January 11, 2009

Holiday Fun

I thought I’d fill you in on all the latest on my trip to Thailand. It’s been a great holiday first and foremost, my first one for some time. Me and my girl Daisy have traveled to some beautiful places and experienced a wonderful trip over the last few weeks. We are due home on Wednesday so I thought a little update on Daisy’s exploits here is well due.

The first week was very quiet and we spent a while finding where the hot spots to go of an evening were. There seemed a lot of couples about, having romantic holidays together. Not many single guys at all. When we got to the Island of Koh Samui I was getting concerned that we would not find anyone or the right moment for Daisy to play. But all that changed when I gave Daisy a challenge. I said to her if she could find a man to go and fuck I would treat her to a few days spa treatment at a luxury resort. She was very quick to take me up on my offer. It was 2 days before New Years Eve when the opportunity arose. The evening started with a romantic dinner, just the two of us, Daisy looked great in a sexy casual yellow tshirt dress (pic below). We then went to a bar on the main beach. We shared a truck-taxi tuc tuc thing with a few guys also on their way to the bar. Daisy was flirting with them all the way and giving them glimpses of her knickers under her very short skirt. When we arrived we noticed there were lots of Westerners partying here and it was very busy with pre-New Years celebrations and we got chatting to a few people from the UK and Europe at a lounge table on the beach. The music was great, the weather hot and the atmosphere very sexy. A hour or so later I noticed Daisy was not at our table, I thought she had gone to the bathroom but she had been gone too long. I peered around the place and could not see her. A moment later one of the girls who was with us on our table came back from the bathroom. I asked her if she’d seen Daisy and she said she had, she gave me a strange look as if she shouldn’t be telling me but she said she was at one of the tables at the front of the bar talking to a guy. I immediately got very excited and went off to find her. I made my way towards the bathroom and way over in the corner I spotted her. I kept my distance, she was indeed chatting to a guy. He was tanned, had his shirt off and looked like a great looking guy.

She was flirting for sure, the way she held her body and talked, the other guy seemed bright-eyed and very into the conversation they were having. He was also with a group of friends, but had his attention away from them as he chatted to Daisy. Occasionally he would look over at a guy within this groups of friends. One time I saw him give his friend a little wink. His friend smiled back, obviously pleased his mate was making progress with this hot British chick. After a while I needed to hit the bathroom myself and tried to slip by without disturbing them. Just as I got near them Daisy looked up and noticed me and said “Hey, Trash, come say hello” I went over and shook the guys hand, Daisy introduced us “This is Mike from Australia… Mike… this is my one of my best friend’s from back home, Trash” I loved the way she was ahead of the game and introduced me as her friend.. She continued “Trash and I have been on holiday together a few times, we’ve known each other for years” Mike looked at me with an enthusiastic expression “So Trash, are you in the Porn Industry as well?” I chuckled, Daisy had played the Porn Star card and got this guy ultra-keen. “No” I said “I build websites for a living”. He turned back to Daisy and they continued their conversation. I took the chance to excuse myself and head for that much needed pee lol..

When I got back to them, again Daisy noticed me and spoke out again.. “Hey Trash, would you mind hanging around with the others if we headed off and used the room for a bit”. It was very hard to keep my composure but I managed a very casual “No that’s fine hun, I’m not ready to head back yet, this party is really cool.”. “Great!” Daisy said, she turned to Mike “Have you got some ‘you know whats’?”. The invitation for sex was so obvious that Mike knew she meant condoms. He nodded and she said “Well let’s go then…. Bye Trash, we won’t be long, I’ll text you when we’re done”. . I loved her direct style in front of me. The Erection in my shorts felt huge. I was dizzy with excitement. I then saw them disappear out and off down the beach towards our hotel.

I went straight to the bar and had a Tequila shot to steady my nerves. Wow this seemed to good to be true. I decided to give them 5 minutes lead time and head after them.

As I walked down the beach, it was very dark, I was straining my eyes ahead at the shadows to see if I could see them. It was about a 30 minute walk back to the hotel, straight along the beach. A couple of times I thought I got too close but the shadows turned out to be someone else on the beach, enjoying the warm night air. I was thinking if they have stopped to sit down for a bit I’m going to run straight into them and I wasn’t sure how I would explain why I was heading back straight after them. But I didn’t catch up and didn’t even see them all the way back to the hotel complex.

The hotel itself was typical of a Thailand resort, lots of individual hotel bungalows dotted around a garden setting. I entered the resort with caution, my heartbeat thumping in my ears above the sound of the Crickets. I got to the bend which lead to our property and I could hear Daisy, they were having a cigarette on the porch outside the room. I withdrew and walked back the way I came towards the beach. I would have to wait this out for a while. I was wondering if it actually was a good idea to leave the party so soon, they might be at it for hours. It was already 1am.

I sat myself down on a lounge chair on the beach and laid back, the stars were shining bright, the moon was out, the sky was also full of lantern balloons, lit by various people all over the island and set into the sky. The sound of the waves crashing down and the dark of the beach made me relax for the first time since I knew Daisy was on the prowl. But as soon as I thought of Daisy again, my sexual desire entered my mind once more. What was she up to right at this moment? The thought was so sexy, this was what it was all about, this was my fantasy, the thing that makes me more horny than anything else. Daisy was about to or was already fucking another guy in our holiday bed. What I love most about this situation is letting the mind run riot, you can’t see the actual act so you have the whole of your imagination to predict what is happening. It’s a wonderful and intense feeling and I compare it a higher sexual feeling personally that actually watching Daisy in the flesh.

