October 10, 2011

Teasing Katie Kox

Vegas Hotwife Katie Kox loves to tease her Cuckold Hubby Rick. Here’s a couple of pictures he snapped when he caught her drawing away on a note pad. She wanted to illustrate to him the real difference she felt from one of her encounters with a hung Bull the night before.

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

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October 8, 2011

A story for my wife

A Husband writes in with a fantasy he wrote for his wife. I hope it does the trick and gives her some ideas.


I wrote this story for my wife and she liked it, I hope you enjoy it too… She suggested I post it some where as a long time reader of this site I knew I wanted to post it here.. Can’t wait to write another

The day seems to be going by so slow. We are going out tonight and I have the evening planned. Around 7, I start making dinner while you start to get ready. I pour you a glass of wine which you drink.

Tonight I get to pick what you wear out. While I am in the kitchen you come in and out modeling some of the clothes I have purchased for you. After several no’s you are wearing this sheer white top with a bra that hangs loosely from your breasts. White always looks so good against you brown skin. I can see the bra through the shirt which I like and I can feel myself getting excited but tonight is special and I ask to see it without the bra. The sight of you, dark erect nipples showing through your shirt is so hot. It makes my cock completely hard straining against my pants as if it’s trying to get closer to you. I come closer to get a better look. I reach up and give one of you nipples a gentle tug making ever harder. “Baby” you say as you notice my hard cock, you arm extends without a thought to start rubbing it through my pants. After a moment of you pressing against my cock and our mouths meet, your soft lips wet my desire to have you now but I pull away knowing that we won’t go out if I take you now. You head back to the bathroom to finish getting ready. I finish the food and you come out looking amazing. Your makeup is perfect, very dark and sultry. You smell really good and that tight little black skirt that barely covers your ass is wow.

We are about half way through the meal and your wine glass is empty so I make you a cocktail. While I am making your drink you ask me what is the plan for the night. I tell you that I found a couple of new dive bars that I want to go check out but I say it a in way that makes you think I have something up my sleeve and I do. I tell you that I want to drop you off at the bar by your self and watch for a little from the other side of the bar.

It’s about 8:30 now so we decide to head out. When we arrive at the bar you ask “Are you sure about this?”. I tell you “I am sure baby, everything is going to be fine, we wont get in any trouble that “WE” don’t want to”. I tell you to sit at the bar if there is a seat and if you find one with an empty seat next to it that would be even better. You get out of the car and there are a few guys out front checking you out. You have a jacket on so they are not seeing the whole picture of just how hot you look. I smile knowing because I know something they don’t. As you open the door to go inside I drive off to find some where to park. When you get inside the bar it’s very dark and it takes a minute for your eyes to adjust. You see that there are few seats open at the bar and you take one of them. You are sitting there only a minute still waiting for the bartender and someone comes up beside you and leans in to get the bartenders attention. He orders two shots of tequila silver. When the bartender pours the shots he turns and says “I need someone to take a shot with me” and smiles. He seems nice enough and he is easy on the eyes. So, you decide what they hell and flash him that beautiful smile of yours and you say “Yes but just so you know my husband will be here in a minute.” He tells you “That is not a problem I just wanted someone to take a drink with me” and he slides the shot your way and lifts his up and says “Cheers”. You pick up the shot and throw it back. You can feel the warmth as it goes down, making you feel warm all over. The bartender comes over and you ask for something “hard and sweet” you friend next to you turns towards you partially and says “I can help you with that” Which gets a little smile from you. Your drink arrives he introduces himself “I am Al, cheers” as he raises his glass and you pick yours touching it to his. After a bit of small talk you are taking in the surroundings, you wonder what is taking me so long when you see me sitting across the room at a table watching you.

