June 21, 2010

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June 19, 2010

Gloryhole Adventure

A submission from Husband Mr C from Berkeley, CA


This is the true story of the first time my wife had sex in front of me with a stranger.

First, a little background: my wife is fairly short (4′11″), maybe 5 lbs overweight, has a beautiful face, and smallish tits (at least at the time this happened) with large conical nipples. Cheryl was very conservative and shy about sex and while she enjoyed it, didn’t feel comfortable talking about it.

The first time we met, we were in our late teens and dating other people. She was with my best friend Mike, and I was with my girlfriend in my car out in the remote Kansas countryside one night. We were all drinking cheap wine and making out. At one point Cheryl starting moaning in the back seat, accompanied by the wet, squishy sounds of some sort of penetration. I managed to surreptitiously adjust my rear view mirror with one free hand while kissing my girl, and what I saw almost made me pop: Mike was twisted in the rear seat with his back to me, making out with Cheryl. His pants were around his knees and Cheryl’s right hand was slowing pumping his rigid uncircumcised cock - I remember in the light it looked purple.

Cheryl’s skirt was pulled up and her panties, if she had been wearing any, were nowhere to be seen. Her legs were splayed wide with her left foot resting partly out the window, and her right leg propped over Mike’s left. I will never forget the sight of my friend’s two or three fingers slowly plunging in and out of her fuzzy vagina, her swollen lips glistening with moisture, and the sucking sound produced every time Mike’s fingers pulled out, then the squishing sound when he plunged them deeply back into her. The night concluded with me fingering my date to an orgasm but (unfortunately) not getting off myself, and Cheryl sucking Mike off after reaching a thrashing climax thanks to his magic fingers.

Several years later Cheryl and I got together, lived together for a period, then got married. After drinking, smoking, and watching porn at another couple’s house one Friday night we were driving home. One of scenes in the porn tape featured a woman getting fucked in the back seat by her boss while her boyfriend was forced to drive. The scene brought back horny memories of watching the woman who ended up being my wife being pleasured. As we had sex that night, I told her how exciting it was watching her have sex with Mike years ago, and I could tell it turned her on. At one point as we were fucking I asked my wife what it felt like to fuck Mike’s big dick, and as she haltingly described the sensations, she started fucking me so hard the bed was banging against the wall. She actually screamed, then tightened into spasms of orgasm that went on forever.

From that night on, when we were having sex I’d often tell her to imagine that I was Mike (or another man) because it not only turned her on incredibly, but for some weird reason it turned me on, too. I started increasingly fantasizing about her fucking another man, but as much as I was desiring for it to happen, when she wasn’t having sex, Cheryl was too shy to actually ever do it.

Fast forward about 12 years: One night at her employer’s company pool party and after a couple drinks, my wife’s coworker and good friend talked her into taking an ‘ecstasy’ pill, and gave me one also. The friend said it was harmless stuff, and would just make us feel “really good.”

To make a long story short, approximately one hour and two margaritas later, Cheryl pulled me aside and informed me we were leaving - right now. As I started driving, she suddenly blurted out that she had never felt so horny in her life, and to accentuate the point, she pulled my hand under her skirt and against her hot, sopping wet panties.

I realized the pill (and Cheryl’s overt sexuality) was having the same effect on me, and I pulled over in the first parking lot I came to, which happened to be next to a small adult bookstore. As I fingered my wife and she stroked my cock through my shorts, I suggested we do something we as a couple had never done in our lives - go into the adult bookstore, maybe pickup some sex toys and a porn tape, so we could go home and have the time of our lives. To my dismay, she was so horny she actually agreed.

We were surprised to see some other couples among the men in the store, which put Cheryl at least somewhat at ease. After looking at some toys, we ducked into one of the video booths at the back. The whole thing seemed so nasty, and after paying for the video, we started making out like over-sexed teenagers. Just as I was sliding my hand up her thigh, she jumped back and pointed to the dark wall beside us. I thought for a second the erect cock bobbing through a hole in the wall was a sex toy, but it was soon apparent it was not. Cheryl looked at me and mouthed “oh my God!…” and we both just sat there, not knowing quite what to think. Suddenly I was struck by the realization that my horny wife was inches from some stranger’s penis, and I wanted nothing more than to see her touch it.

