August 2, 2009

A Newly Trained Cuckold

I am 22 and recently introduced to Fem Dom by my boyfriend Bob. I love it! I never realised how Dom I am nor how important FD is to people generally. In my view FD in a relationship should be 24/7 and it’s not so much a game as a Statement. I am interested in putting Bob into some sort of chastity device. What is best for long term use? I imagine it does have some dangers - good! What are they?

Bob loves FD and he adores me. He gets very excited by our talk but gets scared when I really give it to him hard. I imagine most guys are like that? A lockable penis cage would make it easier for me to take control of him but what other ways do people suggest? I’m keen to show him up for what he is in public, not on the High Street but to friends and things. I soon discovered that he doesn’t enjoy that one little bit - so that’s interesting.

We went to a party last weekend and I wore a pretty revealing latex type outfit and he went in a sort of loincloth. He literally begged me not to make him go and I got really angry. Of course in the end he came; it was either that or “goodbye, its been fun knowing you”! It was a party where people did dress up but not quite like us and everybody saw it as “S&M”. The girl who was giving the party gave me her riding crop to complete my “look” and late on in the garage I used it on Bob in front of two of my friends and one of their boyfriends. The next day everybody knew about it because I had apparently done it “really really hard”. And I had. Bob was wincing as he got texts from his mates making jokes about it. Because he didn’t want to do it I found I got very wet and excited and ended up having sex with a guy I’d never met while Bob had to wait downstairs in his loin cloth and slashed arse until I was ready. That story is doing the rounds of my friends and it wont be long before his know. What they don’t know but maybe I’ll tell them, that I put a knot in the condom off the guy after he’d cum and back at my place I told Bob to swallow the contents. He seemed to find that! easier than being publicly exposed as a submissive which is very interesting. I’m already thinking of other ways to expose him. Anybody with any bright ideas?

Love Linda


July 29, 2009

Meeting latest boyfriend

My recent visit to one of my lovers Hugo was pretty horny. I kissed my husband goodbye and went over to a local bar in town to meet him. We had a large glass of red wine in a secluded booth which got me going. He kept touching the back of my neck and putting his hand on my leg then he just lurched over and started snogging me. His tongue was down my throat, his hand was under my shirt, no bra, I came prepared! Just in case he wanted me I was going to let him have me later, my pussy was soaked and I wasn’t wearing my panties, as I wanted Hugo to know what sort of a big titted slut I really am. I put my hand on his crutch over his jeans and he had an enormous hard on.

After some heavy petting, I asked him if we could go somewhere more private, but he didn’t want to go any further. I couldn’t believe it, I was on heat! He said we should save it for another time! Anyway when we left I looked down at the seat and I had left a wet patch! He gave me a lift to my car as it was raining so hard. When we got to the car lot I was in, I couldn’t resist undoing his trousers and I put my hand on his cock which was very hard and big and thick – he said it was sometimes a problem being so big! I said not a problem for me and I begged him for it in the car.. Actually begged him!!, I sat on top of him, no time for a condom and lowered my wet pussy over his cock. Well he couldn’t stop himself, three big thrusts and he had blown the biggest load I have ever felt and I really felt it splashing inside me as he came. I was, wriggling around on his lap feeling it some more and his load was actually squelching around inside me and all over the top of my thighs and running down my stockings, I looked out of the window and noticed a couple of lorry drivers watched the whole thing.

When I got out of the car I nearly had an involuntary orgasm as I had to walk past them to my car wiggling my arse with my tits hanging out and rubbing my wet thighs together with all Hugo’s cum rubbing on my thighs and knowing what these guys knew about me and loving it all.

Submitted by: Jennifer - Florida


July 25, 2009

Shelly’s Gangbang

Below is my photo on the infamous green sheets. We were invited to a swingers party recently by my best friend Lori. We were very excited about going and when arrived we settled in quickly and started talking with the other couples there. Then I was led into a room where the wives were all sucking their husbands off and my best friend asked if I wanted to play a game, so hubby and I agreed. The rule was I had to be blindfolded and then suck each husband’s dick, then guess their cocks afterwards in a line up. If I chose correct, the next girl was then blind folded and the game proceeded. If I got it wrong, the wives picked a punishment for me. I was then blindfolded and I got on my knees and took each cock into my mouth for about a minute each. Then when the blindfold was removed, the hubby’s were all lined up and Lori my friend told me to pick which guy I sucked first and so on….. I made it to the fourth guy correctly, but then missed the next guy.

