March 31, 2010

Kelly Plays Away

Email from hotwife Kelly Anderson.

Hi Trash!

This is the recent story that Shawn told you about. Its very hot and totally true ;) I hope your readers enjoy it.


I call this story, “Dirty Details” because that’s what I gave my husband, Shawn when I returned home from a night out with this hot guy that I know. You see, while my husband and I were in Florida on vacation, I met up with this guy I used to fuck a long time ago when I lived down there. His name was Jay and he had one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen to this day. Meeting up with Jay this time was a very rare encounter for me because Shawn wasn’t with me. Usually, when it comes to the hot wife lifestyle, we do everything together but this guy would have been freaked out by that so Shawn said I should just go alone and have some fun on my own as long as I promised to give him all the dirty details. I was very surprised he suggested that and I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea but I really wanted to see this guy because he’s hot, he has a huge cock, and he use to fuck me sooooo good!

So that night, I got all dressed up in my little dress and high heels and drove to a local restaurant where I met my hot stud. I was relieved to find that he was still very cute. We had dinner and drinks as we talked about the past and caught up on the present. We had lots of drinks and the night really flew by because of the great conversation we had. Next thing we knew, it was last call and it was time to pay our tab. Like a gentleman, he paid for everything which I thought was very classy. Then, we decided to hop in his car and go back to his place and that’s when the night heated up. All night I had been wondering if his cock was really as big as I remembered it to be so on our way to his apartment and I leaned over and started rubbing his cock while he was driving. He got hard right away and I couldn’t believe how big he felt. I just had to unzip his pants and pull his cock out so I could suck it. It was even bigger than I remembered it. I could barley fit my mouth around it, it was soooo big. I put the head of it in my mouth and sucked it very gently as I circled my tongue all around it. He must have wanted me. to deep throat him because he reached down and pushed my head down on his cock and I had no choice but to take it as deep as I could. I was actually surprised how far I could get it into mouth. I really liked the way he controlled by head with his hand as I took his hard prick deep in my wide open mouth and stroked the shaft with my hand at the same time. My pussy was getting wet and all I could think about was getting this huge cock shoved into my tight little pussy. I would have been glad to have him cum in my mouth but we arrived at his apartment complex so we decided to go inside before somebody saw what we were doing.

We grabbed a few beers from his place and went and sat by the community swimming pool. There was no one around because it was pretty late so we ended up going for a swim. He was completely naked and I just wore my panties and went topless. We started to make out in the pool and then he ate my pussy right there on one of the pool chairs and it felt amazing. This guy had skills. He had me so worked up, I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me. I knew I was going to be loud so I took him by the hand and led him into the little pool house bathroom I bent over the sink, inviting him to shove that huge cock of his right into my pussy. I felt his hands grab the sides of my ass and slide my wet panties down to my ankles. Then I felt the head of his hard cock press up against my pussy. I was a little concerned that he wasn’t wearing a condom but before I could say anything he started to push his big, hard prick into my pussy. I was so fucking wet that his cock just slid right in. My mouth was wide open but I couldn’t make a sound because the pleasure was too overwhelming. He fucked me nice and slow at first until I got use to his big dick and I started to want it harder. Then, he just pounded me and he started talking really dirty. He was saying, “You like that big cock in your cunt? Yeah, you little whore, take my big cock in your dirty little cunt!” I was so fucking turned on Having him talk to me like that made me feel so powerless. He made me feel like such a whore and for some reason, I was getting off on it.

He made me cum in less that 5 minutes and he just kept fucking me. Then he started saying, “Are you gonna tell your husband that I bent you over and made you cum like a little whore? Are you gonna tell him you had my big cock in your dirty little cunt with no condom?” I just kept saying, “Yes, yes, I will” but I could hardly talk because it felt so good and I was moaning uncontrollably. My pussy never felt so full! His cock was so hard and his balls were slapping against my clit with every thrust. Just as I was about to cum for the second time, he pulled his cock out of me and emptied a huge load all over my ass! It felt like about a weeks worth of sperm! It was all over my ass and up and down my back too. I turned around and got down on my knees and sucked the rest of his load out of his big cock. Then, he just stood me up and tongue kissed me until we both caught our breath. I really wanted him to fuck me again but he had just shot his load and I didn’t think he’d be able to stay hard. Plus, at this point it was 3:00AM and I knew I should get back to my husband.

This actually worked out good because when I finally made it back to my hotel, I was still very horny and my husband and I had some of the best sex that we have ever had while I told him everything that I did with Jay that night. I have never seen my husband so turned on. One thing is for sure, Next time we go to Florida, I will definitely be seeing Jay again.

Kelly Anderson

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March 19, 2010

Tog takes advantage

A true story submission from a couple who’ve just signed up to hotwifedating.com


I guess we’re the newest couple posting into this community. While we’re no way new to the swinging or Hot Wife lifestyle we’re quickly moving over to the (unofficially) cuckold scene. While she started enjoying having sex with other men back in about 1998 she really came out of her shell and letting loose in 2005 even though she is still sweet, shy, and not at all a dominant type. The following is one of the first major turning points for her in her Hot Wife journey in several parts. It was written back in April 2005 right after it all happened. We were not married then but we’re married now and she just turned the hottest 50 anyone could ever wish for. Here’s the story…

While we aren’t married my wife and I have been together for 11 years and get along better than most married couples we know. We tried swinging and didn’t like it because she didn’t really like seeing me with other women. We did like doing the MFM scene and the more we did it, the more we gravitated to me just sitting there watching her enjoy the attentions of other men. We have sort of moved away from the scene over the past few years but lately she seems to have found another man who has become an almost “regular” lover for her.

Back in January I got an IM from a local man complimenting me in the picture of a flower I had taken and posted on our msn profile. We started chatting and it turns out he is a professional photographer locally. My wife had once sat for some of the mall glamour photos about ten years ago and looked super in the pics but regretfully the pics got lost during a renovation of our house. I mentioned all this to this guy and told him that I wanted new glamour shots of her since she was turning 45 this past January. I sent him a G rated pic or two of her and basically told him a little of our lifestyle and how it would be horny for me for another man to take some sexy pictures of my wife. He definitely was interested in her when he saw the pics because he couldn’t believe she was going to be 45. My wife is very tall at 5’11” and slim at only 125 lbs. She is a brunette with very long legs and 34B breasts. I told him about us and told him that I would mention him to her and see if we could get together.

My wife was mildly interested in getting some new pics. This was surprising to me because she has always shied away from the camera. I assured her that this man was a professional and that all we wanted to do was to take only some nice glamour shots of her that we could have framed to put in the bedroom and maybe have a few to give to relatives. After a few weeks of her hemming and hawing and getting a perm that took awhile to relax, we set up a Saturday afternoon to stop by, meet this man, check out his portfolio, and, if she was comfortable, maybe do a few test shots. In the hopes of this we brought along a hanging bag filled with different outfits.

