February 24, 2012

Dr Chauntelle Interviewed

A great post today on hotwife blog. I love these posts into the psychology of what drives our sexual needs and fantasies. My good friend Ken has been chatting to Sociologist Dr. Chauntelle about the hotwife and cuckold lifestyle. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a great read and insight into what makes us tick and what keeps us stimulated and love the lifestyle we all love. Thanks Ken and Dr. Chauntelle, we hope to hear from you both soon. Post your appreciative comments below.


Ken for Hotwifeblog: Why don’t you tell the readers of hotwifeblog what your academic specialty is and where they can read your work?

Dr. Chauntelle: Hi everyone!! So lovely to have the opportunity to share some of what I do with you all! As you may know, I’m Dr. Chauntelle – sociologist, researcher, feminist-informed social justice advocate, blogger, and eminent pornologist extraordinaire!! The best place to read me is on my blog – PVVOnline.com – and on twitter at @dr.chauntelle.

I have a PhD in sociology, and my areas of interest (broadly defined) are gender and work. I study sex, sexuality, and sex work within this context, specifically all aspects of adult content production – the workers (both in front of and behind the camera), the history and development of the industry, current trends and issues impacting the business, content and content production, novelty production and trends, you name it! If it has to do with porn, I probably have at least a finger in it.
I’ve found that the adult industry, while being socially and culturally significant and hugely influential, is widely misunderstood and intensely stigmatized. With my work, I try to bring a little more balance and nuance to what we all think when we think “porn.” I found, however, that academic writing and scholarly circles were not always the most effective way to reach people… so I started my blog – PVVOnline.com – in 2010.

On PVV, I comment on industry happenings and mainstream-relevant events, write film reviews that attempt to establish connections between adult texts and the wider world, and interview all sorts of folks working in the industry (not just performers). Ideally, PVV is a place where people can go to learn a little bit more about what’s actually happening in the adult industry in a balanced, accessible, and kinda fun way.

Sooo… if you go to PVV, you can find that sort of stuff along with link to all my adult-relevant academic writings, my bio, PVV’s stated mission, etc etc. You can also get a taste of all my musings and such on my personal twitter - @drchauntelle – and/or on my more general PVV space - @PVVtweet.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: Cuckoldry may have always been around in some form (think Chaucer), but it seems to have become much bigger in recent years, especially in porn. Undoubtedly, the reasons for this are complex and won’t be able to be completely processed for a long time. But, given your professional expertise, if you had to take a first stab at trying to explain the reasons for its recent prevalence, what would you guess?

Dr. Chauntelle: Hmmm… well, first off I would have to agree – cuckoldry has always been around in some form; and although it has always been viable, cuckoldry has certainly become more visible, at least in terms of adult content, in recent years. I think there are at least two significant socio-cultural developments that have played a part in this…

I would say that the first and probably most obvious reason has to do with technology. As technology advances - and advances rapidly - the demand for more types of content becomes clear and the provision of said content becomes easier. Consumers and communities can now make their desires known easily and en masse. Content providers at all levels can then work to incorporate those wants into their products.

Second, somewhat synergistically, and operating on a deeper socio-cultural level is sex - specifically, our society’s regard of sex. I think most folks would be hard pressed to deny that our culture has liberalized in terms of its general attitudes about sex… but this is complex and multi-faceted - many people out there think the level of liberalization we have already achieved is a bad thing, while many others think we are nowhere near where we need to be. Whatsmore, even though we may have evolved in many respects, cultural attitudes about sex work and porn (two very sex-related things) are often still stuck in the dark ages…

What’s specifically relevant here is that the presence of liberalized and variable attitudes about sex, controlled for individual and community preferences, have carved out a space for individuals to explore their own sexualities. This is not to say that everyone wants to or that everyone does; it’s more that the possibility is more apparent nowadays. Technology has helped facilitate this.

I think that these two things, the impact of technological advancements and the presence of sexual liberalization in our cultural, have opened he door for all sorts of things, be they brand new, slowly emerging, and/or always present but formerly off the mainstream radar.

This definitely includes cuckoldry.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: What do you think cuckold erotica says about the changing position (no pun intended) of women in society vis-a-vis sexuality? About women’s expectations of their own lives? About their expectations of men?

Dr. Chauntelle: That’s a complex series of questions!! …but let’s make it even more so – what about men? I think men’s expectations of sex, themselves, and women are also at play here.