You motion me over towards you. When I arrive I stand between you and Al, you turn towards Al and introduce me, “Al this is Derrek”, and he turns towards me as he sticks his hand out to shake mine I can see he just got an eye full of my very hot looking wife. His jaw drops and I can tell he is stunned and unable to speak for a moment, he shakes my hand but his eyes are clearly fixed on you. He says “I hope you don’t mind but I had a shot with your very beautiful wife” I smile and look at you “Not at all” I say, “Guess we owe you one in return” I flag down the bartender and order a tonic for myself and a couple of more shots for you and your friend. You turn your head towards me and say “I am hot” I smile widely and suggest you remove your jacket. You turn back towards the bar and I help you slip out of the jacket that you have on. When you turn back towards the two of us your nipples are hard and I can clearly see them pressing against the fabric of your shirt. Al notices too and looks down at them and then at me I say to him “Aren’t those amazing” he nods and smiles in agreement. We make some more small talk for a while but our friend is having a hard time doing anything other than looking you up and down. I lean into you and whisper in your ear “I want to show him your pussy can you open your legs for me?” You give me a shy smile and part your legs casually. I am now slowly running my hands across the tops of your leg starting at your knee, my finger tips move towards your inner thigh, up towards your moistening pussy, up a few inches from your dress then back down, up to the hem of your short skirt, your lips part and your breath shortens, then I slide my fingers down away to tease you as much as possible as I move them towards my pussy. I notice Al watching as I slide them up under your dress looking into your eyes. I brush against the lips and I can feel the warmth and wetness. You lean towards me with your parted lips but I am not ready to kiss off that sexy lipstick. I look down and my arm has pulled the little bit of skirt that covered you so you are fully exposed there in the bar as my finger slides up inside you. I hear you gasp and your tongue sticks out of your mouth and I reach for it with mine. I am now pumping my finger in and out of your dripping wet pussy. I withdraw my finger and rub your clit and your eyes close I remove myself from inside you and open your legs wider giving Al a better view of my wife’s wet pussy. He looks at me as he extends his hand up towards you, I nod to let him know it’s ok. His fingers are thick and strong at first he slides one inside you and then adds another, you turn to me “Do you like seeing him touch your wife’s pussy here in the bar?” I reply “I do baby, it’s making my cock hard” You reach down to feel my cock “Baby that is a hard cock”. I motion to the bartender for the check. I tell Al we are going to another bar and ask if he wants to go with us. He says “Yes” instantly. I tell him “Why don’t you ride with us and we can drop you off later - baby I am going to get the car you can meet me out front with Al”

Al gets his tab from the bartender, he is getting more personal with you now touching your arm and brushing his arms against your nipples. You are not entirely sure you are comfortable with this but you wait to see where it goes. His hand is resting on your ass as you leave the bar together. When you come outside I open the door for you to get in the car but I suggest that you sit in the back with him to keep him company, you look at me like I am crazy but I smile and say “Go on baby, we are going for a little drive and I want you to show him how you show off my pussy”. You both jump in the back seat and we head towards the freeway you are on the passenger side he is sitting behind me.

When the car starts moving you look at me in the review mirror and day “Baby do you want me to show off my titties?” you are pulling on the nipples through the fabric of your shirt. “Do you want him to unbutton my shirt so you can see him touch my titties?” I nod my head and mumble “Yeah” as I am trying to stay focused on what is in front of me. I don’t think it would have made any difference to Al what I said as his hands are all ready unbuttoning your blouse. As he slides open your shirt he leans his mouth down and takes one of them in his mouth. I can’t believe how hot the site of seeing another man touching my wife is, “You like that baby, see him suck your titties…. Baby that is so hot, its making my cock hard, do you like me showing you off?”, You gasp “Its making me soo wet”.

As we get near the freeway I open the glove box and pull out some toys I stashed in there before we left the house. “Baby why don’t you show Al how you like to show off your pussy?” Al sits back to watch and I can see him moving around not sure what he is doing but I think I know. You are focused on yourself. You have opened your legs. I have a perfect view of your pussy in the mirror and I can tell you are soaking wet. Al has one hand running across your leg behind me and the other gently tugging at your nipples. “Is this what you want baby?”. You grab the toy to slide it inside you and something catches your eye. You are distracted for a moment and you start to reach your hand out “Baby he has a really big hard cock, would you like to see me stroke it honey?” I adjust the mirror but I all I can see is your arm moving I can only imagine what it looks like. He reaches over and takes the toy and pushes it in your pussy and slowly slides it in. This gives you a chance to grab your vibrator and apply it to your clit.

We pull up along side a truck and I turn on one of the inside lights in the front seat to give him an eye full of what my sexy wife is doing. She has her legs spread wide with a man pumping a toy in and out her while she strokes his big cock. My cock is really hard and I say “I have to pull over because I am having a hard time focusing” you reply “Ok baby would you like see me fuck his really big cock?”, I reply “Only if it you want it baby and if he wears protection”, He quickly jumps in “I told you I would come prepared to fuck your wife” you wonder what exactly that means but you are feeling good you ignore it for the moment. I move over in front of the truck to get off the freeway in an industrial area. I pop the trunk and go to get a blanket. I come around to your car door and open it. All I see is your beautiful ass on the air and your head going up down on a very large cock. I start touching your ass which is in the air and you turn back to look at me you say “Honey he asked me to suck it and told me you would like to see me do it, do you like seeing me suck his cock?”, “Yes I do baby he was right” I can see both your hands wrapped around his cock and they barely reach around the shaft. You turn back your attention to his cock, your wrap your lips around the head, you run tongue around the head, stroking it with your hands, your are putting on a very sexy show for me, you open your mouth wide and push yourself down on his cock but are having a hard time getting much more than 1/2 of it in your mouth. I slide a finger inside you and then add another. I take my cock out my pants and start to stroke it. I have to stop because I am so excited I could have cum after only a couple tugs on it. I can not believe how wet you are and I think that I need to get a better view of this “Why don’t the two of you come out here” I say.

