June 17, 2009

Beginnings and Developments

Cuckold Place Update

Beginnings and Developments

I started dating my wife Jackie when we were both sixteen and married her two years later. On our silver wedding anniversary, both friends and relatives told us that we were made for each other and they were not wrong. We really were made for each other, but it was not just for the obvious reasons. There is another reason and had they but known, it would come as a bombshell to these friends and relatives of ours. You see my wife is a cock-slut. She adores being on the end of someone’s dick and, unusually for a woman, has this ability to be able to differentiate between sex and love. As for me, I am her more than willing cuckold. It was not always like that of course. When I first met Jackie I could never have imagined such a scenario. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, I can see that there were a good number of indicators in those early days. There was no doubting that she was far more sexually experienced than I was. She always wore stockings and provocative undies and this rule applied even when she had her jeans on! She always responded positively when I was up for sex and there were even times when she initiated it herself. And it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that if we had a half hour together we would end up having sex. She was a sexy girl all right and I wasn’t her first lover by a long way.

She probably had it off with at least two or three previous boyfriends but the one who sticks in my mind above all the others was a guy called Jim. He was nearly four years older than her and was certainly far more worldly-wise. However discretion was not his strong point because when he was going out with her he made it common knowledge that he was shafting her. I did not know Jackie very well at that time but I can clearly recall thinking he was a lucky sod to be having sex with such an attractive girl.

It is a long story but they broke up and after a few months she started going out with me. I felt really proud when we went out and she was on my arm. Nevertheless I did not have exclusive rights to her company and she sometimes went out with her best friend who happened to dating one of Jim’s friends. The two girls were out one night when they bumped into the boyfriend who was accompanied by Jim. I will never know whether this was a chance encounter or not, but the fact is they had a few more drinks and then all four went back to her friend’s house. The girl’s parents were away on holiday so the house was empty. I never found out what actually happened but what I do know is that I chanced to pass by the friend’s house the following morning and saw Jim’s car parked outside! I am pretty convinced that Jim and his friend spent the night in the house. And knowing Jackie as I did, I would have been amazed if she had not shared her bed with him. Although it was a sickening blow, I decided not to tackle her about it for fear that I might end up losing her. But the really strange thing was that upset as I was, I was fascinated by what the two of them might have got up that night. Of course my main fear was that I would lose Jackie to her ex-boyfriend but when it became obvious that this was increasingly unlikely, so my fascination increased.

This was not the only time I suspected her of cheating on me. She worked in a bar on odd occasions and I later found out that the bar manager prided himself on shagging every single girl who ever worked there. I was working late one night and by coincidence she had been asked if she could work in the bar that same evening. I finished earlier than anticipated and decided to go the bar and surprise her. Well I certainly surprised her, but not in the way I had anticipated! I actually caught her coming out of a backroom with this bar manager. I could tell by her demeanour that she had been up to no good. And then later that night she acted totally out of character and told me she wanted to go straight home. I subsequently wondered if that was because the evidence of her cheating on me was still in her ever hungry pussy. She settled down after this encounter and we got engaged a year or so later. I never had cause to doubt her after this and we had a wonderful wedding. With the passing of time the negative memories of her disloyalty faded whereas the imagined ones of her being on the job with the two other men remained gloriously vivid.

Sexy good looking and no more than twenty years of age, it was no surprise that she continued to attract much male attention. Sometimes she would encourage a man by openly flirting with him. But even though I found the thought of her having sex with another man strangely arousing I still entertained doubts and insecurities. When I let on my concern she laughed it off, reassuring me that she was only flirting and that she would never do anything that might jeopardise our marriage. When we were later in bed we would fantasise about what could have happened had I not been with her. These fantasies were incredibly arousing and, if truth be known fuelled her desire for it to actually happen. I am not saying that I did not want it to happen, but I was mindful of my negative reaction when she had been with the other men. But I also remembered that there had been any number of sexual highs. I had not been able to share them with her for obvious reasons but I sensed that if she were to stray now I would be very much involved. I was still apprehensive but the arousal at the thought was so overpowering that I deliberately tried to suppress my negative feelings. In fact I did all I could to encourage her, and got her to read porn mags, especially ones with stories and articles about wives and girlfriends having sex with other men.

