June 8, 2021

Wifes First Date

You remember it like it was yesterday. Your wife was holding your cock and gently licking the tip when she said, how would you like to watch me do this to someone else’s dick? The surprise on your face was almost matched by hers. You could tell that she had been thinking it for a while and it sort of slipped past her lips to your ears. But you couldn’t hide the fact that you liked the idea because your cock instantly grew harder and started to throb in her hands. Too late she noticed and took the head into her mouth as you attempted to hold back the thick ropes of cum you were shooting down her throat.

For almost a year It was just something she’d say when she was feeling frisky and wanted to make you cum. Then it became a fun thing you guys did on Fetlife. It really excited you to see how wet she got when other men showed her attention.

But now here in this chair you are not so sure this is what you really want. Can you just sit by and let your wife fuck a stranger. The guy you both picked doesn’t seem all that intimidating, I mean he is more handsome than you and fitter. His cock is only a little bigger. And she loves you so there is that.

The knock on the hotel door snaps you out of your mind and brings you back to the fact that this is actually happening. Your wife is clearly less apprehensive than you since she is practically sprinting to the door. You are frozen in the chair.

You hear her greet him and you are oddly surprised when you hear them kiss. I guess you knew that was going to happen but why does it seem so offensive.

“Hi I’m Ben” he says as he walks to shake your hand. You stand and shake. “So any ground rules or anything like that?”

“Umm well whatever she is into. You just let everyone know what you are comfortable with.”

You wife is already in a lustful bliss and just wants his cock at this point and you realize that she isn’t even hearing what you are saying. So you quickly think of some rules.

“Well just don’t cum in her, pull out okay?”

“Got it!”

At this point your wife has already been stroking his growing cock through his pants and so she drops to her knees and takes him in her mouth right in front of you. You keep trying to make eye contact with her but she is staring directly into his eyes. He grabs her head and forces his dick deep into her mouth and she chokes a little you don’t have to wonder if she likes that because she grabs his ass firmly with both hands in an attempt to improve upon her first attempt. Finally she stands back up and he rips her clothes off he picks her up and carries her to the bed. How strong is this guy, you don’t even remember the last time you tried to pick up your wife.

He bends her over so that she is facing you and fir the first time since you have been married another man is inside your wife’s pussy. Secretly you wish she didn’t seem to like it so much. You tell yourself that you enjoy her pleasure, and you do, but you wish you were enough. She looks at you and says “oh my god, he feels so good inside me!” And “I love his cock!” She looks so sexy getting fuck by some guy you met on the internet.

She asks to turn over so she can look at the stud plowing her and he obliged. She passionately kisses him while he thrusts into her with force. He looks up at you and for the first time you are intimidated. He is controlling the room. You are sitting there watching him TAKE your wife. He can do whatever he wants with her and all three of you know that.

That’s when he says the words you didn’t want to hear. “I’m going to cum in your wife!”

And worse is what she says…

“Oh fuck, yes, please, fill my pussy!”

Just then you hear both of the cumming. They lay there kissing and you are wondering when is she going to stand up and get that cum out? She lays her head on his chest and calls you over. “Come here honey, help me clean this up. And you realize you have no choice, you cuck!

by: bigben66669999