It turns out that A, the photographer, was her age, bald, in decent shape, and of Mediterranean descent. His townhouse was all set up with the proper backdrops, professional lighting and he had tons of money invested in camera gear. His place was decorated with examples of his work from flowers, to landscapes, to human interest. This guy did have some super talent and was definitely a professional. My wife was nervous of course but A took charge, fixed her a few drinks, and had her change into a black tux top, jacket and bow tie for some more formal shots. I let them work together sitting out of the way behind all the lights on a futon sofa.

Gradually she began to relax, changing in A’s back bedroom, and then coming out to pose for the pics. From the tux shots, she changed into a man’s white shirt with a loosened necktie and a black thong for bottoms. The shirt covered the thong so she felt reasonably covered but she carried herself very shyly obviously not wanting to expose herself more than she had to. A was always talking to her getting her to relax and always suggesting ways to get better shots with different outfits. He was able to convince to her remove the white shirt and to pose with only the black necktie and thong. She kept her 34B breasts tightly covered with her hands the whole time and her back turned away from A when she removed the shirt. He then took some really terrific shots of her lying on her side wearing only the thong, her pearl necklace with her arm draped seductively over her breasts.

He then followed her back into the bedroom while she changed into another outfit to show her an outfit he had that he wanted to see her in. I could hear them talking back there through the open door though I couldn’t see her. They were obviously getting very comfortable with each other, I did hear him telling her how incredibly sexy she was and how turned on he was looking at her and photographing her. She tried to sort of laugh it off saying it wasn’t true and that he had had so many younger, sexier, girls model for him that there was no way someone as old as her could turn him on. I could hear him tell her that there was only one way to prove it to her and, seeing all this from the rear, I could tell that he had unzipped himself and exposed his cock to her. I could hear her express some surprise and shock at seeing his hard penis unzipped for her but, in a sense, she had asked for proof of his excitement. I did hear her tell him that she was surprised that a professional would do such a thing.

They moved back out from the bedroom to the new outfit that A had for her. It was a medieval style chain mail tank top that was tightly woven chain links that was very long, almost acting like a mini-dress for her coming down to her mid thigh and being almost see through. It was very erotic looking even though it weighed about 20 lbs. She was still wearing the black thong under the mail shirt. He told her that it was visible and that the pics would look much better if she slipped it off since the shirt was, quite honestly, not really see through. It did give some hints at nudity by showing the outline of her nipples and closely trimmed pubes and was very sexy though its weight did flatten her small breasts a bit. He then took a series of pics of her like this.

I said that I wanted to see a few pics in the pearl thong I had bought for her for her birthday that she had never worn. So she went back to the bedroom again to change. he followed her back there again. She was becoming more comfortable because it was obvious to her that he had pretty much seen all of her, more or less, during the course of the session and had photographed hundreds of women in his career. I stayed back in the living room but could see parts of them and hear them both. he again was telling her how well he thought the shoot was going and what a terrific model she was. He was sitting at his office chair while she was out of sight of the doorway. She then came into view and I could see her briefly grab and squeeze his crotch saying that he wasn’t hard anymore and she guessed that she didn’t turn him on anymore. Seeing that surprised me a lot because it is very out of character for her to be so forward.

They came back out in a minute with her wearing the pearl thong and nothing else, still covering her pert breasts. He set her up lying back on a red coverlet he had been using and started another series of pics. She didn’t want her face in any pics that were so revealing so he was concentrating on getting more close-ups of her rear in the thong. They were joking together by now and bantering back and forth. At one point he said; “fuck you” and she said; “kiss my ass!” He quickly said “O.K.!” and told her to present herself in such a way that she would expect her ass to be kissed. She reluctantly got onto her hands and knees and presented him her ass. He pecked her on the right cheek and the shoot resumed.

I was sitting as before behind all the lighting gear on the sofa. A was between my wife and I with his back to me taking the shots while she was on her side on the coverlet. I could tell he was adjusting the camera and then I saw a gleam in my wife’s eyes and figured out that he had again unzipped himself and was exposing his hard cock to her on the coverlet so that she could see it while he continued to snap away with his camera. She then moved onto her stomach with her rear in the air and he bent over toward her to adjust the pearl part of the thong so it was right between her pussy lips. He commented quietly to her about how moist she was and took some more pics. He was up on his knees again taking some shots and I could hear him quietly asking her if she liked how hard she had made him and if she liked what she saw. She didn’t really say anything but I could see her slightly nod. He told her that if she liked what she saw she could reach out and touch it. She then slowly got to her knees in front of him. This is when I got up and moved into the little raised open kitchen so I could get a better view. From there I could see her looking right into his eyes while holding his large, very thick, cock in her right hand, lightly stroking and squeezing it. I was surprised at his size because he was so much thicker than I. I hoped that, if anything was going to happen, that he had a cock that she would really enjoy and could fill her like I couldn’t. She then leaned back down onto the coverlet and he started to run his hands over her breasts down to her pussy and ass, all the time telling her how hot and sexy she was. I came out of the kitchen and joined them also running my hands over her body. A was asking her how she was feeling and her soft moans gave him the approval he wanted. He asked her if she wanted to feel him inside her and she didn’t say anything. He kept stroking her, turning her on even more and then asked her again in a minute or two. She was silent again and then apparently gave herself the mental o.k. and whispered “Only with protection.” He said: “As you wish” and got up and brought back a bag full of condoms and lube from his bedroom in about 30 seconds. He quickly rolled one onto his thickness. My wife was on her left side on the coverlet almost in a haze fueled by the alcohol, the excitement, and the acceptance of what was going to happen. He got behind her, moved the pearl thong aside, lifted and bent her right leg up a bit and proceeded to insert his entire length into her pussy in one long stroke.

With me, usually it takes a stroke or three to get fully inside her but, as wet as she was with A, his thicker tool slid right into her to the hilt and she gave out one long, satisfied moan of pleasure. He pumped away at her for a while in that position gradually moving her onto her back, fully spread for him. He continued to give her the long, hard, fast strokes she loves while they kissed passionately. I can never fuck her that way for too long without cumming but he didn’t seem to have that problem. He just kept pumping away at her pussy giving her orgasm after orgasm. She was having those orgasms she rarely has with me where you can see her stomach, groin, and thigh muscles quivering while she came. He then rolled off of her and they moved over to the futon sofa. He sat down on it and told her to mount him and to show him how good she could fuck him and how much she wanted him in her. She straddled him, grabbed his tool and guided him back into her wet, stretched out pussy. She rode him wildly for several minutes and I could tell she came about three more times before falling down onto the futon in exhaustion. His cock then slipped out of her and he leaned back, slipped off the condom, and they both rested and had a much needed cigarette. After a rest and chatting about how much they had enjoyed each other, she started to stroke him again at his request and he again became fully hard.

Then she said she had to use the restroom. After we heard a flush A said for me to wait and he went over to the bathroom and walked in. I got up about a minute later, followed, and peeked around the bathroom door. He had her bent over the vanity with her legs together, holding onto her hips, power fucking her from the rear. Her moans were intermingled with grunts as he thrust into her. I know she had at least one more orgasm as she watched her own face in the mirror and A’s behind her. After only a few minutes of this they went back into the living room and laid back on the futon. On her own, she leaned down over his cock, opened her mouth, and began to suck him. His thickness filled her mouth all the way and I loved watching her lick, suck, and stroke his length. A certainly had staying power that I would have loved to have. She blew him and stroked him for about 20 minutes before he closed his eyes tightly, and announced that he was going to cum. She then started to stroke him very hard and quickly and, with a groan, He then exploded all over her chest and his own stomach. I could hear her comment on how hot his cum was and how much of it there was. After that they lay cuddling for a few minutes before they both got up and started to dress.