Anyway one Saturday night the two of us decided to go out for a few drinks. Although we did not intend to be out for long or to visit any clubs, she was still dressed to excite in a low cut bra, a revealing blouse and a skirt with a side split which allowed glimpses of the tops of her stockings. Strappy high heels complemented her ensemble. In the first bar I noticed a couple of guys having a good look and I mentioned this to her. It was evident that this she liked the attention, so much so, that she even allowed her stocking tops to be on view as we sat near the bar. We then moved on to another bar and she saw a guy, Greg who had been dancing with her a few weeks earlier when she had gone out with some girl friends. He was with a group of student types and appeared reluctant to come over and say hello, although that may have been because she was with me. However he briefly smiled to acknowledge her presence and Jackie returned the compliment. She and I sat down at a table and whilst I had my back to him she could see him and she informed me that he was constantly glancing across to her.

She had told me about this particular evening when she returned home. She had volunteered that she had enjoyed flirting with him and also the subsequent lengthy kissing session. Nothing else had happened because she was out with her friends. Nevertheless it had been a big turn on for me when she later told me about this once we were in bed. There was the distinctive sound of chairs being moved and I turned round to see that Greg and his group were now leaving. However to my surprise he was standing alone at the bar when I got up to get us another drink. I made some small talk with him and asked him where his friends had gone. It transpired that they were off to a party, but that he would not be joining them as his ex-girlfriend would be there. My heart was pounding as I offered to buy him a drink and invited him to join the two of us. He accepted the drink and we went back to our table. Jackie’s face was a picture when she first saw him with me, a look of initial surprise which was immediately followed by a delighted smile. I put my drink down where I had been sitting, so that he had to take the chair alongside my wife, the side where her skirt was split to reveal her stocking top.

The next hour or so was spent chatting about life, relationships and other generalities. I tried not to let him be aware that I could see him constantly glancing at her legs. Fully aware of the effect it was having on Greg she allowed her skirt to ride a little higher. I must admit that I did feel a bit jealous especially as I was well aware that she liked him. Nevertheless it was a major turn-on for me, as my wife knew only too well. It was Greg who suggested that we walk to another bar a couple of streets away which might be livelier and where there would be music. We managed to find an unoccupied wooden stool by a mirrored wall and my wife perched on it. It was quite high and even though her skirt was not that short and the lighting was rather subdued I could still discern the white flesh of her thighs above her stockings. Greg was yet to enjoy the view, having gone immediately to the bar to get another round.
We could see there was quite a queue at the bar so we had a few minutes to talk to each other. It was evident that Jackie she liked the attention she was getting and I was certainly enjoying her flirting with him. There is never any plan that can be followed in such situations, so we agreed that we would just see how it developed.

There were other nice women around and hers were not the only nice legs on show but the difference was that this was my wife and she was displaying them for the benefit of Greg. It was very arousing to see him looking her when he was chatting to us. As the music was getting quite loud he would sometimes have to talk in her ear so I could not hear what he said. By now it was my turn to get the round in and I accordingly went to the bar. I decided to take my time so as to give them a chance to talk to each other. I had no sooner returned, than they went off to have a dance. The small dance floor was on the other side of the room to where we were and given the crowd there was no way I was able to watch them.

They had a few dances and when they finally returned I got the chance to have one with her. She told me that Greg had been feeling her tits when I was at the bar. He had touched them through her blouse, and told her that they were nice. She had pushed herself against his hand so as to let him know she was not averse to his fondling. My cock was straining in my pants as she related this to me. I told her that if she wanted, I would pretend to go off to the loo and would stay out of their way for as long as I could so that Greg would have some further time with her on her own. She said that that would be very nice of me. She also told me that she was very turned on by the evening’s events and thus less able to resist him. This was exactly what I wanted to hear but I still had no idea how far I wanted her to go. When I did finally return they were sitting very close together. I did not catch him touching her but it later transpired that he had been fingering her pussy. To Jackie’s frustration he had stopped when he had mistaken me for someone else and before he could start again I had appeared! She subsequently admitted that she was so close to an orgasm at that particular moment she was actually very disappointed that I had come back.

There was less than half an hour to last orders when Greg decided that he would go on to that party after all. I indicated that we were calling it a day and would be heading for home. We all left the bar together and I was still trying to think how I could leave my wife with him even if only for a few minutes. However my wife had already anticipated the problem and had got something planned! She informed me that she had left her little jacket in the bar and asked if I would go back and get it for her. I cottoned on at once and agreed to do so telling her that I would meet her at the fast food place just along the street. I said goodbye to Greg and that I hoped we would see him again. He replied that it might happen sooner than I expected because he would wait with my wife as by now there were a number of people milling around. I went off to get the jacket and sure enough it was on the floor by the stool where she had been sitting. The bar had not closed yet so I got a drink and waited. It is hard to describe my feelings at that moment. There was a thrilling sense of anticipation running through me as I wondered what the two of them might be doing, but there was also a degree of anxiety. Was this a sensible thing to be doing? If so, why did I feel jealous of him? If not, why was I so excited?