The woman all laughed and cheered then said “We have a loser!” Cheryl then pulled an envelope out and read the punishment. I was to be gangbanged by all the guys while my hubby was made to sit in a chair and watch.

The bottom photo below is the state of me after taking my fifth cock. The stains around the sheets say it all. I was creampied and many of the ladies sucked their husbands off after they came once so the could fuck me again. I did my first double vag with the two largest cocks - and they were BIG……. I also did a DP and was deepthroated. I was so sore and full of cum, but they allowed Hubby to fuck me in front of everyone as a last encore. I was glad he joined in because I was a bit worried how he would take the gangbang. He had been sat in the chair for over an hour but seemed very pleased with what was being done to me.

The next time we went to the same party, my friend Lori lost and she had a similar punishment. It was fun to watch and let Hubby fuck my friend while us girls were keeping the men hard.

Hope you enjoyed my first gangbang experience. I would be happy to do an interview with your blog too.






Submtted by: Shelly - Shelly’s on Hotwife Dating, check out her profile

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July 23, 2009

8 Cocks in a Week

Ruthie diary update.

I know it’s been a several months since I’ve updated on hotwife blog what I’ve been up to so I figured I’d write ya to let you know and let your people know what’s been happening.

I got a bunch of new cocks from Craigs list. Fucking strangers bareback is so hot! I placed an add in the casual relationships section one Friday night.”Slut wife looking for cocks to suck and fuck” Right away I got so many responses that I couldn’t keep up answering all of them.

I settled on these two guys last Friday night. I met the first guy at his office and sucked his cock in the board room, that was pretty hot, he shot a big load in my mouth and I swallowed it down. MMMMMM that was good. The second guy I met at his apartment. I sucked and fucked him in his bed and then I got another nice load of cum in my mouth and all over my face. He was hot!

Then on Saturday I met two more guys. I met one of them in Walnut woods. He was a trucker and I sucked his cock by his truck for a while and then we went into the woods and he fucked me like the slut I am till he filled my pussy up with cum. After I got done fucking him I drove to Pioneer park and met another guy. He had a nice cock and I sucked the cum right out and swallowed it all down. I love cum !

Then on Sunday I sucked another cock from Craigs list in the park. He blew his load in my mouth too. I fucked a few more guys into Monday and Tuesday, so I got about eight cocks this last week. Five from Craigs list, two from Fling and then one of my regular guys called and wanted to fuck me so I fit him in between all the other guys . WOW ! what a week and I’m still answering guys from Craigs list so I’ll be getting lots more cocks.

Love ya,



Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

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July 21, 2009

Want more of this

Cuckold Place Update

Here’s why I want my wife to fuck other men

Back in college I had what I later found out was a cuckold experience. My g/f at the time had many many partners before me and she was up for anything, I mean anything. She told me that she had even taken on two guys at the same time and that she would do it again. So my buddy came by for the night and I told him that she would fuck us both and he was into it. We all smoke a little and drank a little and she was nervous thinking that I wouldn’t feel the same about her afterward. It didn’t take much reassurance and she was back into it and straddling me on the couch with my buddy right next to me.

I took her shirt off and then the bra and while I played with her left nipple I picked up her arm and offered him her right. After that she couldn’t wait for more and soon she was standing up and pulling her jeans off. She left the panties on for a few minutes b/c she knew how much I enjoyed rubbing her pussy thru her sexy white silk thong panties. Then my buddy started rubbing her pussy while I was deeply kissing her and I could tell that she was full on ready to go. Next thing you know she’s on her knees and pulling out both of our cocks and taking turns sucking them.