In addition to women’s changing positions in society, assuming heterosexual desire and couplings, one could say that cuckold erotica is but one artifact of men’s liberalization from contemporary versions of hegemonic “masculine” gendered strictures. Men parent more nowadays, men’s emotional health is something we talk about, men’s physical health is not something that’s just assumed assumed assumed until the guy turns up dead, etc etc. Similar liberalizations from a different, but equally repressive, series of gendered strictures have also impacted women (and everyone else too).

Nowadays, many (but not all – one can never assume!!) women and men seem to seek out something different from their lives – something different, something “better,” something that’s more fulfilling and/or open and/or supportive and/or independent and on and on. This includes what they seek out from their romantic and/or sexual partners.

I think that the wider social liberalizations that I was discussing earlier may have something to do both with people looking to seek out new and different lives and with being OK with that. These are very different stages of action, wanting and doing; but regardless, I think some folks’ desires a la these changing tides may be reflected in cuckold content (and its increased popularity in recent years).

Ken for Hotwifeblog: One of the more interesting aspects of cuckoldry is the nature of the men doing the cuckolding (commonly called bulls). Unlike in more “typical” porn, the men are the ones being judged for “adequacy” in a one-dimensional way. This reverses the usual, expected order of things where the women are the ones who are expected to be “objectified”. While it isn’t true that the physical appeal of men’s talent has never been relevant, it’s also probably true that cuckold porn emphasizes men’s (bull’s) sexual desirability more than is typical. Do you see this as a challenge to traditional attitudes about what porn is? Do you see this as part of a larger pattern in pornography where men can be appreciated and judged more than in the past? Or does it perhaps only seem that way?

Dr. Chauntelle: If you’re asking just me, yes – cuckold content is pushing on conventional boundaries and conceptualizations of what porn “is” in at least that way; but if you’re thinking about reactions to cuckold content in the context of the wider social world, I think there may be some issue…

To me, the ways in which cuckold content may/can destabilize some tropes in heterosexual adult content - by raising the bar for men in some respects and by challenging conventional notions of what porn is in others - seems clear.

But some might say that making things more intense for some guys by offering up an “impossible” image of virility is simply another version of a series of problematics that have always been done to women – setting “impossible” standards for men is just as bad as setting “impossible” standards for women. And one could also offer up all sorts of ruminations about women being objectified even further by an even greater amount of men (the husband and the bull and, presumably, the viewer) in cuckold content. I don’t buy this one at all myself, but the “women being objectified” theme has shaped pretty much all of what porn critiques have said since they started talking.

So herein lies the issue: the anti- position has legs in the sense that it has been said before… a lot… and it’s likely that it will be said again. And it’s possible that, since cuckold content has not (yet) become a fully fixed part of the mainstream porn canon, some folks may take this more seriously than they would about, say, big-budget featurey porn.

It’s too early to tell, but as cuckold content becomes more and more popular and widely viewed, it will be interesting to see if this same old “anti-“ adage is picked up again.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: A typical criticism of pornography is that it creates “unreasonable expectations” about what sexuality can provide and, in so doing, makes it harder for people to form and maintain relationships. Yet cuckoldry porn actually seems to challenge that assumption insofar as it allows husbands and wives to engage in an activity that would otherwise be expected to threaten marriages. Do you see a connection between cuckold porn, or any other sorts of porn for that matter, and the changing ways, for better or worse, that we think about marriage?

Dr. Chauntelle: Ahhh Ken, you and your questions!! That’s also a really complex question on so many levels…

It gets back to what we’ve been discussing (sort of) in terms of expectations for/of men and women in life and in romantic and sexual heterosexual couplings… and conventional ideas surrounding marriage are so contested in today’s social world (at least in the US). So right off, we have the shifting institution of marriage operating in conjunction with a changing society filled with evolving individuals. So where does porn, cuckold or otherwise, fit in?

Porn is fantasy, all sorts of fantasies, some of which may be yours or all of which may certainly not. Porn is a product of creative people and business people and creative business people looking to capture a vision and/or produce a viable product. Porn is not a teaching tool. It’s not meant for education or as an example, just like the Mission Impossible films aren’t there to teach you how to be a spy (or whatever it is that the Tom Cruise character is supposed to be).

Point being, in terms of your question – Do I see a connection between cuckold porn, or any other sorts of porn for that matter, and the changing ways we think about marriage? – I would say yes and no. It depends on the individual consuming the content, the person who is taking all these moving parts into consideration.

All texts, from mainstream films and classic literature to trashy novels and all sorts of adult content, are socially produced artifacts that are then handled/interpreted by the individual consumer within the context of their own experience.