An hour passed, I must have concentrated on every minute so it went very slowly. I decided to go and investigate the room once more. This time when I came round the path bend, it was silent. The porch contained now two empty chairs, two empty bottles of alcohol that they had been drinking on the walk home and an ashtray. The curtains were drawn across the porch front. There was a little crack in between, I know Daisy would have thought of that, just in case I wanted to come back early and voyeur. My heart started thumping again in my head as I approached the porch. Over the noise of my heart and the insect night-life in the bushes around me I heard a giggle. An unmistakable giggle that belonged to Daisy. I crept closer and then jumped for my life as a security light flashed on plunging the whole porch area and the area I was standing into light. My heart lunged as I turned and made back down the path as quickly as I could. Then as I approached the beach I saw a security guard who was obviously patrolling the grounds. I passed him with a polite wave. I laughed to myself, if he was to catch me hanging around a room where a couple where having sex in, OMG I must look so dodgy… I headed back to the beach… No chance of voyeuring for me tonight then.

Another hour gone, it was now 3.15am. I was really getting edgy now but so enjoying the thought of knowing what was to come later. To have Daisy’s used body all for myself. The long wait I compare to when you’re having sex and stop yourself from cumming to prolong the intensity. There is nothing like the ache of desire, nothing else matters when you’re in that state. It’s like a head-fuck. You’re so anxious, senses alert, staying on that edge of intensity. I got to the stage where I could sit still and wait no more. I decided to head back one more time to the room, just to maybe hear something, or glimpse something to add some spice to my over-active imagination.

As I made my way down the path, I slowed at the bend. No sign of the security guard. That was good. I was very careful to not enter near the porch area this time and trip the security light and carried on down the path until I was level with the gap in the curtains. I peered through and had a look. All I could see was the end of the bed, the covers were creased and there was no obvious movement in the mattress. Then suddenly I saw the curtains twitch as if someone had just grabbed then. My heart lurched and I again sprawled back and quickly hid behind a bush on the property opposite. I cursed myself again for not staying on the beach. I was not having any luck and if Mike was to notice me out here crouched behind a bush, what the hell would he think. I peered up and the curtains were still again. I waited a couple more minutes and again quickly headed down to the beach once more. Right, I thought, stay here until you hear from her. No more prowling around. A little over 20 minutes later, my phone gave a bleep in my pocket. My heart raced with excitement as I grabbed it and went to read the message. It was indeed Daisy and it read simply “I have been fucked, you may come home.” I loved that simple sentence, she was playing the game so well tonight. I almost ran to the room, slowing only with the sobering thought I could bump straight into Mike coming the other way lol.

I didn’t see Mike on the way to the room and entered the porch, the 2 bottles still there, there were 4 cigarette buts in the ashtray, post-sexual smoke perhaps? I knocked on the door and Daisy answered naked. She had a devilish grin on her. All I could say was “I can’t believe it, that was amazing”. She looked pleased with herself “Did well huh?” I nodded my agreement as I looked around the room, the bed was a complete state, the covers thrown off to one side, there was two condom wrappers on the floor. “Did you have fun?” I said “Fuck Yeah!” Daisy said “He had a lovely cock, I drove him wild, he really fucked me hard. He even fucked my ass”. I was amazed, I looked round the room some more and noticed the lacy red knickers she had been wearing that night draped over the TV. Definitely thrown from the bed. I then noticed a used condom by the bedside light, it was actually laid on a book I’d been reading on holiday. An accident perhaps or cleverly placed by Daisy to increase that cuckold play excitement. My wild thoughts were interrupted by Daisy’s voice “Get on the bed” she said, I removed my clothes and laid down on my back. I was so hard and turned on laying on the bed Daisy had just been fucking on moments before that I’d been sleeping in with her over the past few nights.

Daisy climbed on the bed and put her legs either side of my chest. She then reached over and got the condom, showing me the evidence. Her eyes were wild, mine must have been too, it was so intense. After playing with it for a while in her hands, she lifted it to her mouth, holding it upright and sucked on the end of it, only the latex rubber between her mouth and her lovers cum. She then stuck her tongue out and started to tip it up. I watched the cum run easily through to the open end and then it was dripping out, over her tongue and down onto her breasts. Before it could reach my own chest, she tossed it to one side and moved back, sat on my cock and leant forward on me. I felt her wet cum-covered chest on mine and that was it for me. She must have moved up and down no more than five times on my cock before I blew my load deep into her pussy.

I couldn’t believe how quickly I came, but I knew the whole time waiting, the thoughts and torture I was going through was all the foreplay I needed. Daisy was a true star that night, and everything went perfectly and I could tell she’d really enjoyed the whole thing too. She said the sex with Mike was great and promised to repeat the performance “as soon as possible!” I couldn’t wait.

As I’m still out in Thailand (at the luxury spa resort presently lol) I can’t post some of the pictures from this night as I don’t have my card reader here, but will do as soon as I’m home. You’ll be able to see what she was wearing and some of her flirting on the night.

Well as I mentioned Daisy promised to repeat the performance “as soon as possible”, and she stuck to her word on New Years Eve. She managed to fuck two guys at different times during the evening. I’ll be posting that story and pics when I get home.

Daisy at our romantic meal before we hit the bar

Mike on the right with his friend

Visit Daisy’s Website Here

Submitted by: Trash


January 5, 2009

True Confession

Not only is this a true story, it is also a confession to my husband. We (I) have enjoyed the company of several men throughout our marriage, but there are also a few events that my husband doesn’t know about. When he reads this, he’ll know.