I noticed right away that she seemed to be spending more time sucking his than mine and I had to pull her head away and put my cock in her mouth to get any action. We made our way back to the couch and she started sucking his cock again and got up on the couch on all fours. None of us spoke a word, but I got behind her and started fucking her as hard and deep as I could. She was having trouble sucking his cock while I fucked her, but she never let go. I did, and pretty quick too, which is very unusual for me. I pulled out and came all over her back and into her very long hair too. Once again she still never stopped sucking his cock. I picked up somebody’s T-shirt and wiped the cum off of her back. No sooner had I done this than she straddled him and started rubbing her very very wet pussy on his very very hard cock.

side note: before we all started she and he had both said that they would fuck as long as a condom was involved.

So after what seemed like eternity she looked over her shoulder at me and smiled as she reached her hand around behind her ass and thru her legs to grab his cock and then she rubbed it against the opening of her pussy and let go of it with her hand as she lowered herself onto it. I’ll never forget that move or look or the way I felt. It was heavenly. She fucked and fucked and fucked him. She was bouncing up and down on his cock like it was the last one on Earth. He slapped her ass and she told him to slap it harder, he fingered her asshole and she told him to go deeper, he sucked her nipples and she told him to bite down on them. It was wonderful. I noticed that she had cum at least 3 times and that her juices were all over his cock and balls and suddenly I was hard again.

All thru this she would look at me and smile and then fuck harder and harder every time. I was sitting on the couch with a hard on and they were having the time of their lives. Finally after 15 or more minutes of this he tells her that he’s going to cum and she jumps up and he cums all over himself.

At this point I’ve got to get a piece of pussy again so I lay on the floor and she starts riding me. Her pussy felt so warm and wet and just better than I had ever felt it before. She rode me for a few minutes and then I flipped her over and fucked her missionary for a few more minutes before she told me that she wanted to start sucking his cock again while we fucked. He was ready to go in an amazingly short time and she asks me if it’s OK if they fuck some more. I said OK and he jumped right in and fucked her missionary. She started sucking my cock and I came watching them fuck. The view of his cock thrusting in and out of her swollen pussy was too much for me to handle.

After I came she stood up and laid him down so she could ride him some more. It was all going well and I started telling him what to do and how to grab her hips and to fuck her deep. She was loving the fact that I was giving instructions as to how to fuck her. She came and came some more, he never did. He actually wore her out and he tried to fuck her ass or pussy several more times that night, but she would look over at me and ask if I could tell him to stop.

She and I stayed together for a few more months and I tried to get the situation together again for them to fuck, but it never worked out. Since then I’ve never had a better night of sex and I honestly don’t think I ever will.

So does anyone who enjoyed this true story of why I want my wife to get fucked have any interest in fucking my wife? I attached a pic here and I would love to hear details, exchange pics, stories true or made up and any other thoughts you have about my experience and mostly my wife who I desperately need to watch get fucked.

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Submitted by: skeeter


July 9, 2009

Seduced for my Birthday

I caught my husband on this site and now have seen where he gets some of his idea’s from. I would like to tell you our story and let the ladies and gusy know what some husbands will do for their wives.

For a year or 2 during our lovemaking we have talked about the possibility of me being with another man, and my husband would say that sometime for my birthday he would get me a guy when he finds the right one. So last August my husband set up a weekend in the Twin cites for my birthday. There is a hotel that we like up there, very upscale and a very sexy place, it’s called the Graves 601 Hotel. He got us a room there on the Friday night so we could eat, go to the nightclub and hang out all night and I was so pleased he was doing this for me.

So the night came, we checked into the hotel and headed for the room. They have great showers there so before we were to go out for supper I got in the shower and decided to clean up and get ready. When I was in there I thought I would give him a little surprise for the night and decided to shave completely for him just to say thank you to him for arranging all this. I only usually shave when we go to Mexico as a treat for him so I knew he would like this. When I was done showering I did the usual girl things, oiled my kitty, after shaving makes it feel really soft and smooth. I then got dressed in a sexy dress and garter outfit for the night. My husband loves it and it makes him very horny and me very hot when I wear it.

