July 16, 2008

Ruthie Interviewed

Back in May we introduced you to an exciting new hotwife by the name of Baby Ruthie. Ruthie is a hotwife in a major way, finding cock wherever she can. I love her carefree slutty style and was thrilled when she recently and kindly answered a few questions for me. Thanks Ruthie…

Baby Ruthie

What made you start this, becoming a hotwife? And can you describe the feeling you get from being a hotwife?

We always love to tell the story of how we got into this. It was really by accident. It actually started three years ago when Jim and I got cell phones with a camera on them. We were at a park one day and of course I was horny (haha!) so I started sucking Jim’s cock and he started taking some pics with his camera phone. He got hard and of course fucked me while he took some more pics. I love being naked, especially outside and we had so much fun taking pics that day that we bought a digital camera and went out almost every weekend and took pics. After we had been doing it for awhile, Jim asked if he could post some of my pics on some of the websites like voyeur web and project voyeur, hotwife blog, or other Amateur website pic posts. I told him “no way absolutely not”!

Well, I found out a year later that he had been posting my pics without telling me. When I won first place at one of the sites I guess he figured it was time to tell me about it since I was going to be getting a check in the mail for winning 1st place. I was pissed when he first told me, but when I read all the comments in the comment section from all the guys, I found it so exciting that I wanted to post more pics right away. I loved it so much that I would answer every guy who left a comment.

One of them that I answered turned out to be a web designer. He ask me if I would be interested in setting up my own website. It sounded like a lot of fun so Jim and I decided to do it. It’s been a blast! Hooking up with other guys wasn’t a big stretch for me since I was pretty slutty before I met Jim and we were married. I used to go home with a different guy (a few times 2 guys) almost every night when I went out to the bar. I got to be so popular around the town that I lived in that sometimes guys that had just heard about me from a friend of theirs that I had been with would stop by my place, knock on my door and ask me for a BJ. I’ve always loved sucking cocks so quite a few guys left my place with a smile on their face.

The feeling I get from doing this is excitement, especially doing it in places I know I might get caught! It’s a big turn-on to me when I know people are watching me! I went to a bike rally last year and I was recognized by lots of guys that have seen my pictures or videos on the internet or been to my website. I loved the attention I walked around naked the whole time! The guys loved it and so did I. I had this one guy come up to me and asked if he could measure my nipples (which were the talk of the rally!) and I said sure! They are 5/8 by 5/8, by the way! lol. Anyway, he had a bunch of beads around his neck. One set had a cock on the end and I asked him how I could get that one with the cock on the end. Well, he said just what I was hoping he would say! He said I would have to suck his cock first! By this time, there were a bunch of guys watching so I got on my knees and started sucking his cock. He was playing with my pussy. Between that and sucking his cock I got so horny that I told him to fuck me doggy style. I was loving this especially with all the guys watching and taking pics. While he was fucking me from behind in front of everyone, another guy leant down and said “Hi Ruthie I love your pics and videos” and the guy that was fucking me turned me around and said, “Ruthie? Baby Ruthie?” I said “yes” and the look on his face was priceless cuz he had no idea who I was till then. I thought that was so cool and it was hot that I was fucking one of my fans without even knowing it!

I could go on and on with more of the fun times I’ve had but this interview would be 10 pages long! So guess I better stop.

To date, what has been your favorite encounter on film?

I think my favorite one was truck stop whore. Jim thought up that name (leave it up to a guy to come up with a name like that) Its a short clip, I think about 10 mins maybe less but it was fun just because of the way it all happened. I had been talking to a woman named Kate on IM for a couple of months who had been going to my site for a long time and loved it. She lives about 2 hrs from Des Moines which is where I’m from and had a fuck buddy that was a truck driver and a huge fan of mine. She IM’d me one day and ask me if I would do her a big favor. It was her fuck buddies birthday in a few days and she wanted to get him something really special (ME!) he was due to deliver a load to Des Moines that Saturday and she told me he always stopped at his favorite truck stop (which is Bosselmans all for you truckers who know Iowa). She asked I#if I would surprise him with a phone call when he got there. Now I had never talked to him before so that’s what made it so fun. When he answered I said “happy Birthday this is Baby Ruthie and I’m your birthday present from Kate”. The first thing he said was “NO WAY! This is a joke right. Kate gave you my number. No way!” He didn’t believe it was really Babyruthie at first and it took me a while to convince him that it was me but after he finally realized it he was so excited he could hardly talk.

After I got him to talk to me a little we agreed I would come out to meet him. He told me which truck he was in so I had Jim drive me through the truck lot till I spotted him. We got out and he smiled from ear to ear, hugged me and we talked for a little bit. then I took his hand and lead him back between his truck and another one that was parked next to him, got down on my knees, unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and started sucking him right there in the truck lot.

It was so hot! I could see the cars going by on the interstate while I sucked his cock. As you can imagine it didn’t take long till he was shooting a load of cum in my mouth. He just kept squirting and squirting in my mouth and all over my face. He had a huge load! After he got done unloading his cum in me and on me he called Kate and thanked her, over and over again. He just kept saying “I can’t believe you set this up for me, I just can’t believe it” I’ve done a lot videos with a lot of different guys but that one has to be my favorite.

How do you choose the people you party with?

