watching one of the black guys play with her ass and soon she was leading him back to the room with me following close behind. His clothes were off in a flash and her lips were wrapped around his thick black cock, making him hard as a rock. He pushed her back and slid up her red lace skirt, then proceeded to stretch her hungry pussy with his BBC as I watched and waited. After a good hard fucking I saw his black balls start to tense up as he flooded her pussy with his seed.

After his cock was drained, he looked at me and told me to get my mouth down there before any of his cum leaked out. I did as ordered and soon Miss M again was telling me to lie on my back as she finished fucking my mouth and pouring every drop of his cum out. I thanked the black stud and Miss M for the treat. Before we could get dressed, there was another guy waiting for his chance to fuck her. This guy was two pumps and a dump chump. He had a big load that was soon filling her and after her pussy was once again clean, I was permitted to slide my white cock into her hungry pussy. Miss M told me not to cum in her, that she only wanted black seed in her pussy. I took my own orgasm right to the edge before stopping and pulling out of her hot pussy. We got dressed and went back to the bar area.

Before too long there was another guy hitting on her and soon we were heading back to the same little fuck nest for another round of BBC milking. This time, her stud had nice 10 inch cock and Miss M was doing her best to keep up with his assault on her wet pussy. Soon another black guy who we met earlier that evening came into the room and asked to take a turns with some of that white pussy. This guy had a real thick 10.5 inch cock hanging that was soon buried ball deep in Miss M’s sweet pussy. This guy pounded her hard for a good ten minutes till her tight pussy got the best of him and he pumped his superior seed deep into her womb. Once again, she was on my face feeding me his cum and the other guy was fucking her mouth as I cleaned up the mess.

The first guy resumed his assault on her pussy as I sat at the corner of the bed and watched. He just kept pounding away at her pussy and didn’t cum for about twenty minutes. It was like watching a machine at work, non stop pumping as Miss M came over and over again on his big cock. It was great watching him take her as his own and using her pussy as his cum dumpster. As with all the loads Miss M took, she had me take every drop from her before I was permitted to once again slide my cock into her stretched and very well fucked pussy. Just as before, Miss M told me not to cum in her. I felt honored just to be able to feel how loose her pussy was, and as before, took my own orgasm right to the edge. Now I really had a case of blue balls, but Miss M was enjoying my denial. After that round we took a break and had a couple of clod beers as her pussy rested.

As we were chatting with another couple, the first guy of the evening approached Miss M again and he was ready for round two. This time I was able to watch as he took her pussy as his own. After he planted his seed, Miss M just spread her legs and pointed to the mess he left. This time, none of his cum went to waste and she held my head as I licked every drop from her. Miss M told me to fuck her and I was more than eager to accommodate her wishes. I soon found out that she was only building the anticipation and making my balls bluer than they already were. She could tell that I was just about to cum, and she told me to STOP! That wicked bitch was enjoying her game!

Looking back, I saw two more guys enter the room and start to undress. Miss M’s pussy was still hungry and she looked so hot with her red cum-fuck-me boots pointing towards the ceiling as another black stud fucked her brains out! Soon his cum was added to the collection and I barely had time to taste it when the next man told me to move over. This guy took her doggie style and fucked her hard! Miss M kept screaming…..FUCK ME…..FUCK ME!!! She had me lick her pussy as his black cock was pumping her full of cum. I thought she was finished for the night, but before we left the room, the stud with the 10.5” cock who fucked her earlier, was back for his round two.

By this time Miss M’s pussy was just about finished for the evening and she was having a hard time taking him again. After all, he did have the biggest cock of them all and he meant to give her every inch till he was finished. Thankfully he didn’t last too long till his seed was being planted again. I soon found myself being fed my ninth cream pie of the evening! At this point I knew Miss M was done for the evening. Before we got dressed, I once again slid my white cock into her sore, loose pussy and told her now it’s my turn! My balls were so full and ready, it didn’t take me long to give her the tenth and final load of cum for the evening.

We gathered our stuff, said our good-byes to the host and headed home with smiles and cum on our faces. Till we got to bed it was 3:30 AM. What a great night of IR lust! We’re really looking forward to the next party this guy throws.

By: cuckold4one

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May 24, 2014

Away on Buisness

Away from Hubby for Business

Recently I was in San Francisco for a major conference for my company. I was gone for a week while my husband stayed home in Los Angeles. I had told him before I left that I was going to be spending a lot of time with our incredibly handsome company president. He asked me if I had planned to seduce him and I told him I would if the situation was right – he was married and I didn’t want to offend him and put my job in jeopardy. This would be a delicate situation, but a challenge I was up to.

During the conference I was dressed sexy, but completely professional in my skirt suits. They were tight and I wore heels, but no low cut blouses and my skirts came to my knees and I wore stockings as well. Work time was all business.

However, on the third night we had a cocktail reception at 8 p.m. that was more casual. I knew the men would be in their suits but would have lost the ties and the women would be changed completely. I put on a little more make up and went with a darker shade of lipstick to a full on red. Then I put on a little cami and a light pink cashmere sweater over top of my incredibly tight black leather pencil skirt that came to my knees. I gave myself a last look in the mirror and headed down to the bar.

As usual, I attracted a lot of male attention, not a lot of females in my business and even fewer who look as good as I do so I am used to it and quite frankly, all the stares and bad lines from the guys makes my pussy wet. I made my way to the bar, ordered a martini and chatted with a couple of the sales guys I’d been working with when Michael approached me at the bar. “Hey Nikki, glad to see you made it out”. “Of course Michael. All work and no play make me a dull girl.” He laughed, “Well good. But I never thought you were a dull girl. And great work this week, we really couldn’t have pulled all this off without you.” “Thanks. I know how important this week is to us and as usual, I gave it my all.” “Of course. Hey, I hate to do this right now, but I’m having some issues with tomorrow’s presentation. I am not that great at Power Point as you know, do you think you could spare 15 minutes when this is over to help me out?”

I thought this might be easier than I had thought, but then again he wasn’t sending me signals yet really. He always casually flirted but kept things professional. “Sure thing, just come and grab me when you’re ready to leave.” “Thanks.” With that, he walked off and worked the room while I did the same. I had another martini and carried on small talk while trying to plan my moves for later. Yes, I was going up to his room, but I was only going to have a small window to get it done. I figured I’d keep it simple and see how he reacted.

