June 12, 2008

Hotel Encounter

About every six weeks I make arrangements for Nancy and me – Steve – to party. It requires finding guys over the internet, conducting phone interviews, and finding Nancy some compatible Bulls. I go to great lengths to explain her likes and dislikes; emphasizing that the only thing I can guarantee is that they’ll be able to watch Nance and I screw.

“If you’re lucky, and make her feel at ease, she’ll probably ask you to help with our foreplay. She is submissive and likes guys to take the lead but is turned off by roughness, crudity, and lack of extensive foreplay. She really likes gentlemen with hard cocks!”

Nancy claims she parties because I like it; although I’ve seen her change from a loving Lady to a Slut-in-heat on many occasions. I tell her the guys’ names, ages, occupation, and other gossip, and let her know what time we need to leave home. She usually takes a couple of hours to bathe and trim her bush and then dresses as she chooses. The arrangements are that she must wear stockings with a garter belt and no panties. If she wears a bra the cups must be see-through. Sometimes she picks a dress but tonight she looks business smart with a short sleeved green satin blouse and skirt. She’s also wearing dark green high heel shoes: the black skirt has a leg slit with a hem above the knee. Her make-up is accented with cherry lipstick and her ensemble complements her hazel eyes and chestnut shoulder length hair. In her mid-forties Nancy is still an attractive woman with her ballerina legs and slim frame, tall and leggy, with nicely rounded buttocks and firm 36C breasts.

We drive to a neighboring town and check in at the Sheraton. Our room is usually on the top floor and at the back of the complex for added privacy. After arranging the room and dumping coats and beverages we set off for the hotel bar with time to spare. I sit opposite Nance at a small table; we order wine and wait for our guests to arrive. On this particular evening Ralph arrives first with Vance following ten minutes later. Fortunately they are both clean shaven regular guys and Nancy is soon chatting away like she’s known them a lifetime. She has great social skills and leads the conversation. I can tell that guys are pleased with what they see and cannot stop themselves from checking out the cleavage. After two glasses of wine, our limit, I have not heard Nance use our safe word and conclude all is well. I casually suggest that we finish our drinks and when everyone’s ready adjourn to our suite.

I always find the walk to the room exciting and I’m full of anticipation. After I close and lock the door Nance heads for the bathroom which gives me an opportunity to show the guys to their viewing chairs, point out the beverages, and have them pull straws to establish their party priorities. Nance enters the room and stands listening to our chatter. Finally I take her hand and ask her if she’d like to party. We embrace; a normal kiss at first, but then my tongue invades her mouth as my hand runs over the smooth satin that covers her breast. I lightly work on her nipple as I kiss her neck. My other hand drops from her back and feels her buttocks beneath her skirt. Suddenly I pull away and turn her to face Ralph and Vance. Standing behind her I reach around and with each hand and massage a breast. I can feel two enlarged nipples beneath the thin material. One hand strokes down her leg and across her bush and pushes the skirt against her clit and then along her pussy lips. I whisper in her ear to open her legs and as she does my hand finds the leg slit so that my fingers work her naked clit and pussy; as I still kneed her tit with my other hand. She is aroused and wet. I kiss her neck and then quietly ask if she’d like to ask Ralph to feel her tits?

She complies and Ralph now stands in front of her and cups his hands over her breast. Her hands rest on his shoulders. He massages down her cleavage and around the side of her breast; then encircles the front until he captures the nipples between his fingers. Nance is breathing through her mouth as the pleasure takes control. Ralph slips his hands under her blouse and continues the erotic grope. Then he places his hands under the sides of her bra, and with a quick movement, pulls the bra cups forward and up. Her breasts fall free and before she realizes what’s happened Ralph has her naked tits in hand. Nancy unbuttons her blouse and slips off the useless bra. Now we watch Ralph working her nipples, kissing, and sucking his prize. I clear my throat and suggest its Vance’s turn. “When Ralph has finished walk over to Vance and stand with his knees between yours. Let him feel your tits and then roll up the front of your skirt and ask him to feel your pussy” I say softly.

It’s not long before Vance is stroking the inside of her thighs, stroking her bush, stimulating her moist clit with his fingers. He slides his fingers down her open lips and into her wet pussy. Pushing his fingers into her as far as possible and rotating his hand at the same time. Nancy is panting and whimpering aloud. Her knees become weak due to her pussy-pleasure and her body sags driving her pussy down harder on his forceful hand. I love every second and take mental snap shots of the erotic scenes.

