August 27, 2011

Wife may be ready

Cuckold Place Update

I think my wife may be ready

I’ve been trying to persuade my asain wife to have sex with another man for several years now. She told me last night that one of her girl friends at work has a friend who has swinger parties. My wife has met the guy and told me that he was pretty attractive. She also said that she asked her friend for his number (too shy to ask him herself I guess). Anyway, she said that she could give him a blowjob but didn’t want to go all the way yet. I also told her that I don’t need to be there, she can just go whenever she wants. What do all of you think? Is she BSing me or will she really go through with it? I’ve also attached a pic so you can see what she looks like - sort of. BTW, she shaved her pussy 2 days ago.

Submitted by: allkir201

My Wife

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August 25, 2011

Biggest bareback party

If you’re a regular reader here you will know of my trips to the amazing Venus Berlin erotic show. It’s coming up again at the end of September and I totally recommend it if you’re looking for a wild few days of sexual fun and debauchery.

Last year however I can not believe I missed two of the most deviant creampie hotwives on the net when they were in Berlin. Creampie Ronja and Sexy Suzi were at the Venus show and organised what they called “Germany’s Biggest Bareback Party” and going on how the German’s party, that’s a big party indeed. Suzi and Ronja excelled themselves, sucking and fucking for hours, taking load after load inside them. Their energy never died down, they just became more hungry for cock and the guys kept coming.

I’ve now seen the video to this and it’s quite amazing. This year I will be looking out for these incredible women.. Here’s some pics from the party.









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August 23, 2011

The blackmail

An interesting role-play encounter from Tom from Australia about his wife Maree.


I received a phone call from a acquaintance I know called Jasper, who has asked me to meet them at their house, as I hardly know this person, I was a bit apprehensive. When I asked what it was about they told me they had discovered something that may concern me, when I asked “what” all Jasper told me was it concerned my wife. When I arrived at their house I went through the door and we went straight to the computer and I realised he was on a porn site that I post on. I hoped he was not going to show me pictures of my wife that I knew were on there. After some small chit chat he confronted me with the pictures which were very explicit of me and my wife and informed me he has been searching the net for others I have posted. All this was a surprise but I kind of thought it might happen, and as there were a few face shots which were recognizable. But then he dropped a bomb on me he has been posing as a stud on my msn chat page, I have been telling this man about all my fantasies about my wife.

He made me a coffee and we sat and chatted, I was getting turned on. He started by telling me he is going to make all my fantasies come true. I was against this so I tried to explain a lot of the stuff we talked about was fantasy, but he he just said “Now it’s time to become a reality”. I told Jasper that he can try and have her but if she is against it he must back off.

One of my fantasies is of my wife Maree being picked up in a bar. She goes for drinks with her girlfriend every Friday night after work and I told him which bar and what time. So that Friday night came along, I was home alone and Maree was out with her friend. At 6pm I received a text from him saying “I have just bought Maree a drink and am chatting to her”. Some time went on and then the next text came through “She is getting tipsy, might fuck her soon”. Then there was nothing for a hour. I decided to text him “What is happening?” but I got no answer. I was getting very excited thinking about what was happening. Then another text came through “She is not very happy” Then my phone rang, it was Maree, he was getting nowhere with her so he decided to blackmail her. He threatened to show everyone she knew the pics including family, she was telling me she has to do this and when she gets home I am in the shit. And to also delete all pics off the net.

Then there were no more calls or texts. Maree got in at 4 in the morning. I pretended I was asleep but she got me up and went off about the whole situation. I managed to calm her down and to reassure her she did the best thing. She didn’t know how excited I was.

I got on the net next day and sure enough Jasper was on so I asked him what happened.

He wrote “When I showed her the pics I had, she asked me to a corner where we could be alone, she tried to talk her way out of it saying she knew nothing of them. But I did not care all I wanted to do was fuck this honey, so then I blackmailed her. Told her everyone she knew would see the pics and told her she will be coming to my house for some fun now. She got upset but then eventually agreed. When we got there I told her to strip, she was very nervous but I could tell she was turned on, then I directed her to her knees to take me in her mouth. I told her to lick my balls and cock head like a lolly pop. She is a good cock sucker she got every bit of pre cum and deep throated me - you have taught her well. She was soaking wet, her juices were running down her leg and I told her to bend over the couch and she was very accommodating. She did not talk back and did exactly what I said. By the end of the night I had fucked her mouth, ass and pussy. She really loved my cock, I blew my load in her and on her. She took my cock three times last night. I will enjoy making your wife my new slut. I am taking her out next weekend this is were the real fun starts. Remember all I am doing with her is your fantasy so enjoy. Step 1 done.

