December 21, 2008

Barbi’s Xmas Message

Wow, this is the best Xmas message I’ve had this year. Thanks Barbi x x

Hi Trash,
I hope you’re having a great holiday season. I wanted to send you a little something your way to spread my holiday cheer because I love your “HOTWIFE BLOG”!

Hugs and blowjobs,
Barbi Sinclair


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December 19, 2008

My New Life

Cuckold Place Update

A little background on us: My wife and I are a Caucasian couple that recently moved to the Chicago area. I am 37 yrs old and she is 36yrs. We have been married for 14yrs and have no children. We are both attractive and in good shape, I am 5” 9”, 170lbs. and she is 5’ 4”, 120lbs. with blond hair and blue eyes. We are college educated, have decent jobs and live a good life. Oh yeah, we both travel fairly regularly for work. Let’s call me J., and my wife S.

I have always had cuckold fantasies and have shared them with the wife. About a year ago, we decided to take the fantasy further and S. (wife) started a relationship with an individual she met while traveling. He was aware of the cuckold game and she had sex with him a few times, but in the end it did not work out. He was in a different state and wasn’t really right for “the game“ so it was ended.

A while later, we moved to Chicago and began to toy with the cuckold idea again. S had discovered that she in fact really liked our little “game”. So, we decided to check out some of the posts on this site and respond to a couple to see what happened. We found a couple interesting ones, but only responded to 2 posts. One was a bit over-the-top for our taste, but the other seemed promising.

After the initial contact, only my wife, S, had contact with the potential bull. They began to email and text one another and seemed to get along well so after a while, they decided to meet and see how things went. This was in late July of 2007.

My wife ( S ) had been traveling for work and she and our prospective bull setup a meeting for the night she returned home. The plan was for him to pick her up from the airport here in Chicago and then they would grab a bite to eat and talk. No pressure, no sex, just get to know one another. I was aware of it and trusted my wife’s judgment so I was not too worried, but still a little worried. Have to be safe.

S’s flight did not get in until 9pm so I figured it would be a little late before I spoke with her to see how things went. After a while, she sent me a few txt messages to let me know she was alright and that things were going well. This was probably around 11pm and they had went downtown. After a couple hours had passed, I was a little concerned and sent her a txt. She responded that all was good and they were “getting to know each other”. To make a long story short, she did not come home until almost 4:00 am. I had been trying to sleep, but was awake when she came in. She looked a little disheveled and had a somewhat worried look on her face.

We talked and she told me a bit about how the night went. She met M. and they got along quite well. She was horny from all the talk and planning and it wasn’t long before they started talking about sex. M had said that he had a big cock and S. was very curious to find out if it was true. He showed her his cock and she was at once enamored with it. A short time later they were having sex in the back of his Mercedes.

My wife had sex with M twice that night, and was worried that I would be mad because we had talked about not having sex, just meeting to get to know him. She said that she couldn’t help it. She liked him and he had a fabulous cock. She said once she saw it, she could not wait to get it inside of her. I told her I was not mad and we had great sex that night, though she was a little sore from M‘s big cock.

And thus, this began our current situation in the cuckold lifestyle. We have realized that we both enjoy this little “game” of ours very much, and it has continued with M. since then. My wife said that I should start a post telling about us, so here it is. Everything is true, we have become a real cuckold couple. I am not a great story teller and fact is not always as entertaining as fiction, but this is our story.

Submitted by: JRyan

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December 17, 2008

Meet Brenda

Another star find for a hotwife blog addition. Check out the legs on wonderful hotwife Brenda James. She is a self-confessed cock’a'holic and is always on the prowl looking for new guys to fuck. As you see from the picture below, she loves taking trips to the park wearing revealing clothes and seeing what men she can pick up there. Wow, just imagine your luck finding her and those stockinged legs on your dog walking stroll. She has a cum fetish too, swallows whenever she can and loves the feel of it when it slips down her throat. I have an interview of the hottie coming up soon. Stay tuned.

Brenda James

Visit Brenda’s website here


December 15, 2008

Hotwife Secrets

I’ve been chatting to someone recently who’s been asking me advice on how to get their girlfriend to start fucking other guys. In my years of experience there is never a simple answer to this, but something else came of the conversation that really made me think that everyone in this lifestyle plays the game and thinks a little differently. I’m always asking myself why we are wired in a certain way, why does this do it for us but not that?