I love fucking other men in front of Mike, whether he likes it or not. One of the very best was a guy named Rick. I met Rick through a personal ad I answered one day after Mike failed again to satisfy me. After a few phone conversations (with Mike forced to listen on the extension), Rick and I agreed to meet one Saturday . I am your stereotypical Southern California blonde. I am 6’ tall, blonde hair, hazel eyes, very long legs and 36C tits with nipples that can be seen through any bra and sweater. Don’t roll your eyes - it’s the absolute truth!

I agreed to meet Rick one Saturday at a local mall. I looked amazing – long blonde hair falling halfway down my back, tight jeans with a black thong that enhanced my shapely ass, a thin T-shirt with no bra. I would meet him alone and bring him home where Mike would be waiting to serve us drinks. Then Mike got called into work. Before he left, I assured him that I would have Rick wait until Mike could get back home to serve us.

I don’t enjoy being told I can’t have something. And as two hours passed (and Mike was still working), I got restless. I look great – why should this go to waste? Fuck it, I thought, and called Rick. I boldly gave him my home address and directions, and he agreed to come right over. Then I called Mike and told him my guest would be arriving soon and he should get his ass home. I assured him that nothing would happen until he could be there to see every moment of it.

Rick showed up looking even better than his pictures. 6’2”, dark brown hair and green eyes, great body. He liked what he saw too, as he planted a kiss on my cheek as he entered my home. I explained my husband was working, and he would be home shortly. I brought him a beer, grabbed myself a glass of white wine, and we took a seat on the couch. The more we chatted, the wetter I got. He was semi-hard (I could see that through his jeans) and gorgeous, and it was obvious that our attraction was strong. I was squirming and he was adjusting himself, and Mike was calling every 20 minutes to find out what was going on. I assured him I wanted him to see everything, and nothing would happen until he came home.

Rick took a drink of his third beer and said, “Let me see your tits.” All thoughts of my husband left my mind, and I took another sip of wine and lifted my T-shirt. “Nice,” he said, and he immediately leaned over to squeeze them with both hands. His mouth followed and he licked and sucked my tits until I finally pulled away. “God,” I sighed. “You’re getting me so hot!”
“Duh!” he grinned. “Now show me your ass.” “Let’s wait for Mike,” I sighed, without any conviction whatsoever. “Fuck Mike,” he grinned again. “Show me.” I stood up and moved in front of him. Slowly, I pulled down the zipper of my jeans and slid them teasingly to my thighs. I turned my back to him and, glancing over my shoulder, I whispered, “You like?” “Yeah baby. I like,” he said, and reclined slightly on the couch. “Come here.” I pulled up my jeans and the phone rang as I walked to him. Mike again. I answered it as I leaned down to kiss Rick. “No, nothing’s happening yet. Just come home.” I hung up without letting Mike say a word. Rick’s hands pushed my shirt up and he continued to squeeze my tits as we kissed. After a very heavy make-out session, I pulled my shirt off.

“I thought you wanted your husband to see us,” Rick said, pulling off his shirt. One look at his muscled chest and I knew I had to have him. “He will. Someday,” I said and kissed him again. My hands went to his jeans, rubbing his very hard cock through the thick material. I unzipped them and slid my hand inside. Rick moaned and started licking and sucking my tits. I was going crazy – husband or not I was going to have him NOW. I pulled away and slid his jeans down. His big, hard cock wanted my mouth so I couldn’t disappoint, could I? I began sucking his huge shaft, sliding my tongue over the head everytime before it slid into my mouth. Rick was moaning and playing with my nipples, getting them even harder (if that was possible). I moaned, he moaned, and the phone rang again. Against my better judgment, I answered. “What’s going on?” Mike asked, his voice husky. “Nothing,” I managed, sliding Rick’s cock out of my mouth. “Just waiting for you.”
“Nothing? Really?” he said. “Nope,” I said, quickly sliding Rick’s cock in and out of my mouth. “Just talking. You know I want you to see everything” “Ok.” Mike sounded relieved. “I should be leaving here in about 30 minutes.” “Cool. See you then.” I hung up and resumed sucking like he was the last man on earth.

“My turn.” Rick said after a few minutes. I really wanted him to come in my mouth but he was not a man to be denied (what a perfect match for me!) He sat up and pushed me down on the floor, tugging at my jeans. I kicked my shoes off and he quickly slid my jeans off, spreading my legs and shoving his face between them. I moaned, enjoying the feeling of a strange tongue on my clit. He knew what he was doing, no doubt about it, and soon I was squirming on the floor with Rick’s amazing tongue teasing me. He slid one finger inside me and I came almost immediately. I heard him chuckle before his tongue slid into my pussy. “I thought you like to do all of this in front of your husband,” he said. I couldn’t see his face but I could hear the smug smile in his voice. “I do.” I grabbed his hair and pulled his face to my pussy. “But it looks like you’re changing my rules.” Rick licked me to another amazing orgasm. By then, I was on fire. When I come from oral sex, it only makes me hotter to fuck. “Come on,” I smiled, pulling him down on top of me. “Fuck me.” “You don’t have to tell me twice.” Rick grinned and kissed me as he guided his hard cock to my pussy. He shoved, and my legs came up around him. He shoved again, and his entire length was inside me. “Fuck me,” I moaned into his ear. “Fuck me good!” “No sweat, baby.” Rick pumped his big, hard cock into my hot, wet pussy. I came again, enjoying the excitement of being fucked without an audience. And for such a long time! Mike is a true “minute man”, telling me I’m too hot and he can’t last. Whatever… Rick kissed me and licked and sucked my tits, fucking me to yet another orgasm. What an extraordinary lover, I thought, just getting swept away by this amazing fucking. Rick moaned a little. “Don’t come in me,” I said. “Why?” he asked breathlessly, frowning. “Come on my pussy,” I smiled slyly. “But…” “Just jerk off on my pussy.”
“Oh yeah.” Rick fucked me until he couldn’t hold back, then pulled out and shot his beautiful come all over my nicely trimmed pussylips.