Well I’ve met quite a few fans and members of my site. I love meeting those guys. I use various adult dating sites, hopefully I’ll get a few more fuck buddies from this interview with Hotwife Blog. I like guys with a sense of humor and I know right off when I talk to them on the phone for the first time or read their emails if I want to hook up with them. All of the guys I meet are pretty much just regular guys. Most of them are attractive married guys whose wives for what ever reason are not interested in sex any more. Most of them are middle aged 30s to 40s but I have met guys anywhere from their 20s to 50s. I always go for the married guys because they’re safe to meet and so horny. I’ve found that most all guys surfing porn on the internet are horny sex starved husbands. A lot of them that I’ve met only have sex every month or two if they’re lucky. I think it’s sad that so many couples end up that way. I’m not sure how wives get to that point because I’ve always loved sex so it doesn’t make any sense to me at all. But from my point of view I guess I should thank all those wives. I guess I better not though. I’m not out to cause any divorces. Just have some fun!

Question to Jim, Ruthie’s hubby - What do you like about these hotwife encounters and experiences with Ruthie?

Gee that’s a tough question hehehe. IT’S HOT! I’ve had so many of Ruthie’s members say that I’m living every mans dream, or fantasy is probably more like it. It’s so much more fun making porn than watching it. With Ruthie I get the best of both worlds. Ruthie meets 3 or 4 new guys a month sometimes more. It’s pretty hot watching her meet a guy for the first time and go down on him. It’s so hot sometimes it’s just too much to handle and I have to put down the camera for a while and have her give me some too hehehe!. Most of the time I’m too busy though. I have camera in each hand snapping shots with one hand and taking video with the other. It’s a real trick sometimes. Putting the videos together when we get it all back home is a pretty good time. I guess to sum it all up its just fun!

Other than yourself, Ruthie, who do you like to watch? Do you watch you own videos or anything?

I don’t really watch any videos at all not even my own. Every now and then Jim will show me a small piece of one of mine just to (as he puts it) show me how cute or slutty I am. I guess I don’t feel I need to watch them. I just like making them. It’s way too much fun being a slut for fun than to watch the vids lol

Is Ruthie your web alias?

Actually Ruthie is my real name. When Jim and I opened the site we were pretty dumb and didn’t know that most girls used a fake name. That has caused us some problems around town. Some people found out about it that we really didn’t want to have known about it. Like family. The worst meeting we had had to have been with the pastor of our church who found out. Jim’s always kind of wondered what our pastor was doing surfing porn. Anyway it’s all out in the open now and I guess it’s better that way. It’s too hard to hide this stuff. I’m actually like this all the time, slutty; I mean. I’ve been that way ever since I had sex for the first time. I loved it so much I couldn’t stop. I was a virgin until I was 26 but think I’ve more than made up for lost time. I get recognized all the time when I’m out places and I really do love it. I can’t wait for summer again. I love wearing short skirts without panties or a bra. I got recognized at Wal-Mart one day last summer and me and this guy ended up going out to the parking lot, getting in his pickup where I gave him a BJ .

I’ve done stuff like that that with more than a few guys. More times than not if I run into a guy and he’s reasonably attractive and can make me laugh we’ll end up in the park or a motel somewhere.

Describe the feeling you get knowing that people are getting off while watching you?

I love knowing that guys are jacking off to me and some of them tell me about it. I’ve always had my email and IM link up in my message boards for anyone that stumbles across my site to use. I used to get on line every Monday night and webcam for anyone who was there just for fun. I would get naked for them and play with my pussy and they would turn on there cams so I could watch them jack off. I really loved that. I got so popular because I was doing it for free that I would get 60 or 70 all at once and my computer would crash trying to keep up. I loved watching them get off on me though. I tried to split them up once and have 1/2 of them come on Monday and other 1/2 of them Wednesday but that didn’t work so well because all of them tried to get on both nights and still crashed my computer.

Describe how you feel just before you meet one of your sexual encounters for the first time?

I get nervous and excited both when I meet a guy for the first time. As many guys as I’ve met you wouldn’t think I would get nervous but still I do. I think that’s all part of the fun though. Sometimes I stand outside a guys hotel room for a while before I get up the nerve to knock on the door but once I get inside and touch his cock for the first time it all turns to excitement.

What would be just one of your fantasies that you haven’t realized yet but would like to do?

Well you might not believe this with all the guys I’ve been with but I’ve never done a DP and I would love to do that. I just did a GB last week but didn’t get the DP. I think it’s because all the guys I meet are just regular guys, not porn stars or anything like that. I don’t think most guys know how to get in the right position for something like that. Not to mention that with the type of guys I meet they are really worried about the gay factor. You know like if their cocks would happen to touch or something. I hope to do one someday though. Anyone out there want to help me?

What are your plans for the next few years?

I hope to just keep doing what I’m doing now and having fun with it. If something else comes up that sounds like fun I’ll do that too. But I just love being the slutty wife and meeting guys! It’s a Blast.

