October 21, 2009

Science of Cukoldry

The Science of Cuckoldry

By sex therapist & relationships counselor Susan Gower

After studying human sexuality for many years it has become inarguable to me that a cuckold relationship (in which the wife engages in sexual activity with a variety of men while her husband remains faithful) is most compatible with basic human evolutionary make up. It is straying from this evolutionarily grounded human bonding relationship that has produced such misunderstandings and conflict between the sexes.

At the very base of this principle is the understanding of a woman’s psychological need for a variety of sex partner’s. Psychologically, women are hardwired differently than men. A woman has a dual sex drive. The first is centered on finding a mate for life to help support her and her offspring. This is why (and when) love is such an important part of a women’s sexual desire. The second is a desire to obtain a variety of the best genetic material to produce the best children. This second desire begins to grow once a woman has found her life mate and grows stronger as time with him progresses. Eventually, this later and more powerful drive overpowers her sexual desire for her life mate. This is why a woman’s sexual desire for her husband diminishes over time. At the same time her sexual desire for other men is increasing. Often this desire for other men becomes so strong she cannot deny it. This does not make her immoral or mean that she no longer loves her husband. It is simply part of her genetic code.

Physiological sexual differences between men and women also support the cuckold relationship as the ideal for marriage. It is well known that women don’t reach her sexual peak until they are in their thirties, while men peak by the time they are twenty. In a typical marriage, a wife is generally younger than her husband or the same age. As a result, a woman’s increasing sexual appetite, do to her biologically age based sex drive, gives her greater sexual needs than her husband. She needs more sexual encounters, longer sexual encounters and more orgasms than her spouse. Her older or same age husband, on the other hand, wants sex far less than his wife, oftentimes lasts only a few minutes before he reaches orgasm and then, no longer interested in sex, leaves his wife unsatisfied and frustrated. As a marriage continues this discrepancy in sexual needs increases dramatically, usually to the breaking point of a wife secretly finding a lover or lovers outside the marriage.

Compounding this is that nature has not only given women a two prong and exponentially stronger sex drive than men, it has also given women the ability to experience a far greater quantity, intensity, and variety of sexual pleasure and orgasm than men. This is nature’s way of motivating a woman to seek out sexual activity considering the risk she bears in doing so. (Even though today’s contraceptives greatly reduce these risks, they do nothing to diminish the internal triggers that drive a woman’s need for a variety of sex and sex partners. If anything, this reduction of risk intensifies her drive to seek pleasure.)

As a result, women can experience a wide range and intensity of sexual pleasure and diversity of orgasm. Besides the pleasure and orgasms derived from manual, oral and coital stimulation of a woman’s clitoris, all three of which feel distinctly different, a woman can reach a completely different sensation of pleasure and a completely different orgasm from the stimulation of her g-spot by a well endowed man. A woman can even reach orgasm by proper stimulation of her nipples if she has been brought to a state of intense clitoral arousal. Stimulation of her nipples and clitoris at the same time will give her a yet another unique intense orgasm. Her ultimate height of pleasure is found in oral or manual titillation of her clitoris while simultaneously having her g-spot stimulated. It is interesting that this is best accomplished by the use of multiple sexual partners, suggesting nature’s preference for male, female, male couplings. Finally, the crowning pinnacle of a woman’s sexual superiority is her ability to have a multiple orgasm and full body orgasmic experiences.

Men, on the other hand, are far simpler sexually. Stimulate their glans (the little patch of skin at the front of the penis just below it’s head) and they ejaculate. Furthermore, men can get nearly the same level of satisfaction from masturbating as the do completing a sex act with a woman. For women, masturbation will give them only temporary relief. Women need to have sex with a partner to be fully satisfied, especially psychologically.

The male also has a much simpler sex drive than a woman. He simply wants to mate with any female he finds desirable. The longer he is denied sex, the stronger his desire grows and the criterion by which he finds a woman desirable lowers. Since it is the woman who decides if he will be allowed to have sex with her or not, his desire for her sexually is also linked to the desire for her approval. As he becomes more interested in her the desire to please her as a way to get sex can become overwhelming for him. That is why you will often see men acting foolishly in front of females they desire, even though they have no chance to have sex with them. That is also why, once married, a man will begin to take his wife for granted; now that he has easy availability of sex from her, she becomes less desirable to him.

One might think that this is a good argument for having an open marriage in which both a wife and her husband find sexual partners outside their marriage. Interviews with couples in open marriages have shown that these marriages almost always lead to a competition between the two spouses regarding who is having more sex with more partners. A wife will always win this competition because it is much easier for a woman to find sexual partners than it is for a man. The competition, however, can become nasty, ugly and often cruel. A wife will sometimes be drawn into the competition so deeply she will have sex with far more men than she wishes too, and her husband will have growing feelings of inadequacy, as he cannot keep up with his wife. This kind of competition almost always destroys a marriage.