While you are getting out of the car I lay the blanket from the trunk across the hood of the car. You walk up to me and bend over and bring my cock to your mouth. You can see it is leaking cum and stick your tongue out making long strings with the pre-cum from my cock. Al comes up behind you and is rubbing his cock on your ass. You take my cock in your mouth and I almost shoot my load right then. I hear something tear and I look it up as he is rolling the condom on. I pull my cock from your mouth and lift you up and move in to kiss you, your lipstick is smeared and I can smell him on you. I put my hand on your cheek and use my fingers to part your lips. As I plunge my tongue into your moist mouth it tastes different. His hands slip around you from the back and he is cupping your breasts and tweaking your nipples. I pull my lips from yours and we turn your back to the bumper and with one of us on each arm we slide you back onto the blanket. We are each holding one arm and one leg. I can’t believe I am actually going to watch him slide that big cock into you. He moves closer and starts rubbing the head of his cock against your very wet hole. He stops sliding it up and down and is now sliding it inside you. I am think I might cum without even having to touch myself. I am holding your leg with one arm and holding your hand. I start to squeeze your hand as he enters you and I don’t even notice that I am doing it. “Do you like that baby?. Do you like letting him fuck your pussy with his big cock?”. I am watching as he is about half way in, he then slowly starts to pump his hard shaft in and out of you. Going a little deeper with each stroke, you can feel your pussy stretching to fit his big cock and when he thrusts forward getting about three quarters of it into you start squeezing my hand “Baby I am not sure I can take all that cock” you say, he says “You are doing great, I’m going to give you all the cock you can take”.

With that he thrusts the rest of it inside you, it takes your breath away, you feel completely full. He starts to quicken the pace and you can already feel the first orgasm building. I give him your other leg and go to get your toy from the car. I hand you the vibrator and you apply it to your clit, you turn it right to full blast because you are getting close to cuming. He is pumping his cock in and out of you with long strokes going deep inside and almost all the way out with each thrust. Your skin is turning red and you can feel yourself heating up. I bend over to start sucking on your breasts when you turn your head and see there is another person standing on the other side of the car watching all this while stroking his cock. You start to cum letting out a moan at first which starts to turn into a very load scream. Your eyes are almost rolling back in your head and it looks like you might pass out. He says he is ready to cum but wants to shoot it all over your face. He pulls out from your well fucked pussy and you slide off the hood of the car. You toss the blanket on the ground and kneel down on it in front of him with your mouth open. The stranger that was standing on the side of the car joins him standing at your side. He is stroking his hard cock and dipping and pumping the head of it in your mouth. At this point my I can’t even touch my hard cock with out cuming. He starts to moan as his cum starts to spray on your face and chest running down your tits. The guy next to him grunts and shoots his load which falls to the ground. You turn to me and say “Baby look how much cum he shot on me, do you like to see your wife covered in cum?” as you are massaging cum all over your neck and tits that’s all I can take and move towards you and without touching my cock I cum.

I can tell you are pleased with yourself “Baby what happened, did you like that?” you say to me, I respond “I didn’t think that was possible and it was the hottest thing I have ever seen” I pick up the blanket and wipe some of the cum off your neck and breasts with the blanket and lean forward and kiss you.

We all get back in the car this time with you in the front seat. It’s quiet for a while and Al asks “So when are we doing that again?” I respond “We will have to talk about it and let you know.” you are not really paying attention still basking in what may be one of the best orgasms of your life. We drop him off at his car which wasn’t’t really far from where we were. As we are on way home you have some questions “Baby why did he say that he would come prepared to fuck your wife?”, “Well” I say ” I have a confession to make, I set the meeting up in advance, not the whole thing but at least the introduction part was staged.” , “What do you mean?” you ask. “I put a posting on one of those hotwife websites I like for us. I filtered through the responses telling them the situation and that something might or might not happen”. You are quiet and I can tell you are thinking “How? What criteria did you use to screen?”, I replied “They needed to be hung, STD tested and reasonably good looking”. You pull yourself up in your seat and reach over and start rubbing my crotch “Did you like me being a dirty girl for you, are you going to fuck my well used pussy when we get home, maybe I should say do you think your are going to fuck me, do you think I should let you?” That was enough to make me hard again and my cock sprang to attention “I do want to put it inside you when we get home”. You unzipped my pants and pull out my hardening cock. “You have some explaining to do” as you squeeze my cock tightly in your hand (which I like by the way) “You were not supposed to be keeping any secrets or be hiding anything were you” I stumble on my words a little as we pull into the drive way “I didn’t it’s all there in my email account you can see it all”

