October 21, 2010

Wife wants to cuck me

Cuckold Place Update

Wife wants to cuck me…

I wanted to post an interesting question and answer thread I found on cuckoldplace recently. It’s a situation I’m seeing arise more and more. Usually it’s the husbands that are encouraging their wives down the path of hotwifery but as women become more knowledgeable about this lifestyle it seems they are taking control and leading the way into something that gives them the ‘have their cake and eat it’ life that holds so much fun and sexual freedom for them. You can see how when some women are given a taste they run with it. The response to this question comes from a occasional Bull who warns against a full blown cuckold relationship as he thinks that once immersed in this area of the lifestyle it is almost impossible to change without losing the wife or ending the marriage or relationship. Here is the post.


My wife wants to cuck me. What do you think? I want to, but I worry she will become addicted. Don’t blame her for that though! Totally understand, but wanna be part of it.

What do you think of her photos. Also included one of myself.



There is a very great danger that both she will become addicted and unable/unwilling to stop and for that matter, go ever further esp. in certain predictable ways, and as well that you will become addicted too. While greatly, no enormously, changing the nature of the relationship between you. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it most certainly can be, and yes you could very well loose her. The forces involved are large.

Look, I’m unlike the great majority of the guys who might talk to you here. I’m neither in this lifestyle nor do I want to be. Well as a bull, when the wife is hot enough and young enough, then yeah ok. And I have had an experience like that. I come here sometimes for two reasons: 1) for porn stories, identifying in my case with the bull; and 2) for the stuff about male female sexual dynamics, that this take it to the max extreme sexual life style reveals. Cuckoldry is not just about voyeurism, vicarious thrills through your wife’s experiences which she tells you about, and reawaking her sexual lustful side. It’s those things but the price of admission shortly becomes more and more male submission, your submission, to her, her dominance over you but almost always with 99% of the women that go this way, her submissiveness to her much more sexually adept, masculine, and big dicked bulls (who she and he will work to make seem psychologically to you, her and him are even more that way than might objectively have been the case when you start all this, and so on.)

Cuckoldry is a one way street. Once you start it and start submitting you’ll find it’s about impossible for you to stop it or slow it or climb out of it. It will all be up to your wife. She’ll only stay with you if there’s a side of her that likes to dominate a man, and yeah if you’re very compatible and a good husband otherwise, and well yeah a good money provider or good compared to her alternatives there, because the side that likes to feel feminine and submissive to one will be satisfied entirely by a bull for some time, a few regulars, a regular and his directed cock carousel, and similar variations depending on her, how submissive she is, and how dominant and into her her #1 bull becomes. It won’t at all be up to you.

As well though you might get more penetrative sex from your wife to start, as she feels sexually supercharged by experiencing other men, and grateful to you for allowing this, if you go the male submissive cuckolding route where it’s entirely about her pleasure and your doing for her, your goddess, it’s very, very likely to progress to her denying you any penetrative sex with her for longer periods, then denying your release from masturbation for longer periods, all to make you more nuts and more under her absolute control, willing to do anything, any chores or any humiliating thing serving her or serving her bull, that she wants. But she will probably want you to more and more orally service her, no release for you, all as part of the her control, your submission thing, and her pleasure is all that matters to both of you as between you two.

Now if you’re contemplating this but don’t want it to get out of control with your submission and denial from penetrative sex with her down the road, everything totally up to her and you powerless with her as she instinctively drags you further and further that way, inspired by sites like this and the advice she’ll get here for the hoards of submissive men here (most of whom by the way are single, don’t have girlfriends, and are at least bisexual - often after being left by wives or girlfriends after starting down this cuckolding route, unable to attract another for a good long while at least).