He told us he would be calling in a week or so after he had processed the pics. We told him we were excited about seeing the results. On the drive home, my wife was very tired and satisfied. She told me she was very surprised and a little embarrassed that all this had happened and sort of thought that it was very unprofessional of him to take such liberties with her. She was also surprised at herself for letting it go so far but I told her that everything was o.k. and him getting so excited was just the natural progression of having such a sexy lady posing like that for him all evening. She understood but said that such a thing would probably not happen again. We’ll see!

Several more parts to come if everyone wants!

The picture is taken from that fateful photo session!

Nova Hotwife

Submitted by: L - Virginia - Check out their Hotwife Dating Profile Here


March 1, 2010

Cuckolded in the Philippines

Cuckold Place Update

Cuckolded in the Philippines

Hi folks, I have been lurking here for awhile, and finally decided to share with everyone what I feel has been the highlight of my life–so far.

After retiring from the Air Force in 2006, I decided to live in Davao, Philippines for awhile, since the cost of living is just a fraction of what it is in the US. I rented a really nice apartment for only 6,000 Philippine pesos (about $125) per month, and other expenses were dirt cheap.

For the first few months, I pretty much played the field. I would have a new girlfriend every week. There’s no shortage of young, gorgeous, exotic Filipinos in Davao, most of whom work in the malls, attend college, or both. I finally met an extremely hot 19-year-old Filipino college student, Maricel, who had an insatiable sexual appetite, and I decided that she was definitely a keeper. We had an arrangement whereby she lived with me in my apartment, kept the place clean and tidy, and slept with me every night. I gave her room and board, plus an extra 1,000 to 2,000 pesos (about $22-$45) per month in spending money. Maricel was happy as a clam because that is the amount some people there make as full time employees. Nevertheless, like most Filipinos, she was very jealous, and would go nuts if I even looked at another girl. I didn’t mind. I was actually flattered by Maricel’s possessiveness.

Maricel frequently hung out with a young guy, Arsenio, about 22, who she originally introduced to me as her cousin. He also attended the same college (University of Mindanao) as Maricel. She would go out with him, telling me that they were going to the local Internet cafe to play computer games.

I used to take trips to Palawan and Boracay on occasion, usually taking Maricel with me. On one occasion, Maricel couldn’t come with me because she claimed to have exams, so I went alone. However, I returned a couple of days earlier than I had planned, and when I entered the apartment early on a Sunday morning, I found Maricel and Arsenio naked in bed asleep in each other’s arms. Arsenio jumped out of bed in a state of Panic, and Maricel started crying, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” over and over. Well, being someone who had always had unrealized cuckold fantasies, I laughed and told them both to relax, and they calmed down. I told Maricel that the only thing that would make me angry is if, from now on, she ever lied or kept secrets from me, and I asked her to come clean with me. By this time Arsenio, got dressed and was out the door. His English wasn’t as good as Maricel’s, so it was probably better anyway for him to leave at that time.

Anyway, Maricel was sobbing and told me that she had lied about Arsenio being her cousin. In fact, he was her boyfriend, and the one to whom she had given her virginity one year previously. I asked Maricel how Arsenio felt about the fact that she was living, sleeping, and having sex with me, a 42-year-old American. She said that Arsenio understood and accepted the situation, because it was common for young Filipinos to have both an older foreign benefactor, or even husband, as well as a young boyfriend on the side. At that point, I explained to her that I was a very open minded man, and understood her need to have a young and energetic boyfriend, and told her that not only wasn’t I upset with her, I found the whole situation very arousing. At first, Maricel was skeptical, since she had never heard of the term “cuckold” or anything similar. Then, I whipped out my laptop and showed her some selected posts on various cuckold websites, just to show her that there were other men like me.

A few days later, I asked Maricel to invite Arsenio to join us for dinner at one of Davao’s nicest seafood restaurants, a place called Ah Fat. At first, Arsenio was a bit nervous, but eventually Maricel explained to him that I wanted the three of us to be special friends. To show my sincerity, I even took both Maricel and Arsenio to Gaisano Mall to go shopping for some new clothes (for me, the cost was like pocket change). Arsenio was so very grateful, and expressed to me (through Maricel) how much he wished he could repay my generosity. I told him, vaguely, “Maybe some day you can” and smiled.

When Maricel and I were alone, I asked her to tell me, in detail, what it was like to make love with Arsenio, as apposed to me. After some prodding, she admitted that, although my cock was slightly bigger than Arsenio’s, his was very hard (”like rock,” she explained). Also, unlike me, he had lots of energy, and she liked the way he was sometimes rough, and “like animal.” I asked her if that meant that she didn’t like making love with me, and she said that she really liked the way I was so gentle with her (in contrast to Arsenio) and also the way I “kissed” her pussy, which Arsenio never had done. In fact, Maricel told me that I was the only one who had ever given her oral pleasure. After our discussion, I told Maricel that I would like it if she would invite Arsenio to the apartment, and I would leave for a couple of hours so they could have time together. Also, I gave her specific instructions that I did not want her to take a shower after making love with Arsenio. She had already read about “creampies” and “sloppy seconds” on the websites we had reviewed, and although she couldn’t understand why I would like that, she accepted the fact that I wanted her unshowered.

That evening, I left to go to the bar at the Apo View Hotel, to have a drink or two with some American guys who were visiting Davao. A couple of hours later, I got a text message from Maricel telling me that Arsenio was gone.

When I got back to the apartment, Maricel was still in bed, naked and waiting for me. She asked, in her sexy accent, “Are you sure I shouldn’t go to the CR [means bathroom] and freshen up?” I answered her by tearing off my clothes, jumping into bed, and kissing her legs, slowly moving up to her thighs, and finally burying my face in her unshaven hairy pussy, sloppy wet with Arsenio’s semen. This was my first creampie in my life, and I lapped it up hungrily as Maricel was giggling and moaning with pleasure. After spending about 10 minutes devouring Maricel’s pussy, with my face still covered with Arsenio’s semen and Maricel’s juices, I slid my rock-hard cock into Maricel, and enjoyed my first experience with sloppy seconds. Despite my having “cleaned” the outer lips of her pussy, it was clear that Arsenio had deposited what felt like a gallon of sperm deep inside of Maricel. Although Maricel was only 85 lbs., and had a very tight pussy, it now felt loose and silky, and my cock was sloshing around in Arsenio’s cum until I finally exploded inside her, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

This was the beginning of what was to be a wonderful 3-way relationship between Maricel, Arsenio, and me, and things only deepened over the coming months. This was a perfect example of truth being stranger, and more intense, than any fiction I ever read or heard.