The guy said to me he’d discussed the idea with his girlfriend but hadn’t brought it up with his friends as yet and I then thought about my own feelings about other people knowing about my fantasies. I’ve always thought I have a hard ‘don’t give a crap’ attitude when it comes to what people say or think about me, but then I thought that’s not strictly true. I don’t really tell my friends about my desires to see Daisy with other guys. In fact I prefer we play with strangers when we do play and then I prefer them not to know she’s my girl. Either we are friends, flatmate’s or just ‘not involved’. And we have had such great fun playing this way. It’s great watching Daisy from afar in a club as she chats up guys and then the excitement builds as she invites someone back, she’ll introduce me as the friend or flatmate and when we get back I will eventually make my excuses and head to bed. This often leads to the other guy feeling more comfortable if he thinks I’m not the partner and Daisy having some great sex. I love listening to her fuck from another room, having the glorious ache and almost fever that I will be having her used body at some point later. The same is when she goes out on a date on her own. I love the feeling of sexual tension as I wait at home, the other guy doesn’t know I exist. It’s my game with Daisy and I don’t want them to play our game. So I’m thinking that must be a part of me that’s somehow embarrassed or self-conscious that I don’t want this other guy to know what I like sexually.

Most people who know us, knows Daisy works as a model and pornstar as well, so I often get asked the question “How can you let you women fuck other guys?”. Now if I’m feeling brave and this usually to the female inquisitors I will say “Because it turns me on.”. They usually are shocked and you can tell they were expecting the stock-phrase of “Because, that’s just sex and what we have is love”. If I’m feeling half-brave, I’ll say something like “Because we’ve moved on to a different level of sexuality and play that’s not conventional”, that’s always a good one for the sophisticated party conversations lol.

Now with guys, I don’t know what it is but I really don’t like them knowing how I really feel about it all. Daisy knows never to say to another guy, “He likes me fucking other guys” as she knows it makes me feel uncomfortable. Maybe one side is I want the guy to feel comfortable and not intimidated to know he has the girl’s partner watching his every move. The other side has to be my own embarrassment for having this kink. And I’m ashamed to say I do often get those pangs of embarrassment and feelings of sexual guilt for feeling the way I do. So when I get asked the “How can you let you women fuck other guys?” question by guys, more often than not I will reply in a manly voice “Because I get to fuck lots of gorgeous girls in return!”. They then move away from the conversation thinking “Oh yeah, Trash is the man, he’s got his life sorted.. blah blah blah…”. I am in a way looking for acceptance from other guys and friends by telling them what I think they want to hear. I think it’s important for me to be liked and accepted and I struggle when I am not.

I grew up as a shy boy, not on the outside of social circles but just tucked in the doorway I’d say, I was never very popular with girls until I reached my late teens. I had a conventional relationship for many years, but have always been fascinated with sex and frustrated at missing out on a lot of things I would have loved to have done. It’s only the last few years I really have had the chance to experiment on a grand scale, check some boxes off and work out what I do want as a man sexually. I think I have found the perfect partner for this lifestyle, but, yes, I still struggle sometimes to be proud of who I am. The guilt and the shame always lurking in the back of my mind. I don’t know where it comes from and I really would love to eradicate it from my thoughts.

How do some of you feel about your own kinks and desires? Do you struggle with them, fight them or accept and be proud of them?

Your webmaster: Trash


December 13, 2008

High Society City Wife

Black Bachelor Diary Update:
High Society New York Wife First Black Fucking

We hit the white pussy jackpot this weekend people! I met this wife of 5 years named Fonda who happens to be married to rich investment banker in New York. She tells me he is a real non threating, sissy type in the bedroom. I flipped when she told me she has always wanted to fuck a group of black guys. This bitch was bold ass hell to let me take a few pictures for my collection!

Enjoy them motherfuckers, I did.

Black Bachelor








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December 11, 2008

First Hotwife Fuck

My name is Mick and I just wanted to share my first hotwife experience with you all.