So if you have doubts about this getting out of control as you surely seem to, I highly advise you to consider what I’ve said. If you don’t feel strongly sexually submissive to women/your wife, but you do want to jazz up you sex life and her feelings of sexual lust so that you too can fuck her more and she’ll want to with you, then I STRONGLY suggest you approach this as a hotwife, husband in control or equal control couple, with anytime husband veto. See sites such as ourhotwives on the hotwifing not cuckolding side as they call it there to see what I mean in detail, worked out in real life. Lot more truth to fantasy ratio there too; less hot extreme stories than here.

You can easily go from hotwifing to cuckolding and it happens a fair bit, but mostly not or not all the way. You basically can’t go from cuckolding to anything but a breakup with your wife, which will be EXTREMELY difficult to impossible for you to initiate after a while in sub mind set, but not for her.

In hotwifing the husband retains control. And the beginning at least the wife asks her husband permission after details of the guy each and every time. He sets go slow rules to start with or might. It varies a lot but the point is in ways particular to the husband, he’s retaining control or at least veto. Which is made real and not just theoretic. There’s generally an understanding that it’s gonna be just sex for the wife and that if it’s not returning dividends to the husband of more and hotter penetrative sex with his wife, but rather she’s getting into her bull too emotionally and stops wanting to let her husband have as many sex privileges as her bull, then she’s got to break it off with that guy. And so on.

Unlike swinger lifestyles the hotwifing couple usually doesn’t let the husband play with other women but that’s not at all always the case. About by definition though he plays less and his wife is probably more tightly restrictive about who she’s comfortable with him playing with than he is.

At the polar extreme from cuckolding is hotwifing where the wife is fully submissive to her husband and fucking other men at his sole discretion to please him. This is rather a pimp/hot ho style, and yeah can involve her getting paid money too, though generally the main emphasis is on the sexual charge of it all. Here the sexual dynamics between the married couple is clearly husband dominant and her stud, at least mentally, wife his submissive to him slut.

In ending let me remind you. It’s easy to go from a hotwifing couple to a cuckolding one, with or without limits to the male submission and humiliation in cuckolding (a mixed style). It’s about impossible after awhile for men to get their wives once fully into and once she seems him as a sexually devalued male submissive, to go the other direction, or back to monogamy, unless she decides entirely on her own that’s what she wants. (Rather rare it seems once she’s been a cuckoldress for a good while.)

So be careful what you wish for, or contemplate. I’ve just tried to lay out to you what I’ve observed here and elsewhere. This is part of the fruits of my interest in the sexual/emotional dynamics involved.

You can read some more here


October 19, 2010

Off to Venus Berlin

Today me and my partner Daisy are off to Berlin for the Venus show once again. This will be our 4th trip to the city of sin and we can’t wait to join the fun out there and go to the naughty clubs and parties. Hopefully I’ll have some hot stories and pics for you when I get back next week.

Here’s some of our previous encounters and stories from the show.

Daisy Rock at Venus Berlin
Berlin Madness in 2006

Daisy Rock
Our 2007 Berlin Story


See Daisy being a Slut Girlfriend Here


October 17, 2010

Meet Scarlett

Post removed


October 15, 2010

Lost a Bet

Here’s another picture set for you from the latest adventures of myself and Sensi, The Undercover Lover.

Sensi loves his Poker. And he loves winning. He’s really good at it. People should know when they play him they’re going to come unstuck. He had a game recently with some of the boys and it got pretty heavy. When the cash was gone people were putting up jewellery, watches, even a car was put in at one point. In one of the last games this guy Mick lost to Sensi big time, but when it came to ‘collect’ he’d run out of assets to pay.

Sensi was pissed. But seeing as he’d known him for a while he offered to wipe the slate clean… for a night with his wife. Hehe. He’d seen his wife Samara before, a dark haired, quiet woman, always being left at home or in Mick’s shadow, Sensi had often wondered what it would be like to put his big black cock in her. Mick didn’t seem happy with the suggestion but for a chance to wipe the slate clean he was willing to loan out his wife.