I slipped my fingers past the elastic of her panties and into what felt like hot pudding. She pulled my fingers out, stood up, and pulled off her skirt, than panties. I motioned to the guy’s cock, and she mouthed “no.” I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me, and buried my face into her steaming crotch. I noticed with disappointment that the penis disappeared. In no time Cheryl was moaning and her legs were quivering. I became aware of noise on the other side of the wall and suddenly another penis slid through, this one black and fat. I made my move. I reached up and pulled my wife’s face to mine and shared her juices in a sloppy kiss while inching her backwards toward the bobbing cock. She leaned and whispered into my ear, “Are you sure?” My response was to deeply kiss her as I leaned forward, pushing her against the strange cock. She gasped as it slid between her thighs, poking through like a black cucumber. I whispered in her ear “go ahead,” and she quietly reached back and guided the cock into her.

My conservative, shy, quiet wife grunted and ground her hips as she slowly worked every inch of the black stranger’s horse cock into her. Her legs were shaking as she leaned forward, then slowly pushed her ass back against the wall. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, looking through my wife’s quivering thighs and seeing some other guy’s gooey, glistening, fat penis sliding in and out of her steaming snatch.

The sex act itself lasted maybe all of two minutes. Just as I was trying to place my cock in her mouth, Cheryl started slamming her ass against the wall, moaning “fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me.” She proceeded to convulse and moan for what seemed like minutes as her new boyfriend filled her with wave after wave of seed that dripped from her in big globs when he pulled out, and left a gooey memento of the evening on her leather seat during the quiet ride home.

While Cheryl has since fucked other friends and strangers, nothing ever quite matched the intensity of that evening. She refers to it simply as “the big bang.”

Submitted by: Mr. C - Berkeley, CA


June 17, 2010

2 black cocks for Jinxypie

Just had the most amazing half hour watching one of cutie hot wifey Jinxypie’s movies. I love the way when she films her sessions with her Bulls it’s often just a camera in the corner of the bedroom. You get to see it as it happens. Raw and real. I’m such a big fan on hers.

In this session one of her Black Bulls from a previous fuck brings his buddy over to sample the delights of Jinxy and give her 2 cocks to cope with. It’s one hell of horny scene. They take turns in fucking her on the bed until she is left in a sticky, sweaty mess and ready to go home to Hubby. Enjoy the stills.









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June 15, 2010

Our new Marriage

Melanie, a Hotwife from the UK has written to us:


Hi all at Hot wife blog,

I hope you might want to include my following letter on your site. If people find it interesting and want any updates I’m happy to do so. There doesn’t seem to be many articles by women, so I thought I’d add my experiences, if that’s OK.

Hi everybody, my name is Melanie, I’m 31 years old and from England, that’s England as in the UK. I’m a dyed blonde, slim, (one of my pastimes is jogging) and I’m 5 foot 9 inches tall in UK measurements, that’s quite tall. I’ve been happily married to my husband Tom for seven years and we have no children – yet. By that I mean I might, but he unfortunately won’t.

The two big differences between Tom and I are that he has a very low sex drive and mine is very high. The other difference is that he is a complete wimp and submissive and I’m dominant. Until recently that was a big problem for me, but not anymore. We used to argue a lot and fight but now there are no problems anymore. There are only two rules in our house; when I click my fingers he kneels and is silent and when I speak he instantly obeys me. It’s saved our marriage and made us both happy.