About 45 minutes later he gave me a nod and I followed him to the elevators. He explained the issues he was having and I assured him I could help him out. I noticed him looking at me in the elevator as he’d had a couple drinks and his guard was down. He made deliberate attempts to look down my shirt and at my ass as I stepped out of the elevator and walked down the hall to his room.

When we got into his room, I sat down at the desk and removed my sweater. Michael excused himself and went to the bathroom. Afterwards, he grabbed two glasses and a bottle of 21 Year Old Macallan and sat down next to me. “Scotch?” he asked. “Sure” I said. “Ice or no ice?” “Neat.”

He pored two glasses and we worked on the presentation and not only did I fix what he needed me to fix, I found a couple of other things that could be dressed up some and he was very happy with my changes. I then asked him to go through it with me and give his speech with the presentation so I could see if everything looked right.

As we were going through the presentation, I leaned back so he was talking almost right into my ear and I swiveled in my chair and recrossed my legs so that he could see and so my skirt rode up showing the tops of my stockings. I noticed him noticing me. He was slowing down, losing his train of thought, and then he made a move.

He grabbed me by both shoulders and ran his nose into my neck. “Nikki, you smell so damn good.” I leaned back even further wrapping my arms around the back of his neck pulling him in closer. “I’m glad you approve.” I turned around in my chair and kissed him passionately. He returned both the kiss and the passion. He cupped my face in his hands and I got up and sat facing him on his lap. He then moved his hands down to my ass as I started grinding onto his cock which I could feel growing in his pants. I dropped down to the floor and started unbuckling his belt and I could see him start to pause so I rubbed his cock through his pants. I gently pulled his cock out and began to stroke it with my hands. I then got up on my knees and pulled his pants down quickly taking him into my mouth. As I saw his head drop back as my tongue circled the head of his throbbing dick, I reached into my purse and speed dialed my husband so he could hear.

I sucked his cock for about ten minutes until he pushed me away and onto the floor. He pushed my skirt up over my ass and pulled my panties down and began to tongue my clit. He licked me like he didn’t know the next time he would eat pussy would be, working two fingers into my already soaking wet cunt while licking away at me. It didn’t take me long until I came, screaming in ecstasy.

I stood up and bent over the desk and looked back at him. He got up and pushed his cock into my pussy and just started banging away at me like a bad porno movie. It felt good but it wasn’t working for me. I let him have his way for a few minutes then I pushed him away and pulled my shirt and bra off. I walked over to the bed and laid on my back, spread my legs and curled my finger at him.

He came over and mounted me. This time moving slowly, working himself in and out of me in a circular motion, kissing my next and playing with my tits. It was a more romantic fucking and his shaft kept rubbing against my clit when he came down and I fucking came again, this time very hard, shaking and screaming.

I looked him in the eyes for a good long minute before saying, “I want you to cum for me Michael.” “Are you on the pill?” he said, never stopping his motion. “Yes. Cum inside me.” No sooner than I said that, he began to tremble and make a long, drawn out “oh god”. I could feel a humongous load being squirted into my pussy, over and over again. The guy would not stop cumming. I later found out it was somewhat common knowledge his wife never gave him any, whored around on him, but he married her when he was poor without a pre-nup and so he wouldn’t divorce her and lose both his money and his kids.

After he came, he rolled over next to me out of breath. “Nikki”, he said. “Stop right there” I said as I got up and started getting dressed. “This never happened. No one has to know about it. They’ll see the changes we made in the presentation, they know we’re friendly. No one will think anything.” “Okay. Thanks.”

I walked into the bathroom, fixed my makeup so I was presentable should anyone see me in the hallway and headed for the door. “Good night Michael. I had fun. See you in the morning.” “Good night.” With that, I left. When I got to my room I called my husband back. I asked him if he’d been able to hear well and he said he had. He said he stroked himself while listening but wanted me to finish him, so I described in detail for him how good his cock felt and the play by play of the kissing and things he couldn’t decipher. I then went into great detail about how he made me cum twice and when I came during sex how it felt so good I couldn’t stand it. As I was describing my second orgasm I heard my husband cum over the phone.

With that, we told each other we loved each other and went to bed. I got home a couple days later and we fucked all weekend. My husband loves me being a little slut.


Submitted by: Nikola, Los Angeles, USA


May 20, 2014

3some for Lynne

Here’s a post from the Gangbangs group on the Hotwife Hub discussion group. There’s loads of chat, stories and comments on the hotwife lifestyle. Members can create a group on anything that is Hotwife and Cuckold related and join in the discussions on existing groups, creating topics and posting comments. If you’re not a member then get yourself on there now and join the fun.

This post is from user LynneC

Shane and two other guys

So there I was at Shane’s house with Shane and two other guys We had just gotten back to the house after a night of dancing, drinking, and a whole lot of fun – and flirting. We always flirted when we hung out.

Earlier in the evening, David and his friends had a game – and as had become the norm, we went out afterwards to a local bar/club. But that was really the only thing that would be usual about this night.

The guys and I had a great time at the club that night. The drinks were flowing and the flirting was by far at an all-time high. On the dance floor, there was a lot of grinding and groping. It was the most fun I had in a long time.

We ended up leaving the bar at closing time. Shane had driven to bar and had given rides to two other guys from the team named Dan and Greg. All of us had a shitload to drink so we agreed to stop at Shane’s house to “sober up” since he lived really close to the bar. It sounded like a good idea to me, plus we were all still having a lot of fun. We got to his place a little bit after 2am and went inside. I immediately went to the bathroom to straighten up a little, plus I really needed to pee since I had so much to drink. Overall I was feeling pretty good and fairly alert considering how late it was and how much we drank.

When I came out of the bathroom, the guys were sitting around the living room, fresh beers in hands. Shane offered me one, but I said I was going probably done for the night. “ah but the night’s young” said Greg with a huge grin that drew laughs from the other two. We chatted about the night for a while, in particular making fun of one of the drunks that we always see at the bar.