“O.K Nance, take off your skirt and lie on the bed” is my next suggestion. Nance obliges and kicks off her shoes, removes her skirt, and crawls onto the bed, then flips onto her back. There she lays a creamy-white body with hard pink nipples sitting on two puffy areolas. Her brown bush is visible just below the black garter belt that frames her hips and complements her stockinged legs. Her pussy lips are swollen ajar and her clit is as firm as her nipples. Before she’s settled Ralph is between her legs and eating her clit. I sit on the side of the bed and play with her nipples. Vance strips off and also works her other nipple. I withdraw and watch the scene. Nancy has become a Slut-in-heat. She reaches out and strokes Vance cock. It’s not long before he lifts her head and guides his member into her mouth. Vance is first to fuck her missionary style and then Ralph takes her doggy style. What an evening! I love to watch my woman especially from behind: study her perfect ass with a strange man holding her waist and controlling her sex. Her pussy is still slightly open from the first penetration; it hangs between her legs in its puffy pouch, crowned by the silk brown bush. The orgasms are many until all are spent.

Nancy and the guys dress and we all leave the hotel together. Nancy and I drive around the town and get a coffee. Then, when the coast is clear, we return to the hotel room. She should be tired but we screw many times that night. Sharing Nancy with strangers makes her horny for days and I’m the lucky guy that fills the breach! I ask her what it felt like when they did certain things to her; she can never find the words to explain but the memories make her hot again. We may party with Vance and Ralph once more before we move on to other Bulls. There is always a need to keep the excitement in our party experience and the thought of a new cock is always erotic. I’m not hung up on labels and don’t consider myself a cuckold. Some may think I’m a cuckold or a pimp for her; but I think of myself as a voyeur who is sexually and emotionally stimulated by watching his woman having sexual orgasms with strange men. It has taken twenty years of marriage, laced with varied sexual encounters, that’s helped us settle on our party routine; though of late, I’ve been thinking it’s time to once again expand our repertoire.

I would like Nancy to have anal sex. She has a beautiful firm round ass. I dream about screwing it and watching other guys screw it too. I fantasize about one guy screwing her pussy while another screws her ass. I dream of double tagging her and feeling another guys cock in her as I screw her ass.

The problem is that Nancy knows I have no anal experience and she is convinced that it will hurt and be disgusting. I have decided that the only way around this is for her to get anal training from experts; the goal being that when she returns home she will have lost her inhibitions, learnt the techniques, and be ready to take my cock up her new ass. She has agreed to look for a couple, somewhere in New England, who would undertake her practical training. We are open to advice and have only general ideas on how such an arrangement might work. If the couple lived near us Nancy could go over every evening for a couple of weeks. If the ideal couple is further a field she may have to use a vacation week. I would initially go with Nancy to meet folks and see Nance past her early shyness. It would help Nancy to watch the couple have anal sex and perhaps the guy could give Nance a good old fashioned pussy grind as way of an introduction. However, I will not be present for her anal training and she seems alright with that approach. It seems that having another woman to guide her through it would be helpful. We’ve assumed that some initial training could be done by a woman using a dildo and butt plug.

My last wish is for Nancy to become more accustomed to receiving a bare hand spanking. Nothing too hard; just enough pressure to redden her buttocks. My fantasy scenario would be to put her over my knee, in the hotel room, lift up her skirt and spank her bare ass red. I would spread her legs a little and open her pussy and work it about until wet. Then I’d open up her cheeks and spit on her ass, finger it, work in some lube and insert a butt plug. Then we would meet the guys in the bar and later, while she’s swinging with them, the butt plug would be removed in order to double tag her. She would be the epitome of a seductive submissive hot slut wife; and I would be in heaven!

I would be interested in other folk’s experiences and methods used to Slut train a wife.

Submitted by: Steve - Massachusetts


June 10, 2008

Cuckold Fantasies

Check out Cuckold Fantasies starring real hotwife Raven Black and Sara Jay.