Furthermore, the idea of open marriage assumes the erroneous notion that men need a variety of sex partners. While all evidence indicates that a married woman both physiologically and psychologically does need a variety of sexual partners, a married man does not. The genetic code that drives a man is the thrill of pursuit, not the need for variety. Husbands in clinical studies who’s desire for their wives have waned and who’s interest have turned to other women have been completely turned around when their wives begin using arousal and denial techniques on them. These techniques instill uncertainty in the husband as to whether he will be allowed to complete a sex act with her or not. Time after time, in study after study, these husband’s desires have been focused back to their wives exclusively, losing all interest in other women. The wives in these studies were even able to vary their husband’s level of interest through increasing or decreasing their application of arousal and denial techniques. It was further found that when these same wives reverted back to traditional sexual practices with their husbands, their husbands began to loose interest again and began to again look at other women as possible sex partners.

Interestingly, it was during the sexually repressive Victorian Era that an unusual mix of cuckoldry and the sexual arousal and denial of males was employed. It was believed at that time that many ills were caused by excessive male ejaculations. They believed that loss of sperm contributed to a whole host of maladies, from asthma to mental illness. As a result, chastity devices were often prescribed for men. This practice was so prevalent that over two hundred patents for male chastity devices were applied for during this era.

Conversely, at this same time, it was believed that women suffered hysteria from lack of sexual release. Orgasmic therapy was prescribed for the treatment and prevention of female hysteria. Women would visit their doctor, or the doctor would come to a woman’s home to manually, or in secret, by more intimate means, deliver her orgasms. Most often it was married women who requested this therapy, often as much as three times a week. Some doctor’s journals noted that the demand became so great that they had to delegate these visits to their interns.

A structured practice of female sexual satisfaction and male denial grew quickly. Women had a lot of leisure time and spread the word of the benefits of orgasmic therapy and spousal chastity through the popular women’s societies prevalent at the time. Since men could not be trusted to have self-discipline, their wives were usually given the keys to their chastity devices. A kind of secret society developed in which these wives called themselves Key Holders. Key holding wives would deny their husbands sex while they enjoyed the services of their physicians and their physician’s interns or secretly engaged in sex with other men. Within these women’s clubs women introduced other wives who were unsatisfied with their husbands, to recommend chastity for their husbands and treatment for hysteria for themselves. Doctor’s finding a man’s wife desirable would also prescribe the same in order to gain access to her.

Some woman’s journals discovered from this time period tell of their exploits with doctors, interns and other available men. The jest of the mailman and milkman delivering more than mail and milk are very well rooted in fact. It is interesting that a whole society developed around wives having sex with other men while denying their husbands who had to remain faithful to them. It is not uncommon to find entries in a wife’s journal such as “I had a wondrous day today. After a most satisfying visit, for both myself and Doctor Elbridge’s young intern, I spent a delightfully entertaining evening raising my poor husband’s lustiness near to its pinnacle during this time that he must abstain from loosing semen. His antics were most amusing and raised my own lust. As always, he proved his devotion to me by pleasuring me in a most deliciously French way.( Mine will be the most scrumptiously naughty story of any lady tomorrow at tea)

Another journal tells how excited one wife was that she had her husband doing housework, an unheard of practice at a time when male and female roles were so rigid, illustrating again how arousal and denial of sex can totally alter a man’s behavior. Other journal entries tell of the rise in attention from their husbands and the thrill of sneaking around behind their husband’s back and having sex while their husband was “locked in his cage.”

While diagnosing the damage done to women by denying them the fulfillment of their sexual needs may have been falsely labeled hysteria, the doctors of Victorian times were startlingly near the mark. Victorian doctors had insightfully identified the need women had for sex with a variety of men.

Unsurprisingly, since human societal structures were originally matriarchal, societies that still live today in ways closer to our original female and male roles do not suffer from the damages of psychological and physiological stress. These more basic societies, far from the modern world, are nearly always matriarchal. It is the women in these societies who control property, family affairs and sexual activity. These women will usually have multiple husbands and lovers. One or two of these men provide them with food, shelter and security, while the others provide them with sex. Male, female, male couplings are not only accepted, but quite normal. In some societies, certain “stud” males will exclusively service a wife, in others, wives will share, exchange and even trade stud males. Men in these societies are happy in their subordinate roles to women. While there are some incidents of jealousy, there is no violence, crime, or sexual perversion. Men are focused on pleasing their wives instead of impressing other women in the group or competing with other men, except in the area of being good sex providers. Wives will keep this competition light and fun and ongoing. Men focused on this kind of competition do not compete with each other in other ways either, leading to much stronger male/male friendships and cooperation.

An unlikely place further confirmation of the appropriateness of cuckolding in human bonding relationships was discovered in the findings of primate studies. In one study, researchers found two anatomical influencers of fidelity in primates. One was the physical size difference between the sexes. The other was the male’s ratio of penis size to body mass.

It was found that in those species of primates where the female was considerably larger than the male, the female would have many sexual partners and bond with none. As female/male size became closer, the female would bond with one male. This male would remain faithful to her, but she would continue to have sex with non-bonded males. It was found that this was not reversed until the male became extremely larger than the female.