As we enter the house you have the toys in your hand, your blouse has only a few buttons done and you shed your clothes and head for the bedroom. I am following you behind you doing the same. You lie on your side of the bed as I come beside you and kiss your forehead then move down to your lips. You smell of a mixture of cum and sweat and that makes my cock start to stiffen again. I run my hot breath across your neck which makes you buckle slightly. When I get to your breasts I start kissing them and sucking them into my warm mouth. They are salty with the taste of cum and I spend some time licking and sucking on your nipples “Baby did you like watching him in the mirror when he sucking on my titties” I nod my head yes and start working my way down to your belly. I get to the top of your thighs and I part your legs and I can see you are red and swollen. I work my way up the inside of one of your thighs and you say “Carefully honey I am sore be gentle” I lightly touch your clit with my tongue then run it down the lips of your pussy which are sticky with your juices from earlier in the night “You want to lick the cum out of my pussy? would you like that baby?” I lift my head to say “I would baby.”, “Show me how you would lick the cum out my pussy”. Your words are making my cock rock hard, I lower my head and plunge my tongue in as far as I can. “Lay on your back honey” you say. I turn over on my back and you straddle my face “Maybe this would be better for you to get that cum out, would you like me to sit on your face with a pussy full of cum?” I all I can do is mumble “Um hum” as I lick you up down and thrust my tongue as far inside you as I can. “Baby do you want to fuck me now?” I nod my head and you remove yourself from my chest.

We prop your ass on the pillow and you grab your vibrator. “Come put your cock in my well used pussy”. As I slide my cock up against your lips I notice that it goes in very easy. “Baby you are so wet, it feels so good on my cock I am not going to last very long” I can definitely tell you have had something big and hard inside you. It feels amazing with your pussy stretched out and the images of my beautiful wife taking that big cock on the hood of our car where anyone could have seen my dirty girl. “Baby you like fucking my pussy after someone else?”, “Yes baby I like fucking your after but you are going to make me cum if you keep talking like that” Knowing I am going to cum excites you and you turn up the vibrator so you can come with me. “Would you like it if my pussy was filled with his cum baby?” that is all I can take “Baby I can’t hold it any longer I am going to cum”. You tell me “Don’t pull out I want to feel your cum inside me”. As I start to cum and groan you are squeezing my cock having your own orgasm. I keep pumping my cock in out of you then you pull away the vibrator and scream and laugh because you can’t take any more. I lean forward and kiss you “I love you honey” you say “I love you too”. We pull the pillow out from underneath you and tug the covers up on the bed. I am running my fingers through your hair thinking of the evenings happenings and wondering what you think about all of it. I turn to say something to you but I realize you are already fast asleep. I lay there for a bit thinking how lucky I am to be in your life and how much I love you.

Rocky's Wife

Submitted by: Rocky - Long Beach, CA


October 6, 2011

Jinxypie’s Member fuck

Jinxypie is back on the blog! She has been a busy girl recently and is in the process of launching her new look website. It is rammed full of goodies featuring our fave cuckoldress. If you haven’t checked out her site and her superb informative vblogs on cuckolding you need to take a look now. As well as letting us know about the new site launch she wanted to tell us about a recent experience with one of her members. As a member you can arrange to meet Jinxy and help her cuckold her Husband. Check out the Meet Me section of her site. Thanks for the update Jinxy, we love you!


Talk about a good first impression! This sexy bull came down to see me on a hot August night. He knew just what he wanted, and wasted no time. After some kissing and lots of rubbing, I found out just how big the hard cock was he had waiting for me. I wanted to feel his big dick in my mouth, and he felt the need to face-fuck me while fingering my pussy. Oh boy did that feel good!


I couldn’t believe how hard this massive cock was! Boy, did I want it in me deep and fast. He set the pace, though, as a lot of bulls do. He was in control of this Cuckoldress, and I wanted to be a good slut for him. Getting nearly naked was a high priority, I wanted him to have access to every inch of my body. This was just as much for his pleasure as it was mine! Sucking on his cock while he rubs my pussy some more, I started moaning and using my fingers to rub and show him how much I wanted this.