If you like watching while black dicks stretch and tear tender white married twats, then you have to see this video! You get four HOT scenes totaling an hour and forty minutes of interracial cuckold sex action! Raven reads a fan letter, detailing how he wants to see his wife being ravaged by a big black dick. She chokes down a 12 inch black cock, and then spreads her legs as her beautiful pink pussy is stretched to the limit! He makes her drink his cum from a glass as she wipes his gooey load on the camera lens. Sara Jay is a sexy vixen with gigantic tits! She is getting ready for a “date”, but is interrupted by her meddling husband. He has to watch while she services Richard’s black dick. She screams with lust and even squirts while her cunt is mercilessly violated! Her husband cannot believe he is seeing his wife fucking a black man. Scene 3 features Amber Wild, a submissive blonde slut who is bidding farewell to her useless hubby in a letter. She wants to be treated like a whore, sucking cock on her knees and drinking cum from a dog dish. She gets her wish and more! You get to see it all in graphic detail as her very tiny pussy clings to Richard’s giant black dick! In the final scene, Raven Black is on the phone with her husband while two ebony studs rub themselves on her. She can’t wait any longer and takes them both upstairs where they pound her mouth and pussy with their massive cocks! This dirty slut wife licks cum off her fingers like a gourmet treat!

Cuckold Fantasies
Cuckold Fantasies Scene 1

Cuckold Fantasies
Cuckold Fantasies Scene 2

Cuckold Fantasies
Cuckold Fantasies Scene 3

Cuckold Fantasies
Cuckold Fantasies Scene 4


June 8, 2008

Mocha Reveals More

Following on from last weeks post ‘A New Approach‘ which I must say, certainly made me very curious to find out more, we have a post from Mocha who is an active part of that group. The picture is becoming clearer and I can’t wait to hear more over time from the girls or ‘Train’ himself.


I agree with Train, so am sharing the story with him and on here, that the truth is stranger, or, sexier, than fiction. Train is not my boyfriend, not my husband. He is a lover and is also my master when it comes to sex outside my marriage. There are no cheating stories, that would be way too much drama for all of us.

No matter how you find out, and I know we all find out different ways, that your husband wants you to fuck other men, my best advice to all women would be to tell him that you’ll think about it. Just think about THAT alone, ha-ha, what he’ll be thinking about while you think about it.

My husband and I had and have a great sex life, and I guess I’ve always been kinky and he sure isn’t the only man that turns me on so this was actually a good thing that he asked. I’m glad he brought it up first!

But there was no way I could get hot thinking about him spending his time trying to get me to fuck around, I thought it would be better if he gave me my space and got the hell out of the way, which is how I ended up meeting Train. I didn’t have a lot of time to try to figure the whole scene out, so I found someone that knows already. And it’s more fun being slutted out by someone else anyway, less to explain later, ha-ha.

Train has now been fucking me and slutting me to black men for about 5 years. My husband and I fuck more then ever.


Submitted by: Mocha - Florida - trainher@live.com -


June 6, 2008

Cuckolds and Hotwives

Hotwifeblog has it’s very own free Hotwife dating site…

Calling all Hotwives and Cuckold Couples, if you’re finding regular swing sites are not getting you the right type of guys who properly understand the lifestyle then please try Hotwife Dating. The response so far has been fantastic. Thanks for everyone who has signed up.

We will be promoting Hotwife Dating at this years Swing Fest show in Miami, let us know if you’re going to be there.

Thanks, Trash

Hotwife Dating

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June 4, 2008

Hot Wife Janet

Just wanted to admire some pure hotwife beauty today in the form of Janet Mason. Imagine being in the middle of nowhere and being lucky enough to cum across this beauty. And talking of cum, I still have her words ringing in my ears during her interview about her pure love of the population paste lol…

Janet - “I love everything about cum - the way it looks, the smell of it, the way it tastes, the texture, the sight of it spurting out of a hard cock, the feeling of it inside me or smeared all over my face and body or inside my pussy or ass, and the “pure virile masculinity” it symbolizes.”

Please send us some more pictures soon Janet…

Janet Mason

Read Janet’s Exclusive Interview With Hotwife Blog Here

Read Janet’s Husband Steve’s Interview Here

Visit Janet’s Hotwife Site Janet Exposed Here


June 2, 2008

Judy in Jamaica

I had been in Jamaica for 6 days. I wanted to make my last day there the best yet. I was traveling with a male friend who was taking several meds for migraines and unfortunately was having some difficulty in the sex department - if you know what I mean. My husband had sent me on vacation with his friend Tom for stress relief and to create some exciting stories to come back home and share with him. He loved fucking me while I relayed my experiences.