I got up and went to the kitchen to grab a bottled water from the fridge. The guys followed and snatched some more beers. They were drinking like crazy, but I knew they did it all the time and could handle it. I was still feeling pretty good, enjoying a pretty nice buzz. We were all laughing and having a great time as it approached 3 in the morning.

I was surprised that none of the guys planted themselves on the living room sofa in front of the TV. That was the usual habit to unwind after a night at the club. But like I said, there was nothing usual about this night.

Instead we were huddled up in the tiny kitchen, standing in a circle. Shane was staring straight ahead at me as I leaned against the front of the sink and said “fuck Lynne!” I was confused and replied with a simple “what?”

“You are such a fucking hot woman,” inciting the other guys to nod and mutter in agreement. I was so flustered and could feel that I was blushing. I had no idea how to respond. I mean, we had all flirted before, but this was a little different. They were soooo serious, and intent on making sure I understood what they meant. I responded with a little giggle and jokingly said “thanks guys, but you have been drinking a hell of a lot tonight.”

“No no no, that’s not it - You are smoking hot,” Dan insisted as I felt the three of them closing in on me.

“I bet you are something else in bed aren’t you?” Dan said. “I bet that body just doesn’t quit does it?”
It was amazing how much I seemed to turn them on. I could see their lust in their facial expressions. It made me feel like the sexiest woman on earth!

By then Shane boldly put his hand in my hair and slowly worked his fingers down the front of my buttoned blouse. Only seconds later I felt a hand on my back, going lower and lower down to my jeans skirt. It was Greg. Meanwhile, Dan knelt down in front of me and studied my legs, rubbing them and squeezing my thighs with his powerful hands, inching closer and closer to my now throbbing pussy. I stood motionless and asked “what is going on?”

Greg lifted my short skirt up in the back and grabbed handfuls of my ass over and over. Shane worked on unbuttoning my top, exposed my bra, and my bare stomach. When the he finished and had my shirt open, he squeezed my left breast and exclaimed how perfect my tits were! His hand reached down the top of the bra and brushed against my nipples. They stiffened immediately in response to his touch. I felt an electricity running through my entire body like never before.

The guys were kissing my neck, caressing me, and slowly removing my clothing. It felt like there were a hundred hands on my body.

Dan began pulling my lace panties down over my hips. When I reached down to hold them in place and asked him what he was doing, he smiled and looked up at me. “your body is fucking incredible! And we want it! – We want ALL of it!”

Shane quickly whispered “just relax Lynne…you’re perfect” into my ear and then kissed me on the lips. Simultaneously, Dan pushed his thumb against my moist panties.

Here I was, standing in a kitchen with three of my husband’s best friends with only my bra and panties on. They knew I was theirs. The excitement of the entire situation made me even hornier. I felt like such a slut!

Dan pulled my panties off to the side and began fingering me. I let out a loud, long moan of pleasure as his fingers slid in and out my wet hole.

He put in two more fingers as I moaned loudly. He looked up at me with big grin on his face. He stood up, and put up his wet fingers in near my lips and said “lick them!” I was so hot and horny that without any hesitation I opened my mouth to do what he said. As he pulled them back out of my mouth he smiled and said “you’re such a good girl.”

Shane immediately kissed my mouth, trying to get a taste of my juices. When he finally pulled away, I saw Greg standing in front of me, stroking his cock. Without a word from Greg, Shane and Dan instructed me to get down on the floor and suck him off.

I got down on the floor and put Greg’s large dick in my mouth, sucking his shaft and teasing his head. I could feel it continue to harden and grow as it slid across the top of my tongue. His rod was easily twice as long as my husbands. There was no way I could get the whole thing in my mouth. Shane and Dan pulled their cocks out of their pants and moved in closer to me. I took Shane’s cock in one hand Dan’s in my other - on my knees with three rock-hard cocks right in front of me – all at once!

I began alternating between their cocks, sucking on one and jacking off the other two. They moaned loudly with approval and told me I was “such a filthy whore!” It was crazy! It was amazing!

After a few minutes of sucking and stroking Greg’s cock, he shot his load in my mouth.

I then went to work on Dan. After a while with him in my mouth, I could tell he was close, so I started teasing his balls with my fingernails and made him erupt with a huge load into my mouth.

Shane was waiting for me. His dick was long AND really thick. I sucked him as hard as I could for quite a while, but I couldn’t make him cum. I couldn’t believe how much stamina he had. He took charge and grabbed the back of my head and forced it into him, pushing his cock deep into my mouth. I couldn’t keep up. Just as I gasped for a breath, his cream sprayed hard against the back of my throat. It totally caught me off guard. Not necessarily by choice, but I had swallowed all of his cum. I slid back down onto the floor, exhausted. I thought it was time for me to get dressed, go home, and get to bed. BUT I guess they had other plans for me.

I stood up and looked around at the clothing that was spread all over the floor – trying to find everything that was mine. I reached down to grab my bra from the floor when I felt someone put their hands on my hips and rub up against me from behind. “What are you doing?” Shane asked. “I was just getting my stuff so I can get dressed,” I replied. “No no baby, we got a lot more we want to do with you,” he said. The other two agreed wholeheartedly.
“Yea, we aren’t passing up a chance like this baby,” Dan shouted. “You’re too fucking hot and we need more!”

I was so tired at this point, yet my body immediately responded to what they were saying. I started to feel wide-awake again. I simply didn’t know how to turn away from the situation. The three of them gathered around me, rubbing their hands all over me, groping my tits and ass and teasing my already moist pussy. They were mesmerized by my body, moaning and staring like they were zombies or in a trance.

My body was reacting to all of their hands. By the time Dan stuck his fingers inside me, my pussy was burning to be fucked. What an understatement!

Greg stood up completely, grabbed me by my hair and led me over to the table. He sat down on a chair and pulled my face toward his already stiff cock, forcing me into a doggie style position on the kitchen floor. Almost simultaneously, as if they already had planned it out, Shane slid his entire body underneath me on the floor.

I opened wide and sucked Greg’s cock inside me. Everything just seemed to happen so naturally, and he was enjoying it immensely.

