August 24, 2009

My Online Newby

I’m a 26 year old hot slutty wife - very slim, UK size 6 with large firm natural breasts. I love cock and my husband can’t fuck me enough. I need more than one cock at once to really satisfy me. He loves to help me find cock so he can watch another man fuck me. We’ve been to swingers’ parties before and I’ve fucked his friend - with hubby licking up my cream-pie of course - and then sucking his friend off when I asked him to get him hard for me again coz I wanted the guy to gag my throat with his hot cum. But recently, I’ve wanted to cuck more regularly and hubby gets hard just at the thought so we started advertising for strangers to invite back so I could fuck them in front of him - we find them on Craigslist casual encounters wm4m.

Yesterday this guy answered our ad. He sent me pics of a nice shaved 7″ cock but said he had never done this before. A newbie - God that makes me wet. I couldn’t wait to show him what he’d been missing and we met him at a local bar in the middle of the day. He was cute enough but the bulge in his pants when he saw me walk in in my tight miniskirt and high heels was all I was interested in. I wasn’t wearing any knickers and made sure he knew this by bending over in front of him to get something from my handbag. My husband watched as I backed my arse up against our new playmate and let him slip his finger into my tight wet cunt right there in the bar. I lightly sat on his lap and let him slip another finger in and I perched forward a little so he could move them into my arse. I felt his cock harden more as I sat on his lap. We didn’t even stay to have a drink we all just wanted to get back to our place and fuck.

We live just around the corner so in a couple of minutes we were in the flat. I took newby’s hand and led him into the bedroom. Undoing his jeans and pulling down his underpants, his cock just sprung out. My husband stood beside us hard and staring with his cock in his hand as I took our friend’s dick deep into my mouth. God I love that feeling as a cock hits the back of my throat and makes my eyes water. I could taste the pre-cum straight away and hubby was moaning and looked like he was gonna explode. I just wanted newby’s cum so badly. I slipped his balls into my mouth, sucking them, then licked a finger and gently played with his arse-ring, penetrating just a little. Newby let out a moan and I knew it was time to let him have me. I bent over the bed, hitching up my skirt and he took off my top and bra roughly and cupped my breasts squeezing the nipples and making me drip. Neither of us could take it any more. I pulled him into me and he thrusted so deep I wanted to scream with ecstasy. I couldn’t help repeating “fuck me please fuck me” as my pussy took those 7 inches in greedily. My husband was wanking himself into a frenzy, loving seeing me so horny and out of control with another man’s cock up my cunt. I even allowed newby to put 3 fingers up my arse as he kept fucking me hard. It made my tight arse throb but I was so turned on he could have done anything to me and I’d still have kept begging him to fuck me.

Hubby wanted to get involved and knelt on the bed in front of me and I happily took his throbbing cock deep into my throat. Getting cock hard from both ends is all I need to start cumming and hubby rubbed my clit and fucked my mouth til my cunt convulsed around newby’s thrusting dick and I came for the first-time but not the last time. It was too much for our playmate and he shot his spunk deep inside me, moaning loudly, thrusting hard and convulsing as each squirt rushed into my eager cunt. Now hubby was moaning, gagging my throat til he was cumming so hard I had to swallow and swallow to take it all in but I saved just a bit in my mouth so I could dribble it onto newby’s mouth and he licked up his first taste of cum greedily.

It wasn’t long before we wanted more. We were all so fucking horny and not ready to stop. I had newby’s fresh cream pie oozing from my pussy and I straddled my husband’s face so he could give me a good clean out, I told him “lick your slutty wife clean” and he immediately got hard with cum all round his mouth as he licked me, sucked me and swallowed it all. Newby was watching and of course hard again. I told him to swap places with my husband on the bed and I sat on our playmate’s face so he could finish the cleanup and lick his own cum from my pussy. I got into 69 position, taking him into the back of my throat again and immediately gagging as he was rock solid, he gobbled up the last drops of his cum from my cunt, as I moaned and took his cock deeper. Hubby was standing beside us, his dick in his hand and started to finger my arse a little as I writhed over newby’s face enjoying him sucking my clit now.

I was on the verge of cumming and both my men sounded as if they were about to explode again. I wanted all of that cum. I felt so filthy and dirty I wanted cock in my arse. I took the guys into the sitting room and made hubby sit on the sofa and watch as I bent over the dining table and spread my arse cheeks for newby who immediately got on his knees and started to lick my hole. He then watched me bent over the table as newby slid his dick into my arse hole. I gasped as he entered me, it hurt but it was what I wanted - to be slutty and filled in every hole. Newby could not control himself and nor could I, I started begging him to fuck me “harder, harder” and he fucked my arse like a stallion as I gripped the table, bent over and moaning like such a slut.