Baby Ruthie

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July 14, 2008

Hotwife Dating Encounter

Hello my name is Lupo. I have been a fan of your site for a long time. My wife Calliope (whom I have attached a few pictures of) and I have talked about cuckolding. When the hotwifedating site was started, we posted a ad calling ourselves Ombralupo. We were contacted almost right away by Sport. After a lot of emails, texts, IMs, and phone calls, Sport and I had lunch together. I put my stamp of approval on him. This lead to a dinner with the three of us. There was flirting and a little touching but that was all. My wife really liked him as a person and was attracted to him. We invited him over to have some dinner a few weeks later. I will let my wife tell you what happened on that day:

My name is Calliope. My husband and I have been discussing cuckolding for a while now, and finally decided to try it out and found a good match for us pretty quickly. After the emails and text messages and steamy voicemails went well, the next logical progression was to go to dinner and meet our potential “friend” face to face. He was very sweet and outgoing, and I tried to get over my natural shyness even though I giggled every time he touched my leg, which was OFTEN. But the butterflies in my stomach were a sure sign that there was also chemistry there, so after our platonic date I told my husband I definitely wanted to see this guy again. “What if I said no?” my husband asked with a grin. I think he already knew my answer. “Tough; you don’t get to decide.” I told him.

We soon set up a second meeting for dinner at our house, followed by talking and then seeing what would come next. In the days before the date, my future lover tantalized me with scandalous voicemails that I had to listen to in private, afraid someone might be able to hear or see on my face that I was totally turned on by what I was listening to. My hubby usually texts me, so every time I had a voicemail I just knew who it was.

On the day of the date I could barely get any work done. I thought all day about what I was willing to do with this near-stranger. I wondered if having sex with him on the second date would make me a slut. Then I laughed because having sex with another man in front of my husband made me a slut, and I was enjoying it no matter which date it was.

We rushed home after work and did the last minute picking up around the house quickly so I could shower and change. My husband helped me dress in a tight blue corset with matching thong, jeans, and a white shirt that showed some of the corset underneath it. He got me a drink while I did my makeup, and just as I finished our new friend arrived.

As soon as he walked in I had the feeling that I was going to have sex with him, but I was suddenly feeling shy again, so we all just talked and ate dinner, enjoying the evening and each other’s company. Then my husband suggested that I show our guest what was under my shirt. I unbuttoned my shirt and turned to face him. He smiled and said, “Very nice. How about if I did this?” and he started gently touching my breasts inside the top of the corset. I was instantly turned on and started breathing heavily. He continued touching and massaging my tits while he leaned in for a passionate kiss. I don’t think I have ever gone from shy to brazen so quickly. He seemed to enjoy turning me into a sudden insatiable slut, chuckling and telling me how sexy I looked.

We continued groping and kissing on the couch for a while, and I took off my jeans to straddle his lap, where his already hard cock was pushing up his shorts into a bump I could grind my pussy against. He pushed my thong aside and slid his fingers inside my pussy, which was hot and soaking wet by then, and he moaned when he felt how much his kisses and fondling was affecting me.

“I want you so bad, right now,” he murmured. I made the decision that it was definitely time to take it all the way at that point. One of the biggest turn-ons for me has always been when a man says he wants me. I took my thong off and with some help from him unbuttoned his shorts, freeing his hard cock to my exploring hands. Loads of precum was coating the head of his cock, and I used it as lube as I glided my hand up and down his shaft, running my palm over the top to watch him jump and squirm. He got even harder under my hand and finally he kissed me again and pulled me back onto his lap. His cock strained upward, touching the outer lips of my pussy and rubbing back and forth for a moment before slipping inside. He sucked in a breath of pleasure and grinned at me once before kissing me again deeply and moving in and out, finding our rhythm together.

“Oh, yeah, I could get used to fucking you,” he said. I just moaned, too far gone in pleasure to respond coherently. His cock has a slight curve to it that was rubbing against my G-spot in a way my hubby never has been able to do, and I was enjoying every second of it. Soon I was actually cumming from it, moaning louder than I usually allow myself to do. My husband was watching all of it breathlessly, memorizing all he could of the experience. Soon, though, I had to stop because my hips were protesting the straddling position on our cushiony couch. So we moved into the bedroom.

Knowing my new lover’s preference for a nice ass view, I got onto our waterbed on my hands and knees, aiming my ass into the air in his direction. He came into the room and stopped talking mid-sentence to admire my round, full ass. He immediately started fondling it and even spanked it lightly a few times, then he pressed his hard cock into my pussy again and pulled back on my hips to fuck me doggy-style. I was loving this position, my favorite, but soon he needed to switch position since the hard sides of our waterbed were hurting his legs. I didn’t mind. I wanted to see what the other positions felt like with my new playmate. I lay down on my back and he got on top and thrust his cock into me again, rubbing my G-spot with it as he had on the couch. Soon he leaned back and took my ankles in his hands, lifting my legs up high so he could get deeper inside me. His balls slapped my ass as he fucked me hard and fast, and soon I was cumming again.

He got onto his back and I got on top, teasing him by moving my hips in circles on his cock. He gripped my hips hard and moaned. I guess that felt good because he told me to keep that move in mind for future dates. I used the muscles of my pussy to squeeze his hard shaft each time he slid out of me and relax each time he slid in. He played with my tits and my ass as I arched my back and continued moving on his cock until I brought myself to a third orgasm.

By now we were both pretty tired, and I sent my hubby for a drink of water. While he was gone my lover told me he was very close to cumming and said that he wanted to explode deep inside my pussy and fill it with his cum. I groaned in pleasure, because that is just about my favorite feeling of all, when a man presses deep inside me and unloads his cum. I told him I wanted him to cum in me just as my hubby came back in with water for us. We sipped it and then I had to put it down because he was touching my nipples and distracting me. We kissed deeply again, and then he was on top of me, entering my hot pussy that was already getting very accustomed to his cock. He increased his speed gradually, both of us breathing harder and faster in time with his thrusts as I tried to match his pace with my own upward movements of my hips. Finally, he looked down at me and told me he was going to cum. I told him, “yes, cum in me. Make me your naughty slut.” He moaned and then came deep inside me, giving me yet another small orgasm from the feeling of his cock twitching inside me.