P.S Maree was always aware of the pics. This is our fantasy. And this was a role-play encounter. She loves to pose for the camera and also loves the comments on these sites. We will keep posting but no face pics. As for Jasper he may post some too. Will write about their next meet later.


Submitted by: Tom, Australia


August 21, 2011

On car sex

Our no.1 voted Hotwife Jackie diary update.


I love car sex. From groping my teenage crush in his souped up Ford Fairlane at the drive-in movie to kisses and blows jobs in the back seat of my last date’s rented SUV, I gotta say that for me a car is a large shiny metal phallic symbol. But as I mulled over some of those sweet and sticky memories in my mind, another car related memory popped into my consciousness; sex ON a car as opposed to inside it.

On Car Sex, or OCS as it will be referred to from here on, is more of a rare bird than sex inside the vehicle. I mean, who hasn’t nibbled on their date inside the car before saying good night? Common stuff, albeit HOT, but still rather run-of-the-mill dating. But not everyone has experienced OCS. Take it from someone who has, it’s even hotter (and I’m not referring to the heat of a running engine on my back as I lay splayed out on the hood of a car, my date sliding his big stick in and out of my sopping wet pussy)!

OCS is car sex on steroids. Why? Because of the obvious chance you’re taking of getting caught, of course! Sure, someone could catch a horny couple taking liberties in the back seat of a car, but it’s not really likely. But on the hood of the car? Les liaisons dangereuses! And as everyone knows, danger and sex makes for a big time load of hot gooey creamy cum (or two, or three).

If you’ve had some OCS lately, tell me all about it, I’d love to hear your story.

Did u get caught? Do u wanna?

While I wait for your answers. here’s some pictures of me getting fucked by a stranger on his car.






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August 19, 2011

Meet Danya

A new wife to introduce you to today. This is Danya from Washington, brand new and ready to go!


My name is Dayna, and I’m new. My husband J and I are posting on this site to share our adventures with the world, and I’m super excited! A little bit about me – I’m 33, was married for 10 years before I met J, and while I always fantasized about the sort of things we are doing now (and about to share with all of you), I was WAY too sheltered and timid to ever act on it. But J opened me up (ha ha, literally) to the “lifestyle” and I’m having so much fun! Even though I’m pretty new still, the experiences we’ve had so far have been awesome and I can’t wait to share it with all of you (which we will be doing soon, promise). Hope you will cum along for the ride with us!


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August 17, 2011

Rachel’s member meet

Rachel Reveals Diary Update

Had a really horny member meet the other night with one of my new members, I wasn’t planning on going out dogging so was in jeans, but he sent me a really nice horny email so decided to jump in the car and go and meet him for a quick raw horny fuck.

Wasn’t the best weather for dogging as it had started to drizzle with rain, but oh god it’s so horny being bent over the bonnet of my car in the cool night air with the rain on my bare arse while I’m getting nailed over the bonnet.

He shafted me real good holding onto my hips and driving his cock home to a shattering orgasm as he erupted deep inside my hot wet pussy.

And WOW the drive home feeling my throbbing pussy oozing freshly shot spunk into my knickers is amazing.

Rach xx




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August 15, 2011

Sissy humiliated Husband

My hubby and I have lived the cuckold lifestyle for just under 3 years now. It started pretty mild, he told me one night he wanted to see me with another guy. I wasn’t sure he could handle it so I never allowed myself to do that.

I finally decided on our second anniversary I would fulfill his fantasy. I had sex with our waiter at the club we went to. Hubby seemed to take it very well so we moved on to my boss. Then some of his friends. The whole thing got kind of crazy. Before I knew it he was asking me to make my lovers humiliate him. He wanted to be embarrassed and humiliated in front of me by my lovers.

Now I love it, I can’t help it. I like seeing my boyfriends treat him bad. They make him stand in a corner sucking his thumb in a diaper while they fuck me.

Hubby has a very small cock and he likes me to compare them to my lovers even though he know’s he much smaller. He likes to be called into a room where me and my friends are and be made to drop his pants and show them all his small cock and I mean small. 4 inches fully erect.

He’s been spanked in front of me by a boyfriend of mine. He’s wore make up and dressed in my clothes while watching.