I felt a pair of hands spreading my pussy lips, then something warm and hard pushing its way inside. It was Shane’s giant cock. His long, thick cock impaled my pussy. Greg, who almost seemed jealous of attention Shane was getting from my body, pulled my hair with a quick yank to get me to focus on his raging hard-on. I began teasing his cock, licking his shaft up and down lightly with only the tip of my tongue. He grew impatient and pushed my head onto his shaft until it was deep inside my mouth. I wanted to moan, but I couldn’t. My mouth was so full of his cock.

As the pace slowed down a bit, I felt another pair of hands on my body. They were Dan’s. He was rubbing my ass cheeks and smacking it – playfully at first, but then harder. I felt him spread my cheeks apart and slide a finger inside. his finger felt really really good. He placed another finger up my ass and began fingering my hole. He moaned and mentioned to the other guys “her asshole is sooo fuckin’ tight!” Shane yelled back to Dan to “yea man, you need to fuck her in the ass.” I wasn’t so sure about that. I wasn’t even sure how it was possible.

Before I could do or say anything I felt Dan pull his fingers out and place his monster cock at the rim of my asshole. Slowly his head popped inside. He let out a really low groan and then slowly slid the rest of his cock inside of me. I whimpered like an animal in heat. Suddenly, there I was on all fours, with a cock in each hole. I wasn’t quite sure how I ended up like this, but all I could think was how amazing it was. I felt like such a slut. I felt amazing.

My continuous moans were dampened by Greg’s cock as it slid in and out of my mouth. He was so big I could barely breathe. Making it more difficult to breathe was the fact that all three of their cocks were sliding in and out of me at blinding speeds, pumping me harder and harder. They were using me as they pleased. It was obvious that they weren’t holding back anymore. It was an unreal feeling being sandwiched between three muscular studs - filling and stretching my holes completely like never before. Because I had sucked the three of them off earlier they were ready to last a really long time. They had a good rhythm going and continued fucking me into the morning hours. I know it had to be a long time, but it felt so good I didn’t want it to end even as my exhaustion crept back.

Eventually I was able to give Greg’s cock the attention it needed to put him over the edge. I gave it everything I had, sucking and jerking his cock, cupping and squeezing his balls, and looking up at him with the sexiest faces I could make.

He started to really get into it, stood up and started to fuck my mouth like it was a pussy. Shortly thereafter his dick pulsed and shot stream after steady stream of hot sperm into my mouth as he shouted “fuck yea , swallow my cum baby. Swallow all my cum” I did. It was so wild. It left me hungry for more.

Shane and Dan continued pumping their giant cocks deep inside my pussy and ass for a few more minutes. Their pace got to a fevered pitch. It was soooo crazy. My pussy was gushing from all of it. They were fucking me as hard as they could.

Dan slid his long pole even further into my ass. In fact when he shoved his cock all the way inside, I felt a “good pain” like I had never felt before. Before long Dan was cumming inside me, shooting his juice deep inside my ass.

Long after Dan was done, Shane continued pummeling my pussy. He really knew what he was doing and in no time I was quivering and moaning as another intense orgasm flowed through my entire body. I nearly passed out it felt so good. I could barely move. I collapsed on top of him. With his cock now covered in my juices, he got out from under me and put me underneath him on my back.

He started again, sticking his huge dick inside my tight married pussy. At first he teased me by rubbing it up and down but then in one giant push he was completely inside me. I was more filled than I had ever been in my entire life. He stayed in my pussy like that for a few seconds before pulling almost completely out, then shoving it all the way back in. After doing that 3 more times he started to fuck my hole at full speed. I couldn’t believe how good it felt and I caught myself screaming “fuck me , fuck my pussy.” The other guys cheered Shane on.

He grabbed a hold of my ankles and held my legs up in the air as his dick deeply hammered my pussy. I was moaning loudly as another orgasm rushed through my body. I was quivering again. Without any time to recover Shane pulled out of my pussy, quickly forced his way near my face and sprayed me down with his hot, white cum.

I was a huge mess, but the guys seemed to enjoy the site of me laying naked on the floor, spread eagle, juices leaking from my holes and cum covering my face. They paid me compliments and admired my body, telling me over and over how “fucking hot” I was. They promised me that this was not a one-time thing. I smiled and let out a long moan and asked “you promise?” The three of them simultaneously replied with a resounding “fuck yea!”

I was never more satisfied in my life. Unfortunately the sun was about to come up and it was time to go home…but I would never be the same. THANK GOODNESS MY HUSBAND WASN’T DUE BACK HOME FOR 32 MORE DAYS.

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May 16, 2014

Her Date

Cuckold Place Update

She went on a ‘date’ I waited at home.

I let my wife go out with a man she had met at her work. When she returned that morning it was 4:15 am and she had been gone since about 6:30 pm the previous evening. She told me they had gone to a nice restaurant and later to a lounge for some drinks. At about 11:15 pm they went directly to his apartment.

Once there they sat on the sofa and he put some porno flicks on the t.v. Slowly he began touching her and kissing around her neck and ears. She became excited and he started to undress her down to just a pair of thong bikini panties. He sucked on her tits while he massaged her thighs and her pussy through the thin material.

From there he whispered to her “Lets go in the bedroom” and she answered him in the affirmative. He then picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, laying her down on the bed. She commented that she thought it very romantic that he had carried her into the bedroom. There he removed his clothes revealing a cock considerably larger than mine. He then laid next to her. He started nibbling on her ears and then down to her tits until he was nibbling at her nipples. From there he continued kissing his way down to her pussy and he then removed her panties. He proceeded to eat her pussy and she became extremely hot. He then maneuvered himself around into a 69 position. She sucked his cock while he ate her pussy for several minutes. Just before cumming they stopped and he immediately positioned himself between her open legs. He started to slide his big cock into my wife’s pussy and then he had sunk it to the hilt.

He then mounted an all-out assault on her pussy, fucking it very fast and furiously. My wife confessed that she was totally consumed by her lust and wanted him to keep fucking her like that forever! She described herself at that moment as a ‘bitch on heat’. All she could do was show him her total approval by digging her fingernails into his buttocks, inviting him to go deeper and deeper into her very wet pussy. Finally they both came and fell into each other’s arms for some time, about 20 minutes, totally exhausted.

