February 12, 2012

Bound and tied wife

Bound and tied Katie’s husband gets a mystery cock to fuck his wife without her knowledge.


My husband tied my arms and legs to the corners of our bed, and covered my eyes with a blindfold and my ears with muffs. My heart pounded out of my chest as I lay bound, disoriented, and nervous. I was laying on my belly with my head dangling over the side of the bed when I felt a cock at my lips. I sucked it and tried touching it but my arms were tied too tightly. I had to lay there and take it, I saw flashes of light from under my blindfold and knew I was being photographed.

Suddenly the cock was gone and I laid there helpless, wondering what would happen to me next. My hair was suddenly grabbed and my mouth pried open with a hardening cock at my lips. I knew this was not my husbands dick. My pussy got wet as I choked on this strange cock in my mouth, constantly seeing flickers of the camera flash. I realized I was being used by at least two men, and it made my pussy so wet.

I didn’t care whose cock was in my mouth or who was playing with my pussy. It felt like at least four men. My ass was smacked and I felt someone straddle me from behind. He slid his big thick dick right inside my dripping pussy and I lost my mind. I was so turned on by being used, helpless, and played with. My pussy came almost instantly, squeezing his cock inside of me as my pussy tightened in orgasm. I felt him cum inside me and he climbed off of me and before I knew it, there was someone else on top of me, sliding his thick erection into my cum dripping pussy. I didn’t know who it was or what he was going to do to me. As he fucked my pussy, another cock slid in my mouth and down my throat. I couldn’t hide my enjoyment, I just kept getting wetter the naughtier they treated me. More flashes of light and I felt like a true pornstar as I started bouncing my pussy harder on his dick. I came again all over the cock that was fucking me while choking myself on the cock in my mouth. I was in a state of delirious passion as my blindfold and earmuffs were removed by the man whose cock was in my mouth.

Excited and still moaning and writhing from my orgasms, I looked up, to find my husband smiling approvingly down on me. I looked behind me as his best friend was climbing off of me. I felt like the sexiest girl in the world and smiled when I realized my night as a hot wife was just beginning.

One of the pictures my husband took below when his friend was fucking me.

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February 10, 2012

Supermarket Sweep

It’s been a while since we had an update from The Undercover Lover Sensi so here goes.

We all know Supermarkets can be superb pick up places for bored Hotwives. Full of horny women who go in to check the live merchandise as well as the dead produce hehe. So Sensi went to check out the romours to go on a mission to find himself a bored lonely housewife roaming the aisles.

Only Sensi could do it, with none other than hotwife Wendy who by chance was in there doing the weekly shop. She had just been dropped off by her husband who said he’d be back in an hour so there wasn’t long to get her back to the flat and give her a good going over with BBC. Well she did make it back in time, whether or not she can explain the messed up hair, smudged make-up, crumpled clothes and cum leaking pussy is another matter entirely.









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February 8, 2012

Left to her own devices

Earlier in the week there was a discussion about whether it was a better option to watch your wife / girlfriend being fucked or to let her be alone with her lover and just listen or get the details afterwards. Bob the Husband of Sue wrote in to say he much preferred the option of leaving the wife to her fun alone, to drop her off and then pick her up when she is done. He argues that way your wife will be more relaxed and have better sex. I can see where he’s coming from. The mind can be an amazing tool when the imagination gets going to think of what is going on. Also some men tend to feel a little embarrassed in front of the man who’s going to fuck your other half when you’re just sat there watching. It can also be off putting for the Bull and sometimes lead to erection problems.

Bob your wife Sue is amazing, I hope we hear a lot more from her soon. Incedently Sue is on the lookout for new hot Bulls and has joined Howife Hub to hunt the down. You can contact her on the Hub here. Here’s Husband Bob talking about his lovely wife.


My hotwife Jill is a very attractive 37 year old brunette with 34 D boobs, great ass and very hot pussy. We have been married for 7 years and she has had boyfriends for the last 6 years. We quickly found out it turned both of us on for her to have lovers. I am 14 years older than her and she prefers younger guys in their twenties who are well hung. She likes to meet guys on vacation and have sex with them if they meet her standards. The last time she played was when we were in Las Vegas for a convention. I had meetings all day and she would go to the topless pool at the Mandalay Bay. She wore only a tiny thong bottom and within a few minutes would have potential boyfriends offering to apply suntan lotion and buy her drinks. For the four days we were there, she met three different young guys. When I would come back to the room around 6:00pm she would be waiting for me with her pussy well fucked and wet with cum. She insisted I eat her out each time she had a lover and would give me all the details while I was cleaning her pussy out.

