March 3, 2021

Helpless Watching

So my best friend has already cucked me with my wife but my ultimate fantasy would be for her to cage me and strip me naked and invite my friend over while she dressed in her best lingerie for him.

He would come over and sit on our couch while she straddled him and made out with him, dry humping him as he squeezed her ass while she moans with excitement as they make out.

I would be sitting on the other couch caged and watching, he would click his fingers at me and tell me to go and get them a drink and from the kitchen I hear them giggling and making out.

When I come back she would already be on her knees in between his legs sucking his cock. I would hand him his drink and place hers on the side table and return to my chair.

I watch on as she sucks and slobbers all over his cock, licking up and down his big shaft, sucking his balls while his cock rests on her face. She would hold her tongue out while he slaps her face with it. Being made to listen to her talk about how big and thick it is and much harder it is to fit in her mouth.

Then he tells her to get up and go to the room. We go into the bedroom and in the corner is a chair for me. I sit in the chair and she cuffs my hands behind it and cuffs my feet to the legs.

She walks over to him and makes out with him In Front of me. Allowing him assert his dominance of her in front of me. He lays her on the bed and spreads her legs, her pussy lays there eager for his tongue. He begins to eat her pussy soft licking at first until She starts rocking her hips as his tongue makes her pussy drips into his mouth. She loudly orgasms as his tongue grinds deep and hard on her clit.

He pulls his head out and lays next to her and starts making out with her. His hand wonders down to her pussy where he slides three fingers straight into her soaking cunt. She moans on his lips as his fingers gyrate inside her, she starts to moan “don’t stop” as she builds to another orgasm. In an instant her hips begin thrashing on his fingers and a sloppy wet sound fills the room as her pussy soaks his hand.

Now her pussy is soaking he flips her over and drags her arse in the air. Her head to side looking at me as she moans and whimpers as he teases her pussy by running his cock up and down through her pussy. “beg me for it” he says calmly. “Please can I have your cock” she says as she keeps staring at me in the chair with desperation on her face. He slowly slides in to her soaking pussy and stretches her tight pussy open, her eyes widen and mouth opens and lets out a sighing moan of ecstasy.

He begins to fuck and smash her harder, she moans louder and pushes back on his cock. All she is able to mutter is “fuck yes” or “more” as her pussy begins to cream up on his dick.

He continues to fuck her in multiple positions as I throb and watch in my cage.

He finally finishes and cums deep inside her. He climbs of the bed and walks over and undoes my cuffs. He walks out of the room for the shower as she lays there exhausted with his cum dripping from her.

She rolls over and let’s me slide in. “Hurry up” she says “my pussy is sore and i can’t feel you anyway, so please be quick”.

I slide in side pushing his cum back in deeper into her, her pussy is sloppy and stretched from his dominance, the warm heat from his cum and her pussy cause me to blow in a minute. She pushes me off and leaves to go and join him in the shower. Again I watch as they make out and clean each other’s bodies thanking each other for the amazing sex.

by: AllAboutTeasing