He has turned into a complete freak now. Is that normal behavior.

Is there anyone else out there that their husband came to them and told you they wanted your lovers to manhandle them in front of you and make them look like a sissy in front of you?


Submitted by: Patricia - Texas


August 13, 2011

Friday Night Out

You may recall Daisy’s current habit of sending me pictures from her naughty encounters. Check a couple of them out. Here and here. Well it was not a gangbang party this time, just a simple Friday night out. I knew as soon as she left the door looking as hot as she did she would have no problem finding a cock. She still isn’t back home yet but I did wake up this morning to find this picture she MMS’ed to me at some point in the night.


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August 11, 2011

Wife has lover again

Cuckold Place Update

Wife Has Lover Again

Hi all, I’ve posted in the past of the fun me and my wife have had but since our last bit of fun she said she felt slutty and wasn’t a good wife and mother so wouldn’t even consider going with another guy again.

This all changed about 11 months ago when when one drunken night she told me that there was a guy she worked with she really fancied and she wanted a long term affair with him and didn’t want me involved. To say I was gob smacked is an understatement, but I went along with it not expecting anything to come of it. The she told me he is good looking etc, but was quite shy and moody. I wondered why she would want to go with him if he was like this but soon realised she saw it as a bit of a challenge.

They started going out every other weekend for a few drinks, making up the excuse to anyone who saw them that it was just to play pool. After a couple of hours he’d drop her off to me at our local. This went on for a good few months but I could see a change in the way she talked about him, she was definitely becoming closer towards him with her feelings. I wasn’t totally pleased that she was falling for him but as I’d always encouraged her to have fun, what could I say.

This went on with them going out and became more frequent eventually it was a regular “Date” with them meeting every Sunday. I would joke with her that they would never have sex as he was too backward in coming forward and I’d encourage her to be more forceful with the situation if she ever wanted his cock in her. She has always been open and honest with the situation and would tell me the things they talked about and I could tell he was testing the water in regards to sex.

This all built up until the Witsun weekend, she went out with him on the Friday night so I went to the local and had a skin full. I was woken at 4 am, I heard a car pull up then heard her come into the house. I expected her to come up to bed but she went straight to the kitchen. I found her smoking and drinking a glass of wine. She looked flushed and disheveled! I asked where she had been until then and was surprised at her reply of “Shagging”. My reply to that was “Liar”. She said well don’t believe me but i’ve been back to Steve’s house. I still didn’t believe her so i pulled up her dress and pulled off her knickers. Her pussy is trimmed with shaved lips so i had a good view as i knelt in front of her, Her outer labia was hugely swollen and her inner fleshy labia was hanging out all looking very red and ruddy! I pulled her lips open to reveal her very wet vaginal passage which had traces of white stuff.

All i could say was “Jesus, you’re not lying”… I asked if he’d used a condom and she replied “No I’m safe until next week” All sorts of things were going through my mind so i told her to get to bed. I licked her delving my tongue as deep into her as possible tasting what turned out to be their combined juices. We talked a lot, had great passionate sex then fell asleep. We went to the pub in the afternoon and talked openly about him and her. He’d jokingly told her in the past that he was 8.5″ which she said he wasn’t lying about, saying she actually felt him rub against her cervix. He hadn’t had sex for a very very long time so i expected that he’d shot his load as soon as he entered her, but she said he lasted about 2 hours before he came. When he did she actually felt his seed jet and hit her cervix!!! saying there was so much it was running out of her for a long time.

For me this was mind blowing, very erotic and sexy but very frustrating as she still told me i would never be involved as Steve wouldn’t understand it. He almost denied i existed never calling me her Husband or using my name, just “Partner”. Back home on the night she said he’d be txting her about 9 o’clock and right on the button he did. We talked some more then she dropped the bomb shell, she told me he had said to her a week or so ago that he loved her!!! This hurt and i knew what was coming next as her eyes filled up and she admitted she was in love with him to!!!

I knew she was falling for him but hadn’t said anything, looking back i know i should have but its one of those things. I’m not sure why but i told her to get him to pick her up and she could stay with him. So that’s what happened, he picked her up and took her to his place. It was 5am when she got home, again she went to the kitchen and told me she would be up in a minute. When she came in the bedroom i watched her get undressed. Her pussy was massively swollen again and looked very well fucked. She knelt over my face and told me to “Do It” so i dutifully licked her to an orgasm. Sex was amazing especially feeling how swollen internally her pussy was. She told again of how good the sex had been as we fucked.