If someone watches Content XXX and that inspires them person to explore their sexuality, have a conversation with their partner, find new ways to meet their and their partner’s needs, then yes – that content may be contributing to new ways of thinking about romantic and sexual relationships, even those framed by marriage!!

But that could also go another way – if someone internalizes Mission Impossible Porn out of context or thinks that, just because they like or dislike the content they are engaging, their partner must also or something like that, then no – that content may be contributing to imbalanced ways of thinking about romantic and sexual relationships, including marriage.

This applies to cuckold content in many specific ways, namely that it certainly may contribute to new ways of thinking about marriage in terms of sex, fidelity, expectations, etc etc etc. Those new ways could be “good” and/or “bad” and/or something entirely different …that depends on the person(s) consuming the texts.

Ken for Hotwifeblog: One of the themes of your research is the role of women behind the scenes in the adult industry. To what extent do you see a connection between that and any empowerment within actual depictions of porn?

Dr. Chauntelle: This gets at an interesting phenomenon…

Women have always worked behind the scenes, or “below the line” as it were, in adult production. The idea that porn is or was ever an industry wherein men ran the back end while women only worked in front of the camera is a deep-seated and wholly inaccurate cultural fiction. I think that, as this fiction is deconstructed and debunked (which is one thing I strive to do in my work), empowerment is only natural. Truth is a source of power, and knowing that women have always worked in adult content production is important.

If you’re curious, you can read about women working behind the scenes in adult production in my paper, “Sex Work, Office Work – Women Working Behind the Scenes in the US Adult Film Industry.” It was published in the journal Gender, Work & Organization in 2011 and is, to date, the only work of this kind. I point this out only to show how entrenched this “women only above the line in adult” fiction is.

One further complicating dimension of this phenomenon is women moving from above to below the line – women who were once performers making the transition to directors, producers, and any other number of jobs behind the scenes in production. As women like Stormy Daniels and Bobbi Starr transition from hugely influential performers to hugely influential directors (both women are highly respected, award-winning members of the community), that “porn is oppressive to women” argument is complicated, if not severely compromised.

And if you bring in women like Joanna Angel, women who have performed, controlled and directed their own content, and ran their own companies, for the duration of their careers… well then, that argument gets turned fully on its head.

So I would say yes – closing the door on the fiction that women don’t work behind the scenes and revealing the evolving creative control women have in adult content production certainly impacts the empowering capacity of porn. But like I said before, ultimately it depends on how the individual interacts with those texts… because you can lead a horse to water (read: porn), but you can’t make them drink (read: interpret content a particular way)!!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to share, Ken and hotwifeblog.com readers, members, and friends - I really appreciate you indulging my chatter!! Come on over to PVVOnline.com or visit me on twitter at @drchauntelle and/or @PVVtweet if you ever have any questions or comments or just want to say hi :)

Ken for Hotwifeblog: And thank you for your time and expertise. You’ve given us a lot to think about.



February 22, 2012

Leslie caught at home

Check out what Leslie Croft’s husband Marc came across when he came home from work early one day. His gorgeous wife in the study with a strange guy! He quickly picked up the camera to capture his wife’s infidelities. Great pics Marc and sexy as always Leslie. We love you!

Leslie is very active on Hotwife Hub and has just uploaded this picture set to her profile. Take a look if you want to find out more about this very horny Hotwife.







Hotwife Blog Profile - Leslie Croft - 2010

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February 20, 2012

My wife’s latest

This is my favourite website, I get turned on every time I visit. My hot wife, is 5′3″ 114 pds, Eastern European and brunette.

I swear to God these women were born in high heels, and oooooze smoldering sex, at least mine does. She loves men, and has had over two hundred men between her legs, and is working up to to three hundred. She loves bareback and swallowing. She loves women too, but that’s another story. She is 43, but inconstantly told she has the body of a 20 year old with her ballet and yoga toned legs, ass and core. Her breasts, with constantly erect nipples, beg to be sucked, and she destined them as a 2nd, and 3rd clitoris.

Her last encounter, and soon to revisit this Friday, was a 28 year old musician. They work together, and after some playful flirting on FB, turned into a rendezvous after work for a drink. She texted me to keep me abreast of the activities. They had some drinks and talked for an hour, and I thought maybe it wasn’t going anywhere until I received a text stating they were at his apartment. Well my cock became has hard as diamond, as her next text said they were listening to music, and had one kiss. Then nothing, 2 hours, and I knew she was being taken. I should mention it’s the first time I haven’t seen, or been with her when this occurred, and my blood was pounding not knowing what was happening. Finally I get a text, and she said she was coming home.