After all of that we needed a little rest, so we relaxed on the bed and talked to my husband, who was still completely dressed. I felt a little odd that we were naked (my corset had been taken off sometime during all the fucking) and he still had all his clothes on, but it also seemed right to be so naughty.

We talked for a while and then my hubby mentioned that it was getting a little late, so if my lover wanted to fuck me again he needed to make it kind of quick. We all had to work the next day, and he still had to drive home. I was expecting him to say it was too late and just go, but he turned to me with a sparkle in his eye and said, “What d’ya say, wanna go again?” I chuckled and told him I was ready, and he immediately started playing with my tits and my ass again. I couldn’t believe how fast he got hard again, but very soon he was ready to fuck. First, however, he had to torture us both by rubbing his cock up and down my outer pussy, avoiding my attempts to push my pussy up around him. Finally he grinned and thrust his cock all the way into my pussy, chuckling about me closing my eyes and moaning when he did so. He again built up speed, his curved cock caressing my G-spot and sending waves of pleasure through me. This time he didn’t hold anything back, quickly building up to a fever pitch, fucking me faster and harder than at any other time of the night. Very soon he warned me that he was close again, and I moaned for him to fill my pussy again. He liked hearing me beg for his cum, and with one last thrust he came hard inside me. I had another one of the little sympathy orgasms I get when a man cums in me, and I smiled up at him as he pulled his cock out and rested for a moment before getting dressed.

We walked him to the door and thanked him for coming over, and I gave him one last lingering kiss goodnight. As soon as he was gone my husband led me into the bedroom and gently pushed me down onto my back, burying his face in my pussy and licking my lover’s cum out of me. My husband is very good at oral, so even though I was exhausted I was soon ready to be fucked yet again. Hubby was already hard, probably had been since I had started making out with our guest in the living room, and as soon as I reached down to touch his shoulder and said, “Fuck me” he was surging up my body to comply. His own shorts were on the floor in a millisecond, and he thrust his own cock into my pussy where my lover’s had been less than 15 minutes before. He fucked me harder than usual, desperately aroused by watching me all evening with another man. His cock always feels good, but my body had spent the whole evening adapting to my lover’s cock and now my husband’s didn’t feel quite as right. I told him this and he moaned. I smiled at him and asked how another man’s cum had tasted in his wife’s pussy. I could barely make out the word “great” in his answering moan, so I chuckled and asked him how the sloppy seconds felt on his cock. He groaned loudly and fucked even harder, which I took to mean that it felt very good for him to fuck me after another man had already cum in my pussy.

Fortunately, since I was very tired, my hubby came very, very quickly, adding his cum to the two loads already filling up my pussy. He collapsed onto the bed beside me, and both of us slept very soundly that night.

I think I can safely speak for both of us when I say we are both looking forward to seeing my lover again. More emails and voicemails have brought up some very interesting ideas for the next time we get together. I know I still get hot and wet just thinking about fucking him again, and we are thinking about leaving Hubby out of it next time, just letting him hear my moans from the other room. We’ll have to see what happens.


Submitted by: Ombralupo - llinois

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July 12, 2008

Chicago Wives Wanted

Black Bachelor Diary Update:
Gangbangin Yuppie Chicago Wives For The Summer!

So my brothers and I have decided to kick off Interracial summer 2008 in Chicago, home of the most yuppiest conservative Cubs fans in the world! I really didn’t know what to expect when we got here but I must say there are a lot of bored, horny, yuppy house wives in this city! This weekend we found our first hot wife to pass around to the crew. Her name is Veronica, she’s 41, has three kids and has been married to a good Christian husband for five years!

Hubby is having a hard time accepting that his mid western yuppy wife would do such a nasty thing as fucking black men with massive black dicks! He decided to wait in the car as my brother Johnny, (johnny 15 inch), that is took the first round of this 12 round black cock fight! Veronica stood her ground but after feeling Johnny’s 15 incher in her tight, white married butt hole she was ready to throw in the white towel! “My husband is not into anal sex at all, is what this hot wife said before her hole was stretched to the size of the state of Texas”!!

Here are the pictures from Round 1 of this Chicago, black cock bout”! More pictures coming soon!

Attention hotwives in the Chicago land and surrounding areas if you have been looking for your first interracial gangbang experience, please give us a call. I have set up a new BBC voicemail service I understand that there are not a lot of people in the lifestyle here in the midwest, we are in this area for the rest of the summer. Serious Wives, single, divorced, bored women only!! 312-494-5778

Black Bachelor







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July 10, 2008

After Party

We found ourselves on a friday night minus kids, an empty house and getting buzzed partying etc. As usual she was dressed to kill in a summer tank top and skin tight low rise jeans. We left to visit some friends and on the way I commented if she had no bra on. She said only the small rubbery things she places on her nipples. I said, “Dare you to remove them.” in a second she reached inside and took them off.

Let me preface by saying she can be counted on to stand provocatively on front of people, she always leans forward sexily, etc. At our friends house there were two couples and a young guy in his twenties, the cousin of the owner of the home.