So we head off to a fancy dinner at the hotel and to the nightclub after. While we were at the nightclub we were having a drink or 2 and a guy came up to me and asked me to dance. I looked at my husband and says “go for it, its your birthday, enjoy”. I usually don’t like to dance but the guy was young and cute so I thought ok what the heck and went and danced with him. I really enjoyed dancing with this hot guy.

After a short while we went back to where my husband was sitting and talked. Just the usual small talk and then my husband asked him if he had stayed at this hotel before and the guy said no. My husband told him how awesome the rooms were and the showers and the guy said he would like to see them sometime so my husband says “come to our room and take a look”. I was really thinking ‘what is going on here?’ Little did I know my husband and him had talked before on a website and met for drinks one night to set this all up. My husband had told him that it needs to be a real chance meeting so they had this all planned which I didn’t know until the next day.

Anyways up to the room and the guy looked around and he was in awe of the shower, they have a great shower tower in there and it feels wonderful so my husband asks him to try it out, I’m thinking what is he doing. The guy suddenly starts getting undressed and we leave him and go into the main room. My husband says to me “Baby, here is your chance if you want go ahead and enjoy this guy. It’s ok it’s your birthday, we’ve talked about it enough and it’s ok.” I was so nervous. I had only ever had my husband, no other men ever and here my husband is saying go ahead I couldn’t believe this was happening. So he then reached over and took my dress off me and left me there in my high heels, bra/panties and garter belt outfit. I was shaking with excitement. Then the guy comes out of the bathroom and he has a towel around him and he sees me standing there, he then walks up to me and we just embrace. I was like omg another man is holding me in my bra and panties right in front of my husband. I thought I was going to die. We just stood there and hugged for what seemed like 5 minutes.

Then we kissed and he rubbed my butt. I had a thong on so he had great access to my arse cheeks. We then went over to the bed. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. He laid me down and we made out right in front of my husband. To make a long story shorter, he unhooked my bra let my breasts fall out and sucked my rock like nipples, it felt wonderful. Then my panties came off and omg was my husband surprised when he saw I had shaved my kitty completely. It was supposed to be for my husband and here it ended up being for some guy I had never met. He smiled wide and gave me a nod of approval. Then he asked me to his towel off, so I did and to my surprise this guy was very hung. My husband had always said I needed to try a big one some day because my he is only a small kind of size. But this guys was very large. I almost said no way but it really excited me to think of having that cock inside me. We laid on our side and the guy rubbed his cock on my kitty and got me loosened up. I then heard my husband say “Do her!” He didn’t move, just kept rubbing, so my husband actually came over and took his cock and pushed it against my pussy. It was kind of his way of saying go for it baby. The guy didn’t seem freaked out at all by my husbands actions and carried on pushing in but it was hard to get it in right away. Eventually it finally popped in, I gasped and the guy just kept it inside me without moving and let me adjust to his size and omg did I feel full, it was a great feeling.

We started fucking to a steady rhythm and my husband was just watching us fuck. After a while he said “omg baby you have cum running out of you” I felt so wet, that was the first time I have ever had my own cum run out of me like that. The large size just felt wonderful. Eventually he started to moan and I felt his hot cum splashing inside of me. He pulled out and our mixed juices were running down my legs. My husband was mesmerized and I was in heaven with the feeling of being fucked by another man.

So to sum it all up all your married ladies out there, if your husband is willing to let you play with another guy give it a try and see what you are missing. I never thought I needed that until I tried it and am very glad my husband did that for me. We have played with that guy 6 times now since that initial meeting. Ladies if you have any questions or comments please leave them or ask I would be glad to answer them for you. I would be willing to tell anyone if they would like to know something. Just don’t want to bore you with it if you don’t want. Love Lisa.

Submitted by: Lisa - Minnesota

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July 5, 2009

Relationship Develops

Here’s a new email from my good friend and cuckold Scott. Thanks for keeping in touch mate. Love the key around Em’s neck!! Give her my love.


