December 16, 2011

Parking lot wife

A submission today from a very sexy Midwest Hotwife


I have turned into such a Black Cock Whore, I love to suck Big Black Cock!

Here I am with a complete stranger I met at a bar one night. He was sitting at a table with his friends. I went over to the table, smiled and sat down next to him. I reached under the table and rubbed my hand against his cock. He let me rub it for a while then he took my hand and took me out to the parking lot to his car. Here is a picture one of his friends took of us when they come outside. When I was finished with him I took care of his friend as well. There were only a few words exchanged that night.

Midwest Wife

Submitted by: HotWifeH - Midwest


December 14, 2011

Rebecca and Big Billy

Diary update from Rebecca Dream

They say that you should be careful what you wish for. Big Billy was in town and called to tell me to meet him at his hotel. When he calls, I have to go. He has such power over me. I’m not sure what it is. Is it his magic wand? It just puts me in a trance. What shocked me was he had his own cameraman there ready to help us put on a show. I was not prepared for this.

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

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December 12, 2011

My Filipina Wife

Cuckold Place Update

My Filipina Wife

We had been married 6 years when she had her first lover. I was hoping it would be sooner, but now I am glad we waited.

Trust and emotional security is so important before taking the step. She is naturally shy and timid like Filipinas often are and it has taken time for her to feel empowered and liberated, but now she really likes that feeling and I can see how good it does her.

She set up a profile with pics on a couple of dating sites and soon men from our local area began flirting with her online. After much doubt, longing and hesitation she made a date. A man she had known for months invited her to visit him. The fellow picked her up at our house. She ran to his truck and jumped in as I was hiding behind the curtains peeking my heart racing and my nerves a jangle.

Was going out of my mind for those 4 hours she was gone, imagining this, fearing that, the whole emotional roller coaster ride. Peeking out the window every five minutes, well you know how it is.

When she returned and opened our door I saw the new glow about her and again I felt the mixed turmoil of emotion racing through me.

She described everything as it had happened, how they were chatting on his sofa about mundane things sipping coffee. There followed one of those uncomfortable silences but it was soon broken when the fellow let out a guttural battle cry and jumped her where she sat almost bowling her over. She was more excited than startled, for she wanted this. His hands were all over her, his mouth breathing lustily into her ear. He lifted her 45 kg frame easily into his arms and carried her into his bedroom.

He had her stripped in record time and kicking his pants off knelt down to have a taste of her now very wet pussy. As he got on top of my sweet darling she guided his long shaft into her. In the passion of the moment they both quickly had an orgasm, but after a little breather he was on her again and she was begging him to use her some more, kissing and licking his neck in gratitude and squeezing his firm buns in her hands with every forceful long thrust. They both came harder this time and now took a half hour breather before he declaring to a cheerful reception that there would be one more for the road.

I was watching with binoculars as they were chatting in his car when he returned to drop her off. (I know how pathetic that sounds) Entering our home, she took me by the hand to the leather couch and instructed me to lick her clean after her lover, while she talked describing her feelings and what a passionate lover the guy was. His cum had foamed inside her from all the fucking and soon I had a dull numbness feeling on my tongue as I performed my first cuckold duty.

Originally I had doubts that I would be able to do that, but on the day it was a happy chore, the taste of another man intermixed with her love juices exciting me no end.

Like I said at the start, a couple of months later they did it again. It is so ingrained in her that sex equals love that she had doubts whether it would be a good idea to do it again, for she feared that she would fall in love with him. After we discussed that issue and I assured her that it was OK with me if she had crushes on guys as long as I owned the rights to her heart, she did it again and enjoyed it even more than the first time, but still feeling unsure of trusting herself, she cut off contact from him.

Since then over a year has passed and our bond is stronger than ever. She needs to do this at her own speed, she will pick the guy and she will choose the time and opportunity. The other day she was giving her slave a helping hand, gave me a mischievous grin and said: “What am I going to do with this little thing? It cannot satisfy me, I need a bigger cock to satisfy me, in fact I am aching for it” My load shot halfway to the ceiling.