I was in the other room and was aware of her drifting away to have one on one’s in the other rooms and outside by the garage. I’d got up once in a while and saw she was out there with the owner and this young cousin.

Fast forward a bit, its time to leave. I was fairly sober and she was not and neither was the cousin who spent all night taking advantage of my wife’s subtle exhibitionism and sexual conversation. He couldn’t drive and needed to crash somewhere, so the next thing we know is he’s hitching a ride with us.

We get home and my wife goes upstairs to change. She then comes down in a lime green bikini and robe and wants to go swimming. Again, I indulge these infrequent bursts of hers primarily as a means to an end, if I benefit from indulging her I can handle it.

We all got in the pool and we started swimming and chatting and loosening up some more, Eventually I got out, leaving them both together. I went inside to dry off and then upstairs to change and look outside the window down to the pool area. Sure enough, as has happened before, this young guy probably couldn’t believe his good luck. My wife is mid forties, hot sexy body, huge tits, shaved pussy and a smooth tight perfect asshole.

They were out of the pool now and he was sitting on a chaise lounge and she was between his legs and they were chatting intimately. I couldn’t wait any longer so I went downstairs and caught my wife’s eye and motioned down to the basement. She smiled and said to our young friend “Come with me”. He didn’t need asking twice and we all went down to the basement.

My wife stood up and we both instinctively kneeled in front of her. He then started licking her bald pussy while I spread her ass open and tongued her asshole. At this point she was totally lost to the freakiness of it all. She laid on a couch and I had her put on some knee high black boots. She reached under her knees to spread her legs and then he positioned himself over her and without a condom he took his cock and started smashing the head of it on her clit. I then saw him position it right at her opening and then slowly stuff it in her.

Within a minute he was pounding her pussy as hard as I’ve ever done it or seen before. She was totally crazed and saying, ‘Fill me up.. fill up my cunt’. It wasn’t too long before he obliged and unloaded his cum in her pussy. She told me later she came from the knowledge and sensation of the cum filling her. He then backed away and told me I’m next. I took my cock and stuffed it in her hot, wet pussy and within ten or fifteen minutes I was filling her up as well.

We then spent the next four plus hours fucking her until sunrise. I can remember falling asleep only to be woken by her on all fours getting slammed. We both probably shot four or five loads in her and on her that night.

I know not every guy could handle our lifestyle. Most can’t. I’m now passed the point of trying to figure out how I can allow it and get off on it. We’re all wired differently. For me personally I’ve come to terms with it in that if this is her ultimate turn on and that’s what I have to allow to get totally freaky with her, After twenty years of marriage I realize life’s too short and just deal with it.

I would love to hear from other husbands like me. This isn’t about cuckolding or creampies, just my way of making sure the wife gets fucked the best she can.

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Submitted by: nyrker42 - New York


July 8, 2008

Hotwife and Cuckold Gals

Some new hotwife galleries for you. First up is Ginger from Hotwives and Girlfriends. Ginger is a hot girlfriend who recently got engaged to her long time boyfriend. She has been in the swinging lifestyle for about two years and she enjoys both men and women. However, lately it has been more guys as she enjoys the variety and her fiance loves to share her with other men. Next up is Brenda from Hubby Watches Wife. Brenda’s hubby has always wanted to watch her fuck a younger man. The chemistry between them was outstanding and hubby was more than happy to watch his beautiful blonde wife getting fucked nice and hard by his big giant cock. Our last gallery comes from Cuckold Me Now. One of the best sites containing cuckold theme movies and creampie eating.

Ginger Takes another man’s load in her pussy

Brenda’s Husband watches his wife get fucked
Bonus Solo Gallery


July 6, 2008

Dancing Club

When my husband, Charlie, and I had were married for less than a year, he began to encourage and later almost badger me to have sex with other men. I thought that he wanted the excuse or opportunity to have sex with other women and that he didn’t love me, but I was mistaken.

We went ‘clubbing’ every weekend and he bought me many a lot of sexy and revealing clothes for ‘clubwear’. The blouses were sheer or see-thru and meant to be worn without a bra and the skirts were short and tight and he didn’t want me to wear panties. When I would come home from work on Friday evenings my bathroom (the master bathroom) would be immaculate. My husband had bought me almost every color of lipstick that Elizabeth Arden made. He bought me make-up, eye shadow, eye shadow brushes and glitter along with many expensive perfumes. My bath would already be drawn replete with bubble bath. He’d would make me a drink while I soaked in my bath and thought of the evening ahead.

We went to the hottest singles clubs and meat markets in Dallas, Texas. The clubs with a disproportionate number of single guys and we went in separately. He’d follow me in after I had entered a club alone and he’d parked our car. We learned quickly that single men would not hit on me if they saw my husband accompany me when we entered the club. I really didn’t want to go, I loved my husband, but there was a lot of dancing and I loved to dance. Charlie had never learned to dance and I am a dancing fool but if there is hot music around, I have to dance.

Some really hot guys asked me to dance and I said, “Yes”, because as I said, I love to dance. Well, I had fun and I had the opportunity to shake my booty and I guess most attractive women crave masculine attention. Then, there were those slow songs where different men would hold me closely as we danced together. I began to notice how much I enjoyed their hands on my body and I began to realize how much I’d missed being with other men. My hands wondered a little bit themselves as they ‘innocently’ would brush against some stud muffin’s hard penis. On other occasions, a guy would take my hand and place it directly on his crotch and if he was cute I’d let it stay there. I didn’t stop good looking men from touching or caressing my breasts and I made out with some guys, too. After all, I was doing it for my husband and he liked to watch. A few men finger-fucked me as we danced when there were lots of people on the dance floor and it wasn’t obvious.