I will describe more about this relationship if folks are interested. I’ve also posted some pictures of Maricel here

Submitted by: TXPerv - USA


February 25, 2010

New and nervous

A true story submitted to hotwifeblog by Jay about his experience as a Bull with a hotwife very new to the lifestyle.


This experience is so fresh on me, that although I just drove 15 minutes home, the sweat is still fresh on my brow and the scent of sex and fresh condom is still lingering on me.

I just came back from a very sexy experience with a hotwife couple. My guess is that they’re so new to this that they’re probably not even familiar with the term Hotwife. Regardless, she now is a hotwife twice over as I understand it.

Anyway, the back ground, I am by my past a “sharer”. My motto is “The only thing i like better than enjoying the charms of another man’s woman is… watching another man enjoy the charms of mine.” I, on more than a few occasions shared my ex-girlfriend with other men. It was the most outrageously exciting sex I ever had. However, the young lady with whom currently holds my interest, is not of this persuasion. Hot as she is, her pendulum does not swing that far out. My sex drive and esoteric tastes however refuse to be denied. I posted myself on Craigslist as a single male in search of couples. I only got a few bites. Of those most fizzled out and others were bullshit to begin with. One however, did come to fruition. For the purposes of this narrative and in order to protect the innocent, this fine couple will be know here throughout as “Jack & Diane”.

Jack and I traded a few e-mails and we hatched a plan. It seemed that they were to be staying at a hotel a mere 10 minutes from my home. After trading pics and some pleasantries we planned to meet at the bar in the lobby the next day at five.

Despite the anxiousness that makes time seem to stretch on endlessly, the day and time arrived. I walked into the hotel which opens right into the small bar. There I met Jack, a handsome gentleman in his mid to late forties my guess. He offered a drink but I was too nervous and worried that between the nerves and the booze, my partner in my pants might fail me. So I declined and settled for water. He explained that Diane was getting ready up stairs and so we made small talk. He confided in me that she was well beyond nervous and I assured him that she could not be more nervous than me, He liked this quality about me and said that this was a big part of why they chose me. Because I was not a seasoned “pro” like some of the folks on CL. He told me that it might be easier for her to get started without his eyes upon her, so he planned to get us in the room and then leave for a bit to get acquainted.

After a bit of chit chat he decided to go check on her and left me in the company of the bar maid and she was a cutie. However as much as I would love to have some day share a story about her, this story is about Diane. We continued the small talk until Jack returned, this time with Diane in tow. He joined my conversation with the bar maid and we killed a little time. I took notice of Diane and as cute as she seemed in the pictures that Jack had sent, she was even prettier in person. This and her nervousness exemplified by her absolutely refusal to say a word or make eye contact with me made her down right adorable. After some talk, Jack suggested we go and “take a look at those plans” we excused ourselves from the barmaid and made our way to the elevator. On the way, Jack asked Diane how her drink was. She replied “Not strong enough.” I then assured her that she could not be any more nervous than I was. She seemed slightly comforted by this but she was still a ball of pure tension from head to foot.

We arrived at the room and she sat on the bed and I on a seat that came out of the wall across from her. As promised. Jack excused himself and left us alone. The door did little more than close when she turned to me and asked “Ok? What did he tell you? I told her that I knew they weren’t pros and that she had only done this once before. I told her about my experiences with my ex-girlfriend and tried to make her understand Jack’s appreciation of this kind of kink. I think I she started to get it when i said “Men & women are wired differently. Sex and love are not mutually exclusive with men. Us guys can fuck any woman but we only fall in love with the right one.” After a bit of this I thought, it’s always more difficult to inch your way into a cold pool. It’s better to just jump right in. One second of shock and then you start to get used to it. Right???


I kneeled down in front of her and leaned in to kiss her and she tightened up. I thought she might pop. I mean actually physically burst, so I immediately backed off, sat back and returned to the chit chat and small talk. I think my lack of pressure and my the fact that I had the intuition to recognize her apprehension warmed her to me. She started to seem more calm and began to smile a little as we talked. She told me about their one previous experience how the guy had her doggy while Jack came at her from the front. I suggested that if he liked this we could let him walk in on us and find us in this position. She very apologetically informed me that she only likes to give Jack head and she hoped it wouldn’t be a problem. I informed her that I generally need oral stimulation to get “up to speed” but that we’ll see how it goes. She smiled and offered “I have two hands.”

She was finally loosening up when…. in walked Jack. She tensed up again. He approached her and tried to get things going by touching and kissing her but he was loosing us ground. I guess she found it hard to get into it in front of a total stranger. Jack picked up on it and backed off. He went to the bathroom to freshen up his drink and dim the lights. After some experimentation with the light switches, we finally had the lights completely off. Being that it was just past 5 pm however, there was plenty of light leaking through the curtains. With Jack in the bathroom, working on his drink. She gave me a very subtle look. It’s hard to recall, maybe a nod of her head or something but she basically gave me the go ahead.

She stood up and I approached her and began kissing her. She responded with her mouth but her boy remained rigid and her hands were little knotted fists held tightly at her side. It was again I say absolutely adorable, her nervousness was beautiful. Exciting even, I found that without oral or manual stimulation just the act of kissing her was making me very excited and my partner in my pants had decided to join me. As we kissed, I moved her hands down to my crotch to let her feel how she was exciting me and also to break the ice and let her know that it was ok to touch. She responded by stroking me over my jeans and I got only harder and harder. This was surprising even to me because when I was a younger man, the crack of dawn would excite me and I’m not referring to a young lady name Dawn. But now in my mid thirties, I’ve always needed just a little more stimulation. However, I don’t known if it was her cuteness or her childlike nervousness, or that fact that her man was offering her to me, perhaps it was a combination of factors but I was “up at bat” like I hadn’t been in years.

We began to undress and then returned to kissing now in only our undergarments. I don’t know if Jack was still working on his drink or peeking from somewhere and working on his erection but he was giving us plenty of time. She undid her bra and revealed a very nice set of endowments of which in turn I took each in my mouth. Finally realizing that we had reached the point of no return, I asked her “How do you want to be?” she responded “On all fours”. Just as we began to make a move for the bed, Jack returned from the bathroom in his birthday suit and he was sporting an erection of his own. He sat on the bed behind her and began to fondle her. Again she tensed up. It seemed that she was fine with me or with him but both was just a little too much for her. We had come too far to turn back so while Jack fondled and kissed her from behind, I kissed her mouth and guided her hands to my hard cock. I wanted her to know she was exciting me.