After that time she grabbed his cock which had by then slid out, and began to stroke it until it became fully erect again. She started to stick her tongue into his mouth and swirl it around, in order to arouse him again and within seconds he was back on top of her fucking her very fast and deep again. When they finally came again he got up and made them some coffee. He then drove her back to her car which she had left at a ‘park & ride’ near the house.

I had been up all night, hard as a rock, waiting for her to get home. When she finally got home I made her tell me all the details and I became so exited that I had to eat her pussy and fuck her right there and then!

What a thrill it was sucking on my wife’s pussy when I knew that just moments earlier she had been fucked by a stranger… I must have felt a million butterflies dancing around in my stomach as I licked her clit and buried my tongue deep inside her pussy.

I felt totally satisfied that night as we both collapsed totally exhausted. That day we slept until about 2:00 pm in the afternoon. I thanked her sincerely, and cooked her breakfast. I then gave her a blanket invitation that ANY time she wanted to repeat what she had done that night I would love her for it. I still cannot get over the ecstasy that I felt when I made love to her that night, knowing what had just happened. It was an incredible thrill like no other! WOW!!

My ex
Me lucky enough to be watching the wife


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May 12, 2014

How i became a Slut

How I Became a Slut Wife

I never wanted another man other than my husband, but he’s long had the fantasy of me being a little slut. It started as role playing at home and while we were fucking I’d make up stories about pretend encounters, both singular and gang bangs and what we found is we both got off on it. I never realized it until the day he pointed out that when I was talking about fucking other men, I came often and I came hard, and I mean HARD. I never failed to have 3 or 4 multiples with my husband, but these were intense like I’ve never known.

My husband started the process of finding someone for me. I was still very uneasy about it but he assured me we’d be clean and safe about it. He fielded many emails for months looking for even a guy to go meet for a cocktail – he was looking for a very fit, educated, successful and hung man for me. One that was a busy career guy who just wanted a little fun a few times a month – we wanted safety and consistency. It’s one thing to talk dirty about random men from bars and gang bangs but it’s another one all together to do it.

Finally, he went to go meet Ryan for a drink. They actually hung out twice over cocktails before I even met him. That night we went to a hip spot in DTLA for drinks and my husband dressed me as he always does. I wore a black, collared satin halter, tight vinyl skinny jeans and black heels (you can see a pic on here from before we went out that night). We showed up first and got a booth. When Ryan got there, I was impressed. My husband had done well. Ryan is about 6’2, 190 lbs of muscle, broad shoulders, strong thick arms and V shaped torso. He was wearing a nice sports coat, t-shirt and designer jeans along with boots. Short, but not too short of brown hair, early 30s and piercing blue eyes.

We had 3 or 4 cocktails at the bar, conversation flowed well, Ryan and I had good chemistry. There was nothing too serious at the bar but I put my hand on his chest several times to feel his rock hard abs and chest and after a few I slid my hand into his lap and although it was soft at the time, he had a pretty good sized cock it seemed, so I thought I might enjoy myself here after all.

After drink 4 my husband decided we should go back to our place – Ryan followed us over there. When we got there he instructed Ryan and I to sit on the couch as he made us all drinks. Ryan sat right next to me and had his hand on my knee. When my husband returned he sat in the chair opposite us and handed us our drinks. We chatted a little why and then my husband said, “Ryan, if you’d like to kiss her, it’s okay. I want her to be comfortable with you before I let her meet you alone.” Ryan turned to me and said, “Nikki, you okay with that?” I nodded. I was nervous but excited. He leaned over and kissed me passionately. It was like a bolt of lightning went through my body from my head to my toes and I felt my pussy getting wet and tingly. He was running his hands up and down the inside of my thigh and then reaching up and cupping my tits over my top (I wasn’t wearing a bra). I reached down and started rubbing his cock through his jeans and it sprang to life fast. I liked the way I could feel it grow in my hand. I wasn’t real sure yet how big it was but it was nice and thick.

I pulled back from our embrace but kept rubbing his cock. I looked over at my husband who was watching us very closely and rubbing his cock through his jeans. He was obviously still okay with this – this was new to the both of us and I was worried if we actually did it, he would get freaked out but he seemed to be enjoying this as much as he thought he would. I asked him, “John baby, may I pull it out and see what he’s got?” He smiled really big and said, “Nik, you’ve got him all worked up, why don’t you give him a blow job?” “Okay”, I said and I unbuckled Ryan’s pants and pulled them to the ground around his ankles and I could see the huge bulge in his Calvin Klein boxer briefs and I rubbed my face on his cock a bit while I had the fingers of both hands on his waist band and then I pulled those to his ankles too.

“Holy shit!” I said. Those jeans held that cock in well. It was so thick my fingers could barely touch around it and although I didn’t measure it, it was 9 or 10 inches long. I kissed him as I stroked his cock for a few minutes before getting down to business. I knelt on the couch so that John could get a good view and I began to lick all the precum off of Ryan’s monster cock. Once I had sufficiently licked the tip of it, I put the head in my mouth and started sucking and licking as my left hand stroked his shaft and my right hand balanced myself.

I looked at my husband as I had that huge cock in my mouth and he pulled out his dick (which is pretty fucking big as well – he’s no cuck) and started stroking himself slowly. Ryan began to moan and I could feel his cock throb in my mouth because it was such a tight fit. I started licking his shaft up and down and then licking his balls as I jerked him off and rubbed my thumb over his head. I reached back up and put the head in my mouth and started working it furiously. Ryan’s moans sped up and within a minute he put his hands on my head. I look up at John and he says, “Make him cum baby. Don’t you want him to cum in your mouth?”

With a mouthful of cock I tried to say, “”uh huh” but it came out as a mumble and I just kept stroking and sucking as hard and as fast as I could and Ryan starts to tremble and I hear him go, “Oh fuck bitch, I’m gonna fucking cum!” and while I am locking eyes with my husband, this stranger with a gigantic cock fills my mouth full of his cum. I keep sucking hard and Ryan keeps shaking. I am trying to suck every last drop of cum from his balls. With that huge cock in my mouth, the cum starts to leak out of my mouth smearing my already compromised lipstick and when I am sure I have tasted all the juice Ryan has to give me, I roll over on my back and play with the cum in my mouth.