Hi Trash,

My wife Em and her lover Darius are stepping up the summer heat. He works close to our place and she asked him over for a lunchtime quickie. After I took a few photos, she locked me in the dog cage in the bedroom closet. They had a great time and ignored me completely. She even walked to the front door naked to give him a kiss goodbye.


Emma Kelly

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July 1, 2009

Married For One Week

Cuckold Place Update

Married For One Week

Since I often tend to be more of a lurker than a poster, I feel I should change things and tell a bit about my wife and myself. I am 31 and M. is 21, we were just recently married on Friday, June 19th, 2009. I’ve been into the cuckolding and hotwife scene since I was with my first wife whom I was married to in my early twenties, we gave it a try but she wasn’t really into it.

M. and I met during the summer of 2006 at the renaissance festival we are both a part of. Now, when I met M. she was a virgin and made me wait over six months before we actually had full intercourse. I was upfront with her and shared all of my fetishes and desires, and let her know that they would always be a part of me as I had tried in the past to get rid of them, but it never worked. During the 2007 season I proposed to her, and I knew we would have to wait till she was essentially finished with her undergraduate degree before we could be married.

Last summer she played the role of the leading female, in fact she is pictured on advertisements to our festival in magazines and on the tickets to the faire this year. Well as the highest ranking noble woman last season, it was her duty to attend the jousts with the king. The jousters we hired last year was no regular jousting troupe, but an Italian family of acrobats who also do an equestrian arts show. Being a very attractive young lady she caught the attention of one of the jousters, who also runs the troupe. She was flattered to say the least when he showed her attention, as his girlfriend is also a performer with their troupe and is very beautiful herself. M. didn’t even see herself in the same league as his girlfriend so when he informed the guy playing the king that he was interested in hooking up w/ M. she was really interested, but didn’t know whether she could. They had told her not to tell anyone because they had no idea that it was something that I was into, but since we agreed to be honest with one another she informed me of what she was considering doing. I expressed my thoughts and feelings and told her that I knew of the differences between fantasy and reality and I did know that this would have an impact in some form on our relationship from that point on if she decided to go ahead and hook up with him, and I told her the decison was hers to make. Well she decided to go ahead and do it one weekend when I was not going to be at the faire site on Friday night or Saturday and promised to discuss things with me when I returned. Of course when I got back very late Saturday night I had many questions for her. Some she answered others she wouldn’t. Despite the fact that she was still quite sore, she allowed me to feel how he had stretched her out and get my first taste of a recently fucked pussy. Though they had used condoms she still tasted of sex and I knew at that moment I was hooked on the way she tastes after she has been fucked. She fucked him a couple more times last season, but due to us being new to the reality of such as situation we fought more with each other than enjoyed it during that time. It actually got to the point where she said she might not do anything again a couple of times due to how we both acted. We realized that we both were at fault, and decided to work that out.

We got to the point where we could bring up her sexual activites in fantasy and both enjoy me talking about her being fucked by him and she would tend to get off really hard when I brought him up. We had no idea whether the same joust troupe would be returning this year, and she was kind of glad. She said she preferred having a fling with someone she wasn’t going to have to be around all the time. Well as faire season approached we found out that the same troupe had been hired again. I asked her if she was going to try to hook up with him if he wanted to this year. At first she said no as we were getting married, and currently she only had eyes for me, then she said he probably would find another girl to hook up with and he wouldn’t even notice her this season, then she said well maybe it depends on whether or not he approaches her as she wasn’t going to make the first move. We did establish some rules regarding the situation if it did happen to keep from repeating the mistakes of last year. He did approach her the opening weekend of faire and asked about our relationship, she told him we were getting married, but it was essentially just a piece of paper legally establishing our relationship and it wouldn’t stop her from hooking up with him.