I am a 26 year old single male and I have always found the idea of being with another man’s wife very erotic. Well let me tell you about my story. About 3 weeks ago I was at a club and I noticed this hot little blonde, she had a tight body with a great ass and fantastic tits. She was in her early 30’s and I quickly joined her on the dance floor and within no time at all our bodies were grinding together as our hands explored each others bodies and we kissed passionately. Anyway after a few songs we go and sit down and have a few drinks with a bit more playing under the table. Then she excused herself to go to the little girl’s room. When she returned she told me that she wanted to confess something to me. She explained to me that she was married and the guy standing near the bar was her husband. She then explained the lifestyle and that he was totally fine with his gorgeous hot wife having fun with other men. I was shocked at first but yet very turned on of the thought of fucking this hot filthy slut wife. She asked me if I wanted to leave with her to which I eagerly agreed to and we quickly made our way to the car. We got in the back and she introduced me to her husband in the driving seat, while she slid her hands down the front of my pants and started rubbing my big hard cock.

As her husband drove, me and this cock hungry wife continued where we left off, she unzipped my pants and started to give me the sloppiest wettest blowjob I have ever had. We soon arrived at their place and while we were sitting in the car she continued to suck, lick and jerk my cock. Then as she popped her head up to take a breath she noticed we were outside the front of her house and said “Let’s go inside!”

We quickly went inside and she took me straight up to the bedroom. She asked her husband to go and get us some drinks. As soon as her husband was gone she started to strip in front of me, she was wearing this hot red lacy lingerie set underneath. She then dropped to her knees and continued to suck on my cock, twirling her tongue around the head of my penis while she stroked her hand down my shaft. Her husband then came back into the room and stopped and took in the sight of his nasty wife making a whole lot of noise, gagging on my cock. I then stood her up and laid her on the bed and I ripped her red lacy G-string off and spread her legs. I then started to eat the sweetest pussy I have ever ate, licking her clit while finger fucking her. I brought her to orgasm after orgasm, she was screaming at her husband that she was going to have a real man’s cock and that she was a nasty slut and she needed my big hard cock! I told her I wanted her to ride my cock. She then climbed on top of me and my cock slid in her wet tight pussy, we were so in the moment we hadn’t even discussed a condom. I told her I was going to pound her pussy then fill her hole with my hot cum. she bounced up and down on my cock like you could never believe. She had hold of the bedpost and pounded her tight pussy down on my hard cock. I then threw her down on the bed on her back and spread her legs and shoved my cock inside her missionary style. It was at this point I remembered the husband, I think we had both forgot her husband was even there, he was in the corner playing with himself. I looked over and told him I was going to stretch his wife’s pussy with my big hard cock. i then turned her over again on her front and slid my cock deep in her hot gapping pussy. I made sure her face was pointing directly at her husband so he could see his pretty wife facial expressions as she enjoyed my cock.

I pounded her doggy style, her pussy became wetter and wetter. I grabbed her hair and asked her if she was a good little slut and if she liked my big dick, she turned with her eyes rolling back in her head and screamed out “fuck yeah I’m a dirty little slut”. I then slid a finger deep in her ass. She squealed with delight. I then took it a step further and slid my cock out of her pussy and straight into her cherry tight ass. She squealed again as I pounded her ass. I knew I was going to cum any second, so I pushed myself back into her pussy and pumped her as hard and fast as I could before squirting a massive load in her hole. We both lay there for a while and then collapsed on the bed. After a few moments she started to blow me again, cleaning my cock from cum and pussy juice. Then her husband came over, put his head between her legs and cleaned her up. After that I sent him to go get us some beer and food and I continued to fuck his wife for the rest of the night.

Me and this hot little slut wife lost count on how many orgasms we both had but in the morning she told me there was no way she could walk for a while. I can’t wait for my next hotwife experience. If there is any hotwives out there in Sydney looking please feel free to email me. Hope to have more stories up soon with some pics to go with it :)

Submitted by: Mick - Sydney Austalia


December 9, 2008

Sara Jay in my Bedroom

So picking up where I left off on Friday, I was telling you that I had the amazing hotwife Sara Jay in my bedroom last week and took these photos of her.