Sensi had some extra requests for him as part of the bargain. He was to dress in her in some fine lingerie, stockings and heels and bring her over to his place the next night, tie her to the bed, put an eye mask on her and leave her there. The night in question arrived, and as he promised he brought his wife over and led her upstairs. She was dressed in a lovely red and black lingerie set. As he tied his wife down Sensi gave him a Queen of Spades playing card to put in her panties as a last little touch. Then he left Sensi with his precious Bride.

He then had his prize, she was quiet and nervous. Looked like she hadn’t had any sex for some time. I know she probably wasn’t too happy with Mick putting her up for a bet like that, but you could tell she was enjoying herself deep down inside. Of course he had to shoot a massive load into her white married pussy before he let her home back to Hubby. Sensi thinks she may come back and see him now on the quiet, now she knows how a real man can fuck her.

Sensi and Samara

Sensi and Samara

Sensi and Samara

Sensi and Samara

Sensi and Samara

Sensi and Samara

And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here or contact Sensi direct on Hotwife Dating Here

Visit Sensi’s Site The Undercover Lover Here


October 13, 2010

My Wife’s Affair

Here’s a true story submission from a hotwife lifestyle experience that happened over 40 years ago. It’s interesting to see what life in the lifestyle would have been like then. I think it certainly would have felt strange to be a cuckold then and not having the Internet to share those feelings, wonder what those sexual desires were, where they came from and were you the only one to feel like that? A bet so many men kept it to themselves like Joseph in this story.


I worked for a truck body company in the 1960s. My wife would pick me up after work. Usually when she was waiting for me I noticed her spending a lot of time talking to our parts man. One particular night I overheard her jokingly asking him if he would take her out to supper. This flirting went on for several weeks. My feelings on this were a little confused. It should have been so wrong but something inside me was letting it continue.

One night, my wife told me she was going to bingo with some of the girls. It happened to snow that night and when I opened the shop up in the morning I noticed tire tracks going into the building. I had a closer look and could tell they were from our car.

So I knew what kind of bingo she was actually playing. But I said nothing to her. I just let it continue with a kind of sick fascination to the affair. It went on for about a month. Then one night after work I went to the local bar and saw the parts man having a drink in there. He noticed me straight away and looked very uncomfortable like he did not want to see me there. We made small talk and had a few drinks. After I asked him if he wanted a lift home but instead I drove to my house. He looked confused when we arrived. I just smiled at him, told him I knew everything and it was fine and told him to go inside and have a good time. I then went round to a friends house to let them have some fun. That night my wife didn’t say anything when I walked in, but he must have told her I knew. She just carried on as if nothing was wrong. It was strangely erotic to see her behave in this way.

The next day in work the parts man told me when he seen me walk in the bar he thought he was dead but got a very pleasant surprise he wound up fucking my wife. And he continued to do so throughout my employment with that company.

Somehow my boss found out about this affair and he too started spending time with my wife while I was at work. I knew nothing at first but then when I started getting a lot of overtime and given long business trips out, it didn’t take long to figure out what was going on. But he never knew that I knew what was going on.

The last company I worked with was more exciting, but that’s another story. Here’s a picture of my wife from just after we got married.

Josephs Wife

Submitted by: Joseph - Massachusetts - USA


October 11, 2010

A Trashy Birthday

Wanted to post a couple of pictures from my recent birthday celebrations in Brighton. I had some friends get together at a local bar. My partner Daisy told all the girls to come in lingerie so the birthday boy had loads of lovely eye candy to look at for the evening. I loved the attention Daisy and the rest of the girls were getting from other guys. Daisy even managed to slip off to the toilets during the evening for a quickie with a guy she liked which added immensely to my sexual tension. She came out with a huge grin on her face. What a great night.. I still have a bit of a hangover from it now lol.

Your webmaster,

Trashy Birthday
The Birthday Boy

Trashy Birthday
All the girls came in lingerie

Trashy Birthday
In a happy place

Trashy Birthday
The girls get naked

Trashy Birthday
Daisy’s oral skills


See Daisy being a Slut Girlfriend Here


October 9, 2010

Business Trip Liason

A submission from a woman new to the hotwife lifestyle and loving every minute of it.