I think it must have been a good half an hour by the time I left the by now closed bar. There was still quite a large crowd on the street as I made my way to the fast food place where I joined the queue. I was not looking for them because I guessed they would find me when they wanted to. Sure enough, some ten minutes or so later, when I was just inside the doorway Greg tapped my shoulder and said they have been looking for me. He immediately took the jacket from me as I followed him outside. Jackie was standing there but had turned away from me as he helped her on with it. Having done his gentlemanly deed, Greg said his goodbyes and was off in a trice. Jackie did not really want any food; neither did I for that matter; and she suggested we go home. However she started walking away from the area where we usually get a taxi. Once away from the crowds of people she turned into an alley between some tall buildings. She kissed me and then volunteered that this was the exact spot where she has just been dallying with Greg. Whilst apologising for being away so long, she was unzipping my trousers to grasp my steel hard cock. Naturally enough I slipped my hand under her jacket to feel her tits and was immediately aware that her blouse was wet. She told me that it was his spunk. She had been sucking his cock and then he had come all over her face and blouse. Now I realised why Greg was in such a rush to give her the jacket! He clearly did not want me to see the tell-tale cum marks. I lifted her skirt and insinuating my hand inside her filmy panties, I slipped my finger inside her opening. Judging by her copious lubrication, she was very excited. But then so was I, especially in the knowledge that she had just been sucking him. I was kissing her with real passion; my tongue pushing hard into her mouth. I could not detect his cum, and had she not said anything I would never have known what she’d done. But it was enough to know that my tongue was where his cock had been but a short while before. The next moment Jackie had spunk on her skirt to match that already on her blouse. This time it was my semen and there was a lot of it too! My finger had been busy in the interim and I had no sooner finished ejaculating than she reached her own orgasm. She made an effort to stifle her groans but they still seemed loud in the dark alley. A short while later, after we made ourselves respectable, we stepped out into the street. It was only in the orange neon glow that I saw the results of my excitement. I quickly dabbed the evidence from her skirt and we made our way back to the taxi rank.

It was when we were safely tucked up into bed that she related what had happened after I was sent back to fetch her coat. Greg had pulled her into a doorway to kiss her. While kissing her he held her hand and guided it to his erection. He was pleasantly surprised to find that she was not in the least bit reluctant to stroke it but was utterly astounded when she offered to relieve him of his sexual tension! He then led her to the alley and began to fondle and kiss her. He was absolutely delighted when, without any prompting whatsoever, she reached down to unzip him and eased out his rigid erection. He was sure that she was going to let him fuck her and was understandably disappointed when she made it clear that such a thing was out of the question. She told him that she was prepared to wank him off but then her own natural enthusiasm came to the fore and she squatted down in order to take the mushroom shaped crown of his throbbing cock in her mouth. She sucked on it while gently stroking the base of the shaft and it was no surprise that he responded so readily to her ministrations. She had just released him for a short while so as to give her jaw a rest when he started to come. The first spurt caught her on her chin but she instinctively steered him away from her face with the result that the remaining five or six strands of cum landed on her upper throat and then her blouse. Being sexually satisfied himself, her ‘gallant’ did not ensure that she was in a similar situation and seemed to be in a hurry to get back to the fast food place where we had agreed to meet. As it happens this was to my immediate benefit but he was not to know that at the time.

I did not want Jackie feeling guilty and I made a point of telling her that I was captivated by what she had done that night. Naturally enough we also spoke about what she had not done; and I did my utmost to convince her that I would have been overjoyed had she gone the whole way with him. They may not have been my exact words but they do convey the sentiment. However, if I am perfectly honest, I still entertained some doubts. Nevertheless we had the most fantastic sex in the days and weeks that followed. But even when we were not having sex I would find myself getting aroused at the slightest thing. For example I only had to watch her putting on her lipstick to imagine those same lips clamped around Greg’s dick. Seeing her prancing around in her stockings reminded me of the way she had been perched on that stool and flaunted herself in front of him. But it even happened when I was at work. The memory of what she had got up to would suddenly come unbidden to my mind. Many is the time that I had to slip into the toilets and have an essential wank. We constantly talked about it when we were in bed and it was still such a mutual turn-on that we both knew there would have to be a next time. I also understood what ‘a next time’ really meant; that another man’s cock would penetrate her tight married cunt and fuck her. She was on the pill so there was the distinct possibility that she would come home filled with cum. The only uncertain element about the situation was the lucky man’s identity! And whereas I previously had regular mental images of her with Greg, I now saw an anonymous man between her open thighs rutting her with abandon. And looking over his shoulder I could see the features of her pretty face, contorted in her sexual ecstasy.