All that rubbing must have done the trick! Finally he couldn’t take it any longer and he rammed that long, thick cock in my very wet pussy as fast and as hard as he could. He kept throwing my legs in many different positions, and I was still in a submissive mode, letting him run the show. I absolutely love it when a guy just puts me where he wants me, and either instructs me or does whatever it is that he sees fit. After all, I am here for his pleasure too!


This cock is amazing! It stays hard, doesn’t disappoint me. My bull wanted to see me to taste my pussy juices all over his hard dick. Incredible taste! I love the way he grabs me by the back of my head and slams my mouth down on top of him. Just sucking on a man’s cock is enough to get my pussy dripping wet.


I had to have him inside of me again. I got on top, this time he grabbed on to me and pounded my pussy really hard. I just love being his little fuck-toy! When he was nearly ready to explode, I got flat on my back, and sucked his cock a little more. His warm sticky cum didn’t take long to coat my face and chest. Having his cum on my tits was quite erotic!


I certainly can’t wait for him to come back again and to have his way with me some more. It was so much fun, being his submissive slut. Any of you other bulls think you have what it takes to please me?

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October 4, 2011

Hottub fun

Michael from Georgia writes in with his account of his wife’s first experience with another man.


Life started getting pretty wild several years ago just after my wife Cathy who was already hot had several things done to her body. Her confidence was up and she wanted to have fun with it. Every time we would have sex we usually fantasized about other guys fucking her, she would take out dildos and talk nasty about me watching her get fucked.

All that being said fantasizing and reality are two different things and I am not sure if I thought she would actually do something like that.

Well she answered that question, because one night we were at a friends house and after lots of drinks and a good buzz, my friend Mike asked us to get in the hot tub with him and his wife. I was somewhat reluctant as I knew we would have to be naked and I didn’t think my wife Cathy would go through with it. I was mingling around for a while and when I came out I saw my friend already in the hot tub. I couldn’t tell if he had anything on or not, I then noticed my wife next to the tub getting in and she had already removed her clothes and was naked standing in front of Mike for him to see. She got in and I quickly stripped too and got in.

Cathy and I went to one corner and she immediately started touching my dick under the water and soon her and I were just having sex in front of Mike while he sat on the other corner. She was sucking my dick as I stood up, I am sure Mike was enjoying my sexy wife getting wild. We soon realized that Mikes wife Monica had not gotten in and was nowhere to be found. Mike said that she probably went upstairs to check on the kids and passed out. For a second I though that was going to have a damper on the fun as Mike would be afraid to do much with Cathy for fear of Monica finding out and being jealous. Cathy was bummed because I could tell she was getting pretty horny.

Cathy whispered into my ear “Why don’t you go upstairs and get Monica” then she said “Maybe when you come back me and Mike will be fucking” While I had this feeling of jealousy I also was very turned on by the thought. So I left the Hot tub, grabbed a towel and went looking for Monica. I went slow to give Mike and Cathy time in the tub to do whatever.

On the way upstairs in their house they have a window on the stairs to look out back, I peeked out to see if I could see any action in the tub but it was too dark. I continued upstairs and found Monica crashed on one of the beds and I sat beside her and slowly tried to wake her, but couldn’t. I stared at her body thinking of how nice it would be to get her in that tub naked and maybe I could enjoy her while Mike and Cathy have fun. That to me seemed like a good trade off to let my friend enjoy my sexy wife if I could enjoy his. Unfortunately for me I returned to the hot tub without her. When I eagerly got back and dropped my towel and got in Cathy was sitting in the middle a lot closer to where Mike was before. The conversation between the three of turned playful and sex charged. Cathy mentioned to Mike that she had her breasts done and he acknowledged how nice they looked as she showed them off. She then asked if he would like to touch them and of course he said yes. This continued for a minute or so at which time I was getting pretty horny myself and I decided to get closer to them and I put my hand in the water to touch Cathy’s pussy only to find that Mikes other hand was already there and had his finger up inside her.

Things stayed pretty calm for a while, at one point I started fucking Cathy and positioned her so that her face was right in front of Mike’s hard cock. As we fucked and she moaned I told her to get closer to Mike’s cock and eventually she opened her mouth and let Mike stick his cock in it. He fucked her mouth for a while as I was fucking her from behind. We had to stop because the position was hurting her knees. After she re-positioned herself, I went over to the far corner and let her do what ever she wanted. She returned to Mike who was now sitting on the edge and put his cock back in her mouth. She started moaning and Mike said don’t worry I wont come in your mouth and Cathy in a sexy voice said “I’m not doing this for nothing”.