When she got home she told me the evening went like this. He undressed her, as she put it ‘very erotically’, slowly removing her clothes, and then gasping when he saw her naked, and especially when she asked him to cum deep in her, so she could carry his cum around in her for a week. He proceeded to insert his tongue into her pussy from behind, and lick and suck her labia, and push his tongue deep into her pussy, lapping up all the pussy juice from her drenched little kitty. She had a difficult time cumming, but he spread her legs apart, and devoured every inch lashing her pinkness, and bringing her to a massive orgasm. She returned the favor by spreading her legs, and asking for his seed, she needed him now, and he obliged as he plunged into her tight shaved pussy, holding her legs back over her shoulders, so as to be able to ensure his baby making seed would find her still pulsating cervix.

He plunged into her over and over, while sucking on those perfect breasts, and sucking and necking with her, as she thrashed below him, grinding her pussy into his cock. She then felt him swelling in her, his balls tightening, and that all to familiar feeling of hot cum gushing into her pussy. She contracted her pussy, milking every drop of his potent seed deep into her, as her legs were locked around his upper body.

After being locked in a lovers embrace for half an hour and the smell of sex hanging in the air, she wanted to clean him off, and proceeded to eat his ass out, and suck and lick his balls. She inserted her tongue into his ass, while he moaned on the bed, my wife sucking and devouring her treasure, until the point of cumming, as he exploded with another groan onto her stomach… And now, in a few days this will be repeated, as I wait to impale her cum drenched body.

Submitted by: Peter - Vancouver


February 18, 2012

A video for my cuck

A new update from the amazingly sexy Hotwife Jinxypie today.


I love it when I can hand a guy a video camera and he knows how to capture the right moments. Just the other day, one of my favorite black studs came by for a visit. I decided to take a break from working and … well, one thing led to another. Not wanting to waste a moment, we grabbed a camera to make sure my cuckold wouldn’t miss the show. I got on my knees while he dropped his pants, and I took that beautiful black cock into my mouth. It was semi‐hard already ‐ I guess he knew just what was going to happen. I took my time licking, massaging, slurping… hearing his moans and even moaning in agreement myself. And what cuckold wouldn’t love watching this, seeing the same thing that my bull sees as I have my lips wrapped around his cock?


My stud told me to get on the bed, and I took my clothes off in the process. My pussy was already soaked, aching to have this big cock inside. Before I was given the pleasure of a cock‐filled pussy, I wanted to show him just how much I wanted that big black cock! I hungrily took his dick back into my mouth, making sure it was as hard as possible. After all, fucking with a semi‐hard cock is just half as

If only my cucky had been in the room… he could have been licking my pussy and sucking on my toes, making sure I was feeling just as good as my bull was. Maybe next time my bull drops by I’ll have cucky around.


Sucking on a nice big dick is quite fun for me… and I may have done too good of a job, as my hot black stud flipped me over to use his tongue to bring me to orgasm a few times! His hot breath, warm long tongue, and strong fingers ‐ wow! I am surprised I didn’t soak his face a little more… cumming with pleasure!


Before long I was begging, pleading to have his big hard black cock fucking my wet married pussy. After a little more teasing he gave me just what I wanted. First I was on my back, legs way up in the air, getting that cock pounded deep into me. Then he got me on all fours, fucking me doggy style ‐ my absolute favorite way to get fucked! Nothing feels better than having my bull grab me by the hips and him pull me back onto him while I feel my pussy stretching around him, taking every inch of his cock.

When my knees got a little sore I flipped back over and put my legs on his shoulders. I wanted him as deep as he could get, pulling him close. It feels amazing to have something that big so deep! I could tell he was close to cumming, and he started thrusting faster and harder. I was screaming in pleasure as I came all over him! His cock started to spurt inside me, then on my pussy and stomach, covering my landing strip with his creamy cum.

A very fun mess to have! Too bad cucky wasn’t there to clean me up. At least we caught it all on video for him to watch later. ;)


Hotwife Blog Profile - Jinxypie - 2009

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February 16, 2012

Cuckolded update

Cuckold Place Update

Here’s an follow up from recent_cuck from an original post I have Just Been Cuckolded


My wife has told me some details after a bit (a lot of asking). She told me about her first encounter she had with a guy who is not the same one she is getting it from now.

