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October 8, 2020

Message to Girlfriend

A message my gf received…

I think I have the perfect plan for you.

I’m a cameraman, and professional photographer, and I live local to you.

Have your partner drive your sexy self over to my apartment. He stays in the car and waits for you. I’ll make sure you have a fun evening, make sure you have the very best seeing to and send you back down to him full of my cum. I’m a photographer, so I’ll keep sending him photos of just how good you look with my cock between your pretty lips. He’ll know the whole time just what fun you’re getting up to while he has to wait downstairs for you.

Does that sound like a plan?

I want you to dress up in your sexiest sluttiest outfit for me, with heavy and perfect make up. I want you looking so good. So he sees you in the car, knowing how good you look, and it’s for me, and not him. And when I hand you back your make up will be ruined, you’ll be covered in my cum. He’ll taste if when you kiss him. I don’t want you to leave until you’ve made me cum 5 times. You think you can manage that? I like a challenge for you.

Get him to drive you over tonight…. I dare you.

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