Shortly there after, I don’t quite recall who initiated, I think it may have been Jack, we all moved towards the bed. Jack laid back while Diane got on all four over him. I put on a condom and moved in behind her as they kissed. With her on top of him on all four they continued kissing while i pushed into her from behind. I gave her a gentle yet steady rhythm not so much for her sake as for mine. The scene was so exciting that i knew i would have to be careful not to pop too soon. She began to go down on him as she moaned beautifully in time with the rhythm that I was setting behind her. This went on for a while and Jack eventually slid out form under her and sat himself on a seat across from us. He watched me take her in doggy position for a while, then he came over and asked “Do you want her on her back? ” I said “Yes please” . He began to guide her over as I pulled out. She was considerably more relaxed now as she joked with him “Say please.” He did and she turned over onto her back for me and I went into her with her legs pressed up against my shoulders. At this point, Jack put his cock into her mouth and I watched her suck him while I fucked her and again I had to slow down the visual was just to overwhelming and I was going to lose it. I managed to hold out just a little longer and Jack stepped away to go to the bathroom and left me in her in missionary. I plowed deeply into her feeling the waves of pleasure coming dangerously intense and close. I slowed and continued, slowed and continued and then suddenly I felt that familiar sensation. That feeling of crossing the point. The one, from which you can’t come back. I said something vaguely religious like “Oh Jesus!” and then knowing I was no longer in control, I went for broke and pushed myself into her faster and deeper until I felt myself release at which point I forced myself inside as far as the limits of our bodies would allow. If not for the condom I would spilled myself deep deep inside her.

After a moment Jack came back as I was pulling out. He asked if I got off and I assured him that I did and then some. As I pulled out and got up, Jack tossed me a towel. I disposed of the condom and dried myself off and then I told them that based on my past experiences with my ex, I knew that as the second guy, this was the time where I should make my exit and leave them to have the wildest and most excited sex of their lives. She seemed to love the fact that I understood and smiled brightly and said “Yes!” Jack I think may have wanted to see more. But I thought she had already put in enough effort just to muster the courage to go this far, so I began to put on my clothes. I thanked them for a great time and told them to please keep my information and to feel free to drop a line anytime. They agreed and as I made my way out I noticed her expression and she looked relieved, excited and beautiful at the same time. If their experience is anything like it was for me and my ex, they are probably having some really amazing hot and wild sex right now. And they will be for a couple of weeks to come.

Thanks Jack & Diane it was a wonderful and hot experience for me and I was honored to have been brought into your bed and to have shared your lovely woman with you.

God bless and good luck.

Submitted by: Jay - West Coast


February 20, 2010

Peaches and Steam

Peaches and Steam - True Story submitted by a new hotwifedating.com member


Hi Trash, My name is Peaches, my partner is Steam. I put this true story on my new profile on hotwifedating.com as an example of a previous experience I had. Steam thought maybe if you put it on the front page of the blog I might get more hits on my profile ;-D

Xoxo Peaches

A few months ago I went for the first time to Venus, a swinger club here in downtown Atlanta. I went without my husband, Steam, who was out of town on business. Afterwards he asked me not only to tell him all the dirty details on the phone of my multiple encounters that night but he also wanted me to write them down for him on email, which I did. This is a copy of one of the emails I sent him:

“He was a fairly young black guy, black as ebony and his skin was soooo shiny black and smooth with youth. He had an innocent look to him and a nice smile and very soft lips, as I was to find out. He said he liked my smile and I really turned him on. He was taller than me, maybe your height. He had a barrel chest and a big round ass, so big and round and perfectly curved, thick arms and legs and a smooth hairless chest, and his groin area had a thick curly thatch of pubic hair, very thick. His hands were big and gentle, and he said he wanted to fuck me. I asked him if he would be gentle, because he wanted to do it in a private room and I was a bit afraid he would rough me up. He said he would be rough only if I asked – and I did ask him to be rough eventually. Then he kissed me and slipped his fingers along my pussy lips. It felt erotic and good! He led me to a room with a mattress and closed the door behind him. He locked it. The door did have an open slat in it, where onlookers could watch.

He said I had soft lips and he knew how to kiss me perfectly, slow, soft, gentle nibbles on my lips. We sat on the bed and he continued to touch my pussy and said I was very wet. He put a long finger inside of me and I spread my legs all the way for him and laid back and enjoyed it. His cock was long and hard and on the thin side. I knew my pussy wanted to feel it. He lay on top of me and sucked my nipples which were erect and big, he loved playing with my nipples and breasts. And I told him to bite my nipples and he did. I noticed a couple of men were watching from the slat in the door.

Then I sucked my own nipples for him and he put one of my hands on his cock and I rubbed it and he kept saying “Oh my God!” He took my dildo, the black one I had with me, and opened me up and put it inside of me… I squirmed with pleasure and he liked it. I raised my legs up a bit and he slapped his hard cock against my ass. He asked me if I liked that and I said oh yes! I rubbed my own clit as the dildo was inside of me and he kept slapping his cock against my butt. Then I came for the first time, long and hard and moaned so much.

He put a condom on his cock and I told him I wanted him to fuck me from behind. I rolled over, head on the mattress and ass up in the air, wriggling my cunt, ready and willing for his pounding. He entered me and wow, it filled me up. I think he got even bigger as he was inside of me. He spanked me, without me even asking and I moved my ass in reply. I told him to pound me really hard, to pound my wet, horny pussy and he did, so hard, and the sensations were soooo fucking amazing. I told him to open my ass cheeks and put his finger in it… He did, as he kept pounding his cock deep in my cunt. He lasted forever and I had thought he would come quickly, but he didn’t.

My pussy was getting sore from his big cock but I loved it and while he pounded me, and with his finger in my ass, I told him I was a dirty, filthy cunt and needed a good pussy pounding. This drove him crazy and then he shoved another finger in my ass and pounded my pussy until I was laying flat on the mattress, being driven down by his pounding. He then did something unexpected, he took his fingers out of my ass and grabbed the back of my head and yanked my hair and called me a dirty bitch. I could hear people whispering from outside the door slat and the thought of them watching me made me feel like I was just a huge, wet, horny stretched out pussy… And I came then… Fuck, I was moaning and groaning with pleasure while he rammed his black cock into me the whole time.

And he still hadn’t cum yet. He rolled me over and sat me up. He sat up too and slid my legs on either side of him and sitting up I fucked his cock. He held my back and we fucked with both of us sitting up. He bit my nipples sooo hard and grabbed my ass and pulled me so hard into him. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and I was sitting across his lap. I came again, grinding my cunt and clit against his hard pelvis and cock. I was so fucking turned on. He still hadn’t cum. I couldn’t believe it!

He then laid me on my back and put my legs up on either side of his shoulders… He said my pussy was so wet and I started to move my hips and buck my pussy up toward him. He said oh yeah, that’s it, girl. I said give it to me harder and he did, with my legs over his shoulders, my breasts swinging side to side, he was fucking me so hard that I then came again and he waited until I was done before he finally came inside me.

He said I was fucking amazing and he wanted to do it again right away. I couldn’t believe it and didn’t think he could, and we lay there for 10 minutes and he put another condom on his cock as it grew hard. There was no oral sex, but it was erotic nonetheless. He was a strong motherfucker. He sat on the edge of the bed again and had me sit on him and he stood up, lifting me up with him, my legs straddling him. He pushed me up against the wall and fucked me in this position for a while. Fuck, it felt good! He said I was even wetter and my pussy felt so amazing and he was gonna cum faster this time, because he knew I came so fast and he wouldn’t wait.

He then lay me back on the bed, asked me to lie on my side and got behind me and laid on his side too, and fucked me from behind that way, and rubbed my clit with his one hand. I pulled at my nipples the whole time and I opened up my legs, one high in the air so he could rub my hard little clit even more. I reached down and touched his balls, which were slapping against me, and he came and so did I.