“God, that was awesome!” I pulled him to me, kissing him deeply. He smiled an stood up, reaching for his pants. “What are you going to tell your husband?” “Don’t worry about that,” I stood up, his come still smeared all over my pussy. “I’ll handle it.” “I really should go,” he pulled his jeans and T-shirt on. “I hadn’t planned on being here so long..” “I understand,” I said, pulling my T-shirt over my head. “But I want to see you again.” Rick grinned and pulled me to him. “What are you doing Friday night?” He kissed me. “You.” I smiled. “Cool. I’ll call you.” After another quick kiss, I escorted Rick to the door wearing only my T-shirt and his come. He got into his car, carrying his shoes with him. I shut the door behind him. No more than a minute later, Mike came in the door looking wildly around the living room. “Where is he?” He sounded almost desperate, then he frowned at the way I way dressed. “What happened???” “Don’t worry, sweetheart,” I assured him smoothly, kissing his cheek. “I have a little something for you.” I immediately sat on the couch with my legs spread. “Oh my God,” he whispered, falling to his knees in front of me. “You said you wanted me to see everything!” “We just played a little,” I said calmly, shoving his head to my still-wet pussy. “Played…?” he asked, before running his tongue lightly over my pussylips. “Yes. I had him jerk off on my pussy. Now clean me up like a good boy.” Mike hesitated and sat up to look me in the eye. “That’s all?” I smiled. “Of course that’s all. You didn’t think I would fuck him alone, did you?” “No… I guess not…” “Good. Now clean me up.” My reassuring voice put him at ease and he did as he was told. He did a great job, even licking me to another orgasm. After I was nice and clean, I kissed him, told him I love him, and then said, “Don’t make any plans for Friday night.” “Why?” he sighed contentedly?
“Rick and I have plans…”

That story took place 5 years ago. To this day, Mike thinks Rick jerked off on my pussy. If/when he reads this, he’ll know the true story. And there are others…

Submitted by: Lynn - Los Angeles


December 31, 2008

My Filipina Wife

Cuckold Place Update

My wife Jacqui is a Filipina, and we met a few years back when I was living in the Philippines. This woman is a knockout: 5’7” (tall by Filipina standards), professional dancer with a body to show for it. Long, muscular legs, tight belly, and beautiful C-cup breasts.

I brought her back to the states with me and we settled in New York, where she got a job as a dance instructor. Being a sort of conservative Filipina woman, I don’t think she ever thought of straying from me, but over time I found myself really turned on by seeing black men check her out. Over time I gradually brought up the idea of sharing her. She seemed turned on by the idea too, and we always had fantastic sex after I brought it up, but I think the conservative Filipina upbringing mostly stood in the way.

Then one night, shortly before she turned 30, we were out late at a bar, and a very muscular black man sat next to her. He saw me there and saw her wedding band, but he started hitting on her aggressively. This guy was absolutely ripped and looked like he could tear most guys in half. The two of them talked for a long time while I pretended to be busy, meanwhile I had the biggest hardon of my life when I saw him touch her thigh. He left for a minute to check in with his buddies and I urged Jacqui to go home with him. She was obviously horny and readily agreed. I told her to text me, and if she didn’t want to send a real message, she should just text me the number 1 if they had sex, 2 if they didn’t. Terry came back and, within a couple of minutes, she was walking out the door with her arm wrapped around his waist.

That night was the most anxiety-filled and sexually charged of my life. My heart pounded and my dick throbbed while I waited at home for her to text. About an hour later, I got the first text: a 1. Without even touching myself I instantly came so hard, it practically sprayed around the room. This was about 2 a.m., and I decided to stay up and wait for her to come home. Around 4, she texted me again, saying simply, “Be home in the morning.”

Jacqui came home around 8 in the morning, looking tired and guilty and blissful all at the same time, and I immediately pressed her for the details. Apparently Terry had an enormous dick—she guessed 9 inches, and thick—and they had sex almost straight from 1 until 7, using every position imaginable. I asked if she wanted to see him again, and she said yes, absolutely.

Submitted by: filamwifecuck

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December 27, 2008

She Finally Did It

My wife finally did it. We have been talking about her getting a lover for a while now and nothing ever really happened. She only chatted on line to other guys and I thought she was just amusing me. Then I placed an ad online for guys to contact her and a ton did (and still are). She had a date on Friday night (I stayed home and babysat). I was anxious all night. She went to a bar and hung out and got hit on by plenty of guys as she waited for her date. My wife is gorgeous blonde hair blue eyes 38DD. the problem is I don’t satisfy her with only 5″ She is obsessed with big cocks.