The second influencer the researchers discovered was the ratio of penis size to body mass. In species where the difference in physical size between the sexes was slight, (as it is in humans) the penis to body size ratio increased female dominated sexual behavior. The smaller the penis to body size, the more bonded males were restricted to activity with only their mate while females would engage in sexual activity with a variety of non-bonded males. Within these groups, females would generally bond with males with smaller penises and engage in sexual activity with better-endowed, non-bonded males. The most common activity between females and their mates was grooming and eating, with the far greater amount of sexual activity occurring between mated females and males other than their mates. Neither mated nor non-mated females would engage in sexual activity with bonded males who were not their own mates. The most frequent sexual activity of bonded males was masturbation.

This study particularly intrigued me because it’s findings correlated so closely with my own experiences. I have assisted many couples in beginning and maintaining cuckold relationships. Among my patients, husbands with smaller penises were not only more agreeable to being cuckolded, but would even sometimes suggest it. These very enlightened, lesser-endowed, husbands were keenly aware of their inability to satisfy their wives sexually. By accepting their wives engaging in sex with other men they were relieved of the pressure to perform.

It makes sense that this behavior would be present in humans since humans are primates whose difference in size between the sexes is slight and men’s penises are very small when compared to their body mass. Also interesting is that women, like other primate females, will rarely engage in sex with married men. A husband’s wedding band makes for a fairly efficient chastity device.. A wife’s wedding band, however, does little and sometimes even encourages pursuit by men. This further illustrates that the innate human proclivity for cuckold relationships goes genetically even deeper.

Our modern morals and the female/male roles imposed on us by society are not only aberrant behavior given our genetic make up, but psychologically unhealthy and morally unethical. It is unfair that a woman is forced to repress the powerful sex drives that are so genetically imbedded in her psyche. Most married woman simply can’t do it. It is uncountable today how many wives are having sex with other men behind their husband’s back because our society cannot accept a woman’s natural needs.

At what point did we move from a matriarchal to a patriarchal society that perverted our male and female sexual roles? We have so inverted out ideas of human sexuality that we have come to believe that women have a lower sex drive than men when the reverse is true. We think that men should be free to have sex unbridled, when it is women who should be freed and men bridled. We have created a society in which women struggle with guilt and frustration over their natural sexual needs while men are obsessed with perverted sexual deviations from far too great an access to far to great a variety of sexual stimuli and freedom.

Just as our modern lives preventing us from responding to our need to express our flight or fight response leads to stress, and our turning from whole foods to processed foods give us all sorts of physical ailments, our denial of our natural sexual programming leads to untold emotional and behavioral problems. It would startle the average person to learn how many divorces are caused by the inequity of a woman’s unfulfilled sexual needs. In an effort to protect the man from humiliation it is rarely mentioned in polite society that the reason for a couple’s divorce was because the wife was finding sexual satisfaction outside their marriage. If we could be open and honest about a women’s needs, and that it is not the fault of their husbands that they need to fulfill those needs outside their marriages, then maybe we could begin to embrace cuckoldry as a healthy societal norm and save far more marriages..

I have saved many marriages in my practice by gently introducing the idea and practice of cuckoldry to struggling couples. I have seen in my own female patients that once they start to engage in sex outside their marriage with the acceptance of their husbands and the security that their husbands will remain faithful, they become more centered, calm and confident. Similarly, once their husbands get past their jealous feelings and fear of inadequacy they become calmer and more mature, no longer engaging in childish behavior like nights out with the boys or an obsession with sports. They even loose their interest in pornography as their wives recounting of their extramarital exploits, or their participation in those exploits, becomes much more titillating to them than the artificial titillation of pornography.

When my female clients add the uncertainty principle of arousal and denial to their cuckold marriage a woman can bring her husband back to the days when they were first dating. Husbands become more focused on their wives and no longer suffer the frustrating feelings caused by a desire for unattainable women

Cuckold marriages can evolve into a great variety of preferences. In my own practice I have seen cuckold marriages that range from those in which cuckolding wives enjoy subjecting their husband’s to humiliation and punishment, to those in which wives will have sex with other men in front of her husband as a form of entertaining them, to just about everything in between. Most couples in my practice, however, have very loving marriages with playful arousal and denial that seem conventional in every way except that the wife dates while her husband remains faithfully hers.

It is regretful that the cuckold relationships of Victorian times could not have evolved into an open way of life accepted by modern society. It is my hope that one day it will.


October 19, 2009

Heading to Swingfest

Tomorrow me and my other half Daisy are flying out to Miami. Daisy has been asked to host the 2009 Swingfest show which is being held at The Hilton Hotel Downtown 22nd-25th Oct. The whole hotel is being closed down for three days of parties and sexual debauchery. Daisy is already being sent invitations from guys who are going along and she’s had some fun flirting backwards and forwards with them. It promises to be a fantastic weekend and I can’t wait to get out there and have some fun in the Florida sunshine.

Let us know if you’re going to be there. I hope to have some stories to tell you all when I get home.

Your webmaster,


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October 17, 2009

Vanessa’s Training

Slut Wife Training Diary Update.