It´s going to happen soon again, I can feel it in my cucky bones.

Submitted by: Proteinn1

My Filipina Wife

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December 10, 2011

Leslie’s Bar Pickup

Gorgeous Hotwife Leslie Croft has just posted these great pictures on Hotwife Hub from a recent night out where she picked this guy up from a bar. She commented on her pictures “Fucking random strangers while hubby watches is one of my fave indulgences!” You can become friends with Leslie on Hotwife Hub. Her profile can be found here






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December 8, 2011

Loving Hotwife Hub

Loving Hotwife Hub

We now have over 2000 of you that have joined the fun and games at our new free Facebook style community Hotwife Hub

There’s been loads of activity on there lately and I’d love to hear about any of you that have hooked up using the site.

We have a new ‘MOVIES’ section and have made it very simple for you to upload and share your hotwife and cuckold movies on the blog. sign in and check the movies section and use the online form to upload your movie.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend.

Best regards,
Your Webmaster

Hot Wife Hub

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December 7, 2011

She’s out tonight

I am a cuckold, happily. My wife Tracey just left about 30 minutes ago to go to His house two and a half hours away.

My wife and I have been married for three years. She is 30 and I 28. My marriage is awesome! We have a closeness and connectedness that makes life amazing. Anyways, my wife’s ex-boyfriend Joe. Shes been seeing Him for about a year now. In our relationship, we have accepted that I do not fulfill the role of a man. Instead we have agreed that I am instead her Bitch. I prefer it this way. She has made it well known to me many times before that her ex-boyfriend Joe, is her “Man”. She just left with Him for the weekend. She told me she would call me tonight when they would be having sex. She told me I have to listen to her have sex with Him. Not that I dont get off on it, but thats kinda how my life goes now.

She has read some of the stories on this site and asked that I begin including our own stories. She even told me to include this picture. It was taken today right after she had shaved.

Hope she gets the chance to call. ;)


Submitted by: Frank, Eastern Connecticutt, USA


December 5, 2011

Team Victory

Hotwife Oasis diary update.


I told you guys recently about how I finally got a chance to meet (and fuck!) Brutus Black up in Vegas … but I haven’t yet told you about our second encounter.

We were both staying up in Vegas for a few days. He fucked the bejeesus out of me on a Friday and as I was heading home on Sunday I stopped by the place he’d rented to say “bye & thanks-for-the-fuck” real quick before we left town.

When I got to Brutus’s, he had several friends over just hanging out watching football. Now Brutus is one fantastic looking black man, and his friends weren’t too shabby either. Brutus and I were chatting in the kitchen when this loud cheer went up in the other room. Whatever team the guys were rooting for had just won their game.

We went back into the livingroom to share the celebration and I have absolutely no idea how it happened (these guys were SMOOTH!) but before I knew it I was on my knees with a cock in my mouth. And then two cocks. And then I was riding a third cock!

Somehow during the course of “bye & nice-to-meet-you”, I ended up gangbanging Brutus and all his friends! I guess that’s one way to celebrate a team victory!

Kisses, Oasis x


Hotwife Blog Profile - Oasis - 2006

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December 3, 2011


Here’s a long awaited update from cuckold Scott, husband of wife Emma. Great to hear from you guys!


Hi Trash,

You know from our blog, Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse, that Em and I have been a serious Femdom/Cuckolding couple for years. But what you might not have noticed is that in more recent times we started writing out our fantasies as erotic novels. I hate the term “erotic novels.” I think of them as down-to- earth dirty books designed to get the mind and body hot for action. They remind me of the nasty things Em and I say to each other when I’m down on my knees soothing her pussy with my tongue after she’s been with another man.

We’ve decided to start publishing them on our own rather than through our previous publisher. Most publishers aren’t going after readers who are particularly interested in the cuckolding and hotwife market and that’s what we tend to focus on. Our first independently published title is “Headhunter.”