Anyway she came home and told me about her night of how she flirted with her date and had fun then the guy walked her to the car and kissed her. She said she felt his cock and he was much bigger than me but decided to come home. I couldn’t believe it! The next day she had a date with another guy. She went to his house this time to fuck!. She came home after 5 hours, walked right over to me and kissed me. I didn’t ask but I knew I was kissing her just where another dick had been. I was so turned on I couldn’t believe it! We went right to the bedroom and undressed and I dove straight for her pussy. I wanted to see if it looked different or felt different. Heck even if it tasted different. I think could taste the condom on her pussy. Anyway she proceeded to tell me how his cock was huge and rock hard. I felt so inadequate that I had to prove to her that I was just as good. She told me how he made her cum just from fucking (something I have never done) and that he fucked her for over an hour! He even fucked her on her back and as he was sliding it in she said oh that feels so good and he responded-by saying it is only half way in. As he slid in more and more he touched her in ways I have never been able to or never will be able to. She said he fucked her like that (on her back ) then rolled her over and his big cock never came out. Then he fucked her from behind. She said she was so loud he was concerned she would wake the neighbors. Then she said he flipped her back over and she said to cum on her tits. She said he beat his dick with one hand and there was still so much showing and he blew a huge load on her tits. At that moment I immediately moved up and started sucking her tits. I stuck my cock in her right away and she was pretty tight (I think she was swollen) and I came after 3 pumps, it was so humiliating…

So I cleaned her up and we cuddled for a bit then I tried over and over to get a hard on and she ended the night by telling me I was pathetic laying there shaking my dick and not getting hard. It was a horrible feeling. The next day we fucked and she was so loose. She keeps talking about her night and how good it was. I feel bad she has had to settle with me for so long. At least now she will have some satisfaction.

Anyway a few days have passed and I feel much better about her having a lover and I am not sad about it at all any more. in fact I am encouraging her. She has a date tomorrow ..She is going to the movies with some guy and all she said is she is gonna wear a short skirt and she will email me more about it at work today. I know I have opened a door and there is no closing it.

Submitted by: Josh - Nebraska


December 19, 2008

My New Life

Cuckold Place Update

A little background on us: My wife and I are a Caucasian couple that recently moved to the Chicago area. I am 37 yrs old and she is 36yrs. We have been married for 14yrs and have no children. We are both attractive and in good shape, I am 5” 9”, 170lbs. and she is 5’ 4”, 120lbs. with blond hair and blue eyes. We are college educated, have decent jobs and live a good life. Oh yeah, we both travel fairly regularly for work. Let’s call me J., and my wife S.

I have always had cuckold fantasies and have shared them with the wife. About a year ago, we decided to take the fantasy further and S. (wife) started a relationship with an individual she met while traveling. He was aware of the cuckold game and she had sex with him a few times, but in the end it did not work out. He was in a different state and wasn’t really right for “the game“ so it was ended.

A while later, we moved to Chicago and began to toy with the cuckold idea again. S had discovered that she in fact really liked our little “game”. So, we decided to check out some of the posts on this site and respond to a couple to see what happened. We found a couple interesting ones, but only responded to 2 posts. One was a bit over-the-top for our taste, but the other seemed promising.

After the initial contact, only my wife, S, had contact with the potential bull. They began to email and text one another and seemed to get along well so after a while, they decided to meet and see how things went. This was in late July of 2007.

My wife ( S ) had been traveling for work and she and our prospective bull setup a meeting for the night she returned home. The plan was for him to pick her up from the airport here in Chicago and then they would grab a bite to eat and talk. No pressure, no sex, just get to know one another. I was aware of it and trusted my wife’s judgment so I was not too worried, but still a little worried. Have to be safe.

S’s flight did not get in until 9pm so I figured it would be a little late before I spoke with her to see how things went. After a while, she sent me a few txt messages to let me know she was alright and that things were going well. This was probably around 11pm and they had went downtown. After a couple hours had passed, I was a little concerned and sent her a txt. She responded that all was good and they were “getting to know each other”. To make a long story short, she did not come home until almost 4:00 am. I had been trying to sleep, but was awake when she came in. She looked a little disheveled and had a somewhat worried look on her face.

We talked and she told me a bit about how the night went. She met M. and they got along quite well. She was horny from all the talk and planning and it wasn’t long before they started talking about sex. M had said that he had a big cock and S. was very curious to find out if it was true. He showed her his cock and she was at once enamored with it. A short time later they were having sex in the back of his Mercedes.

My wife had sex with M twice that night, and was worried that I would be mad because we had talked about not having sex, just meeting to get to know him. She said that she couldn’t help it. She liked him and he had a fabulous cock. She said once she saw it, she could not wait to get it inside of her. I told her I was not mad and we had great sex that night, though she was a little sore from M‘s big cock.

And thus, this began our current situation in the cuckold lifestyle. We have realized that we both enjoy this little “game” of ours very much, and it has continued with M. since then. My wife said that I should start a post telling about us, so here it is. Everything is true, we have become a real cuckold couple. I am not a great story teller and fact is not always as entertaining as fiction, but this is our story.

Submitted by: JRyan

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December 11, 2008

First Hotwife Fuck

My name is Mick and I just wanted to share my first hotwife experience with you all.