It was pretty basic. She took an afternoon off work to meet him at his house. They talked for a bit but not much. She said she sucked him for a really long time then he sat down in a chair and faced a mirror and fucked her so that she could see herself getting it. So she was on top facing away from him. Then he said that he wanted to finish her in the bedroom. She said that he then carried her to the bed and layed her down and fucked her for another 20 minutes or so and then she came and he came and that was that.

She said that she did not stay for very long after they did it. Just enough to catch her breath and have some coffee.

I asked her stuff about his size and if she liked it. She said that he was a bit longer and thicker than me and that she really liked getting it from him. Said that he made her cum of intercourse and she liked that. Also that he was able to bang her really hard without cumming himself. She said that she was really nervous to see him but that it went away as soon as the sexual contact started.

The situation works for us, not sure if it would work for everyone. My wife has a very high sex drive and getting some outside of the home keeps her satisfied and happy. We do love each other and I want to make sure she has everything she wants. I do not want her to get pregnant and she says she always uses condoms so it is just clean (dirty) fun as far as I am concerned.

You can read more updates about this story here

Submitted by: recent_cuck - UK


February 14, 2012

Meet MacKenzie

A new and wondrous Hotwife to introduce you to today. Where have you been hiding all our lives? Say hello to the gorgeous from where else, the swinging capital of the world, Florida.

Sultry, sexy, slutty and a Husband that loves her for it. We hope to be hearing a lot more from MacKenzie soon. Here’s some info from the hottie herself.


As the saying goes, “ The Devil is in the Details ”, so allow me to fully explain why I consider myself to be a TRULY naughty girl. From an early age it was obvious that I had an oral fixation. For as long as I can remember, I have always found comfort in having something stiff in my mouth to nurse on. I secretly sucked my two fingers well into middle school. So it’s no wonder that by the time I entered High School, I started to regularly fill my mouth with dicks. Once I got my first taste of a guy’s cum, I just couldn’t help myself. In college, I jumped at nearly every opportunity to suck and fuck even if it meant taking the infamous “walk of shame” back to my dorm time and time again. Needless to say, I quickly gained quite the reputation for being a campus slut, and as word got out, guys began to approach me in tandem. My first threesome was so empowering that I decided to hang out with guys as often as I could so I could service them simultaneously. As far as I’m concerned there is nothing better than sucking on a guy’s cock while his best friend comes up from behind and fills my pussy with his.

I am very fortunate to have married a man who appreciates my promiscuity as he LOVES to see my hungry holes filled with strange cock. Even though I love to swallow cum, when I play with groups, I expect a volley of hot facials for my efforts! Double penetration is one of my favorite activities and for those who are not familiar with the activity, you don’t know what you’re missing. Add another one to my mouth and it becomes the ultimate trifecta. Sometimes I even take two men into my pussy at once. It makes my already tight pussy feel fuller than ever. That is if they are even able to squeeze them both up in it. Call me greedy, but I’m the type of girl who wants all the cock and cum for myself. I have a good sized pool of hung and hard studs who I can call upon to satisfy my extra-marital urges. I love living in the Sunshine State! The hot weather let’s me get away with wearing so much less than when I lived up North. It’s also a great place to be a swinger. Not only are there an abundance of “lifestyle” playmates here, but so many people travel to the Central Florida area for vacation that I’m able to meet new boy toys as often as I like.


MacKenzie Graham


February 12, 2012

Bound and tied wife

Bound and tied Katie’s husband gets a mystery cock to fuck his wife without her knowledge.


My husband tied my arms and legs to the corners of our bed, and covered my eyes with a blindfold and my ears with muffs. My heart pounded out of my chest as I lay bound, disoriented, and nervous. I was laying on my belly with my head dangling over the side of the bed when I felt a cock at my lips. I sucked it and tried touching it but my arms were tied too tightly. I had to lay there and take it, I saw flashes of light from under my blindfold and knew I was being photographed.

Suddenly the cock was gone and I laid there helpless, wondering what would happen to me next. My hair was suddenly grabbed and my mouth pried open with a hardening cock at my lips. I knew this was not my husbands dick. My pussy got wet as I choked on this strange cock in my mouth, constantly seeing flickers of the camera flash. I realized I was being used by at least two men, and it made my pussy so wet.