I’ve always suspected Tom was submissive and weak. Some of my dirty laundry used to go missing for a day or so, (he liked smelling my dirty sperm stained panties). I have had affairs throughout our marriage and just by coincidence, whenever I came back home after sex, (I rarely insist on a condom, I’m on the pill) and put my stained panties in the laundry basket, they’d disappear for a while. Recently after a big argument, he stormed out to work and forgot to log off of his computer. Surprise, surprise, his computer was full of dominatrix and cuckold sites. I had a good look through, liked what I saw and decided that was the way we should be.

That evening, I dressed up in a mini skirt, no knickers, high heels and a white blouse. We sat down, he was still sulking, (but not for long), had dinner and I told him I had something to say. I asked him to come over to me and when he was standing right in front of me I told him the marriage wasn’t working and did he want to try it my way? He said, “what way is that”? I said, “the way we both really want it to be”. You could see in his face he looked sort of hoping. I stood up, pulled up my skirt to my waist and sat back down again and opened my legs. I don’t shave and although I’m dyed blonde, between my legs I’m naturally dark and quite bushy. I looked up at him, he sort of swallowed a bit and I clicked my fingers and said, “Kneel before me, I’m serious”. He did, with no argument and no having to repeat myself. I pressed his face against my fanny, told him I loved him but also told him about the way life was going to be from now on. I could say we discussed it, but we didn’t. I spoke and he listened and was only allowed to answer my questions. It turns out he knew I was having affairs, (he didn’t mind at all), owned up to licking and sniffing my stained panties when another man had come inside me and wanted to worship me but didn’t know how to say it to me for all the time we’d been married! I explained my two rules to him, the ‘clicking my fingers’ and ‘speaking’. We decided on my new private name, ‘Angel’, it goes well with being worshipped and the one for him? ‘You’, as in, hey you come here!

I finished off that evening by squatting over his face and slowly peeing in his open mouth, like a toilet. While I was doing that I told him his erect 4½” cock was no longer any use to me but that I would occasionally wank him off if he was lucky. I told him about my latest affair, George from my part time work. I didn’t miss out any details. The 10” cock, (lucky me), twice a week after work in the back of his car and letting him always finish inside me. Tom was OK with everything I said and I told him he’d be meeting George soon. When he asked why, I told him our bed was more comfortable and I’d let him watch me being raped. Tom isn’t bi or gay, but he could help by holding my legs open, cleaning up the sticky mess afterwards and bringing us cups of coffee and stuff like that. He was a bit hesitant at that, but a quick hard slap on his face and a click of my fingers made everything OK. Yes, Tom got a wank that night from me and as an extra treat, I masturbated myself and came in his mouth.

Our marriage is now perfect; in public we’re Mr and Mrs, in private my word is obeyed instantly. I’ve toilet trained Tom as well. We have an upstairs bathroom, why walk all the way up the stairs when I can use Tom as my toilet.

Since this letter, George has visited us at home several times. He found it odd at first but now doesn’t mind. Tom just calls him ‘Sir’, but they both get on OK, even though we both humiliate Tom a bit. We all enjoy it. The problem now is I want to be pregnant, without George knowing, but having to order Tom to agree and having to deceive George about me taking the contraceptive pill. Even an Angel like me has everyday problems.

If you want me to go on and tell you about me trying to get pregnant and about my life, I’m happy to do so.

Submitted by: Melanie - UK - Hotwife Dating Profile


June 13, 2010

Kyla’s Wedding gift

Earlier this year I posted a hot story and pic set from the LA based Mandingo Club. It featured red-haired Kayla. Her fiancée Ron wanted Kayla to try out a full on black gangbang just before they got married. It had been a fantasy of theirs for some time.

It just so happens that head of the Mandingo Club, Rique has just sent me a video clip of that scene which I thought I’d post on the blog for you to view and enjoy.


Click here to download the file .FLV file

You can see read the full story and pics of Kayla’s Mandingo experience here

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June 11, 2010

Her first time alone

True story submitted by Steve, a husband from New York.