I am a 26 year old single male and I have always found the idea of being with another man’s wife very erotic. Well let me tell you about my story. About 3 weeks ago I was at a club and I noticed this hot little blonde, she had a tight body with a great ass and fantastic tits. She was in her early 30’s and I quickly joined her on the dance floor and within no time at all our bodies were grinding together as our hands explored each others bodies and we kissed passionately. Anyway after a few songs we go and sit down and have a few drinks with a bit more playing under the table. Then she excused herself to go to the little girl’s room. When she returned she told me that she wanted to confess something to me. She explained to me that she was married and the guy standing near the bar was her husband. She then explained the lifestyle and that he was totally fine with his gorgeous hot wife having fun with other men. I was shocked at first but yet very turned on of the thought of fucking this hot filthy slut wife. She asked me if I wanted to leave with her to which I eagerly agreed to and we quickly made our way to the car. We got in the back and she introduced me to her husband in the driving seat, while she slid her hands down the front of my pants and started rubbing my big hard cock.

As her husband drove, me and this cock hungry wife continued where we left off, she unzipped my pants and started to give me the sloppiest wettest blowjob I have ever had. We soon arrived at their place and while we were sitting in the car she continued to suck, lick and jerk my cock. Then as she popped her head up to take a breath she noticed we were outside the front of her house and said “Let’s go inside!”

We quickly went inside and she took me straight up to the bedroom. She asked her husband to go and get us some drinks. As soon as her husband was gone she started to strip in front of me, she was wearing this hot red lacy lingerie set underneath. She then dropped to her knees and continued to suck on my cock, twirling her tongue around the head of my penis while she stroked her hand down my shaft. Her husband then came back into the room and stopped and took in the sight of his nasty wife making a whole lot of noise, gagging on my cock. I then stood her up and laid her on the bed and I ripped her red lacy G-string off and spread her legs. I then started to eat the sweetest pussy I have ever ate, licking her clit while finger fucking her. I brought her to orgasm after orgasm, she was screaming at her husband that she was going to have a real man’s cock and that she was a nasty slut and she needed my big hard cock! I told her I wanted her to ride my cock. She then climbed on top of me and my cock slid in her wet tight pussy, we were so in the moment we hadn’t even discussed a condom. I told her I was going to pound her pussy then fill her hole with my hot cum. she bounced up and down on my cock like you could never believe. She had hold of the bedpost and pounded her tight pussy down on my hard cock. I then threw her down on the bed on her back and spread her legs and shoved my cock inside her missionary style. It was at this point I remembered the husband, I think we had both forgot her husband was even there, he was in the corner playing with himself. I looked over and told him I was going to stretch his wife’s pussy with my big hard cock. i then turned her over again on her front and slid my cock deep in her hot gapping pussy. I made sure her face was pointing directly at her husband so he could see his pretty wife facial expressions as she enjoyed my cock.

I pounded her doggy style, her pussy became wetter and wetter. I grabbed her hair and asked her if she was a good little slut and if she liked my big dick, she turned with her eyes rolling back in her head and screamed out “fuck yeah I’m a dirty little slut”. I then slid a finger deep in her ass. She squealed with delight. I then took it a step further and slid my cock out of her pussy and straight into her cherry tight ass. She squealed again as I pounded her ass. I knew I was going to cum any second, so I pushed myself back into her pussy and pumped her as hard and fast as I could before squirting a massive load in her hole. We both lay there for a while and then collapsed on the bed. After a few moments she started to blow me again, cleaning my cock from cum and pussy juice. Then her husband came over, put his head between her legs and cleaned her up. After that I sent him to go get us some beer and food and I continued to fuck his wife for the rest of the night.

Me and this hot little slut wife lost count on how many orgasms we both had but in the morning she told me there was no way she could walk for a while. I can’t wait for my next hotwife experience. If there is any hotwives out there in Sydney looking please feel free to email me. Hope to have more stories up soon with some pics to go with it :)

Submitted by: Mick - Sydney Austalia


December 7, 2008

Mai’s Next Adventure

It’s been quite a while since I posted on here so time for an update on my hot Vietnamese wife Mai. We have been playing regularly but just had to write about a really hot scene we got into a few weeks ago. It was Friday night and I had taken Mai out to eat at our local watering hole. As usual Mai was dressed very slutty, tight skirt, fishnet stockings and a loose shirt with no bra. She was into her 3rd drink when three very well dressed attractive black men sat at the table next to us. I could almost smell Mai’s pussy as she looked them over. The guys noticed her right away and looked her over good. Mai just flashed her pretty smile and said “Hi”. We all started talking and it didn’t take long for the guys to figure out that Mai was a slut and that I had no problem with it.

After introductions (Sean, Thomas and James) they told us there were in town for a convention and wouldn’t mind some fun. So after a few more drinks we all went out to the parking lot. Mai told me to drive and she would ride with the guys to make sure they didn’t get lost on the way to our house. It was a 30 minute drive home and I knew that Mai would have her mouth full of BBC the whole way. When we pulled up to the house Mai climbed out of the car nude holding 2 of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen. Both guys were at least 10″ and thick. Mai lead them into the house and straight up to our bedroom. She was so wet and ready that James slid his huge cock into her cunt as she sucked on Thomas. All 3 of them where really tripping on the scene and really started getting into fucking her. Before the night was over they had DP’ed Mai several times. The best part was getting to eat their black seed out of her sloppy cunt when they finally finished.


Submitted by: Brian, VA

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December 3, 2008

New Cuckold Life

I have always been interested in the whole sharing your wife/girl friend thing for many years. After my divorce a few years back I decided that I wanted a partner whom would be interested in the lifestyle and explore that with me.

Well I think my time has come and I found that special girl. A few months back I met a girl on one of those dating sites who just happened to be in my hometown. We talked and got to know each other over time and then I let it be known I wanted a girl who was not a “Mary Poppins”. She let me know that she had thought in the past about threesomes and things like that, but as she got older she figured it would not happen.

