September 20, 2020

Cuckold Dares for Wife

Cuckold Dares for the Wife

Here are some fun cuckold dares for the wife

1. Confess to your husband

Confess to your husband that you have been fantasizing about another man (a real person in real, not some celebrity you watch on TV).

Tie him down onto the bed so he can’t move and tell him what your fantasy is while making out with him or teasing his cock!

And this is a great time for roleplaying too.

Tell him how much you want to ride another man’s cock until you come all over it (whisper that into his ear!).

2. Kiss another man in front of your husband

Well, this one is pretty self explanatory!

And how far you want to go with this hotwife dare is pretty much up to you.

For example, you could kiss someone innocently on the cheek or lips.

Or you can really go for the prize and french kiss him (or her)!

I’m sure your husband will like this idea A LOT!

3. Ask out your husband’s friend

Has one of your husband’s friends always had a crush on you?

Well, ask him out on a date then! And it doesn’t have to be a date that leads to sex.

It can just be a nice dinner where you flirt and make out a little.

Sometimes to take cuckolding to the next level you need to take baby steps (at least in the beginning).

I think this is a fun dare for the both of you 🙂

4. Give his chastity key to another man

Okay…this is a really fun hotwife dare. What you’re going to do is give your husband’s chastity key to your bull to keep.

This is really kinky because what could be more submissive and humiliating than having another man control your cuck’s chastity key!

I’m sure he’ll beg and plead about it…and even deny that he likes it…but he will REALLY love this dare!

5. Tell your girlfriend about your cuck

Are you close with any of your girlfriends?

Well, one thing you can do is tell your girlfriend that (1) you have your husband locked in chastity and (2) he serves as your cuck!

It is SUPER fun to bring in your girlfriend on the naughty shenanigans too.

For example, you can tease your cuck together, or go on double dates with another man (or men).

6. Tell him about an old flame

Tie down your cuck on the bed and then I want you to play with yourself with a vibrator while sitting on his chest.

You’re going to play with your clit with a vibrator while telling your cuckold husband about a fling with an old flame.

That’s right! I want you to describe a sexual encounter you’ve had with one of your past lovers.

And be VERY vivid in your description and moans. Tell him exactly how it felt and how turned on you were!

Your cuck will be going crazy in his chastity cage!

7. Point out men you want to fuck in public

Next time you are out with your husband, comment on other men.

If you see a hot guy in public, let your husband know.

If you see a guy you want to fuck, let him know by whispering it softly in his ear with your moist lips!

This makes going out together in public a lot more fun!

8. Fuck another man while he watches!

This is probably one of the most fun dares on this list!

I want you to fuck another man while your husband watches. That’s right, he’s going to kneel by the bed while you ride another man’s cock to orgasm!

Another thing you can do to “force” him to watch is to tie down your cuck to a chair with some rope!

And after you’re done with your bull, your husband is going to worship your pussy or clean out that condom!

9. Sext with other men

I want you to sext with another man…sending dirty pictures and videos to each other…basically writing borderline erotica to each other!

And then at night, share these messages with your husband, while he is locked away in chastity.

Allow him to stroke, but not to cum!

I’m 100% confident he’ll go super crazy at other guys ogling over you…

10. Create a dating profile

To really tease your husband create a dating profile.

It doesn’t matter where. It could be with Tinder or Match.com or Ashley Madison.

Upload some sexy pictures of yourself and type up an alluring and seductive description.

Then let your husband look over your profile as his mind goes crazy at the number of guys contacting you!

From myfemdomrules.com/2020/04/11/cuckold-dare-ideas-20-dares-for-new-experienced-couples/


September 8, 2020

A chance encounter

On a rare day off on your business trip in another town. you go outside wearing a cleavage revealing top, mini skirt and high heels. You feel thirsty as it is hot summer. You see a group of young guys playing together. You ask them if they have something to drink.