The next weekend he met up with her and they had a quickie beside one of the trucks (though she told me he had to run back and get a condom, which she was trying to figure out how he got that past his girlfriend). The next couple of weekends we were busy with pre-wedding preparations and the wedding itself. Which brings us to this past weekend, just one week after we were married. I had another obligation and left faire early in the afternoon on Saturday and didn’t get back until nearly 1 AM. While I was gone I had a gut feeling that something was probably happening w/ M. and the jouster. That feeling was confirmed by a text message from her that said “There is a special place in hell reserved for me. I love it.” I couldn’t wait to get back to the campsite and find out what all had gone on. After I returned we talked and she told me that he had called her out after the 5:00 joust and asked her if she wanted to hook up, she of course said yes. Then once the faire day was over she was walking back to campsite with a female friour friend of ours who knows the situation. He drove up and asked if she wanted to ride with him to the liquor store. Well she hopped in his truck, but they didn’t exactly go to the liquor store. She said they drove around for a while, but she wasn’t completely sure where all they went because she was going down on him while he was driving. It was the first time they had actually done anything in the daylight and so she was able to get a good look at his cock, she told me he was very thick and a nice length as well which she already knew from touch and I knew from how she would be stretched out after fucking him. Well he drove her to a vacant field out in the middle of the country where he parked and proceeded to fuck her in the cab of his pickup truck. He then asked if he could fuck her ass, something that I had queried if she would do if he decided he wanted to and she told me she didn’t know as his cock is larger than mine and she has had to stop when I have fucked her there before. She told him yes he could fuck her ass, which was painful for her at first but then became enjoyable and she was able to get off several times from the anal sex. She said they both got off multiple times throughout the whole thing and that he was able to go right after cumming. She also told me that his girlfriend called quite a few times, and that after they were done he finally called her back and told her he had driven to WalMart the next town over to look for a movie, but couldn’t find one. I proceeded to go down on her savoring her taste, though she would sometimes push me away just a little due to being sore from her rough fucking.

She has admitted that she is a hotwife and a budding whore, which is a striking change from the virgin vacation bible school voulnteer whom I first met. She has also made it clear that though this has happened with him, and could possibly happen with someone else she would have to at least feel some sort of connection with them. I have set up meetings with a couple guys I had met online between last summer and now and the first meeting didn’t go over well at all. The meeting with the second guy went much better than with the first, but she still wasn’t comfortable enough to allow things to reach any sort of sexual level. She has told me that if she does take a lover, it won’t be anyone local as she likes that the guy she is fucking goes away. However this may change depending on the situation, as the guy who played the king last year and had helped her and the jouster set things up was coming on to her as well and she was flirting heavily back with him. Unfortuantely his job was recently outsourced and he has been studying up to try to stay employed so had to drop from cast this year. I now am hoping to find someone who is able to catch her attention and charm her, who wouldn’t mind me watching as he has his way with her and then allowing me to taste her while they kiss after they are done.

As for where we go from here there is no telling, but I am sure it will be an adventure.

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Submitted by: Cuckmeinky


June 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend Fun

Email from hotwife Oasis


Hi Everyone! First, a big thank-you to Trash for posting the info about our Memorial Weekend Party here a few weeks ago and getting the word out. With the economy and all we didn’t have as many people traveling out to Havasu for the weekend as usual, but we still had a ton of fun (and I *almost* got my fill of nice peni! Can I even truly get my fill? :)

So, I thought you guys might like a follow up to see how things went! A recap of the entire weekend would take up way too much space here, but how about a nice little story from Sunday?

We were up really late partying on Saturday night, and knew we wouldn’t be taking the boat out on Sunday because we’d broken it the day before. I wasn’t in much of a hurry to get out of bed, so when the alarm went off at 9:30, I hit snooze and snuggled in closer to my hubby. I didn’t really want to wake up, but hubby had other ideas. See, we’d had a sex party the night before, but he’d been playing host while I’d just been … playing … and the poor man hadn’t gotten any. If the ring of the alarm found him with a morning semi, then my snuggling my butt up against his groin had him full and ready to go. And I wasn’t allowed to snooze.

Afterwards, I got up to pee and noticed voices coming from the rest of the house. Seems like we’d woken up our guests. I went out to the living room to tell them - in case they hadn’t already figured it out - that we wouldn’t be going back out on the lake that day. Instead I suggested that we get some bbq, call a few friends and hang out by the pool all day instead. One of the guys said he had to get back to Vegas and he took off. The other three guys that were staying with us decided to stick around.