On the Sunday she went out with him like she had been for months, but this time i could imagine things were more passionate. She’d told me she was going back to his on the night also, so i spent most the afternoon and all night on my own.

My feelings were mixed when she arrived home at 6 am i wanted to make love but was told she was too sore, which i believed as her pussy was again big and hanging out. She told me they’d already been out walking in the local nature reserve, jealousy and pain were eating me up from inside as i realised this was totally out of control.
She said she wasn’t seeing him on the Bank holiday monday, saying she wanted to spend time as a family, but wanted to go with him on Tuesday night. I said i’d prefer it if she didn’t see him until the next weekend but she said Tuesday would be the last time they could have unprotected sex safely. My mind was twisted and for some bizarre reason i suggested i’d pay for them to stay in a Hotel. Tuesday night came and went with her getting home about 12 midday. She didn’t want sex as she was again too sore saying they had only just had sex before leaving the hotel. She was absolutely shattered as she’d only had about an hours sleep spending virtually all the time making love.
The following Saturday she was going out with her friends as it was someone’s birthday, she said Steve would be popping in so i though i’d go along as well giving her the excuse that it would be good for him to realise i was ok with the situation, But i was hoping he would think it too weird and end it. It was a weird situation but was ok he was on edge as were me and my wife, but she was splendid most her time avoiding eye contact with me and mostly talking to him.

In the end she told her friends that we were going i had a lift with them being dropped off at home with my wife and Steve going for a meal. She said she wouldn’t stay out all night and would be back about 2am. I later txt her saying if she wanted to stay all night she could. (Fuck knows Why). She got home at 6am very tired again, she had said the previous day that they wouldn’t be having sex as Steve didn’t like condoms, plus she isn’t a fan either, but when she got home it was clear they had been making love all night again. I asked if he’d worn protection but she replied no, quickly adding that he used his great control and hadn’t come at all during their time together. I was pretty mad but had to walk away and calm down as again i was denied sex because she was too tired and sore.

I went and busied myself on the computer and worked out that it was a pretty dangerous time for her to be taking risks like that. We talked about after going to the pub and i aired my concerns, telling her about how sperm can survive and could still be alive inside her from the previous wednesday morning, never mind that he would have been leaking into her the night before. She denied there was any risk emphasizing that he hadn’t cum at all. But seeing as he was in her virtually all night slowly grinding away and having to stop pumping so he didn’t ejaculate didn’t register with her especially as he didn’t pull out when he obviously got close to shooting.

It was all too much for me, even though i was emensily turned on by the fact she’d given in and taken another lover it was hurting too much the fact she was spending more quality time with him than me and seemed more interested in him to. Adding the lack of concern for the risks she was taking just made it worse, so on the Monday after work i sat her down and told her she had to finish it. Of course this didn’t go down well, with her adding that she would just let it peter out. I said no as that could take weeks if not months, so begrudgingly she went to give him the bad news.

This was the week after witsun and life at home hasn’t been easy, she has constantly pushed me away and blames me for the hurt she is going through. Now things have calmed down she says he’s really off with her and they have argued at work, we are getting on well but the biggest scare is that she is a week late for her period. I asked her to take a test last week but she said i was complicating things. How she works that out i don’t know!

Last night she still hadn’t come on so i suggested that if she still hadn’t come on by Sunday she should take a pregnancy test which she has agreed to.
I know this may all sound like a made up story but its all 100% true. All along she has been saying to me “Be Careful what you wish for” which i must admit is true.

Submitted by: Gav

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August 9, 2011

Spring Break Kelly

Black Bachelor Diary Update:

Spring Break Pics Part 2

Last week I sent through my pics from my wild adventure at Spring Break. Well this is what happened when we hooked up with Kelly. While hunting down married pussy on the street, my homie met this hot ass lawyer, she hung with us the entire weekend, I tried to talk her into a oreo cookie 3 way, but she was not feeling it. So she gave me a blowjob and fucked my boy all night. She was wild and damn this bitch can drink. My boy did manage to talk her lawyer ass into taking a black dick in her asshole for the first time. I dont know how her husband feels about it, but who cares, the deed has already been done.


Spring Break Wives

Spring Break Wives

Spring Break Wives

Spring Break Wives

Spring Break Wives

Spring Break Wives

Spring Break Wives

Spring Break Wives

Spring Break Wives

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