Vanessa was sent to Dirty D by her husband Steve. They have been married just over seven years now and the time has come where he wants her to be a lot more slutty. So he sends her to the Slut Wife Training Video Audition. Dirty D and his buddy are ready to tag team Vanessa giving her husband a video to remember. The guys quickly have Vanessa naked on her knees sucking cock. They take turns having her ride their cocks and feeding her dick from both ends. Vanessa is proving to be a good slut wife handling two cocks at once. Dirty D drills his cock into Vanessa’s hot snatch while she sucks his friend off. Dirty D blows a big huge load inside Vanessa for a sticky creampie! Vanessa works Dirty D’s friend’s dick with her tongue until he explodes his hot cum load all over her mouth and wedding ring. They send Vanessa home to Steve a cum covered mess!







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October 15, 2009

My Wife’s Now A Hotwife

My wife Lynn is a tall (5′10 1/2″), 43 year old, sexy, natural blonde with gray/blue eyes, 36D’s, sexy legs, a beautiful smile and has an outgoing and friendly personality. Presently she only has one lover she sees every chance she gets! But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you how we got to being in this lifestyle.

We have been married for 21 years and during that whole time I have tried to get her into swinging with other guys, but she wouldn’t go for it! Well, our last child left home a year ago last Spring and that following summer Lynn decided our backyard needed some redoing, I think she had a case of ‘Empty Nest Fever’! She decided that it was going to be labor intensive (digging holes for some hybrid fruit trees, putting in a new lawn and adding what I call boulders and she calls rocks, in one area. There was just no way we could do it without some help so she decided to put up a Help Wanted message (at our local mimi mart) describing the job(s) and the pay.

She only received 2 calls about the work that following week and either the pay wasn’t enough or the job was to hard. She was starting to wonder what the youth of this country was coming to and then she received a call that Saturday evening, just as we were going out to dinner from one of her students (Lynn is a high school music teacher) who graduated last year and said he was willing to tackle the jobs she had as he needed the money and was willing to start anytime. Lynn hired him, gave him the particulars and the details and agreed to start on Monday.

On the way to the restaurant as well as over dinner she told me about the guy she had hired. His name was Robert, a nice guy but such a big flirt with all the girls and women at school. Of course I had to ask if he had also flirted with her and her response was “I couldn’t avoid it… he was in my class!” then she laughed, “He was always trying to get me to go out with him!” she laughed more “and I always thought it would look funny for him to take me out to a McDonalds’ for dinner!” more laughter. By the time we got home she still couldn’t believe she had hired the biggest flirt she had ever met!

That following Monday I got home a little early and as I walked through our home to our backdoor I could see Lynn and Robert kneeling close together putting in some low flowering ground cover. Then Robert said something to Lynn that made her laugh and she gave him a gentle punch to his very muscular shoulder as she stood up. She turned and saw me at the backdoor and waved me out where upon she introduced me to Robert who was easily 6′, about 245 solid lbs and very good looking! I told him that I was a bit surprised on just how much work they had gotten done in one day. He laughed and said they started with the easy stuff first and pointed to Lynn’s boulders then we both laughed. Lynn said he could go if he wanted as I could help her to finish up, but he declined and got back to what he was doing. I told them I was going to go and change so I could help and headed for the house.

I took my time changing as I was a bit beat from my day at work and by the time I got back out they were already finished and Robert was waving bye to Lynn as he went out the side gate. Lynn was all smiles as she turned around and saw me heading for her “You guys did a lot today” and she took me on a small tour. I noticed the boulders where still where the forklift had left them and she said Robert was going to try to move them with a Bobcat a friend of his had. As we headed for the house I asked how her day with Robert had gone and she just giggled and smiled as she told me he was still the same flirty Robert she had known in class.

As Lynn washed up and pulled the frozen food out of the fridge to prepare for dinner she said he also made her laugh most of the day and never knew how humorous he was! “Sounded like fun,” “He is,” “He told me about his family, his girlfriend becoming his ex girlfriend, attending our local trade school… He wants to become a building contractor and the types of movies and music he likes.” “Sounds like you enjoyed your day!” “I did!” she replied with a smile. She continued to talk about Robert off and on that night and I knew she liked him as well as feeling at ease with him and I wished her a fun day as I headed off to work the next day.

By the time I got home on Tuesday they had already planted the five fruit trees and prepared some of the yard for tilling and planting grass seed. It seems Robert had brought a CD player with some music and as they worked together they would bump their hips with each other every now and then. I stood at the kitchen window and watched as I knew they wouldn’t see me. They kept working and bumping their hips together now and then. I could tell Lynn was enjoying herself and I bet Robert was too! Then I saw Lynn starting to dance her way to the house and I knew I couldn’t disappear fast enough so when she entered I had the fridge open and getting three Sodas out. “Hey” she said and gave me a quick kiss, “Seems we are on the same wavelength about Sodas” smiling she told me to go change and see what Robert and her had accomplished and out the door she went with the sodas.

Again I took my time changing and when I finally got out to the backyard the music was still playing. Robert gave me a wave as Lynn gave me the tour and I really paid her and Robert lots of compliments for the work they had done. He said thanks but Lynn was a real slave driver which made Lynn laugh and she gently punched Robert in his hard abs. “See… she is a slave driver” we all laughed. I must admit I enjoyed moving dirt with them both that evening and over dinner Lynn had told me about their day and how Robert was a lot of fun to work with.