As we were making plans, I noticed that I had cum dripping out my pussy and down my leg, so I excused myself to go shower. When I was done, hubby had gotten up and was hanging out with the guys in the living room watching some TV. I dressed in a thong bikini and little mesh wrap, and went outside to make a few phone calls. I kept wandering in and out of the house, but none of our guests were getting up and showering so I busied myself by cleaning up the patio from the party the night before. (an aside - used condoms are yucky and belong in the trash, not under the table!).

There may have been an early basketball game on, or maybe the guys were just really tired from partying all night, but they still weren’t getting up. So on one of my wanderings through the house I took off my bikini top and just went topless. Still nothing. Apparently I wasn’t hinting strongly enough that I wanted someone to come outside by the pool with me. I waited until the game was over, then announced loudly that I was going to go outside and play in the pool if anyone wanted to come hang out with me.

I’d say it was about three minutes later when the first guy came outside. It was bright and warm and I was laying on a lounger getting some sun. I asked the guy if he’d put some lotion on my back; of course he said he’d love to. I lay back on the chair and just enjoyed the impromptu back massage. When he was done I realized that I was really hot (and bothered!) and moved over to dip my feet in the pool and cool off a little. Of course this gave the guy a great view of my titties. He said he was hot too, and jumped in the pool. When he surfaced, his face was right between my legs!

We were just getting started when some of our friends came over, but a little anticipation just makes it all that much sweeter, right? We all hung out, had a couple drinks and I excused myself to pop into house for a second. When I came back out, I went right into the pool and started swimming around. No one thought anything of it until all of a sudden someone shouted, “hey, how’d that get in the pool?” Hehehehe - I’d brought my lube out with me (pool water isn’t so hot for lubrication) and had let it go floating - just took them a few minutes to realize it!

And that was apparently the hint I needed to be giving all afternoon long, because in no time flat that lube had been fished out and the cocks started popping out! And of course I’d just been waiting for those cocks!

The first one out got my immediate attention, but it wasn’t long before I had two and then three in my face at once. It was too hot for everyone to be standing so close together for long, though, so I only got a face full of cock for a few minutes before one of the guys grabbed up that lube and moved to fuck me from behind. In fact, it was very reminiscent of the night before, with a cock in my mouth and one of my legs up on the side of the pool to give the guy with a cock in my pussy better access.

That’s about were the similarity with the night before ended though. I’d been trying to get this going all afternoon and I had a bit of the domina thing going now. I wanted positions that felt better for me (the side of the pool is scratchy on the knees) and I wanted the fucking to last longer so I decided to take the guys one at a time instead of all at once. And I have to admit that I really got off on making two guys watch and wait their turn while I was fucking just one of them.

So I stopped sucking cock and told the guys to keep themselves ready for me because I was going to go through each of them in turn. I put a folded towel down on the pool deck next to the steps and had one of the guys sit down on it. Then I backed in and sat right down on his shaft. I rode him hard but I didn’t let him cum quite yet. Just because I was doing the guys one at a time didn’t mean that I could completely neglect the others - they had to get a turn too ‘cause I sure didn’t want anyone going soft on me!

One of the other guys was sitting on a lounge chair stroking his cock, keeping it ready for me as I’d asked. I rewarded him by coming over and straddling his lap next. I rode him for several minutes as I watched the third guy, naked in the pool, playing with his cock under the water. His turn was next.

I really enjoy riding, particularly when I’m in this kind of mood, but my quads were getting tired so I stood up and moved over to that folded towel. I put my knees on the towel and my ass in the air towards the guy in the pool and told him to come fuck me doggy. He came up on the pool steps and his cock was standing nicely at attention. He fucked me doggy nice and hard and because I’d kept him waiting ’til last I let him fuck me ’til he came - all up in my pussy! My hubby was lounging on a pool float just watching most of the time but he did get a really funny pic of me with my ass in the air and my head on the towel, looking back at him as some other guy’s cum dripped out of my pussy, see pic below :)

He was the first guy to cum but definitely not the last. I took the other two guys in turns again, and this time I let them fuck ’til they were ready to pop and then I had them cum right on my face. After they’d each had a turn we took a rest, swam for a while and then someone (it wasn’t me!) found the energy to light up the grill and make us all some food :)

We had an awesome dinner on the patio - a perfect way to end a perfect day!