I wanted to give my friend (lets call him Tom) one last shot, but also wanted to make sure I got a damn good fucking that night. I had decided to entice Tom into bed that afternoon for one last shot. (I had hoped to spend that evening doing as much black cock as I could handle.) He was more than happy to participate, but once again he was unable to give me the hard fucking both he and I wanted. Luckily, he had a really talented tongue, and I started my day off with a couple of good orgasms.

After dinner that evening there was a naughty nightie party in the disco of the resort. I put on my sexiest black and red nightie with black fishnet stockings and my black heels. I decided to skip the panties. They’d only get in the way. I’m sure Tom and I went to party with completely different intentions in mind. Tom wanted to drink and dance the night away. I wanted to drink and fuck the night away.

It wasn’t long before I saw my first target. He had big broad shoulders and a muscular body that just didn’t quit. And he happened to be black. I just knew he had a large package to go along with what he was already showing. I politely ditched Tom then hit the bar for some liquid courage. It wasn’t long before my target came to the bar to quench his thirst. I made some small talk with him, then he asked me to join him in some vodka shots. Little did he know he didn’t need to prime my pump. I was ready to jump him in the middle of the dance floor. After the shots and a couple of seductive dances we headed outside to take a walk on the beach. We only got to the first little pavilion. It was simply a square wooden floor abut 3 feet off the ground and covered with a roof. It conveniently had a pad on it to cushion the floor. There were no walls - just wide open for anyone who happened to walk by to stop and watch.

We didn’t speak at all. He simply lifted me onto the pad, then removed his boxers. I spread my legs to invite his huge member into my pussy that was longing to be banged by him. Instead he got onto his knees and licked until I could no longer stand the wait. I pulled him up and onto the mattress with me. He pulled a condom out of the air and after I stretched it onto his cock he began to give me every last inch he had. It felt so good that with a little gentle rubbing on my clit, I completely exploded followed soon after by his release. After we finished you could have sworn someone had poured a bucket of water on that pad, but it was all me. We jumped into a nearby pool to freshen up a bit, then he went his way and I went back to the disco to look for my next target.

The disco was mobbed. It wasn’t long before I was approached by 2 Asian men. They were friends who were on the island for a buddy’s wedding. They were only staying the one night. I had high hopes for a 3 some at this point, but after we danced a bit one of them wandered off to find himself a friend of his own. The other one and I headed off to my room for a romp in the sheets. When he took off his underwear, I think my mouth must have dropped, because he asked me if everything was okay. I assured him that I was fine. How could I tell him that my son at 6 years old had a bigger cock than he did at 23? At this point I so wished I had invited his friend to join us. There was no way this guy was ever going to do much for me. He tried, but it felt like someone’s pinky wiggling next to my vagina. He was so intoxicated that he couldn’t even tell he wasn’t inside me. I knew this was a waste of time - especially for me, so I sucked on his cock to see if there was any hope of enlarging it. While we were in the room, my friend Tom entered the room to get his cigarettes and left. Afterward, we joked that my guest looked at him rather concerned, but I never skipped a beat. We both had quite a laugh. After no success in getting either of us off, I convinced him to go back to the disco for a bit. I quickly ditched him by going to the bar for a drink, then I slipped out the door and around a couple of corners to avoid him.

I saw him come outside and look for me, but managed to stay hidden behind some foliage. I almost gave myself away by screaming when someone approached me from behind and asked me if I was okay. I assured this helpful stranger that I was fine, but was trying to avoid someone. He asked, “That Chinese guy?” And I said, “Yes!” He took my hand and said, “Come with me. Let’s get out of here!” His Jamaican accent and friendly smile convinced me that he was an employee of the resort and that we definitely needed to find a more secluded spot.

We strolled on the beach holding hands and talking about our lives outside the resort. He was employed by the parent company who owned several resorts in Jamaica including the one I was staying at. He told me that as an employee of the resort he was not allowed to fraternize with the guests. Well, if anyone knows me at all, they know I love to lead men astray and break as many rules as possible. (I didn’t really have to twist his arm!) I led him over to a dark spot on the beach with a couple of secluded lounge chairs. He laid down on one of the chairs and pulled me over to sit on top of him. I mentioned to him that one of us had way too many clothes on. As he took off his shorts and shirt (he was sans underwear) I stripped off my nightie.