There were some possible candidates. Jackie would have been delighted to fuck one or two of our friends but we decided that getting involved with people close to us was not such a good idea. So we continued to go out socialising. However she did not see anyone she took a shine to, or if she did they invariably had partners with them, and so were off-limits as far as flirting was concerned. It seemed destined to remain an unrealised fantasy when out of the blue we attended a leaving party for one of the managers at Jackie’s workplace.

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Submitted by: Slippy


May 30, 2009

Used Pussy Arrives Home

Been a few months since we heard from Scott, husband of the very sexy hot wife Emma Kelly… Thanks Scott, I love getting your updates. Great photo too. Take care guys!! x


Hi Trash,

Em’s new Black FWB, Darius, knowing what a cuckold I am, emailed me Sunday morning saying he was out of town but would be flying home later that day and wanted to fuck my wife. He said in no uncertain terms that I should “make it happen.”

Em’s not usually that spontaneous. She likes to plan events but she’s been raving lately about how he makes her cum multiply every time they get together. She surprised me by agreeing to meet him at his place that evening. She can be full of surprises.

When she got home, I managed to grab this shot of her fresh fucked pussy as she climbed out of the car.

I knew you would approve.


Emma Kelly

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May 18, 2009

Lisa’s Boyfriend Visits

Message submitted by Drew, husband of Hotwife Lisa………

Hi Trash, it’s been awhile since the last pics we sent ya, however Lisa is still at it. Her guy on the side continues to visit her on a regular basis. Recently I was able to keep my hands off my cock long enough to take a few pics to share with you and the blog followers. This last date night, was awesome. After only one cocktail Lisa says to him, “I am gonna put on some Pantera, and then i wanna suck some cock.” And that is exactly what she did. After sucking us both, I sat on the sofa and enjoyed the view while he fucked her really well. Actually she fucked him three times before departing, leaving her pussy loose and used for me. She is truly an incredible lady, and I feel very privileged to be her husband of many years.

Until next time, .. keep the love. Drew.

Read about Lisa and her boyfriend here

Submitted by: Drew


May 14, 2009

Party Encounter

Cuckold Place Update

The wife and I met when we were both 17 just before our 18th birthday, a sweet church going Catholic girl she was, I took her cherry when she was 19, we married at 21, two kids at 28 and 30 and she was 35 when she went with her first ever other guy, and did she ever take to the lifestyle, here is a typical session for her, a rather exciting time with my wife at a straight party.

The wife and I were at a day time straight party of a friends of ours, I had gone off talking to some of the guys and after a while I noticed the wife talking to a guy and they were looking over at me every now and then, it just seamed a bit funny the way they were chatting, finally the wife caught my eye and signaled that she wanted to talk to me so I wondered over to her and the guy she was talking to. He stood off to the side looking a bit sheepish as the wife told me that they had the hots for each other and wanted to have it off if it was OK by me, which it was, but they could not think of a place to do the deed as the house was full of people who were also wandering around outside at times, I told them I would have a look around and see what I could arrange.

After looking around the only place I could find was one of the two bathrooms which was not being used very often and suggested that if they were to go in there and I was to wait outside and if any one came to use the bathroom I would tell them that my wife was inside with a small problem and direct them to the other bathroom, they agreed to it.

When it was all clear the wife and the guy slipped inside and I waited outside knowing what was going on inside, a few people came to use the bathroom but I steered them to the other one, no trouble at all. While I was waiting outside at one stage I could hear a funny clicking sound coming from within bathroom that I could not work out, after a while they knocked and the wife checked it was all clear and they came out and we rejoined the party.