My name is Scarlett, i am 25 years old and live in Portsmouth in the UK. I have always loved being with older men and my Boyfriend is 40 years old and I know loves me unconditionally as I do him. However, I am new to the hotwife scene and lifestyle. I have always had quite a kinky, dirty, depraved and slutty side to my personality but I never knew just how adventurous I really was until I discovered my boyfriends kink of watching/listening and hearing about unfaithful girlfriends and wives, and I discovered this by quite accident.

It started off with us talking of fantasies etc as a normal couple, when one night my boyfriend suggested using one of my dildos on me as I sucked his cock. well next thing I’m telling him my dirtiest fantasy (at that time) was to be fucked by 2 men at once.

Well hasten to add I had the life fucked out of me that night, dildo in my pussy getting me wet and my boyfriend in my ass, then I had both the Dildo and my boyfriends cock in my pussy at the same time… wow, I had never been so filled and stretched by cock (despite one being rubber).

The conversations progressed to my boyfriend admitting his quirk of being cuckolded and having a hotwife girlfriend and explained to me the dynamics of the relationship and emphasising you take a bit of the hotwife lifestyle and mould it to suit you (after all we are all different and may not like the same things), And then showed me your website hotwifeblog. Well I was blown away reading some of the stories and looking at some of the pictures. I guess I was pretty hooked by then, in as much sense I was being given a cake and could eat it, and given carte blanche to do who I wanted.

His biggest thing was watching or listening to me fuck another man or other men, or being told that I had cheated on him … ok maybe wrong word there. Anyway with that in mind I had myself a little adventure recently.

I went to London recently on business and was staying late so thought it easier to stay in London over night so I told my boyfriend I was going to stay with a friend. We chatted that night on the phone as he was still in Portsmouth and was going out with the lads from work.

Well, while I was at my friends I was curled up on the bed drowsy from a long day when I suddenly felt hands on my bum and legs. I knew who it was and gasped signaling I was turned on. My friend and I kissed for a while as his hands roamed over my body. I was gasping with pleasure and I just needed his cock inside me. He pulled my knickers to one side and slowly started to finger fuck me and caress me properly, my pussy was leaking cum and it was just dribbling out of me I was so turned on as well as the physical attention I was getting - my thoughts flashed to my boyfriend and wishing he was seeing or listening to me.

My friend pushed me onto the bed roughly so my bum was in the air and my legs parted, he then he moved behind me and slid his cock into me in one go and forced my face into the pillows as he drove his cock into me and pounded away inside me. I came so hard being fucked by him. He fucked me for a good while before he turned me around and started to face fuck me and make me gag as I deepthroated him. I could sense he was going to cum so I tried to open my mouth further so his cock and cum could just blast into my throat. His cum shot into my mouth and down my throat and I felt I was in heaven. He left me in bed after cumming so while he was in the bathroom, I sent my boyfriend the text he had yearned and waited for.

“Your Slut girlfriend has just been very unfaithful. . . “

I am now looking for other men to fulfill several fantasies with and maybe if they are lucky I may just fuck a few of them as lovers, my boyfriend now has no choice but to accept I am going to fuck other men. Thankfully he is understanding and also partially responsible for bringing my true sexual being to light and allowing me this freedom.

I hope that you like the story. I am hoping that there will be many more to follow.

Submitted by Scarlett - Portsmouth UK


October 7, 2010

Meet Shanda

Time to introduce another smokin’ hotwife. Say hello to Shanda Fay. I had a very nice email from the aforementioned saying how she loved the site and would like to start posting here and getting to know all of you a whole lot better.