John gets up and walks over to us and I open my mouth for him to see the monster load that came out of Ryan, although half of it was on my face. He said, “Swallow that baby” and I did as I was told but I did not touch the cum on my face.

Ryan stood up and pulled his pants up and turned to John. “I’d definitely like to see her again. Jesus fuck she can suck a dick. ”John said, “I’ll make her available next Saturday evening.” “I’ll get us a room at The Standard downtown and she and I can meet at the bar if that’s cool?” “Sure thing, I can wait for her at the bar. I’ll give you 2 hours.” “Perfect, see you then.” With that, Ryan, without even saying goodbye, turned and let himself out of our house.

John walked over to me and sat on the couch. “You loved that baby, didn’t you?” “I did” I said, half giggling like a school girl. “You like being a little slut. Just used as a place for guys to cum.” “I do.”

With that, he rolled me over, jerked down my pants, ordered me to rub Ryan’s cum all over my face and put my ass into the air and he slipped his cock into my dripping wet and eager pussy. I was so worked up and he was fucking me so hard I came within a few thrusts. I came repeatedly. I can’t remember everything he was saying to me, but it was something to the effect of how much I liked sucking Ryan’s cock and how I just loved big cock and I was dreaming of it pounding my pussy and asshole and he was right, I couldn’t wait for next Saturday when I could feel that thing inside of me every time I pictured it I came again.

With John so worked up from watching, he only lasted about 5 minutes. He was pounding my cunt so hard, I’m surprised he made it that long, he loves fucking me from behind. He pulled out, rolled me over, grabbed me by the hair and came hard directly on my face. His cum mixing with Ryan’s and I tried to get as much of it as I could with my tongue and then I took my finger and pulled the rest of it into my mouth – their cum mixing together and tasting so sweet.

I will tell more of my escapades with Ryan, but I’ll tell you right now, I am looking forward to the day I have both of those cocks at the same time, Ryan is a little hesitant about that, but John is all in, Ryan will either get with the program or he will be replaced.


Submitted by: Nikola, Los Angeles, USA


May 8, 2014

She loves big dicks

She Loves Big Dicks

Big Cocks Bring Out Her Inner Slut! And I LOVE IT

I’ve actually had the opportunity to watch my wife get fucked by a big cock. Yes, she did get wetter than ever. I fucked her after she had fucked him for an hour or so while she sucked him off. Her pussy was stretched out but oooh so sopping wet. She was on her hands and knee’s sucking his dick while I fucked her slutty, well fucked, pussy. Her ass hole was so relaxed I easily slipped my thumb in, then index finger, then two fingers while I fucked her. She moaned and orgasmed as he came in her mouth and that pushed me over the edge. I had one of the most intense orgasms ever. The build up of watching her fuck a big 10inch coke sized dick and orgasm multiple times was fantastic. It’s like fucking my favorite porn star. Damn I’m one lucky husband to have such a wonderful wife!

When she fucks this Guy I notice a couple of things that I don’t notice when it’s just us:

1. She sweats! She sweats till her long hair is soaking wet.

2. She blushes deep red when she orgasms with him and she cums and cums and doesn’t want to stop fucking him.

3. As soon as he cum’s she’s stroking his cock and sucking his balls trying to get him hard again asap.

One night we had been playing for two hours with him and his wife. I had cum in his wife twice. He had cum in my wife once. His wife who is so very sexy and erotic had so many orgasms while we fucked I lost count. She gets as excited watching her husband fuck my wife as I do. She channels her eroticism and excitement into fucking me and licking my wife’s pussy. That particular night the three of us were exhausted. But my sexy slutty wife was still on top of him just riding his big dick saying “I can do this all night long”. Her wet hair was swaying and her big tits bouncing as she came again and again.

She was so beautiful, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Damn! I love her!

So yes, I don’t care what people say. Size matters. I have a 7inch dick rock hard, but a really big thick cock will bring out the slut in my beautiful wife like nothing else. She loves my rock hard dick and say’s she still prefers fucking me above everyone else… Love is a special thing!

I’m one lucky SOB , for sure.


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Submitted by: Stonemtncouple, Atlanta GA


May 4, 2014

Black Cock Whore

Wife Becomes Instant Black Cock Whore

Let me start by telling you about my wife. Her name is Irene, she is five foot 2, dark eyes and lone hair down to the small of her back. 38 DD tits that looked huge against her small frame and they that turned heads every where we went.

We had a great sex life but it had become routine and the excitement was no longer there.

One night while having sex I ask her what we could do to put some excitement back in to your love life. She said no and I asked her if she ever had any fantasies. She told me no but her girl friend had got her hot and curious by telling her some of the things she and her husband had been doing, and I said like what She told me that they were swingers and belonged to a swingers club. I said you are curious about another men fucking you She said she didnt know why but the thought of it made her wet and horny as hell. I said can I tell you something without you getting pissed. She said yes and I told her that I have had a fantasy for a long time about watching her fuck with another man. She said would it bother you watching me, and I told her no, that I thought it would be exciting as hell. I got brave and asked her if she wanted to try it. She got so turned on and excited that she was fucking like I had never seen her before and was saying yes over and over. I wanted to see how excited I could get her and told her I want to hear you moan and to see your face and body covered with cum. She was still saying yes and said just hearing you talk about loaning me to other men makes me wet. I said ok talk to Judy (that was her girl friends name), and see if we can join the club and set it up.

The next night while we were fucking, she was so excited and told me that we were in and to be ready Friday night that Judy and her husband would pick us up.

Friday night came around quickly and when Judy and her husband picked us up my wife introduced them to me, and on the way there I noted Judys husbands eyes were glued on my wifes tits.

We where greeted at the door and asked to put our car keys in a bowl. We entered a room full of couples and just standing around drinking and talking, Judy brought us a drink introduced us to the group. After a while, the host said it s time and we were taken to a large room with mattresses lined around the walls. The host was standing in the middle shaking the keys around in the bowl and said who is first. One of the girls reached in the bowl and pull out a set of keys. It seemed the owner of the keys where the one you were partnered with. A man walked over and claimed his keys. He and his partner had to strip in front of everyone and then took their place in front of one of the mattresses.