As the days went on she got closer and closer with Robert and I encouraged it all the way. I could tell she was feeling more at ease with the thought of maybe being with another man. I knew she’d fallen for Robert in a big way. One night over dinner she actually mentioned that Robert had asked if she’d like to come for a drink with him. She said she couldn’t stop thinking about the times before when we’d spoken about her possibly playing with guys. She said she’d given it a lot of thought and would like to give it a try. I was thrilled. Robert had actually invited us both out but Lynn said she’d really like it if I’d let her go alone so she could “play it at her own pace with no pressure”.

I was beside myself the night of ‘the date’ but built it all up far too much as Lynn came home with no story to tell that night. I looked disappointed, she said to give her time. So I did and the two of them continued to work and have the odd evening out together. One night Lynn told me Robert had asked if I was ok with them spending so much time together and she actually told him THE TRUTH. That I would be happy and it would turn me on if the slept together. OMG I was embarrassed that Robert knew and I hoped he wouldn’t get scared off by us or think we were weird or something.

It did not put him off and Lynn said he was really coming on strong towards her the last few meetings. I kept my fingers crossed until one Friday night Lynn was home much much later than usual. When she eventually turned up at home, she had a HUGE smile on her face. I asked her where she’d been and all she said half sheepishly “Getting fucked honey!”. I nearly came in my pants. Well I was grilling her all night about the details. It seems that they had had dinner, gone for some drinks and then onto a nightclub where they’d been dancing together quite intimately. On the way back to the car, they had started making out and it carried on outside the car. They got in the car and were about to drive off when they threw themselves together again. Robert had starting to unbutton Lynn’s blouse and was undoing his trousers. She said she was so engrossed with the heat of the moment she just laid back in the passenger seat and let Robert take over. He moved over and got between her legs, put his hand up her skirt and pulled her panties to one side. Yes they actually ended up having sex in the car… OMG the sex with my wife that night was like no other. It was so intense, so raw and so passionate.

That was the first of many encounters and now my wife Lynn sees Robert once or twice a week. I love my wife and this lifestyle.

Submitted by: Dan


October 13, 2009

Alabama Slut Wife

Black Bachelor Update:

Just a few pics here of Mr Bachelor’s recent encounter with a slut wife from Alabama. She told him “I want you to get all your black friends and invite them over to fuck me up my ass while I suck every ones dick! Then I want everyone to cum in my face a at the same time!”

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Alabama Slut Wife

Alabama Slut Wife

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Alabama Slut Wife

Alabama Slut Wife

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October 11, 2009

Pre Wedding Slut

Every so often on hotwifeblog.com we get a comment that is worthy of a post of it’s own. Evelyn’s post below moved me to contact her and ask if she’d like her story to be featured more prominently on the blog. I hope you enjoy her words as much as I did. Trash


Evelyn’s comment:…

Love your blog! Reading about Katie’s little adventure took me back to the weeks before my wedding.

About a month before the wedding, an old boyfriend of mine found out that I was getting married. Ty was the only black man I had ever been with before. He still had my cell number, and called me up to offer his congratulations. I shouldn’t have, but I let him talk me into having a drink with him after work one day. We had a drink, and another drink, and started talking about old times. My pussy was getting wetter by the minute, and I could tell he knew it.

Ty was a photographer, and mentioned that he had recently won an award for his work. again, I shouldn’t have, but I let him talk me into going back to his apartment to see some of photographs. One thing led to another, he offered me a glass of wine, we kissed, he started rubbing my tits, and before I knew it, I was down on my knees with his cock in my mouth!

Needless to say, Ty got inside my panties that night. He fucked me… and fucked me… and fucked me. I remembered how sex with Ty was always so rough and so nasty, and that night wasn’t any different. He kept talking about how much he had missed my “little white pussy”. He kept asking me if I had missed his “big nigga dick”, he was always so nasty that way. He also remembered how I go totally crazy when someone pinches and bites my nipples, something my husband has never done, but Ty remembered, and used it against me!!

When he started to ejaculate inside me, feeling his cock throbbing and feeling the hot rush of his semen spurting like that made me cum so hard I thought my clitty was gonna pop off! He kept thrusting into me the whole time he was cumming, and I came three times in a row, grabbing onto his buttocks the whole time, digging my nails into his skin.

When he pulled out, his semen literally poured out of me and soaked the sheets, I still remember the strong masculine smell of Ty’s cum. We rested for a bit and played in bed for a while, I started sucking his cock again, he was sucking on my nipples, we had another glass of wine, and then he flipped me over and took me anally which was something else I remembered about him. Ty liked my pussy, but he LOVED my ass, he always wanted to fuck it!

In the weeks leading up to my wedding, we had sex five more times, including the night before my wedding. Ty wanted me to wear my wedding dress for him that night, but I just couldn’t quite bring myself to do that. That, I thought, was going just a little too far. Looking back, I wish I had, but I did wear my white satin “bridal” panties for him that night, which I let him take off before he fucked me one last time. He wanted to keep them as a memento, but I wanted to wear them for my hubby on our wedding night, which I did. My hubby, of course, had no idea!