After an evening of this my husband and I would go home and make love like crazy. I would tell him what had happened during the evening and he noticed how wet that I’d become. Growing up, I loved sucking a guy’s dick. I began sucking cock when I was in the tenth grade and I always swallowed. I’d gone steady with a guy who was a senior and we were making out and I was sucking his dick when he came in my mouth. We were both dressed and I didn’t want to get any of it on our clothes, so I swallowed his semen. After that, I always swallowed when a guy ejaculated in my mouth. I told my husband , “That was the icing on the cake”.

When I was in college, I’d go out with other girls to clubs to dance and drink. Different guys would hit up on me and I would go out to their cars with them, even though I hadn’t met them before and I’d suck their dicks while they played with my pussy. In my freshman year, some guy got me so hot that I didn’t stop him when he took all my clothes off at his apartment and I let him fuck me. His room mate came in shortly afterwards and I fucked him, too. I guess I was hooked after my first encounter so I went to the doctor and got a prescription for BC pills. I enjoyed teasing a guy and sucking his dick almost more than anything. But, I enjoyed fucking even as much, if not more. I sucked some guy’s dicks when never even learned their names.

Well, when I’d told my husband this, it had made him very excited. He’d already told me that he’d like for me fuck another man while he watched but I had told him no. But, he was so aroused that he asked me, “If I would like to suck some of the guy’s dicks that had asked me to dance?” I hate to admit it, but that thought had already crossed my mind.

One night I was dancing with a very attractive black guy at a club at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas, Texas on the North Dallas Tollway. My husband was watching ’somewhere’, but I didn’t know where as it was a big club located in the basement. This guy’s hands were on my ass while I ground my wet pussy against his huge cock. Finally, I asked him, “If he’d like to come over to my house so that I could make him feel good?” He asked me where I lived and I told him with my husband. He was shocked and thought that my husband might be gay, but I explained my husband just enjoyed watching me with other men.

He went to the bathroom while I told Charlie what had happened. My black friend wanted to speak to me alone after I introduced him to my husband, but we were already getting our coats and preparing to leave. My husband and I were going scuba diving in Mexico the next day and we didn’t want to stay out too late. Anyway, we stepped out into the cold night, it was winter, and then my black friend followed us to where we had parked our car as my husband led the way and we followed behind him. Every fifteen feet or so, we would stop and kiss as our hands wondered hungrily over each other’s bodies.

Finally, we reached our car and he got in on my side and my husband got in on the driver’s side. I lowered the passenger seat into a reclining position. Under my coat, I’d been wearing a sheer blouse and my nipples were erect as he pushed my short skirt up above my waist and his hand was between my widely spread thighs while I unzipped his pants and freed his huge penis. He slid two fingers inside my shaved pussy while his thumb played with my clit and I moaned loudly as my mouth closed around the thick bulbous head of his gigantic black penis. He groaned as I sucked it more deeply into my obscenely stretched mouth. I had never sucked a dick that big in my entire life and I loved it. I couldn’t help but wonder how a penis that size would feel inside me. My husband has a respectable seven and a half-inches, but Roger, the guy’s name, made my husband look small by comparison. I didn’t have a lot of time to think because he was making me climax upon his fingers. That felt really good and I moaned loudly and told Roger how great it felt. Roger asked my husband if he would like to see me get fucked by a big dick? My husband replied, “No”, although he later told me that he really had wanted to see me get fucked by that big penis. I didn’t tell him that I’d wanted it, too. Well, I sucked Roger off and swallowed the largest amount of cum that any guy had ever shot into my mouth before when he got his nut.

My husband and I flew to Mexico the next day to go diving, but every time that I sucked his dick, I thought of Roger’s huge penis and got wet. When we got back to Dallas, Charlie called Roger again and we both got on the phone and talked to Roger. When I said “Hello” to him he simply replied “More?” We went dancing together the following weekend. Charlie sat at our table and watched Roger and I dance together for a couple of hours while Charlie ordered drinks for everyone. Roger ran his hands all over my steaming body while I rubbed his big penis. It felt like it was even larger than the night we first met. When we rejoined my husband at our booth I sat in the middle between my husband and Roger. Roger’s left hand was under my sexy black dress playing with my pussy all night long, driving me mad with lust. I thought that the waitress would hear the wet squishy noises my pussy was making!

I’d told Charlie earlier that I had no intention of going to bed with Roger, but that I wanted to have oral sex with him. I couldn’t stop thinking about the contrast in skin tones and how great it would be to suck his huge dick while he licked my clit. I wanted that and I told Charlie, but I told him, “Not to expect anything else!” We went back to our house and Charlie was in the kitchen downstairs making everyone a drink while I took Roger on a tour of our house. We were in the master bedroom upstairs and I was checking my make-up from a compact on a night stand beside our bed when Roger put his arms around my waist and pulled me to him and kissed me. I put my arms around his neck and smiled as I kissed him back. I enjoyed the feeling of his tongue in my mouth and his huge cock rubbing my stomach. I was naked under my black dress. Charlie brought us our drinks and Roger and I talked with him for a few minutes before we began kissing again. I pushed Roger against our bed and pulled his pullover knit muscle shirt over his head. And, he had some impressive muscles, too. They were a lot bigger than my husband’s who works out all of the time.