Our next weekend party will be over Labor Day - the boat is in the shop right now so it should be ready to get back on the water by then. We’ll be boating on Saturday & Sunday (think “girls-gone-wild” on water), partying at the house Saturday night, and who knows, maybe a repeat of Memorial Day’s BBQ on that Monday???



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June 23, 2009

My Rules of Play

Well it all started when my wife and I had been married for about three years. Our sex life was always great and we both had high sex drives. We were young, she was sexy and hot. She always got hit on everywhere she would go. I always had fantasies about her being with other guys.

One day she received a call, her father was in the hospital. She ended up taking off from work and traveling down to take care of him. She had been there about two weeks and we were both horny as hell and having phone sex. Finally, I told her it’s not as good as the real thing and convinced her to find a “friend with benefits”. She was shocked but a few days later she told me she was meeting with a guy and he was married with kids and all, but he and his wife worked opposite shifts. I was excited.

They started seeing each other for the remainder of the time she was there, about a month. They even called me on the phone one night and let me listen, it was intense! My wife is the most sexiest woman when she is moaning in pleasure. Well, she finally returned home to me after her father regained his health. Our relationship was still strong as ever, and during sex we would often talk about her adventure with the married man.

It was about three months and my wife used to hang out with this girl, who I didn’t trust, and they would often go shopping, hang out etc.. I didn’t know it at the time, but the girl had introduced her to a boyfriend/acquaintance/fuck buddy she was living with (we’ll call him J) of hers and during the day while I was at work, they would go over and hang out at J’s apartment. One day I got sick at work and came home very early. I called my wife and there was no answer on her cell phone. I knew where her girlfriends apartments was so I drove over to them and saw my wifes car there. I didn’t know which apartment it was. All the apartments were accessed from inside the building hallways, so I walked through the hallways of each building. After I got to the bottom floor of the second building, I heard some laughing and giggling coming from inside and it sounded like my wife and a guys voice!

Well to summarize the story, turns out that was her in there. She confessed that they were drinking and got horny and she had sex with J. I was pissed, but turned on at the same time. I ranted and raved. She was scared i would leave her. I used that emotion and had angry sex with her. I told her to tell me everything. I wanted to know what she fantasized about. She confessed to liking the excitement and thrill of sex with different men. So we made a compromise. She would tell me anytime she found someone she liked then I would have to agree to let her see him. And I would have an active roll in finding her lovers. One last rule was she had to do whatever I asked her to do with them or I wouldn’t allow her to have sex with anyone. She happily agreed. So I tested her on it, told her she was to go back over and fuck J again that night, which she did. Then I told her she was to work around his and her own schedule and fuck him as much as possible. Over the next three weeks, she probably went through two large boxes of condoms, plus used J’s own stash. Meanwhile she was getting it from me also. I decided to see if she was really willing to do whatever I say. I told her she was not to use condoms with J anymore and to let him cum in her, she looked shocked. She said, “but I’m not on b-control”. I told her I was keeping track of her cycles and she was to not think, but enjoy. For the next few weeks she let J cum in her and would open her pussy to show me the evidence each time after.

I started finding bulls on the internet and picking out the married or business type that were well hung to line up for her during the three weeks of her seeing J. I was ready to send her on a fun trip, and kept her informed of my findings of bulls for her. She was really excited about doing it. I found a bull ready to have her for a weekend, got to know each other well. He was married, but in rocky relationship, so he was ready for anything. After she had her period, I set her up with a new bull. After that weekend, she went bareback with every guy she met with. About a year later she ended up pregnant from one of them. She miscarried. It was a crazy intense time and I admit I took it too far. We don’t play like that anymore for fear of disease, but we had fun, and were lucky!

Submitted by: J - Arizona

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