This is how it all came about. I heard she was in the UK on vacation and we’d spoke briefly in the past when she’s appeared on the blog. I thought I might tempt her to come down to see me with my man Sensi as part of the bargain. Well she didn’t need asking twice. She also told me she’d left Hubby back in States and was in serious need of some British black cock.

I surprised Sensi with her coming down, as he’s a big fan of hers. He had no idea when he arrived to see me that she was waiting in the bedroom for him. It was an intense meeting to say the least. They were on each other in no time. I made sure I filmed the whole thing including the bed nearly braking lol, it was unbelievable. Sara is a wild animal and she took all of Sensi’s cock in her stride.

She invited us over to the States in June, so stay tuned for more Sara soon.

Sara Jay

Sara Jay

Sara Jay

Sara Jay

Sara Jay

You can visit Sara Jay’s home on the net right here


December 7, 2008

Mai’s Next Adventure

It’s been quite a while since I posted on here so time for an update on my hot Vietnamese wife Mai. We have been playing regularly but just had to write about a really hot scene we got into a few weeks ago. It was Friday night and I had taken Mai out to eat at our local watering hole. As usual Mai was dressed very slutty, tight skirt, fishnet stockings and a loose shirt with no bra. She was into her 3rd drink when three very well dressed attractive black men sat at the table next to us. I could almost smell Mai’s pussy as she looked them over. The guys noticed her right away and looked her over good. Mai just flashed her pretty smile and said “Hi”. We all started talking and it didn’t take long for the guys to figure out that Mai was a slut and that I had no problem with it.

After introductions (Sean, Thomas and James) they told us there were in town for a convention and wouldn’t mind some fun. So after a few more drinks we all went out to the parking lot. Mai told me to drive and she would ride with the guys to make sure they didn’t get lost on the way to our house. It was a 30 minute drive home and I knew that Mai would have her mouth full of BBC the whole way. When we pulled up to the house Mai climbed out of the car nude holding 2 of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen. Both guys were at least 10″ and thick. Mai lead them into the house and straight up to our bedroom. She was so wet and ready that James slid his huge cock into her cunt as she sucked on Thomas. All 3 of them where really tripping on the scene and really started getting into fucking her. Before the night was over they had DP’ed Mai several times. The best part was getting to eat their black seed out of her sloppy cunt when they finally finished.


Submitted by: Brian, VA

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December 5, 2008

Hotwife in my Bedroom

Ok guys and gals, who is this hotwife in MY own bedroom and owns this amazing ass?.. Yes it’s all true. More details coming soon…

Trash ;)

Sara Jay


December 3, 2008

New Cuckold Life

I have always been interested in the whole sharing your wife/girl friend thing for many years. After my divorce a few years back I decided that I wanted a partner whom would be interested in the lifestyle and explore that with me.

Well I think my time has come and I found that special girl. A few months back I met a girl on one of those dating sites who just happened to be in my hometown. We talked and got to know each other over time and then I let it be known I wanted a girl who was not a “Mary Poppins”. She let me know that she had thought in the past about threesomes and things like that, but as she got older she figured it would not happen.

Christie is in her late 30’s and has a body to die for. She is the shy type and didn’t think she was a head turner. Well we went out on a date and hit it off and we seemed to talk more and more as the days passed. I could tell she was open minded and interested in the whole cuckold lifestyle. I would send her stories to educate her and get to think outside the box. Then the time came, she had to go out of town and while she was gone she stayed at an old class mates house. She had been interested in him as he was her, but because of the long distance and timing things didn’t really take off.

One night while away she texted me and told me she was down stairs and he was up in his room. Of course being away things were leading to sex talk, via text and it came out! I texted her;” Why don’t you go up to his room and give him a BJ?”. She texted back; “Are you sure about that?”. I said; “Yes! but I want you to come back with some proof to show me!”.

After that I did not get a response and in fact I thought she was mad at me! It was a long night, so I gave up on texting her and wrote it off as she was made. The next morning I get a text;
“I did what you asked! I went ! I did! and I completed!”. My heart raced, my cock throbbed and I called her right away. I took a long swallow and said; “You really did it?” She said; “Yes! isn’t that what you wanted?” I explained how I thought she was mad at me and didn’t think she had. She took the dare and acted on it right away, because had she thought about it she would had not done it.