They continued for a few minutes and then Cathy just kind of slowed down, remember it was pretty dark out there and I was watching from behind her as she was giving him a blowjob. One thing for sure is my wife is kind of slutty when she is drinking and is really good at sucking dick, so I know my friend Mike was really enjoying this.

Cathy eventually came back over to me and gave me a kiss and I said “Are you done?” and she replied “Yes”. I said “How come?” and she said “Because he just came” I said “Where?” and she said “In my mouth.” That turned me on to think that my innocent little sexy wife had just let one of my best friends shoot his hot cum in her mouth. I asked her to make me come and she sucked me for a few minutes until I unloaded in her mouth, to show Mike that she was still mine and that I was in control I shot some of my come on her face.

That was the end of that night, I was very turned on to see how open my wife was.

Submitted by: Michael - Georgia


October 2, 2011

Jackie’s CEO

Our no.1 voted Hotwife Jackie blog update.


If you find your interest piqued by the idea of a Hotwife, here’s a day in the life:

Wife (that would be me) makes coffee and breakfast for hubby, works out to maintain hot bod, showers, lotions and perfumes herself, then dresses to make mani/pedi appointment and make it back in time to make lunch for hubby.

Hubby (that would be Jason) chats with men online about fucking his wife (that would be me). Most men are actually just all talk (they love the idea of fucking another man’s wife but don’t have the follow through to make it a reality), but sometimes Jason meets a serious contender, a guy who’s salivating to step up to the plate and try his hand (or other body part) at satisfying a real MILF.

Wife arrives home from nail salon ready to make hubby some lunch and then head out for some lingerie shopping. Hubby, however, has met a promising candidate online, a CEO from out of town who is going to be visiting on business. He looks like the real-deal. He’s hot to trot and has some experience with wanton wives.

Hubby suggests to wife that she consider said CEO for a new fuck-buddy. Wife says she thinks she has just the right ensemble in her closet to entice a business minded horn-dog. She heads to her bedroom closet to demonstrate to hubby just how she intends to entice the prospective MBA-date.

Wife emerges in figure hugging red skirt and tight tailored blouse with tits bulging out of red push-up bra which in turn causes hubby’s eyes to bulge out of his head and his dick bulge out of his pajama bottoms (which he is still wearing even at 1:00 in the afternoon). He quickly whisks the missus off to the bedroom for a spontaneous naughty photo shoot intended as wife-bait for the visiting exec. However, hubby’s cock starts doing the thinking and wife ends up with a huge cock in her mouth and cum on her nice new black stockings.

Hubby sends naughty pics of wife to CEO.

Wife goes shopping for new stockings to wear for CEO.

Welcome to my world!

Picture set and video in my members area!








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September 30, 2011

Mai gets pumped

Hi guys, it’s been a long time since I’ve written in about my sexy Vietnamese slutwife but I just had to share this story. First a little background. Mai has been my wife for almost 15 years but we only really got into the cuckolding/slutwife lifestyle about 5 years ago. We had been swinging for a couple of years and then Mai’s true slutty nature just had to come out. While she has had several lovers, she has one regular bull (Mark) who fucks her almost everyday. He works about 10 minutes from us and usually drops by on his lunch hour to give her a good fucking leaving me a tasty creampie.

Now to her latest slutty adventure… Mark had been out of town (family vacation - he’s married) and Mai being the slut she is just needed some cock. It’s been rather hot where we live recently so she decided to go out wearing nothing but terry cloth shorts, no panties and a tank top (Mai is a 36d). The shorts were really tight and showed alot of camel toe.

She was at the gas station near our house filling up her car when a guy in a truck pulled up to the next pump. She said she started getting wet as soon as she saw him and it only got worse as he got out. She has a real thing for bald, rugged guys and this guys was exactly her type, 6′2″, bald and in his early 30’s. Being the true slut she is her first thought was how to get his attention. So she popped the hood of her car and started looking at her engine. She saw him looking over so she said “Excuse me but could you please help me check my oil?”. She said he came over and showed her where the dipstick was. After he pulled it out she looked at him and said “So you just stick it in that little hole?”. His answer was a kind of funny “Yes I’d love to show you how to stick it in that little hole.” That was all my slutty little wife(Mai’s only 105lbs) needed to know, she had him hooked. She told him if he followed her home he could stick it in her hole as many times as he wanted. He told her to lead the way.

Mai said when they got to the house and up to our bedroom she gasped when he dropped his shorts. His cock was over 9.5″ long and thicker than her wrist. He pushed her to her knees and started fucking her mouth. Then they moved to the bed and he ripped her clothes off. Mai told me that as soon as the head of his cock touched her pussy she was so wet he just started pounding into her with his full length. They fucked all afternoon and he shot 3 big loads of cum into her pussy. She said she lost count of how many times he made her cum.