My wife is a gorgeous blonde with big tits and a great ass. We’ve had MFM’s before, almost all with a good friend of mine, they were wild at the time but I realized they could be hotter and I really wanted my wife to have some action on her own. But she was happy with the same play, she felt comfortable with it. Knew who he was, etc. Discretion was assured. As a husband of a hot milf who gets off showing her off and seeing or picturing her getting off with another guy I really wanted something different. Some guys want to see the wife with a another girl, guys like me wanna see her with another guy. It’s just how it is with me. Getting her to consider someone new wasn’t easy. It was months and months of next to nothing. When we did play it was the same MFM nights with my buddy. But then we met the perfect candidate.

Some of my friends came by one night to visit and party. One guy brought two of his friends, one was a College Grad, about 26, tall, good looking, fit, etc. We were just all hanging out together, it was a relaxed social evening. My exhibitionist wife had on her tank top and jeans with no bra. She loves knowing she gets looked at. I started to look at the College Grad guy and was thinking “What about this guy?”, “Would she consider someone we just sorta met?”.

We were drinking and as the night wore on, I could definitely see that my wife was looking over at the College guy, smiling when they made eye contact. An hour or so later I noticed the two of them leave to go outside to smoke a cigarette. They were outside alone for over fifteen minutes. Nothing else happened that night but they had obviously talked as it was a couple of weeks later and she suddenly comes out with “Hey hun… That guy from the party I was talking to. Lets text or call him” I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited I said “You really want to go for it?.. Sure, go ahead” So she then texted him and sure enough made plans for him to come by one evening.

On the evening in question, he arrived and seemed quite comfortable with the situation and with me being about. My wife had on low rise jeans and a white halter top with no bra. She had shaved her pussy for the occasion. We had a bit to drink and were all getting on chatting and laughing when my wife asked him to step outside to smoke. Like before they were gone for about 15 minutes. But this time without anyone else around I had a feeling something else might be going on. I gave it another 5 minutes and I went outside through a side door and quietly worked my way to the back yard. It was then I saw them both. My heart almost stopped. He was leaning up against the house and she was on her knees sucking his cock like an animal, unlike our other friend, who was not that large in the cock department, this young guy had what had to be an eight inch cock easily. I carried on watching her suck on him from a distance. She was really getting into it and so was he as he started to hold her head and thrust back and forth, face fucking my wife. It was hot as hell.

Then she suddenly got up and without a word pulled down her jeans and panties. she got down on her knees with her ass facing toward him, she then said something to him and he then knelt down behind her. She then reached back with both hands and grabbed her ass and spread it open. He then buried his face in her ass. She was going insane, he was smashing his face into her dark tight hole, and loving every minute of it. After about ten minutes he stopped and raised his head. His cock, hard and erect in front of him and looking insanely huge was now positioned right behind her. He then pushed forward putting it up against her pussy and then he just shoved it in there. For 15 minutes he pounded her like an animal in the doggy position. Her arms were are out in front of her for support as she got shoved forward with each hard stroke. And then I heard her say something I’ll never forget “Cum in my cunt!!…Cum in my cunt!!” Seconds later he was groaning and slowing and I could tell he was just exploding in her pussy. He just came and came, it was truly awesome.

I made my way back inside and waited for them to come back in, I said “Looks like someone’s enjoyed themselves”. My wife giggled and then leading him by the hand they headed up for the bedroom for round two.

Steve's Wife
Here’s a pic of my lovely wife

Submitted by: Steve - New York


June 9, 2010

Jackie’s updated interview

Last month I posted a thanks via video from luscious Hotwife Jackie who won our 5th birthday Top 20 Hotwife competition voted by you the user.

I also promised you guys an updated Interview with the lady herself with all the questions I’ve been meaning to ask since I did her first interview back in 2007. So here goes and thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Jackie. Love you always.