The last night she slept with her favorite lover all night and almost caused us to miss our plane the following morning. She arrived at the airport wet with a miniskirt and no panties. She leaked all the way home. I suggest guys not watch their wife fuck their lovers. Let them have privacy and tell you about it later. It is much more erotic!

Sue at a slot machine in Vegas

Sue undresses for a lover

Her amazing tits and body

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February 6, 2012

Mrs Siren goes Dogging

Some great pics today of super hot blonde Hotwife Dee Siren. Another one I missed in Vegas. Crazy to think we were all in the same hotel but didn’t actually meet up due to the crazy sexy schedule everyone had.

The dogging craze seems to have fallen Stateside with a bang. Dee and her husband head out to the woods to find some hot cock. Who in their right mind could resist such a horny willing hotwife. It wasn’t long before a suitable cock came along to satisfy her needs. He fed her his cock before fucking her hard in broad daylight and then Dee went down on her knees to take his creamy load in her mouth.

Thanks for the pictures Dee. Hope to meet you and Mr Siren soon.

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Hotwife Blog Profile - Dee Siren - 2011

Check out an exclusive interview with Dee Siren here

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February 4, 2012

Listening from downstairs

Jim decribes the night his wife went home with another man!


We’ve been discussing this for a few years now. She is 42, blonde and blue, 5′3 and around 135lbs. She is quite a flirt and usually has no shortage of willing participants to flirt with. We’ve been together for 20 years and have 3 teenage kids.

Several years back, we invited a friend of ours to have a mfm 3sum. It was fun albeit a little awkward, but we never did it again. Then a few years later, I took a girlfriend with her permission and she in turn played with a guy we knew. This lasted a few episodes but our concerns about developing feelings caused us to stop. This brings us to where we are now.

I have wanted to share her for a couple years now and wanted to have her after someone else has. We’ve been perusing craigslist and a couple other sites looking for the right guy. Maybe we are too picky but its not nearly as easy as we thought to find the right guy. There are a lot of flakes, fakes and just plain nut jobs out there. We finally began discussions with a very normal, sane, gainfully employed and respectful gentlemen a couple months back. Pics of course were exchanged, conversations were had and after a while all were comfortable with each other. We finally agreed to meet at a bar for a drink with no expectations. Within an hour after meeting I could tell she was into him and he was definitely into her. After a couple of beers, he invited us to his place. He asked her to ride with him but she declined so we followed him to his house. I knew I would not be participating but was hoping they would let me watch.

Within 10 minutes of arriving at his house they were naked on the sofa as I watched them kissing. He had a larger and thicker cock than mine, which was not unexpected because we had inquired early on in this endeavor and we wanted someone who could give her more than I. Even so, it seemed bigger in person than the pics had shown. She was trying to deep throat it but just couldn’t handle it all. After much foreplay and heavy petting, he whispered something to her. She then came over to me and told me they were going into the bedroom and I should wait in the living room. I was pretty disappointed. I sat in a chair with the TV on but with the sound muted I could hear pretty well the sounds that were coming from the other room. I heard her moan as he was eating her pussy. Then I heard her gasp as she was cumming. I later found out that she had cum while he was fingering and licking her. I could hear occasional whispers but could not make anything out. Part of me was a little put out because I had wanted to be present to watch, but more so I found myself turned on by imagining what they were doing and by just listening. I could hear her breathing hard and gasping and I knew he had entered her and was fucking her. This was confirmed a short time later when I could hear the bed rocking. Eventually I could hear their bodies slapping as he was fucking her and pounding her hard with his big cock. She was moaning and breathing and I was sure she was going to cum again but unfortunately that never happened. I heard him slap her ass a couple times as I had told him that she liked some light slaps when she was close.

Things stopped for a couple of minutes and I wondered if they were done. Apparently they were just taking a small break and changing positions. She told me later they had started in missionary, switched to her on top, then doggie. Now they were back to him on top of her and her on her back. I listened intently as I once again heard the bed start rocking and her moans pick up. Then for the first time I could really hear him breathing and moaning. Again the sound of skin slapping skin and the bed rocking got louder and faster. She was breathing hard and fast as was he. Suddenly he began to moan and grunt and I knew he was emptying his balls deeper into my wife than anyone ever had before. Then there was silence.