Shanda is a Canadian MILF who’s been with a long term partner for 10 years now and engaged with him for the last year. They have been having tons of fun in that time, both enjoying Shanda’s extra-curricular sexual ‘boy-toy’s’ as she calls them. She claims to do the thing ‘you wish your wife or girlfriend would do’ and looking at her site I can see why. She hooks up with strangers, does role-play, loves DP and she’s quite into her female domination and pegging (watch out guys!)

Glad to have met you Shanda…

Guys! check her out and show some love!


You can Visit ShandaFay right here


October 5, 2010

More Cuckold Verse

Panties wet with anticipation,
She gazes long in admiration.
Blouse unbuttoned, breasts set free,
With swollen nipples teasing me.

Soon she is naked before my eyes,
Her fingers darting between her thighs.
With juices glistening on her slit
She rubs her red and swollen clit.

Approaching now, she rolls her hips
And so seductive, licks her lips.
“I’ve missed you darling, can’t you see?
You’ve been away too long from me.”

And as she dances ever nearer,
Her naked lust becoming clearer,
Her breath warm on its glistening tip,
She brushes it softly with her lips.

Then gripping hard around its base,
She smears the pre-cum on her face
And licks its swollen purple head.
“I love your cock,” she softly said.

But soon the woman I adore
Is sucking like a dirty whore,
Bulging cheeks and rolling eyes,
Her wetness running down her thighs.

I’ve never known her be so keen,
Such lust in her I’ve never seen.
Eventually she pulls away
And I am shocked to hear her say

“Come on lover, fuck me please”
And shift herself onto her knees.
With expert hands she holds it firm
And round its head her cunt lips squirm.

Then she slowly lets it slide
Until its length is deep inside.
“That’s it,” she says “You’ve hit the spot.
Now fuck me hard with all you’ve got.”

“Oh God, I’ve never been so wet.
This has been the best fuck yet.”
She grips her nipples, licks her lips
And rides the shaft with grinding hips.

Then tenses, holds her breath, then screams
And from her cunt the juices stream,
As spunk is shooting deep inside
My wife, no more the blushing bride.

Her hunger finally satisfied,
She lets the giddiness subside.
Then turns to look me in the eye
And says “Now sissy, don’t you cry.”

“You should be glad we let you stay
And watch your Master have his way.
So get to work and lick us clean,
Both your Master and your Queen.
And when you’re done, put out the light.
You’re sleeping in the shed tonight.”

Submitted by: Anon - UK


October 3, 2010

Helping Hubby Out

Black Bachelor Update:

Helping Hubby Out

So I get a phone call from an old friend who has been married for six years, it appears that my friend Johnny had a bad back injury that damaged his spinal cord. Which means he will be in a wheel chair for a few months, which translates into no hanging out at the bars, jumping up cheering at football games AND no FUCKING the wife! This is where I come in at, Johnny’s wife Kelly is a nice piece of ass, and Johnny has asked me to play baby sitter for a while until he can get back on his feet. And like a good friend, I jumped at the chance to take care of her every needs, which I later found out to be hanging out at the beach, going to Malls and banging her brains on a regular basis. Damn, can this chick fuck! John is a lucky fucking man. Several days ago, Kelly picks me up to hangout at the beach with her. I’m personally not a beach person, but fuck it, Why not get road head, on the way to the beach, like we are high school kids, why not enjoy the great weather and get my dick sucked in public and also I get a kick out of other white husbands with their wives watching me fuck this tight body married chick. I thought I would fuck her on the sand and blow a huge load after load in her cum hungry pussy!

Why not introduce my black dick to her white asshole and stretch her out. So that’s what happened…

I can get used to baby sitting married women like Kelly, she’s a true cum worshipper who also happens to be a doctor! How did I forget to mention that shit. A real life doctor with a black sperm fetish, I must be in fucking heaven. Never the less enjoy the beach photos, I’m hanging out with Kelly again on Sunday so I’m sure that story will be hot and nasty, we are going to some art gallery in uptown. I bet there will be a ton of slutty hot wives with money looking to get their brains fucked, it should be a good one.









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