When it came to my wifes turn she reached in and pulled out a set of keys and held them up. Oh my god I thought, this is her first time with another man and a big black guy walked out and claimed his keys. Without hesitation my wife and the guy striped. Before they got to their mattress he had his hand on her tits and she looked shocked to see how long and thick his black cock was.

A cute little red head pull my keys out and we striped and took our place in front of our mattress. When the bowl as empty the host said let the action begin and have fun. I am glad the little red head took charge and went down on my cock because I couldn’tt take my eyes off what was happening to my wife.

He had his big black finger in her pussy working on it hard and pulling and twisting her hard nipples. A couple of minutes later he shoved his cock into my wifes pouting lips. I heard my wife gag as he fucked her mouth with all of his cock. I was afraid he was hurting her, but she was moaning around his cock and grinding her pussy on his finger.

I was so hard and excited watching my wife that I blew my load in the little red heads mouth. She swallowed and kept sucking on my still hard cock. Then she impaled herself on me and started fucking me like a wild woman. The black guy had now removed his cock from my wifes mouth and was fucking her big tits. Soon my slut wife had a load of cum on he face, in her mouth as well as her tits. He now went down on her and was eating her out. She was just laying there moaning and licking the cum from around her mouth and rubbing it all over her big tits and sucking her fingers. I then heard her scream oh hell I am Cumming! He kept sucking her juices and she was going crazy.

He now got up between her legs and drove his huge cock in to her wet pussy with one stroke. She let out a scream that turned heads her way.

The little red head finally came and fell limp on me. I started playing with her tits and nipples while I watched my wife. The Black man was fucking her so hard and deep her while body was shaking so hard I thought her big tits were going the fly off her chest. My wife was screaming so loud for him to fuck her harder that she had every one’s attention.

I watched my wife become a black cock whore her first time with another man.

When we got home I asked her if she was alright and she smiled and said she was looking forward to the next club meeting.

By George


April 26, 2014

The Game is on again

Cuckold Place Update

The game is afoot - again…

Up until about 5 years’ ago, my wife of many years had a long-standing relationship with a very dominant bull (it lasted for more than 5 years, with meetings once or twice a month). I was fully aware and involved, and would take her to his place a few hours away for the occasional weekend, where I would be fascinated at how he used and abused her, shared her with his friends and others, displayed her in public and beat her, all to her delight and enjoyment. We had no previous understanding of the depths of submission to which she would go.

It all ended about 5 years’ ago because it got to be a bit samish every time, and eventually we tired of the travel and the same old formula. Since then, there have been no more adventures, and our own sex life has significantly reduced as my prowess and stamina have diminished.

Despite the loss of my physical powers and virility with increasing age, my mind has stayed as active, as corrupt and as kinky as ever, and I have often fantasised about a new adventure. However, I have found it increasingly hard to broach the subject with her, or to suggest any new games, to the point where I almost gave up hope of ever enjoying sharing her again.

Probably as a result of my near impotence, my fantasies became ever more kinky, and prompted by what I have read and seen on this site, I have fantasised about tease and denial, humiliation, pain, submission and forced celibacy, all while imagining the pleasures of seeing someone else enjoying my precious wifes undoubted charms.

Recently, my fantasies have increased to an almost impossible level, to the point where I felt I had to do something about it. I advertised on AFF and vetted the responses to look for possible candidates for a bull and lover for my wife. However, this was really an extension of my fantasies - I hadn’t talked about what I was doing to my wife, and I had no confidence that I could ever pluck up the nerve to discuss them with her again.

I found a guy that looked a very good candidate, and agreed to meet him at a bar in central London, where if nothing else I could enjoy the vicarious pleasure of showing him some of my extensive album of images involving my wife with her previous bull. the meeting went well, and he really enjoyed looking at the pictures that I showed him. He was very keen to meet my wife, and we talked about a possible scenario.

The plan was for all of us to meet at a convenient location, with me present to effect the introductions. After a short time, we planned that I would disappear, and leave them alone for a period to get to know one another and to explore the chemistry that might exist between them. After a reasonable period, my wife would text me with a code number, telling me how she felt and what she wanted to happen next, along the following lines:

0. means come and rescue me, this isn’t working for me.
1. means come back and join us. Nothing is going to happen tonight, but there is a possibility going forwards.
2. means give me another hour to make up my mind.
3. means wait in the car, I’ll call when I am coming out.
4. means go home, I’ll call when I want you to come and collect me.

The idea of this plan excited me very much, but there was one problem with it. My wife was completely ignorant of the meeting and of the plans that we were hatching. However, I was so turned on at the idea that I felt that I had to give it a go.

Last night I plucked up courage to speak to her about things. For those of you that have done this for real, you will appreciate how difficult it can be to broach the subject with your wife. It is traumatic, even for those that have been there before.

I will leave the details of the conversation until a later message in this thread if anyone is interested, however, things went better than I could have expected, and my wife is open to the idea of a meeting (without any commitment on her part to take things further). We have now agreed to make the necessary arrangements, and expect to have an initial meeting in April. I can’t wait, but for a number of confidence reasons and other arrangements, it is unlikely to happen before the last week in April.

In 24 hours I have moved from a position of hopeless wanting and desire for something to happen to being in a position where we are talking about a definite meeting, albeit with no guarantees of reaching the conclusion that I hope for. I am amazingly excited about the prospects, and wanted to tell you guys about this progress. if you are interested in hearing how things go, and how we prepare for this first meeting, please let me know.

I have attached a picture so that you can visualise her. If it all works out, I’d like to also send before and after pictures on the night of the meeting.

My ex

By: Utter_Rotter

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April 22, 2014

First experience

First experience towards cucking

There are moments of sexual awakening in each person’s life that takes them to a different place, a different plane. You know them, the unexpected moments when you’re thinking “Can this be real?” coupled with a level of thrill and excitement you’ve never before experienced. It is interesting to articulate for myself when that moment happened for me the first time, but the following would be close.

I was much younger, married but with no kids. My wife came home late from a part-time job as a steakhouse waitress. Now, mind you, she is scary bright and intelligent, priding herself on accomplishments at work and school. I guess what was so exciting was to know that such an accomplished person in so many things would give up enough inhibitions to abandon herself to sexual pleasure with someone not her husband.