His cock needed no coaxing, It immediately sprung to attention and ready for action. It was huge and hard. I wanted to insure that he wouldn’t get a conscience and back out at the last minute, so I gave his cock a good lashing with my tongue and mouth. He was so ready to go and so was I. I started out on top. This was a good thing because it took me a little time to become accustomed to his size, and being on top gave me control of how deep he entered. Next I was moved onto my back for more. At this point John Melloncamp’s song “Hurts So Good” came to my mind. I don’t remember exactly how many positions he managed to twist me into, but I do know that every one of them seemed to let him enter deeper each time. We fucked continuously for quite some time. I had cum so many times that I lost count, but he was still as hard as ever. When we both finally crashed out of shear exhaustion, he commented that he would need to finish with his hand since it was the only part of his body that could still move. We laid together, hot sweaty bodies pressed against each other as he shot his load into the sand.

While we lay there recovering from our “breaking all the rules” sex, we exchanged email addresses. I couldn’t walk him to the front gate as he left, so he walked me down the beach close to my room and said our good-byes. I went inside to find Tom sound asleep in bed. It was 4 am. I had to get up at 5 am to leave to head home! I quietly showered and climbed into bed totally satisfied and in major need of some shut eye. An hour was all that I was allowed, and I left knowing I would return as soon as I could to enjoy more of the native Jamaican pleasures.

I never expected to hear from my new friend Carlos. I figured he was just being polite. When I finally got home, I found that he had gone home and immediately emailed me. The subject of the his message was “You fucked me so good!” We have talked on the phone since and I will be returning to Jamaica soon to enjoy my friend Carlos again. Maybe this time I will take my husband. As much as he enjoys hearing of my adventures, I know he would love seeing me in action!


Submitted by: Judy - Maine


May 30, 2008

Meet Ruthie

We’ve been really lucky recently with some fantastic new hotwife finds. Today I have the pleasure of bringing another fantastic hotwife to the blog for us all to enjoy Baby Ruthie from Iowa is a candidate for one of the biggest sluts we have on hotwifeblog. White, black married or single, in the bedroom or in truck stops Ruthie just hunts down cock after cock. Here’s a little introduction from the lady herself.


Hi I’m Ruthie from Iowa. Have you ever heard the old saying about the preachers daughter? Well it must be true because here I am. I grew up in a small town, we didn’t even have a T.V. I wasn’t allowed to go to movies or listen to music, unless it was gospel and I had better not even be thinking about sex.

When I went off to college I found a whole new world I never knew existed. I had sex for the first time and it was great. It was so great I couldn’t stop. I wanted it all the time. I’m not sure how many guys I sucked and fucked but it’s in the 3 digits somewhere I’m sure.

After I left college I ran into a guy who asked me out on a real date. I wasn’t used to that. He took me out and we had a great time and of course we fucked on the first date. He wasn’t used to that, but we fell in love and got married. We’ve been happily married now for 14 years. He’s a great guy and we have lots of fun together. We started taking pictures just for fun. then my husband got the bright idea of posting some. I got so excited at all the great responses and naughty comments that I wanted to keep posting more and more and more and more. Now I can’t stop! So I started my own website.

Now I love to show everyone what a slut I am. My site is totally amateur. It’s just me with my hubby taking pics and videos and the strangers that I suck and fuck. I meet up with guys at bars, shopping malls and even at truck stops and suck and fuck them right there in the parking lot or public restroom. I hook up with guys in parks, cheap motels, the back seat of cars or anywhere else they want to fuck me. no pre get to know each other meetings and no condoms!. I meet total strangers and let them slide their bare cocks in my pussy and ass and fill me up with cum or suck them off till they shoot a big load in my mouth. I love gangbangs and I love meeting my members for a good time. You may find yourself on my site sometime! I’m just a really slutty wife that loves sex .

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Click here for Baby Ruthie’s home on the web


May 28, 2008

A New Approach

We love hotwifeblog, or we wouldn’t be doing this. I’m sure most everyone reading this has established not even a discerning eye but an obvious eye for recognizing stories that are clearly of the mind’s eye. All fantastic and applauded, yes and absolutely, and thank you. I wish more of them were about me, lol !!

I (we) am/are honest people that discovered something we think is special. What’s getting off us is doing what we do, and now exploring whether people can handle the truth, or whether the 500-word masturbation story is all you have interest in.

What I am here for, very truthfully, is to find out who wants to hear and see what is really happening, the real deal. It’s not always a perfect story of ‘angelic wife to black-cock whore’ story. In fact, it’s a lot sexier than that. I’ve taken all my girlfriends, my wife, and several other girls, black. I’m telling you, the real stuff is harder for people to believe, I think it almost upsets sensibilities, than the encapsulated fantasies.