Then she slowly told me all about it and how she sucked and and he shot his load all over her pj shirt, I asked if she was going to do it again? Which she replied; “I don’t know, maybe!”

Well that next night she made it known she was game for a repeat and in the middle of the night he came down and lead her back to his room for another BJ. Once again he shot his load all over her night shirt.

When she got home I rushed to her house to see how bad this girl had really been. Sure enough she had both shirts laid out on her bed and there was cum stains all over them. It lead to some hot sex and to her transformation.

As time past our relationship grew and we became bf and gf. She knew I wanted to share her with other men, but again this was new to her and she wanted to take baby steps.

Which leads to present time. Over the past two or three months we have talked about it and I have educated her. I showed her articles on “cuckold” and women who have sex with other men. She had been talking to a friend of hers that she had met and had have sex with on a couple encounters. She made it be known to him that her bf was wanting to share her and she wanted it to be with him. He was game on the threesome adventure and/or one on one with her, but due to work and all the things life throws at you, it didn’t seem to happen.

Then two days ago my gf and I were laying in bed and were talking and had had some steamy texting the day before. As we talked about it she went down on me giving me on of her awesome BJ’s when I asked to see her phone. I told her I was going to text her friend and she had to trust me. She did and continued to suck me as I text him. She had been texting him a few days before asking when the two of them could meet, all I did was speed things up. I texted from my gf’s phone; “I am horny, and need your cock in my mouth and pussy, when can we meet?” It was not 2 minutes and the phone was ringing. She stopped her bj and answered, wondering what in the hell I sent him. The next thing you know she was making a date with him for that day within a couple of hours of the call.

She told him she meet him at his house and she would be getting ready. She hung the phone up and looked at me like to say;” OMG!” Then she said;” Well if I am going to go fuck him I got to get ready!”

As she headed off to the shower I picked out her thong panties and waited on her to get out of the shower. I watched every move she made, we both knew this would be the making of me becoming her cuckold. I watched as she put her makeup on, put her black bra and thong on for him and gave her a good long kiss telling her to have fun and be a good slut to him!

As she drove away I knew what was going to happen, I knew in a matter of 30 minutes or so she would be in his arms, touching him, kissing him and fucking him. My body tingled all over, I was numb and could not think. I counted down the minutes as to when I though she would get there, when she be knocking on the door, when she would be kissing him and in his arms and finally when he would be fucking her with his big cock!

Several hours passed by then I got a text; “I am hungry!” I called right away and she told me she was just leaving his house and was on her way home. I asked what happened? She said: “I did it I went down on him and he fucked me!” My cock throbbed with anticipation and I could not believe it happened! I told her I’ll meet her at her place and that she better be naked and waiting on me!

When I got there I went straight to her room and she laid there in the bed with the same black bra and thong she wore for him. I climbed in bed kissing her and asking her word for word what happened? As she told me I undressed her. I could smell her and the sex smell the was such a sweet aroma to my senses. I felt her pussy and it was so wet and swollen from her recent fucking. I could not wait I had to put my cock in her. I put it in her and could feel right away how her pussy was stretched and felt different than from the past. She told me how she knocked on the door and he met her. How they kissed and made out with him leading her to his room. Undressing her and feeling her naked body, then going down on her pussy, then sucking her tits. His cock is somewhat larger than mine, so she told me how she attempted to give him a bj, but it was so thick it was hard for her to do it. She told me how they laid kissing and her spreading her legs inviting him in to her with his cock. How he parted her pussy with his monster cock and how he fucked her then pulling out of her jerking his cock off till he came.

I was an animal, pounded her pussy with every word she spoke, then I cum deep in her pussy adding to her wetness. Then she told me how he gave her a hickie near her pussy area so she would have something to show me when she got home. She climbed up on my chest and I could see her hickie, her swollen red, gaping pussy and then I dove right in sucking her licking her and tasting her well fucked used pussy. As I went down on her I shoved my finger deep into her ass making her body shake and then she let out a moan and I felt her body tighten up and she came. It was awesome. We have talked and she is going to continue to fuck him from time to time. She said she was going to try while I am out of town, making me a real good cuckold.

I am sure as time passes there be more stories to tell.

Submited by: J W - Texas

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