Hotwife Jackie

hotwifeblog: Hey Jackie, it’s great to be able to catch up with you after all this time. It’s been 3 years since we’ve first interviewed you and I’m really excited to be speaking with you again.
Jackie: Always a pleasure to be with you.

hotwifeblog: Firstly congratulations on your first place position as the most popular hotwife here on hotwifeblog over the last year. You’ve always been so popular with our readers and rightly so.. How did winning this award make you feel?
Jackie: Wow! I was shocked because there are so many hot hotwives here. I’m a big fan of all of them and I’m honored to be at the top of that list.

hotwifeblog: Do you find yourself more immersed in the hotwife lifestyle now, have you stepped up your play, are you trying new things?
Jackie: You know, living this lifestyle is a continual adventure. It never ceases to be titillating for me because it’s my real life. We don’t try to fool anybody about what we’re doing. If it’s hot, that’s because it’s real. The last new thing I tried was allowing my extremely hot new lover Marcel to spank me. Man does he have a strong hand! Ouch! He may have enjoyed it a little more than I did, LOL.

hotwifeblog: Spanking eh? hehe.. So any new fetishes you’ve found or developed in the last three years? Any new fantasies or things you’d still like to try?
Jackie: I really don’t have any new fetishes per se’. I am the quintessential “dating wife” The thing that keeps me so excited about this lifestyle is meeting new lovers. It’s like regular dating but so much better! You know you’re not going to go home frustrated, hahaha, you know you’re both there because you really want to have each other. It’s super charged heat from the second your eyes meet. Meeting new lovers, that’s my fantasy.

hotwifeblog: Was this lifestyle choice first suggested by your husband? and how did it make you feel? the thought of embarking of a life having sex with men outside of your marriage?
Jackie: Yes, my hubby wanted me to see me with another man. And at first I was like, “What? Don’t you love me anymore? Trying to get rid of me, or what?” I just couldn’t understand how a man could want to share his wife. But then we started talking about it during sex and the things he said to me really turned me on. Next thing I knew he was making a date for me with a guy he picked out for me. The memory is still one of the hottest most exciting nights of my life. This guy was military, and let me tell you, military guys are amazing lovers, so much stamina! His dick was enormous! And he was hard for hours. Then after he had his way with me my husband fucked me too, and I gotta tell you, it was unreal, like an out of body experience. I was hooked from that night on.

hotwifeblog: Why do you think some men get so excited about seeing their wife or girlfriend with another guy?
Jackie: My hubby, Jason, and I have discussed this at length because I really wanted to understand. He tells me that there’s nothing hotter for him than knowing that other men want me. I guess it’s like kids who have the best toys and totally enjoy sharing them with their friends. I guess I’m his best toy, hahaha, and he just loves sharing me.

hotwifeblog: Have you had any previous relationships that allowed you the sexual freedom you have now or were they all monogamous?
Jackie: That’s a great question! The short answer is no, my previous relationships were totally monogamous. But the longer answer is, looking back to my pre-marriage dates, I think that most men would have loved to be adventurous, think sexually outside the box, but they were afraid to broach the subject because they didn’t want to come off as sexually weird. Judging from the email I get on my site that’s how most men are, dying to try the lifestyle but afraid of what their wives will think. I always tell them their wives don’t know what they’re missing.

hotwifeblog: And during those previous monogamous relationships were you tempted to stray or did you cheat at all on your partner?
Jackie: Wow, that’s a tough question. To tell you the truth, before I met my husband I was a serial cheater. But then I met Jason and I had no desire to cheat anymore, and ironically he gave me the opportunity to play with other men. I always say that if more people enjoyed the lifestyle more marriages would stay together. Sting said it best, If you love something, set it free.

hotwifeblog: Do you prefer to see a guy once for sex or have someone regular to build a sexual relationship with?
Jackie: A little of both. I have a few lovers that I’ve seen for years, and the sex just gets better all the time. Sometimes, though, it’s just a one time thing and that’s totally hot as well.

hotwifeblog: Do you like to flirt with men you come across during your everyday life, catch their eye in the street, chat up the guy in the supermarket etc?
Jackie: Nope, never. In my straight life I am the model wife.

