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November 19, 2020

Man I dislike

My wife’s bull recently shared her with a guy that I know. He is a former employee of mine and we constantly butted heads. I eventually fired him, this was about two years ago.

Fast forward two years and he has befriended my wife’s bull/ boyfriend and eventually was invited, or invited himself, to join in. My wife met him before hand and remembered him, but she was totally unaware of how much we dislike each other. I also dont think the Bull knows the full history. This is not the first time she had been shared, so things seemed kind of normal so far. The one difference was that because he was a former employee they thought it would be “fun” to not tell me who the new guy was until after as a surprise.

When I found out I couldn’t believe it, I had basically forgotten about him and now this smug kid was fucking my wife. I am sure he knew what he was doing and must have loved watching her tell me while his cum was in her.

I am still dealing with this new development, the humiliation is intense but so is the arousal. I am right back to that addicting emotional cocktail of jealousy, angst, humiliation and arousal.

By: SubbieNH

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