I share my experiences with my current girlfriend and there was no way I could hide what I was interested in since I was a teenager, so I learned to take chances in my relationships. My girls have always gone black, and not by my instruction, but rather because, they couldn’t believe that someone would give them that freedom. She’s younger, but she’s happy she can be honest with someone too now. That’s how we do it.

Trash, my man, thank you for the opportunity to explore this; the urge and need to share what I’ve done is so much greater than me creating something methodical and phony. I know what the guys and girls that read this, in earnest, would like to know. I know that they don’t want to hit a link that creates more distance between what is on their mind and what people are trying to sell them.

Nothing else. That’s our aesthetic. To tell you how it happens, when it happens, discuss it, consider ourselves partner in our passion/fetish. All original, not posted anywhere. The pics here are the first-timers, and here will likewise always be discreet. Opportunity to share it all with others? Would love to. Thanks.




Submitted by: Train - Florida - trainher@live.com


May 26, 2008

Mandy Interviewed

Every so often I come across a real gem of a find on the Internet. Since we did the introduction with Mandy I’ve had the fortune of finding out some more about this wonderful hotwife with this exclusive interview. She really does live the lifestyle to the full with support and encouragement from her husband Keith. It was a fun interview, Mandy has had some great adventures and I hope to be publishing lots more on this sex goddess real soon. Thanks for your time with the interview Mandy, I hope to send you lots more guys over from the blog to keep you satisfied.



hotwifeblog: Hello to you Mandy. Really excited about hearing about your lifestyle. Where do you come from?
Mandy: United States

hotwifeblog: What is your age?
Mandy: I’m not afraid to admit it - 47

hotwifeblog: Wow.. thats’s incredible, you look amazing!… What are your measurements?
Mandy: 35(32DD)-25-35

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Mandy: 5 feet 4 inches

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?
Mandy: Dark blue

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Mandy: Brunette

hotwifeblog: Any piercings or tattoos?
Mandy: Just the typical boring single-hole on each ear for earrings and no tattoos.

hotwifeblog: Describe your personality?
Mandy: Funny (at least I think so, lol), loyal (once I consider you my friend - it’s for life - but don’t fuck me over or its revenge until I die!), organized (but my hubby isn’t, so it’s my constant struggle to maintain order, LOL), quiet but not in a shy way - I just like to size up the “room” before I make my move.

hotwifeblog: How did you meet your husband?
Mandy: While on vacation.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been married?
Mandy: 17 years.

hotwifeblog: How would you describe your marriage and lifestyle?
Mandy: Open and very committed. My husband loves watching me explore my sexual curiosities and fantasies. We entered the swinger lifestyle about 13 years ago and it felt normal and right for both of us from the beginning. While society may frown on what we do, I believe it has only made our relationship stronger. There is no “false monogamy” in our marriage. We’ve know enough of our own married friends who swore they were true to one another, but one was cheating on the other. Yes, I know having a fling isn’t always about sex, but I think if you are secure enough with yourself and your mate to enter the lifestyle, then alot of other areas of your relationship seem to fall into place.

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’ve always had natural hotwife tendencies, the need to be with more than one man?
Mandy: I don’t think I was aware of my “tendencies” until I reached my 30’s. Somehow I evolved into this “huntress” always on the prowl for new cock. Fortunately, my husband understands and actually loves watching me play with my bOYtOYs. Also, I think there is a sense of empowerment for me when I looking for my next bOYtOY. For me, it’s most akin to behaving like a typical male. You know the scenario: Seeing a hot girl, picturing her nude and what would she be like in bed, visualizing yourself banging her good and hard, then when its over telling her “I’ll call you” (which we all know is guy-speak for “see ya!”). Although, what guy wouldn’t want to be used and tossed aside after great sex?

hotwifeblog: What do you like most about being a hotwife?
Mandy: The attention my bOYtOYs give me. Mind you, I’m not an attention whore, but my feminine brain loves being being praised and adored! Plus, I’m in control so I can call all the shots. When to end a play session, when to start again, what I like and don’t like. You are at my command (but don’t forget to tell me how pretty I look doing it).

hotwifeblog: How long have you been an active hotwife?
Mandy: Hmm, probably about 12 years.

hotwifeblog: Why do you think some men get so excited about seeing their wife or girlfriend with another guy?
Mandy: My personal opinion is that it’s a husband/boyfriends exclusive porno being performed LIVE! I mean, he gets to watch the love-of-his-life fuck the shit out of someone, probably draining their balls, and then he gets to take his woman home and more than likely, fuck the shit out of her! Also, the taboo of letting some other guy bang your girl and (maybe) letting him shoot his load in her. All the things your Momma said not to do (okay, while maybe your Dad said it, but maybe he didn’t mean it)!

hotwifeblog: Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?
Mandy: You would think having a website would make me an exhibitionist, but I’d rather watch when I’m in a group setting.