Anyway, we continued kissing and I was becoming more and more turned on. I put Rogers hands on my breasts and he began to pinch my erect nipples through my sheer black dress. I undid his belt and unzipped his pants as I pushed him back onto our bed and pulled his slacks down his muscular thighs. I couldn’t help running my hands over his muscles, he must work out harder than my husband, I thought to myself. Finally, I had his pants off and I hung them up before removing his jockey shorts. His erect penis was huge even though I had seen it before, it must have been because it was night I thought. I climbed up on top of him still wearing my sheer dress and it rode high upon my thighs. I kissed him as I leaned down towards his face and our kisses became longer and longer. I put his hands, one at a time, on my breasts and he began playing with them again. I momentarily noticed my naked husband sitting in a chair at the end of our bed playing with himself. My attention was on Roger, not my husband, as we kissed again and again. My mouth was on each of his nipples that I sucked on and ran my tongue over and his big hands caressed my sides and my legs as I straddled him with my wet pussy rubbing his stomach.

Finally, I crawled off of him and pulled my dress over my head as I faced him on our bed and his large hands were immediately on my breasts. Now we were both naked and I was on my hands and knees as his ten inch black dick bobbed up and down in front of me that I watched as if I was hypnotized. My mouth was drawn to it like an iron going to a magnet and I was on it almost as quickly. I took as much of him as I could into my mouth and I didn’t care if I choked on it, either. I wanted it as much as I had ever wanted a dick in my life. I was between his thighs, sucking on his cock for over twenty-five minutes when he turned me around and I was now on top of him. We were in the classical sixty-nine position and he could now lick my clit while I sucked his penis. Roger was very good and he made me orgasm very quickly. We continued on and for me, each orgasm becomes easier and stronger. I had climaxed about seven times when Roger groaned and filled my mouth with his baby batter. I swallowed every drop and continued sucking his dick because it stayed hard; it never became soft. I thought that I might be able to make him come again.

After a few minutes when I didn’t get a response, I climbed off, crawled up to Roger and put my arms around his neck and kissed him. I asked him if he could come again and he just smiled at me in response. I kissed him again and moved down between his thighs where I began licking the length of his ebony club and sucking it into my mouth while he nodded as he looked down at me. I thought that it was so sensuous to be naked in my marital bed with another man, a handsome black man, while my husband watched and jacked off, silently. I took Roger’s giant cock and placed it between my breasts and tiity fucked him, something I’d never done with my husband.

I moved up on top of Roger and put my arms around his neck and I kissed him, I felt his huge penis against my abdomen and my legs were on each side of his thighs as we kissed again. I hardly noticed as he took his huge penis and rubbed the head against my wet pussy before inserting the massive bulbous head inside of me. I guess I was surprised how easily he did this, but I was so excited that I didn’t stop him. He was so big that he had to work, actually, I had to work to get all of him inside of me. I was riding his penis for less than a minute when I had my first orgasm. Then, once he was completely inside of me and he was certain that I was not experiencing any discomfort, he started slamming it into me hard as I experienced one orgasm after another. I was in heaven, sheer sexual ecstasy. I mean with my husband maybe I can climax once every few times that he is inside of me. Usually, he has to lick my clit to make me orgasm. We do have a huge dildo that is cyber skin that he fucks me with and I will cream on that, but with Roger I was creaming on his dick almost immediately and continuously. When he finally came he filled my pussy with his cum and I rolled off of him. It dribbled out of me in a steady stream and my clitoris was huge! He taught me what a woman feels like when a real man fucks her.

Well, when he left for the night and Charlie and I were alone, Charlie and I talked after he fucked my gaping pussy. I didn’t tell him that I didn’t feel anything with him inside me although it felt nice. He had taped the entire evening and when I saw the recording the next day I thought that I looked like a movie star, I looked great! Charlie and I didn’t discuss what I’d done even though I had said I wouldn’t.

The next week passed uneventfully until Saturday afternoon. Around 4:30PM, Charlie told me that he’d invited Roger over to watch a movie. I was surprised to say the least and I would have been angry except I wanted to see Roger, badly. I realized that my pussy was dripping when Charlie kissed me and I could feel his erection. We were both obviously excited about the prospect of Roger and I fucking again.

Roger came over at about 9:00PM and I had taken my bath, washed my hair and shaved my pussy and spent an hour putting on my make-up. When Charlie made everyone a drink, I sat on the sofa next to Roger while Charlie sat in another chair off to the side. Roger had his arm around me and I played with his dick as we watched the tape of the previous week-end.