They tell you that they have drinks in one of their houses and you can go with them if you want. They kind of drag you to their car. After paying attention to where you are going. You quickly text me the address to come quickly. They have some drinks stocked there. But they want money for it. That’s when you realize that you forgot to carry your handbag. You tell them that you will pay them back if one of them can come with you back to the hotel. But they say that they don’t have time for it. You do have your phone in your hand. You call me and tell the situation and location. I say that I will go as soon as possible. But I am not good at finding my way around in new towns. So I didn’t reach there for half an hour.

You feel more thirsty and the guys say they have to leave. You say that you will give them anything they want. One guy cheekily asks for you to give away your panties. You are embarrassed because you were not wearing any panties.

They try to convince you to give the panties. You try to say no. But eventually you tell them the truth that you are not wearing them. But the bad news is, they don’t believe it. They ask you for proof. A part of you wants to get away from the situation. But another part is actually enjoying it. Deep inside, you hope that I don’t come there soon.

You strike a deal with them that if you show that you are not wearing panties, they will give you something to drink. You lower your skirt a bit and show them your lower hips. But they don’t accept that as a proof because you may wear it lower. They say that the only way is to lift the short skirt and show the pussy. You lift it for a second and lower it immediately. They ask you to forget it and leave the place. You beg them and ask what they want. One guy goes behind you, lifts your skirt and whispers in your ears “Listen bitch. All my mates will one by one check if you are wearing panties are not. Just stay still. If you move, we will just throw you out and leave you thirsty.”

One guy, Dave holds your skirt up. The four other guys (Mike, Andrew, Dom and Ben) check it out one by one. Everyone touches your pussy. The last guy says “Wow. The bitch has shaved it clean and kept it nice for her boyfriend”

Mike responds “Boyfriend? I don’t think so. This slut is walking around wearing such short skirts without underwear”

Dom: “You know what? You maybe right. The bitch is wet down there”

He inserts a finger inside and does some smooth fingering. You close your eyes and start moaning. Dave says “Tell us the truth. Did you come here to get fucked?”

You are moaning. Your legs are shaking. But you say “Mmmmm. Noooo.. Please just give me some water to drink and let me leave”

Andrew then comes close and holds your throat: Looks like you are so thirsty. Is it just water you want? Or would any liquid suffice?

You: Mmmmm. I am so thirsty. Any liquid is fine. Please give it to me.

Andrew: What if the liquid comes from our bodies? Would you drink it?

You: Anything is fine. Please give it to me.

Andrew: Really? In that case, open your mouth bitch. We will test you.

You open it like a slave under their control.

Andrew spits in your mouth. You gulp it down.

Dom: Wow. This slut really means it.

Everyone spits in your mouth except Mike who is fingering you.

Ben: What’s the point of that skirt anymore? Let’s strip it off.

Mike gives away. Ben pulls down the skirt and throws it out of the house.

You: Why did you throw it out? I need it when I go back.

Ben: Go back? You won’t be going back till it’s night. Now let’s move to the top. I bet you are not wearing a bra too.

Dave: What’s there to bet? Look at her nipples being erect and almost tearing through the top.

Ben rips out the top with all buttons torn and falling away. He throws that too out of the window. Now you are naked with only the heels.

You try to throw away the heels. But Dom stops you. He says that you look like a slit on heels and you should stay like that throughout the ordeal.

That’s when I, your boyfriend, find the address and walk around that place and find your clothes outside and some noise coming from a window. I peep through the window.

I see my beautiful girlfriend naked wearing just the heels, being surrounded by 5 black men. They are all stripping down now. I thought of going in and saving you. But then I saw you reaching out into a Dom’s pants and taking out his cock in one hand and taking out Mike’s cock in another. For some reason, it makes me horny and I decide to hide and watch.

Andrew: This bitch was not thirsty for water. She was thirsty for cocks. Look how she is reaching out for the cocks.

Ben: I guess her stupid boyfriend doesn’t have one.