hotwifeblog: How do you find other females treat you when they know about your lifestyle? Is there any envy, jealousy, wishing they could have your lifestyle? any negative feelings towards you?
Jackie: I have four female friends that know about the lifestyle, and they are all totally cool about it. No jealousy, but sometimes they do venture into the lifestyle themselves, but not as regularly as I do. I guess I’m lucky that I have exceptional friends.

hotwifeblog: When you have a date, does your husband participate sexually with you, watch you play or leave you alone with your lover?
Jackie: He’s done all three and he leaves it up to me, what I want to do. Sometimes I like a one-on-one date with a guy, but usually I want him with me because we’re doing this together. Usually Jason watches for a while, or even goes out of the room to watch a ballgame for a while, but he always ends up fucking me. He likes me a little used up first. Naughty, huh?

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’d ever be able to go back to a normal monogamous relationship if your husband ever suggested it?
Jackie: Absolutely.

hotwifeblog: What’s been the highlight experience for you in the last 3 years?
Jackie: I had a really great time last summer flying out to LA and meeting two lovers in a hotel room by the ocean. First one had me, then the other showed up for his turn. They even met in the hallway and shook hands, it was hilarious and super hot! And I was sore for a few days! The orgasms were incredible, theirs and mine.

hotwifeblog: How has your website developed over the last 3 years?
Jackie: We’ve experimented using just an IPhone to shoot video for a more reality based in-the-moment feel which our members really like. The Iphone makes it easy to shoot stuff anywhere anytime without being obvious. A lot of non sexual stuff of me at the market or enjoying a glass of wine and just chatting about how I am excited to meet my next date. Sometimes I just hand the IPhone to my lover and say, “Okay, you shoot some video, shoot what you’re seeing right now.” Our members seem to like that pov like they are fucking me themselves. We are trying to get more pre and post-date stuff into our video shoots. Getting dressed for my date etc, and also some post date “freshly fucked” interview stuff so the viewer gets a total sense of the hotwife dating experience. Ours has evolved into the real deal hotwife documentary of sorts. Early on we staged some stuff with all kinds of lighting etc, although we have never shot with “Pros” and probably never will. No “Pizza delivery guy” stuff. That is just not very interesting to me. I like real guys who are “dating” me for the sheer fun of it and it seems to make the hottest videos.

hotwifeblog: What plans do you have for your website for the future?
Jackie: We have our main members site with all our videos and pics and members forum. We continue to update with my latest naughty dates as they occur. I have my new blog site which is so fun. I usually post a few pics with every new blog post. You have a link to my blog site (Jackie’s Blog) here in your blog links. We also have our hotwifehotel site which has a forum for anyone in the lifestyle to post their pics or stories or fantasies or those curious to just lurk. That is a great place for community interaction. Jason is just finishing up a new site which will feature the sale of ala carte downloadable clips of mine and soon we hope clips of other hotwives who want to sell their clips.

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle?
Jackie: Well, I’m flirting with a few hot guys online right now and Jason is always lining up new guys for me. I’m wondering which one I’ll be fucking first. Hey, thanks for the opportunity to be here on your great blog! We love the HOTWIFEBLOG, and are thrilled to be featured here.

hotwifeblog: You’re more than welcome Jackie. Thanks for the honest answers and hopefully see you again on the blog real soon.

Hotwife Jackie

Visit Jackie’s fantastic site here

Interview by: Trash


June 7, 2010

My Diary

Cuckold Place Update

My Diary

We are in our mid forties. We started this lifestyle about two years ago when I discovered my wife was in the beginning stages of having an affair. She works part time in the office where my boss works. (I’m a fire fighter and her boyfriend is my chief)

Her other boyfriend is the mailman at her main job. He is what she calls a GQ model. Big, muscular, tanned and a VERY good looking guy.

Without going into much detail she has only had sex with the mail man two times. She has only had sex with the chief once.

As I type this she is on her way to have drinks with the mailman. She has cut him off from sex because he only wants to fuck her when he comes into the office. She demanded the they go out into public for dinner and drinks.