After we finished the tape, I led Roger upstairs to our bedroom and undressed him before I kneeled at his feet and told his big black cock, “I remember you.” I sucked it for about five minutes before I stood up and pulled my dress over my head. Now we were both naked and I kissed him again with his huge dick against my breasts. Roger walked over and got in bed and when he turned before he sat down, his hard dick pointed directly at me. I was naked except for my high heels and Charlie came up behind me, now also naked. When I climbed on our bed on my knees and sucked Roger’s dick again, Charlie removed my high heels and I climbed on top of Rogers face and gripped the headboard while Roger licked me to several orgasms before pulling me down onto his cock. His giant penis seemed to go in easier than the first time, but he still made me cum quickly. I was only on top for three orgasms before he turned me over on my back and fucked me missionary style. He pounded my brains out and I came about seven times before he emptied his seed inside me. He didn’t become flaccid, however. He continued fucking me and the he turned me over on my knees and fucked me doggy style through four more orgasms and another one for him. This time Roger pulled out of me and we both lay back on our bed. I was exhausted, but I spread my thighs apart when I felt Charlie get on the bed between them. I thought that he wanted to fuck me too, but he didn’t. I felt his mouth on my pussy and I looked down and was surprised to see him sucking Roger’s cum out of me before he licked my clit to orgasm and he kept licking me as I thought, why not? I had reached over and pulled Roger to me so that I could suck his gigantic penis again. In no time it was ready for business. Charlie had moved so that it was just Roger and I and Roger pushed me back so that my head touched our headboard and my legs were over his shoulders so that when he slammed into me he slapped the back of my womb. Talk about rough sex, he fucked me hard and then he picked me up and his penis slid inside me as my legs wrapped around me and I had wall sex for the first time in my life. We were back on the bed and Roger battered my swollen pussy two more times before he came inside of me for the last time that night and Charlie licked his semen out of me again.


Submitted by: Jeannie - Mesquite, TX


July 4, 2008

2 Cocks For Kelly

Just received an email and pictures from Kelly Anderson’s husband Shawn, I’d thought I’d share them with you.

Hi Trash!

Just thought you might like to know that one of my friends came over last weekend and fucked my wife. lol! Here are some photos. Feel free to use them on the blog if you like;)


Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

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July 2, 2008

Next Level

This is my Wife (hopefully soon to be my Hot Wife). A few weeks ago, her and a guy she met online went out for coffee and I got her to wear a very short, slutty and sexy dress for her coffee date. She is now in the process of getting ready to see him again for a trip to a casino out of town and I want to get her to spend the night there with him so he will do my Wifes hot pussy. She is willing to go, but reluctant to spend the night with him and trying to maintain a ‘friendship’ with the guy and nothing more. Any suggestions to how to get her to take it to the next level? Thanks!!!


Submitted by: Anonymous


June 30, 2008

Savannah’s Creampie

Slut Savannah Diary Update:

Hey Guys thanks so much for all of your kind words after my interview on hotwife blog. Lately everyone on my site has been requesting a creampie, so I found a guy in a bar. He was nice and wanted to fuck me so I came on to him. To the point I told him I wanted him to drop a load of cum in me and have my husband film. He thought I was kidding but I grabbed his crotch and told him he could use me anyway he wanted so long as he used me.

We got to the room and I started to blow him. He was so polite and I stopped him and told him I want to be treated like a slut, a piece of meat to be used. I have a loving husband that treats me great so I want strange cock in me to use me like the whore I am. I told him that if he didn’t want to use me like a cumdrop then I would quit. His eyes rolled back he said “oh God this is to good to be true” and told me to beg for his black cock.

I got on the bed and he fucked me hard, he spanked my ass and made me beg for his cum. When I came (which was several times) he told me to beg for his cum and pulled my hair. I had to tell him I was his whore and he could use me anyway he wanted. Finally I had to agree that he would give me his cum in my cunt if I would agree to stay in town one more night and fuck his friends. I agreed.

He started pumping my cunt deep and hard it may have been too hard but neither one of us cared. He came deep in me. I thought I was through serving him but he pulled out cum dripping everywhere and shoved it in my mouth telling me that a good slut cleans him afterwards. I complied. He rolled off the bed leaving me exhausted. Then he began calling his friends and telling them about the slut he fucked and how she agreed to fuck any of his friends the next day sight unseen. He smiled and said that I had promised and he would be back the next day with 6-10 of his buddies. He told me not to even think of a rubber and not to waste a drop. That is another story.







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June 28, 2008

Amber Update

Hey Trash…. Been a while since I wrote, to be truthfully honest it has been slow here lately. Oh we have some dirty fucks with other couples and they were fun but there is just something about seeing my wife going from soccer mom/business owner to bein a downright slut.

We as a couple have turned a corner. We found that we are both comfortable being Dom but we are also comfortable in being sub to each other. It can be a little tricky, but for the most part it can be and is going to be fun. It seems that I mostly have the upper hand in all this. Domming my slut relieves her of her inhibitions and if there is any “guilt” she puts it back on me and of course i don’t have any. In the future I have in line a blindfolded/hand bound adventure for her which will consist of two white guys and one black guy plus another couple. Another is a lawyer that wants her on his desk and another guy that wants to use her on his boat in a middle of a lake. All of which I will write to this blog to tell the lurid details with pics.

I advised Amber on a few thoughts on all this and I asked her thoughts too. She advised me that she would not refuse me - is that a good slut or what? When I am the Dom she will fulfill all my deviant desires, without admitting it to herself. She loves it, I can tell by how wet her pussy gets when we talk about it. It has gotten to the point where she wants to bring a girlfriend home and lick her pussy as I fuck her. I told her that i would be more than happy to be their sub for the night.

So until everything starts I will close but by Fall you will see my slut on the pages of hotwife blog and hear her slut stories. I have attatched a pic of her on this writing and if anyone wants to use her… let me know.


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Submitted by: Chuck - New York

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