I was sore, exhausted and felt thoroughly fucked when we were done. He said he wanted to fuck me all night but I said no… He wanted me to bring him home, but I didn’t. I wanted to have my sexual escapades there and be anonymous. Hope you liked my night out honey.”

Submitted by: Peaches - Atlanta - Hotwife dating profile here


February 14, 2010

The Spanish DJ

The Spanish DJ - True story submitted by Dan from the UK.


During a visit to Spain I was able to get my wife to become the slut I was always wanting. We went to a night club, I was looking for a partner for her but the good looking guy’s were with all women of their own. The DJ announced a wet tee shirt competition, I persuaded Geena to enter because she has the biggest nipples I have ever seen and I knew they would impress anyone when cold and hard. Not many entered and sure enough her pert tits and rock hard nipples won the day. She was invited to the rostrum to collect her prize, the DJ kissed her and then whispered something in her ear. When she returned I asked her what he had said. “He wants to fuck me” she said. My cock instantly firmed up as I asked her if she was interested, “He is so gorgeous looking I won’t be able to turn him down” she replied as her eyes met his across the room.

At the end of the night he put on a long slow record and came down to ask G for a dance, she moulded herself to him and they moved around the dancefloor oblivious to anyone else. I didn’t care that people noticed their fondling as I knew her pussy was going to be used a little later on.

We hung around and I was introduced to the DJ Fernando, I asked him if he minded that I was her husband and would want to go back to our room with them, I told him that I had to guarantee her safety. He answered that he wanted nothing more than to make love to Geena in front of me.

It was getting on for early morning and getting light when we arrived back at the room, Fernando immediately took control, he was obviously going to humiliate me as much as he could. Geena was told to strip down to her panties and kneel on the floor He moved towards her and unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock, he grabbed her by the hair and shoved her mouth onto it. She fucking LOVED it, and tried to swallow every inch, he told me to get my camera so we could have a souvenir of the visit to take home, You’ll see the one I took below. He bent her head back so his whole cock could go down her throat, she knows how to take deep throat and willingly obliged. Pulling at her hair he mouth fucked her as if she was a cheap street prostitute. When he was ready he pulled out and wanked his orgasm into her mouth and all over her face. She looked FANTASTIC. She has had huge cocks, long cocks you name it but even though his was quite small it was the way he treated her that gave her the best night she ever had.

What happened next completely shocked me, he told her “Now get up and go kiss your husband!”. She obeyed and came towards me with his cum all over her face. We french kissed, my tongue probing her spunk filled mouth as my face slid against hers. Then Fernando joined us, his face pressed against ours as he too lapped at her spunk splattered cheeks.

We both begged him to stay longer and he agreed, he told Geena to lie on the bed and masturbate in front of us, again she obeyed and was soon squirming around from the action of her own fingers. He then told me to get out, I was to go down into the street and wait across the street, which I did. I was down there for a good 20 minutes stood around smoking and then I heard the balcony door open.

Geena came out, she had dressed again and was wearing the tee shirt she won and it was soaking wet, just as in the club, she had a micro mini on and had put make up on, not just ordinary but excessive lipstick and mascara, she looked like a hooker. He said something to her and she leant forward onto the balcony railing, he came behind her pushed up her skirt and shoved his cock up into her. Her face contorted as he pulled her hair back and began fucking her with a superb rhythm, I could tell by her face that Fernando was in her ass. A lorry turned into the street, it was the early morning bin collectors, they moved up through the street until they were outside our window. They saw me and looked up to where I was focusing, they saw the same as me, a blonde haired hooker being fucked in the ass just above them. They laughed and the four of them stood around cajoling Fernando and obviously urging him to give the ‘Puta’ a rough fucking for their entertainment.

I thought they may have been invited up but that would not have been possible, the slut on the balcony was now being slammed from behind her body shaking as Fernando worked up to his orgasm, Geena’s face was in bliss as the hammering continued, eventually the final thrust came as Fernando grunted into his orgasm. He pulled back and the slut sank to her knees to suck the half hard cock that had just pounded her ass. We all cheered on the street and then the guys went on about their business. I went for a short walk and when I got back Fernando had slipped out and was gone, I found my slut wife exhausted and asleep on the bed.

Later we both agreed it was the best sex session we had ever had and she told me that having that cock deep in her ass had given her so many orgasms she wanted more.


Submitted by: Dan - UK


February 6, 2010

How It All Began

How It All Began - Email from a UK reader of the blog.


I first checked out hotwifeblog.com a year ago after reading an interview with the exquisite Daisy in a couples magazine. During the interview she referred to the site as a good place to go for erotic true stories. Well, she would, wouldn’t she? But, hey! I’m very glad she did.

Given that I am married to a shameless slut who has been cuckolding me for twenty years, it will come as no surprise that I have read the regular submissions to the site with great interest. Many of the scenarios described and feelings expressed are, of course, familiar to me.

As an avid diarist and record keeper, I am able to convey the details of my life as a trollop’s husband with great precision. So here’s some background and a few stat’s.

We have been married for twenty-nine years. Prior to our marriage we had been an item for three years. During those three years and for the first nine years of our marriage she never had sex of any kind with any other man. (Believe me, I would have come to know by now had it been otherwise.) Two years into our marriage I first suggested to my wife that she might enjoy having an extramarital affair. (The thrill of being a cuckold has been my greatest sexual turn-on since some experiences involving a previous girlfriend back in my teens. But more of that later, perhaps.) My wife thought the notion so preposterous that she couldn’t even be said to have been shocked. I revisited the same theme now and again over the ensuing years. At some point, naturally, she came to realise I was serious. Knowing full well that I am pretty unconventional in many respects, she still was not shocked. Nevertheless she remained reluctant. More than reluctant. Immovably opposed to the idea. As a result, my occasional attempts to cajole her were scarce and, I suppose, resignedly half-hearted. Then, seven years into this fitful and unpromising campaign, I had a piece of luck.

My wife became very friendly with one of her work colleagues, a girl some few years younger than us. The young lady was quite ambitious and thought herself to be in a dead-end job. I happened to have an executive vacancy in my company which seemed to suit her and for which she was suited. I interviewed her and took her on. She turned out to be quite a gem and soon became a valuable deputy of mine. We also became very close friends. We never had a sexual relationship but we were very open with one another on a personal level and she was fascinated by my frustrated desires regarding my wife’s promiscuity - or, rather, the lack of it. The two women continued to be good friends but the three of us very rarely met up all together. These were two quite separate relationships. And there was no hidden agenda in that. It’s simply that one, albeit very close, was very much work-based, while the other, although originally work-based, was now entirely social.

One day, in the office, during one of our occasional conversations regarding my cherished fantasy, our mutual friend decided to ’spill some beans’. She had hinted to me on previous occasions that maybe my wife was not as rigorously faithful as I believed her to be. But this opinion was always voiced in such a way as to suggest an intuition, rather than anything she actually knew for certain. Now she chose to give me some proof. A few days earlier the two of them had been out on the town and evidently ended up ‘well-oiled’. Tongue loosened by the booze, no doubt, my wife had confessed to some events which had occurred a few weeks earlier on another boozy evening when she and a few of her colleagues had hit a wine-bar after work and it had turned into a lengthy session.