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife?
Mandy: Eek! When I got to 100, I stopped counting!!!

hotwifeblog: Do you have any bisexual tendencies?
Mandy: Not so much tendencies, but I do enjoy being with another woman. A woman’s lips are so soft. That’s the one thing I’ll always remember from my first girl/girl encounter. Also, I love giving oral to a woman (and I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it!)

hotwifeblog: Have you ever tried a gangbang?
Mandy: Yes! I’ve had a 3-man interracial GB.

hotwifeblog: Does size matter to you?
Mandy: I’m not a size-queen. It really does hold true for me that as long as you know what you are doing and can please me, I’m good to go ;-) I’ve had 11-inches and I’ve had 5-inches.

hotwifeblog: Do you have a preference of black or white lovers?
Mandy: No preference, I fuck them all the same!

hotwifeblog: What clothes do you like to wear in general and in the bedroom?
Mandy: For everyday - it’s my jeans, t-shirts and comfy boots or barefoot. For the bedroom - it’s a strand of pearls and stilettos!

hotwifeblog: Do you wear an ankle bracelet?
Mandy: Keith and I have discussed this, so the jury is still out.

hotwifeblog: What is your favorite sexual act?
Mandy: I am a true cock worshipper. I LOVE sucking and coaxing a gooey load as my reward for some awesome tongue/mouth action.

hotwifeblog: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Mandy: Fisting. Receiving and giving. For the curious, I enjoyed the giving. That’s just me guys, always the giver!

hotwifeblog: Do you find most of your lovers and sexual partners through the Internet, clubs or through friends?
Mandy: Internet. Most of my bOYtOYs are members from my site.

hotwifeblog: What role does your husband play in your lifestyle?
Mandy: Oh him. Hmmm? Just kidding! BIG part. Without him, it would just be serial-dating. With him, it’s kinky, fun, erotic, sexy, fun, awesome, fun, enticing, did I mention fun?

hotwifeblog: How often are you sexually active with your husband?
Mandy: I must have an insatiable sex-petite because I could and would do him all the time if he let me! Believe it or not, he has to tell me sometimes “not tonight, I have a headache”, lol. Poor guy, I think I just wear him out sometimes. If I had to give it a number, I’d say we make like rabbits about 6-7 times a week (sometimes 2-3x’s in one day).

hotwifeblog: Do you ever compare your husband’s performance to any of the other men you’ve slept with?
Mandy: He knows the answer to this! Yes, and while some of my bOYtOYs have made me hit notes I didn’t know I could, my hubby hands down rocks my world like no one else.

hotwifeblog: Do you swallow?
Mandy: I savor, then I swallow.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a creampie from a lover?
Mandy: Yup, chocolate and vanilla!

hotwifeblog: Have you ever received multiple creampie from different guys?
Mandy: My bOYtOYs, then my husband. In that order.

hotwifeblog: Have you ever had anyone clean you up orally after receiving a creampie?
Mandy: My husband. He can’t wait to clean me up. Sometimes I make him wait until we get home if we’re at a bOYtOY’s home. The thought of me in the car holding the last drippings of cum in my pussy for him can make the drive home sometimes dangerous (I think the blood in his hard cock takes away from his driving abilities, lol).