She just text me to tell me she is on her way to the bar. She is not sure if she is in the mood for sex tonight and thinks it will only be a short night with no sex. We’ll have to see.

8/28/09 Diary Entry

Today was a good day. Her date last night was a bust. They went to a local restaurant where they ate dinner and had a few drinks as they talked. He walked her out to her car where they made out for a while, but with no place to go to fuck they just decided to mess around in the parking lot. She told me that he undid her bra and played with her nipples (we call them her go buttons)

When she got home she told me all about the date as we were having sex. As I was sucking her nipples she asked me if her nipples taste like steak and shrimp. We fucked like crazy last night.

Well today I was on my way to work. She text me and asked me to look at the chief and see if he has a smile.

I asked why and she told me that she met him at the office and gave him a blow job. She said that they didn’t fuck because they had no time, but they are going to get together next Tuesday night.

I’ll keep you posted.

8/31/09 Diary Entry

Well the best laid plans sometimes go to hell. My wife was going to meet “chief” for a good fucking on Tuesday. As luck would have it my wife got her monthly “friend” yesterday. She said, “Oh well, I’ll just suck him off again.”

I cant stop thinking about my wife on her knees in front of him sucking every last drop of cum out of my boss’s cock. I wish that someday she will allow me to watch her.

By: Michael732

You can read more of Michael’s diary entries right up to the present day here


June 5, 2010

Women - Brave enough?

Here’s another superb blog from the ever-wonderful Cuckoldress Jinxypie. It’s another insightful piece into the issue of single women and their lack of exposure to the cuckold lifestyle. Something I have been aware of for some time and that me and Jinxy have discussed before.

The lifestyle contains tons of hotwives and plenty of Bulls, it also has a huge number of Cuckold Wannabes. What it is lacking is women that would like a hotwife style relationship. I recently posted a blog to try and get more women interested in my dating site, but I think it’s a real case of women not knowing this lifestyle exists, and that is the hardest part, getting their attention. Even some women who find it and give it a go I think are sometimes put off by overbearing cucks and ones that are too needy and dominant over them. Guys that think and would say it’s all about the women but really they’re only selfishly thinking of their own kinks and fantasies.

All of us need to do more to try to encourage women to be brave enough to make the step into this and not scare off the ones that do dip their toes in trying it out.

Anyway here’s Jinxpie’s take on the issue.


Are You Brave Enough To Try It

Imagine finding someone that loves you for everything you are, as the saying goes ‘warts and all’. What if part of who you are is a woman with a very high sex drive? Sure, men think about sex just as much as a woman does. But are they up to the task of satisfying you? Can they keep your sexual appetite in check?

Believe it or not, there are so many men that are looking for a woman to love them and cuckold them at the same time. I get many emails from such men, hoping that I have a friend interested in a similar lifestyle that I lead. Much to their dismay, I don’t have many single friends… but I have started pointing them in the direction of a specific website, hotwifedating.com. It’s a website that basically caters to the hotwifing/cuckolding lifestyle, a site where hotwives, bulls, or cucks can go find a “match” for their current situation.

In talking with the webmaster of hotwifedating.com, he agrees that there are not enough women that are aware of this lifestyle. It’s one that so many men want their wives to have, to enjoy to the fullest, yet many women are oblivious to the fact that it even exists. There are many hotwives and cuckoldresses that are able to find as many bulls as they’d like, but what about those women that have a high sex drive and may be single? Those women that certainly would enjoy having their sexual freedom, but also having a man to care about, to love, and that loves them back, that’s completely willing to let her go and have sex with as many men as she pleases. Where do we find those ladies?

That’s really hard to answer. A lot of women grow up not really talking about their sexuality, or being told that due to their religious upbringing, sex is something you’ll figure out when the time is right. But you’re ONLY supposed to have sex with that ONE person for the rest of your life, like it or not. It’s really hard to break the ideas that you’ve been force-fed most of your life. Even if a woman doesn’t really feel that way inside, she has to act like it for the sake of society. We’re not supposed to ‘rock the boat’ or be the one seen as different and scandalous! What if your flirty, trampy behavior gets back to your boyfriend or husband?!