I knew exactly the evening that she was referring to and remembered it, from my point of view, quite well. My wife had been given a lift home by one of her bosses, a hunky, bespectacled New Yorker in the ‘Clark Kent’ mould - highly intelligent, very successful in business, very confident and a thoroughly personable guy whom I had met briefly once or twice before. She had invited him in for a coffee. It was about midnight and I was on the verge of going to bed but stayed up to have a coffee with them. We had chatted about nothing much in particular for about half an hour and then he went on his way. Now, here’s the bit of which I had had not the slightest inkling at the time and which I now learned from my informant.

Apparently, he had pulled his car in a little way up the road a good half an hour before they had come into the house. During that time they had been stuck into a long and full-on snogging session. What’s more, she had made no bones about telling our girl friend that, if I had not been at home, she would probably have brought him into the house and gone all the way.

Those of you who visit this site will know exactly how I felt upon receipt of that information.

It would be overly scrupulous to take the view that our friend was betraying my wife’s confidence in revealing these details. She knew exactly what she was doing and she knew enough to be absolutely certain that she was doing both of us a favour with what she had told me.

Needless to say, I instantly ramped up my persuasive campaign and prodded away at the issue with renewed zeal, extolling the potential virtues of extramarital adventurism at any appropriate moment. Whilst she still did not exactly embrace the idea wholeheartedly, I now found her responses to the topic to be more pliant than before. It might be that, with my newly acquired knowledge of her capacity to be seduced, I was now interpreting those responses in a different light. But I don’t think so. It’s more likely that her attitude to the possibilities had shifted, maybe as a result of that very experience with the boss - however tame and inconclusive it may have been. One way or another, if I suggested that a night of passion with another man could be fun, instead of saying something like: “Oh, don’t be silly!”, she was now coming back with comments along the lines of: “I suppose it could!”

Encouraging, but still noncommittal. And before long I came to realise why. Now that I was pushing the case harder and more often, I was receiving a wider variety of objections. Eventually I think I was given the real one. Without stating it in so many words, she made me aware that her main fear involved the possibility of one specific repercussion: that if she were to play around, I might feel I had carte blanche to do the same.

My wife is and always has been a head-turningly beautiful woman. I found it quite absurd that she should ‘fear the competition’. But I sensed I was on the verge of success in this campaign and I chose to take a calculated gamble. Six years previously I had engaged in a clandestine affair with a woman whom I had met through business. And I elected to confess the matter to my wife at this precipitous stage of the game. The affair had been very hot and, indeed, very intense and I was lucky to have remained undetected. But, after three months, it fizzled out pretty well as rapidly as it had ignited. You may think that my confession, six years on, was a high risk strategy. But I was confident that she would consider our relationship as being too strong to be threatened by an event so far back in the past. And, of course, I knew that her own recent inclinations in a similar situation would have to play a part in her thinking, even if she chose not to confess them.

It turned out that she had never had the slightest suspicion of my brief infidelity. She pretended to be shocked and hurt, but she wasn’t very convincing. Without question there was a new light in her eye. It is clear that she was also perfectly ready to accept my assurance that I had never strayed on any other occasion, before or since. (Which is only fair, because it is perfectly true.) This had the desired effect of bolstering her confidence rather than shaking it. She wasn’t out for a ‘revenge fuck’ exactly. That wouldn’t stack up, given that she knew it was precisely what I wanted. It was more of a case of ‘what’s good for the goose. . . .’

Only a week or so later she went out with a girlfriend to a nightclub. They both pulled. And they both got laid. That’s how the last twenty years of our marriage kicked off. And the game gathered pace very quickly.

Here are the stat’s. During the course of those twenty years I have had sex with seven women other than my wife (two of them at swingers’ parties, four of them as a result of at-home wife-swapping evenings with other couples and one ‘visiting massage’ which my wife kindly bought me for my birthday a few years back). Over the same period of time my wife has fucked one hundred and fifteen different guys. Some of them regular, long-term lovers, others one-night stands. And that doesn’t include the four clients whom she serviced whilst working as an escort for a couple of months. (We didn’t need the money. It was just for the fun of it.) If you add those, and the six boys with whom she had sexual relationships before we met, plus me, that gives her a grand total of 126 men inside her. So far.

We are now just into our fifties and my wife’s enthusiasm for cock and insistence on variety show no signs of abating.

I have many diary entries in which comprehensive details of my wife’s activities are recorded and, should there be some interest from other visitors to the site, I would be happy to share these with the hotwife community. Such as the time when, after she’d picked up some bloke in a bar and brought him home, I peered round the edge of the door to my study to see them just inside our bedroom doorway at the other end of the landing, french kissing, her skirt hitched up, his hands all over her arse and her blouse completely undone, indicating that he’d already been at her fabulous tits. Or the time when we’d had a friend of ours over to dinner and I brought some after-dinner drinks into the living room to find her whispering and giggling into his ear on the sofa, eventually looking at me through eyes already misting over with lust and saying: “Sorry! We’re leaving you!”, before whisking him off upstairs for the night. Or the time when, by prior arrangement, three fit Greek lads burst through the front door, tied me to a chair, tore my wife’s dress and knickers to shreds and proceeded to do her in all holes, eventually finishing her off with a torrential bukkake. Or the time when. . . but I’m running ahead of myself. Let me know what you think.

Submitted by: Hornwearer - Herts, UK


February 2, 2010

Girlfriend Loving it

Cuckold Place Update

I have been cucked and girlfriend is loving it

I am a 28 year old man, my girlfriend is 27 (pics of her here). Been together 7 and 1/2 years and talked about cuckolding and her being able to fuck whoever she wants for a long time. Last May she finally decided to try it. She met a man in his early 40s with money and a big dick (she says it was big) I’m not sure it was any different than me. My dick’s, from what I’ve seen is average 6″ long and a tick over 5″ round. Anyway she would meet with him anywhere between once or twice a week to have some fun and she acted like she enjoyed it.

She didn’t really like the guy it was just sex so she ended things with him in early August. She went without a lover until about 4 weeks ago which would be the end of December. She met a man who’s 31 and their companies do business together so she’s known him for a while I guess. I’ve met the guy and he’s nothing special as far as looks go or anything so I was surprised the day she told me she had been thinking about fucking him. She actually started talking about him back in October and it took 2 months for her to get up courage to let him know she wanted to fuck him (I helped encourage her).

The first time she went to his house she ended up spending the night with him. I was suprised because with the first guy she would just go for 2-3 hours and be home. I laid awake all night wondering what was going on and she finally called me at 5:15 am and told me she fell asleep with his dick in her no less and that she would call me when she woke up. She said when she hung up the phone they fucked again and went to sleep around 6 am. I didn’t hear from her till about 1pm the next day. So, laying there that long not knowing was torture, my dick hurt I beat it so much.