I never did get to know the guy’s name but who ever he was he went and got a beer for us and a soft drink for the wife and rejoined us. He could not get over the idea that I had not only said OK to them doing the deed but had willingly stood guard while they did it, and then was standing there as calm as could be talking about it. I brought up the clicking noise I heard and they explained that he was doing her doggie style as she hung onto the hand basin and she had a large bangle on that was clicking on the sink as he was fucking her… different! As we were talking the wife said she could feel his spunk starting to run out into her knickers and that I was in for a good time when we got home, and was I ever lol.

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Submitted by: Rick


May 10, 2009

Wife’s First Time

Hey everyone I am submitting a story about my wife’s first experience and a little about how things are going now. I have been bringing up my fantasy of my wife having sex with someone else for sometime now. Mostly it is brought up during sex and she would really seem to get into it during sex but she would always say that she really wasn’t interested. Well after years of this I finally got her to start talking to guys on the computer. She really enjoyed talking to them and said she loved the attention but she wasn’t really sure she would ever do anything more. I was a little disappointed because this went on for some time and I figured if I could get her to start talking she would get into it and maybe meet someone. So I got really excited when I came home one night and she told me she had been talking to a guy and he really wanted to meet her. I told her that would be great and to go for it. She told me that she would go meet him but it would be in a public place and it would just be a meeting and not to get to excited. That is not what I wanted to hear but hey it was progress so I was excited to see if it would lead to more.

The day finally came for them to meet, he was driving through town and was going to stop and meet her her on his way and they could talk and see if they wanted to meet later. She spent a lot of time getting ready that day and seemed to be really glowing at the fact she was meeting a stranger for the first time since we were married. When he called she wasted no time and she practically ran out the door. Just before she left I gave her a condom so that she would know that I was ok with her doing what she wanted and she gave it back saying I am not going to need this I am just meeting him today. I stuck it in her pocket and said take it anyway.

So I sat at home waiting for my wife, it was a long and anxious wait. Then my phone rings and it is my wife she said she was on her way home and asked if I would like to go to dinner. I said yeah that would be good and I would see her in a minute. Well she came in the house and walked over and gave me a kiss and I asked how things went. She said it went good so I asked if she was going to meet him again and she said she didn’t know but possibly. So I gave her a big hug and kiss and put my hands on her ass and I noticed that the condom wasn’t in her pocket. I asked her where the condom was and I was completely shocked when she informed me that she used it. I actually had to ask her again because I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Well I definitely wanted details but we were about to go to dinner so I just asked how it was and she said it was great and she had a great orgasm.

So after dinner I was so turned on as soon as we got home I was all over her and wanting her to tell me all about it. So here is how it happened from what she told me. She drove to the gas station where she was meeting him and when she pulled up he was there sitting in his car waiting. She got out of her car and got into the passenger seat of his car and they sat and talked for a few minutes when he asked if she was ok if they drove and talked instead of just sitting in the parking lot. She agreed and he started out of the parking lot when he asked her if there was a road that went up to the water tower and she said she wasn’t sure and he said care if we go and see. My wife told him that was fine and off they went.

When they got to the water tower they sat in the car and talked for a few minutes and then he undid his pants and pulled out his dick. To my surprise my wife said that she then just reached over and started playing with it. He then started to pull her shirt off and kissing her all over her body and then he undid her pants and got them off and pushed his head between her legs. After a few minutes of foreplay he got out of the car and went around to her door and and opened it and pulled her out of the car, she knew what was coming and passed him back the condom. He then bent her over inside the car and took her from behind. He just pushed his dick in all the way and then started rubbing her clit as he pushed in and out. She told me that she was in the middle of an orgasm in no time at all. Then he came and they just got in the car and drove back to her car. She said that she would really love to try him again but it never happened. So after that encounter she was a little reluctant to try it again and it took almost a year for her to get up the nerve to do it again. Now it is quite often that she takes on a new lover and she has one that is a regular that gives her the best orgasms she has ever had. I am hoping that I can get her to tell you about then someday soon.

Submitted by: Simone’s husband - Utah


May 6, 2009

Watched Her Fuck

First to start things off, when I met my wife I had some experiences in MFM meetings from a former partner and enjoyed them greatly. I met my wife A in college and we fell in love quickly. We married about a year later and soon had our child. She was pretty conservative and our first few years were pretty average for a young couple. I worked and occasionally went out while she stayed home and took care of our child. Our sex life was good and of course we both talked of adventure, MFM being a favorite.