That evening as soon as I came home from work she took me upstairs and showed me the big wet spot in the middle of our bed. Then she laid on her back, spread her legs and told me it was dinner time. I could smell his cum still in her as I started licking her pussy. After she had her first orgasm she made me lie on my back and she sat on my face. As I continued to eat her out his cum ran out of her into my hungry mouth. I did such a good job cleaning her up that she allowed me to fuck her. It felt so good as I slid into her wet sloppy pussy. After I finished fucking her she told me his name was Shaun and that since he lived close by she would be fucking him again soon. And as soon as Mark (her regular bull) came home she wanted to do a threesome with both of them. I’m hoping that she sets up our cam and makes a video so I can watch later. I really must say “I love being a cuck and love my slutwife Mai”.


Submitted by: Brian, VA

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September 28, 2011

More on Dirty Katy

Last week we paid a warm welcome to gangbang hotwife Dirty Katy. You’ve already been requesting more about this hotwife. We will hopefully have an exclusive interview soon but for now here’s a short interview from her website on this gorgeous married slut.

Dirty Katy

Why do you show yourself like this on the internet?
Thomas, my husband, was in internet business at the time, doing graphic work and some programming for online shops. And then one night he took me out for dinner, a nice and romantic evening. For “dessert” he asked me the most important question, a question that changed our life completely. Not if I would like to marry him - he had already popped that one, and it was years before - but if I would mind if he put some of our sex clips online.

He was thinking about a personal site for me. And In fact I was getting so horny just thinking about that other people, all over the world, was gonna watch me doing all this naughty stuff. And I also thought it would help us get in contact with other horny couples. Just like us. And this had been one of my sexual fantasies for quite
a while, which Thomas didn’t know tho.

So I teased him “What will happen when people see our stuff and want to join in with us”? He got really nervous, I even felt that he didn’t know how he was going to answer me. SO “What would you like to do if other people want to have sex with us” he asked. We both smiled without saying anything…

Two weeks after that dinner my first website was online ;) And even today, Thomas and I are doing all of the web stuff all on our own. He does the technical and graphical part where I give him some ideas and I write the words for our episodes. So this really is a private site.

Are you married?
Yes, and like in our eyes, love and sex are two different things, Many find it weird that we do this when we infact are married. Thomas and I are both able to separate sex from love. We have an open relationship that allows us to have the ultimate in sexual fun without hurting each other emotionally. This has been working for us for years now and we are still very very happy in our relationship.

Do you manage your site on your own ?
I write the stories on the page by myself with some corrections from my half sister who lives in California. My English is quite good but not perfect, when I do something , I like to do it the right way. I’m a perfectionist that way. When I respond to your emails and letters you will have to forgive my typos and grammar mistakes.

Do you have a day job?
Yes, and I truly love it. Since I was just a little child, I have always loved animals, probably because I grew up next to my Dad´s Rottweiler. So then for the last 10 years now, I have been a professional dog trainer. I teach obedience and train guard dogs. And I have been fascinated with strong dog´s my whole life. ( Maybe its because I´m a petite girl and always felt more secure with a strong friend keeping watch over me ) But believe me, I´m strong enough to handle even the largest and most problematic dogs. If you are interested in my K9 work, check out my site for photos and even a small video!

Surely I could pay my bills from the earnings of this website. A pay site always means money for the owner, but I like to use this as bonus money for traveling to meet other swingers, go on holidays and so on. This site is something i love to do, and hoping others are enjoying as much as I do. I would never ever give up my day job for anything!

Do I actually get to see and chat with you on your live web cam for free?
Yeah Of course! This is all totally included in the membership, and as a really good bonus, you get to see other girls from my episodes, too. And to make your money worth it even more, it’s almost like i give you some of it back, It also compensates the technical hassle of turning on the web cams of some of the sexy girls I know, when they start a wet and good masturbation session.

Which sexual position gives you the most pleasure?
Hmmmm, it´s always the most boring position, the Guy on top. This position allows for big cocks to touch my G-Spot, while I am pressing myself against them in a way that I just can´t describe. Not so spectacular for the cameras, but I also reach my Orgasms when I am riding guys hard or getting my clit stimulated, with just a hand or a good tounge. I´m a girl who never had any problems reaching climax, or getting fast to that point and then I can climax 2 or 3 times in a row, and easily 10 times a night. But a G-Spot climax is something special for me, sometimes that takes much longer than 1 minute, but I´m totally somewhere else I love in between.