Hubby was jerking off on the sofa so newby and I interrupted our fuck to get him involved. I got on all fours in front of the sofa and sucked my hubby’s fat dick whilst newby slipped his cock back in my sore but gagging arse. He fucked me deep again whilst my hubby held my head down on his cock which I love, gently pulling my hair and telling me what a good slutty wife I was. We were all so horny and ready to cum. They then watched as I fingered myself quite roughly and rubbed my clit til I was squirting. I wanted their cum so badly and watching me squirt had made them both moan.

I let hubby fuck me this time, I lay on the floor and he took me missionary position, my high heels scraping him as he thrust into him, he was so out of control and horny, he felt nothing, just rammed me hard telling me he loved his dirty slut. Newby stood over us with his hard cock in his hand, rubbing it and ready to squirt all over my tits and face, I kept my mouth open, ready to take some of that cum but my husband started to cum so violently inside me and I had a better idea. Hubby squirted into me and I was filled with his spunk, it felt so good and hot, I wanted newby to have some. I pushed hubby off and got newby sitting on the sofa, still jerking off as I knelt straddling him and hubby’s cum dripped onto his face. I told newby to drink it up and he did, licking and shoving his tongue deep in my pussy to get out every drop of spunk. It made me so fucking hot. And all the time he licked me he was wanking his fat cock. I wanted that cock and again got on all fours so newby could enter my cunt from behind, gripping my breasts and fucking me as I looked at hubby saying “look, your baby’s getting fucked, your baby’s got another man’s cock up her cunt” he watched in ecstasy and started to jerk off again.

Newby slipped 3 fingers up my arse and I moaned with the slight pain but kept begging him to fuck me. As he filled my pussy with his load I rubbed myself and came hard with him. Hubby watched me cumming with this stranger and was hard as hell. As newby pulled out, drops of cum slid down my thigh, my pussy was so full and dripping.

Newby was spent after the most unbelievable sex adventure of his life. He wanted to do it again and we agreed.

After he left, hubby and I did what we always do. He fucked his slutty, cum-filled wife. His dick slipped in so easily, into my pussy oozing with newby’s cum. I got on top and we fucked til his cum squirted so hard up my cunt, I was filled with the cum of 2 men which made me so hot I used the drips to lube my clit as I came again.

We can’t wait to do it again and will be checking out who’s answered our Craigslist ad so we can line up another cock for the weekend.

Submitted by: Rachel - London


August 22, 2009

More Cock for Janet

The gorgeous Janet Mason is keeping very busy with her own website and her porn shoots too. I’ve been seeing her all over the Internet getting tons of black cock proudly wearing her wedding ring.. Check out these pics from the Blacks on Cougars site. Keep up the good work Janet!.

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

Janet Mason

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August 20, 2009

Subtle Humiliation

Cuckold Place Update

Little Humiliations Add Up

My wife and I have a good relationship even though we have a “one-way only” open relationship with her dating men on a regular basis. I am very much a cuckold by birth and by choice. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Along with this lifestyle is of course the humiliation — that’s just part of the package.

But, some of the ways my wife does this is not really intentional. It’s all a part of the relationship and is perfectly “natural.”

Some examples:

Often her boyfriends leave things over at our house after a weekend of fucking my wife… like their underwear. My wife has a special drawer in the dresser just for John (her current lover.) He brings a change of clothes when he spends the night, and after he changes the next day, his first set of clothes are strewn about the house. (I often end up having to wash these. And it’s even more humiliating when my wife hands me his undies and tells me, “Would you wash these for me, honey?” Of course I do it.)

Other seemingly insignificant (to her) humiliations include her talking on the phone to her lover when we are in a public place together (airports, grocery stores, movie lines, bars, restaurants, etc.) near where other people can hear. The problem is all the sweet talk I hear. I’ve heard my wife say things like “Oh, yes, I had a great time last night!” and “Maybe next time I’ll wear that little Teddy you like so much!” or “I’ll have my husband buy me some sexy lingerie. What would you like to see me in?” or “You really wore me out last night!” or “I’m sore down there now! You really worked me over!” and end the conversation with “I love you too.” The happens so often that I definitely expect it, but I’m always humiliated by it.

My wife can tell when I’m feeling embarrassed by something she does, but this just makes her do it more! She just dismisses my pain by saying, “Oh, you love it, and you know it!”