hotwifeblog: Tell us about one of your recent hotwife experiences?
Mandy: Well, it’s actually 2 successive nights with 2 different bOYtOYs (oh, what a slut I am). Anyway, night #1 was with a much younger man (about 25 years younger than me). I was extremely horny and figured a guy that age wouldn’t have any trouble getting hard or cumming and would be good for at least 3x’s in one night. WRONG! He was so nervous (although he said he was tired from a very hectic week at work), that he had trouble getting a woody. I love cock sucking (as I mentioned before), but I also don’t like beating a dead horse! After about 1-1/2 hours of trying, stopping and trying again, I managed a quick spurt of cum from him. He reassured me that it wasn’t me (I never thought that for a second). Night #2 was a man about 5 years older than me. I never assume an older guy is going to have what I call a “stubborn” dick (one like night #1, although that wasn’t stubborn, it was downright muleheaded). But I do go with the mindset that things may take longer due to age. Not in this case. This man was hard as soon as I had his pants off and he had me singing high notes like Mariah Carey in no time! When someone can make me cum fast, hard and multi-O’s, I want to give attention back to where it’s deserved - on his gorgeous cock :-) I wrapped my lips around his shaft and sucked, stroked, and licked every bump, curve and vein. I teased him a bit by just using my tongue, no mouth, for a while. By then I so highly aroused by the anticipation of the load I was about to receive, that I went full throttle and devoured his rod with my mouth and used my hands to pump out his man juice. He gifted me with an enormous load on my face, which, what I didn’t swallow, I let drip down my chin unto my boobies. I then fingerpainted with the thinning cum, swirling it around and letting it dry to a deliciously nasty glaze on my breasts. My husband watched the entire episode with a look of awe, pride and pleasure on his face. He knows if I’m happy and satisfied, he’ll reap the rewards later.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle?
Mandy: It only works if you are BOTH secure with yourselves and each other.

hotwifeblog: What plans do you have for your website for the future?
Mandy: I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years, so at this point I don’t foresee changing anything. I guess I’ll keep on the hunt for more bOYtOYs until I morph from a MILF to a GILF!

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle?
Mandy: It’s a natural part of our lives, so until my pussy shrivels up and Keith’s dick can’t get up, we’re there!



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Interview by Trash


May 23, 2008

Saturday Night Fun

Since I can’t tell my friends about any of this because of the nature of my job, I just had to get it off my chest. On Saturday night, my husband and I went out to a local club for a few drinks and to meet a few friends. There was another couple and some single guys and girls. We stayed and danced for a few hours and then, my husband, being a typical guy, wanted to get out of there because he can’t stand dance music. One of the couple’s guy friends suggested that we all go back to his place and continue the party there. We followed him to his house, a very nice two story with a great game room. We did a few shots, listened to some music and played pool. About midnight, Andy and her husband had to leave and get their kids. One by one the other three guys that were there decided to leave, even though I did my best to try to get them to stay and continue the party. About three in the morning, David (the home owners roommate) came home from work. He tends a bar at a place not too far away and Gregg (the homeowner) didn’t realize he would be home so soon. Gregg, whom we didn’t really even know, introduced us to David and made us another round of shots. David was HOT! He has long hair and a closely trimmed beard. Having had a few, I couldn’t help but think about how wild he would be. Gregg was good looking too, so the wheels started turning, and I challenged them to pool against me and my husband. They accepted and we played for a while, and I flirted and teased all three of them. David excused himself to go to the bathroom and I half joking offered to help him out. I grabbed him by the hand and led him to the bathroom. We went in and closed the door. I told him how hot he was and explained the fact that we were a very open couple as I undid his zipper and pulled out his cock. He was very nervous about being in the bathroom with me like this, so I left and let him finish up by himself. I could tell Gregg knew something was going on by the look on his face, so I reassured him everything was OK.

David came out and told everyone that he was gong to bed. I stopped him and told my husband to tell them that it was OK. As he explained to Gregg, I pulled down David’s zipper, got down on one knee, and began to suck his cock. Gregg was shocked and wasn’t sure about what to do. I stopped and told him to come over to where I was so I could suck him off too. My husband came over and pulled his cock out so I could suck it and told Gregg that it was OK. I stopped what I was doing, went over to Gregg, pushed him down onto the couch and climbed on top of him. I undid his pants and pulled out his dick….it was huge….at least nine inches. I couldn’t believe how big it was. My husband pulled my pants and underwear off and started to finger my pussy and ass. He told David to fuck my pussy. I came right there as David slammed me from behind. I loved every minute of it, as the three of them took turns fucking me. Gregg’s cock was soo big, my husband thought that I was having a heart attack while he was fucking me. I let my husband stick his cock in my ass while I sat on David’s cock. I just kept cumming and cumming. I let all three of them shoot their loads on my face. It was incredible. I was really sore the next morning, but it was soo worth it. I can’t wait to go out to where David works and have a few drinks. I want to see if we can have a party in the bar after it closes.

Submitted by: Kari - Pittsburgh

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