She finally told me that he had a very big dick and I honestly don’t know what very big is to her but she said she loved it and that it was the best sex she’d ever had in her life. Hmm I was happy for her but at the same time was like shit, I’ll never get any anymore. So after that night she has told me she loves sex now, before she would have sex with me and we’d do stuff but she didn’t really think about it, I always had to bring it up. Now she can’t stop thinking about his huge cock (as she calls it) and how he can fuck and fuck and fuck until she can’t go anymore. She seen him every other day for the past two weeks and she’s there no less than 6 hours everytime. I just wanted to share a little bit about us. If anybody wants to comment or ask questions I’d love to talk about it. I have posted some pics of her, her pussy before she met this guy, and her pussy after she’s been fucking him. They are all cell phone pics she sends me so they are not the best quality. Oh yeah, she has her nipples and clit pierced which you’ll see in pics and if you knew this girl you would never in a million years think she’d be into any of this. I think that makes it hotter.

Check out her pussy pictures here and some more about us

Submitted by: dick015


January 31, 2010

Oasis Slumber Party

Hotwife Oasis diary update.


Have you guys ever heard of “Slumber Parties”? They’re kind of like Tupperware parties except that instead of storage containers the hostess is selling lingerie and sex toys. I went to a party one of my girlfriend’s had, and I had so much fun that I signed up to host one of my own! You can invite just the girls or you can invite couples, and of course I invited couples.

The Slumber Party rep got to my house a couple hours before the party was due to start, and she brought all her equipment with her. Toys, lubes, lingerie, even a sex swing. She set up her wares in the livingroom as I was putting the finishing touches on the appetizers and liquor I was going to serve. When the guests had all arrived (I invited six couples) she started her little spiel (they have kind of a script that they need to follow) and started showing everyone her samples. She had some really nice toys - and even though at first there was a lot of giggling, as the show went on everyone got more serious about examining the samples and looking through the lingerie that she’d brought.

She was selling a black latex corset that looked really sexy on the rack, so I tried it on and I just loved it. I put on a pair of thigh-highs and strappy sandals with it, and showed it off to all the guests. It didn’t come with any panties, so I was walking around with my pussy out for everyone to see :) I’d already decided to buy the corset, so I just kept it on. I threw on a robe and hung out with my guests, browsing through catalogs and the samples the rep had brought with her. One of the guys had been flirting with me the entire party, and he asked me about one of the lubes that was supposed to “heat up” during friction. When I attempted to explain it to him, he said that he should really try it out before purchasing it. He was a good looking black guy, and he’d come as the date of one of my good girlfriends. I knew she wouldn’t mind if I helped him test out the lube!

I’m pretty sure that I shocked the skirt off of the rep when I asked her if we could move some of her samples out of the way because I wanted to demonstrate how one of the lubes worked! I pulled my brand new boy-toy’s package out of his pants and got it nice and hard for me. Then I squirted on some of the lube and rode his shaft ’til my quads gave out. It sure was nice and warm - not really sure if it was the lube or the technique, but my clitty was definitely all atingle! I then laid back down on the couch, told my guy to get himself into position and then to fuck the bejeesus out of me and we’d see just how much friction the lube could withstand! And here’s a testimonial the rep can use at future parties - the lube lasted longer than my guy did!! He pulled out and squirted a nice thick load all over my face.

Each of my six couples bought a bottle of lube that day … and hubby liked it too when slathered it all over his cock after he got home from work that night :)



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January 29, 2010

Wifes first black lover

Wife’s first Black Lover

17 years of not being naughty was broken with my wife’s first black man. I work as a photographer and this particular guy had modeled for me a couple of times.

“I still want to Model with that wife of yours if she is ever up for it.” He said after one session. He’d seen a picture of her in my studio.

A few weeks later he e-mailed me again suggesting that he would love to pose with my wife and that he thought she was a doll. That he preferred larger women over small petite ones! My mind started working, and I came up with the only idea I thought might work. She loves to watch male strippers, and we comment every time we see a performance, “Why don’t they take off the “G” string. Women get completely naked when they dance. Women really do want to see it all and they rarely get to see it.

So I emailed back and suggested that he should him pretend to be a client looking for promotional photos as a male stripper. I would then say to my wife that I had this enquiry at work to shoot a male dancer and would ask her if she knew of anyone that could help out by appearing in the foreground like a customer as he danced. She suggested herself of course, she went for it and a date was set up.

I chatted with him over email some more and we fretted over things we could do during his performance to loosen her up, get her wild and crazy and let her self go for sex with another man. It had been 17 years since her last experience. I told him about her turn on’s and how sensitive her neck were to kissing, and that she would get turned on really fast if he could loosen her up enough to get in some kissing. And especially deep French kissing.

The day came and all seemed to be going to plan. They met and got on really well. I put on some music to go with the shoot. She loves to dance, and they started dancing together almost immediately before I was ready to take the pictures. I posed a few situations, they got closer and before I knew it they were touching and kissing. My last posing situation was her facing him (he was naked at this point) with his hands on her ass. I said that’s a wrap and he then picked her up and laid her on the couch in the studio and began administering first aid, (looked like CPR except he didn’t come up for air lol).

After some more kissing and fumbling with her clothes. He mounted her missionary style and his big fellow entered her promised land, which no black man has ever entered, and no other fellow has been given comfort for many years. She seemed very pleased with his performance as she gasped for air while moaning with pleasure and making lustful facial expressions. He exited and gave her first aid again, they re-entered for a while. I watched in amazement. Then she sat on top of him where they sat for a while resting they he reentered her again and they started to fuck again. She was moaning about him going deeper and his thrusts got more frenzied. I then heard him gasp as he filled her with his ecstasy and I was able to capture his dripping exit and her flower dripping with his cream.

It was a fun experience for her, he thanked me and I let him know that he was welcome anytime to take her with or without me being present, as often as she would let him.

It didn’t take long for him to take me up on that offer. He invited my wife to his home one evening by herself. She was gone for hours and when she returned home with a big smile on her face, it was exciting for me to know that my wife had been naughty with another man, and her vulva and vagina was probably still wet. I saw some light bite marks on her neck and my penis was instantly hard. I was so happy and it reminded me that the good old days of 17 years before had returned.

She would always go dancing with a girlfriend and come home after the dance club closed. Sometimes 2 or 3 hours after it closed. I would be sleeping lightly and open one eye occasionally to see what time it was. My penis would be hard if she was not home at 2:15 am as I knew she had most likely met a man she liked, and was probably in heated foreplay. When I used to hear the back door open I would pretend to be asleep when she crawled into bed. She would lean over and say “I’ve been a good girl.” Then proceed to tell me about her lustful affair. I could smell the man on her body and loved to kiss and give oral praise to her as she told me about her heated adventure. By the time she finished recounting the hot sex with her last lover my penis was ready for action and I would enter her vagina. I loved the feeling inside her. She felt different, after sex with another man. I loved the way she felt, and the way she smelled. In our 37 years of marriage she has had 39 different lovers. Some friendships lasting more that 10 years.

Thanks for reading about us. We live in Portland Oregon e-mail fantasystudies@aol.com

Eugene's Wife

Submitted by: Eugene - Portland, Oregon

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