This has also happened more than once: We will be lying in bed, caressing each other, holding each other, and I’ll rub her pussy and ask her, “You want to have sex?” Her response will be: “Yes, absolutely!” I’m thinking, “Yeah, I’m going to get some now!” But, she immediately rolls over and grabs the phone. I say, “Honey, I though you wanted to make love?” She’ll say, “I do! That’s why I’m calling John. You can warm me up though.”

“Warming” her up means kissing her, fondling her, playing with her clit or even licking her pussy a little, but the penetration ends up being John’s exclusive right on those days.

These little humiliations add up to me feeling squashed like a bug. All those feelings disappear however, once my tongue touches her sloppy fucked and swollen pussy. Then I’m in heaven.

So, she’s right. I love it and I know it!

You can check out a picture of her cum filled pussy here

Submitted by: wifeabovehusband


August 18, 2009

Gina’s Confession

My name is Gina and this is my Interracial Confession:

I have a bit of a fetish for domination, my white husband approves and supports me, never the less I like black guys to do what they want to me and to force me to do things for them because it turns me on. The problem is afterward, I feel like a slut or like I’ve been used.

The worst thing I ever did was with my black lover. He knew of my desire to be submissive and one day we were about to have sex at his friends house. We were making out and then his black friend came over with his girlfriend. I felt a little awkward and then my black boyfriend jokingly suggested to his friend that he should let his girlfriend fuck me. His friend looked really excited and his girlfriend also agreed. I was a little skeptical and also a little mad that he hadn’t discussed it with me in advance. But I was also more turned on than I’ve ever been to have him bossing me around.

His friend got a video camera and my boyfriend made me get on my knees and eat her out. I don’t know what was better, having my boyfriend tell me what to do or having her hot body heaving to my every lick. I was really horny then and I wanted him to fuck me so I begged him but he forced me to suck his dick first. I don’t know if he felt more macho because his friend was there but he was more violent with me than ever. He grabbed my hair and pushed my head down on his thick black cock. When he was about to finish, he came on my face some and then on my chest. His friend’s girlfriend came and licked it off of me.

Finally, they tied me up and him and his friend took turns fucking me. His friend was a really good fuck. I liked how he slapped my ass and he groaned with strength as he thrust his dick inside me.

They had also video taped the whole thing. Ever since then, when I masturbate, I think of that.

I’m Gina, and this is my interracial confession.








August 16, 2009

Sloppy Seconds

I have had sex many times with my fiance after she has been out with other guys. She made it clear in the beginning of our relationship that she wasn’t about to stop seeing other guys anytime soon. That also meant that she was still going to have sex with them as well - whenever, and with whoever, she wants to have sex with. And she is still screwing others to this very day. I guess I’ve just had to get used to the fact that if I wanted her, I would basically have no other choice but to share her with others, and she won’t budge even a little bit on the issue. She doesn’t want to be ‘tied down’ to just one guy, ever. So I just deal with it. Sometimes it can be a bit of a turn on I guess just knowing that she is getting it from others on a regular basis. By how many? I do not know for sure. She doesn’t really discuss it, except maybe to say something like, “Oh, BTW, I’m going out with so and so tonight and I doubt that I will be home early” type of thing. But sometimes I do wait up for her, and then sometimes we have sex, even though she already had it at least once already that night. I am quite used to having ’sloppy seconds” (or, thirds) with her. And I really don;t mind all that much. She is very good looking, and lots of guys want her, especially for sex. And I don’t blame her for wanting to make the most of it while she is still young and sexy, and can totally enjoy all the attention and pleasure that she gets from all the guys she goes out with. She has quite a few male ‘friends’. Her phone is constantly ringing day and night (she has her own private line). Overall, it may not be for everyone, but I’m fine with it. I mean like if I was super attractive, like her, and I had all sorts of girls wanting to have sex with me all the time, I would want to be out there doing them. Like I said, I really can’t blame her for being like she is.

Submitted by: Anonymous


August 14, 2009

Slut Girlfriend Creampied

Here’s a quick update from myself and Sensi from The Undercover Lover.

Check out this slut girlfriend Tanya we picked up on the beach, she was actually a good friend of Kimberly and tracked Sensi down to try out some of his BBC.

I guess as the site becomes more popular, he’s going to get recognized every once in a while. But he wasn’t expecting to have the best friend of a girl he just fucked come up to me and want the same treatment lol. Tanya was down on a Hen weekend and spotted Sensi on the beach, her best mate Kimberly had shown her the tape we’d given her and she couldn’t resist coming up and saying hello, before getting the courage to ask for her own video to take home. Unlike Kimberly though, she’s on no revenge mission so won’t be showing her future husband and loving boyfriend her exploits on her return haha. She was great fun walking back to the apartment, she kept flashing her panties and stocking tops through town… It was one horny afternoon and Sensi gave her a huge creampie to take home with her..