To give you a short description of A, she is 5′2″, runs in the range of 140-160 lbs has long dark brown hair and eyes. Nice full legs that look great in heels as well as a fantastic 38D chest. Me I am just a somewhat overweight typical husband. I don’t consider myself a cuck but do enjoy seconds and not scared of M2M contact in a 3some as long as A get the attention.

Now to tell you about our first experience with another man. I was out on a friday night at a local bar having a few too many beers with some regulars. As I left I started toward my car a fellow patron followed me out and asked for a ride as it was winter in upstate NY. I of course agreed but on the way I mentioned I had a few beers at my house on the way by to his. He agreed and we stopped in. A was not the happiest to see me as I was late and brought someone to the house without warning. The baby was down for the night so we all had a few beers and dinner. After a while A put her foot down as to my driving any more (smart lady) and we told Greg he was welcome to the couch to which he agreed. As the night went on the 2 of us drank a bit more but A only had a few because our daughter still was there in her crib.

As the night wound down Greg hit the couch and A and I went to bed. After a bit the Baby started fussing so A got up and threw on one of my shirts and tended her. I heard her and Greg talking on her way back to bed. What I guess to be a few hours later we heard Greg get up and then roam around the small house a bit, just as I rolled over I noticed he was in the bedroom door. A asked if anything was wrong and he said not really but he couldn’t sleep on the couch any more as it was terrible. My wife told him that that was all there was as it was really a one bedroom house. I jokingly said unless you can fit in this bed. A glowered at me and whispered to remind me (like I needed it) that she was naked. Greg said that worked for him and climbed on top of the covers next to A who punched me in the arm and cuddled closer to me.

Just as daylight started to come in through the curtains the baby started fussing and A whispered asking me how the hell was she going to manage this as she was still nude and my shirt was across the room. I told her Greg seemed asleep just be quiet and go get it. When she got up and crossed the room Greg let out a low whistle of appreciation and A gave me a ticked off look but said “what the hell” and went to care for the baby and never got the shirt. While she was feeding the little one Greg got up and used the bathroom and on the way back in stopped to talk to my naked wife who didn’t sound like she minded. He came back in and dropped on the bed saying A would be in after starting coffee and finishing with the kid. She came in in a few minutes and climbed over me and back into the middle. The jostling made it where I had to get up and left the room noticing A was under the covers and Greg on top.

When I got back Greg was under the covers with A and she was facing him. As I moved the covers I noticed he was no longer wearing his shorts he slept in and half hard. He looked at me a bit unsure and said “I felt out of place being the only one wearing anything and A said she didn’t mind as long as I wouldn’t” I told him it was cool and crawled in behind her with my hard member against her ass. It didn’t take long to notice her arm in a stroking motion and then for him to push against her. He then got up and said he would be right back. While he was gone A asked me if I was ok with things to which I said very. Greg came back in with a rubber and slid in next to A and I watched as they kissed, the first of many kisses I love to watch her give and receive. She soon rolled over on her back and he kicked off the covers and I watched as he mounted her and put his now fully erect 8″ (guesstimate) sheathed cock between her spread legs. I enjoyed hearing and seeing her with another man on her own.

I then heard the familiar sound of the baby dropping her bottle and went to check on her. When I got back to the bedroom A was now riding Greg. I quickly laid down with my head at the bottom of the bed to get a good look and saw that there was no longer a condom separating them. A reached over and grabbed my hard cock and stroked as she came. Soon Greg’s hips started bucking and the two of them rolled back to the missionary position as he unloaded into my wife.

He soon rolled off her and I got the first look at her filled by another man. She grabbed my hand and led me on top of her and I sunk myself into her enjoying the feeling if her wetness helped by Greg’s load. As A and I started in front of Greg he soon moved where she could suck his semi hard member. When he pulled it out of her mouth I couldn’t resist kissing her and enjoying the scent and taste of her after sucking another man. I came quickly and as I moved off her Greg pulled her to him and entered her again. This time it took longer and she came at least 4 times before he unloaded again. About that time the baby started again and A went to feed her and Greg and I got dressed. We came out and dressed as Greg thought he better get home. A still naked stood up and gave her new friend a kiss.

When I got home from driving Greg home A was naked in bed still full from earlier waiting for me. It was a fantastic first experience.

