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November 4, 2020

Sharing vs Cucking

Difference between a man who shares his woman and a cuck.

I get annoyed by mail I get that calls my man a cuck. He is not nor do I ever think for a second that he is . A man who shares his woman is a man who enjoys to watch her get pleasure and also gets pleasure from it. He is a man who is secure enough to let her play and secure enough to allow himself to get pleasure from it . He is also a man who is above what other men might think and he also realizes that all men have that similar fantasies but so few would be willing to do it and even fewer to admit it to themselves. Yet these same men would be proud and turned on to be seeing a sexy woman and feel others desiring her but not secure enough to do the next step. Of course not everyone has that secret dormant fantasy but I believe most men do. When a man watches porn he gets turned on by that woman being with another therefore desiring her more but of course it’s easier when it’s not his woman. Does he desire her enough to be with her in a relationship?

For me a cuck is very different. A cuck wants to feel helpless and dominated by both his woman and the other guy(s). He feels the need of being a sub and humiliated. He wants the extreme pleasure from being cheated on and having no choice, the freedom of a slave having no choice. I don’t find anything wrong with that and everyone has his needs and kinks and we should accept them equally, but let’s not call an alpha male sharing his grateful woman a cuckold.

by: NatalieBeijing

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