You: Mmmm. Don’t say that.

Ben: Look at this slut. Begging for cocks to unknown stranger but gets angry when we tell the truth about her boyfriend.

You: He has a cock. But it is useless, is small and he cums too soon.

Ben: Oh. Now we understand. So what do you want from us?

You: I want you all.

Ben: Enough with all the decent speak. We want you to beg for what you want.

You: I want you all to fuck me.

Andrew: It doesn’t sound like begging to me.

You: Oh please. Fuck me as much as you want. Fuck me for the whole day. Fuck me in all my holes. I beg you all to use me like a dirty piece of rag. Beat me. Slap me. Spit on me. Piss on me. Use me like your toy. I am a slave to all you black men. I will do anything as you say.

Mike : Ah. This slut is really hungry for it. Let’s give it to her.

Mike: Ok guys. The dirty slut wants it so bad. Let us give it to her. She shouldn’t even be able to walk properly after this.

Andrew: Let’s take her to the bedroom

Mike: Bed? Let’s not spoil our bedroom by taking this dirty slut there. All she deserves is the dirty floor.

From your behind, Dave pushes you down to make you kneel. You are surrounded by 5 huge cocks. Mike who is standing in front of you, pulls your face to his cock and pushes his cock all the way into your throat. Ben and Andrew are on your sides. You are giving them a hand job.

Dom and Dave sit down to finger your holes. Dom fingers your pussy while Dave fingers your ass dry. You can’t even scream with Mike’s cock in your throat. Your eyes are bulging with tears coming out of them. That’s when Mike starts pissing. There is no way you can take his cock out. He is pissing deep in your throat.

Mike: Guys I am pissing in the mouth of the white slut. Look at her gulping it all. Drink it slut. I do not want a single drop wasted.

After sometime, once his bladder is empty he takes his cock out. You are surprised by the length of it. His cock grew bigger in your mouth.

Mike: Look at her. Now tell me slut. You have got more than enough to drink. We give you a chance to go back to your hotel now if you want.

Andrew: Why do you give her a choice?

Mike: Because I know that she is a slut who never cared for water in the first place and she just wanted to get fucked by us. Tell me bitch. Do you want to go?

You (Still breathing hard): No.

Mike: Why?

You: Because I love all of your cocks and I want to be fucked.

Mike(looking at others): Didn’t I tell you guys?

Andrew: Let’s test how low the bitch can stoop.

Ben: Yeah. Dom and Dave. Stop giving her pleasure for now.

You: No please don’t stop. I want you all inside me.

Ben: Not that easily dear. Show us how much you respect us.

You: Please sir. I beg you to fuck me.

Ben: Not in words bitch. Show it in action.

Saying that Ben points at his feet. Like a slave dog, you understand the order and start licking his feet.

Behind you, Dave gives a nice spanking on your ass while saying “Look at this beautiful white ass. Turns red the moment I give a small slap. We need to make sure that hed whole body is red when we are done with her” You lick Ben’s dirty feet clean and move on to Andrew. Andrew pulls you by your hair and makes you stand up. He gives a good slap at your face which turns your cheeks red.

You: Why? Did I make a mistake?

Andrew: Did I ask you to lick my feet? My feet are clean and I do not want to make them dirty with your tongue. I want you to lick my dirty ass. Will you do it?

You hesitate a bit.

Andrew: Look at her hesitating. Let’s leave her. She will find a good dick somewhere else.

You: No no. Please. I will definitely do it.

Andrew stands by holding his ass cheeks apart. You kneel behind him and lick around his asshole. Ben pushes your head into his ass.

Andrew: I didn’t ask you to lick around my asshole. I want you to put your tongue inside my asshole and clean it. Ben, hold her like that till I feel satisfied.

You feel like puking. But you badly want to be fucked. So you do as he says and rim him well.

Andrew: Oh wow. The bitch loves rimming. She is playing with her tongue inside my asshole.