Christie is in her late 30’s and has a body to die for. She is the shy type and didn’t think she was a head turner. Well we went out on a date and hit it off and we seemed to talk more and more as the days passed. I could tell she was open minded and interested in the whole cuckold lifestyle. I would send her stories to educate her and get to think outside the box. Then the time came, she had to go out of town and while she was gone she stayed at an old class mates house. She had been interested in him as he was her, but because of the long distance and timing things didn’t really take off.

One night while away she texted me and told me she was down stairs and he was up in his room. Of course being away things were leading to sex talk, via text and it came out! I texted her;” Why don’t you go up to his room and give him a BJ?”. She texted back; “Are you sure about that?”. I said; “Yes! but I want you to come back with some proof to show me!”.

After that I did not get a response and in fact I thought she was mad at me! It was a long night, so I gave up on texting her and wrote it off as she was made. The next morning I get a text;
“I did what you asked! I went ! I did! and I completed!”. My heart raced, my cock throbbed and I called her right away. I took a long swallow and said; “You really did it?” She said; “Yes! isn’t that what you wanted?” I explained how I thought she was mad at me and didn’t think she had. She took the dare and acted on it right away, because had she thought about it she would had not done it.

Then she slowly told me all about it and how she sucked and and he shot his load all over her pj shirt, I asked if she was going to do it again? Which she replied; “I don’t know, maybe!”

Well that next night she made it known she was game for a repeat and in the middle of the night he came down and lead her back to his room for another BJ. Once again he shot his load all over her night shirt.

When she got home I rushed to her house to see how bad this girl had really been. Sure enough she had both shirts laid out on her bed and there was cum stains all over them. It lead to some hot sex and to her transformation.

As time past our relationship grew and we became bf and gf. She knew I wanted to share her with other men, but again this was new to her and she wanted to take baby steps.

Which leads to present time. Over the past two or three months we have talked about it and I have educated her. I showed her articles on “cuckold” and women who have sex with other men. She had been talking to a friend of hers that she had met and had have sex with on a couple encounters. She made it be known to him that her bf was wanting to share her and she wanted it to be with him. He was game on the threesome adventure and/or one on one with her, but due to work and all the things life throws at you, it didn’t seem to happen.

Then two days ago my gf and I were laying in bed and were talking and had had some steamy texting the day before. As we talked about it she went down on me giving me on of her awesome BJ’s when I asked to see her phone. I told her I was going to text her friend and she had to trust me. She did and continued to suck me as I text him. She had been texting him a few days before asking when the two of them could meet, all I did was speed things up. I texted from my gf’s phone; “I am horny, and need your cock in my mouth and pussy, when can we meet?” It was not 2 minutes and the phone was ringing. She stopped her bj and answered, wondering what in the hell I sent him. The next thing you know she was making a date with him for that day within a couple of hours of the call.

She told him she meet him at his house and she would be getting ready. She hung the phone up and looked at me like to say;” OMG!” Then she said;” Well if I am going to go fuck him I got to get ready!”

As she headed off to the shower I picked out her thong panties and waited on her to get out of the shower. I watched every move she made, we both knew this would be the making of me becoming her cuckold. I watched as she put her makeup on, put her black bra and thong on for him and gave her a good long kiss telling her to have fun and be a good slut to him!

As she drove away I knew what was going to happen, I knew in a matter of 30 minutes or so she would be in his arms, touching him, kissing him and fucking him. My body tingled all over, I was numb and could not think. I counted down the minutes as to when I though she would get there, when she be knocking on the door, when she would be kissing him and in his arms and finally when he would be fucking her with his big cock!

Several hours passed by then I got a text; “I am hungry!” I called right away and she told me she was just leaving his house and was on her way home. I asked what happened? She said: “I did it I went down on him and he fucked me!” My cock throbbed with anticipation and I could not believe it happened! I told her I’ll meet her at her place and that she better be naked and waiting on me!

When I got there I went straight to her room and she laid there in the bed with the same black bra and thong she wore for him. I climbed in bed kissing her and asking her word for word what happened? As she told me I undressed her. I could smell her and the sex smell the was such a sweet aroma to my senses. I felt her pussy and it was so wet and swollen from her recent fucking. I could not wait I had to put my cock in her. I put it in her and could feel right away how her pussy was stretched and felt different than from the past. She told me how she knocked on the door and he met her. How they kissed and made out with him leading her to his room. Undressing her and feeling her naked body, then going down on her pussy, then sucking her tits. His cock is somewhat larger than mine, so she told me how she attempted to give him a bj, but it was so thick it was hard for her to do it. She told me how they laid kissing and her spreading her legs inviting him in to her with his cock. How he parted her pussy with his monster cock and how he fucked her then pulling out of her jerking his cock off till he came.

I was an animal, pounded her pussy with every word she spoke, then I cum deep in her pussy adding to her wetness. Then she told me how he gave her a hickie near her pussy area so she would have something to show me when she got home. She climbed up on my chest and I could see her hickie, her swollen red, gaping pussy and then I dove right in sucking her licking her and tasting her well fucked used pussy. As I went down on her I shoved my finger deep into her ass making her body shake and then she let out a moan and I felt her body tighten up and she came. It was awesome. We have talked and she is going to continue to fuck him from time to time. She said she was going to try while I am out of town, making me a real good cuckold.

I am sure as time passes there be more stories to tell.