It was a deliciously naughty way to say “goodbye” to one of the best cocks I had ever experienced. I still miss that big beautiful cock of his sometimes.

Incredible as it may seem, I’ve remained faithful to my husband ever since, but I do have to admit that I often think about having sex with other men, actually, all the time. I frequently masturbate to the fantasy of being a black man’s bitch, to be locked in a room and used for sex, like it was when I dated Ty. He didn’t actually lock me in a room… he didn’t have to… but during the time we were together, almost a year, he fucked me every night. He had one of those incredible cocks that stayed rock hard even after he had cum. There were nights when he’d fuck me three or four times, until I just about passed out!

Which is very different to “married life” with my hubby, when sex twice a week is a good week, and he’s only good for one cum. My hubby is actually a very good lover, very caring and always orally attentive to my clitty, but he does have a rather small penis compared to most of my previous lovers, especially Ty, which has always been a little disappointing, going from having a nine inch black cock every night to having a four inch white penis once or twice a week is a dramatic change, but like one of my girlfriends says, you can’t have everything in life, right?

Anyway, reading your blog always gets me excited about the idea of having sex with other men. There’s a sexy young black man that goes to my health club that I would spread my legs for anytime he wanted me to. He looks a lot like Ty, tall and muscular, with that “bad boy” look to him. Something about him tells me that he’d be incredible in bed. I fantasize about him dragging me by the hair into the locker room one day and making me suck his cock!

I so wish my hubby was the kind of man who was interested in the “hotwife lifestyle”. I would give anything. I’ve just always been scared about broaching the subject with him, not quite sure how to do that. I don’t think he would take it well.

He has no idea about most of my past sexual experiences. No idea how many men I’ve been with. No idea about my MFM threesome experiences. No idea about the night i was taken to a “glory hole”, ordered down to my knees, and told to start sucking. No idea that I dated a black man for about a year before him. I think he would actually kind of freak out about some of these things if he ever found out.

If it ever worked out somehow, I would so love to be a “hotwife” for him. The idea of being able to openly have sex with a variety of different men, and my husband knowing about it, and accepting it, and even encouraging it, is such an incredible turn on for me. I dream about that happening some day. until then, I’ll just read your blog… and fantasize…

Submitted by: Evelyn


October 9, 2009

Meet Jinxypie

Every so often I manage to find a real jem of hotwife website. Totally amateur, totally real and very very horny. Well this find ticks all the boxes, she even meets Bulls via her website and the girl in question is a complete stunner as well as an amazing cuckoldress. I introduce to you the wonderful Jinxypie. And YES! I have an interview with her coming up real soon..

Here’s some info from the lady herself.

“I’m a cuckoldress located in North Carolina. I am married to a sissy cuck. My husband knows exactly what I’m doing, and encourages me to go after what I want.

I prefer well-endowed men for either one-on-one or a group. (Heck, if you’re bigger than what I’ve got at home, you’ve got a shot!) I am very sexual. I enjoy many aspects of sex and cuckolding… not just being fucked. I’m always looking for the right men to fulfill my needs. I enjoy taking and being in pictures and making videos with my sexual partners; I love sucking dick, as well as being fucked in many different positions. I can never get enough and usually wear my lovers out well before I am finished.

Most guys I see don’t like the idea of my cuck being in the room. It’s not like he’s some big scary man… he’s a sissy that can’t satisfy his hotwife. That’s where the pics and video come in… I can show him afterwards how much I enjoyed being fucked right by a real man… and if I get permission, I will even share some video and/or pictures on this very website. Don’t worry guys, you can plainly see I work hard not to show your faces.

Cuckolding is our lifestyle, not some game we play. I don’t really have normal “sex” with him… I get sex from the men I see. He gets to jerk off while I talk to him about it. He won’t ever get to cum while a guy is here with me. At that point in time, it’s all about MY needs and wants.

I’m not asking for guys to participate any more than they’re willing. I won’t ask you to talk to my sissy cuck or even acknowledge his presence. If you want to talk to him, great… if you want to have the “bull” persona, even better! Just know I won’t ask you to do those things… but if you offer, don’t back down. ;)

I won’t give you directions to my place until the day you’re coming to see me. Sometimes I get “booked up” a week or two out (as you can see by visiting the My Schedule page). If we set a date, I don’t expect you to keep in CONSTANT contact with me… just send me a message every few days to let me know you’re still interested. I do understand when work / family / other obligations or even illnesses come up. All I ask is you let me know immediately if you aren’t going to be able to make it. I will give you the same respect.”

Form an orderly queue guys!!


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October 7, 2009

Cheating gf on Holiday

Cuckold Place Update

I set Gf up to cuck me and she never knew

Hey lads… been thinking about a situation which happened last year when my GF and I went away on holiday to Aya Napa.

Keeping the story brief for the moment, one evening we had a bit of an argument and she went off into bar area of town, leaving me to try and find her. Eventually I gave up and went back to our hotel. Tried her mobile with no response but something told me to wait for her down in the hotel bar. At about 01:00 I saw her arriving back, drunk, laughing and giggling with a group of four younger lads (18-20) who we had been chatting to occasionally around the pool etc. (she had seemed to enjoy being noticed by them as at times she was topless and made no efforts to cover herself up while they chatted to us).