What I would like for women to realize is, you don’t have to sneak around and hide what you’re doing. When you’re trying to be secretive and hiding things, you’re more on edge and always paranoid. How can you be happy if you’re constantly worrying? You don’t need to feel like you have to hide it! There are so many men out there that want nothing more than to have someone to love and treat like a princess, that will go out and be with as many men as she desires. You CAN have your cake and eat it too! And then have some brownies and pie and ice cream, and as many other deserts as you’d like.

Ladies, don’t feel like you need to be restricted or hide who you truly are. Once you realize you can be honest and open about everything in your heart and mind, you’ll start to see the changes in yourself – and you’re bound to feel better than ever. Don’t you want a cuck of your own?


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June 3, 2010

More fun for K

Here’s another submission from L and his lovely wife K.


Within only two weeks of her being royally taken and used by her football playing friend, we had arranged yet another date for my wife K. She was jumping into the Hot Wife world full speed trying to make up for all the lost years in her life when she was very shy and reserved.

We found this next gentleman on Swinglifestyle (SLS) and she was very impressed with how suave and professional he seemed to be in his letters to her. My wife had very few jitters like she did with her footballer before this next date. She was enjoying a certain degree of freedom knowing that this man coming by was very hot for her and that they were meeting primarily for the purpose of having as much pure unadulterated sex as possible. Once again I was allowed to watch and take pictures but to in no way get involved or stop her from doing whatever she wanted to with him and he to her. I had noticed before that she definitely treated these male visitors much different sexually than she did me. With me it was same old, same old. With these guys, she was out to impress and to let the slut lurking just under the surface out to play for an evening.

Once again she started out by chatting on the couch with him taking a little while to get to know each other. She did find that having a mental attraction as well as physical to her dates made the sex even more mind blowing for them both. Within only 30 minutes they had gone from hand holding and talking to her straddling him on his lap, passionately kissing him, with his hands under her miniskirt feeling her ass cheeks and showing off the black thong she wore just for him. From there she whispered into his ear that she thought they would both be more comfortable in the bedroom. She asked me to make them both another drink and to bring it up with me.

Once in the bedroom they wasted zero time undressing each other. She had him naked first and had her fingers wrapped around his fully hard cock already stroking it. He wasn’t huge or anything but more like a perfect size that she could handle and enjoy to the fullest easily. My wife pulled him down to the bed and showed him just how talented she was with her mouth. You could see him laying there with his hand on his forehead having both his cock and ego stroked while this beautiful Hot Wife paid full attention to sucking his balls in a way only she can.

After about 20 minutes of intense back and forth foreplay she straddled him and mounted his cock and proceeded to fuck him first slowly then faster and faster until she came for the first time fucking him. After that it really went crazy, they fucked endlessly for two hours in every position imaginable. He rode her and she rode him. He possessed her totally and she gave herself to him 100 percent in a way I have never seen before. I lost all track of how many times she came during the evening but she kept telling him how very impressed she was with his stamina and how he instinctively knew which buttons of hers to press. She was covered with sweat and almost hoarse from screaming when he finally laid her on her back, spread her legs wide, and fucked her for ten minutes straight before pulling out and dumping his second load of the evening on her stomach.

After they cuddled for a while together totally exhausted. They then got up to get dressed and she made him promise to come back very soon to do this to her again. He held her and looked into her eyes and asked if she was his slut and she nodded back and said yes. He said he would be back very soon and that he’d call her so that she could be ready for him. Needless to say, my wife was too tired and used afterwards to want any kind of attention at all from me. She was asleep within 20 minutes of him leaving knowing that she would be seeing him again soon.

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

Nova Hotwife

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Submitted by: L - Virginia - Check out their Hotwife Dating Profile Here

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