Sensi and Tanya

Sensi and Tanya

Sensi and Tanya

Sensi and Tanya

And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here or contact Sensi direct on Hotwife Dating Here

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August 12, 2009

4000 hotwifers

We now have over 4000 registered profiles on our FREE Hot Wife Dating site. Thanks to all those that joined. We’re going to be working on loads of improvements over the next months to make the site experience even better.

Unlike a lot of swinging sites and communities hotwifedating.com is set up just for Hotwives to find Bulls and for potential hotwives looking for a cuckold man to support them in their new life. If you haven’t registered yet, pop on over and register your details and see if there’s some potential hotwife community in your town.

Remember to make your profile as interesting as possible and upload a photo of some kind too, this will increase your exposure to potential partners a hell of a lot.

Thanks and enjoy,


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August 10, 2009

Candi’s Trainer

Hello hot wife lovers! It’s been a bit since I’ve posted, but wanted to share a nice story of hot girlfriend Candi (we’re not married; we don’t even date; we just have “an understanding.” I met her when she was 19, and she had never fucked black cock before. Now, she’s addicted to BBC).

I can do the background and “how I trained her” some other day. In fact, drop me a note if you’re interested, I’m putting a newsletter/blog together.

Candi knows that I won’t, I absolutely won’t, fuck her unless she’s been pre-fucked. Tight pussy is not for me. After awhile, we had our routine down. She calls me on a Wednesday, says she wants to come over Friday night “later.” I then call some of her black studs, tell them that she’ll be over to fuck early Friday night. She goes, gets fucked, cum on, and stretched out for me. Then, she comes over to my place and I get to plow her used pussy until I’m happy. It’s not for everyone, but it works for us. In between, I’m sure she’s a nice girl and a great boyfriend to some other boy. But she’s my slut-for-black-cock and I’m her trainer and master.

A few recent pics, some big black cock for Candi, using her properly.





August 8, 2009

Lucky guys meets Rio

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from gorgeous hotwife Rio so I was pleasantly surprised when she sent me some pictures from her ‘meet a random stranger’ series. The lucky guy didn’t know what hit him as Rio entered the room wearing a gorgeous dress and tights and teased him a bit to show him what would soon draped all over him. Thanks for the pics Rio.







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August 6, 2009

Taking Control

Cuckold Place Update

The diary of the wife that finally decides to take control

I’ll start out by telling you guys why I decided to start writing this “diary”.

For the past year or so my husband and I have been in this “swinger’s” lifestyle. He watches me get fucked and in return he……. no he just watches me get fucked and likes it Anyways him and I always seemed fine about it till lately when my sexual response to him was running dry. We hadn’t met with a man in so long and I was longing for a nice big cock. Finally I started chatting around and came across a young man who was pretty cute and so innocent that the automatic attraction to the sweet innocence drew me in and I couldn’t help but want to take him in my arms and show him what a real woman felt like. I guess when I am horny I get pretty dominate cause I scheduled it and didn’t even bother my husband about it. I just told him we were going to meet him and that’s final. so the next day we drove from portland OR all the way 3 hrs up past Seattle. My first thought of this “boy” I was meeting was “damn he’s so young looking” I almost felt guilty but as we sat there during dinner my longing urge to jump his bones right then and there grew and after a drink and a game of pool we headed to a hotel. It was slow and steady at first. but before you know it we were kissing and rolling all over the bed. The softness of his tight, skinny, smooth body made me tight and wet. I didn’t even make him give me oral, I wanted his meat inside me right then. I pulled off his pants and pulled him to me. Who the fuck cares about condoms, I want to be knocked up anyways. instant his hot wet dick slid easily into me. I guess I was tighter then he has ever experienced cause he came fast. He was a talented one though and even when he came he stayed hard and deep for me, pounding away until I spasmed into a deep passionate orgasm. I knew then why I loved my husband…. I mean who wouldn’t love someone who lets you experience such wondrous orgasms from another man cock????

Anyways, The night grew and fell with hot passionate sex that lasted for 4 and a half hours. He left me breathless and full.

I laid there that night knowing I didn’t want to lose the power I felt that night with that boy…. The power I felt as I road his innocence with everything and anything I wanted…. hell It was pure fun sex. So the next day I asked around and someone here mentioned a website that talks to women about how to take control of your husbands by using their sex drive as a tool. it seemed fun so I thought about it, made my choice, dug my heals in, and dove into a life I KNOW I am going to love!

I will update through comments in this post about each day and my growing of control. so keep coming back here and check up cause you never know what I may say next.

Read more of Angel’s diary here

Submitted by: Angel Love

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