At this point I got this tense horny feeling that a fantasy may be played out, even though I maybe should have been angry. My excitement got even more intense after I didn’t make my presence known to them but hid out of sight and phoned. She answered saying she was still in town and would be back later once she got a cab and for me to get to sleep! Nothing was further from my thoughts. My mind started racing at the possibilities which could happen with the lads who were all fairly cute and attentive to Donna. Two were black lads and she had always mentioned a fantasy of being had by a line of young attractive lads one after another. I had a nice semi hard on developing, so just stayed in a different part of the bar where I could watch them without being seen.

Eventually after watching her sitting on laps and being snogged and felt up (she was in a halter top, short skirt and boots; sorry, wish I had taken a photo at the start of the evening) and having more drinks, she took one lads hand and they moved off towards the lift. I had to follow up the stairs and discovered which room was his and watched as they went in.

To keep the story brief for the time being, I won’t go into any more details but I was able to listen at the door as she first sucked him (obvious sounds) and then was taken by him on the bed. For any lads who haven’t experienced the intense horniness of listening as your GF gets shagged willingly by another lad, it was amazing! I am pretty sure she was had by the other lad sharing the same room later (I had to watch out for anyone coming back along the corridor etc, so wasn’t able to listen continuously) She eventually got back to our room about 04:30 and made out she was too tired to make up.

I never told her I knew what had happened, maybe some other lads have been in the same position? But, despite my jealousy of what they had done or maybe enviousness, the following days I made out everything was normal when any of them came over while we were by the pool and watched how Donna reacted.

The lads were traveling back home on two different flights. The black lads later in the evening than the other two and I had the idea of setting something up. I suggested that Donna could offer them to use our shower facilities as they would have to book out of their rooms early. She did this, totally innocent of my intentions and they spent much of their last day with us at the pool and bar etc. with me getting more horny and excited at the prospect of a plan coming together that none of them knew about.

At the end of the afternoon they came up to our room to use the shower. Donna was still in her bikini and I made some excuse to have to go out and get something, so left them alone with her. I must be a good actor. The obvious happened again, especially as I text her saying I would be a little longer before returning. But this time, due to the position of our room I had previously arranged the curtains so I could see inside by using a service corridor doorway just outside our balcony.

There is nothing like the uber horny feeling I got watching what went on between them all. The whole experience will stay with me for ever and has never been bettered. Donna never said anything to me about it!

There are several things which encouraged me to write this brief account…
1) Has a similar situation occurred to any other readers on here.
2) If anyone wants to know more particular details/has specific questions, then just post on here (saves me writing the whole story!)
3) We are no longer together as a couple, so I have no revenge issues, but wonder if any of those lads ever come on this site and maybe want to add their own views? I would be happy to hear more!
4) Donna is now working as a Holiday Rep and has been based in Cyprus and Crete last year, Tenerife last winter and Cyprus again this year so far. So how about any lads sharing stories about Donna’s foreign activities which they may have been part of? (send me your photos! LOL)
5) I doubt she will ever come on this site to read what I have added, but even if she did, well it happened and she knows what she did and never admitted it to me!

Let me know lads and just writing about this has brought back all those horny memories!


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Submitted by: Handiwerker - UK


October 5, 2009

Golfers Wife Fucked

Here’s another update from myself and Sensi from The Undercover Lover.

Playing golf is a great way of spending a glorious summers afternoon. Fucking the golfers wife while he plays golf is even better.

Sensi had been seeing this girl Suzy, a bored housewife from Manchester a few times in London when she’d been down with her husband on business. Well she called Sensi on Sunday last week and told him to get up to this posh golfing resort. Her husband was playing an 18 hole tournament and would be gone most of the day. She told him she didn’t want to make small talk with the other wives in the clubhouse, she wanted an afternoon of big black cock.

He gave me a call and we got the car and the camera and we started our road trip up north. It was a little further than we thought and after getting a bit lost on the road and searching through the hotel for the room number we eventually found our prize. She was certainly worth the trip. She got fucked real good. Sensi pounded her in the bed with his cock. She was screaming the hotel down. He also made sure he pumped his potent seed deep inside her pussy. God knows how she cleaned up herself up so convincingly but on our way back to the car we escorted her to the clubhouse where her unsuspecting husband would be waiting. We couldn’t resist getting her to flash her tits to the camera with the prestigious clubhouse and Hubby in the background.

A great day at the golf club!!! Until next time Suzy.

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

Sensi and Suzy

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October 3, 2009

My First Experience

Hello to you all, I have followed this blog for the past few months and really enjoy the views shared, and of course the stories which sometimes raise my pulse.

I am a 30 year old guy who works in business, my name is Michael and I now feel comfortable and ready to acquaint all readers. I am in a long term relationship with my hotwife. Her name is Emma, however she is currently in training sort of speak to reaching her potential as a hotwife. I look forward to sharing about her, although at present, well its my first time to post a blog and I would feel more comfortable to share my experience of how I became a cuckold.