After being forced to do that for five minutes, Ben drags you by your hair and makes you rim Dave and then Dom. Now he makes you lie down on the floor, face up and sits on your face and forces you to lick his ass.

Dave: The slut has shown how dirty she can get. I think it’s time to give her what she wants. Where do you want it bitch? Pussy or ass?

Dom : Do you really think she will be satisfied by anything less than one cock in each hole?

Dave: I get it Dom. Let’s give her a pounding of her life.

Dave lifts you up on his arms with both of your legs on each of his arms. You put your arms around his neck. He inserts his dick in your pussy.

You: Please use condoms.

Dave: Condoms are only for your sissy boyfriend. We are here to fill you up with cum.

Before you could respond, Dave lodges his dick in your pussy. You swallow all your words and hug him tightly. This is the first time you took such a huge dick. Before you could completely take in that feeling, you feel Dom’s dick hitting your asshole. You shriek in pain. But there is no escape.

Dom: Surprised that a slut like her has got such a tight ass. It should have been big enough to be fisted.

Dave: Has anyone fucked you in the ass before?

You respond with your eyes closed and face on Dave’s shoulder in a feeble voice: Yes my boyfriend.

Dave: Ha ha. No wonder its small. After today, he won’t feel a thing when he fucks you.

Dave has his dick completely in your pussy while Dom is trying to insert it inch by inch.

Dom: This bitch knows her shit when it comes to anal sex. She is slowly relaxing her ass to take mine in. So sad she enjoyed only that little thing named cock that her boyfriend has.

Dave: Yeah. She is ours for the whole day.

After ten minutes if trying hard, Dom got his dick inside. You feel totally full. You have a shaking orgasm that you let subside while hugging Dave tightly.

And then starts the rhythmic double penetration. Your moans slowly become screams of pleasure. You shout dirty words and at that moment you got a glimpse of me peeping through the window. You smile at me to acknowledge me and kiss Dave on his lips while staring at me eye to eye. From my view, I see Dave’s back with your legs wrapped around his hips and your arms wrapped around his neck while kissing him passionately looking at me straight at me eyes and of course Dom is fucking your ass. The other three are watching with awe.

Dom and Dave are fucking you ruthlessly now. You are taking it well. They both cum at the same time, filling both your holes. They drop you on the floor like a used toy and take a seat while Andrew and Ben take over. Ben lies on the floor face up. You are tired and you have no energy to get up. Andrew lifts you, places you on Ben’s cock with you facing him. Andrew positions behind you to take your ass.

They seem to fuck you for eternity shouting how dirty you are. You try to kiss Ben. But he pushes your face away and says “I don’t kiss whores like you” He spits on your face. He slaps your face while Andrew slaps your ass.

They fuck you till they cum. Mike is the only one left. But you are totally exhausted. He sits on your face and fucks your throat till he fills up your mouth with cum.

With your feeble energy that you got remaining, you ask them for water. You are really thirsty and hungry this time. The men have something to eat for themselves. They eat the food. Once in awhile they chew the food and spit it on floor which you are not supposed to touch. You have to lick of the floor. They insert chips in your own ass and then feed it to your mouth.

Once it’s all over, they all take turns to piss in your mouth and force you to drink. Mike alone makes you sit up and pisses from your head to toe. They say “We wanted to fuck you for a whole day. But you are too dirty for us now. Ask your cuck boyfriend who is watching from window for a long time, to clean you up and bring you to the same place tonight”

They looked at me through the window and winked. Once they left, I took your clothes inside, helped you dress up and took you back to the room smelly and dirty while people on the road all laughed at you. Some even took the chance to smack your ass and pinch your ass under your skirt.

We head to your hotel as it’s close. As soon as we reached the hotel room after crossing the hotel staff who were giving judgmental looks, we kissed each other in the room. No words were spoken. We were both glowing with the nights events.

By: pleaser-for-you