May 27, 2020

First Experience

As a Bull I’ve had the pleasure to be with multiple Hotwives / Slutwives. Many different encounters and many different situations.

My first experience was when I was 19. I found a couple online who had made a post. The husband said that his wife would be bent over the bed, ready to go when I got there. So of course being new and curious to the lifestyle I was a little nervous. As I got to their door and knocked my heart was racing. The husband opened the door and right before me was his beautiful blonde 36 year old wife laid out over the edge of the bed. Pussy glistening and dripping with her juices already. He invited me in and told me she was mine and to do with her what I’d like but he would be watching us. I approached her and began to run my hands up and down her naked body feeling every curve and caressing her supple breasts. My hands found my way down to her soft pink wet pussy and without hesitation I slipped a finger deep inside of her hearing her moan as I did so. I began to tease her and work my fingers in and out of her. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and slid my cock deep inside of her. I fucked her long and hard for the next two hours until I finally came deep up inside of her. I left her there on the edge of the bed dripping with a mixture of our cum from her pussy. Her husband had watched us the entire time and told me later he enjoyed seeing me please her.

From then on her and I played every chance we got. Sometimes with her husband watching us and sometimes by ourselves with me sending him pictures and videos of our time together. This went on for several months until eventually I began a serious relationship and had to end our arrangement.

This was my first experience in the Bull / Hotwife lifestyle and let’s just say I was hooked from there.

by: Emporer_R


May 16, 2020

She’s Caught

There is something thrilling about the thought of a partner being sexual with another man. While she’s out, my mind would run wild. I have the thought of her being out and flirting with another man, the thought of them taking it to the next level and going somewhere private, the thought of her getting undressed in front of him, the thought of them exploring one another using all their senses, the thought of their body’s rubbing against one another, the thought of her bringing his cock to her mouth and then taking it all in, the thought of her submitting to his dominance, the thought of the sounds their body’s make when they collide, the thought of their vocal expression, the thought of her being deeply and vigorously penetrating by his cock, the thought of her body getting hot and sweaty, the thought of them being kinky and doing things I never thought she’d do (I’m sure you’d love to know what kinky things cross my mind), the thought of how amazing she must feel in the moment, the thought of her climaxing, the thought of her receiving his cum however preferred in the moment, and after it’s all over, the thought of how she carefully and strategically attempts to cover all her tracks, the thought of her coming back home and watching her act as if nothing ever happened, and finally I think about the thought of her looking forward to experiencing it again. These are the thoughts that flood my mind with elation. What’s the icing on the cake? When these thoughts become a reality. Being with a woman who deliberately explores outside the relationship (either with or without consent) can be one hell of a thrill. It will certainly keep you on your toes, and in a way, it can motivate you to play a more active role in your relationship.

by: nybd79


May 1, 2020

Secret Impregnation

Again I found another Hotwife through a post her husband had made online.

This time I responded to a personal ad. Her husband was much older than her and told me he couldn’t keep up with her needs. We spoke at length online, talking about her and I and planning how our meeting would play out. Her husband told me he not only wanted me to be her lover but also her breeder Bull. He said he wanted me to impregnate her. He told me he would love to see her have my child and have him raise it as a reminder that she belonged to me. He wanted me to breed her several times a week, coming over to their house as often as I wanted and taking her back to their bedroom for our playtime while he sat in the living room hearing every moment. He wanted me to impregnate her and fuck her all the way through her pregnancy and then after she had the child he wanted me to give her another, and yet another that he would raise. We spoke about this for at least a week, him sending me lingerie sites and telling me to dress her however I wished and that he would pay for it all. He said she was aware that we would be having sex but was clueless that I would be knocking her up. He wanted to keep that part a surprise.

We finally planned out our first meeting and the day arrived. We planned to meet at a local bar/restaurant around the corner from my apartment. I got there and found them sitting at a booth, her across from him. She was wearing a skin tight pink dress that hugged every curve of her body, and pantyhose (little did I know at that moment the pantyhose were crotchless and she had on no panties). I sat next to her and could smell her sweet perfume. My hands began to explore her body running up her inner thigh until I got to her bare exposed pussy. I slid a finger deep inside of her, I began to tease her, going back and forth between rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter as I continued to finger her underneath the booth in the restaurant. I brought my finger up to her mouth and had her lick her own juices off of it before sticking it back inside of her dripping pussy. She almost couldn’t contain herself I could feel her shuddering and holding back the moans of pleasure for fear of someone nocticing. The server came over and laid our check in front of us unaware of what was happening just under the table out of her view. Her husband paid the tab and we thought it was time to take things back to my place.

We got back to my place, her husband sat down in a chair in the corner of my bedroom, pulled his phone out and began to take pictures of us. I passionately kissed her, long and deep showing her that she was mine now. We stripped away each other’s clothes and threw them on the floor in a pile. She laid on her back on my bed and I slid my hard thick cock into her dripping wet pussy. I started off with long slow strokes building steadily until I was pounding her out. Her husband had switched from pictures to video. I put her up on all fours on my bed and began to pound her as hard and fast as I could hearing her moan and scream in ecstasy with every thrust. Her pussy was gripping my cock and I could feel her shaking and cuming on it. I counted it out one orgasm turned to two which turned to three which turned to four. I finally couldnt take it anymore and made one final thrust as deep into her pussy as I could. I bred her deep making sure every drop was shot well inside of her to knock her up. I unmounted her and we laid there kissing slowly and passionately, my cum dripping out of her pussy, she was definitely well bred.

Unfortunately after that first breeding we lost contact and her husband and I were unable to carry out the remainder of his plan.

by: Emporer_R