Submitted by: Jay - Upstate NY


April 28, 2009

Letter to Hotwife Blog

Hey Trash,

I found this blog a couple of days ago after reading your profile on a swingers site that we are also members of. We are Paul & Amanda, a married couple in our late 30’s. We met over 10 years ago and I instantly knew Amanda would be the one I spend the rest of my life with! She is a girly girl, make up and nails type with long blonde hair and great tits who always looks fantastic. We talked about our previous sexual encounters and Amanda told me about a MMF she had once had and really enjoyed it. One thing leads to another and we started swinging about 7 years ago. We are not hardened swingers by a long mile having started off with meeting a few single guys and then some couples. In total about 6 couples and 8 single guys in the 7 years. Amanda needs a little encouragement as she says it’s all done for me but after she would admit to having enjoyed it with the exception of the last 2 single guys. One of them she really liked and he had a huge cock but she was a little rough whilst giving him oral and he lost his hard on. He couldn’t get it up after that and made some excuse and left. I think he was embarrassed and did not answer our e mails for a couple of weeks. He mailed us a few months back but nothing came of that, a little like the night in question! LOL! The second guy we had an incident with no condom on and he was put out of our room. I believe this has really put her off as we have not met anyone in almost 2 years.

Anyway, she mentioned a few nights back that she would consider meeting again and of course I immediately logged onto the swingers site and here I am! We had talked about separate rooms before and once she left our hotel room to go to a single guy we had met but returned saying she couldn’t do it. On another occasion she had been in the foreplay stages with a guy when I left the room for a drink. When I returned they were having sex. It was extremely exciting to think that she could do it without me there! I have been reading the experiences of the other couples on this site with horny amazement but definitely wouldn’t be into cream pies. Safe sex only. Just the thought of her getting dressed up to go and meet a guy gives me an instant erection. In fact I have been walking around with a semi for 3 days now thinking about the ifs and buts and would she do it. Maybe she would contact the guy with the huge cock and promise to be gentler with him. Even the thought of her meeting him for a drink with possibilities makes my head swirl with jealously, the horny type! Perhaps chat him up or a quick feel in the car before bringing him home and letting me watch him fuck her. I would still enjoy MMF and MMFF but this has an entirely different feeling.

I don’t want to pressure her so I was just thinking about letting her read this blog. I might mail her the link whilst I am at work and wait for her to phone me. If it happens I will certainly keep you posted.

Submitted by: Paul - UK


April 20, 2009

The Horny Neighbour

One night recently I told my husband about my sexual encounters when he was traveling and it really turned him on. While he was fucking me he stated that he would enjoy watching me fuck another man. I agreed to grant his wish. There was a married man (Walter) who lived in the apartment complex, we had been out with him and his wife on several occasions before and I found him sexually attractive and often fantasized about fucking him. When I knew my husband Tom and I were next going out with Walter and his wife for dinner and dancing I wore something sexy and see-through to get Walter’s attention and I didn’t care who wanted to look.

A couple of weeks later Walter’s wife was going out of town for the weekend to visit family and I suggested to Tom this would be an opportunity for us to get what we both wanted. I also told Tom that the last time we were out as a couple Walter had his hands up inside my blouse when we were dancing a slow dance together. Tom was turned on. So, after Walter’s wife left on her trip I called Walter on the friday evening and told him Tom and I would like to drop by later and he said ok.

We arrived at around 7:00 pm and I was so fucking horny. I was wearing a see through blouse and a short skirt with no panties. I could tell Walter liked what he saw because he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. After we had a few drinks we ran out of beer. Tom volunteered to go to the 7-11 at the corner to buy some more. I winked at him as he left and could tell he knew what that wink meant. He took his time and while he was gone Walter immediately opened my blouse and pulled up my skirt and was licking and sucking me all over. When Tom returned I knew what he expected to see. We didn’t disappoint him. Walter had his head between my legs and was playing with my nipples. I asked Tom if he liked what he saw and he said yes, but he would like to see Walter’s cock in my mouth. Instantly his cock was in my mouth. Then Tom got involved and Tom and walter took turns on me for over three hours and then we decided to call it a night (or so I thought). After Tom and I went home Walter called and started talking dirty to me and wanted more. Tom said ok and I returned to Walter”s place alone and we took turns masturbating for another hour or so. This was the most sexually satisfying night i have ever had. Can’t wait until walter’s wife travels again.

Submitted by: Beth - Northern Ca.


April 14, 2009

Corporate Whore

Hotwife Jackie’s husband writes in to us.

Milt is my wife Jackie’s boss. She only works part time for him now since we moved out of state. She works from home on the computer and phone doing client relations work. Jackie was always Milt’s favorite employee but really became a personal favorite after he started fucking her. Milt quickly recognized my wife’s talents at sucking cock and her willingness to please men sexually. One night when he was over fucking her, he asked if it would be okay if he gave my wife a little extra work.