I long had fantasized in sharing her in some way, but simply did not expect that to happen beyond the fantasy realm. I was wrong. She came home late (early morning) from a part-time job as a restaurant hostess. Hotter than hot, she helped herself by jumping on the bed and pulling my shorts down just far enough to ride me before I was fully awake. She began rotating and grinding herself against me, an amazingly wet pussy lubricating me as well. It was incredibly hot and liquid, warm velvet. Almost shyly she leans forward allowing me to slip into her absolute wetness. It gave her courage in that moment to hotly and breathlessly whisper in my ear, “Oh honey! I sucked someone’s cock last night!”

Instant, total turn on. While I grabbed her hips and bucked up into her she described how some of the staff went for drinks after closing and one of the guys kept trying to feel her up under the table which she wouldn’t allow, even though it turned her on like mad. He leaned over and whispered that his fetish was married women with rings and that she was driving him absolutely crazy. Would she like to sit in his car for a while after everyone else left?

She did and next thing you know, after some hot open mouth kissing, she is bent down undoing his pants and lowering her face and mouth onto a strangers cock. The poor guy is totally frustrated by not being able to get as far as he wants into her pantyhose. When he came, she was pumping his cock with her wedding-ringed hand and he had finally gotten her pantyhose down to her knees but never got his fingers in her before cumming. What was so incredibility hot about it all was her absolute honesty and trust in telling me, and her acknowledgment of how much it turned her on.

She hadn’t cum yet by the time she got back home because she was waiting until she was with me again. She was so turned on that she even shared the marks on her clothing where the guy came on her skirt. She was eager to share it, I was incredibly eager to hear it. Expected at some level to be more jealous or possessive. The sexual awakening she was experiencing was beautiful to see. It was non-stop sex for the next two weeks! After that, no discussions were taboo which simply added to the excitement and anticipation. The thrill was knowing she was acting out her sexual impulses at my urging and benefit as well.

By: D564D


April 14, 2014

Her lover and others

Cuckold Place Update

A weekend with her lover and others

Have not written here for a while but thought that I would just give you an update. For those who have not read my previous posts, My wife has been cucking me for the last couple of years and has been with her present lover for almost a year now and we are both very comfortable with him and the situation. For my part he is a very nice guy and we get on very well. As for my wife he is a very good lover to her and gives more satisfaction sexually than I could ever give her. So much so that we agreed that I should no longer have sex with her as she deserved more than I could give her and as a cuck I was more than happy for this to happen.

My wife has always wanted to be used properly by a group of guys over and over. Well her lover has made this come true for her and it happened last weekend.

It was arranged that I would help get her ready on the Friday afternoon and then take her over to her lover’s house, introduce her to the guys that would be waiting to use her and then I would come away leaving her there. She had refrained from all sexual pleasure all week so by the Friday she was as she put it gagging for it. I helped get her ready and I shaved her pussy so that she was fully smooth and I also lubricated her anus. While I was doing this she told me how much she was looking forward to this and that she had agreed that she would do what every they wanted to do to her and use her in any way they wished. She also told me that for the last couple of weeks before she had refrained from sex for the week she had only been having anal sex so that she would be used to having her arse used like it was her pussy. She said that she hoped most of the guys would be able to use her bareback as this would make her feel even more dirty. I told her that I to was looking forward to it as I so like the thought of other guys using her and of course her being with her lover.

I then helped her dress in hold up stockings and a wraparound dress nothing else. We then drove to her lovers place at the agreed time. I helped her out the car and we walked to the door holding hands. Before we knocked we had a long kiss and cuddle and she told me she loved me and thanked me for letting her be a slut. We the knocked on the door and her lover answered. We then walked into the lounge and there were six guys waiting. I then had the humiliation of introducing my wife to them, telling them that she was a slut and I was her cuckold husband and that I no longer had sex with her but had asked her lover to take over my duties as he was so much better than I and as a slut she was to be used as such. With that she stepped in front of me and I undid her dress and took it from her so that she was stood naked except for her stockings and shoes. I then looked over to her lover and said my wife is now your slut. I then left the room and walked down the hall hanging her dress up on the coat hooks by the door and left the house and drove home.

It had been agreed that she would be spending the whole weekend at her lovers house. I also knew that the guys who I had introduce her to would not be the only guys using her. For her lover had told me that he had invited more people to use her over the course of the weekend. I had to work so had no contact with her at all. This is not unusual as I like to give them their own space.

It was not until the Sunday that her lover brought her back. She was very tired and sore but told me it had been a wonderful experience. She then turned to her lover and thanked him for everything that he had done and how much she had enjoyed being a play thing. They then kissed deeply in front of me and cuddled before he left. She then told me that she just now wanted to go upstairs to have a long bath to help sooth her aching body. I took her up a glass of wine and as she soaked in the bath she told me how she had been used and abused by what seemed countless guys and two women. Most of these guys she had slept with before and the two women were partners of two of the guys. She told me that she had submitted in every conceivable position and taken more spunk than she could ever have imagined taking. She told me her jaw ached from sucking her tongue from licking and as for her pussy and anus they really had taken a battering she said laughing. She told me that over the next few weeks she would tell me all about her weekend. That way I would be able to take it all in and enjoy it more. Rather that tell me every thing in one go. We carried on the some small talk for a while as she soaked. Then when she decided to get out I helped her up and I then saw the full extent of her body. She had a number of bite marks or love bites on breasts. Her pussy lips also looked quite sore and her pussy was very open. I told her that she looked very sexy and that being able to see these marks made by others using her was a turn on. She smiled and said she was glad that I got turned on by knowing what she had been up to.

Later on Sunday evening when we were in bed together and snuggled up she said to me as a thank you to me for letting her experience her weekend she and her lover were going to let me experience something very special and interment. They were going to allow me to watch them make love. This I can tell you made my cock very hard and made me lost for words. I have only ever heard them make love. Yes I have seen them having sex but this is different. As their relationship has developed they have feelings now and they do make love as well as just having sex. I took her in my arms and told her how much that would mean to me. But only do it if she was sure. Yes I am sure she told me After all you have kindly given up your rights to my body so that I can enjoy a much better sexual life than you could ever have given me and this way I am giving you something back to you to show you just how much I love you But your have to give me a few days so that I am not quite so sore.

By: skyliner

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