I was rock hard at the thought of what I knew had occurred and was actually wondering if it had been better by not being able to watch. A few minutes later she came out, dressed rather quickly and said “Let’s go home”. He came out, we all said goodbye and we drove home. Once there, she and I quickly hit the bed and were naked immediately. She couldn’t wait to get my tongue into her cum filled pussy. Her panties had been soaked when she removed them and I knew a lot had leaked out, but was surprised at the amount of cum that was still in her cunt. She sat on my face and I licked and swallowed every drop that was left in her. She rapidly came again as I sucked his cum from her pussy. Then I fucked her hard. She was so hot, wet and slick and silky smooth and I was in absolute heaven. She told me all about what they had done and I got hotter by the second until I couldn’t take anymore and unloaded another load into her. It was quite possibly the hottest night we’ve ever had. We all intend to do it again soon, I’m wondering if I should ask them to watch, just listen in again, or maybe drop her off and pick her up when they finish.

Submitted by: Jim, Buffalo


February 2, 2012

Natasha Starr loves us

So looking at these 2 pictures. Can you notice anything between the first and 2nd pictures?

Well in the first is Natasha Starr, Rachel Richards and Daisy Rock are about to have a naughty group session in Las Vegas with none other than Bulls Rico Shades and Prince Yahshua.

I’ll have more pictures of the sexual carnage that occurred coming soon. Natasha’s boyfriend watched the whole thing from the corner of the room.

After everyone had shed their loads and the room was covered in pussy juice, Natasha with cum still covering her tits asked me for a tshirt to put on and I reached into my bag and threw her a Hotwife Hub one. I think her face says it all. I just got fucked good by 2 black cocks! I’m so glad the Hub tshirt was there to help clean up the mess for her.

We now have 4000 registered profiles on Hotwife Hub. We have hundreds of Hotwives, Cuckolds and Bulls on there as well as people looking to get into the lifestyle. If you haven’t come and checked it out you should give it a look now.

Hotwife in Vegas

Hotwife in Vegas

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January 31, 2012

Dogging at the beach

A couple from the Caribbean have been in touch about their dogging experience. They are now living in Miami and you can contact them on Hotwife Hub here.


Hello Trash, this is just one of our experiences, but this is one of the hottest… at the moment.

We are a couple living and often traveling between Miami and our home land, which is a beautiful island in the Caribbean. This story happened on the island earlier this year. My wife and I live near the beach (walking distance) but we usually ride our bikes down to the shore.

One night my wife decided she wanted to take a dip in the water. We parked the bikes and headed to the sand. I sat on the beach and watched her get into the water. My wife is a beautiful girl, she is in her mid 20’s, dirty blonde hair and has a sculpted body, super fit, hot as hell, a goddess (and a Real Slut).

She came out from the water and sat beside me and we started kissing each other. I become horny and I told her we should go to the far side of the water where it is darker so she could give me a blowjob. She started to blow me. While this was happening I began to notice that there were people (not many) walking along the beach. I thought they were tourists or guests of a hostel that was nearby. I noticed that they were all men walking there alone. The beach is a well known pick-up area and a gay meeting spot for guys. We have witnessed a few sexual encounters over the years at night. I decided not to hide our indiscretions and it wasn’t long before a couple of the guys (a white guy and a black guy) began to notice and approach us.

They both stood nearby watching us closely The white guy moved in very close and started to jerk off watching us. When that happened I got my wife to stand up and turn around and bend over and I pulled her bikini bottoms to one side and began to fuck her. While all this was happening the guy was watching us closely and continued to masturbate. I then asked to my wife in her ear “You want to blow him?” she quickly said “YES!” and I made him signs to come closer. My wife then began to suck his fat cock as I fucked her from behind. I then began to fuck her ass while she sucked this stranger. Then the guy ejaculated in her mouth and I was so turned on I quickly came in her ass. My wife then put on her shorts and top and we departed on our bikes. We arrived at our apartment and quickly went inside to fuck like crazy.

A few days ago we found out what the term ‘dogging’ was and how it was very similar to that experience. Now my wife cant wait to go to the beach again to see if any guys could maybe fill her pussy full of cum this time while I watch how much of a slut she can be.

PR Hotwife

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January 29, 2012

Mandys carpenter fuck buddy

I was gutted not to have bumped into Mandy Monroe in Vegas while I was out there. She had a full on naughty schedule out there with black stud DFWKnight and we just didn’t find the time to see each other. Hopefully next time we can make it happen.


Hey Trash,

Hey sorry we weren’t able to hook up with you and Daisy Rock while we were in Vegas. We heard that your schedule was pretty crazy and so was ours. To make it up to you I wanted to send an update. Thanks Trash you are awesome!