Do you really meet the members and do clips with them for your site?
Of course! And this is something I really really like with the site, If members have any good ideas or like to appear in some of my movies, there´s a good chance it will become real. And It´s always possible for the guys to wear masks or wigs in front of the camera.

Who takes the video of you?
Mostly Thomas, sometimes me from a self perspective shot and then often members as well from dirtykaty who want to see us acting with their own two eyes. like a live video for them. mmmh.. Sometimes the image bounces a bit -that´s the drawback when keeping it private, without a professional cameraman. But at least we always make sure to have good light and use a high definition camera for sharp images.

Dirty Katy
Dirty Katy with Creampie Ronja

Check out Dirty Katy’s Website Here


September 26, 2011

Meet Olivia

Another wife to say hello to today. Olivia looks very yummy and I hope this is the first of many Hotwife Blog posts for her.


I’m Olivia, an asian hotwife and cuckoldress from Atlanta, Georgia. Since this is an introduction, I’ll revisit the experience of when I first realized I was primarily interested in well-endowed black men. My husband and I are pretty traditional, although we both are very (very) open-minded about experiences, including sexual.

We visited a swing club in Atlanta (our first time) and frankly were just wandering around a bit smirky about the whole experience until a very nice black fella approached us in the bdsm room with a riding crop. He asked if we were interested in borrowing it, and I replied sure as long as he showed us the ropes, so to speak.

We went to a private room and our new friend began lightly tapping me on the ass with a smack or two here and there while I sucked my husband. It was hot and steamy in the room (summer in Atlanta) and I began to get wet. The black gentleman and my husband switched places and I was soon confronted with an unzipping of pants and a new, much darker, much larger, cock in front of my lips.

And oh what a cock it was. I had never seen anything so thick, fat, and wonderful. I sucked on this monster cock for a while (my jaw ached the next morning) until my husband and the black fella switched places again. I was on my knees and did not object when I heard the condom wrapper open behind me. Slowly he worked that fat black cock into me, starting slowly and gently, and then… he began to pound me.

It was all over relatively soon, as I felt his cock explode inside of me as he collapsed onto me back forcing my sweaty body on to that of my husband. The three of us lay in a heap for a few minutes, and then my new black friend gently kissed me on the neck and left us quietly to reflect on our experience.

I hope you enjoyed…the photograph is from a follow-up engagement.

Always real and always true.. Olivia


Check out her blog. Hotwife Olivia’s Taboo Here

Submitted by: Olivia, Atlanta, USA


September 24, 2011

More dirty mms

My darling hotwife Daisy had her usual Friday night out last night. All I knew was she was heading out with a few of her girlfriends, including Tiffany who I’ve met a few times and even taken a video of when she hooked up with The Undercover Lover. I know she’s a very naughty influence. If in fact Daisy needs any influencing lol.

It must have been a wild one as I haven’t had a call from her as yet and it’s 2.33pm on Saturday afternoon now as I write this. But I have a pretty good idea of what happened. My phone vibrated at about 3.30am this morning and one of 2 MMS messages started to download. The anticipation of what was to come got me awake and horny within seconds. My mouth went dry and I clicked to view the downloaded picture message. This is what I got…. Enjoy, as I enjoyed.



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September 22, 2011

Dogging Slut Rachel

Rachel Reveals Diary Update

Had a cracking nights dogging up at Blidworth Woods in Nottingham, UK. I pulled into the dogging car park to find 8 cars already parked up but no sign of anyone walking about mingling so decided to hop out my car and take a walk around the small car park giving the guys in their cars a good look at what was on offer.

Flitting round the car park in my short black mini skirt, stocking tops and suspenders on show in my 4inch metal spiked heels sure got the guys interested and they were soon out of their cars and heading over to where I was now sat flashing the crotch of my panties in anticipation of being pleasured.

I allowed the first guy to reach me to slide his hand up the inside of my leg towards my crotch and into the gusset of my moist knickers, spreading my legs wider to give him better access, as he was doing this 2 other guys fondled my tits flopping them out into the open air for all to see.

It wasn’t long until I had quite an audience and was presented with some fat juicy hard dicks to suck on and it wasn’t long until I found myself getting spit roasted and banged senseless and I loved every single minute of it.

I emptied every pair of full to bursting bollocks on offer in just under an hour, taking their hot steaming sperm either inside my pussy or over my pretty face, driving away from Blidworth totally fucked and dripping spunk from every hole!

I do really bloody love dogging and would love you to come join me for some fun sometime very soon.

The full list of every date I’m out dogging and around for meets can be found in the members area of my website

Rach xx







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