My wife became the company whore. Milt would set her up in a nice hotel suite and send prospective executive employees or prospective clients over. They would usually meet my wife and take her to dinner. When they got her back to her hotel room she would make it clear that they could fuck her, and if they joined Milts firm, she would be available for them to fuck on other occasions.

My wife worked full time for Milt doing both her regular client relations work and providing her extra services when Milt requested. A couple years ago we moved out of state for my job and Jackie had to give up her full time job with Milt but she still continues to service other men for Milt every now and then if they happen to visiting our town. On rare occasion she will make a quick trip back to California or some other city if Milt needs her special talents for some important deal.

Jackie was really surprised when she got a text from Milt that he was in town and wanted to come by our house. It had been a couple years since she had seen him and since he had last fucked her. He would not miss the opportunity to fuck her if he was in town. We live close to the airport and Milt had plenty of time to come to our house so he could fuck Jackie during his layover. We both got what we wanted and each of us dumped a big load of cum into my wife’s mouth and all over her pretty face. My wife got what she needed, to service both her boss and her husband at one time!


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April 8, 2009

New Cuckold Life

I met my wife Jane 20 years ago at Uni, we got engaged in our final year and married the year after, we had saved up to buy a little house on a new estate. We moved in after our honeymoon and things were looking good for us. We got on well with the neighbours, one couple we got to know really well but local rumours about them being involved in swinging made us a bit cautious, having said that they were nice and friendly.

We’d only been married a couple of months when they invited us to a house party they were having, it was then they confirmed the rumours were true and it was a swingers party where anything goes. We were on the verge of declining the offer, but they said it’s ok, we didn’t have to get involved in anything we didn’t want. We said we’d see and both of us were reluctant to go but felt we should at least show our faces. We were slightly curious too.

The night of the party arrived and we plucked up the courage and headed over to theirs. Jane was wearing her sexy short summer dress and looked fantastic. The party started out like any normal party and other than people disappearing into bedrooms with each other we felt ok. As the party got into full swing people were stripping off and having sex everywhere, I have to admit I was turned on and judging by the look on Jane’s face so was she, the two of us sloped off to a quiet corner and started making out with each other, it was a huge thrill to be making love in a room full of people and both of us came quickly.

After that we got another drink, Jane was chatting to Ian our neighbour and another bloke, they were both naked and proudly sporting erections, I guessed that they were trying to coax Jane into sex, but they didn’t appear to be getting anywhere although she seemed quite comfortable with them. Jane mentioned she was feeling the alcohol and feeling quite naughty.

Later on in the party Jane and I got separated by separate conversations. I looked to see where she was and noticed she was heading upstairs with Ian. I was totally gobsmacked and followed them, they went into a room and left the door ajar. I watched as Jane slipped out of her dress and dropped to her knees and gave Ian a blow job. I was amazed she rarely gave them to me, but there she was taking another man in her mouth. Soon they both made for the bed and Ian removed her panties and mounted her. My head was screaming stop! but the bulge in my trousers was telling me different. When they’d finished I dashed downstairs so they didn’t know I’d seen them. Jane now dressed came up to me and asked if we could leave.

We went home and as soon and as we got to bed Jane I made love as I was so horny, she was wetter than normal and I realised that Ian hadn’t used a condom as that thought hit my brain I exploded into Jane with an almighty climax.

Jane was quiet with me for a few days saying nothing about the party, then one day she blurted it out to me. After a long conversation Jane told me she enjoyed the experience and wanted to do it again. That was the beginning of our new way of life, for about a year we went to a number of swingers parties, Jane enjoyed them more than me as I really wasn’t interested in having sex with anyone but her Jane on the other hand enjoyed sex with multiple partners. So it has now developed into more of a cuckold type of relationship that I’m really happy with.

Jane’s latest boyfriend is called Larry, he is divorced and on his own currently, Jane liked him and hooked up with him at a few parties, he is in his 60s but Jane really enjoys her time with him, so much so she invited him round one night. I let them spend the night together in our bed while I slept in the spare room, Larry is now a regular visitor and he has now really opened up the path to us to the world of the cuckold. I can’t believe how we chanced upon this lifestyle and have fallen into it so well when we could so easily be o completely different path altogether.

Submitted by: Richard - UK

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