Well if you all don’t know yet, I am a bit of a hotwife slut. I was running short on men to fuck and so when that happens I turn to Craigslist to find some more thick cock to fill my pussy with warm creamy sperm filled cum. This time I put out an ad and I had 50 + responses within a few hours. Hubby and I started sorting though all the hot pics and didn’t have to look long, because the first one was my New Carpenter Fuck buddy. We contacted him and met him the next day for a beer, right off I knew I had to have his cock and sperm in my pussy. He was so cute and hot and in really good shape, I was dripping after the first few minutes of talking to him. We went back to his place and all I can say is that the pics I have attached will show you my creamy surprise. Enjoy. Cum see the full video at www.mandymonroe.com


Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Hotwife Blog Profile - Mandy Monroe - 2011

Check out her interview here

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January 27, 2012

A day with my lover

Last month we heard from Brenda and she’s been in touch again to let us know how things are going with her. be sure to check out her other posts below.


My name is Brenda and I’ve been unfaithful to my husband for over the last 3 months (dating for 6). And it’s been wonderful. Having a younger black boyfriend on the side is just what I wanted and needed. And now that I’m becoming more comfortable with it, the more meaningful and life fulfilling it has been for me. My husband knows and supports me. His side of the family does not know. Our two daughters don’t know either. My Mother and sister, though, have been let into ‘’the know'’. I’m very close to both of them and they support me completely in this, so long as I’m not hurting my husband. They have both even met my boyfriend and like him. They both know my relationship with him is more than just sex. But there is sex and it’s hot and naughty and passionate.

This last saturday was my husband’s weekend to work and my sister agreed to let my daughters spend friday night which left me ALL DAY saturday to spend with my lover. He came over around 8:00 saturday morning and didn’t leave until after 5:00 in the afternoon when my husband called to say he was on his way home. We had sex together, napped together, bathed together and kissed together. I experienced being on the receiving end (of course) of anal sex for the very first time. I had actually planned it. He’s been wanting to do it and I finally decided to give him that pleasure. It happened in my (and my husband’s) bed. I actually had my husband’s pillow under my hips as I laid face down, so I could relax and still have my tush up for easy access. From there, I just did a lot of laughing. I was very nervous and I couldn’t believe I was doing it. Although, once I felt my lover’s finger push pass the resistance on my tight little asshole and go all the way up inside me…. I liked it. It made me feel really naughty inside. I was now doing something that I didn’t do with my husband. And it made me feel so incredibly submissive to my dominant black lover as he pushed his black cock into my warm bottom. Yes, it did hurt at first, but he was gentle with me and patient until I was able to give him want he wanted. It felt so intimate feeling myself wrapped around his big black cock in such a way. He only lasted about 10 or 15 minutes until he shot deep inside me . I usually prefer to have him cum in my mouth, but for our first time to make love like this, cumming inside my bottom seemed much more appropriate.

He got me off two times that day and I got him off three. I also french kissed his dark-chocolate colored asshole which for some reason has become a passion of mine. I often wonder when I’m doing it, what my husband would think if he got to see his wife down on her knees tasting a black man in such a way. All I want to do is please him when we’re together. And lucky me, he likes to be pleased. A lot!…….. :)

Submitted by: Brenda - Oklahoma City

Read Perfect Timing here

Read how Brenda first hooked up with her lover here


January 25, 2012

Meet Serena

Back from Vegas in just about one piece and in need to piece my brain and wallet back together lol. But what therapy I found on my return. A beautiful brunette has been in touch and sent me an email about her naughty Hotwife ways and she wants to be on the blog.

How can I deny such a cutie. Say hello to Hotwife Serena Biscotti from NY. Here’s some words from the gorgeous girl herself and look out for an interview coming soon.


Hello everyone. My name is Serena. I found this blog through some girlfriends of mine who post here and love it! What an awesome blog it is.

This is my first time posting here so a little about myself. I am a 36 yr old hotwife from NY. I have been in the lifestyle for over 12 years now and just love it. I do tend to be something of a naughty girl or a slut as my friends would say lol. So when I found my hubby and we both realized that we were both of the same mind set, well the fun began and we never looked back. We have had an amazing 12 years together and just love each other and our sexually open lifestyle.

Having married a man who nurtures and encourages my behavior really opened my world up to exploring many things that I have been yearning for. One of those things that I really have been head over heels into ever since I was a school girl is hot black men. I just love wild, hard interracial sex. Since entering the lifestyle I have become something of a black cock diva and have developed something of an out of control desire for it. Thankfully I have no reason to control it. Just enjoy it.

Below is my latest sexy black boyfriend Frank. Amazing in bed and such a gentleman. He really knows how to treat me just right and never fails to bring me to at least 3 or 4 orgasms every time we have sex. I enjoy his company so much that we recently have taken our relationship to the next level and have started having super hot, unprotected sex!

We will see were things go from here … wink, wink! Hope to talk with everyone soon!



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