Around 5 years ago I was working for a company in London that was merging with an American multi-national. I was sent on a 3 week training induction of a new product. On our first day as we all sat around a table and introduced ourselves in a professional capacity, I was shaking with excitement at the sight of a marketing executive, in fact it was the response she filtered out of others that really got me going, smiling, intrigued, from the moment I saw Sophie I felt infatuated with her presence. She wore a black slim fitting suit, a size 8, high heels, black shoulder length hair which was incredibly shiny, pale blue eyes and large breasts with long legs and a tight ass. Perfect!

I admired how she held herself, she instantly commanded peoples attention when she shared her viewpoint, her mannerisms, glowing with beauty, a delightfully sexy creature. I was fascinated in the 3 weeks of general inductions, social formatting, coffee breaks, smoke breaks, group work, drinks on a friday. I loved the reactions she evoked in other men. At the end of the course I asked her out and we ended up in a relationship.

I will now fast forward a bit. she commanded so much attention from men, she would flirt with men in front of me, we did not work together, yet were in similar environments of London City office life.

We were out at a club one night and were in a long queue, a very attractive guy from France started talking to her, we were living together about a year at this time, I was amazed at how aroused I became, this guy Jean seemed to completely erase me from the picture, he was with two other French guys. It was as though he did not acknowledge me what so ever. She was lapping up the attention, he was around 35 years of age with stocky build. Sophie shared his water and the usual excitement was soon upon us as a Friday night and the weekend had commenced, here we were standing awaiting entry, as the queue moved we could here the euphoric trance music increase in volume. I noticed Sophie, she was wearing long silver ear rings which I had purchased her, ankle length black suede boots, a silver mini dress with a wonder bra propping up her breasts and her hair was tied back revealing her pale blue eyes. She shared smokes with Jean for the 30 mins or so in the queue, every now and then she would give me attention yet her true attention was evidently with him.

Further on in the night, we were together in a different corner of the club, I could sense she was looking through the crowds in desperate hope that she would reunite with Jean. She then said she was going to get drinks and she would meet me back on the dance floor, an hour or so later when she did not return I searched the club for her. In the chill out lounge I found her in the dim lighting sitting on a long couch, she was sitting to the left of Jean, her hand was discretely down his pants and she was pulling him off, slowly, as she softly and passionately kissed him, I waited from a distance, his hands upon her ass, her short mini dress hitched upwards revealing her buttocks to any club voyeur.

I watched and was engrossed in pleasure, I decided to approach them, I did so and Jean was quickly shoved by one of his friends who saw me approach, when he saw me they broke from kissing and she looked at me slightly embarrassed and stung for words, I was also stung for words yet I was so alive, my stomach was flowering for butterflies, I was trembling. I didn’t know what to say, she gave me a smile and said sorry, looking at me with half pity and half desire to return to what she was engaged in with Jean, he didn’t even acknowledge me really. I did not want to take her away and here it is, how I became a cuckold, I whispered in Sophie’s ear, would Jean like a drink, she looked me straight in the eyes kissed my cheek and said, “Thanks Michael”, I went off to buy these 3 french guys a round of drinks, when I returned the two other guys were out dancing, yet Sophie and Jean were smoking and talking. He was now very sociable towards me, and we talked on and off for a few hours.

When the club night ended we went back to the house of the three guys, one of them had scored a blonde Manchester girl and brought her along. We were all drinking and having fun, Sophie after about 30 minutes got up and went to the toilet, I followed her in after 5 mins, she was applying lipstick and the scent of her hypnotic Poison perfume was in the air. She smiled at me and we made some small chit chat, she asked me in a couply manner if I was having fun, as she leaned over the sink I admired the beauty of her, the perfect body, that shapely ass bent over the sink.

Soon the door knocked and Jean walked in and over to Sophie. The sight of the two of them was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, she stayed still, he smiled as he stood behind her, lifted her silver mini-dress and slowly pulled down her panties. When her knickers were down he commanded me over with a nodding gesture, his hands were placed inside her bra, I could feel the chemistry of lust and desire between them both, he told me to unbuckle his belt, I did so as Sophie nestled her head back towards him in slow animal fashion, I also unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his tight boxers down below his balls to reveal a 7 inch very very thick cock, Sophie said to him, I want you so fucking badly, her legs were spread wide and her knickers down with her dress hitched above her back, In one slow movement forward Jean placed his thick veiny cock up my girlfriends pussy, she opened her mouth with pure lust, an expression of pleasure I had never witnessed in her. he fucked her slowly at first, then I noticed how her inner thighs were pressed tightly against the sink, her bum arched out and up and he fucked so hard into her, I had never witnessed how a girl is truly pleasured, how Sophie rotated in a loving way onto his cock, like a motor engine in rhythm, he fucked her for about 15 minutes and then came inside her. We then just gathered our things, said our goodbyes and went home and slept.

It’s good to have found this website, I am a genuine guy looking forward to getting to know some like minded people. I forgot to mention, for maybe two weeks after Sophie displayed bruises on her bum from how hard he fucked her against the sink and her breasts also displayed bruises from how he squeezed her breasts while he fucked her.

Look forward to sharing more with you guys, I’m new to posting so appreciate your comments.

Submitted by: Michael - UK

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