I didn’t care whose cock was in my mouth or who was playing with my pussy. It felt like at least four men. My ass was smacked and I felt someone straddle me from behind. He slid his big thick dick right inside my dripping pussy and I lost my mind. I was so turned on by being used, helpless, and played with. My pussy came almost instantly, squeezing his cock inside of me as my pussy tightened in orgasm. I felt him cum inside me and he climbed off of me and before I knew it, there was someone else on top of me, sliding his thick erection into my cum dripping pussy. I didn’t know who it was or what he was going to do to me. As he fucked my pussy, another cock slid in my mouth and down my throat. I couldn’t hide my enjoyment, I just kept getting wetter the naughtier they treated me. More flashes of light and I felt like a true pornstar as I started bouncing my pussy harder on his dick. I came again all over the cock that was fucking me while choking myself on the cock in my mouth. I was in a state of delirious passion as my blindfold and earmuffs were removed by the man whose cock was in my mouth.

Excited and still moaning and writhing from my orgasms, I looked up, to find my husband smiling approvingly down on me. I looked behind me as his best friend was climbing off of me. I felt like the sexiest girl in the world and smiled when I realized my night as a hot wife was just beginning.

One of the pictures my husband took below when his friend was fucking me.

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February 10, 2012

Supermarket Sweep

It’s been a while since we had an update from The Undercover Lover Sensi so here goes.

We all know Supermarkets can be superb pick up places for bored Hotwives. Full of horny women who go in to check the live merchandise as well as the dead produce hehe. So Sensi went to check out the romours to go on a mission to find himself a bored lonely housewife roaming the aisles.

Only Sensi could do it, with none other than hotwife Wendy who by chance was in there doing the weekly shop. She had just been dropped off by her husband who said he’d be back in an hour so there wasn’t long to get her back to the flat and give her a good going over with BBC. Well she did make it back in time, whether or not she can explain the messed up hair, smudged make-up, crumpled clothes and cum leaking pussy is another matter entirely.









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February 8, 2012

Left to her own devices

Earlier in the week there was a discussion about whether it was a better option to watch your wife / girlfriend being fucked or to let her be alone with her lover and just listen or get the details afterwards. Bob the Husband of Sue wrote in to say he much preferred the option of leaving the wife to her fun alone, to drop her off and then pick her up when she is done. He argues that way your wife will be more relaxed and have better sex. I can see where he’s coming from. The mind can be an amazing tool when the imagination gets going to think of what is going on. Also some men tend to feel a little embarrassed in front of the man who’s going to fuck your other half when you’re just sat there watching. It can also be off putting for the Bull and sometimes lead to erection problems.

Bob your wife Sue is amazing, I hope we hear a lot more from her soon. Incedently Sue is on the lookout for new hot Bulls and has joined Howife Hub to hunt the down. You can contact her on the Hub here. Here’s Husband Bob talking about his lovely wife.


My hotwife Jill is a very attractive 37 year old brunette with 34 D boobs, great ass and very hot pussy. We have been married for 7 years and she has had boyfriends for the last 6 years. We quickly found out it turned both of us on for her to have lovers. I am 14 years older than her and she prefers younger guys in their twenties who are well hung. She likes to meet guys on vacation and have sex with them if they meet her standards. The last time she played was when we were in Las Vegas for a convention. I had meetings all day and she would go to the topless pool at the Mandalay Bay. She wore only a tiny thong bottom and within a few minutes would have potential boyfriends offering to apply suntan lotion and buy her drinks. For the four days we were there, she met three different young guys. When I would come back to the room around 6:00pm she would be waiting for me with her pussy well fucked and wet with cum. She insisted I eat her out each time she had a lover and would give me all the details while I was cleaning her pussy out.

The last night she slept with her favorite lover all night and almost caused us to miss our plane the following morning. She arrived at the airport wet with a miniskirt and no panties. She leaked all the way home. I suggest guys not watch their wife fuck their lovers. Let them have privacy and tell you about it later. It is much more erotic!

Sue at a slot machine in Vegas

Sue undresses for a lover

Her amazing tits and body

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February 6, 2012

Mrs Siren goes Dogging

Some great pics today of super hot blonde Hotwife Dee Siren. Another one I missed in Vegas. Crazy to think we were all in the same hotel but didn’t actually meet up due to the crazy sexy schedule everyone had.

The dogging craze seems to have fallen Stateside with a bang. Dee and her husband head out to the woods to find some hot cock. Who in their right mind could resist such a horny willing hotwife. It wasn’t long before a suitable cock came along to satisfy her needs. He fed her his cock before fucking her hard in broad daylight and then Dee went down on her knees to take his creamy load in her mouth.

Thanks for the pictures Dee. Hope to meet you and Mr Siren soon.

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

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