October 8, 2020

Message to Girlfriend

A message my gf received…

I think I have the perfect plan for you.

I’m a cameraman, and professional photographer, and I live local to you.

Have your partner drive your sexy self over to my apartment. He stays in the car and waits for you. I’ll make sure you have a fun evening, make sure you have the very best seeing to and send you back down to him full of my cum. I’m a photographer, so I’ll keep sending him photos of just how good you look with my cock between your pretty lips. He’ll know the whole time just what fun you’re getting up to while he has to wait downstairs for you.

Does that sound like a plan?

I want you to dress up in your sexiest sluttiest outfit for me, with heavy and perfect make up. I want you looking so good. So he sees you in the car, knowing how good you look, and it’s for me, and not him. And when I hand you back your make up will be ruined, you’ll be covered in my cum. He’ll taste if when you kiss him. I don’t want you to leave until you’ve made me cum 5 times. You think you can manage that? I like a challenge for you.

Get him to drive you over tonight…. I dare you.


October 1, 2020

Cuckold Dares for Hubby

Cuckold Dares for the Husband

Here are some fun cuckold dares for the husband

1. Ask out your wife’s crush for her

This is a really awkward and somewhat humiliating cuckold dare!

Here’s what I want you to do…dare your husband to ask out your crush for you.

It could be your gym trainer or his friend or a stranger. But make him ask that person out…and record the conversation if possible!

And if he’s too chicken to do it in person, make him ask the guy out for you through a text or over the phone (under your supervision).

2. Create a dating profile for your wife

Want your wife to go out with another man?

Well, sometimes you have to take the initiative!

Here’s what I want you to do: create a dating profile for your wife on Tinder and try to get her those matches!

Then once the matches start piling up, show her all the HOT guys who want her 🙂

It’ll do wonders for her confidence too and probably make her a lot more dominant in the bedroom.

3. Take your wife out…without her wedding ring

Next time you go out on a sexy date with your wife, dare her to take off her wedding ring and see how many times she gets hit on!

I bet she’ll have to keep guys away from her 🙂

Another similar thing you can do is take her to a bar or club without the wedding ring and see how many numbers and free drinks she gets throughout the night!

Oh…and if anyone asks, you’re her gay friend!

4. Describe your deepest cuckold fantasy to her

At the end of the night I want you to confess your deepest and darkest cuckold fantasies to your wife…no matter how kinky it is!

Tell her exactly what you want and watch that smile form across her face!

5. Buy a big black dildo for your wife to enjoy

Want your wife to enjoy other cocks other than yours (especially a BLACK one)?

Well, you have to get her used to them!

Here’s your kinky dare today: I want you to buy a BIG black dildo for your wife to enjoy.

After she hops on that thing, she won’t be wanting to jump on your locked up dick anytime soon!

6. Drive your wife out on a date with someone else

On your wife’s next date you’ll be the sober driver and chauffeur for her and her date.

Not only is it much safer and cheaper than getting an Uber, but you’ll have a front row seat of what’s going on on the date!

Oh and don’t forget, you’re paying for dinner too

7. Pay for a hotel room

Instead of your wife bringing her bull back home, get them a nice and romantic hotel room in the city instead!

Think of it as a “stay-cation”

You’ll pay for the hotel room and drive your wife to her dick appointment.

Oh and you’ll be cleaning up any mess they leave behind for you as well!

8. Pick out sexy lingerie for other men to enjoy

Lots of women complain that their husbands don’t like to go shopping with them.

But that’s exactly what you’re going to do today!

Go to the mall and visit a sexy lingerie shop. You’re going to be picking out some sexy new outfits for your wife for her next dick appointment!

This can turn into a fun game too as she snaps some pictures for you in the changing room!

Oh and you must be locked in chastity too…

9. Suck her lover’s cock

As I have written about before, sucking cock is a core cuck duty!

And if you’ve never done it before, well you’re in for a real treat because it’ll take your cuckold relationship to the next level.

There’s nothing like getting on your knees and wetting your wife’s bull’s cock before she rides it.

And there’s nothing like cleaning his dick after your wife cums all over it!

Trust me, you’ll enjoy this one a lot 🙂

10. Clean her creampie panties or pussy

Okay, I couldn’t compile a list like this without mentioning a creampie!

Your dare (if you choose to accept…which you should!) is to clean your wife’s creampie pussy (or panties).

There’s nothing like getting on your knees and cleaning up the mess of your wife and her lover.

In fact, it should be a cuckold rite of passage!

Cuckold Dare Ideas – Final Thoughts

I think cuckold dare ideas are a great way to progress your hotwife relationship to the next level.

If you’re a beginner in this lifestyle, then it’s a great way to test the waters.

And even if you are experienced, it’s a good way to have some fun during the week.

From myfemdomrules.com/2020/04/11/cuckold-dare-ideas-20-dares-for-new-experienced-couples/