Submited by: J W - Texas


November 21, 2008

Her New Regular Fuck

I’ve always encouraged my wife Jane to fantasize about being fucked by other men. I guess it started when we would be in the car and I’d encourage her to expose herself while we drove alongside truckers. Jane gets so horny when we roleplay. Recently we had bought her a new pink rabbit, to cut a long story short I had Bob, a pal of mine over for a few beers and wine, as the drink flowed I couldn’t help but tell Bob about her new toy, instead of being embarrassed Jane joined the conversation telling Bob how horny it made her. I pushed jane into giving us a demo but she was having none of it.

After several more glasses of wine Jane disappeared and changed into her dressing gown, she sat next to me and we carried on the sexy chatter with me asking her to show Bob how she uses it, my cock was by now hard and Jane noticed how turned on the conversation had got me, she kissed me goodnight and went upstairs. Me and Bob sat and talked when I heard her shout for me. As Bob was going up to the toilet I asked him to find out what she wanted. Ten minutes later I find myself sat on my own. I went to the foot of the stairs and listened, I could hear a whirring noise and Jane moaning. I went up and looked through our open door to see Jane with her pink rabbit inside her and its ears hugging her clit, but fuck I didn’t expect to see my friends cock in her mouth. Jane was sucking his cock and I could see her tongue going all over his dick. My dick was now in my hand as I watched Jane lifting herself to meet her pink toy as rob was fucking her mouth.

Jane noticed me and rather than be embarrassed she became more vocal saying she wanted a real man inside her. I was transfixed as Bob positioned himself between my wifes legs and rubbing his cock down her slit pushed himself into her. Jane’s legs wrapped around Rob as she pulled him close and kissed him fully on the mouth, watching my wife lost in another mans arms gave me the biggest hard on I’ve ever had. As I walked over to them, Rob continued to fuck her and I stood at her head to let her suck me but she was too busy being screwed to bother. Rob was now really forcing himself into her and the sound of his balls hitting my wife’s ass and her cunt squelching was enough for me to cum. Jane then screaming “Cum in me, fuck me, give me bellyache god yes!” Rob gave out a gasp and his body stiffened as he emptied himself into my wifes cunt, fuck I’ve never seen her so horny, it was decided I’d sleep downstairs so I left them in bed together.

God knows how many times I relieved myself as I listened to my wife being screwed royally by Bob. I eventually dozed off. That was the beginning of a routine that would happen everytime Bob came down, Jane’s never been so happy she now gets fucked regularly and I get to watch.

Submitted by: Smallman


November 7, 2008

Wife’s Double Creampie

We met Ron on the Internet. We did the initial e-mail correspondence and picture exchange. She liked his looks but she loved the size of his cock. After a short time, she decided that she definitely wanted to fuck him.

When the day came, we left our kids with the babysitter, gathered the camera and video recorder and we set off to meet Ron. She dressed in a short skirt and a pink halter top with high soled sandals. She looked absolutely beautiful to me and I knew Ron would think she was incredible. I snapped pictures of her before we left as the tensions grew. As we drove to his house, I could tell that she was extremely excited and I could feel that she was dripping wet. He was waiting outside when we got there. I didn’t think he was exceptionally handsome, but we weren’t there for beauty contests. They hugged and we shook hands and he led us into his house.

I took our camera and video recorded out and set them up but I had to use the bathroom. I went in, and did what I had to do and then came out of the bathroom into an almost completely dark living room. The only thing I could hear was slurping sounds. I found my way to the counter, got the camera and turned on a light to find my beautiful wife on her knees, with Ron holding her head in his hands while she lovingly licked and sucked his huge hard cock. It looked so erotic and felt so taboo to actually be in the same room as my wife sucked another man’s cock. She sucked him until he was close to cumming and then stood up and removed only her panties. She laid back on the couch and slowly spread her legs. Ron knelt down between her thighs and lowered his head to her open wet pussy. She held on to the back of his head and he licked and sucked her clit. All of this was turning me on beyond belief. Still clothed he stood in front of her and let her undress him. She removed all of his clothes and laid back with her legs spread and said, “Give me that dick, baby.” I watched, mesmerized, as he lowered himself onto my wife. I watched as she grabbed his hard dick and as she rubbed the head of it against her cunt and I watched as he slowly slid his dick in to my wife. As he bottomed out she moaned and spread her legs wider. He moved in her slowly at first until she got used to his length. She then started to fuck him back and moaned, “Baby, his dick feels so good.”

He flipped her over and took off all of her clothes. On her knees on the couch he moved behind her and rammed his dick back into her. As he fucked her and slapped her ass, I moved in front of her had stuck my cock into her mouth. We both fucked her like that for a while before moving the whole part into the bedroom. I watched as she laid back again and spread for him. He moved between her legs and slid back into her.. They picked up where they left off as the pace increased. She tightened her muscles and came all over his cock. He looked at me and said, “Can I cum in your wife?” I quickly told him to do it, while she moaned, “Yes Ron, Shoot your cum in my pussy while my husband watches us!” He took two more hard strokes, groaned loudly and shot he load deep into my wife’s cunt. His movements slowed and eventually he slid his cock out and rolled over on his back next to her. While her legs were still spread wide I mounted my wife and slid my own throbbing cock into her well used cunt. She came again and then I unloaded my own load mixing my cum with his inside of my wife. I cleaned her up, dressed her and took her home, freshly fucked!

Scotts Wife

Submitted by - Scott Johnson - Florida

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