Our goal with Headhunter was for every chapter to deliver hot sex. We want everyone to read it with one hand. We’ve let a few friends read it and both men and women find it a scorching hot page turner. Here’s the cover copy to give everyone an idea of what to expect:

Becky Allworth and her husband of ten years have fallen on hard times. But things change suddenly when she is approached by an arrogant, attractive corporate recruiter who offers her a bold solution to her problems and propels her out of the life she has been leading with her meek but petulant husband and back into the sordid, highly erotic lifestyle she left behind upon marrying him.

After an intense indoctrination, Becky finds her life more and more co-opted. Her transformation from an upper middle class suburban wife into a sleazy tramp is both exhilarating and degrading. But through all the torment and humiliation, Becky also discovers undeniable truths and forbidden pleasures. She becomes her primitive self.

Headhunter is a vivid, blazing hot tale of sexual reawakening, disturbing and not for the feint of heart.

Headhunter is available as both a paperback and in Kindle format at Amazon.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE BOOK FROM AMAZON or just search for Scott and Emma Kelly under the book category.
The paperback is also available directly at CreateSpace.

I’m attaching a picture of Em and her current lover, Darius, for your Hotwife Blog fans. She’s always been the inspiration for my literary endeavors.


Scott Kelly

Emma Kelly

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December 1, 2011

Creampie with no clean-up

Here’s some more pictures of the wonderful of her creampie gangbang party.


I like to fuck all horny guys I can get… and so I had a great time in the O-Bar in Heilbronn, because there were a lot of nasty fuckers waiting for their turn to fill my cunt with their cum! Indeed, there still were some cofus = condom fuckers, who tried to fuck me with rubber - no way. I only fuck without a condom. Whoever wants to can fuck me bareback.

At this party there were at least 10 guys who dumped their cum, without condom, in my cunt! Nicely one after another. The red mat was spilled with white foamy cum stains… awesome!

Ronja Fox






Hotwife Blog Profile - Ronja - 2011

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November 29, 2011

Andrew my first time

Julie writes in again to let us know about that very first experience that made her a hotwife.


My husband had long wanted me to have sex with another man and finally after months of persuasion I gave in to his desire. He brought his friend Andrew home one night to our home. I was in the living room wearing no bra and no panties under my dress.

Andrew started the night off playing my breasts squeezing them and pinching my hard nipples. I felt very excited and thrilled having another man other than my husband touching me. My pussy began to get really wet and horny. I took off my dress and was soon fully naked before him. I was soon stroking his hard cock and from his facial expression I could see he loved what I was doing to him. His hands traveled down from my breasts to my wet pussy and soon he had his fingers inside me wet cunt.

I closed my eyes savoring the delights he was giving me and I groaned and moaned in pleasure . My husband knew that I was ready to take Andrew’s cock in my pussy and he led us both to the guest room . I lay down on the bed with my legs wide opened as Andrew shoved his hard cock into me . I had my orgasm almost at once as he started to pound me wet pussy . Orgasms after orgasms followed and I found it so exciting to have sex with another man for the first time in my married life.

My husband was in the too watching his wife cumming over and over like a whore and I knew he was enjoying the sight of another man taking me. I wrapped my legs around Andrew’s waist as he rammed his cock deep into me. He was a long stayer and after almost an hour of wonderful sex he shot his hot sperm into my willing horny cunt. My body went into sexual convulsions with the entry of his sperm into my womb and I screamed out in delight.

When he pulled his cock out of my fucked cunt I could feel some of his sperm oozing out.The sight of creaming cum flowing out of my fucked pussy was too much for my husband and he mounted me and shoved his cock deep into me and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. I kept cumming over and over and when my hubby unloaded his cum into me I was in heaven This was the first time that I have the cum of two different men inside me.

This episode was to change my whole life as far as sex was concerned. My desire to have sex with other men seemed so natural to me now and my husband was delighted that I felt this way. Later I took on many other lovers and even strangers and my sex drive seemed to be insatiable. But that is another story altogether.


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Julie’s Creampie

What a mess he made

Submitted by: Julie - Canada

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